National UFO Reporting Center
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2023/04/09


Date / Time City State Country Shape Duration Summary Posted Images
4/8/23 19:30Brighton/FairfieldIAUSATeardrop96 minutesBlack snake like objects in the sky4/9/23Yes
4/8/23 18:45Ocean ShoresNew South WalesAustraliaTriangle20 secindsLarge triangle non flashing lights silent moving fast4/9/23
4/8/23 05:39SouthamptonMAUSALight3-5 minutesLight was stationary and blinked at regular intervals. Not as high as a star. Met with second light.4/9/23
4/7/23 21:55BedfordVAUSACube2 minFast moving orbs of changing light appearing and disappearing in front of cars4/9/23
4/7/23 18:35ScottsdaleAZUSAUnknown20 minutesIt looked segmented, very flashy, as it randomly had the sun flashing off of it. 2 segments aligned vertically.4/9/23Yes
4/7/23 08:40St. LouisMOUSAUnknown5 minutesSaw 3 objects in aky lined up very bringth then dimmed and moved eventually4/9/23
4/7/23 02:45SkowheganMEUSATriangleAbout 1 min (1/2 min vid)Built a high Tesla electromagnet device to attract "glowing orb" UFOs and succeeded4/9/23Yes
4/7/23 02:35CAUSAOrb10 minutes3 orbs of light, similar to stars or planets. They would glow bright and then fade. They were stationary and then would reposition.4/9/23
4/6/23 21:23OremnullUSACircle45 minsNon-moving object that is blinking a green color4/9/23Yes
4/6/23 18:20VenturaCAUSAFormation1 minuteSparkling golden objects twirling in spiral formation4/9/23
4/6/23 17:30Just east of Catalina IslandCAUSAOther3 SecondsSmall orb with satellite like appendages, skinny barbs4/9/23
4/6/23 02:45BlancaUSALight45 minutesLights descending on mt Blanca from north north east4/9/23
4/5/23 04:14ProsperityLight15 minutes atleastMultiple lights appearing and then disappearing4/9/23Yes
4/4/23 21:17AnaheimUSAOther2 MinutesS23 Ultra damn good phone camera looked up saw an interesting looking contrail took a pic wait that's not a contrail4/9/23Yes
4/4/23 21:00Sherrills FordNCUSAUnknown10 minutesWaiting to watch the ISS fly by we spotted an object traveling west with two blinking green stopped hovered and flew off4/9/23
4/4/23 07:20Tel AvivIsraelOrb2 minutesA white light appeared 5 km away from my apartment and it started moving at incredible speeds and then it blinked out.4/9/23
4/4/23 07:20Tel AvivIsraelOrb5 minutesA bright orb appeared and moved from side to side.4/9/23
4/4/23 02:50New MartinsvilleFormationabout 30 minWhite light formation, Multiple formations of differing number.4/9/23
4/3/23 23:00BartlesvilleUSAOrb30 minutesWent outside to look at the night sky.4/9/23
4/3/23 21:00BristolUSALight1 hourBright light4/9/23Yes
4/3/23 20:37Daytona beachUSATriangle3 minutes2 orange boomerang shaped objects going south to north in the sky4/9/23
4/3/23 11:45CorvallisUSATriangle15 secondsObject Flying at high-rate of speed, no lights or sonic bomb.4/9/23
4/3/23 10:04EbbwvaleCanadaSphereSecondsHuge 100s of ft in the air as it was concealed by clouds on its course4/9/23
4/2/23 22:00BroomfieldCOUSACircle10 minutesBright oval light stationary position roughly over city of Boulder, CO4/9/23Yes
4/2/23 21:20MaderaCAUSALight~ 3-5 minutesAt approximately 2120 hours on 4/2/23, I and another individual witnessed a barrage on unknown aerial phenomena in the sky over Madera.4/9/23
4/2/23 14:32BostonUSACircle1 minuteSilver ball smoothly drifting across sky4/9/23
4/2/23 12:20HampdenMAUSAChanging3 minutesThis object flew South against a Westerly wind.4/9/23
4/2/23 07:12LeslieUSADisk1 minuteCaught on cam4/9/23
4/2/23 00:05BaltimoreMDUSAOrb2 minutesDriving home from work and saw light orbs floating all around4/9/23
4/1/23 04:50BakersfieldUSACircleAprox 20-30 secondslooked to the south to see LG yellow light from west to east 60 degree angle . and waited for impact. But no flash, sound, or impact4/9/23
4/1/23 03:15Castle DaleLight5-10 minutesSaw lights in the low horizon that appeared and disappeared.4/9/23
3/31/23 22:49USACircle17:20I was looking on google maps and saw a strange UFO near area 514/9/23
3/31/23 21:00Palm SpringsUSACircle20 minutesWe saw a 2 UFO with lights with a red tail we heard rumbling off us.4/9/23
3/31/23 19:59Virginia BeachVAUSAFireball3 minutesLooked like a rocket launch coming up from behind a house, traveled above and past us out of sight.4/9/23
3/31/23 13:49Staten IslandUSAChanging6 minutesA group of oval shape dull lite off white about ten in total attached to color hovered over Staten island and4/9/23
3/31/23 06:35AthensOHUSADiskAbout 2 minutesI seen an odd flying object and I stopped and got a video4/9/23
3/31/23 05:50McKinneyUSATriangle30 minTook 2 pics while driving4/9/23
3/30/23 20:40Eagle CreekUSAChanging~20mins (possibly longer)Bright stationary light which turned into another shape with light changing color and brightness and took off North.4/9/23
3/30/23 20:30SeattleUSATriangleLess than 1 minute.Orange/ Amber coloured light4/9/23Yes
3/30/23 04:23SykesvilleMDUSAFlash10 minutesFlashing orb with irregular pattern rapidly blinks then flies away4/9/23
3/29/23 22:00ShippensburgPAUSAOrb15 MinI saw 3 bright green straight line beams not lighting lightning cant be straight followed by a orb arcing around in the sky 10min later4/9/23
3/29/23 21:10KirklandWAUSAChevron1 minuteLooking toward the moon, I saw a craft that was very bright and had no position lights moving both vertically & horizontally4/9/23
3/29/23 21:05Johnson CityUSALight2-3 minutesVery bright white light4/9/23
3/29/23 20:04Kansas CityUSAOther10 secondsBird like object, translucent and no flapping of wings4/9/23Yes
3/29/23 19:45MadisonWIUSALight2 minutesNortheast part of sky left of Virgo constellation4/9/23
3/29/23 07:26BoonvilleINUSACircle1 hourI saw a plane and something was sitting beside it then the object burst through air and disappeared4/9/23Yes
3/28/23 23:45BoonvilleMOUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle of lights that get bright and fade out and form other patterns4/9/23Yes
3/28/23 23:30AntiochTNUSAUnknown20- 30 secondsI was at a a dark road when I noticed something flying really close making no sound4/9/23Yes
3/28/23 23:15FlorenceUSACircleFew secondsLarge very bright round object4/9/23
3/28/23 20:55Cave CreekAZUSAChanging40 minutesVery big and bright white light that eventually dimmed, became much smaller, and turned red.4/9/23Yes
3/28/23 19:54MerrimackNHUSACircleLasted around 2 minutes.Extremely strange circular object with vivid flashing green lights.4/9/23
3/27/23 23:15Boarder of Colorado, Utah and WyomingCOUSALight20 minutes3 lights forming a triangle, converging, disappearing. Then reappearing forming a triangle, converging then disappearing again.4/9/23
3/27/23 19:00HuntsvilleALUSALightseveral minutesMultiple lights around the southern sky moving randomly.4/9/23
3/26/23 23:25TucsonAZUSAOrb20+ minutesPulsating light stationary in the western sky4/9/23
3/26/23 23:01FredericksburgVAUSAOther10 secondsTranslucent/Cloaked craft passed overhead in backyard.4/9/23
3/26/23 21:10SedonaAZUSAOther12 secondsBoomerang/ triangle silent no lights <= 300meters above4/9/23
3/26/23 21:05Palm BeachFLUSADisk25 minutesBright, stationary, larger than star or planet,4/9/23Yes
3/26/23 19:45NorwichNYUSALight3 minutes approximatelyA fast moving point of light that changed direction very quickly, also going around in a circle.4/9/23
3/26/23 15:45BarboursvilleWVUSAChanging3 minutesPie pan shaped ufo4/9/23
3/26/23 13:07WardARUSAOval30 minutesA oval-like object with pinched sides surrounded by an effect similar to a heat shimmer that bent and colored the light around it.4/9/23
3/26/23 06:00CentervilleOHUSAOther10 secsSee details4/9/23
3/26/23 05:55TorontoOHUSAUnknown10 minVertical line of lights4/9/23
3/26/23 03:35La CrosseWIUSAOther6 or seven seconds probabThought it was a shooting star then four more came through the clouds4/9/23
3/25/23 19:06MumbaiIndiaOval40 secondsAn unknown object was observed in the sky.4/9/23
3/25/23 18:30almaARUSADisk2 secondssilver disc with cloaking ability4/9/23
3/25/23 06:08COLUMBIASCUSACircle30 seconds2 balls of light moving opposite directions4/9/23
3/24/23 22:05RochesterMNUSAFormation2 minutesY shaped Formation4/9/23Yes
3/24/23 21:00GastoNCUSAOrb10 secondsSingle, fast moving bright green light/orb, low and silent.4/9/23
3/24/23 12:22HighlandCAUSACylinder3 secondsCraft hovered to examine us then sped off at super-warp speed4/9/23Yes
3/24/23 01:52AsheboronullTriangleUntil disappear out sightThis is not the first sightings. Just discovered your site. I have more sightings and photos to back them up. In the last months4/9/23
3/23/23 22:32SavannahGAUSAUnknown10 secondsUnexpected something with out lights moving in the sky no noise4/9/23
3/23/23 22:28BancroftMIUSALight3 secondsBright light falling downwards4/9/23
3/23/23 21:30Cedar KeyFLUSAOrbApproximately 2 hrsMultiple lights ascending and decending4/9/23
3/23/23 20:01ChesneeSCUSACigarLess than 1 minuteJust taking pictures of the moon and Jupiter4/9/23Yes
3/23/23 16:00Sun City and GlendaleAZUSARectangle15 minutesSquare Cloud Like Object in the Sky with an Orb to the Right of it...4/9/23Yes
3/23/23 10:14WoodlandMIUSATriangle1-2 minuitesDark triangle shaped object hovering in yard about 100ft from ground4/9/23
3/22/23 23:50DelandFLUSAUnknown2-3 minutesBright light4/9/23
3/22/23 21:45PortlandORUSARectangle2-4 minutesWitnessed a rectangular ufo come closer to me but eventually came to a stop (a hover) just above some trees and take off again.4/9/23
3/22/23 21:22Los AngelesCAUSAOther5 minutesObject fixed in the sky at relatively low height of approximately several hundred feet but likely less than 1,000 feet.4/9/23Yes
3/22/23 20:30Franconia NotchNHUSALightbetween 5-10 secondslarge amber lights4/9/23
3/22/23 20:30MidlothianVAUSACircle25 minutes and countingOur family has seen an object with bright lights for over 30 minutes4/9/23
3/22/23 20:25BarnetVTUSAFlashFlashOrange flashes of light, various positions4/9/23
3/22/23 20:10RumneyNHUSALightA few secondsSaw a bright orange light, disapear and reappear with a 2nd one, my husband sees them and the both disappear4/9/23
3/22/23 09:42NespelemWAUSATriangle1 minutesThree aircraft flying low only 100ft or so in the air air4/9/23
3/22/23 05:24RoseburgORUSACircle2-4 minutesVery large bright light in sky below cloud cover. Stock still for 2 minutes then vanished with no exiting trajectory. Just vanished.4/9/23
3/22/23 03:11SpokaneWAUSAOrb1 second twice.clear night sky4/9/23
3/22/23 01:30Wichita FallsTXUSAOrbAround 3 to 5 min.Daughter and I looking at stars before bed. Our location is a royal area, can see quite a few stars.4/9/23
3/21/23 21:10SeminoleFLUSADiamond2 minuteshovering object (1 light not 2 planets)4/9/23Yes
3/21/23 21:09BarnegatNJUSADisk1 minute2 Crafts seen, then 1 right near my car4/9/23
3/21/23 21:00DaltonnullUSALighta few minutesTwo lights like headlights behind us.4/9/23
3/21/23 17:18AltonVAUSAChanging1-2 minutesWhile operating a drone I observed unidentifiable aerial objects4/9/23Yes
3/20/23 21:00AmesburyMAUSADiamond10 minutesLarge as a pine tree top,Blue and red tube shaped colored lights running from top point and bottom point to circumference center.4/9/23
3/20/23 10:15MooresvilleNCUSAOvalLess than 2 seconds3 ovals flying very fast4/9/23
3/20/23 06:00East MiddleburyVTUSAOrb1.5 hours2 or 3 sorta blue orbs floating in the sky.4/9/23
3/20/23 02:00OxfordUSAOval20 minutesI seen a ufo slowing moving last but then disappear in a blink4/9/23
3/20/23 01:00Beach ParkILUSAOrb5 minutesA huge very bright orb moving slowly4/9/23
3/19/23 20:24PerryvilleMDUSATriangleAbout 1 minFlat bottom black triangle shape flying low to the ground with a low wooshing sound.4/9/23Yes
3/19/23 18:56AlbionMIUSAOther5 minutes +H shapped craft moving slow almost stationary4/9/23
3/19/23 13:00StillwaterOKUSATriangleOver several months - 10Different numbers nightly . Grew from 1-7 .. then the ship covered the house . This has been going on for months . I go out side pm4/9/23
3/19/23 10:20MinneapolisMNUSAUnknown5-10 minUFO spotted in the sky thought it was big air force plane because it looked like it wasn’t moving . Got to VA hospital took picture4/9/23Yes
3/19/23 08:50St PaulMNUSARectangle3 minutesWhile driving on Highway 61, a rectangular object appeared in the sky for about 2 minutes.4/9/23
3/19/23 01:05FrederickMDUSALighta split secondbright green light4/9/23
3/18/23 23:30HarrisburgPAUSACircle15 secondsExtremely bright circular object with a spotlight that disappeared into a cloud4/9/23
3/18/23 21:33LowellMAUSALight3 MinutesVery Bright Erratic Lights Appeared to Spread out and Jump Forward and Backwards4/9/23
3/18/23 21:30RevereMAUSAChevron1 or more hoursAt least 2 or 3 low flying silent crafts one was bluish and white the other was greenish and the last one was black with red lights4/9/23Yes
3/18/23 21:00WolfforthTXUSALight3 minutesBlinking lights but not a plane4/9/23
3/18/23 21:00BellevueWAUSAChanging1minuteLow-flying piloted aircraft4/9/23Yes
3/18/23 20:53BlakelyGAUSAFireball30 to 40 secondsTwo orange lights hovering on a dirt road then one disappeared while the other was floating towards the direction the other4/9/23
3/18/23 17:57HermistonUSACircleMultiple days. 1 to 3 hrsOrbs and a large saucer cloaked in a black cloud4/9/23Yes
3/17/23 23:30BIRMINGHAMALUSAOther3 hoursI observed a bright blue light hovering over downtown Birmingham AL. This light could be seen on the Southside of Birmingham as well.4/9/23
3/17/23 22:00NYUSACylinder2-3 minutesDuring a flight, I saw a number of red long lights in a cylinder formation.4/9/23
3/17/23 21:55RosevilleCAUSACone15 secondsSix red fire balls I looked up and they were in the middle of the sky in 15 seconds or gone parallel, flying to the earthwith tails4/9/23
3/17/23 21:46PlacervilleCAUSAFireball1 minute6 or more objects like shooting stars but definitely had a trajectory because they never faded4/9/23
3/17/23 21:43Redwood valley caCAUSACigar15secondsSeen this slow moving long set of lights hovering across sky was pretty long forsure then once across the ski dissapered4/9/23
3/17/23 21:30BrentwoodCAUSAFireballAppeared to look like either Missiles, or Debris burning up into atmosphere.4/9/23
3/17/23 21:30El dorado hillsCAUSAFireball10 seconds10 lights, some flying by each other, streaking across the sky4/9/23
3/17/23 19:00Gold CanyonAZUSALightApprox 10 min totalSaw very orange lights in the eastern sky just below Leo, they made several appearances.4/9/23
3/17/23 09:45StocktonCAUSAFormation3 minutesRed lights in formation streaking slowly4/9/23
3/17/23 06:59RevereMAUSASphereapproximately 2 minswithin about 2mins max time I have 8 jpg from my S20 Samsung4/9/23Yes
3/16/23 22:30UtrechtUtrechtNetherlands TheUnknown3 minutes2 flashing circles flying moving without sound4/9/23Yes
3/16/23 21:50Palm springsCAUSAChanging5-10 secondsFast and quiet4/9/23
3/16/23 21:33Del ValleUSAOtherone secondIt'sI on my Iphone it is a rusty looking upside down horse shoe that shot across my camera during an lightening storm4/9/23
3/16/23 20:00MedfordORUSAOrb2:24 minutesQuite, slow, low moving BRIGHT ORB object4/9/23
3/16/23 19:35LynnMAUSAOrb3 minutesI noticed a light in the sky4/9/23
3/16/23 14:43Orbwhite orb US DOD video4/9/23
3/16/23 14:35HobartAustralian Capital TerritoryAustraliaChanging100 minutesI was walking my dog and I saw a UFO.4/9/23
3/16/23 08:15HerringsNYUSAOrbSecondsThis is the second time I've been sitting in my living room and see this light cross across my treeline and go straight down.4/9/23
3/16/23 06:37GastoniaNCUSAFireball1 minOrange/Red fireball seen in sky4/9/23
3/15/23 21:26BellevueWAUSACircleStill visibleGlowing circle, stationary4/9/23
3/15/23 20:35WilliamsburgVAUSALightAt least an hourBright light changed when picture taken.4/9/23Yes
3/15/23 19:25Lake PlacidNYUSAOther2 min3 lights in a straight line formation.4/9/23
3/15/23 16:10MeridianIDUSACircle20 secondsI saw three white dots in the sky dance around each other before parting ways outside my window4/9/23Yes
3/15/23 15:30South ShoreKYUSACylinder5 - 7 minutesPill shaped craft being followed by plane4/9/23
3/15/23 11:10FresnoCAUSACircle3-5 minutesSaw two, red circular lights4/9/23
3/14/23 23:35MadisonINUSADiskIt was about 7 minutes.I saw a disk (unknown material) with lights, the top was spinning one direction and the bottom was spinning the opposite direction.4/9/23
3/14/23 20:45LelandNCUSACircle3 minutesI Saw a Large orange light. Seemed to hover. Then moved Slightly and disappeared.4/9/23
3/14/23 20:31ChangingPlease disregard my last report, it looks like it was a spacex launch4/9/23
3/14/23 20:30HuntsvilleALUSAOrb10-15 MINUTESLight moving erratically, accelerating rapidly and stopping on a dime.4/9/23
3/14/23 07:10SalernoCampaniaItalyChanging6-7 minutes4 things flew by in front of me, filmed.4/9/23
3/14/23 06:45Friday HarborWAUSALightObserved for 30 secondsSmall Golden Speck of Light Floating Above San Juan Islands4/9/23
3/14/23 03:00TheodoreALUSAStar2 hours. 0300-daylightTwo clusters of UAP?, The first cluster started with 3 UAP? and eventually up to 6 and then finally 2 remain. About 20 to my 12oclock4/9/23Yes
3/13/23 23:00BellevueUSACigar30 secondsCigar-shaped aircraft (not an airplane)4/9/23Yes
3/13/23 21:38Madera RanchosCAUSAOrbApprox. 3 minutesSaw bright orb in sky.4/9/23
3/13/23 19:05Key WestFLUSAOrb7 minutes200ft to the left of the Edward B Knight Pier4/9/23Yes
3/12/23 23:12BarnardMEUSALight3 minutesdont know what the hell it is4/9/23
3/12/23 21:40OxnardCAUSAUnknown9:40pm - 10:30pm850' AGL directly overhead @ 65 mph air speed inline 1 behind the other each had 3 distinct extremely bright lights front, bottom, rear4/9/23
3/12/23 19:21ImperialCAUSATeardropA couple of secondsSaw 3 blue lights after taking photo4/9/23Yes
3/12/23 16:59RosemeadCAUSACylinderI quickly tried to record a flyby of some fighter jets, and managed to find this cylinder oval object in my footage.4/9/23Yes
3/12/23 14:45Fort WorthUSACylinderApprox. 20 secondsDaylight - two hovering flat cylinders4/9/23
3/11/23 23:34ManaliHimachal PradeshIndiaChanging15 minutesThere was an object moving rapidly in the sky and changing shape.4/9/23Yes
3/11/23 20:55VeniceFLUSACylinderApproximately 3-4 minutesObject moved slowly across sky. After about 3-4 minutes object faded away.4/9/23Yes
3/11/23 20:00PottstownPAUSATriangle3 secondsSilent flash of light in triangle4/9/23
3/11/23 20:00ChehalisWAUSAUnknown1 secondQuick UAP4/9/23
3/11/23 19:35East HartfordCTUSASphere2:05I got off the bus and noticed 2 spherical red lights to my upper left4/9/23Yes
3/11/23 15:04PensacolaFLUSASphere30 secondsDriving west on I-10 with a friend when we both saw a spherical object ~2ft in dia.4/9/23
3/11/23 07:04PensacolaFLUSASphere30 secondsCaptured 2ft dia sphere on dashcam4/9/23
3/11/23 00:05McKinneyTXUSAUnknown45-minutesIn the night sky adjacent to DFW Airport4/9/23
3/10/23 20:30ColumbusMSUSAFormation5-6 secondsLarge dimly lit V shape line of dots moving swiftly across the sky4/9/23
3/10/23 19:40Scott cityMOUSACircle2 minutesCircle of lights, we saw it as we were driving down the interstate. Could be more witnesses, but not sure, also that is the reason for4/9/23
3/10/23 15:15ChicoCAUSASphere1 minuteMultiple small flying craft spotted in the sky above my house4/9/23Yes
3/10/23 12:00Orb25 MinutesExtremely bright light that would fade in and out at high velocity in apparent sporadic tracks over the Pacific Ocean4/9/23
3/9/23 23:07Port OrchardWAUSAOrb~1 minute 30 seconds6 orbs of light, closely packed, about 100 ft from the ground and slowly floating away.4/9/23
3/9/23 20:55HermitagePAUSAChevron3-5 minutesHovering V shaped craft4/9/23
3/9/23 19:37OpelikaALUSACigarIt was just there.we leftBright hovering long object4/9/23
3/9/23 18:30ColchesterCTUSATriangleDriving route 2 towards Norwich Ct4/9/23
3/9/23 16:48El ToroCAUSAOther5 minutesMechanical cogwheel looking large objects behind the cloud.4/9/23
3/9/23 13:26Twentynine palmsCAUSACylinder10 minutesNoticed a bright object floating at high elevation. Appeared small and circular. I noticed it was at a high altitude.4/9/23Yes
3/9/23 07:35MarinaCAUSAUnknown4 minutesBlack flat object flying towards the coast at a slow speed.4/9/23
3/9/23 07:10RiverdaleMIDisk1 minute 34 secondsStrange disk hovering in a straight path.4/9/23
3/8/23 23:32DerbyCTUSAUnknown32 secondsI saw the flying object in the sky4/9/23
3/8/23 22:45TURNERMEUSALight30 minutesSaw craft with multicolor flashing/strobing lights s4/9/23
3/8/23 21:00DelphiINUSAFormation2 minutes5 bright orange lights in a straight line. Disappeared and reappeared farther to the west.4/9/23Yes
3/8/23 19:45WarsawMOUSATriangle1 minuteI saw a triangle of lights hovering quietly about 250 feet above Hwy 65 in Warsaw, Mo, with a sequenced series of flashes.4/9/23
3/8/23 19:00KingsportTNUSAUnknownApproximately 15 minutesBrilliant light hovering over Holston Ordnance Army Ammunition Plant, then moved northeast very slowly4/9/23
3/8/23 18:52MesaAZUSAUnknown3-5 secondsDriving home saw a Green light jetting across the sky, then it just disappeared into a white “portal”4/9/23
3/8/23 18:07DillwynVAUSAFlashapproximately 30 secondsLight "flash" for about 30 seconds, seen by 2 state employees who confirmed the sighting to each other4/9/23
3/8/23 18:00FlorenceKYUSATriangleStationaryI was watching low cloud formation and caught it camera4/9/23Yes
3/8/23 17:32MarshfieldMAUSASphere5minSphere dead on then 180 degree turned into ship4/9/23
3/8/23 12:01Vine GroveKYUSAOtherIt's my home they're here they're picking my home up lifting it up moving it they're making the whole top of the Earth move between thi4/9/23
3/8/23 05:23QueensNYUSAUnknown6 minutesI noticed several crafts arising from the treeline.4/9/23Yes
3/7/23 21:30Fort CollinsCOUSALight1 minute +2 alternating red green square lights4/9/23
3/7/23 21:30Elkfork roadWVUSATriangle1 minuteWe were sitting watching stars when a massive triangular craft with 3 white lights on the bottom, flying very low, no noise flew over.4/9/23
3/7/23 20:55MurphyNCUSACircle10 MinutesA small circular object with flashing lights staying put in the air.4/9/23
3/7/23 20:40kentWAUSAOrbover 15 minutesbright light, kinds of twinkling with red, green and blue lights randomly lighting up. stationary craft. small spin and vertical moves4/9/23
3/7/23 19:22StatesboroGAUSALight30-60 secondsBright orange light4/9/23
3/7/23 19:15OakdaleCTUSAOtherUFOs crossed our path4/9/23
3/7/23 13:45Farmington HillsMIUSAChanging5 secondssaw a bright silver metallic object in sky moving shape and then saw a disk shaped turned into side way, and disappeared.4/9/23
3/7/23 03:40WacoTXUSALightAbout 20 minutesOne single slowly pulsing very bright light then multiple lights moving erratically (staying stationary, changing direction rapidly)4/9/23Yes
3/7/23 02:20ThetfordVTUSAOrbWithin a MinuteBright Orb appeared, split into 2, one shot off extremely fast, the stationary one faded away.4/9/23
3/6/23 22:04PickeringONCanadaOrbA few secondsCaught on backyard surveillance camera, fast moving light from pinprick to very bright, descending in an arc.4/9/23
3/6/23 19:22MariettaGAUSAFormationA few minutes4 lights close together, all in a row, hovering in sky4/9/23Yes
3/6/23 19:15Cameron ParkCAUSALightCouple of minutesDropping off some mail in mailbox I looked up at the sky. They were right above me4/9/23
3/6/23 17:00AberdeenWAUSAChanging35minFloating objects that look like a jelly fish shape4/9/23
3/6/23 14:07OaklandCAUSAUnknownSee beloIt appears like a silver figure4/9/23
3/6/23 12:27Lakewood / GoldenCOUSARectangle5 minutesBlack object, rectangular shape, approximately 500 feet above ground moving west slowly.4/9/23Yes
3/6/23 03:15LancasterNYUSAOval5 minutesWent to 2nd story bedroom window and looked out - difficulty sleeping4/9/23
3/6/23 02:00Cassino frItalyRectangle3 secondi circaLuci rettangolari4/9/23
3/5/23 21:24MorrisvillePAUSATriangle3 to 5 mins2 bright white lights yellowish flashing4/9/23Yes
3/5/23 21:00LincolnUSAOrb90minsTwo bright hovering lights for about 90 minutes4/9/23Yes
3/5/23 14:40The ColonyTXUSACircle6-8 secondsTranslucent circle orb appeared while flying a kite4/9/23
3/4/23 19:42TijerasNMUSAOrb.5 hourWe spotted the two orbs spinning with multicolored lights4/9/23Yes
3/4/23 10:15AustriaUnknownSomething black appeared and it was a kind of object with two long thread in back color4/9/23
3/3/23 22:22Fort McMurrayABCanadaCircle1 minute and 25 seconds5 orbs flying after 45 seconds there was only 14/9/23
3/3/23 21:45JacksonvilleFLUSAFlashApproximately 10 minutes.Blinking light of very slow duration in the upper atmosphere or geostationary orbit.4/9/23
3/3/23 18:31WinchesterVAUSADiskOne frame on SPYPOINT gamGame cam Idk if it is real looks like a flat saucer shape above light. No traffic on the driveway at the time4/9/23Yes
3/3/23 07:04AustinUSAOrb2 minutesSmall orb with a cast off thin tail hovering on the street4/9/23
3/2/23 20:38UxbridgeONCanadaOther10-30 secondsBright orb, rapidly grew size/brightness, shot across sky. Followed by slow/hovering triangular ufo with cloaking ability.4/9/23
3/1/23 18:42BristolWIUSALightAt least 15 minutes2 white lights in skyJust sat there hovering4/9/23
2/28/23 19:59At sea on a cruise ship NW of Cuba enroute to CozumelCubaOrb1 to 3 minutesBlue-white orb moving north to south4/9/23
2/28/23 19:34CantonOHUSASphere30m (+)2 circular objects with spinning center4/9/23Yes
2/28/23 17:55HoustonTXUSASphere60 secondsA flying object I couldn't identify.4/9/23
2/27/23 20:40veniceFLUSALightpassing bycraft with lights and a light preceeding it moving medium speed north to south low above 2-3000 ft.4/9/23
2/27/23 20:22WaukeeIAUSAUnknown5 minutesSomething unknown spotted in the field4/9/23Yes
2/27/23 19:54AtlantaGACylinder4-5 minUAP spotted over Atlanta from 37000 feet4/9/23Yes
2/26/23 04:10TroyMOUSAOrb8 seconds2 white orbs of light connected with a beam4/9/23
2/25/23 20:05Mt SummitINUSALight5 secondsBright solid white light4/9/23
2/24/23 19:33WilmingtonDEUSATriangle10 minutes3 lights at each corner of triangle4/9/23
2/23/23 00:25ElginTXUSALight5-7 minutesLight in the sky that I thought was a star at first but knew it was out of place.4/9/23
2/20/23 21:00DillsburgUSASphereOver a hour and half now.Hovering flying object with flashing red, green and white lights.4/9/23
2/18/23 19:12SpringTXUSACircle12secondsRed UFO4/9/23
2/16/23 16:39LimassolLimassol DistrictCyprusLight4-5 minsUnidentified objects4/9/23
2/15/23 16:16HerveLičgeBelgiumTriangle5 secondsA black triangular shaped object was observed while driving down the highway. It flew in a straight line.4/9/23Yes
2/10/23 17:33Grain ValleyMOUSAOrbTwo or three minutesI saw the sun reflecting off something in the sky so I pulled out my phone to record it.4/9/23Yes
2/7/23 01:35PalmdaleCAUSAOther7 to 10 minsMy son and I were driving to Palmdale form Apple Valley CA we saw a large craft floating in the air up and down the long way It went up4/9/23
2/6/23 19:28MOORESVILLENCUSAOrb4-5 minutesLooking at night sky from front porch, saw orb in two photos taking in succession over a 2-3 minute period. Orb moved up and eastward4/9/23Yes
2/6/23 13:34Near Moses lakeWAUSATriangle10 minutesMy wife and I were driving on I-90 east Between Quincy and Moses Lake.4/9/23
2/5/23 04:00Nr Stornoway Latitude: 58.209435 Longitude: -6.384869Outer HebridesUnited KingdomDiamond20 mins4 red lights taking diamond formation flashing alternately vertical to horizontal4/9/23
2/2/23 21:00BasingerFLUSAOrb20 minsSeen 4 lights that were in a orb shape move across sky then disappeared4/9/23Yes
1/31/23 18:38El GranadaCAUSALight1/5 SecondImage of these UFO's were capture with Nikon D850, never personally view objects, only discovered after viewing image the next day.4/9/23Yes
1/29/23 21:30VernoniaORUSALight2 vids = 30 secs & 3 picsLight flew over and hit the uturn after 45 secs.4/9/23Yes
1/27/23 07:38Albuquerque, west of.NMUSACircleBriefThis was not an aircraft.4/9/23Yes
1/23/23 04:05KENNESAWGAUSAOrb3 secondsIt is a white globe the white surface has texture it has a gold and dark brown ring around the globe there are blue flam4/9/23
1/20/23 21:00PuebloCOUSAOther20-30 secondsAn odd semi transparent shape that reacted to being noticed.4/9/23
1/3/23 15:57YumaAZUSAFireballa luminous big ball hung over the mountain4/9/23Yes
1/1/23 18:00MiddlebourneWVUSASphere5 minutesMy fiance and I along with a friend were driving home when 3 crafts appeared right beside us on the road.4/9/23
12/21/22 07:40University Place/ TacomaWAUSACircle1 Minute 37 secondsI was walking outside my complex and looked over and saw this again. This time I took out my camera and got video.4/9/23
12/8/22 16:30BridgeportCAUSACylinder15 secondsStationary, wingless craft about 100' above the meadow-4/9/23
12/7/22 18:36TempeAZUSAOrb1 minutespan of 1min, orb circling moon and an odd solar like flare? btm rt of moon4/9/23
12/3/22 18:15University Place/ TacomaWAUSACircle27 SecondsWalking to the store4/9/23
11/26/22 12:43NMUSADiskcouple of secondsFlash of Light with Grey Disk4/9/23Yes
11/19/22 19:37Winston SalemNCUSACircle3-5 minutesUnidentified large aircraft flying over my backyard in plan view, very close so details were visible to the eyes.4/9/23Yes
11/19/22 09:07MelbourneVictoriaAustraliaCrossOnly onceI have a hunting security camera and it caught something very strange4/9/23Yes
11/16/22 22:03mechanicsburgPAUSACircle2-3 minutessmall green light moving in different directions and stopping. dissapeared behind clouds.4/9/23
11/15/22 19:30montreal quebec canadaCanadaOrb1-2 minutesorange orb moving beyond horizon in 2 minutes4/9/23
11/12/22 21:30LaceyWAUSAMADAR Site 50 had spikes on magnetometer and compass changes.4/9/23
11/12/22 07:45DublinCounty DublinIrelandChangingAbout 3/4 minutesNot a traditional UFO sighting, probably nothing but it was a large snake shape I'd never seen before4/9/23
11/7/22 18:45BOISEIDUSATriangle3 minMy back yard4/9/23
11/7/22 18:45BOISEIDUSATriangle3 minDark triangle with white lights on the corners.4/9/23
10/28/22 21:08NORTH CHELMSFORDMAUSACircle1-2 MINUTESI saw lights floating in the sky and moving in odd ways, and then they flew off all at once4/9/23
10/9/22 15:30CINCINNATIOHUSACircle5-8 secondsbright small but bright silver/white spherical object zooming across the sky then simply disappearing4/9/23
9/20/22 06:58San antonioTXUSARectangleDidn’t intend to capture it on a Live Photo, I was trying to take a picture of the moon, hoping to captivate it’s beauty in the AM4/9/23Yes
9/19/22 19:20GeorgetownDEUSAFormation7 minutesI have a series of photos where a formation appears, changes, then disappears with just a few minutes4/9/23Yes
9/17/22 22:30SequimWAUSALight?I was looking up into the sky and thought I was looking at a satellite4/9/23
9/15/22 21:10WorcesterRIUSAMADAR Node 122 at Worcester, MA 24 mi NE of Woonsocket, RI4/9/23
9/11/22 21:00East St. PaulCanadaCylinderAbout 20 secondsGiant Floating Jellyfish4/9/23
9/10/22 06:50PedricktownNJUSAChanging3 minutesI spotted an object that looked out of the normal. I grabbed my phone and started shooting only to see the object change to something e4/9/23Yes
8/16/22 02:00Outside of Spiro Oklahoma in the community of fort coffeeOKUSADiamond10 minutes ifHonestly I don't know im just tired of holding this in and feeling like a crazy person but im not and it was real I know that4/9/23
8/9/22 22:22Pennington lymington HampshireHampshireUnited KingdomTriangle5 minuteswhile walking the dog we saw a triangle craft a took a video4/9/23Yes
7/31/22 00:47GoshenCTUSAOtherContinuousDim but distinct shaped object in the night sky.4/9/23Yes
7/22/22 16:00TustinMIUSAOval2 to 4 minutesI was observing a Cessna type airplane when out of the corner of my eye I seen a tic tac type flying4/9/23Yes
7/20/22 20:25New CastlePAUSAOther1 - 1 1/2 minutesBright white/silver tic-tac object in sky travelling West at high rate of speed.d. noticed li4/9/23
7/16/22 15:30FolsomCAUSAOvalFor about 5 min.Shiney crome ,very fast and moved in every direction with easy.4/9/23
7/13/22 02:45St. LouisvilleUSATriangle20 seconds150ft off state rt over train track lights red, green4/9/23Yes
6/29/22 16:00MedellinAntioquia DepartmentColombiaEgg120 seconds.A bright clear Formation of 6/7 UFO formation, on a clear blue sky over Medellin city at Colombia, June-29-2022.4/9/23
6/11/22 14:00SkamaniaWAUSASphereCaught on photos.I took this picture June 11, 2021. I did not realize they were UFOs hovering over the damn4/9/23Yes
6/1/22 21:30McMinnvilleORUSALightContinuousI've watched a large low star like (with rays), thing, low in the sky.4/9/23
3/15/22 18:05??ShanghaiChinaOtherCannot be DeterminedI took a picture of Shanghai Oriental Tower and I found the object that is seem to be UFO4/9/23Yes
3/13/22 23:00VenturaCAUSALight1 minuteSaw 10 blue lights come out of an orb.4/9/23
3/3/22 19:14EvansvilleUSALightApprox 70 minsHovering lights for over an hour.4/9/23
2/14/22 22:43HoustonTXUSADiamond30 secondsIt scared me. It showed up after I was talking about alien aircraft.4/9/23
10/14/21 22:47SummervilleSCUSAOrb16 secondsTwo synchronized orbs fly down from the sky and directly over ring camera.4/9/23Yes
8/19/21 22:30Port AngelesWAUSADisk10 minutesStargazing with binoculars I saw a ship land on the mountain in front of my home4/9/23
7/30/21 20:20MercedesTXUSAOther1 minuteSaw ufo in the sky and filmed until it disappeared.4/9/23
7/27/21 14:13lacroseWIUSAChanging5 minuitesThere where six figures with glowing eyes and there was as mall craft above4/9/23
7/17/21 02:00Bognor RegisWest SussexUnited KingdomFireball2 minutesvideo footage taken at 0200hrs whilst ´ghost hunting´, too dark to capture surroundings. UFO acted intelligent and interested in us.4/9/23
7/12/21 15:04ScunthorpeUnited KingdomRectangleSee photosUnaware at time but caught on camera4/9/23Yes
4/9/21 22:25WoodstockNHUSADisktotal 5.5 hrBlinking lights in the sky on normal route home and 4 hours of missing time4/9/23
2/11/21 06:17MIUSAOrb~1.5 to 2.5 secondsUFO flew at high speeds from out of sight, stopped above field, shot out yellow plasma propellant, flew out of sight in 1 second4/9/23Yes
2/9/21 21:00FredericksburgVAUSAOrb1 minuteOrb of orange light moving upwards and sideways, shining a beam of light around as if searching, then dematerializing until gone.4/9/23
12/31/20 09:09GlasgowOrb5 minuteSaw a spaceship like aircraft hovering in the sky with green and blue lights4/9/23Yes
12/22/20 00:28TampaFLUSADiskRe-Submission4/9/23Yes
9/16/20 13:00Las vegasNVUSALightFor about 10 secCircle object with a beam of light, it just blinked off.4/9/23
8/18/20 18:06WarringtonPAUSACigar1.5 minutesSaw an object that looked like a plane on top of a house4/9/23
7/15/20 02:00FllorenceALUSAChevronFor a I half hour or soWas leaving friends home. Saw bright lite in sky. Took pictures4/9/23Yes
3/23/20 20:30Cottage GroveORUSAChangingUnknownI seen a big white circle something way high up in the sky and then all of a sudden it turned into this colorful every color you can im4/9/23
3/5/20 02:07BaytownTXUSACircleSitting outside on night and just randomly took this photo. When I went back to look I noticed it.4/9/23Yes
11/8/19 06:00SebringLight2-3 secI was riding my bike from work across the highway a bright green light about 8 ft high and as big as a volleyball4/9/23
6/28/19 20:52SANTEECAUSAOvalAbout 6 to 7 minutesI saw a black mass float on past me then blooming lights turned on me for about 10-15 seconds.4/9/23
4/1/19 22:10almaARUSAConestill contiuninggreen glowing craft two white orbs along with men in grey and swat team4/9/23
9/20/18 03:00Penn valleyCAUSATriangle15-20 secondsTriangular, chrome in color, three large orange lights4/9/23
9/15/18 20:00HemetCAUSATriangle10-15 secondsBlack triangle, moving slowly over a crowded street for about 10-15 seconds4/9/23Yes
7/18/18 03:39South calCAUSAOrb2 minutesCold drone-like object flying fast and low captured on a flir380c4/9/23
7/17/18 13:53Glasgow/blantyreUnited KingdomOtherWtf4/9/23Yes
6/14/17 03:14Outside TulsaOKUSACigar12 minutesTold my sister in Oregon who told me that over the Amazon site she worked at , there was a sighting of a craft that looked identical.4/9/23
5/2/17 15:30ManhattanUTUSADisk5-10 secondsWe saw two wobbly disc shaped flying saucers flying down the street, they then went behind a building and we lost sight of them.4/9/23
11/7/14 17:38MacombILUSAOrb25 secondsIn the sky, a dense yellow ball appeared and disappeared multiple times and suddenly turned into a triangle of 8 of these yellow balls4/9/23
9/26/14 19:19Scarborough,Ont M1E 3P2CanadaTriangle2 or 3 minutesDrifting in and out of clouds4/9/23
11/28/13 17:30ClovisUSARectangle10 minutesVery large object slowly became visible with sound4/9/23
6/15/13 14:00Port ArthurTXUSAUnknownAbout 10 secondsIt was a metallic jet boat shaped craft that disappeared during early afternoon time.4/9/23
4/12/13 17:30New augustaMSUSADisk60 secondsHelicopter, object, Helicopter. In formation.4/9/23
3/13/13 15:00PlanoTXUSAOrbone half hourAround 3 PM in the afternoon observed two white orbs hovering, two additional orbs approached, 4 orbs equidistant oriented N and S4/9/23
7/20/12 23:30MuskegonMIUSATriangle4 secondsTransparent triangle4/9/23
10/13/06 22:46St. MartinsMOUSAOrb20 minutesTwo orbs of bright bigger orb of light in sky.4/9/23
4/21/06 16:30IndiaOther5-7 secsIgloo shaped surface UFO4/9/23
3/17/01 14:11JuneauAKUSAFormationPermanentThree blinking stars/lights forming a triangle, blinking in corners, a square inch of night sky, consistent, non orbiting4/9/23
3/1/99 03:00BrisbaneQueenslandAustraliaTriangle2 mins afaikBlack triangle showed up at my house4/9/23
9/17/97 00:30BirminghamBirminghamUnited KingdomDisk10 minutesI saw it earlier in the day on derelict land 3 4 beings around it.then it took off about 12 30 am slowly climbing above the houses move4/9/23
7/21/94 21:46BullsbrookLight1994Alien beings non human whispers likened to light clicking but in a non english whispering to each other4/9/23
8/28/91 17:40LincolnNEUSAOther40 minutesSpotted on West "O" Street and followed to NW 48th Street. Craft's Disappeared into the only cloud in the sky before cloud disappeared.4/9/23
1/18/91 23:00SzolnokJász-Nagykun-Szolnok CountyHungaryOther1 minute (approximately)Large bright object slowly and silently glided across the sky, then instantly accelerated and disappeared.4/9/23Yes
10/15/90 21:00EndwellNYUSAFormationFive minutesDriving to a friend's house in the early evening i spotted what appeared to be many orb looking objects moving very slowly from North4/9/23
7/20/90 22:05Anza Borrego state park highway 78CAUSAFireball1 1/2 hrs or more3 small orange red balls - one large cloud purple , bluish , yellow color with large object like ship4/9/23
8/15/88 06:00Hyway 37 near Tweed OntarioCanadaCircle5-7 secondsAbout 10-15 minutes after dawn4/9/23
11/2/86 22:00AnaheimCAUSAFireball5 minutesWhile inside a tent at night in my backyard, I saw aglowing fireball descend & stop above a power pole. A being inside observed me.4/9/23Yes
4/7/86 13:20Montes clarosMinas GeraisBrazilSphere5 a 10minEsferas no céu a tarde!4/9/23
6/17/85 23:15PlainviewNEUSAOrb15 minutesAn orb of light chased by a jet4/9/23
10/20/80 21:57SidneyOHUSAFormation10 minutesHuge dark object , no lights4/9/23
8/30/77 19:00middlefieldCTUSACircle5 minutes then time blursat the base of low cloud, bottom of saucer craft grayish with ring semi rectangular multi colored lights 100 ft diameter emerged4/9/23
3/4/77 01:00IsabelKSUSALight12 minutes.I watched through my bedroom window 4 lights come together one at a time above my house, hover for a while then leave one at a time.4/9/23
10/5/75 12:10FresnoCAUSAFireball30 secondsWhile driving, our car lost all power and a huge bright ball shape appeared in our front window in the sky approx. 60 ft. overhead.4/9/23
8/11/73 03:00FayettevilleNCUSADisk1 to 3 minutesSaw a UFO outside of house hovering over my head and exited so fast, looked t like a streak of lightning.4/9/23
9/9/56 19:20NashvilleKSUSACigar2 1/2 hoursMy mother said a silver cigar shaped ufo chased us down the road.4/9/23