National UFO Reporting Center
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2023/05/19


Date / Time City State Country Shape Duration Summary Posted Images
5/19/23 01:49Harrisburg East of I5ORUSALightApprox. 3-4 min.9 lights in straight line5/19/23
5/18/23 19:40KippensNFCanadaCircle5 minutesLooked out window and saw the sun catching on a bright ball in the sky, it was round and fast. Moving horizontally.5/19/23Yes
5/18/23 13:27HurricaneUTUSACigar10 minutesSaw what looked like a long cigar shaped object and another tiny flashing light zipping around it.5/19/23
5/17/23 23:20SharpsvilleINUSAOval1 hourOval like object over town no brightness5/19/23
5/17/23 23:00TadepalligudemAndhra PradeshIndiaCube5 minutesWe are watching the night sky suddenly there is a object which is very tiny to naked eye ,i thought it is a aeroplane but it is not.5/19/23Yes
5/17/23 22:14ChicagoILUSALight2 SecondsExtremely fast moving object seen moving towards Midway airport5/19/23
5/17/23 15:30Santa BarbaraCAUSAOther2 min 23 sec1 Rotation ~ 1 sec, Wobbling. Square but thinner in one dimension. Slowly moving North, than south. Video available.5/19/23Yes
5/17/23 11:54AtlinBCCanadaDiamond3 minutesExtreme bright light moving east from west just above height of land thousands of feet below air corridor.single track,no sound,stable5/19/23
5/16/23 23:59Castle RockWAUSACrossMaybe 5 secondsCross-shaped, white object with blurry or foggy appearance (possibly pulsating) moving at low altitude but high rate of speed5/19/23
5/16/23 22:45ClaremontCAUSALight15 minutesHovering and darting blinking lights at about 1 Hz cycle rate.5/19/23
5/16/23 22:30AlbanyORUSACircle5-10 minutesPulsing orb of rapidly changing lights.5/19/23Yes
5/16/23 21:20LawndaleNCUSACube4-6 SecondsCube Shape seen during lightning flash5/19/23
5/16/23 19:58VaranasiUttar PradeshIndiaTriangle2 MinutesTriangle shape object, black in colour with green colour lights at 3 corners and 1 in the centroid and changed its position slowly5/19/23Yes
5/16/23 19:00TucsonAZUSADisk15 minHovering UFO5/19/23
5/15/23 22:41SHARPSVILLEINUSAOrb1 hourBright moving orb5/19/23
5/15/23 22:30LawtonMIUSATriangle3 minutesTriangle shape with 3 bright lights at each corner,moved slow, disappeared when it got above us.5/19/23
5/15/23 21:45IVER HEATHBuckinghamshireUnited KingdomCone1 MinuteThe craft with 2 white bright lights one red flashing light over head looking towards me, after 30 seconds it flew off towards Northolt5/19/23
5/15/23 18:10AthabascaABCanadaCigarSitting outside saw something in the sky not a airplane took a video5/19/23
5/15/23 16:35FentonMIUSADisk15 secondsShiny metal flying object hovering low5/19/23Yes
5/15/23 04:00RamseyNJUSASphere1 hourOrb object moving in zig zag fashion ..up down, right left and diagonal5/19/23
5/14/23 23:47ChanderOKUSASphere27 secondsLarge round object moving east to west across the sky5/19/23
5/14/23 22:20College cityCAUSAFormationCan’t explain w 25 characClear night. About 10:20 pm..walking/we turn around and see about 20 lights or so in line..right when I put flashlight up/ faded away5/19/23
5/14/23 22:15jackson townshipNJUSALight60 secondsThis was similar to starlink, but multiple rows5/19/23
5/14/23 22:09Mt RoyalNJUSAOtherOne minute!I saw lights vertical and then became horizontal and was able to get three pictures of and then it vanished !5/19/23
5/14/23 22:00Brodheadsville, PAPAUSACigar2 minutes150ft+ maybe bigger Transparent single ufo with lights disappears above heads, below and behind plane5/19/23
5/14/23 21:55Deer ParkALUSACircleAbout 30 minsFlashing circle/ fire colored/ torpedo5/19/23
5/14/23 21:40ThermopolisWYUSALight2 minutesIt was a long ladder, leg, two parallel lines of lights connected by other lines of light moving south east high in the sky.5/19/23Yes
5/14/23 21:40Cannon BeachORUSADisk5 minutes or moreDisks appeared as clouds5/19/23
5/14/23 21:35PortlandORUSALightAbout one minuteBright white light, moving steadily, no detectable sound, small white light.5/19/23
5/14/23 21:30Klamath FallsORUSALight3-4 minLight appear in our atmosphere and travel our axis5/19/23
5/14/23 20:40AthensALUSACircleAbout 2 secondsHuge yellow-white sphere 5 times the size of the moon5/19/23
5/14/23 18:04Little CanadaMNUSATriangle30 secondsA very bright triangle very high in the sky. I thought it was a plane way up. But we see planes every day here, and it was not that.5/19/23
5/14/23 10:45TroyNYUSAOval30sA large oval object, possibly dimly lit blimp, larger than 100ft in length5/19/23
5/14/23 04:30ChillicotheTXUSASphere30 secondsVideo from security camera5/19/23
5/14/23 02:29GreenupILUSAUnknownUnexplainable5/19/23
5/14/23 00:21MonmouthORUSASphere3minsSlow silver metallic ball moving NE5/19/23
5/13/23 23:59Myrtle BeachSCUSAOrb7 seconds6 orbs of light instantly appear over hotel lines5/19/23
5/13/23 23:29HartMIAmerican SamoaRectangle2 hoursIt started of as a unusually bright circle in the sky, not high enough to be a star but lint low enough to be human, we watched it and5/19/23
5/13/23 22:59SheltonCTUSAFormation3-5 minutesBright RED lights5/19/23
5/13/23 22:17jacksonvilleFLUSADiamond2 minutesBright fluorescent, orange, oddly shaped lit up like an active fire slowly dam down after probably two minutes.5/19/23
5/13/23 22:15LebanonPAUSACircle30 minutesTwo white lights one vertical to the other approx 70 degrees from horizon5/19/23Yes
5/13/23 22:05VAUSAOrbApproximately 2 hoursGradual moving cluster of orbs of light moving in constant pattern over course of 2 (two) hours. Confirmed with local law enforcement5/19/23
5/13/23 21:53BOWIEMDUSALight25-30 MinutesCircular, strobing spotlights in the clouds accompanied by periodic lightening.5/19/23Yes
5/13/23 21:45LouisvilleKYUSAOrb10 mins then returned3 orbs flying in a triangle5/19/23Yes
5/13/23 21:30VonoreTNUSACircleApproximately 15 minutesBright objects moving from west to east and disappearing.5/19/23Yes
5/13/23 21:30Pike RoadALUSACircleHoursTatyana Bakieva5/19/23
5/13/23 20:00Klamath fallsORUSALight90-120 secUnusual light in the sky5/19/23
5/13/23 13:30Didnt fly over any cityCanadaUnknownAround an hourI spotted an extremely peculiar unidentified aircraft on radar5/19/23Yes
5/13/23 01:00HoustonTXUSAOther10 minutesIt looks like a vehicle flying in the sky, like an airplane, however it is not an airplane5/19/23
5/12/23 23:50CochraneABCanadaOrb15-20 seconds4 pointed craft outlined as orbs. went over cul Dec sac.Four orbs intercommunicated5/19/23
5/12/23 23:11OviedoFLUSAFireball2 min, 11 secondsFloating ball of flames, orange like a rocket but round no clear direction of propulsion5/19/23Yes
5/12/23 23:10OwassoOKUSATriangle15 seconds or lessTriangular shaped craft, lit at the points, erratic movements, fast!5/19/23
5/12/23 23:01BuffaloNYUSAOrb2 minutesLarge red orb caught on camera , not blinking, no sound moving extremely fast5/19/23Yes
5/12/23 22:41SharpsvilleINUSAOrb1 hourBright light moving in sky5/19/23
5/12/23 21:53InolaOKUSATriangle10 min hovering. 25s vidMoving up and down below cloud level. No sound. Moved in unison. Hovered around 10min. Then headed north. Wasn’t moving fast.5/19/23
5/12/23 21:15LincolnNEUSALight5-7minutesFollowing severe weather storms I was looking at the clouds and saw approx. 6 or 7 different lights in the sky behaving strangely.5/19/23
5/12/23 21:04BucksportMEUSATriangle30 secondsSome soft engine noise slow moving @75 feet up from the bay headed east northeast inland.5/19/23
5/12/23 20:00BoerneTXUSACircle60 secondsObserved object after possible passenger aircraft flew by5/19/23
5/12/23 11:01BuffaloNYUSAOther45-60 seconds45-60 second FAST traveling object, round but transitioning to - lengthy , bright red object5/19/23Yes
5/11/23 22:37CoxsackieNYUSACircle15 minutesBright light, stationary for 15 minutes…could see details of craft with binoculars5/19/23Yes
5/11/23 22:11RentonWAUSAOrbI filmed two minutesI was in the front yard with the dog and saw a bright light that was too close to be a planet.5/19/23
5/11/23 04:06CottonwoodAZUSACircleNot sure4:06 am above work noticed craft flying past no noise no blinking lights camera trying to focus in video5/19/23Yes
5/11/23 00:10MecostaMIUSAChanging5+ min.Woke up by dog acting nervous and wanted to go outside5/19/23
5/10/23 22:16Mill cityORUSAOrb2 minutes2 super bright lights5/19/23Yes
5/10/23 21:12HendersonvilleNCUSADisk30 seconds to 1 minuteNight sky lit up. Looked like a Ferris wheel shaped spinning object above the trees in the distance. Went down and disappeared5/19/23
5/10/23 20:00Oak HarborWAUSALight4 hoursVery bright light, and much (100x) larger than any star, approx 30 degrees off the horizon and stationary5/19/23
5/10/23 02:50AlbanyORUSALightOngoing2 lights darting around5/19/23
5/10/23 01:33ComerGAUSAOrbuntil i finally walk awayobjects light up brighter than every star/planet for 10 seconds before disappearing completely.5/19/23Yes
5/9/23 22:48SharpsvilleINUSACylinder1 hourRainbow circle that rotates, getting really bright and zooming in and out5/19/23
5/9/23 21:38Tecate ?Baja CaliforniaMexicoLighton-goingDancing Lights5/19/23
5/9/23 21:20LivoniaMIUSAOval10 minutesCraft with Red lights-traveling two together separated evenly heading north/northwest--about 1 dozen or more5/19/23
5/9/23 21:00AustinTXUSARectangleAbout less than 10 secs.Barely visible rectangle craft shoots through the sky as I am stargazing, movement catches my attention as it rocks strangely, cloaks.5/19/23
5/9/23 13:17BoulderCOUSATriangle2 MinutesLarg5/19/23Yes
5/9/23 11:00PeshtigoWIUSAChanging20 minutesVery bright, did not appear to move, changed shape5/19/23Yes
5/9/23 00:30Shawnigan LakeBCCanadaTriangleOver an hour and a half3 triangular shaped orbs,each with 3 colored lights.Each orb pulsate or ovulated,all 3 were stationary for over an hour and a half.5/19/23
5/8/23 23:00Cape CoralFLUSAUnknownOver an hourLarge shape changing triangular orb like light rays producing object5/19/23Yes
5/8/23 21:47PlanoTXUSAChanging3-4 hours nightlyWe see small clouds of “something” that moves around on top of my house.5/19/23Yes
5/8/23 19:49West hillsCAUSAChanging5 minutes3 black objects in a vertical line, spinning and changing shape an high altitude.5/19/23Yes
5/8/23 12:30Hazle TownshipPAUSAEgg3 minutesObject was flying aside a commercial jet liner that was flying very low.5/19/23Yes
5/7/23 23:07North RidgevilleOHUSAOval6/22 thru 5/23Every night behind Hardwood Dr5/19/23
5/7/23 22:26Saint CloudMNUSAOrb30-40 minutesBright Red-Orange Orb Dancing Across Sky for 30 min5/19/23Yes
5/7/23 22:00TampaFLUSAOrb2 secondsI saw an orange orb fly across the sky at an incredible speed and then it went off and got obstructed by the building adjacent to me.5/19/23
5/7/23 21:15Des moinesIAUSALight15 minutesVery bright green light with yellow purple and red lights rotating in the middle5/19/23
5/7/23 14:55SheffieldUnited KingdomEgg30 seconds between clouds3 egg shaped craft shot between 2 cloud formations travelling very fast one after the other white in colour no vapour trail.5/19/23
5/7/23 13:58New YorkNYUSAFlashAortic 5-10 minutesOrb looking object at high altitude, with bright flashing white light.5/19/23
5/7/23 01:55VALDOSTAGAUSAOrbABOUT 10MIN5 orbs moving vertically and horizontally and getting very bright than dim5/19/23
5/7/23 01:42McKinneyTXUSAOtherA couple of secondsLit up object resembling the same color as lightening after or near the end of a thunder storm but it moved sideways like a craft5/19/23
5/7/23 01:00La MiradaCAUSAFireball3 minutesFireball descends and flickers away into night sky5/19/23
5/7/23 00:00Bentley, Doncaster.DoncasterUnited KingdomCubeApproximately two hoursSeen from home back door in sky5/19/23Yes
5/6/23 21:55HamburgNYUSAOrb1-2 minutes4 aligned orbs or stars top one would fade and a new one would appear on the bottom of the line5/19/23
5/6/23 21:15CenterportNYUSAOrb3 min. from first sightin2 orbs hovering, apart but aligned with each other, then vanished, separately.5/19/23
5/6/23 21:00WallingfordCTUSAChanging30 minutesThere was a floating thing in the sky turning red green and blue moving away suier slowly where you cant even realize its moving.5/19/23Yes
5/6/23 20:20MesaAZUSARectangleOngoingWhite rectangular with green blinking light to the upper left of it5/19/23
5/6/23 20:00Rock SpringsWYUSASphere3 minuetsFloating orb on western horizon next to sun5/19/23
5/6/23 18:24Chula VistaCAUSAUnknown30 minutesShinning object higher than keys I have a video5/19/23
5/6/23 17:51FranklinINUSAChanging2minsIts started like a ship looking then changed into a round craft5/19/23Yes
5/6/23 08:46FairfaxVAUSACigar4 secondsObject initially appeared dark and spherical, but quickly turned, revealing that it was dull gray and cigar-like5/19/23
5/5/23 23:00PacificaCAUSAOrb3 minGlowing light5/19/23
5/5/23 21:30AuroraCOUSAUnknownObject over streaking low skyline intersecting flight path5/19/23
5/5/23 21:25ArvadaCOUSAOrbLess than one minuteSaw a bright flying object in the southern sky seemingly tapered at both ends flying east to west at a low altitude.5/19/23
5/5/23 21:23LittletonCOUSACircle2 secondsA light flying low in the atmosphere going extremely fast from south to north. There was no trail.5/19/23
5/5/23 20:00GladstoneVAUSACylinder30 minutesWitnessed two cylindrical orbs hovering for 30 minutes over the James River in Gladstone Virginia.5/19/23Yes
5/5/23 20:00PaysonAZUSACircle3-5 secondsSaw an extremely bright light moving incredibly fast east to west parallel to the horizon.5/19/23
5/5/23 16:45San BernardinoCAUSARectangle45 SecondsLarge Bus Like Dark Gray Rectangular UFO5/19/23
5/5/23 00:00Green Cove SpringsFLUSALightApprox 1hourWhile sailing overnight to Florida we saw 2 objects in the sky over Florida moving randomly for approx an hour.5/19/23
5/4/23 22:00LovelandCOUSATriangle2 hoursBright triangle in the sky rotating, maybe a pyramid. 6 dim, blinking red and green lights circling each other. Came out of no where.5/19/23
5/4/23 21:45HickoryNCUSACigar5 minuteswest heading east looked like a pencil shape with solid lights maybe 6 feet apart object seemed a mile away and mile up no sound5/19/23
5/4/23 21:25NewarkOHUSAOrb2 minutesWalking outside and looked up.5/19/23
5/4/23 21:25HoschtonGAUSACircle5:00Multi color circular lights grouped in a staggered pattern flying5/19/23
5/4/23 21:15EastonMDUSAOther5 to 8 secondsString of lights move simultaneously across sky5/19/23
5/4/23 21:15MelliehaMelliehaMaltaOtherEstimated 1 min 20secNo outline of the object it was like a long worm the sky was dark 15-20 lights emitting from what appeared to be its side5/19/23
5/4/23 21:00Ann ArborMIUSAUnknownQuestionable5 pics, 1 vid of currently unidentified object in the western dusk sky.5/19/23Yes
5/4/23 20:12PanamaNEUSAOther~45minBright stationary object prior to dusk that was a hollow ring through telescope.5/19/23Yes
5/4/23 05:00LoganWVUSALight1-2 secondsBright white circle left light streak, faster than any jet5/19/23
5/4/23 01:42ConwaySCUSAOrb5 seconds2 orbs flying around each other and fast speed5/19/23
5/3/23 23:00NMUSAOrb15 minsThe object was an orb with light white.5/19/23Yes
5/3/23 21:25AlexandriaKYUSAUnknownall nightA month ago there was one object hovering stationary object with lights that change colors. Now there are at least 175/19/23Yes
5/3/23 17:27San DiegoCAUSARectangle2-4 minutesSaw a distant, rotating, wobbling, dark plank (flat rectangle or oval, etc.)5/19/23Yes
5/3/23 13:32Warner RobinsGAUSASphere5 minutesFlashing sphere5/19/23
5/3/23 05:40Grand Canyon south rimAZUSADisk3 minutesTaking pictures of the sun rise5/19/23
5/3/23 04:00FranklinTNUSAOrbStill going onSecond time I have witnessed near same area appears red to the naked eye hovering for at least an hour now5/19/23
5/3/23 01:45AlbuquerqueNMUSALight20 Minutes2 lights which appear to be celestial anomalies of the Cassiopeia constellation perform repetitive behaviors (possibly ongoing)5/19/23
5/2/23 22:06YapankNYUSADiamondSaw this strange lightSaw light in sky that looked out of place5/19/23Yes
5/2/23 16:02OzoneARUSAUnknown15 secondsUnrecognizable dark craft flies along southern edge of the Ozarks5/19/23
5/2/23 12:15buffalo junctionVAUSAOval1 minutesilver oval shaped object flying approx 300' above highway 58 and it disappeared5/19/23
5/2/23 09:20West chesterUSAOval7-12 secondsPotential UAP over route 202 orange glowing blurred object ascending5/19/23
5/2/23 08:45North Richland hillsTXUSATriangle4 minutesBlack hollow triangle with 3 red lights.5/19/23
5/2/23 04:46FalkvilleALUSALightAbout 10 minutesLights that traveled across the sky faster than anything else I've ever seen5/19/23
5/2/23 03:30EdinburghEdinburghUnited KingdomDiskMinutesNo noise it was hovering over bus depot at least the size of 2 football pitches5/19/23
5/2/23 01:59Grand IslandNEUSAChevron15 - 30 secondsSeemed to be cloaked-no lights, no sound, simply movement in sky, it glided by heading SE.5/19/23
5/2/23 00:23Las VegasNVUSAUnknown45 second view/discussionSeen And Spoken To5/19/23
5/1/23 23:46BridgeportCTUSAOrbAbout 1 minuteI literally saw a plane or jet chasing it.5/19/23
5/1/23 22:00NewportWAUSAFireball20 secondsI seen a big white ball of light followed by a trail of lights5/19/23
5/1/23 21:50NorlinaNCUSACircle5 minsCircle flashing object in sky5/19/23
5/1/23 21:17Mount CarmelPAUSAFormation10 minRed Objects Flying in formation.5/19/23
5/1/23 05:00BrowningMTUSACircle5 minutesAbove Browning montana5/19/23
5/1/23 03:32Grand BayALUSASphereFive to ten minutesWas looking at stars in the Northern sky and saw a white sphere moving slowly towards the west and suddenly it was gone.5/19/23
5/1/23 00:08USAOtherAll dayAll we had to do was zoom in, and look5/19/23Yes
4/30/23 21:29HomesteadCigar2 minutesThe object couldn't have been a meteor because of its long duration in the sky. The object was bright orange but didnt light up the sky5/19/23
4/30/23 20:30SebringFLUSACircle2min8:30 pm seen a white trail of a moon like object that just appeared with red blinking lights n disappeared5/19/23Yes
4/30/23 20:30CharlestonSCUSAOrb5 -10 secmoving slowly in a straight line5/19/23
4/30/23 20:30Miami BeachFLUSAFireball3 to 5 minutesI was walking south on the beach from 69th and turned around to see the half moon shaped craft going faster than anything I ever saw5/19/23Yes
4/30/23 20:30Punta GordaUSACircle20 secondsWas walking my dog.5/19/23
4/30/23 20:30HypoluxoFLUSAOtherone-two minutesBowl-like large shape moving east, the bottom of "bowl" leading followed by a long, wide, ribbon-like plume.5/19/23
4/30/23 20:29Pembroke PinesFLUSAFireball2 minutesBall of heat with a rounded cone shape heading east with an orange trail.5/19/23
4/30/23 20:25Hobe SoundFLUSAFireball3minsFireball5/19/23Yes
4/30/23 20:15ChieflandFLUSACircle:03 secondsLarge orange light source faded out in less 3 seconds5/19/23
4/30/23 19:40StuartFLUSACylinder7 minsObject falling sky and than changing direction5/19/23
4/30/23 18:30LaraVictoriaAustraliaChanging40 minutesMoving object that changed speeds and shape5/19/23
4/30/23 18:02PittsfieldILUSATriangle3-4 minutes?I’m an amateur photographer, and was noting how cool the hole in the sky look when I saw 3 faint lights in the clouds, keeping form5/19/23Yes
4/30/23 17:01CalgaryABCanadaCircle3 secondsSilver round object traveled very fast5/19/23
4/30/23 16:50NevadaTXUSASphere~8 secondsSphère travelling at high rate of speed, less than 1000 ft alt, no sound, heading 200 degrees5/19/23
4/30/23 15:30West BloomfieldMIUSAOrb3 minutesBlack orb/round object flying straight line from west5/19/23
4/30/23 14:00AlmaCOUSARectangleAbout one minuteDaytime, low flying object5/19/23
4/30/23 05:52HobartTasmaniaAustraliaChangingAbout an hourThought we saw a drone that appeared and descended and hovered in virtually in same spot for 45mins-1hn5/19/23Yes
4/30/23 03:40Downers GroveILUSALight1-2 minutesSilent,bright intermittent WHITE light - on /off but not strobing- white light on object moving from west to east @~10,000 ft5/19/23
4/30/23 02:30JonesOKUSAOrb20 minutesSaw bright white orbs appearing and disappearing in the sky to our north east.5/19/23Yes
4/30/23 00:18AlvinTXUSACircle5 secondsLight that stayed still and darted to the distance5/19/23
4/29/23 23:20ParkvilleKSUSAUnknownHovering drone-like objects with bright lights5/19/23
4/29/23 20:06El MirageAZUSACircle10-15 minutesWe witnessed a large cluster of objects moving towards us and spreading out as they came closer with several flying around others5/19/23
4/29/23 19:30CharlotteNCUSASphere5 MINUTESObserved spherical dark colored object moving in a NNE direction very slowly5/19/23
4/29/23 05:30Coal harbourBCCanadaCircleOver minuteRemote area5/19/23
4/29/23 03:00TonawandaNYUSAChanging1hrSpotted 2 anomaly around 3 am below the cloud overcast (raining in our area). UFO/UAP seemed to change colors and shapes.5/19/23Yes
4/29/23 01:00PRESCOTT VALLEYAZUSALightat least one hourlights that move in arcs horizontally, 1 to 5 lights moving independently but stay near each other, group drifts W to E over hours5/19/23Yes
4/28/23 20:56Saugerties (Malden)NYUSADisk30 minutesI took off when the craft looked like it was turning around!5/19/23Yes
4/28/23 20:55MilwaukeeWIUSACircle30 secondsA light approximately twice the magnitude of Venus appeared due South, unmoving and held position until vanishing 30s later.5/19/23
4/28/23 05:00WoodlandWAUSALight2.5 minutesBall of light that flew overhead across the sky at a steady speed5/19/23
4/28/23 02:15CheyenneWYUSAEggStill going onThree hovering objects5/19/23
4/27/23 22:59LosantvilleINUSATriangleLengthyLarge craft with multiple circular lights.5/19/23
4/27/23 21:50CovingtonLAUSACircleIntensely, several minutsHundreds of flying objects hovering over my car through the sky5/19/23
4/27/23 21:30CoeburnLightUnknown lights in skyWe can't explain what this unknown light was.5/19/23Yes
4/27/23 20:30PortlandORUSALight20 minutes maybePortland lights5/19/23
4/27/23 15:34Chino ValleyAZUSASphereapproximately 3 minutesIt was stationary in the skyline approximately somewhere above 30 thousand feet, bright, silver, and no identifying markers or lights.5/19/23Yes
4/27/23 11:50LaceyWAUSACircleI was on the free way and seen something out side my side window and it was a circle shape flying and than disappeared5/19/23
4/27/23 09:30LansingMIUSAChanging40 minutesOk,going to bank,blue sky,no clouds,big x from jet planes in sky,took alot of photos,then decided to zoom in on x,saw UFO'S,so I record5/19/23Yes
4/27/23 04:20BendigoVictoriaAustraliaChangingBetween 30 sec to 1 minbright star light that was changing colour to red on and off very slowly then it went off on a very fast angle then many other objects5/19/23
4/27/23 03:09CrawfordCOUSASphereSeveral minutesSaw a flash then a spear moving to the Northeast from the southwest then exploding with hardly any trail and there's a red explosion5/19/23
4/27/23 02:51AlbuquerqueNMUSAFireball:57 seconds recordedSee video5/19/23Yes
4/27/23 02:50FruitaCOUSAFireball45 secondsSeen flying in a northeastern direction. From the colorado national monument towards Mt Garfield about Mesa County Colorado.5/19/23
4/27/23 00:23Circle5.1 minutesI'm jast locking and found this5/19/23Yes
4/27/23 00:00WoodstockILUSAOrb5 minBright white illuminated top of craft small blinking light on bottom5/19/23Yes
4/26/23 22:30ReidsvilleNCUSAStarNo more than two minutes.An extremely large and bright, burning light hovering slowly in the sky that was gone shortly after.5/19/23
4/26/23 12:00Echo canyonUTUSACylinder4 secondsShiny tick tack shaped object appeared out of nowhere and flew into a very small cloud and never came out.5/19/23
4/26/23 10:50New BostonMIUSACross1 minuteSmall white bird shaped object barely visible.5/19/23
4/26/23 00:37ChicagoILUSACircleMillisecondsFloating disc over I-555/19/23Yes
4/25/23 21:10KentWAUSAUnknown2 secondsBright green light flying in a straight line from east to west, at least 120mph.5/19/23
4/25/23 13:00DanvilleCAUSAFormationOngoing @ 0245This may sound crazy but I believe we're witnessing an to the minute invasion5/19/23
4/25/23 12:00OmahaNEUSACylinder1 minuteI saw a black pill like object moving across the sky from the south going north while looking to the west.5/19/23
4/25/23 05:15SeymourINUSAUnknownApproximately 5 seconda5 horizontal lights side by side on single object traveling west to east at moderate speed5/19/23
4/25/23 04:38Mt. VermonOHUSAOrbIt was a few seconds to fI was driving forward up the hill and I saw something very bright just fall to the ground5/19/23
4/25/23 04:32ColumbusOHUSALightGreen lighting and moving fast it flew buy pretty quick u saw it then it was gone5/19/23
4/24/23 21:30LondonnUnited KingdomTriangleOnly 10 secondsI saw a matt black long flat pyramid that seemed to hover in the sky. I ducked under the window and when I looked back up it moved away5/19/23
4/24/23 20:23BelvidereILUSATriangle2 minutes hovering in theSaw aircraft hovering in the sky with white lights on corners, close to ground, slate colored, silent.5/19/23
4/24/23 14:32San DiegoCAUSAOrbabout 30 secondsI say an orb that said "ill kill you!"5/19/23
4/24/23 14:32San JoseCAUSAUnknownA few minutesI saw something white that looked like it was small and bulbous. It looked bigger than a human.5/19/23
4/24/23 11:20Sioux FallsSDUSASphere5 minutesWe saw multiple flying objects moving in a synchronized way back and forth, staying still, and moving at incredible speed out of sight.5/19/23Yes
4/23/23 23:28WaukeshaWIUSACircleApproximately 5 minutesDropped out from clouds5/19/23Yes
4/23/23 22:19Sunny Isles BeachFLUSALight1 min2 dots spiraling and one closely following it then shot across the sky5/19/23
4/23/23 18:04GainesvilleFLUSASphere1 min 6sRecorded three small, grey, metallic, spherically shaped objects flying together half a mile away from my apartment5/19/23Yes
4/23/23 18:00ExeterDevonUnited KingdomDiskOnly picked up on photos.Photo sunset . 2 images one with ufo one without5/19/23Yes
4/23/23 14:30Goleta/Santa BarbaraCAUSATriangle3 hoursMultiple sightings of a triangle with still lights flying by low and a fast rate of speed and a boomerang type of craft with no lights5/19/23
4/23/23 14:30Lake Havasu CityAZUSAOrb10 to 15 min.visability almost unlimited. high cerris clouds. some cumulus clouds present.clouds traveling south.5/19/23
4/23/23 11:35CalgaryABCanadaTriangle10 seconds3 moving in sky, was small and was formed as a triangle. Within seconds all 3 separated from one another and zipped through sky.5/19/23
4/23/23 04:14Woodcliff lakeNJUSADisk9 secondsA shadow above the clouds disappears5/19/23
4/23/23 03:08WiganUnited KingdomOrbOne minuteLooking through cctv footage5/19/23
4/23/23 02:00RamonaCAUnited States Minor Outlying IslandsUnknown5 minutesMultiple extremely bright strobe lights that were being directed5/19/23
4/22/23 23:01St GeorgeNBCanadaOrb15 secondsI seen this green orb or glowing sphere materialize in green night sky at about 2000ft5/19/23
4/22/23 22:30RivertonUTFormation5 mins3 large lights above the clouds, that did not move for 5 mins5/19/23
4/22/23 22:00UplandCAUSATriangle5-10 second observation3 circles, in a triangle formation5/19/23Yes
4/22/23 19:00Spokane ValleyWAUSACylinder15+ minRocket-shaped object floating in place above Spokane Valley5/19/23
4/22/23 17:10UniontownPAUSACylinder20-30 secondsObject viewed flying within wingspan of commercial aircraft5/19/23Yes
4/22/23 02:50FranklinGAUSACircleVideo at least 6 minutesAbove my house hovering sending out orbs probes my nigh vision sneaks them out before hidden haze they use5/19/23Yes
4/22/23 02:34senecaILUSAFormation1 minute and 22 secondsLarge bright object having over the corn field5/19/23
4/22/23 02:30FranklinGAUSACircleNightA few craft one craft was about to use his hidden feature5/19/23Yes
4/22/23 00:07AustinTXUSAOrb5 secondsSmall line of orbs. If I held a ruler out it would have been about 1 inch long.5/19/23
4/21/23 21:50ProvoUTUSATriangle2-3 MinutesA triangular object viewed from my backyard during a cloudy night.5/19/23
4/21/23 21:25GranburyTXUSAOval1 minuteWe were walking ABS suddenly saw those 3 things in the sky5/19/23
4/21/23 21:20AltoonaPAUSADiamondap 2 minutesHeard what sounded similar to a turbo diesel engine but we knew that it wasn't that. We all began to investigate the sound,5/19/23
4/21/23 20:43LakevilleMAUSAUnknown60 secondsObserved object cuise down above tree line, then fly away at fast rate of speed5/19/23
4/21/23 19:35NiederwaldTXUSACylinder24 minutesBright white, with pink and blue lights encompassing the white object hovering with slight angle, very slowly moving away.5/19/23Yes
4/21/23 19:08Green ValleyAZUSALightA few minutes.I stepped outside to take a picture of the sky after sunset for a photographic group challenge.5/19/23
4/21/23 14:20StanleyNMUSAOther20 secondsMultiple small pieces of reflective material moving fluidly like a flock of birds high in the sky5/19/23
4/21/23 00:24LargoFLUSAChevron5-10 secondsSouth to North completely silent 4-5 white round lights.5/19/23
4/20/23 23:17DublinOHUSACylinder5 minutesBright orange aircraft5/19/23
4/20/23 22:30JacksonvilleFLUSAOtherconstant contactmultiple beings eyes glow with blue light projected from eyes finger lights a orange color they fly and cloaking abilities also many or5/19/23
4/20/23 22:17San GeronimoCAUSACircle15 MinutesI already filled this out just. Now I'm just sending you a short video clip of the sighting5/19/23Yes
4/20/23 22:16San GeronimoCAUSACirclefifteen minutesA circular flashy object that changed colors5/19/23Yes
4/20/23 21:05Myrtle BeachSCUSAChevronIt's outside my trailer nIts outside my trailer every night for weeks now5/19/23Yes
4/20/23 20:43BaltimoreMDUSALightConstantHovering bright lights unusual5/19/23
4/20/23 12:12PaulinaLAUSACigar1 minI was at work on the mississippi river in paulina, la and i picked my head up and saw 2 crafts with no wings.5/19/23
4/20/23 06:14MargateFLUSASphereapprox one minutecaptured it on Iphone . Thought it was Jupiter . Slow movement but erratic5/19/23
4/20/23 02:12CentertonARUSAOrbLasts nearly an hourOrbs appearing, slowing down, then dimming from left to right.5/19/23
4/20/23 00:00TN Johnson CityTNUSAUnknown40 secondscraft went from right to left and stopped then floated and turned to the right and then flew off at about a 45 degree angle slow moving5/19/23
4/19/23 23:00MandevilleLAUSAChangingMultiple sightings 8-12mBright melted reappeared. Followed by 5 more5/19/23
4/19/23 22:00New YorkNYUSACircleThree hoursLooked out window facing Hudson River5/19/23Yes
4/19/23 20:40WayzataMNUSAOther1 minLoud distant roaring spinning noise figure above too big to be a plane5/19/23
4/19/23 19:42San ClementeCAUSACigar15 secondsThing moving across the water unnaturally5/19/23
4/19/23 19:30Tarpon springsFLUSACircle5-10 minutesI was driving home from a roller blade with my dog when I saw what looked like a metal ball in the sky5/19/23
4/19/23 07:01HumboldtTNUSALight1-3 minutesSaw several jets escorting another that had what looked like a large bright star floating next to it for several seconds then vanished5/19/23
4/19/23 04:00EncinoCAUSAChanging57 secondsWitnessed surreal UFO in Encino, CA. Massive object spinning with vibrant lights. Video evidence available for further investigation.5/19/23
4/19/23 00:30TexarkanaARUSACircleUnknownThe pilot of BYA584 at FL270 approximately 41 miles southwest of Texarkana, AR reported lights off to the north.5/19/23
4/18/23 23:44VernonTXUSATriangle10-20 secondsObject traveling south-west towards rural area of the county. dark-gray triangle shaped craft. Massive area5/19/23
4/18/23 23:07ParadiseUTUSAOrbApprox. 5+ minutesSighted a strange hovering light above hills a near/on ground west of Paradise5/19/23
4/18/23 22:17LancasterPAUSAFlash10 minsMulti flashing objects5/19/23
4/18/23 21:30LawtellLAUSALightApprox 2-3 mins2 extremely low "flying" lights no noise hovered then zoomed completely unnatural NOT aircraft lights (one light caught on camera)5/19/23Yes
4/18/23 21:10CairoNYUSADiamond5–8 minutesNot a craft and not an orb. Diamond shape, stayed in one spot, starburst like with red, white and blue colors.5/19/23
4/18/23 21:00LongsSCUSALightOn going (daily)Balls of light that fallow5/19/23Yes
4/18/23 17:50MechanicsburgPAUSASphereless than 10 secondsA silver sphere shaped object was noticed while looking out over an open field.5/19/23
4/18/23 09:07TorontoONCanadaDiskFlying above highway 401 during rush hour it was going east above the lights5/19/23
4/18/23 03:00Corpus ChristiTXUSARectangle4-5 secondsLooked like a sail boat type shape with red lights, very big5/19/23
4/18/23 01:30PurcellvilleVAUSAOrb20 minsA white orb zigzagging and changing speed rapidly in the night sky.5/19/23
4/17/23 21:50Virginia BeachVAUSAChevron1 minutes or soExtremely large chevron with rounded nose, at least 3 bright lights underside flying 7 miles from Oceana NAS5/19/23
4/17/23 21:08HighlandILUSADiskOne minuteWe were looking at a star formation and I wanted a photo and that appeared when I took photos.5/19/23Yes
4/17/23 20:35Ruidoso DownsNMUSALightsaw for 30 secondsRunning Lights5/19/23
4/17/23 20:20CambridgeCambridgeshireUnited KingdomCircleA few secondsBeam (ball shape) of light5/19/23
4/17/23 17:58TomballTXUSADisk8 minutesI was in the traffic line looked up saw this craft and another craft eject from the main one5/19/23
4/17/23 02:23AshfordKentUnited KingdomLight10 minutesLight Dots dancing in the sky5/19/23
4/17/23 00:33USALightTwo bright lights reported by an aircraft at the SDZ 170 radial 014 mile fix5/19/23
4/16/23 22:30pryornullTriangle2 minutescamo belly of triangle with light glow, clear night sky.5/19/23
4/16/23 21:00Castle RockWAUSALight3-5 minsOrange fleet of lights in the sky.5/19/23
4/16/23 20:45LumbertonMSUSALight2 - 3 hoursBrighter than stars light that would move left and right while dropping behind treeline after few hours5/19/23
4/16/23 18:42Tybee IslandGAUSACylinder45 minutesObject seen north of Tybee Island .5/19/23Yes
4/16/23 15:42TorontoONCanadaCircle1minA luminous circular metal that can split into two light spheres, disappears and reappears with irregular flight paths.5/19/23Yes
4/16/23 12:00NashvilleTNUSACigar15 minutesApril 16, 2023, around 12 p.m., a large object reflected or shined light toward me. It was stationary and at a very high altitude.5/19/23
4/16/23 01:20duncanCOUSALight30 minutes or morewitnessed 6-7 lighted crafts5/19/23Yes
4/15/23 22:04OttawaONCanadaCircle15 minutesSaw a circular UFO at night with many colours like it had an exterior made of all TV screens playing moving geometric patterns5/19/23Yes
4/15/23 21:08BaltimoreMDUSAOrb30 minutesmy daughter and I looked up and saw "four orbs" moving in circular motion then come back to the middle, then spread back out5/19/23Yes
4/15/23 21:00NewbergORUSARectangleAbout five minutes.Sighted a large rectangular craft hovering above our property on a clear moonless night and viewed it for about five minutes.5/19/23
4/15/23 20:30Avon parkFLUSAFireball30 to 45 seconds maxIt appeared out of nowhere started moving slowly from West to east5/19/23
4/15/23 14:53Manassas ParkVAUSADiskSeen in gap in clouds5/19/23Yes
4/15/23 14:50SalemNHUSACircleApproximately 2 minutesUnknown object moving across sky zooms away5/19/23
4/15/23 14:30TulareCAUSAOrb10-15 minutesMore than at lighted orbs fading from dull to bright white.5/19/23
4/15/23 12:45Livermore/Sky over East Bay AreaCAUSAChangingMinute or two.2 flying objects, merging into one. Heading toward Pacific Ocean.5/19/23
4/15/23 12:00Newport NewsVAUSASphereApproximately 1 minuteDog sensed it/barked into the sky. Grey sphere. 3-4 miles high. Zig zagged and paused between movement. Met with 2nd and took off.5/19/23
4/15/23 04:45TukwilaWAUSAStar2 secondsSmall greenish light .5/19/23
4/15/23 02:23Cottage groveORUSAFormation3 minutesTwo unknown lights behaving strangely5/19/23
4/15/23 00:18GreenwoodNSCanadaLight10 seconds roughlya somewhat softly triangular shaped light, the color of an old streetlight (yellowish-orange)5/19/23
4/15/23 00:14VenturaCAUSAOrb2mina bright orange comet with tail exploded then turned into white orb5/19/23Yes
4/14/23 23:50Los AngelesCAUSAStar5minThere was a star like image moving away from earth. A bright and long Orange/Red flame5/19/23
4/14/23 23:50StocktonCAUSACircleroughly 5 minutesOrange ball of light that disappeared/reappeared multiple times5/19/23
4/14/23 23:50venturaCAUSAFireball5 minutesobject breaking sound barrier after breaking apart5/19/23
4/14/23 22:00InterlochenMIUSATriangleAround 30 seconds5 small triangle or V shaped aircrafts making a short passing over just barely above the treetops5/19/23
4/14/23 17:18templeGAUSADisk4 secondslaying by pool at around 10-11 at night when i pointed to the sky and a green blue glowing object fell out of sky caught it self, left.5/19/23
4/14/23 13:10PensacolaFLUSAOther5 minutes5 white,gray triangle shaped.5/19/23
4/14/23 05:07MadisonALUSADiamond2 minutesFlashing blue red white light pattern of diamond. Hovering low. Very slow. No significant distance in 2 min observing. Vanished5/19/23
4/14/23 02:30TulareCAUSAOrb10 to 15 minutesMultiple lights fading off to bright to off5/19/23
4/14/23 02:21palm coastFLUSAFireballTwo or more yellow orange lights descended on street5/19/23
4/13/23 23:00MiamisburgOHUSAOrb1 minuteTwins, streaking the sky at the Same speed running somewhat parallel to each other5/19/23
4/13/23 21:46Surf CityNCUSATriangle20 secondsSaw three red flashing lights in a triangle shape that stayed in one spot for 15 seconds.5/19/23
4/13/23 21:28HerseyMIUSACube60 seconds to 90 seconds.when I saw the square object I stepped onto my porch. there was silence. When I returned after grabbing my phone the speed escalated5/19/23
4/13/23 21:02QuartzsiteAZUSALight15 MinutesLights in formation floating upward slow then fast5/19/23
4/13/23 20:57TorontoONCanadaStar1 hourStationary White Light not a star.5/19/23Yes
4/13/23 20:48LancasterPAUSACirclecouple minutesI was walking from the store to my house and saw a blinking circle that was white not red like in the video then a fast moving orb5/19/23
4/13/23 17:16South ShoreKYUSAOval2 minutes2nd sighting milky white oval moving slow and low5/19/23
4/13/23 15:00CarlowCounty CarlowIrelandOvalA shiny round object flew from west. It flew below the clouds, than turned North.5/19/23
4/13/23 14:20RehobothDEUSADiskApproximately 10-12 seconAn unusually fast, straight tracking object, at passenger flight altitude5/19/23
4/13/23 13:50WashingtonDCUSACylinder30 secElongated, silver, reflective object hovering over Capitol5/19/23
4/13/23 11:00AustintownOtherReoccurringIt's more if a contact thing than a sighting5/19/23
4/13/23 00:45ChristiansburgVAUSASphereAbout 2 hoursAt first I thought it was an airplane but noticed it was hovering in the same area5/19/23
4/13/23 00:30Estimated around Grand JunctionCOUSAFormation45 minutes to 1 hourWhat seemed to be crafts with bright lights rotating in circle formations descending to earth, then ascending later on.5/19/23
4/13/23 00:00PlainfieldILUSADiamond1 hour and countingSeveral Flashing objects in sky5/19/23
4/13/23 00:00Mount EphraimNJUSATriangle45 seconds10’x10x10’ magnificent triangle craft aprox 25 feet in the air flew slowly over us and past us at a somewhat slow pace.5/19/23
4/12/23 22:30Spring hillKSUSACircle5Round ball of light lasted 5 mins5/19/23
4/12/23 21:42BurbankILUSALight3 hrsA big bright circle in the sky is not moving it is just floating in the sky5/19/23Yes
4/12/23 21:36SpokaneWAUSALightAt least 45 minutesGroup of shimmering lights jiggling in sky5/19/23
4/12/23 21:17SeattleWAUSAUnknown26 seconds (on video)Fast moving object with tail traveling west over Seattle5/19/23
4/12/23 19:15HurstTXUSAOrb3 minutesVarious probes observed at Chisholm Trail Park5/19/23
4/12/23 11:40BrantfordONCanadaLight15 second or soEither one or two objects seen, white lighted objects , angle formation. Moving fast and silent, low enough to see turbulence5/19/23
4/12/23 02:48ArcadiaKSUSAStar20 minutesObjects would fade in and out, changing altitude, speed and direction.5/19/23Yes
4/12/23 01:46Prescott ValleyAZUSAUnknown1 minutehovering craft with blinking lights of different colors, no sound, then vanished5/19/23
4/12/23 01:26El PasoFlash30 secSecurity cam alerted me .5/19/23
4/12/23 01:20BoulderCOUSAUnknown4.5 hrs (until 5:40am)Saw bright white lights followed by a dimmer light that moved erratically and sometimes very quickly while staying aloft for 4+ hrs5/19/23Yes
4/11/23 23:40MuncieINUSAOrb20-30 minutes.I am being spaceship stalked, abducted, trafficked, kidnapped, madamed, pimped, raped, assaulted by alien terrorist criminal network.5/19/23
4/11/23 23:13DallasTXUSACross1 minI am just trying to access the dataset for a school project5/19/23
4/11/23 21:41DenverCOUSAOrb2 hoursBright orb changing shape and rotating 3 days in a row5/19/23Yes
4/11/23 21:34TempleMEUSASphereOngoingA large blue light bobbing in the western sky with occasional random flashes of red.5/19/23
4/11/23 20:55ElberfeldINUSALight15 to 30 seconds3 stars orions belt. Inside left of orions belt stars bright light very fast 4 times same star and stop.5/19/23
4/11/23 20:45San FranciscoCAUSADiskLess than 1 min.2 very dark, silent, unlit objects moving together, one behind the other. Low in the sky, difficult to confirm shape in dark sky.5/19/23
4/10/23 23:20WaterlooONCanadaTriangle5-10 secondsLarge, triangular or diamond shaped, no noise, no lights, red5/19/23
4/10/23 23:00VacherieLAUSACircleABOUT 1.30 minUSCG licensed captain on Miss River. Look up and saw object hovering over red tower light and it was so bright it reflected on water.5/19/23Yes
4/10/23 23:00HowellMIUSATriangle5-8 secondsSilent, came out of the west and then made almost a complete circle disappearing to the northwest over the houses.5/19/23
4/10/23 21:36WallaceburgONCanadaTriangleRepetitive tonightI looked up into the sky seen lots of planes and stuff flying by then a shape that looked like a v formation almo like birds was bright5/19/23
4/10/23 21:18North AndoverMAUSACircle5 secondsBright white light above tree line, moving quickly in a diagonal/downwards motion5/19/23
4/10/23 21:15SterlingCTUSAUnknown45 minutesFlickering object, changing colors5/19/23
4/10/23 21:07Glen CoveNYUSAUnknown1+ hours, idk endingStationary bright light hovering in the same location for unknown duration. Witnessed over an hour of it before we left.5/19/23Yes
4/10/23 20:15AlmaARUSALight35 minutesStep outside and looked north5/19/23
4/10/23 20:09LimaOHUSACylinder3 minutesDriving, spotted object coming down from sky before making turn. Believe it may have hit the ground5/19/23Yes
4/10/23 08:40AzusaCAUSARectangle10 secondsSighting was at Azusa pacific university, Saw a large rectangular structure in the sky moving medium pace. Lights in the front and back5/19/23
4/9/23 23:34BrooklynNYUSAUnknownUnclearSomething floating above empire state building5/19/23Yes
4/9/23 23:00RosevilleMIUSACircle45 minutesGlowing orb with occasional sparks flying at any side of the orb5/19/23
4/9/23 23:00WoosterOHUSAOther20 minutes or soFlashing green red and blue , spinning cone like craft ,hovering5/19/23Yes
4/9/23 23:00ChesapeakeOHUSAChanging8 minutesWatched hovering among tree tops multiple lights moving horizontally and vertically as if they were searching for something5/19/23
4/9/23 22:30MorrisvillePAUSALight10 minutesWhile looking out a window of the house a ball of orange light appeared in the trees past a neighbor’s house.5/19/23Yes
4/9/23 21:50TampaFLUSATriangle20 minutes plusAppeared to be the brightest star in the night but it was fairly still light out5/19/23
4/9/23 21:30AltamontUTUSALightApproximately 4 secondsFast moving light with erratic movement5/19/23
4/9/23 20:00Bella-BellaLimpopoSouth AfricaTriangle1secWhite dot chased by 6 craft at high speed.5/19/23
4/9/23 20:00AlmaARUSAFlash2 minutesStep outside and looked east5/19/23
4/9/23 17:50San MateoCAUSACircleApproximately 10 minutesWhite reflective object tracking north northwest very slowly at very high altitude around sunset.5/19/23
4/9/23 17:05Clarendon HillsILUSACube2 minutesMulti sided mirror object floating low5/19/23
4/9/23 16:18NMUSATriangle2 minsAn object that sounds like a prop airplane5/19/23
4/9/23 04:31PhoenixAZUSATriangleAround 10 secondsGreen triangular object darting across the sky before vanishing5/19/23
4/9/23 01:25Las VegasNVUSATriangle10 minutesWe saw a triangular object flying through the air5/19/23
4/8/23 22:52Excelsior springsMOUSAStar7-8 secondsThought it was a shooting star then Inotice it remained at the same elevation as it moved towards me at a very high speed as it5/19/23
4/8/23 22:15VictoriaBCCanadaFireballAbout 5 minutesWe spotted this above our house and it looked like something on fire flying in a horizontal line over the roofs of the houses5/19/23
4/8/23 21:25BallwinMOUSAFireball3-5 secondsContinuous fireball almost like a Roman candle, resembled a comet but definitely wasn’t a “shooting star.”5/19/23Yes
4/8/23 21:00ColchesterVTUSASphere1+ hoursColor changing, appears to be spinning UFO over Lake Champlain5/19/23Yes
4/8/23 20:00HoltMILightAt least 1 hrOne craft, started very far in the distance then got closer, 3 lights that seemed to be spinning around like a lighthouse almost.5/19/23Yes
4/8/23 19:30Brighton/ FairfieldIAUSATeardrop96 minutesBlack snake like objects in the sky5/19/23Yes
4/8/23 09:30Cayo Costa state park/ gulf of mexicoFLUSARectangleOne hour pluswatched one row of lights coming off gulf which we thought to be an airplane without strobes. It was extremely slow and stopped.5/19/23Yes
4/7/23 22:15ST BRUNO DE MONTARVILLEQuebecCanadaChanging1 hourwe saw an object in the shy that was at one point a little bit than an aircraft hat was passing then the object moved up and slowly i5/19/23
4/7/23 08:40St louisMOUSAUnknown5 minutesSaw 3 objects in aky lined up very bringth then dimmed and moved eventually5/19/23
4/7/23 06:02WICHITAKSUSAFlash2 secondsHigh attitude large bright blue light flew across and above my car. Disappear in midair!5/19/23
4/7/23 00:30ClintonUTUSATriangle5 minutesSaw two slow moving black triangles high up in the sky.5/19/23
4/6/23 22:54LakemoreOHUSACircle2 minutes and 39 secondsSomething in circular or conical shape giving of a blinking light while attempting to be unseen or cloaked by a cloud.5/19/23Yes
4/6/23 22:03SteamboatCOUSAOtherTook a photo of the moon5/19/23Yes
4/6/23 21:32Pearl HarborHIUSAUnknownSecondsWatching fireworks, something hovers and Flys.5/19/23
4/6/23 18:31WaterburyCTUSAOtherMinuteNo sound. Hovered above neighbors house, then a straight line going ~300mph.looked like it was going slow but it moved fast.5/19/23Yes
4/6/23 12:02RosarioSanta Fe ProvinceArgentinaOrbIt was a red orb5/19/23
4/6/23 08:40Newtown SquarePAUSARectangle10-20 minutesLong black tube shape, 30+ ft long, hovering and then moving away5/19/23Yes
4/5/23 22:40McleanVAUSATriangle5:00 minutesI was out with friends when we see these 2 triangles just suddenly appear.5/19/23
4/5/23 20:57accraGreater Accra RegionGhanaCone1 hour every 4 hoursi met these extra terrestrial beings in my ownhome . they cme in through the door5/19/23
4/4/23 20:53AndersonSCUSARectangle1 minute 5 secondsCraft flew into the back yard5/19/23
4/3/23 12:04GloucesterMAUSADisk2 minutesSaucer shaped craft heading wedt5/19/23
4/3/23 00:05New York-BoulderCOUSACircle2 hoursA large floating object in a sphere shape, and full of light traveling next to my plane for 2 hours.5/19/23Yes
4/2/23 23:35EugeneORUSACylinder6 daysI am scared,terrified5/19/23
4/2/23 20:00West Hempstead NYUSAChangingAll Night LongMultiple Changing Shape Shifting, Diamond, Circle, Disk, Fireball, Cylinder, Flash, Formation, Light, Triangle UFO'S Space Crafts5/19/23
4/2/23 16:30FairforestCylinder1 minuteTwo white cylindrical objects, no sound, no visible means of propulsion, and no wings.5/19/23Yes
4/2/23 15:00Carbon HillALUSADiskSeen in photo after zoomI was taking a photo of the outside and I decided to zoom in on the photo just being curious and that’s when I spotted a disk.5/19/23Yes
4/2/23 14:30WarsawMOUSAFormation5 secondsAfter seeing a helicopter & A10, a formation of about ten winged, but vertical, objects glided silently through the air over my cove5/19/23Yes
4/1/23 21:01PhoenixAZUSACircleone Hourwatched for hour-up to 25 objects-each object has 6 to 8 bright lights form circle-fast contentious Bright Flashing Multi color Haze5/19/23
4/1/23 21:00New HartfordChanging1.5-2 hoursWe saw a large extremely bright object which was not too far above a hill/tree line west of our house. It moved strangely, and5/19/23Yes
4/1/23 20:20RaleighNCUSAStarIt’s been occurring dailyA star that moves it appears daily but doesn’t appear some nights also duplicates then just disappears5/19/23
4/1/23 19:30HonoluluHIUSAUnknown2-3minsWhile standing on the Waikiki walkway which extends onto water around after sundown we saw 5 blue orbs.5/19/23Yes
4/1/23 04:20BuckinghamshireBuckinghamshireUnited KingdomCircle69 hoursshooting rainbow tractor beams5/19/23
3/31/23 20:30BreaCAUSAOval5 minutes8pm sun was still out large opaque oval in tree about 7 ft in height just up along the tree5/19/23
3/30/23 23:34elyriaOHUSASphere3 minhelicopter circling close to an low object that was silent with a very bright flashing red and blue object5/19/23
3/30/23 16:19MeridenCTUSAChevron2-3 mintuesI was driving dogs back home and5/19/23Yes
3/28/23 17:00FortsonGAUSARectangleSeveral minutes12 round white lights in 3 rows of four. Evenly spaced. Like they were on a rack. When I saw them they stopped moving down the street5/19/23
3/26/23 14:08San DimasCAUSARectangleapproximately 4-5 minutesAs bright as evening Venus near waxing crescent moon, high in afternoon sky.5/19/23Yes
3/15/23 21:30PoplarvilleMSUSATriangleDriving south on hwy 43 almost drove under it the thing was only about 30 ft above the tree tops5/19/23
3/15/23 15:00BronxNYUSAOrb30 secondsSaw metallic ball 150 feet above head moving sound..silver5/19/23
3/8/23 18:48Arenas valleyNMUSAStarStar lake object bright moving changing directions fast5/19/23Yes
3/2/23 19:29ScottsdaleAZUSASphere5 min+At about 7:25pm while getting out of my car I saw 2 lights over Phoenix. I took some photos and a video.5/19/23
3/1/23 19:00WashingtonDCUSALight~30 min2 slowly descending objects over Capitol Hill area5/19/23
3/1/23 18:57FontanaCAUSAEgg40It disappears comes back in twos .5/19/23
3/1/23 03:30MorgantownWVUSASphere30 SecondsReddish orange sphere hovering above neighbor's residence.5/19/23
2/28/23 21:12TacomaWAUSASphere30 seconds2 videos and 1 photo5/19/23
2/28/23 19:58ZephyrhillsFLUSAOrb1 HourFeb 28th Zephyrhills, FL 33541 UAP Two Bright White Glowing UAP's Hover over Florida 24hrs After Rocket Launch.5/19/23Yes
2/28/23 18:16Tipp CityOHUSAEgg5 minutesWhite tic tac or egg shape flying object5/19/23Yes
2/25/23 14:11San AntonioTXUSAOther7yearsSpace-craft5/19/23
2/22/23 21:10SarasotaFLUSAOvalUfo are real I wish I would of had my phone but I tell you I’m sure my family is not the only one that seen this5/19/23
2/21/23 00:57PlanoTXUSATriangle30 secondAs I was looking at the stars, three triangular lights passed quickly. into the northern sky5/19/23
2/20/23 20:35TroyILUSACross10 minLarge half sphere shaped shock wave5/19/23Yes
2/20/23 10:52GonzalesCAUSAOrb42 secondsMy son and I were outside trying to find the fighter jet that was passing by and ended up seeing an orb object floating in mid air5/19/23Yes
2/13/23 01:00Okc, Wellston and ChandlerChangingMultiple timesI don't have one instance to report. I have multiple. Up close encounters of craft and a human mimic(no emotion and moves robotically)5/19/23
2/9/23 03:30AustintownOHUSACircleLasted about ten minutesWell I seen the flying object , three of them very bright lights could see much because these light were so bright were not airplanes5/19/23
2/2/23 20:30BremenOHUSAChevronAround 20 secondsLet the dog out for RR, Looked into sky, saw a translucent bird shaped object with no noise, no light, and no flapping of wings.5/19/23
1/18/23 00:42ReptonALUSAUnknownTwo lights about 1mile apThere where two bright orbs that moved in sequence with each other they looked like they were about 1 mile apart and they turnt left5/19/23Yes
1/14/23 22:00DEKALBILUSAChevronThese are following up with a previous report from Dekalb. In this photo, details of the chevron object can be seen much better5/19/23Yes
1/11/23 20:30Indian Lake EstatesFLUSAFormationA second or twoApprox. 8:30 p.m. looking around sky for ufo's with night vision and barely caught a small fleet of approx. seven tic-tac shaped crafts5/19/23
1/10/23 22:00Eglin AFBFLUSALightHrsStationary flashing lights over Eglin AFB. I let friend at AFB know. Hopefully military but thought I’d report.5/19/23
12/30/22 19:30ChandlerAZUSATriangle30 secondsLights moving so fast, shape unable to be determined. Stopped and changed directions going perpendicular than original5/19/23
12/24/22 20:41Fort WorthTXUSASphere5 min or soSaw something in sky blue/ white spinning rotating. Looked like plasma5/19/23Yes
12/16/22 15:29RockfordALUSACircle~25 secondsUnidentifiable Glowing Object5/19/23
12/15/22 17:00KeeneNHUSANode 27 had a magnetometer spike5/19/23
12/10/22 21:30Lake ArielPAUSAOrb15 secondsGreen Light orb5/19/23
12/6/22 21:30DekalbILUSAOrbThese are new pictures (enlarged) to go with my recent report from Dekalb, IL (lens flare from same camera added for comparison)5/19/23Yes
12/6/22 19:34PortlandORUSAMADAR site 66 had spikes in both magnetometer and change in compass heading.5/19/23
11/21/22 21:00OrlandoFLUSAUnknownDidn’t even notice until I shared this photo on Facebook and my cousin saw all the lights5/19/23Yes
11/12/22 21:27LaceyWAUSAMADAR site 50 had spike in magnetometer and compass heading change.5/19/23
11/10/22 21:30DekalbILUSAChevronV-shaped object and bluish orb shape5/19/23Yes
11/3/22 13:00MaryvilleTNUSAMADAR site 35 had spike in magnetometer reading but there was no compass change.5/19/23
10/28/22 15:07Red BluffCAUSAOther2-3minutesMy friend said she saw a plane next thing our heads were being swooped by a pill shaped thing that took off down street swooped up did5/19/23
10/21/22 23:30NorfolkNEUSASphere1.5 hoursBright light hovering south and west of Norfolk, Nebraska. It then withdrew, but maintained roughly the same position in the sky.5/19/23Yes
10/11/22 22:17DenverCOUSAOrbMore than 1 hourMultiple sightings of maneuvering orbs5/19/23
9/27/22 23:30Crystal LakeILUSADiskabout 3 seconds. maybe 4I saw a red flying saucer hovering above the treeline, then it silently took off very fast5/19/23
9/25/22 02:47SalfordManchesterUnited KingdomUnknownSeen lights5/19/23
9/22/22 13:30BrownsvilleTNUSAOtherAbout a minuteI was picking up a loaded trailer at the Lowe's distribution center. I luckily spotted the craft and watched it for about a minute.5/19/23
9/13/22 04:45Las VegasnullCircle8-10 minutesI saw a large glowing light that remained stationary for 8-10 minutes5/19/23Yes
9/10/22 22:00OtherI witnessed two competing shadows/crafts approach and interfere with a commercial airliner from either side underneath.5/19/23
9/10/22 22:00OrlandoFLUSAOtherOnly a couple seconds.I witnessed two competing shadows/crafts approach and interfere with a commercial airliner from either side underneath.5/19/23
9/10/22 15:00near village of Warrensville,NCUSARectangleapprox. one minuteappears similar to box kite, except metal, but open on one end, the leading end - see sketch attached5/19/23Yes
9/4/22 15:30Los AltosCAUSAMADAR site 52 had spike in magnetometer reading and compass variation.5/19/23
9/2/22 02:04PFLUGERVILLETXUSAOrbNot sureAbducted from and returned to apartment. Few hours later, orbs in sky, observed, filmed by roomates.5/19/23
8/29/22 19:50BucklinKSUSADisk5 secI was taking a video of a lightning storm5/19/23Yes
8/24/22 15:30GallipolisOHUSAEgg5 minIt was gold in color, stationary over the runway, then it shot off like a bullet to the North.5/19/23
7/24/22 21:50CleburneTXUSATriangleIt lasted maybe 10 secs.It was a clear night,I was outside at night looking for starlink satellites when I saw the ufo move from S to N. It was slow then fast.5/19/23
7/20/22 23:05LakewoodWAUSAOrb10 secsSilent orange orb flying at 150ft being followed by military helicopter5/19/23
7/15/22 23:27SpokaneWAUSALight15 minutesPrismatic light almost hovering in the sky5/19/23
7/7/22 21:10MilwaukeeWIUSACrossTwo minutesNoiseless, rapid object originated at 185 degrees, overflew and continued steadily, adjusting to 300 degree bearing. Multiple lights.5/19/23
7/3/22 05:00OsceolaINUSACircleContinuesSeeing something in sky with lights5/19/23Yes
7/1/22 12:00El CajonCAUSATriangleStationary, 15 secondsupside down pyramid shaped figure in broad daylight hovering stationary over shopping center5/19/23
6/24/22 17:15TacomaWAUSACircle3 sightings, 15 sec. eachCircular craft, blue on top, white on bottom, over narrows. Size was about size of bb held at arms length.5/19/23
5/8/22 19:28NaplesFLUSACircleA few secondsI took a photo of the moon w/cell on May 8, 2022 and then when I expanded the photo noticed the object flying at a very high altitude5/19/23Yes
4/22/22 20:45BournemouthDorsetUnited KingdomLight10 minutesJust looked up and there they were 2 craft5/19/23
4/9/22 23:30PensacolaFLUSATriangle5 minsI walked outa rounded triangle hovering above it had alternating blue and white bright lights in rings5/19/23
3/3/22 22:45BirminghamUnited KingdomUnited KingdomDisk10 minutesIt flew by landed and i watched it stay there for like 5 minutes then it flew of but left something on the floor, some kind of gun5/19/23
3/2/22 22:19West BromwichUnited KingdomUnited KingdomDiskI was there for 20 minuteI seen it land for like 5 min then go but when i went over and seen something on floor and took it back home its like a very wired gun5/19/23
1/20/22 13:30BurpengaryQueenslandAustraliaOtherMinutes4. Suited beings intrude through wall5/19/23
10/21/21 01:30WalsenburgCOUSAOtherUnknownI pulled in my driveway and noticed the mountain that was always dark litr up5/19/23
10/10/21 23:00RinggoldLAUSATriangleTriangle shape with a light on each corner, one spotlight on me, hovering with no sound bigger than a car slow moving.5/19/23Yes
9/26/21 08:31RedmondORUSAOval10 secondsUnknown object travelling at extreme speed caught on video while filming a hot air balloon.5/19/23
9/15/21 20:47San AntonioTXUSACircle1-2 minutesCircular white object moving west across sky5/19/23
8/22/21 01:18BuffaloNYUSACube1:18am-1:30amA bright, white holographic cube with wings emerged from a perforation in the sky5/19/23
8/20/21 20:34SebastianFLUSAOrbAbout 15 minutesMoving orange orbs in sky above Indian River5/19/23
8/8/21 02:52Las VegasNVUSARectangle5 minute’sIt was big and it moved fast I have a photo of it5/19/23
6/19/21 12:57UplandCAUSAOther1:13IT disappears and vanishes and comes back on a different side of the sky.5/19/23
6/17/21 07:02Taken from planeUTUSAUnknown1 minuteTook pic of clouds. Son actually saw it a couple years later when he looked at it5/19/23Yes
6/11/21 22:15HuntleyILUSAUnknown5-10 minutesclear night sky van-sized object floating no sound5/19/23
5/21/21 16:40Not sure (was in airplane)SphereA few secondsA spinning silverish sphere passed under my aircraft at high rate of speed, saw out window.5/19/23
5/18/21 01:37las vegasNVUSAOrbabout 2 hoursLas Vegas UAP moving orb sightings with military planes flying nearby.5/19/23Yes
5/15/21 21:45W.T. Wooten Wild Life AreWAUSAOval10 minutes or lessUnpacking for camp we all see large cylinder 200 yards long with 6 lights on it moving slow and making no sound 400 to 500 yards away5/19/23
3/27/21 20:00Avon LakeOHUSAOther30-60 secondsI saw two objects that were silently "tumbling" end over end.5/19/23
2/12/21 06:00MeadviewAZUSACircleFrom 6:00 AM to 6:15 AMChanel 5 news Las Vegas caught about 50 of them on live news at 5AM exact time heading in my direction.5/19/23
2/10/21 22:10ComerGAUSAOrbapproximately one minute?Two bright white/silver lights silently approaching two more formed w/them, then1 xtrabright red light formed while hovering over pond5/19/23
1/1/21 21:00BakersfieldCAUSAStarLess than 2 minutesMoved erratically in clockwise or counterclockwise pattern from my frame of reference5/19/23
12/21/20 18:16Temple TerraceFLUSARectangle~1hr21.12.2020 "Star of Bethlehem" Great Conjunction, Large Rectangular Non-Moving UFO5/19/23
10/31/20 00:03ManassasVAUSATriangle10 minutesOn 10/31/20 at 12:03am a brightly lit triangle passed silently over my car.Entire structure lit from inside.5/19/23Yes
8/17/20 22:14CantonGAUSATriangle2 minutesA very large triangle shaped object low to the ground5/19/23
8/3/20 20:22Melbourne BeachFLUSACircle5 minutesSaw flying burning orbs over Atlantic Ocean that joined together to form one large burning orbs that looked like the sun setting in5/19/23
6/15/20 21:21PerryARUSAFormation60-90 secObject with lights appeared silently then vanished5/19/23Yes
3/5/20 20:42Fort smithARUSASphereApprox 1 hourPulsating white orb and green orb5/19/23
11/16/19 11:00RiversideCAUSASphere5 minutesMy husband and I saw 2 solid white, round objects, one larger than the other, "parked" in the daytime sky.5/19/23
7/20/19 23:30Jersey CityNJUSAOval5 secondsSaw a green/blue tic tac shaped craft5/19/23Yes
7/1/19 22:32Kill Devil HillsNCUSACigar10 minutesThis craft was slow moving. However, it was able to complete vertical inclines at an instant and accelerate to unprecedented speed.5/19/23Yes
6/4/19 16:20Potters BarHertfordshireUnited KingdomDiskaround 2 minutesThin wobbing disk traveling south east to north west5/19/23
6/2/19 23:00CairnsQueenslandAustraliaUnknownTen secondsI was home alone, I have a gift for contacting seeing spirits,but this wasn't the case.5/19/23
6/1/19 19:00OlympiaWAUSACircle2 to 3 minutes2 round UFOs, quietly hovering over a field about 200 yards from myself. They moved horizontally very quickly in unison then flew up.5/19/23
4/30/19 20:20AlmaARUSACigar4.5 yearsInside house and brain5/19/23
4/29/19 20:56ValparaisoFLUSALight1:50 SecondsWhile door knocking as a Realtor, working on building my database and came upon a light under the water.5/19/23Yes
4/20/19 12:24Lee’s SummitMOUSAOther10 minutes that I watchedMetallic reflections5/19/23Yes
7/18/18 16:37BarnesvilleMNUSAOther2 minutesdark (black) streak moving horizontally across the cloudless sky5/19/23
5/4/18 12:59Staten IslandNYUSACigar15 sec Security VideoSecurity Video5/19/23
4/1/18 19:00tyristrandAkershusNorwayCircle40 secondsFlying saucer at prison5/19/23
4/1/18 15:52New OrleansLAUSARectangle1 minuteJust saw object out of the side of my eye and it took off and I took a quick picture with my cell phone5/19/23Yes
2/21/18 21:50AkronOHUSACircleScreen shotThis was so fast I didn't see it till I was watching my videos I have alot of videos with saucers and.orbs on my computer I would share5/19/23Yes
10/5/17 22:16ParisFranceOtherSecondsThree moving objects in sky.5/19/23Yes
8/11/17 00:30GeorgetownKYUSADisk20 minsIt was about 300 to 500 feet long, it had lights all over it, it made no sound at all, it had huge cylinder stacks on top5/19/23Yes
7/28/17 18:30MeredithNHUSASphere3 mins43.679 71.473 was 1/4 mile from here .day was very clear no clowds5/19/23Yes
6/14/17 14:00New OrleansLAUSAUnknown30secondsFace To Face Contact5/19/23
6/8/17 00:00BagleyWIUSAFlash6 hoursFlashing strobe5/19/23
3/8/17 18:00RabacIstria CountyCroatia (Hrvatska)Circlecca 3 secGlowing circle that changed form into a commercial aricraft.5/19/23
11/20/16 14:00SylmarCAUSAUnknown30 seconds to one minuteMetallic and silent, slowly rotating object passes over my house in the afternoon.5/19/23Yes
11/16/16 18:32GREENSBURGINUSATriangle10 sec3 orange lights in a triangle formation5/19/23
9/26/16 17:25FlorissantCOUSADiamond1-5 minutesUFO object ablaze on fire….diamond shaped until it came to a complete stop, Waites on fire, shot off fast left fire hanging in the sky.5/19/23Yes
9/27/15 03:00Oklahoma CityOKUSACircle15-20 minutesSaw this bright light in the sky that got brighter then dim then brighter then dim.5/19/23Yes
7/15/15 16:40IvanhoeCAUSAOtherThree minutesCloaked aircraft followed by cloaked chase plane headed to China Lake Naval Air Station Air Space flies over Highway 216, 080 degrees5/19/23
6/10/15 19:30MedellinAntioquia DepartmentColombiaStar1 hora más o menosVi una estrella pero no es una estrella, parece una nave espacial5/19/23Yes
6/1/13 20:00CoronaCAUSACigar1.5 - 2.0 minutesWhile preparing to, and exiting the freeway the craft followed the drivers side of the car at a distance of 10-12 feet.5/19/23
4/1/13 23:00SydneyNew South WalesAustraliaLight2 minsI was looking at a star and it started to jiggle, i pointed it out to my friend and it started moving across the sky until we lost site5/19/23
1/4/13 20:59Pine BushNYUSARectangle15 to 20 secondsHuge rectangle flying object traveling slowly from SE to NW5/19/23Yes
5/5/12 01:05Grand PrairieTXUSAOtherProbably about 20 secondsCraft rises from other side of the dam, "charges up" and takes off at an extremely fast acceleration speed into space.5/19/23
3/20/12 01:30Fort WorthTXUSAOval5 min.Zircon to original post. My Phoenix had a typo of 3-13-12. It happened on 3-20-125/19/23
2/10/10 15:00San DiegoCAUSAChevron1 secondBlue upside-down "U" neon light trail5/19/23
7/1/09 23:00MahopacNYUSAUnknownAbout 30 minutes twice +2 sightings in same area..mesmerized for maybe 30 minutes,in Mahopac.. 1 more brief sighting in The Bronx5/19/23
7/19/07 19:00LindaCAUSATriangleBlack triangle UFO hovering over my dad's pickup truck5/19/23
9/1/05 20:00TucsonAZUSAOval45 seconds to a minIt was more of an encounter. a pure white light hovered over us. no rays. no beams. starred for about 40 seconds and zipped off.5/19/23
5/27/03 21:13NatickMAUSAOther2 minSaw 5 or more entities5/19/23
5/1/03 11:00Virginia BeachVAUSASphereAbout 3 minutesApproximately 11am I seen a 10 to 12 foot sphere ufo that appeared about 20feet away from me that was on fire. I felt no heat though.5/19/23
4/23/03 02:00Big SandyTXUSATriangle2 secsSpacecraft was going some percentage of the speed of light traversed entire horizon and exited the atmosphere didn't go beyond the hori5/19/23
4/1/03 21:45Tarlac CityTarlacPhilippinesDiskBetween 30 secs to 1 minRotating saucer with spherical lights in the night sky5/19/23
3/14/02 03:30On my way to petaluma ca . From novato caCAUSATriangle4 min is how long I saw iI'm a truck driver5/19/23
8/5/01 02:00TonasketWAUSALight5 SecondsFast Moving with Instantaneous Stop and Acceleration5/19/23
10/3/00 23:12OlatheKSUSATriangleSecondsNo lights, no noise, but smoothly moving5/19/23
6/3/00 22:00RoscommonMIUSAOval5 minutesPulsing lights on oval shaped craft hovering5/19/23Yes
8/20/96 20:03BoscobelWIUSADisk2-8 Minutes EstimateLarge silent & stationary vehicle sighted just after dusk 3-5 feet above tree. Bright white lights would illuminate little squares.5/19/23Yes
10/1/88 20:00SalemORUSATriangle20 minutesA UFO followed us from I-5 near Fisher Road and as we drove into our parking area it was hovering 75 ft. above us.5/19/23
7/1/88 21:00MadisonALUSAChevron10 secondsLong oblong, hovering over ground, bright headlight on each end very close.5/19/23
10/25/86 23:45FairfieldCTUSATriangle5 minutesSlow moving black triangle 1000 ft high directly overhead5/19/23
6/13/85 23:15PlainviewNEUSAOrb10-15 minutesBlueish white orb seems to be checking out our farm place.5/19/23
3/8/85 02:59San RafaelCAUSAUnknownSeveral hoursI saw 7 ets up close and went aboard their craft5/19/23
3/5/85 19:00Lake morenaCAUSACircle3 minutesIt had lights running around it. Showed up stayed still then moved not too far stood still then took off.5/19/23
3/1/85 11:31a village on a beachSvalbard And Jan Mayen IslandsOrb5 secondsI was at the bar and when I left I seen some orbs in the sky its gotta be them they coming for me5/19/23
4/30/82 18:00TucsonAZUSAStar2 to 5 minutesSome kind of vortex opened up and I heard strange sounds, sounds of wars, gun shots, maybe cannons5/19/23
9/1/81 19:30Oxon HillMDUSADiskless than 1 minuteUFO hovering over us, the bottom was moving in a circular motion with flashing lights. It was gone quickly with no sound5/19/23
6/25/78 03:30sydney, nova scotiaNSCanadaDiamond3 to 5 minutes.3 for meMother told us after lateshow to check yard for missing bikes5/19/23
6/1/76 21:00JacksonvilleFLUSADiskunknown -- missing timeI was taken aboard a metallic disc craft that hovered over our home with multiple eyewitnesses from neighborhood standing beneath it S5/19/23Yes
3/11/75 03:00WilmingtonNCUSACircle10 minutesThis was a rotating circular craft with colored lights which circled under the craft Red and blue were the predominant colors of light5/19/23
3/21/73 22:11North of AdelaideSouth AustraliaAustraliaLightA minute or soGreen and red lights5/19/23
8/25/72 01:04Rolling MeadowsILUSADisk5, 10 minutes?Silver object hovering around radio tower.5/19/23
9/1/67 22:11barstowCAUSACirclesept 1967 10 pm 7 minRed light changing to yellow then white then blue, then back down to red to fade out.5/19/23
2008( 03:10SkellefteåVästerbotten CountySwedenCircle10 seconds-ishIt appeared out of nowhere, and then silently took off and formed a tracer5/19/23