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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2015/12/10


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/10/15 17:30Dubai (UAE)United Arad EmiratesLight1 minutesThis ufo moved across the sky with zero sound and did not blink once. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report?? PD)12/10/15
12/9/15 22:59Frenchtown (Monroe)MIUSAFireball5 minutesTwo fireballs followed by a third over shoreline of Lake Erie, heading NorthEast. A 4th fireball followed same path 2 min later.12/10/15
12/9/15 22:50RosemeadCAUSAUnknown2 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source. Source elects to remain anonymous; provides no contact information. Hoax?? PD))12/10/15
12/9/15 20:40Spring GroveILUSALight10 minutesFlashing lights over McHenry. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a star? PD))12/10/15
12/9/15 18:00Holly SpringsNCUSAUnknown45 minutesWhile walking my dog I noticed a propeller plane I thought was coming in for a landing. It had white lights and a red flashing on the b12/10/15
12/9/15 17:23BeavertonORUSALight5 minutesI was driving north on SW 158th Ave from Walker Rd and saw to the west 5 lights (traveling too slow and too close to be airplanes) 3 of12/10/15
12/9/15 15:05Mount IdaARUSASphere10 seconds5-6 small white spheres dancing in sky for approximately 10 seconds -- way above birds.12/10/15
12/9/15 06:17RentonWAUSAUnknown3 minutesSeen flashing lights like lightning going in bursts of 2 lighting up the sky came from the north, seemed to flash every 45 seconds or s12/10/15
12/9/15 06:00Pune (~50 kms from)(India)IndiaUnknown<1 minuteA set of few multi-color lights moving in tandem from North-West direction to South-East direction in the dark sky.12/10/15
12/8/15 21:00AthensALUSADiamond3 minutesDiamond-shaped craft points up and down multiple colored lights Red being most outstanding and brightest others where clear to yellow.12/10/15
12/8/15 20:51TampaFLUSAFireball5 minutesFireballs flying in formation outside Tampa.12/10/15
12/8/15 18:40DunedinFLUSAChevron5:00It is no marvel that satan will masquerade as an angel of light.12/10/15
12/8/15 18:20VanceALUSALight2 minutesSingle light disapearing and re apearing in a direct line path then shot out to the side faintly.12/10/15
12/8/15 17:34New BloomingtonOHUSAChanging2 minutesObject flying with three bright white lights12/10/15
12/8/15 17:15KnoxvilleTNUSACylinder10-15 secondsShort, cylindrical craft that gleamed like a star, was illuminated briefly by the sun, and disappeared12/10/15
12/8/15 12:55KennesawGAUSAOther2-3 secondsAt approximately 12:55 pm, I was standing in my kitchen, near a window, when a bright flash of light appeared just outside the window.12/10/15
12/8/15 04:30PhoenixAZUSACigar5 minutesStarting on left side thr were 2 bright wht circles then 3 diff colored then 2 more bright wht lights…12/10/15
12/7/15 22:00BexleyOHUSAFireball2-3 minutes2 fiery objects seen above the starbucks in the center of town.12/10/15
12/7/15 21:15YorkNEUSATriangle1 minuteLarge flying V- and T-shaped lights.12/10/15
12/7/15 20:00King GeorgeVAUSALight1 hourLook like a star but was brighter that's what caught my eye had a red flicker. Looked like it was hovering around and was slowly drifti12/10/15
12/7/15 16:00CowlingtonOKUSACircle30 minutesSmall white circle moving steadily across the sky, stopped, shimmied back and forth, took off at a Right angle.12/10/15
12/7/15 03:00NorthbrookILUSALight1 hourWhite lights that glowed in and out continuously and moved around. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a planet in the E sky? PD))12/10/15
12/7/15 02:30Campbelltown (Sydney)(Australia)AustraliaFormation10 minutes4 large, red, round objects seen over Sydney, Australia, In formation.12/10/15
12/7/15 02:00Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaUnknown1 hourAbduction event by Greys in Johannesburg South Africa.12/10/15
12/7/15 01:00HuntingtonWVUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular white LED lights in the pitch black night sky.12/10/15
12/6/15 19:30RussellvilleARUSACircle30 secondsCircular shape with red and green lights.12/10/15
12/6/15 18:34AlbuquerqueNMUSAFireball3-7 secondsBright green fireball south of Albuquerque, NM. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))12/10/15
12/6/15 18:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAOval3 secondsA craft with flashing blue and green lights on the side, with blue smoke falling before disappearing.12/10/15
12/6/15 17:00GraftonMAUSAFormation1 minute3 lights flying similar to a satellite, but 2 of the lights faded in and out of sight12/10/15
12/6/15 16:45Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere30 secondsBig star-like object in westrern sky near time of sunset in Ottawa, Canada instantly disappears!12/10/15
12/6/15 12:00Santa FeNMUSAFireball3 secondsGreen fireball. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))12/10/15
12/6/15 08:50LeanderTXUSA10 seconds((HOAX??)) Triangle light formation flew by low, and silently but fast.12/10/15
12/6/15 01:00Bowling GreenKYUSAFlash30 secondsGreen fireball shoot thru sky.12/10/15
12/5/15 23:30WhitesburgKYUSATriangle2 minutesBlack triangle over Whitesburg in Letcher County Kentucky.12/10/15
12/5/15 21:30Seal BeachCAUSAFireball5 minutesWhile relaxing in the jacuzzi in our backyard, we suddenly looked up and saw 8-10 orange fireball like UFOs that seemed to stop and hov12/10/15
12/5/15 21:00ProspectMEUSAChanging1 hourMulti-colored orb in the clear sky. Looked like a 'disco ball', then changed position.12/10/15
12/5/15 13:15Huntingdon ValleyPAUSAOther40White oreo shaped object - North East Philadelphia - East Sky12/10/15
12/5/15 10:56Green Bay WestWIUSASphere5 seconds8 to 10 round objects in formation flashing and glittering sun light 2 thousand feet above observer.12/10/15
12/5/15 05:00DeltonaFLUSALight8 minutes2 very bright lights a few miles away from each other. Both lights were slowly descending vertically until we could not see them.12/10/15
12/5/15 04:18ParisMOUSATeardrop6-8 seconds((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. Possible sighting of a planet in the eastern sky? PD))12/10/15
12/5/15 03:20Beaver FallsPAUSAFireball3 secondsSingle fireball over Beaver Falls12/10/15
12/4/15 00:00TacomaWAUSAOval5 secondsAn oval orange and green with three orange beams in the rear object flying very fast in the sky from east to west sideways12/10/15
12/4/15 23:30PortlandORUSAOther2 minutesStrange moving multicolored diamond shape over Gresham, Oregon.12/10/15
12/4/15 22:28Sturgeon BayWIUSALight>10 minutesBright light spot bouncing around erratically in south west.12/10/15
12/4/15 22:20Gilchrist (Canada)ONCanadaFlash5-10 secondsSeries of bright streaks in the sky near air force base.12/10/15
12/4/15 22:00Norton ShoresMIUSARectangle~2 minutesOrange, rectangular lights drifting across the sky12/10/15
12/4/15 21:45MeridianIDUSAUnknown10 minutes15-20 "craft" with yellowish lights flying from S to N over South Boise, and Meridian, ID.12/10/15
12/4/15 21:00Charles CityIAUSALight5 secondsBlue ball of light moving through the sky low and slow.12/10/15
12/4/15 20:00Morehead cityNCUSA4+Strange star-like light with geometric shape.12/10/15
12/4/15 20:00SmithvilleTNUSATeardrop7 minutesBright light with blue, pink, green and bright tint of orange. In the Eastern sky falling towards the North.12/10/15
12/4/15 20:00Catawissa/BurnsvilleMOUSATriangleOngoingMultiple triangular light clusters overhead ten or more at different altitudes. Typically white lights however observed one with red.12/10/15
12/4/15 19:30KirklandWAUSAFireball3-5 secondsFireball, two witnesses, holy crap.12/10/15
12/4/15 19:00ClareMIUSADisk20 minuteslarge round flashing lights around it and glided west.12/10/15
12/4/15 18:53SeattleWAUSACircle2 secondsBright white circular light with a long orange tail moving quickly westward across the sky12/10/15
12/4/15 18:45SumnerWAUSAFireball2.5 secondsGreen fireball sweeps across the sky horizontally and vanishes12/10/15
12/4/15 18:30PortlandORUSAFireball1 secondSmall fireball streaked across sky looking North from SE Portland. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))12/10/15
12/4/15 18:30Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight30 secondsLarge, bright, orange orb like lights seen low on horizon.12/10/15
12/4/15 18:00AlansonMIUSAChanging5 minutesShape-shifting lights over Alanson, Michigan.12/10/15
12/4/15 18:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALight30 secondsAt 18:00, standing outside, my husband witnessed a light 'zigzagging' in the air. It then proceeded to slow down and hover and start zi12/10/15
12/4/15 18:00ElizabethCOUSALight25 minutesI sent my nephew to get my laptop from my car and when he came back in he said, "Oh, by the way, what are those lights out there?"12/10/15
12/4/15 18:00FridleyMNUSACylinder20 minutesI video taped 1 main cigar to circular shaped, bright purple. It flew like a plane towards me then it stopped.12/10/15
12/4/15 16:30ColumbiaCTUSAOval~20 secondsOval shaped ball of light.12/10/15
12/4/15 16:25JeffersonMDUSACircle55 minutesStar-like object on a sunny day moved slowly to the southeast, then disappeared 55 minutes later at twilight.12/10/15
12/4/15 06:45Wilmington (?)NCUSAUnknown1:00Bright light close to earth fades red and disappears to right side of sky, as helicopter spotlight searches in sky overhead12/10/15
12/4/15 00:00SnohomishWAUSAFormation>1 hourWe see a shape with two to three lights that has stayed in the same place for almost an hour now. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star? PD))12/10/15
12/3/15 18:15BreeseILUSATriangle00:15This was not the ISS; I've never seen this!12/10/15
12/3/15 17:40GainesvilleVAUSACircle2 secondsA very bright light in the sky that slows itself before speeding back up.12/10/15
12/3/15Copperas CoveTXUSA1 hourNOT A REPORT - FYI.12/10/15
12/2/15 23:00Cayo Guillermo (Cuba)CubaCircle20 secondsBright orange object passing overhead without sound.12/10/15
12/2/15 03:00Alberta (rural)ABCanadaTrianglesecondsI was photgraphing an oil rig at night.....once picture was taken, I could see blue dot on moniter. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD))12/10/15
11/19/15 00:00NashvilleTNUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle shaped object with yellowish/orange lights flying over middle TN around midnight12/10/15
11/17/15 19:00OakleyCAUSAOther5 minutessomeone called in on coast to coast open lines and reported seeing what i saw. we both were at the drive in. small world.12/10/15
11/16/15CamptonNHUSATriangle15 minutesThe first set I seen. Were three orange little balls about the size of street lamps 1 was to the right to wear to the left.12/10/15
11/15/15 05:20RenoNVUSATriangle15 secondsBlack triangle. Only discernible by observing the blotting out of stars. Clearly a very large object.12/10/15
11/15/15 05:20RenoNVUSATriangle15 secondsBlack triangle. Only discernible by observing the blotting out of stars. Clearly a very large object.12/10/15
11/12/15 21:30San BenitoTXUSAOther15 secondsUFO looks like plane, previous UFO light sphere see.12/10/15
11/12/15 04:30AlexandriaVAUSAEgg20 seconds4 craft seen, low altitude, bright orange12/10/15
11/5/15 23:00SparksNVUSAOther3 minutesSaw an up close, HUGE saucer w/ spherical mounds and bright white lights, appeared to be a bright falling star until we ended up gettin12/10/15
10/31/15 19:00NewcastleDEUSADiamond2 minutesHovering on the border of the delaware air national gaurd. this was not military. it was silent and did not move.12/10/15
9/29/15 19:50Bullhead CityAZUSAFlash.30 minuteStar-like object, moving ENE, emitting bright flashes.12/10/15
8/8/15 10:00New OrleansLAUSACircle20 minutesDaytime contact with an UFO.12/10/15
12/23/14 09:45SpringfieldOHUSACircle5 minutesUFO over Clarence Brown reservoir in Clark County, Ohio,12/10/15
8/1/14 04:00PhoenixAZUSA2 minutesIn the south phoenix awatukee area I was looking at the constalation of orion, I saw an object of unknown shape, apron twice the size o12/10/15
8/20/13 00:00MetropolisILUSAOther5:00 minutesThis happen around 8/20/13. We were on a train working and we're sitting still in a railroad siding waiting on trains.It was a clear n12/10/15
11/30/96 23:00Amarillo (east of)TXUSAFireballFlash of light seen on 11/30/15, east of Amarillo.12/10/15
8/7/94 22:30YpsilantiMIUSAOther45 minutes3 bell shaped objects seen flying in perfect V formation over Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan12/10/15
5/15/93 05:30GlendaleUSARectangle30 minutesDriving home, about 300 or 400 ft up I noticed a flying (hovering) object like a box kite. Watched it 4 the 10 min or so.12/10/15