National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2016/04/01


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/1/16 13:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight1-2 minutesI was looking at the clear blue sky observing the spraying or contrails that were lingering there when I saw this group of bright objec4/1/16
4/1/16 04:40Port OrangeFLUSATriangle15 secondsAs we were star gazing this weird triangle formed object with 4 circle lights had flew right over our heads not super far off the groun4/1/16
4/1/16 04:23San JoseCAUSALight2:30 am to nowHere has been a bright light object above my apartment for three hours now.4/1/16
3/31/16 23:30St. HelensORUSAFormation2 hoursThey looked like stars but 13 where in a row then they dispersed threw the sky. They had bright flashing lights like cop cars! could se4/1/16
3/31/16 22:02ArlingtonTXUSAOval2 minutesBright object shots up and disappears into space.4/1/16
3/31/16 20:30Rehoboth BeachDEUSAOval20 minutesWe spotted an oval-shaped aircraft while driving on route one; did not fly like a helicopter and was too round to be a plane; flying in4/1/16
3/31/16 17:30Ft. LauderdaleFLUSALight3 minutesLarge light moving in a pendulum like motion.4/1/16
3/31/16 04:00San DiegoCAUSACylinder90 minutesMany bright rotations of cylinder air crafts.4/1/16
3/31/16 03:00ChapmanvilleWVUSADiamond4-5 minutesHexagonal shaped craft flew through the sky in the early hours of March 31 with extraterrestrial movements.4/1/16
3/31/16 02:00PortlandORUSALight3-5 secondsWent on a bike ride with my headphones in, was almost home i looked left casually and looked in the sky. I saw a VERY WHITE bright ligh4/1/16
3/31/16 01:00Preston (UK/England)United KingdomLight30 minutesBlinking light over England/UK.4/1/16
3/30/16 21:00ColumbusGAUSAOther3 minutesI have pics!4/1/16
3/30/16 20:45BushkillPAUSADiamond2 minutesDiamond/Star Like Bright Object Flying Low in the Sky with No other lights or sound.4/1/16
3/30/16 07:55New York City (Queens)NYUSAOval2-3 minutesNYC UFO.4/1/16
3/30/16 00:30MaywoodCAUSACircle1 hour((HOAX??)) Object flying over atmosphere blinking red.ready to do something.possibly invade land.4/1/16
3/30/16 00:00High PointNCUSADisk10 secondsDisk oval shaped with light coming down fast and disappearing in mid air!!4/1/16
3/30/16 00:00CorydonINUSATriangleAll nightWhy are there silent aircraft flying over corydon at night? Also why are there so many going in the same direction?4/1/16
3/30/16Winston-SalemNCUSAFireball5 minutesVery large firecolor came from the trees and moved slow across the sky. Once it got above my house it fizzled out.. it started out a fi4/1/16
3/29/16 23:01IrondequoitNYUSACircle30 minutesInitially one bright flashing object caught our attention. After looking further we counted up to seven. They all exhibited the same4/1/16
3/29/16 22:15Myrtle BeachSCUSACircle10 secondsOrange orbs appearing in random patterns for 2-12 seconds along with flashes of light across the Atlantic.4/1/16
3/29/16 20:51SheltonWAUSALight~2 minutesSlow-flying lights were NOT a commercial airliner!4/1/16
3/29/16 20:30Morro BayCAUSAUnknown3 minutesUnusually bright aircraft-like light that suddenly dimmed.4/1/16
3/29/16 20:25VeronaWIUSATriangle30 secondsFlying translucent triangle shape and transformer explosion.4/1/16
3/29/16 20:14AuburnNYUSATriangle4 minutesI saw a bright orange triangle with no sound flying southeast. ((NUFORC Note: Overflight of ISS. PD))4/1/16
3/29/16 20:00WindhamNHUSATriangle1 minuteMultiple UFO's spotted flying out of unknown light.4/1/16
3/29/16 19:39CrestlineCAUSADisk20 secondsSeen circular object with 1 circular light in the middle. Also 2 strips of lights on the side. Went straight up into the sky.4/1/16
3/29/16 14:30Denver MetroCOUSALight5-10 minutesIt was partially cloudy and sun. Saw between 20-30 small lights flying in a tornado like formation going in and out of the clouds.4/1/16
3/29/16 06:45Royal Palm BeachFLUSAFlash1 minutesLight orb shoots across the sky into a portal.4/1/16
3/29/16 06:40Boca RatonFLUSAFireball5 secondsWe saw what looked like a very large shooting star or ball of fire moving very fast and very low from West to East.4/1/16
3/29/16 06:30Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandCone15 minutesHovering and flying in angular positions and darting with lights and very birght lights over Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand4/1/16
3/29/16 06:25Port Saint LucieFLUSASphere3 secondsQuick, bright, green. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))4/1/16
3/29/16 02:00St. PaulMNUSATrianglestill occuringTriangular craft in stealth mode.4/1/16
3/28/16 23:45HamdenCTUSAFlash3-5 seconds((HOAX??)) Blue-Green flash in the night sky.4/1/16
3/28/16 22:30Islamabad (Pakistan)PakistanSphere10 minutesGlowing UFO's/UFO fireballs.4/1/16
3/28/16 22:00North Myrtle BeachSCUSACigar3 secondsWalking the beach with my family we saw two lines of six orange dots in a row. There were 2 in close proximity to each other.4/1/16
3/28/16 21:30MonroeNCUSAOther15 minutesI look up at the sky and I see a light in the sky E of where I was sitting. The light changed color. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))4/1/16
3/28/16 21:05Mt. JulietTNUSAFlash3 minutes((HOAX??)) Flashing lights travelling fast across the sky.4/1/16
3/28/16 21:00RochesterILUSAFireball~2 hours((HOAX??)) Started w/ 1 light on E hor., followed it, grew to countless lights over 2 hrs., along with close encounter ground sighting.4/1/16
3/28/16 19:49StaffordVAUSACircle5 minutesVery bright light with small light circling around it.4/1/16
3/28/16 12:30TucsonAZUSALight60 secondsLight sphere becomes hawk.4/1/16
3/28/16 09:34ElyriaOHUSAUnknown5 seconds((HOAX??)) There were three shapes with blinking lights northwest of where I was standing.4/1/16
3/28/16 06:30Glenwood SpringsCOUSADisk3 minutesSighting disk object with two rows of red lights hovering above trees.4/1/16
3/28/16 04:25LaksideMTUSAFireball30 seconds((HOAX??)) Two large orange fireballs.4/1/16
3/28/16 00:15ParadiseCAUSAFlashContinuingLooking towards north, I noticed a full sky flashing, which continued every few minutes without any sound??4/1/16
3/27/16 22:30TulsaOKUSACross5 minutesT-shaped object, moving slow, with one red one green and four white lights.4/1/16
3/27/16 21:32Gum SpringsARUSALight01:23Bright starlike light, pulsating in the sky over Gum Springs, Arkansas. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))4/1/16
3/27/16 21:00EppingNHUSACylinder18 minutesOn March 27, at 9:30pm, while sitting on my deck in Epping, NH, I was suddenly illuminated by a bright flash in the NW sky.4/1/16
3/27/16 20:50Santa MariaCAUSADisk2 minutesAll lights appeared white that blinked in sequence around the object. May have a redlight in the middle that turned off suddenly.4/1/16
3/27/16 20:45BakersfieldCAUSAFireball15 minutesIt looks like a Fire Ballon, there were 3 , no sound. What can it be?4/1/16
3/27/16 20:30NaplesFLUSACircle2 minutesI walked outside to walk my dog. In the eastern sky an object, round, bright red, and in a slightly irregular motion (like it was wobbl4/1/16
3/27/16 18:00LubbockTXUSARectangle2 hoursWired objects in West Texas.4/1/16
3/27/16 17:00Los AngelesCAUSASphere10 secondsI was on a flight (American Airline Express) back home from Monterey, CA. At exactly 5:50pm we were flying over what it seemed Inglewoo4/1/16
3/26/16 23:40Oklahoma CityOKUSASphere10 secondsVery large orange light in the sky with the moon to the south east of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.4/1/16
3/26/16 23:30PelicanAKUSASphere01:30Multiple objects with multiple colors did respond to our attempt to signal with our lights.4/1/16
3/26/16 23:15CedaredgeCOUSAFlash5 minutesMULTIPLE INTERMITENT FLASHES OF LIGHT4/1/16
3/26/16 22:30GlenviewILUSALight15 minutesI witnessed for the second Saturday in a row, a very bright white light approximately straight overhead. The light is not constant but4/1/16
3/26/16 22:30SequimWAUSAFireball5 minutesTwo fireballs in formation, moving north to south. Weather conditions were light breeze and moderate rain. Both fireballs disappeared4/1/16
3/26/16 22:30El PasoTXUSATriangleI let my dog outside for her last bathroom bake for the night. I looked up at the sky as I always do, but this time I notice a flashin4/1/16
3/26/16 21:55White PlainsMDUSALight2-4 minutesLowering light blue bright light. cloudy only light in sky.4/1/16
3/26/16 21:55RiversideCAUSALight1 secondGreen light that quickly fell downwards4/1/16
3/26/16 21:20New LexingtonOHUSADisk2 minutesI tried to enter the time in the correct box but it would not allow me. But the sighting took place at 9:20 P.M. or 21:20 P.M. Military4/1/16
3/26/16 20:30BaltimoreMDUSAOval3-8 minutesReport of six orange glowing objects flying at high altitude coming from the southwest flying northwest over Baltimore, Maryland at app4/1/16
3/26/16 20:15SarasotaFLUSACircle3 minutesThere were two purple lights in the western sky. One was in a fixed position and the other one came from below it. It dropped directly4/1/16
3/26/16 20:15Pembroke PinesFLUSAFireball1.5-2.0 minutesShocking, caught me off guard!4/1/16
3/26/16 20:00ChestervilleMEUSAUnknown4 hoursRed, white and blue flashing lights.4/1/16
3/26/16 20:00West NewburyMAUSATeardrop15 minutesA procession of slow moving orange fireball object were observed in the sky4/1/16
3/26/16 18:45Wigan (UK/England)NTUnited KingdomTriangle5 minutesI was sat on my couch with my son age 4 and a half when I saw the three separate orange orbs.4/1/16
3/26/16 18:00North HollywoodCAUSALight5 minutesMiracle had to see it to believe it4/1/16
3/26/16 15:30YorkPAUSACircle20 minutesSaw multiple low flying planes over head which is odd for our area. As they were passing by we took notice to this very bright spot in4/1/16
3/26/16 14:30Fort CollinsCOUSATriangle24 seconds7500-9000ft this object approximately stationary 20 seconds above where i was playing basketball and then it moved out east faster than4/1/16
3/25/16 23:00BridgtonMEUSACircle30 minutes((HOAX??)) 1 red small light and 2 small yellow lights glaring through the trees low and bouncing.4/1/16
3/25/16 22:00AcworthGAUSACircleI walked out of my house and looked up that's when I saw something circular shaped with brite white lights that is why I filed the repo4/1/16
3/25/16 22:00Kirkland/KenmoreWAUSASphere14 minutes15-20 orange spheres floating in triangular patterns in the night sky would disappear in peculiar ways, and sound was suppressed.4/1/16
3/25/16 22:00ResedaCAUSATriangle5-7 minutesStrange reddish orange lights in a triangular pattern spotted in the Southwest sky over Los Angeles, 3/25/16.4/1/16
3/25/16 21:00Bainbridge IslandWAUSALight2 minutesMy friend and I were outside looking at the stars when we saw this light moving across the sky. First we thought it was a satellite but4/1/16
3/25/16 20:00MilwaukieORUSATriangle3 minutesI saw one red and two orange flying object in the sky.4/1/16
3/25/16 19:30ParagouldARUSAOther10 minutesFalling object in daylight with streak of black smoke trail, turns and travels opposite from Earth along the same route that it fell.4/1/16
3/25/16 17:30FairbanksAKUSASphereI took 3 photos of the sky on 3/25/2016 and in my photos I noticed blue object. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD))4/1/16
3/25/16 15:00MojaveCAUSAOtherUFO in picture!4/1/16
3/25/16 14:00GouldsboroPAUSATriangle15 seconds3 black triangles traveling like a jet, 15 minute spacing in between all from west to east and same path, spotted directly overhead.4/1/16
3/25/16 03:45LakewoodNJUSATriangle1 hourTriangle shaped object. Hovering over 1 hour. Red and green lights flashing sporadically. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))4/1/16
3/25/16 02:00AlbuquerqueNMUSATriangle3 secondsSaw three orange lights that formed a triangle, and moved across the sky super fast.4/1/16
3/24/16 22:50ChesterVAUSADisk2-3 secondsHi Peter, One sighting tonight, March 24th, of a luminous bright gold colored saucer shaped object for about two to three seconds thoug4/1/16
3/24/16 21:30LorenzoTXUSALight15 secondsThree flashing lights in the night sky on a horizontal line with the bottom of the moon as one light moved rapidly between.4/1/16
3/24/16 21:10GainesvilleFLUSAFlash<1 secondI saw what appeared to be an exploding satellite @ ~9:10 PM March 24, 20164/1/16
3/23/16 22:00North HavenCTUSAChanging10 minutesMultiple objects, big and small, surrounded my numerous unmarked helicopters.4/1/16
3/23/16 12:00IranIranOther1 secondPicture of black parrallelogram, static, between clouds and mountain area.4/1/16
3/23/16 00:15VoorheesNJUSADiamond30 secondsDiamond Shape Craft Circling Over The Hospital4/1/16
3/22/16 22:20Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight25+ minutes6 "Strobing" Lights in Formation + 2 Large Orbs + 1 Slow-moving Red Light. Wow!4/1/16
3/22/16 03:15BaltimoreMDUSAOvalSaw what I thought was a star that was changing colors red green blue white, i watched it for about half hour thinking it was celestial4/1/16
3/21/16 21:26DenverCOUSACircle7 minutesTwo UFO craft sighted in Denver-One strobing with forward momentum, the other hovering.4/1/16
3/20/16 19:30CantonMIUSALight15 minutesUFO looked like Venus bright white light holding postion in dusk sky, as planes came in veiw UFO cloaked out.4/1/16
3/19/16 06:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging32 minutesThin light accompanied with 2 orange orbs,Colorado Springs, CO.4/1/16
3/18/16 17:00Sinking SpringPAUSADisksecondsShiny metallic saucer-shaped aircraft.4/1/16
3/17/16 05:30Pine GroveCAUSASphere10 minutesYard was lit up and a huge blinding bright light shaped like a sphere was moving towards the end of the street.4/1/16
3/6/16 23:00St. GeorgeUTUSATriangle1 minuteThree lights appear in triangular sequence then turns off in same pattern.4/1/16
3/6/16 18:50Merritt IslandFLUSALight20 minutesLights moving North east to south west4/1/16
2/29/16 21:00London (Buckinghamshire)(UK/England)United KingdomTriangle45 minutesBlack triangle, no noise, impossible mobility for its size, sighting lasted 45 minutes.4/1/16
2/26/16 13:11Palm SpringsAZUSADisk1 secondPicture taken, object cannot be explained. No reflection possible we can explain. Have photo to share4/1/16
1/27/16 17:33FlorenceCOUSACircle5 secondsYellow/orange sphere hovering 20' off the ground above a neighbors yard.4/1/16
12/18/15 21:00KingslandGAUSASphere15 minutes8-10 pusling, spherical lights moving at varying speeds and directions until converging and disappearing4/1/16
11/28/15 11:00Continental DivideNMUSACircleMinutesSent to MUFON, confirmed to be unsolved.4/1/16
9/18/15 21:00KillinglyCTUSAFireball1 minute((HOAX??)) Orangey disk shaped, gave of no ambient light.4/1/16
2/15/15 12:00MurriettaCAUSASphereunknownObjects are attracted to model rocket launch(es) and were captured by video.4/1/16
7/23/13 20:00CantonMIUSAOther6 minutesWeird shaped UFO hovering 30 feet in sky.4/1/16
4/14/13 20:30MesaAZUSALight45 secondsRed, spherical light slowly and irregularly flashing, no sound.4/1/16
1/25/95 14:30Washington, DC (west side)MDUSADisk5 minutesI was driving in a company van to pick up parts in Tysons Corner Virginia when I looked up and saw a disk shaped craft above a small cl4/1/16
2/12/90 22:00KelloggIDUSALightFastMy wife and I were on the front deck when she said, "Did you see that?" I said, "What?" She then told me two large, round lights.4/1/16
11/4/89 21:38ParisKYUSASphere1-5 minuteWalked out the back porch, looked at jupiter, a bright glow caught my the corner if my eye from the northeast, about 50 degrees to the4/1/16
7/27/89 23:00Myrtle BeachSCUSALight20Lights over Myrtle Beach.4/1/16
9/3/87 19:30BartlesvilleOKUSACircle10 minutesFlying Saucer Sighting Date:  Thursday, September 3, 1987 Time: Between 7:30 and 8:00 PM Location:  Outside a mobile home residence.4/1/16
6/30/78 23:30New WashingtonOHUSATriangle10 minutesTriangular-shaped craft travelled with me before speeding off out of sight.4/1/16
10/1/72 20:00New WashingtonOHUSAOval2 minutesWhite oval (thought it was a street light at first).4/1/16
6/1/64 21:00HoustonTXUSATriangle5 minutesI saw 3 lights in the sky that moved together.4/1/16