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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/18/1996 04:45
Reported: 12/18/1996 19:18
Posted: 11/2/1999
Location: Salinas, CA
Duration: 3 min.
The caller got out of bed to watch TV. He was sitting next to a window with venetian blinds, which were open, so he could see up.

He saw 3 green lights in a triangular formation "cruising" overhead. They were not moving very fast, and they clearly were not any kind of conventional aircraft.

The observer went outside to get a better look at the lights, which were solid--not blinking--but they were gone. However, he noted a very prominent light "at the head of Orion." the light was red, yellowish, and gold, and it had the shape of an arrowhead, but the back side of the object was "recessed a bit."

Then a second object joined the first!! It looked like a small, white, flashing light. Then both objects moved out over the Pacific Ocean. At this point, the larger craft split into two separate objects, the two parts recombined, and then the formation disappeared over the horizon.