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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2018/12/14


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/14/18 22:11Perth (Australia)AustraliaCircle5 secondsSlow moving object.12/14/18
12/14/18 03:15CentrevilleMDUSALight45 minutesHovering light in the sky with disappearing lights toward the ground and shadows.12/14/18
12/13/18 20:58Kill Devil HillsNCUSAOther5-10 secondsWhen walking the dog, heard what sounded like a giant bird flapping its wings.12/14/18
12/13/18 19:50BuckeyeAZUSALightStill going onAmber lights south of Buckeye, AZ, appearing for approximately 3 to 5 minutes12/14/18
12/13/18 18:25TucsonAZUSALight~5 secondsFive yellow orange objects low in the west.12/14/18
12/13/18 17:00Barnstaple (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 minutesTriangular shape in the sky with blue lights12/14/18
12/13/18 16:00Mountain HomeIDUSALight2 minutes1 orange light multiplying into 6 other orange lights12/14/18
12/12/18 21:00HelenaMTUSACircle10 secondsBrilliant sphere streams across the sky and then falls out of the sky!12/14/18
12/12/18 20:56ColbyKSUSALight2 hoursRed light in the sky.12/14/18
12/12/18 20:00ArcadiaMOUSACircleHoursYou can see a movement, but very slight. Hovering with red & blue lights circling it. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/12/18 15:00VandaliaMIUSAUnknown10 secondsI was in my garage an I could here a low chirping sound and I went outside I could tell the sound was coming from the sky so I looked u12/14/18
12/12/18 14:25Pleasant HillMOUSACircle4 secondsI observed a round circular silver metalic object traveling E overhead in the clouds, then race extremely fast. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/12/18 01:00HillsboroORUSAUnknown1 hourAbout 10 aircraft hovering with lights over Hillsboro OR swaying in all directions. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/12/18LenoirNCUSALightOngoingBright blinking lights over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Viewed from the village of cedar rock. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/11/18 22:45Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle~30 minutesReddish orange flashing lights in a pattern. Rimmed the triangular, boomerang shape. Would hover in one spot. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/11/18 19:30St. GeorgeWVUSADisk10 minutesUFO disk hovering over my house. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/11/18 19:15VidaliaGAUSAOther20 minutes2 bright ref lights blinking one after the other hovering and changing form. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/11/18 18:30LongmontCOUSALight30 secondsFlashing blue light hovered over FAA center in Longmont before zipping away. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/11/18 17:30AuroraILUSASphere10 minutesAn a Brightly Sphere was seen around the area flying very slowly, ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/11/18 07:00BozemanMTUSACircle2 minutesObject in night sky performs incredible maneuver over Bozeman, MT.12/14/18
12/10/18 22:00BeaumontTXUSALight5 minutesI was outside a hospital smoking a cigarette.looked up and saw a bright white light that resembled a star except it got dimmer and dimm12/14/18
12/10/18 20:47North BranchMNUSALight~3 minutesLarge bright reddish light ejecting 8 identical projectiles towards the ground then disappearing.12/14/18
12/10/18 20:30South AmboyNJUSALight20 secondsBright linear light that quickly disappeared12/14/18
12/10/18 17:50TroyMOUSATeardrop10:00I was walking back from my barn and I always look up up the see if I can see any satellites or the space station. Way up high, star hei12/14/18
12/10/18 16:30KentCTUSALight5 minutesA sundown UFO sighting. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail, reflecting sunlight?? PD))12/14/18
12/10/18 14:30SulphurLAUSAOval10 secondsOval, shiny object very high in clear sky moving SE to NW. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/10/18GalenaMOUSAUnknownAll nightI noticed 3 crafts in the sky in Feb.2018. They were all 3 different color lights. Like one was blue green red and yellow white red and12/14/18
12/9/18 22:00LakevilleMNUSALight1 hourWitnessed a red/green/blue flashing light hovering in the night sky; moving and dancing around. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))12/14/18
12/9/18 21:30PriceUTUSAFormation8 minutesFormation of 8 flashing orange lights moving slowly across the southwestern sky, Carbon County, Price, Utah.12/14/18
12/9/18 20:00Wisconsin RapidsWIUSARectangle2-3 minutesWhen I was walking out to the barn to check on the animals as I do everynight, I always look up at the sky on clear nights. I never exp12/14/18
12/9/18 18:45Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle3 secondsBlack boomerang object with three lights12/14/18
12/9/18 01:00North BrevardNCUSALight1 minuteLights over snow bank.12/14/18
12/8/18 23:00Santa FeNMUSALightThere was a flashing sequence of blinking lights from W to E. ((NUFORC Note: Possible military exercise?? PD))12/14/18
12/8/18 23:00AtlantaGAUSATriangle4 secondsTriangle shaped lights flying through the sky. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/8/18 22:30Santa FeNMUSAFlash2 minutes15 flashing lights in a vertical formation traveling in northern sky east to west with two fighter jets flying at them.12/14/18
12/8/18 22:00HurricaneUTUSAFormation~15 minutesLong line of twinkling lights. 20+ objects. ((NUFORC Note: Possible military exercise? PD))12/14/18
12/8/18 21:50RachelNVUSALight15 minutesUFO Testing Recorded at Groom Lake. ((NUFORC Note: Possible military exercise? PD))12/14/18
12/8/18 21:12GanadoAZUSAFormation30 secondsA formation of up to twenty lights was seen by multiple observers and even posted on Facebook.12/14/18
12/8/18 20:30Santa FeNMUSAFormation10-15 minutesStraight-line formation, 20-25 lights going on and off periodically in night sky, accompanied by droning sound, steadily moving west.12/14/18
12/8/18 20:20LincolnCAUSAChanging15 minutesPurple/pink disk shape moving around the sky12/14/18
12/8/18 20:00ChesterVAUSARectangle2 minutesLarge square hovering object spotted over Virginia 12/8/18.12/14/18
12/7/18 00:00ReddingCAUSAChanging10 hoursHuge Multi-light array, pulsating lights, honeycomb array somewhat egg shapped. Looks like a bright star, ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))12/14/18
12/7/18 22:00StaffordVAUSALight2-3 hoursLight balls observed accelerating and stopping, followed by zigzag patterns. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/7/18 20:52ScarboroughMEUSASphere>10 minutesSaw what looked like a yellow star then the people with me noticed it was moving and it was. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/7/18 19:30GreenwoodDEUSATriangle3 minutesHovering aircraft with orange lights12/14/18
12/7/18 19:04LouisvilleKYUSALight10 seconds3 fast moving lights chased by black helicopters, flight tracking app had no helicopters in area. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/7/18 18:20IssaquahWAUSAChanging12 secondsI was at a gas station taking my dog for a walk. At approx. 18:20 I saw a starfish-shaped object floating and changing shape. It was12/14/18
12/7/18 16:45BranchburgNJUSAOther15 minutes4 line/oval shaped lights moving slowly towards the west just after sunset.12/14/18
12/7/18 16:26WesttownNYUSASphere2 minutesBlue star dissapeared then reapeared above an aircraft and followed it then dissapeared again.12/14/18
12/7/18 13:00Panama City BeachFLUSALight5 hours((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))12/14/18
12/7/18 10:20AuburnWAUSAOther10 minutesI witnessed an odd object in the sky over Auburn. As I watched the first, and others appeared over the west hill. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/7/18 07:30HuntingdonPAUSADisk~30 secondsDrone shape object that suddenly changed direction and disappeared12/14/18
12/7/18 06:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaLightHoursBright light stationary, circling around in an orbit.12/14/18
12/6/18 23:00AnacortesWAUSAFireball~2 secondsvery large white comet with tail, descending rapidly toward the ground12/14/18
12/6/18 18:15Omer/StandishMIUSAFireballMinutesDecember 6, 2018 “Orbs” Sighting Northern Michigan Arenac County - On the day of December 6, 2018 at approximately 6:15pm - I was head12/14/18
12/6/18 07:30North Fort MyersFLUSACircle10 minutes5orange glowing slow moving lights that come across sky the disappered.. Then min later a few more then few more.12/14/18
12/6/18 03:50San JoseGAUSA140 minutes((HOAX??)) It had 2 main spotlights the 2 spotlights would die down with the rest of the object then they would get bright.12/14/18
12/6/18 02:00DestinFLUSAOther10 minutesStationary object(s) over Destin, Florida. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/4/18 18:30AlmaARUSAFireball10-15 minutesWe were traveling S on 540 & saw 6 big bright orange fire balls moving & leaving steaks of smoke in the sky.12/14/18
12/4/18 17:30ClaytonNCUSACigar2 minutesUnusually long dark shape, moving very slow, no lights, no sound, at tree level.12/14/18
12/1/18 22:00EspanolaNMUSAOther2 hours+I'm the person reporting about the taos,dulce,& Santa Clara back in NO. Keep seeing it. Was to the E. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))12/14/18
11/23/18 21:00ParklandWAUSACone0.02 secondsSaw blue object as it passed in sky over apartments, only for a few seconds before it disappeared into the clouds. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
11/8/18 16:58PAPAUSA15 minuteOn November 9 on an outing we were driving around. When I saw a beautiful sunset it was 4:58.. in the sky the was an object white guidi12/14/18
10/14/18 01:00BeaumontTXUSALight10 minutesI was standing outside with my sister-in-law walking my dog when I noticed the strangest star in the sky.12/14/18
7/28/18 15:15RenoNVUSASphere7-8 secondsI was in my back yard and I looked up in the sky. About 30,000 feet I saw two spheres flying in formati12/14/18
7/12/18 03:15Brandon/Sioux FallsSDUSADisk3:25((HOAX??)) Saucer/disk seen by one middle schooler in Brandon, South Dakota.12/14/18
7/4/17 22:00BuchananMIUSACircle4 minutes2 round crafts, least 100yds each in diameter (crystalline, maybe 100ft hover, fire light on left craft swayed ((anonymous report))12/14/18
6/18/17 18:30FolsomCAUSADisk?Something showed up in old picture12/14/18
10/23/15 18:56Happy ValleyORUSAEgg6-8 minutesEgg shaped objects with a flame-like tail, three in triangle formation, video link included12/14/18
5/1/14 17:00Orange BeachALUSAFormation3 minutes1 light was in the sky, and then several more came on in an almost straight line.12/14/18
11/3/13 06:45MorristownTNUSAOther4 minutesOn November 3rd, 2013 between 6:45am and 7:30am, three coworkers and I went outside to the parking lot of the business I was employed a12/14/18
6/10/12 22:00Golden ValleyMNUSASphere3 minutesMyself, my daughter and her friend were driving in our neighborhood. I was going to make a turn and while I was looking to my left to s12/14/18
4/1/05 12:00Alice Springs (Australia)AustraliaDisk1 minuteDisc Shaped Saucer over Alice Springs.12/14/18
8/10/02 02:40BarbertonOHUSARectangle2 minutesHuge rectangular craft. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
7/8/84 17:35Thunderchild (Canada)SKCanadaDisk5 secondsSilver, shiny disk zooms over Thunderchild Reservation in July 198412/14/18
01:00MAUSAAround 1am I was standing on patio when I noticed light changing effect form a object hovering with a slight ascent.then what seemed to12/14/18