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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2018/06/07


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/6/18 20:00ScottsdaleAZUSAOther1:00 minuteHovering and then fast moving object, Scottsdale, AZ.6/7/18
6/6/18 02:00Mesa (Historic part)AZUSACircle1+ minute Saw a perfect circle of red (only) lights blinking all blinked at same time, no other lights were seen.6/7/18
6/5/18 23:45LincolnNEUSAFlash30 secondsFour short spurts across the sky until it hit the horizon. ((anonymous report))6/7/18
6/5/18 21:30LisbonOHUSALight3 nightsThis is a bright x shaped light I've used the SkyView app and it's not register as a satellite or star or planet.6/7/18
6/5/18 21:00ClaryvilleKYUSATriangle9 hoursThe past three months, between sunset and sunrise a bright light will show up in the sky. ((anonymous report))6/7/18
6/5/18 21:00LafayetteNJUSACluster of White Lights Attached by Beam to a Larger Light6/7/18
6/5/18 20:00MiamiFLUSAUnknown2 hoursHovering and moving object seen over South Beach, Miami6/7/18
6/5/18 01:15WatervlietNYUSAFlash20 seconds4 Extremely Bright Stationary Flashes6/7/18
6/5/18 01:00CharlestonSCUSATriangle3-5 minutesCompletely silent, slow-stopped triangle aircraft. ((anonymous report))6/7/18
6/4/18 23:45Rockford/ Cherry ValleyILUSADiamond30I was on my way home from work. I saw two bright lights in the sky. I brushed it off at first thinking it was just two planes.6/7/18
6/4/18 23:02CambyINUSALight3 minutesMe and my Father went outside to smoke a Cigarette. I immediately spotted an light moving unnaturally - no Airplane or Satellite moves6/7/18
6/4/18 22:30DanburyCTUSATriangle2 minutesLarge Bright Lights at the end of a Wingtip, humming vibration felt through the air!6/7/18
6/4/18 21:35TrenyonNJUSACircle5 minutesFormation of objects 10 to 12 orange to red colors6/7/18
6/4/18 01:00Saint CloudFLUSATriangle5 minutesVery Bright Orange Triangular Object - No noise.6/7/18
6/4/18 00:55Boca RatonFLUSAFireball4 minutesShooting star like object, then turned into small fireball headed silently east across night sky.6/7/18
6/3/18 22:30West Palm BeachFLUSATriangle7 minutesHi. Tonight I witnessed 2 orange "pyramid" shaped UFO's moving at approx. 100 to 150 mph over the Palm Beach International ai6/7/18
6/3/18 14:42Swindon (UK/England)United KingdomCircle25 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))6/7/18
6/3/18 10:40AshevilleNCUSARectangle5 minutesStrange double UFO sighting near UNCA, North Asheville, NC6/7/18
6/3/18 04:00Maple ShadeNJUSACircle3-4 minutesWent outside to have a cigarette. I noticed lights kinda of low in the trees. First two bright lights blinking, then it turned into one6/7/18
6/3/18 01:00TorontoOHUSACigar90 secondsTwo craft with three blinking white lights over Toronto, Ohio.6/7/18
6/3/18 00:25LinneusMEUSACircle45 minutesCrcle shaped object with yellow/orange light hovered over the tree line. It kept moving up and down, then l to r slowly. ((anonymous))6/7/18
6/3/18 00:25LubbockTXUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle object with blinking red, green, and white lights seen in telescope.6/7/18
6/3/18 00:20FlorissantCOUSALight30 secondsFlare of light in the night sky in Colorado.6/7/18
6/3/18CameronNCUSACylinderUfo Sunday June 3rd - sighting two-first cylindrical 2nd orb between 2 and 3 pm.6/7/18
6/2/18 23:00RavennaOHUSASphere1 minuteMy fiance and I looked out over the trees Northwest from our house and saw a bright whitish gold light floating up over the trees. It t6/7/18
6/2/18 22:40AlvinTXUSAFireball5 minutesI was sitting on my back porch. First I heard coyotes howling and then dogs barking. I first saw two glowing orange orbs approximately6/7/18
6/2/18 20:30Murrells InletSCUSAFireball4Red ball moving across the night sky faster than plane but not like meteor, all red, moving swiftly horizontally.6/7/18
6/2/18 20:10RochesterMIUSAEgg5 minutesI saw a bright white tic tac in the sky, silently flying west to east in Rochester, Michigan.6/7/18
6/2/18 18:00MiddlesboroKYUSACigar5 minutesSaw 2 white, silent cigar shaped objects moving from south to north.6/7/18
6/1/18 22:35SandyUTUSATriangle20Almond shape object6/7/18
6/1/18 10:32Cave cityARUSALight10 minutesOne bright light in distance that looked like a Star and once me and my brothers saw it it moved then disappeared6/7/18
6/1/18 10:00RavennaOHUSACylinder20-25 secondsAt approximately 10:30 this a.m., my friend and I, saw a large dark grey cylindershaped craft slowly flying above the trees. No lights6/7/18
6/1/18 01:00HenricoVAUSARectangle6-8 minutes +/-Narrow mostly rectangle shape with single file lights seen in southeastern sky and then just gone like switch flipped.6/7/18
5/31/18 16:47NorwalkCTUSAMADAR Node 1036/7/18
5/31/18 15:45TorranceCAUSAFlash>1 minutesilver bright flashy hovering object over southern california beach cities6/7/18
5/30/18 23:00SarasotaFLUSACircle2 hoursRound bright light emiting random white beams of light to the west and red beams of light to the east of it. No sounds.6/7/18
5/30/18 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSALightSecondsMy fiance and I were fishing on the Myrtle Beach State Park Pier. It was partly cloudy with large cumulus clouds in the sky. There was6/7/18
5/29/18 12:40Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1196/7/18
5/26/18 22:15GarySDUSALight5 minutesTen bright orange lights move into formation, hover, turn white, and then vanish.6/7/18
5/26/18 10:51Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1196/7/18
5/23/18 16:33Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1196/7/18
5/21/18 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSACircle20 seconds2 Orange Circles Seen Over Ocean in Myrtle Beach6/7/18
5/20/18 13:10HelenaMTUSAMADAR Node 1286/7/18
5/9/18 15:02FairfaxVAUSAMADAR Node 1226/7/18
5/6/18 16:28MillertonPAUSAMADAR Node 1046/7/18
5/5/18 13:07Norris CityILUSAMADAR Node 1156/7/18
4/23/18 01:00Bowling GreenKYUSAOther10 minutesSTRANGE SOUND AND ALIEN ENTITIES SEEN. ((anonymous report))6/7/18
4/6/18 21:30Murray CityOHUSAOther5 minutesGoing cat fishing in jobs hollow road. Notice bright light thought someone might be spot lighting deer or something else so we went to6/7/18
3/6/18 22:00Granada (Spain)SpainCircle5 minutesSe veía la figura de un circular el cual estaba en movimiento y más tarde desaparecía para luego volver se pueden apreciar luces de co6/7/18
9/21/17 20:02San FranciscoCAUSAFormationSecondsFormation in western sky, 4 blue lights, San Francisco, Sept 21, 2017 at 20:02pm ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a lens flare. PD))6/7/18
8/21/16 17:45Golubinci (Serbia)SerbiaOval10 minutesOn 21. Avg 2016, I wanted to record the moving clouds with my smartphone camera and see the clouds later in an increased speed playback6/7/18
8/14/16 18:30SeymourCTUSASphere30 secondsNew info on old sighting. ((anonymous report))6/7/18
1/11/15 18:30RichmondVAUSATriangle1 minuteLarge black triangle with red lights, hovering very low over national box-store.6/7/18
9/21/09 00:05Ely (Cardiff) (UK/Wales)United KingdomRectangle5 minutesMassive dark grey rectangle. ((anonymous report))6/7/18
7/10/68 22:00AuroraOHUSADisk4 minutesMy father and I saw a huge saucer shaped craft hovering over our front yard, then move away over the treeline. ((anonymous report))6/7/18
4/14/61Nuremberg (Germany)GermanyIn reference to this report---"Occurred : 4/14/1561 08:00 (Entered as : 04/14/1561 8:00) Reported: 8/9/2012 8:15:39 AM 08:15 Post6/7/18