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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2019/05/14


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/24/19 18:30FredericksburgVAUSASphere4 secondsWhile driving at night, I watched two blue-green light-emitting spheres flying fast5/14/19
5/14/19 01:11OgdenUTUSALight2.5 secondsFacing south whiteness 1 saw it moving fast whiteness 2 noticed it as well one large light then 2 moving fast. All of a sudden it was 25/14/19
5/13/19 23:11OconomowocWIUSADisk2-3 minutesCirculating white light beneath a disk, slowly flowing left to right in the distance at low altitude.5/14/19
5/13/19 22:00Rock CreekMNUSACircle15 minutesNo blinking lights and they were flying together5/14/19
5/13/19 20:27SpringfieldTNUSALight1 hourI seen two lights do a barrel roll type move around each other then spread out. Then noticed three others fo a total of 5 a formation a5/14/19
5/13/19 16:30Olive BranchMSUSAEgg20 minutesReflecting object in the sky slow moving. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/13/19 08:15Burlington/BillericaMAUSAChanging~3 minutesVery bright circular floating ball - collapsed like a two dimensional object and disappeared without trace5/14/19
5/13/19 02:30SeatacWAUSALight5 secondsWhat appeared to be one of the many stars in the sky suddenly and silently got extremely bright. ((anonymous report))((Iridium flare?)5/14/19
5/12/19 23:54ChicagoILUSACircle20 secondsLarge circular black disc over Chicago at night. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/12/19 23:00Mill CreekWAUSAChangingI saw an object with a string of white lights running along its side, and then a large round explosion of light. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/12/19 22:05VallejoCAUSALight30 secondsTwo Connected Hovering Lights Above Garden.5/14/19
5/12/19 22:00Old TownMEUSASphere30 secondsSilent, orange, metallic sphere glides over house and river5/14/19
5/12/19 22:00AustinTXUSAUnknown20 minutesStrange bright objects in Northwest Austin sky. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/12/19 21:45Chante Lake (10 Km from Duck Lake)(Canada)SKCanadaLight>4 hours((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information. PD))5/14/19
5/12/19 20:55Jagadhri (India)India5 secondsYellowish/orange light dots in triangle with tail shape moving5/14/19
5/12/19 17:00ShawneeOKUSAUnknown10 minutesObject appears in the middle of the day and moves southeast at various speeds5/14/19
5/12/19 16:00Lake CharlesLAUSAOther10 minutesWas at air show and was in a pic I took of a F-225/14/19
5/12/19 14:27ColumbusOHUSAChanging5-8 minutesWhile driving within a shopping plaza in NE Columbus I noticed a black object in the distance which appeared to change shapes. At firs5/14/19
5/12/19 10:37Baton RougeLAUSATriangleThere were lights on the object and the object changed colors. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/12/19 02:30BurnsvilleMNUSACircleCircle of bright white lights remaining stationary. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly casino advertising display lights?? PD))((anonymous))5/14/19
5/11/19 22:30FarmingtonMEUSASphere1 minuteI was walking down the road and looked up into the sky. I saw a bright blue light. Much brighter than any of the stars but nowhere near5/14/19
5/11/19 22:20Rocky PointNCUSALight5 minutesI was outside walking my dog and saw a bright large orange ball of light high up in the sky. At one point I thought that I could see fa5/14/19
5/11/19 22:00BrightonCOUSALight1 minuteA dim yellowish light no sound.5/14/19
5/11/19 21:50WaynesvilleNCUSAUnknown30 secondsWhite flashing light about a second on and off. The flash would leave a tail. No sound.5/14/19
5/11/19 21:45SpokaneWAUSALight15 secondsWe witnessed at bright orange fast moving silent light “falling” from the sky that was not a meteor or plane.5/14/19
5/11/19 20:50BlacksburgVAUSAFireball30 secondsOrange ball descending from the sky.5/14/19
5/11/19 18:25HerrimanUTUSACircle5 minutesSaw a luminous ball high in the atmosphere watched it for 5 minutes. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/11/19 16:00New YorkNYUSAOther1 hourHigh Altitude UFO sighted over New York City during daylight5/14/19
5/11/19 11:10EvansvilleINUSAUnknown~2 secondsWas coming home after getting mother's day gifts when a metallic craft fly's slowly across the horizon. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/11/19 00:00GarnerNCUSALight45 minutesBlue orbs fly over Garner (near soccer park over hey 50 south)5/14/19
5/10/19 22:46RochesterILUSAOther1.5 hr2 UFO falling sightings in 1.5 hrs in Rochester, IL5/14/19
5/10/19 21:30PortsmouthVAUSAFormation15 minutesFour multicolored light diamond shaped crafts held a large square formation while other red light crafts performed odd flight patterns.5/14/19
5/10/19 20:40Pembroke PinesFLUSALight2 minutesOrange/Amber Lights in Triangle Formation is Western Sky of Pembroke Pines, FL5/14/19
5/10/19 19:39Salta (Argentina)ArgentinaLightsecondsWe saw two strange lights doing movements our planes cannot do and they dissapeared very fast.5/14/19
5/10/19 08:00Fox LakeILUSATriangle3 minutesSunny morning partly cloudy. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/10/19 05:32Feilding (New Zealand)New ZealandCircle~5-10 minutesI saw around 100 small UFO circles in the sky. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/10/19 01:40MadisonWIUSALight20 minutesBright light appears on an overcast night, remains stationary for 20 minutes, then vanishes.5/14/19
5/10/19ChicagoILUSAGranddaughter, was looking out of apartment window on the 7th floor, facing southeast. We live at Chicago & Lake Street in the Global M5/14/19
5/9/19 22:20New York (Queens; Woodside)NYUSAUnknown10 minutesCrimson light alternating with orange within the clouds at night.5/14/19
5/9/19 21:55New York CityNYUSATriangle5 secondsSee though triangle shaped craft with lights, silently glides over Manhattan's Upper West Side buildings along the Hudson.5/14/19
5/9/19 21:00NewarkDEUSACircle30 secondswe seen a very bright circular object it was in an angle sitting still with two rings the lights5/14/19
5/9/19 18:00WoodburyMNUSALight3 secondsFast traveling and very bright red light with red glow.5/14/19
5/8/19 00:00LawtellLAUSAUnknown10Someone just told me a UFO was seen in this area and supposedly on the news. I have no other information. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/8/19 22:00La MesaNMUSAFireball15 minutes5 separate large fireballs with bright white light in the middle of them each. At one time it looked as if it left a smoke like trail.5/14/19
5/8/19 21:00OzarkMOUSASphere10 secondsBright Glowing Sphere Hovering Before Taking off in Lightspeed. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/7/19 23:00Myrtle BeachSCUSATriangle10 seconds2 different aircrafts; 10 minutes apart. Off balcony Myrtle Beach MAY 7 20195/14/19
5/7/19 11:30Lake CityMSUSAOther1-2 secondsObject was seen in the southwestern sky at approximately 6,000 to 10,000 feet. Clouds were sparse. Object appeared very briefly for 15/14/19
5/6/19 14:19WardaTXUSATeardrop1 hourCaught picture of 6 white teardrop objects. Moving up and sideways. This happen just before a severe thunderstorm.5/14/19
5/3/19 19:35CoolidgeGAUSAUnknownNano secondsThree separate UFO objects around sun at sunset in Thomas County, GA.5/14/19
5/2/19 18:00SuffolkVAUSACylinder~1 hourFive cylinder shaped objects flying in the same path about 10 minutes wings or chem trails!5/14/19
4/28/19 21:00WestbrookCTUSACircle5 secondsVery slow bright white light at least 5x brighter than any star in the sky, appeared & disappeared on cloudless night5/14/19
4/27/19 04:00GreenvilleSCUSACircle3 minutesI was leaving my girlfriend's house approximately at 4:00am when we saw a abnormal circular shaped object moving across the skyline. I5/14/19
4/21/19 03:30VanoreTNUSAUnknown3-4 secondsI was in a very rural area of the rown of Vanore, TN. I was sleeping in my truck outside next to farmland. Very little light polution (5/14/19
4/11/19 18:00HarlemNYUSACircle25 minutesSilent, shiny object moved up, down, across, then slowly moved up and out of sight. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
4/7/19 20:49Lee's SummitMOUSALight1 minuteWhite Sphere Light UAP.5/14/19
2/4/19 19:20EvansvilleINUSAUnknownFew minutesWas taking my dog outside and I thought I saw the ISS flying by. Until it passed me and then hovered over me5/14/19
10/31/18 09:15EvanstonILUSADisk~1 minuteMultiple flying objects emitting light, close together. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
11/24/17 07:43TucsonAZUSASphere1 hour +Tucson orb5/14/19
9/10/17 22:19FairdaleKYUSAFireball12-15 secondsGreen "fireball" with streak, East to West. While speaking to oldest daughter on phone *we both heard interference* Both hea5/14/19
7/15/16 17:00San DiegoCAUSASphere3 minutesRolling sphere.5/14/19
5/11/16 02:30PhoenixAZUSAUnknown<2 minutesIntermittent light in one place, no speed.5/14/19
8/15/14 14:00MurrietaCAUSASphere3 minutesLarge chrome sphere moving quickly in the sky.5/14/19
8/8/09 23:00Mineral WellsTXUSAUnknown30 secondsI was sitting outside of a storage building and I looked up at the moon and seen two craft with what looked like aero spike engines emi5/14/19
12/25/98 23:30VanceSCUSACircle3Frightening & beautiful at the same time, but we definitely have never forget that experience.5/14/19
11/14/97 21:00McClearyWAUSAUnknown<10 minutesMy mother and I witnessed an incident directly before the first McCleary exit coming from Elma. It happened on November 14, 1997. I re5/14/19
6/15/72 08:30TorringtonCTUSADisk10-20 secondsClose-up sighting of a flying saucer.5/14/19
AnchorageAKUSARectangle5 minsAround 2 in the morning went outside on my front porch and i saw at least 50 rectangle shape objects flying together on patterns.Then t5/14/19