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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/25/1996 11:08
Reported: 11/1/1996 11:42
Posted: 11/2/1999
Location: Laurel, MD
Duration: 25 sec.
Caller was entering Highway I-95 (southbound) in Laurel, Maryland, when he noticed two round objects sitting still in the sky. At first, he thought they were the type of colored spheres mounted on telephone lines to make the lines visible to pilots. His impression was that the objects were perhaps 1 or 2 miles from him, and perhaps 1/4 mile above ground level, and maybe 200 yards from one another.

(He saw a commercial jet in the distance, apparently leaving Baltimore airport or Andrews AFB, so he had something to compare with the objects he was observing.)

The color of the objects was that of pencil lead, perhaps with a bit of copper-colored tinge to them. They were generally round, but they were slightly out of round at the equator.

The object just moved out of sight rapidly, in approximately one second! They just STREAKED.

Caller called Laurel, MD, police, but they said it was a matter for Arundel Co. sheriff's office. Sheriff's office said it was a matter for the state police. Then he called Andrews AFB, and they said they had nothing