National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2019/03/15


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/14/19 23:07LivoniaMIUSATriangle3 minutesCraft was triangle in shape. It had a light at each corner of the triangle. When passed overhead, it had a complete circle of lights.3/15/19
3/14/19 21:30PalmettoFLUSAFormation2 minutesFar off in a distance and very high up was a group of lights which looked like stars was bunched up at first and not moving for 30 sec.3/15/19
3/14/19 21:00Palm BayFLUSAFormation10 minutesA formation of 50 star like lights moving off the coast of Melbourne3/15/19
3/14/19 21:00Old BridgeNJUSAEgg21:00--?Low cloud haze over entire sky, unable to determine exact shape, however the unnatural motion caught my eye3/15/19
3/14/19 20:45Vero BeachFLUSAFormation15 minutesI saw a large irregularly shaped cluster of 50-100 moving white lights (star and planet size) and one larger amber shape.3/15/19
12/19/17 05:00CarbonTXUSACircle3 secondsRed orb.3/15/19
8/14/13 21:00West Valley CityUTUSADisk4 minutesI was out side looking in the sky and seen 30 to 50 disk wired shaped glowing objects/lit up- not lights but beams in the sky . Right a3/15/19