National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2018/01/15


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/15/18 05:33PamplinVAUSAChanging10 minutesLinear triangle shaped object observed in Pamplin, Va1/15/18
1/15/18 00:00MetairieLAUSAUnknown<5 minutesLoud aircraft heard incredibly close above home.1/15/18
1/14/18 11:45WilmingtonMAUSACircle10 secondsStationary round metallic object in the sky, WIlmington, MA, 1/14/18.1/15/18
1/14/18 07:20ConwayWAUSAFormation20 minutesLight formation changing shape 3 bright orange / white lights1/15/18
1/14/18 00:00FrederickMDUSACircle4 minutesAs I was driving home from work on route 40 I saw a disc shaped object in the sky with a band of flashing lights surrounding it in a ci1/15/18
1/13/18 23:30Oklahoma CityOKUSAOtherPulsating orange light with a odd circle figure that disappeared1/15/18
12/25/17 01:00BarnesvilleMDUSAUnknown2 hours((HOAX??)) Loud buzzing sound hovering over my house and a conversation between beings in a strange language.1/15/18
6/15/16 00:00WillisburgKYUSAFireball5 minutesKentucky fireball.1/15/18
5/15/82 01:00SaegertownPAUSALight3 secondsThe 3 seconds of my life that has lasted 35 years1/15/18