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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/22/1995 21:45
Reported: 1/23/1995 21:10
Posted: 11/2/1999
Location: Renton, WA
Duration: 3 min.
Man and his two sons were driving south on I-405, when they all saw two pairs of white lights. One of the pairs of lights started moving to the northwest. Each pair of lights were so close that they almost appeared to be one light, but they were distinct pairs, nevertheless. They were stationary for quite a period of time. The observers estimated they were 400-500 feet off the ground, and perhaps 1 mile south of I-405. No strobe lights evident. Very strange in appearance.

Man reported a sighting in l990 with two other witnesses. Object was 150 feet away; looked like a "cigar."