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UFO Report Index For Post Date 1999/06/23


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/14/99 23:45BellinghamWAUSAFormation15 minutesOne bright light similar to shooting star seen going in a S pattern across the sky and then looped around and disappeared. Aprox 15 mi6/23/99
6/14/99 00:10HilmarCAUSATriangle4-5 secondsLarge, whitish triangle rapidly crossing sky6/23/99
6/13/99 23:50WeidmanMIUSAOther30 secondsOn the evening of 6/13/99 my 14 year old son and I were fishing on the dock of my fathers house which is located on Lake-of-the-Hills i6/23/99
6/13/99 23:22La Verne/PomonaCAUSALight3 minutesOrange stationary light which three other orange lights dropped from.6/23/99
6/13/99 06:35Bispham (Blackpool) (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop2 minsI saw an object fly extremely close above my head.6/23/99
6/12/99 23:45Kent/RentonWAUSALight3 minFlashing Light Blue/Red bouncing up and down in horizen, very bright6/23/99
6/12/99 22:00Los AngelesCAUSALight35My friend and I were driving home and we saw a light in the sky. At first I thought it was a plane or helicopter but noticed no same si6/23/99
6/12/99 11:30Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomLight30 secsJust after seeing a meteorite, a small steady light (which I at first assumed was a saterlite) slowly moved in oposite direction.It sud6/23/99
6/12/99 10:30ShrewsburyMAUSAOtherapprox. 3 min.Driving east on Route 20, saw silver metallic object suspended in clear sky, approximately one-half to one mile up.6/23/99
6/11/99 23:00SalemNHUSAFlash10 sec.A large flashing strobe, white in color, Saw it standing still high in the sky. Then moved a short distance, stood still for a few seco6/23/99
6/11/99 04:00Plain CityOHUSALight10 SecondsDash accross the Sky6/23/99
6/10/99 23:50CubaNMUSATriangle5 secondstwo women witness a triangular shaped craft6/23/99
6/10/99 22:40SpringfieldMOUSALight10 secStar-like object traveling very quickly W-E low to horizon just north of Springfield then abruptly turned towards the north-northeast. 6/23/99
6/10/99 07:20TupeloMSUSASpherei was out cuting the grass and on the lawnmorer and looked up and saw 2 sphere's race across the sky. i cant explane it but they where 6/23/99
6/10/99 00:00FirthIDUSADisk15 min.I was awaken by a humming sound, so I got up and walked to the window and saw two bright flying objects.6/23/99
6/9/99 23:43SacramentoCAUSALight5 secondsOrange-white light traveling approx. from South to North at about 25 to 30 degrees above horizon, very fast. No blinking or pulsing to 6/23/99
6/9/99 22:22Johnson Park, NE CA.,Shasta Co., califCAUSACircle75 secondsWhile observing Mars and Spica I observed a glowing white orb approaching from the South West. The object wa traveling faster than an o6/23/99
6/9/99 21:15Las VegasNVUSALight1 min4 quickly moving red lights in the NW sky just to the right of Venus.6/23/99
6/9/99 21:14Las Vegas (Over)NVUSALight3 to 4 mins9:14 P.M. I was in the house when my husband who had been sitting out in the yard stuck his head in the door and said to come outside t6/23/99
6/9/99 20:50Phoenix (north Scottsdale)AZUSALight1 hour +Two bright amber lights seen over Phoenix6/23/99
6/9/99 19:50Prague (Czech Republic)Czech RepublicOval10 minutesGlistening metallic oval shaped object almost motionless at about 10,000 feet. Moved slowly east,appeared at one point like very bright6/23/99
6/9/99 01:10The ColonyTXUSAUnknown30 secondsObject with three, bright red lights came out of object with three bright white lights.6/23/99
6/9/99 00:30Newburg/ShippensburgPAUSA1 minuteI work for a delivery service at night. I sleep in the daytime and leave at night. I was driving through Newburg, Shippensburg in PA o6/23/99
6/8/99 11:10RochesterNYUSAOther5 to 10 secondsI've witnessed a fast blinking green light that would not blink at times, which disapeared after a total of 10 seconds.The next night I6/23/99
6/8/99 10:45ManchesterNHUSARectangle1.5 hrsWhen 1st seen at 10:45pm it seemed to be a bright blue-green rectangle. Soon it seemed to become narrower but very elongated. A brigh6/23/99
6/8/99 02:00RenoNVUSAOther10 secI saw some kind of craft about the size of a foot-ball field for about 10 seconds before it disappeared before my eyes. It was moving v6/23/99
6/7/99 21:50OremUTUSADiamond1 1/2 was a very bright light kind of like a diamond ring glareing that did'nt blink, the ship was diamond shaped and made a souring sort 6/23/99
6/6/99 22:29Santa MonicaCAUSAFormation7-8 secondsSeen traveling north in western sky about 2 degrees below (Mars?)looked like birds in formation at first, but very fast and no flapping6/23/99
6/6/99 22:00Pleasanton/DublinCAUSAFireballhourSaw a what we thought at first as a very large bright STAR or planet? then the object in the S/W direction (from our back yard) dropped6/23/99
6/6/99 21:15FrankfortILUSATriangle11 sec.I was in my backyard swimming and I looked up and say a triangle.6/23/99
6/6/99 19:00HollywoodCAUSACircle20 minutesI witnessed what I believed to be three stars at first. Then they began to glide across the sky.6/23/99
6/6/99 07:00Meyers-Tahoe paradiseCAUSAChangingabductionI was walking to college when I was suddenly lifted by a air bubble through a beam of light then examined and let free.6/23/99
6/6/99 03:40Machesney ParkILUSALight5 secsExiting my car after returning from work, I noticed a unusual light to the left of true north at about ll oclock. It "blinked out" aft6/23/99
6/5/99 23:45HuntsvilleALUSAFlash1:30Around midnight I heard this noise and I looked outside and there were like 5 or 6 blinking lights up in the sky....they were in a row 6/23/99
6/5/99 02:00Des MoinesIAUSAOther4 secLooked like shooting star, Except they had no tail, went from south horizion to north horizion at a very high rate of speed6/23/99
6/4/99 21:42Lake ConroeTXUSALight4 minutes The time is 10:05pm June 4, 1999.  The place Lake Conroe, Texas.  At approximately 9:42pm we observed a brilliant whit6/23/99
6/4/99 08:35Phoenix (approx. 35 miles south of)AZUSAOval15-20 sec.viewed a very bright object aprox. 35 miles south of Phoenix on I-10 while traveling south to Tucson. BRILLIANT -WHITE LIGHT VIEWED FOR6/23/99
6/4/99 00:47NASA Space ShuttleLight8-10 secWatching NASA t.v. as shuttle was flying over storm clouds. Two objects appeared, one near top of screen, other near bottom.6/23/99
6/4/99Florida Panhandle (100-200 mi. E of)FLUSAabout 10 minI was watching shuttle flight STS96 on the morning of June 4-5th via sat dish.After passinf FL going out to sea. two objects moved into6/23/99
6/3/99 22:45Post FallsIDUSATriangle20 minutesMy friend and I were sitting outside talking when she noticed a large object moving in the sky, there were clouds and we were able to s6/23/99
6/3/99 22:10Mount Shasta CityCAUSALight30min..?While walking dog along RR tracks my brother and I witnessed five fast moving craft in the eastern sky. Several of the craft headed for6/23/99
6/3/99 19:55ThorntonCOUSATriangle8 min.See below.6/23/99
6/2/99 07:50BellevueWAUSA5-10 secondslow flying black Y-shaped object moving from the west to the east, under the low cloud cover. Smaller straight upward projections on t6/23/99
6/1/99 00:42WashingtonCAUSAFireball2-3 secondsInstant grn slow falling,large bright fireball/ball lightning. So.west to No.west6/23/99
6/1/99 00:05BellevueWAUSACircle3 secondsBright light went vertical and disappeared6/23/99
5/31/99 21:00PekinILUSALight2 minutesbluish white light moving to the east,faster than a normal aircraft,in a straight horizontal path,no flashing lights,observed light mov6/23/99
5/30/99 22:35AllenOKUSAChanging5:00 hrs.Saw 7 unidentified objects travelling from South-East to West over a period of 5 hours.6/23/99
5/30/99 22:15LongviewWAUSAFormation???? DurationI was standing outside at around 10:15pm-Sunday night when I noticed 3 red-lighted flying objects in the sky slowly moving in different6/23/99
5/30/99 20:20VestalNYUSACylinder5 minutesObserved silvery tubular craft with bright white lights along the sides. No sound or vapor trail, no wings or tail structure.6/23/99
5/30/99 20:15Paso RoblesCAUSACigar10 minutesthe object was hovering in the sky and giving off a white and sum what orange glow.the object was in the western sky about 8 miles away6/23/99
5/30/99 18:00LawndaleCAUSACircle5 min.At Alondra Park I looked up at the sky because a small aircraft was flying overhead. I noticed 6 small circle shaped craft, not moving 6/23/99
5/30/99 10:00HermistonORUSAUnknownImin and 5 secExtreme high UFO??? to me at least, moved like an airplane behaved like a shooting star.6/23/99
5/29/99 21:00Las VegasNVUSAFormation3 minutesI was listening to you on the Art Bell show when you had a recording of the woman of whom witnessed the sighting over the Monte Carlo C6/23/99
5/29/99 21:00CherawCOUSATriangle15-20 minsA phone call from my sister on her ay to work..... "Do you see that???,What the HELL is it???"6/23/99
5/27/99 22:54LansdownePAUSALight0001light seen in sky like plane6/23/99
5/27/99 22:40BothellWAUSALight6 secondsThere was a bright light next to Mars, about the same shape, color, size of Mars. Located a little to the left of it. It was stationary6/23/99
5/27/99 22:31Interstate 10, somewhere by the borderCAUSAFireball2 minSeveral flights of fireball like craft crossed the interstate at a high rate of speed.6/23/99
5/27/99 13:45TroyOHUSACigar1 minuteBroad Daylight, clear day, saw a cigar-shaped object that looked metallic or silver hovering or floating in the sky6/23/99
5/27/99 03:00OmahaNEUSAmorningI was outside and I saw some flickering outside i couldent tell what it was though i stood thee for 25 mins.6/23/99
5/26/99 22:05Theodore Roosevelt National Park exit 32 on I-94 North DakotNDUSAOther5 minuteswhile traveling home from Seattle I stopped at the rest area a Teddy R. Park and saw something that I didn't need to see.6/23/99
5/26/99 13:00Bellevue/Mercer Island (between, westbound on I-90)WAUSACylinder5 secondsSilver rod the size of a 1.5" section of slender ballpoint at arm's length. Rose rapidly at 30 degrees for 5 seconds. Lost to view.6/23/99
5/24/99 21:55WilmingtonNCUSAFormation1min. 6sec.2 lights on the left and 4 lights on the right. all golden in color and same intensity heading at 330`.6/23/99
5/24/99 18:00AnaheimCAUSAUnknown10 minsSaw a shine object hovering next to the moon. Looked like the sun glinting off metal6/23/99
5/24/99 11:00GlendaleAZUSADisk3 min.We saw a silver disc not moving at all at about 7,000 feet (estimate) and watched it for about 3 min. We had decided it must be a weath6/23/99
5/24/99 04:30Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia)MalaysiaOtherhalf hourMohd Fahmi, a Malaysian boy wakes up hearing sound of zinc roof being blown by strong winds. Saw blindingly bright craft hovering near6/23/99
5/23/99 23:40LyleWAUSACircle20 secondsCircular flaming falling object in Eastern sky6/23/99
5/23/99 16:00SpanawayWAUSAOther5-7 secondsDAYLIGHT SIGHTING Object sighted going from South the North, traversing the optical view in approx 5 seconds. The craft resembles an 6/23/99
5/23/99 02:10AustinTXUSALight53 minutesAt 2:00am I observred what I thought was a single satelite moving north to south.Soon I noticed a multitude of these objects following 6/23/99
5/22/99 21:15ColumbiaMOUSALightApprox.1MNoticed a lighted shape plowing through light cloud cover.6/23/99
5/22/99 21:05Sacramento areaCAUSAOther30 secondsI was showing my daughter the night sky over Roseville, in Placer County next to Sacramento County were I live, (1 mile out of Sac CO)W6/23/99
5/22/99 12:09LansdownePAUSAFlash00203 witnesses saw orange/white flashing light in easterly portion of sky as seen from Wycomb and Plumstead Aves in Lansdowne, PA Object r6/23/99
5/22/99 03:10US Hwy 200 between MP 39 & 40IDUSALight60 secI saw a bright white light approximately 80 ft. above the lake and approximately 2 football fields length away from me.6/23/99
5/22/99 02:40AndradeCAUSAFireball3 minutesOrange light ascending, two pieces separating, then flying horizontally, very visible shock wave.6/23/99
5/22/99 02:38Carmel ValleyCAUSARectangle10 minutesRectangular object spotted in sky. Soon after intial sighting two other objects floated down and away from the main object. Then all th6/23/99
5/21/99 03:00Seattle/RentonWAUSALight7 secondsI was looking off my balcony towards the east of Seattle by Issaqual and Renton, Wa. at some airplanes flying in the distance by the p6/23/99
5/20/99 23:38FlippinARUSATriangleI was coming home from a freinds house because I had to do a school project. While I was coming home I saw a light in the sky, for awhi6/23/99
5/20/99 22:50Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK/England)United KingdomOther22:52pmDuring the night of 20-05-99, myself and a friend had noticed a star shaped object in the N.E. Skys. The object was traveling at a grea6/23/99
5/20/99 20:00Madison (20 miles south of)WIUSACone10 minutesSides of cone were flickering white light. Object was about 3/4 of a mile away, just below clouds. My view was breifly blocked, then 6/23/99
5/19/99 22:00Union CityTNUSAOther1 1/2 hoursat first we thought it was a star,but it was moving in a downward direction and it was slowly changing color from white to red and blue6/23/99
5/19/99 15:30AnaheimCAUSAOval30secondsslow moving, then abrubtly shot off in aprox 25 degree angle and quickly gone.6/23/99
5/18/99 01:15Atlantic Ocean (between San Juan and U.S. Virgin Isl.)San Juan and St. Thomas USVILight30 secondsSitting on the balcony of the RCCL Grandeur of the Seas my girlfriend and I saw "lights" flying in a triangle shaped formation.6/23/99
5/15/99 22:30WolfeboroNHUSALight1-2 minutesI was called by a friend on the phone who said she and her husband had just seen a bright light moving silently and speedily across the6/23/99
5/15/99 18:27AtlantaGAUSADisk7-10 secondsFast Silver Craft over Atlanta May 15th 1999. Saw craft through binoculars. Speed near Mach 3-4. Craft seemed to self-illuminate. Dayl6/23/99
5/15/99 01:00Fair GroveMOUSADisk5 minutes2 saucers appeared to dance in the sky then drop and suddenly shoot straight up to the left and right then disappear6/23/99
5/8/99 23:40Tarrant (Robinwood)ALUSATriangle5minutesI was coming home from a friend's house, then saw a triangle.6/23/99
5/7/99 22:30RoyUTUSAChanging24:00On a walk saw a bright light. It was blinking. It moved slowly. It fadded in and out and changed color. Looked like a maple leaf that w6/23/99
5/7/99 21:00Ozamiz City, philis (Philippines)PhilippinesTriangle5 secondsw shape with lights on its side ,i thought it was a migratotry bird or a stealt flying in the night but it could not be a bird because6/23/99
5/2/99 15:30Lake ElsinoreCAUSAOther50-60 secondsThe craft was boomerang shaped and was witnessed by the four people in my party, on a sunny afternoon.6/23/99
4/24/99 21:00Las VegasNVUSAChevron15 minutes4 lights in clear/clouds stopping/moving/hispeed @ sharp angles;lrg chevron/luminous objects form from gaseous bar/moves overhead6/23/99
4/24/99 21:00Las VegasNVUSALight15 minutes4 lights/hovering/moving radically about 1 general area; gaseous area resolves to chevron formation of jewel color lights/ move slowly 6/23/99
4/20/99 04:20Santa CruzCAUSAFireballWe experienced multi-colored lights from the sky which appeared to be illuminating from four objects shaped like softballs. 6/23/99
4/18/99 19:00New Mexico (southern)NMUSAOther45mintswitnessed 5 to 6 aleins glowing red in color on the ground under crafts lights.6/23/99
4/14/99 00:45HoustonTXUSAChevron5-10 secondsI saw a boomarang shaped object. It was gliding across the sky.6/23/99
4/7/99 20:00Utrecht/Amsterdam (between; Utrecht, Noord) (Netherlands)NetherlandsUnknown15 minutesI was drivin on the A2 when I saw in the sunset 5 objects haniging in the air. After a few minutes one disapeared with a light flash! T6/23/99
3/14/99 14:00MadisonWIUSACircleApprox 30 sec.My friend Rick and I were getting out of my car when I noticed a silver ball in the sky. I pointed it out and said"What the hell is tha6/23/99
3/4/99 16:00Miami ShoresFLUSADisk7:00minCraft was Disk Shaped with a dome, self illuminating bright white, saw on a clear day through my telescope.6/23/99
3/1/99 18:00LumbertonMSUSAChanging4 hoursThe night before the comet, at first that's what I thought it was. It originally appeared as a "ball of fire" in the sky. Then two more6/23/99
2/26/99 16:45Baltimore (Reisterstown Road & Northern arkway)MDUSARectangleabout 1 minuteRectangular, vertical shaped cloud, did not dissipate, had hole in center and looking lke a rather large floppy disk of the 5" varity. 6/23/99
2/25/99 21:00Western Sky from PflugervilleTXUSAOvalstill thereWent to close blinds in bedroom for the evening and noticed bright lights in the sky.6/23/99
1/15/99 20:43DunkirkMDUSAOther30 Sec.Me and a friend viewed a craft. We turned around to see it again and it had vanished.6/23/99
12/1/98 15:50Malmoe/Copenhagen, Skåne (Sweden/Denmark)Sweden/DenmarkCigar30 minThis was the second time within 10 days that these "Fire-Cigars" was seen above Malmoe city. The first time (on the 20th of November 986/23/99
10/26/98 19:23La VetaCOUSATriangleMe and my wife were going south on I-25, when I notice some flashing orange bright lights. When I looked up to the sky I stopped the ca6/23/99
9/21/98 23:00Thessaloniki (Greece)GreeceOther4 hoursThere was a star over a skyscraper. During the 4 hours, this star wasn't moving. Suddenly the craft from white went to blue and then di6/23/99
7/21/98 12:00RochesterNYUSAOther2,minutesI was with my brother in my front yard, when I noticed a slow blinking light up in the sky. I knew it wasn't a satilite because it was 6/23/99
7/14/98 22:30Bay CityTXUSAUnknown15 - 20 minutesMy friend and I were out in the back yard letting his dogs go to the bathroom and in the distance we saw a giant sphere that kept on re6/23/99
7/4/98 23:00HuntsvilleALUSALight5-10 MIN.I was at work when I noticed what appeared to be a tower which was southeast from my location.It had a red flashing light on the top an6/23/99
12/20/97 23:00Las VegasNVUSADiskI discovered images on old film from '97, with magnifier. I have 4 6x6 transparencies of New York hotel with UFO on the black sky.6/23/99
10/16/97 05:34HickoryNCUSAFireball3minutesI was outside when I saw a red "fireball" moving in an oval pattern.6/23/99
9/15/97 20:00SalemORUSALightApprox.30sec.We saw a bright green object that looked like a comet or shooting star but it moved very slowly.6/23/99
8/23/97 22:00Sherman OaksCAUSAFormationabout 10 min.I was at a party, there was at least 20 people outside when 5 light`s came out of the north east. I thought they might be helicopters u6/23/99
6/21/97 17:00Edgemere (on Lake Superior shoreline)MIUSAOther5 minmy mother and I walked down to the edge of lake superior and we saw a black perfect square coming toward us which was hovering above th6/23/99
6/10/97 22:30Golden (I-70 E, by exit for)COUSALight2 minutesI70E Golden, CO exit. Lg bright object sped to ground. Maybe a minute later I saw a bright flash of light(it crashed?)6/23/99
12/24/96 10:30HarrisburgPAUSATriangle5 min.Triangle w/ 1 light on each point.6/23/99
6/25/95 09:00Mojave DesertCAUSADisk20 secondsSaucer rotating over power line tower. ( THIS WAS IN THE DAYTIME AND ONLY ABOUT A HUNDRED FEET AWAY)!6/23/99
8/20/94 22:30CarthageMOUSAUnknown3 minutesUnidentified large flying object6/23/99
4/1/94 22:50TaftCAUSALight15 secondsWhite light seen at 10:30 pm traveling from NW to SE at very high rate of speed.Slows momentarily to beam down conical light, then resu6/23/99
6/15/93 19:00Beechnut/west loop southTXUSATriangle15 minutesblack triangle craft in sky over meyerland mall seen by many witnesses and 2 houston police officers.6/23/99
6/10/92 23:00HoustonTXUSAChevron10 minutesit had about 6-8 red rights along the wings, no movement (stationary in one spot)above apt complex, look like a stealth bomber but larg6/23/99
5/1/89 22:00Golden Shores/TopockAZUSAFormation10 minutesConstellation above us began to move toward the Phoenix,AZ direction at a slow pace, no noise. Looked as far away as other stars. Disap6/23/99
3/17/88 20:00OssiningNYUSAEggfor at least 1hour or soMy mother Leyda, says something told her to look out the window, and she says she looked out.few seconds later she calls me to the wind6/23/99
6/21/87 23:00GettysburgPAUSAUnknown14-15 minutesI was visiting the site of the famous civil war battles by myself. At that night, I was restless and got out of bed. I looked out of 6/23/99
4/21/87 22:30HibbingMNUSACircle15 min.we saw a strange light in the sky so we pulled over to the side of the road and watched in amazment as it moved with lighting speed6/23/99
8/15/86 11:30Rawalpindi/Islamabad (Pakistan)PakistanChevron15 minsThey were all above eachother like a formation. one above another one. satationary for about 15m. Then moved slowly and then in seccon6/23/99
10/1/85 21:30Santa Margarita/Atascadero (between, Hwy 101)CAUSAOther2 !/2 min.we were driving north on hwy 101 from san luis obispo to atascadero, when from the west came a "ufo" traveling east, passing over the h6/23/99
10/15/82 14:00Van NuysCAUSADisk20 minThe space craft was flying at a 45 degree angle, approximatly a mile high, running parallel to Van Nuy Blvd on a clear day.6/23/99
8/25/79 22:00Stone MountainGAUSATriangle20 minutesWhile traveling along a country road one night from Snellville to Stone Mountain, we saw an aircraft slowly moving toward us. My husba6/23/99
5/15/76 19:00HydesMDUSAChanging20min.this craft was 1000ft. in diameter. when it came over us, it stopped and then split into 4 wedge shapped craft. it split into 4, then l6/23/99
6/15/71 23:30Castlefod (UK/England)United KingdomOther4minutesI sighted the three objects at 11-30pm. They approached from the north. They came directly towards me until at one point they were virt6/23/99
6/15/71 23:10Karnes CountyTXUSACircle3 minutesUFO sighting over open pit uranium mine.6/23/99
3/15/71 16:00Bogota (Colombia)ColombiaDiamond15 minutesI was eleven years of age at the time spending a year with my father. The whole family was home when I was upstairs on the terrace with6/23/99
8/20/68 03:30Norfolk Naval Operation BaseVAUSACircle2 to 3 minWhile relieving and sailor at 3:30 am. We were looking at a full moon. We noticed this very bright star that appeared to be aout 6" fro6/23/99
7/1/68 22:00CincinnatiOHUSADiskhalf hour +Fast moving craft over downtown Cincinnati riverfront6/23/99
oct 13 02:00Field train, APO (Korea)KoreaLight20 secondsI was posting gaurd watching the perimeter when i looked up and saw what was to be a shooting star. So I quickly turned on my ANPVS7 (6/23/99