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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/20/1996 21:00
Reported: 3/20/1996 22:32
Posted: 11/2/1999
Location: Seattle, WA
Duration: 5 min.
The caller, with two male friends, was driving west on Highway 518, and they had their heads outside the passenger's window, looking at the aircraft landing at Seatac airport.

They observed three bright lights in the sky, with the approximate brilliance of stars, but they were distinct in appearance, and they were oriented in an isosceles triangle pattern. The lights exhibited no wing lights, strobes, beacons, or any other light which would be characteristic of aircraft.

The caller is a student pilot, so she is rather familiar with what aircraft look like, and what their lighting patterns are.

Suddenly, as all three of the observers were looking at the pattern, they noticed a fourth light, which had suddenly appeared.

The caller will submit a written report.