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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/14/1984 00:00 (Entered as : 8/14/84 24:00)
Reported: 7/22/2000 23:25
Posted: 7/23/2000
Location: Eureka, MT
Shape: Circle
Duration: 15 minutes
Extra star in the Dig Dipper flew over the mountains North.

I was lying in bed watching the sky out of a large picture window facing North. I was looking for the Big Dipper. Part of it was hidden by the roof line, I thought. Some thing looked wrong with it. I realized it had an extra star in it. About the time I figured it out the extra star started across the sky North and disappeared over the mountains. It traveled at a steady rate of speed slowly enough that I was able to watch it for maybe 20 seconds after it started to move. The craft looked just the same as the other stars in the Big Dipper. Yellow like a light or a star on a clear night. There was no light pollution and no Northern lights that night. I was so shocked I couldn't sleep and I don't think anybody ever really believed it. It didn't wobble like a sat- ellite or have a tail. I probably watched it 15 or 20 minutes before it went out of sight. No sound.