National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2021/10/19


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/19/21 00:00SouthamptonPAUSALight8 hoursLights UFO10/19/21
10/18/21 19:40CharlotteNCUSAChanging15 minutesTwo orange lights in the sky to the south of Charlotte, NC10/19/21
10/18/21 18:43South San FranciscoCAUSACircle3 secondsBlue and white circular ball falling to earth spotted in Northern California10/19/21
10/18/21 15:30KatyTXUSA15 minutesWhite/silver snake-like objec worming its way through the sky in Katy TX. ((NUFOC Note: Possibly a string of balloons? PD))10/19/21
10/18/21 06:20SpringfieldMOUSALight3 minutesI saw a star-sized light zig-zagging high in the dark morning sky.10/19/21
10/17/21 23:00RockvilleMDUSAChangingongoing nowwatched for 20 minutes starting at 23:10, blinking or shimmering distant body fairly low in northwest sky. It did not noticeably change10/19/21
10/17/21 22:39Chandler/Maricopa CountyAZUSAFormation>1 hourFormation of lights10/19/21
10/17/21 21:00WalkillNYUSACircle30 minutesDots in the Sky in Walkill New York10/19/21
10/17/21 16:48DenverCOUSAChanging1 minuteShape shifting black object with strange lights and reflections.10/19/21
10/17/21 14:49Nadia (India)IndiaOthera few secondsSophisticated aircraft like objects among clouds in Nadia, WB, India. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly two dragonflies caught in flight?? PD))10/19/21
10/16/21 10:30TaosNMUSACigar3 minutesCigar object that caught my attention10/19/21
10/16/21 02:30StraffordMOUSAFireball~20 minutesIncredibly bright light(s) in sky, felt like 3 unknown shapes maybe orbs10/19/21
10/15/21 20:00Rainbow CityALUSAFireball4 minutesFireball/Orb in Rainbow City AL10/19/21
10/15/21 20:00Aventura (N.Miami Beach)FLUSALight45 minutes +Very bright, steady light in night sky that would engage in a series of bursts then become steady again.10/19/21
10/15/21 19:35ManchesterNHUSAOther10 minutesOrange glowing circles slowly synchronize in a circle motion and a black hole forms10/19/21
10/15/21 19:00SeattleWAUSAOtherAt first I thought these were traffic helicopters in the night sky along the I5 corridor, from the I90 overpass up to Northgate, as the10/19/21
10/15/21 19:00New York CityNYUSALight10 minutesWhite round light with no movement and no sound over the Hudson River viewable from the W. 60's in Manhattan10/19/21
10/15/21 01:05Redondo BeachCAUSA12 + minutesBright red light hovering in sky10/19/21
10/14/21 22:40Dickson CityPAUSA~10 minutesWatched a blinking light change colors and move erratically10/19/21
10/14/21 21:00Beverly HillsCAUSAFlash2-3 secondsA bright green light with a teal light trail fell from the sky in a curve for about 2-3 seconds before it disappeared from view.10/19/21
10/14/21 19:38MurrietaCAUSAChevron1 minutesV Shaped Craft10/19/21
10/14/21 17:14MechanicsburgPAUSACircle22 secondsI was in my back yard playing with the dogs and noticed a small aircraft going in circles. I thought man he is having fun and then I ca10/19/21
10/14/21 13:00ManitowocWIUSACigar3 minutesUnknown object from a distance changed direction abruptly10/19/21
10/14/21 11:30Hamilton TownshipNJUSAOther5 minutesPulsating green light I shined my long range laser pointer at it and it started it to descend slowly and there was no noise at all I wa10/19/21
10/13/21 20:15MadisonOHUSATriangle1 minuteThere was a strange triangular object in the sky over route 90 heading east. We were outside in the hot tub and saw it. Sometime betwee10/19/21
10/13/21 19:20NemoTXUSADisk45 secondsLarge disc with small rectangular lights sighted on our near ground and the took off leaving vapor trail10/19/21
10/12/21 19:00LabadievilleLAUSAOval2 minutesSaw oval or round object. 4 extended pods. Previously saw same object in late 1960's. Had orange lights under the pedestal legs.10/19/21
10/12/21 11:20Tuncurry (Australia)AustraliaOther6 weeks((HOAX??)) Invisible, makes irritating sounds around my air conditioner and vibrations through the floor boards.10/19/21
10/12/21Newport NewsVAUSATriangle2 secondsFast moving Triangular object apprears in Netflix documentary about war in Afghanistan10/19/21
10/11/21 13:55GeorgetownTXUSASphere12 secondsBright white round object with a more dim object moving across blue sky East to West.10/19/21
10/10/21 23:00HadleyKYUSAFlashTwo large round white flashes over Hadley,Ky10/19/21
10/10/21 22:30CoronaCAUSALight5 minutesUFO craft over corona California10/19/21
10/10/21 22:05JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball15 secondsSaw 4 green fireballs falling close together. They were extremely close like the distance an airplane isafter takeoff/before landing. .10/19/21
10/10/21 22:00ProspectCTUSADisk10 minutes10/10/21 at 22:00 I saw a large lit up object only 50’ above our car. Continued to keep flashing every minute until it slowed down.10/19/21
10/10/21 21:23LubbockTXUSALight6 secondsSecond sighting in 3 months10/19/21
10/10/21 20:52Fort Myers BeachFLUSATriangle30 secondsSitting out on the beach by the Diamond Hotel in Fort Myers Beach watching the stars. All of a sudden, my partner and I saw a triangle10/19/21
10/10/21 19:13DublinOHUSAOther30 secondsFloating object that disappeared10/19/21
10/9/21 23:00BrandonFLUSAChanging~15 secondsI thought they were jets but they made no sound10/19/21
10/9/21 20:45HazlehurstGAUSAChevron10-15 secondsLarge chevron shaped craft, no lights, no sound.10/19/21
10/9/21 19:15La Palma (Canary Islands)SpainCylinder6 secondscan send link to you tube. was watching video on la palma volcano at 2:49 tell me what you see going across the bottom third of the scr10/19/21
10/9/21 14:47Upper MarlboroMDUSAOval3 hoursJelly bean Shaped object flying erratically for about three hours in the sky.10/19/21
10/9/21 13:23HoustonTXUSAOval5 minutesStationary silver metallic oval object at high altitude during 2021 Houston Air Show.10/19/21
10/9/21 13:23HoustonTXUSADisk5 MinutesDisc-shaped Metallic UFO photographed at Houston Air Show10/19/21
10/9/21 07:54Simi ValleyCAUSARectangle2.5 minutesOver the water roughly 10,000ft above the ocean. Just hovering in one spot slowly started to move them gone in millisecond. The shape w10/19/21
10/9/21 06:16HenricoNCUSACircle20 secondsVideo on blink camera of a round object10/19/21
10/8/21 22:00AlbertvilleALUSAFireball5 secondThe object was round and it looked like an orb or fireball , it had green color to it like a weld spark. I saw it for about 5 seconds w10/19/21
10/8/21 20:40LongvilleMNUSALight2 minutesMy friend and I where in a fishing boat on Leech Lake in central Minnesota at 8:40pm. It was a clear night, and I was commenting to my10/19/21
10/8/21 20:30DerbyVTUSALight5 minutesDiscs of red lights fly across Northern sky and then disappear10/19/21
10/8/21 17:45AvocaNYUSASphere2 minutesSphere seen twice in close proximity and less than 6 months between the 2 sightings .10/19/21
10/8/21 02:00LoganvilleGAUSAChanging30 minutesSeveral objects seen moving with orbs, everynight in same area for 10 months. Possible abductions.10/19/21
10/8/21AustinTXUSALight3 minuteslooked like a blinking airplane but it was not10/19/21
10/7/21 20:30HellertownPAUSATriangle15-20 minutesNo stars in the sky. Object with 3 amber lights that did not move for 15-20 min. until it slowly disappeared in the sky.10/19/21
10/7/21 20:24CincinnatusNYUSATriangle30 secondstriangular craft seen distorting star-field above and then leaving as a bright orange ball of light.10/19/21
10/7/21 19:30SlidellLAUSALight>5 secondsI was looking up, in the direction of Sagittarius and suddenly, a stationary star started moving. It traveled SE and disappeared in ju10/19/21
10/7/21 09:58Hakui City (Japan)JapanOval1 minuteOval shaped objects photographed over Japan seaside10/19/21
10/6/21 23:55Sydney (Australia)AustraliaCircle2 secondsBright white light, circular object, moving at light speed, Sydney, Australia, NSW.10/19/21
10/6/21 20:15PrimARUSACircle10 minutesWitnessed 6 round crafts with 3 symmetrical lights on the bottom of each hover just above the cabin.10/19/21
10/6/21 20:03KentOHUSATriangle45-60 secondstriangle pattern of lights seen over Kent Ohio10/19/21
10/6/21 19:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaChevronunknownOttawa, looking west, saw a bright light and through a telescope saw it was a horseshoe shape.10/19/21
10/6/21 19:00MakawaoHIUSARectangle10 minutes4 huge rectangle lights on north side of haleakala. Just sat there for 10 min or more.. ((NUFORC Note: Date is flawed. PD))10/19/21
10/6/21 18:20SpringfieldMAUSAUnknown5 minutesComet or something entering the atmosphere?10/19/21
10/6/21 15:50Los AngelesCAUSATriangle8 secondsMetallic triangle at a high speed, appeared to have a hole on the bottom.10/19/21
10/5/21 21:30SpokaneWAUSACircle30 secondsMr. Davenport, First of all, I have absolute respect for you. I have been a regular listener of Coast to Coast AM since the late 199010/19/21
10/5/21 19:45Los AngelesCAUSACircle5 secondsStationary Star-like objects over Los Angeles (second sighting)10/19/21
10/5/21 02:15Cerro GordoNCUSAFormation30 minutesI noticed a group of around 9 to 10 lights of changing colors ranging from pink to green and blue hovering in the sky for around 30 min10/19/21
10/4/21 21:45AuroraCOUSAChanging3 hoursMultiple UFOs captured on Camera over Aurora Colorado10/19/21
10/4/21 20:53Los AngelesCAUSATriangle8 secondsBright Unidentified Light(s) During Unusual LA Thunderstorm10/19/21
10/4/21 17:30St. AugustineFLUSACrossVery bright white lights in a cross formation10/19/21
10/4/21 06:45TampaFLUSASphere1 minuteThis morning at 6:45am I was out smoking a cigar on Howard Ave next to the river. As I was smoking I peered into a clear morning sky wi10/19/21
10/4/21Highlands RanchCOUSAUnknown18:40Shiny object hovering high in the sky for a couple minutes10/19/21
10/3/21 21:00SarasotaFLUSALight3 minutesTwo bright Venus-like lights hang in sky, then dim at the same time until they disappear.10/19/21
10/3/21 20:10Dolberg (Germany)GermanyOval5 minutenDrei weiß leuchtende Objekte unter den Wolken. Bewegten sich sehr schnell von links nach rechts und führten dann eine Bewegung um 90 Gr10/19/21
10/3/21 18:00BremertonWAUSAFireballHour3 light orbs in sky10/19/21
10/3/21 12:00ArvadaCOUSAOther~10 minutesHovering object along commercial airline flight path10/19/21
10/3/21 05:10MayIDUSAOval8-10 secondsUFO in May Idaho illuminates the sky with contrails of lights. ((NUFORC Note: Wife's report. PD))10/19/21
10/3/21 05:10MayIDUSAOval8-10 secondsGlowing UFO lights up the sky in May Idaho. ((NUFORC Note: Husband's report. PD))10/19/21
10/3/21 04:30NederlandCOUSAUnknown1-2 seconds1-2 seconds of very bright light outside, with no apparent source, shone through windows.10/19/21
10/2/21 21:53PullmanWAUSADiamond3 minutesI had just pulled up to my place after running to the store and when I got out of my car I saw a extremely bright gold shining light th10/19/21
10/2/21 21:35BrookingsORUSASphereA bright erratic object in the Southern sky over the Southern Coast of Oregon. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter??10/19/21
10/2/21 21:00BlairsvilleGAUSALight5 minutesAt apx 8:55 pm my wife said she sees something strange in the western sky. I got out of bed and we both witnessed 7 flashing lights in10/19/21
10/2/21 20:15Little RiverNCUSALight45 minutesStationary bright white light.10/19/21
10/2/21 20:00SpokaneWAUSALight1 minuteBright orange light (looked as big as Jupiter), drifted/ moved NW to SE, appeared to be low in the sky, and disappeared by fading away.10/19/21
10/2/21 17:10St. PeterMNUSAMADAR Node 6010/19/21
10/2/21 17:00TemeculaCAUSAChanging20 secondsufo gyroscope flying over freeway in ca10/19/21
10/2/21 06:49Pine CityNYUSAMADAR Node 8210/19/21
10/2/21 04:21ErieCOUSAMADAR Node 3910/19/21
10/1/21 22:30LithiaFLUSALight15 minutes1 Oct 21 approx 1030 pm coming home from hockey game. I saw a bunch of orange lights in the Eastern sky that I thought at first were li10/19/21
10/1/21 22:15IrvingNYUSAOval3 secondsCylinder bullet shaped object very bright blue light shoots across sky10/19/21
10/1/21 20:35Belle River (Canada)ONCanadaLight5 minutesBright light flew bye, then blasts off into to the distant atmosphere.10/19/21
10/1/21 16:25CorydonINUSAMADAR Node 2910/19/21
10/1/21 15:43YoungstownOHUSAMADAR Node 7310/19/21
10/1/21 15:28SnohomishWAUSAOval30 secondsBlack ovel or round flying object10/19/21
10/1/21 14:08PuebloCOUSAMADAR Node 8310/19/21
10/1/21 05:40Stanlow (Wirral) (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle20 secondsAt between 5.30 and 5.40am i was driving from chester on the M53 motorway in the u.k heading towards junction 5 Eastham. I noticed a br10/19/21
10/1/21 03:35O'FallonMOUSADisk5 secondsI walked outside with my wife to smoke a cigarette and looked up as I always do, when I witnessed a white disk shaped object zoomed acr10/19/21
9/30/21 22:50OcalaFLUSA45 secondsObject traveling across the sky with two distinct long flames trailing the craft10/19/21
9/30/21 22:49AtlantaGAUSAFireball2 minutesMaybe a meteor?10/19/21
9/30/21 21:45LakelandGAUSAOther60 secondsStraight light 60 foot long witness two police10/19/21
9/30/21 21:25Grand HavenMIUSALight01:00Single, Bright Object moving like a Heartbeat Waveform for 30-45 Seconds.. Looked away for a few seconds, then it was gone.10/19/21
9/30/21 20:59Lewis CenterOHUSATriangle5 minutesTraveling east on Lewis Center Rd I spotted what I initially thought was lights from a cell phone tower. This was odd because I did not10/19/21
9/30/21 20:40FentonMIUSAOval90 secondsBright white oval object seen over Fenton10/19/21
9/30/21 20:30Los AngelesCAUSACircle10 secondsTwo bright star like objects wink out over Los Angeles.10/19/21
9/30/21 19:02FranklinKYUSAMADAR Node 5410/19/21
9/30/21 16:18WhittierCAUSAChanging3 minutesToday September 30th at 4:18 pm I witnessed a ufo leaving Griffin park from Whittier rosehill cemetery Heading East at a very high spee10/19/21
9/30/21 14:00TampaFLUSACircle2 minutesWhite Balloon Objects moving across sky10/19/21
9/30/21 00:08AlbanyNYUSASphere30-60 secondsAs I was driving down Washington Avenue in Albany, Ny I noticed a red sphere floating across the sky just below or even with the clouds10/19/21
9/29/21 21:15MiamisburgOHUSATriangle~10 minutesA small, triangular object that was orange; it reminded me of a flame; was moving at a slow steady pace and appeared low and close.10/19/21
9/29/21 12:49NewburghINUSAMADAR Node 14210/19/21
9/29/21 05:50NanuetNYUSAMADAR Node 18010/19/21
9/29/21 01:00WittenbergWIUSAOval7 hoursSighting of unexplained10/19/21
9/28/21 21:00Cape CoralFLUSACircle3 minuteswhite round objects, later a flash of bright red light10/19/21
9/28/21 12:38GarrettsvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 6410/19/21
9/28/21 04:52Star ValleyAZUSAMADAR Node 5310/19/21
9/28/21 02:42Corpus ChristiTXUSAOval30-50secondsOn Sept 28th 2021 at 2:42am while taking out the trash I witnessed something incredible. At first I thought it was a group of white10/19/21
9/28/21 00:00BaldwinNYUSASphere>30 minutesObject was hovering not sure how hi very bright orbital. I’m sending pictures10/19/21
9/27/21 00:00Essen (Germany)GermanyLight5-10 minI saw a yellowish / white light. It was night, so i couldnt see a shape of the object, but i would assume that it was round. I was sitt10/19/21
9/27/21 23:20DevonPAUSASphere1 - 2 MinChemo out of the sky like a meteor then level off and then became two objects and then became one and then became too and disappeared10/19/21
9/27/21 23:09MiamiFLUSATriangle5 secondsA triangular-shaped aircraft moved very smoothly from North to South. It had very dim lights on the front 2 sides of the triangle >.10/19/21
9/27/21 20:05Myrtle BeachNCUSAFormation30 SecondsThree lights the size of stars circle each other in the sky.10/19/21
9/27/21 19:30PrincetonWVUSAOther10 minutesorange streaks in Princeton WV10/19/21
9/27/21 19:23TooeleUTUSALight5 minutesWatched jet chase light that disappeared 2-3 times10/19/21
9/27/21 14:30Manhattan BeachCAUSADisk20 secondsI was actually surfing just south of the Manhattan Beach pier & sitting on my board. There was an object that caught my eye. I thought10/19/21
9/27/21 05:30BartlettNHUSALight10 minutesQuite bright RED lights above an Irving Gas station on 302, Bartlett10/19/21
9/26/21 23:00AuburnMAUSASphereOne hourWhite orb changing to blue, red, and orange. What started with one bright white orb would shift into different formations of multiple l10/19/21
9/26/21 19:45SpokaneWAUSAFireball2 minsOrange, looked like one large star, moved steadily across sky, Eastward direction, slowly disappeared into nothing.10/19/21
9/26/21 19:40FraserMIUSALight10 minutes2 chrome objects hover over Fraser Michigan10/19/21
9/26/21 17:47Los AltosCAUSAMADAR Node 5210/19/21
9/26/21 17:27LouisvilleKYUSACigar2 minutes or lessCigar shaped object flies across sky in very odd way, before stopping and orienting it's leading end up and accelerating out of sight.10/19/21
9/26/21 16:54RochesterNYUSAMADAR Node 16210/19/21
9/26/21 16:47MillertonPAUSAMADAR Node 10410/19/21
9/26/21 10:04Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 11910/19/21
9/26/21 07:32GarrettsvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 6410/19/21
9/26/21 07:00OdessaTXUSAOval3 hoursOval light in the sky that didn’t move for about 3hours.10/19/21
9/26/21 04:00ModenaNYUSATriangleTwo hoursBright, fiery orange orb changing to white, green, different shapes and formations. Hovering just above garage and weaving in and out t10/19/21
9/26/21North AugustaSCUSAUnknown20 minutesOrange lights10/19/21
9/25/21 23:00JoplinMOUSADisk2 mins7 disc shaped crafts one 2 separate occasions within a week seperated by 3 occurances on each night.10/19/21
9/25/21 18:49FranklinKYUSAMADAR Node 5410/19/21
9/25/21 16:33West ChazyNYUSAMADAR Node 6510/19/21
9/25/21 08:52MiddletownCTUSAOtherAbout 5 minutesOdd shaped object, didn’t move but disappeared with no trace left behind10/19/21
9/25/21 08:00DearbornMIUSAUnknown5 minutesUnidentified Flying Object With No Lights Or Sound and Appears To Have A Smaller Object Circling And Moving Through It!10/19/21
9/25/21 05:00BremertonWAUSAChevron15 secondsLubbock lighting spotting over Naval Base Kitsap10/19/21
9/25/21 01:58MinneapolisMNUSAFireball30 secondsReddish Pink Bright Light Moving Over Downtown NE Minneapolis10/19/21
9/24/21 20:30BoswellPAUSACylinder45 secondsA bright distorted ovalish object appeared out of nowhere darted in the sky leaving a very bright line left for maybe 20 yards then dis10/19/21
9/24/21 15:31NewburghINUSAMADAR Node 14210/19/21
9/24/21 15:24JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 14310/19/21
9/24/21 08:00CreightonPAUSAUnknown30 secondsOn a perfectly clear morning I saw a shiny object, making movements that I think are impossible with our tech. It then disappeared brie10/19/21
9/24/21 03:00Fort WorthTXUSATriangle5 minTwo triangular shaped craft accompanied by loud roaring sound seen traveling west to east.10/19/21
9/23/21 20:41DixonILUSAFormation5-7 minutesI was fishing on the Rock River and noticed these weird lights that made no sound but we're extremely close and kept doing the same rot10/19/21
9/23/21 18:45JamulCAUSACircle3 minutesYellow circular and semi-circular object bouncing up, down and sideways in a fast and non-directional motion10/19/21
9/23/21 15:41Norris CityILUSAMADAR Node 11510/19/21
9/23/21 10:30HubertNCUSAFormation3-4 hoursI was mowing my backyard on a beautiful, blue sky morning here in north Carolina when I noticed just under the sun, there were a bunch10/19/21
9/23/21 10:01Fort Walton BeachFLUSACylinder3 minutesCylindrical Shaped UFO w/ Bright Reflective Panels Hovers Over Ft. Walton Beach, Florida10/19/21
9/23/21 07:18Rutherford CountyTNUSACigar1-2 minutesObserved a bright object next to the moon against a clear blue morning sky. Not a single cloud, jet trail, plane, nothing in the sky. N10/19/21
9/23/21 00:00AlbanyORUSACircleUnsureSaw a round bright light in sky not moving or blinking like stars do when I zoomed in on video looked like a heat signature of a body i10/19/21
9/22/21 23:34JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 14310/19/21
9/22/21 20:30BrainerdMNUSALight10 minutesSolid white light traveling very fast10/19/21
9/22/21 20:30AlbanyORUSAFireball5 secondsgreen ball of light descent10/19/21
9/22/21 14:22MillertonPAUSAMADAR Node 10410/19/21
9/22/21 10:00San FranciscoCAUSAOval10 minutesitness, video, and zoom up stabilization of silver oval, broad daylight10/19/21
9/21/21 22:05SWOKC/MooreOKUSASphere5 secondsSmall sphere flew in curved pattern under small plane...accelerated until it faded out.10/19/21
9/21/21 08:15Rancho MirageCAUSAOval5 minutesOrange flashing bright lights10/19/21
9/21/21 00:00NatchitochesLAUSATriangleEvery nightEvery night I have these that stay above not house. Some hover and some actually fly around with red and green and blue lights flashing10/19/21
9/20/21 22:35AntiochCAUSALight3 minWe seen three lights moving in fast formations above the apartment across from us. They were at first in a straight line but very quick10/19/21
9/20/21 20:15RichfieldWIUSARectangleflashesFlash of rectangular light in the eastern night sky in Wisconsin10/19/21
9/20/21 19:30Pacific PalisadesCAUSALight5 secondsI was taking a video of the sunset over the mountains and observed a fast moving light while taking a video move across the mountain an10/19/21
9/20/21 19:20AugustaMEUSACircle30 minutesWent outside to watch the space station go overhead saw a dot in the south southeast sky from Waterville Maine. Looked at it through th10/19/21
9/20/21 18:13Oklahoma City (northwest part)OKUSAChanging15 minutesUfo over nw okc!10/19/21
9/20/21 18:00UrbandaleIAUSAOtherWithout realizing it I had captured a picture of a ufo while out smoking with a friend10/19/21
9/20/21 12:00Williams townNJUSAFireballStraightI saw a ufo in the air with a bright little light I didn’t know what to do but just watch and at 0:00 I heard a noise and i put up my c10/19/21
9/20/21 08:03Los AltosCAUSAMADAR Node 5210/19/21
9/20/21 03:00WellsMEUSATriangle10 secondsLoud TR3B style triangle UFO.10/19/21
9/20/21 01:00SalinevilleOHUSASphere1 to 3 minutesBrightspear light that rotates and pulsates when it moves bright white and red10/19/21
9/20/21 00:00Reykjavík (Iceland)IcelandUnknown30-60 minuteslights in sky. fleet or gigantic craft10/19/21
9/19/21 23:15kingstonONCanadaLight5 secondsBright red light with flashing white or blue lights, stationary, then very rapidily mooves away north10/19/21
9/19/21 21:30NyackNYUSATriangle60 secondsPossible UFO sighting10/19/21
9/19/21 19:15McCallIDUSAOther2 MINUTESMcCall Idaho 6-8 white dots observed and photo evidence (2 photos) of green "A" type object in two locations on lake.10/19/21
9/19/21 18:28ThorofareNJUSACircle2 minutesWeird sighting in south NJ10/19/21
9/19/21 17:10MontrealQCCanadaCigarAround 10 minutesObject emitting bright blue light in daylight. Montreal, Canada.10/19/21
9/19/21 13:45Toms RiverNJUSACircle2 secondsLight orange colored disk traveling at rapid speed and low altitude.10/19/21
9/19/21 09:41PlainfieldCTUSATeardropA purple teardrop shaped lighting with an alien shaped head inside.10/19/21
9/19/21 09:41PlainfieldCTUSATeardrop2 minMy boyfriend and I were walking the Quinebaug Trail in Plainfield Connecticut and I took a picture of the sun rays coming through the t10/19/21
9/19/21 06:00OsceolaINUSADisk1 hourStrange round object with lights10/19/21
9/19/21 05:15JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 14310/19/21
9/19/21 03:30Glen BurnieMDUSADisk35 minutes +Flashing sphere moving in multiple directions… i have a video10/19/21
9/18/21 21:15MesquiteTXUSAChanging30 secondsThe three bright orange (not red like a plane - bright orange) lights in a triangle on the front of each caught my eye first. Three cra10/19/21
9/18/21 20:00Yucca valleyCAUSAOther55 minDot in sky circling one area10/19/21
9/18/21 18:00OrangeCAUSAFormation15min5 or more round and white objects with some sort of silvery elogated handle on top. They moved slowly in several directions, hovering o10/19/21
9/18/21 17:52MillertonPAUSAMADAR Node 10410/19/21
9/18/21 17:45MasticNYUSACylinder10 secondsHighly reflective Cylinder object seen on the William Floyd Pkwy., Long Island10/19/21
9/18/21 15:00Los AngelesCAUSADisk5minSilver/chrome saucer. After the sighting I felt nauseas10/19/21
9/18/21 03:30BakersvilleNCUSAOther2hrsPhysical event witnessed by multiple people10/19/21
9/18/21 01:57AlburquerqueNMUSAMADAR Node 2310/19/21
9/17/21 22:10Laguna HillsCAUSALight15 minutesAt 10:10 pm I walked outside, scattered clouds in sky. Clouds were moving slowly sideways. Behind the cloud above my head were 3 circ10/19/21
9/17/21 22:00LivingstonTNUSADiamond7 minutesDiamond/Prism object, spinning on an axis. Lasted 7-9 minutes joined by darker than night mother ship and then another diamond Prism jo10/19/21
9/17/21 21:25Moses LakeWAUSACircle15 secondsCircles and in wierd positions10/19/21
9/17/21 18:15Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaFlash~30 secondsObject seemingly moves in two directions at once while brightening and dimming.10/19/21
9/17/21 05:59Valley CityNDUSAMADAR Node 9310/19/21
9/16/21 23:30Cherry GroveSCUSASphere30 secondsOrange orb saw by three people that suddenly vanished away from us.10/19/21
9/16/21 19:45PocatelloIDUSALight25 minutesGlowing light swoops down lands atop mountain emits bright lights then chased off by 6 silent helicopters with green lights10/19/21
9/16/21 19:14Hudson FallsNYUSAOval60 secondsShiny / metallic orange - red colored oval flying over Hudson Falls witnessed by retired LEO10/19/21
9/16/21 19:00TucsonAZUSAFormation17 minutesStrange circle formation of lights observed above Tucson, AZ hovering and moving northeast towards Oracle, AZ.10/19/21
9/16/21 08:22Mountlake TerraceWAUSAMADAR Node 10010/19/21
9/16/21 07:30ShorelineWAUSAOval1 minuteGray small bouncing object10/19/21
9/16/21 00:20BrickNJUSASphere5 mintesTwo reddish orange spheres very visible that travels as fast speeds.10/19/21
9/15/21 20:45Lake Sumter LandingFLUSALight8On this evening it was dark and partly cloudy. While listening to a live band outside and watching the SpaceX launch live on my phone,10/19/21
9/15/21 20:45PortageINUSACircle2-3 minutesRounnd white light moving SW to NE. Stopped, hovered, jogged back turned pink and then turned red and shot straight up10/19/21
9/15/21 20:30Grand JunctionCOUSALight1.5 minutesAtmosphere entering Tracer Fire lights10/19/21
9/15/21 20:06Port Saint LucieFLUSA5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information. PD))10/19/21
9/15/21 20:00Vero BeachFLUSAChanging10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information. PD))10/19/21
9/15/21 18:30ClearwaterFLUSALight1.5 minutesThere was one big really bright light Lighting up the clouds and beside it was A smaller less bright light that was admitting beams of10/19/21
9/15/21 16:30NorfolkVAUSALight1 minuteWhite Orb seen traveling across sky, which then slowed, stopped, and then traveled away in different direction fading into distance.10/19/21
9/15/21 10:23JacksonvilleNCUSALight3 minutesVery bright light,No noise led and followed by two other crafts10/19/21
9/15/21 08:30SycamoreILUSACircle20 secondsLooked up at a piper plane traveling south of my home. As I looked at it to the west a beam of light, like headlights lit up a pathway10/19/21
9/15/21 06:00StauntonVAUSAUnknown15 minutesSouthern sky, slightly east about 11 o'clock. Noticed wavering light within a small area in the sky that looked like wavy light or an a10/19/21
9/15/21 05:56Midwest CityOKUSAMADAR Node 17210/19/21
9/15/21 03:00LiverpoolNYUSAUnknown15 minutesI saw something strange white mostly in color and I have 3 pictures of object changing courses and shape10/19/21
9/15/21 00:00CanbyORUSAOtherMultiple hoursFor multiple nights on clear nights I am able to observe to the west what appears to be a floating pyramid with just the outside edges10/19/21
9/14/21 21:00St. PetersburgFLUSALight45 secondsTwo lights hovering and interacting in a controlled manner.10/19/21
9/14/21 21:00AltoNMUSALight6 secondsFour mysterious, large lights appear in night sky over Alto New Mexico.10/19/21
9/14/21 20:43Cornwall (Canada)ONCanadaOval5 minutesOn September 13th 2021 approximately 8:40 p.m. witnessed above the sky in Eastern Ontario Canada. multiple objects, multiple colors, mu10/19/21
9/14/21 16:15MillertonPAUSAMADAR Node 10410/19/21
9/14/21 10:23EdmondsWAUSAMADAR Node 6110/19/21
9/13/21 22:53Palm SpringsCAUSATriangle20 secondsIt was sitting on saddle junction mountain to the southwest side. We had never seen such a huge bright light. Was the size of at least10/19/21
9/13/21 22:30Temple TerraceFLUSALight20 minutesI witnessed multiple strange white lights moving above me, in cloud cover on the evening of 09-12-2021 in the city of Temple Terrace, F10/19/21
9/13/21 21:00Litchfield parkAZUSACircle30West valley sighting heading 270 out past the white tanks rotating stationary ball of multiply vibrant colors at high alt.10/19/21
9/13/21 15:28WhittierCAUSALight1 minute 38 secondsOn September 13th at around 3:28 pm I witnessed 2 ufo as a flock of white doves flew around the cemetery. I took out my phone and caugh10/19/21
9/13/21 03:15Apache JunctionAZUSADiskStill happeningAt about 15 miles distance we observed a huge saucer with multitudes of lights ascending and then disappearing into the craft.10/19/21
9/13/21 00:41Pine CityNYUSAMADAR Node 8210/19/21
9/13/21 00:30ManistiqueMIUSACircle5 minutesCircular object in NE night sky with geometric pattern in center. Michigan 09/13/202110/19/21
9/12/21 00:00CornwallvilleNYUSACigar1 secondCigar shaped flash of light Quarter mile ahead at 5:47am10/19/21
9/12/21 21:03Kings ParkNYUSACircle1 minute 6 secI was at The Pavilion in Sunken Meadow State Park (NY) for my daughters wedding on 9/12/21. It was 9:03pm and I was pushing my granddau10/19/21
9/12/21 20:10Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle5 minutesInitially hoved with a bright light then made lateral movements disappeared and reappeared10/19/21
9/12/21 18:00DallasTXUSACigar60 secondsWhite fast moving “tic Tac” like object flying over Dallas , completely silent10/19/21
9/12/21 17:11EdmondsWAUSAMADAR Node 6110/19/21
9/12/21 12:30LogansportINUSACylinderless than a seconddark colored craft chasing a jet at fast speed with a blue sky background10/19/21
9/12/21 07:59West FallowfieldPAUSAChevron2 minutesChevron shaped object hovered and disappeared in broad daylight10/19/21
9/12/21 03:00MeadvillePAUSASphereStill actuallyThey're characters in the form of spheres, plazma-like entities (both are in few or more different sizes)plazma-like ones are in multip10/19/21
9/12/21 01:11KalamazooMIUSADisk30 secondsBlack disc shaped craft with a row of bright red, blue and green bright lights around the disc hovered low and made no noise.10/19/21
9/11/21 22:05Lake WorthFLUSAChevron15 secondsChevron or Boomerang-shaped sighting over Florida Sep 11 202110/19/21
9/11/21 21:10WestbrookCTUSACigar1 minuteBright circular light hovering in woods at eye level and then “turns off” without sound10/19/21
9/11/21 19:40PhiladelphiaPAUSACylinder7 minutesMy husband & I witnessed 20-23 objects flying from south to north, mostly in a straight line. A few were random toward the rear at the10/19/21
9/11/21 16:15Iowa CityIAUSADisk10 secondsOrange saucer shaped. Looked as if it was lit from bottom. It was really moving, but appeared to hover and move up slightly. Then it go10/19/21
9/11/21 15:30YorkPAUSACylinder5-10 minutesShiny upright cylinder that rotated seen by three witnesses10/19/21
9/11/21 04:30Grand RapidsMIUSACircle4 secondsOn September 11, 2021 I was awoken with the sprinkler system turning on at 4:20 AM. A beam of light coming down from the sky shined int10/19/21
9/10/21 23:30SweetwaterTXUSAEgg8 secondsWas sitting next to a little bawnfire talking and listening to music when I took a drink and looked up to see 5 small crafts flying in10/19/21
9/10/21 23:30SweetwaterTXUSATriangleA few secondsTriangular craft above Texas sky.10/19/21
9/10/21 22:15KennebunkMEUSAFlash1 minute2 Green Flashing Lights moving unbelievably fast10/19/21
9/10/21 21:15Beeton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere>5 minutesOrange Orb vanishes in clear night sky. Beeton Ontario Canada10/19/21
9/10/21 11:25Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 11910/19/21
9/10/21 00:30BrunswickGAUSACigar10:00A multi colored cigar shaped object emitting no sound and the size of a school bus, glided over the tope of my truck while stopped.10/19/21
9/10/21 00:30BrunswickGAUSACigar10:00Friday Morning: 9/10/2021 Time: 00:30 I had just gotten off work and was driving north on highway 17 in Brunswick. I noticed a bright10/19/21
9/9/21 21:17MariettaGAUSAFireball2 minutesSaw pulsing orb in sky followed by plasma/fireballs above my street10/19/21
9/9/21 20:00SeguinTXUSATeardrop10 minutesDriving in my car I saw a black object floating in the sky over a field. I pulled over to get a better look. It was moving but not v10/19/21
9/9/21 00:45North LimaOHUSATriangle5-10 minutesTriangular object w/ green lights hovering, keeping pace w/vehicle at 65mph.10/19/21
9/8/21 22:20Federal WayWAUSATeardrop5 secondswas driving to work i looked up and saw 3 teardrop shaped crafts that were rockets a few mile apart from each other in guessing I drove10/19/21
9/8/21 20:48YorkPAUSADiamond1 minuteDiamond-shaped object with lights seen flying over Interstate 83.10/19/21
9/8/21 19:13LeonardoNJUSACigarSecondsBlack tic tac shaped object observed in photo of sky at sunset10/19/21
9/8/21 17:30DuluthMNUSAOther5 minutesWe stopped at a wayside rest on the Scenic Highway heading back towards Duluth. We were sitting on top of this cliff watching the lake10/19/21
9/8/21 16:30DuluthMNUSAOther5 minutesWe stopped at a wayside rest on the Scenic Highway heading back towards Duluth. We were sitting on top of this cliff watching the lake10/19/21
9/8/21 10:01OxfordCTUSAOval34 seconds3 Bright Ovals scanned front to back and disappeared.10/19/21
9/8/21 09:18Pine CityNYUSAMADAR Node 8210/19/21
9/8/21 07:04SwayzeeKSUSAMADAR Node 2210/19/21
9/8/21 01:00RochesterNYUSALight2 secondsRochester ny bright white ball of light flying fast10/19/21
9/7/21 22:41San MarcosCAUSAChevron<3 minutesChevron shaped UFO San Marcos, CA10/19/21
9/7/21 21:30Ocean Isle BeachNCUSAFlash1.5 hoursNumerous Lights in Ocean Isle Beach10/19/21
9/7/21 21:26Grand JunctionCOUSAMADAR Node 7510/19/21
9/7/21 20:54PaysonILUSAMADAR Node 9710/19/21
9/7/21 17:10RandolphMAUSASphere20 secondsGold orbs racing down my street about 10 ft off ground.10/19/21
9/7/21 15:00Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder6 minutesVertical cylinder, slow moving but caught sunlight reflects a couple of times which is what made me look up.was travelling in a south t10/19/21
9/7/21 12:37LaceyWAUSAMADAR Node 5010/19/21
9/7/21 03:17GoshenKYUSAMADAR Node 18210/19/21
9/6/21 20:00BristolCTUSATriangle2 minutesAs my boyfriend and I drove down the street, we saw a golden glowing triangular shape moving slowly away from us. I watched it closely10/19/21
9/6/21 19:56LancasterCAUSAFireball28 secondsRed orange fireball no sound heard. Unknown speed more like gradual gliding10/19/21
9/6/21 11:50OgilvieMNUSAOvalI went to my deck looking at the sky saw to s/e a round oval shape was like a very bright yellowish then it moved fast up then as it di10/19/21
9/5/21 23:00FairbanksAKUSASphere2 minutesFairbanks PD sees UFO10/19/21
9/5/21 11:31Norris CityILUSAMADAR Node 11510/19/21
9/5/21 11:29MalibuCAUSACigar30 secondsUFO's above Decker Canyon10/19/21
9/5/21 06:14Royal Palm BeachFLUSAMADAR Node 7610/19/21
9/5/21 04:54Grand JunctionCOUSAMADAR Node 7510/19/21
9/4/21 18:13Santa ClausINUSAMADAR Node 11410/19/21
9/4/21 16:42HanoverMDUSAMADAR Node 7710/19/21
9/4/21 15:53EadsTNUSAMADAR Node 3210/19/21
9/4/21 10:31LittlerockARUSAMADAR Node 5610/19/21
9/4/21 00:19ElizabethCOUSAMADAR Node 3410/19/21
9/3/21 23:45Mount HopeWVUSALight30-60 secondsLight Moving Rapidly and Ascending10/19/21
9/3/21 21:44SterlingPAUSAOther5 minutes3 level yellow lights with 3 smaller blinking red lights below. back of triangle? tk 5 min to travel length of finger.15 mi. away.10/19/21
9/3/21 19:01Star ValleyAZUSAMADAR Node 5310/19/21
9/3/21 10:52WatsonvilleCAUSAMADAR Node 10510/19/21
9/3/21 08:31GoshenINUSAMADAR Node 18210/19/21
9/2/21 23:00PocatelloIDUSAOtherApp 5 secondsSilent, dark, shield-shaped object.10/19/21
9/2/21 19:40San DiegoCAUSACircle15 minutesI saw one object with dotted green and red lights. There were 3 green and 2 red lights that were blinking rhythmically. The entire obje10/19/21
9/2/21 14:15In flightKYUSACross10 secondsInverted Y-shaped object seen from commercial aircraft at 28K ft10/19/21
9/1/21 21:35Eau ClaireWIUSARectangle8 minutesStrange lights seen near the Chippewa Valley Airport10/19/21
9/1/21 21:30NewingtonCTUSAMADAR Node 10610/19/21
9/1/21 05:53EadsTNUSAMADAR Node 3210/19/21
9/1/21 05:16JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 14310/19/21
8/31/21 17:51FranklinKYUSAMADAR Node 5410/19/21
8/31/21 09:38Pine CityNYUSAMADAR Node 8210/19/21
8/30/21 16:59BoiseIDUSAMADAR Node 11110/19/21
8/30/21 12:39WatsonvilleCAUSAMADAR Node 10510/19/21
8/30/21 11:04RoswellNMUSADisk1 minutePhotographed something I can not explain 8/30/2021 NW of Roswell NM.10/19/21
8/30/21 01:15ClarksvilleTNUSAMADAR Node 13810/19/21
8/29/21 14:10YoungstownOHUSAMADAR Node 7310/19/21
8/29/21 02:30LubbockTXUSACircle30 minutesSaucer shaped craft surrounded by pulsating, expanding and contracting white and green light followed me and wanted me to see it.10/19/21
8/28/21 23:11Pine CityNYUSAMADAR Node 8210/19/21
8/28/21 20:00Norris CityILUSAMADAR Node 11510/19/21
8/28/21 15:28BerryvilleARUSACylinder1 minCylinder moving in and out of clouds Northwest Arkansas10/19/21
8/28/21 05:06JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 14310/19/21
8/27/21 16:58BoiseIDUSAMADAR Node 11110/19/21
8/27/21 05:24JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 14310/19/21
8/26/21 20:45Star ValleyAZUSAMADAR Node 5310/19/21
8/26/21 11:39CambridgeOHUSAMADAR Node 13710/19/21
8/26/21 07:57Royal Palm BeachFLUSAMADAR Node 7610/19/21
8/25/21 22:06Sandbridge/Virginia BeachVAUSACircle27 secondsBright red/orange circular object10/19/21
8/25/21 13:41GoshenKYUSAMADAR Node 18210/19/21
8/25/21 05:16Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR Node 17510/19/21
8/25/21 04:49BoiseIDUSAMADAR Node 11110/19/21
8/25/21 00:41Lords ValleyPAUSAMADAR Node 4410/19/21
8/24/21 22:20FayettevilleNCUSAMADAR Node 17410/19/21
8/24/21 11:53St. LouisMOUSAMADAR Node 7010/19/21
8/24/21 08:38Grand JunctionCOUSAMADAR Node 7510/19/21
8/23/21 20:49New York City (Bronx)NYUSACircle45 secondsOn August 23, 2021 at 23:49 I witnessed one single, circular, brilliantly glowing light cruising the night sky. It was very intensely g10/19/21
8/22/21 08:46Show LowAZUSAMADAR Node 7410/19/21
8/20/21 11:11Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 11910/19/21
8/20/21 05:21NewburghINUSAMADAR Node 14210/19/21
8/19/21 17:54NanuetNYUSAMADAR Node 18010/19/21
8/19/21 12:31MariettaGAUSAMADAR Node 9010/19/21
8/18/21 16:37Valley CityNDUSAMADAR Node 9310/19/21
8/18/21 01:07OaklandonINUSAMADAR Node 8710/19/21
8/17/21 14:43Deep River (Canada)ONCanadaMADAR Node 5910/19/21
8/16/21 15:21NewingtonCTUSAMADAR Node 10610/19/21
8/15/21 22:50HillsdaleMIUSADisk10 secondsLarge metallic/reflective disk-like object flying low overhead, seemed to be following the direction of the nearby highway.10/19/21
8/15/21 20:55MohrsvillePAUSATriangle20 minutesOrange lights seen in August near Mohrsville, PA10/19/21
8/15/21 19:12Earth's OrbitUSADisk1 minuteCraft sighted after separation of 2nd Stage Booster from Inspiration 4 Crew Capsule10/19/21
8/15/21 18:49FurlongPAUSAMADAR Node 3810/19/21
8/15/21 12:19LittlerockARUSAMADAR Node 5610/19/21
8/15/21 08:20NorthamptonMAUSALight20 minutesLight object with reported change of internal state10/19/21
8/15/21 05:59WatsonvilleCAUSAMADAR Node 10510/19/21
8/15/21 03:52LaceyWAUSAMADAR Node 5010/19/21
8/14/21 18:07Ajax (Canada)ONCanadaMADAR Node 4110/19/21
8/14/21 14:01Grand JunctionCOUSAMADAR Node 7510/19/21
8/14/21 12:21NanuetNYUSAMADAR Node 18010/19/21
8/14/21 06:54HanoverMDUSAMADAR Node 7710/19/21
8/14/21 00:18Lords ValleyPAUSAMADAR Node 4410/19/21
8/13/21 18:42ElizabethCOUSAMADAR Node 3410/19/21
8/13/21 04:43NewingtonCTUSAMADAR Node 10610/19/21
8/13/21 01:25Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 11910/19/21
8/12/21 20:06BrandonFLUSALight3 minutes8/12/21; just turning dark. Sunday nite I went to the store. I came back from hwy60 driving south on my road. When I got past our ne10/19/21
8/12/21 05:09EvansvilleINUSAMADAR Node 15310/19/21
8/11/21 13:07NanuetNYUSAMADAR Node 18010/19/21
8/11/21 00:01Star ValleyAZUSAMADAR Node 5310/19/21
8/10/21 22:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSAOther5-10 minutesTwo bird like objects, a large triangular object, quick flashing white lights, & orange orbs in the sky over North Myrtle Beach.10/19/21
8/10/21 14:15BoiseIDUSAMADAR Node 11110/19/21
8/10/21 01:22Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 11910/19/21
8/9/21 23:13ElizabethtownNYUSAMADAR Node 16810/19/21
8/9/21 22:00Nanaimo (Canada)BCCanadaSphereI saw a huge green orb. Flourecent green arcing down . very slow but huge10/19/21
8/9/21 03:40Star ValleyAZUSAMADAR Node 5310/19/21
8/8/21 14:03Kansas CityMOUSAMADAR Node 4010/19/21
8/8/21 10:13SyracuseNYUSAMADAR Node 16410/19/21
7/15/21 19:53Eagle NestNMUSALight15 secondsBright light flying in sky10/19/21
7/10/21 14:00LockhartTXUSARectangle3 minI noticed a iridescent line in the sky changed the contrast in photo and realized there was something hidden in plain sight10/19/21
7/9/21 22:42RathdrumIDUSALight1Small floating light/disk. Hovered for about a minute getting brighter and duller. It then started to move further away and disappeared10/19/21
7/4/21 21:00San Juan CapistranoCAUSAChanging> 1 hourObject stood still also moved all directions turning to fuzzy ball then back.10/19/21
7/3/21 18:29VENTNOR CITYNJUSACylinder40 secondsI have a picture of a rainbow with a UFO inside the rainbow, doing their research.10/19/21
7/1/21 19:07AshertonTXUSAFormation12 secondss3 Highlighter yellow green spheres in my backyard10/19/21
7/1/21 17:24WashingtonDCUSACircle2 minutesSpherical UFO flies behind the US capitol building.10/19/21
5/19/21 10:30AshfordCTUSAUnknown1.2 secondFast walker craft caught on drone camera10/19/21
4/15/21 19:45New Port RicheyFLUSASphere3 minutesBright White Orb in the Western Sky over Elfers NPR Florida as Sun set April 15th 202110/19/21
4/8/21 20:00RhomeTXUSARectangle10 secondsIt was a huge craft that flew directly over my house, and flew in complete silence.10/19/21
4/2/21 02:00AuburnMAUSATriangleTwo hoursBright, fiery orange orb changing to white, green, different shapes and formations. Hovering just above garage and weaving in and out t10/19/21
11/21/20 08:15Ankara (Turkey)TurkeySphere5 minutesDaytime Hovering Sphere sighting10/19/21
11/16/20 05:25Hong KongHong KongRectangle~30-60 secondsCan make red and blue colour light,a square or rectangle shape.10/19/21
11/14/20 02:00Panocha HillsCAUSASphere1 minuteThe object came up from the west moving slowly towards us. Then it appeared to have seen us it suddenly changed direction then went str10/19/21
9/5/20 03:30Asbury ParkNJUSALight60 minutesA technicolor arrangement of colors beaming from ufo for 60 minutes from 2:30 am-3:30 am the dates are estimates facts true.10/19/21
8/29/20 20:19WolcottCTUSAFireball3 minutesThree fireball like objects were seen above our house before they quickly disappeared we captured them on photo and video.10/19/21
8/8/20 03:30Asbury parkNJUSALight30 minutesA brilliant fiery beam of light shot into view coming out nowhere, moving faster than any aircraft drone or boat - couldn’t explain.10/19/21
9/10/19 21:00Angus (Canada)ONCanada2 days1st sighting was in 2011. At 330am I looked up and saw a bright star traveling in circles. About 8 laps and then traveled away from the10/19/21
7/14/19 21:00SandyORUSAOther2 and 1/2 hoursLate evening ,I observed 10 or 12 beings...looked similar to a circle outside my rural home..they were 12' away from where I10/19/21
6/8/19 07:25PeoriaILUSAOther13 minutesOn 6/8/2019 I was walking around the second floor balcony of a hotel when I looked into the sky around 7:25 PM I noticed a huge weird U10/19/21
4/12/19 15:00ClevelandTNUSADiskAbout 15 secondsI was sitting in a chair with my sick dog looking out the bedroom window. I had just turned my head to the side and was resting it on t10/19/21
11/1/18 22:40LincolntonGAUSACylinder15-20 secondsClarks Hill Lake, Blue Aircraft10/19/21
3/9/18 02:30CantonMIUSATriangle2 minutesOk... I know anyone who reads this is going to think we must be off our rocker.... BUT.... traveling westbound on Ford Rd towards I27510/19/21
7/1/17 13:00Rancho MirageCAUSALight10 mins approxSeen a bright light thought maybe was drone but the way it moved was nothing man-made and it split in 2.10/19/21
2/18/17 18:36ConcordCAUSARectangle30 minutesA Thought Communication Directed Me to Inspect (Photograph) A Single Stationary Craft at Dusk10/19/21
7/4/15 20:00GreensboroNCUSALight15 MinutesUFO at Fireworks show in Greensboro10/19/21
5/1/14 14:00AuburnMIUSASphere2 minutesDodgeball size sphere fell out of sky didn’t crash into ground and spun then shot straight up.10/19/21
8/29/12 21:00AntiochTNUSADisk1 minute  On the night of August 29, 2012 at 2100 hours, I was driving south on Blue hole  road in Antioch, Tennessee. I was with my son at the10/19/21
6/1/12 23:00YumaAZUSAUnknown1 hourMissing time - I can't account for how I got from my truck into a neighborhood 30 minutes away.10/19/21
9/12/11 02:30MortonILUSAOval4 minutesOn 9/12/2011 around 2:30 AM I was half sleep when I heard a weird humming noise outside. I woke up and went outside to see what it was10/19/21
12/21/10 00:00DoverDEUSAUnknown5010 minutesUnknown craft seen overhead at Dover AFB at midnight on 12/21/2010 on Route 13 south.10/19/21
9/5/09 20:30RochesterTNUSACircle10 minutesStrange airborne lights, observed by 10 middle-aged friends10/19/21
6/30/08WarrenNJUSAOval15 secondsBrief sighting, went to get someone, gone like it was never there when I got back10/19/21
1/1/08 20:00Bridgewater -- See Precise Geocoords in Word File.MAUSAOtherAt least one hourPhotograph, w/ Negative, of Regular-Viewed Tic-Tac Like "Spook Lights" of Widely Studied "Bridgewater Triangle" UAP10/19/21
6/15/04 21:00DenverCOUSATriangle1 minuteBlack Triangle sighting in Denver, 2004. VERY up close, very black. Traditional 3-pointed triangle.10/19/21
6/1/03 22:00LapeerMIUSARectangle10 minutesStrange lights in a field10/19/21
6/15/96 03:00Rincón (Puerto Rico)Puerto Rico usaDisk5 minutesVery close sighting around children in a driveway Summer 1996 . Some adults witnessed the craft flying away10/19/21
1/5/95 21:05SumnerWAUSADisk27 daysFor a decade now the ARMY AIR DEFENSE has been telling the people about this landing. Read the FINAL CHAPTER PROJECT BLUE BOOK IT EXPLA10/19/21
6/1/93 21:00AuroraCOUSADiamond5-10 seconds3 Elongated Diamonds flying in formation over Aurora, CO10/19/21
3/5/87 09:00Nambour (Australia)AustraliaCone~6-12 hours((HOAX??)) There was a big cone in the sky and it was scary and I was scared.10/19/21
6/1/80 09:00TacomaWAUSASphere10 secondsBack in the late 70s or early 80s my family was sitting in the living room eating hotdogs and beans. I vividly remember this night.We h10/19/21
11/11/78Tomohon (Indonesia)IndonesiaGreat post ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information. PD))10/19/21
6/3/67 10:00LimaOHUSACigar4 secondsI was 16 years old. On a sunny mid-morning I was alone, walking westward in an open alleyway between North Street and Oakland Parkway10/19/21
Daily 12:00Long BeachCAUSAChangingHours((HOAX??)) XXXXX Pacific Coast Hwy10/19/21
01:00PostvilleIAUSAOther20 minutesIt has been a long time ago and I've tried to get help. It was early Saturday morning. I was going to Lansing iowa, was going duck hunt10/19/21