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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/28/2000 22:07 (Entered as : 03/28/00 22/07)
Reported: 6/5/2000 01:40
Posted: 6/12/2002
Location: Federal Way, WA
Shape: Cigar
Duration: second
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
NUFORC Note: The text of the origial report from this witness follows--"At 10:07 pm Friday night I left my car to enter house. I looked skyward and saw a blue and saw a blue cigar shaped object streak from an easterly direction to the west, at a phenomenal speed."))

On that evening I had just returned home and was listening to the news on the radio in my car. The time was 10:06 when I got out and looked at the night sky. First off to the South then off to the west then I turned to walk to the front door and glanced to the sky once again. This time I was looking Northward. Just as I glanced up an object appeared. The object was bright blue with a slight aura of lighter blue around the entire object. The object was shaped similar to a cigar but was slightly narrower at each end. It was then that I realized that what I was looking at was an aircraft of some nature. It was traveling from an easterly to a westerly direction. The nose of the craft was slightly higher than the rear and it was definately climbing. The rate of speed was phenominal! The craft disappeared in a blink, as it had appeared. There was no sound. There were no lights. The time frame of the sighting was very short, one second or so. The amazement factor makes it hard to get closer time wise. I am a wife, mom, grandmother, great grandmother, former business owner and have some college education. Mr. Davenport, once I filed the report with you I put the sighting out of my mind, so if the date is in error please forgive me. The time is stamped forever. I hope this will be helpful. ((name deleted))

((NUFORC Note: Date was 28AP00. PD))