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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/31/1997 21:05
Reported: 1/12/1998 20:58
Posted: 3/7/1998
Location: Puerto Nuevo (Puerto Rico), PR
Shape: Cross
Duration: 3.5min
Summary : While visiting relatives in Puerto Rico in December, we witnessed a UFO in Puerto Nuevo, PR. I have been searching all over the internet for information on "cross-shaped" UFOs. Sadly, my search has come up empty. I seriously hope you can help. I don't know where to report this or what resources to use. It was December 31, 1997, the time was between 9:05pm and 9:10pm. We were heading westward on Rt22 Express De Diego and at the end of Avenida de Diego we witnessed a cross-shaped UFO (called an OVNI in PR). I noticed it initially and at first thought it a large jet at extremely low altitude. Unlike a jumbo jet, there was no engine noise and its position in the sky didn't change. It was hovering over what I could see in the dark was a large parking lot full of what appeared to be delivery vans. It was roughly cross-shaped with white lights at all 4 ends of the cross shape. These white lights were steady and did not blink. There appeared to be something in the center of the underside, however I cannot remember too much detail. My Fiancee said it was concave shaped in the middle, curving inwards. Also, off-center of the underside was a flashing red light, which at first led me to believe that it was a plane. If it was a plane, it was motionless. I considered it a helicopter, but it was twice as large as the building it was over. I've seen Sikorsky Skycrane helos before, and this wasn't one of them. Besides, the make a terrible racket in low hover. We had stopped our van, and all five of us watched in awe...not quite believing what it could be. I am the type who is open minded but still requires proof. We returned to the salida (exit) where we saw the OVNI (UFO) the following day. We then observed that there were powerlines where we saw the OVNI hovering. The industrial park where we witnessed the OVNI, there are many high-tension wires. Not being a UFO-ologist, I have a few questions: are UFOs commonly seen near powerlines? Why? I would like very much to ask an expert if this type of UFO (cross-shaped) is common. When I usually think of UFOs, I think a saucer-shaped type craft. This was the strangest thing I've ever seen, and the 4 other people present in the vehicle. All of the witnesses were college-educated and despite the date, New Year's eve, no one had been drinking. I would appreciate some resources to come forward and let me know where I may find (preferably on the web, otherwise in book-form) further information on this cross-shaped UFO, and if its type has ever been spotted before, whether in Puerto Rico or elsewhere. Thank you

I am a database analyst for a ISP in Connecticut. While I've no objections to the release of my story, I do NOT want my name appended to the story. I have never seen anything like this and I'd rather not risk any harassment. I drew and scanned what we saw, that is everyone present in the vehicle agreed that the object I drew was what we saw. Unfortunately, this was left in a wor document in Puerto Rico with a relative. As soon as I receive the Word document I had scanned the image into, I will forward that onto you if you wish. Thank you