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UFO Report Index For Craft Shape Changing


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/22/22 03:40ColomaMIUSAChanging5+ minutesBright light plasma esque possibly spinning?6/22/22
6/21/22 02:00San BernadinoCAUSAChanging15 minsIn a clear night I see a light that I thought was the moon appear to change shape, fade away, and then reappear and vanish again6/22/22
6/20/22 01:17Royal OakMIUSAChangingabout 15 minutesMoving, roving cylindrical lights moving toward the camera and yard.6/22/22
6/19/22 01:28LonokeARUSAChangingLonger than 5 minutesForm of energy in the sky that created a continuous circle6/22/22
6/19/22 01:15AbileneTXUSAChanging5 minFirst appeard exactly like a comet. Then more of slow moving fireball then triangular shape w peominent geometrical smoke plume. w6/22/22
6/18/22 19:55New YorkNYUSAChanging20 seconds2 shape-shifting objects that stayed together over manhattan.6/22/22Yes
6/17/22 00:11MerrimackNHUSAChangingI have many minutesI keep seeing this craft moving on multiple nights.6/22/22Yes
6/9/22 21:00White HouseTNUSAChanging2 hoursShape/Color changing UFO6/22/22Yes
6/7/22 21:03CambridgeCambridgeshireUnited KingdomChanging2 minutesI was taking photos of the sky when i noticed a an object brighter than a star moving across the sky and changing directions.6/22/22Yes
6/5/22 03:58MerrimackNHUSAChanging2 minutesI have UFOs. This is just 2 minutes. On 2 separate days in a week6/22/22
6/5/22 02:00Cold Bluff, AlabamaALUSAChangingUnbleiveablaTerrifying6/22/22
6/4/22 21:04KilleenTXUSAChanging8Tic Tac Tube turning into a ball of light.6/22/22Yes
6/4/22 19:28SydneyNew South WalesAustraliaChanging7:28pm to about 8:18pmTo the naked eye, it looked like the brightest star in the sky, but when I used my telescope, I saw it changing Color’s and shape6/22/22
6/1/22 11:52BucksportMEUSAChanging5 photos in 6 seconds.I took 5 photos of a Eastern Kingbird. When I got home I noticed a solid object in all 5 photos.6/22/22Yes
5/30/22 10:30Off Seattle, Washington coastWAUSAChanging3 secondsAt around minute 6 while the sub is above water, a changing disc flies from right to left of screen.6/22/22Yes
5/29/22 15:13HackensackNJUSAChanging8 secondsFather took video of jet fighter flying low over house, after watching video I spotted two white objects flying in the sky6/22/22Yes
5/28/22 11:15GloucesterVAUSAChanging45 seconds to 1 minuteShiny blue metallic, undulating, object (spherical then oblong then spherical then oblong) moving across sky6/22/22Yes
5/26/22 15:20College StationChanging55 minutesReflective shape changing object pacing our vehicle to the south6/22/22Yes
5/26/22 13:00DixonILUSAChanging5 minutesUnmanned object just above the trees moving steadily, smoothly, silently with a shape that appears different from various angles.6/22/22Yes
5/26/22 03:44SyracuseNYUSAChangingI see them everydayI've been seeing them everyday for over a month6/22/22Yes
5/22/22 03:14EastonPAUSAChanging1 minuteOur Ring camera caught this-my husband took the dogs out in the morning & they acted weird. Checked the camera. We have video.6/22/22
5/20/22 00:00Hudson OaksTXUSAChangingone minute and 17 secondsIt shot something to the ground in front of me.6/22/22Yes
5/19/22 14:30CharltonRoyal Borough of GreenwichUnited KingdomChangingOver 1 hourRed and White unidentified ufo.But I,m defo sure there were more hiding in the clouds6/22/22
5/15/22 21:05TucsonAZUSAChangingAt peak of bloodmoonTaking pictures of the lunar eclipse I photographed a craft that wasn't visible to the naked eye. Had a energy field around it. Metalic6/22/22Yes
5/15/22 19:20Pine GroveCOUSAChanging4-5 minWhat appeared as rotating cube that then appeared as a cyclinder in a upright postion6/22/22
5/14/22 01:37ChattanoogaTNUSAChangingUnknownBright lights changing in sky no sound.6/22/22Yes
5/13/22 20:00GreenbrierTNUSAChanging45 minsMulti colored shape shifting UFO6/22/22Yes
5/13/22 20:00whitehousseTNUSAChangingVariousUFO6/22/22Yes
5/11/22 05:00SolvayNYUSAChangingHours?I've seen many different ufos over the past month. I've taken photos of all of them.6/22/22Yes
5/9/22 23:00USAChanging3hoursSome were white. Others were very high in air.they hovering some were going dark and they were all not making any sound5/31/22
5/7/22 13:25Saint PetersMOUSAChanging7 minutes or moreDrone swarm or something else5/31/22Yes
5/6/22 05:30TampaFLUSAChanging10minutesStrang lights ((NUFORC Note5/31/22Yes
5/3/22 01:00West TisburynullChanging30 minutesUFO flying over chicken coop6/22/22
5/2/22 19:00East LondonEastern CapeSouth AfricaChangingIt was for around an hourUFO5/31/22Yes
5/1/22 22:57BradentonFLUSAChangingUntil 5:31 AM on 5/2/2022A strange entity emitting varying degrees of bright white light appeared in RING security videos for over 8 hours.5/31/22
4/30/22 22:18LincolnNHUSAChangingChanging from diamond to square5/31/22Yes
4/29/22 22:15Iowa CityIAUSAChanging5 minutes4 white circular lights moving criss-cross in a counter-clockwise fashion slowly moving across the sky.5/31/22
4/29/22 15:23AguadillaPuerto RicoChanging5 minutesWe saw a tic tac turn into a dreidel and speed off in a light6/22/22
4/26/22 22:36LovelandCOUSAChanging30 to 45 secondsTranslucent Shapeshifting craft moving at impossible speeds5/31/22Yes
4/23/22 21:33Colorado SpringsCOUSAChangingWatched it apprx. 5 minsWas looking at stars and one seemed to burst into flames, then suddenly went back to looking like a star.5/31/22
4/23/22 15:10CamarilloCAUSAChanging4 minutesGhost like shape shifting white semi-transparent flying object.5/31/22
4/22/22 22:50LymanMEUSAChanging3 minutesNever seen anything like it5/31/22Yes
4/22/22 20:42Saint JamesMOUSAChanging5 minuteswatched bright orange light fly straight up into the sky, then changed into "plane" Have video5/31/22
4/21/22 20:47FarehamHampshireUnited KingdomChanging1 minThere was a white round cloud and a bright light behind it moving at the same speed and distance.4/22/22
4/21/22 01:53GrantsNMUSAChangingLast 5 monthsWe are above Grants New Mexico stationery and moving every single night4/22/22Yes
4/20/22 00:45BrooklynNYUSAChangingApproximately 30 minutesOrb that changed shape shot up into the sky after hovering5/31/22Yes
4/19/22 21:00NashvilleTNUSAChanginghourShape changing ufo & colorshift6/22/22Yes
4/14/22 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging5 secondsRed lights multiply then collapse and disappear4/22/22
4/2/22 23:00IjamsvilleMDUSAChanging7 minutesbright circular in shape inlarging to maybe 5 times the size spinning counter clockwise.4/22/22
4/2/22 21:00CheyenneWYUSAChangingRoughly 10 or 15 secondsLow flyover of close grouped lights4/22/22
4/1/22 16:51LumbertonMSUSAChangingALL the timeI am seeing UFO and recently caught an alien on my porch.4/22/22
3/28/22 01:11BrooksvilleFLUSAChanging2 minutesObject shape shifted 3 times until it flew backwards and disappeared.6/22/22Yes
3/27/22 20:55LONDONLondon Borough of LambethUnited KingdomChanging3 minutesPulsating / morphing/ light changing object4/22/22
3/25/22 19:00Sheffield (UK/England)United KingdomUK/EnglandChanging1 min 12 secsRegular sightings around our house4/22/22
3/18/22 23:02Village of Chawton (Hampshire)(UK/England)UK/EnglandChanging5-10 minutessighting of a very bizarre looking object in night sky near my home4/22/22
3/17/22 13:00LargoFLUSAChanging35 to 45 minsIt was a clear sunny day I observed it for 35 or 45 minutes and have 45 minutes on video I noticed it around 1 PM on March 17 as I was4/22/22
3/16/22 22:13CassvilleMOUSAChanging15 plus minutesA stack of colored lights that were flashing4/22/22
3/16/22 20:15KirkwoodCAUSAChanging30 minsTwo Huge Silver sparkling Spinning spheres coming toward us in the sky4/22/22
3/16/22 06:32PetersonnullUSAChangingAbout 20 minutesThis thing keeps coming to my house at night I have several videos!!4/22/22Yes
3/13/22 13:14Las VegasNVUSAChanging33 minutesObserved an object/phenomena that morphed, pulsed with color, cloaked, maneuvered in advanced manner, rotated, wobbled4/22/22Yes
3/9/22 21:22JacksonOHUSAChanging3.5 hrsColor changing lights slowly approaching4/22/22
3/8/22 20:28Dalton GardensIDUSAChanging10minNot sure what I just seen4/22/22
3/6/22 14:00RiverviewFLUSAChanging20 minutesWhile driving my 16 yr old daughter to work, we saw what looked like seagulls floating in the air. Not flying.... gliding.4/22/22
3/5/22 21:47SilverlakeWAUSAChanging4 or 5 hoursI saw a glowing, spinning "star" above the lake near Mt. St.Helens.4/22/22Yes
3/5/22 20:20SharonPAUSAChangingAbout 27-30 mins.A very distant, bright, seemingly intelligent, seemingly nonthreatening "dancing" almost light.6/22/22Yes
2/25/22 15:00Rio RanchoNMUSAChanging3.0 secondsMy daughter (27 years old) was looking out the living room window and said “are you seeing this shit”. I then looked out and saw them4/22/22
2/24/22 17:28BostonMAUSAChangingAbout 5 minutesI don't know what I saw. ((NUFORC Note: Looks to us possibl to be a contrail behind a high-altitude aircraf. PD))3/4/22Yes
2/24/22 00:57IMPERIAL BEACHCAUSAChanging5 minutesCircular shape changing light moving at rapid speeds and shifting from one ball of light to two6/22/22
2/20/22 18:30Jefferson HillsPAUSAChanging15 minutesCircular but through binoculars it was multiple lights together3/4/22
2/18/22 21:30Rio RanchoNMUSAChanging10 minutesSent to Linda Moulton Howe, she can't ID3/4/22Yes
2/18/22 20:50Rio RanchoNMUSAChanging15-20Started out with two lights then separated out into multiple lights. Video has been cleaned by pro, results remarkable.3/4/22Yes
2/18/22 01:30TNUSAChangingOver 60 minutesNot all is visible to the naked eye.3/4/22Yes
2/15/22 06:22pikesvilleMDUSAChanging15 minutesOne craft with 2 different shapes! I have pictures!!3/4/22Yes
2/14/22 18:00Bristol (UK/England)Bath and North East SomersetUnited KingdomChangingabout a second2 sets of white claws forming a cirular shape that rotated fast and colapsed into nothing.3/4/22
2/12/22 19:30Vero BeachFLUSAChanging2 minutes2 comet-like lights descend in unison from sky; Take turns blinking on and off, flying in “U” pattern and infinite symbol pattern3/4/22
2/12/22 17:52OaklandCAUSAChanging6 minsLooked up at the moon and noticed three small shapes in a triangle formation spinning.3/4/22
2/12/22 10:00AllentownPAUSAChangingStill there i have picsI have pics of things in the sky. I got them from my weather channel3/4/22Yes
2/10/22 07:30AntalyaAntalya ProvinceTurkeyChanginghalf an hourfrom my position to south west.3/4/22Yes
2/9/22 06:00BrooksvilleFLUSAChanging30 minutesThis interactive object was bright sphere shape with an aura that could change speeds, stop, hover, expand, retract, and shoot light.3/4/22Yes
2/7/22 11:00LagrangeKYUSAChanging5 minutesDaytime, close up sighting of UFO3/4/22Yes
2/6/22 18:53Fergus FallsMNUSAChanging1 or 2 minsIt was really hard to see what it was all of the crafts appeared to be a long ways away. I took video on my phone of it3/4/22
2/5/22 05:56Boons borough and Campbell countyVAUSAChanging1 hrI actually got to see what I’ve would describe as portals crafts movement clouds that are not real so much stuff and then they communic3/4/22Yes
2/2/22 19:08GiselaAZUSAChanging5 minutesTriangular lights shifting to diamond shape3/4/22Yes
2/2/22 15:45GardendaleALUSAChanging8-10 secondsWas looking north observing an airplane coming from east to west at approx 25,000-30,000ft, 75° above elevation, surrounded by objects3/4/22
1/31/22 19:55Sound BeachNYUSAChanging50 secondsA huge very bright ring shape flying towards my house and changing shape, photograps look like disc and Chevron shape3/4/22
1/31/22 18:50RussellvilleSDUSAChanging10 minSpiral ufo changing shape3/4/22
1/31/22 18:50RussellvilleARUSAChanging10 minutesSpiral ufo emitting some type of trail3/4/22
1/29/22 14:46SacramentoCAUSAChangingSeen it for about 45 minIt hovered3/4/22
1/25/22 23:58Hallandale BeachFLUSAChanging20 minutesI previously reported3/4/22
1/25/22 23:57Hallandale BeachFLUSAChanging~20 minutesChanging light (pale red, pale blue, white) appeared to be rotating3/4/22
1/22/22 06:00Rosalia, St. John, Colfax area of the PalouseWAUSAChanging15 minutesBright ball light, shape changing to triangular with red light at the point3/4/22
1/21/22 06:30LittletonCOUSAChangingNine seconds.Blinding light3/4/22
1/18/22 20:30UticaNYUSAChangingApproximately 3 min.2 voiceless objects moving together and undulating as they moved.3/4/22
1/14/22 21:37RoanokeVAUSAChanging4 Silent lights moved in a circular pattern together and then apart. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD))3/4/22
1/10/22 03:02BoonevilleMSUSAChangingAbout 10-15 minutesI have several videos of STRANGE things in the skys3/4/22Yes
1/8/22 21:15ChubbuckIDUSAChangingStillThree lights alternating from red, yellow and blue3/4/22
1/8/22 01:33MelbourneFLUSAChangingStarted 1/8/22 to currentI record it every night it shows up3/4/22
1/5/22 16:30NewarkDEUSAChanging5 secondsNoticed very silver/shiny object that changed shapes in the sky3/4/22
1/3/22 20:30St. Mary'sONCanadaChanging15 minutesI saw an incredible shining silver disc that had an "aura" enveloping it.4/22/22
1/2/22 16:19EugeneORUSAChanging2 1/2 minutesThere are 6 strange flying objects that appear in a video I recorded. They’re movement was irregular & they glowed at times.3/4/22Yes
1/1/22 00:09LeesburgVAUSAChanging1 hourBlinking but sporadic3/4/22Yes
12/31/21 21:51Newport Rhode IslandRIUSAChanging3 minutesOrange light changing to white moving slowly without a sound.3/4/22
12/30/21 13:37BoulderCOUSAChanging1-2 minutesI saw two different (or changing) objects about two minutes apart but in the same approximate location.3/4/22Yes
12/29/21 23:20Bradford (UK/England)BradfordUnited KingdomChanging5 minutesBright glowing ice blue and white lights then fiery orange appeared3/4/22
12/28/21 10:15South HadleyMAUSAChanging1.2-2 hourClose contact with a dark roundish triangular object3/4/22
12/25/21 22:30WhitmireSCUSAChanging1-2 minutesBlues orbs moving very strange in the sky.4/22/22
12/20/21 22:00Park cityUTUSAChanging8 hoursI have pictures . I stared at the moon for 8 hours . Never did that before pictures clearly show ufo’s3/4/22Yes
12/20/21 18:45StudleyWarwickshireUnited KingdomChanging5 minsI pointed to my husband, we seen it flew circles then it flew in same direction we were driving3/4/22
12/20/21 16:30WestbrookCTUSAChanging1 min 40 secondsUnbelievable3/4/22Yes
12/19/21 13:30TulsaOKUSAChanging10 minutesUp to 8 counted spheres that spin, they glowed.3/4/22
12/19/21 00:15DeltonaFLUSAChanging1 minute, 9 seconds videoI was on Ring app in house and saw incredible ball covering distance. I ran out to my backyard and put eyes on it. Odd maneuvering at h12/19/21Yes
12/16/21 21:45ColumbusOHUSAChanging10 secondsStange lights3/4/22
12/15/21 20:45Ocean Isle BeachNCUSAChanging20 minutesSighting began with 2 orange glows proceeded by small randomly pulsating white lights. Then the lights moved back and forth in the sky.12/19/21
12/15/21 16:30WestbrookCTUSAChanging1 and a half minutesSaw this orange globe and if he came see-through and turn colors and you can see the purple potion in the video3/4/22
12/15/21 16:30WestbrookCTUSAChanging1 min 40 secOrange and changing color and size3/4/22Yes
12/14/21 18:30GilbertAZUSAChanging10 minutesI saw a orb like light changing colors and moving back and forth12/19/21
12/12/21 13:35King of PrussiaPAUSAChanging> 15 minDriving west on PA TP, crystal clear day, white object caught our eye high in sky, we googled weather balloon and it didn't resemble; s3/4/22Yes
12/11/21 19:40ProvoUTUSAChanging4 minutesWas outside when I noticed two bright orange lights in the sky3/4/22Yes
12/9/21 05:30MyerstownPAUSAChanging~1 hourBoth stationary for about 40 minutes or so12/19/21
12/6/21 16:30SwainsboroGAUSAChangingMost ufos I’ve ever seen,much less caught on camera.12/19/21
12/5/21 14:00Bahía Blanca (Buenos (Argentina)Buenos AiresArgentinaChangingchanging small white object12/19/21
12/4/21 15:00Long BeachCAUSAChangingall dayI was filming the sunset3/4/22
12/4/21 08:30BristolVAUSAChangingThere has been several occasions. Almost evety night. A possible portal12/19/21
12/1/21 08:00Mont BelvieuTXUSAChangingA star-like object seen flitting around at 8am. It got closer & I was able to get pics. At 8pm a LG ship which morphed several x seen.12/19/21
12/1/21 08:00AustinTXUSAChanging5 years((HOAX)) UFO on a star with men in red armored uniforms about 60-10012/19/21
11/26/21 18:30Apex/CaryNCUSAChanging6:35 pm to 6:42 pmObject in Sky in Cary, NC12/19/21
11/21/21 18:00Sioux FallsSDUSAChangingSilent black mass moved silently above residential home, appeared boomerang shaped but video suggests cigar/changing. Moved Southeast.12/19/21
11/19/21 23:30OakdaleCAUSAChanging5 to 10 secondsI saw this bright red light that began changing its figure, comming out of a invincible UFO.6/22/22
11/15/21 17:13LibertyPAUSAChanging10 to 20 minutesIt’s a series of lights that would always go back to being a triangle.4/22/22Yes
11/11/21 19:00Rio RanchoNMUSAChangingWitnessed bright object high in sky that changed colors randomly.12/19/21
11/6/21 14:00AbileneTXUSAChanging30 minutesI was outside waiting on my ride, when a white airplane type craft appeared every head about 20- 30 feet. It made no sound and cast no11/15/21
11/2/21 03:01CoatesvillePAUSAChanging9 monthsI have recorded hundreds of objects over the last 9 months some as close as 25 feet6/22/22
10/31/21 01:01NASA space agencyNVUSAChanging15 minutesPeter, ((deleted)) here. I thought I had your email.. ((NUFORC Note: Alleged footage of faked lunar landing. PD))11/15/21
10/29/21 22:00EdisonNJUSAChanging4 hoursnow this is not a joke for at about 10 o'clock on fri night I saw varied craft in the sky on the ground nd on the greenway in Edison n11/15/21
10/29/21 20:00ConcordNCUSAChanging3 minutesWe were riding down road. I looked to my right. There was bright orange balls of light. There was a big light and then more balls of li11/15/21
10/27/21 19:50Las Animas CountyCOUSAChanging~30 minutesSeen light outside southwest. It started moving torward the north after a short time.11/15/21
10/24/21 02:30FortunaCAUSAChangingOngoingHeard footfalls outside window. Was having intimate time with my wife. Flash ofights and believed our photo had been taken. Stopped a10/26/21
10/23/21 18:00PlymouthWIUSAChanging1 minuteGlowing craft in the sky changed shape and elevation, defying the laws of physics10/26/21
10/20/21 11:33MaldenMAUSAChanging2019/2022 UFOs filmedVideos of UFOs YouTube channel Jeffrey Ventola6/22/22Yes
10/19/21 16:00Cleveland HeightsOHUSAChanging3 minutesDetails can be seen for yourself. I recorded the incident as I was sitting on my porch. If you go to Facebook or YouTube... You can see10/26/21
10/18/21 19:40CharlotteNCUSAChanging15 minutesTwo orange lights in the sky to the south of Charlotte, NC10/19/21
10/18/21 18:09King of PrussiaPAUSAChangingA few minutesI took pictures of a sunset only to afterwards see this odd shape-shifting thing in the pictures. It moves counter to the clouds.3/4/22Yes
10/18/21 17:00HebronINUSAChanging15 minutesBright object in sky on video zig zags, comes closer breaks into particles then back to circular shape.10/26/21
10/17/21 23:00RockvilleMDUSAChangingongoing nowwatched for 20 minutes starting at 23:10, blinking or shimmering distant body fairly low in northwest sky. It did not noticeably change10/19/21
10/17/21 16:48DenverCOUSAChanging1 minuteShape shifting black object with strange lights and reflections.10/19/21
10/9/21 23:00BrandonFLUSAChanging~15 secondsI thought they were jets but they made no sound10/19/21
10/8/21 02:00LoganvilleGAUSAChanging30 minutesSeveral objects seen moving with orbs, everynight in same area for 10 months. Possible abductions.10/19/21
10/7/21 16:00Long BeachCAUSAChangingall dayI was filming the sunset3/4/22
10/4/21 21:45AuroraCOUSAChanging3 hoursMultiple UFOs captured on Camera over Aurora Colorado10/19/21
10/2/21 17:00TemeculaCAUSAChanging20 secondsufo gyroscope flying over freeway in ca10/19/21
10/1/21 21:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging2 minutesI see a light that pings all over the sky in a certain area and have seen this more than once. It goes too fast for it to be ours11/15/21
9/30/21 16:18WhittierCAUSAChanging3 minutesToday September 30th at 4:18 pm I witnessed a ufo leaving Griffin park from Whittier rosehill cemetery Heading East at a very high spee10/19/21
9/29/21 17:58Egg HarborNJUSAChangingOne minutelow altitude, quiet/silent object with visible distortion around and in front of it4/22/22Yes
9/20/21 18:13Oklahoma City (northwest part)OKUSAChanging15 minutesUfo over nw okc!10/19/21
9/18/21 21:15MesquiteTXUSAChanging30 secondsThe three bright orange (not red like a plane - bright orange) lights in a triangle on the front of each caught my eye first. Three cra10/19/21
9/15/21 20:00Vero BeachFLUSAChanging10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information. PD))10/19/21
8/16/21BurbankILUSAChanging10 minutesI looked up at the clouds and took pictures and then I looked at them and saw these9/7/21
8/12/21 08:30CincinnatiOHUSAChanging5 minutesI have a 2 second video and 38 pictures of objects and crafts flying, shapeshifting and cloaking in and out of a lightning cloud.4/22/22
8/6/21 10:48CarlsbadCAUSAChanging3 minutesTwo unidentified flying objects over Carlsbad on Friday, August 6, 20218/16/21
8/6/21 10:30CarlsbadCAUSAChanging5 minWe were playing tennis at the Omni La Costa resort. 8 women. It was very overcast. Foggy. All of a sudden a pulsating shape appeared ou8/16/21
8/3/21 05:13Queen CreekAZUSAChanging2 minutesShape shifting ball in sky, Black ball with legs flew on neighbors roof fast and ran across roof, Shape shifting saucer or saucers8/16/21
8/1/21 16:00EriePAUSAChanging20 minFire ball like object hovering changing shapes8/16/21
7/17/21 00:00Normandy ParkWAUSAChanging>20 minutesOne section of the sky lit up over the sound between Vashon island and Normandy park, the bright light subsided a bit and an object app8/16/21
7/13/21 18:00HertfordshireUnited KingdomChanging5 minutesThe biggest spacecraft maybe mothership4/22/22
7/12/21 00:53SnohomishWAUSAChanging2 minPlease see my video on YouTube (I can send original too if needed). The video is unedited. I don't monetize, but post for friends. I8/16/21
7/8/21 19:24FlatwoodsKYUSAChangingAbout 2-3 minutes roughlyI saw 6 orange orbs in the sky disappearing and reappearing in different areas. The orbs would go vast distances and stop on a dime.3/4/22
7/5/21 20:38Walnut CreekCAUSAChanging2 minutesWhite rotating elongated object with ability to “shape shift”.8/16/21
7/4/21 21:50West JordanUTUSAChanging51/2 minutesThree witness White and red sphere that changed shapes near army base8/16/21
7/4/21 21:00San Juan CapistranoCAUSAChanging> 1 hourObject stood still also moved all directions turning to fuzzy ball then back.10/19/21
7/4/21 20:10PhoenixAZUSAChanging2-3 min3 bright sphere / orb objects over Phoenix Metro area8/16/21
7/4/21 13:40SalemORUSAChanging10 minutesDaughter was laying on floor by sliding glass door and started exclaiming about shiny birds. I ran over to see what she was talking abo8/16/21
7/4/21 00:04RichmondVAUSAChanging43 secondsI witnessed several lights along with a bright light flying in the sky.8/16/21
7/2/21 23:45Ottawa (Canada)OntarioCanadaChangingEvent 17min. Video 14minAfter few minutes of first spotting the object, i started recording because i couldnt make out what it was. The video speaks for itself3/4/22
6/19/21 17:10DelmontPAUSAChanging20 SecondsDelmont, Pa Flying object interchanging shapes rolling motion.7/31/21
6/17/21 15:30Old HickoryTNUSAChanging30 secJust got done swimming and about head to the store when i looked up to my left i saw this hugh black object floating across the sky. Th8/16/21
6/17/21 00:03WilmingtonCAUSAChangingMy Wife and I "were sitting in our back yard on june 17 2021 at 1203 a.m. and started to notice this white" u.f.o/u a.p"8/16/21
6/16/21 19:30New York Ciity (Brooklyn)NYUSAChanging1 hourBlack changing shape with halo hovering over Williamsburg Brooklyn7/31/21
6/15/21 17:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAChanging2 minutesThis was the fourth UFO I've seen in my lifetime. the first one was maybe 20 years ago, the second one was maybe 8 years ago, the third8/16/21
6/13/21 16:00BonsallCAUSAChanging3 minutesUFO spotted by flight instructor and student pilot over San Diego. ATC confirmed no radar contact. ((NUFORC Note: Pilot report. PD))7/31/21
6/13/21 03:00Fort MadisonIAUSAChangingStill occuringSo came out to smoke a cigarette and there happens to be a very very bright light in the sky. I pulled the my phone camera out to pictu7/31/21
6/11/21 18:15Brentwood/EppingNHUSAChanging2 minutes or lessDefinitely not an airplane7/31/21
5/31/21 17:00El PasoTXUSAChanging10 minTwo high altitude objects interacting with each other. Hovering. And rotating while in a hover.7/31/21
5/29/21 14:45BolingbrookILUSAChanging2 minI saw a strange multi-colored daylight orb while I was driving. It looked like a silver orb and it was tumbling but then lights flicker7/31/21
5/28/21 22:30FaribauotMNUSAChanging5 minutes or lessI noticed the little dipper was really bright, like on fire then realized the stars were moving. Very fast, sporadically, left right, u7/31/21
5/28/21 02:30PineAZUSAChanging1-2 hrsThe sighting was approximately 4 hours after the first sighting, I experienced earlier that evening, in New Mexico. I was on my way tow7/31/21
5/27/21 22:37NMUSAChanging2min. PlusWhen the craft first appeared, it had two lights on top blinking and a red light on bottom. Another craft flew directly in front of it,7/31/21
5/19/21 22:00GaribaldiORUSAChanging05/29/21 to 05/31/21ORBS & UAP OVER GARIBALDI MEMORIAL DAY WKEND7/31/21
5/19/21 11:07Lake Havasu CityAZUSAChangingVideo 2 minsObject seen during flight from MSP to SAN6/22/22
5/15/21 23:05BemidjiMNUSAChanging1 minuteSlithering group of lights cross the sky3/4/22
5/14/21 23:50North Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging30+Many lights over North Myrtle Beach ocean moving erratically5/20/21
5/14/21 18:40Warner RobinsGAUSAChanging10 minutesShape shifting object that shimmered and or produced white yellow lights in different spots.5/20/21
5/13/21 21:00MarysvilleWAUSAChanging3 hoursImmense colorful shapeshifting Orb illuminating hovering in the sky.5/20/21
5/5/21 21:42Salt Lake cityUTUSAChanging~8-10 minutes each3 separate fleets of light in the sky in 1 night.5/20/21
5/4/21 20:00EncinitasCAUSAChanging22:003 Orbs Planted in the sky like stars but upon video taping were multi colored changing shapes5/20/21
4/25/21 22:00North Charleston (Folly Beach)SCUSAChanging3 lights in a triangle formations changes shapes and 1 light vanishes5/20/21
4/22/21 21:00Firozabad (India)IndiaChanging6 minutesBoomerang like shaped with five lights made a speed big heart like path and suddenly distriduted and vanished4/23/21
4/20/21 21:15CountrysideILUSAChanging5-10 minI was driving home from Michigan and on the phone with a friend... As I was pulling into my driveway which heads east I noticed how bea7/31/21
4/17/21 08:00Church HillTNUSAChangingAll morningMaybe it's not, maybe its light and clouds or there is an explanation.4/23/21
4/11/21 22:00BaltimoreMDUSAChanging20 minutesPulsating orb, miles in the sky remained still. Broke into multiple lights, then back into 1. Disappeared after 20 minutes.4/23/21
4/2/21 20:35LakewoodWAUSAChanging3 mingreen ship like object as well as what appeared to be triangle aircraftS7/31/21
3/26/21 22:35SeffnerFLUSAChanging30 secondsChanging shapes, orange and gold colored3/31/21
3/25/21 22:00Gig HarborWAUSAChanging10 minutesLarge hovering black object with lights appeared and then changed into several orange orbs. No sound and slow moving.5/20/21
3/23/21 00:00Port Jefferson StationNYUSAChanging40 secondsUFO Second occurrence on Long Island NY in SAME/CLOSE TOWN HAPPENED SAME DATE roughly same time evening 1 month apart4/23/21
3/19/21 20:15Ellicott CityMDUSAChanging10 secondsSeen and object 2 times, 1er time it look like a light and it will turn light on and off, 2 time 2 minutes later , my son in the car sa3/31/21
3/16/21 16:30West Palm BeachFLUSAChanging2 minutesWhite/Silver Disc coming from the Atlantic stops in midair to change forms not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR TIMES!!3/31/21
3/14/21 06:04Lake Buena VistaFLUSAChanging1 minuteObject showed as a rocket flying slowly from South to North had a tail ((Falcon 9 launch))3/31/21
3/6/21 14:55FresnoCAUSAChanging5 minutesCigar/Circular object hovering in sky and moving strangely3/31/21
3/5/21KirtlandNMUSAChangingDaytime video of object changing shape over Kirtland. No time given.3/31/21
2/28/21 21:50Monterrey (Mexico)MexicoChanging3 minutesI was putting my clothes to dry, when i noticed something floating but moving slowly in the sky , floating realtively close to the hous3/2/21
2/28/21 16:52LongwoodFLUSAChanging2 minLarge shape shifting geometrical craft, with one highly reflective side, maneuvered in sky above for 2 min in silence.8/16/21
2/25/21 06:15RichmondVAUSAChangingSecondsIndeterminable Orb In Early Morning Sky, Richmond VA3/2/21
2/22/21 19:00ReddingCAUSAChanging2 minutesObjects seen with appearance of strange cloud.3/2/21
2/18/21 04:00Iowa FallsIAUSAChanging14 minutesA circular object, alternating between a disk and a shape shifting blob, paced the truck that I was driving.3/2/21
2/15/21 23:00WentzvilleMOUSAChanging2 secondsStar-looking UFO disappears into distance at great speed4/23/21
2/4/21 01:20TampaFLUSAChanging4I was driving at 1 AM and was looking at the moon when I saw a bright orange cross to the left of the moon and very low. The cross was3/2/21
1/28/21 18:33SanfordNCUSAChanging7 hoursTetrahedron orb flashing colors, hovers, changes shapes and directions over my field nightly many pictures and videos3/2/21
1/25/21 19:00TofteWIUSAChanging7-8 minutesNorth Shore Minnesota UFO sighting one orb morphs to three3/2/21
1/18/21 23:00MageeMSUSAChanging10 minutesOrange Glowing Half Oval Shaped UFO1/19/21
1/18/21 20:07LagrangeGAUSAChanging28minStrange lights flew in a slow hovering flight pattern.3/2/21
1/18/21 04:15Hampton BaysNYUSAChanging30 secondsOrange orb moving oddly low in the sky, two additional orbs appeared behind it forming an elongated triangle.3/2/21
1/14/21 10:00AltadenaCAUSAChanging52:00Shape Changing Orbs and Glowing Cigars over JPL and Wilson observatory1/19/21
1/9/21 00:30AftonIAUSAChanging20 minStarted as what looked like a bright bulb then more of them. One was green, changed shapes many many times; some of them are scary loo3/2/21
1/6/21 17:08PhoenixAZUSAChanging15 minutesSlowly moving object in sky. Either rotating or changing shape. Reflectivity changed second to second.1/19/21
1/4/21 04:20MooresburgTNUSAChanging5-10minutesUnknown pulsing object1/19/21
1/4/21 01:15BardstownKYUSAChanging~30 minutes((NUFORC Note: No significant information provided by witness. PD))3/2/21
12/28/20 14:45TallahasseeFLUSAChanging5 min+3 bright white objects changed direction and shape formation, then merged into 1 oblong object1/19/21
12/27/20 16:30Outside of truth or consequencesNMUSAChanging8 minutesCigar shape object that changed shape to a fish like object and others to appear to have landing legs.1/19/21
12/26/20 07:00OaksboroNCUSAChangingNight and dayI have seen for weeks now orbs in the sky and on the ground they seem to be communicating with these space craft in the sky, spycraft t1/19/21
12/25/20 09:00San PedroCAUSAChanging45 minutesOutside of my window on Christmas day (from second story apartment), I had a strange feeling to look outside and so I did. I noticed im1/19/21
12/22/20 22:45Indian River ShoresFLUSAChanging4 minutesOrange orb over Indian River Shores Florida12/23/20
12/22/20 21:00SearsportMEUSAChangingOver an hourBright changing objects hovering over Searsport’s bay making dipping motions and then we noticed a three lighted object very very high1/19/21
12/21/20 19:10HayesvilleNCUSAChangingWhile taken picturesI was taking pictures of the Christmas star. I was not using flash to take the pictures and the pictures was taken of my phone(A50)12/23/20
12/15/20 01:00WortonMDUSAChangingFrom the year 2017I have seen and still have them fallowing me . I have them on video hundreds they also interfere with my phone I can send you pictures1/19/21
12/10/20 05:11Newport Beach, Pacific OceanCAUSAChangingI have video of 45 sec.Initially I thought I might have been looking at a helicopter or drown because of the way the flickering light moved.6/22/22
12/7/20 04:45BuffaloNYUSAChangingLess than 1 minuteQuick sighting of a strange object flying through the air, accompanied with a loud sound and strange energy.12/23/20
12/2/20palm desertCAUSAChanging5 minutesspinning, flashing light. diamond shaped up by clouds no noise stayed in one spot move slowly straight up day light 4pm similar to uf12/23/20
11/30/20 22:05Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging30 minutesLast night I saw an orange star in the sky above downtown slc. Then I noticed it had lightning type spider legs come out,and almost sh12/23/20
11/28/20 23:35lenexaKSUSAChanging1.5 hoursRainbow like flashing object that was stationary in the sky12/23/20
11/26/20 05:30LubbockTXUSAChanging18minsI had gone to the kitchen to get a drink of water and noticed that it was bright outside (it was 530 in the morning and should have bee12/23/20
11/26/20 00:00PollockLAUSAChanging2 hoursBright orange orb stalking my farm. We have had 4 incidents. It changes shape and colors as well as comes all hours.12/23/20
11/26/20PollockLAUSAChanging2 hoursUpdate with proof and recordings and pics! I was @ 455-515am walking to my deer stand in my back pasture, not paying attention to the12/23/20
11/24/20 21:15OrlandoFLUSAChanging2 minutesOrange pulsating light moving up from ground level. Appears to have come from SeaWorld or sea harbor road. Changed shape (I had a se12/23/20
11/22/20 06:47LAS VEGASNVUSAChanging10 MINUTESI personally witnessed and took 15 crystal clear photos of a Green Glowing Spaceship and a Robot-Alien-Angel = Being ?12/23/20
11/16/20 00:42OakleyCAUSAChanging2 minutesA very fast and bright light was moving rapidly across the sky so I thought it was a shooting star.. then I noticed the light get brigh12/23/20
11/13/20 17:30CorapeakeNCUSAChanging10 minutessaw what lookd like a rocket and plume that separated into 6 satellites12/23/20
11/12/20 18:58MasonOHUSAChangingThursday November 12th 20Tic-Tac blue light comming from bottem mid of craft/fallen angel celestial supernatural spiritual being3/4/22
11/9/20 17:20New YorkNYUSAChanging15 secondsUFO over Saratoga springs flying With erratic trajectory until it disappears mid air.12/23/20
11/8/20 14:00HuntingtonWVUSAChanging2 minutes2 round objects in the sky.12/23/20
11/6/20 15:20BrnoCzech RepublicChanging2 minutesWhite shape changing object near airport12/23/20
11/1/20 03:30McMinnvilleORUSAChanging5 minutesLow light below tops of hills that changed color and shape.12/23/20
10/31/20 14:30BainbridgeOHUSAChanging>5 minutesBright object that changed shape with protruding poles was observed over Bainbridge, Ohio for 5 minutes by several individuals.12/23/20
10/31/20 00:00McallenTXUSAChanging4 hours2 unidentified objects in the sky in South Texas12/23/20
10/30/20 00:00WinchesterKYUSAChanging10 secondsI asked my friend if he had looked at the night sky he had said no I walked towards the outside for a look and he followed then nothing12/23/20
10/26/20 04:17Puerto VallartaYTMexicoChanging30 minutesA cluster of oval shape objects lit up but change shape in videos or pics.12/23/20
10/19/20 22:45Los AlamosNMUSAChanging2 hoursThe craft blinked in the distance signaling one in the sky like they were blinking in a binary morse code type pattern. Then one descen5/20/21
10/18/20 06:44Las VegasNVUSAChanging2 minutesBlack w red accent, a shape changing object that captured the attention of a military jet plane.12/23/20
10/17/20 03:20TemeculaCAUSAChangingPresently thereAn object appearing to be shaped of multiple bright circles within it.12/23/20
10/15/20 22:08MoodusCTUSAChanging15 minutesI have video - changed shape- kept disappearing and reappearing same area in sky seemed to be same area- was hazy white/yellow -unident1/19/21
10/15/20 19:35Whitefish BayWIUSAChanging7 minutesTwo rows of parallel lights each containing 6 lights hovering stationary in the night sky until I started taking pictures.12/23/20
10/14/20 20:50Siler CityNCUSAChanging3 minutesComing out of work site in the driveway in my truck with window rolled down I seen a really bright white light beside a star. It was pe12/23/20
10/13/20 20:30robertsdaleALUSAChanging10 minutesDIRECTLY over our house one appeared and was a visible UFO.12/23/20
10/5/20 21:00MalvernUnited KingdomChanging30 MinutesUnexplainable rotating light pattern effect in the low cloud at night and strange loud humming sound12/23/20
10/3/20 22:55AustinTXUSAChanging1 minuteBubble or orb-like craft sighting over North Austin, TX.11/5/20
10/3/20 22:55AustinTXUSAChanging1 minuteBubble or orb-like craft sighting over North Austin, TX12/23/20
10/1/20 06:00Temple CityUSAChanging2 minutesObject approached from south at 400 feet in altitude. Appeared to be floating with no lights. Estimated size about that of a small comp11/5/20
10/1/20 05:00MoundvilleALUSAChanging30 minutesIt wasn't the normal star. It was strobing and sparkling like a sparkler and it was lower than a star .All the years that I've lived h11/5/20
9/30/20 20:00Amado (Elephant Head)AZUSAChanging20 minutesOrange and blue smoke like objests over Elephant Head Az.11/5/20
9/28/20 21:00RichmondVAUSAChanging5-10 secondsThis tight shape fanned out into 6 to 7 individual dimly lit red lights in a downward V-shaped formation traveling horizontally.11/5/20
9/28/20 20:30ClarionPAUSAChanging2 hoursThey come back to the same spot frequently.11/5/20
9/27/20 22:36IndependenceMOUSAChanging15 minutesReddish orange fire flame dancing in night sky11/5/20
9/27/20 01:20Scottsdale/Fountain HillsAZUSAChanging5 minutes+Saw what seemed to be a regular aircraft, but turned out to be a physics defying encounter.11/5/20
9/27/20Brighton (UK/England)United KingdomChanging1 hourStunning interdimensional craft with ET's inside11/5/20
9/25/20 23:00SanfordNCUSAChanging30-45 minutesSpherical ball of orange/yellow/white light changed shape and color to square then disc shape airplanes did come close and light would11/5/20
9/21/20 20:51OgdenUTUSAChanging5 minA bright round light that turned into three or four separate the lights and came back together6/22/22
9/20/20 20:00RossvilleKSUSAChanging<30 secondsMy friend and I saw a pink/orange light expel a dark object and then dissappear.11/5/20
9/19/20 23:00MenifeeCAUSAChanging>1 hourLast night 9/19/20 I was in my backyard around 10:30 pm notices a bright object coming from San Diego north to Menifee where I live.11/5/20
9/15/20 19:35AlexandriaVAUSAChanging9 minutesI'm not crazy but we saw something that we couldn't identify.11/5/20
9/14/20 06:00Flowery BranchGAUSAChangingHoursUFO in flowery branch11/5/20
9/12/20 22:55AnthemAZUSAChanging2 minutesCircular Red/White Light Doing Acrobatics In the Air11/5/20
9/8/20 19:00Forest HillsPAUSAChanging5min.White line in the sky at Sunset turns upward and takes off with a large plume behind like a launched rocket.1/19/21
9/5/20 22:30PewaukeeWIUSAChangingSeveral minutesBright colors with shape shifting.11/5/20
9/2/20 03:40Liberty LakeWAUSAChanging1 hourA very bright constantly changing starlike light from the southeastern sky. I also noticed other much smaller lights occasionally shoot9/4/20
9/2/20 01:00Newport NewsVAUSAChanging40 minutesA bright moonlit night with no stars to see, except one that was in our atmosphere, moving slowly, and I knew it was special.9/4/20
9/2/20YelmWAUSAChangingseptember-presentbig balls in the sky that change shape,triangle, teleport, phone jamming.12/23/20
8/28/20 08:30Sioux FallsSDUSAChanging20 minutesBright large shape turns red9/4/20
8/26/20 02:30Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaChanginghourscluster of bright colored lights8/27/20
8/24/20 01:00LitchfieldNHUSAChanging51 minutesPulsating defined sphere. Orb. Orbs. Formation wide diamond when orbs grouped and formed. Communicated with each other via lights.8/27/20
8/23/20 22:40Pacific CityORUSAChanging30 minutesThe object flew in from the North East and hovered over the ocean shore for 30mins+ changing direction and flipping/ tossing. There was9/4/20
8/23/20 00:00LitchfieldNHUSAChanging5 minutesBright white flashing light strange moving object. Upon zooming in appears to be fast spinning disk that may shapeshift to orb8/27/20
8/22/20 22:00SpanawayWAUSAChanging20 minutesA large bright stationary "star" spit out several star looking objects which would then disperse in different directions.8/27/20
8/21/20 13:28MiddletownCTUSAChanging1-2 minutesDriving in car on bright sunny day dispersed clouds not many. I was the passenger and the driver was a family member. We stopped the ca8/27/20
8/21/20 02:00SanfordMEUSAChanginghoursme and my girl walked to the store and as we were on our way home I noticed a bright small orb of light making abnormal movements.I pul8/27/20
8/20/20 21:00San AntonioTXUSAChanging15 minutes3 UFOs however one shape shifts into boomerang shape then plane ?8/27/20
8/17/20 22:00Pawleys IslandSCUSAChanging1 hourMysterious orange lights and apparent military search over Pawleys Island, SC.8/20/20
8/16/20 04:00NewportORUSAChanging>15 minutesOrange orb bouncing and dividing in one place changing color to muted-blue and back to orange.9/4/20
8/13/20 21:10Isla MoradaFLUSAChanging30 secondsA bright oval surrounded by a moving halo8/20/20
8/11/20 22:45Myrtle beachSCUSAChanging1Over the ocean large ball of orange light appeared. Split into 2 then 3 then 4. Disappeared almost instantly from 4th to 3, 2 , 1.8/20/20
8/11/20 22:00West Jordan/MidvaleUTUSAChanging10-15 minutesmy daughter was out observing the night sky around 10pm on 8/11/2020 she came running into the house to tell me she sees something stra8/20/20
8/8/20 01:00WeiserIDUSAChanging2 hoursI have 36 minutes of phone video of a unknown object. The craft was all over the sky and moving strangely it was also changing colors.8/20/20
8/5/20 19:00FresnoCAUSAChanging2 minutes 56 secA Pink & Green Object changing shape Witnessed in Fresno,Ca8/27/20
8/3/20 19:40ThorntonCOUSAChanging1 hourMy brother's girlfriend went to let the dogs outside. She looked up and thought it odd that there was such a birght star in the dayligh8/6/20
8/2/20 05:00BeverlyMAUSAChanging35-40 minutesLooking out my skylight window at sunrise directly from the East a bright saucer shaped object hovered for 40 minutes8/20/20
8/1/20 17:00SpicewoodTXUSAChanging10 minutesorange lights seen in the area of Briarcliff, Texas near Lake Travis.8/6/20
7/31/20 23:00Spanish FortALUSAChanging15 minutesTwo stars move, one transforms into a triangular object. It moves multiple times, then rockets off through the earth's atmosphere8/6/20
7/29/20 02:45Charlestown/ Harpers FerryWVUSAChanging60 minutesUnknown lights over Jefferson county wv7/31/20
7/28/20 04:30PortlandORUSAChangingNightlyThree pulsating spinning lights hovering above se Portland video taped.7/31/20
7/28/20 04:30PortlandORUSAChangingNightlyThree pulsating spinning lights hovering above se Portland video taped7/31/20
7/25/20 20:30DallasTXUSAChanging1-2 minutesWhite triangle or cross with red bulging center; elongates, glows, and disappears into clouds.7/31/20
7/22/20 23:47AnacortesWAUSAChangingTen minutesNoticed a couple of especially bright lights low in the southern sky. I watched awhile, thinking they might move. I hen walked to the E7/31/20
7/21/20SandyUTUSAChanging90 secondsI saw what I thought were 3 stars in a straight line with Jupiter then they suddenly moved into a triangle position and faded.7/23/20
7/18/20 23:03SalinaKSUSAChanging3 secondsTwo strange balls of light in the sky move away from each other and stop7/23/20
7/18/20 16:00WellsMEUSAChanging5 minutesWhite oval pill shaped object darting left and right then disappearing. When it started it looked like it had a tail due to the it tra7/23/20
7/17/20 05:30HuttoTXUSAChanging3-5 hoursClearly defined facial features and hyper velocity craft. ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps not a serious report?? PD))7/23/20
7/15/20 00:32San Tan ValleyAZUSAChangingseveral hoursMultiple crafts moving independently as well as in formation visible to the southwest.7/23/20
7/13/20 21:00StuartFLUSAChanging2 minutesVery bright, large translucent orange in color, moving slowly from west to east then turning north. The UFO changed shape just before i8/27/20
7/13/20 00:30Uintah WildernessUTUSAChanging20 minutes2[?] Crafts spotted in the Uintah Wilderness7/23/20
7/12/20 04:51JacksonvilleFLUSAChanging5 minutesI observed a bright light in the sky that changed shapes numerous times (have pics). Two other odd lights observed on either side of th7/23/20
7/11/20 21:48Pompano BeachFLUSAChanging10 minutesUFOs over Pompano Beach, FL.7/23/20
7/11/20 15:00Rankin Inlet (Nunavut)(Canada)CanadaChanging15 minutesWhite round object turned sideways and was very skinny. Second bright light appeared next to it looked kind of like a star then light d7/23/20
7/11/20 14:30LynnwoodWAUSAChanging1 minuteBlack orb seen in sky.7/23/20
7/11/20 00:30San Tan ValleyAZUSAChangingseveral hoursSignificant number of objects seen interacting with each other, visible to the southwest of San Tan Valley, az7/23/20
7/8/20 03:00SandordFLUSAChanging2 hours((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about her sighting. PD))7/23/20
7/5/20 12:57AventuraFLUSAChanging4 minutesSeveral flying objects, were not anything that you would typically see7/9/20
7/5/20 01:30HighlandWIUSAChanging2 hourMultiple balls of color changing lights appeared over Blackhawk lake around 1:30 am. It started as 2 balls hovering over an area in fro7/9/20
7/4/20 00:00ConwaySCUSAChanging2 hoursOne craft one red light with blue white ordering lights size a full moon tonight it is that size7/9/20
7/4/20 21:39Old BridgeNJUSAChanging~5 minutesAt first there were 2 glowing orange lights- one in front of the other. Another third light appeared to make a triangle. The lights wer7/9/20
7/1/20 23:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging20 secondsAfterwatching fireworks on apartment balcony for Canadas day, my girlfriend and I noticed a orange orb in the sky moving kind of horiz7/3/20
7/1/20 13:00Grand islandNYUSAChanging1 minuteOutside doing work and saw some thing shining in the sky overhead, as I observed it changed shape from something shiny and metal to som7/23/20
6/12/20 02:37DrummondWIUSAChanging2 minutesGlowing rectangle over Drummond Wisconsin7/31/21
6/11/20 12:57PensacolaFLUSAChanging10 minutesStrange shaped lighted beings appeared on video camera footage.6/25/20
6/7/20 22:17NormanOKUSAChanging:20Bright Disappearing Light.6/25/20
6/7/20 22:17NormanOKUSAChanging:20Bright Disappearing Light6/25/20
6/5/20 22:00CuthougueNYUSAChanging20 minutesSmall round light in the sky. I thought it was a star, but then I noticed a plane go behind was below the cloud line. It was pul6/25/20
6/1/20 21:59BeavertonORUSAChanging2 minutesCircular-sphere-like bright white object in the sky traveling from northwest to southwest.6/25/20
5/30/20 20:40Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 minutesBright object changing shape, stationary + moving , rocket motor firings visible. Clear sunny evening.6/25/20
5/27/20 22:30CambridgeMNUSAChanging10 minutesTwo groups of lights moving at high speeds6/25/20
5/24/20 21:00WilmingtonDEUSAChanging20 minutesWhat started out as 4 cylindrical lights changed into one, it looked like a purple cloud. It then switched to 8 smaller cylinder shaped6/25/20
5/21/20 12:00BrickNJUSAChanging2 minutes +/- 30 secondsIrregular shaped craft hovering stationary then moving at incredible rate of speed.6/25/20
5/18/20 13:54Chislehurst (UK/England)United KingdomChanging5 minutesI was hoping to photo birds of prey ,but I noticed a thin grey pencil line in a clear sky ,so I took two photos on my phone ,when I loo6/25/20
5/16/20 04:45HarrisonburgVAUSAChanging10 minutesOrange white ball of light east of Harrisonburg VA6/25/20
5/15/20 21:30MokenaILUSAChanging1 minuteBright Pulsating/Shape-Changing Object.6/25/20
5/15/20 09:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging10 minutesI saw an object flying near my home and I took dozens of photos of it from different angles6/25/20
5/13/20 21:07Port RicheyFLUSAChanging15 minutesColor changing twinkling orb. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus?? PD))6/25/20
5/13/20 20:00WaddellAZUSAChanging4 hoursMulti-colored light became a triangle, then changed direction and disappeared.6/25/20
5/13/20 17:30Los AngelesCAUSAChanging15 minutesSilent craft defies winds, changes shapes, gyroscopic6/25/20
5/11/20 01:30ArnegardNDUSAChanging1 hour15-20 white/pulsing/objects form/fly in triangle and disappear.Red/Blue explosions when chasing each other in sky at impossible speeds6/25/20
5/10/20 20:30HardinMOUSAChanging3.5 minutesMorphing UFO that looked like balloons, that navigated close to power lines.6/25/20
5/9/20 21:40Chennai (India)IndiaChanging>40 minutesFaintly visible shape-shifting UFO with no illumination at a height of 15000 ft, moving erratically over Chennai, India6/25/20
5/6/20 22:50Fort WorthTXUSAChanging1 minuteOn May 6th, 2020 at 10:50 pm CST, I witnessed a bright white mostly round stationary object in the sky that appeared to be shape shifti12/19/21
5/6/20 01:00HondoTXUSAChanging15 minutesOn the early morning hours of May 6th 2020 between 12am to 1am I noticed that the moon was brighter and bigger I decided to take pictur6/25/20
5/4/20 10:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAChanging2 minutessmall shape traveling north to south above airport6/25/20
5/3/20 03:15Panama City (beach)FLUSAChanging50 MINUTESwithout binoculars it was bright and interesting. with binoculars, i started to see more than i wanted to see.6/25/20
5/1/20 23:00PenfieldNYUSAChangingApprox 1 hour fifteen minStrange light/object seen moving over one hour in time6/25/20
5/1/20 07:00Fort OglethorpeGAUSAChanging30Past several weeks , looks as though this roundish distorting bright light is hanging out above my neighborhood. Usually it’s bright br6/25/20
5/1/20 05:26PeraltaNMUSAChanging1 minutePin point of light turns into large disk of ligtht. ((NUFORC Note: Flare from an Iridium satellite?? PD))6/25/20
4/30/20 14:30American ForkUTUSAChanging3 minutesStationary bright silver object hovering over mountain then vanished out of sight.6/25/20
4/28/20 12:00Magnolia ParkFLUSAChanging11 minutesLarge white and green shape low in sky see in magnolia park fl6/25/20
4/25/20 21:00EudoraKSUSAChanging1 weekIncreasing activity over the past week . Circular objects on camera . One large crescent moon like object fading in and out like an ecl6/25/20
4/23/20 12:00MemphisTNUSAChanging2 minutesPurple Green4/22/22
4/21/20 21:00Plymouth/ maple groveMNUSAChanging5 minutesMy boyfriend and I were out for a drive because there was supposed to be a meteor shower. As we were driving seen 2 objects in the sky.6/25/20
4/21/20 20:30InterlakenNJUSAChanging35 minutesIt would zig zag and fo up and down not the first tome I’ve seen. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))5/15/20
4/16/20 22:00St. LouisMOUSAChanging25+ minutesLight. Remained in one location, fading in and out.6/25/20
4/16/20 21:30StrongsvilleOHUSAChanging1 hourBright moving light in the sky6/25/20
4/14/20 02:16DoverNHUSAChanging5 minutesUFO accompanied by strange weather in Dover New Hampshire6/25/20
4/12/20 02:00MiamiFLUSAChanging30 seccondsRed-Orange fireball over Miami6/25/20
4/9/20 10:1554.690 163.771AKUSAChanging8 minutesREPORT FROM ((name deleted)) 5-29-20 DATE OF OCCURRENCE 4-9-20 SIGHTING FROM AIRCRAFT: PA-31 NAVAJO DESCRIPT6/25/20
4/9/20 00:00Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaChanging>10 secondsBlack ufo appears in sky after loud bang, and disappears after flying into a bright red shimmering portal.6/25/20
4/7/20 19:06Pompano BeachFLUSAChanging5 secondsHorizontal flash of light that separated into smaller pieces/balls of lights, regrouped back into a ball then disappeared!4/9/20
4/6/20 16:30Will try to figure out exact areaLAUSAChanging30 sec from start to fini2 cross shaped objects turned into aerodynamic objects with incapable maneuverabilities. Dissapearance and sudden appearance6/22/22
4/5/20 23:00GeorgetownNYUSAChanging3 minutesWe were standing on our back deck and noticed a bright moving object. It was bright and ball shaped to the human eye. We got out our ca6/25/20
4/5/20 14:00ElginILUSAChanging2-3 minutesWe seen around 15 lights flying in The sky Triangle Circle and Line of lights in the sky from east side to the west6/25/20
4/1/20 21:00BabylonNYUSAChanging1 hourLooked up to see very bright light . Brighter than any star I’ve seen then proceeds to change shape into almost a weird expanding and t6/25/20
4/1/20 21:00SnydersvillePAUSAChanging1 hourSaw a shape like a top hovering for about 40 minutes to an hour thru binoculars could see red green blue and orange lights flashing.4/9/20
3/26/20 21:00WanaqueNJUSAChanging40 minutesVery bright white shape from cylindrical to round, hovered in same place for 40 minutes, eventually went higher and faded from view.5/7/20
3/24/20 16:59Land O'LakesFLUSAChanging30Metallic object changing shape5/21/20
3/23/20 12:00JuneauAKUSAChanging30 minutesYellow light craft That changes shapes over Juneau Airport area5/21/20
3/16/20 22:00Grand Canyon VillageAZUSAChanging15 minGrand canyon object changing light formations over Supai.12/23/20
3/16/20 03:42MissoulaMTUSAChanging45 secondsAmber triangles over Missoula, MT4/9/20
3/12/20 12:45BostonMAUSAChanging3 minutesOne was a solid object that hummered very slowley shaped like a cirle With a grenn orb close by it ~ The object changed diffrent colors6/25/20
3/11/20 07:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging2 minutesShape shifting object floats over East Las Vegas.4/9/20
3/8/20 20:00SolonMEUSAChanging10 secondsRed on Horizon propels itself forward white flash and disappears.High elevation when seen from my computer.Did it Land?4/9/20
3/8/20 15:30OxnardCAUSAChanging5 minutesMorphing UFO from airplane/tic tac shape to suspended triangular shape over ocean using electromagnetic waves5/1/20
3/8/20 02:45MedfordORUSAChanging15 minutesA black object emitting a blue light was seen. It was roundish but changed shape. It flew above and below the clouds and circled.5/1/20
3/7/20 20:15Moon TownshipPAUSAChanging<15 secondsLarge blue light emmiting orb that split into severle smaller ones5/1/20
3/5/20 16:45PrincetonMEUSAChanging1 minuteA Spherical/Cylindrical object that suddenly changes to chevron shape and abruptly disappears.5/15/20
3/2/20 18:50LakesideCAUSAChanging19:10Bright light with shifting shapes. At times had chevrons emanating slowly changing to ball of light with a ball of red appearing at the4/9/20
2/27/20 01:44TXUSAChangingOver 20 minutes cluster of red blue white circle zhaped.4/9/20
2/26/20 00:30TampaFLUSAChanging10 secondsOdd object off Tampa FL Coast Feb 26 2020 race off at high rate of speed6/25/20
2/23/20 20:15WindsorCTUSAChanging20 minutes or moreI went out to walk my dog and in the NW sky there was an extremely bright light started as white and although I caould not make out a s2/25/20
2/20/20 20:00Forest Hills (Queens; NYC)NYUSAChangingAbout 15 minutesA red light that shifted into a green glowing winged object. Looked like something out of Galaga the video game3/4/22
2/20/20 17:30RipleyMIUSAChanging30 secondsMy friend snowboarding Mont Ripley Ski Resort on 2/20/2020. Did not see anything in the skies while taking pictures and snowboarding.4/9/20
2/14/20 20:50SheridanINUSAChanging~1 hourBright, unmoving light in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a sighting of Venus?? PD))2/25/20
2/12/20 18:30DriggsIDUSAChanging30 minutesExtremely bright strange lights changing shape multiple times2/13/20
2/10/20 17:51El Dorado HillsCAUSAChanging20 secondsI was taking a picture of a Mt. Diablo, during sunset on an extremely clear day, while visiting our friends.4/9/20
2/8/20 20:00Baker cityORUSAChanging2 - 5 hoursFlying orb over southwestern mountain range nightly in eastern Oregon.2/13/20
2/7/20 19:30Halton CityTXUSAChanging1.5 hrs or moreFt Worth UFO2/13/20
2/7/20 08:40PattersonCAUSAChanging4 secondsThought I seen 2 jets ready to cross over each other turned out to be only 1 jet and a UFO that at one point looked like a jet.2/13/20
2/6/20 18:34Socorro (south of)NMUSAChanging25 minutesOn the evening of February 6, 2020 around approximately 6:34 PM, I was driving Northbound on Interstate 25 near Milepost 124 South of S2/13/20
2/4/20 18:00MaidenNCUSAChanging2 minutesThree lights changed formation.2/7/20
2/2/20 23:06KyleTXUSAChanging3 minutes3 twinkling amber and white lights were seen as a straight line that changed into a triangle and back to a straight line.2/7/20
1/29/20 11:30BakersfieldCAUSAChanging1 minutesOne orange object with tail following turned into three objects. All had tails at first then were orange lights. Could have moved aroun1/31/20
1/28/20 18:25HonoluluHIUSAChanging38 secondsMe and my friend were working on my van in my mom's driveway. helicopters have been flying low buzzing her house very low shaking windo1/31/20
1/26/20 19:00BushkillPAUSAChanging15 minutesLights changing shape1/31/20
1/23/20 19:35Santa FeNMUSAChanging45 minutesLarge Object Hovering/Flying with Flashing bright lights over Santa FE NM, witnessed by 32/7/20
1/20/20 13:58Temple CityCAUSAChanging1 minuteMetallic Floating object determined not to be a plane, drone, helicopter or otherwise non-conventional flying object. Change shape and3/2/21
1/19/20 15:36EvansGAUSAChanging3 minutesChristmas candy shaped, Mirror on bottom, disappeared & reappeared2/13/20
1/16/20 10:20GreenwoodINUSAChangingA couple minutesChanging Light2/7/20
1/9/20 13:49Bangalore (India)KarnatakaIndiaChanging1 minuteMidnight sighting3/4/22
1/7/20 19:23EvansvilleINUSAChanging5 minutesUFO was SPYING on me form my backyard!!2/25/20
1/6/20 21:16Lake WalesFLUSAChanging7 minutesUFO / MISSLE SHAPED2/7/20
1/4/20 19:50MaxwellIAUSAChanging20 minutesWhat appeared to be a bright light in the western sky started changing from a ball to a vertical shape with blue and orange lights emit2/7/20
1/4/20 02:19West JordanUTUSAChanging7 secondsBright bold flash of a space craft fly down and out of the sky in Utah.2/7/20
1/3/20 15:30FlorenceORUSAChanging10 minuteswe kept hearing a low rumbling like a jet flying over but there were none in sight2/7/20
1/2/20 00:21GraylandWAUSAChanging12-15 minutesMy wife and I spotted an orange glow in the sky over our home, moving very fast from N to S. And there were 3 more that followed.1/31/20
1/2/20 00:00AtlantaGAUSAChanging1.5 hours in totalAn entity that mimicked the star Sirius, transformed shape, then followed/stalked us4/23/21
1/2/20 00:00ChambleeGAUSAChanging2 hoursJanuary 2, 2020 - Moving star that shape-shifted and followed us - Entity witnessed in window of hotel hallway.7/31/21
1/1/20 18:01NYCNYUSAChangingMinutesTwo years of footage6/22/22
12/30/19 08:00KellyLAUSAChanging80 secondsI don’t have a fancy story to tell or lots of details. I set my ISS app to record while I did the dishes, like I normally do. I later w2/7/20
12/30/19 04:45CalhounGAUSAChanging~30 minutesObject seen to the west from Calhoun Georgia at 4:452/7/20
12/24/19 04:45MelbourneFLUSAChanging90 secondsI was getting ready for a jog on the beach and had a overwhelming feeling that someone was staring at me .I turned and faced the ocean2/7/20
12/22/19 19:45MonticelloINUSAChanging15 minutesEight light objects appeared in a perfectly straight line, 45 degrees off the horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Starlink satellites? PD))12/22/19
12/17/19 20:00WindsorOntario (Canada)aCanadaChangingall night everynightthey have been hear for two years setting up, iv been watching (filming) from the first day3/4/22Yes
12/16/19 19:12St. PetersburgFLUSAChanging25 secondsOrange bright sphere changing shape into a stripe, chanting color to white and fading away12/19/19
12/14/19 00:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging1 minuteThree dots of lights turned into over 40 dots of lights, then, into a formation of a bird silhouette flapping its wings.12/19/19
12/14/19 19:00N. Center LakeMNUSAChanging5 minutesLights over the lake12/19/19
12/12/19 22:00Canyon LakeTXUSAChanging30 minutesUnexplained lights in western Comal County skies12/19/19
12/9/19Portereco 2 miles of the coastChangingThere will be a sighting today. Two miles east of Puerto Rico . Google Earth.12/19/19
12/7/19 17:45MorgantonNCUSAChanging10 secondsMorphing inter dimensional white or silver craft12/19/19
12/5/19 01:00st. clairMOUSAChanging15 secondshovering spacecraft that moved at a slow speed with red and green lights12/19/19
12/1/19 00:06PhoenixAZUSAChanging1.5 minutes3 objects change direction color speed and shape1/31/20
11/21/19 22:00patchogue villageNYUSAChanging15 minutewas outside looking up at sky saw fist craft that was smaller and seemed to follow my movements and then take off real fast the 2nd one12/1/19
11/19/19 01:00JohnstownPAUSAChanging1 hourI looked out my window and saw a flashing object. I called for my boyfriend so he could confirm what I was seeing. The object moved12/1/19
11/17/19 20:30Heber CityUTUSAChanging3-5 minutesApproximately 20 lights, red, green, blue, and white moving in unison but flexing in shape with a helicopter nearby.12/1/19
11/17/19 18:00DearbornMIUSAChanging1 hrSeries of low flying anomalous air craft12/1/19
11/16/19 18:29YorkPAUSAChanging10 minutesSaw 2 Orange orbs in the sky one was stationary and the other came up from the ground to the stationary orb. They then rotated.12/19/19
11/15/19 18:15BerthoudCOUSAChanging30 minutesCloud of multi-colored pulsing lights12/1/19
11/8/19 18:07ChandlerAZUSAChanging5-7 minutesI am sending a video electronically. There was a main light that blinked and changed colors. However what caught my attention was I cou12/1/19
11/5/19 23:00GilbertAZUSAChanging3 seconds or lessDark saucer with very bright multicolored lights that was flying close to a commercial plane shot across the sky in a half circular pat12/19/19
11/5/19 17:10USAChanging20 minutesWhile flying from Miami to Chicago above the clouds I saw two ground cloud looking objects that moved and morphed into a straight line.2/7/20
11/2/19 00:30ClintonMIUSAChanging20 minutesDim, white ufo appears after strange lights and black "v" shape clouds in the sky, followed by rare animal appearing12/1/19
11/1/19 18:00Williamson ValleyAZUSAChanging2 hoursI have been noticing an round orange object hovering North of Williamson Valley Arizona for months now. It slowly drifts south then nor12/1/19
10/24/19 20:50DavieFLUSAChanging5 minutesMe and my son were walking the dogs like we do every night when I saw a bright object behind a cloud. I thought it was the moon but it12/1/19
10/23/19 19:00ReddingCAUSAChanging45 minutesAt first it was a huge ball of light so bright after looking at it I saw spots. It faded to darkness and came back three times. After t12/1/19
10/21/19 20:55OrlandoFLUSAChanging00:04Crystal clear night tan looking lights12/1/19
10/20/19 18:30EvansvilleINUSAChanging5 minDriving on n on us41 and to the left in the sky there were 6-7 pulsating red,orange, and white lights in a v formation. They slowly fl12/1/19
10/16/19 23:45Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging0:45Changes shape, rotates, changes colors, does not move the way any airplane moves.12/1/19
10/16/19 21:14Sun ValleyNVUSAChanging3-4 minutesOne horizontal 5 lighted craft turns into two, turn vertical, then shape shift and disappear.12/1/19
10/16/19 12:45FarmingtonNMUSAChanging2minsAbout 5 lights in a row with different colors that looked as if they were connected by a foggy transparent ribbon Very low to the grou12/1/19
10/15/19 22:00MALDENMAUSAChanging1:40I filmed original and slow motion of glowing lights over the Atlantic Ocean 20198/16/21
10/12/19 18:20IrvingTXUSAChanging10 minutesWhite object changing shapes12/1/19
10/11/19 20:00Jefferson CityMOUSAChanging45 minutesStrange object with multiple swirling colors moves slowly over city for almost a week. 2nd object with 3 round light appears in photos.12/1/19
10/10/19 20:04VidaliaGAUSAChanging16 minutesmy group of five people saw at least two lights that behaved differently, moving at different speeds, and staying stationary.12/1/19
10/9/19 22:00DaytonOHUSAChanging45 minutesGlittering cylindrical object over East Dayton.12/1/19
10/5/19 10:00CoatsvillePAUSAChanging60 minutesglobe-like object in sky12/1/19
10/3/19 06:33AlbuquerqueNMUSAChanging2 minutesOn 10/03 at 6:33am I observed a circular object that was as wide of my house hovering above us when we walked outside. The object hover12/1/19
10/1/19 20:30MedfordORUSAChanging4 minutesI saw a blue glowing object flying and able to change speed and direction quickly. I have 9 photos.10/4/19
10/1/19 18:30Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaChangingFew minutesdark object moving very straight, high and fast across whole sky. small object look but moving too fast to be a high plane10/4/19
9/30/19 22:00PaducahKYUSAChanging1 minute12 lights in the NE about moving in formation. 3 lights broke away from a big circle and made a triangle. The the lights that made a tr10/4/19
9/28/19 03:00BurtonTXUSAChangingPresentOver 290 to the east, I heard a single, deep “boom” sound that was accompanied by an explosive-like flash in the sky. A few minutes lat10/4/19
9/24/19 18:20MoorestownNJUSAChanging3:52Two UFOs And three orbs filmed on top of a warehouse.12/1/19
9/24/19 10:50Rancho MirageCAUSAChanging~10 minutesStrange craft of lights that merged into one seen hovering above the Coachella Valley.10/4/19
9/24/19 10:35PaulsboroNJUSAChanging10 secondsLooks like a bug, then changed to a capsule.12/1/19
9/23/19 08:14BartlettILUSAChanging30 secondsA tail like UFO moving from east to west taking on diffent shapes.Then from the east a spherical object enters the frame and moves belo12/1/19
9/20/19 12:45San DiegoUSAChanging5 minutesAt 12:45 PM, 9/20/19, observed 5 red glowing objects that were traveling parralel to the 805 freeway at approx.100 mph and in a semicir10/4/19
9/19/19 21:15NorristownPAUSAChanging4 minutesFirst appeared as elongated white light then changed to object displaying 3 lights: 1 white 1 green 1 red . When it was almost overhe10/4/19
9/19/19 10:45Glenwood SpringsCOUSAChanging4 minutesIt was like a big star. That was floating by but it would explode every now and then in to like big ball of gas .I have it on video10/4/19
9/16/19 02:00MarysvilleCAUSAChanging1-2 minutesUFO seen during funnel cloud storm at BEALE AFB in daytime.9/19/19
9/12/19 10:00ScottdalePAUSAChanging>1 hourLooks like stars, then the star like object pulses sometimes it will look like a star then change to a stick shape.((anonymous report))9/19/19
9/9/19 20:47LakewoodCAUSAChanging5 minutesThought it was a drone, but it changed shape and made acrobatic moves before traveling up away from the earth.9/12/19
8/24/19 23:00MuscatineIAUSAChanging4 minutesDiferent colored lights changing shape.9/6/19
8/22/19 20:00HilbertWIUSAChanging20 minutesSeen 3 object each were about 5 min apart, they were seen emitting light at first then went dark when they got close to shore, they loo8/23/19
8/19/19 22:30ClermontFLUSAChanging15 minutes2 objects: 1. Seeing with 4x40 binocular, white changing to blue, with small red dot. Able to get video. Thougth it might be a satel8/23/19
8/17/19 12:53AkronOHUSAChanging570mbthe gray object flew by really fast.12/1/19
8/15/19 20:00GreensboroUSAChanging30 minutesBrown Donut craft that hovered and moved slowly in daylight. rotating and changing shape before sunset.12/19/19
8/11/19 22:15Panama CityFLUSAChanging30 minutes+Saw what I thought was a weird star then it's straight up and down right to left crazy moves.9/6/19
8/6/19 18:40KodiakAKUSAChanging15 secondsIll shaped transparent grey “airplane” vanishes. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
8/3/19 18:00HenningMNUSAChangingIt is a round object with grey or black stripes across the middle that appear to be windows. Sometimes it changes shape. It is not mov8/23/19
7/22/19 04:50GatewayARUSAChanging20 minutesArkansas UFO encounter.7/25/19
7/21/19 12:30Sherman OaksCAUSAChanging2 minutesI was hanging laundry on my private roof top, reading a book waiting for my laundry to dry and look up to the next apartment over roof7/25/19
7/20/19 13:00CarrolltonTXUSAChanging<1 minuteWe were at Arby's between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm when we saw a chem trail in the sky pretty high up, and from the top of it we saw a meta7/25/19
7/15/19 20:40StratfordCTUSAChanging2-3 minutesDark object high in sky remained motionless.7/25/19
7/14/19 21:00SandyORUSAChanging2 and 1/2 hoursSaw beings on my property...3/31/21
7/11/19 21:50Union/North Powder/Baker CityHuntington, wildernes areaORUSAChanging2-3 hours intermittentlythis bright orange object morphed, disappeared, and made erratic movement for a three hour period7/25/19
7/11/19 20:25Lakeland/Nashville borderGAUSAChanging2 minutesUFO makes contact with commercial aircraft.7/12/19
7/10/19 21:45Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaChanging60 secondsOn July 10, 2019 I was leaving work and waiting for a cab when I noticed a bright white ball of light in the sky about 9:45pm.9/6/19
7/6/19 18:07CoralvilleIAUSAChanging1 minuteTwo circular objects were photographed interacting with clouds in Coralville, Iowa.7/25/19
7/5/19 12:45BridgewaterNJUSAChanging15 minutesFour objects gently floating in the sky.7/5/19
7/4/19 20:20Port St. LucieFLUSAChanging1 1/2 to 2 plus minDate of sighting: July 4, 2019 Location: Port St Lucie, Fl Time: Approximately 2020 to 2025 Observation time: Approximately 1 ½ to7/25/19
7/4/19 03:13NinilchikAKUSAChanging2 hoursBright orange donut off Cook Inlet Alaska7/5/19
7/2/19 10:00Littleton/Chatfield areaCOUSAChanging10 minutesShining object, seemed to have right angles to it, sun light shimmering off of it. Floating like a balloon but not round. About 100007/5/19
6/26/19 08:30AbileneTXUSAChanging10 seconds4 white lights in a shape of a square then changed into 1 bright light and traveled faster until I looked again, it was gone7/5/19
6/24/19 08:46MarshallMOUSAChanging>2 hoursCigar shaped craft of lights changed shape into separate craft.6/27/19
6/22/19 22:30BelenNMUSAChanging2 minutesI was the passenger in a car, in the back seat on the passengers side. We were driving south on I-25. Our destination was Belen. My unc6/27/19
6/22/19 16:45Las VegasNVUSAChanging5 minutesI live at the Gramercy luxury apartments and was out at 4;45 am to walk the dog looked up saw a humongous black shape sitting in plain6/27/19
6/18/19 19:00HagerstownINUSAChanging2.5 hoursIndiana glowing shape shifting orb6/20/19
6/18/19 10:00Vega Alta (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoChanging10 minutesOn Hwy. 22, Vega Baja to Vega alta, one very bright sphere, then divide in two and moving tourch the N. ((anonymous report))6/27/19
6/16/19 21:30Clifton ForgeVAUSAChanging2 minutesSaw a large flickering red ill-defined light or object appear suddenly in the E sky. ((anonymous report))6/20/19
6/11/19 22:00CarrizozoNMUSAChangingFew minutesI was driving and saw three glowing orbs is the best I can describe it. I was driving trying to keep an eye on it and as I watched it,6/20/19
6/11/19 12:00AckermanMSUSAChanging5 minutesObject changing shape in the sky. ((anonymous report))6/20/19
6/4/19 05:00Grant-ValkariaFLUSAChanging4 minutesThree minute video shows an extremely large cube shaped object that appears to be rotating with a variable flash rate.6/20/19
6/2/19 22:41Lively (Canada)ONCanadaChanging1+ hoursObject first looked bright like a star; it started flickering. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" star?? PD))((anonymous source))6/7/19
6/1/19ProctorMNUSAChanging5 hoursI saw colored fireballs that hovered above the trees. My parents also saw it and tried to deny what they saw at first. But eventually t6/25/20
5/30/19 20:23Fort LauderdaleFLUSAChanging3 hoursTriangle shaped, 3 lights flashing red from a distance, looked like a bright star in the sky.6/7/19
5/29/19 09:45Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging30 secondsOne White Object Omitting Zero Noise Flying West To East Over Colorado Springs.6/7/19
5/26/19 21:47Castle RockCOUSAChanging5 minutes?It started out as 3 bright dots lined up in the sky (which I assumed were stars) but then I noticed they were moving fast, then they se6/7/19
5/26/19 01:00OwensboroKYUSAChanging5 secondsStarburst of gold light overhead appeared then 3-5 starbursts shot out in a completely straight line. No sound6/7/19
5/24/19 23:30StarruccaPAUSAChanging30 minutesMultiple balls of white light randomly moving in sky; and large white oval object after 20-30 minutes.6/7/19
5/24/19 21:30Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)WAUSAChanging1 minuteCabo UFO Sighting.6/7/19
5/22/19Aldergrove (Canada)BCCanadaChangingnightly since January 201object is very bright and has colorful lights it seems to be aware of being watched. ((anonymous report))6/7/19
5/18/19 22:00LagrangevilleNYUSAChanging30 minutes4 lights going in a in and out, circling. Moving fast but stopped above Union Vale Middle School field. ((anonymous report))6/7/19
5/18/19 11:30San DiegoCAUSAChanging~15-20 minutesGreen orb and white cigar shape Lights that kept changing shape and direction, caught on camera, I didn't even see them, till the pic.6/7/19
5/13/19 08:15Burlington/BillericaMAUSAChanging~3 minutesVery bright circular floating ball - collapsed like a two dimensional object and disappeared without trace5/14/19
5/12/19 23:00Mill CreekWAUSAChangingI saw an object with a string of white lights running along its side, and then a large round explosion of light. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/12/19 14:27ColumbusOHUSAChanging5-8 minutesWhile driving within a shopping plaza in NE Columbus I noticed a black object in the distance which appeared to change shapes. At firs5/14/19
5/5/19 15:30Lake ElsinoreCAUSAChanging1 hourThis object was stationary in the sky for around 1 hour, seen threw my binoculars it seem to change shape. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))5/9/19
4/26/19 22:30Staten IslandNYUSAChanging3 minutesUFO seen in NYC on April 26th, 2019.5/9/19
4/20/19 14:00Bismarck/Mandan (between)NDUSAChanging30 secondsStrange expanding portal looking object seen in broad daylight.4/25/19
4/20/19 08:00PlymouthWIUSAChanging1 minuteCloud like object appeared, then disappears, appears again and collapsed on itself to disappear.4/25/19
4/17/19 22:00BartowFLUSAChanging30 minutesThree objects changing shapes and colors over Bartow, FL. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" stars?? PD))4/18/19
4/10/19 17:06OrlandoFLUSAChanging9 minutesJust get to the office, looking something like a boomerang on the sky moving east to west, shining light and get black and so on, my bo4/12/19
4/5/19 02:00LevittownNYUSAChanging30 seconds2 orange spheres that faded away and lasted for about 15 seconds each. ((anonymous report))4/8/19
4/1/19 15:30San AntonioTXUSAChanging3 minutesI saw a dark square shape floating over seaworld.. along with a silver light close by. Drove around the neighboorhood and took a pictur4/8/19
3/30/19 01:00Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2 hoursI was watching the iss feed and caught 4 aliens what is going on aircraft's coming in and out of veiw nasa tries to hide4/8/19
3/29/19 11:30Lake MaryFLUSAChanging>20 minutesFlying object, flashing bright light,moving slow north front zip code 32746, dimme in the deep sky, then shining like morning start4/8/19
3/23/19 16:00ColumbusOHUSAChanging45 minutesCloudless sunny afternoon sighting of 3 large fireballs and many smaller ones seen through binoculars3/29/19
3/22/19 01:00MeldrimGAUSAChanging8 hoursBeing assaulted by something able to move barricade and put me out for hours, being also threw me 20 feet by mind alone.3/29/19
3/21/19 23:00WindsorCAUSAChanging2 hoursTaking pix of moon sky tiny blue dot appeared moving up down side to side changing shapes flashes. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares? PD))4/8/19
3/17/19 12:05EthridgeTNUSAChanging13 secondsDark, small metalic fluttering object. ((anonymous report))3/21/19
3/17/19 01:00TigardORUSAChanging2 hours((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information. PD))3/21/19
3/15/19 21:10Near Virgin, UTUTUSAChanging~ 2 minutesThree lights in a roughly triangular formation, but moving and changing as they rose upward. A single light followed them later.3/21/19
3/13/19 15:00IndependenceMOUSAChangingFew minutesWent outside to take out some trash. Look up and I see a odd crescent shaped object in the sky. ((anonymous report))3/29/19
3/11/19 01:00StacyMNUSAChanging3 hoursI saw two bright, large, white moving balls of light in my backyard that stayed in the same separate areas for >1 hour.3/14/19
3/5/19 22:20Fairview HeightsILUSAChanging30 minutesConsistently changing aircraft, odd jet sound once close enough, started out cigar shape, heading Southeast to becoming disk shape l3/14/19
3/4/19 22:00FontanaCAUSAChanging~1 minuteLooking west, very low in the sky ( if I compare it most of the planes that go to and from the airport we have nearby), I noticed a br3/14/19
3/2/19 01:10Unincorporated Miami-Dade CountyFLUSAChanging20 minutesScintillating Points of Light Moved While Silver-Gray Circular (Saucer-Shaped?) Remained Motionless to the Left (South)3/14/19
3/1/19 18:07MebaneNCUSAChangingMonths (since December) lInterdimensional Beings Caught using thermal vision telescope and UFO Fleet Over Alamance, NC.3/14/19
2/28/19 18:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging70 minutesVery low red and green lights alternating, sequencing as if sending a code. Hoovering for minutes at a time changing to stagnant white3/14/19
2/20/19 00:13IndianapolisINUSAChanging30 secondsGravity-Defying Orbs in Triangle Shape.4/8/19
2/19/19 20:00San Tan ValleyAZUSAChanging20+ minutesTravelling south in San tan valley, AZ I saw 5 lights low in the western sky. 3 were linear and 2 were cross/star shaped and bright. Th2/22/19
2/18/19 19:00DamascusORUSAChangingUnsureJust seeing a ufo western skies . Like a star, changing shapes !2/25/20
2/17/19 03:05BenldILUSAChanging45 minutesUFO 3 flying in synchronized up down side ways one part of formation left left huge cloud line going up2/22/19
2/7/19 11:30Lloydminster (Canada)ABCanadaChanging2 minutesBlack mass that looked like Starlings flying in formation at 35 to 40 thousand feet .3/14/19
2/7/19 02:00San PedroCAUSAChanging1 minuteThere was 1 bright white light then another white light and a red light came together to form a triangle.2/14/19
1/24/19 01:00WarrentonMOUSAChanging3 minutesOn Jan. 24th, 2019, at about 1:00 a.m. While riding in my vehicle. We observed 3 lights moving across an object in the sky In front of2/1/19
1/23/19 22:48BurlesonTXUSAChanging15 minutes6 flickering red/white lights linked together in a broken V, converged to form a Hexagon then flew away
1/23/19 16:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging30 minutesFlying object seen over Oklahoma City.2/1/19
1/21/19 00:00CloquetMNUSAChanging4-5 hoursI couldn't talk about what I've seen until I came across a drawing of what someone else seen years ago.2/27/19
1/19/19 22:45East Phoenix/TempeAZUSAChanging5 minutesUnknown orange orb aircraft between Phoenix and Tempe Az In proximity of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport1/24/19
1/13/19 07:30VancouverWAUSAChanging1 hourPulsating shape in early morning sky.1/17/19
1/7/19 23:30PowayCAUSAChanging30 minutesShape shifting flashing ufo knows we are watching it.4/8/19
1/2/19 17:00Wesley ChapelFLUSAChanging5 secondsblack changing shape during sunset1/11/19
12/30/18 00:00PensacolaFLUSAChanging7 hoursAlien beings just outside my window. Put up a screen like cloth to cloak themselves and there craft. I could see through it and have m.1/4/19
12/29/18 00:29SangerTXUSAChanging10 minutesWe saw a bright feiry object in the sky that changed shape frequently and had smaller objects fly up towards it.1/4/19
12/21/18 02:20Perth (Western Australia)WAAustraliaChanging5.12 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))1/4/19
12/8/18 20:20LincolnCAUSAChanging15 minutesPurple/pink disk shape moving around the sky12/14/18
12/7/18 00:00ReddingCAUSAChanging10 hoursHuge Multi-light array, pulsating lights, honeycomb array somewhat egg shapped. Looks like a bright star, ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))12/14/18
12/7/18 18:20IssaquahWAUSAChanging12 secondsI was at a gas station taking my dog for a walk. At approx. 18:20 I saw a starfish-shaped object floating and changing shape. It was12/14/18
11/30/18 05:56AdamsonOKUSAChangingMonthBall and disc shaped UFO orbs and objects1/4/19
11/22/18 23:30DanburyCTUSAChanging10 minutesAtom-looking sphere sighted in Danbury, CT, changed colors and appeared and disappeared from the sky. ((anonymous report))11/30/18
11/17/18 18:30NashvilleTNUSAChanging30 secondsComet falling, then it split into 3 pieces, which flew in different directions and changed shape.11/24/18
11/12/18 00:00Gulf of MexicoFLUSAChanging5 secondsFalling object from space.11/24/18
11/10/18 06:03New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAChanging1 hourThe craft is made of light flashes a red glow in the center and at times a downward beam from its center it has smaller lights that app11/24/18
11/9/18 16:00BushwickNYUSAChanging3 hoursRandom movements/blinking lights: slow to medium speed random side to side movements, later up & down. ((anonymous report))11/24/18
11/9/18 06:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAChanging1 hourA shape shifting object with a red dot in the center has been nesting in the sky for long periods of time resembling a star.11/9/18
11/9/18 05:00Belfield (north of)NDUSAChanging40 minutes5-6 lights slowly moving in my pasture1/4/19
11/3/18 23:00Fire Island (Watch Hill)NYUSAChanging15-20 minutesSuddenly this beam just came at us, or to us, like the snap of your finger. It was no longer lingering and just came to us.11/9/18
10/29/18 14:00WinthropMAUSAChangingGreen laser lights shining down or multi colored rings in sky over Boston outer harbor.11/9/18
10/28/18 01:00LawrencevilleGAUSAChanging1 hourLarge object hovered for approx. 40 minutes. Had shape shifting white blue green lights. ((anonymous report))11/9/18
10/27/18 20:00SpringfieldMOUSAChanging20 seconds((HOAX??)) Was flashing and changing from circle to triangle. Disappeared.11/9/18
10/27/18 10:15SloanNVUSAChanging15 minutesObject above contrails (+30,000) changing shape and traveling slowly ENE to/over Las Vegas. ((NUFORC Note: High-altitude balloon? PD))11/9/18
10/25/18 02:30GainesvilleGAUSAChanging1 hourA large round shape which seemed to have a triangular shape inside. Surrounded by bright lights which would pulsate from bright to a di11/9/18
10/5/18 00:00LawrencevilleGAUSAChanging1 hourShape shifting blinking lights that stayed still with no noise. ((anonymous report))10/6/18
9/30/18 21:15Ghost RanchNMUSAChanging1 minuteLarge, circular, gauzy light moved in unison with our vehicle, changed shape into an oval, moved obliquely and, finally, straight down10/18/18
9/28/18 11:45SahuaritaAZUSAChanging1 hour +9/28/2018 Four distinct UFO's spotted in Sahuarita, AZ.10/6/18
9/19/18 08:30BerlinMDUSAChanging5 minutesMy family and I were camping on Assateague State Park Island. I've seen these lights every September. We saw 5 orange lights show up on10/4/19
9/19/18 00:20LawrencevilleGAUSAChanging2 hoursSeries of stationary lights that would shape shift and blinking red white blue and green lights appeared. ((anonymous report))9/27/18
9/17/18 00:00LakevilleMNUSAChanging15 minutesBright orange light, looked like a half sphere that disappeared slowly over 15 minute or so. ((anonymous report))9/27/18
9/16/18 15:45BridgeportCTUSAChanging5 minutesRound circle shape object, not moving then changed shape and disappeared.9/27/18
9/15/18 17:00HitchcockTXUSAChanging4+ hoursNumerous witnesses of changing phenomenon in the sky. First noticed A vertical beam of lights. Then within close proximity was an orb o9/27/18
9/14/18 14:00ChicagoILUSAChanging20 minutes30- to 50 flashing object in the sky not moving for a while and then slowly moving to the east . Two of them stayed behind for a little9/27/18
9/14/18 05:45ImperialMOUSAChanging15 minutesLights and changing shapes with one master light9/27/18
9/12/18 08:00Moss PointMSUSAChanging20:00UFO Sighting Moss Point, MS.9/27/18
8/30/18 03:00RichmondVAUSAChanging3 daysAbduction of myself and my child, age 5. We were lucid dreaming and grabbed out of our solar plexus (stomach area)and ended up in front4/8/19
8/28/18 03:30AntiochCAUSAChangingIn front of home in the sa circular fire ball shaped object is going up into the sky very quickly8/31/18
8/23/18 22:10PlainfieldILUSAChanging2 secondsBoomerang-like yellowish light, warping shape. Quickly appears and disappears while viewing Mars.8/31/18
8/18/18 19:40HendersonNVUSAChanging~2 minutesBrilliant white light, morphed to clearly defined rectangular black shape, emitted misty tail, all vanished w/ no trace.8/22/18
8/17/18 21:00LocustNCUSAChanging2 hoursStarted out like a star then it stretched out and then took the shape of a upside down u ((anonymous report))8/22/18
8/14/18 23:00HartselleALUSAChanging20 minutesChanging lights in the sky. ((anonymous report))8/17/18
8/13/18 21:00FranklintonNCUSAChanging30 minutesRed/Orange Shapeshifting Object Spotted and Flew Away.8/17/18
8/12/18 04:50TulsaOKUSAChanging30 secondsUnusual colored object changing to white, rapidly diminishing in size tapering brightness.8/17/18
8/10/18 19:20Washington County ((city unspecified))COUSAChanging1 minute8 circular lights, one changing to cigar, witnessed by 3 adults, 2 teens in Colorado.8/22/18
8/9/18 14:00ChillicotheOHUSAChanging30 minutesMy cell phone photographed multiple images of UFOs with no human intervention8/31/18
8/9/18 01:30Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaChanging2+ hoursSlow-moving, huge worm-like object, changing shape every 30 seconds and changing colour from orange to silver.8/10/18
8/5/18 20:48ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging>1 hourNumerous objects (6+) moving in various directions being pursued by military crafts it appeared, nighttime above Scottsdale, AZ.8/10/18
8/2/18 22:30MiddleboroughMAUSAChanging20 secondsSmall, high altitude amber light eventually faded to white and then faded out completely.8/10/18
8/1/18 23:00HoustonTXUSAChanging15 minutesUfos that mimic planes everyday occurrence now.8/10/18
7/30/18 03:20MuskegoWIUSAChanging~30 minutesBright Star Moving & Changing Shape (Square Circle Triangle) Along With Numbers Letters And Symbols8/10/18
7/29/18 21:00MeccaCAUSAChangingStill out thereI have been taking pictures of the planets, due to the fact most of them are visible this month, for 4 days I have seen this objects fl8/10/18
7/27/18 23:40Napoli (Italy)ItalyChanging40 minutesGroup of Lights, like a Globular Cluster (M9 for example) with color light Green and Orange intermittently; light. ((anonymous report))8/10/18
7/26/18 21:30St. George IslandFLUSAChanging20 minutesLarge craft with amber lights fades into and out of view, as if it had a cloaking device. And another chevron shape with red lights.8/10/18
7/25/18 18:01Tamworth (Australia)New South WalesAustraliaChangingevery night 3 years nowMake no sound, travel faster than the speed of light, mostly can only be caught on a still camera, seen on inferred, change shapes.4/22/22Yes
7/25/18 01:00IsleMNUSAChangingI just laid down for bed, I glanced at the window and seen a bright colorful object . It was moving back and forth, as it got closer th8/10/18
7/18/18 00:00SabinMNUSAChanging1 hour?Changed can see in video I'm focusing on 1 but there was actually 3 in a triangle formation just hovering I'd say for about8/10/18
7/14/18 00:15Lake Mx KenzieTXUSAChanging30 secondsI was on Lake McKenzie looking at the stars when I felt something and turned to look and saw a form moving in cloud that was bright lik12/1/19
7/13/18 21:00Palm SpringsCAUSAChanging>12 minutesObject changing size and shape. To naked eye, it looked like a stick figure of a five pointed star.8/10/18
7/11/18 18:00Pensacola BeachFLUSAChanginghoursWe saw what looked like circular shimmering lights of various colors all around the beach area. They where NOT drowns.7/25/19
7/11/18 10:45PendletonORUSAChanging45 minutesWhite, semi-translucent objects seen over Eastern Oregon7/13/18
7/10/18 22:00Moses LakeWAUSAChanging45 minutesRecently I have noticed a very bright star in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus in the western sky. PD))7/13/18
7/5/18 18:55HiawasseeGAUSAChanging10 minutesDark object or Aircraft that has the ability to change or "shift-shape."7/13/18
7/1/18 17:00Moreno ValleyCAUSAChangingFew secondsWe were sitting outside in the driveway when we looked to the west skies and saw what I can best describe as a super fast shape shiftin7/31/21
6/30/18 11:15BristolCTUSAChangingmaybe 25Addendum to earlier report.7/5/18
6/30/18 11:00BristolCTUSAChanging40 minutes8 slow moving objects. ((NUFORC Note: Photo provided, but somewhat ambiguous, we believe. PD))7/5/18
6/29/18 22:30StoninigtonCTUSAChanging15 minutesSingle stationary object, gradually dimmed.9/13/18
6/25/18 20:15Dauphin IslandALUSAChanging30 minutesSecond time seeing craft to the west of us.6/28/18
6/21/18 22:30AbingdonVAUSAChanging40 minutesI arrived home around 10:30 pm and when I pulled in the driveway I noticed a bright light above the tree line in the distance. I first6/28/18
6/17/18 23:30AnthemAZUSAChanging10 minutesPossibly related to phoenix lights.6/21/18
6/12/18 00:00ShelbyvilleINUSAChanging~5 minutesOne night I was outside looking up the night sky I saw this bright orange object it was like it wasn't moving then a few nights later a6/15/18
6/11/18 22:00ChathamMAUSAChanging7-10 minutesAfter power outage/black out we saw multiple UFOs, 12-20 blinking on and off as well as a red one That seem to absorb the white ones .6/15/18
6/9/18 21:09BranfordCTUSAChanging1 minutePulsating orb travels across the sky and was recorded.6/28/18
5/17/18 10:30Pontoon beachILUSAChanging2:45 minutes3 glowing dots that moved in formation of crescent type shape 20 seconds and glowing yellow orange. Dots were originally whitish-blue.5/31/18
5/13/18 00:15RenoNVUSAChanging10 secondsV shaped lights swirl and disappear.11/24/18
5/12/18 22:30GreerSCUSAChanging5 minutesZig zagging star?5/15/18
5/12/18 22:00LodgepoleABCanadaChanging10 minutesA large brilliant light that started as small as a star and grew as large as a house in a matter of seconds, triangular space craft7/31/20
5/11/18 21:00Jewett CityCTUSAChanging45 minutesIn the NW sky quite high above the horizon we witnessed what looked like a large star. We used stable binoculars to look closer.5/15/18
5/8/18 22:15CirclevilleUTUSAChanging10 minutes5/8/2018, 22:15, Circleville, UT, Square shape with lights, 10 min. change into a straight line with lights5/31/18
5/8/18 21:00CatonsvilleMDUSAChanging15 minutesBrightly lit ship of varying shape and colors. ((NUFORC Note: Object in photo appears to us to be Venus, possibly. PD))5/10/18
5/5/18 10:35Citrus HeightsCAUSAChanging3 minutesAn almost translucent shape with irregular borders. Moving very quickly in sharp movements. Multicolored lights were blinking around it5/10/18
5/1/18 13:30LouisvilleKYUSAChanging40 secondsI saw a strange object in the sky over my house in Louisville, KY. It happened around 1:30 pm and lasted maybe a total of 1 minute.5/4/18
4/30/18 21:00GreenvillePAUSAChanging90 minutesLite bigger brighter than any star ive seen W sky 9:30 pm colors stayed one spot for an hour 1/2 loud boom. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))5/4/18
4/28/18 16:43JolietILUSAChanging~9 minutesObject with alternating apperance transverses sky.5/4/18
4/28/18 08:00Winter ParkFLUSAChanging0.00I took a video of this object flying over the skies and hovering there for over 30 minutes. It has appeared several days now. But last5/4/18
4/24/18 21:20ButteMTUSAChanging1.5 hoursOne large and several smaller objects that blinked red, white, green , blue and danced like snakes, all larger than other stars.4/26/18
4/23/18 21:04WardenWAUSAChanging15 minutesWe saw a light that resembled a star over the horizon that shot straight up not like any aircraft we've ever seen. We continue to watch4/26/18
4/18/18 21:00North Salt LakeUTUSAChangingContinuedTwinkling flashing horizontal/lengthwise lights over Wasatch Mtn Range, North Salt Lake, UT. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Arcturus? PD))4/26/18
4/18/18 21:00North Salt LakeUTUSAChangingContinuedTwinkling flashing horizontal/lengthwise lights over Wasatch Mtn Range, North Salt Lake, UT. ((anonymous report))4/19/18
4/9/18 20:48WausauWIUSAChanging30 secondsLight southwest headed NE, slowed got bigger then slowishly "closed" from outside in till not visible lasted about 304/13/18
4/1/18 21:30AnchorageAKUSAChanging5+ minutesSo standing on my porch having a smoke and what i thought was a dark cloud over downtowwn anchorage i noticed it slowly moving but not4/5/18
3/26/18 22:00PrinevilleORUSAChanging30 minutesWas sitting in car on top of a view point and kept seeing a bright light. We saw a helicopter going towards the object and before it go3/29/18
3/23/18 03:30RosevilleCAUSAChanging1 hour((HOAX??)) When u awoke it was 4.20am where was the missing time i dont know.3/23/18
3/20/18 03:15CroydonPAUSAChanging30 seconds3/20/18 3 am- whitish boomerang object 200 feet moving slowly, no sound, no lights, turned on end and gone directly upward.7/5/18
3/18/18 22:20GeorgetownTXUSAChanging30 secondsThree completely silent red lights traveling in the sky which had the ability to alter configuration.3/23/18
3/17/18 13:12TehachapiCAUSAChangingApprox 20 minsI looked up to see a completely illuminated diamond like opal all colors but white most prominent.3/4/22
3/17/18 11:00EverteeWAUSAChanging~1 minuteStrange object in video. ((NUFORC Note: MUFON CMS case. PD))4/26/18
3/11/18 16:00Ocean ShoresWAUSAChanging15 minutesMy friend, her son and I went for a day to the ocean at Ocean Shores. We were watching the waves walking on the beach as I noticed a br6/20/19
3/6/18 22:20MelbourneFLUSAChanging3 minutes6-7 lights in "V" formation that made no sound changes formation Melbourne, Florida,3/8/18
3/1/18 21:15PuebloCOUSAChanging~5 minutesMultiple lights off/on, one bright light odd shape, yellow/orange, Looked like kinda burning. ((no contact information))3/8/18
3/1/18 21:15PuebloCOUSAChanging~5 minutesYellow-orange arrays of lights, appearing and disappearing over Lake Minnequa, Pueblo CO, or to the West of Pueblo, south of hwy 47.3/2/18
2/27/18 03:00KennerLAUSAChanging1 hourI am a star gazer. And every time after dark I'm outside looking up, the stars are directly over my house..been here for 23 years...I k3/2/18
2/27/18 02:30Clear LakeIAUSAChanging1 hour3 white lights in a triangular shape that would go bright and then dim, with a green flame streak behind the object. The object would3/2/18
2/25/18 16:55Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaChanging150 secondsTwo Separate Or Same [morphing] UFO sightings cross over within 4 minutes apart.3/8/18
2/20/18 15:32AnnapolisMDUSAChanging5 secondsHighly reflective teleporting craft in clear conditions, in broad daylight2/22/18
2/17/18 13:45AlbuquerqueNMUSAChanging20 minutesI noticed a strange metal shape hovering south east. ((anonymous report))2/22/18
2/9/18 12:00Shaver LakeCAUSAChanging5 secondsI didnt see it with my eye? Only in picture! I have seen lights in this area before, while fishing. ((NUFORC Note: Bird?? PD))2/16/18
2/7/18 18:40Grass ValleyCAUSAChanging3 minutesStarted as a star with an intense, dusty glow. After about a minute and a half, it started moving across the sky with a very large, bri2/16/18
2/6/18 19:28AnthonyTXUSAChanging45-60 secondsCloudy white orb and I thought I was mistakenly seeing something. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch. PD))2/16/18
2/5/18 18:40YachatsORUSAChanging25 minutesLooking to eastern Ridge up Yachats River canyon. Viewed craft for approx 25 minutes before it faded out.2/16/18
2/2/18 00:00Dayton (near )OHUSAChanging10 minutesFlashing Object, near Sirius; Ohio2/16/18
1/29/18 17:42PasadenaCAUSAChanging25 minutesBlack rotating or shape shifting object sores through clear day sky.2/16/18
1/16/18 12:00Crystal Mt. Ski ResortWAUSAChanging1-3 hoursThe objects appeared to behave as if they were snowflakes and timed to the music in my headphones.1/25/18
1/15/18 05:33PamplinVAUSAChanging10 minutesLinear triangle shaped object observed in Pamplin, Va1/15/18
1/14/18 20:00PortlandORUSAChanging1 hourUfo changes shape mid flight from ringed orb to triangle. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD))1/16/18
1/13/18 14:30CarlsbadCAUSAChanging2 hoursI noticed one very outstanding whitish looking object,1/14/18
1/13/18 01:00WamicORUSAChanging15 minutesI woke up at 1:00am on 01/13/18. I have a big window looking out at mount hood to the west. It was a very clear night and all the star2/16/18
1/11/18 07:00Upper LakeCAUSAChangingAll the timeI live in a UFO Substaion area. I see so many UFOs that dates and times are completely useless. I have videos and screenshots of hundre1/14/18
1/7/18 23:30WarwickRIUSAChanging5 secondsAn orange glowing crescent that shrunk until it was just a dot and then vanished. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
1/6/18 20:30Sand SpringsOKUSAChanging30 secondsIt was about 8:30 in the evening when I went to take my dog out to use the bathroom. As she was doing her business, (i star gaze every1/12/18
1/1/18 00:14ArvinCAUSAChanging35 secondsBright orange red color and hoovered.1/12/18
12/31/17 00:00GilbertAZUSAChanging25 minutesAs many as 7 Orbs seen ascending and descending, changing colors and flight paths for 30 minutes.7/5/18
12/29/17 10:00WaimeaHIUSAChanging35 secondsShooting star turns into "T" UFO, Polihale State Park, HI.1/12/18
12/28/17 15:48Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging10 minutesUnusual object that seemed to change color Andrew sose1/12/18
12/28/17 03:00CheyenneWYUSAChanging3 hoursBright moving light that flashed came to a stop and gree into a line of lights and had smaller red orbs coming off of it1/12/18
12/22/17 17:45Santa MonicaCAUSAChanging5 minutesWe saw a first fireball that broke in 2 pieces and kept moving south while the second light started moving in spirals.1/12/18
12/22/17 17:33San BernardinoCAUSAChanging3 minutesFireball shooting through sky bursting and dividing into two crafts an orb trailing the other. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))1/12/18
12/20/17 18:30RichmondKYUSAChanging>2 hours((HOAX??)) UFO richmond, KY ((anonymous report))12/21/17
12/11/17 22:00SkykomishWAUSAChanging10-15 minutesMulti color round objects moving slowly near Skykomish, WA12/14/17
12/10/17 12:00Utah (above; in flight)UTUSAChanging3-4 minutesDark metallic almond shaped aircraft changed shape12/21/17
12/9/17 20:40DenverCOUSAChanging20+minutesMy family and I first saw a circular formation of strobing red lights. We decided to stop and look and the formation changed. They star12/10/17
11/30/17EverywhereNJUSAChangingOn goingNot exactly a UFO sighting. I have had a premonition that an astronomical event (Gamma Ray Burst). ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 01:30SpanawayWAUSAChanging30 minutesCouldn't sleep so I went out to smoke looked up facing S and noticed a bright light that wasn't familiar. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))12/4/17
11/26/17 16:35PhoenixAZUSAChanging5 minutesRed/orange object in daytime sky.12/4/17
11/24/17 18:55AbingtonMAUSAChanging10 minutesVery bright light.. at first could be mistaken for a star, then moves and gets brighter and duller. DEF not a plane.12/4/17
11/18/17 19:00Haines CityFLUSAChanging5 minutesSmudge-shaped object that moved across sky and dispersed into hundreds of different colored lights all following a movement pattern.4/25/19
11/8/17 20:50LovelandCOUSAChanging20 minutes5 glimmering stationary objects for 20 minutes and then vanished11/9/17
11/5/17 22:30Lantana BeachFLUSAChanging30-45 minutesThe sightings began while sitting on a seawall of an open lot at the beach. Little to no light pollution.11/9/17
10/27/17 08:09Windham/WilliamanticCTUSAChanging6 minutesBlack, Slow Moving Parallelogram Shape over Willimantic.11/3/17
10/20/17 22:30TontitownARUSAChanging2 minutesA glowing white orb that changed to a barbell and back to an orb11/3/17
10/19/17 11:00HudsonFLUSAChanging30 minutesMy friend husband and I,were outside talking when I noticed a red flickering light.I ran inside to get my husbands phone and recorded s11/3/17
10/17/17 18:27LouisvilleKYUSAChanging10 minutes2 UFOs. High altitude surveillance or intelligent plasma balls?11/3/17
10/15/17 03:00PuebloCOUSAChanging10 minutesTwo objects, traveling south east at extremely slow speed. One paused for several munites than began moving in formation with the other10/19/17
10/15/17 01:15AlhambraCAUSAChanging3 minutesBright orange ball from NE to SW, transforming itself to a boomerang shape10/19/17
10/13/17 20:00Sand SpringsOKUSAChanging10 minutesWent outside to take dog out and saw an unusually bright star. Kept staring at it because it was blinking red and white, and was spinni10/19/17
10/8/17 08:30LelandILUSAChanging2 minutesGreen shape changing spot in multiple photographs East sky in morning. ((anoymous report))10/19/17
10/7/17 21:50PojoqueNMUSAChanging20 minutesBlue and Red blinking lights on a first egg type flying object above pojoque mountains overlooking Las alamos10/19/17
9/27/17 01:00MontereyCAUSAChangingUntil duskMultiple UFOs sighted, heard hums, lights flashing/blinking/colors changing, moved rapidly/bounced multiple directions. Cloudy NO stars9/28/17
9/26/17 00:00VictorIDUSAChanging6 hours12:00am-Looking out bedroom window into backyard which was pitch black had heard what sounded like heavy blowing wind. Saw a spotlight4/18/19
9/21/17 05:15MesaAZUSAChanging2 miniutesIs that a star?10/5/17
9/17/17 23:04PlainsPAUSAChanging2.5 hoursLighted shape changing objected observed over 2.5 hours. 50+ minutes of video of event.9/21/17
9/17/17 19:45South Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging5 minutesObject spewing contrail over SW OKC. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/17/17 14:30Ozone ParkNYUSAChanging5 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source of report, who elects to remain anonymous. Hoax?? PD))9/21/17
9/13/17 20:30Dearborn HeightsMIUSAChanging1 hour +Pulsating object observed over Michigan.9/14/17
9/11/17 06:00MissoulaMTUSAChanging7 minutesOn my way home from the airport I noticed a vertical bright blue light in the sky. It changed to a horizontal line, flashing red and gr9/12/17
9/7/17 18:00MaisonWIUSAChanging8 minutesOne went SE--->NW, tracking slow and steady, no up/down or sideways. Absolutely no sound detected, and there was no significant ambi9/12/17
9/4/17 21:20Ropar (India)IndiaChanging2 minutesI saw twice this year in April also and september also even my son is of 3.5years old he is so scared after the experience9/5/17
9/2/17 21:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaChanging5 secondsI reported this already. I keep dreaming about it. y dream is always the same the small blue ball of light. ((anonymous report))9/12/17
9/2/17 21:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaChanging5 secondsBlue/White flat oval thing in sky at dusk. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
8/27/17 03:41Cochrane (Canada)ABCanadaChanging8-10 minutesBright ring shaped lights appearing and disappearing coming out of eachother and eventually form the moon for the rest of all night4/22/22Yes
8/26/17 00:00ArnoldPAUSAChanging15 minutesThe UFO shape shifted from an FAA tower indicator light, then it ascended quickly, descended rapidly. It scanned tree tops and houses2/22/18
8/24/17 05:00Denver/GlendaleCOUSAChanging30 minutes +Three lights sitting stationary in the east sky. Looks to be rapidly blinking in reds blues and greens so fast, its basically white.8/24/17
8/23/17 21:45Treasure IslandFLUSAChanging30-45 minutesRoughly 3-5 miles off shore of sunset beach on treasure island, many lights appeared in a horizontal line across the water. There were8/24/17
8/22/17 21:30South BendINUSAChanging~4 minutesThought to be star or planet Last night I stepped out onto our patio to have a smoke and enjoy the cooler weather. My back yard faces9/5/17
8/21/17 21:30Truro (Canada)NSCanadaChanging3 minutes +Triangle with 1 green light, 2 white lights, Flys low to ground over truro8/24/17
8/21/17 13:00WarrenMIUSAChanging~2 minutesI was on my lunch-break during the Eclipse of Aug. 2017 between 1:30-2:00pm and decided to set my camera up towards the sun. Only, beca9/28/17
8/20/17 12:00WinslowAZUSAChanging45I captured this on video during solar eclipse. ((anonymous report))8/10/18
8/19/17 18:50Elk GroveCAUSAChanging11-12 minutesShiny metallic flying object carrying a second green triangle shaped object8/24/17
8/16/17 16:00VernonALUSAChanging2-3 minutesBlinding, white, cigar, shape-shifting craft, seen in Vernon, Alabama.8/24/17
8/15/17 11:00SeattleWAUSAChanging50 secondsNorth Seattle late morning Orb pulsing different colors8/24/17
8/13/17 19:00PlacervilleCAUSAChanging10 minutesFlying craft, morphed shapes, disappeared, and flew at very high speeds.8/17/17
8/12/17 21:00Mayfield HtsOHUSAChanging4:00Bright slow moving orange light over Mayfield Hts.. ((anonymous report))8/17/17
8/9/17 22:30Los AngelesCAUSAChanging10 minutesBarely visible luminous sphere slowly changing shape by subtle morphing.8/11/17
8/9/17 21:25CoronaCAUSAChanging5 minutesI witnessed a bright orange light traveling from the SE abruptly stop. The light diminished, then the object became shrouded.8/17/17
8/9/17 00:20St. PetersburgFLUSAChanging1-3 minutesRound shaped craft with 4 lights spotted over water at Fort De Soto Campground; morphed shape into military grade looking plane.8/17/17
8/8/17 22:00PortlandORUSAChanging2 hoursI saw a bright star rapidly changing color in the sky, it was so bright that the other three witnesses, (who are nearly blind,).8/11/17
8/8/17 19:30VictorvilleCAUSAChanging20 minutesMy wife and I were watching the sun go down facing west on a cloudless evening. I noticed a very bright relatively spherical light hove8/11/17
8/7/17 05:30WaupunWIUSAChanging7 minutesHovered above highway 151 slowly moved across fields and back across highway then disappeared int to the clouds.8/11/17
8/6/17 21:11Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaChanging40 secondsTaking pictures of the skyline from my window. I took about 6 pictures and noticed a light in the sky that was not there a second8/11/17
7/28/17 20:50SacramentoCAUSAChanging~10-15 (or 20 seconds?)Glowing white cloud-like object sighted at night, dissipates into red haze and vanishes entirely.4/8/19
7/27/17 21:30San BernardinoCAUSAChangingLast night i was driving west on central ave and saw what i thought to be a large half of moon until it changed shape and i saw two.8/4/17
7/26/17 12:16Green Valley LakeCAUSAChanging1 minuteBlue object(s) in daytime cloud formation in San Bernardino Mountains.8/4/17
7/23/17 00:45SpringdaleWAUSAChanging2.45 hours((HOAX??)) A little after midnight. Me and my 3 friends where chilling around a fire talking.7/23/17
7/21/17 22:32West ChesterOHUSAChanging5 minutesSaw 5 lights in a line changed from white to red. Then changed into a V formation lights back to white. ((anonymous report))7/23/17
7/20/17 21:30RenoNVUSAChanging5 minutesWas outside my apt complex and noticed an extremely bright dot in the sky thats never been there before. It moved up and down and I cau7/23/17
7/19/17 20:09LynnwoodWAUSAChanging1.5 minutesSpotted black hovering UFO of unusual/hard to distinguish shape near parking lot, before flying away @ high speed. ((anonymous report))7/23/17
7/17/17 20:00on mass pike between boston and worcesterMAUSAChanging3 minutesjelly fish shaped ufo8/20/20
7/15/17 22:30Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging15-20 minutesUnknown lights in the sky over Myrtle Beach, SC.8/4/17
7/15/17 14:00LapineORUSAChanging30 minutesWhite-silver metallic object.7/23/17
7/11/17 01:47LawrenceKSUSAChanging30 secondsI looked up and saw an object move from West to East. The single ball of light became three balls of light. They left in three opposite7/14/17
7/8/17 10:00ClintonCTUSAChanging5 minutesMy mother and I were driving northbound on I-95 in the Clinton area. It was extremely dark outside despite the full moon. There were al7/14/17
7/7/17 21:55Mt. MorrisonCOUSAChanging14-15 minutesWe saw one round object hoovering around the antenna tower on Mt. Morrison between Interstate 70 & Rd. 74.7/14/17
7/4/17 22:30LarmontNYUSAChanging2 minutesRed-orange orb, changes shape vertically into glowing teardrop.7/14/17
7/4/17 22:00Garden City BeachSCUSAChanging30 minutesWhile watching Murrells Inlet Fireworks, I watched a number of lights positioned at various points surrounding me, and changing positio7/7/17
7/4/17 22:00BuffaloNYUSAChanging10 minutes3 orange-ish to reddish dots. We were facing abound and seen 3 lights that staid lit for roughly 8 mins. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/4/17 20:40PatchogueNYUSAChanging100 minutesObserved two UFO's hover above a fireworks show that lasted for over an hour and a half. One red-lighted craft slowly rose in the air7/7/17
7/2/17 20:00CloverdaleCAUSAChanging1 hourMostly oval, changing slightly, with small lights on circumference with a small light beneath the oval. Stationary.7/7/17
7/1/17 18:56Forest LakeMNUSAChanging1-2 minutesUFO sighting on 35w north in Forest Lake, MN. ((anonymous report))7/7/17
7/1/17 16:00AuroraCOUSAChanging60 minutesBright object over Aurora that changed shapes as it left.7/7/17
6/29/17 05:00StauntonVAUSAChanging10 minutesNext to Venus is a giant orb of multi-color light. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Wallops Island. PD))7/7/17
6/25/17 04:00IndependenceMOUSAChanging30 minutesCluster formation over Independence, MO. (4th time seen) I have video this time. Beam occurred on prior event on 6/21.7/7/17
6/23/17 22:00LongviewWAUSAChangingUnknownUfo spotted two days before possible MIB and electrical/radio interference and large owl sighting7/7/17
6/21/17 21:00TampaFLUSAChanging25Moved like the Matrix fight scene12/1/19
6/21/17 17:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAChanging10 minutesA black object changed its shape slightly while floating over Manhattan.7/7/17
6/21/17 03:00IndependenceMOUSAChanging1-2 hoursRepeat sighting of same light a week later.6/22/17
6/17/17 16:00San DiegoCAUSAChanging30 minutesSitting in backyard with friend, looked up and saw metal orb. It was like pin prick size in the sky. Looked like it changed shape.6/22/17
6/11/17 04:00Dodge CityKSUSAChanging45 minutesApprox. 4:00-4:45 am, I witnessed a large, seemingly round, orange orb in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD))6/15/17
6/10/17 03:00IndependenceMOUSAChanging2 hoursLarge, starry light changing shape to triangle/diamond over Independence, MO.6/15/17
5/29/17 05:15KewaneeILUSAChanging5-10 secondsShape changing lights in southern sky.6/2/17
5/27/17 22:00ClarenceNYUSAChangingongoingWhile going up my driveway I thought I saw colorful lights in the North West sky,right after the sun went down. After getting out of6/2/17
5/23/17 23:27NorthfieldNHUSAChanging10-15 minutesBright white orb seen, then craft appeared shortly after.6/2/17
5/16/17 18:45San Tan ValleyAZUSAChanging10 minutesStreaks of light ahead of red object.5/31/18
5/15/17 22:15Garden City BeachSCUSAChanging2 events, less than a minSolid orange linear balls of light over the Ocean Garden City, SC6/2/17
5/15/17 18:40Oak LawnILUSAChanging2 minutesI'm not sure if they were just balloons. 1st one I noticed was going left and the 2nd showed up 50 minutes. ((anonymous report))5/15/17
5/14/17 20:47Upper HuttNew ZealandChanging5 minutesBright orange orbe flying in sky. Object came to a hault and hovered for 2 minutes approx. Before fading lights into the night sky.5/15/17
5/13/17 04:30RichmondCAUSAChanging45 minutesThought it was a plane, but it stopped moving. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD))5/15/17
5/11/17 22:00Apache JunctionAZUSAChanging15 minutesI saw three elongated oval lights in my peripheral vision. I quickly pulled off the dark highway and turned off my headlights. I watche5/15/17
5/11/17 14:00Sioux FallsSDUSAChanging1:00((HOAX??)) It was spinning around my house my friends where with me and they saw it to. Something shot out.5/11/17
5/8/17 20:00AtlantaGAUSAChanging90 secondsBright orbs in triangle formation slowly fly over Atlanta.5/11/17
5/6/17 20:58Old BridgeNJUSAChanging16 minutesSpinning, changing, UFO.5/11/17
5/4/17 04:50TaftCAUSAChanging20 secondsI'm a truck driver and I've seen the reddish/orange balls of light before. But never this close. One passed over my truck from E to W.5/6/17
4/29/17 22:00MedfordORUSAChanging30 secondsHovering multicolored object over Medford5/6/17
4/27/17 05:20AlbuquerqueNMUSAChanging45 minutesA bright, silent, shape changing ball of light was observed over Albuquerque and Sandia mountains. It was seen at dawn twice in a week.5/11/17
4/26/17 00:00LargoFLUSAChanging10-15 secondsI notice what appears to look like a dark colored plane with all the windows lit like the lights were on in the plane.4/28/17
4/24/17 12:00FentonMOUSAChanging6-8 minutesI had just got back from getting lunch. Backed in the driveway and noticed a flash of light. It appeared out of nowhere it looked like4/28/17
4/19/17 02:53Garden CitySCUSAChanging1 minuteStrange light over the Atlantic.4/20/17
4/18/17 22:20Uniontown/KentOHUSAChanging~30 minutesI had been on the road for about 5-6 minutes after leaving the Kent campus when I saw the ufo.4/20/17
4/17/17 00:20Fort LeeNJUSAChanging2 minutesSuper fast plane stops and emits a very big and bright light. Another one approaches, does the same thing, while the other one left.4/20/17
4/14/17 21:50MalibuCAUSAChanging14 minutesDull object changing shape and flashing while moving in and out of vision4/20/17
4/10/17 00:00PhoenixILUSAChanging>1 minuteI was on my way to work early Monday morning when I decided to take a picture of the moonlight shooting upwards. Upon taking the pictu4/20/17
4/8/17 18:16Caribbean Sea (at sea)Caribbean SeaChanging15 minutesStrange green object seen hovering over the Caribbean Sea. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect lens flares. PD))4/20/17
4/8/17 15:36ColumbusOHUSAChanging10-15 secondsWhite light in clear sky, flickered then appeared as thinner chrome object, 10-15 seconds duration.4/13/17
3/19/17 18:45PhoenixAZUSAChanging5 minutesCyl. silver obj. approached, then receded, then changed shape..began to sparkle then drift away to WSW. ((anonymous report))3/23/17
3/17/17 02:00RockvilleMDUSAChanging5Two UFOs over Rockville, MD. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of stars, we wonder?? PD))3/17/17
3/17/17 00:30CenturyFLUSAChangingongoing-presentThe objects do change from one type to another. They appear every night ; rectangular,round, long stream of lights.6/22/17
2/27/17 00:30Grand RapidsMIUSAChanging45 minutescolor and shape changing, ball/cigar. spotted above st.mary's hospital for 45 minutes hovering still then floating around.5/6/17
2/23/17 18:43PhiladelphiaPAUSAChanging2-3 minutesWhat did we all see? Same craft, different night. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))3/10/17
2/22/17 21:47TucsonAZUSAChanging1 hourObject in sky moves erratic, changing shape, size, and disappearing/ reappearing on video.4/7/17
2/19/17 23:00LindenwoldNJUSAChanging3 hoursBright circular shapes changing colors and moving around the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))2/22/17
2/16/17 07:00Caledonia (Village of))WIUSAChangingWhole nightA ring of several changing shape glowing objects going around in a circular pattern. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD))2/17/17
2/14/17 22:00RedlandsCAUSAChanging30 minutesSlow moving and instant size changing orb with ring around it. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius, or some other "twinkling" star?? PD))2/22/17
2/12/17 21:30MokulieaHIUSAChanging20 minutesUFO. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 02:03Fredericton (Canada)NBCanadaChanging15 minutesBright, multi coloured, shape changing object, very large, low in the sky, hovering then moving off quickly.2/17/17
2/10/17 19:00HollywoodCAUSAChanging3 mintuesShape shifting balls possible UFO.4/7/17
2/5/17 21:30Village of CaledoniaWIUSAChanging1.5 hours+Ball of light that changes shape. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD))2/10/17
2/5/17 19:00ManalapanNJUSAChanging2 hoursI witnessed a light in the sky that was stationary. 2 hours. The light changed shape at least 3 times. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/10/17
2/4/17 17:53Queen CreekAZUSAChanging8 minutesRed/orange object--circle to chevron shape with lights hovering overhead with no sound2/10/17
2/1/17 19:40AzusaCAUSAChanging40-60 secondsObject sighted coming in low from foothill area, morphed into 3 rotating ovals and went east and up.2/3/17
1/30/17 07:00CatonsvilleMDUSAChanginghoursPlease have someone prove me wrong!!2/3/17
1/27/17 21:00Berkeley HeightsNJUSAChangingSingle color spinning object high in the sky....over NE/NJ2/3/17
1/27/17 19:38SpencerOKUSAChangingunsureFootball shape lights arrayed over whole surface, rolled over lights coming from edge, looking west of our location in OK County2/3/17
1/15/17 03:00RomeGAUSAChanging2 hourObject circled flipped and jolted side to side for the entire time I watched. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))1/19/17
1/15/17 01:00Oak ParkGAUSAChanging15 secondsVery large object flipped once then circle once paused in air then change to rectangular shape. ((anonymous report))1/26/17
1/12/17 19:30Ponce InletFLUSAChanging2 hoursSpectacular pulsating lights forming a sphere fixed in the night sky1/19/17
1/10/17 18:45HillsboroMOUSAChangingStill goingPictures and video. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Venus. PD))1/12/17
1/9/17 03:02BirminghamALUSAChanging5 minutesHeard low rumbling sound, saw a big ?? In the sky before it disappeared.1/12/17
1/8/17 21:10ValricoFLUSAChanging~3 hoursLarge Disk shape, changing shape and color and smaller objects flying around it.1/12/17
12/31/16 01:32NovatoCAUSAChanging1-2 minutesI don't know what it could have been , I am sure that it was not a plane1/6/17
12/28/16 08:39SuwaneeGAUSAChanging1:20Looked like a snake when zoomed in video with few lights going down it and far away look like a flashing star.1/6/17
12/21/16 21:00Redwood CityCAUSAChanging30 seconds3 witnesses of a red/orange glowing orb darting above soccer field while changing size and color.1/12/17
12/12/16 19:06Stevens PassWAUSAChanging~30 secondsShifting orb witnessed at Stevens Pass, WA. ((NUFORC Note: Report from commercial pilot. PD))12/15/16
12/5/16 16:00Elizabethtown (near)PAUSAChanging25 minutesLight seen changing shape and color moving rapidly over PA.12/15/16
11/30/16 23:45EdmondsWAUSAChanging5-7 secondsSilent curved shape changing object gliding through the sky12/5/16
11/29/16 19:45FairfieldCAUSAChanging60 seconds11/29/2016, Fairfield, CA, large floating object moving west to east, early evening.12/5/16
11/29/16 12:10PlainfieldILUSAChanging10 minutesBright white object hovering Southward over Plainfield, IL.12/5/16
11/28/16 17:15VinelandNJUSAChanging30-45 minutesMother noticed a bright light in the sky and drew my attention to it. Couldn't tell if it was a star or plane at first but then noticed12/5/16
11/26/16 18:00ShallotteNCUSAChanging1 minuteRed and green dropping lights.12/5/16
11/20/16 07:10PamplinVAUSAChanging30 minutesSaw 3 super bright white lights.also changed colors at times to red,green,blue 3 objects were about 1/2 mile apart flying just above tr12/5/16
11/18/16 16:00NashvilleTNUSAChanging45 minutesThere was a bright light in the sky that had red and blue and green lights blinking. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" star? PD))12/5/16
11/15/16 08:00GlendaleAZUSAChanging3 minutes((HOAX??)) Mother ship released four lights.12/5/16
11/13/16 23:00North ChesterfieldVAUSAChangingnow state of sound mind that there is an unidentified changling in the sky s.e. of n. chesterfield va. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))12/5/16
11/13/16 19:00SelmaINUSAChanging10 minutesWent out to see the full moon and over my rooftop towards the North was a greenish blue object darting all over the sky. It was met wit12/5/16
11/12/16 20:55New MarketMDUSAChanging5 secondsA bright white orb descended vertically, became a green line shape, changed direction, and shot away horizontally at blindiing speed.12/5/16
11/12/16 18:00Fountain HillARUSAChanging2 hours or moreA white floating light first night observed in shape of a cross, radiating white light. ((NUFORC Planet in SW sky? PD))12/5/16
11/6/16 14:00MequonWIUSAChanging20 minutes3 orb-like objects, one caught on video12/5/16
11/1/16 17:00GilroyCAUSAChanging90 minutesI witnessed a white dot moving slowly back and forth slowly then would sit stationary and then fade out out and reappear in another spo11/4/16
10/19/16 16:08New York CityNYUSAChangingUNKNOWNUFO spotted next to One World Trade Center tower1/6/17
10/17/16 07:00La HabraCAUSAChanging2 hoursBlue light changing size and shape moving around for a few hours10/21/16
10/13/16 18:13ButteMTUSAChangingabout 15 minutesColor and Shape Shifting, Incredible Speed6/25/20
10/11/16 10:10University PlaceWAUSAChanging16-17 minutesBlinking Silver ball changing to an oval shape10/27/16
10/8/16 20:45MariettaOHUSAChanging15 minutesChevron - Triangles- Large V shape all within 15-20 mins. ((NUFORC Note: Resolved. Caused by launching of sky lanterns. PD))10/21/16
10/8/16 20:15MurfreesboroTNUSAChanging3 minutesCluster of approximately 100 twinkling lights moving slowly across the sky in formation.10/11/16
10/1/16 02:00MinneapolisMNUSAChanging3 hoursOdd lights in south Minneapolis.10/11/16
9/30/16 23:22NaplesFLUSAChanging15 secondsFlowing lights over Naples.10/11/16
9/29/16 19:15MariettaGAUSAChanging3-4 minutesDaytime (sunset) sighting of an object that looked similar to a space station.10/11/16
9/28/16 19:00ChesterfieldUnited KingdomChanging1:00++Two strange clouds swapping positions, with no visible illumination from the ground. Chesterfield UK. ((anonymous report))10/11/16
9/27/16 01:42RosevilleCAUSAChanging12 minutes3-15 lights with iridescent (rainbow-colored) tails coiling and whipping from glowing center into 'symbol' like shapes.9/30/16
9/26/16 16:00Apple ValleyUTUSAChanging4 hoursGlowing orb hovers in southern Utah for over four hours.9/30/16
9/23/16 22:00SarasotaFLUSAChanging10 minutesAt first we saw a line of flashing lights in the sky, then they just started to move faster and changed into different shapes. It was h9/30/16
9/17/16 20:33Summerlin/Las VegasNVUSAChanging20 minutes3 odd moving diamond shape lights appear in Sky over Summerlin, NV on 9/17/169/22/16
9/17/16 09:45Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging5 minutesI thought I saw an aircraft circling but it looked more like a thick mist it kept moving and looked close to the airport9/22/16
9/16/16 21:00RichlandsNCUSAChangingHoursLarge triangle shape change to a hamburger bun shaped. Red yellow green surrounding lights bright flashing.tiny white lit objects flew9/22/16
9/11/16 00:00HartsdaleNYUSAChanging1 minuteUnusual shape. ..100 percent not a airplane. .. did not make glowed... went over our heads.... it also traveled fast all thr9/15/16
9/8/16 16:00GoletaCAUSAChanging2 minutesTriple metamorphosis.9/15/16
9/6/16 14:00Palm SpringCAUSAChanging5 minutesWhite balls in squadron, looking like birds migration.9/9/16
9/5/16 19:50MagaliaCAUSAChanging50 minutesOrange Light in sky changing shape and brightness lasting 40 min.9/9/16
9/3/16 18:13PascoWAUSAChanging8 minutesSaw a strange object, changing from narrow to space ship form to narrow with an extremely bright white light during daylight hours.9/9/16
9/2/16 22:00WestminsterCOUSAChanging1 hourThree lights in a triangle formation west towards Boulder. Took picture, went to get video recorder but all the lights were gone. These9/9/16
9/2/16 05:20RiegelsvillePAUSAChanging30 minutesApprox. 5:20 AM looking south saw a somewhat cylindrical blinking object at about 35 degrees above the horizon. Assumed it was a plane9/9/16
8/30/16 20:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAChanging1 hourGolden bars shaped like a sphere with a glowing light inside of it, gliding towards us.12/5/16
8/27/16 18:45CaledoniaWIUSAChanging5 minutesSouth on I-94 Saturday , 08.27.16 at 8:45 pm irregular round shape initially and then unraveling before disappearing.9/2/16
8/24/16 23:30ThorntonCOUSAChanging2 minutesShape changing square/diamond UFO with circle lights that changed color. Flying very low.8/25/16
8/23/16 22:54SeminoleFLUSAChanging1:1610:54 PM EST Seminole, FL. Leaving out home next to Seminole High School, we noticed an odd light arrangement in the sky.8/25/16
8/20/16 03:30AtkinsonNHUSAChanging1Walking at 330 am, looking up in the sky when a flash occur at high altitude similar to camera flash , looking for a couple minets it8/25/16
8/19/16 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging2 minutesBright planet shaped white light that travelled in the night sky that went out replaced with a much smaller red light a short distance10/13/16
8/11/16 23:00WoonsocketRIUSAChanging25 minutesI have had more then 20 sightings for the past year.This sighting that occured was the most frightening.I was looking out of my window8/16/16
8/8/16 18:15BoiseIDUSAChanging40 minutesOdd ship that changed shapes, then back to original round shape, possible lights on it.8/16/16
8/6/16 19:45BoiseIDUSAChanging>11 minutesWhite stationary object remaining for >20 min and counting very very high in atmosphere. Changing shape from oval to angular.8/16/16
8/5/16 21:00New BritainCTUSAChanging15 minutesGreen light pulsating vertically for about 15 minutes behind clouds, when clouds passed green light went into a ball and craft flew of8/16/16
8/4/16 19:37Kamloops (Canada)BCCanadaChanging3 minutesFlying object outside of aircraft.8/16/16
8/1/16 21:00Old Orchard BeachMEUSAChanging6 minutesSaw a yellowish craft that turned into a disc over the beach in night sky in Old Orchard Beach, ME.8/4/16
8/1/16 20:45JacksonvilleFLUSAChanging15 minutesThree bright reds lights crossing the sky, and then straight up and out of sight.8/2/16
7/28/16 01:35BuckeyeAZUSAChanging5 minutesWe saw a fuzzy orb of yellow/cream light that divided into two and back to one, giving the appearance of growing brighter and then disa8/2/16
7/27/16 22:43Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging40 secondsI saw two balls of whitish-yellow light in the southern sky of SLC, UT traveling W to E. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:40Heber City CanyonUTUSAChanging3-4 minutes10-12 beaming lights, followed by green circular light. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris re-entering atmosphere. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:35Cedar ValleyUTUSAChanging15 minutesThere was a very, large object which was multi-colored, low in the sky, ((NUFORC Note: Space debris re-entering atmosphere. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 21:30AlpaughCAUSAChanging3-5 minutesI took pics . it changed from a round shape with many points to a round gas like appearance. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 09:20ConcordNHUSAChanging2 minutesI was driving north on main st and was just before gibson bookstore. I noticed to the north west, perhaps above egal square that There8/2/16
7/24/16 00:15ToledoOHUSAChanging1 minuteThree red spheres flying low in V formation over I-75 North Toledo, Ohio.8/4/16
7/23/16 22:35Kure BeachNCUSAChanging45 secondsOrange and yellow elongated fireball looking object.8/2/16
7/23/16 17:50RitzvilleWAUSAChanging~3-5 minutes2 crafts one heading north the other heading from north to south west while changing shape8/2/16
7/18/16 21:56ShallotteNCUSAChanging15 minutesOrange-ish lights in the sky, sitting still, then shifting off into smaller lights.8/2/16
7/18/16 20:00CollegevillePAUSAChanging3 minutesHovering ufo started to move, and then transformed into a plane. ((NUFORC Note: Landing lights, we believe. PD))7/22/16
7/15/16 22:30Big LakeAKUSAChanging10 minutesBright orange orbs in sky over tree line.7/22/16
7/13/16 01:00BlackwoodNJUSAChanging10 minutesRed light floating in sky at night in park.7/15/16
7/9/16 04:00AuroraCOUSAChanging4 minutesLooking up I seen a bright object coming from the S/W towards the N/E.7/15/16
7/6/16 00:45VeniceFLUSAChanging~1 minuteFrom the horizon then a 90 degree turn directly towards us, turning into a fast light under water. Surfaced like a lightning bug.7/8/16
7/4/16 20:00San GabrielCAUSAChanging5 minutesHovering 2 red lights, one green on the rear completely still, then rapid ascent.7/8/16
7/1/16SandpointIDUSAChanging1 minuteA line of large orange dots shape into a perfect triangle, stop, then disappear.7/8/16
6/21/16 05:30IndianapolisINUSAChanging3 minutesObserved obj. with different color lights flashing. Obj. was slower than airplanes that were flying by it. Obj. stopped in mid air.6/24/16
6/18/16 22:00CantonNYUSAChanging45 minutes((HOAX??)) Large object dispersed two smaller objects. ((anonymous report))6/24/16
6/12/16 21:30Coffman CoveAKUSAChanging7 secondsBright Green V Shaped Light Followed By Cigar Shaped Object3/23/17
6/11/16 21:50SonomaCAUSAChanging2 minutesOrange orb.6/16/16
6/6/16 21:45ViennaWVUSAChanging5 minutes((HOAX??)) We saw 3 white lights in the sky; they were blinking at different spots in a pattern. The pattern stayed in the same spot.6/10/16
6/3/16 21:40Cherry GroveSCUSAChanging5 minutesLooked like an orange ball of light (thought it was a meteor) dropping down from the sky. ((anonymous report))6/10/16
5/30/16 21:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging30 minutesMonday May 30th NE Phoenix, 7th Street and Paradise LN.6/10/16
5/30/16 00:00Taylors FallsMNUSAChanging20 minutesUp to 10 ufos changing shape and color, all were silent..6/10/16
5/27/16 22:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging30 minutesFriday the 27th of May at 10pm noticed a light flashing in the sky NE of Phoenix6/1/16
5/21/16 21:00Orland ParkILUSAChanging1 minuteOrland Park UFO sighting blue lights.5/26/16
5/21/16 00:00HuntingtionWVUSAChanging30 secondsYellow dots over WV.5/26/16
5/16/16 00:00TallahasseeFLUSAChangingweeksWhite and red lights cylinder and round shaped spotted several nights in sky. ((anonymous report))6/10/16
5/15/16 21:00MantecaCAUSAChanging30Multi-colored orb seen every night.5/20/16
5/11/16 00:00LawrenceKSUSAChanging10 secondsInterdimensional being flying through the sky in a liquid motion.5/20/16
5/7/16 22:00VancouverWAUSAChanging2-3 minutesOrange Orbs on Horizon changed shape into white haze with inner-pie-section clockwise rotation at high rate of speed.5/20/16
5/7/16 14:00ShreveportLAUSAChanging1 minuteMultiple, moving lights, changing from super bright to shiny silver5/20/16
5/6/16 01:00SebringFLUSAChanging5 minutesHuge Glowing Orange Triangle turned into 5 Bright White Dots connected by lighter White lines seen by my husband and I in Sebring, Flor5/6/16
4/23/16 21:30SacramentoCAUSAChanging10 minutesShape shifting sighting hovering over my daughters house.4/29/16
4/22/16 14:10DederickMOUSAChanging~20 minutes((HOAX)) We had a close incounter, then heard a really loud noise and saw a UFO.4/29/16
4/10/16 05:00VeniceFLUSAChanging:60SW sky, bright sparkling, twinkling red and green object.4/15/16
4/8/16 21:00TauntonMAUSAChanging~1 hourBright moving lights over Taunton, Massachusetts, night sky. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" stars?? PD))4/15/16
4/4/16 22:30AbiquiuNMUSAChanging4 hoursNot stars glowing; Christmas stars. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect "twinkling" stars. PD))4/15/16
4/2/16 14:30HudsonMIUSAChanging1.00Before I give any data to you please tell me who all will see this report. Thanks.4/15/16
4/1/16 20:46OlympiaWAUSAChanging3 secondsJagged and glowing plasma meteor suddenly changes course, and accelerates northward incredibly fast.4/15/16
3/30/16 23:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging5-10 minutesStrange light or object in North Phoenix sky4/15/16
3/23/16 22:00North HavenCTUSAChanging10 minutesMultiple objects, big and small, surrounded my numerous unmarked helicopters.4/1/16
3/19/16 06:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging32 minutesThin light accompanied with 2 orange orbs,Colorado Springs, CO.4/1/16
3/14/16 22:20IrrigonORUSAChanging5 minutesFirst I heard a vibration then a shaking feeling, I thought it was bass from music. I felt the sound more than heard it.3/18/16
3/8/16 11:45New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAChanging1-8 minutesShape shifting, teleporting UFO.3/11/16
3/6/16 20:00OrangeMAUSAChanging2 hoursLarge object over southwestern sky in W Massachusetts, bright lights, slow moving object, changing shapes.3/11/16
3/6/16 18:30ConcordNHUSAChanging1 hourMultiple Orbs w/ Pulsating Halos over different towns.3/11/16
3/4/16 16:00NoviMIUSAChanging3 minutesMarch 4, 2016 I was unloading groceries from my trunk when a jet overhead happened to catch my eye. It was leaving a very short doubl3/11/16
3/3/16 20:30West TopshamVTUSAChanging10 minutesSeveral orange lights flying separately and in triangular formation, accompanied by a loud roaring noise.3/4/16
3/3/16 20:30West TopshamVTUSAChanging10 minutesSeveral orange lights moving in odd and changing patterns3/11/16
3/1/16 19:00IndioCAUSAChanging8 minutesGiant mass of clustered lights miles long moving through sky3/4/16
2/29/16 17:28WorcesterMAUSAChanging2:02Day time morphing ufo. From one object to 5 objects !!4/22/16
2/27/16 21:45FarmingtonMOUSAChanging1 minuteLarge rod ufo moving toward St. Louis, Missouri, from Farmingtom, Missouri.3/4/16
2/20/16 18:00Saint FrancisKSUSAChanging45 secondsMy friend and I were driving down the road and looked up over a wheat field and seen one red dot that was stationary.2/26/16
2/13/16 05:30WichitaKSUSAChangingA few secondsOne light became four2/19/16
2/12/16 23:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSAChanging30 minutesLight beings bring ships onto sand @ Ft. Lauderdale Beach2/19/16
2/10/16 06:00Garden GroveCAUSAChanging~4 hoursTwinkled like a star while it was still dark. Only it didn't stop when the sun came up.2/11/16
2/1/16 11:58KearnsUTUSAChanging1 hourhappened to catch a flickering object to the west of me.2/4/16
1/31/16 20:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAChanging10 minutesEight fire ball shapes flying west , north, and straight up, but calm manner. They were focused.2/4/16
1/30/16 19:15RoverTNUSAChanging10 minutesV-shaped then spreading out into a long line with red lights in what looked like along the edges.2/4/16
1/30/16 18:20DickinsonTXUSAChanging6 minutesVery bright colors.2/4/16
1/24/16 16:49BoltonNYUSAChanging05-07 minutesObject over Lake George, NY observed by commercial aircraft2/4/16
1/23/16 20:23QuartzsiteAZUSAChanging30 minutesUFO changes from red to green to white then projects a beam to the ground that also changes color.1/29/16
1/20/16 17:20Las VegasNVUSAChanging10Blinking red, green and blue lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a "twinkling" star?? PD))1/29/16
1/12/16 14:00Colorado Springs (east of)COUSAChanging3 minutesDark, elongated horizontal streak, which changed shape, seen by airline passengers over southern Colorado on January 12, 2016.1/20/16
1/10/16 20:00SnohomishWAUSAChanging6 hoursThis all started on 10 January with 5 strange lights in the sky that changed colors. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))2/11/16
1/6/16 19:30ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging>1 hourThree bright lights in a triangle formation low on the horizon; disappearing and reappearing as well as traveling.1/8/16
1/5/16 00:05SeymourTNUSAChanging1-2 minutesIntense ball of white light that changed shape from a ball to a line, to a pyramid in three minutes observed.1/5/16
1/3/16 16:30NashvilleTNUSAChanging~2 minutesWhite light above highway, changed shape, then disappeared.1/29/16
1/2/16 04:00TempeAZUSAChanging3 hoursMothership UFO in Tempe probed by airforce helicopters and jets. Very strange sighting.1/5/16
12/31/15 09:00Bessemer CityNCUSAChanging20 secondsThe red light stayed in the same spot then moved slightly and disapeared. the light was pulsating.1/5/16
12/30/15 19:30SpringfieldORUSAChanging5 hoursShape changing UFO's in Springfield, Oregon.1/5/16
12/25/15 06:45BellinghamWAUSAChanging3 minutesBellingham, WA, 3 unknown flying crafts appeared at approximately 6:30 PM Pacific Time. They were red/orange colored.1/5/16
12/25/15 02:30SalemORUSAChanging30 minutesChristmas was just over, I stepped out to smoke in the cold, I focused on a bright star that seemed to b flickering, I lost contact.1/5/16
12/23/15 20:50Palm BayFLUSAChangingFiery red ball that seemed to change shape and moved in weird ways up and down and left to right.1/5/16
12/22/15 19:15Queen CreekAZUSAChanging10 minutesMultiple point source lights, Very intense RGB color spectrum. Some would wink on and off, some in a pattern, Pattern moved across sky1/5/16
12/22/15 18:05VacavilleCAUSAChanging3 minutesWhat ever it was that flew by me I for sure have never seen before. ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris. PD))1/5/16
12/11/15 06:00BethlehemPAUSAChanging40 minutesIt was very bright and shifted shape from round to an almost diamond shape, we took pictures, however it kept shrinking12/17/15
12/8/15 17:34New BloomingtonOHUSAChanging2 minutesObject flying with three bright white lights12/10/15
12/6/15 19:45TracyCAUSAChanging4 minutesOrange lights and shape-changing pale jelly-fish-looking object seen in South Tracy.1/5/16
12/5/15 21:00ProspectMEUSAChanging1 hourMulti-colored orb in the clear sky. Looked like a 'disco ball', then changed position.12/10/15
12/4/15 18:00AlansonMIUSAChanging5 minutesShape-shifting lights over Alanson, Michigan.12/10/15
11/30/15 22:00Arroyo GrandeCAUSAChanging1 hourRound, colored lights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of "twinkling" stars, we wonder. PD))12/3/15
11/28/15 10:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaChanging3 minutesCloud oddly changed formation, split in two and formed a light streak on a sunny, clear morning.12/3/15
11/28/15 06:00Pine RiverWIUSAChanging45Two extreme white changing shapes with downward beams of light. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly planets in the SE sky? PD))12/3/15
11/23/15 04:30AshevilleNCUSAChanging>1 hourRotating shape covered in white lights with a cylinder in the center.11/26/15
11/20/15 23:00EaglePAUSAChanging15-20 minutesThese were shifting, tumbling orange lights in a cluster that moved together from one part of the sky to another. They flickered and di11/26/15
11/19/15 21:20CharlotteNCUSAChanging2-3 minutesBright white lights form pyramid in the sky, which then changed into a straight line of lights whose trails connected them together.11/20/15
11/18/15 20:00NaplesFLUSAChanging5 minutesTwo orange red objects hovering behind our house.11/19/15
11/18/15 18:30TaylorMOUSAChanging6 minutesRed light changing shape1/20/16
11/17/15 20:50TucsonAZUSAChanging10-15 secondsYellow lights in square sequence that came on and then went out in sequence over west Tucson, AZ. 8:50 pm11/19/15
11/16/15 23:50Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging15 minutesMultiple lighted objects of different shapes appeared over SC coast on 11/16/1711/17/17
11/16/15 16:30SomersetNJUSAChanging20 minutesI was driving to work at 430pm down 287 north near exit 7 when i noticed a bright white circle in the sky. It seemed to have a haze of12/4/15
11/16/15 16:30SpringfieldMAUSAChanging30 minutes2 bright white lights change shape than color before vanishing11/19/15
11/15/15 06:35MarshallbergNCUSAChanging10 minutesThe object was very bright and moved fast zigzagging and disappearing then back in another spot.11/19/15
11/14/15 00:05Palos ParkILUSAChanging5 minutes-still thereIt seemed like 3 or 4 small stars revolving around each other, multi colored blue and red11/19/15
11/8/15 18:30PanguitchUTUSAChanging5 minutesRed light in sky. It seemed as it turned there was a luminous light emitting smoke or mist that lit up the whole canyon. After it clear11/19/15
11/7/15 20:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging15 minutesFlishlight pointing to earth from behind the black silk night4/9/20
11/7/15 19:30PhoenixAZUSAChanging15 minutesHuge extremely bright rays of blue turquoise colored lights that changed pattern. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:15La JollaCAUSAChanging4 minutesThought it was a plane releasing chem trail. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:05FremontCAUSAChanging7 minutesBright light projecting beams beneath and leaving cloud trails behind. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:05NapaCAUSAChanging7 minutesWhite and green light. Changing directions and shape. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:05Laguna BeachCAUSAChanging30 minutesExtremely bright white light came into atmosphere over ocean; object the exploded. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:01Thousand OaksCAUSAChanging10 minutesBright obj. with a bright white trail was crossing the sky, emitted a beam. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00SylmarCAUSAChanging15 minutesGreen morphing object in Southern California. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00EscondidoCAUSAChanging10 minutesFire ball into sky, followed by blue lighted mass. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00Frazier ParkCAUSAChanging10 minutesOrange ball in the sky got very bright, then it shined its lights at the ground. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 17:55FairfieldCAUSAChanging15 minutesComet-like light in the western sky, traveling south to north. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 12:00WichitaKSUSAChanging2 hoursBright white orb maintaining position to the north west position of waxing moon in daytime (November 7, 2015)11/19/15
11/7/15 04:00ColdwaterMIUSAChanging2 hoursI have pictures. Also a video.11/19/15
11/6/15 20:00SedonaAZUSAChanging15 minutesAurora Borealis in Sedona? ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/6/15 18:30Rancho CucamongaCAUSAChangingEastUFO's STRANGE LIGHTS SEEN OVER RANCHO CUCAMONGA CA11/19/15
11/5/15 16:10DenverCOUSAChanging5 minutesUFO over Denver with two pulsating lights.11/6/15
11/4/15 04:48San RafaelCAUSAChanging15 secondsFalling object appeared to tumble in the sky.11/6/15
11/1/15 19:00DenverCOUSAChanging~1 minuteFacing due N on Crestline ave in Denver; witnessed what I originally believed to be an aircraft. ((NUFORC Note: Parachutists?? PD)11/6/15
11/1/15 18:00ChelmsfordMAUSAChanging30 secondsGreen comet like light.11/6/15
11/1/15 17:00DanversMAUSAChanging10 secondsBright green fire ball literally half a mile above an a quarter mile away from Endicott Park, where we were standing.11/6/15
10/29/15 22:30SpanawayWAUSAChanging3:00 minutesBlack and bronze disk and or a haze where object became invisible. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))1/5/16
10/28/15 00:36Summerfield TownshipMIUSAChangingOngoingLarge light changing shape, blinking on and off, across the road above the treeline for hours now and is ongoing with videos.10/29/15
10/24/15 05:00Grand JunctionCOUSAChanging2 hoursCluster of orbs rumbling around eachother10/29/15
10/22/15 02:00Kennett SquarePAUSAChanging15 minutesLarge stationary star-like object that changed shape, emitted color, "danced", had pieces fall off in form and then get reabs10/29/15
10/18/15 15:05Reno/SteadNVUSAChanging2 minutesOdd shaped object10/29/15
10/13/15 22:00DestinFLUSAChanging1 hourOrange-Red/White flashing light over Panama City Beach, seen from Destin Balcony. The lights of the 3 objects continued to change.10/16/15
10/13/15 04:30Organ HouseCAUSAChanginghoursHave pics and video. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of the three planets in the eastern morning sky. PD))11/6/15
10/10/15 06:55Diamond BarCAUSAChanging30 secondsShape shifting UFO following flying snake10/16/15
10/8/15 06:00Corpus ChristiTXUSAChanging30 minutesTaking pictures of the moon when I saw the object in two different pictures and witnessed the different shapes.10/9/15
10/3/15 02:00Baton RougeLAUSAChanging1 hourStationary but too low for a star and changed shape continually. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD))10/9/15
9/30/15 06:03PhoenixAZUSAChanging08:10Shapeshifting orb hovering through chemtrails over downtown Phoenix.10/2/15
9/29/15 04:25Ampthill (UK/England)United KingdomChanging>3 hoursI have seen this same ufo light nearly every morning for over 10 weeks. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))10/2/15
9/28/15 23:00Oceanside (viewing east county)CAUSAChangingongoingChanging Sphere Multi Color Hovwering for weeks.10/9/15
9/27/15 19:30Whiskey Creek/Parksville (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10 minutesA flying object of light was spinning while changing colour and speed of silent movement.9/29/15
9/27/15 03:00ElkWAUSAChanging~2 hoursMe and a few buddies stepped out on our porch at about 3 am. for a cigarette on September 27, 2015. Right away not too far in the dist9/29/15
9/24/15 04:45South ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging2 hoursSuper bright light just before sun up. Got binoculars object moved to far to fast. Once focus light was a bunch of lights flashing in s9/25/15
9/23/15 00:00Mansfield (UK/England)United KingdomChanging5 hours100's of ufos!!!!! Different shapes sizes and colours.9/29/15
9/19/15 02:00San JoseCAUSAChangingStill up there hoveringGlobe-shaped object brilliantly lite, switching colors, hovering high in the sky over Mt. View/Sunnyvale. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))9/25/15
9/18/15 20:00HaywardCAUSAChanging1+ hours3 seperate sightings in one night9/25/15
9/18/15 04:45PataskalaOHUSAChangingstill going onBright objects hovering in the sky that changed shape and flashed multiple colors. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))9/25/15
9/17/15 19:15FrostburgMDUSAChanging20 minutesBright, variable, barely moving, light/object appeared, disappeared, and twice briefly reappeared just after sunset.9/25/15
9/17/15 14:00New York CityNYUSAChanging10 minutesMorphing light being in NY.11/19/15
9/11/15 23:00DallasGAUSAChanging5 minutesI was sitting outside on my back porch, and I saw a orange circular shaped object in the sky. For a second, I believed I was seeing a s9/17/15
9/10/15 03:15NewbergORUSAChanging2-3 minutesObject flying north to south suddenly brightens and after emitting a halo burst around it, turns sharply east to quickly disappear.9/17/15
9/5/15 23:00WarwickRIUSAChanging4 hoursEvery night I see a bright light star shape thing move across the sky. But last night was different. This one I watched for 4 hours.9/11/15
9/5/15 00:00New York CityNYUSAChanging10 minutesUFO'S OVER NEW YORK CITY !!!!!!9/17/15
8/30/15 02:00ChinoCAUSAChanging45 secondsThe object was flying at a noticeable altitude, yet was heading east at a unusual speed. It made no sound at all (which I have lived ne9/2/15
8/20/15 23:00Rather not say.ILUSAChanging4 1/2 hoursWhile outside for a smoke I noticed an unusually large and very bright light moving very slowly towards town. The thing that interested8/27/15
8/20/15 23:00Whiskey Creek/Parksville (Canada)BCCanadaChanging1 hourThree wondering red patterns in the sky.8/27/15
8/18/15 23:00West PointVAUSAChanging20 minutesI saw a silent, large object in the sky which changed shape, had numerous colored lights, and glided with even speed towards Richmond.8/27/15
8/17/15 21:00LauderhillFLUSAChanging15 minutesWas driving down my street, and I saw a formation of 5-6 illuminated round crafts moving overhead through the low cloud cover.8/27/15
8/16/15 20:15WilliamsportPAUSAChanging4.25 hoursThree lights merged over my head at 30,000 or more feet, then danced in the sky.8/27/15
8/15/15 20:00KearnsUTUSAChanging5 minutesOur 11yr old said that there was something shaped like a parachute and it was clear but still visible but it seemed like it was smoke.8/27/15
8/10/15 11:45StreetsboroOHUSAChanging15 minutesStrange lights with strange movements, then vanished twice!!! Then heard humming.8/13/15
8/9/15 16:00East PittsburghPAUSAChanging90 secondsHovering cigar-shaped ufo above woods on route 2210/29/15
8/5/15 23:00GreenvilleSCUSAChanging1 hourCircle of 4 white lights, moving. The sighting was of a circle of 4 white lights, which were moving in circles of increasing / decr10/16/15
7/30/15 21:00Bloomington (outside; north of)ILUSAChanging30 minutesTraveling north on Route 29 outside Bloomington when in the sky was some type of craft that kept changing positions.7/31/15
7/25/15 22:00BroomfieldCOUSAChanging5 minutesIridescent dots meandering through the sky in various formations.7/31/15
7/15/15 21:50ColumbusOHUSAChanging1-2 minutesI was outside with my younger brothers they had went inside but shortly after these lighs fly at angle at a distance they did not forum7/17/15
7/13/15 21:15TucsonAZUSAChanging20 minutesLights in the distance.7/17/15
7/11/15 23:10Lake Havasu CityAZUSAChanging10 minutesLights moving like no air craft at termendous speeds.7/17/15
7/11/15 23:00Taumarunui (New Zealand)New ZealandChangingVery scary.11/12/15
7/8/15 01:00NampaIDUSAChanging20 minutesThe thing that caught my attention was that they each attached themselves to each other and detached.7/10/15
7/5/15 22:35TullahomaTNUSAChanging30We are near an air force base however this was not a plane, helicopter or object that we know of.7/6/15
7/5/15 00:25LindenhurstNYUSAChanging10 secondsAfter the fireworks calmed down in the north sky above tree line saw a very didtinct shape that looked like a five pointed star. It a7/17/15
7/4/15 23:15SouthamptonPAUSAChanging2 minutesOrange ball. No noise. Grew small and vanished as it drew back.7/6/15
7/4/15 21:35Hanover TownshipPAUSAChanging6-7 minutesMultiple objects traveling in paths and hovering while emitting intermittent sparks and/or flames.7/6/15
7/2/15 11:00GreenfieldWIUSAChangingfew minutesStrange bronze/copper object slowing flying in the sky, changing shapes, disappears instantly.7/10/15
7/2/15 02:55SalieMIUSAChanging12 minutesSeveral pulsating/flashing lights and entity(ies) seen!7/3/15
6/27/15 00:00LongOKUSAChanging16 minutesThought I had entered the twilight zone for a minute. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD))7/17/15
6/23/15 21:00UnionMOUSAChanging1 hourAround 9 pm in the town of Union, MO, on the night of June 23, 2015, there were two to three lights at various time.7/3/15
6/22/15 22:40Mount JulietTNUSAChanging3 minutesCompact semi-transparent cloud-shape moving NNW merges with "star." ((NUFORC Note: Out-gassing event of spent rocket. PD))6/24/15
6/22/15 22:13North Las VegasNVUSAChangingongoing3 clusters of white lights hovering, one changed shape as if to go in formation, color of lights changing to orange.6/24/15
6/21/15 21:13Los AngelesCAUSAChanging90 secondsA UFO was seen following, then catching up to and moving slightly ahead of the ISS on 06/21/15 at app. 21:14 to 21:15 Pacific Time.6/24/15
6/19/15 12:15Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaChanging33 minutesTook picture of bright orb and on picture you can see faint outline of a disc shape7/6/15
6/18/15 23:00MarshallMIUSAChanging10 minutesA reddish light faded in and out at different durations of time. Another light appeared at bottom of light and looked to be attached.6/19/15
6/13/15 16:10SuffieldCTUSAChanging10 minutesDrone?6/24/15
6/13/15 08:00ArvadaCOUSAChanging10 minutesFigure floating in sky moves slowly in a straight line across the sky and changed shapes from a circle to cross then a line.6/15/15
6/6/15 23:00CowicheWAUSAChanging1+ hourVery bright white light with red and green lights that changed shapes and stayed in area for more than an hour6/15/15
6/5/15 21:00Gallatin/Hendersonville/MadisonTNUSAChanging45 minutes I was traveling from Carthage, TN, on Hwy 25 towad Nashville at 19:30. Bright light. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))6/5/15
6/5/15 11:10MadisonWIUSAChanging4 minutesfrom my office overlooking downtown and state street. this dark object traveled from north to south above the buildings but below the6/15/15
6/5/15 05:20GreshamORUSAChanging15 minutesMy friend came in here and told us to hurry up and come outside and when we went outside I saw a thing at first.6/15/15
6/5/15 05:19GreshamORUSAChanging10 minutes((HOAX??))((Deleted profanity)) I have photo and short video!6/15/15
6/5/15 05:15GreshamORUSAChanging15 minutesWe saw an object above the hot tub.6/15/15
6/1/15 01:13SaginawMIUSAChanging30A strange blue object that appeared to come from behind the moon, moving very fast.6/5/15
5/29/15 02:30Chase CityVAUSAChanging2hrs, 40 minSmall (but too large to be fireflies) strange, silent objects w/blinking white lights seen throughout surrounding woods.6/5/15
5/28/15 21:40Middletown (west of)NYUSAChanging30 minutesUFO west of Middletown, CT. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))5/29/15
5/20/15 22:00CourtlandMSUSAChanging5 minutesI saw a star that turned into a UFO and then disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? Possible hoax?? PD))5/29/15
5/19/15 23:00CarlsbadNMUSAChangingFew secondsI was driving north on Hwy 285 between Carlsbad and Artesia. I saw a line of three to four red lights that twisted to reveal another.5/22/15
5/19/15 20:53Lafayette HillPAUSAChanging5 minutesBright, fast moving light vanished and turned into a cigar-shaped moving object before disappearing from view.5/22/15
5/10/15 13:00ElkmontALUSAChanging10 minutesLow level, cloaked, morphed, silent, incredible.3/4/22
5/9/15 22:00Sierra VistaAZUSAChanging45 minutesShape shifting object looked like it had a face5/13/15
5/8/15 01:32Ormond BeachFLUSAChanging17 secondsI believe this was an extra ordinary experience.5/13/15
5/6/15 15:05Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaChanging~1 minuteVery Low Bizarre Morphing Unknown Object10/29/15
5/3/15 22:30BoiseIDUSAChanging3 secondsStreaking fiery mass.5/8/15
5/1/15 20:45WinchesterVAUSAChanging4+ hoursThree spheres, circled with bright white lights, appear in same order every evening. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))5/29/15
4/26/15 21:30FremontOHUSAChanging5 minutesAmeoba-like UFO.4/30/15
4/26/15 21:00Newcastle (Australia)AustraliaChanging1((HOAX??)) You don't see something this big in the sky, and no sound; it's like time was still.4/30/15
4/24/15 21:04MissoulaMTUSAChanging4 minutesTen orange bottomed objects seemed to shape-shift, one blacked out its light as it swooped down over the city.4/30/15
4/21/15 20:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging10 minutesTwo Black hovering objects with no flashing or lights moving independently and changing shape.4/23/15
4/18/15 10:00St. Clair ShoresMIUSAChanging3 hours+UFO seen in St. Clair Shores, MI, bright white light looks like star, light rotates around4/23/15
4/18/15 09:00HaymarketVAUSAChanging5 hoursBright light in the sky continually changing shape with red and blue alternating flashes. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? PD))4/23/15
4/18/15 01:30Tampa BayFLUSAChanging10 minutesMilitary laser show looks like UFO.5/22/15
4/17/15 17:55Garden CityNYUSAChanging2 minutesA birdlike object or missile became an orb, joined other orbs, before ascending and disappearing.4/23/15
4/17/15 12:40Baker City/La Grande (between)ORUSAChanging5 minutesGrey cloud turns white and then shows points of light, banks and then disappears only to reappear closer.5/8/15
4/16/15 20:00Ft. WorthTXUSAChanging1 hour100 orbs over Jacksboro golf course.4/23/15
4/15/15 21:30StamfordCTUSAChanging30 minutesVery bright light hung low in the sky, circular shape whose light would glow very bright and fade. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))4/23/15
4/14/15 18:00CaribouCAUSAChanging45 minutesIntensely bright reflective eye shaped objects (2) with three affixed triangle shapes.4/17/15
4/14/15 00:15GreenvilleNCUSAChanging1-2 minutes4 white circles spinning around then coming together , then breaking apart and spinning in circles. ((NUFORC Note: Adv. lights? PD))4/17/15
4/13/15 23:00JeromeUSAChanging2 hours((HOAX??)) we watched a very bright star appeared over mingus mtn. We went home to get cameras. It was moving and changing colors!!4/17/15
4/11/15 15:00BlaineMNUSAChanging1 minuteSeveral white orbs changing formation.6/5/15
4/11/15 14:00Saint PaulMNUSAChanging20-30 secondsShiny 'white dots' over Saint Paul that changed shape right in front of me before disappearing.4/17/15
4/6/15 01:00Mount PocconoPAUSAChanging4 hoursAppeared as stars until they started coming towards me and I think I fell asleep don't recall the pics or video.4/17/15
4/4/15 05:00SalinasCAUSAChanging2 hoursUFOs use eclipse and clouds to their advantage.5/8/15
4/1/15 21:30CaledoniaWIUSAChanging~30-40 minutesWhite orb-like craft that sat in one spot mostly but would also move very slowly back + forth. Changed shape / color.4/3/15
3/29/15 21:45BrownsvilleORUSAChanging30 minutesBig, bright, orangish, hovering light that blinked colors.4/3/15
3/26/15 23:00Huntington BeachCAUSAChanging30 minutesUFO or runaway astroid or religious.4/3/15
3/25/15 21:30Vero BeachFLUSAChangingTwo orbs changing color and shapes in Vero Beach, Flordia.4/3/15
3/23/15 23:30Grand IslandNEUSAChanging~3 minutesLarge black rectangular object above grand island with a red light on each side.5/22/15
3/22/15 22:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAChangingNight timeFlying Spacecraft's invasion ,abducting airplane,hiding out in my attic of my home and a prisoner.3/26/15
3/21/15 23:00RichmondVAUSAChanging5 minutesBlue light fireball shape shifted into several indescribable shapes and protrusions of light across the night sky.3/26/15
3/21/15 22:36HollandMIUSAChanging55 minutesSpheres of red, green, white lights; V-formation of lights with a cluster of small lights next to it.3/26/15
3/18/15 21:30Scotch ValleyPAUSAChanging35 minutesBright light-large-moving or rotating up-down in sky. closer look shown red/white lights. no noise heard. V shape at times.3/20/15
3/18/15 00:00GlendaleCAUSAChangingTook off in da skyGlendale California where the shape shipes come for one guy.11/12/15
3/12/15 12:25San JoseCAUSAChanging60 seconds((HOAX??)) MASSIVE UFO SIZE OF TWO SKYSCRAPERS APPEARS!!3/13/15
3/12/15RaleighNCUSAChanging2 hoursWe noticed a strange object in the sky making all kinds of movements. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star?? PD))3/13/15
3/11/15 22:00HagerstownMDUSAChanging20 minutesPulsating very large, bright object sighted low in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))3/13/15
3/11/15 16:00BaltimoreMDUSAChanging2 hourI can tell that it was really high in the air but it was so visible that it had to have been a very large craft.3/13/15
3/6/15 20:00PlanoTXUSAChanging1 minutesDim grouping of lights that changed shape as it moved over our house.3/13/15
3/5/15 19:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2 hoursStationary then bopping bright object with flashing red lights over Quebec, Canada.3/6/15
3/2/15 19:15KenoshaWIUSAChanging5 minutesI'd like to add I had no prior belief in aliens or ufo's but once I saw this hovering over the lake, my whole perspective changed.3/6/15
2/25/15 05:00Manhattan BeachCAUSAChanginghoursObject appeared in the western sky would change colors before it morphed object would never appear to travel very far. they also appea5/29/15
2/23/15 22:10Kootenai (10 miles north}IDUSAChanging25-45 secondsObject the size of a car emitting a tail w/ smaller object alongside of it. ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering rocket. PD))3/6/15
2/23/15 20:30MadisonOHUSAChanging20 minutes3 bright whitish lights that changed formation moved slowly above the tree-line toward Lake Erie then disappeared.3/6/15
2/21/15 20:05RaymondWAUSAChanging3 minutesThree bright orange circular shapes that formed into three triangle shapes.3/6/15
2/18/15 18:25SparksNVUSAChanging24 minutesMorphing unidentified sky-object seen East of Sparks, NV, the evening of 2-18-15.3/6/15
2/12/15 06:00MiamiFLUSAChanging3 minutesSlow descending object in shape of pyramid burst into approx 8 different lights which stayed in place for 1 minute, then moved away.2/20/15
2/11/15 20:00Sun CityAZUSAChanging15-20 minutesFiery lights in the south-western Phoenix sky.2/12/15
2/9/15 20:20Washington, DCDCUSAChanging40 minutesA colorful object was seen from a far distance. It gave off red, then orange. then yellowish white light. have pictures.2/12/15
2/8/15 17:00MontroseCOUSAChanging65 minutesWhite orb, only noticed due to low flying Cessna type plane going same direction. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? PD))2/12/15
2/5/15 14:33EncinoCAUSAChanging18 minutesShape-shifting rotating white object slowly traveling and hovering across the sky for almost 20 minutes!2/6/15
2/3/15 17:26MarysvilleKSUSAChanging3-5 minutesIn the western sky was a thin white flat looking object dancing around.8/27/15
2/3/15 14:30LynwoodCAUSAChanging1 hourThis looked like a giant square metallic peace of land structure but then morph like a blob of mercury that look like a metallic man2/4/16
1/27/15 20:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging10 seconds3 oblong, blinking, triangular lights form into a plane shape then disappear.1/30/15
1/18/15 06:30Panama City BeachFLUSAChanging30 minutesBright, round to oblong object. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a planet in the eastern morning sky?? PD))1/20/16
1/18/15 01:30Wheat RidgeCOUSAChanging20+ minutesStrange lights over Denver 01/18/2015.1/26/15
1/17/15 20:33Boca RatonFLUSAChanging2 minutesI was looking out my back door and saw a red glowing object approaching from the east no more than 2000 feet high. After watching the o1/26/15
1/15/15 21:30ElizabethtownPAUSAChanging20 minutes4 bright white lights seen in a line formation, object (lights) went from horizontal orientation to completely perpendicular formation.1/16/15
1/8/15 17:36LincolnNHUSAChanging1 minuteFour green lights appeared over the new construction behind the grocery store as we were driving home from dinner. They were in line wi1/9/15
1/6/15 06:00ChicagoILUSAChanging30 minutesVery bright moving over one another.1/7/15
1/1/15 22:13SequimWAUSAChanging1-2 minutesA large, silent, bright orange, hovering flying object, dimmed and brightened its "lights," and then vanished.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:00JacksonGAUSAChanging1 minute2 red lights, with a 3rd red light trailing; the 3rd light zoomed up to the first 2 lights to create a perfect triangle.6/25/20
1/1/15 00:00Sanlorenzo (Puerto Rico)Puerto ricoChanging30 minutesWe just went outside midnight to scream happy new years and we looked at the skies and there plaine site ufos changing shaped dissapear6/25/20
12/30/14Bluffton (Canada)CanadaChanging1 hour((NUFORC Note: Source provides no information about the incident. Hoax?? PD))1/7/15
12/29/14 19:00Moncton (Canada)NBCanadaChanging20 minutesStrange moving lights in sky..1/7/15
12/29/14 17:45BridgeportCTUSAChanging5 secondsTwo lights flying, separating and vanishing in midair.1/7/15
12/21/14 16:30WarrenPAUSAChangingLarge shape-shifting object sitting directly above hill on far side of the the valley12/19/21
12/20/14 18:20Dhubri (India)IndiaChanging2 minutesA BIG BRIGHT RED LIGHT SEEN IN THE SKY, CHANGED ITS SHAPE, AN UFO.12/22/14
12/17/14 18:00HogansvilleGAUSAChanging~15 minutesAircraft turned off headlight beam and all lights then began flashing alternating stacked horizontal rows of blue then red lights.12/18/14
12/16/14 09:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging01:00Shiny small fast moving object in Oklahoma City12/18/14
12/15/14 14:00Port St. LucieFLUSAChanging3 minutesTranslucent circular shaped object slowly buzzes the front lawn and, just as suddenly, seems to be sucked up into the sky.12/18/14
12/13/14 21:15CantonMSUSAChanging1 hourChanging shaper with multicolored lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))12/18/14
12/12/14 19:25LakewoodCAUSAChanging5 minutesRed streak moving across the sky.12/18/14
12/12/14 19:15SummerlandCAUSAChanging3 minutesCraft with tail moving through the sky appeared to have a force field. ((NUFORC Note: Atlas V rocket launch. PD))12/18/14
12/12/14 01:00MiamisburgOHUSAChangingBright color changing and, shape shifting object seen over Miamisburg, OH. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star?? PD))12/12/14
12/6/14 21:00GilbertAZUSAChanging2-3 minutesBright glitter/shimmering, long-tailed UFO's in Gilbert!12/12/14
11/29/14 21:00OgdenUTUSAChanging15 minutesErratic movements, shape and color changing craft.12/5/14
11/23/14 20:00HagerstownMDUSAChanging1 hourObserved 4 to 5 white lights in the sky about the size of football field. They were initially moving in a circular pattern and then cha11/26/14
11/23/14 17:45Santa MariaCAUSAChanging2 minutesBright flamelike silent flame-like object seen over central coast of California,11/26/14
11/22/14 20:00Rancho Santa MargaritaCAUSAChanging10 seconds((HOAX??)) It was an spiraling object.11/26/14
11/22/14 00:00Atlantic BeachFLUSAChanging30 minutesUnusual points of light in the Atlantic Beach sky.11/26/14
11/19/14 00:00MobileALUSAChanging20 minutesLarge shape-changing fiery object.11/21/14
11/15/14 17:00RoswellGAUSAChanging5 minutesSmall craft - separated into 2 - sped off quickly.11/21/14
11/13/14 20:30MenifeeCAUSAChanging60-90 secondsMost unusual yellowish brown shape I've ever seen, moved extremely odd, then vanished11/21/14
11/11/14 12:00TucsonAZUSAChanging2-4 hoursTwo stars moving closer emitting a sparkling, shimmering object.11/14/14
11/10/14 19:30Long LaneMOUSAChanging2 hoursMore odd lights in Long Lane, no feasible explanation.11/14/14
11/9/14 19:35AndersonMOUSAChanging4-5 secondsA shape changing object with the appearence of oval to stingray traveled over our heads from east to west11/14/14
11/7/14 22:30Isle of PalmSCUSAChanging15 minutes4-6 bright orange lights floating low over the ocean horizon on Isle of Palms11/14/14
11/7/14 20:30HobbsNMUSAChanging15 secondsTriangle shaped blinking red lights moving slowly in the northern sky.11/21/14
11/4/14 04:00ThonotosassaFLUSAChangingcurrentStar-like two crafts; unable to start car.11/6/15
11/2/14 19:00BellevueWAUSAChanging10 minutes((HOAX??)) Multiple (5+?) Unidentified aerial phenomenon in Bellevue, WA.12/22/14
10/31/14 01:45Lake LuzerneNYUSAChanging2:154 color flashing circular UFO ships in upstate NY, USA11/6/14
10/29/14 06:55Moncton (Canada)NBCanadaChanging3 minutesRed flashing lights.11/6/14
10/28/14 10:10AlbanyORUSAChanging3 minutesIlluminated object moving south, stopped in sky over Albany, Oregon.11/6/14
10/23/14 19:30MaricopaAZUSAChanging20 minutesOrange Light breaks into evenly spaced pieces then disappears in Arizona11/6/14
10/20/14 19:55HuntsvilleALUSAChanging3-4 secondsFlaming object I saw a bright blue and red flaming object in the sky over Huntsville , Al. It was going from East to West at about 2,0011/6/14
10/17/14 20:00MoselleMSUSAChanging9pm-7amA sky full of UFOs in our sight all night11/6/14
10/14/14 19:45BemidjiMNUSAChangingstill happeningMultiple unknown craft, moving about, seeming to be doing some sort of recon?11/6/14
10/14/14 19:15Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging3 minutesOrange/Reddish flying object seen in the Oklahoma City area.11/6/14
10/14/14 07:50WhitefieldNHUSAChanging15 minutesI saw a round bright light appear and then disappear and reappear a few seconds later several miles to the north then I saw a small cra11/6/14
10/11/14 18:26Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging7 minutesWhite light in the sky, rising, getting brighter, then white orbs, then red light rising from cloud.12/5/14
10/10/14 17:15Asker (Norway)NorwayChanging30 secondsCigar-shaped turn into V-shape (upside down) and vanish in the sky in a second,2/11/16
10/9/14 23:17CliftonOHUSAChanging5-6 minutes2 Floating balls of white light.11/6/14
10/8/14 14:00MiltonVTUSAChanging10 minutesAbove my roof from the back yard in a still position the ship was plain polish silver, original shape was a circle with 4 lights.3/20/15
10/7/14 12:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging~4 minutesUFO over Oklahoma.10/10/14
10/6/14 22:00KingstonOKUSAChanging1 hourAt approximately 10:00 pm a spherical orange like began to ascend from the trees. It ascended 55 degrees and then turned into what look10/10/14
10/4/14 21:30ColonieNYUSAChangingconstantOver Colonie there is a bright red and green light that moves around but stays in the same place. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))10/10/14
10/4/14 21:00North AttleboroMAUSAChanging2 minutesStrange object over North Attleboro.10/10/14
10/4/14 19:07PortlandORUSAChanging1.00 minutesthis object moved at serious speed in angular motion.10/10/14
10/3/14 22:00AustinTXUSAChanging20 minutesSeveral UFO’s moving towards me slowly then turned into one humungous mother ship with smaller ships flying beside it.3/4/22
10/3/14 21:00Long BeachCAUSAChanging30 secondsI observed a bright yellow orange fireball with red tinge traveling from the northeast to the southwest.10/10/14
10/2/14 23:00PortlandORUSAChanging1 hour((HOAX)) it was mad!10/3/14
9/29/14 21:40PhoenixAZUSAChanging4 minutesOrange lights ufo Phoenix, Arizona.10/3/14
9/27/14 22:35Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2 minutesDim and blurry, slow moving UFO(s). Close grouping or one object - greyish with some dark red. Shifted Circular to triangular shape10/3/14
9/26/14 20:20MiltonOKUSAChanging10Strange bright orange light in sky.10/3/14
9/25/14 20:00RepublicMOUSAChanging1 hourOdd fireball rising above and dipping below the tree line in South Republic, Mo.10/3/14
9/24/14 00:00East Las VegasNVUSAChanging4 red clear see throw mushrom shape going south right above house convy.9/25/14
9/23/14 04:40WailukuHIUSAChanging20 minutesPerfect semi-circle band of clouds on eastern maui over ocean10/3/14
9/22/14 21:00UrbanaMDUSAChanging30 minutesFlickering light moving in circles and odd patterns. Speeding up and then stopping.9/25/14
9/21/14 13:30Riverside/FairbornOHUSAChanging2 minutesSilver object hovering over Riverside/Fairborn Area close to WPAFB.9/25/14
9/21/14 04:00Pearl RiverLAUSAChanging2 hoursStrange bright blue object moving erratically through night sky!!9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30GilbertAZUSAChanging5 minutesChanging lights in sky, from red/blue light to flare like light.9/25/14
9/20/14 13:00MonavilleTXUSAChanging20 minutesAt an airshow could see craft in distant sky drifting very slowly. Photos taken, showing a craft in the shape of the number 3, shini9/25/14
9/20/14 00:00Keremeos (Canada)BCCanadaChanging1 hourA light brighter than any star, pulsating and changing colors, moved, parked, buzzing sound, orbs around.4/3/15
9/19/14 19:30Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaChanging3-4 minutesYesterday evening my girlfriend and I where at the bayers lake movie theatre , walking over to target I noticed a very bright what look9/25/14
9/19/14 19:15Las VegasNVUSAChanging1 hourLone Mountain, Las Vegas.9/25/14
9/18/14 23:30RossvilleGAUSAChanging10 minutesThe object moved from place to place in sky fast. White light.9/25/14
9/18/14 21:30KingstonOHUSAChanging~2 minutesChillicothe lights.9/25/14
9/15/14 20:00GoshenNYUSAChanging1 hourUnexplained lights and shape in the night sky seemingly paralleling an aircraft.9/18/14
9/14/14 20:47CashmereWAUSAChanging25 secondsVery large satellite appearance. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Iridium #70 at 20:45 hrs.. PD))9/18/14
9/14/14 20:40KatyTXUSAChangingI witnessed it for over tUFO near Detention Pond in Katy, Texas, Emanates Threatening Gunfire Sounds.9/18/14
9/13/14 00:57ChesterCheshire West and ChesterUnited KingdomChanging10-15 minuetsGlowing ball seen then second brighter glowing object with human like figure appearing from it. Darker mass then expanding3/4/22Yes
9/12/14 21:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging15 minutesBlue light.9/18/14
9/12/14 16:30QuincyMAUSAChanging60 secondsObject floating in place with blinking red light, radically flopping around never seen anything like this before.9/18/14
9/9/14 21:37ResedaCAUSAChanging~1 minuteSemi-Circular shaped object with blue lights.9/10/14
9/7/14 23:00Ft. RileyKSUSAChanging2 hoursflashing lights green and white changed shapes on the photos I have its amazing9/10/14
9/3/14 21:15Bethel Park/Castle ShannonPAUSAChangingStrange bright orange lights in South Pittsburgh sky.9/5/14
9/1/14 21:30South LondonderryVTUSAChanging7-10 secondsLarge, glowing, light greenish , object traveling across the sky, no tail, no sound, changing shape slightly.9/5/14
9/1/14 20:25ConcordVTUSAChanging1 minuteShape change, color change and direction change.9/5/14
8/30/14 22:00EugeneORUSAChanging1 minuteGiant snowflake with pulsing lights seen over Eugene, Oregon.9/5/14
8/25/14 21:38OceansideCAUSAChanging12 minutesBright balls of light hovering in the sky over Oceanside, CA.8/29/14
8/25/14 10:00MurrayUTUSAChanging30 secondsDim white lights, oval/cicle pulsing shape, hundreds bright red small lights.8/29/14
8/24/14 00:30Port Elizabeth (South Africa)South AfricaChanging45 minutesUfo/moving stars/flashing strange colours/moving in formation.8/29/14
8/20/14 22:45North Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging10 secondsSparkle lights turn to bright red/orange orbs over North Myrtle Beach.8/22/14
8/20/14 20:30HyannisMAUSAChanging5 minutesHyannis- Red light seen from Ocean St..8/29/14
8/16/14 21:23Highlands RanchCOUSAChanging15 minutesOrange orb splits into four colors and moves together in the sky in various directions.8/22/14
8/14/14 20:48CatawbaNCUSAChanging20-30 minutes4-6 lights changing shape and size all connected with a larger center light.8/15/14
8/14/14 07:52New BernNCUSAChanging<1 minuteFive pictures of a very, very, very fast, soundless, elongate silver with rings in front and back. It had a brite, aluminated shine &8/22/14
8/13/14 06:15Santa BarbaraCAUSAChanging10 minutesOrange line above Santa Barbara, CA.8/15/14
8/13/14Castro ValleyCAUSAChanging15-20 minutesI went to look out my balcony slider and always look at the sky as i did i had noticed what looked like a bright white blue light star9/18/14
8/11/14 01:00TonawandaNYUSAChanging2 hoursRed to Blue flickering lights that's stationary. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star?? PD))8/15/14
8/9/14 02:30ChicagoILUSAChanging2 minutesMore Orange orbs in the night sky in Chicago8/22/14
8/3/14 14:00SalisburyMDUSAChanging15 minutesThree witness observe a black and silver object appearing to change from bell shaped to round.9/5/14
8/2/14 14:30SavannahGAUSAChanging>1 minuteOne large dark object, one tiny. Over Savannah river.8/8/14
7/31/14 21:55Newport NewsVAUSAChanging5 minutesI fly drones for hobby and even the top end private drones dont look or act like this or capable of such an odd flight.8/1/14
7/30/14 22:30LancasterCAUSAChanging10 minutesOrange-red crescent shaped object in sky, approximately 10 miles west of Lancaster City Park.8/15/14
7/30/14 02:47Kamloops (Canada)BCCanadaChanging4 minutesLarge bright white light slowly shrinking and dimming out of sight.8/1/14
7/27/14 05:09Charlestown TownshipOHUSAChanging5-6Bright orb of light changing to triangular shape and then back to orb shape.8/1/14
7/26/14 20:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging1 + hourschanged shape wings came out.8/1/14
7/24/14 21:30South WilliamsportPAUSAChanging~15 minutesThree bright balls appeared in the sky in front of two witnesses.7/26/14
7/19/14 03:00CottonwoodCAUSAChanging3 hoursAnother ufo in rural northen California.7/20/14
7/12/14 21:15QuitmanTXUSAChanging1 minuteEast Texas July 2014 sighting one into two7/20/14
7/10/14 23:00CamdenSCUSAChanging10 minutes3 witnesses and we are not crazy.12/18/14
7/8/14 21:15TorranceCAUSAChanging10 minutes8 Red-Orange Lights Rising off Redondo Beach, CA, coast.7/11/14
7/6/14 03:00Mount EdenKYUSAChanging2 hoursObject moving slowly and then becoming stationary in eastern sky in Shelby County, Ky, then speeding away.7/11/14
7/6/14 00:15Davenport/HarringtonWAUSAChanging35 minutesStrange expanding and shrinking yellow light in the sky7/11/14
7/5/14 21:49El MonteCAUSAChanging3:00 minutesAn object that looked like Mars bright red and orange sides.7/11/14
7/4/14 22:50White LakeMIUSAChanging10 minutesBright orange “jelly bean” shaped craft near Oxbow Lake.9/13/18
7/4/14 22:00TroyOHUSAChanging20 minutesCigar shaped to triangle shape to a star.7/11/14
7/4/14 22:00SeattleWAUSAChanging~5 minutesReddish orange lights seen above fireworks display location minutes before the show was to begin in Seattle on July 4th, 2014.7/11/14
7/3/14 22:27BurienWAUSAChanging15-20 minutesOn July 3rd, 2014, at 10:27pm, I saw 10-12 orange/orb lights fly one after the other in the same pattern.7/4/14
7/3/14 20:41BucyrusOHUSAChanging30hi ((name delet,reamber? last sunday. said colored lights went to 4 lights? I only see 1,on camera, them enlarge photo, see 2. took to7/4/14
7/2/14 01:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging35 minutesIt was a transluscent obj. that changed shape and seemed to respond to us speaking to or about it. It had red energy that ran through7/4/14
6/30/14 22:34CoronaCAUSAChanging>30 minutes2 objects in the sky facing the south sky. They appear yellow orange in color the shape seems to morf from round to diamond shape. Th7/4/14
6/30/14 19:30MiamiFLUSAChanging~5 minutesHovering light over Miami Dade.7/4/14
6/29/14 22:13New York City (Queesn)(Jamaica)NYUSAChanging<2 secondsoval , yellow-orange ball swept the northen sky in flashing speed7/4/14
6/29/14 14:00RichlandWAUSAChanging30 minutesobjects turned to orbs7/4/14
6/26/14 22:45TemeculaCAUSAChanging40 minutesGiant fire balls in the sky.6/27/14
6/23/14 22:37Surfside BeachSCUSAChanging6 minutesStrange lights over ocean in Surfside Beach, SC6/24/14
6/22/14 01:00Valley StreamNYUSAChanging10 minutesOrange objects move across sky. Not commercial aircraft.6/24/14
6/19/14 22:00PattersonCAUSAChanging10 minutesBright light hovering then moving with no sound.6/20/14
6/18/14 21:15Surf CityNCUSAChanging10 minutesFive orange glowing objects over Topsail Island, NC.6/20/14
6/15/14 20:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging5-10 minutesBlack, morphing shape object sighted for almost ten minutes with my neighbor in plain sight.6/20/14
6/14/14 22:30VandaliaOHUSAChanging15 minutes2 round lights flying over neighborhood disappeared, 1 followed 10 minutes later and disappeared6/20/14
6/13/14 22:30VandaliaOHUSAChanging15 minutesAround 10:30 p.m. EST, I was out on my back porch swing, when I saw two very large, orange, round, and silent lights coming from the so6/20/14
6/12/14 21:42MesaAZUSAChanging28 minutesUFO in Mesa, AZ, 30 lights to 20 than 10 disappearing and made T-shape and Triangle shape before disappearing.6/13/14
6/12/14 21:00AshevilleNCUSAChanging5 minutesFiery orange changing shapes in nightsky moving at different angles or directions toward the east6/13/14
6/10/14 22:00KennesawGAUSAChanging4 minutesWe noticed a glowing light over our car and stopped to get a better look. (Cobb Parkway)6/13/14
6/9/14 20:00PuyallupWAUSAChanging~1 hourSilent black shape-shifting UFO traveling towards moon along the horizon of setting sun. Puyallup wa, 06/09/146/13/14
6/6/14 23:50PortlandORUSAChanging10Very bright red, blue, and green object accompanied by loud hum, moved quickly and then came back, six white circle lights too.6/13/14
6/6/14 21:30LynchburgTNUSAChanging5 minutesI walked out on my back porch and looked up. It looked like a bunch of stars together twinkling in the sky and changing formation. It w6/13/14
6/4/14 22:40San JoseCAUSAChanging3-5 minutesGhost-like orange orb was seen in Alum Rock, California, on June 4, 2014.6/6/14
6/2/14 23:37Carson CityNVUSAChanging10 minutesMulti-colored lights off Highway 50.6/4/14
6/1/14 22:00BethanyOKUSAChanging1 secondMy brother and I were sitting outside and looking up at the sky a few years back. We both looked up, and saw something so bright flash5/1/20
6/1/14 20:05SalemORUSAChanging~2 minutesPeculiar cluster of colored lights in the sky, changing pattern, one pattern was an oval, the brightest one was red and in the middle6/4/14
6/1/14 16:00KeeneNHUSAChanging2 minutesOval shaped object with hovering.6/4/14
5/30/14 22:35New RiverAZUSAChangingContinuing3 stationary UFO over my location on bearing 160 200 and 203 - photo's taken, continuing to watch. 1+10 so far.6/4/14
5/29/14 21:30IndianapolisINUSAChanging10 minutes5 sets of lights fly into the clouds and turn into or return to 5 large black soundless a/c. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is USAF vet. PD))6/4/14
5/28/14 21:25South Topsail BeachNCUSAChanging10 secondsUFO SIGHTING!!!! DATE: MAY/28/2014 9:25PM LOCATION- South Topsail Beach/Surf City ( near the old watch tower) One orange glowing6/13/14
5/25/14 19:00DickinsonTXUSAChanging4 minutesHuge rust-colored "amoeba," rolling through sky for 4 min above Dickinson, TX.6/4/14
5/24/14 21:10AvonOHUSAChanging15-30 minutesTwin lights with gold fire like trails behind them moving in very controlled up and down flight patterns.6/4/14
5/23/14 21:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging~10 minutesA shapeshifting, violet hazed, multilighted and colored ufo.6/4/14
5/22/14 13:30BillingsMTUSAChanging10 minutesOne round-ish object splitting into 4 in broad daylight.6/4/14
5/21/14 20:00EriePAUSAChanging8 minutesTwo very bright orange objects moving strangely in the western sky of Erie, Pa.6/4/14
5/19/14 23:00SavannahGAUSAChangingI was at the beach last night with my boyfriend. I was staring at the stars when I spotted this strange moving object. It looked like a6/4/14
5/16/14 22:45Wichita FallsTXUSAChanging1 minuteTwo flying, spiraling white lights disappear into the night, Wichita Falls, Texas6/4/14
5/16/14 21:45Warner RobinsGAUSAChangingTwo MinutesLight, changing colors and shape, moving fast, no noise6/22/22Yes
5/14/14 12:15Spirit LakeIDUSAChanging1 minuteGliding raptor craft, folded wings to tie-fighter configuration launching to super sonic speed with no sound.6/4/14
5/13/14 02:00AnchorageAKUSAChanging2 hoursMoved spuratically and continued back & forth and from side to side Lights were reddish and clear for a few seconds would show no light6/4/14
5/5/14 20:35CharlotteNCUSAChanging4 hoursSaw 3 objects in sky and a creature.6/4/14
5/5/14 19:30HonoluluHIUSAChanging2 minutesRed light with bluish green light around it. Moving unlike any aircraft we have. Changed colors. No sound and hovered very low in kalih5/8/14
5/3/14 20:45YorkSCUSAChanging3 minutesfast moving5/8/14
5/1/14 23:10Flower MoundTXUSAChanging6 minutesLoud pulsing sound and 5 strobe lights seen over Flower Mound, Texas.5/8/14
4/30/14 21:00OgdenUTUSAChanging50 minutesFlying crafts came all at once together and would break off to form smaller flying objects.5/2/14
4/29/14 22:34SenecaSCUSAChanging1+ hourFour dancing lights.5/2/14
4/28/14 03:33Coeur d'AleneIDUSAChanging5 minutesThree low flying orbs over CDA lake blue lights quiet re accruing late night.5/2/14
4/27/14 23:16Sofia (Bulgaria)BulgariaChanging2 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))5/2/14
4/21/14 05:30BuchananGAUSAChangingHourMultiple lights seemingly interacting.4/24/14
4/20/14 22:00San AnselmoCAUSAChanging3 minutesLarge orange Carlos Diaz type craft seen along with clusters of other glowing objects.4/24/14
4/18/14 22:58TulsaOKUSAChanging3 minutesA bright white light in form of a cross appeared from southwest of Tulsa. As it approached, the craft moved to right for a second th4/24/14
4/16/14 22:45Cambridge (Canada)ONCanadaChanging>15 minutesStrange flying object changing shape and only visible through certain camera devices.4/18/14
4/14/14 23:00VancouverWAUSAChanging10 minutesI was taking pictures during the luna eclipse starting at 23:00 thru my bedroom window.I took many pictures starting when the moon was4/18/14
4/13/14 23:00SalinasCAUSAChanging1 hourFlying objects about every night, vortexs in my home, beings coming out of them.6/4/14
4/11/14 22:45IndianapolisINUSAChanging20 secondsLarge gray stingray shaped object chases fighter plane.4/18/14
4/7/14 00:00ProvoUTUSAChanging1 hourThe sky was clear and dark enough to notice an orb of lights staying in one space. It did not move away from its position.4/11/14
4/5/14 21:25BolingbrookILUSAChanging15 secondsWhitish/grayish half circle shape that changed into two straight lines at a 45 degree angle, concaved then went to original shape.4/11/14
4/5/14 18:30HobbsNMUSAChanging1 minuteThree circular craft changing shape SW of Hobbs, NM4/11/14
4/5/14 18:30HobbsNMUSAChanging1 minutesThree circular craft changing shape SW of Hobbs, NM. ((NUFORC Note: Possible street lamps in front of Sun. PD))4/11/14
4/5/14 01:22SavannahGAUSAChanging2 hoursObserved Cluster of Bright, Dynamically Changing Lights.4/11/14
4/4/14 00:30PerryvilleKYUSAChanging10 minutesPulsing shape shifting small craft that seemed to hold a minor hypnotic trance upon me.4/11/14
4/4/14 00:00Perth (Australia)Western AustraliaChanging2+ hoursRed, green, flashing objects moving irriadically over ocean "playing tag" for several hours4/11/14
4/4/14 00:00Heredia (Costa Rica)Costa RicaChanging30-60 minutesYellow lights in sky--1 big and 1 small.4/11/14
4/3/14 21:00ClovisNMUSAChanging1 minute6 red lights that changed it to a stream of gold light that simply disappeared.4/11/14
4/3/14 06:00BahamasBahamasChanging15 minutesAt 6:00 am I was staing on the balcony on the cruz ship Royal Carribean Exploerrer of the sea. I saw what I sing was UFO.4/11/14
4/2/14 21:05RichmondVAUSAChanging20 secondsFlying reddish "V" shape w/ moving lights over Richmond, Va.4/11/14
4/1/14 19:00DeptfordNJUSAChanging10 minutesSparkling strings of lights floating in the sky.4/4/14
3/30/14 15:50Slovakia (in flight)(Slovakia)Slovakia/AustriaChanging~30 secondsI am writing about something quite unusual I saw from a plane back in March 30, 2014, as I was flying from Bucharest, Romania to6/7/19
3/28/14 11:17WasillaAKUSAChanging~60 minutesRed and white lights on UFO.4/4/14
3/22/14 20:00Corvallis/Monmouth/JeffersonORUSAChangingOngoingMultiple UFO moving in perfect synchronization seen and various patterns with random movement. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
3/22/14 13:00Mount VernonWAUSAChanging10 minutesIrregular black object that changed shape, with smaller object that came and went, seen in daylight.3/27/14
3/21/14 20:40LondonderryNHUSAChanging20 secondsWhile driving noticed a bright white light behind the trees. My friend was in a seperate vehicle following me and was talking on the ph3/27/14
3/15/14 12:00BellevilleILUSAChanging3 minutesUFO changing shapes from teardrop to rectangle10/3/14
3/13/14 06:45Texas CityTXUSAChanging3 hoursSeen bright light that exceeded several hours from dark to daylight.3/18/14
3/13/14 05:00Orange ParkFLUSAChanging15Bright object comes up from behind trees hovering over the water.3/18/14
3/9/14 01:00Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)MalaysiaChangingStrange lights?3/18/14
2/28/14 18:00SchenectadyNYUSAChanging5 minutesUFO sighted in Schenectady County 02/28/2014.3/18/14
2/24/14 21:15BelcampMDUSAChanging1 minuteWas taking out trash and a white light which looked like a plane just went across the sky then I saw a little red.2/27/14
2/23/14 21:16AtlantaGAUSAChanging2 minutesRound orb, zig zagging across sky, dimmed and changed lights8/29/14
2/21/14 00:01CornellCAUSAChangingstill occuringLooked like a bright star that bounced around and changed locations, blinked red and green lights. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))2/21/14
2/19/14 15:17ColumbiaSCUSAChanging45 secondsRound changing shape UFO with multiple fins spotted flying over Columbia South Carolina near forest acres.2/21/14
2/17/14 00:40Winter ParkFLUSAChanging3 minutesWalking my dog around midnight I noticed a bright orange round (ball) moving north, It appeared to flames coming from the rear. moved2/21/14
2/15/14 23:45SequimWAUSAChanging45 minutesShimmering multicolored light/sphere changes to circular configuration of lights and then back to sphere.2/21/14
2/13/14 05:00SalinasCAUSAChanging3 hoursLarge egg-like craft with bight lights observed for 2 hours at a time by 2-4 people for 7 days in a row!2/21/14
2/11/14 14:00DemingNMUSAChanging1 hourShape-shifting/color changing object.2/14/14
2/6/14 17:17New PaltzNYUSAChanging~15 secondsDark matte, wedge-shaped craft; AM radio interference.2/7/14
2/2/14 21:00Nanaimo (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10 minutes2 Unidentified Flaming objects growing and shrinking in size then disappearing2/7/14
2/2/14 05:00Mount AiryNCUSAChanging6 minutesReally bright object shooting beams.2/7/14
1/31/14 18:00EugeneORUSAChanging15 minutesSouthern sky, heavy clouds. First one appeared to be a hangglider, but too high never descended. A silver-gray Stealth fighter jet sha2/7/14
1/27/14 04:00EnglewoodFLUSAChanging5 secondsOrangish oval shape that slowly disappeared in sky seen by two friends.1/30/14
1/25/14 22:45Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaChanging5 minutesOrange (and blue tinged) objects observed over south west Calgary.1/30/14
1/25/14 19:30KentWAUSAChanging5 minutesReddish orange glowing lights in an orb shape.1/30/14
1/21/14 21:00WestportMAUSAChanging15 minutes((HOAX??)) Huge object comes out of water at horseneck beach then disappears orange circle.1/24/14
1/21/14 06:50Montana CityMTUSAChanging3 minutesA bright, white, scintillating, pencil-shaped light over the Elkhorn Mountains observed for 3 minutes.1/30/14
1/20/14 21:00WestportMAUSAChanging15 minutesHuge object comes out of water at horseneck beach then disappears orange circle.1/24/14
1/20/14 19:15JupiterFLUSAChanging5-7 minutesRising fireball, turned into rounded square with single rotating light around perimeter that started clockwise then reversed rotation.1/24/14
1/19/14 20:00Redwood ValleyCAUSAChangingnightlyRed, Green, Blue lights that flash around item in eastern sky nightly.1/24/14
1/15/14 20:00LilburnGAUSAChanging~1 hourRed and white/yellow stars formed a large, moving cluster then formed into a straight line moving northwest in the sky.1/16/14
1/13/14 22:22Holts SummitMOUSAChanging5 minutes (both)Its Baaaaaack !!!! 5th year same time same place.1/16/14
1/9/14 21:20London (UK/England)LondonChanging<5 secondsThree points of light in the formation of a triangle moving very swiftly across the sky, it rotated (or appeared to spin) once.1/10/14
1/8/14 23:00EncinitasCAUSAChanging20 minutes3 Lights over Encinitas.1/24/14
1/6/14 22:30San FranciscoCAUSAChanging5 minutesBright orange ball over San Francisco changed shape and repeated.1/10/14
1/1/14 01:00Utah ValleyUTUSAChanging1-2 minutesLine of multicolored lights.1/10/14
12/31/13 23:00HuntsvilleALUSAChanging<4 minutesOrange lights then triangle.1/10/14
12/28/13 17:10Rocky MountVAUSAChanging10 minutesBlack hovering object seen in daylight hours.1/10/14
12/27/13 18:15WellingtonCOUSAChanging25 minutesUnusual moving lights over the Fort Collins area.1/10/14
12/26/13 19:00MedinaOHUSAChanging4-8 secondsFour lights in square shape moving quickly formed into a straight line and disappeared.1/10/14
12/24/13 21:15AlbuquerqueNMUSAChanging1 minuteSaw a kite-life UFO floating through the sky on Christmas Eve.1/10/14
12/24/13 17:45RockMIUSAChanging20 minutesVery bright, white ball exploding, reappearing and shape-shifting travelling slowly past Michigan1/10/14
12/18/13 21:45AmesIAUSAChanging3 minutes3 lighted, circular objects flying over city on a clear night, 1 appears to expand and descends to outskirts of town.12/23/13
12/17/13 20:30SeminoleFLUSAChanging9+ minutesPear shape fiery orb with black entities ascending and descending from nearby building.12/23/13
12/15/13 22:30SacramentoCAUSAChanging5 minutesGlowing red light crosses night sky, stops, and then disappears into the moon.12/23/13
12/12/13 06:15CharlotteNCUSAChanging1 minute3 lights in sky, all moving very very fast.12/12/13
12/9/13 21:00Redondo BeachCAUSAChanging3 minutesFour yellowish lights moving slowly in different shapes.12/12/13
12/6/13 21:00Panama City BeachFLUSAChanging1 minuteRound orange slow moving object that changed its shape into an upside down candy cane or J. No sound. Changed back to round shape and d12/12/13
12/6/13 00:27LelandNCUSAChanging5 secondsSilent ball of light traveling at extremely fast speed, witnessed by 3 people.12/12/13
12/3/13 17:40Pompano BeachFLUSAChanging6 minutesa large object entering the atmosphere from NW to SE followed by a very bright trail I estimate the altitude of 10,000 ft when the obje12/5/13
12/2/13 19:22Thousand OaksCAUSAChanging20 secondsBluish light that turned into four over Thousand Oaks, CA.12/12/13
12/1/13 20:00New HopePAUSAChanging1 minuteLow and slow flying round fireball dissoved into a pinpoint of light then vanished.12/5/13
11/30/13 17:43MariettaGAUSAChanging4 hours 21 minutesAnother Night of Large Sightings In Marietta Ga12/5/13
11/29/13 18:30MariettaGAUSAChanging2.5 hoursLarge caravan of UFO's appear in night sky over Marietta Ga.12/2/13
11/28/13 19:50AlbuquerqueNMUSAChanging7 minutesFive lights plusing over ABQ sky.12/2/13
11/27/13 19:35HoustonMSUSAChanging2-3 secondsNeon wavy streak of light. 2 witnesses. In Mississippi.6/24/14
11/27/13 18:00OwatonnaMNUSAChanging30 minutesChanges shape. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Venus. PD))12/2/13
11/24/13 22:11BurlingtonVTUSAChanging30 secondsOne Orb splits into Four. One massive object? or four small orbs traveling in unison?12/2/13
11/24/13 18:26Lake StevensWAUSAChanging30 secondsOdd multishaped Orange Orbs Seen Over Western Washington- Cascade Foothills, North Sound, Snohomish Co..12/2/13
11/23/13 21:20Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomChanging1 hourAt first thought it was a Chinese lantern, but realised it was too still to be a lantern. Then thought it was a plane when it started m12/2/13
11/22/13 21:15Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomChanging2 hoursBright light in sky, one red light to one side one green light to other side too fast to be a plane. No noise heard when it passed.12/2/13
11/22/13 19:32Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging30 minutesRed objects above Salt Lake City.12/2/13
11/22/13 00:00DamascusMDUSAChanging20 minutesSighted 2 bar shaped brightly lighted objects that changed shape.12/2/13
11/18/13 18:30Red LionPAUSAChanging1/2 hourStrange lights in sky south of Red Lion.11/20/13
11/16/13 16:00BillericaMAUSAChanging2 hoursStationary bright white object observed in daytime sky in Billerica, MA11/20/13
11/10/13 22:00Virginia BeachVAUSAChanging10 secondsLights in triangle shape then a line.11/20/13
11/4/13 20:15ClarksvilleTNUSAChanging2 hoursChanging shape, well lit type of slow moving aircraft.11/11/13
11/4/13 19:00West OaklandCAUSAChanging30+ minutesOne brightly blinking light over Berkeley, CA. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Capella in the northeast sky? PD))11/11/13
11/3/13 23:45Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)MalaysiaChanging15 minutesSeveral dotted light sourcesin in different formation and prolonged changes of direction11/20/13
11/3/13 20:00FlagstaffAZUSAChanging20 minutesShape in sky disappearing and reappearing.11/11/13
11/3/13 07:00AnthonyNMUSAChanging35Object would move n stop.11/11/13
10/27/13 04:26Bagheria (Italy)ItalyChanging30 minutesMeteor or something else.11/11/13
10/18/13 23:00Dinosaur ColoradoCOUSAChanging4 hoursLight coming down to the ground (Gold) Lights going east and west Craft able to move horizontal Vertical and from a split second GONE.10/23/13
10/17/13Chilliwack (Canada)BCCanadaChanging2 minutesNew Information in order to make sense of sightings.10/23/13
10/15/13 19:30RockfordILUSAChanging20-25 minutesBright red, white, and orange lights hovering in the western sky.10/23/13
10/13/13 22:50FishersINUSAChanging1 minuteOne light appeared in the NW traveling and changed into one object as it traveled SE10/14/13
10/12/13 19:45ColumbusOHUSAChanging2.5-3 minutesShape shifting Light Orbs.11/11/13
10/11/13 22:53Shelby TownshipMIUSAChanging6Strange lights, Michigan night sky 10:53 PM.10/14/13
10/11/13 20:00Beaverdam (Canada)NBCanadaChangingall nightApprox. 6 hours10/14/13
10/8/13 22:00NewarkUSAChanging10 minutesBig white orange changing size fire ball.10/14/13
10/8/13 20:00Victoria (Canada)NFCanadaChanging75 minutesMy wife first saw a bright light North North East from our home about 1000 meters above the horizon. She told me and then I looked. A10/14/13
10/8/13 19:14Fort MyersFLUSAChanging60 minutesRecurring sighting in WSW sky, NOT Venus.10/14/13
10/4/13 21:50Maumee/ToledoOHUSAChanging25 minutes9 plus orange brown lights, 3 were in a triangle and the rest followed seemed to just disappear.10/14/13
10/4/13 20:30New York City (Astoria; Queens)NYUSAChangingongoingSept. 2013 Sunset Park sighting Debunked..10/14/13
10/2/13 21:55OrringtonMEUSAChanging10 minutesLights seen over Orrington.10/3/13
9/30/13 03:30KeesevilleNYUSAChanging1 hourMultiple flashing lights in sky.9/30/13
9/29/13 21:00ComoCOUSAChangingHoursFlickering red, white, green and blue lights over Como Colorado9/30/13
9/28/13 21:10O'FallonMOUSAChanging2 minutesGroup of orange colored lights.10/14/13
9/27/13 00:00KennewickWAUSAChanging30 secondsDrone/ufo in kennewick wa low to ground followed car side by side9/30/13
9/26/13 22:00CentrevilleVAUSAChanging~1 minuteAbout 10:00 pm ESP , 9/26/2013 Centreville, Virginia. I was at a stop light and saw a blue laser light reflecting on the the clouds a9/30/13
9/25/13 22:25FayettevilleWVUSAChanging35 minutesUpon letting my dogs out, I observed a bright flashingight i'n the NE sky. This light moved rapidly and randomly. It appeared to have r9/30/13
9/22/13 20:30CrestlineOHUSAChanging~2 minutesLarge orange shape shifting object over route 30 Crestline, OH.9/30/13
9/22/13 00:03LititzPAUSAChanging4 minutesMany red objects flying in different directions for about 4 minutes and then disappearing9/30/13
9/20/13 22:00Indian Rocks BeachFLUSAChanging10 secondsRound ball of light turns and heads out to sea. Indian Rocks Beach, FL.9/30/13
9/17/13 20:00TumacacoriAZUSAChanging5 minutesBright Amber Light over the Tumacacori Mtns, near Tumacacori, AZ, Shape Shifting Back and Forth to a Large Triangle9/30/13
9/17/13 16:20FlintMIUSAChanging3 minutesDaytime sighting of shape changing object.9/30/13
9/16/13 21:00BurbankCAUSAChanging20 minutesSaw a cigar, boomering , highly glowing flying object hoovering over Burbank Ca 9/16/13 .9/30/13
9/16/13 18:30GoodyearAZUSAChanging20 minutesStrange bright globs of lights in the evening sky.9/30/13
9/13/13 22:00BoulderCOUSAChanging5 hoursSeptember, Friday the 13 Left Hand Canyon hundreds of crafts and beings in the sky and on the ground11/20/13
9/12/13 21:30SebastopolCAUSAChanging5 secondsBright green flashing lights in the sky9/30/13
9/11/13 20:30FayettevilleNCUSAChanging15 secondsMeteors or any other space debri dont turn with these angles and become stationary like this..9/30/13
9/8/13 05:00AustinTXUSAChanging60 minutesApparent blinking star turned out to be an object that changed appearance and showed many colors, videos available.9/9/13
9/6/13 23:00AshevilleNCUSAChanging1 minuteLight, Disk9/30/13
9/5/13 23:00SpringfieldMAUSAChanging5 minutesIt wasn't a plane, planes don't wasn't a helicopter either it was silent.9/9/13
9/5/13 20:30SacramentoCAUSAChanging~10 minutesBright white pulsating light, changing in shape and color (white, red, and blue).9/9/13
9/3/13 21:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging25 minutesBright object.9/9/13
9/1/13 21:00St. AmantLAUSAChanging>1 hourTriangle shape ufo changes shape to a regular airplane.6/24/14
8/31/13 21:00MukwonagoWIUSAChanging2 minutesPlease read nuforc i beg you. this will help me so much.9/9/13
8/31/13 19:59GlendaleAZUSAChanging15 minutesObserved two objects in night sky changing shapes and color,amazing detail when enlarged9/30/13
8/30/13 21:30North Myrtle Beach/LorisSCUSAChanging>1 hourRed, white and blue flashing orb. Looked like a large star. Looked like it was changing shape, getting larger and smaller. Was hovering9/9/13
8/30/13 03:00MayfieldKYUSAChanging1 and a half minutesChanging shape, crescrent to orb and orangish color.9/9/13
8/25/13 19:50SyracuseNYUSAChanging~ 2 minutesObject with orange light, seemed to shape shift.9/9/13
8/25/13 01:00Tecumseh (Canada)ONCanadaChanging15 secondsOrange fireball shape changer.8/30/13
8/24/13 21:30BirdlakeMIUSAChanging90 minutes2 day sighting event in MI.7/20/14
8/24/13 18:04IndianapolisINUSAChanging4 minutesJust saw a very strange sight. A group of bright blue and neon orange orbs floated over my house. They seemed to be at least 15,000 f8/30/13
8/22/13 10:15Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging6 minutesA small circular object appeared to be pulling what resembled about 5 circular balloon shaped objects that manoeuvred like a bunch of b8/30/13
8/21/13 23:15Jackfish Lake (Canada)SKCanadaChanging5-10 minutesInitially, the object was a red square. It suddenly became orange. It travelled in a rapid linear trajectory from South to North, then8/30/13
8/20/13 16:00Santa BarbaraCAUSAChanging>>5 minutesMoving SEMI-VISIBLE striped waving object.11/11/13
8/18/13 13:45InglesideILUSAChanging10 minutesA daylight glowing object that shape shifted, was very high altitude and made zipping movements9/9/13
8/15/13 22:15San Juan (Puerto Rico)USAChangingA few minutesUFO in photos.8/30/13
8/13/13 02:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging2 hours8/13/13 Three UFOs were spotted over Las Vegas, each object changed shape.8/30/13
8/12/13 21:00WesternMAUSAChanging>1 hourBlinking spheres along with electric blue and red 'solid' spheres8/30/13
8/12/13 11:15JerichoVTUSAChanging2 minutesFloating fire changes to 3 triangular lights and speeds away8/30/13
8/12/13 05:00UticaNYUSAChanging2 hoursThere were blinking red and blue lights, and they were hovering in circles.8/30/13
8/3/13 22:00Oak HarborOHUSAChanging10 minutesRed light hovering in western sky with flashing light object next to it moving both disappeared abruptly8/30/13
8/3/13 21:20Lee's SummitMOUSAChanging5-7 minutes2, three lighted triangle lights eject violet/blue lights.8/30/13
7/31/13 20:00RiversideCAUSAChanging2 minutesCircular motion orange in color and transparent.9/9/13
7/27/13 02:00San antonioTXUSAChanging45 minutesTriangle and oblong shaped saucers8/30/13
7/24/13 09:23LongmontCOUSAChanging20 minutesThree flying objects in perfect triangular formations appearing and disappearing.8/30/13
7/18/13 21:00Surfside BeachSCUSAChanging1 hourReddish/orange lights that would get brighter and fade out every 30 seconds in a perfect triangle.7/22/13
7/17/13 04:00BoiseIDUSAChanging28 minutesI was driving to Boise from Caldwell and noticed one bright white blue sphere and 8+ red green and blue smaller spheres to the right.7/22/13
7/16/13 23:00Baldwin ParkCAUSAChanging4-5 minutesWe walked outside and there was something that looked like a fireball in the sky. It fell downwards for a while and then expanded sort7/22/13
7/12/13 22:00HamiltonOHUSAChanging3 minutesGigantic geometric orbs change shape over city.11/26/15
7/8/13 01:00LibbyMTUSAChanging2 hoursLooking S, like a light bar With blue, red, green, purple and white lights that dance. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))8/30/13
7/6/13 21:50ColumbusOHUSAChanging4 minutes4 orange lights moving quickly forming different shapes in the sky7/14/13
7/5/13 23:00Post FallsIDUSAChanging5 minutesThree bright orange objects changing to ghost like film with clean oval edges.7/14/13
7/5/13 22:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging30 minutesRed, White and Blue hovering flying object that changed shapes and orientation over a 30 minutes period over North Myrtle Beach, SC.7/14/13
7/4/13 23:00ChicagoILUSAChanging2 minutesWe saw three red and orange orbs in a triangular form in the dark Chicago sky.7/14/13
7/4/13 22:00O'FallonMOUSAChanging7 minutesIt was the fourth of July, and there's always worldwide ufo sightings on Independence Day. Either a carefully carried out national hoax6/13/14
7/4/13 21:30BroomfieldCOUSAChanging5-10 minutesWe were observing the fireworks from my roof. There were 3 adults there and we looked over toward Northglenn from Broomfield and then7/14/13
6/27/13 11:00LongmontCOUSAChanging10 minutes7 bright, white round UFOs seen over Longmont, CO on 6/27/137/3/13
6/25/13 22:30MiddletownOHUSAChanging90 secondsOrange light witnessed by 2 residents of Middletown, Ohio that split into 4 objects.7/3/13
6/22/13 22:47Cape CharlesVAUSAChanging8 minutes8 minute Eastern Shore sighting included multiple changes in pattern utilizing 12 lit objects7/3/13
6/18/13 01:00WilliamsportPAUSAChanging3 hoursthe whole ship appeared in front of us7/3/13
6/16/13 17:15LahainaHIUSAChanging>20 minutesWhite-ish/blue lighted sphere that changed to a white triangle over west Maui7/3/13
6/15/13 02:15BillingsMTUSAChanging3-4 minutesShape changing craft above my house for 3 to 4 minutes!!7/3/13
6/12/13 15:52EdmondsWAUSAChanging8 minutesObserved object above clouds,east of my house.Object was orange and appeared to glowing.I went to my trick to get my binoculars.Mt wife7/3/13
6/8/13 20:00WaverlyTNUSAChanging3.00 minutesFifty feet away,size of basketball orange and darting in trees.7/3/13
6/8/13 17:48Cherry HillNJUSAChanging15 minutesBoomerang shaped silver metallic object on clear day stationary and rotating.7/3/13
6/6/13 11:10Westhill (UK/Scotland)United KingdomChanging~30 minutesCircle and diamond white shiny object turned into ball of light and went away so fast7/3/13
6/5/13 07:30WendoverUTUSAChanging2 hoursTwo hovering objects7/3/13
6/4/13 23:30St. CharlesMOUSAChanging1 hourShape shifting object seen over Friedens, Bright changing lights7/3/13
6/4/13 23:00Bonita SpringsFLUSAChanging1 hourAmazing ball of light that changed colors, shapes, and morphed into different forms. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star? PD))7/3/13
6/2/13 01:20RidgewaySCUSAChanging2 minutesUnusually bright white light changes into 4 different distinct shapes, has bright blue light on 1 end, center& end light.. 6 good pix.6/2/13
6/1/13 23:50Cottage GroveMNUSAChanging5-7 secondsSmall light that changed shape, went high speed and had no source present.6/2/13
5/26/13 21:30LisbonMDUSAChanging3 minutesDefinitely caught my eye in the night sky! Other people had to of seen this!6/2/13
5/22/13 07:00HaywardCAUSAChanging30 minutesParked 50 feet above started as a black machine, then turned silver and slowly moved to the east changing shape to a ball of light. Lig6/2/13
5/21/13 23:47BoiseIDUSAChanging1-2 minutesV shape, each one zigzagged and could just stop. Some multiple times3/2/21
5/13/13 23:00ColumbusOHUSAChanging15 minutesThree red-lighted objects forming a triangle shape in the sky moves around and then disappears!5/15/13
5/13/13 17:00Area 51 (general area; in flight)AZUSAChanging8:00 minutesArea 51 large bright light on or near ground with long, thin, grey shape bisecting the light, seen out of jet window at 35,000 ft..9/9/13
5/10/13 21:00New HavenCTUSAChanging1+ hourSpinning white lights merging into one large solid white light9/30/13
5/8/13 22:45Palm DesertCAUSAChanging30 secondsFormation changing, oval mass of white dots, rapidly moving across the night sky.5/15/13
5/6/13 05:45FlorenceSCUSAChanging3 minutesIt was 5:45am I looked up towards the west. There was only one star in the sky just above the tree line. It was very bright and twinkle5/15/13
4/25/13 21:20Prescott ValleyAZUSAChanging30 secondsBright orange pulsating lights on Western horizion moving in all directions then dissapeared with no sound,5/15/13
4/21/13 20:00MandevilleLAUSAChanging2 minutesRed fire lights over covington/mandeville5/15/13
4/20/13 21:20AvonOHUSAChanging40 secondsThere were 3 lights that were changing shapes, they were orange lights then they turned a little red and then went back to orange,5/15/13
4/16/13 00:15JohnsonvilleNYUSAChanging20 minutesIt was red orange and it changed its shape and just hoverd over the tree line.5/15/13
4/13/13 11:45NashvilleTNUSAChanging5 minutesBright white light or spinning object.5/15/13
4/5/13 22:52Buenos Aires (Argentina)ArgentinaChanging30 secondsA dozen UFO in formation5/15/13
4/1/13 20:15San DiegoCAUSAChanging30 minutesLine of 5 white light that looked like it was towed by a green light always kept formation and was going to land.5/15/13
3/31/13 13:10IrvineCAUSAChanging8-10 secondsBright shiny object-looked like a shiny fish in water-but changed shape quickly, then vanished5/15/13
3/30/13 18:45EverettWAUSAChanging15 minutesShape shifting fast craft zigzagging in skies over Everett, WA leaving vapor trails.5/15/13
3/30/13 15:00Los angelesCAUSAChanging10 minutesI was on vacation in Los Angeles California, a buddy picked me up from the airport we were driving down sunset blvd. to our apartment a5/15/13
3/30/13 10:00DorchesterMAUSAChanging6 hoursOne ufo after another last night. 8 or 9 total.5/15/13
3/29/13 03:00MarionIAUSAChanging5 minutesElectric blue lights w/red triangle in center, and 2 smaller ones,4/12/13
3/29/13 00:00MarionIAUSAChanging5 minutesLights of blue, like electricity, red triangle in center! 1 blue/1 white5/15/13
3/23/13 18:18YakimaWAUSAChanging8 minutesTwinkling object travels around bottom of moon after streaking through sky.11/11/13
3/17/13 17:00AustinTXUSAChanging5 minutesWhite blimp-like object, glows pink at times and changes shape5/15/13
3/16/13 22:10Manila (Philippines)PhilippinesChanging5 minutesSomething I have never seen in the sky so golden ever before and splits back and forth.6/2/13
3/14/13 20:40Garden GroveCAUSAChanging20A large amount of unidentified flying object over Disneyland Anaheim Orange County5/15/13
3/12/13 22:00PensacolaFLUSAChanging30+ minutesWhite orb triangular craft followed us.5/15/13
3/8/13 22:20FairviewORUSAChanging20 minutesLarge diamond shaped aircraft with bright orange lights hovered over freeway with no sound.5/15/13
2/17/13 20:00ChesterTXUSAChanging3 minutes3 Orange glowing ball changed into an airplane once it moved closer.2/18/13
2/14/13 21:10PasadenaCAUSAChanging5 minutesHovering red orb disappears then reappears as grey-white oval before disappearing again.2/18/13
2/5/13 01:30Santa FeNMUSAChanging45+ minutesUFO over Santa Fe, NM, possibly disk shaped, stationary, with light rays of various colors emanating from it. ((Sirius??))2/18/13
2/4/13 18:00WhitneyTXUSAChanging20 minutesV-shaped UFO 's that changed shape that are bright white in color2/18/13
1/31/13 12:00PuyallupWAUSAChanging5-10 minutesDaylight sighting of shape-shifting UFO.2/18/13
1/30/13 19:05VidorTXUSAChanging1 minuteStrange moving star like object seen in Vidor Texas.2/4/13
1/27/13 09:14TempeAZUSAChanging10 minutesI was 7 years old when it happend.4/28/17
1/26/13 20:00ElginILUSAChanging5 minuteAt 8:00pm a cluster of orange lights appeared to be headed eastward to the northwest of Elgin.2/4/13
1/25/13 20:00TurlockCAUSAChanging10 minutesGolden-orange bright star fell from the sky & changed into flat black floppy object, landed in tree then flew away.2/4/13
1/24/13 11:07Scott DepotWVUSAChanging20 minutesSmall red/orange balls of light seemed to rise from behind the trees floating slowly up in the air and hovering changing shape several.2/4/13
1/21/13 16:50New HopeALUSAChanging10 minutesLarge and small objects change shapes and colors over New Hope, Alabama.2/4/13
1/21/13 07:45West Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaChanging7:45-9:21The object changed shape from diamond to triangle and greeny blue liquid fell on the road.7/14/13
1/16/13 01:00MichicotINUSAChanging1 hourBoomerang shape shifting color changing hovering craft following me.2/4/13
1/14/13 18:00BroadwayVAUSAChangingstill in sight3 or more from different locations seeing red and green blinking object since 6pm and still in the sky.2/4/13
1/8/13 22:00KeizerORUSAChanging6 minutesA round shape with dome cover and changing lights hovering over homes making a humming noise and moving fast.5/15/13
1/1/13 21:27New Port RicheyFLUSAChanging11 secondsTwo Orange/ Yellowish morphing objects, 40' in the air with no sound accelerated at an increadible speed.2/4/13
1/1/13 00:04ModestoCAUSAChanging3 minutes3 red lights in triangle shape change shape and fade away2/4/13
12/31/12 19:15SelmaALUSAChanging2 hoursSphere shaped object flashing multiple colors and changing shape. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD))2/4/13
12/30/12 20:00Long Lake/Traverse CityMIUSAChanging90-120 minutesBlues Greens and Purples. Flat shoelace like object changing into ball shape.2/4/13
12/21/12 07:45WoodburyMNUSAChanging10 minutesI was driving to work today in Woodbury, Minnesota and the sky was crystal clear. It was about 7:45am central time, and I was on freewa12/21/12
12/21/12 02:00WebsterTXUSAChanging1.5 hours24 amber orbs hovering in Houston sky at 2AM 12.21.122/4/13
12/14/12 05:00New York City (Queens)NYUSAChanging3 minutesWe spot a UFO on the sky in Queens over the Long Island Expresway.12/20/12
12/12/12 17:45PittsburghPAUSAChanging3 minutesCluster of white lights above Pittsburgh.12/20/12
12/11/12 15:00SacramentoCAUSAChanging2 hours+Car dealership confused on what they all saw floating in the sky for 2 hours.12/20/12
12/8/12 20:45Spokane ValleyWAUSAChanging8 minutesUnexplained light show over Spokane Valley, Wa.12/20/12
12/8/12 20:45Spokane ValleyWAUSAChanging3-4 minutesExplainable red lights in the sky.12/20/12
12/7/12 21:49Dibrugarh (India)IndiaChanging3-4 minuteRed/green light in the South East sky of Dibrugarh, Assam, India.12/20/12
12/5/12 01:45RestonVAUSAChanging30 secondsRed/orange, round, glowing object moving slowly and southeast at 1:45AM on 12/05/12.12/20/12
12/3/12 17:30FredericksburgVAUSAChanging5 minutesWhite-yellow luminous object seen ascending and leaving area.12/20/12
12/1/12 00:00Sri Lanka (in most cities)Srui LankaChanginglong timeIn Sri Lanka everywere last week UFOs seen by people children lot of witness video everywhere please look into it every where all TV st12/20/12
11/30/12 21:30MenashaWIUSAChanging10 minutesSitting in Car for a few minutes before going into work near the Marcus theaters on Valley Rd in Menasha. Over the theater came a very.12/20/12
11/26/12 18:43AuburnWAUSAChanging~3 minutesReflective surface, red lights, changing shape.12/20/12
11/25/12 05:05ChicagoILUSAChanging1-2 minutesBrilliant yellow/orange star-like light seen over downtown Chicago.12/20/12
11/22/12 07:15Palm SpringsCAUSAChanging5 minutesInexplicable red UFO rises like a distant star, then falls to earth.12/20/12
11/21/12 23:00South BendINUSAChanging10 minutesThere were 3 lights, there were 2 lights at first, then one more appeared, they were moving in a circualr movement sorta.12/20/12
11/21/12 09:30Popocatepetl Volcano (Mexico)MexicoChanging3 hoursScreen captures from remote web com on Popocatepetl Volcano.12/20/12
11/20/12 12:15Warren/Troy borderMIUSAChanging4-5 minutesHeading west on 16 mile, what first appeared to be a cloud gradually changed shape into an upside down triangle with a bright orange.12/20/12
11/19/12ButteMTUSAChanging10 minutesRed with periodis of white and red blinking lights moving slowly southeast soundlessly and changing shape.12/20/12
11/18/12 18:12StroudsburgPAUSAChanging6 minutesYellow orb chased off by multiple civilian aircraft.11/19/12
11/18/12 18:00OlivehurstCAUSAChanging2 minutes2 Sightings in one day.11/19/12
11/18/12 17:00WorthILUSAChanging45 minutesFireballs turning into plane like objects.11/19/12
11/15/12 20:00GaithersburgMDUSAChanging20 minutes4 Huge lights like spotlights reflecting across the clouds in a very strange pattern. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD))11/19/12
11/12/12 19:26LancasterPAUSAChanging2 minutesA craft that seemed to be covered in red and orange flames flew across the sky.11/19/12
11/10/12 21:15San AnselmoCAUSAChangingUnexplainable 30 reddish lights in sky in varying formation over San Anselmo, CA.11/19/12
11/10/12 20:32Cut OffLAUSAChanging3-4 minutesLow-flying, shape-changing aircraft seen in a small Southern Louisiana town.11/19/12
11/10/12 05:39NampaIDUSAChangingstill seeing themBright multi colored orbs/UFO'S.11/19/12
11/8/12 18:04JonahTXUSAChanging+60 secondsMy mom was driving N. on 1660 toward HWY 29. She saw 3 bright lights hovering for 30 sec and then there were suddenly only 2 lights.11/19/12
11/7/12 11:30Gulfport (near)MSUSAChanging10 minutes11:30am in gulfport ,MS cigar shape craft broke into two ships lasted 15 mins a plane couldn't land circled 3xs.11/19/12
11/6/12 20:00PortlandORUSAChanging>10 minutes2-3 colored lights on one craft swooping gracefully in irregular pattern looking west/nw from North Portland, OR11/19/12
11/6/12 19:30Arizona CityAZUSAChanging5 minutesPhoenix lights all over again11/19/12
11/5/12 17:10GlastonburyCTUSAChanging2-3 secondsGreenish-bluish "asteroid" comes to dead stop in sky and simultaneously turns to red oval light.11/19/12
11/3/12 23:45PawlingNYUSAChanging30 minutes+Red, green multicolored object appeared in the sky moving freely and emitting beams. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star?? PD))11/4/12
11/3/12 19:00Lake OdessaMIUSAChanging15 minutesAt 7PM my husband was driving through town when he noticed a big flame shaped object (apparent size of an asprine) coming from the NW (11/4/12
10/31/12 17:24HowellNJUSAChanging17 secondsHypersonic flight, seen two years in row same day. 5 witnesses. Near a naval station . Awe inspiring.2/7/20
10/30/12 20:30MaranaAZUSAChanging>1 hourOrange lights appearing and disappearing around Marana11/4/12
10/28/12 21:15Lee's SummitMOUSAChanging1-2 minutesLee’s Summit, MO Last night (Oct.28) about 9:15 p.m. I was looking at the moon (east) when a large bright, white (like LED light) appe10/30/12
10/24/12 00:00LexingtonSCUSAChanginghoursBright light moving slowly, then stopping in mid air. Bright green through binoculars. Returns to same location.10/30/12
10/24/12 22:22Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaChanging2-3 secondsFalling light with a changing shape in rotation.10/30/12
10/24/12 09:30TucsonAZUSAChanging35 secondsBrownish shaped changing object.10/30/12
10/24/12 08:45Little RiverSCUSAChanging1 minutesLights from a craft changing shape & formation10/30/12
10/24/12 07:45West Valley CityUTUSAChanging5 minutesBlack object hovering and changing shape...suddenly vanished.10/30/12
10/23/12 20:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging1 hourTwo kinds of unidentified objects seen in the sky off fishing pier in myrtle beach.10/30/12
10/22/12 22:00SalisburyNCUSAChanging1 hourUp to 3 objects spotted now for 2 years. would love to have answers!!10/30/12
10/22/12 14:30Jacksonville BeachFLUSAChanging7 minutesObject appeared and morphed into a craft. See photos.10/30/12
10/21/12 14:40LawrencevilleGAUSAChanging20 minutesReflective object over Lawrenceville Ga. 10/21/1210/30/12
10/17/12 02:15MertonWIUSAChanging4 minutesUFO sightings almost every night now days10/30/12
10/15/12 21:00SomervilleALUSAChanging30 minutesWhite orb with multi-colored lights.8/17/17
10/15/12 00:30HartlandWIUSAChanging8-10 minutesUFO sightings every day in Hartland WI11/4/12
10/14/12 22:00Lake WalesFLUSAChanging35 minutesRed whie and blue flashing lights10/30/12
10/14/12 22:00Lake WalesFLUSAChanginghoursDiscovered what I thought was a UFO was actually the star Sierius. It refracts colors thru our atmosphere while low in the sky then bec10/30/12
10/13/12 02:00Benidorm (Spain)SpainChanging11 minutesBest UFO Sighting Footage of 2012.11/4/12
10/12/12 23:00Varanasi (India)IndiaChanging8 secondsI Witnessed a holographic-like display of about 50 points of light rapidly transforming into various 3-dimensional rectangular shapes10/14/13
10/12/12 19:00ShapleighMEUSAChanging5 minutesUFO Chasing commercial flight in southern maine!!10/30/12
10/10/12 21:00AustinTXUSAChanging15-20 minutesSpheres of light seen over the west campus area of austin which then broke apart and sped off in different directions.12/20/12
10/10/12 20:00MoundvilleALUSAChanging4 minutesOrange fiery lighting objects changing locations.10/30/12
10/8/12 19:00SpringfieldMOUSAChanging10 minutesOrange and yellow objects that turned to flat black cylindrical shapes10/30/12
10/6/12 21:05TorringtonCTUSAChanging5 minutesTwo orange illuminated objects, total silence from them which made 3 passes in front of my house about 10 min of activity.10/30/12
10/6/12 08:22ColumbiaSCUSAChanging1 hourBright light with red changing shapes and moving very slowy side to side up and down10/30/12
10/4/12 23:30Cambridge (Canada)ONCanadaChanging15 minutesSo tonite walking back from the movies I looked up and saw what can only be described as the strangest thing I've ever seen and believe10/30/12
9/23/12 21:20HartlandWIUSAChanging15 minutesCRAZY UFO ENCOUNTER i was outside having a ciggarette about 9:20pm and kinda daydreaming and gazing off to the south. I see a orange gl9/24/12
9/23/12 14:00Laurence HarborNJUSAChanging3 to 4 minutesStrange cluster of what appeared to be stars in the daytime sky.10/30/12
9/22/12 23:00St. Louis (South City)MOUSAChanging2 minutesLarge dark object with two bright headlights10/30/12
9/22/12 20:15CoupevilleWAUSAChanging15-20 minutesGrowing, organic light separates into individual gold lights9/24/12
9/22/12 17:15OaklandCAUSAChanging30 minutesStrange brights lights above Oakland Zoo9/24/12
9/21/12 23:00Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomChanging18+ secondsVERY LARGE CRAFT WITH LIGHTS AT BOTH ENDS MOVING SILENTLY DOWN THE STREET AT ROOFTOP LEVEL9/24/12
9/20/12 19:15CantonILUSAChanging2-3 minutesSaw several bright lights in sky over canton Il that apeared and disapeared several times9/24/12
9/15/12 20:35DavieFLUSAChanging1 minuteGolden light/ fireball splits into 4 objects ,then changes formation while changing directions and changing rate of descent9/24/12
9/15/12 04:00Ft. MyersFLUSAChanging20 minutes9/15/12, 4:00 Two round pulsating lights, changing colors, and shape seen over Ft Myers, Florida in south eastern sky. ((Planets?? PD))9/24/12
9/13/12 08:00Murrells InletSCUSAChanging4 minutesRedish orange lights all over the sky and then one formation spinning in a circle over Murrells inlet south Carolina9/24/12
9/12/12 16:30AptosCAUSAChanging5 minutesPulsating star changes to cylinder, portal shape, late afternoon, Aptos, CA9/24/12
9/12/12 06:30Piper CityILUSAChanging3-5 minutesLarge silver vertical object hovering9/24/12
9/10/12 22:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging15-25 minutesStrange orange and white lights or obs over the beach9/24/12
9/8/12 12:30WaxahachieTXUSAChanging10 minutesDaylight sighting of groups of white objects, in distinct swirling masses, that disappeared and reappeared multiple times.9/24/12
9/8/12 00:00Buffalo GroveILUSAChangingunknown4 large circular lights moving in the same pattern from the center to 4 corners. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD))9/24/12
9/3/12 03:03Grand ForksNDUSAChanging5 minutesFirework- like balls of light dart and merge into a swelling ball of light.9/24/12
9/1/12 16:30Scottsdale (Phoenix)AZUSAChanging120 minutesStrange, but peacefull object fly follow my car ..9/24/12
8/29/12 21:00Sterling Hts.MIUSAChanging30 minutesI was leaving work at 9:15 PM on 8/29/2012 from The Tile Shop at 19 mile and Van Dyke, traveling west bound on 19 mile rd. just before9/24/12
8/26/12 09:30North ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging9:30-9:35I saw three lights. Red blue and silver (white).. They have been connected together.. We saw these object very clear.. Lights was rotet9/24/12
8/26/12 01:44EnnisTXUSAChanging01:44-01:48Burnt orange craft sitting in the sky9/24/12
8/26/12 01:30MineralVAUSAChanging30 minutesLarge black filmy area in night sky with luminescent clouds. Movement was amoeba-like but it remained in the same spot.9/24/12
8/23/12 09:40RochesterNYUSAChanging5 minutes3 witness a bright star like light at first hover, and then transform into a multi-lighted object which went out of view.9/24/12
8/21/12 21:35AndoverKSUSAChanging15-20 minutesUknown craft sighted in kansas, changed shape and color.9/24/12
8/16/12 03:00Port RepublicNJUSAChanging20-30 minutesTwo large light objects stationary in sky for over 20 minutes, just changed light shapes and then gone8/19/12
8/15/12 00:45SumterSCUSAChanging6 hoursTriangle with light on the bottom.6/4/14
8/13/12 21:45BandonORUSAChanging5 minutes8/13/2012 21:45 pm Bandon, Oregon star like craft hovers for 1 min. then bright color flashes and huge wall of flames pours out of it9/24/12
8/13/12 20:39FresnoCAUSAChanging5-10 minutesFast moving small object. Appeared to change shapes at first.8/19/12
8/11/12 23:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAChangingAfter dinner at Angelo's we stood outside talking. My girlfriends daughter noticed something flying in the sky. She said what's that.8/19/12
8/7/12 22:35Iowa CityIAUSAChanging1 hourUfo spotted by IC Eastern airport. Round sphered shaped with 3 three lights view looked triangle. Slowly gliding came at car8/19/12
8/7/12 04:30OgdenUTUSAChanging1 hourDiamond morphing orb, changed shape light intensities8/19/12
8/7/12 00:0029 PalmsCAUSAChangingAll nightSmall UFOs in southern California9/24/12
8/6/12 20:09South BurligtonVTUSAChanging10 minutesAura color-changing Sphere and/or disk with lights8/19/12
8/6/12 01:30Arouca (Trinidad/Tobago)Trinidad/TobagoChanging20 minutes10 balls of fire floating slowly across the sky. soucouyant or ufo?8/19/12
8/3/12 00:30MissoulaMTUSAChanging3-4 minutesChanging shapes and colors spotted over the the city of Missoula8/19/12
7/28/12 20:30PhoenixAZUSAChanging30 minutes7 craft seen over N Phoenix, erratic, blinking, changing shapes8/5/12
7/26/12 01:45CorneliusORUSAChangingStill going at 0322Flashing and streaking lights in the northwest sky near Cornelius, Or. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star, we suspect. PD))8/5/12
7/25/12 21:30WashingtonDCUSAChanging10-15 minutes3 objects in 15 minutes, 2 balls of light moving north to south and 1 shape changing white "ball" moving in same direction8/19/12
7/22/12 08:50LakewoodCOUSAChanging10 secondsFire Ember in the Sky That Changes Form and Does Tricks Like a Bird8/5/12
7/13/12 09:00Rapperswil (Switzerland)SwitzerlandChanging1 minuteFuzzy pink widget above Switzerland8/5/12
7/13/12 02:26MarshalltownIAUSAChanging2 minutesUnexplained reddish orange light over Marshalltown IA8/5/12
7/8/12 21:30NormanOKUSAChanging2 minutesA redish-orange shape-changing orb over Norman, Ok., on July 8, 2012, that changed from a north to west direction before dimming out.8/5/12
7/6/12 22:00SacramentoCAUSAChanging2 minutesBright blue light in sky above Airbase Rd. near Watt Ave.8/5/12
7/5/12 03:45Wilmington (Wrightsville Beach)NCUSAChanging5:10Moving "stars" and shifting shapes at Wrightsville Beach.8/5/12
7/4/12 23:00WoonsocketRIUSAChanging5 mimutesHeard a vibrating sound and looked out the 3rd floor window. Saw a rotating star tetrahedron. It lit up the sky like it was day. Moved2/17/17
7/4/12 22:00Lee's SummitMOUSAChanging7-8 minutesFour lights hover in sky, followed by fireballs circulating the night sky.8/5/12
7/4/12 04:00SpanawayWAUSAChanging1 minuteSpeedy balls of fire8/5/12
7/1/12 15:00HornellNYUSAChanging20 minutesI was sitting in my back yard and watched a grey small cloud in the sky not move at all. I thought it was strange and I watched it for7/31/21
6/30/12 23:00NilesOHUSAChangingOne minuteSquare box in shape color red to orange, shape changed from square to circle color red to yellow.7/4/12
6/26/12 05:00Las CrucesNMUSAChangingAt least an hourLights appear and then rotate upwards into the sky.7/4/12
6/24/12 16:30OaklandCAUSAChanging10 minutesDark undulating circular blob over Oakland7/4/12
6/23/12 23:00Wrightsville BeachNCUSAChanging25-30 minutesmultiple objects blinking different colors over ocean and 3 bright white lights scanning beach at ground level7/4/12
6/20/12 22:45Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaChanging4 minutesOne object, blob shaped, fire on port side, silent,in view 4 minutes-went dark,turned grey then black, 06/20/12, 22:45ish7/4/12
6/18/12 21:30RustonLAUSAChanging5 minutesLarge group of flashing lights moving very slow6/20/12
6/18/12 20:30Carr (west of)COUSAChangingTen Minutes +Bright light over mountains of Colorado6/20/12
6/17/12 22:30Mirimichi (Canada)NBCanadaChangingeverynight from june18-23Blue,red and bright white lights appearing in the Miramichi, New Brunswick sky for a solid week this june 20127/4/12
6/16/12 21:35HemetCAUSAChanging2 minutesRED FIREBALL IN HEMET, CA, SKY.6/20/12
6/14/12 20:15Dana PointCAUSAChanging25 minutesLarge erratically moving object over Dana Point, CA6/20/12
6/12/12 10:05SurpriseAZUSAChanging12 secondsObject(s) inspecting what appear to be chemtrails.8/5/12
6/12/12 03:50RochesterMNUSAChangingHour and halfWeird formation of multiple lights no sound6/14/12
6/12/12MadrasORUSAChangingBalls of light low to ground crafts turn invisable before landing secrate air strip moon invisable till we where at the bottom of round9/24/12
6/9/12 21:00Rapid CitySDUSAChanging2 minutesCrazy6/14/12
6/8/12 23:00BeloitWIUSAChanging30 secondsUFO changing before my eye's absolutely no sound.6/14/12
6/7/12 07:30Winston-SalemNCUSAChanging2Formation of odd shapes that changed6/8/12
6/2/12 20:30Beacon Rock State Park (Skamania)WAUSAChanging15 minutesSeveral Glowing Orange Sphere Shaped UFO's in Beacon Rock State Park, WA6/5/12
6/1/12 22:00Oak ParkCAUSAChanging5 minutesLooked at the clear nights sky and observed something that 1st looked like a big bright white star,but after viewing the video it wasnt8/19/12
5/30/12 21:30BishopvilleSCUSAChanging10 minutesMulti colored strobe array pulling away from a VERY bright white light.6/5/12
5/28/12 21:38MonroviaCAUSAChanging15mUnique ufo light never seen ?or heard of????!!!5/29/12
5/24/12 19:00Wallaceburg (Canada)ONCanadaChanging1/2 a minuteA shape changing silver white UFO that changed into seven distinct forms (one with a big light at the top) in a matter of moments.5/29/12
5/22/12 23:30Saratoga SpringsNYUSAChanging30 minutesOrange/Yellow strange lights above saratoga springs/schuylerville ny5/29/12
5/21/12 10:05RiversideCAUSAChanging40 minutesFlying Orb videoed and photographed over Mt Rubidoux in Riverside, CA.5/29/12
5/20/12Gulf BreezeFLUSAChanging15 MINSI saw not a plane or a Helicopter. I saw this thing it was real.No sound but the sound of birds going to roost for the night.5/29/12
5/19/12 21:00GraysonGAUSAChanging20 min approx9 pulsating, 3-tiered hour glass shaped objects seen by 5 adults over Grayson GA. 3/4 football field in size8/19/12
5/19/12 20:15Lake ElsinoreCAUSAChanging30 minutesExtremely bright sphere over Canyon Lake, Canyon Hills area5/29/12
5/17/12 11:00WinnemuccaNVUSAChanging15 minutesGirlfriend and I were approached while driving truck on Hwy 95 north of Winnamucca, Nv. Orange orb size of a silver dollar in my rearvi10/4/19
5/13/12 21:30BellevilleWIUSAChanging1minRed shape changing "fire" ball zigzaging in sky5/29/12
5/12/12 23:20Waasis (Canada)NBCanadaChanging5 minLights in the sky5/13/12
5/12/12 23:00San DiegoCAUSAChanging60 seconds7 or 8 sphers amber color5/13/12
5/12/12 03:00ColumbusGAUSAChanging30minI seen a cluster of red glittery dots first then i seen a outline around it it moved like a ameba thru the sky it wuld move then stop w5/20/21
5/12/12 01:00Regina (Canada)SKCanadaChanging2:30We were out on a grid road, Were were watching orbs sit and then some weird flashes started coming out of them, One red orb fell so we5/29/12
5/11/12 20:30San JoseCAUSAChanging5-7 minutesTwo oblong flying objects changing shapes, flying from West to East over Santa Cruz mountains. Spotted them with bare eyes, then follow5/13/12
5/5/12 23:30TucsonAZUSAChanging20 minutesLight in tucson sky5/29/12
5/5/12 22:00Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaChanging3 minTo Whom it may Concern Saturday May 5th 2012 at roughly 22:00 EST hours i was sitting with my grandson in our family room watching th5/13/12
5/2/12 14:29Harare (Zimbabwe)ZimbabweChanging8 minutesCircular object changed to elongated shape and back sighted in Harare Zimbabwe5/13/12
4/28/12 19:30ChandlerAZUSAChanging5 minsOrange orbs/ black amoeba object5/13/12
4/19/12 17:45PerkasiePAUSAChanging5 minutesBright white cresant shape light5/13/12
4/17/12 23:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging4 minutes04/17/1012 23:00 Las Vegas NV Donut 4-5 minutes pulsating red and green donut 6/26/20137/3/13
4/16/12 22:00UK/England (Yorkshire)United KingdomChanging2 minutesI have just gone out to bring some fresh milk from our garage . It is very dark with no street lights visible . I noticed what I though4/18/12
4/15/12 02:00Austin/FlorenceTXUSAChanging5 minutesChanging shape UFO over Florence, TX5/13/12
4/12/12 20:15NorfolkVAUSAChanging20:15Cylindrical object with green and pink flash of light...5/13/12
4/8/12 01:00RichmondVAUSAChanging15 minutesIt was fast and then split.4/18/12
4/7/12 21:00Cedar ParkTXUSAChanging45 minutesLights over cedar park4/18/12
4/4/12 16:21OrlandoFLUSAChanging3 minutesShape Changing UFO 4-2-12 Orlando,FL,USA4/18/12
3/31/12 07:00MiamiFLUSAChanging30 minutesDomed Orb Craft with 2 green lights and shooting white bursts changes to Plasma Cylinder8/5/12
3/29/12 19:10MesaAZUSAChanging7 to 10 minsTwo slow, black heart changing to tear shaped objects decend with no lights and unheard witnessed by family over e.Mesa,AZ!5/13/12
3/29/12 04:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging5 minutesUnidentified flying object (bright orange/red) triangular five-side polygon hovering in sky above Barham Blvd. L.A., CA. 3-29-20125/13/12
3/27/12 05:10JessupPAUSAChangingover 20 minutes2 cloud like objects one half oval the other cigar shaped with pointed ends (almost like a mustache). No sounds came from it.5/13/12
3/25/12 00:00DavenportIAUSAChanging4 hoursMe and my friends just left a restraunt and we were at a stop light about 7:30 pm on march 24th 2012 and every single light shut off fo4/18/12
3/23/12 12:00PeoriaAZUSAChanging5 hoursDozens of pink and white orbs and a morphing triangle in the Arizona sky5/13/12
3/17/12 19:57Tinley ParkILUSAChanging3 minutesQuick moving glowing orange object that changes shape according to the pics I took of it4/18/12
3/13/12 22:10RichlandWAUSAChanging15-20 minutes2 still lights that changed into multi colored flashing lights that changed speed, dir., very quickly. ((NUFORC Note: Planets? PD))3/16/12
3/13/12 00:00Saratoga SpringsNYUSAChanging2 minsLong, narrow cylinder shape and had about 6 square-shaped lights across the bottom. The lights were a dull yellow glow, and the craft i4/18/12
3/12/12 21:00Saint JosephMOUSAChanging20 minutes (approx.)Bright orange lines that turned into balloon looking objects3/13/12
3/12/12 11:54Sunset HillsMOUSAChanging15 minutesIridescent sparkly glittery silent cloud or haze that was silent, without solidity, varied in opacity, moving cloud-like objects.7/17/15
3/11/12 19:50WindhamMEUSAChanging10minThey appeared to be more of a set of 3 lights on each and a bright orange red3/13/12
3/9/12 20:00SacramentoCAUSAChanging5 minutesDark, noiseless, floating V shaped object, moving from south to north, morphing shape3/13/12
3/8/12 19:35Santa ClaraCAUSAChanging2 minutesSeven bright crafts "ufo's" seemed to dance in the Calif Sky last night3/13/12
3/8/12 01:30BaltimoreMDUSAChanging10 secondsObjects were flying together as one, then circled each other and disappeared into the sky3/13/12
3/4/12 15:45SoulsbyvilleCAUSAChanging15 minutesAn unexplained object square in shape, floating and tubmling silently in the sky until ascending out of sight.3/13/12
2/24/12 20:10LiberalKSUSAChanging15 secondsTriangle lights with one light moving position to left side.3/13/12
2/22/12 20:58Bay CityMIUSAChanging2 hoursTwo Lights varying in intensity over Bay City, MI ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter and Venus? PD))3/13/12
2/20/12 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging2 minutes2 smaller ufo starlike, then huge one floating circling fast3/13/12
2/20/12 17:45MorrisonCOUSAChanging25 minutesWhile hiking in the foothills of Colorado, I saw three amber lights hovering in the sky over Denver3/13/12
2/14/12 01:45St. GeorgeUTUSAChanging45 minutesVery odd hovering object, multiple colors continuously morphing.3/13/12
2/13/12 21:00New HartfordNYUSAChanging2 minutes.Two lights separated into three, then four, as they flew overhead.3/13/12
2/13/12 06:20OrovilleCAUSAChanging6+ hrsSighting in Norcal video footage scary!3/13/12
2/2/12 21:00ProspectORUSAChanging20 minutesRed, white, green bright flashing lights above timber line at Prospect, Oregon2/3/12
2/2/12 19:00SpanawayWAUSAChanging3 hoursSpanaway UFO. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star? PD))2/10/12
2/1/12 17:45Spring GroveVAUSAChanging3 hours4 the last two wks a glowing obj. descends t0 the tree t0p line ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus, which is in the SW, currently. PD))2/10/12
2/1/12 02:00RomeovilleILUSAChanging2 minutesExtremely bright light moving upward in the sky, light disappears, and a triangular aircraft with red/white lights is visible2/3/12
1/20/12 22:20Silver CityNMUSAChanging20 minutesRed/orange orb interacts with jets, chased by more jets, re-appears 4 days later.2/3/12
1/19/12 15:00Medina (Highway Jerez) (Spain)SpainChanging3 minutesUFO chasing birds on Highway1/24/12
1/17/12 11:45Palma (Spain)SpainChanging15 mina orange matalic craft changine form making it apear soft in nature aproxemetly 100 meters off the ground,traveling in a westerly direc1/24/12
1/17/12 02:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10-15 minutesUFO CHANGES SHAPES AND COLORS AND SPLIT INTO TWO WITH SOUND. ((NUFORC Note: Aircraft landing, we believe. PD))2/3/12
1/15/12 21:00GarfieldARUSAChanging4 secondsBright green fiery object with bent tail of fire speedily descending altitude vertically then in an arc from due south toward southwest1/24/12
1/13/12 09:43EurekaCAUSAChanging5 minutesUunusual orange bright light over eureka, california1/24/12
1/13/12 07:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging2 minred ufo1/24/12
1/12/12 22:30San FranciscoCAUSAChanging5 minutesBright Orange round ball, changed shape to elongated object, then returnes into bright orange ball.1/10/14
1/10/12 20:21Bon AirVAUSAChanging20-30 secI first saw the objects from within my car while driving to turn in my driveway. They were at the end of the road and hovering over a l1/12/12
1/10/12 18:25SacramentoCAUSAChanging10 minutesUfo seen over Sacramento Ca, at 6:30 pm on 1-10-121/12/12
1/8/12 16:13MurfreesboroTNUSAChanging3-4 seconds3 extremely BRIGHT lights in a straight line.1/12/12
1/2/12 18:30RenoNVUSAChanging40 minsCraft changing color and direction over Reno,NV.1/12/12
1/2/12 17:00Saint FrancisMNUSAChanging20-30 minutesI saw around 3 unknown objects dancing in the sky.1/12/12
1/1/12 00:10Port CharlotteFLUSAChanging15 minutesPort Charlotte Florida large procession of lights in various colors moves slowly in a loose, linear formation.1/12/12
12/26/11 01:06BrooksvilleFLUSAChanging15 minMulti Colored/Shape Shifting Bright lighted UFO sighting on 12/26/11 in Brooksville , FL1/12/12
12/24/11 23:00LenoreWVUSAChanging1-2 minI saw what looked like an aircraft at first. It was flying east to west, slowly. As it came over me, I realized one of the lights wa1/12/12
12/24/11 20:50Port CharlotteFLUSAChanging15 minutesSerpentine UFO over Port Charlotte, FL Christmas Eve1/12/12
12/24/11 06:30BradentonFLUSAChanging5 minLarge Pulsating Colorful Light over Eastern Manatee County1/12/12
12/24/11 05:00BradentonFLUSAChanging30 minSaw it Again to the West this time.Large Colorful Pulsating Light.1/12/12
12/23/11 14:30Hudson/StillwaterWIUSAChanging5 minsCross shape, changing in to a star shape but staying a cross shape ?? then to a shape that was like a chine's fortune cookie just the1/12/12
12/21/11 18:00BendORUSAChanging15-20 minutesLike lights over phoenix, az5/15/13
12/20/11 12:00NashuaNHUSAChanging2 minutesLooked like a big white plastic bag, but it slowed and changed shape.then it went into the sun and I never saw it again.1/12/12
12/19/11 01:00SimpsonvilleSCUSAChanging20 minsBright light, appearing like a star then slowly dimming and then reappearing bright again, moving across the sky1/12/12
12/17/11 01:00SimsponvilleSCUSAChanging30 minsVery Bright Light Moving Strangely in the sky over Simpmsonville1/12/12
12/15/11 17:30LaramieWYUSAChanging15 minutes aproxLarge Orange UFO over Laramie, WY.12/17/11
12/2/11 02:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging10 minutesThe object was orange in color, rectanglar in shape at first but, yet transparent, I could see trees through it.12/20/12
11/29/11 20:00ChandlerAZUSAChangingLarge bright "star" moving slowly then changing directions and making jumpy movements.12/12/11
11/29/11 17:00AlamedaCAUSAChangingI saw yellow lights being shifted around in to different shapes.12/12/11
11/28/11 17:45DenverCOUSAChanging4 minutesThree amber lights in Lakewood, Colorado12/12/11
11/25/11 19:10Blue SpringsMOUSAChanging1 min10+lights in the sky over Blue Springs12/12/11
11/23/11 20:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging40 minutesFour faint, moving lights and one chevron-shaped object seen in Scarborough, Canada12/12/11
11/22/11 18:00Lake Havasu CityAZUSAChanging30minSmall silver u shaped craft with blue and red lights on top.1/12/12
11/17/11 18:45Lake Havasu CityAZUSAChanging1 MINUTEShiny Object Morphs into M Shaped Lights then Vanishes12/12/11
11/12/11 20:00Whittier (viewed from)CAUSAChanging30 secondsplasma like translucent ufo shaped like a clown shoe's sole, or sea creature, colorful. but fast moving, biological ufo?12/12/11
11/6/11 22:30GreerSCUSAChanging3-5 minutesOrange flame looking object observed over Greer SC12/12/11
11/1/11New York City (Bronx)NYUSAChangingUpon my rooftop. Every night. ((NUFORC Note: Date is imprecise. PD))12/12/11
10/30/11 17:00HackensackNJUSAChanging1hr 20minsTo whom it may concern, I am reporting my sighting from last night October 30th 2011 appx. 5:00pm eastern. I am a resident of Nort12/12/11
10/29/11 19:07Bend/Burns (between)ORUSAChanging10 secondsVery bright orange sphere turns to 2 spheres and dissapears12/12/11
10/21/11 22:30Rockport (Aransas Pass)TXUSAChanging2-3 hrs.Possible ufo sighting.10/25/11
10/21/11 10:00LouisvilleKYUSAChanging7 secondsRedish Orange shift changing object in the sky that shot up to the stars and vanished10/25/11
10/19/11 06:47OrlandoFLUSAChanging20 minsLow flying lights Around Disney.10/19/11
10/17/11 19:45El Dorado HillsCAUSAChanging15 minAmazing craft bright blue & red 2 nights in a row.10/19/11
10/15/11 20:30AnsonTXUSAChanging10 sec.Object, or objects seen over Jones County, TX, 10-15-11.10/19/11
10/14/11 20:30Wendover (east of, on I-80)UTUSAChanging17 minBlack object in sky over lakeside military area in Utah.10/19/11
10/12/11 17:11WacoTXUSAChanging15 minNo noise precision flying unreal altitude gains somewhat creepy and appeared as many and left as one10/19/11
10/8/11 19:00KennewickWAUSAChanging25 minutesAt 7pm I witnessed an very bright orange glowing ball comming thru the sky south east. It was traveling towards the moon. As it got clo10/10/11
10/5/11 20:00NorwalkCTUSAChanging3 hoursMultiple morphing UFO's in the skies from Trumbull to Norwalk 10/5/11-10/7/1110/10/11
10/3/11 22:30Sault Ste. MarieMIUSAChangingHourColor changing orb of light moving in multiple directions, slightly changing shape, dimming and brightening.10/10/11
9/29/11 05:00Long BeachCAUSAChangingat least six minutesBig, extremely bright, bluish-white, silent light that changed shape in the sky over the ocean in Long Beach, CA.10/10/11
9/21/11 11:00ParkerCOUSAChanging10 minutesSphere transforms into transparent sheet.flyes away at high.speed.7/3/13
9/15/11 19:30GlenarmILUSAChangingseveral hoursShape changing star explodes into a beautiful rainbow, and returns to original shape10/10/11
9/15/11 19:30GlenarmILUSAChangingseveral hoursFor the past few weeks I have observed a star in the sky that appeared to be changing colors. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius. PD))10/10/11
9/11/11 20:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging2 hoursDowntown night lights in Los Angeles bunch of shaping lights and rays of blue lighting.10/10/11
9/10/11 22:43LantanaTXUSAChanging6 minsBright Blue craft over Lantana, TX10/10/11
9/9/11 23:00KenmoreWAUSAChanging1.5 hoursUFO changing colors, shapes and pulsating - Kenmore,Wa 09/09/2011 Video Footage10/10/11
9/8/11 22:45WindsorCOUSAChanging1-2 min.Splitting light12/12/11
9/3/11 20:00AulanderNCUSAChangingWe've seen over a dozen floating spacecrafts, all coming from the same point and dissappearing at the same point.10/10/11
9/1/11 21:00LititzPAUSAChanging1 minuteOrange/red sphere very large changed shape and color into small white light that flew off near Lancaster, PA10/10/11
8/29/11 19:00In flight (unknown location)USAChanging1-2 minutesDark object emits a dark beam at a high altitude.5/13/12
8/27/11 21:00AtwaterCAUSAChanging10-15 secUFO changed colors/shape over Atwater, California10/10/11
8/20/11 10:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAChanging20 secCircularly moving lights around an "invisible" cylinder transforms into V triad of lights with a red and green tail lightI8/21/11
8/14/11 03:00HastingsUnited KingdomChanging2 hoursorb in sky8/21/11
8/13/11 21:30Forest ParkILUSAChanging30 sec.Black object tumbled northwest to southeast on 8/13/11, seemed to change shape. Very quick.8/21/11
8/9/11 22:45Lakewood-DenverCOUSAChanging2-4 years((HOAX??)) 4 Light flash, and hologram from Aurora Spy plane6/22/22
8/4/11 21:00KingmanAZUSAChanging15 minutes30 lights heading toward Vegas over the Kingman area.8/7/11
8/4/11 01:20AshevilleNCUSAChanging1 -2 minutesMorphing Sphere UFO5/13/12
7/29/11 03:06Fort CollinsCOUSAChanging20 minutesThree ships over Colorado8/7/11
7/27/11 01:00WattsOKUSAChanging15 minutesBig light in the middle of town that changed shape and color8/7/11
7/25/11 21:00GalesburgMIUSAChanging1 minuteI viewed a 'fireball' change into an aircraft8/30/13
7/21/11 20:45RochesterNYUSAChanging1 minNoticed an orb floating in the sky. It seemed to be reflecting the sunlight. After 45 seconds it started changing shape and just vanish8/7/11
7/13/11 20:10Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaChanging5 minutesTwo morphing golden shapes flying over Montreal in the evening on July 13th, 2011.7/17/11
7/13/11 03:00OlneyMDUSAChanging3 hoursUFO with "tentacles" hovering in Olney, Maryland. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial body?? PD))7/17/11
7/11/11 12:00GeorgetownTXUSAChangingthru out the nightlarge floating in every direction like stars7/17/11
7/7/11 19:00HorseheadsNYUSAChanging3 minutesWeird craft7/17/11
7/5/11 01:00WashingtonPAUSAChanging2 hoursAt approx. 1:00am something caught my eye it was a clear night you could see all the7/17/11
7/4/11 23:00WashingtonMIUSAChanging5 minutesShape-shifting craft viewed over Washington, Michigan7/6/11
7/4/11 22:00PlymouthMAUSAChanging1 minuteThere was a silent white light floating just above the trees. Then it was gone. Words cant discribe what we saw.7/6/11
7/4/11 21:45HummlestownPAUSAChanging10 minutesFireball/disc shaped craft over hummelstown / herhsey PA area7/6/11
7/3/11 21:00EldoradoILUSAChanging1 hrHundreds of people witness 6 different ufo's checked out and seemed threatened by a fireworks display in southern IL7/6/11
7/2/11 15:00AlbertvilleMNUSAChanging1 hourMultiple UFOs sighted in Albertville MN on July 2 20115/13/12
7/1/11 20:30KinderhookMIUSAChanging4 - 5 minutesFour witnesses see a black object fly overhead about 1,000 ft up and 300 yards away in clear evening light.7/6/11
6/28/11 23:00Isle la MotteVTUSAChanging5 minutesAn orb that disappeared into vapor and a flying vessel with a bank of four tail lights,7/4/11
6/27/11 21:00beaver damWIUSAChanging15 minutesDark cloud ufo with red light12/23/20
6/26/11 03:15DayvilleCTUSAChanging10 minsSlow Moving shape shifting craft with glowing ring.6/27/11
6/25/11 09:30GeorgetownTXUSAChangingdaysStrange crafts to Orbs here on a daily basis.7/4/12
6/24/11 20:30PikevilleKYUSAChanging3 minutesObject seen in sky above Pikeville. Appeared to change shape several times6/27/11
6/23/11 17:45WethersfieldCTUSAChanging10 minutesI was looking over the horizon in the direction of Glastonbury, I was in Wethersfield accompanied by my girlfriend. We both saw lights6/27/11
6/22/11 18:42ErinWIUSAChanging11 minutesSame craft has followed or appeared before me 3 times in 2 weeks.6/27/11
6/16/11 18:00DoylestownPAUSAChanging15 minutesDark in color, maybe black. Looked like a long, rectangular balloon. Kept bending with the wind. Seemed to be traveling straight down F6/20/11
6/15/11 23:20MiddletownDEUSAChanging1935 st. AugustineI was in my bedroom on the second floor talking on the phone, and out of nowhere I heard a noise outside. So I looked outside, and I sa6/20/11
6/13/11 02:35ErinWIUSAChanging28 minutesI saw a shape-shifting multi-colored unknown craft, hovering stationary.6/20/11
6/11/11 22:00Winter GardenFLUSAChanging20 mintwo color changing orbs in the sky6/12/11
6/6/11 00:00Ottawa LakeMIUSAChangingI see lights in the sky almost every night, this night one was close as ever before....6/12/11
6/3/11 20:25Harrow (Canada)ONCanadaChanging5 minutesMy wife notice 3 lights moving in a strange fast manner. I ran in our house and grabbbed my Camcorder and got 13 seconds of digital tap6/12/11
5/28/11 23:50Kitsap CountyWAUSAChanging2-3 MinFour yellow lights moving quickly over rurual Kitsap County, Washington5/29/11
5/28/11 22:05North AuroraILUSAChangingapprox 3-4 minutesStrange object slowing moving west, arc north, disappear and return, shifting shape and color as it moved near North Aurora, Illinois.6/3/11
5/28/11 04:24WestminsterMDUSAChanging14 minsIntensely bright, crescent shape to round in SE night sky8/7/11
5/27/11 14:30MankatoMNUSAChanging4-5 hours((HOAX??)) The craft made things slow down and we blacked out a few seconds after we saw said craft.6/27/11
5/19/11 00:00BellinghamWAUSAChanging2 minutesCluster of objects flying as a cohesive unit -- morphed, changed shapes. Looked like a net or a grid.5/29/11
5/14/11 02:50New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAChanging20 minutesBrooklyn lights / VIDEO / 5.14.116/27/11
5/11/11 08:00Roma (Australia)AustraliaChanging30 secondsOn Thurs., 5th May, 2011, my wife and I were travelling back home to Central Queensland after I had a small operation at Ipswich Hospit2/11/16
5/8/11 22:45Walnut CreekCAUSAChanging3 min approx2 bright orange lights flying in formation, switching positions, flew apart, straight up then disappeared in the blink of the eye5/12/11
5/7/11 23:45PhoenixAZUSAChanging20 minsBlue UFO Over ASU West5/12/11
5/4/11 17:30NapervilleILUSAChanging10 minutesClear sky, Highly reflective Round Object leaking fluid or vapor.5/12/11
5/1/11 22:15FarmingtonNMUSAChanging20-45 minutesthe crafts made form several small lights made a SOLID METALLIC DIAMOND AND hoveredand disappeared.5/29/11
5/1/11 21:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging9:40pmI have recordings and pictures of unidentified objects that dispence out others with multiple colorings inside my home.5/29/11
4/30/11 16:00Mojave DesertCAUSAChanging10 sec.My wife spotted it first headed toward us leaving the east and heading s.5/29/11
4/24/11 00:00FullertonCAUSAChanging15-20 minutesCrazy event with ufo that causes problems with technology and scares high school students 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/7/11
4/23/11 20:22LodiCAUSAChanging16 minbright object eradically zig zaging in sky around airplanes, almost strobing light effect. above lodi,ca5/2/11
4/20/11 03:00St. LouisMOUSAChanging20 minutes((HOAX)) I was standing on my porch, smoking a doobie, when, all of a sudden, I saw 3 weird shapes in the sky. My5/2/11
4/15/11 14:57San JoseCAUSAChanging4 min1 orb and two orbs that changed shape into moonlike objects. ((NUFORC Note: We believe the objects are clusters of balloons. PD))5/2/11
4/14/11 21:26Santa BarbaraCAUSAChanging4 minutesLarge orange light moves over Santa Barbara then moves toward the channel islands. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))5/2/11
4/11/11 01:08Los AngelesCAUSAChanging3 secondsI dont think i can cope with reality anymore...5/2/11
4/7/11 01:40Grand ForksNDUSAChanging10 secondsMultiple objects over Eastern North Dakota.5/2/11
3/31/11 19:30Arizona CityAZUSAChanging6 hrs3 strobing lights are back changed shape. east and west of arizona city, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of stars? PD))4/3/11
3/28/11 15:00Lauderdale-By-The-SeaFLUSAChanging20 minutesThree changing form objects at daylight.7/26/14
3/26/11 10:30Italy/Waxachacie (somewhere in between)TXUSAChanging30 secondsReflective UFOs change shape and make random patterns in the sky before disappearing and then reappearing.5/2/11
3/21/11 18:30SarasotaFLUSAChanginghalf hour03/21/00 18:30 pm sarasota fl round and oval 30 minutes round and over sarasota fl4/3/11
3/19/11 22:00Lake WorthFLUSAChanging5 minsPossible UFO 3/19/2010 Lake Worth,FL night of the Super Moon3/23/11
3/13/11 01:00HenricoVAUSAChanging90 minutesHenrico3/23/11
3/10/11 17:40Running SpringsCAUSAChanging30 sec.Flying object that changed shape and color over San Bernardino Mountains CA3/23/11
3/4/11 21:30Kuching (Malaysia)MalaysiaChanging20 minsHovering Object with Flickering Colourful Lights over Kuching City, Sarawak, Malaysia3/10/11
3/2/11 16:25EscondidoCAUSAChanging1.5 minDark "loud-like" shape suddendly appeared on the sky, then changed into a funnel-like shape then split into three round disk shapes3/10/11
2/19/11 19:00North BendWAUSAChanging2 minOval object seen with red and green lights changed into arrowhead shape and shot off.3/10/11
2/11/11 19:14ElktonKYUSAChangingBright colors,shape changing,flying UFO2/18/11
2/2/11 00:15ReddingCAUSAChanging3 hoursMultiple red, white, and blue strobing lights in sky2/8/11
1/18/11 10:36American CanyonCAUSAChangingstrange craft over american canyon california. 2 bright and 4 or 5 white lights.1/31/11
1/11/11 23:43Centre HallPAUSAChanging20 minutesA mutating fiery flying mass descendes behind mountains1/31/11
1/8/11 20:00Cape CoralFLUSAChanging4 hrLooks like a star, but its not. Its green,blue, red spining lights, then formed 4 white balls around it. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius. PD))1/31/11
1/1/11 11:15Rhodes (Sydney) (Australia)AustraliaChanging6 secondssilvery white object , oval like shape opened out, rotated, closed in and disappeared.1/5/11
12/29/10 02:28GalvestonTXUSAChanging20 secsSeen unidentified lighted object1/5/11
12/24/10 00:00MesaAZUSAChangingWhen i went out side i saw 10 very large craft. Me and my friends were really scared. I saw moving lights, and then all of a sudden the1/31/11
12/22/10 10:37HoustonTXUSAChangingaprox 2 min.strange black object over Houston TX on 12/22/101/5/11
12/21/10 03:00St. LouisMOUSAChanging1.5 minutesFloating morphing, color changing object.1/5/11
12/19/10 15:00HauloverFLUSAChanging3 minsI witness a strange object showed up first as circular but when it moved the shape changed to, I had spent an hour or more observing th1/31/11
12/15/10 04:45Palm SpringsCAUSAChanging5 secdisc-shapped silver object changing form pulsed 3 xs from mountain level went straight up disappeared in seconds12/12/11
12/13/10 06:45Los AngelesCAUSAChanging10 to 15 minutesUFO impersonating a large jet aircraft, but had abnormal contrail appearance.1/5/11
12/9/10 04:00WerisdaleFLUSAChanging3 hoursAt about 4 am a object was seen in the sky on lake weire. It changed many different shapes and sizes. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))1/5/11
12/8/10 21:20NewburghNYUSAChanging3-5 min.15-20 tiny points of light moving over Newburgh, NY.1/5/11
11/23/10 06:30Monument ValleyUTUSAChanging7 minuteslooked like a worm in the sky oozing off itself revealing its true shape over seven minutes.1/5/11
11/22/10 21:00Northumberland CountyPAUSAChangingShape-shifters: Peach-colored lights/orbs & hovering, fake planes1/5/11
11/21/10 14:34SharpsburgGAUSAChanging4 minutesThree lobed, colorful sphere moving slowly at low altitude and then changing shape. ((NUFORC Note: Possible cluster of balloons? PD)2/18/11
11/15/10 13:05LakewoodWAUSAChanging20 minutescraft hovers silently changing shape. possible abduction.1/5/11
11/13/10 21:30AustraliaAustraliaChanging10 minStrange group of moving bright objects observed by family and captured footage in AU Nov 10' ((NUFORC Note: Photos ambiguous. PD))11/21/10
11/13/10 07:11West CovinaCAUSAChanging3 minutesI seen what I thought was a star towards the mountain area and was looking at it because I never seen a star in that area of sky and it11/21/10
11/10/10 02:30BostonMAUSAChanging5-10 minutesbright light changing shape and moving quickly away11/21/10
11/6/10 22:00Hermosa BeachCAUSAChanging3-5 seconds5-7 looked like stars going across the sky in a "V" shape from West to East, in 3-5 seconds11/21/10
10/31/10 21:50StaytonORUSAChanging15 minutesA cylindrical, than triangulat object floating in the sky with many different colors of light flickering!!!11/21/10
10/31/10 19:53O'FallonMOUSAChanging9 minutesBright white light seen from a distance over O'fallon, Mo. gradually changed shapes. After slow hesitation...disappeared quickly!11/21/10
10/30/10 23:50Broken ArrowOKUSAChanging30sSeven unexplained lights over Broken Arrow OK...2 witnes Army Vet.11/21/10
10/30/10 22:00MilfordNEUSAChanging5 mincloked ship that the space around it bent as it moved2/8/11
10/29/10 06:40Laurel HillNCUSAChanging5 minutesLarge, exploding fireball11/21/10
10/18/10 16:00PittsburghPAUSAChangingAbout 5 minutesWeird object (shaped like plastic bag) moving across sky.11/21/10
10/16/10 21:38Port St. LucieFLUSAChanging2-3 minred ball over port saint lucie florida11/21/10
10/15/10 20:00RaefordNCUSAChangingconsistant and nightlywhite moving light that appears every night in Raeford, NC.11/21/10
10/13/10 22:45Las VegasNVUSAChanging15 secondsShapeshifting object seen over Las Vegas drive-in movie theater. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly migratory birds?? PD))11/21/10
10/12/10 22:30Fort MohaveAZUSAChanging1 + hoursCircular craft seen over Fort Mohave, Arizona with fast moving perimeter lights.11/21/10
10/11/10 12:30OrangevaleCAUSAChangingabout 45 minslowmoveing fire ball in sky11/21/10
10/10/10 23:00MiamiFLUSAChangingApprox. 20 minsBright lights hovering and going in and out of orchestrated formations11/21/10
10/5/10 19:34BuffaloNYUSAChanging3-4 minutesKite shaped object bright white, above deleware park11/21/10
10/3/10 10:30AmeliaOHUSAChanging5-8 secondsBright white object streaking across the front yard then disappearing.11/21/10
10/1/10 21:00Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaChanging30-60 secondshazy yellow-orange light(s) that changed shape and moved fluidly11/21/10
9/30/10 10:30SaludaSCUSAChanging30 minutesUFO SEEN IN SALUDA SOUTH CAROLINA HOME11/21/10
9/29/10Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaChanging
9/28/10 22:00Atikokan (Canada)ONCanadaChanging90 min.Very unusal, scary, craft stays at my cabin most nights seen, if sky is clear.11/21/10
9/25/10 01:00HoustonTXUSAChanging30 MINobject changing shapes and colors over houston. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the object was a twinkling star. PD))11/21/10
9/20/10 00:00KilueaHIUSAChanging2hoursBright changing light shape change size change position change from left sky to right sky it twinkiled like a star but it's really brig11/21/10
9/20/10 21:15VenturaCAUSAChanging5 minuteshuge comet like object with fireball trail, turned white, stopped, became incircled by swirling white tails, then disappeared.11/21/10
9/19/10 10:02Fort MohaveAZUSAChanging3-4 minChanging size and color object, over Fort Mohave AZ11/21/10
9/9/10 21:30BrightonMIUSAChanging3-5 minutesGlittery random lights near each other, really strange stuff11/21/10
9/7/10 23:00SalemORUSAChanging2-3 minutesObject came in like a shooting star at a angle from east to west. A yellow orbe came out of the flash at end of streak.11/19/15
9/3/10 02:23PelzerSCUSAChanging20minutes3 red lights in shape of a perfect triangle over the steam mill in Pelzer,sc11/21/10
9/2/10 22:30St. Andrews (Canada)NBCanadaChanging2-3 minBright orange object enters atmosphere, flies south, stops, than fades to nothing11/21/10
8/28/10 06:00SalemINUSAChanging45 minutesPulsing, shape-shifting UFO in Southern Indiana. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius is to the left of, and below, Orion. PD))8/30/10
8/27/10 20:00KelsoWAUSAChanging1 minbright orange light in a line in washington8/30/10
8/26/10 17:00TawasMIUSAChangingapprox 30 minFour lights hovering in the sky near Tawas, MI that appeared and disappeared and reappeared....two flew close together8/30/10
8/25/10 08:25HammondINUSAChangingbig flash over hammond indiana with a shape changing object in mid air8/30/10
8/24/10 18:12PhoenixAZUSAChanging1 minbright white light then turned black moved very fast then gone8/30/10
8/21/10 23:45FeltonDEUSAChanging1 minuteComing from upstate new york we left here at 5:30pm. Tryed to get into the first entrance of the camping ground around 11:20pm. It was8/24/10
8/19/10 22:00OldenburgINUSAChanging45 minutesSeveral UFO's spotted over Indiana8/24/10
8/18/10 20:47Palos Verdes EstatesCAUSAChanging10 minutes3 then 4 lights above Santa Monica Bay, directly aligned above each other, flashing green and red.8/24/10
8/15/10 11:00Essex (Canada)ONCanadaChanging5 minSaw UFO, photographed UFO ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. One of four reports from same source. PD))8/24/10
8/13/10 04:30Hot SpringsVAUSAChangingSeveral MinutesLow flying lights manouvering over treeline.8/24/10
8/12/10 09:00Essex (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2 minSaw UFO, photographed UFO ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. One of four reports from same source. PD))8/24/10
8/12/10 02:00GastonSCUSAChanging5 minutesBlob of moving light in front of clouds.Went down to something like a car's headlamp changed colors then there was a bright flash and i11/21/10
8/10/10 23:30Exeter (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 secvarious objects in the night sky sounds and changing shape and colours.11/21/10
8/3/10 14:00BostonMAUSAChanging10 minutesChanges shape and flashing lights- one dark window- blue beam came down- picked up something 58/24/10
8/2/10 02:50San AntonioTXUSAChanging1hris it a comet coming towards earth?8/24/10
7/30/10 20:44ReadingPAUSAChanging2-3 hoursFour visible, identical, shape-changing UFOs over a large E city going toe-to-toe with intruders that are only visible on cameras.8/24/10
7/30/10 09:30EnfieldCTUSAChanging30 minutoscambia de forma y dura 30 minutos ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of a celestial body, a star or a planet. PD))8/24/10
7/27/10 23:00OremUTUSAChanging5 minutesWe saw a group of about 12 dim lights moving together in the night sky in a graceful fluid pattern.7/28/10
7/25/10 22:00JamestownCAUSAChangingongoingUFOs over my house nightly8/24/10
7/25/10 18:00Walla WallaWAUSAChangingAprox 10 secThe sighting happened towards the latter part of July 2010. While watching my son play I noticed a large object in the distance. My11/21/10
7/24/10 00:50KingwoodTXUSAChanging5 minutesMulti-colored pulsing light in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus is in the northwest sky, at the time indicated. PD))7/28/10
7/22/10 22:00Atlantic BeachNCUSAChangingseconds3 separate incidents of large saucer shaped object(s) and small round lights, reddish orange-ish, witnessed by 2 or 3 people.8/24/10
7/20/10 00:47RichlandWAUSAChangingNot long maybe a minuteFrom one red line to three red balls (like red stars), to the balls to (v)(^(<), blinking red lights making a triangle.7/28/10
7/18/10 01:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaChanging15 minsOrange lights in Victoria, BC, Canada.7/19/10
7/17/10 00:00New York City (Bronx) (Yankee Stadium)NYUSAChangingAbove Yankee StadiumI'm back with another report only this time I'm not confused.7/19/10
7/16/10 22:42MalibuCAUSAChanging2-3 minutesFire colored cylinder changing shape to circle7/19/10
7/16/10 21:45Miami TownshipOHUSAChanging3 minVery large obj. flying low in the sky with multiple luminescent lights. ((NUFORC Note: See note below from MUFON FI. PD))7/19/10
7/15/10 21:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging10 secondsDriving on N I-95 to pick up daughter from volleyball practice, and saw what appeared to be a cluster of round white lights.4/20/17
7/13/10 10:30VictorIDUSAChanging5-10 minutesRod shaped appearance that in photos look more like double lights during daytime.8/30/10
7/12/10 21:00BurbankCAUSAChanging10 minutesNumerous black parachute-like objects, very fast-moving, split off in different directions, then one triangular-shaped flat object.7/19/10
7/11/10 03:00London (UK/England)United KingdomChanging2 MinutesThree round silent balls of light over London, then disappear, then a strange grey oval shape.7/19/10
7/11/10 02:00CeresCAUSAChanging2 HOURSNightime ufo sitng cenral valley northern california 7-10-2010 ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of star or planet?? PD))7/19/10
7/10/10 13:30Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaChanging10-15 SecondsStrange shapeshifting cloud like UFO.8/7/11
7/7/10 22:10DavenportIAUSAChanging10 secondsA green heat light traveling east to west.7/10/10
7/4/10 23:03EastportMEUSAChanging2 minBright yellow object with halo, flies NE, changes direction E, loses halo, flies E until too small to see11/21/10
7/4/10 22:00Deer ParkOHUSAChanging45-50 minutesLooking NE there was a bright round/triangular object hovering in the sky and moving sporadically; changed in shape, size, & brightness7/6/10
7/3/10 21:15Red BankNJUSAChanging30 minutesUnknown Self luminous Red Obj obve fireworks display8/24/10
7/1/10 18:15Yokohama (Japan)JapanChanging5 minA strange shaped object was floating in the air for 5 min in Yokohama City, very low then disappeared in the cloudy sky.7/6/10
6/28/10 21:35HoustonTXUSAChanging30 minutesufo sighting in houston,texas7/6/10
6/27/10 12:00ZionsvilleINUSAChanging15 minutes30 red balls seen twice7/6/10
6/19/10 10:17SpringfieldOHUSAChangingabout one minuteI just seen a UFO with a circular laser type light above it!6/23/10
6/15/10 00:00Spring HillFLUSAChanging1 hour2 large objects seen in hernando: with smaller lighted objects coming from them6/23/10
6/13/10 22:30LivoniaMIUSAChanging5 minutes6 bright red lights ascend in a line and form triangle, disappear and return.6/23/10
6/10/10 23:05Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomChanging4 minutesOut of the ordinary, resulting in a change of belief.6/23/10
6/10/10 21:30Red Bluff - Dribble Creek SubdivisionCAUSAChanging2 HoursI saw a bright round light sitting in one spot for a least one hour in the sky about 3 or 4 miles away. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))6/23/10
6/10/10 13:52Sydney (Australia)AustraliaChanging15 minutesClouds appearing from no where, white dots and teleportation.6/10/10
6/8/10 18:50IndependenceOHUSAChangingfive minutesThe object changed shape and moved slowly and eratically6/10/10
6/7/10 00:00MoberlyMOUSAChanging25 min.I have noticed a very bright twinkling light several nites in a row and it will appear in the west sky ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))6/10/10
6/6/10 11:15Lake ElsinoreCAUSAChanging30 to 40 minutesThese oval and flat objects moved in an incredibly fast and were a transparent and metallic in color disappearing and reappearing.6/10/10
6/5/10 16:45Okanagan Centre (Canada)BCCanadaChanging~6 minutes((HOAX)) 06/05/2010 4:45 PM daylight rectangle shaped box with curved sides OK.Valley posted 05/11/20146/4/14
6/5/10 05:45AustraliaAustraliaChanging3 minutescircular shape with rings descending from the stars, Rings then changed to triangular shape.6/10/10
6/1/10 23:00BradentonFLUSAChanging5-10 seconds2 fast-moving lights which spun around each other, then separated and rejoined11/21/10
6/1/10 20:30Sunrise BeachMOUSAChanging1 hourI saw a very bright object in the western sky that appeared to have segmented lights.6/3/10
5/30/10 02:30Granite BayCAUSAChanging10 MinutesStrange color and shape changing light over Northern California6/3/10
5/29/10 22:44Iowa CityIAUSAChanging:30Iowa city group of lights6/3/10
5/29/10 22:00RichlandMOUSAChangingstill occuring.I saw three craft-like objects that were shades of red in the sky.6/3/10
5/26/10 00:20LouisvilleKYUSAChangingits still in the skyTwo crafts Hover over Neighborhoods6/3/10
5/21/10 15:30EulessTXUSAChanging1 minutechanging dark silver cilinder object hovering in sky in daylight appeared for 1 minute6/3/10
5/19/10 22:10SarasotaFLUSAChanging6 minutesRed and Blue lights jerking across the sky and multiple helicopters circling the event during and after.6/3/10
5/14/10 00:48TemeculaCAUSAChanging10- 15 MINS.Big, Bright Hovering Light6/23/10
5/7/10 12:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging7 secondsMoved across the city of Phoenix in just a few seconds.5/12/10
5/3/10 21:00LouisvilleKYUSAChanging22:00Bright objects and flashes over Louisville,Kentucky.5/12/10
4/28/10 20:50New BernNCUSAChanging5 minutesMorphing triangle into jet, Jupiter-bright object heads NE nearby during jet chase.5/12/10
4/20/10 19:00Fairfield (east of)TXUSAChanging45 minuteshuge light that seemed to hover and then quickly dropped and climbed back up slowly5/12/10
4/19/10 00:30TempeAZUSAChanging5 minsTiny neon blue light ufo wittnessed by three in Tempe, Arizona6/3/10
4/18/10 20:00New LenoxILUSAChangingabout an hour2 very bright stationary objects, both appearing to change shape, and one that was changing colors or had multiple colored lights.5/12/10
4/14/10 22:00AuburnNYUSAChanging1 minute4 lights defining a large craft changing shape and moving faster and faster5/12/10
4/14/10 09:50AuburnNYUSAChanging45-55 secondsA Single craft with 4 lights changing shape going north over Auburn Ny5/12/10
4/8/10 00:00BunnellFLUSAChanging5/10 minutesmidnight April 8th, our home lost power there was a bright flash of light outside power came back on and we seen a hovering object4/13/10
4/3/10 22:00MuskegonMIUSAChanging30-60secondsStar clusters moves and changes shape4/13/10
3/31/10 20:15North HollywoodCAUSAChanging8 secondshuge silvery light flys into atmosphere, then flys overhead in North Hollywood.4/13/10
3/29/10 23:00WorcesterMAUSAChangingit was trying to distracted me?4/13/10
3/25/10 18:00ColcordOKUSAChanging2 minutesstrange lights in Oklahoma sky outside Siloam Springs Arkansas March 25, 20104/13/10
3/23/10 01:45El PasoTXUSAChangingunkownBright white light along the side of mountain, that changed shape and cast a huge glow around it.4/13/10
3/22/10 02:00Fond du LacWIUSAChanging10 seconds((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information about his sighting. PD))10/4/19
3/20/10 23:00LaconiaNHUSAChanging1hr and 30 min.UFO Sighting in Laconia4/13/10
3/20/10 23:00LaconiaNHUSAChanging1hr 30 min.UFO Sighting in Laconia4/13/10
3/20/10 22:00HopkinsSCUSAChanging15-20 secondsmy husband and I were standing in a parking lot outside of our car and we hugged I looked up and I noticed a bird like object that was4/13/10
3/14/10 16:00PasadenaCAUSAChanging25 minutesWhite Glowing Object Changing Shape Over Pasadena, CA4/13/10
3/12/10 19:56EriePAUSAChanging5 minutesViewed Cigar 2 light object change into a Complete triangle With 3 lights.4/13/10
3/12/10 19:56EriePAUSAChanging5 minutes 3/12/10Viewed a comet like object very bright fall out of the sky about 1 mile.4/13/10
3/9/10 18:00BethlehemPAUSAChanging45 secondslarge, bright white lights with one red light that hovered about 75 feet in air4/13/10
3/7/10 21:17LiverpoolNYUSAChanging1 minuteShape changing object spinning counter clockwise at 21:17 in central New York4/13/10
2/28/10 18:50SilverdaleWAUSAChanging5-10 minStrange Object spotted in sky over trailer park and goes through several changes.4/13/10
2/16/10 23:45WinnieTXUSAChanging17 minutesVery eerily silent, complete vulnarability, Sense of being watched and thoughts read4/13/10
2/14/10 00:00AbileneTXUSAChanging30 minutesMy friend took pictures with night vision camera lights and craft matched stephensville photos4/13/10
2/9/10 21:00ModestoCAUSAChanging15 minBlue UFO in North Modesto, Ca.2/14/10
1/29/10 00:00Maple ValleyWAUSAChangingall night and still contistrange lights make half diamond shape in sky and one approaches the house.2/14/10
1/22/10 04:40BoiseIDUSAChanging20-25 seconds33' Wide White Object seen over Boise, ID, emitting Screeching/Shrill Noise (01/22/10)2/14/10
1/16/10 19:30BoiseIDUSAChanging2 minutesRed Light Above Boise Descends at Tremendous Speed, Stops to Hover, Emits Radiation - All filmed by Observer 01/16/20102/14/10
1/12/10 17:35SpringfieldORUSAChanging3 minutesblack floating object with lights1/31/11
1/10/10 14:00CaryNCUSAChanging15 minObject appears and hovers, strange maneuvering.2/14/10
1/4/10 05:28ReedvilleVAUSAChangingabt 1 hourSpherical flashing lights, hovering in the northwestern sky, no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial body?? PD))2/14/10
1/2/10 20:15Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomChanging15 minuteseast to west flight path over Hylton Castle, Sunderland, SR5 3TP, England2/14/10
1/1/10 20:00Delhi (India)IndiaChanging15 minutesMoon came as heart shaped in my moon changes shape as i took photo2/10/12
12/24/09 23:35Phillips RanchCAUSAChanging10 minSingle craft released multiple craft with dropped and flew away, (have pics of sinlge craft only)2/14/10
12/15/09 19:00Huntington BeachCAUSAChangingone minute4 shape shifting lights flies through the sky with planes and helicopters following it4/13/10
12/8/09ElmiraNYUSAChanging2 minutesIt was fast and there was a lot of dots, all blue/ silver.12/12/09
11/29/09 22:30FerndaleWAUSAChanging2 plus hours ongoing righ3 objects that appeared to be made up of separate lights approximately 6-8 spinning lights per object that appeared, disappeared12/12/09
11/28/09 10:30Abu Dhabi (UAE)United Arab EmiratesChanging15minweird experience12/12/09
11/26/09 15:00VeniceCAUSAChanging5-8 minutesOn Nov.26th 2009 at or about 15:00hrs 8 of use saw an object that changed shape every few seconds and was moving from South East to Sou12/12/09
11/23/09 22:20Bainbridge IslandWAUSAChanging1 minuteUFO with changing shape and erraticly fluid movements appears in view and leaves, shortly followed by an unmarked black helicopter.12/12/09
11/20/09 19:20Alligator AlleyFLUSAChanging30 minutesLights changing shape, triangle, long duration.12/12/09
11/16/09 20:00KerhonksonNYUSAChanging15 min2 unidentifiable flying objects passsed over our home in Kerhonkson , NY12/12/09
11/16/09 19:00Queen CreekAZUSAChanging30 minutes3 White Orbs and bands of 8 Red Lights flash on and off over Queen Creek, AZ12/12/09
11/12/09 21:30BudaTXUSAChangingI viewed for 2 hoursBright UFO that changed shape from sphere to triangle and color of bright light, many colors. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))12/12/09
11/2/09 09:00West Palm BeachFLUSAChanging20 minutesTwo objects over West Palm Beach Florida. One changed shape and both disappeared12/12/09
11/1/09 01:48ReddingCAUSAChanging30-45 minutesChanged shapes with bright multi-colored lights all over/around it.12/12/09
10/31/09 19:50Derry (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandChanging1-2 minutesSeveral people witness a strange light that changed shape, direction and speed over Derry.12/12/09
10/24/09 23:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging5 minutesspeeding stars over colorado springs2/14/10
10/21/09 01:30CookevilleTNUSAChangingHoursSited at least 3 or more objects with flashing lights in the sky.12/12/09
10/20/09 01:55BurnsvilleNCUSAChanging2:27Star-like, color changing triangle shape object12/12/09
10/16/09 19:30Selby (UK/England)United KingdomChanging4 minutesA orange splatter shaped light hovering in one place for about 4 minutes, slightly moving around but staying in round about the same sp12/12/09
10/15/09 14:00WinchesterTNUSAChanging5 min+Morphing UFO with two smaller orbs seen in broad daylight - Orbs w/fantastic speed /maneuvers12/12/09
10/14/09 09:00ConcordCAUSAChanging10:00 minutesamorphous black object stationary in the sky... 9 witnesses. Daytime sighting...12/12/09
10/10/09 23:00Michigan CityINUSAChanging15 minutesblack object that seemed to impode into a sphere and vanish, only to reappear in the same shape and move location12/12/09
9/25/09 21:15SpencerIAUSAChanging60 minsUnexplained pattern of mult-colored lights that moved, diappeared, reappeared and has 7 Iowans believing that there are definately UFOs12/12/09
9/25/09 20:45MartindaleTXUSAChanging5 min-10min((HOAX??)) now i belive12/12/09
9/19/09 20:00PittsburghPAUSAChanging15 secA brief, bright light in Western Pennsylvania. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 17:00Hatfield, Hertfordshire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging45 minutesShape-changing, dark object seen in the sky, in daylight, exhibiting gradual, unorthodox ascent. Urban area.12/12/09
9/18/09 22:00Seaford (Australia)AustraliaChanging103 moving balls of light in triangle shape moving in and out of sky then quickly fading over seaford beach melb,australia12/12/09
9/17/09 12:53Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2-3 MINSBizarre changing shape/color object witnessed by four witnesses12/12/09
9/17/09 00:00BrownsdaleMNUSAChanging4 hrs((HOAX??)) Hurry up and check this out wierd things fill the sky and really scary things have been happening!!!12/12/09
9/13/09 20:15YpsilantiMIUSAChangingSeveral HoursVery bright object hovered aboved the treetops for a long time before moving extremely slowly toward the west. ((Star??))12/12/09
9/11/09 22:00FredericksburgVAUSAChanging30 minStrange colorful siting in the western sky12/12/09
9/11/09 21:30ChicagoILUSAChanging40 minutesOn Friday, September 11, at about 21:30 hours I observed, in the sky south of my home in Prospect Heights, Illinois, two very bright ob12/12/09
9/9/09 21:00AkronOHUSAChanging30 to 40 minutesShape shifting worm like ufo12/12/09
9/5/09 21:40HendersonvilleNCUSAChangingabout 1.5 minutesPossible UFO sighting over Hendersonville, NC12/12/09
9/3/09 22:00S. CharlestonOHUSAChanging20 ses.Two identical triagnular craft that changed shape during observation12/12/09
8/24/09 17:30ModestoCAUSAChanging15 secondsit looked like three bright dots, small gap then three more bright dots. it was dancing gracefully a mile or two above the horizon.8/27/09
8/21/09 23:00Viljandi (Estonia)EstoniaChangingfew secondsboomerang-like object flied extremely fast across the sky without any sound8/27/09
8/20/09 21:00LyleWAUSAChanging4 hoursMultiople haloed domes, orb with lightning bolts, beam, rectangular structure, 7 dancing objects in formation twinkling white and red10/10/11
8/19/09 01:00GlobeAZUSAChanging20 minutesCouple in Eastern Arizona witness strange craft in the night sky8/21/11
8/16/09 21:30FranklinNYUSAChanging2hrsdancing light (lights) appear to be in a cluster that changes shape and color.8/27/09
8/16/09 21:30FranklinNYUSAChanging3 hrslight that changed in # and color from 1-4 lights and from yellow-orange-green/blue.8/27/09
8/15/09 00:25Sterling HeightsMIUSAChanging7 min((HOAX)) We saw a UFO in the sky before landing, and taking a human onto the ship.8/27/09
8/14/09SpainSpainChangingFrom the 14th august, i can see star like objects flying around the sky (lots of them). ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites? PD))12/12/09
8/8/09 23:10Cork (Ireland)IrelandChanging2 secondsWhite irregular light appears in Irish skies.8/27/09
8/4/09 23:00McCallaALUSAChanging1 hourAugust 4, 2009, I spotted in the night sky what first thought was a star. ((NUFORC Note: I suspect a "twinkling" star. PD))8/5/09
7/26/09 03:00Forest GroceORUSAChanging3 secondsBright green diamond changes to yellow circle then flashes and disappears8/5/09
7/25/09 22:30Hampshire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging4 minutesBright white lights in a diamond formation changing into a square shape.No noise.8/5/09
7/24/09 21:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAChangingApproximately 15 minutesAlbuquerque, New Mexico USA Object/Lights Night Sky July 24, 2009 21:31-21:51 PM8/5/09
7/24/09 00:01Beaver CreekORUSAChanging0:00 3:00amSaw glowing red object.It moved back and fourth at treetop level.It remained hovering for 3 hrs. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))8/5/09
7/22/09 23:25SeattleWAUSAChanging25 minutesobseved star like UFO fading from very bright to a dim red light, disappering altogether and reappering for 25 minutes at 11:25 July 228/5/09
7/18/09 21:15AlbanyORUSAChanging5 minutesUFO over I-5 near Albany, Oregon on 7/18/2009.8/27/09
7/18/09 21:00FranklinOHUSAChanging10 minssomething is happen here in franklin ohio.8/5/09
7/17/09 21:55MiddletownOHUSAChanging10 to 15 minutesFirst of all - I would like to preface this by saying that I was NOT a direct witness to this, but I viewed a cell phone photo of the o8/5/09
7/16/09 00:24CypressCAUSAChangingAbout 5 MinutesOrange/Amber Light seen from Cypress over Orange County Sky, turned & moved towards the beach.8/5/09
7/8/09 15:30McArthurOHUSAChanging45 minutesstrange object seen over McArthur sky8/5/09
7/8/09 00:23Cave CityKYUSAChanging3 hoursStrange Lights over Glasgow Ky, 7-8-098/5/09
7/6/09 23:33ReddingCAUSAChanging3 minutesLarge orange shape changing object emits smaller orbs, winks out reappearing instantly in other locations8/5/09
7/5/09 07:00Cedar ParkTXUSAChangingseveral minutesblack noiseless craft changing from round to having two angles with aura traveling at steady speed from west to east.8/5/09
7/4/09 06:35ApalachicolaFLUSAChanging20 secsOkay! once again i am filling out a ufo report. This sighting occured on july 4th as i was taking my early morning walk. i had already8/5/09
7/4/09 02:00LynnwoodWAUSAChanging1.75hrsLynnwood wa. @ 10-20miles away hovering moving L-R flashing red,blue & white lights & more. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))8/5/09
7/1/09 15:00San JoseCAUSAChanging3 minutessun shines of fuselage of very large high altitude object, small stationary light visible afterwards6/3/10
6/30/09 03:00BrookingsORUSAChanging3 minutesI have something no one else in the world has.4/4/14
6/25/09 19:15Santa BarbaraCAUSAChanging10 minutesBlack object tumbling and moving in sky over Santa Barbara, CA on June 25, 2009 7:15 pm8/5/09
6/23/09 02:20Corpus ChristiTXUSAChangingHour and a halfA single extremely luminescent light jolted continuously and changed shape for hours. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))8/5/09
6/20/09 22:00FranklinKYUSAChanging10 minutesSeveral unknown aircraft that possesed the capability of detaching and then connecting back together.3/6/15
6/19/09 21:45OmahaNEUSAChanging20-25 secondsWillowcreek Park, Omaha, UFO sighting - June 19, 20098/5/09
6/18/09 22:24LaValeMDUSAChanging15 secondsSaw three lights traveling south to north over western Maryland8/5/09
6/16/09 21:15PensacolaFLUSAChanging2 minutesShapshifting white lights moving over Pensacola Pier8/5/09
6/14/09 00:30MonticelloKYUSAChanging15 mins. (approx.)Two lights flying odd paterns and running into each other8/5/09
6/9/09 21:30StilwellKSUSAChanging1 minuteSilent, unidentifed object moves in a southwestern direction from the North and changes shape/ lighting8/5/09
5/28/09FarmingtonNMUSAChanging8minutes80 to a100 strange lighted objects coming from the east skys6/9/09
5/26/09 22:00VeniceLAUSAChanging15-20 minutesFive yelowish lights apeared in the sky, four where aligned in a row then the fifth seemed to fly up into the four then they dimmed out6/9/09
5/22/09 04:30East HelenaMTUSAChanging45 minExtreamly bright circular light floating & changing shape in the early morning sky.6/9/09
5/19/09 10:40HolyokeMAUSAChangingabout 10 seconds5 second sighting of rectangular object6/9/09
5/18/09 04:18RichmondVAUSAChanging30 min.Thought I was seeing a aircraft flying towards me from south to west as I could see 2 lights that I took for wing tip lights. I watch6/9/09
5/16/09 23:05KirklandWAUSAChanging45 min.THERE HERE! UFO'S EXPLORING IN KIRKLAND WA. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars?? PD))6/9/09
5/14/09 21:00San JacintoCAUSAChanging30Shape changing UFO and ultra florescent light show at dawn.8/5/09
5/10/09 19:30St. LouisMOUSAChanging7-10 MinuitesDiamond shaped object in southern sky, have compelling video6/9/09
5/9/09 04:30SacramentoCAUSAChangingover 1 hrclear night sky, bright object, changing shapes and moving quickly in every direction with no pattern. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))5/12/09
5/9/09 04:00SacramentoCAUSAChangingtwo ours to currentslow meandering observing ufo in sacramento5/12/09
4/30/09 18:15Edenvale (Johannesburg) (South Africa)South AfricaChanging45 secthis was not a meteor . I hope others saw it too.5/12/10
4/22/09 21:00RadcliffKYUSAChanging30 minutesBright orange lights were seen, at one point forming a triangle in the sky.5/12/09
4/22/09 10:20WausauWIUSAChangingufo was just floating in the air; it had red and green lights and went to get a better observeration flipped over dissapeared intthesky5/12/09
4/20/09 21:00Kennewick/RichlandWAUSAChanging2 hoursMulti-colored liquid looking balls coming from a ball of light. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of "twinkling" star?? PD))5/12/09
4/19/09 04:00DoverDEUSAChanging1 hourBright light changed shapes, multiplied, and faded out. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))5/12/09
4/16/09 21:55ChillicotheOHUSAChanging10 seconds5 orange glowing lights in the south western sky5/12/09
4/1/09 20:30GainesvilleFLUSAChanging45 secondsOne fiery ball that grew into a crescent shape, then an apparent battle between 2 jets and a small craft.12/12/09
3/29/09 20:00RoyersfordPAUSAChanging1 hourThree objects moving from one point to another and repeating pattern for one hour.4/14/09
3/28/09 09:28SacramentoCAUSAChanging1-2 minuteslit up oval floating close to a near by nieghbors tree.4/14/09
3/22/09 18:30YakimaWAUSAChanging30 minutesbright light hovering in Yakima Wa, closer to Tampico, in the evening on 3/22/09. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))4/14/09
3/21/09 20:30McMurrayPAUSAChangingapprox 35 min03/21/09 4 lights circling approx 6 stories high in residential area. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD))4/14/09
3/21/09 03:30WindsorVTUSAChanging25 +5 unidentified light formations with bright lights changing in color, and direction, lights go in different patterns4/14/09
3/17/09 19:59Long BeachCAUSAChanging26 minutesUFO seen in Long Beach California; Air traffic rerouted, helicopters search and no word in the media!3/19/09
3/11/09 00:00Oamaru (New Zealand)New ZealandChanging30 secflying car that person walked out of after crash3/19/09
3/8/09 08:30ClermontFLUSAChanging5 minsFour glowing balls4/14/09
3/6/09 22:53West Palm BeachFLUSAChangingAbout 2 minSix people see an object change from glowing red to blinking aircraft to flaming blue meteor.3/19/09
3/1/09 00:15El PasoTXUSAChanging1 minuteCluster of lights over western Franklin Mountain Range in El Paso Tx, within seconds diamond shaped blue light formation appearing.3/19/09
2/28/09 22:05Valley SpringsCAUSAChanging5 minutesfast criss crossing lights3/19/09
2/23/09 19:15MorganvilleNJUSAChanging1 hour 20 minutesa very bight shaped object slowly moving over the western sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))3/19/09
2/21/09 00:30HillsboroORUSAChanging3-4 hourscolorful pulsating ufo over Hillsboro Oregon [jellyfish like!]3/19/09
2/16/09 23:05South EastonMAUSAChanging3 minsHovering box-like UFO spotted in Eastern Mass.3/19/09
2/16/09 20:30AuburnNHUSAChanging1 hourHovering Obj. with bright lights that appeared to come from object with rows of windows.((NUFORC Note: Possibly Sirius or Venus? PD))3/19/09
2/14/09 16:00WenatcheeWAUSAChanging5 minutesBlack object over Wenatchee, WA.3/19/09
2/11/09 22:30ColumbusGAUSAChanging1 minuteA UFO was seen overhead changing shape and making my cellphone turn off.3/19/09
2/10/09 16:00HickoryNCUSAChangingnormalBlack object hubbering in the clouds...3/19/09
2/9/09 21:20Salford (UK/England)United KingdomChanging1 minuteLay on the sofa watching tv,I saw red lights out of the corner of my eye, I live on the 13th floor and thought it was a firework initia3/19/09
2/9/09 21:20Salford (UK/England)United KingdomChanging1 minuteI have just submitted a report.lokking at your other reports I see someone has caught what I saw on video. Morris plains on jan6.3/19/09
2/8/09 18:00Spring HillTNUSAChanging3 HoursBright white light in the sky. Spring Hill TN. Sometimes changes shapes & Blinking colors Red Green & Yellow.3/19/09
2/8/09 14:15AshburnVAUSAChanging5 secondsI was in the back yard reading a book. I felt a inclination to look up. As I did I saw a bright reflective silvery cylindrical object (3/19/09
2/5/09 22:30CocoaFLUSAChanging30 min.Star looking object spliting in two sighted over Cocoa, FL on SR 520 East3/19/09
2/1/09 21:00Round RockTXUSAChanging1 hourBright lights in triangle from moving and changing over Round Rock, TX3/19/09
1/31/09 20:20Stanhope (Canada)QCCanadaChanging+20 minutesBig ball changing color and move in zigzag motion up and down to right to left.3/19/09
1/31/09 13:35Huntington BeachCAUSAChanging20 MinutesBlue/Green Translucent Worm Over Huntington Beach3/19/09
1/31/09 10:30ScottsbluffNEUSAChanging1-2 minutesBlack, liquid mercury, shape changing object which can move at amazing speed, stop at amazing speeds to hover3/19/09
1/26/09 20:30Picton (Canada)ONCanadaChanging45 secondsBright light in sky over Picton3/19/09
1/23/09 20:00Copperas CoveTXUSAChanging20 minutesShift and Light Shifting object high over Copperas Cove, Texas. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))3/19/09
1/21/09 20:45DagsboroDEUSAChanging30 minutes7 Obects seen over Southern Delaware.3/19/09
1/20/09 19:00San Francisco/BeniciaCAUSAChanging1 hour and counting1-20-09 Mysterious formation of lights over Pacific Ocean. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))3/19/09
1/18/09 20:00Buena ParkCAUSAChanging15 minI want some answers.......................3/19/09
1/18/09 09:14BremertonWAUSAChangingstill occuringobject sighted in the sky moving and changing shapes3/19/09
1/17/09 20:00HoustonTXUSAChangingHoursOn video'ing, and photographing, UFO's are positioned in front of our view of both Venus & Sirius. ((NUFORC Note: We disagree. PD))3/19/09
1/16/09 09:00Port St. LucieFLUSAChanging1 hourGlowing Objects3/19/09
1/15/09 01:00FlorissantMOUSAChanging5 minutes eachIt was an unexplainable phenominon that had 1 explination, UFO's.2/14/10
1/13/09 23:09Little Neck BayNYUSAChanging30 secOn January, 13th at 23:09 my girl friend and I were enjoying the view of the Throgs Neck Bridge from Little Neck Bay rest area. She too3/19/09
1/13/09 16:25PlanoILUSAChanging20-30 secondsstationary small bright chrome light appeared then increased intensity then dissapeeared.3/19/09
1/10/09 19:00Grimsby (UK/England)United KingdomChanging4 minbright orange light like a fire in the sky took my camera to take picture it was low at first when i went to my backyard it had gain he12/12/09
1/1/09 00:15El CajonCAUSAChanging10 minred light1/10/09
12/26/08 19:52MindenNVUSAChanging5 minutesA strange orange light big enough to be enough to be plane moved across the sky but soon stopped and soon phased out1/10/09
12/16/08 22:00NashuaNHUSAChanging3-4 minutesintense goldish glowing giant star like light in the distance in the sky,changes appearance as it gets closer1/10/09
12/13/08 21:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAChanging10-15 minutesOrange tinged translucent amoeba like object moved upwards into sky until it became a speck of light that disappeared past moon5/20/21
12/2/08 13:00DenverCOUSAChanging10 minutesPulsed Contrail1/10/09
12/1/08 19:00BrawleyCAUSAChanging10 min3 small ships moved into clockwise and then counter clockwise1/10/09
11/27/08 22:25CantonGAUSAChangingOngoingtwo globe lights - very bright!! lined perfectly side by side followed me home from alpharetta to cherokee1/10/09
11/23/08 20:05Black RockCTUSAChanging10 minutes2 lights over Black Rock/Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., CT, one cigar chaped one firebal-like obj.((NUFORC Note: Planets in sw sk sky.PD))1/10/09
11/23/08 01:13Thornton-Cleveleys (UK/England)United KingdomChanging12 minsYOU MUST READ THIS!!!!!!! This could not of been 5 planes they were far too close to each other........1/10/09
11/22/08 00:00Broken ArrowOKUSAChanging0regarding this post: I am the one who posted the adjacent post from Tulsa listed here: htt1/10/09
11/10/08 21:00Burbank (outside of; near Pasco)WAUSAChangingabout four minutesBright, large, slow, white ball of light. When nearly overhead, shape became arrowhead. White lights on inside, blue & red on outside.1/10/09
11/10/08 00:30UniontownOHUSAChanging3 minutes11/10/08 0:30/ Uniontown Ohio/Shape Round/Duration 3 min/Object was 25 ft in diam.,round and viewed from Uniontown Ohio 11/15/081/10/09
11/8/08 09:00Crystal riverFLUSAChanging5 minutesTriangle over the power plany8/5/12
11/6/08 15:30TampaFLUSAChanging5 minutesodd shaped flying object1/10/09
11/5/08 19:30Male (Maldives)MaldivesChanging30 minutesColleague and I witnessed 3-7 lights moving slowly in unison across the night sky.1/10/09
11/2/08 09:15London (UK/England)United KingdomChanging5 minsUnknown , roughly shaped object spotted over North London1/10/09
11/2/08 00:25ClarksvilleTNUSAChanging20 minutesUFO SIGHTHING IN CLARKSVILLE TN 2NOV08 ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))1/10/09
10/31/08 18:00SpokaneWAUSAChanging5-6 minutesAfter 10 minutes there was no sign of the object in any direction from where we first observed it.1/10/09
10/31/08 02:00HialeahFLUSAChanging30 seconds((HOAX??)) An air plain flying on top of the ufo.1/10/09
10/28/08 18:50ManhattanKSUSAChanging15 MinutesSix bright yellow lights in kite, backward "L" and diamond formations10/31/08
10/25/08 19:30DavisCAUSAChanging5 minutes?light with tail doing serpentine manuever over I-80 in Davis1/10/09
10/24/08 19:53Avila BeachCAUSAChanging10 minutesHeading south on the 101 from San Luis Obispo as I neared the Avila Beach exit I noticed what I thought was a bright yellowish star in10/31/08
10/24/08 19:29Pismo BeachCAUSAChangingabout 4 minutesOrange ascending light on California Coast, stopping, moving, disappearing 10-24-0810/31/08
10/22/08 00:45ColumbusOHUSAChanging3-5 minWhite-blue lights over Columbus, Ohio10/31/08
10/21/08 20:30AbileneTXUSAChanging3 minutes?Lights over Abilene,TX10/31/08
10/19/08 19:26VictorvilleCAUSAChanging40cluster of white lights that changed shapes10/31/08
10/19/08 14:00Huntington BeachCAUSAChanging15one circular father away. one several circles joned together that changed shapes. both white. clear sky. moved 10 degrees towards th10/31/08
10/18/08 20:30TucsonAZUSAChanging30 min. but still thereBright multi-colored cigar shaped object that moved too quickly and erratically to be a jet. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star. PD))10/31/08
10/17/08 21:12MantecaCAUSAChanging2 minutesYellow haze light with no sound flying low to ground then disappeared into the night in Manteca, Ca10/31/08
10/12/08 23:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging15 minsAbout 23:00 I opened the drapes and I looked towards the sky.10/31/08
10/12/08 21:00ManchesterTNUSAChangingCouple minutesShape changing plasma type thing along a large jet stream in night sky10/31/08
10/11/08 20:30Villa Park/LombardILUSAChanging5 minutesSeveral Orange Lights Over Vila Park Lomabrd Areas 10-11-20083/19/09
10/7/08 20:30BaltimoreMDUSAChanging3-4 hoursAt about 8:30 on Tuesday, October 10, I looked out the third story window of my dorm room and saw a really bright white light that had10/31/08
10/5/08 21:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging20-30 MinutesThe Vegas Lights Are Not From a Casino!10/31/08
9/29/08 21:25FeltonDEUSAChanging5 minutesLarge, highly bright and changing lighting, shape changing, increbable speed UFO captured on phone video. Felton Delaware10/31/08
9/28/08 01:30AnacortesWAUSAChanging5 minas soon as we all saw the light, a blanket of light, then black showed under it and it disappeard.10/31/08
9/27/08 22:02Village of Oak CreekAZUSAChanging17 minutesFerris wheel looking object flashing different colored lights10/31/08
9/26/08 17:30DenverCOUSAChanging5 min.Three moving craft near Lowry.10/31/08
9/26/08 07:25OrlandoFLUSAChangingfew minutesCompletely black, moved at a leisurely pace, made a somewhat invisible aura, and changed shape. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))10/31/08
9/20/08 21:00San ClementeCAUSAChanging10 mins +White/Blue Rectangular object over Orange County CA changed shape, searchlight pointed at object.10/31/08
9/19/08 23:40San Luis ObispoCAUSAChanging6 minutesa star that turned 10 times its size, got dim again, and then black, over and over , moving by perfumo canyon10/31/08
9/18/08 07:00Silver SpringMDUSAChanging15 minutesobject drifted across the moon as the day was setting, it was odd to see a object coming from above the moon, so i looked really caref10/31/08
9/17/08 14:25ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging10 minutesObject morphed after descent10/31/08
9/15/08 18:30RoswellNMUSAChanging30-45 min.bright blue illuminating object above the buildings hanging out in the sky changed shapes and colors10/31/08
9/12/08 20:45UK/EnglandUnited KingdomChanging1 hour 15 minutes80-100 rectangle shaped lights spinning together clockwise, a huge see-through mixing bowl shape ufo.10/31/08
9/10/08 22:30BismarckNDUSAChanging3 hoursIlluminating light surveys the North Dakota Capitol, Bismarck10/31/08
9/6/08 21:00Wesley ChapelFLUSAChanging4 hoursSaw 4 lights moving around in the night sky (2 white and 2 blue) for about 4 hours in the same area10/31/08
9/5/08 20:18MesaAZUSAChanging10 minFive very bright, solid yellowish, to golden lights that changed shape and format.10/31/08
8/31/08 23:00GurneeILUSAChanging1 hourPulsating lights: &green10/31/08
8/30/08 20:45AshtabulaOHUSAChangingapprox 4minsA cluster of clear sphere like objects that were changing shape and size moving in a Northerly direction.10/31/08
8/30/08 18:15Bel AirMDUSAChanging1 minuteBlack circle turns to flashing light, speeds away and disappears.10/31/08
8/28/08Cape MayNJUSAChanging20 minObject appeared to be yellow colored run away balloon10/31/08
8/26/08 21:00Heidelberg (Germany)GermanyChanging5 min.Three ships appeared for about five minutes then left.10/31/08
8/26/08 19:50PleasantvilleNJUSAChanging45 secondssingle boomerang shape quickly turned into 6 smaller semi-circular lights over Pleasantville NJ10/31/08
8/25/08 09:30New York City (Bronx)NYUSAChanging2 hours?morphing/blimp/disc10/31/08
8/24/08 19:00BakersfieldCAUSAChanging7 minutesorange light in sky in western sky10/31/08
8/22/08 05:05YumaAZUSAChanging26 minsUFO sited in Yuma Arizona. Strange morphing UFO with brilliant translucent colors10/31/08
8/21/08 23:04FentonMIUSAChangingSkyOn August 21,2008 around 11:04, my older sister and I where outside on our deck talking when she was smoking, and I had glanced out at10/31/08
8/15/08 14:00San Diego (Mira Mesa)CAUSAChanging11 seconds or soRare craft changing form ,And shape as well as color, and altitude, Massive size no wind perfect weather blue skies2/14/10
8/11/08 23:00OrlandoFLUSAChanging30 secondspulsating blue- white electrical light object turning on and off10/31/08
8/10/08 08:00LancasterCAUSAChanging8Flying Manta Ray. ((anonymous report))2/7/20
8/4/08 14:00OrlandoFLUSAChanging~6 HoursTransforming cigar shape with large protrusions that move and interlock8/12/08
8/4/08 14:00OrlandoFLUSAChanging6 hoursblack survival knife shaped object seen over orlando florida8/12/08
8/3/08 22:15HendersonNVUSAChanging60 minutesRapid shape changing bright white light vanishing.8/12/08
8/2/08 23:35HendersonNVUSAChanging60 minutesPhotos I took of UFO changing shapes and making very abrupt movements8/12/08
7/31/08 00:00Jensen BeachFLUSAChangingover 40 minsOval mass flashes red, green, white, then yellow in western sky8/12/08
7/26/08 00:30OjaiCAUSAChanging15 minutesRed, white, changing object moving around erratically over Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ojai area8/12/08
7/25/08 22:00YorkPAUSAChangingover 1 hourThree objects out of place in sky - not stars, not planets - do not move with the sky. Way brighter than Sirius/planets.8/12/08
7/21/08 03:18KernersvilleNCUSAChanging18 minutesCylinder object morphs to Sphere shape with Amber colored light over Kernersville, NC8/12/08
7/17/08 19:30TrentonMIUSAChanging5 min.Changed from disk to triangle, broke up, never went over horizon, flying away from a nuclear power plant.10/31/08
7/16/08 23:00ClarkstonWAUSAChangingat least 2 1/2 hoursA number of objects with flashing lights moving erratically.8/12/08
7/13/08 18:30EnglewoodCOUSAChanging20 minutesPearl like object seen hovering over Englewood, Colorado8/12/08
7/11/08 17:30SeattleWAUSAChanging4 minutesStatic object observed in clear skies in high commercial air traffic area.8/12/08
7/11/08 14:09Cardiff (UK/Wales)United KingdomChanging49secondsUFO Wales, Barry, Friday 11th July 20088/12/08
7/7/08 20:07SeattleWAUSAChanging20-30 minutesSighting through photographs8/12/08
7/6/08 01:00New Glasgow (Canada)NSCanadaChanging2 secondsWow8/12/08
7/5/08 15:37CantonMIUSAChanging2 minutessilvery twinkle and slowly turned into a silvery doughnut shaped liquidly fluid like structure4/14/09
7/5/08 04:00TonopahNVUSAChanging1 hourJelly fish tendrils pulsing lights in glowing formation on desert horizon.2/14/10
7/4/08 12:00Granger/MishawakaINUSAChanging3 kept blinking and turning off it was on july 4th so it might of been a firework....4/13/10
7/3/08 23:00RooseveltUTUSAChangingat least 4 hoursUFO caught on tape8/5/09
6/22/08 21:00TavaresFLUSAChanging1hr-2hrSeveral ufos in different shapes fly low over neighborhood in tavares, Fl.7/5/08
6/20/08 01:00ChatsworthCAUSAChanging5 minutesSolid light in a boomerang shape slowly moves across Chatsworth, CA sky.7/5/08
6/19/08 00:30VenturaCAUSAChanging20 secondsBright orange object, incredible speed, diamond shaped and turning7/5/08
6/16/08 15:00EuharleeGAUSAChangingcigar shaped not moving then moved turned was shiny and then whammo it was gone7/5/08
6/13/08 07:30Las VegasNVUSAChanging10 Minutesstar light object in vegas that stayed stationary then it into a cigar shaped object with both ends lit. after 10 minutes disappeared4/14/09
6/12/08 22:40FlintTXUSAChangingaround 2 hoursVery bright and then colored lights would ripple through middle and around quickly. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))7/5/08
6/12/08 00:30FlintTXUSAChangingover a few hoursBright star moving around all over the place. Changed from bright to dim over and over (pulsating or light revolving).7/5/08
6/10/08 23:00EdwardsburgMIUSAChanging2hrsLights over Eagle Lake6/12/08
6/7/08 22:00Hot SpringsARUSAChanging2 hoursLights and light came down upon us. very weird triangular formation after seeing 15 or so solid white lights move across the night sky.7/5/08
6/7/08 03:30AnnapolisMDUSAChanging1 hourHover/Vibrating white lights; emitting beams and dots of light, from 03:30-04:30 6/7/2008 over Annapolis, MD6/12/08
6/7/08 01:00TucsonAZUSAChanging5 minsChanging shape low in Davis-Mothan AFB landing pattern.6/12/08
6/5/08 22:15KeysvilleGAUSAChanging15 minsShape changing light formations, and two hovering vessels, eye level, at very close range6/12/08
5/26/08 02:15Lava Hot SpringsIDUSAChangingabout 2minutesI observed about 30 amber lights which changed position and shape in the night sky over southeastern Idaho.6/12/08
5/21/08 11:30SeattleWAUSAChanging10 secondsAt approximately 11:30A.M. PDT, I witnessed a strange glowing object appear from out of the thick cloud covered sky and literally drop6/12/08
5/19/08 22:00Cottage GroveMNUSAChanging2.5 hrsMultiple ufos with unusual lights over Cottage Grove, MN6/12/08
5/16/08 21:45Van BurenARUSAChanging5 MinutesStrange Lights Hovering and Breaking Into Multiple Different Lights over Van Buren, AR6/12/08
5/15/08 23:00Jersey CityNJUSAChanging1minuteufo jersey city blurr became 3 energy/light orbs which lapped & toyed with 747 jet3/19/09
5/15/08 22:00MedinaNYUSAChanging45 minutesSaw 3 orange round lights motionless,change shapes and move eratically ,vanish and reappear.Have video6/12/08
5/6/08 16:30ChicagoILUSAChanging5 to 10 minutesboomerang shaped object hanging in the air changed shape and looked like a string then metal ball6/12/08
5/3/08 22:38Corona del MarCAUSAChanging5 minoval shape hovers and dances in sky over Corona del Mar, CA6/12/08
5/2/08 19:25SpringdaleARUSAChanging5 minTown UFO Springdale, AR6/12/08
5/1/08 04:30Kansas CityMOUSAChanging2 1/2 hoursMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: ..out of the white came a boomerang craft "straight forward" and "flipped" on its side …12/12/09
4/30/08 08:18Las VegasNVUSAChanging10 minI was driving west on flamingo i saw these object fly behind the New york New York and I raced to my hotel to get my camera all the whi1/10/09
4/27/08 11:15San AntonioTXUSAChanging5 minutesUFO sighting in San Antonio, Texas6/12/08
4/26/08 20:45HallsvilleTXUSAChanging30 secGreen light moves across Texas sky and then disappears.6/12/08
4/25/08 20:30LouisvilleKYUSAChanging30- 45 secondsBlack silent, fairly slow moving craft slowly passed over downtown Louisville Ky.6/12/08
4/23/08 00:00Orchard ParkNYUSAChanging10 MinIt got me off. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/12/08
4/21/08 21:45LorainOHUSAChanging20 MinI was behind my house, having a cigarette on the patio around our pool. I casually looked in the sky as I normally do, and noticed a ve6/12/08
4/17/08 18:30CrestviewFLUSAChanging5minBright light that changed color and shape near aircraft with contrail in daylight6/12/08
4/15/08 01:00BuckheadGAUSAChangingabout 30 minshape changing thing near cloud of smoke6/12/08
4/15/08 01:00BuckheadGAUSAChangingabout 30 minutesufo ubduction6/12/08
4/14/08 12:10McHenryILUSAChangingOne Min.Orange object moving slowly while oscilating wildly is seen approaching, then changes to a point of light.6/12/08
4/11/08 11:12San JoseCAUSAChanging15minreal ufo's6/12/08
4/8/08 22:35StatesvilleNCUSAChangingapproximately 7 minutesBrightly lit, triangular craft flying closely over my home.6/12/08
4/3/08 16:22Wichita FallsTXUSAChanging20 secondsUFO'S Seen in Wichita Falls, Texas/Sheppard AFB area April 3, 20086/12/08
3/25/08 23:00OrangeCAUSAChangingcontinuousBright sparkling multi-colored object in the west/southwest sky. ((NUFORC Note: Prboable sighting of a celestial body. Sirius? PD))3/31/08
3/25/08 21:45SolvangCAUSAChanging3-minutesTwo boomerangs, joined at center, split and become 2 craft3/31/08
3/25/08 20:20Wichita FallsTXUSAChanging25 secondsedit date6/12/08
3/23/08 13:00BerkeleyCAUSAChangingunkownpin head object disolves into vapor trail3/31/08
3/22/08 14:00GallupNMUSAChanging15-20 minutes2 shape shifting objects and one small turquoise object sighted over NW New Mexico in daylight6/12/08
3/21/08 23:45RenoNVUSAChangingroughly 45 minutesMy friend and I encountered an object in the sky that at first we thought was a plastic bag. Then we noticed this thing was roughly 8,03/31/08
3/21/08 19:30IsabellaCAUSAChangingcampingOMG UFO's OMG!3/31/08
3/17/08 20:45PotsdamNYUSAChanging5 minutesOrange light / V-shaped3/31/08
3/8/08 14:50TulsaOKUSAChanging1min, 10secA strange, changing shape UFO over Tulsa.3/31/08
3/5/08 05:40HoustonTXUSAChanging15 minutesthree changing color groups of lights hovering over rooftops3/31/08
3/1/08 14:00Huntington ParkCAUSAChanging3 hrsmany ufos seen above huntington park ca on clear sunny day in march 20084/17/08
2/29/08 21:00MemphisTNUSAChangingExpresswayI saw a ufo in memphis tn on feb 29th from the I-240 expressway around 9:00pm.3/4/08
2/29/08 17:45JacksonMSUSAChanging5-10mins((HOAX??)) White, changing shape three big UFO's nine small UFO's.4/17/08
2/27/08 00:17CardiffCAUSAChanging15 minutes +Very bright, stationary bright object, cycling thru reds, blues, greens and white. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))3/4/08
2/24/08 15:30San AntonioTXUSAChanging5 minutesGuitar Pick shaped UFO Flies Over Houses In San Antonio Subdivision3/4/08
2/23/08 21:00DuttonALUSAChanging10minlights changed position when i flashed my car lights at it3/4/08
2/17/08 16:00HughsonCAUSAChanging5 MinutesAn metallic object dropped out of the sky, changed direction, and then turned black while dissappearing into the clouds.3/4/08
2/16/08 00:00RichmondVAUSAChanging1 hr 16 minsMyself and son had just driven over the state line of North Carolina going into Virginia.we were on the highway and seemed to be the on1/10/09
2/14/08 05:32KalamazooMIUSAChanging1 second((HOAX??)) A white circular light changed into an oval and was traveling very fast..3/4/08
2/11/08 04:00YorkvilleILUSAChanging2-3 hoursBright round shaped ufo that shot straight up into the sky for about 3 weeks.2/14/08
2/9/08 19:30San FranciscoCAUSAChanging1 minuteBright lights, three horizontal rows, maybe ten lights across each row, each light was bigger and brighter than any star.2/14/08
2/1/08 22:00EustisFLUSAChanging6 minutes2 glass balls and acylinder between pulsating whatlooked like lava2/14/08
1/30/08 18:16WestonMOUSAChanging15 minsThree Lights off of 45 highway near Weston and over Bluff Road.3/4/08
1/27/08 19:30Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomChanging5 hoursthree bright lights different colours, changing shapes.3/19/09
1/27/08 18:53Cheshire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 seconds(approx)Cheshire UK England.20 seconds(approx) two slowly moving star-like objects moving together then apart before disappearing2/14/08
1/27/08 15:30ApalachicolaFLUSAChanging2 mins or less((HOAX??)) On January 27,2008, i saw an UFO while i sat in my own backyard with 3 other family members.6/12/08
1/24/08 21:15North East/Bel AirMDUSAChanging1 minuteRed glowing object and Triangle -north east maryland2/14/08
1/21/08 20:00Maple Ridge (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10 minutesstar like object changing shape with it jerky movements every couple of minutes2/14/08
1/20/08 09:20DenverCOUSAChanging7 minutesWhite object, ufo, changing shape, moving North of Denver2/14/08
1/19/08 21:00La MesaCAUSAChangingseveral minutesShape changing object sited in southeastern skies of La Mesa, Ca1/21/08
1/17/08 08:00Half Moon BayCAUSAChanging3 hoursOrange lights and triangles over field south of Half Moon Bay.1/21/08
1/12/08 11:00St. PetersburgFLUSAChanging3 hoursStrange changing object with different color lights and moving slowly, left to right, however staying in same location1/21/08
1/12/08 10:38Santa MonicaCAUSAChanging3 minutesA UFO flow over the Santa Monica, Ca area at about 10:38 or 10:39 PM. on a clear and windy night. It was not a plane.1/21/08
1/9/08 23:00Broadstairs (UK/EnglandUnited KingdomChanging15-20 secswe saw a white moving light in the sky which changed intoa large orange fire ball,followed by a smaller concave orange shape10/31/08
1/8/08 08:30Los Angeles (LAX)CAUSAChanging20 minutesI work for a comany near LAX. This morning one of the mangers came out of his corner office overlooking LAX and told me to "come here,1/21/08
1/8/08 00:00YpsliantiMIUSAChanging1 hourVery Bright Light1/21/08
1/1/08 21:00PrairievilleLAUSAChanging1 minStrange object changes shap over my house in Louisiana.1/21/08
1/1/08 18:30GainesvilleFLUSAChanging3-5 minutes((HOAX??)) Black triangular form-shifting mass spotted.1/21/08
1/1/08 17:15SeattleWAUSAChanging1 minute 15 secBright flying object over the puget sound1/21/08
1/1/08 03:00GainesvilleFLUSAChanging3-5 minutesBlack, seemed reflective, flowing object3/31/08
12/24/07 18:00WindermereFLUSAChanging1 minuteBright stationary light in sky in lighted, rectangular, grid shape. Moved to NW, vansihed, then flashed brightly and vanished again.3/4/08
12/12/07 16:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging10 minutesit felw constant changing shapes3/4/08
12/10/07 18:35GreenvilleNHUSAChangingfew minutesFuzzy trianglular patch of light in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD))3/4/08
12/10/07 18:03DoraALUSAChangingstill going at 6:22Comet-like cloud with faint flashing light appeared in clear starry sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD))1/21/08
12/1/07 12:00KailuaHIUSAChanging22 days ongoingOngoing daily photography of UFO's invisible to naked eyes over Kaneohe, Hawaii .3/4/08
11/30/07 00:00TaftCAUSAChanging5 minutesA cluster of lights interchanging and changing color.3/4/08
11/23/07 15:25Interstate 84 eastbound; Exit 147ORUSAChanging3 minutesDark smoke-like object seen under cloud cover11/28/07
11/22/07 23:15WawinaMNUSAChanging30 minUFO with vivid flashing lights and changing shape sighted in Wawina, MN. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius. PD))11/28/07
11/17/07 19:00LakelandFLUSAChanging5-6 secondsFalling Star/Fireball changes into 4 horizontal red lights.11/28/07
11/15/07 22:30Terre HauteINUSAChanging40 MinutesNovember 2007 Sighting of Strange Object in Terre Haute Indiana. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star?? PD))6/12/08
11/15/07 06:13Richmond HillGAUSAChanging3 minutesVery Bright object in morning sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a sighting of Venus?? PD))11/28/07
11/14/07 20:17San DiegoCAUSAChanging15 minutesCraft exhibiting a bay of red lights flew in from over the Pacific, hovered for several minutes, then flew off into spa11/28/07
11/13/07 23:45LincolnNEUSAChangingless than 2 minsBright white light that change formation, had a limited duration.11/28/07
11/6/07 20:55CedarUTUSAChanging09:00pmvery scary, and mysterious11/28/07
11/6/07 19:30GoodyearAZUSAChanging5 secondsStrange lights appear in night sky over Goodyear Arizona.11/28/07
11/5/07 06:00LouisvilleKYUSAChanging45+Saw a craft by the moon that had many lights and changed shape in the morning sky. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body?? PD))11/28/07
11/2/07 16:12BeaverPAUSAChanging90 secondsTwo hovering, luminous yellow-white oval shaped lights joined like a barbell, with a long silver appendage and haze beneath it,11/28/07
11/2/07 05:00Deline (Canada)NTCanadaChanging6 hoursWE viewed as illuminated disc like shaped object in the sky for over 3 hours and got it all on video. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))11/28/07
11/1/07 23:35Franklin ParkILUSAChanging5 secondsdark,shadowy ,oval/rectangular object , with no lights,traveling at "approaching/landing" height level from the soutwest to norteast.11/28/07
11/1/07 19:30San RafaelCAUSAChanging8 minsStrange blinking, saucer-like object spotted in SanRafael,CA; apprx. 7:30 PM Standard time11/28/07
10/30/07 17:15IrvineCAUSAChanging45 secondsSighting near Irvine Spectrum.11/28/07
10/26/07 04:00Bangkok (Thailand)ThailandChanging4:00~6:00Life UFO Movement over Bangkok 4:00~6:00 on East Side 1 months already. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD))11/28/07
10/25/07 19:36DenverCOUSAChanging2-3 minutesViewed a silent, grey, shape shifting ufo fly over the nearby Denver Pepsi Center at 9:36pm.11/28/07
10/21/07 04:00Mexico City (Mexico)MexicoChanging5-7 secondsTriangular craft sighted in Mexico City, October 2007.6/5/15
10/14/07 21:14Little RockARUSAChanging15 SecondsGreen lights above West Little Rock. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/28/07
10/13/07 08:35HendersonNVUSAChanging1.5UFOs over henderson, nv11/28/07
10/10/07 04:00DenverCOUSAChanging45 minutes+Huge lighted cluster in the eastern sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD))11/28/07
10/10/07 01:00StockbridgeGAUSAChanging1 houri was abducted11/28/07
10/8/07 23:55NewportNCUSAChangingalmost 1 hourBright blinking rows of lights with a red light that changed position, hovering in the northern and northwest sky.11/28/07
9/30/07 04:15GadsdenALUSAChangingStill happeningA hovering light in the sky that was too big and bright to be a star or planet. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in eastern sky?? PD))10/8/07
9/22/07 22:00ClevelandOHUSAChanging2 HOURSRed and Blue lights hovering over Cleveland's West side. We saw it from the E side in Garfield. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))10/8/07
9/22/07 03:15LawtonMIUSAChanging2.5 HoursThis is not the first sighting over Bankson Lake Lawton Michigan.10/8/07
9/21/07 01:00RosebudSDUSAChangingAbout 1 minuteA Group of 9 Lights in 2 Rows flying south, slowing down then forming a V shape. A Low Humming Sound can be Heard.11/21/10
9/19/07 22:00RensselaerNYUSAChanging5 minutesObject flying west to east stoped and hovered changed shape into two disks and shot straight up4/18/12
9/16/07 01:35WenatcheeWAUSAChanging30 secondsHazy red object that changed shape and moved erratically.10/8/07
9/15/07 00:20London (UK/England)USAChanging4 minituesMy partner and I seen an object with hazy amber/yellow lights which look like a giant jellyfish flying slowly over east London 15/09/0710/8/07
9/11/07 09:00TucsonAZUSAChanging20-30 secondsGolden triangular object reshaping into golden half moon or dome before disappearing.10/8/07
9/5/07 23:55RoswellNMUSAChanging10-15 secondsdim lights moving in u shaped formation over Roswell10/8/07
9/5/07 21:15RenoNVUSAChanging2minutesOn our vacation my husband and myself were outside on the hotel balcony, where we saw 4 objects rise from a distant mountain. They had10/8/07
9/2/07 21:00Trout LakeWAUSAChanging30 sec10 ships, shift shaping from solid crafts to light spheres and large white light, not visible to naked eye.10/8/07
9/1/07 23:30West Valley/I-80UTUSAChanging1.5 hours2 seperate sets of flashing lights in a triagle formation. ((NUFORC Note: The planet, Jupiter, is in the southwest sky. PD))10/8/07
8/31/07 15:10Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaChanging15 minsThere was a black helicopter buzzing around previous to the ufo sighting in the morning and the day before.11/28/07
8/31/07 03:30Belleville (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2minutesChanging shapes UFO in Canada10/8/07
8/28/07 09:37OremUTUSAChanging3mintwo amorphous flying objects10/8/07
8/27/07 20:15Oak GroveKYUSAChanging3 minutesFrom interstate highway, we saw an aircraft with 6 or 7 white lights changed shape and direction quickly.10/8/07
8/19/07 19:45VacavilleCAUSAChanging2 minutesBright white kite shaped light morphs into sickle shape as it turns before flattening out over Vacaville Hills on Aug. 19, 7:45pm.10/8/07
8/13/07 23:00BristolPAUSAChangingyellow lights10/8/07
8/10/07 05:25BoulderCOUSAChanging5-7 minutesEarly morning Boulder, CO UFO sighting with photos8/14/07
7/31/07 15:00Lake OswegoORUSAChanging15 secondsLarge silver object appears in clear sky, then vanishes as though suddenly sucked away8/7/07
7/25/07 22:30WaukonIAUSAChanginguncertain-15/20 minutes?Multiple UFO sitings cumulating in siting of an object that changed shape and "zigzagged" through the sky.8/14/07
7/20/07 00:51ChesapeakeVAUSAChanging45 minMultiple objects visible at miles over Chesapeake VA Near Cornland park8/7/07
7/16/07 22:00North ReadingMAUSAChanging2:00Absolutely no characteristics of any aircraft I have ever seen, or any description availible of a craft on this site.8/7/07
7/15/07 23:30ClevelandOHUSAChanging2 hoursSeveral changing shapes and colored objects traveling at fast speeds or just sitting there until they disapeared in the blink of an eye8/7/07
7/15/07 10:00SeattleWAUSAChanging10-15min.I was taking a morning walk in Ballard, when I saw what appeared to be an extremely large, pitch-black balloon hovering about 300 ft. a11/28/07
7/10/07 21:00Sand PointIDUSAChanging24 minwe got on film a very differnt anomalie it looked like a moon then a star burst and flairs and pulsing it was unbeliveable then just b8/7/07
7/9/07 23:00ColumbiaLAUSAChangingabout one minobject seen the the southern sky it changed shape twice, then traveled off at a high rate of speed to the south.8/7/07
7/9/07 17:00FullertonCAUSAChanging15 min.Stationary Silver object seen at very high altitude appeared to be descending while reflecting sunlight8/7/07
7/4/07 23:40TacomaWAUSAChanging10 minsOrange light over Tacoma, Washington.8/7/07
7/4/07 21:00GarlandTXUSAChanging10:00 minutesI saw a strange bright light in the sky at a fireworks show and decided to take some pictures.8/7/07
7/1/07 04:00OoltewahTNUSAChanging2 hoursbrillant lights an some think am afraid to say12/12/09
6/27/07 21:00HobokenNJUSAChanging5 minsStick shaped UFO moving slowly at a very high altitude North East over Northern NJ8/7/07
6/25/07 16:00TempeAZUSAChanging30 minStar like objects flickering and flying very fast in the day time. No sound.8/7/07
6/23/07 20:30Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaChanging2-3 minutesBlack rotating cross witnessed by 6 people above Tufts University Campus.8/7/07
6/22/07 17:00ShorewoodILUSAChanging30 SecondsHuge white blimp covered with clouds.8/7/07
6/13/07 21:45VallejoCAUSAChanging50-60 minutesbright light formation of different colors, sometimes stationary, sometimes moving erratically8/7/07
6/11/07 09:00Las CrucesNMUSAChanging7 hoursBright object in sky moving at extremely fast speed and changing course abruptly6/12/08
6/6/07 22:11DentonTXUSAChanging4:00 min.Very large green white light in Denton, TX.6/12/07
6/6/07 22:00Gulf ShoresALUSAChanging34 minutesOrange Glowing Unidentified objects over the Gulf seen by 4 different people at once.6/12/07
5/29/07 15:39OrlandoFLUSAChanging1 minuteblack shape changing changing color and flying at a heigth of a three story building6/12/07
5/28/07 11:50SacramentoCAUSAChanging4minflying object in sacramento6/12/07
5/26/07 18:30FargoNDUSAChanging30MINBRIGHT HOVERING OBJECT. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))6/12/07
5/23/07 23:45CottonwoodCAUSAChanging15minnot a sound was made from ship but it stoped over us and we could just about throw a rock at it !6/12/07
5/22/07 20:10Des MoinesIAUSAChanging20-30 sec.Shape Changing Tube or Rod with Pursuing Military Jets?6/12/07
5/20/07 21:10San RafaelCAUSAChanging3 minutesBright white, headlight beam of light, close to SF Bay in San Rafael, north of SR/Richmond Bridge6/12/07
5/15/07 23:00ReedyWVUSAChanging45 minutesIt started like a bright star,then moved quickly across the sky, changing colors. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD))6/12/07
5/6/07 18:00CanadensisPAUSAChanging3-5 minutesSilver sphere changed to rocket over PA.6/12/07
4/27/07 03:31Knin (Croatia)CroatiaChanging10 minlarge shiny object was spoted levitating6/12/07
4/22/07 20:30Oklahoma CityOKUSAChangingUnknownTwo OKLAHOMA UFO sightings4/27/07
4/21/07 21:00WorcesterMAUSAChangingHoursLED Nav Lights and an Ultra bright Strobe6/12/08
4/15/07 23:00TalentORUSAChanging5 min.bright flash,then ciclular orange orb of light diminshing to nothing and over and over,due north6/12/08
4/11/07 08:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaChanging2 hoursMultiple shape object over Calgary, Alberta, Canada.4/27/07
4/8/07 22:00Winslow and Blue anchorNJUSAChanging1 minuteObject was low flying and presented itself as a bright blinking strobe, blacked out, re-appeared as 2 circling blinking white lights4/27/07
4/3/07 21:30Mulege (Baja California) (Mexico)CAMexicoChanging30 minutesHello, I am writing to you because I just filmed over 30 minutes of UFO video with my camcorder down in “Mulege” which is a town locate4/27/07
3/28/07 01:30DuluthMNUSAChanging5 to 10 minutesi looked to my south and saw a cluster of lights changed to a stright line of lights4/27/07
3/21/07 19:45DentonTXUSAChanging3hrsBright oval shaped craft/object white with red pulses from behind it 10 to 20 sec, apart. Very close. Looked like it was in orbit..UFO?4/27/07
3/19/07 08:00Palm CoastFLUSAChanging1 hourA very bright shape in the night sky, only to be moving slightly. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))4/27/07
3/17/07 14:28Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomChanging2 MINSSMALL GLINTING OBJECT WITH "PROPELLERS" IMAGED IN DIGITAL SLR4/27/07
3/15/07 09:27Spokane (Veradale)WAUSAChangingi was on the trampoline with my cusien and i was shot back after taking a picture of the UFOs the picture just shows a bright light4/27/07
3/12/07 21:00Silver CityNMUSAChanging20 MinutesUFO With Green, Red, And Blue Lights That Split Into 2, Formed Back Into One, Then Shut Off And Fell From The Sky Followed By 2 Circles4/27/07
3/11/07 11:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging4:59UFO? Strange shape shifting object with strange light/reflection4/27/07
3/10/07 16:40IsantiMNUSAChanging6 secondsBright light in the sky changed shape or direction then disappeared.4/27/07
3/8/07 23:00Santa MonicaCAUSAChangingabout 1-2 minutesBright light over the Santa Monica mountains with an electrical effect.4/27/07
2/24/07 20:06West MelbourneFLUSAChanging10.5 minutesOne UFO sighted in West Melbourn, Floirda on Feb. 24, 2007 beginning at 8:06 PM.3/8/07
2/22/07 07:30DurhamNHUSAChangingat least 15 minsMorphing object seen in the day in the same location a green-strobing object which was seen at night 2 weeks before.2/24/07
2/22/07 01:00SummitNJUSAChanging15 minuteswhile driving through the mountains of northern union county, saw a triangle.10/8/07
2/17/07 08:00PortlandORUSAChanging7 minutesFrom the heart a rare and ever so ,"WOW!"2/24/07
2/2/07 01:00St. FrancisWIUSAChanging2 min
1/24/07 19:40LeuppAZUSAChanging55 minutesDriving home saw lights circle vehicle soundlessly for about ten miles2/1/07
1/24/07 18:00ExeterNHUSAChanging15 minutesJust after sunset,my wife and I observed a large,round,glowing white orb with blue,green,and purple blinking lights in the middle.2/1/07
1/21/07 23:00NorwalkOHUSAChangingBlue light in sky, hovering, moving in small circles. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))2/1/07
1/19/07 11:07ColbyKSUSAChanging30-45 secondsObject changed shape and color.2/1/07
1/15/07 14:00BeavertonORUSAChanging4 minutesI was driving south on Murray Blvd at about 2:00pm in the afternoon. I was in a long line of traffic where Murray Blvd. Crosses over T2/1/07
1/6/07 01:01PhoenixAZUSAChanging45 min.Night time Object seen over Phoenix, Az.. Changing shapes and colors. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of a celestial body?? PD))2/1/07
1/4/07 18:00Round RockTXUSAChanging1 hourBright multi-colored appearance with irratic movements. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius? PD))2/1/07
1/2/07 23:42Garden CityNYUSAChanging3 minutes((HOAX??)) One Enflamed craft and large craft above feild.2/1/07
1/1/07 16:30Miami LakesFLUSAChanging20 MINUTESstrange objects on new year's day, 2007 in Miami Lakes, Fl on a perfectly clear and sunny day2/1/07
1/1/07 14:00AmityvilleNYUSAChanging15 ninutesCraft that changed shape, then shot into the water.2/24/07
12/26/06 15:14RaleighNCUSAChanging10 secondsDaylight sighting of a star-shaped object2/1/07
12/25/06 14:10Los AngelesIDUSAChanging30 secondsWE SAW A UFO!3/4/08
12/23/06 15:10calistogaCAUSAChanging40 secondsunidentified aerial entity / lifeform, shape changing, smoke colored / reflective / transparent, 40 seconds observation.2/1/07
12/18/06 15:05San RafaelCAUSAChanging6 to 8 secondsclouds chasing each other,orbs, cresents and circular shapes with consistancy of clouds.2/1/07
12/16/06 07:29New CastleVAUSAChangingLight (object) rising from ground up in corkscrew motion leaving visible trail (see photos) ((Missile launch.))2/1/07
12/16/06 07:00CadizOHUSAChanging5 MINReal UFO sited but denied (missile launch ,lol)NOT!!8/7/11
12/16/06 07:00CadizOHUSAChanging4 MINUFO 12/16/06 Cadiz Ohio , 7am .Hunting trip2/1/07
12/16/06 06:30Fergus/Guelph (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2 minutesCraft raised into air, did a circular manoever, dissapeared, reappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Wallops Island, VA. PD))2/1/07
12/13/06 23:00Bangkok (Thailand)ThailandChangingover 2 hoursIt looked light an ordinary bright star..which suddenly caught my eye as it sped in toward earth at about 80 degrees and hovered12/14/06
12/13/06 22:55Sagar (India)IndiaChanging30 minclose encounter of 1st kind2/1/07
12/11/06 21:00ConradMTUSAChanging22:30Two sightings, one occasion had three objects. shape changing.12/14/06
11/28/06 18:30ChattanoogaTNUSAChangingsecondsbright green light, silent, moving slowly, turned, shot forward and was gone12/7/06
11/28/06 17:40VancouverWAUSAChanging30 sec. -1 min3 red lights making formations12/7/06
11/28/06 17:00HydenKYUSAChanginglights appeared far away i thought it was some type of fireworks as it got closer i knew it wasn't any type of firework i had ever saw!12/7/06
11/27/06 23:00OcklawahaFLUSAChanging15 minwhite light that changed color and form over ocklawaha florida. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))12/7/06
11/26/06 22:05SanfordNCUSAChanging10 minutesGolden orange quarter moon shaped-object hovers at tree line for ten minutes before developing an orb and disappearing in Sanford, NC.12/7/06
11/23/06 16:00TucsonAZUSAChangingone hourBrightly lit object SW Tucson sky, moves sideways12/7/06
11/21/06 07:45TustinCAUSAChanging5 minutesI saw a small black object rotating in the sky on my morning walk.12/7/06
11/16/06 23:00Beverly HillsFLUSAChangingten to fifteen minutesRound with lots of color .Large ball or mass with 3-4 smaller balls near it. Moving. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius? PD))12/7/06
11/16/06 17:15PrinevilleORUSAChanging3 minutesBright lights change number and into object and strike of lights apear in picture taken Prineville, OR12/7/06
11/16/06 04:30GaffneySCUSAChangingWeird objectI was down at the creek at my house and their i heard a weird noise.i look up and see a weird object and their was a beam of light come12/7/06
11/15/06 18:00BurbankCAUSAChanging15-20 min3 Large disk shaped clouds over the Burbank CA Airport2/1/07
11/15/06 09:00Mount IdaARUSAChanging45 mins.Large silver dome shaped object coming up between ridge ane mountain in back yard. Once in the air changed to a cylinder shape. Change2/1/07
11/12/06 01:00Whangamata (New Zealand)New ZealandChanging3 HRSMULTIPLE, DIFFERENT POSITION, COLOUR & SHAPE CHANGING ,ROTATING OBJECTS. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report? PD))12/14/06
11/10/06 21:45Buena ParkCAUSAChanging1 minuteMetallic, triangular object spotted above Knott's Berry Farm 11/10/06 at 9:45pm.12/7/06
11/1/06 06:50Peterborough (Canada)ONCanadaChanging10 - 15 minutesShaped changing object in the sky at sunrise over Peterborough, Ontario12/7/06
10/28/06 01:55Los AngelesCAUSAChanging1 minuteTwo shape-changing orange craft alternating positions over Los Angeles 10-28-06 at 1:55 a.m.10/30/06
10/26/06 12:30OrlandoFLUSAChanging15 to 20 secsfast moving bright object10/30/06
10/25/06 20:53Cooper CityFLUSAChanging2 minutesobject with plume of light changed altitude and direction10/30/06
10/25/06 16:00ChampaignILUSAChanging10 minutesObject or objects sighted over field10/30/06
10/14/06 23:56Beverly HillsFLUSAChangingabout ten minutes.Went outside for a late cigarette and a lighted object in the sky caught my attention and so I got my camera and took some pictures.12/7/06
10/13/06 06:40GonzalesCAUSAChangingUnknownThree lights hoovering near Gonzales, CA10/30/06
10/6/06 18:00CentervilleOHUSAChanging2 hoursDayton,Oh. Very bright round objects in a group of 10, then 2 very different shapes,and 1 stationary object,10/30/06
10/4/06 03:30Lake RidgeVAUSAChanging2 minutesA double tiered object seen in the sky from Lake Ridge, Virginia.10/30/06
10/2/06 22:50Huntington BeachCAUSAChanging7 minUFO over hUntington beach CA with helicopter circling it10/30/06
10/2/06 17:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAChanging10 minutesPhotos of a UFO above Manhattan.10/30/06
10/1/06 23:15CerrillosNMUSAChanging45 secondsWhite fireball on huge object flying horizonally before changing colors, emitting orange balls of light and evaporating.10/30/06
10/1/06 23:00GlorietaNMUSAChangingsecondsLarge, meteor-type light seen near Santa Fe, NM.10/30/06
10/1/06 21:35Tin CupCOUSAChanging10 secondsFour tightly packed objects glowing green moving at 150 mph 1/4 mile away spread out equally spaced within 2 seconds.10/30/06
9/24/06 20:00ZephyrhillsFLUSAChangingUnknown object in the air over Zephyrhills8/12/08
9/24/06 14:30Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaChangingone hour
9/21/06 20:00San ClementeCAUSAChanging1.5 -2 hoursMany colored lights flew into a strange formation turned into sideways discs (about 9) and lit up in all colors, blinking at eachother2/1/07
9/16/06 13:00Los AlamosCAUSAChanging15-20 mins or longerI was driving to my hometown of Orcutt, CA. and as I was driving on the 101 North I witnessed a stringy black to grey object that chan10/30/06
9/16/06 01:00LibertyKYUSAChanging3 minutesglowing cone/heat/sound/electric disturbance.12/7/06
9/8/06 19:15SpokaneWAUSAChanging10 minutesSlow object observed and video taped for approx. 10 minutes during daylight hours moving across the sky.10/30/06
9/2/06 20:00Manzanillo (Mexico)MexicoChangingunsurePhotos taken on the coast in Manzanillo, Mexico4/27/07
9/2/06 14:00FalconCOUSAChanging30 secondsWhite daytime object observed, changed shape and continued to climb out of sight, first fast then slowed then fast again.10/30/06
9/1/06 16:00Hanover ParkILUSAChanging90 secondsUFO followed aircraft above it changing shape and color at same time,theplane crew and pass,unaware.5/15/13
8/29/06 20:00San AntonioTXUSAChanging5 min.Small dark objects over San Antonio, TX.10/30/06
8/26/06 22:00Redwood CityCAUSAChanging30 minutes8/26/2006 2200 HOURS THREE UFO"S OVER SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS.10/30/06
8/18/06 03:00South ElginILUSAChanging15-20minutes3 black craft,changed shape & became metallic silver as they gained altitude then sat in triangle formation2/24/07
8/17/06 20:45East ChicagoINUSAChanging7 -10 minutesSaw a falling fireball that divided into 3 fireballs and then stay still in a oval shape and had no sound.10/30/06
8/16/06 20:30Newcastle upon Tyne (UK/England)United KingdomChanging15 minsour very close encounter6/12/07
8/16/06 01:00San JoseCAUSAChanging1:00 TILL 4:00 AMI have been seeing this star like light for over two years from my kithchen window. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))10/30/06
8/12/06 00:30MurrayKYUSAChanging4hrThe craft were over the car when we saw the jets.10/30/06
8/7/06 23:00PinevilleKYUSAChanginghourslong snake/worm like horizontal multicolor shape jumping all over the place and into different shapes.10/30/06
8/1/06 10:00BellevueNEUSAChangingA few minutesShape-Changing Aircraft10/30/06
7/29/06 20:00ExeterNHUSAChanging5 minBlack object of indeterminate, constantly shifting shape seen passing over Exeter, NH.10/30/06
7/19/06 21:24TucsonAZUSAChanging00:39Fast and silent, bright and bewildering10/30/06
7/16/06 17:06Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomChanging5 mins((POSSIBLE HOAX)) Strange object in the sky.7/16/06
7/16/06 17:00Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomChanging1 minuteobject changing shape(maybe)splitting into two.10/30/06
7/13/06 00:10Imperial BeachCAUSAChanging2 minutesSan Diego CA, Bright orange light traveled east , then faded and parachute/ jellyfish shaped object floated downward slowly.7/16/06
7/12/06 23:45MaroaILUSAChanginga few secondsWhat looked like a star got really bright then returned to normal and moved across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite? PD))10/30/06
7/12/06 05:00Silver CityNMUSAChanging1.5 hoursUnusual cloudlike formation with extending tendrils seen over Silver City, New Mexico10/30/06
7/12/06 03:45Sierra VistaAZUSAChanging1 hourBright chemtrail or similar during early morning phenomenon. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "contrail," not "chemtrail." PD))12/2/13
7/11/06 20:30TucsonAZUSAChanging4-5 minTHe object was pursued by F-14s from the nearby airbase10/30/06
7/11/06 08:10Gila Indian Reservation & S. Chandler, Ocotillo areaAZUSAChanging5 minutesLarge, fast, transitory, reflective object seen over Phoenix southest east valley suburb or Gila Indian Reservation7/16/06
7/8/06 01:45Federal WayWAUSAChangingless than 1 minSaw a blue floating orb outside my window that proceeded to explode emitting a LOUD sound2/1/07
7/7/06 08:24Saint CharlesMTUSAChanging2-3 minboomerang shape rotating, looked like parasailers, but objects were rising higher and disappeared7/16/06
7/3/06 21:00Merriville and GaryINUSAChanging10 minutesLights of unknown origin spotted by 3 over Merriville and Gary, Indiana.10/30/06
7/3/06 03:00BartlesvilleOKUSAChangingat least 1 hourTwo sightings in Bartlesville, OK7/16/06
7/2/06 20:40NorthridgeCAUSAChanging5Dark Object with orbiting lights acting as some sort of field7/16/06
6/30/06 19:45LakelandFLUSAChangingapprox. 35 mins.I was driving south bound down North Florida Avenue approaching Lakeland Regional Hospital when I saw what looked like a large black tr7/16/06
6/28/06 22:16BullheadAZUSAChanging10 minutessaw a circle shaped with half light and dimming in the sky7/16/06
6/20/06 21:30TucsonAZUSAChanging3-4 mincolored lights over the mountains around Tucson6/12/08
6/7/06 10:37SpokaneWAUSAChanging2 hoursNoticed a pulsating star which looked liked Sirius, only it was to the far North.7/16/06
6/7/06 00:00MartinsvilleILUSAChanging20 minusteshovered were silent and acelerated very fast when left and had green and blue flashing light goin around the entire craft7/16/06
6/5/06 01:30Sanders (rural area; 35 miles south of)AZUSAChangingunknownthe light behind the cedar12/7/06
6/4/06 21:30Crystal LakeILUSAChanging3minsUFO Sighting in Crystal Lake7/16/06
6/1/06 00:00PrattKSUSAChangingAprox. 2-3 minStar-like objects moving extraordinarily fast11/28/07
5/31/06 00:00MukilteoWAUSAChangingnowred and blue flashing light west of mount ranier7/16/06
5/27/06 22:00SaludaVAUSAChanging20 SecondsUFO(s) spotted at sprint car race in Virginia, 4 (?) objects spotted7/16/06
5/25/06 22:30PikevilleKYUSAChanging30 secondsBlue light, split into smaller lights in triangle.7/16/06
5/23/06 21:50Shady SpringWVUSAChanging1 hour +Colorful Objects in Night Sky over Shady Spring, WV. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial body, we suspect. PD))7/16/06
5/20/06 13:30Accrington, Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging2 hoursSighting in the forest of bowland7/16/06
5/20/06 13:00Bowland, Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 MinutesSpacecraft land in bowland7/16/06
5/2/06 01:30San JoseCAUSAChanging25min approx.I saw a bright red VERY LARGE "star looking" object that shrunk and grew, Then shrunk to a small white blinking object that flew away.5/15/06
5/1/06 13:00WaxahachieTXUSAChanging30 minutesas i was driving on the service rd to i35 beside and past the owens corning plant i observed over to the right and above my vehicle (i4/27/07
4/29/06 23:50PortlandORUSAChanging15-20 minutesI saw at least six bright glowing, orange in color objects in the sky over the city of Portland on Saturday night, 4-29-06.5/15/06
4/29/06 23:50PortlandORUSAChanging20 minutesSix fiery, glowing objects, some at a standstill, then all six of them moved very slowly over the city of Portand, Oregon.5/15/06
4/29/06 23:50PortlandORUSAChanging15/20 minutesFirst time ever seeing these types of glowing objects!!5/15/06
4/28/06 12:00RivertonILUSAChanging5 minutesAn x shaped ufo seemed to change shape.5/15/06
4/24/06 00:36DallesportWAUSAChanging40 min.egg-shaped UFO in south central Washington looked like a carnival ride in the sky5/15/06
4/23/06 21:15MidlandTXUSAChangingSky watchingShape changing orb with bright light in the middle that seems to take pictures.5/15/06
4/15/06 21:30Cedarville (4 to 5 miles east of, on U. S. 42)OHUSAChanging1-2 minutesCigar Craft with Portholes or Lights3/19/09
4/12/06Huntington ParkCAUSAChanging10 MINON APRIL 12 2006 AT ABOUT 6:30 PM IT WAS A CLEARBLUE SKY.I WAS LOOKING DUE WEST. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD))5/15/06
4/9/06 13:30DallasTXUSAChanging5-6 minutesMy UFO sighting over the Immigration Rally in Dallas, Tx.10/30/06
4/8/06 11:05Fort CollinsCOUSAChangingStill thereI'm still watching it. Its right in the path of several jets. Must be a traffic lane or something. I can't video it. Its to hard to fin5/15/06
4/8/06 11:05Fort CollinsCOUSAChangingStill thereWatching Con. trail of jet and noticed what appeared to be a star next to it. Grabbed binocs and noticed shiney metal object in two rou5/15/06
4/8/06 03:10Los AngelesCAUSAChanging0Objects are Military5/15/06
4/3/06 13:55BowieTXUSAChanging30 secDaytime Light near Bowie, Tx5/15/06
3/29/06 14:24StamfordCTUSAChanging7secondsextremly bright circular light in daylight sky that quickly vanished5/15/06
3/27/06 23:59Baie D'urfe (Canada)QCCanadaChanging2 secondsLarge fast pulsating bright light5/15/06
3/27/06 03:43Pecs (enroute eastbound to) (Hungary)HungaryChanging6 minUFO's in Hungary5/15/06
3/26/06 18:30GainesvilleFLUSAChanging3 minutesAcrobatics and in broad daylight over city.5/15/06
3/23/06 21:00Kansas CityMOUSAChanginghoursparabollic bell glowing hot blue white5/15/06
3/22/06 23:30Patung Beach (Phuket Islan, Thailand)ThailandChanging15minutesI took a 9 min video of more than 25 lights traveling E over Phuket Island, Thailand. ((NUFORC Note: Possible lanterns?? PD))5/15/06
3/16/06 21:00PattersonCAUSAChanging34 minI have it on tape it not fuzzy, very clear and lasted a long time. And it was very bright for a long time one on the ground and one in10/30/06
3/15/06 04:00Hope MillsNCUSAChanging1 hour +/-See emailed photos5/15/06
3/11/06 18:00BakersfieldCAUSAChanging2 MinStrange craft passed in front of the moon.10/30/06
3/10/06 21:45TulsaOKUSAChanging40 min. per.5 glowing objects sighted in Tulsa. One of the five objects splits off into three seperate objects.5/15/06
3/4/06 23:10SunlandCAUSAChangingwhite ring of smoke travewhite circular free moving ring, changed to a smaller triangular shape in about two seconds.3/11/06
3/4/06 12:40Grand LedgeMIUSAChanging20-45 secondsvery large unusual orange light and shape..dissapated very rapidly3/11/06
3/2/06 22:00Hanau (Germany)GermanyChanging10 minutesOrange shape shifting craft hovering over military installation3/11/06
3/1/06 18:00Corpus ChristiTXUSAChanging10 minutesMother ships in south Texas.5/15/06
2/25/06 06:00Canoga ParkCAUSAChangingoff/on ti'l 2:30am nx/daymany craft change color shape and differant sizes, I felt an eletric/magnetic sensation3/11/06
2/25/06 01:20LouisvilleKYUSAChanging10+ minutesufo sighting in louisville ky, it just vanished!3/11/06
2/20/06 21:02NorthamptonMAUSAChanging3-5 minutesFebruary 20th, 2006 - Bright ball changing direction and shape in Western sky over Western Massachussettes with green and blue lights.3/11/06
2/20/06 04:55TirauNew ZealandChanging5 plus minutesA bright light that became larger & then again receded becoming smaller until it vanished - duration was probably just over 5 minutes3/11/06
2/19/06 17:30New York CityNYUSAChanging20 minutesAt first we saw from our car one bright opalic light on a perfect clear sky. The shape was like a comet , being steady. We got to a hig3/11/06
2/14/06 01:34GraftonOHUSAChangingok here we go i was in grafton then at like 134 in the morning i heard a big bang and then i went out side to see what it was and i se5/15/06
2/3/06 19:27Bideford (UK/England)United KingdomChanginghomewhite, changed shape mosly stars2/14/06
2/3/06 06:15South TylerTXUSAChanging5 min'sAt 0615 appro. one mile north of Bullard Tx. sits our house. it's back faces east. If Iwere facing north the siting was at 4:00 O' cloc2/14/06
2/2/06 01:00BloomingtonINUSAChangingufochanged shapes and colors5/15/06
1/25/06 21:15UK/EnglandUnited KingdomChanging2 hours +colour changing shape changing flashing light in the sky over warwickshire in England2/14/06
1/15/06 21:00ClermontFLUSAChanging1 hourChristmas lights, spot lights through the clouds, cruising crafts, hovering crafts with lights showering down.2/14/06
1/2/06 00:00Ann ArborMIUSAChanging5 minsProbable HOAX: 5 ufos, silent black objects, moving slowly10/30/06
1/1/06 17:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAChanging1 minuteVertical, white cigar shaped object, seperated into 3 white round spinning objects, disappeared and a gold metallic object appeard.3/11/06
12/23/05 20:45PoundVAUSAChanging15 minutesVery odd. Electric blue color. Shape changing. Seemed to land. Very good perspective.2/14/06
12/22/05 17:00MesquiteNVUSAChanging10 minwhen below the clouds, object appeared to change shapes, looked black, and something was emitted or dropped from object or craft,2/14/06
12/20/05RimersburgPAUSAChanging3 minutesit was tringular had three lkights 2 green 1 red the turn into a round shape and was red then stoped and was yello2/14/06
12/13/05ChangingPiece of Moon12/16/05
12/10/05 19:45DickensonvilleVAUSAChanging30 minutes((Venus??)) The object appeared to be changing from a round to an oblong shape in a more or less regular manner.12/16/05
12/10/05 18:15StoughtonMAUSAChanging45 minutesAn unknowm light in the southwest dark sky.12/16/05
12/8/05 20:00RedlandsCAUSAChanging10 min((Venus??)) Observed a very large, half circle object with faint lights on top that reshaped into a circle and changed color.12/16/05
12/8/05 19:00RedlandsCAUSAChanging10 minuteslarge glowing object that changed shape and color2/14/06
12/8/05 03:00Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomChangingover 1 hourMore strange lights and even smells over cannock chase.12/16/05
11/26/05 05:30GreensburgKYUSAChanging1 hourMultiple lights seen in the sky including erratic movement.3/11/06
11/22/05 15:00San AntonioTXUSAChanging6 minutes3 objects were about 100 yds. off the ground and rotating around eachother while changing color and shape12/16/05
11/21/05 23:10VisaliaCAUSAChanging(5) MinutesWhite orb enveloped by red colored halo, splits into smaller red fragments, while weaving and dropping.12/16/05
11/17/05 13:00BallingerTXUSAChanging20 minutesUFO in Ballinger Tx in the Middle of the Day, White Object with Amazing Skills in Flying12/16/05
11/6/05 19:17Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaChanging90 secondsan object with a white light at the front and up to 6 red and white lights on the back was moving across the sky11/8/05
11/2/05 17:45Port Hope (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2 hoursUnidentified bright, colour and form changing object in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Mars? PD))11/3/05
10/31/05 19:40BristolTNUSAChanging90 secondsTENNESSEE MUFON REPORT: Slowly falling, plasma-like object.11/3/05
10/28/05 10:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAChanging15 minutesNew York Sightings in the Night Sky as reports of unexplained smells come in to the NYC 911/311 exchange.11/3/05
10/27/05 19:30EdwardsvilleILUSAChanging1 hourBright white balls over Edwardsville, Iillinois. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights. PD))11/3/05
10/26/05 20:00HillsboroKYUSAChanging30 minutesExtremely bright white object floating in sky with light rays radiating in all directions and changing shape several times.11/3/05
10/24/05 17:20DenverCOUSAChanging25 minutesThe objects were reflective and the movement was not wind driven and appeared in the field at once.11/3/05
10/20/05 18:00LovelandCOUSAChanging2 minutesI witnessed five lights that became stationary and moved in to a pattern that looked like the number five on a dice.9/28/17
10/20/05 01:34Chateauguay (Canada)QCCanadaChanging20 secondsDriving home from work on Highway 30. Saw huge bright light move side to side and then vanished.11/3/05
10/18/05 19:23LouisvilleKYUSAChanging12 minutesOn October 18, 2005, 7:23 PM (EST) looking from Blankenbaker Lane in Louisville, KY towards the West a vertical light (like an exclamat10/20/05
10/17/05 18:00YukonOKUSAChanging45 minutes45 mintues stalled aircraft that were being followed by us airplanes changed shapes11/3/05
10/15/05 20:00HiwasseeVAUSAChanging20:00-20:10Hello, I saw a light above a wooded area near my house white light no noise I watched it turn from one light into two then back to on10/20/05
10/13/05 20:00MillbrookALUSAChanging2hrs((NUFORC Note: Probable twinkling star? PD)) Sky was clear with stars.10/20/05
10/12/05 21:00GeorgetownTXUSAChanging2 hours((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling stars? PD)) Four objects with red/orange & green flashing lights sighted near Florence/Killeen,TX..10/20/05
10/7/05 20:30ScandiaMNUSAChanging10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling stars, we suspect. PD))We saw an object in the sky that didn't appear to be moving.10/11/05
10/4/05 19:15SurpriseAZUSAChanging5 minutesThe first night of 3 possible nights. The fist nignt we saw 3 bright lights above what would look like Interstate 10 in Arizona. The li10/20/05
10/2/05 17:30ProvidenceRIUSAChanging5 minutesWhite tear drop shaped object that was visible to the naked eye that I noticed after an aircraft flew overhead.10/11/05
10/1/05 21:41Montréal (Canada)QCCanadaChangingDon't knowI just want to take a picture of Montréal and when i come here in front on my computer i see that green and orange thing in front of me10/11/05
10/1/05 01:10HillsideILUSAChanging1/2 hourInitially observed a white dot in the northwestern sky which prompted me to obtain my binoculars to obtain a closer look. I then observ10/11/05
10/1/05 01:00Oak ForestILUSAChanging5-10 minutes3 red lights altered formations and each indiviadual light disappeared at different times10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30Tinley ParkILUSAChanging15-20 minred lights over tinley park, IL10/11/05
9/28/05 01:38St. CharlesMOUSAChanging20 secondsWe watched 4 lights expand and contract at astonishing speeds in the night sky, then vanish.10/11/05
9/26/05 23:30Warrenville/WheatonILUSAChanging3-4 minutesRAPID MOVING< COLOR CHANGING OBJECT. NORTH TO SOUTH < STRAIGHT UP AND ACROSS10/11/05
9/25/05 19:00Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomChanging3 minutesUFO sighting ,Nottingham England.Bright light eventually appeared to grow and change shape b4 vanishing10/11/05
9/25/05 02:00Chateauguay (Canada)QCCanadaChanging1-2 minutesPulsating bright greenish white object that hovered and then disapeared into thin air10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30Camp VerdeAZUSAChangingapprox 5 min.Object sighted in Yavapai County, could be damaged craft.10/11/05
9/20/05 15:00Lithia SpringsGAUSAChanging2 minutesI was riding as a passenger in the car on the way to to buy a present for my brother as it was his birthday. We were riding through10/11/05
9/16/05 20:45EugeneORUSAChanging3m:40sec.Plum red flash gets my attention10/11/05
9/15/05 23:00Forest HillsNYUSAChanging2 min2 handglider sized birds/crafts? with transparent wings over Queens blvd. and 67th Ave.Waved wings,flew around each other and seemed to11/3/05
9/14/05 22:45VincennesINUSAChanging5-6 minutesNight sighting of shape changing object sighted over Vinncennes IN, by experienced balloon pilot.10/11/05
9/13/05 16:15RockvilleMDUSAChanging~5 minstrange dark shape changing object with an "aura"10/11/05
9/7/05 21:30Crown PointINUSAChanging2 minutesReddish fireball with tail/sphere over Crown Point, Indiana10/11/05
9/3/05 20:45Browns SummitNCUSAChanging15minsdiamond*triangle ( couldnt tell) amber colored with greenish purple glow with lighting bolts coming off it.9/15/05
8/31/05CrownpointNMUSAChangingPublished newspaper article Navajo Nation Messenger on 8/31/05. Giant V and crash near Standing Rock NM10/11/05
8/28/05 17:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging5 minutethe object is bright moving up and down with high speed.10/11/05
8/27/05 23:00LindenhurstNYUSAChanging1 minute8/27/05 at 11:00 pm friend and i was talking,sky was clear,saw falling star,then it just stoped short in the sky,then zig zaged.9/2/05
8/27/05 19:30MadisonWIUSAChanging11-12 minutesIt was an all black, cigar shaped object floating then moving away slowly.9/2/05
8/27/05 19:30MadisonWIUSAChanging15 minutesmadison wi, west side9/2/05
8/24/05 23:00Santa BarbaraCAUSAChanging3 minutesFast craft transformed multiple times and dropped off something that hovered in the sky.10/11/05
8/20/05 21:00Gila BendAZUSAChanging10.00Wow, Thing's that you wouldn' t think of happenin to you!! They Can, and Sometime's DO!!2/1/07
8/18/05 19:45WinooskiVTUSAChanging2 minDelta or Vee shaped, silent, travelling west to east from Lake Champlain towards New Hampshire10/11/05
8/17/05 22:30RaleighNCUSAChanging1 hourlooking to the west the object would elongate and then condense back to a round shape with red, green,white and yellow lights10/11/05
8/11/05 02:00RosevilleCAUSAChanging3 minutes between the twoI saw two objects with multiple orange lights (in two seperate patterns) moving across the sky.9/2/05
8/8/05 23:00lubbockTXUSAChanging3 minutesthe shape started with cloudy formation then evovled into a burnted orange color starting at the bottom of the cloud. Then turned more9/2/05
8/8/05 10:45London (Epping) (UK/England)United KingdomChanging4mini was with 3 other friends driving down a country lane in london epping, the first site was as we were just driving down a rd leading o9/2/05
7/31/05 19:00CarverMAUSAChanging15 minutesMy 19 year old son and some friends were on our deck. He came in and asked his older brother (my 20 year old son) if he wanted to see a10/11/05
7/31/05 16:40Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging1 hour((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))7/4/12
7/26/05 19:58Avinger (Lake o' the Pinext)TXUSAChanging30 secondsThe silent object appeared to be glowing and then began to grow dimmer before I lost it, and I got six pictures of the event.9/2/05
7/20/05 22:32Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging20secsTwo groups of irregular stobe lights moving east to west at a high rate of speed9/2/05
7/18/05 18:30SacramentoCAUSAChanging19:30starlike object changing shape for over an hour over Sacramento9/2/05
7/18/05 17:30SacramentoCAUSAChangingover an hourslow moving starlike object that appeared to chaged shape in broad daylight9/2/05
7/17/05 21:00HawiHIUSAChanging1hrcrystal like object changing shapes9/2/05
7/15/05 22:00Eagle ButteSDUSAChanging30 sec.My son and his wife, 9 yr old son, and 9 neighbors and I were present; they were all outside talking and my son called me. He said some4/14/09
7/12/05 23:00Carol StreamILUSAChanging5 min.5 changin shape object in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps not a serious report. PD))7/15/05
7/12/05 00:00BeavertonORUSAChanging45 secondsChanging shape visited, and hovered over suburban area.3/31/08
7/9/05 22:30BellevueWAUSAChanging5 minutesOrange shape shifting object in the sky over seattle skyline.7/13/05
7/9/05 02:45KuwaitKuwaitChanging1 minthings just change shape and dissapere from the sky in a blink of an eye...10/11/05
7/9/05 01:23ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging1 hour5 white changing objects and 3 color changing all following eachother in groups.9/2/05
7/2/05 19:00CanadaCanadaChangingtill nowfrom my experiences i could eiter be the anti christ or messiah of many messiahs on earth2/14/06
6/26/05 11:00South HollandILUSAChanging6 minutesDark rectangular object in the sky which later appeared as a dark teardrop7/5/05
6/25/05 19:00SpringfieldMOUSAChanging5-10 minutesCircular unidentified object directly above our apartment complex7/5/05
6/21/05 19:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAChanging15 minsBlack morphing triangular object.7/5/05
6/17/05 20:30TrinadadCAUSAChangingfour minutessilvery sphere with attached rectangle emerges from clouds and heads out over ocean6/20/05
6/15/05 22:00Paincines (Pinnacle Rocks in Pinnacles National Monument)CAUSAChangingat least 15 minutesMy brother had told me several times that he, my father, a cousin and uncle saw a strange light in the canyons doing wierd stuff in lat2/1/07
6/10/05 20:30AlexanriaLAUSAChanging30 MINUTES((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. PD)) WHILE ME AND MY WIFE WERE WALKING OUT THE DOOR WE SAW UFOS IN THE SKY.7/15/05
6/10/05 16:00GreenvilleSCUSAChanging10 minutesShiny, rotating object over Taylors June 20052/1/07
6/8/05 10:08HickoryNCUSAChangingthe object wasn't moving then moved disaperd and reapered when it changed shape the went into clouds6/20/05
6/6/05 22:13Bossier CityLAUSAChanging3-4 minutesIt was dark and round with lights, then changed into a rectangular form with lights.6/20/05
6/5/05 00:44Shelby TownshipMIUSAChanging3 hrsSeveral lighted, floating objects in Shelby Twp., MI3/11/06
5/30/05 13:00BayonneNJUSAChanging2 minutesGreen object on memorial day in the NJ skies6/20/05
5/30/05 03:00Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomChanging3 mindissapearing bright orange objects6/20/05
5/25/05 19:45South BendINUSAChanging20 minutesI witnessed a black shape-shifting black mass in the sky .5/28/05
5/25/05 16:15San FranciscoCAUSAChanging20 secondsA shiny dime sized metalic object appeared out of nowhere and vanished within 20 seconds overr San Francisco5/28/05
5/24/05 22:30AustinTXUSAChanging90 secondsfire and triangles in the sky over austin texas may 24 and 25 20055/28/05
5/21/05 20:10LewisvilleTXUSAChanging45 min.Tumbling and spinning object.5/24/05
5/21/05 02:20HolualoaHIUSAChanging30-40 minutes3 bright lights that moved and changed shapes and colors, and appeard to be checking us out5/24/05
5/21/05 00:30LincolnNEUSAChanging20 minutesLights over Lincoln, NE 5-21-0610/30/06
5/19/05 10:35Phoenix (90 mi SW of; on I-10)AZUSAChanging15 MINUTES3 objects sited 90 miles SW of Phoenix5/24/05
5/15/05 16:40Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaChanging15 minutes05/15/05 Winnipeg,MB,Canada - 16:40 Bright Object with lights , descended and lifted mid air5/24/05
5/15/05 15:00Grays (Essex) (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30secsBall shaped ufo seen in england by three witnesses.5/24/05
5/5/05 05:50Burlington (Canada)ONCanadaChanging5 minquite large3/11/06
5/1/05 16:11FallbrookCAUSAChanging30 secHuge bright liigt5/11/05
4/29/05 21:30JupiterFLUSAChanging10 MINUTES((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) see above5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00Palm CityFLUSAChanging120 seconds((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) rocket type sighting5/11/05
4/29/05 20:55St. Simons IslandGAUSAChanging4 min.((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) firework-looking light(s) changes shape 4 times over ocean5/11/05
4/28/05 02:00BlythevilleARUSAChanging1 hourStationary hovering object that changed in color, shape and magnitude.10/20/05
4/24/05 19:45PawtucketRIUSAChanging<1 secUnidentified falling object/light5/11/05
4/19/05 01:00MontgomeryALUSAChanging10 MINUTESA light in sky that changed shapes.5/11/05
4/14/05 23:00JasperARUSAChanging45 minit was kind of traingular/x shaped blue and red flashing lights hovering, ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))4/16/05
4/14/05 22:00McDonoughGAUSAChangingAppx. 1 hourGEORGIA UFO GROUP REPORT--Witness Debriefing-Changing Object5/11/05
4/13/05 17:30RedmondWAUSAChanging5-7 minutesThe object moved like a pendulum in mid-air moving upwards, stopping in mid-swing-in front of the clouds.4/16/05
4/11/05 02:00AshlandORUSAChangingabout ten minutesa changing ball of light/object that vanished entirely after a few minutes4/16/05
4/10/05 02:37Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging10 min. approx.Flexible mass drops shimmering peices in utahs little cottonwood canyon4/16/05
4/7/05 17:01Deming (somewhere near)NMUSAChanging20 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Helium-filled heliostat. PD)) The shape-shifting object danced around at various speed, height and direction.5/11/05
4/5/05 21:00PhelanCAUSAChanging25 minutesLarge object that consisted of a configuration (in a row) of very large orange lights in High Desert.4/16/05
4/3/05 13:50New OrleansLAUSAChanging15 minsThis thing looked like a stare and then something elses cant say just what elese just something strange4/16/05
4/2/05 16:20Lake OswegoORUSAChanging2 minutesDark, squarish non-aerodynamic object floating at high altitude from south to north.4/16/05
3/27/05 22:30DerryPAUSAChangingUFOUFO SIGHTING IN DERRY PENNSYLVANIA ON 3/27/052/14/06
3/19/05 23:00NVUSAChangingHi, this isn't an actual sighting, but rather a warning. I take this subject matter seriously and a message board I visit recently beg5/11/05
3/19/05 22:00East Yorkshire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging10 minsFridaythorpe UK close to Woldgate east yorkshire5/11/05
3/19/05 20:45BurnaKYUSAChanging15-20 minI noticed what I thought was a "shooting star".5/11/05
3/18/05 14:58NewlandNCUSAChanging5 minsOmg it actually excist5/11/05
3/17/05 00:00CarrolltonOHUSAChangingtriangular with 1 light at each vertex; 2 white 1 red then started spinning.5/11/05
3/13/05 20:10St. CharlesMOUSAChanging15 secondsSaw a series of non flashing lights in the western sky flying towards the north. The shape started as a cros then the lights quickly ch5/11/05
3/9/05 20:00Virginia BeachVAUSAChanging10 min.Large object in Virginia5/11/05
3/4/05 13:15North Carolina (in flight)NCUSAChanging10 minutesSeen from plane window a long black line suspended at 35,000 ft as viewed from airplane4/16/05
3/1/05 21:30AmarilloTXUSAChanging40 minutesStrange Shape-Shifting UFO4/16/05
2/26/05 17:55LincolnNEUSAChanging3 minutesblack object moving slowly in broad daylight suddenly disappears4/16/05
2/25/05 10:11San ArdenCAUSAChanging90 sec.The object came out of nowhere, did a dance and than disappeared.4/16/05
2/12/05 12:10WaukeshaWIUSAChangingaprox. 1 min.Very bright white, round object repeatedly expanding and minimizing to nothing in the clear blue sky.2/22/05
2/10/05 20:20CoalvilleIAUSAChanging3 secondsNever saw a shape ,just three bright large lights .2/22/05
1/30/05 23:00MasonOHUSAChanging1&1/2 hourTriangular Cluster of white lights with flashing white lines.10/11/05
1/21/05 19:00Surf CityNCUSAChanging1 minutePulsing multicolored lights which appeared to outline a relatively large craft or crafts at low altitude at Topsail Island.1/27/05
1/21/05 17:00OcalaFLUSAChanging10 minutesMorphing white UFO1/27/05
1/19/05 23:00OcalaFLUSAChanging30 minsFour balls of white light dance in Ocala night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of advertising lights? PD))7/5/05
1/15/05 06:55MortonILUSAChanging?3 lines become 1 ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))2/22/05
1/10/05 22:06ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging35 minutesPulsating twinkling light in the sky over the mountains in SW Phoenix.1/11/05
1/10/05 18:45BellevueWAUSAChanging15 minutesMulti colored object, split into 3 lights, then split into 2 white lights northwesterly of Mercer Island, WA1/11/05
1/1/05 13:45ColumbiaSCUSAChanging5 minutesWhite objects at high altitude and high speeds during clear daytime conditions.1/11/05
1/1/05 01:45ChicagoILUSAChanging2 minutes3 shape-changing objects, interacting with each other, seen flowing southward over downtown chicago1/11/05
12/30/04 02:30Lake StationINUSAChanging5 MinutesIntense blue light filling room, and a baby nine months later8/7/07
12/26/04 00:00Winter ParkFLUSAChanging36 Min 27 Seconds3 Multi colored objects hovored over my calm lake...1/11/05
12/25/04 22:25GloucesterMAUSAChanging5 MINUTES2 triangles split apart to many stars and hovered near Orion.1/11/05
12/25/04 17:00EugeneORUSAChanging5 minutesAfter exiting my garage on my way to the car, my eye caught something odd in the night sky. I observed what seemed to be an object with1/11/05
12/21/04 08:00ChillicotheOHUSAChanging1 hour +Uncle and nephew have encounter with strange entity from glowing globe.10/20/05
12/21/04 04:30FairviewNCUSAChanging2 hoursUFO sightings in the eastern sky.1/11/05
12/13/04 21:10MaricopaAZUSAChanging45 Min3 lights. Would change colors then circle each other then go on and off in a line. This went on for over 45 min1/19/05
11/27/04 02:00GilmerTXUSAChanging1 hourBLUE LIGHT MOVING AS A CHOPPER WITH A BEAM OF LIGHT12/3/04
11/24/04 00:00Winter GardenFLUSAChangingapprox 2 minutes3 purple/white objects , fast no sound 1000ft , against black sky around midnight electrical dist in truck12/3/04
11/20/04 20:00ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging10 minutesRound to oval morphing Characteristics12/3/04
11/20/04 19:15Fountain HillsAZUSAChanging10 minutesObject morphed12/3/04
11/18/04 20:10Laguna NiguelCAUSAChanging4 minutesLaguna Niguel CA 3 lights moving from same point on the horizon to differnt points in space.12/3/04
11/15/04 17:55Hermosa BeachCAUSAChangingminutesA triangle of three flashing red round objects moving very fast and changing formation.12/3/04
11/11/04 19:00MemphisTNUSAChanging1 minuteMe and my sister were outside and saw what looked like an airplane hen it got closer and it was triangular12/3/04
11/11/04 19:00College StationTXUSAChanging5 min.I have made several reports recently and had the most disturbing sighting last night. I previously reported seeing objects that appeare12/3/04
11/8/04 22:00Spring CityPAUSAChangingunknownPulsating, multicolor and moves close and back.11/9/04
11/8/04 18:45College StationTXUSAChangingongoingI saw 6-8 craft of some sort descending to the ground and dissapearing behind the trees.12/3/04
11/8/04 17:10Islamabad (Pakistan)PakistanChanging5 minsOn the evening of Nov 8th 2004 at 17:10 I noticed 3 moving objects in the sky as I sat in my house. I quickly ran outside to my terrace11/9/04
10/31/04 20:10Tinley Park (viewed from)ILUSAChanging15 minWas notified by a neighbor of 3 bright non blinking red crisp lights in the eastern sky. Went outside to observe 3 bright non blinking11/2/04
10/27/04 09:45BurlingtonVTUSAChanging5 seconds, 3 timesthree sightings, one time very close, second time boomerang shape very high up, third time triangle shape two witnesses, burlington vt11/2/04
10/17/04 08:05FairfaxCAUSAChanging15 minsI had reported this last year already, but wasnt clear. I had seen 4 or 5 black stationary dots. to the west ,at a low altitude. Sudden9/15/05
10/16/04 18:30San DiegoCAUSAChanging5 minuteswhite lights w/ sm. blinking red light, changing and waving like a firecracker, changing erratically, expanding and contracting.10/27/04
10/15/04 14:00TrentonNJUSAChanging15 minutesIt was an overcast day. I and 3 other members of my family were on the front porch. I noticed a long white object in the sky at 2:00.2/1/07
10/14/04 14:20RenoNVUSAChanging2 hoursWhite snake -like plume with objects on either end12/14/04
10/10/04 03:50Portage la Prairie (Canada)MBCanadaChanging20minutesSeries of Green Blue Red White lights spherical or triangular formation SE of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba Canada10/27/04
10/9/04 00:35AustinTXUSAChanging1-3 minutesone light that stretched into 3 white lights, with a red light on the left, very suddenly12/14/04
10/6/04 13:02GreenbeltMDUSAChanging~ four minutesDaylight spherical object projects vertical electrical blue column to four times its diameter downward while over NASA Goddard SFC..10/27/04
10/4/04 12:00West Virginia (above; in-flight sighting)WVUSAChangingless than 5 min.Oct 4/04 from plane - two dark brown sticklike objects sticking out of the clouds - then dark line gliding away10/27/04
10/3/04 19:00TullahomaTNUSAChanging1 hourUFO sighted in the Tullahoma TN vicinity...10/27/04
9/29/04 20:45PickettWIUSAChanging15 minutesbright, flashing strobe lights - lined up vertically -across the sky - then one group of four yellow colored lights in a horizontal row10/27/04
9/29/04 17:45Kent (UK/England)United KingdomChanging15 minstwo objects moving together and then apart one turned onto its side it was a cross shape9/29/04
9/22/04 19:30Pacific PalisadesCAUSAChanging30 minutesTWO UFOs in LA 22 sept 200510/11/05
9/15/04La Grande (Morgan Lake)ORUSAChangingseconds/3-5This sounds like i'ntl space station descriptions, this was not. I am standing outside my vehicle at morgan lake 5mi. outside la Grande12/16/05
9/14/04 22:15IrvingTXUSAChanging20 minutes or moreDancing lights in the sky for more than 20 minutes in a populated DFW skyline.9/29/04
9/8/04 03:14PachecoCAUSAChangingThree to Four MinutesI was watching a video when I heard a noise outside. The windows were open because it's been very warm here in the Bay Area. The neig9/9/04
8/31/04 21:05Mount RainerMDUSAChanging10-15 minutesStrange cloud-like, dumbell shaped object with spinning rings noted in the NW sky ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00ElkinsWVUSAChanging15 minExplosive cloud over West Virginia, high altitude? ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD))9/1/04
8/31/04 21:00WakefieldNHUSAChanging30 minBright white 5 -pointed object surrounded by hazy/cloud, travelled SW to N, ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))9/1/04
8/31/04 20:50Kennett SquarePAUSAChanging30 minutesSoft light appears and moves slowly over so. east PA early Tues. eve, 8/31. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))9/9/04
8/29/04 04:00Liberty HillTXUSAChanginguntill sunrisecone changing into a circle ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus?? PD))9/9/04
8/26/04 19:35St. JamesMOUSAChangingapprox 8 min.Unidentified object in the St.James Mo area.9/1/04
8/25/04 12:45Los AngelesCAUSAChangingNightlyRed and Blue Flashing Object, Appears to be Star ((NUFORC Note: Star, probably Sirius. PD))9/1/04
8/24/04 23:00SusanvilleCAUSAChangingAll nightMinister and police spot ufos in Susanville,CA ((NUFORC Note: We suspect twinkling stars. PD))9/1/04
8/21/04 23:30Oak ForestILUSAChanging25minthere were red lights which slowly moved over my location, which then "winked out" one by one.12/3/04
8/20/04 22:00Atwater VillageCAUSAChanging25 minutesit was around 9:30 when i noticed an extremely bright glow in the sky it moved from side to side - disc shaped with colored lights.9/1/04
8/20/04 15:00PeekskillNYUSAChanging1minuteA clear Sunday afternoon,Me and my girlfriend saw what looked like an amorphous color changing metallic//silver/red shaped object w9/9/04
8/18/04 00:00WeedCAUSAChanging6 hoursBig and bright object that changes shape and form in sky 4 nights in a row, moving eraticly. ((Venus??))8/24/04
8/17/04 03:30College FjordAKUSAChanging15-20 mimutesOn August 17th were were on a Alaskan cruise aboard the Sun Princess on a north easterly course into Perry Passage and Wells Passage. A9/1/04
8/16/04 22:15Granite FallsWAUSAChanging6 HOURSA bright object with flashing colored lights and consistent back and forth movement appeared in the Northwest Sky at about 10PM.8/24/04
8/12/04 22:25PhoenixAZUSAChanging30 secondsStealth Object Creeping Over Phoenix.8/24/04
8/6/04 22:20Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaChanging5 secondsRound object changing shape and speed made an S turn - rapidly accelerated out of sight8/11/04
8/6/04 20:00MarionMAUSAChanging5-10 min.On 8/6/04 around 8pm I saw a stange glowing object in the sky changing from a Ball shape to Oval shape!5/24/05
8/3/04 05:16StockbridgeGAUSAChangingAppx. 30 minutesGEORGIA UFO GROUP Report/Tom Sheets: Shape Changing Glowing Orb/Light8/11/04
8/3/04 04:30CamarilloCAUSAChangingfilmed 20 minutes of a UFO in the sky ((Venus))8/24/04
8/3/04 04:00CamarilloCAUSAChanging1 hourChanging shapes8/24/04
7/23/04 21:00LogansportINUSAChanging2 minutesAt first we thought it was a bright star but then it got bigger & brighter and disappeared then a yellowish lit up banana shape appeare7/25/04
7/23/04LonokeARUSAChanging20 min.on my way home, july23 2004 i followed a glowing light to my driveway.9/29/04
7/21/04 20:00San DiegoCAUSAChanging5 minsShape Changing Object in San Diego. Never scene anything like this before7/25/04
7/17/04 04:30PhoenixAZUSAChangingufo sightingwhite fireball bouncing around and turning into full circle and disapearring when it came close, glow around it and it was egg shaped7/25/04
7/16/04 07:59Stockport (UK/England)United KingdomChanging2 minutesLarge black spherical shape just above tree height. Changed shape firstly into 2 black semi circles then into large semi circ1e with ci7/25/04
7/16/04 07:30ShafterCAUSAChanging45 min.Diamond shaped object hovered above refinery and was viewed by 5 other wittnesses.7/25/04
7/14/04 03:40Burlington (Canada)ONCanadaChanging1hour20minIt appeared out of nowhere and glowed like an ember only to turn into a hazey cigar and zig zag then back to a star shape.7/25/04
7/13/04 20:00Dungannon (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandChanging10 minutesThe object changed from ball shape to saucer shape and flew at a steady altidute and at speed.7/25/04
7/10/04 04:00Cumberland/RavensdaleWAUSAChangingmonthssmall morphing lights make half diamond shape then seperate into large blimp like creatures12/14/04
7/6/04 22:40ParagouldARUSAChanging6 secondsDancing lights merge and seperate while traveling west to east in a matter of seconds.7/8/04
7/5/04 19:30FresnoCAUSAChanging45 minutesExtreme sighting in Fresno California7/8/04
7/4/04 00:00CasselberryFLUSAChanging2POLICE DASHBOARD CAM STILL OF UFO!!!!8/24/04
6/27/04 09:30BoiseIDUSAChanging~5 minutesBlack, shiny, shapeless orb over Boise.7/4/14
6/27/04 01:45Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging15-20 minutesOne ball of light splitting into five and back to one again. This continued at a very fast pace, almost like a pulse. They appeared to7/8/04
6/23/04 22:00Newton FallsOHUSAChanging23 minutesthere was strange lighted objects in the woods that hummed and were cold that left a trail...7/8/04
6/23/04 17:30MesaAZUSAChanging20 secBlack Orb Morfed Into DIsk7/8/04
6/22/04 15:45San AntonioTXUSAChanging10 minutesfunny mylar looking object6/23/04
6/20/04 09:15HiawaseeGAUSAChanging5 minutesFirst observed object as it came over mountains with clouds. Noticed that it moved to the west as clouds were moving to the south. Alti7/25/04
6/18/04 17:00MontesanoWAUSAChangingAbout Two MinutesUFO Filmed Over Washington State.6/23/04
6/16/04 23:00Gerber ReservoirORUSAChanging2 HoursApproximately 11PM my friend and I were sitting around a campfire. I got up and walked towards the tree line. I saw 2 orange orbs (pu6/23/04
6/15/04 22:00Canyon Lake (near)AZUSAChangingVariedObject moves @ varied speeds in all directions, shoots across sky & changes into something which looks like an airplane (sighted in AZ)11/2/04
6/15/04El PasoILUSAChanging2 minIn June 2004, I was laying out in the back yard with my infant son, looking up at the sky, and saying things like: that is a bird, that4/27/07
6/11/04 04:00New Port RicheyFLUSAChangingwalking dogsphenomenal bursting lights in the sky over the gulf of mexico6/18/04
6/10/04 21:00MontvilleOHUSAChanging5 minWe have experiance numerous sightings over the pasture. The objects vary in speed shape and formation.7/8/04
6/6/04 15:00AshlandKYUSAChanging10+ minutesRound object spotted in Kentucky sky.6/18/04
6/5/04 04:15El Dorado HillsCAUSAChanging20 MinutesBright light with red around center moved towards us6/18/04
6/3/04 21:00DoylestownPAUSAChanging8 minutesA rectangular-shaped object with glowing orange neon lights surrounding its perimiter with separating and high speed capabilities3/19/09
6/1/04 18:00SpanawayWAUSAChangingAbout half an hourThe outside rim of the objects seemed to wave all around like a fish's tail would, its very hard to describe.4/27/07
5/28/04 14:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging30 secDark shiny cylinder5/15/06
5/24/04 20:46CrawfordvilleFLUSAChanging5 min.?Bright light breaks up into three lights, which then fade.6/4/04
5/21/04HarrisonOHUSAChanging1 hour &51 minutesThe object was directly over my car ,sitting still in the air and shining two white beams of light down on me.6/4/04
5/10/04 15:41Hertfordshire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging9 MinutesGLOBULAR ALIEN?10/27/04
5/6/04 21:00JoplinMOUSAChanging2 hrsdisc shape with faces in middle, bright light changing into different shapes5/10/04
5/6/04 17:15CharlotteNCUSAChanging25 secondsUn-earthly object descends from sky5/10/04
5/2/04 04:00NashvilleTNUSAChanging2 hrsIt looked like a star then change to an elipse, then to blue and red, It lasted for at least two hours it was in the western sky at 4AM6/4/04
4/30/04 10:25WoodbridgeNJUSAChanging15 minsAt Approx. 10:25 AM, I was traveling west on Oak Tree Rd , coming up on the crossroad of WOOD Ave when my attention was drawn to a j5/4/04
4/28/04 14:30West Des MoinesIAUSAChanging2 minutesIowa Air National Guard and 727 watched by UFO in West Des Moines Iowa ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD))4/30/04
4/25/04 23:00MuscatineIAUSAChanging60mins.3 lighted object ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))4/27/04
4/16/04 11:00ClarksvilleARUSAChanging7minthree flying objects going fast in the sky in the middle of the day.10/8/07
4/16/04 04:45Dingmans FerryPAUSAChanging15 minuteso4:45 april 16. object changed shape from a dot to a rectangle, at about 120 degrees from north of dingmans ferry pa.5/4/04
4/11/04 14:30SlidellLAUSAChanging5 minutesMorphing Chromatic Craft with Chaser4/27/04
4/7/04 22:00Fort SmithARUSAChanging26 minutesMy brother Jim whom is retired Air Force, thought he was showing me the north star, I went and got some binoculars and that is when we4/27/04
4/5/04 20:00WarrentonNCUSAChanging2minI have this on a video. I also have some strange film taken inside the house. I will allow you to examine the tape if you will call me4/9/04
4/3/04 18:45Pinellas ParkFLUSAChanging5 minutesGlowing object at sunset4/9/04
4/3/04 04:00OklahomaOKUSAChanging30 minsi reckon4/9/04
3/28/04 14:30LaurelMSUSAChanging5-7 minutesUndulating object seen over Laurel Mississippi on 3/28/04 at 2:30pm3/29/04
3/20/04 18:45MesaAZUSAChanging5 minutesI saw for a 2nd time a cigar or oval object that seems to flip and bobel as it's flying changing form from oval to doubled winged shap3/28/04
3/19/04 21:40MethuenMAUSAChanging5 minutesI looked over and low to the ground was a shape shifting, almost gas like form. At first I thought it was a balloon bieng launched from3/23/04
3/12/04WilliamsburgVAUSAChanging2hr 30minMy adrenaline was extremely elevated and my mind was seeing with unbelief. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Sirius. PD))3/17/04
3/9/04 20:45WarthenGAUSAChanging2 minutes approx.5-6 lights appeared to fly in formation and then battle each other in the sky.5/10/04
3/9/04 03:12HollywoodCAUSAChanging15 minDancing Lights Los Angeles; Triangle; straight line; always changing shape [sic]3/9/04
3/7/04 21:00Luton (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20minsi seen two objects in the sky3/9/04
3/6/04 23:00Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10 minutesAn orange star-like object that started moving, changed to a "plane".3/17/04
3/5/04 23:00South BrunswickNJUSAChanging5 minutestwo blinking lights turned into one solid light and dissapeared10/11/05
3/5/04 00:56White PlainsNYUSAChanging5 secondsSwirling in Circles3/9/04
3/4/04 22:30El PasoTXUSAChangingfar east el paso sighting on march 4, 2004 ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))3/9/04
3/4/04 16:30DenverCOUSAChanging2 hoursflew in circles, changed shape, landed somewhere in the city.6/18/04
3/2/04 01:00Olive HillTNUSAChangingWhile deer hunting this season I noticed what at first seemed to be a very bright light that was pretty close to where my deer stand wa5/24/05
3/1/04 21:00North PortFLUSAChanging20 minutesBright red lights with an unusal pattern in the evening sky.3/9/04
3/1/04 10:50AnaheimCAUSAChanging5-7 minutesA coworker and I noticed a black roundish object that appeared to be hovering above the Disneyland hotel.3/9/04
2/29/04 19:30RoswellNMUSAChanging3 HrsEmerala shape, stationary in the South west sky atabout a 45 Degee attitude from horizion,seemed to be following earth rotation.3/17/04
2/29/04 16:00Blackpool (UK/England)United KingdomChanging10 minsNo lights, wings. Double balloon shape, rolling slowly across late afternoon sky.3/2/04
2/25/04 03:45BladensburgMDUSAChanging1/2 HourObject was CigarShaped, very bright leaving short ,thin exhaust vapors. It moved at different speeds could stop on a Dime.4/9/04
2/21/04 12:30HoustonTXUSAChanging10 minsI saw several high flying objects hovering in the clear blue sky and make a formation before disappearing.3/2/04
2/12/04 09:15Port AngelesWAUSAChanging30-45 secondsBall/Cylinder shaped metallic object hovering over Port Angeles, Wa3/2/04
2/7/04 19:00RedmondORUSAChanging1 1/2 hr.We watched a bright light off our pourch till it vanished.2/12/04
1/30/04 20:00Kent County (Canada)NBCanadaChanging20 minutesA bright object ,with multi-colored lights seen in the southern sky,just above the trees,then it rose up and travelled north.1/31/04
1/26/04 11:03San FranciscoCAUSAChanging20 secondsodd lower trajectory over crowded metropolitan area - morphed from single engine aircraft to irregular lighting pattern1/31/04
1/20/04 06:55LambertvilleMIUSAChanging6:55 - 8:151 ufo was circular with multiple colors, moved slowly 2 ufo was a bright white circular object that moved with relatively the samespeed1/22/04
1/17/04 22:40EugeneORUSAChanging5-7 MINUTESlarge yellowish orange ball hovering in sky with lights bouncing around inside, slowly moving east then north1/22/04
1/17/04 18:20Union CityCAUSAChanging45 minutes until cloud coGirating ,shape changing ufos bouncing in the Bay Area sky with military planes monitoring the situation.1/22/04
1/10/04 00:00Dunstable (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 minsMetallic craft went from saucer to teardrop shape1/17/04
1/7/04 06:30LambertvilleMIUSAChanging6:35 - 7:28Changed shape from a white ball of bright light to a triangle looking object. Only colors were bright white. Unearthly type speed.1/17/04
1/4/04 17:00ToledoOHUSAChanging10minit was black and seemed to get smaller2/12/04
1/1/04 17:41MultipleNHUSAChanging1 hourThree possible communicating ufos above highway 101(hampton-manchester)1/17/04
1/1/04 17:30AtlantaGAUSAChanging30 minutesThe black object changed from a rectangle to a cross and had an orange glow.1/17/04
1/1/04 11:30Saint-Louis (Canada)NBCanadaChanging2minthree dots making circles around themselves3/2/04
12/31/03 22:50Crown PointINUSAChangingall nightunidentified flying object1/17/04
12/28/03 20:25Grand IsleMEUSAChanging+/- 10 mins.A cluster of lights moved silently from north to south changing shape to a triangle, straight line and shallow arc of lights.1/17/04
12/26/03 15:00BeavercreekOHUSAChanging30 minutesWe saw 3 extremely bright objects that left contrails straight out of the sky then suspended in place and shifted positions1/17/04
12/24/03 00:00Elliot Lake (Canada)ONCanadaChangingThink i heard noises, fast moving, Green lights then glowed red,unusually shaped, disappeared after a bit.1/17/04
12/22/03 09:00PalmdaleCAUSAChanging60 secondsObject was moving west to east when first sighted1/17/04
12/19/03 02:30AustinTXUSAChanging45 seconds2 blue-lit conicle objects rotate around each other and then "morph" into 1 object and disappear.1/17/04
12/15/03 18:55SalisburyMDUSAChanging15 minutesVacillating object seen through kitchen window12/19/03
12/15/03 15:00DuncanOKUSAChanging1 minuteI was headed south on main st. in Duncan Okla.. I stopped at the red light and up in the sky to my southwest a bright red light caught12/19/03
12/13/03 02:00ArlingtonVAUSAChangingaround 6 secondsoval shaped traveling fast and low12/19/03
12/12/03 13:00RockvilleMDUSAChanging30secObject that acted like a rust colored balloon turned flat and sped away.1/17/04
12/2/03 21:00Tulum (Mexico)MexicoChanging4 hoursBright multi-colored, pulsating cigar shaped object observed near Tulum,. Mexico12/9/03
12/1/03 05:50WashingtonMIUSAChanging2 hours, 5 minsObserved for two hours a bright white light, with two chevrons of bright white light on one side move erratically in the sky.12/9/03
11/30/03 19:50Pico RiveraCAUSAChanging20 minutesBright Red UFO Continues To Haunt Montebello12/9/03
11/25/03 20:30AtlantaGAUSAChanging~3 minutesBright light which seemed to morph into wedge/cylinder with red and blue/green lights at intersection of North Druid Hills and Lavista12/9/03
11/24/03 17:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging5 minutesColorado Springs has Bright Stationary Object(s) that were filmed for about 5 minutes. Then disapears.11/26/03
11/22/03 23:20PhiladelphiaPAUSAChangingfive-ten minutesBall lights form circles and rotate. Two groups of two.11/26/03
11/20/03 22:00Koh Samui (Thailand)ThailandChanginghoursDramatic prove of E.T. visiting earth!3/9/04
11/18/03 22:00ChillicotheOHUSAChanging3 hrsObject changed colors and shapes, divided at one point ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))12/9/03
11/18/03 19:00FontanaCAUSAChanging30 secondsIt looked like a giant jelly fish with little lights all around. and it kept changing it's shape. I looked a lot like the something fro11/26/03
11/14/03 23:15Floral CityFLUSAChanging20 minutesCircular/Oval shape with red, orange, blue and green lights hovering11/26/03
11/13/03 21:30HortenseGAUSAChanging20 minutesbright object with colors of red,blue,green and yellow, moving in an erractic pattern and changing shape11/26/03
11/11/03 20:50HawksMIUSAChanging3 min.One night my friends and I were coming home when we saw a very bright light that disappeared.11/26/03
11/8/03 20:00New York CityNYUSAChanging2 minutesStrange Line Over Manhattan11/26/03
11/8/03 19:30LaFayetteGAUSAChanging30 secondsboomerang shaped, football field size, gliding silently, reflecting stars above it to the underside of it11/26/03
11/6/03 17:50GulfportMSUSAChanging4 minCluster of small red blinking lights that changed shape with each blink, no background11/26/03
10/31/03 15:05MiltonFLUSAChangingten minutesBlack cloud vortex appears, and I lose tens minutes of time that I cannot account for.11/8/03
10/25/03 22:00San LorenzoCAUSAChanging15 minutesTubular shaped thing,that changed shape and seemed to navigate its directions was flying over my home. several witnesses10/31/03
10/23/03 06:30San Luis ObispoCAUSAChanging8 secondsfireball flying in a straight path across the horizon10/31/03
10/19/03 02:45ModestoCAUSAChanging2 hoursUFO 's video taped over Modesto, California on Oct. 19th 2003 , showing bright starlike objects10/31/03
10/18/03 12:48KingsportTNUSAChanging2 minutesIt stayed in the clouds darting back and forth changing shapes, it reminded me of a Dragon!10/31/03
10/18/03 12:34BlountvilleTNUSAChanging4 minIt was an object that changed shapes while seeming to be swooping down. It looked like a taradactal.10/31/03
10/16/03 22:30SumnerWAUSAChanging45 min-1hr.Odd lights and shapes in Sumner, Washington10/31/03
10/15/03 20:00North Little RockARUSAChanging5 minHuge object spotted over Batesville Pike road in North Little Rock Arkansas10/30/06
10/15/03 10:00WeatherfordTXUSAChanging2 to4 minutesMyself and a friend were standing outside on the west side of our place of employment when he said to me what in the what hell is that.1/17/04
10/13/03 12:30Guasave SinaloaMexicoChanging8 MINUTESChange form getting energy11/26/03
10/8/03 19:30IntervalleNHUSAChanging30 MinThis information is passed on to the National UFO Reporting Center with permisstion from the observer of this event which was reported10/15/03
10/8/03 19:30KennedyvilleMDUSAChanging1 hourseemed to be practicing formations10/15/03
10/4/03 23:05Kansas CityKSUSAChanging20 min.Flashing, skipping lights from a disc shaped object moving extremely fast in Kansas City.10/7/03
10/4/03 21:30La MoilleILUSAChanging45 minMy wife used to be a skeptic, now she doesnt know what to say but that it was the most amazing thing she`s ever seen10/7/03
10/4/03 20:00MurrayKYUSAChanging1.50 hoursHoovering object w/flashing red, blue, and green lights. There were three cited at the same time, but differnt sections of the sky.10/7/03
9/29/03 22:30KenyaKenyaChangingfive secondsovalish sauce, emiting light rays10/15/03
9/25/03 00:00Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaChanging5 minFluctuating light in the sky9/28/03
9/25/03 00:00AbileneKSUSAChanging4min approxGlider shaped with round greenish grey orbs making the formation changes formation9/28/03
9/24/03 21:00CookevilleTNUSAChangingContinuousObject seemed to change shape while changing color. Could not resolve under 150X telescope. Unlikely it was a craft, but have not seen9/28/03
9/19/03 20:00OnawaIAUSAChangingfootball gamea light that separated into three other ones, then a cross. Over 50 whitnesses!!, at fooball game.9/24/03
9/17/03 06:30IndianapolisINUSAChanging30 minitesfamily and i seen objects of light moving and hovering south west of downtown light had a tail the first object looked like a tear drop9/24/03
9/14/03 21:00East FalmouthMAUSAChangingHour and a halfWe saw a cigar shaped dim orange craft fly by ahead of us, we also saw a flashing green and red star that moved across the sky.9/17/03
9/9/03 18:27Los AngelesCAUSAChanging7minuteit was a very interesting object.9/12/03
9/8/03 20:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAChangingcurrentIt is now 22:30 hours, and the object is still there. In the west end of Brooklyn, possible near JFK Airport. Planes were all over the9/9/03
9/8/03Cedar RapidsIAUSAChanging15 minWE SEEN IT9/17/03
8/30/03 18:40PasadenaCAUSAChanging1 minuteObject over Altadena witnessed by 29/4/03
8/30/03 13:00EverettWAUSAChanging1.5hrs+3 white shape changing UFOs over Everett Wa.9/4/03
8/29/03 01:00KatyTXUSAChanging19minOrange silver cross was not the dancing light, plasmic shere taped. Bizarly On and off camera were not same.9/4/03
8/28/03 22:10Nastola (Finland)FinlandChanging5 minutesThe object changed shape rapidly, and was surrounded with a bluish haze. It moved very fast, before it stopped for a few minutes, and t9/4/03
8/26/03 02:00JacksonvilleFLUSAChanging3 minsShape shift from triangle to 1/2 circle then to 2 ovals hten fade.9/17/03
8/22/03 21:30ColumbusOHUSAChanging15-20 secondsOne large bright light, very low, in the Southwest part of sky, light dimmed, then seemed to turn into 3 smaller black craft that follo9/17/03
8/21/03 23:00Osaka (Japan)JapanChanging00:00:30Bright light changed into 3 redish colored lights moving into a triangle shape.8/28/03
8/16/03 23:00BeaumontCAUSAChanging10 minutesblack grayish thing ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report, but we are not certain. PD))10/27/04
8/14/03 18:30Walpole Island First Nation (Canada)ONCanadaChanging5 minutesBlack object changing shape with meandering movement on day of big blackout coming from direction of local electric power plant.5/11/05
8/8/03 01:00Aztalan State ParkWIUSAChanging1 minuteStrobing Light Tubes 30 feet long 5 in parallel1/31/04
8/8/03 00:20ModestoCAUSAChangingA circular to a diamond shape object with red, blue, and yellow flashing lights hovering in the air.8/28/03
7/30/03 02:30DelawareOHUSAChanging30minutesDancing light in the sky appeared like a star but then changed colors and positions rapidly unlike a plane8/28/03
7/29/03 23:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAChanging2 hoursMy wife looked out the window at around 11:30 PM. and saw a light in the distance to the west over Manhattan. At first we thought it w8/1/03
7/28/03 01:20Granite FallsWAUSAChangingapprox 15minsStationary egg shape with row of lights in semi-circle array8/4/03
7/23/03 22:35Cottage GroveMNUSAChangingapproximately 10 minutesI saw a strange light show over suburban Minnesota8/1/03
7/16/03 22:00St. Laurant (Canada)MBCanadaChanging12 min.this thing flew over our house and then into the trees in a very irratic pattern. it would move forward very fast and then it would sto3/17/04
7/15/03 22:00PortageMIUSAChangingabout 2 minutesThe ship hovered in place for a minute and then flew away with no trace left of it.4/27/04
7/13/03 18:00Belle HarborNYUSAChanging5 minutesThe thing I found most odd was the object appeared to remain motionless.7/16/03
7/13/03 16:00Waterloo (Canada)ONCanadaChanging40 minutes3 spheres, changing colours and shape, moving among the clouds7/16/03
7/9/03 22:00GilroyCAUSAChanging3-5 secondsLooked like a huge chunk of something, the size of a small car, seemingly on fire, falling out of the sky at a great rate of speed, lik7/16/03
7/9/03 11:35SylvaNCUSAChanging20 secondsThe disk I saw was easily able to avoid the fighter aircraft pursuing it7/16/03
7/1/03 22:00coventryRIUSAChanging3 minutesenergy wings that took up the whole sky breaking into three small white lights and jetting off- no sound what so ever10/30/06
6/30/03 22:00St. Maarten (Netherland Antilles))Netherland AntillesChanging6 seconds((HOAX??)) i choked on me jonny cake and started screaming for my parents to look at the sky.11/28/07
6/26/03 03:00AvalonNJUSAChangingTwo Hourslights on the finger tips with a luminous glow and rapid up down side to side multicolored UFO's7/16/03
6/23/03 16:20Prishtina (Kosovo)KosovoChanging10 minIts look like metal object, shining, fluctuacting trajectory, very slowly.7/16/03
6/16/03 15:00Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaChanging40-45 secondsI do nature photography. Yesterday June 16/13 I saw an object in the sky, it looked about 350 ft in the air. Flew directly over head i7/3/13
6/11/03 13:40Canberra (Australia)AustraliaChanging1 minuteA big triangle kept on changing colors and dissapering near my school, it lasted at least 1 minute6/18/03
5/31/03 13:00AshlandORUSAChanging30 minutesGround-moving small black boomerang shaped unidentified object observed with witnesses in broad daylight near Ashland, Or.8/30/13
5/29/03 21:45New EllentonSCUSAChangingaprox. 3 minutesCIrcular object witnessed.6/3/03
5/26/03 15:00San JoseCAUSAChanging20 MinSkies over San Jose on this Memorial Day were full of Chemtrails. During Barbecue our party observed what we thought at first to be two5/27/03
5/23/03 01:00FranklinNEUSAChangingcountrySight seeing places in NE if you believe you will see.2/8/05
5/20/03 00:15Salt Lake CityUTUSAChanging3 secondsLive wether cam 5-20-03 Salt lake at noon KSL bright white with red diamond moving .5/27/03
5/15/03 21:00Council BluffsIAUSAChanging5 minutesSmall orange light morphing into large triangle(4-5 stories thick) with bright lights on underside11/21/10
5/12/03 03:30ManassasVAUSAChanging10 MinutesStrange glow in the sky5/13/03
5/1/03 15:00AshlandKYUSAChanging10 minutesMid-afternoon sighting over Ohio River5/9/03
5/1/03 10:10WoodbridgeNJUSAChanging5 minsMass of Black DOTS MORPHS into distinct V-shaped cloud7/16/03
4/27/03 15:49Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang (China)ChinaChangingDonot knowUFO was appeared in one of my pictures5/27/03
4/13/03 19:30Old Town (Indian Island)MEUSAChangingless than 2 minIndian Island, Old Town ME. (Driving home)4/27/03
4/13/03 16:16Gresham/ Wood VillageORUSAChanging8 - 10 minMulti-colored orb sighting report, low, slow-moving11/8/03
4/11/03 22:15HazelKYUSAChanging30 minutesmorphing object emitting pulsating lights4/22/03
4/6/03 03:05Isle of PalmsSCUSAChanging4 min.triangular shaped craft moves to join huge circular formation4/22/03
4/1/03 02:00Jefferson (Holden)MAUSAChanging5 min +/-Three bright white lights at tree top level, then a half circle reddish orange light, and the three lights moving silently forward7/16/03
3/28/03 23:15SeasideFLUSAChanging5 minutesIt was dark outside and I was looking in the sky then this object started to flash off and on and more started to appear4/22/03
3/23/03 11:59WindsorNYUSAChangingaprox 7 minutesKept changing shape. Started as 2 after circuling a military jet. I have pictures of the jet as well as the 2 round then cigar shaped t4/22/03
3/23/03 03:50MortonWAUSAChanging3 seconds2 witness UFO sighting on highway 12, just west of Morton, WA... felt observed... light which emitted fog or smoke...4/22/03
3/23/03 03:50MortonWAUSAChanging3 secondsAn electric blue pulsating sphere held its position at high noon to observe our car and then did a spastic series of turns and flew off4/22/03
3/22/03Highway I-70MOUSAChanging4 secondsGoing home from Escelior, Kansas City, MO to Columbia, it was after midnight (5) of us travel down highway I-70.10/31/03
3/15/03 13:35Faisalabad (Pakistan)PakistanChanging5-7minutesIt was triangle shape with white lights at each corner of it and a large red one in the middle.3/21/03
3/9/03 21:15Fakenham, Norfolk (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 secs..the light was a very rich red and was clearly seen against the clear dark night sky.3/21/03
3/2/03 00:01Istanbul (Turkey)TurkeyChanging3 sec.two diamonds after 30 minutes that a disk has seen in 3 second (İstanbul- Bosphorus)2/12/04
2/27/03 19:00DavieFLUSAChanging5 minutesI was driving with my daughter. It was dusk but getting dark quick.My daughter noticed it first. It was a big dark circle with a littl3/4/03
2/23/03 19:30OlympiaWAUSAChanging15 secondsDancing in the sky...2/25/03
2/22/03 12:00Silver SpringMDUSAChanging1 to 5 hrHave you ever been abducted? I have. My story in detail.3/21/03
2/21/03 22:00Wellington (Canada)PECanadaChanging25 minuterbright lights moved very fast hovered up and down side to side lost our power pets went nuts and skidoos shut off2/25/03
2/13/03 14:00YakutatAKUSAChanging20 minutesALASKA UFO, 2003, YAKUTAT, ALASKA.4/27/07
2/6/03 06:10ArkportNYUSAChanging20 MinutesObject in sky brighter than all others, clear morning; moved from right to left and then in a circular pattern.3/21/03
2/5/03 05:30ConcordNCUSAChangingHourWe were looking at it and it was so bright and it did fly down at the camcorder one time. It changed colors all the time.3/21/03
2/4/03 18:20BillingsMTUSAChanging3min.Glowing object appears to be luminiscent balloon but dissappears rapidly to the SE at high speed.3/11/03
2/1/03 22:30Mountain ViewCAUSAChanging30 secondsflock like formation of faint stars movind across the sky. started off strong and wound up fadding off. There where 35 to 40 faint st3/11/03
1/27/03 04:15DoylestownPAUSAChanging3 hoursWatched an object for three hours as it traveled to a spot, corrected itself, and took an east to west orbit.3/21/03
1/26/03 13:36Sherman OaksCAUSAChanging20 minutesTwo white-appearing, glowing orbs moving out of the West to the East, moving slowly (appx 30,000ft) in parallel formation, then stoppin3/11/03
1/25/03 19:00SutherlinORUSAChangingLIGHT2/5/03
1/23/03 23:22UK/EnglandUnited KingdomChangingIt was bright with a red haze and bright lines waving around it.3/21/03
1/23/03 23:15NapaCAUSAChanging3 secondsOrange glowing glob of light shifting shapes like a lava lamp one night while driving.9/28/03
1/18/03 02:30 MoundvilleALUSAChanging45 minthis is the third time i have seen these objects in less than a month in this area after the first time i was so scared that i wasn't s3/21/03
1/17/03 20:45Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaChanging2 minutesUFO changing colour, direction and maybe shape.3/21/03
1/14/03 19:20GreenwoodWIUSAChanging1 hour5-6 orange(bright) glowing balls appear, one at a time then flicker out.3/4/03
1/8/03 15:30Santa BarbaraCAUSAChanging30 secondsReflective metal craft seen high over mountains3/11/03
12/31/02 01:00Island of Koh Chang (Thailand)ThailandChanging5 minutes5-minute sighting of 2 Rod-like, shape-shifting objects, moving purposefully, even playfully, before disappearing at impossible speeds.4/23/21
12/30/02 17:47TorranceCAUSAChanging90secondsat 5:47 pm walking back to the house looked up at what i thought was a evry bright star and it flickered ad changed in size looked muc3/11/03
12/11/02 04:00Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaChanging15 minutesFour lights, one approached me, then retreated to group, merged and then flew away.12/23/02
12/6/02 16:10VenturaCAUSAChanging10 minutesAbruptly maneuvering black object hovers over Ventura County, CA, displaces cloud formations 12/06/0212/23/02
12/6/02 05:00Pico RiveraCAUSAChanging1 hourWeird looking bright star12/23/02
12/2/02 21:15RiversideCAUSAChanging2 minI was getting home on a very clear sky night. I was with a friend , we were standing at the front of my house and talking when I looked12/23/02
11/30/02 02:30HuntingtonWVUSAChanging2 or 3 minutesIt started out as five lights, then went to one bright light, then the light turned into a ring, and then back into a ball.12/23/02
11/29/02 06:00AsburyMOUSAChanging5 secondsLarge glowing ball straked across sky and broke in to three smaller objects of equal size.9/12/03
11/28/02 18:40Santa CruzCAUSAChanging10 seconds5 of us were waiting for an iridium flare to appear on the No.Eastern sky,at approximately 18:43 hrs., when one of my friends got the 12/23/02
11/28/02 04:00OxfordMAUSAChanging2:hours aprox.I have on film an unexplained large,odd shaped ,colorful object in the night sky.12/23/02
11/27/02 04:45San FranciscoCAUSAChanginghourMy wife and I witnessed a large, extremely bright, spheroid object that appeared to be hanging in the air over San Francisco for a very12/23/02
11/19/02 07:00PollockIDUSAChanging20 min.Bright light SSE of Pollock, Idaho at 20 degrees above horizon that remained stationary for 20 min (spherical to crescent).11/20/02
11/19/02 02:27CarrolltonTXUSAChanging20 sec +\- 5 secShape warping object seen crossing sky in west to east direction with naked eye and 70mm binoculars.11/20/02
11/19/02 00:45New York CityNYUSAChanging5 min.strange morphing cloud scans city at night11/20/02
11/10/02 00:30BurbankCAUSAChanging1 minuteCircular object with 8 white lights morphed then flew away.11/16/02
11/2/02 15:42Arroyo GrandeCAUSAChanging20 minblack object appeared to float and change shape at altitude. maybe from vandenburg11/4/02
11/1/02 21:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging3 minutesV shaped Morphed gliding object over the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas11/9/02
10/29/02 22:37PhilippinesPhilippinesChanging3 minsufo appeared at the sky while we're eating2/1/07
10/14/02 19:05MurphysCAUSAChanging1minuteMeteor like object moving slowly eventually breaking apart leaving a blue streak. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/13/02 21:00Port AngelesWAUSAChanging3 minuteswhat caught my attention of the evening of 13 oct 2002, at approx. 9:00pm was am occurrance that I have recorded. The object was trave10/28/02
10/1/02 23:20New York CityNYUSAChanging3 minutes3 flying objects that changed shapes show up in midtown manhattan10/15/02
9/26/02 20:30Warminster (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 secondsThis object changed shape and colour, and moved unlike anything I have ever seen.9/28/02
9/23/02 18:12FayettevilleARUSAChanging2-3 minutesSmall white changing object seen flying curving path in blue sky. Object seen straight overhead -followed to horizon. 6:14pm Arkansas9/28/02
9/23/02 04:00Idaho CityIDUSAChanging20 minutesAt 4 a.m., star-like, brilliant, flashing red and green colors, seemed to change shape to a thin line under binoculars.9/28/02
9/19/02 22:23Oosterhout (Netherlands)NetherlandsChanging3 minutes12 ships who changed shapes, with beautiful colours and lights in the Netherlands9/28/02
9/19/02 19:45San DiegoCAUSAChanging30 SecondsPerfect cone shape light in non foggy conditions turns to a spider web shape then fades away.9/28/02
9/19/02 19:36CypressCAUSAChanging3minutesI don't know if it was a UFO...but I have never noticed a plane go in a straight line up so fast and with a red light leaving a trail o9/28/02
9/16/02 06:00JohnstonIAUSAChanging30 minHigh flying objects spotted on Interstate-80 in Iowa on Sept 16th 200710/8/07
9/16/02 04:15San MarcosCAUSAChanging1 1/2hrs at leastCaptured on film 9/16/02 Southern California Sky9/19/02
9/13/02 22:00Dubai (UAE)United Arab EmiratesChanging16 secondsa flash movin slow at first,changes into a spherical shape,circles,races west,leavin behind a hazy greenish smoke trail9/19/02
9/13/02 17:15London (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 minsPulsating light over central London last Friday evening circa 17.15 -309/19/02
9/9/02 19:30Thailand (northeast)Thailand & MalaysiaChanging5-10 minsyou can see or documented another type ball of lights which be appearing in northeast thailand soon before end of oct. 26 200210/15/02
9/7/02PortsmouthOHUSAChanging15 minutesA bright red light hoovering in the sky.9/13/02
9/6/02 19:00HarrisburgPAUSAChangingapprox. 3 mins3 lights in the sky which stayed lit for 2/3 seconds in one pattern, disappeared and reappeared in different patterns...9/13/02
9/5/02 08:45Willow BrookILUSAChanging2 minutesWhile sitting In our living room my girlfriend was alerted to the window due to a helicopter passing over, It was then she noticed an o9/6/02
9/3/02 17:30Cathedral CityCAUSAChanging60-90 MinutesTwo white translucent "jellyfish" objects repeatedly change shape; 5-10 thousand feet high in blue afternoon sky 60-90 Minutes.9/13/02
9/1/02 11:30SturbridgeMAUSAChanging10 minutesUnidentified Objects sighted in local town!9/13/02
8/31/02 23:00NyssaORUSAChanging90 minutes tapedStrobe type objects that vary in shape.9/29/02
8/28/02 15:30AustinTXUSAChanging5minutesDaytime observation of metallic object in Austin, Tx.9/6/02
8/26/02 00:00Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaChanging35 min.the oject wobbled, but seemed to hover9/6/02
8/26/02 00:00Steinbach (Canada)MBCanadaChanging4 min.What the hell was that?2/22/05
8/22/02 01:21DurantOKUSAChanging8-10 minutesA toy? Or what? A Demon?8/28/02
8/21/02 01:10ChampaignILUSAChanging5minBright light, very distant. Color and sligh shape changing for 5 minutes then dimming out to nothing.8/28/02
8/15/02 17:00BristolYTUnited KingdomChanging20 minutesAt times it was pyramid shaped, but the shape changed as it rotated in the sky.1/19/21
8/13/02 21:06SharonPAUSAChanging2hr 15minTwo Hour Abduction in Sharon, PA8/16/02
8/12/02 01:30Northampton (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 mins1 bright light in the sky started to move,changed shape and speed,it then changed direction and shape and had flashing colour lights9/19/02
8/11/02 02:00Rochester (west of)NYUSAChangingslowed downcolor blue red 1 too 3 lights 2 slow moveing satilites or ufo moved by it. it would jump around it loo8/16/02
8/10/02 22:45East JordanMIUSAChanging10 minutesSmall Strobes that Flare to many times their size & brightness8/28/02
8/7/02 19:30HumbleTXUSAChanging30 minStrange object seen hovering overhead in the eveing sky in Humble, Texas.8/16/02
8/6/02 21:50RiversideCAUSAChanging7 secondsWitness is retired from a career as an inspector with a defense contractor, and is in the habit of paying close attention to detail. I8/16/02
7/31/02 16:45Washington, D.C. (Roosevelt Island Area)DCUSAChanging5 -6 secondsRed Object Hovering in Sky Over Washington, DC on July 31, 20029/6/02
7/28/02 20:10New York CityNYUSAChanging2 minsSingle black flying object, alternating between circular and disclike shape, constant velocity seen over NYC.7/30/02
7/28/02 10:00Truth or ConsequencesNMUSAChanging5 minshinny square no windows with 2 rotating blades on bottom6/20/05
7/26/02 23:50EvansWVUSAChanging20 minutesChanging orange object over treeline.8/16/02
7/23/02 22:05Los AngelesCAUSAChanging10 MinutesBy now, I have read a number of accounts from others who witnessed what I did this night. (I am reporting this over one year following10/31/03
7/19/02 19:50NashvilleTNUSAChanging10 minutesStar-like ovoid with revolving object seen before dark, separates, approached by two triangular objects; disappears.7/26/02
7/17/02 02:33MobileALUSAChangingstrangeone turned into 3 and went diffrent directions.7/26/02
7/14/02 20:03ModestoCAUSAChanging16 minutesrectangular light changed colors to half circle as well as shape in eastern sky from northern California7/26/02
7/13/02 06:39SaxonburgPAUSAChanging6:392002 it was in the evening when I saw it shine in the sky.7/5/05
7/12/02 22:00HillsboroORUSAChanging10 minutesfire in the sky7/26/02
7/11/02 21:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging10 minutesThis is not the first time I have seen weird objects in the sky over Toronto, but this one was the best yet....7/26/02
7/4/02 22:45SeattleWAUSAChanging4 mini had seen a flying obect change shape, color and even blink!2/11/03
7/1/02 22:00NapaCAUSAChanging5 minThe object appeared to be rectangular with fire under it, then rose very high and appeared round and on fire.7/26/02
7/1/02 21:30Rohnert ParkCAUSAChangingCHANGING FIGURE AND LOTS OF COLORS7/26/02
6/29/02 21:00NSW (Australia)AustraliaChanging20secsIt flashed different colours and flew extemely fast.7/1/02
6/23/02 17:00NorthridgeCAUSAChanging15 minutesI saw an object that reminded me of a stone skipping in the sky everytime it bounced it got higher and faster.7/1/02
6/21/02 11:30VisaliaCAUSAChanging3-5 minround like changed shape from round to flat shiny silver in color7/1/02
6/20/02 15:00Nottinghamshire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging10 minsShape changing silent craft witnessed over local fields.12/23/02
6/18/02 21:30MoultonboroughNHUSAChanging20 minutesStrange speeding objects emitting fireballs and smaller aircraft reported in Moultonborough New Hampshire.7/1/02
6/17/02 23:56Niagra-on-the-lake (Canada)ONCanadaChangingapproximately 5 minutesfour balls of light that floated over a feild until another one joined them and they all left a high speeds.12/23/02
6/13/02 23:59Los Angeles (knottsberry farm area)CAUSAChanging15minI WAS TRAVELING FROM SACRAMENTO CALIF,..TO SAN DIEGO CALIF.( HWY. # 5 ) IT WAS ALMOST MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY , THE 13TH OF JUNE, 2002.(A7/1/02
6/10/02 21:40Turin (Italy)ItalyChangingApprox 90secsBlack, changing shape from circular to elliptical, no noise, no lights, moving WNW over Turin.7/1/02
6/10/02 20:30Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging30 minBrightest, most brilliant lights and silent craft that we have ever experienced and can't explain.5/24/05
6/8/02 14:00Covington (on Highway 64)VAUSAChanging30 secondsSilver Aluminum UFO observed by a sceptical Baptist Pastor above the Mountains of Virginia6/12/02
6/6/02 19:00Washington, D.C.DCUSAChanging20 minutesStrange, yellowish light spinning behind President Bush's head during 6/6/02 speech9/6/02
6/3/02 15:03LittletonCOUSAChanging1 minuteblack, relatively stationary craft seen changing shape in windy skies6/12/02
5/28/02 22:05Strathmore/lLndsayCAUSAChanging2 minutesLarge Carft sighted in Strathmore/Lindsay Calif. in May 2002 with large panel lights.5/24/05
5/23/02 13:00Round RockTXUSAChangingthere was no clouds and i have better than average eyes.8/7/07
5/21/02 22:00MuncieINUSAChanging6 minutesIt was the shape of a brihgte star than it Kinda turned recktangular shape and started flying. The center was rad and the ends yellow.6/12/02
5/20/02 22:15ShrewsburyPAUSAChanging5-10 minutesAt approximately 10:30 p.m. EST, an oval-shaped orange/blue/purple (changing) object was seen from Md. and Pa. on eastern horizon.6/12/02
5/20/02 22:00BaltimoreMDUSAChanging10 minutesI observed it through my telescope. It changed shapes every 2 to 3 seconds. First an egg shape, then disc, and finally a triangle. It a6/12/02
5/13/02 09:00SeattleWAUSAChanging1 minuteA black object that rolled as it flew so it looked like a disc at times and alternately a circle.6/12/02
5/7/02 21:30San FranciscoCAUSAChanging1.5 hrsStrange, hovering light in the San Francisco night sky - 5/7/025/14/02
4/23/02 23:34New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAChanging10 minutesAbove My building 4 metallic crafts were observed flying low level and adjacent to each other. THey changed shapes 3 times before takin4/25/02
4/23/02 22:00St.CharlesMIUSAChanging3 hoursUFO's spotted for three hours. After flashing the primary object with a flashlite, a object from the south west chased me.4/25/02
4/21/02 04:00IowaIAUSAChangingminutes?Bright white translucent roundish object changed shape4/25/02
4/16/02 01:00West LibertyKYUSAChangingappox. 45 min.The object that I saw in the night sky was round, flashing different colors and moved around in the same area for 28mins.4/25/02
4/14/02 03:00Las VegasNVUSAChanging20 minutesIlluminated object that seemed to change shape flying over The Strip at night5/14/02
4/11/02 22:00HiloHIUSAChangingcouple secondshuge silver disappearing object10/28/02
4/8/02 08:30PulaskiWIUSAChanging5 minutesObject seen in Pulaski, WI that changed shapes and threw out a plethora of colors.4/25/02
4/4/02 19:45LaramieWYUSAChanging30 secondsA cluster of approximately 15 lights appeared and fanned out into a V shape while appearing to fly overhead.4/8/02
3/30/02 19:50JacksonvilleFLUSAChanging7 secondsCluster of lights passing overhead at high speed simultaneously changing configuration4/8/02
3/26/02 20:47LincolnNEUSAChanging6 minutesI saw two space alien ships fighting with each other, and making weird sounds and seeing different lights and shapes.6/12/02
3/23/02 11:07AlleganyNYUSAChangingten minutesObject in the sky4/8/02
3/22/02 18:30WheatonILUSAChanging2 minawe struck by two lights on a collision coarce only to stop and become a single parallel line4/8/02
3/15/02 19:00LehiUTUSAChanging10 minutesIt was leaving a thick trail of smoke, steam or exhaust and was illuminated with white and red lights and making no noise.9/29/02
3/15/02 17:30Ponca CityOKUSAChanging2 or 3 minutesObject tailing military jet7/30/02
3/7/02 21:30Kandy (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaChanging2minlight is going without sound at night3/19/02
3/5/02 15:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging17 minThe sighting was over West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. We video taped the whole sighting with a news camera. The first UFO was a whit3/19/02
3/4/02 22:00ClevelandOHUSAChanging10 minutesStar-like objects change into triagle shaped craft in Slavic Village area, Cleveland7/26/02
3/2/02Space via nasa tvChanging5-10 minSTS109 UFO video3/19/02
2/24/02 23:00BellevueWAUSAChanging4 hoursStrange lights in night sky over Bellevue, WA on 02/25/02 -- a craft?3/19/02
2/24/02 21:30PlacentiaCAUSAChanging10 minutesRumbling UFO spotted over Placentia, CA.3/19/02
2/15/02 19:00Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaChanging8-10 secondsIt moved to fast and had no sound.3/19/09
2/8/02 05:30Beloit/Milwaukee (between)WIUSAChangingapproximately 1 hourThe object appeared cigar-shaped and emitted strobe light patterns of various colors.2/1/07
1/29/02 22:00Ermelo (Netherlands)NetherlandsChanging2 min.changing shaped UFO's change colour and turn at fast speed2/22/02
1/20/02 23:15Las VegasNVUSAChanging50 secondsWe saw an odd-shaped object with a tilted oval bottom and what appeared to be a triangular sail pointing off to the side.1/29/02
1/19/02 22:00Long BeachMSUSAChanging15:00saw it as one shape then changed to two moved too quickly to be a plane and changed direction of flight to abruptly1/29/02
12/29/01 16:20Port AngelesWAUSAChanging5 minutesLarge, black object(s) seen in the clouds above Port Angeles1/11/02
12/2/01 16:00GreenwoodMOUSAChanging1 minuteMy brother and I saw something strange burning into the atmosphere3/21/03
12/1/01 22:25LawtonOKUSAChanginglightsletting dogs out to do duty for night. I looked in sky and noted five lights moving horizontally toward the north. Lights changed color12/5/01
11/25/01 18:32Richmond (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10 minutesI was with my friend having some food on a park bench at 18:32 pacific time, when all of a sudden two flying objects shot out of nowher12/5/01
11/18/01 05:30DickinsonTXUSAChanging30"Erratic point of light observed over the Galveston Bay area, TX.11/20/01
11/18/01 05:00DickinsonTXUSAChanging50 minutessingle point lite source changing occasionally to bipolar red/azure elongated object rapidly jerking around nite sky11/20/01
11/18/01 04:23BoulderCOUSAChanging20minsBright lights hovering very low and changing colors.12/5/01
11/17/01 20:00PasadenaCAUSAChanging3 minutesTwo glowing jellyfish-like objects float across Pasadena, CA sky11/20/01
11/12/01 23:33PhoenixAZUSAChanging2minutesrising balloon transformed into cigar craft with red light on bottom.1/10/09
11/8/01 02:04Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaChangingthe whole nightThis Was a Huge VERY VERY Bright blue Something that gradually got a lot smaller as time went on.11/20/01
11/3/01 22:00AkronOHUSAChanging3 hoursLast night in my sisters back yard I video tape a large yellow/ white looking star, I have seen this star many times before, We have ma11/20/01
11/2/01 06:25MemphisTNUSAChangingsecondsDaylight sighting of a black object moving at high speed below low cloud cover.11/20/01
10/31/01 17:30MontereyCAUSAChanging20 secondsAs I was panning my Iphone from the sun to the shore line I captured what appeared to be a RED glowing object with a WHITE center resem11/21/10
10/28/01 01:00BangorMEUSAChanging???? still thereI am an overnight DJ at WKIT in Bangor, a little before 1 PM, I received a call from a listener asking me if I knew about the odd light11/20/01
10/20/01 20:00Eagle RockCAUSAChangingstill going oncircling hazy light with a small red light below and some times blinking from top11/20/01
10/20/01 02:00ArlingtonVAUSAChanging18 minutes approx.I don't know these people. We are not friends.8/16/21
10/17/01 22:29CrowleyTXUSAChangingteardrop shape changed into two fireballs.11/20/01
10/16/01 22:45HaworthOKUSAChangingone hourmultiple crafts as they were orchestraiting something11/20/01
10/15/01 15:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAChanging5 minutesBlack, elongated shape-shifter, floating/hovering in Manhatten NYC.4/8/02
10/10/01 21:30FresnoCAUSAChanging15 min. apprxObjects were sighted driving north on Highway 5 in California's central valley after night fall, not far past "Kettleman/Fresno" exit s11/20/01
10/1/01 21:00LafayetteNYUSAChanging3 minutesLow flying object changed from bright blue square to red diamond shape...loud ..then silence and it was gone.10/12/01
9/30/01 17:26HillsboroORUSAChanging17:56triangular object(s) coasted through Oregon and Washington.10/12/01
9/27/01 03:00MadisonMSUSAChanging40 secondsI was in 9th grade and had fallen asleep during a movie at a friend's house who live in the same dark and quiet neighborhood.8/11/17
9/20/01 15:00New York CityNYUSAChanging10 MinutesObjects seen after WTC disaster in calm NEW YORK sky.3/19/02
9/12/01 14:15LindenNJUSAChanging15 minDay after WTC disaster-glowing object observed during countrywide "no fly"- changed shape and color10/12/01
9/11/01 21:00RevereMAUSAChanging2 hoursUfos over Beachmont.Eve of Trade center Attack10/12/01
9/6/01 13:28RichmondVAUSAChanging12 minutesWhite/silver floating object over downtown sky of Richmond, Virginia, high altitude, stationary and mobile behaviors.10/12/01
9/5/01 08:30WestbrookCTUSAChanging2 hours, disappearing andNumerous objects were seen in the sky- red and blue lights were emitted from these objects.10/12/01
9/3/01 18:00BerlinOHUSAChanging3 to 5 minutesStar-like object that split in 2 then formed cigar shape!!10/12/01
9/1/01 21:55BranchMIUSAChangingone minuteIt was exactly as a satelight moving from north to south, but it began to glow very bright. And then, as it was glowing, an orange tai10/12/01
8/29/01 15:45Oil CityPAUSAChanging20-30 minutes20 minute sighting of balloon-like objects in broad daylight by at leat 15 witnessess7/16/03
8/28/01 21:10BurlingtonNJUSAChanging5 minutesA shape shifting UFO10/12/01
8/21/01 21:15KingmanAZUSAChanging20-30 secWhile traveling southeast on US 93 from Kingman to Whickenburg, AZ one bright lite appeared approx. 45 to 50 deg. above the horizon. S10/12/01
8/19/01 18:00Bognor (UK/England)United KingdomChanging16.minchanging shpe/colour numours times!!!!8/20/01
8/17/01 01:45Mt. PopocatapetlMexicoChanging5 minstrange POPO lights with possable midnight vehicle-ufo interaction.8/20/01
8/8/01 00:01RidgeNYUSAChanging+- 30'This happening took place over the area of the Brookhaven National Labs. date and time are approximated.5/14/02
7/29/01 20:20Downers GroveILUSAChanging4 to 5 minutesThe vehicle didn't have the same dark silouette as other aircraft in the area, including aircraft near the objects altitude.8/5/01
7/28/01 23:00Port Alberni (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10 secondsApproximately 23:00 July 28 Great Central Lake, my son and I watched an object that at first we thought was a satellite, turn extremely8/20/01
7/25/01 20:30San JoseCAUSAChanging3 minDark gray object going straight up, changing shape as it went.8/5/01
7/22/01 14:40PortlandORUSAChanging20 minutesIn bright daylight, bright object observed-thru binoculars it looked wierd-second bright object traversed path of first.8/5/01
7/13/01 04:15NorthwoodOHUSAChanging0511At apprx 0415 on 7-13 I went outside to turn water off to my parched garden. At this time I witnessed a incredibly bright series of thr8/5/01
7/13/01 02:00La VetaCOUSAChangingone hourOn the horizon, bobbing and weaving changing colors with tenacity.8/5/01
7/11/01 04:00Sutter CreekCAUSAChangingnoticed fly object remaining in place (hoovering back and forth)8/5/01
6/27/01 02:15MissoulaMTUSAChanging4-5secfastest craft must be huge8/5/01
6/26/01 14:45Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaChanging35sec.The object appeared to change shape as if made of plazma and was very fast8/5/01
6/24/01 17:30CypressTXUSAChanging5 minutesWhite oblong object, clear sky, dailight, light wind, other aircraft in sky, no light detected.8/5/01
6/16/01 23:46Squamish (Canada)BCCanadaChanging2 or 3 minutesOne white hot explosion, two light objects connect then vanish in Canada.8/5/01
6/15/01 12:00Beaver LakeARUSAChanging5 minutesThree craft in two photos which change size, shape, brightness and height. What are they?7/16/03
6/14/01 22:00OrindaCAUSAChanging10 minutesIT was 6/14/02, I had just woken up from a nasty dream about scary stuff, and I notice these three glowing things in the sky. I discard10/15/02
6/14/01 20:45SuwaneeGAUSAChanging1 minuteFlattened cylindrical object floating through the sky.8/5/01
6/14/01 20:34SuwaneeGAUSAChangingPossible explanation to strange objects over suwanee and lawrenceville GA8/5/01
6/13/01 14:45GaylordsvilleCTUSAChanging5 minObject changed shape, color, and brightness, then faded and dissapeared.4/27/03
6/8/01 20:00RichmondVAUSAChanging15 minutesSmall black object stationary high in the sky, may have split into two.8/5/01
6/2/01 19:00Long Island (above)NYUSAChanging10 secondsThe sighting took place from a plane.My wife, two children,(girl 5,boy 1),and two friends were bound for Martha's Vineyard on an eight 8/5/01
6/1/01 12:30SandovalILUSAChangingThere were two lights, they came at 12:30 and Ithink they abducted me, but I have no Memory from 1:00-6:00am.6/12/02
5/29/01 19:53TorranceCAUSAChanging15 minutesI watched what I thought was an exhaust trail in the sky over Torrance as it moved, changed shape and color in the sky8/5/01
5/26/01 15:00TucsonAZUSAChanging1 hourAt aproximently 15:00 hours on 5/26/01 I woke up to my dogs barking. When I went outside to investigate I was Shocked by a VERY bright 8/5/01
5/21/01 01:00New York CityNYUSAChanging30 minutesobservence of four strange flying shining objects which we could not identify the exact shape because of light surounding them3/21/03
5/20/01 23:00London (UK/England)United KingdomChanging3hrs.An amazing and beautiful collection of bright lights that spoke kindly and manipulated matter.8/5/01
5/15/01 19:00Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaChanging1hrblinding lights very fast and changed shape8/5/01
5/13/01 20:00Rugeley (UK/England)United KingdomChanging40 minutesIt was pureley by chance that this unidentified object was spotted by my friend and I, I was preparing to go to work for the evening, w6/4/04
5/11/01 04:04Newbury ParkCAUSAChanging25 minI observed 2 red flying objects moving across the sky, from right to left, then becoming one, for 20+min.8/5/01
5/6/01 19:30SussexNJUSAChanging30 mins, atleast when i sShiny orange objects seen in Sunset colored sky in New Jersey on May 68/5/01
5/3/01 22:00Quebec City (Canada)PQCanadaChanging35 minthe craft made sharp turns, emitted its own light.8/5/01
5/1/01 01:00Palm Springs/Blythe (between)AZUSAChanging4 hoursWhite "tic-tac" object in night sky, felt more like an entity or being, had no fear, there were no lights, no noise, shape-sh6/7/19
4/26/01 04:55Las VegasNVUSAChanging1 1/2 minutesGroup of five lights crossed Las vegas sky from south to north constantly changing formation early am.4/28/01
4/24/01 13:15BellevueIDUSAChanging2 minutesA large clearly visible object that moved at low and high rates of speed and joined 3 other objects.4/28/01
4/20/01 10:00MoscowIDUSAChanging3 minPulsating objects, hovered, absorbed, left.4/28/01
4/16/01 23:00DenverCOUSAChanging2 minuites aprox.(see discripton)8/5/01
4/10/01 21:09BristolCTUSAChanging1:30 mins.Shape changing object.4/28/01
4/1/01 20:30MoscowIDUSAChanging12 minutesPulsating Orbs, molding into and out of each other.4/28/01
3/25/01 03:30PhoenixAZUSAChangingabout 30 secsStrangely silent object streaks accross sky in desert southwest.4/1/01
3/19/01 19:15CanterburyNHUSAChanging30 min.Large Orb,red&green lights surrounding, capable of breaking into 3 triangles, or smaller orbs.4/1/01
3/15/01 18:01San JoseCAUSAChanging2 minutesElongated, ablong, all black object floating end-over-end and quickly accelerating out of view to S. San Jose.3/16/01
3/15/01 06:38MinneapolisMNUSAChanging2-3 minutesDark object seen in early morning sky , vanishes.3/16/01
3/14/01 20:30Munroe FallsOHUSAChanging3 MinObject seen 3-14-01 changing shape and size in Northeast Ohio4/1/01
2/21/01 00:00Cottage GroveORUSAChanging5 hoursThe object changed shapes and turned different colors.2/24/01
2/19/01 21:30SedaliaMOUSAChangingless than 1 secondSpotted an entity moving rapidly.2/24/01
2/14/01 01:00AustinTXUSAChanging30 minstwo others and I saw a number of lights in the sky2/18/01
2/10/01 16:40Selinsgrove/Williamsport (between, on Route 15)PAUSAChanging40 secondsMetallic cigar shaped object observed on a clear day.2/18/01
2/7/01 22:24Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomChanging12 minutesits shape started off as an egg shape then changed into a dimond shape, it was bright orange then it turned a pale green when it shrunk2/18/01
2/7/01 19:00South EgremontMAUSAChangingAbout 45 minutes we have The Object changed shape, it looked like many white lights(dots)put together outlined in a thin red line, travelling north very slowly.2/18/01
2/7/01 18:35Wheaton/KensingtonMDUSAChanging16:35SHAPE CHANGING OBJECT IN WASHINGTON DC AREA2/18/01
2/7/01 14:23Bowling GreenKYUSAChanging5 minutescigar shaped that turned into a triangle2/18/01
2/6/01 17:00DallasTXUSAChanging5 Mins3 hovering/slow moving objects in Dallas, TX, during rush hour.2/18/01
2/4/01 23:58Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10 secWhat looked like a floating garbage bag at first quickly travelled across town in seconds.2/18/01
1/21/01 05:30St. PetersburgFLUSAChanging5 secondsThis is not an untrue personal statement as I witnessed what I believe to be an intelligent subset of life.2/22/02
1/15/01 19:45VancouverWAUSAChanging1hr./15min.Bright object seen in sky north of Vancouver Wa.2/18/01
1/12/01 01:30BurbankCAUSAChanging30secondsIt appeared to be cascading down the tree outside, a huge fir with a slanting shape. The object curled down in puff-like shapes of smok1/11/02
1/11/01 18:00Norwich (UK/England)United KingdomChanging6 minutesStatic oblong UFO which changed shape.1/29/02
1/10/01 06:45Vaudreuil (Canada)PQCanadaChanging6 min.A bright object seen from a far distance on a cold winter morning which changed shape as it moved and left a trail of light.2/18/01
1/9/01 18:00New RichmondWIUSAChanging20 min.Four lights in a row, in the sky, faded and flew off in the same direction.1/11/02
1/8/01 18:30GilletteWYUSAChanging18:30 to 22:00Bright light follows me.2/18/01
1/4/01 01:24AtlantaGAUSAChanging15 minStrange Light emiting object changing shape and intensity of light, caught on video2/18/01
1/1/01 22:00KellyvilleOKUSAChanging45 minobject that changed from cylinder to triangle,no sound.2/24/01
12/31/00 21:00AnchorageAKUSAChanging4-6 hoursWe could observe red lights dancing across the underside red lights were very bright and very active.2/18/01
12/25/00 01:00El Baul (Venezuela)VenezuelaChanginga few secsObject entered atmosphere and disappeared5/24/05
12/19/00 03:09North PortFLUSAChanging45 secondsPlate like object of unique color disappears into air with a convergence of light.12/20/00
12/18/00 07:00Loon LakeMNUSAChanging10min.One Loony Lake you might want to fish!12/20/00
12/18/00 02:30Highland ParkNJUSAChanging30I was up that night writing my Fling Article when suddenly an intense blue light shone through my window. At once, I felt a feeling of12/20/00
12/15/00 16:20New York CityNYUSAChanging10 minutesa report of the incident that occurred today, December 15th 2000 involving a siting of unknown flying objects over New York City.12/20/00
12/14/00 19:30Antler Lake (Canada)ABCanadaChanging15 minutes15 minute sighting of a glowing cloud which produced a beam of light. It hung in the air and several people witnessed.2/18/01
12/7/00 12:45Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaChanging20 secondsit was very big. the craft flew across the sky very quickly. it changed shapes a few times. it was red and then green.2/24/01
11/20/00 12:15LyndhurstVAUSAChanging3 minutesCraft changes shapes, disappears and reappears, and changes direction under the clouds while making no noise.12/2/00
11/17/00 20:45MonticelloNYUSAChanging10minThis is the second ufo I've seen in monticello. This one was bright orange and it kind of pulsated from dim to very bright. It was also12/2/00
11/13/00 19:43Los AngelesCAUSAChanging20 minutesFloater12/9/00
11/12/00 21:45Port JeffersonNYUSAChanging15 secondsball of white light which turned bright green, arched wesrward and became a rainbow prism and disappeared12/2/00
11/12/00 15:30Los AngelesCAUSAChanging30 minutesStrange, contorting, object in the sky over Los Angeles.12/2/00
10/31/00 18:30FostoriaOHUSAChanging30 secondsBetween 1800 and 1900 on Tuesday, October 31, 2000, my mother and I both witnessed in the clear night sky what first appeared to be a f2/18/01
10/28/00 19:30FairviewMIUSAChanging5 minutesSighting in Northern Michigan 10/28/0012/2/00
10/28/00 19:00St. GeorgeUTUSAChanging10 minutesLarge object with sevsral satilites flying around it.12/2/00
10/26/00 03:30ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging3-5 minutesI always suspected people who saw things are totally crazy. I'm an author and thank God sain and not on drugs. I couldn't sleep last ni12/2/00
10/23/00 00:05HarpursvilleNYUSAChangingstill therehard to discribe the shape. All different colors, red ,purples,yellows , blue,and white. they changed colors at a pulsing rate. with no12/2/00
10/20/00 23:30GreenvilleNCUSAChanging50 minOn that night my mother-in-law so it first,then her husband.Then she came over and got my self and my wife.We went out side and looked 12/2/00
10/20/00 21:00West BranchIAUSAChanging10 MinutesStrange Shape-Changing Object over rural Iowa8/5/01
10/11/00 22:09Dolgellau (UK/Wales)United KingdomChanging3 or 4 minutesHow two became one.12/20/00
10/9/00 23:35MinnetonkaMNUSAChanging30 to 40 sec.I have a mini web site attached with my signature that is 3 pages, containing 30 images of UFO"s videtaped by myself, with a sony 8m/m4/28/01
10/5/00 06:05JeromeAZUSAChanging4hrs.Diamond shaped craft shifts to Cylinder over Arizona12/2/00
10/3/00 19:15HaywardCAUSAChanging7sec.oct 1 around 7;15. i was looking at the moon through a pair of binoculars 20x50 when i spotted cube shaped object higher than the moon 12/2/00
9/30/00 23:30San AntonioTXUSAChanging15 mintwinkling star to naked eye, blue and red flashing lights, change shape in binoculars12/2/00
9/30/00 21:45North HollywoodCAUSAChangingapprox 5 min.A cluster of spinning red lights which formed into a diamond shape.12/2/00
9/20/00 16:00Dahab (Sinai)SinaiChangingApprox five secondsMorphing, definate object changing speeds and shape whilst going from one side of the sky to the other.12/2/00
9/18/00 20:00St. James CityFLUSAChanging30 minutesWeird and we've got pictures, video and witnesses to prove it.9/21/00
9/12/00 17:00Lordsburg/DemingNMUSAChanging1hr or longerSpotted a hovering, color-changing object over the desert east of Lordsburg, New Mexico on Sept. 12, 2000 from I-10.12/2/00
9/9/00 22:30DahlonegaGAUSAChangingat least 1 hourA stationary bowl shaped object with colored lights.9/17/00
9/9/00 03:30PhiladelphiaPAUSAChanging3-5 secondsA bright flash seen in the sky facing west, 60 degrees above the horizon, heading downward from right to left, leaving a trail.9/17/00
9/3/00 19:00West CovinaCAUSAChanging1 minuteTwo disc-like objects, first appearing as stars, do rapid zig-zag-like manuevers in the western sky above Los Angeles, CA9/17/00
9/1/00 02:00Channing/Littlefield (385 between)TXUSAChanging5 minutesI saw moving lights in a field and then a close up view of a UFO from my car on September 1, 2000.9/17/00
8/27/00 23:00EugeneORUSAChangingone hourI saw erratic, colored lights in the sky last night9/17/00
8/21/00 01:38BlaineMNUSAChanging3to 4 minutes4 shapeshifting craft checks out humans...12/2/00
8/20/00 09:35Palm Beach GardensFLUSAChangingAppx 1 hourSolid white, round stationary object for 1 hour8/25/00
8/15/00 23:00Mackinaw (20 min south of; on hwy 75)MIUSAChanging30 secondsCraft changed from circle to triangle in flight.3/27/14
8/13/00 23:30Nevada CityCAUSAChanging20 minutesA red glow changing to blue green circular pattern coming from an object almost stationary , then shifting shapes rapidly8/19/00
8/10/00 22:00ElktonORUSAChangingappr. 3 hrs.four objects seen at roughly 45 min. intervals, all different. All bright and moving. Came roughly from the S' and S'E'.8/19/00
8/8/00 19:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSAChanging5 minutesgray shiny object changing from oblong to round to flat disk traveling from south to north in daytime sky.8/25/00
8/1/00 23:00CampoCAUSAChangingat least 15 minGreen point of light in the night sky expanded into a large triangle.10/19/11
7/29/00 23:30BellinghamWAUSAChanging1-2 minutesThree people observe strange light in night sky8/5/00
7/16/00 09:00IssaquahWAUSAChanging1..45I live in Issaquah Washington and viewed the following around the middle of July 2006. Standing in my living room,we have a panaram10/30/06
7/15/00 23:50Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaChanging8 MinWe noticed an object that at first looked strikingly like a distant comet but then behaved unlike any comet that we know of.12/2/00
7/11/00 03:30BridgewaterCTUSAChanging3 minutesA slow moving white light that came to a halt and then formed a circle of five small white lights which rotated in a clockwise directio7/11/00
7/10/00 22:45Wellington (New Zealand)New ZealandChanginground 4 hrsIt was changing shape and the colours were beautiful7/23/00
7/6/00 20:15RockfordILUSAChanging2-3 secondssmall orange light suddenly changed shape and disappeared!7/11/00
7/3/00 22:30ColebrookNHUSAChanginghalf hourGreen glowing craft which changed shape and color when it landed on the highway.7/23/00
6/21/00 16:50Glendale (Denver)COUSAChanging20 minutesI observed a bright object changing shapes (spherical to oblong) and colors (gold, red, white) for twenty minutes in the Denver sky.7/11/00
6/17/00 21:40Farmington HillsMIUSAChanging10 minutes plusA silent flying/ hovering dark object that changed shape and lacked lights or color.6/21/00
5/28/00 20:30DecaturTXUSAChanging10 min.Bright white elongated light in western sky over Decatur Texas.6/6/00
5/26/00 23:15Ogdensburg (over the St Lawrence River on the Canadian bordeNYUSAChanging5 minCircle of slowly strobbing white lights seen over St Lawrence River near Ogdensburg/Prescott International Bridge6/6/00
5/25/00 17:30Somogyfajsz (Hungary)HungaryChanging00:02I was sittingin my fathers car to take him home from work. I saw a cigar-shaped object at about S-SW. It flared up one time, flew to di2/18/01
5/5/00 19:30Onawa (Near, on I-29)IAUSAChanging15 secondsBall of light separated into three lights and accelerated out of view.8/5/01
5/1/00 09:23Moreno ValleyCAUSAChanging15 minutesWe noticed what we thought was a airplane wasn't moving after about 10 minutes.5/3/00
4/22/00 22:00BirminghamALUSAChanging30 minA bright objeck was seen in the Southwestern sky, about 22:00 hrs. I had just gone onto my back porch when I saw the object. I Thought 4/26/00
4/15/00 12:25PhoenixAZUSAChanging20 minutesTwo small objects float over the runway at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.4/26/00
3/29/00 03:00AberdeenOHUSAChanging5.5 MINApprox 3:00am 0n 3/29/00 the following opbervations were observed by myself while observing the Pleadies star cluster in northern sky. 8/5/01
3/29/00 00:00BeltonSCUSAChanging5 minutesA strange formation of 9 UFOs flew in an undetermined pattern over an abandoned field for approximately 5 minutes.4/1/00
3/27/00 01:10Bella VistaCAUSAChanging10 secs.a light the size of a volleyball at arms length descended rapidly4/1/00
3/15/00 14:46Blue SpringsMOUSAChanging45 secondsBlack box standing still about 100 feet above the trees with 4 large antennas (possibly)3/16/00
3/15/00 06:39WinthropMAUSAChanging14 hoursThe strang multicolored object was up in the sky changing shape. It would occasionally give off a bright flash of light.5/11/00
3/5/00 23:33KenoshaWIUSAChanging22 secondsbright flash, occurs every other night for about 2 weeks, still happening3/7/00
3/1/00 20:55Isabela (Puerto Rico) ?PRPuerto RicoChanging2 mins.Bright orange ball, moving east of Jupiter due north; separated into 3 orbs - 1 orange orb due magn. North, 2 blue orbs due WNW.3/7/00
2/19/00 23:00Tacoma (going north on I-5)WAUSAChanging5 secondsNorth on I-5, looked to west and could see UFO heading east. Object was larger than moon that night, was a green glowing light that tur2/23/00
2/19/00 22:30DallardsvilleTXUSAChanging10 secondsAn object went from the northeast to the southwest. It took the same path as the UFO sighting on 02/16/00. It was lit up like lighteni2/23/00
2/16/00 21:30RockfordILUSAChanging1 hourSeen glowing lights that changed shapes,and rotated around each other.2/23/00
2/15/00 22:30PeruPeruChanging15minIt was at night.. summer in my country I was sleeping and my mom woke me up... suddenly a strange object was in the sky movins strangel8/28/03
2/9/00 21:00Northport (5 miles north of)WAUSAChanging45 minutesThe evening was clear and I was looking off to the west/southwest up into the sky at about a 10:00 position. I suddenly noticed a clust4/1/00
2/6/00 06:30St. AlbansWVUSAChanging30 secondsWitness recalls recent witnessing of Unidentified object in WV skys.2/18/01
1/24/00 01:10Hull (The Quadrant Estate) (UK/England)United KingdomChanging10-20 minsIt looked like a star but circular shaped, with blue paricles dropping from it, then appeared to split in two and appeared white, them 2/16/00
1/22/00 23:00San DiegoCAUSAChanginga few hoursAs I was walking at the La Jolla cove, I saw 3 star like objects at the horizon. They stayed there for about 10 minutes and then change2/16/00
1/18/00 00:24Flamingo (Costa Rica)Costa RicaChanging1 minuteOut of the corner of my eye a glowing bright, bright orange shape appeared.1/26/15
1/8/00 17:00Kent/Warren (between; on Rte 341)CTUSAChanging3-4 minutesWhile driving, saw an unusually large bright triangular light in the distant sky; upon slowing, it appeared above as a grouping of brig1/22/00
1/5/00 04:15Summerfield, (approx.1/2 mile west of)ILUSAChangingapprox.4-5 minutesAfter being dispatched to the north side of Lebanon,I saw two large,very bright white lights that changed into one,then when I got clos1/7/00
1/1/00 00:45Canouan (Caranage Bay Resort) (Grenadine Islands)Grenadine IslandsChanging1 minuteWitness and I both viewed an object which appeared very close then moved across the sky changing shape, then moved off slowly out of si4/1/00
12/31/99 23:48Keys/Ceres (between, right over Hyw 99)CAUSAChanging3 minAt a familly gathering new years eve night 6 lit up object that where almost set up in a V formation exept for 1 that was down and in t1/7/00
12/17/99 23:15WindserCAUSAChanging15 min.I was driving home from work when an large orange glowing light the size of my thumb at arms length, was hovering in the night sky. it 1/7/00
12/17/99 17:00Stockholm (Sweden)SwedenChanging10 sec.We were walking down the street when a changing color and changing shape was flying past us it was visible for about ten second then it1/7/00
12/9/99 21:50ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging2 minutesAt 10 minutes to 10 PM on 12/9/99 in Scottsdale, Arizona I saw something that I have never seen before. Traveling North West above the 12/16/99
12/4/99 02:00DemingNMUSAChanging40-60 MinDriving I10 west of Las Cruces NM a random shape object visable for more than 60 mins seem to follow my U-Hall truck.12/7/06
12/1/99 16:00Chanute & Humbolt (between)KSUSAChanging3 to 5 mins.Driving south to Chanute saw a starlike object in western sky that flooted down givingimpresion of2 or 3 zig zag metal appendages appea1/22/00
11/27/99 21:00WatkinsvilleGAUSAChanging3 hrs 45 minsFamily & Friends camping out observed a set of 3 neon lights that came together into 1 bright light with approx. 5 pointed edges. Thi11/30/99
11/27/99 16:00UrbanaILUSAChanging1 1/2 HRSObjects were shaped like short contrails. But upon accelleration a round object appeared at the front of the contrail11/30/99
11/24/99 20:15WiltonMOUSAChanging11Walking to car, spotted 3 weird brightly colored (red/yellow/blue) objects hovering over Missouri River.12/16/99
11/23/99 16:45BarbourvilleKYUSAChanging15 -18 secondsi was arriving at a 4 way stop when i saw a blue green haze in upper right hand corner of windshield,i first thought was my engine over11/30/99
11/20/99 22:22NaplesFLUSAChangingWalking our dogMy friends and I were walking our dogs and my friend saw something in the sky. I thought it was a star but it started to change shape. 11/23/99
11/16/99 19:04Louisville (45 miles southeast of)KYUSAChanging8+ SecondsMulti-colored round ball (primarily blue and green to start). Appeared from the North East at approx 39 degrees from the horizon . The 11/17/99
11/16/99 19:03New York City/Philadelphia (between, on aircraft)NYUSAChanging60+ secondsLight bacame bright and changed into elongated form then split into 3 or four objects heading east somewhere around ~20,000 feet11/23/99
11/16/99 18:55New York/Philadelphia (between, on aircraft)NYUSAChanging~2 minutesOne bright object ejected 3 others which trailed east slowly with long tails11/23/99
11/16/99 18:45Over southern Lake ErieOHUSAChanging1 minuteLarge, bright, white object streaking across the sky, long tail, trailing sparks and pieces od main object.11/17/99
11/14/99 21:30Haltom CityTXUSAChangingslowgoing outside with the dogs we saw a half circle moving over sky changed shape look like a blue smoke very slow moving11/17/99
11/5/99 17:30Burlingame/San Mateo (between)CAUSAChangingabt 5 minsI was traveling north on the 280 freeway in heavy traffic when I noticed a fuzzy round shape. In a few minutes it changed to a b11/9/99
10/28/99 17:55PhoenixAZUSAChanging20 MinutesThe night before I saw The Ship My Freind called me out to see a fast moving object orangr in color Move ocroos the sky faster than eve11/23/99
10/26/99 00:00San JoseCAUSAChanging???It was Midnight when i saw them i was out side for some air after a party for my B-day and i looked up and saw 3 UFOs and wondered what9/2/05
10/25/99 11:30FlorenceMSUSAChanging1minsaw a shiney object moving from west to east and i was looking had no sound.11/2/99
10/17/99 15:05CovingtonWAUSAChanging30 minutesWhile viewing 'double dotted line" contrail we sighted metallic craft, followed later by more which sometimes appeared like spheres and11/2/99
10/10/99 00:01MartinezCAUSAChanging1 hourBright objects, red and green flashing lights (and a diffuse white light off to one side of the larger of the two objects), about 30 de10/19/99
10/2/99 20:30NewportORUSAChanging2 hoursOriginal sighting was that of a Pyramid of lights, however, the shape of those lights changed in what I believe to be the rotating of a10/19/99
9/22/99 01:00LaCygneKSUSAChanging45 minutesI have a video and still pictures3/4/08
9/21/99 20:49EverettWAUSAChanging25-30 secondsI watched a cylinder shaped object head west, then changed form to a boomerang, transparent like state and then it traveled south10/2/99
9/15/99 22:00Estacada (Near)ORUSAChanging2 hrs.My friend, and I was riding late at night, and seen a bright light coming over the hill10/19/99
9/14/99 19:07GreshamORUSAChanging25 minuteswatched a black object float across the sky level while appearing to rotate on 3 axis, seperate into 2 objects, reconnect and then slow10/2/99
9/11/99 21:57KirkersvilleOHUSAChanging2 minutesA flying object with 3-5 lights inside a changing shape, on a straight (west to east) trajectory.10/2/99
9/11/99 20:25SpokaneWAUSAChanging15 secondsWatched what looked like a shooting star, kept getting bigger and faster. Dropped for about 10 sec, then came to a complete stop. Hov10/2/99
9/11/99 19:00Midwest U. S. ((location deleted))USAChanging10 minutesDaytime changing Balloon-like phenomena2/1/07
9/9/99 02:00MentorOHUSAChanging3:15 am-?got up lights went out saw light outside, square balloon-shapes objcets and sm. gold discs, lights, changed shape got scared then saw b10/2/99
9/7/99 05:05Poinciana,Lake Wales,Lake Helen,KissimmeeFLUSAChanging30-45 secondsSaw what appeared to be meteor breaking up.Changed shape to 12-24 balls of light with and with-out tails,red,yellow,green,blue.They see9/12/99
9/2/99 20:00Galva/Victoria/Oak RunILUSAChanging2 hoursThree balls of light come out of a cornfield aprox. 40 yards above the ground and about 20 yards from the road. Multiple sightings wi10/2/99
9/1/99 21:40SacramentoCAUSAChanging5-10secondsstreaming,flow of light,similar to that of northern lights (aurora)9/12/99
9/1/99 21:00MedfordORUSAChanginga few minutesMy sons caretaker was standing in the parking lot in Meford, Or. last Wednesday and saw a bright orange/red ball coming over the Table 9/12/99
9/1/99 06:00LincolntonNCUSAChanging5 minutesGlowing object in morning sky10/2/99
8/24/99 09:10MercedCAUSAChanging1 minuteThis large craft appeared above our office this morning. Within its short duration, the craft reduced almost all of our sunlight. App8/30/99
8/20/99 01:00BarstowCAUSAChanging5 minutesStrange beam emmiting craft perform strange manuvers over California desert.8/5/01
8/19/99 22:00VallejoCAUSAChanging15 minbright flashing light moving erratically across the sky. when viewed on tv screen, it dances around at super speeds even in slow motion8/30/99
8/17/99 03:15Moses LakeWAUSAChangingapx. 5 min.3 blue/green lights (sometimes merged into one) moving absolutely silent across the sky from apx. west to east8/30/99
8/16/99 18:00Gillispie (along U. S. border) (Canada)NBCanadaChanging5 minutes est,((HOAX??)) I saw a UFO that resembled the Star of David.2/24/07
8/15/99 20:30BathMEUSAChanging2 minutesA few years ago on my way to work, at about 9:30 at night I observes while driving what appeared to be a huge air plane to my left. The10/20/05
8/5/99 17:30JacksonvilleFLUSAChanging20-30 secondsI was lifeguarding at a local pool when i looked up to the sky because it was a pretty sunset when i saw somthing move from behind a la1/7/00
7/28/99 01:00WinlockWAUSAChanging01:35Husband saw 2 on the way home from work. We looked thre a telescope and watched the 1 move and turn corors. It was N.W. Moving S.W. The8/10/99
7/26/99 16:00PortlandORUSAChangingabout 10 min.Big black object that came apart and molded back together.9/17/00
7/24/99 00:25GarlandTXUSAChanging15 to 20 secondsI feel a little silly about this but I was standing on my back patio when what i thought was a plane flew from SW to NE no sound and ch8/10/99
7/22/99 19:30West Palm BeachFLUSAChanging5 MinutesBlack object with no discernable shape appeared North of Palm Beach International Airport at 1500 - 3000 ft. for five minutes.8/10/99
7/18/99 21:10La Grande (Union County Airport)ORUSAChanging5 minutesBright light traveled from North to South, decended as if to land, approached landing strip--disappeared.8/10/99
7/15/99 21:50CharlotteNCUSAChanging4 minutesGlowing object blue and white4/15/00
7/8/99 22:21Salem (NW part of town)ORUSAChanging8hrsAt first sight looked like star but kept moving almost in triangle upward motion. Colors kept changing as it moved upward. Am not sur8/10/99
7/7/99 21:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging3 minutesSilent hovering glowing object8/30/99
7/5/99 00:05MorgantownPAUSAChanging30 minutesStrange gaseous lights almost like the video I've seen of the Aurora Borealis, only I'm in Pennsylvania and it occurred in the southern7/5/99
6/24/99 21:00QuincyILUSAChanging2 and a half hrs.was in the western sky, was flashing bright colors and looked as if once in a while shot off a red light. moves northwest and gets lowe7/14/99
6/6/99 07:00Meyers-Tahoe paradiseCAUSAChangingabductionI was walking to college when I was suddenly lifted by a air bubble through a beam of light then examined and let free.6/23/99
6/1/99 19:00GonzalesCAUSAChangingstrange lights in gablin moutains6/9/09
5/30/99 22:35AllenOKUSAChanging5:00 hrs.Saw 7 unidentified objects travelling from South-East to West over a period of 5 hours.6/23/99
5/8/99 10:12Santa AnaCAUSAChanging20 MinutesTime of day - 10:12am No clouds. No wind. 5/8/99 Santa Ana, Ca. I was on my way to the local stripmall to get an early lunch. Bei5/24/99
5/7/99 22:30RoyUTUSAChanging24:00On a walk saw a bright light. It was blinking. It moved slowly. It fadded in and out and changed color. Looked like a maple leaf that w6/23/99
5/7/99 00:30Cherry Grove (Fire Island)NYUSAChanging5 MinObject looking like a comet spotted over ocean at Fire Island.7/14/99
5/6/99 20:00DelhiCOUSAChanging5 minutesBright yellow-orange light that morphed into two, then one, then faded in and out before disappearing.5/24/99
4/28/99 20:29Santa CruzCAUSAChanging2minOne large white orange to gold roundish, Looked like incoming meteor at first then slowed and did a slow complete circle up and around 5/24/99
4/18/99 02:00Wolf CreekUTUSAChanging40 minUinta Basin/Wolf creek UFO highly visible,low flying,40-45min sighting,eratic moves with no noise IMAGES9/17/00
4/9/99 09:45MurfeesboroTNUSAChanging1:30secit started out as 2 lights with a body then it had 3 lights and lost its then gaind 1 more light then the light went out the it5/24/99
4/8/99 14:30RidgecrestCAUSAChanging30 minuteswe were checking out the STELTH flying overhead when we (3 of us) seen 3 objects flying overhead ,they flew out of sight when we seen 24/26/99
4/7/99 08:40WaikoloaHIUSAChangingI was out side with a couple of my friends checking out the stars. When we saw glowing bright light that4/26/99
4/7/99 08:37Kamuela (Waimea)HIUSAChangingI was in the park and then i saw a bright flash and it dashed across the sky and then it disapeared4/26/99
3/1/99 18:00LumbertonMSUSAChanging4 hoursThe night before the comet, at first that's what I thought it was. It originally appeared as a "ball of fire" in the sky. Then two more6/23/99
2/28/99 22:00Cancun (Mexico)MexicoChanging00:01Satilite like object then growing bright changing direction and moving rapidly upwards.7/5/99
2/25/99 22:00DaytonOHUSAChangingdunnothree lights apeered in the sky for 30 minutes and then shot out in different directions and disapeered in the darkness.11/20/02
2/22/99 20:10LaVerneCAUSAChanging12minStarted as a large orange sphere with some sparks coming from it . then broke into two. then four these stayed in formation then disent4/2/99
2/16/99 14:30BoronCAUSAChanging10minsorlongercomet asteroid tumblng appearance changing shape to a cone or capsule shape hovering above freeway 587/26/02
2/16/99 10:00In-flight/EuropeSwitzerland/UK (in flight)Changing5 minutesI was flying home alone from a family ski-ing trip when the sighting occurred. It was a small plane and the seat next to me was empty. 1/7/00
2/15/99 20:15Thousand OaksCAUSAChanging2 minDark unlit UFO, that initially looks like a soaring bird then it splits into two crafts.2/18/01
2/15/99 10:30PhoenixAZUSAChanging20 minObjects sited in residential area appeared to combine and separate as if liquid form.4/2/99
1/4/99 21:50StillwaterNYUSAChanging16 minutesThree low,silent craft hovering,looping over each other,flaring huge,bright,then fly head-on near-collision course.Videotaped5/24/99
12/31/98 23:00Jonesboro (near)LAUSAChanging3 minSlow pink blob11/26/03
12/22/98 21:00Rome (GA)/Cedar Bluff (AL)GAUSAChanging2.5 hoursAt 9PM, in Cherokee, AL while leaving my lakehouse, I saw the first one hovering, then moving. I used perspective to ensure movement. 2/16/99
12/17/98 07:10DecaturALUSAChanging10 min.Driving east just before dawn the sky was cloudless. Suddenly a cloud appeared very dence about the size of a football field. it was at1/28/99
12/15/98 17:40Saratoga Lake/Saratoga SpringsNYUSAChanging15 minutesWhile videotaping a craft hovering silently over Saratoga Lake, a second unlit craft shot up from the lake,lit up and hovered.5/24/99
11/23/98 22:30CarbondaleILUSAChanging10secondsAn unidentified flying object sited over Carbondale Illinois. The object travelled from North to South in a direct path at a speed tha2/16/99
11/17/98 23:30MorristownTNUSAChangingHad three lights alternating between red, green, and blue. Changed shape from saucered to triangular. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))11/19/98
11/7/98 21:30SweetwaterTXUSAChanging30 minutesIt was weird and we didn1/11/02
11/7/98 17:30Fullerton (from, spotted 20 deg. aboveW horizon)CAUSAChanging5 minutesMy UFO skeptic Mom and level headed brother observed a very large boomerang shaped object. It traveled west to east, stopped, changed s11/20/02
10/31/98 19:00MissoulaMTUSAChanging20 secondsI noticed a very dim pin point of what looked like a star go from a pin point to half the size of the moon while its light intensified11/19/98
10/20/98 11:30CorunnaMIUSAChangingone min.large, flat black with grid lines and port holes soundless craft7/26/02
10/16/98 16:30Baker/Stateline (between)CAUSAChanging5 to 8 secondsA watery ripple in the sky like a ribbon flapping in the wind, then forming the shape of a craft (see below)1/28/99
10/15/98 15:30New AlbanyINUSAChanging1 hourObjects Changed From Oval To FootBall Shape For An Hour1/27/05
10/13/98 02:30Heron State Park (between Dulce and Taos)NMUSAChangingapprox. 1hrWatched a strange light for about an hour. During its flight, it made numerous odd flight changes, including bouncing up and down like 2/16/99
10/10/98 02:30HollywoodCAUSAChanging5 minutesI was standing outside on Sunset Blvd. at Vine and looked straight up which I normally do not do. I saw three bright white lights in a 11/1/98
10/9/98 16:00NoblesvilleINUSAChanging35 secstranslucent craft changing shape and silent8/30/99
10/3/98 14:30CarbondaleILUSAChanging20 mina Black object not moving. It was about 1500-2000 feet in altitude, and about the size of a gumball held at arms length.11/1/98
9/21/98 17:10BakersfieldCAUSAChanging5 minutesAt 17:10 hrs I was driving west heading into downtown and had a clear view of the horizon. Off to the south I saw a silver cylindrical9/26/98
9/18/98 01:45CozadNEUSAChanging30 secondsI witnessed a distortion of the star field from the right to the left. North to south.9/26/98
9/15/98 22:30EscondidoCAUSAChanging4-5 MinutesNeon orange dougnut shaped craft drops blue balls of lights3/28/04
9/10/98 22:45Buena VistaCOUSAChanging10 minutesBall of light that was thought to be a star dropped out of formation and changed colors and direction at super speeds8/5/01
8/29/98 21:30West SalemOHUSAChanging1 minuteIt had approx. 4 large lights, in a diamond shape that would blink, and immediately following it, a large burst of fire from the rear..11/1/98
8/20/98 22:00Chechauoene (Morocco)MoroccoChanging6 secondsClearly saw a flying boomarang-shaped object that made no noise and had no running lights in Morocco.8/30/10
8/13/98 10:10JeannettePAUSAChangingThey hovered over the church. It was like they were talking. They made wierd noises.7/26/02
8/10/98 23:30GeorgetownTXUSAChanging2 MinutesAppeared to be space-plane re-entering atmosphere. Eventually flew directly overhead without ever making a sound. First appeared to b11/1/98
8/9/98 11:00Birkshire CountyMAUSAChanging10/minBright object 10000-20000 + feet in eastearn sky at first statoinary then appearing in different location in general area of sky withou1/28/99
8/3/98 00:00SalemMAUSAChanging3hrsBright light hovered over Marblhead Bay for several hours. Oval to disk shape but seemed to also change shape as well as color. Bright 11/21/98
8/1/98 23:30Moldova Noua (Romania)RomaniaChanging01.00.00A strong light bellow the Donau, maybe on yugoslavian teritory. A light like a shining star with irization, with green mouving filament11/16/02
7/27/98 03:00SouthamptonNYUSAChanging30 MinutesA lot of different lights bouncing around a center light. It had reappearing lights and lines.11/21/98
7/13/98 02:00San Francisco International AirportCAUSAChanging30 minutesI was taking pictures of commercial airliners - arriving and departing. These crafts seemed to be "Playing" in and about the air traffi5/24/99
7/8/98 17:16Hilongos (Leyte) (Philippines)PhilippinesChanging10minutesthe object had landed in the other hill on the other side of the village we could still see it11/26/03
6/30/98 10:00Commerce TownshipMIUSAChangingSix hoursFollowed by men in black cars and suits.7/16/06
6/11/98 17:25Lincoln CityORUSAChangingUNKNOWNDigital camera shots which contain unknown object not seen until photos were downloaded to computer.6/18/98
6/7/98 17:00Caracas, D.F. (Venezuela)VenezuelaChanging2 minObserve a unos 3 Kilometros Dos Objetos que se acercaban a velocidad impresionante hasta el vehiculo que yo conducia11/21/98
6/1/98 18:00HunstvilleALUSAChanging15-20 secondsBlacker than black, shape changing floating object.10/30/12
5/28/98 22:30TuckerGAUSAChanging3-5minutesa small group of lights flying in a birdlike formation slowly across the sky in a northeast direction.11/21/98
5/22/98 14:20IndianapolisINUSAChanging5 min.I and my framing crew witnessed this together.We are framing a house on the north side of Indy. Alot of air trafic is going on this day1/28/99
5/16/98 23:47SimlaCOUSAChangingseven secwent ouy looked up green ball of light decended like a metor then split and right object went off at 90 degrees.1/28/99
5/4/98 06:00MoultrieGAUSAChanging45 mins.It changed shapes slowly and was spinning slowly and it was creepy.1/28/99
4/18/98 14:00Tampa (near)FLUSAChanging40 secondsWe (my wife and I and our 4 children) were headed south on Interstate 75 when to the west we saw (my wife and I) what appeared to be t1/28/99
4/14/98 13:19ViennaVAUSAChanging5-7 minutesThis object hovered a few hundred feet above the Tysons Marriot for over 5 min. It seemed to have erratic movements (up & down)1/28/99
4/3/98 00:00UK/Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandChangingunknownBright light. Noises. Faces (oval) . Operation. Scars.1/28/99
3/29/98 02:29YakimaWAUSAChanging10 minutesThe object changed color and shape. It kept the same course and speed flying into the wind.1/28/99
3/8/98 22:00ColumbusGAUSAChanging3 to 5 minI saw a redish&orange ball of light moveing up&down on a vertical path,no sound at all.12/9/00
3/7/98 22:00ChinookMTUSAChanging2hoursI was outside of my house,admiring the night sky,when I noticed an object streak across the sky and then stop very quickly. Then anothe1/28/99
3/6/98 23:55Southampton (Hampshire) (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 minuteswe had been out and on the way home (because we had to be home by 12;00) and the sky lit up and a purple and brown shape appeared it wa3/19/02
2/23/98 07:30WyomingMIUSAChanging1 minutemy wife and i were walking across a parking lot toword the east. i saw a very dark object coming from that direction. i pointed it out 1/28/99
2/20/98 19:00KerrvilleTXUSAChanging20 minLong white light was stationary, then turned bright orange and moved like a comet, then became round and glowed orange while remaining 1/28/99
2/15/98 12:00YakimaWAUSAChangingapp.3-4 triangle seems able to dissapear and reapear...somehow conected with a moving cloud..3/19/02
2/12/98 22:15Sharon (to Brookfield, OH)PAUSAChangingapp. 10 minObject seen as round light initially, changed colors white to yellow, orange-red, yellow, white, then split into 2 white lights with re1/28/99
1/8/98 20:00Satellite Point (near, midway between Orlando & Boca)FLUSAChanging45 sec.We were driving S. from Orlando on the toll road towards Boca Raton, FLA. We saw the 'moon' glowing a bright orange low in the sky in t1/28/99
1/1/98 23:00Milwaukee/West Allis/West MilwaukeeWIUSAChanging5 minutesGolden orb follows car, then changes into black triangle ufo, stops , and "waits" for them to pass close by.2/1/07
11/8/97 19:30LouisvilleKYUSAChanging45minsNo aircraft could have made these types movement through the air without stalling out of control and crashing to the ground.11/16/02
9/18/97 04:15West ManchesterOHUSAChanging1hr. 45min.My husband and I saw an object hovering in the sky north of our home at 4:15 a.m. E.S.T. September 18,1997, Thursday. It looked like a 10/2/99
8/30/97 19:00Fort FairfieldMEUSAChanging10 minutesHuge bright white round orange and red pulsating object decsending toward my car.3/18/16
8/29/97 01:30Mt Roskill, Auckland, North Island (New Zealand)New ZealandChanging1/2 miniuteA small dark craft of somekind passed about 30 metres directly over my head, shortly followed by another.1/22/00
8/24/97 21:45BiscoeNCUSAChanging15 secondswhile standing outside my car in front of food store, a huge metal-grey oblong unidentifiably-shaped object suddenly soared over the fr1/7/00
8/16/97 13:00LouisvilleKYUSAChanging3 minutesWhite Object Constantly Changes then Vanishes Instantly.8/10/18
7/26/97 03:21ArlingtonWAUSAChanging20 minutesAt 3:20 a.m. I looked out the peephole in the door, and I saw a white object in the sky outside my house. It changed shapes,ovals, tria9/26/98
7/7/97 20:45Las CrucesNMUSAChanging30 minutesIt was never anything I have seen before.10/12/01
7/2/97 21:00PetalumaCAUSAChanging2.5 hoursWe saw and followed a bright light for quite a number of miles on a summer evening in July of 1997.5/24/99
6/15/97 22:15IrvineCAUSAChanging10 secondsCraft (looked exactly like Gulf Breeze pictures) flew along nearby hillside, close enough to be seen clearly. Completly silent.1/28/99
6/8/97 15:00Santa ClaraCAUSAChangingappx 2 minIt sped off at a teriffic speed, changing size and color.8/19/00
6/6/97 03:00SpainSpainChanging10 min.It hovered near to our car for 10 min., going from one window to another, changing from a circular shape, to an eliptical, to a square1/28/99
5/19/97 00:20KalamazooMIUSAChanging15 + minutesBright ball of light, split into two balls of lights, then rejoined itself, changed color and shape repeatedly1/17/04
4/15/97 01:30FullertonCAUSAChanging30 minutesthe object made no noise,as it changed colors,and hovered in complete silence until it was ready to move.5/4/04
1/22/97 03:35Altus AFBOKUSAChanging30secObject breaking up above western oklahoma At 3:35am Central time over S.W. Oklahoma a bright object came from the north about 30 deg3/7/98
1/1/97 07:00JamestownNDUSAChangingaround 10 minsAUTHOR"S SUMMARY: The object was around the size of a small car it changed shape and light color and pattern as it moved. it was silen10/12/01
12/28/96 20:00LaredoTXUSAChanging10 secondsFiery object falling, breaks into 2 pieces, each dart toward opposite horizons5/8/15
12/12/96 17:10ElizabethNJUSAChangingvariesThere are many sighting i have seen in my lifetime, there are even some that i have heard from my neibors out of the united states.12/12/11
10/26/96 02:00Newport BeachCAUSAChanging2.5 minutesObject defies physics in Newport Beach, CA.3/27/14
9/26/96 20:00BreckenridgeTXUSAChanging1-2 secondsconstantly changing nebulous-shaped object flying disturbingly fast at the moment of a full lunar eclipse9/2/05
9/19/96 21:30Avon LakeOHUSAChanging3 minutesufo spotted 9-19-96 on the shores of Lake Erie in Avon Lake, Ohio, United States of America8/5/01
9/1/96 05:35TaosNMUSAChanging3 minutesHovering over the trees next to my house. 3 globes of luminous light as large as basketballs. Rotated then took off and disappeared9/19/19
7/15/96 19:30AlamogordoNMUSAChanging10minI opened the window to tell my dog to be quiet then about 2 sec later a yellow glowing craft about 70 feet away from me how high it was8/5/01
7/4/96 19:35FayettevilleARUSAChanging88 minutes A short but sure encounter with three alien craft and tall, hairy beings, with keen sensory peception.2/18/01
6/28/96 19:00TempeAZUSAChanging30 minutesHuge pearl-like object over South Mountain8/30/13
6/24/96 00:30AuroraCOUSAChanging1 hourObj. hovered 100 ft above car. Red, blue lights on corners. Changed shape from cube to pyramid to triangle. Landed 800 ft away.11/2/99
6/1/96 21:00New OrleansLAUSAChanging15-20 secondsWhile a conversation with a friend a large mirror like objesct came out of the south west sky traveling at a moderate rate of speed. Th7/4/12
6/1/96 21:00New OrleansLAUSAChanging20 secondsThe above report was mine and I just wanted you to know my name for your files.7/3/13
4/28/96 12:00HolopawFLUSAChanging15 minutesSunday, April 28, 1996, a day I'll never forget! Had no sound, didn't exactly land in my sight, but I'm pretty sure it did!10/27/04
2/20/96 01:00BeniciaCAUSAChanging5 minutesit was real close,didn't make a sound, didn't stir the air,it actually was beautiful,a soft red glow all around,was changing shape.11/11/03
2/14/96 20:00New GretnaNJUSAChanging5 minutesSpherical white lights in a moving semi circular pattern.1/10/14
12/24/95 20:30Sao Paulo (Brazil)BrazilChanging1 hour"UFO Airpoirt"12/2/00
12/15/95 20:50HawesvilleKYUSAChangingLess than 5 minutesStrange orange light/craft hovering noiselessly overhead.7/16/06
12/8/95 18:00Pacific Northwest - flying from Portland to L.A., Ca/OrCAUSAChanging45 minutesWhile flying from Portland oregon to Burbank, Ca. - saw a solid bright light alongside aircraft for about 45 minutes. Object would chan1/28/99
12/4/95 02:00DemingNMUSAChanging40 -60 MinDriving I10 west of Las Cruces NM a random shape object visable for more than 60 mins seem to follow my U-Hall truck.12/7/06
9/20/95 21:00TroyMIUSAChanging30 secondsLoud vibrating sound, two objects merged & then shot away so fast2/6/15
9/1/95 09:00PahrumpNVUSAChangingTwo hoursTime 9:00 a.m. went outside to pump water up from well. I heard an airforce jet,so I looked up. At about 1:00 oclock high, the jet wa6/21/00
8/15/95 22:30Nideggen (Germany)GermanyChanging3-5 secondsBright light near castle Nideggen, Germany in the 90s10/29/15
8/15/95 20:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10-15 seconds4 lights turned into 6, then turned into V-shape and took off.9/4/03
8/12/95 03:30South of SarasotaFLUSAChanging~5 minutesProximal sighting of shape shifting, falling leaf UFO.6/4/14
8/1/95 01:45Van NuysCAUSAChanging5 mins.I saw this craft, it sounded like an airplane flying overhead at first, and it was shaped like a stick-figure bird (silver). I lived o5/24/99
7/17/95 01:30Holland CountyARUSAChanging45 min.Driving back from a roadtrip we saw a bright light ahead of us that seemed to be morphing into different shapes and eminating energy.6/21/00
6/30/95 22:00RockwoodMIUSAChanging45 minutesGreen sky's and strange unatural cloud activity followed by sudden lights12/12/09
6/28/95 21:00PortlandMEUSAChanging20 minIt was still light out we sat under it for 3 min3/10/11
6/26/95 16:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaChanging1/2 hourMorphing? Interdimensional Craft - Daylight Sighting1/17/04
6/20/95 02:00MultiOHUSAChanging2 hoursChased11/20/01
6/10/95 02:00Northland, (remote countryside, East Coast)New ZealandChanging6 hoursHead lights on a collison course with a hill which suddenly "jumped" back, appeared diamond shaped and zig zagged across the sky6/10/03
6/1/95 15:00CrestlineCAUSAChanging+-10 minutesObject like a cube rose into the air, reached what seemed an air current, changed shape to triangle moving very fast toward east.5/20/21
6/1/95 13:00CraigCOUSAChanging20 MinutesVery Shiny and Reflective Saucer seen on the South side of Craig, Colorado Summer of 19952/14/10
4/16/95 13:00RavensdaleWAUSAChanging1minEaster 1995 , multiple daytime UFO visits !!12/23/20
3/15/95 21:00Clinton/Maroa (between)ILUSAChanging15 secondsBlue light lit the whole sky at night on the highway, like it was DAY9/4/03
1/1/95 10:00OxnardCAUSAChanging10 min1 light turns into 4 (light show)12/14/04
12/15/94 23:30KnoxvilleIAUSAChanging2 hrs?Hovering object seen high in night sky as a /\ (this should be like an arrowhead) changing or to a < or making a turn.5/24/99
10/18/94 20:30Random LakeAZUSAChanging30 minutesStationery changing-form object in night sky with an appearance not of this world.4/27/04
10/14/94 04:00GoodlettsvilleTNUSAChanging2 minutesI saw what looked like a large orange fireball hovering, it then shrunk to the size and color of a star.10/28/02
10/1/94 20:00ChicopeeMAUSAChanging5 minutesChicopee State Park, Craft seemed to be shooting balls of light or breaking up12/16/05
10/1/94 17:00Tylertown/McComb (between; on Hwy. 98 )MSUSAChanging20 minutesorange molten-metal, crescent-shaped object paralleling car for 15 - 20 minutes6/12/08
9/1/94 11:00Grants PassORUSAChanging12 hoursThought of as a Dream for 20 Years, Recent Information Convinced me that Iv been Abducted by Aliens.7/3/13
7/12/94 21:40Osage BeachMOUSAChanging5-7 minutesBright Object in sky that appeared to be falling then stopped split into two object then back to one then sped off.3/21/03
6/8/94 22:30Idaho FallsIDUSAchanging10 min.Strange, form-changing objects seen over Idaho Falls.1/28/99
6/1/94 17:00ScottvilleMIUSAChanging5 minutesA shape changing from round to disc which paced us for several minutes before speeding away. No sound.3/21/03
2/22/94 02:00Shackle Island community of HendersonvilleTNUSAChanging40 minutesObject viewed under magnification observed lights/crafts entering and leaving illuminated object;9/2/05
8/23/93 19:56Laramie (east of)WYUSAChanging9 minutesCloud-like object at extreme range changes shape.10/31/03
6/30/93 10:00RochesterNYUSAChanging5 minShape changing craft.4/12/13
6/30/93 01:00Savannah River SiteSCUSAChanging10 minutesI would love to keep my name out of this report. After we have had lunch (1:00 am)YES at night a few of us went up to the roof of ou2/12/15
6/1/93 20:00Salton SeaCAUSAChanging15 minutesSix lights circle in the Salton Sea, California, area with no sound1/10/09
2/14/93 19:00FremontCAUSAChanging1/2 hourHuge cloaked craft with 6-sided color changing lights flies silently overhead in bay area.2/6/15
12/8/92 18:00St. Julie (Canada)QCCanadaChanging5 MinutesLight observed at close range with changing size and vanishing act1/17/04
9/12/92 21:45New IdriaCAUSAChanging2 hours +On approx. September 12 of 1992(a Monday, Tues. or Wednes.) I was at home alone finishing dinner when I heard my pack of dogs start up5/24/05
8/11/92 02:40Scofield ReservoirUTUSAChanging15 minutesMore details are in my mind,but I almost can remember them…1/31/11
6/25/92 00:00Big Bear Lake areaCAUSAChanging20 minutesjello-y lights, it transformed before our eyes.3/11/03
6/1/92 22:00MesaAZUSAChanging15 MinutesBack in the early 1990s during the Early DARK Evening I witnessed a set of lights over NorthEast Mesa Arizona heading from East to West7/5/08
2/14/92 22:30Panajachel (near) (Guatamala)GuatemalaChangingabout 7 minutesBeam of light follows me walking, moves high into trees on cliffside, seems to swivel as it fades out.5/24/05
12/13/91 22:00EtowahTNUSAChanginglooking at mountainsI was looking at Star Mountain when these 3 objects appearred. As I watched them, they seemed to change shape. Then as I watched for a 4/28/01
9/18/91 22:00OlympiaWAUSAChanging2 to 3 minutesSingle star morphs into Hoberman Sphere, rotates, reverts, turns red, divides, flies away in formation7/16/06
4/27/91 21:00SacramentoCAUSAChanging20-30 minObject in CA defied known laws of physics.11/8/05
10/5/90 22:00FresnoCAUSAChanging1-2hoursThree objects in the sky.5/24/05
8/23/90 18:45ReddingCAUSAChanging3 to 5 minutessymentrical group of orange dots in night sky, no sound at all, no break in flowing formation at all4/17/08
7/15/90 13:00WillitsCAUSAChanging15 secondsTwo Orbs spinning in a flipping motion across sky.7/4/12
1/7/90 09:00SuttonAKUSAChanging7 min.Well it hoovered about 200 feet above us for about 7 minutes then flew off in to space at about 150 degrees, going at about 300mph.11/30/99
12/9/89 21:00Cork (Republic of Ireland)IrelandChanging20 minsbright diamond band on the lower rim,coloured . blue mist6/6/00
11/15/89 20:25DallasTXUSAChanging10 minutesObject moved from E.S.E to W.N.W. Slow Speed,High Speed,No speed.Lots of color.20,000ft.up,cloudless night,no moon.8:25 p.m.- 8:35 p.m.8/10/99
10/20/89 18:30Diamond Bar (on the 57)CAUSAChanging5 minutesVery intense light moving and changing course rapidly causing cars to pull off highway and stop. All lights shot into sky getting small1/28/99
8/17/89 22:00North Lake (Canada)NBCanadaChanging10 minutesBright full moon, surrounded by haze but it wasn't the moon. It began moving to our left. Changing shape as it moves. Always had a &quo1/11/19
7/20/89 22:00Nags HeadNCUSAChanging10 minutesLow flying, lights, shooting lights.11/26/03
6/15/89Kansas CityMOUSAChanging20 secondsTumbling, white object which appeared to be disintegrating.1/3/01
4/1/89 09:30Grand JunctionCOUSAChanging30 minF.A.A. gives false report of UFO over Western Colorado10/12/01
2/18/89 03:30PittsburghPAUSAChangingPittsburghI've came across sightings of a alien form flies and walks on the ground it's clear it comes in several differen4/18/19
1/15/89 15:00WenatcheeWAUSAChanging3 minutesFlying plane stops, changes shape, and then crashes10/30/12
12/22/88 03:55Santa Rosa (23 km. south of)CAUSAChanging2 hoursFirst off, I am a very skeptical person. At the time of the sighting, I was a California Highway Patrol Officer for 6 years and very g8/5/01
12/20/88 21:00Miami to St. Paul (approx. 20 minutes North of)ILUSAChanging1.5 minutesUFO Encounter on an Airline Flight approx. 20 minutes northwest of Chicago.2/18/01
11/14/88 22:30SweetwaterTXUSAChanging30 minWe know we weren't the only ones to see it, but there was never any media reports about it.6/18/03
10/20/88 21:30SpokaneWAUSAChanging15-20 minutesA huge, sharp 'V' formation of apprximately 25 to 30 round white disks flies slowly over a suburban area12/2/00
10/5/88 06:30Daqing (China)ChinaChanging2minscicular then oval red dish took place from ground10/11/05
3/5/88 16:30New BrightonPAUSAChanging17:30First looked like a plane in trouble. Then changed to a play jack shape with clustered balls in center and at end of each spoke.7/14/99
10/28/87 20:30Las CrucesNMUSAChanging30 minutesLas Cruces lights.4/27/04
9/22/87 23:00Milton (Canada)ONCanadaChanging60 minutesLottery win2/7/20
7/15/87 02:00Sudbury (south of; on Hwy 69) (Canada)ONCanadaChanging30 minutesObject paced a line of trucks for approx 1/2 hour12/2/00
5/20/87 02:00GalvestonTXUSAChanging1-2hoursi wrote to this site about 1 year ago and did not get a response from you. when i was 10 years old my mom called me and my brother a10/30/06
4/24/87 20:15SeattleWAUSAChanging20 minutesLow flying Orange Blimp over Lake Washington (Seattle, Madrona Park Beach)3/10/11
3/30/87 21:00Utuado (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoChanging3 minuteFlowting light that changed size and came on and off and dissapeard with out a sound in the blink of an eye.12/12/09
3/23/87 00:55Apache JunctionAZUSAChanging30 secondsOn March 23rd 1987 at 0055 a object broke up above us to the left of salt river dam, and we heard a crash near weaver's needle.6/18/04
1/30/87 13:00East MeadowNYUSAChanging15 - 17 minON 03/18107 photos of a black ufo, that changed shape as it went from west to east, were taken by my webcam.4/27/07
7/15/86 07:30Las VegasNMUSAChangingaround 2-3 minutesluminous object hangs in air, disappears rapidly in the distance8/28/03
5/18/86 20:30TrimmerCAUSAChangingapprox.10 mins.The craft floated along the hills above the homes, as tho taking a leisurely cruise against the mountainside...9/2/05
7/15/85 21:30HolmdelNJUSAChanging20 minutesLarge v shaped object buzzes house and shines lights in window while people eat and viewers seem non existant to all others in house.10/12/01
7/1/85 19:00Los AlamitosCAUSAChanging1 minuteGoodyear Blimp turns into UFO.11/26/03
6/15/85Grayridge (outside of; 1/2 mile S.)MOUSAChanging1 minuteJune 5, 1985 Two men watch a saucer coming toward them in the short distance .12/12/09
4/1/85 15:00New York CityNYUSAChanging10 minsStrange thing that changed into a pearl.10/11/05
1/15/85 20:50McGrady (Wilkes County)NCUSAChanging4-6 minutesOn a clear, starry winter evening I observed a very unusual object in the night sky, my grandfather also saw the object.1/11/02
12/15/84 20:00Santiago (Chile)ChileChanging30 min.First: One Object, Second: Few colorfull objects, Final: Again One object1/28/99
11/26/84 22:00St. CharlesILUSAChanging45 minutesObject pulses in the red-blue-purple spectrum.3/13/12
1/13/84 02:12Idaho (I-90 interstate)IDUSAChanging30 MinutesAmazing Sight and Long Encounter time - Shape Change of Object12/2/00
7/15/83 18:30Moreno ValleyCAUSAChanging1hr so farBright light seen hovering and when look at through binoculars it was seen morphing into different shapes and lines.3/13/12
6/15/83North CantonOHUSAChangingten minuteshelp me discover it2/1/07
4/27/83 23:42BlytheAZUSAChangingunknownBall of fire that split into two, moved in and out at light speed, formed as one again and landed on the ground. 500 Lights On Obje6/12/07
4/15/83 21:00Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaChanging1 1/2 hoursA brilliant blue-white light performs amazing acrobatics for an hour and a half over the city of Brisbane.8/16/02
11/1/82 06:15WoolwichMEUSAChanging5 minutesLifelong UFO's11/28/07
10/15/82 00:00ThortonCAUSAChanging10 minutesdifferant colored lights swirling coming towards us a few feet above the ground.12/1/19
9/20/82 12:00SlidellLAUSAChanging20 minShape shifting, color changing UFO8/7/11
7/16/82 04:37FayettevilleNCUSAChanging3 - 5 minThe ball changed from blue-green to yellow red green triangle shape9/24/03
7/15/82 20:30West CarsonCAUSAChanging5 minutesCone shaped object of glass like spheres, changed shape to a V.6/25/20
6/19/82 13:37Spring ValleyCAUSAChanging3 minutesObjects floating in sky, thought to be birds at first. Very before pattern, when I reviews the footage inside I was shocked to see some3/2/21
11/23/81 20:30Pacifica/LindamarCAUSAChanging7 minutesTwo space craft in air, sitting motionless with no sound6/12/02
8/15/81 23:00Jacksonville BeachFLUSAChanging8 hoursDuring a period of several nights, points of light moved over and under the ocean water in various formations, which were later reveale9/13/02
4/14/81 23:00Berlin CenterOHUSAChanging10 minutesAn apparrent airplane, stopped, then changed direction & descended toward us, came within 40'.5/29/15
4/12/81 03:00TomberlinARUSAChanging1 minutebright light hoovering along car at slow speed on foggy nite3/21/03
9/9/80 20:30BrickNJUSAChanging10 minutesFive spheres witnessed in the evening sky in Brick, New Jersey.3/9/04
9/8/80 06:00BrewertonNYUSAChanging36They're here.6/20/05
6/1/80 12:00BaadonMIUSAChanging40:min.shape was round pail white like a ring had aball of britter light following the dia. of the ring thate split in half it was somthing th3/19/09
5/15/80 20:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging5 minutesUnusual spacecraft 15 feet above me. Did not hover, it was stationary, solid matter, as though it were a solid fixture.8/24/10
5/15/80 20:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging5 minutesUnusual spacecraft 15 ft obove me. Stationary, solid matter. Did not hover.4/16/05
4/1/80 16:00Costa MesaCAUSAChanging15 minutesPulsing, mercury in appearance, spinning on an axis. Looked as if maybe living or organic in nature.8/5/12
11/15/79 21:30FinlandFinlandChanging10 secondsDiamond or kite shaped cluster of high altitude red lights that changed to horseshoe pattern and zipped to the horizon.5/11/05
8/28/79 02:45ChicagoILUSAChanging30 - 45 secondsRadioacive Neon Bats ?11/26/03
7/29/79 02:00OcalaFLUSAChanging20 minutesfishing over resevoir object hovered for 20 minutes 2-3 feet above water, went straight up into space until it became vanished10/17/03
7/10/79 21:00SaugusMAUSAChanging1 hourI saw a ball, off white, irregular borders similar to a fireball. It circled the area a number of times. Then, the object began to slow6/25/20
6/20/79 13:00Terre Haute (near)INUSAChanging25 secondsIt changed shape from a cigar shape to a circle and back again.8/4/03
9/21/78 00:00Sung Nam Shi (Seoul) (Korea)KoreaChanging30 started to move in zigzag fashion. Hopping between clouds, as it moved in to the cloud, cloud was glowing12/23/02
7/22/78 18:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging3 Minutes2 large silver craft, rotating above us. Changed shape rapidly, and disapered into the darkness in a burst of light.7/5/99
7/4/78 23:00MorgantownWVUSAChanging20 minThis happened quite awhile back and I never reported it, but with all the attention recently, I tell people I think I saw one, and they5/2/11
5/10/78 20:30San DiegoCAUSAChanging25 minutesUFO hovering behind our backyard, the night of May 10,19788/5/01
1/2/78 20:00Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles)SeychellesChanging1 minuteThe UFO flew down the valley below the block of flats from which I and my friends witnessed it. At first it appeared as a triangular fo5/24/99
8/28/77 21:50UkiahCAUSAChanging1 minuteSeperating points of light1/11/02
7/26/77 03:20Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2 minutesI saw two objects following each other along the exact same flight path over the city. They came in from the SSE and were heading NNW.9/2/05
6/1/77ClementsCAUSAChangingOnce again we forgot the event happened, until years later, looking back I realized we have missing time. 500 Lights On Object0: Ye1/24/12
12/6/76 05:30DavieFLUSAChanging40 minutesI have checked your log report and found that the sighting I reported shortly after December 6, 1976, was not filed. I am dismayed but6/20/05
8/15/76 23:00Tierra VerdeFLUSAChanging5 minutesWatched rectangular shaped amber colored UFO perform S turns, change shape and exit atmosphere at impossible speed and left an ion trai10/30/06
6/1/76 22:00GreshamORUSAChanging30 minutesWe saw "it" and got the hell out of there! We then came back.......and so dit it!1/17/04
5/15/76 19:00HydesMDUSAChanging20min.this craft was 1000ft. in diameter. when it came over us, it stopped and then split into 4 wedge shapped craft. it split into 4, then l6/23/99
4/20/76 13:30DaytonOHUSAChanging10 sec.Ironic that it originated from a W/P flight line hanger at a time when it was belived that recovered craft were being stored there.4/8/02
1/15/76 20:00Thousand OaksCAUSAChanging1minutewas like a dot in the sky turn into a shape with a bird in the middle and faded to the ground6/12/02
10/15/75 06:30KilleenTXUSAChanging3-4 min.Odd occurance over Ft. Hood, Texas10/27/04
10/1/75 22:00MaricopaAZUSAChanging20 minGroup of 4 Orange Objects land near hills just west of small town of Maricopa Arizona... Oct, 19751/21/08
6/1/75 15:00MilwaukeeWIUSAChanging10mins? or moreThe hovercraft that watched our game6/18/03
11/15/74 21:00AikenSCUSAChanging60 secondsparallelogram shape outline only, no matter (substance) visible between the inverting of itself changing from red to green1/21/08
10/5/74 23:00FossilORUSAChanging55 hours((HOAX??)) The object at a distance looked like a Ferris wheel with multiple colors of red green blue yellow.5/29/15
10/1/74 20:00Ankara (Turkey)TurkeyChanging5 min.A bright, huge, and shape-changing object, exploded into numerous smaller spherical objects which moved in formation.8/7/07
4/1/74 07:30AuroraCOUSAChanging5 secondsEver changing Object sighted, Aurora, Colorado, 19743/19/09
10/24/73 00:00Jacksonville BeachFLUSAChanging2-3 MinutesYou may be surprised that I am reporting this after 30 years. I remember the date clearly as I told myself I would never forget. I have1/31/04
7/5/73 20:00Stockton (intersection of I-5 and I-580)CAUSAChanging3hrsWitnessed numerous UFO's along I-5 from Stockton south to Tehachipi on busy holiday weekend.2/14/08
2/15/71 21:00DeltonaFLUSAChanging30 min.I was in boot camp at Paris Island,S.C. Some of the platoon was in a smoking circle as was normal every night. I noticed in the sky a l10/19/11
5/5/70 19:00New York CityNYUSAChanging5 min.P.S.154 Sighting in the South Bronx7/8/04
6/30/69 19:25Durban (South Africa)South AfricaChanging40seconds1969 Durban sighting4/14/09
8/16/68 03:00Kansas CiyKSUSAChanging27 hoursDeep red light changeing to two much larger spheres of white light then changeing back to the red light again.1/31/04
7/15/68 00:50BenaVAUSAChanging3mtwas walking inthe back feild when it was clear skie me and my brother sean ashadow look up sean a ship flying across the feild at tree 10/12/01
6/1/68 22:00RentonWAUSAChanging5-10 minA huge orange ball over Lake Hills in Renton WA, that turned into a triangle over Boeing field and disappeared.6/12/08
8/16/67 16:30CamdenNJUSAChanging5-10 minutesDark "disc" over Newton Creek in Camden, first appeared "round" and then to "oval" to a fine line to nothing!12/16/05
6/1/67Shofield Barracks-CivilianHIUSAChanging1-2 hoursInside.7/26/14
9/15/65 22:00Great BendKSUSAChanging3 minWhite cube that glowed like a lightbulb2/14/06
8/8/65 23:10MinneapolisMNUSAChanging2 min.A firery ball came from a high altitude at a steep angle in the northern sky. It leveled off and changed to a dome shape with a pulsati1/28/99
7/6/65 23:00WaterfordMIUSAChanging5 secondsA "shooting star "did an impossible back and forth zigzag pattern9/15/05
6/29/64 21:50AtlantaGAUSAChanging15 minutesUFO over drive-in theatre.5/12/09
6/1/64 02:00St. Johns Park (Australia)AustraliaChanging10 minutesWas about 7 years old, my bed was at window on farm I woke and was stareing at the stars when I seen this bright dot going fast then it10/29/15
5/15/63 22:00TishimingoOKUSAChanging3 hoursMany campers saw maneuvering lights for hours in southern Oklahoma.4/12/13
7/15/62 02:00Avon-by-the-SeaNJUSAChanging5 minApproached by a small orange light. Light changed to a large cicular object.1/28/99
5/15/62 21:30PittsburgOKUSAChanging20-30 secs.Large, red light, flanked by smaller red lights that appeared to change shape3/11/06
8/21/61 11:40Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10-20 seconds((HOAX??)) Reddish orange pulsating star.2/27/14
5/15/61 04:00Parris IslandSCUSAChangingunknownParris Island, S.C. boot camp, UFO !7/16/06
6/1/60 22:00SilverfdaleWAUSAChanging20 MINUTESUFO seen by 12 year old girl sleeping out near Trident Submarine Base11/28/07
9/1/39 20:00Muddy River (Brookline)(Boston)MAUSAChanging2-3 hoursLost time at sight of swift moving flaming object that changed shape when moving up and down in the night.6/25/20
20:04WrightWYUSAChanging2+ hoursWas standing outside. A huge bright green light flew in fast, hovered then went dark. Thought was a meteor at first, only it was bigger12/21/17
March of 1997 14:00JacksonvilleFLUSAChangingI was standing outside and i saw an object flying it didnt look normal. Everytime the object came near us lightnig struck and another a11/17/99
july 13:00Blue WaterNMUSAChanging3 hrsobject was bright, not natural, IT was not a planet or star, or weather balloon. I HAVE PHOTO's!9/17/00
12 months 13:00Fort Nelson (Canada)BCCanadaChanging45 minutesObject was bright lit and changed shapes.9/9/13
12:30LondonChanging3 weeksI have been having sightings for 3 weeks now and also BEINGS in and around with evidence of them into contact with12/23/20
Daily 12:00Long BeachCAUSAChangingHours((HOAX??)) XXXXX Pacific Coast Hwy10/19/21
09:00East GreenwitchRIUSAChangingI saw a ufo chang into shapes.7/25/19
1947-2008 00:00Maple ValleyWAUSAChanging4 years((HOAX)) (the ufo's that spooked kenneth arnold in 1947 havent gone anywhere....infact they are quite pleasent to interact with.1/31/20
WarfordsburgPAUSAChangingMinutes, maybe longer, itI know it's strange to report a craft in the vicinity of a place where a fictional craft was "unearthed"; in the popular TV show.1/19/21
San JoseCAUSAChanging5 minutesIt happened when I was playing pool at friend house. Relatives of my friend were outside and told us to come out a look outside. When 4/28/01
St. AugustineFLUSAChangingSeveral hours((HOAX??)) I have many types of anomalies. Different in duration. Live video footage. Extraordinary video's2/1/19