National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2014/01/30


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/30/14 18:30BoscawenNHUSACircle3-5 minutesThree lighted circular or smooth triangle shape object.1/30/14
1/30/14 18:00AlansonMIUSADisk20 minutes((HOAX??))I was walking by the sliding glass door of my house when something caught the corner of my eye out in the snow covered field.1/30/14
1/30/14 06:40San ManuelAZUSALight5 minutesSlow light that turns and is out of sight in seconds.1/30/14
1/30/14 05:30YarmouthMAUSAOval10Bright, flashing, amber colored, oval object stationary above Route 6 westbound on Cape Cod, MA.1/30/14
1/30/14 05:00FayattevilleTNUSALight45 minutesWhile driving 18 wheeler saw a bright light that moved "smoothly through the air. No red/green marking lights. Observed obje1/30/14
1/30/14 02:00MaldenMAUSALightit's still happeningIt looks a like a twinkling star, but this thing is moving in different directions. It's now 2:32am and it's still there.1/30/14
1/30/14 02:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle>1 hourVery bright white light in night sky1/30/14
1/30/14 00:10LortonVAUSAUnknown10 secondsSounded like an incoming jet, looked like ambulance or firetruck lights1/30/14
1/30/14 00:00Hot SpringsARUSA5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. Remains anonymous. PD))1/30/14
1/29/14 23:00Oklahoma CityOKUSADisk30 secondsNearby nighttime viewing of brightly lit saucer in South Oklahoma City.1/30/14
1/29/14 23:00Avondale/TollesonAZUSALightUnknownThe orange/yello lisghts where closer at times and vanished.1/30/14
1/29/14 21:00Fort WayneINUSATriangle1 minute3 lights in the shape of a triangle hover and then travel S, SW.1/30/14
1/29/14 20:10OaktonVAUSADiamond5-10 secondsHovering octagonal (diamond) shape object with flashing lights in the night sky.1/30/14
1/29/14 20:00Fort WayneINUSALight30 secondsTwo white lights seen stationary, then "parted" and traveled out of sight.1/30/14
1/29/14 19:34Santa ClaritaCAUSACircle5-10 minutesSeveral orange-pinkish lights in sky looking east that moved in sky and then began to fizzle out.1/30/14
1/29/14 18:49ScottdalePAUSATriangle5 minutesRed lights on fast moving triangular UFO.1/30/14
1/29/14 18:41ScottdalePAUSATriangle5 minutesRed lights changing to white on triangular craft1/30/14
1/29/14 18:00ScurryTXUSACircleI was facing south, and I noticed red ball descending quickly.Seconds later it was gone.1/30/14
1/29/14 17:45PlaistowNHUSASphere3-5 minutesYellowish - Red Orbs seen from my car. One of the orbs traveled towards me.1/30/14
1/29/14 17:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle5 minutesHuge triangle with sun set reflecting off of it1/30/14
1/29/14 07:30AhwatukeeAZUSALight20 minutesFlaming lights in the sky over Ahwatukee1/30/14
1/29/14 06:05Palm Beach GardensFLUSADisk15 minutesLocated about ESE , about 3 miles distance from the ocean, obvious stationary above the ocean .Round bright whitish- not moving for a1/30/14
1/29/14 05:30Fort LauderdaleFLUSA2 secondsExtremely loud boom!1/30/14
1/29/14 02:00Beech GroveINUSATriangle1 1/2 minutesLow flying slow moving, had red and white lights.1/30/14
1/29/14LeetsdalePAUSALight3 minutesStar-like bright white light moving slowly across the morning sky.1/30/14
1/28/14 23:45James IslandSCUSAFlash1-2 minutesGreen lights.1/30/14
1/28/14 21:37Elk GroveCAUSAFlash3 secondsBright object flashes then shoots across the sky.1/30/14
1/28/14 21:30MorristownTNUSAUnknownmost of the nightAbout an hour before my fiance had brought me out to see something...I noticed what felt like a small tremor or vibration that went thr1/30/14
1/28/14 21:10Las VegasNVUSALight10 secondsWhite light ball speeds off and leaves colored trail.1/30/14
1/28/14 21:00SultanaCAUSACircle30 secondsRapid circle in the clouds that turn triangular green and disappears.1/30/14
1/28/14 19:17Bowling GreenKYUSAFireball5 secondsShooting, burning star.1/30/14
1/28/14 18:45Punta GordaFLUSALight40 secondsTwo lights over Punta Gorda, Florida.1/30/14
1/28/14 11:23JeffersonvilleKYUSATriangle3-6 minutesFirst me and a friend watch the sky light blue, then a triangle shape of 10 to 12 crafts were moving in the stanton direction! cant exp1/30/14
1/28/14 09:03Little ElmTXUSATriangle2 minutes3 red lights moving slowly and making a humming sound.1/30/14
1/28/14 02:47MizpahNJUSADiamond7-10 minutesTriangle shaped craft white lights(no blinking) slow moving pace with a green light dropped out of it low altitude heading S-SW 2:45am1/30/14
1/28/14 01:15HaywardCAUSAOval1 minuteI was looking out my kitchen window looking at the sky as i washed dishes and i saw a light i thought it was a plain until it got close1/30/14
1/28/14 00:00Oak CreekUSAOval3.5 hoursBy lake michigan and power plant they come and are In same place almost everynight for as ling as I remember no not stars or satilites1/30/14
1/27/14 21:05TucsonAZUSAOther2 minutesFlew low over Tucson from the north to the south Below flying aircraft bright red and absolutely no noise. No flashing. Just steady red1/30/14
1/27/14 20:15MidvaleUTUSAOther5 plus secAt 20:00 hrs (8:00 mst just to be sure on time accuracy), I was told by wife to go get gas in her vehicle. I came upon the stop sign co1/30/14
1/27/14 19:30HighfillARUSATriangle15 minutesTriangular craft 3 green lights visible.1/30/14
1/27/14 17:35LongviewWAUSAFireball2-3 minutesDriving home just after sundown I drove around a corner to see a number of lights (9-12), red-orange in color, ascending to the sky. Af1/30/14
1/27/14 15:30ChillicotheOHUSACircle1.5 minutesWhite round object followed by 2 fighter jets.1/30/14
1/27/14 08:00SarasotaFLUSAFireball3 minutes6-7 red fireballs, seen moving through the sky over Sarasota, Florida.1/30/14
1/27/14 07:00SeattleWAUSAFireballUnknownNoticed two bright whitish amber lights above the magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, one light got dimm and suddenly a third light appea1/30/14
1/27/14 06:30Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaLightfew minutes, i jumped on Dozens of white lights moving across the sky slowly and in the same direction.1/30/14
1/27/14 04:00EnglewoodFLUSAChanging5 secondsOrangish oval shape that slowly disappeared in sky seen by two friends.1/30/14
1/27/14 02:25Rancho Palos VerdesCAUSALight15Different color lights changing patterns and colors for the 15 minutes. High and far away and no sounds.1/30/14
1/27/14 01:00AlamedaCAUSADiamond3-5 secondsBright white elongated diamond shape in night sky.1/30/14
1/27/14 00:02AthensTNUSAOval45 secondsOval shaped, bright lights, brighter then street lights, disappeared as fast as appeared.1/30/14
1/26/14 21:00JacksonvilleFLUSADisk6 minutesBright disc spotted over east Jacksonville near 295, with aircrafts following.1/30/14
1/26/14 20:34North ArlingtonNJUSATriangle2:30 secondsLow altitude high velocity no sound at all. dark triangles.1/30/14
1/26/14 20:00North ArlingtonNJUSAFireball20 minutesRed circle hovering. Started moving slowly than took off and disappeared.1/30/14
1/26/14 18:35HerndonVAUSASphere2 minutesOrange/reddish slow moving flying objects over Herndon. No noise.1/30/14
1/26/14 18:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAEgg18:45The craft was no any commercial or military aircraft I've ever seen.1/30/14
1/26/14 17:35San ClementeCAUSACircle2 minutesTwo bright orange/red orbs sighted over Pacific Ocean.1/30/14
1/26/14 17:15KelsoWAUSAFireball2-3 minutesSaw a fireball flyover Longview WA from Kelso WA.1/30/14
1/26/14 09:30KearnyNJUSAOval70 secondsRed light emitting from a cloud1/30/14
1/26/14 04:00Kill Devil HillsNCUSATriangle10 minutesMultiple sightings over the past few weeks on the OBX.1/30/14
1/26/14 02:20LyndenWAUSAFlash3 secondsBright downward Strike of light of green and red. Beautiful and vivid .1/30/14
1/26/14 00:00WetumpkaALUSASphereHoursSaw at first one pulsating sphere. Then a secound. Both moving very aratctly.1/30/14
1/25/14 23:30WashburnNDUSALight10 minutesSlow Moving Light West of Washburn.1/30/14
1/25/14 23:00BarbadosBarbadosCircle1 minute6 bright circular lights in the sky, traveling in a "V" shape / Triangular Shape at a fast Speed. All the Lights were evenly.1/30/14
1/25/14 22:51JupiterFLUSASphere1:20Low altitude red glowing sphere, 500 feet overhead.1/30/14
1/25/14 22:45Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaChanging5 minutesOrange (and blue tinged) objects observed over south west Calgary.1/30/14
1/25/14 22:45SunriseFLUSAFireball3 minutesOrange fireballs spotted over South Florida, traveling alongside a plane.1/30/14
1/25/14 22:30WhitefishMTUSAFireball5 minutesOrange ball of light over Whitefish, MT.1/30/14
1/25/14 22:20LakelandFLUSADiamond3:00Silent, strong pyramid form with goldfish orangish lights.1/30/14
1/25/14 22:02Diamond LakeORUSALight3 minutesBig red orb flying over Diamond Lake, Or.1/30/14
1/25/14 22:00Vero BeachFLUSAOther40 minutesThe speed that it went from a stand still to moving was fast. We did not here any engine sounds.1/30/14
1/25/14 22:00TewksburyMAUSALight00:04Green and red falling light over walgreens resembling a flare1/30/14
1/25/14 21:45HollisterCAUSASphere3 minutesFour randum colored lights that change colors with randum movements East of Hollister, CA.1/30/14
1/25/14 21:30Fort MyersFLUSAFireballBright orangish reddish light illuminating from very bright to dim and repeats the process moved very slow but no sound emiting.1/30/14
1/25/14 20:53BelgradeMTUSADiamond1 minuteDiamond shaped object with multiple lights spies over belgrade montana.1/30/14
1/25/14 20:48WhitefieldNHUSASphere3-5 minutes3 Orange spheres seen moving very slow in formation.1/30/14
1/25/14 20:45IrvineCAUSATriangle35-40 secondsLarge Triangular translucent craft flew over the house while star gazing the width of 2 full moons. I was 100% silent with no lights.1/30/14
1/25/14 20:45Palm Beach GardensFLUSACircle6 minutes6 Orange Orbs Travel West to East Across the Northern Sky in South Florida.1/30/14
1/25/14 20:35Cape CoralFLUSALight5-10 minutesAdult male describes witnessing an estimated 20-25 orange lights move across the night sky.1/30/14
1/25/14 20:30ElginiILUSAFormation10 minutesRed flying objects.1/30/14
1/25/14 20:00KennesawGAUSAUnknown20 secondsSingle blinking red light, then green light, then disappeared completely.1/30/14
1/25/14 19:30KentWAUSAChanging5 minutesReddish orange glowing lights in an orb shape.1/30/14
1/25/14 18:50Santa CruzCAUSALight2 minutesI watched three red/orange glowing lights in the sky in a triangle formation. Then one faded and disappeared. The the other two separ1/30/14
1/25/14 03:00HermonMEUSATriangle2+ minutesVERY clear, close triangle object with pulsing lights and no sound directly overhead just 100 yards away.1/30/14
1/25/14 02:30CentennialCOUSATriangle30+ minutes3 residents of Centennial Colorado massive UFO due west of Centennal hoving bright multi color lights howing for over 30 minute plus.1/30/14
1/25/14 02:10Desert Hot SpringsCAUSADiamond30 minutesScared you can tell those things are not planes realize we are not alone.1/30/14
1/25/14 01:30NoviMIUSALight5-10 secondsBright green light illuminates room at night.1/30/14
1/25/14 01:30SalemORUSAFlash1.5 hoursBrilliant colorful flashing lights moving in a very unconventional way @ 1:30am on January 25, 2014 in Salem Oregon.1/30/14
1/24/14 23:59PortlandORUSAUnknown1 hourRed flashing dots witnessed by 5 people 2 in Hillsboro. lasted over a hour and is still going on as if 2:03 AM..1/30/14
1/24/14 23:12FrankfortKYUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular shaped object with red and blue lights hovering.1/30/14
1/24/14 22:05LevittownNYUSAUnknown<20 secondsThree sets of lights seen over nassau county New York.1/30/14
1/24/14 22:00Okinawa (Japan)JapanPlease checked out this Okinawa Times (of Japan) UFO video on Youtube. It has unexplain1/30/14
1/24/14 21:45BeebeARUSATriangle15 minutesTriangle UFO observed for 15 min over Arkansas interstate 67 just past mile marker 29.1/30/14
1/24/14 21:40Highlands RanchCOUSAFireball5 minutesFire orange orbs.1/30/14
1/24/14 21:30SeattleWAUSALight60 secondsSpot of light zig-zagging over Seattle.1/30/14
1/24/14 21:20HillsboroORUSAFormation2 minutesRed stationary lights in sky.1/30/14
1/24/14 20:05KelsoWAUSAFormation3-4 minutes12-14 bright orange lights that formed a line and than around each other and than left in a hurry.1/30/14
1/24/14 20:04CaldwellIDUSAFormation3 minutesOrange orbs traveling over Marsing, below inversion layer1/30/14
1/24/14 19:55HonoluluHIUSALight5 minutesSmall red light, first stationery then in fast motion over Waikiki observed from Ala Wai harbor.1/30/14
1/24/14 19:45HernandoMSUSACircle30 secondsI saw 3 oval bright white object go up and leave our atmosphere. They left a trail like shootings stars going up instead of down. It wa1/30/14
1/24/14 19:30Little RiverSCUSALight5 minutesBlinking/pulsing Lights.1/30/14
1/24/14 19:23San MarcosTXUSADisk12 minutesI was heading toward downtown from my house on the southwest side of town. I was heading east northeast depending on the direction of t1/30/14
1/24/14 19:00StilwellOKUSALight<1 minuteLight hovers then shoots straight up out of sight.1/30/14
1/24/14 19:00SeattleWAUSALight1 hourObject appeared near the Orion; cycling through a number of colors. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Sirius? PD))1/30/14
1/24/14 18:55LewisvilleTXUSALight~10 secondsUFO with bright white tail almost crashed on highway but vanished just before impact.1/30/14
1/24/14 18:00KelsoWAUSASphere5 minutesDriving to Kelso Exit 39 thought it was paper lanterns in the sky. Orange in color. Moving higher in elevation growing brighter and th1/30/14
1/24/14 18:00McLeanVAUSAFormation2 minutesI saw an object with 7 or more lights that was traveling very fast in an area near Washington, D.C.1/30/14
1/24/14 17:48CampbellCAUSAOther30+ secondsBlue U-Shaped UFO moving extremely fast with a lot of activity after.1/30/14
1/24/14 17:15Spokane ValleyWAUSALight5 minutesMy young son and I were at 16th and Bowdish. We saw what we thought was a small plane perhaps losing an engine. It lit up then we saw1/30/14
1/24/14 06:50MaumeeOHUSACircle2 minutesBright white light floating across sky. It did not blink and there was no noise.1/30/14
1/24/14 02:00MexicoMexicoSphere7-10 minutesOn 1/24/14, early am, 10 large orange orbs moved east towards the Caribbean Sea over the Yucatan.1/30/14
1/23/14 23:00Fort WashakieWYUSALight1 hourObserved a still standing white silver red light blinking.1/30/14
1/23/14 22:34Ste-Brigitte de Laval (Canada)QCCanadaSphere1 hourHovering orbs inside my bedroom and alien figures outside my window. Possible abduction.1/30/14
1/23/14 22:00ClackamasORUSALight5 minutesSmall lights in the sky over Clackamas, Oregon.1/30/14
1/23/14 22:00MiamiFLUSAFireball1+ minuteRed "plasma" ball of light traveling south to north over the Everglades, complete with tail/corona.1/30/14
1/23/14 17:30ArbuckleCAUSASphere20 minutesQuiet floating balls. Reflecting sun light.1/30/14
1/23/14 12:00RaleighNCUSADisk3 seconds4 Clear Disk-shaped UFOs over Raleigh, N.C..1/30/14
1/23/14 11:00ColumbiaUSACircleBright blue lights on top of red dots on the sky.1/30/14
1/23/14 07:40Walnut Creek/ConcordCAUSAUnknown60 secondsThree irregular shapes flying in close proximity in Walnut Creek, Ca.1/30/14
1/22/14 20:00HoustonTXUSACircle15 secondsSmall white ball over Houston.1/30/14
1/22/14 18:30LongviewWAUSALight10 secondsZigzaging bright white light leaving atmosphere quickly.1/30/14
1/21/14 06:50Montana CityMTUSAChanging3 minutesA bright, white, scintillating, pencil-shaped light over the Elkhorn Mountains observed for 3 minutes.1/30/14
1/18/14 22:30KirksvilleMOUSACircle15 minutesLate very clear night ,circular object ,red lights fading on and off ,huge,silent moving extremely slow!1/30/14
1/13/14 21:00Erzincan Central (Turkey)TurkeyLight3 hoursHundreds ufos flew from very high altitude one after another and perhaps more i have not seen.1/30/14
1/6/14 07:40ChesapeakeVAUSADisk90 secondsA large white disk shaped object hovering or floating in sky on a clear morning and then it vanished.1/30/14
1/1/14 22:15CincinnatiOHUSACircle2:30 minutesWestside of Cincinnati, bright red and blue lights making abrupt U turns and then dropping straight down from the sky, quick as light1/30/14
12/31/13 22:15MagnaUTUSACircle45 minutesAmber light, moving in wierd ways.1/30/14
12/31/13 00:29BrattleboroVTUSAFireball15 minutesOrange or flew 100 miles an hour at least and then disappeared in to spaces at least at speed some 20,000 mph.1/30/14
12/15/13 20:00Townsville (Australia)AustraliaLight3 minutesLarge blue light seen sweeping over Townsville in fast, erratic movements.1/30/14
12/12/13 15:45San JoseCAUSAFormation10 secondsBright triangle formation fading away slowly in day light.1/30/14
11/25/13 22:30AmericusGAUSALight20 secondsI am a 63 yr old male. While looking out of an upstairs open window directly to the south, I observed three lights in an echelon form1/30/14
10/25/13 11:11Mexico City (Mexico)MexicoCross5 minutesMetalic objet in Mexico city. ((NUFORC Note: Photos show tiny, blurry, dark objects. PD))1/30/14
10/23/13 18:00Oak ForestILUSAOther12 secondsLoud aircraft with bright colored lights buzzes my neighborhood.1/30/14
10/11/13 16:01Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5 minutesGlowing blue sphere in Ontario, Canada.1/30/14
10/9/13 18:45ClearwaterFLUSAFollow up to editor's note1/30/14
9/10/13 23:00MilwaukeeWIUSAFireball1 minuteThree orange orbs flying west in the sky in Milwaukee, WI on 9/10/2013.1/30/14
9/2/13 17:00SeatacWAUSAUnknown3 minutesThe UFO flew so high it was hard to see. It was fast and zigged, looking asterisk-like. It may have searched for signal source.1/30/14
8/10/13 23:00Parry Sound (Canada)ONCanadaOval1 minuteLow altitude silent solid fluorescent Orange and Red object over beach in summer.1/30/14
6/29/13 21:00Elizabeth CityNCUSAOther10 minutesRed glow observed during storm, Locating of glow lines up to Harvey Point.1/30/14
6/12/13 20:00Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaLight5 minutesWhite light splits in two and fly in opposite directions.1/30/14
6/10/13 13:00LouisburgNCUSACircle5 seconfsThis sighting of orbs were photographed inadvertently. I was taking a couple a photos, and realized I had photographed an orb.1/30/14
5/8/13 21:47OnawayMIUSATriangle~1 minuteSaw two jets in pursuit of craft or crafts.1/30/14
1/29/13 21:00Clifton ParkNYUSALight3-4 minutesPulsing red light see.1/30/14
1/26/13 15:47AthensGAUSAEgg1-3 minutesTwo black objects that moved vertically, sideways in the same area for couple minutes1/30/14
1/24/13 20:00KelsoWAUSACircle3 secondsOn January 24, 2014 at 8:00pm heading North on I5 at exit 40 I witnessed an 6 unidentified flying crafts. I know what I saw that night1/30/14
2/6/12 03:00EmmettIDUSATriangle~30 minutesTriangular craft hovered over Emmett, Idaho, for approximately 30 minutes ejecting orbs.1/30/14
6/30/10 03:00LynnwoodWAUSAOther5 minutesI woke up at around 2:40- 3am one night cant remember the day. I came out to my balcony to smoke a cigarette I was just about to light1/30/14
6/10/10 22:00ClevelandUTUSAUnknown60 secondsIt looks like a static electric engine very quite and I believe it is large and had to be flown by someone.1/30/14
7/15/09 10:00SomersetPAUSACircle15 minutesCraft with lots of light, hovering over pine trees in the woods.1/30/14
3/9/96 21:05MorristownNJUSAOtherSecondsOrange Glowing Dot Between Orion and Canis Major Constellations.1/30/14
11/29/94 18:00PhillipsNEUSALight10 minutesSilent bright multicolored object moved at high speed stopping abruptly to change direction. shot straight up into upper atmosphere1/30/14
6/1/80 22:00WillardOHUSAUnknown10 minutesThe vertical lights that were not like any machinery made it questionable.1/30/14
6/1/71 21:00MoultrieGAUSACigar10-15 minutesLocal DJ reports UFO above radio station.1/30/14
6/30/66 05:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSACircle5-10 secondsOrb or throgsneck bridge.1/30/14
7/15/63 00:00WeingartenMOUSADisk2 hoursFlashing amber colored lights that looked like a ferris wheel on its side.1/30/14
8/15/43 00:00unknownLAUSAUnknown10-12 minutesWhite light at midnight traveling into outer space.1/30/14