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UFO Report Index For Post Date 1999/08/30


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/28/99 22:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSACircle20 secondsI recorded on a 8mm camcorder, a round/disclike object moving across the face of the moon....twice!!!8/30/99
8/28/99 20:40Granada HillsCAUSAFlash1 secondExtremely bright flash lasting about 1 second from a pin-point in space. Lit up whole backyard. At about 20 deg due West from Zenith.8/30/99
8/28/99 18:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAless than 8-10 sec.It looked like a long silver gray parasail canopy. Huge. Swooped down over the city & quickly shot up where it stayed on a fairly e8/30/99
8/25/99 09:00San JoseCAUSAUnknown5 secDriving to work on HW 680, today, I and a friend who was in her own car saw an irridescent green streak, very bright against the blue s8/30/99
8/24/99 09:10MercedCAUSAChanging1 minuteThis large craft appeared above our office this morning. Within its short duration, the craft reduced almost all of our sunlight. App8/30/99
8/24/99 09:05SandyUTUSATriangle25 minsighting took place to the east of sandy city (suburb of slc) above the little cottonwood canyon. object seemed to float occasionally m8/30/99
8/22/99 22:00Hwy 199CAUSAFireball:30A brilliant bluish/white ball of fire that looked at first like a comet streaking across the sky but than turned and came directly towa8/30/99
8/22/99 21:30Cave JuntionORUSACigar:30A large object on a hill 2miles away that began to rotate and fly disapperared.8/30/99
8/22/99 21:15RedmondORUSAFireball2 secBluish tinted fireball 45 degrees above horision. Moving directly magnetic South. Part split off.8/30/99
8/22/99 20:00Lahaina (Maui)HIUSASphere3or4 secondsBright sphere, brightly lit with white, red and green. Quiet, fast moving, heading northwest.8/30/99
8/22/99 19:30DallasTXUSACircle15secclody day round silver or chrome craft shaped like huge ball 3000 to 5000 ft stops in clouds then moves up out of site with such speed 8/30/99
8/22/99 13:30Rocky MountNCUSACircle1min.I thought I saw a parachute or a balloon coming down from a heavy bank of clouds, then saw it zig-zag falling-leaf fashion.8/30/99
8/22/99 01:00Oak HarborWAUSALight3 hoursI saw a red light that seemed some distance from me to the east making very strange (impossible for known aircraft) movements.8/30/99
8/22/99 00:30EastonMDUSARectangle2-3 minutesWe were woken by a low humming noise and an object with a bright light descending from the sky. It landed across the water from our h8/30/99
8/21/99 23:00ColusaCAUSAOval1-2 secondsMy son-in-law was coaching a highschool football scrimage. A friend filmed it on his video camera and gave it to him after the game. 8/30/99
8/21/99 21:40CharlestownINUSACircle@ 20 secondsSeemed to be a sattelite but for 3-5 seconds it brightened to near the brightness of Jupiter.8/30/99
8/21/99 20:20Snoqualmie Pass (Interstate 90)WAUSARectangle10 secondsViewed solid object, rectangular or diamond shape, 300-400 ft above ground from apprx. 1000 ft away while driving. Daylight.Hovering.158/30/99
8/21/99 15:15Renton (NE of, approx. 5 miles)WAUSAUnknown15 minWhile looking at aircraft producing contrails, (4 parallel trails)through binoculars, my brother spotted ufo.8/30/99
8/21/99 03:00Lake WhitneyTXUSATriangle3 hoursAs My wife and I were delivering Newspapers throughout Rural Bosque County Texas, We observed an unusual set of lights hovering in the 8/30/99
8/21/99 02:00RentonWAUSACigar5-8 minutessaw object approx 100-200 yrds in length hover above Valley Medical Center. Object was orange/red glow.8/30/99
8/20/99 21:00Grove CityPAUSALight2 hoursBall of light that remains Stationary, but changes color constantly8/30/99
8/20/99 16:30Crisp Point (on Lake Superior, 25 mi. NW of Paradise)MIUSA/Canadian WatersFormation10-15 secUnidentified object flying on/above the horizon of Lake Superior, seen from the beach. The object flew (or floated?) at an apparently i8/30/99
8/20/99 14:00SpokaneWAUSASphere20 minBright Star-like object hovered/drifted/changed direction then disappeared.8/30/99
8/20/99 05:45Fort SmithARUSACircle15 min.Three balls of white light "dancing" and then disappearing and then reappearing.8/30/99
8/19/99 22:00VallejoCAUSAChanging15 minbright flashing light moving erratically across the sky. when viewed on tv screen, it dances around at super speeds even in slow motion8/30/99
8/19/99 20:00Great FallsMTUSAOval5 minon august 19th. @ 20:00 hrs. we witnessed an unidientified craft. It came to a complete stop for 10 seconds, then proceded to climb st8/30/99
8/19/99 15:45WilmingtonNCUSATriangle8-10 secondsRolling triangle seen moving in front of storm system.8/30/99
8/19/99 11:30ColumbiaMOUSASphere60 secondsObserved small nonreflective sphere traveling SW at a low altitude8/30/99
8/19/99 04:00CenterTXUSAFireball15 secsA bluish white fireball type object, a little larger than a basketball zoomed from the other side of the lake from the trees across the8/30/99
8/18/99 21:10Grove CityOHUSAOval10 minutes2 oval shaped objects with 3 jets following for about 10 minutes, then there was 12 black helicopters flying in same direction. Looked 8/30/99
8/18/99 03:14Sun Cove (Entiat Estates)WAUSATriangle10 to 15 sec03:14 Large triangle shape object traveling from S.S.W to N.N.E. towards chelan.8/30/99
8/18/99 01:30TollisonAZUSAFireball8 secondsI was looking East toward Phx. I saw a huge fireball fall toward earth, It turned blue as it flared and went out, I thought it was a m8/30/99
8/18/99 00:10HoldenMOUSACircle3 minutesmy daughters and i saw a round object with light circling around came down out of the sky and went behind some trees across the f8/30/99
8/17/99 23:34MarmoraNJUSALight10-20 secondsErratic Light In The Sky8/30/99
8/17/99 22:57Grand RapidsMIUSALight18 minutesSighted a ball of light in the SW sky. It would flash red,green, and white while dimming and brightening.8/30/99
8/17/99 21:00WestfieldNJUSACirclethree secondsI was on my hammock with my 19 mos. old son -- I was trying to rock him to sleep when I saw a small circular pinpoint -- green in hue -8/30/99
8/17/99 16:00Las VegasNVUSADisk20 min.Two silver disc directly over the city.8/30/99
8/17/99 05:50PortlandORUSAOther15 minStationary object over downtown Portland Oregon, white in color shaped like 3-pointed star or "Y".8/30/99
8/17/99 03:15Moses LakeWAUSAChangingapx. 5 min.3 blue/green lights (sometimes merged into one) moving absolutely silent across the sky from apx. west to east8/30/99
8/17/99 02:30Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge (Kennedy Space Center), FloriFLUSAFireball30-45 sec.While camping out overnight on the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, at around 2:30 a.m. 8-17-99 I witnessed what appeared to be a large 8/30/99
8/16/99 22:45BentonvilleINUSAFireball30-60 sec.It was an orange ball hovering over (to our vantage point) a grain elevator. After a short time, it just vanished. The next night, th8/30/99
8/16/99 22:40Navarre BeachFLUSAFireball15 secondsWe saw 10 or 12 red lights over the Gulf of Mexico. They moved rapidly and in formation. They seemed to move in a circular motion the8/30/99
8/16/99 08:30WoonsocketRIUSASighting Happened: Made front page headlines of the Woonsocket Call in Woonsocket Rhode Island. August 26, 1999 edition Article in news8/30/99
8/16/99 04:00ToledoOHUSALight4 munitesthree crafts looking like stars flying very high in sky.travaling from swest to neast.8/30/99
8/15/99 23:15See Report...COUSASee ReportThis is to alert you to a radio broadcast in Denver at that time with witnesses calling in.8/30/99
8/15/99 22:55East NorthportNYUSAFireball8 SECONDSBall followed by Stream of orange light.8/30/99
8/15/99 22:30Lake PowellUTUSAFireballseveral secondsA bright orange/red fireball fell to the horizon line from an uncommonly bright lighting of the sky.8/30/99
8/15/99 22:30SocorroNMUSAOther5-7 secFalling object.8/30/99
8/15/99 22:30JenksOKUSALight30 secondsThree satellite-looking-lights moving in triangular formation.8/30/99
8/15/99 22:23Maury IslandWAUSAflashI was driving north on 99th Ave. and saw a brief intense flash in the sky directly ahead of me. I initally attributed it to lightning 8/30/99
8/15/99 22:22SedonaAZUSAFlashsecondsstanding out side on my porch watching the sky and the nite turn to day light flashed all at once it last a half a second8/30/99
8/15/99 22:00MattesonILUSALight7-10 minutesLight over Route 30 and I-80 in Matteson8/30/99
8/15/99 19:15GlendaleCAUSAFormation15 minutesHigh flying large object followed by 20 small ones. Joined by other large object8/30/99
8/14/99 23:25Slough, Berks (UK/England)United KingdomCircleapprox 14 sec14 round objects flying in a v formation heading roughly east/south east of my posistion directly towards Heathrow Airport!(8 miles awa8/30/99
8/14/99 23:00Trout LakeWAUSALight10-20 secondsA lower orbit satellite appearing object moving unusually slow for a satellite became a billiant orange ball 3-4 times it's original si8/30/99
8/14/99 22:07Fort WorthTXUSACircle3min 30secI Saw two fuzzy things what I thought were meterorites traveling east to west.One was behind the other going at extreme speed. The othe8/30/99
8/14/99 22:00RichlandWAUSALight8 - 10 secondsI saw a bright light appear directly above me in the sky. It was moving slowly and was not a shooting star or the lights on a plane. 8/30/99
8/14/99 20:50MilwaukeeWIUSALight1 min2 lights,moving EXTREMELY fast,one "chasing" the other.Second light suddenly u-turned & was gone.8/30/99
8/14/99 12:00PeoriaILUSAOther1 minuteLong pencil-shaped metallic color object, travelling at about the speed of a helicopter.8/30/99
8/14/99 04:00Turnagain PassAKUSAFlash1-2 sec.From banks of Turnagain Arm I saw a whitish/blueish strobe type flash. It lit up the water and sky. Weather was clear. It was due so8/30/99
8/14/99 03:46Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle1.2 minutesSilent and stealty8/30/99
8/13/99 23:30Paw PawILUSAUnknown7 secondsa bright light appearred and dropped down slowly (about 3 seconds). Then remained stationary for about 3 seconds, and then travelled to8/30/99
8/13/99 23:00VancouverWAUSACircle20 mingreen rotating circle, emitting green lights approx. 40 miles8/30/99
8/13/99 22:15MonticelloIAUSAFireball3 secondsHappened to catch a very bright and large green fireball streek through the sky in Iowa.8/30/99
8/13/99 03:58WestbyWIUSATriangle1 min.triangle going due n.e from the middel of persious8/30/99
8/12/99 23:30Woodland (N of; off hwy 113)CAUSAUnknown4 secDriving about 5 to 7 miles North of Woodland CA--South of Knights Landing CA; saw Large flash of light illuminated every thing around f8/30/99
8/12/99 22:00Myrtle CreekORUSACircle1 minute, appx.Object appeared to be very high. Looked just like a star, same light color etc. Object moved from aprox. north east horizon to south ea8/30/99
8/12/99 21:25FresnoCAUSAUnknown3 secthree lights traveling west to east,in a triangle formation, or one large object, very high and faster than anything I know of8/30/99
8/12/99 09:30Fort Wayne (SW Allen Co.)INUSATeardrop6 minutesMoving very slow. Then it disappeared8/30/99
8/12/99 03:30HerminiePAUSAFormation1 minuteThree (3) large dimly lit fuzzy lights in an "L" shape formation at very high altitude. Viewed during the Perseid meteor shower.8/30/99
8/12/99 03:30Highlands RanchCOUSAFormation5 minutesDuring the Perseid meteor shower, my family and I noticed three lights moving in a triangular formation from the south to the north.8/30/99
8/12/99 03:25Long BeachCAUSADisk20 seconndsWhile viewing the meteor shower, I noticed just to the right of Jupiter a small orange dot heading due north over me, passed extreme sp8/30/99
8/12/99 02:30Gold CanyonAZUSAFormation35 sec.The objects seen were three points of light in a triangular formation at an extreme altitude which appeared directly overhead and moved8/30/99
8/11/99 23:07KetchikanAKUSACircle7 secondssaw a bright objet in an area where there is or never has been any thing8/30/99
8/11/99 20:45Peterhead (Scotland)United KingdomEgg5 minutesbright white object travelling very fast,trail dissipated after 1 second visible in daylight8/30/99
8/11/99 17:30Hwy. 90SDUSATriangle7 hoursA cloud appeared in the sky, huge, oval in shape, emitting the most amazing magnetic field, shooting lightening out in short spikes aro8/30/99
8/11/99 12:22Messina (Italy)ItalyCylinderMy mistake of using no filter in fotographing sun eclypse with a digit camera (Casio) resulted in pictures with no shadow onto the sun.8/30/99
8/11/99 05:25SellersburgINUSALight25 secondsStar-like light seen over trees moving and changing direction towards constellation Orion8/30/99
8/10/99 22:30Westland (western suburb of Detroit)MIUSALight30 secondssmall ball of light expanded sudeenly (about 10 times its original diameter, shrunk & disappeared8/30/99
8/10/99 22:30DenverCOUSAOtherfive minutesI saw a very strange looking objecet in the north eastern part of the sky about a week ago.8/30/99
8/10/99 21:00JerichoVTUSAUnknown:58 secondsGreenish pulse of light caught my attention. I captured one minute of video.8/30/99
8/10/99 11:00PortlandORUSALight10/15 minuts11:00 am I noticed an object in the sky, i thought it was a plane or balloon, no sound. It was travelling north to south. I then saw a 8/30/99
8/9/99 22:00King of PrussiaPAUSACross5-15 secondsWhile on our roof, my two sons and I saw three glowing, noiseless orange/brown/yellow glowing objects flying fast in perfect formation 8/30/99
8/9/99 20:00Yosemite National Park (above Half Dome)CAUSAOther20 secondsWatching 2 fighter Planes fly across sky and then saw a bright Craft with 2 bright lights on both sides, when 2 planes came close, it d8/30/99
8/9/99 18:00Villa RicaGAUSAOther5 secondsCrown shaped object seen 1/4 mile away moving fast just above treetops. Metallic, smooth with silver color.8/30/99
8/8/99 22:30DenverCOUSAUnknown10:40Saw a very bright amber light eluminating out of a four pointed objected. about 10:30pm and around this date.8/30/99
8/7/99 21:00Payson (near Roosevelt Lake)AZUSADiskappox. 1 hr.&20 minTwo very bright star like lights that at first were stationary then moving closer to each other, then one moving off very fast and comi8/30/99
8/7/99 03:00Santa Nella (along I-5)CAUSADisk30 secondcircular shaped frisbee like disc with a flourescent white glow approximately 900 to 1,000 feet off ground and approximately 1,000 yard8/30/99
8/6/99 23:00Fittstown (on a farm)OKUSA30 sec.My son told me this and he is not here for a few days.He stated that he was outside at my mother farm when he saw the sky light up brig8/30/99
8/6/99 01:30OremUTUSATriangle15 minutesNoticed what first appeared to be an airplane in the sky, but never did change position, eventually it seemed to move farther away, or 8/30/99
8/4/99 04:00Grants Pass (Murphy area)ORUSAEggSix secondsAt 04:00 hours flying NE to SW, two white egg shape objects, flashing off and on.8/30/99
8/4/99 02:50Camp Ripley (rural, just west of)MNUSAFormation1 hr. or so.Two hovering amber lights, one slightly below the other, fixed in place; and occasional bright blueish/green flashes.8/30/99
8/3/99 02:45Bishop Auckland, Durham (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 min 45secsvery bright light, appeared to be an extremely bright star until it moved.8/30/99
8/2/99 18:15UticaNYUSAOvalOval/egg shaped object, white translucent color observed appearing to hover/vibrate moving slightly to the West. Turned away, looked a8/30/99
7/27/99 02:45Palm SpringsCAUSATriangle10 SecondsTriangular formation of lights moving very slowly southwards8/30/99
7/27/99 01:30MacwahocMEUSAOther45secondsjust like ship chased by 2 dozen ohio cops 5 years ago except narrower than one on tv at least 5stories high 6 lights green and orange 8/30/99
7/23/99 22:30MariettaOHUSACigar30-45 sec.2 craft appeared from the west chasing one another acrost the sky before they took off down the ohio riverand out of site8/30/99
7/23/99 01:30WheatonILUSAOther2 hoursOver the past several weeks my family and I have been seeing strage lights in the sky. The first time I saw the object I believed it wa8/30/99
7/19/99 11:00Kansas City/Emporia (countryside between)KSUSA7 minutesThis is not a vehicle but a most unusual event in the sky. It is the appearance of wide, transluscent line coming out of the western 8/30/99
7/14/99 22:23Monument ValleyUTUSAFlash7 secondsA flash of neon green light "opened up" and remained opened for 5-6 seconds. It made no sound, and two seconds later, we heard a plan8/30/99
7/12/99 01:10Santa Cruz (@ 3200Ft Near Bonnie Doon Airport)CAUSACircle5+mins.Writer 47 Yrs old located at W.End Henry Cowell Rewdood State Park at my Private Residence 3200 Ft. off the Pacific Coast Santa Cruz, C8/30/99
7/7/99 21:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging3 minutesSilent hovering glowing object8/30/99
7/6/99 11:15Rochester (3 miles east of, Hwy 12 W)WAUSAEgg10 secsI was driving east on hwy 12, there were a few light clouds in the sky, I saw an ovoid shaped object at about 5-7000 ft. If I extended8/30/99
7/5/99 15:00ChicagoILUSACigar5-10 minutesFor 5 to 10 minutes two witnesses observe a stationary cigar shaped object not consitant with the shape of a blimp while driving down I8/30/99
7/1/99 23:00GreenvilleILUSAFireball5 secGreen fireball of double ball pattern (colon configuration : with one tail) observed.8/30/99
6/24/99 00:00South RoyaltonVTUSACircle3 just appeared and stayed there flashing colors for sometime then something came off it and disappered. After sometime it came back t8/30/99
6/23/99 19:00San DiegoCAUSACircle3 minuitesI was going to eat lunch at a pizza place in Ocean beach. On I8w I sas over the ocean, a bright blinding round ball of white lite with 8/30/99
6/23/99 11:35Grants PassORUSACircle20 minI saw a ball above a jet and it was still, then it went south and up till it was no longer in site 8/30/99
6/22/99 23:30North FreedomWIUSALight2 min.Very bright light in the western sky moving north (very high)turned at a 45' angle and accelerated until it was gone.8/30/99
6/19/99 22:00Alvord (Dry Lake area)ORUSAUnknown15 secondsSaw 2 events. Two Days apart. First. Line of red lights rising from behind mountain range, hover and descend. Second. Greenish glowing 8/30/99
6/10/99 22:30Albuquerque (near)NMUSALight30 minutesTwo VERY bright "stars" on left suddenly moved across sky to left in downward arc and up then stopped abruptly. Object on right8/30/99
6/1/99 22:30GreenvilleILUSAFireball1-2 sec.Green fireball in typical "meteor" pattern observed.8/30/99
5/18/99 14:00TombstoneAZUSAEgg20 minutesWhite, shiny egg with 4 sleek "fins" (no seams)hovered and slowly rotated. Watched it with binoculars from Hwy 82.8/30/99
5/18/99 14:00TombstoneAZUSAEgg20 minutesWhite, shiny egg with 4 sleek "fins" (no seams)hovered and slowly rotated. Watched it with binoculars from Hwy 82 near Tombstone AZ.8/30/99
5/10/99 03:15TulsaOKUSAI have no recolection of ever seeing a UFO or alien, but I have awaken from sleep in the early morning hours with the sound of a "knock8/30/99
5/1/99 22:00GreenvilleILUSAFireball1-2 secGreen Fireball in lightning pattern observed.8/30/99
2/20/99 03:00MarshallMOUSALight5 secondsBlueish light traveling within or above a cloud layer.8/30/99
2/19/99 04:45OrlandoFLUSACircle1.5 minStar like object high in the eastern sky appeared stationary, thought it was a planet, but then shot out into space toward the NNE leav8/30/99
1/1/99 23:59Rancho CordovaCAUSAUnknown5minutesI heard like a swoshing noise that was high pitch and it hurt my ears i walked outside my back door and saw nothing but i took pictures8/30/99
1/1/99 21:00Coyoty CanyonNMUSADisk1My brother in-law and i were coming back from gallup and we were going east bound on hwy 9 and i saw to the south east a object that wa8/30/99
12/15/98 10:00Rocky Point/Hampstead (Rural area outside of)NCUSASphere5 minutesHunter views UFO and is later buzzed by two military aircraft.8/30/99
11/17/98 02:00Manitowoc RapidsWIUSAFireballa few secondsIncredibly bright fireball in southeast direction8/30/99
11/11/98 01:23St. John's (Antigua)AntiguaFlash15-20 secsAppeared at first to be just another meteor burning on entry, but it stopped moving and started a random controlled flashing.8/30/99
10/15/98 01:30Round RockTXUSAEgg15 secondsOn approx. 10/15/1998 @ 0130 .I went to my back patio for a cigarette. I was outside for at least 3 min. i know this because i was almo8/30/99
10/10/98 17:30Las VegasNVUSACircle45min.Ufo sighting in las vegas near Area518/30/99
10/9/98 16:00NoblesvilleINUSAChanging35 secstranslucent craft changing shape and silent8/30/99
10/4/98 23:00BelmontNYUSACircle7 secA pencil lead streak across the sky dropped hundreds of miles, the object slowly move toward the west.8/30/99
9/2/98 06:00GalesburgILUSACircle5 mina ball bearing aprox 200 feet from ground8/30/99
8/10/98 15:00OtisORUSASphere3 minutesSilver basketball size sphere chases eagle.8/30/99
7/11/98 12:00Medina CountyOHUSALight45minwas driving in car going into medina. ilooked in sky and seen light thought it was the moon. then i look at the other side of the sky a8/30/99
6/1/98 17:00ToledoOHUSAOval3 sec.i was riding my bike out of my drive way and out of the woods across the road a ball of light about 20 inches in diam. shoot out seemed8/30/99
4/14/98 03:20SpokaneWAUSALight2 minLight was stationary, something about it kept drawing eyes to it as it was very bright.Seemed to move and when looked directly at it, i8/30/99
12/23/97 20:00BrewsterMAUSAUnknown3 secondsWhile looking at the stars on a clear night, I saw an object, yellow/orange, travel from North to South (nearly 0 to 180 degrees almost8/30/99
12/18/97 22:50OxnardCAUSACigar20-30 secondsHuge cigar shaped craft followed our power lines, continuing west out to sea.8/30/99
10/26/97 22:00CharlotteNCUSATrianglefew secondsI spotted two triangular craft over the treetops........8/30/99
10/15/97 23:30Deer GroveILUSATriangle152 friends and I were going for a late-night walk on my farm. We were standing on a hill and I looked up towards the trees, and saw a ve8/30/99
9/23/97 22:30BrewsterNYUSATriangle30secTriangle Shaped-Matte finished flying object "floating" across the sky 8/30/99
6/1/97ElmaWAUSADiskIt was saucer shaped, a dome with a ring around it which rotated, windows in the dome, white like bright light, flying low.8/30/99
11/30/96 03:00OutlookWAUSALight3x 3-sec.intervals1996 Nov. or Dec. coming in from a bad ice storm and snow. The Valley lit into day three times for about three seconds each time.. I 8/30/99
10/30/96 07:30PittsburghPAUSADisk3-4 minutesSaw a disc shaped object from a distance to close.8/30/99
10/14/96 03:00GainesvilleFLUSACircle30 minMy sister and I both had a dream that a ufo was coming to Gainesville. They showed us around the ship,and the greys told us that they 8/30/99
3/15/96 13:00WethersfieldCTUSADisk50 secondsTwo F-15's or F-16's, couldn't tell the engine set-up, followed a silver object over Wethersfield from South to North (toward Hartford)8/30/99
11/9/95 16:30ElizabethNJUSAOval90 seconds ?While driving on Route 1&9 in Elizabeth Near Newark Airport I was looking at an airplane that was taking off on an upward incline. At t8/30/99
9/1/95 02:00Ocean ShoresWAUSATriangle5 minutesBlack triangular craft vibrates me out of sleep, blocks out sky. Verified next day by independant witness.8/30/99
3/1/95 21:00GreenvilleILUSALight1-2 sec.Instantaneous flashes of white bars of light. They light up the entire night sky as if "God was using a flash camera".8/30/99
8/10/94 02:00MacwahocMEUSADisk3:00minin 1995 9months later I saw the exact same craft on an episode of unsolved mysteries except the dome on this craft was dark not illumin8/30/99
4/25/94 22:00OswegoNYUSATriangle1 minuteRusty-red colored triangular shaped object with red lights came up over the shore of Lake Ontario and flew in a quick zig zag pattern8/30/99
9/11/93 21:11MilanOHUSATriangleten minutes+black,three circular lights on bottom,cut corners,8/30/99
8/9/93 23:50WestminsterCOUSATriangle1 minuteA white puffy cottonball appeared and then a triangle emerged from it. It was totally silent and had a light on each corner.8/30/99
3/1/93 21:30GreenvilleSCUSATriangle10 minutesMy friend and I were in a parking lot (there was a moon) heading to our vehicle. I looked up and saw what I thought at first were mete8/30/99
7/9/91 01:00DerbyNYUSATriangle5 minutesMetalic triangle with crimson light in center, hovered very slowly and noislessly over the trees and then came around in an arc and dis8/30/99
5/8/91 04:30Lake MeadAZUSALight1 minuteme and brother suddenly awoke on top of houseboat witnessed blue/white "saucer in light" observed for 30 seconds then watched it depart8/30/99
3/15/90 20:50SitkaAKUSALight2 min.Bright white light with some blue and possibly red. Traveled left to right in the night sky in an up and down zig zag type movement.8/30/99
6/1/89 06:50Daytona BeachFLUSASpherefour minutesSaw a florescent orange sphere in the sky while driving to work. It was low.The bottom was in the tree tops. It seemed to glow from wit8/30/99
8/20/88 00:00SplendoraTXUSASphere30 minsmy friend and i witnessed a reddish-orange sphere in the sky. it disappeared and a few minutes later the light went over with helicopt8/30/99
8/15/88 21:00HighlandsNCUSARectangle4,5 min.we were driving down the main st. of was huge! drifting over a building at one end of town the lights in town dimmed then went 8/30/99
9/15/87 20:00River Hills (Milwaukee Suburb)WIUSAUnknown15 secondsSaw a stationary and noise-free formation of five lights that looked like a Mack Truck in the sky, with two large white lights almost l8/30/99
7/18/87 21:30RomeGAUSASphere10minutesThe ship was very low to the ground and moving very slow.8/30/99
4/17/87 12:00American ForkUTUSAFormation10 minutesAbout a dozen objects flew in a diamond formation (from our perspective) from the north overhead to the south.8/30/99
7/5/85 21:00PeekskillNYUSATriangle8 minsTriangle shaped Orange colored translucent object hovered near Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant emitting a loud whooshing sound.8/30/99
12/5/83 05:00KentWAUSAUnknown1 secondAn object shot across the sky, came to a stop, continued on and burned out. Looked just like a shooting start except that it stopped.8/30/99
6/15/83 00:15CloverdaleCAUSAEgg45-60 secondsLuminous egg see over The Geysers east of Cloverdale, CA8/30/99
4/1/83 21:00Bishop (south of, Hwy 395)CAUSA60-120 sec.An object with 3 lights travelled north, then west, then south, making 3 right angle turns. It then met up with a much larger, wing-sha8/30/99
1/13/83 17:00SeattleWAUSASphere10 minutesAn orange ball over Seattle left a stream of fluid along its path. Looking through the fluid the stars behind it were greatly magnified8/30/99
7/15/81 19:00FayettevilleARUSAOther3 minutesAs an 9 year old child I saw a dumbbell shaped object hovering in daytime at approx. 5000 feet.8/30/99
3/20/80 00:00Morning SunIAUSADisk2 minutesA 12' circular light was on the bottom of the craft. It was hovering silently over my farm pond. I was 20' from craft, the engines star8/30/99
9/17/79 20:10FayettevilleNCUSACylinder50 minutesMissing time involved. Other witness remembers nothing. Tractor beam taking water aboard craft. 5 miles downrange, appeared 300 feet8/30/99
7/28/79 22:30Hayti/Kennett (between)MOUSATriangle2 MINUTESHappened when I was 17. A friend was following me from Kennett,MO to Hayti,MO in a car after we had visited our girlfriends in Kennett.8/30/99
4/2/79 00:00West MilfordNJUSADisk1 minuteSaw hovering near ground on side of highway huge saucer shape UFO.8/30/99
7/20/78 20:00Pine GroveCAUSAFormation5 min.3 unknown objects overflew our house just after dark. They were in formation.8/30/99
10/1/77 19:00Fountain ValleyCAUSAOther6 minutesMy brother, his friend and I saw an orange pyramid-shaped object in the sky about 25 yards away from us and about 25 yards up. We were8/30/99
9/1/77MiddletownPAUSAThis is a comment about this report.8/30/99
8/15/77 20:30Caribou (rural Suburb of)MEUSALight5-10 secondsI observed a green,circular light travel across my field of view while near a potato field at night.8/30/99
7/30/77 22:00AuroraCOUSALight5 secondsA moving light, resembling a satellite, moved in a zig-zag pattern.8/30/99
9/4/75 00:00PalmyraNJUSACircle10 minsObject was seen flying at high altitude above drive in projection screen in the distance.8/30/99
6/20/75 23:30BedfordMAUSALight5 minutessaw one flashing light in sky similar to aircraft lights on wings, saw 3 other similar lights flashing, all came together as one, took 8/30/99
8/20/71 21:30North RidgevilleOHUSACircle12 - 15 secondsA round "orange" ball, was seen by me approximately 12' over the top of my vehicle. It was void of any sound and brilliant in color.8/30/99
8/2/71 20:00KauaiHIUSADisk10 secondsfire ball from south to north direction about 10 to 15 miles away withthe craft coming directly at us then taking a right northerly tur8/30/99
10/1/69 16:00San FranciscoCAUSAOval5-10 minIt was in the afternoon just before sunset at 20 Steiner St SF CA I saw above me and there was one other person who was with me on the 8/30/99
12/20/68 02:00JuneauAKUSAOther15 minutes?Earliest encounter, half-moon shaped object shot paralyzing light beam through bedroom window.8/30/99
11/15/65 16:30Syosset (Long Island)NYUSADisk5-7 minsObserved a disk-shaped object about the size of a dime ( if held at arm's length )for several minutes against a blue sky until it slowl8/30/99
5/5/65 05:35St. Louis CountyMOUSACigar5 to 10 minutesI was walking to church very early on the morning of May 5, 1965. Cutting across the rear of the adjacent school parking lot, a bright8/30/99
6/10/64 03:00MontroseCOUSALight5-7 minutesA father and son driving to work saw intense blue light fill valley.8/30/99
Early October , 1985 18:30CloverdaleCAUSACircle1 minuteUFO sighted while in-transit on southbound 101 near Asti8/30/99