National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2012/07/04


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/4/12 10:30Corpus ChristiTXUSAOther20 minutesStar shaped ufo hovers over harbor bridge for 20 minutes then vanishes!?!?!7/4/12
7/4/12 03:00SpringfieldOHUSALight1+ hoursSporadically moving star7/4/12
7/4/12 03:00WinnemuccaNVUSALight1/2 hourBright green neon light in sky, I only have a video from iPhone, I'm reporting it for someone else there were several truck drivers tal7/4/12
7/3/12 23:45CarthageMOUSACircle30 secondsMoved very fast and made no sound.7/4/12
7/3/12 23:10BeltMTUSAUnknownapprox 25 secondsOrange object appeared in night sky over Belt MT7/4/12
7/3/12 23:00ShillingtonPAUSAFireball7 minutesOrange fiery orb travels in slow erratic path from east to northeast over Shillington and Reading, PA7/4/12
7/3/12 22:55La PorteINUSACircle1:30Orange fire balls seen turning in sky7/4/12
7/3/12 22:45GraylingMIUSACircle5 minutesFour silent reddish-orange flying circles in a linear fashion on a clear night over a lake in Grayling, Michigan.7/4/12
7/3/12 22:45Lake LeelanauMIUSACircle25 minutesI saw more than a dozen of these craft.7/4/12
7/3/12 22:30PortsmouthNHUSACircle30 minutesFireballs over Portsmouth7/4/12
7/3/12 22:20Lake LeelanauMIUSACircle25 minutesTwelve small reddish objects crossed in a left to right pattern over Lake Leelanau7/4/12
7/3/12 22:20WanamakerINUSALightabout 2 minutes3 orangle lights seen in Wanamaker, IN 07/03/127/4/12
7/3/12 22:15FerndaleWAUSALight2 minutes3 amber lights in the sky7/4/12
7/3/12 22:00Walled LakeMIUSALight20 - 30minutesBright orange lights in formation, then some after, one by one7/4/12
7/3/12 22:00West HarrisonINUSAOther7 minutes2 craft at first 200 feet up in sky flying very slow 30 miles an hour flying in formation about a hundred feet apart we were driving in7/4/12
7/3/12 22:00SalamancaNYUSAOvalhalf-hourThere is no other explanation for this other than it being a UFO, very exciting experience.7/4/12
7/3/12 21:50Black CanyonAZUSALightminutesI'm still in shock on our way home from slide rock state park last night I saw some sort of space craft near Black Canyon Az.7/4/12
7/3/12 21:45Iron MountainMIUSALight2-3 minutesA slow low flying white light surrounded by a red orb hovering and turning 90* with no sound.7/4/12
7/3/12 21:45AuburnWAUSALight12 minutesWeird lights seen over Auburn7/4/12
7/3/12 21:11HerkimerNYUSAOtherabout a minutue and a halMulticoloured unknown shaped aircraft7/4/12
7/3/12 01:00EganSDUSALight45 secondsExtremely bright white light getting bigger then, smaller and zooming away7/4/12
7/3/12 00:30New BedfordMAUSALight1 minute((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))7/4/12
7/2/12 23:51RentonWAUSAFireball90-120secondsEASTBOUND FIREBALL.7/4/12
7/2/12 23:30Exeter (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle1h 30The most awesome sight ever!7/4/12
7/2/12 23:00BoiseIDUSASphere3 minutesOrange/Red glowing spheres flying low, fast and silently in sky7/4/12
7/2/12 23:00State CollegePAUSAOther33 minutesLights in the shape of an oval.7/4/12
7/2/12 22:40SterlingILUSAUnknown20 minutesAt first we thought it was a helicopter put it was to low and there was no no noise the there was another one and another and so on til7/4/12
7/2/12 22:16DetroitMIUSALight1 minuteI saw a pencil eraser sized light crossing the sky7/4/12
7/2/12 21:30Oak IslandNCUSAFireball1 minuteRed ball stop to a hover and slowly disappear7/4/12
7/2/12 20:00Atlantic BeachNCUSALight5 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))7/4/12
7/2/12 20:00LawrenceburgTNUSATeardrop2 secondsTear drop shaped silent craft with dull lights realized it had been seen and cloaked to avoid further view.7/4/12
7/2/12 18:00AkronOHUSALight30 minutesWhite light moving side to side for 30 minutes7/4/12
7/2/12 17:20High RidgeMOUSATeardrop15 minutesTeardrop flashing orb orange red yellow in high ridge, missouri7/4/12
7/2/12 04:15LapeerMIUSATriangle10 secondsIn Lapeer looking to the east northeast. Moving to the west southwest.Triangle arrangement of light green lights. Sky was a dark blue d7/4/12
7/2/12 03:40Peterborough (Canada)ONCanadaLight30 secondsPulsating light7/4/12
7/2/12 03:25Blue IslandILUSAFlash5 secondsBright white light in the sky.7/4/12
7/2/12 00:30Exeter (Canada)ONCanadaFireball2 minutesFire in the sky!!7/4/12
7/2/12 00:00YarmouthportMAUSASphere1 hourOrange spheres, fireballs, over Cape Cod Bay7/4/12
7/1/12 23:00Bath (Canada)ONCanadaOther20 minutesOrange Lights in the sky7/4/12
7/1/12 23:00Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaCigar30-40 secondsAircraft with pinkish pulsating light travelling in straight line.7/4/12
7/1/12 22:50SeattleWAUSAOther30 to 45 secondsA yellow orange shield shaped object about 3 to 4ft tall with a flame inside traveling in a S/SE direction at treeline.7/4/12
7/1/12 22:30BabylonNYUSAFireball1 minuteRed pulsating object visualized by my wife and I over Babylon NY, moving due South and abruptly disappearing..7/4/12
7/1/12 22:30BabylonNYUSAFireball1minuteAt 10:30 p.m., I saw in the sky what looked like an airplane on fire heading south towards the Great South Bay in New York.7/4/12
7/1/12 22:30TaylorMIUSALight45 seconds7-1-12 Orange lights spotted over Taylor,Mi near Metro Airport7/4/12
7/1/12 22:20SunburyPAUSAOval5 minutesOrange Globe Hovering over Sunbury.7/4/12
7/1/12 22:10GreenwichCTUSALight5 minutesWatched 3 bright orange lights flying then suddenly disappearing.7/4/12
7/1/12 22:00Dingmans FerryPAUSAOval2-3 minutesSaw orange/amber burning kind of orb flying low and silently North to South and then completely vanish as jet approached from the South7/4/12
7/1/12 21:35Faisalabad (Pakistan)PakistanUnknown2 secondsFlashing lights in sky without any cloudy or stormy climate. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes7/4/12
7/1/12 21:00MillardNEUSALight6 minutesHigh altitude, high speed erratic moving light in the sky.7/4/12
7/1/12 20:00NewportRIUSACircle10 minutesI saw a red fire ball that I thought was a plane on fire coming down diagonally from the landed in the ocean at first beach in N7/4/12
7/1/12 19:03Simberi Island (Papua/New Guinea)Papua New GuineaFireball3 secondsWhite/Bluish object sighted falling vertically into ocean - approx duration 3 secs.7/4/12
7/1/12 18:25Heidelberg (80 km south) (South Africa)South AfricaLight3 secondsvery Fast moving light South Africa near Heidelberg.7/4/12
7/1/12 11:00St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaFireball30 secondsStrange lights seen over st. catharines ontario7/4/12
7/1/12 06:00OakwoodGAUSALight6 to 8 minutesThree Bright White Lights observed in morning sky...OAKWOOD, HALL COUNTY Georgia JULY 1st.7/4/12
7/1/12 04:30DenverCOUSADiskcurrently stil there 5:18three bright objects at a stand still east of denver! one medium object at stand still! second object below the top one! but way more7/4/12
7/1/12 04:00Camuy (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoOtheraround 3 minutesUnknown (UFO) thin white line traveling in an horizontal position toward the northwest without stoping or changing the shape of it.7/4/12
7/1/12 01:40Copenhagen (Denmark)DenmarkLight5 minutesI was sitting on my balcony when I saw two red lights, by a bright night with only scarce clouds, two red lights flying faster than pla7/4/12
7/1/12 00:00ManvilleNJUSAFireball10-15 minsMe and my girl friend and our best friend were sutting on my front pourch i was looking at the moon bugging my self out then we started7/4/12
7/1/12 00:00Sedro WoolleyWAUSAFireball3-4 Minutes"Fireball" in Sedro Woolley, WA7/4/12
6/30/12 00:00Kansas CityMOUSACigarover1 and a half hoursFive fast.cigar shape images going in circles above our neighbor hood.7/4/12
6/30/12 23:50BremertonWAUSAOval30 secondsKitsap county ufo sighting7/4/12
6/30/12 23:30BlaineWAUSALight2 minutesOrange lights over Drayton Harbor7/4/12
6/30/12 23:00NilesOHUSAChangingOne minuteSquare box in shape color red to orange, shape changed from square to circle color red to yellow.7/4/12
6/30/12 23:00ToledoOHUSALight30 minutesStar like ufo7/4/12
6/30/12 23:00ColumbiaNJUSASphere60 secondsRound, bright orange object moving erratically over Warren County NJ7/4/12
6/30/12 23:00NavarreFLUSALight15 minutesNo smoke trails or sound. Traveling incredibly fast.7/4/12
6/30/12 23:00MonroeMIUSASphere1-2 minutesOrange ufo sighted in Monroe near I-757/4/12
6/30/12 22:37Milton (Canada)ONCanadaLight3 minutesObject seen in night sky in Milton, Ontario, travelling in multiple directions.7/4/12
6/30/12 22:30MeridenCTUSACylinder30 minutesUpright cylinder, bright orange, almost on fire like, 5 together, evenly spaced, same path of travel. Several witnesses, 3 more lappea7/4/12
6/30/12 22:15RiversideRIUSACircle15 20 minutesMy kids were out side playing when one of them look up to the west and saw a lot of redish Orange orbs in the sky they ran the house to7/4/12
6/30/12 22:15EriePAUSASphere15 secondsWitnessed two incredible UFOs heading east Erie, PA 6/30/12.7/4/12
6/30/12 22:10Ocean ParkWAUSASphere2 minutesBright red light observed over Southwest Washington coast by 2 people7/4/12
6/30/12 22:05PalatineILUSASphere1525+flickering red/orange orbs were at a constant high speed, following the exact same straight line path as the others.7/4/12
6/30/12 22:02UticaNYUSACircle2-4 minutesWe observed three round globes over a portion of East Utica.7/4/12
6/30/12 22:00JohnsonvilleNYUSACircle45 sec.Fire in the sky7/4/12
6/30/12 22:00ActonINUSACircle15 minutesReddish Orange circle seen on Interstate 74. Acton, IN7/4/12
6/30/12 22:00ChesapeakeVAUSALightOn Goingorange flashing lights in sky7/4/12
6/30/12 21:47SummervilleSCUSALight3 minutesThree red lights in triangle formation over Summverville, SC. ((NUFORC Note: Report from retired submariner. PD))7/4/12
6/30/12 21:45AuburnNYUSALight5 minutesSaw formation in the South,counted 15 red orbs traveling East until they vanished.7/4/12
6/30/12 21:30Jax BeachFLUSALight3 minutesOrange globe seen over ocean off of JAX Beach7/4/12
6/30/12 21:30JamestownPAUSADisk90 secondsOrange Orb/Disc over Pymatuming Lake7/4/12
6/30/12 21:30East IslipNYUSAFireball3 minutesPulsing bright orange light7/4/12
6/30/12 21:00TorringtonCTUSAFireball5 minutesLarge Fireball enters the earth above Litchfield County7/4/12
6/30/12 20:00RockawayNYUSALight5 minutesSaw 3 light Very fast moving, VERY fast blinking bright white lights flying very high and very close to one another. We see planes all7/4/12
6/30/12 13:50AdaOKUSADisk2 - 3 minutesWhite, disk shaped object above Ada, OK.7/4/12
6/30/12 10:20SkowheganMEUSACircle4-5 minuteshovering orange light7/4/12
6/30/12 10:00TurnersvilleNJUSAFireball10 minutesFireball like objects seen flying over south Jersey.7/4/12
6/30/12 09:00EurekaCAUSAFireball60 secondsGigantic Red Ball of light at a very high altitude that vanished.7/4/12
6/30/12 08:45BridgeportCTUSACircle20 minutes8 orbs seen in sky7/4/12
6/30/12 08:30PhiladelphiaPAUSALight3 minutes((HOAX??)) unidentified object mm n ts7/4/12
6/30/12 02:30AllentownPAUSAFireball4 minutesRed flying object, for about 4 minutes in our neighboorhod. It did not made any noise and it was able to fly horisontally and vertic7/4/12
6/29/12 23:30YanktonSDUSALight5 MinutesSteady deep red light.7/4/12
6/29/12 23:30Shell Lake (near) (Canada)SKCanadaSphere10 secondsOne glowing orb appeared just above a nearby treeline, changed direction, then moved quickly away.7/4/12
6/29/12 23:15EurekaCAUSASphere5 minutesDriving at night near the Northern California Coast - six orange orbs in the sky7/4/12
6/29/12 23:05LafayetteLAUSALight2-3 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))7/4/12
6/29/12 22:59JordanMNUSALight2.30Jordan, MN two orange globes7/4/12
6/29/12 22:33SeattleWAUSALight4 minutesI saw about 8-9 red-orange lights hover over the Eastside of Seattle and change formations from triangles and lines before disappearing7/4/12
6/29/12 22:30Kingsville (Canada)ONCanadaFireball1 minute2 fireball type objects flying west to east over Lake Erie.7/4/12
6/29/12 22:20LebanonORUSAOval5 minutesBright Orange object moving slowly dropping something bright toward ground.7/4/12
6/29/12 22:20CotullaTXUSAOther5 secondsLarge low flying UFO 18 miles outside of Cotulla, TX7/4/12
6/29/12 22:20KingsfordMIUSALight5 secondsFast moving light, showed 4 sharp perfectly spaced points of light through binoculars,7/4/12
6/29/12 21:55BellinghamWAUSALight4 minutesAwesome!7/4/12
6/29/12 21:45BellinghamWAUSAFireball3 minutesHovering red lights over Bellingham, WA bay7/4/12
6/29/12 21:40PortlandORUSAFireball90 secondsOrange and yellow orb over portland moved northeast.7/4/12
6/29/12 21:37ShelbyvilleTNUSAEgg20 minutesErratic dim, and bright oval objects, moving across sky.7/4/12
6/29/12 21:30GlasgowKYUSAFormation1 minuteOrangeish red lights almost like firelanterns.7/4/12
6/29/12 21:00BristolTNUSAUnknownless than 1 minuteStrange black shadow that blocked the moon along with weird rush of wind.7/4/12
6/29/12 20:45KnoxvilleTNUSAOther3 minutesGray floating objects. One with reddish glow below.7/4/12
6/29/12 20:35MiltonFLUSASphere5 minutesBright Yellow Orange Sphere travelling under the moon, from right to left..7/4/12
6/29/12 20:00EvanstonILUSALight3 minutesOrange light, non-blinking, appearing to follow passenger jet7/4/12
6/29/12 09:00Colorado SpringsCOUSALight0-3 secondsUFO streaks past helicopter during Colorado wildfires7/4/12
6/29/12 07:45South OgdenUTUSAOther2 minutesLarge v shaped craft offset connected to two spheres7/4/12
6/29/12 03:15AntiochTNUSALight10 secondsStar like object grows in brightness then fades away. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of an Iridium satellite. PD))7/4/12
6/29/12 02:15AlexandriaMNUSATriangle30 seconds6 red non blinking triangle shape lights7/4/12
6/29/12 00:30Hastings (UK/England)United KingdomLight45 secondsOrange Orb spotted by two 50+ year old men on the south coast ( Hastings ) United Kingdom7/4/12
6/28/12 22:40PlainfieldNJUSACircle5- 10 minutesufo sighted over Plainfield NJ7/4/12
6/28/12 22:39JonesboroLAUSAFireball5 secondsBlue flaming object heading westward over Caney Lake, la then low power boom. Then smaller booms. 10:39 pm. ((Meteor??))7/4/12
6/28/12 22:15YorkNEUSAFireballapp 1 minuteLarge round red silent light7/4/12
6/28/12 21:30South CharlestonWVUSALight2 hoursHighly erratic flight pattern by unknown object flying around multiple other common aircraft.7/4/12
6/28/12 21:04FreeholdNJUSAFireball10 secondsOrange ball of fire seen by family in car7/4/12
6/28/12 16:00CheneyWAUSATrianglefive minutesSeveral white triangular objects in the sky above our meadow, way too high to be birds7/4/12
6/28/12 12:00Las VegasNVUSADisk1 hourdisc shaped flying object with 2 person in7/4/12
6/28/12 12:00ReddingCAUSAFlash5 to 10 minutesHovering/slow moving shiny object.7/4/12
6/28/12 06:45Sherman OaksCAUSADiamondApprox 30 minSomething Metalic over Sherman Oaks California7/4/12
6/28/12 05:57MedfordORUSASphere45 secBall of light crosses Southern Ore sky7/4/12
6/28/12 03:09PawtucketRIUSASphere1 minute -5minutes((HOAX??)) I had just finished watching a rerun of ghost hunters and i got on my laptop and as usual i go to google.7/4/12
6/28/12 00:00HarrisburgPAUSAabout 5 secondsNeon green light filled the air just south of Harrisburg, PA7/4/12
6/27/12 23:42TulsaOKUSAFormation6 minutesFlashing lights in formation moving west to east over a 6 minute period in Tulsa OK7/4/12
6/27/12 23:30Iowa CityIAUSAFireball~5 minHovering fireball north of Iowa City7/4/12
6/27/12 23:00RocklinCAUSALight30 minutesFlashing Red Llight Over Rocklin, Ca7/4/12
6/27/12 23:00WaltonWVUSALight10 secCircle of light flashed five times and took off and dissapeared7/4/12
6/27/12 23:00Show LowAZUSALight30 minutesBrightly lit object moves erraticly through Eastern Arizona sky.7/4/12
6/27/12 22:45HamburgPAUSAUnknown10 minutes3 steady white lights with flashing red and green lights over Berks County, Pa.7/4/12
6/27/12 22:30SeattleWAUSACircle4 minutesSW sky. right of the half moon about 5 fingers as you hold your hand up to the sky. A bright orange ball moving right to left fairly sl7/4/12
6/27/12 22:23Gila BendAZUSAFireball10 minutesstationary fireballs seen in sky south of interstate 8 and west of Gila Bend about 20min7/4/12
6/27/12 22:15Costa MesaCAUSALight15 min4 Red UFO's drift over John Wayne Aiport7/4/12
6/27/12 22:05Shelby TwpMIUSACircle2 minutesOrange & Reddish fireball , 22:057/4/12
6/27/12 22:04BrunswickOHUSASphere2-3 min.Bright and orange, sphere-like object, that appeared to increase in size but froze for 2min, then faded and eventually disappeared.7/4/12
6/27/12 22:01ParkvilleMDUSATriangle3 hrsI'm confident all these were not the space station and I am confident these were not airplanes.7/4/12
6/27/12 22:00Mays LandingNJUSASphere1 minuteclose encounter with blue sphere of light7/4/12
6/27/12 21:50Sault Ste. Marie (Canada)ONCanadaCircle4 minutesOrange lights pass the moon7/4/12
6/27/12 21:00O'FallonMOUSACircle3 minutesGlowing orange flying object with black haze surrounding it.7/4/12
6/27/12 20:00FederalsburgMDUSA:30This is a probable ufo abduction involving two adult females and one toddler7/4/12
6/27/12 17:30DetroitMIUSAOval10 secondsAMAZING DAY OVAL UFO7/4/12
6/27/12 10:00Las VegasNVUSACigar15 minutes((HOAX)) Luminescent cigar shaped unidentified flying object seen flying low over Las Vegas in daytime followed by mil. helicopters.7/4/12
6/27/12 03:25MontereyCAUSACylinder2-3 min.two lights with a glow around them twenty feet in front of a car7/4/12
6/27/12 02:15Los BanosCAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular UFO sighted near Los Banos on Hwy 5 in CA on 6/27/12 at 2:15AM7/4/12
6/27/12 02:15SeattleWAUSAEgg15 minuteslights started appearing out of nowhere.7/4/12
6/27/12 02:00MinneapolisMNUSAUnknown10 minutesObjects Generating Intense Burst Of Light And Disapear7/4/12
6/27/12 02:00Prescott National ForestAZUSACircle3 secondsIt was a large ball of bright white light that flew below the tree line north of Mingus Mountain Campground from west to east.7/4/12
6/26/12 23:30FresnoCAUSASphere20 secondsObject being chased by 2 fighter jets7/4/12
6/26/12 23:25DetroitMIUSADiamond3 minutesI saw a bright blinking white light cross the sky low enough for me to see that it was diamond shaped7/4/12
6/26/12 23:10Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaFireball3 minutes7 orange orbs traveling silently across the sky - first 2 which disappeared and then followed by 5 more flying in formation.7/4/12
6/26/12 23:00Patrick CountyVAUSAUnknown10 secNo big deal but definatly unusual and out of place bright light with no movement.7/4/12
6/26/12 22:35DetroitMIUSALight30 secondsI saw a very faint light traveling northward and it disappeared and then another appeared traveling southwards in opposite direction7/4/12
6/26/12 22:00MenomineeMIUSADiamond25 secsOrange fireball traveling parallel to horizon suddenly vanishes7/4/12
6/26/12 21:39TrussvilleALUSAOvalAbout 4 minutesVery fast very large very bright ufo spotted over chalkville mtn rd trussville alabama 352357/4/12
6/26/12 21:30SpringtownTXUSALight1 minuteGlowing orange light hovering then moving slowly out of sight about 2 miles above the ground.7/4/12
6/26/12 20:30MaplewoodMOUSACigar1 minCigar-shaped object that hovered about a minute, then it disappeared.7/4/12
6/26/12 20:30MooreOKUSAFireball1minutefireball object in plain view, CREAPY CIRCUMSTANCE..7/4/12
6/26/12 16:45MemphisTNUSACylinder1 minuteExtremely reflective cylinder shaped object hovering then completely disappeared.7/4/12
6/26/12 12:04CharlotteNCUSALight4 minutesBright orange light a luminating northwest from my home7/4/12
6/26/12 10:00West Des MoinesIAUSALight2 minutesorange glowing object in clear black sky amazing speed7/4/12
6/26/12 09:32MabankTXUSALight4 minutesLarge, bright ultra white light traveling across the sky7/4/12
6/26/12 05:30KingsportTNUSAFireballless than a minuteSoccer ball sized fireball travels horizontally over government property; then zig zags and disappears.7/4/12
6/26/12 05:00Las CrucesNMUSAChangingAt least an hourLights appear and then rotate upwards into the sky.7/4/12
6/26/12 01:00DunedinFLUSACylinder10 minutesUFO Sighting on 6/26/2012 at 1:00am Intense Deep Bright Orange Intensifying Object Just Above Tree line on the West Coast of Fl.7/4/12
6/26/12 01:00DunedinFLUSACylinder10 minutesVery Bright Chubby Orange Glowing Cylender Object that intensified in color and sort of moved back & forth.7/4/12
6/26/12 00:01CroftonMDUSALight2+ hoursThere are flashing and fast moving lights in the sky.7/4/12
6/26/12 00:00El PasoTXUSACircle20 minutesGiant red circle, shrinks into the sky.7/4/12
6/25/12 23:30Wilkes-BarrePAUSALight15 minutesCircles of light rotating in two circular patterns7/4/12
6/25/12 23:00ApisonTNUSALight1 minuteSpotted one object that looked like a bright star in the clear night sky. It was moving N and then took a slight left heading NW. Objec7/4/12
6/25/12 23:00HuronOHUSALight30 minutesFive Red lights in linear formation seen over Lake Erie.7/4/12
6/25/12 22:20ToledoOHUSALight2 minutes2 Orange lights moving South7/4/12
6/25/12 22:00MiddletonWIUSALightsecondsBright light traveling east to west at a fast speed7/4/12
6/25/12 21:40WestportCTUSALight2-3 minutesLow, silent procession of orange 15-20 lights slowly flying over Westport to over Long Island Sound7/4/12
6/25/12 21:15HamptonVAUSACircle3 minutesFast traveling bright circular light in Hampton skies 6-25-127/4/12
6/25/12 21:00Front RoyalVAUSATeardrop20-30 secondsComet like object with attached long white light trailing behind it, streaking across sky7/4/12
6/25/12 20:40WatsonLAUSAFireball1.30Traveling east on 1019 two orange fireball shapes went slow across road , going upward Then 3rd one traveling same direction beginning7/4/12
6/25/12 20:35EphrataPAUSAFireball1 minuteBall of light hovers above hillside slowly climbs to cloud height hovers again then disappears.7/4/12
6/25/12 20:20Cathedral CityCAUSARectangle10 minutesWe saw bright lights in the night sky that shined right at us and our quick exit felt like it saved us. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes7/4/12
6/25/12 19:10East BrunswickNJUSAOther3-5 minutesStange dark winged objects circling over Rt 18.7/4/12
6/25/12 11:38JanesvilleWIUSACigar4 minutes app.Bright white UFO, in the shape of a cigar or disc, observed over Janesville, WI at approx. 11:34-11:38 on June 25th, 2012.7/4/12
6/25/12 10:30ParisARUSADisk3 minutesBright light and gray aircraft flying low and quietly on a summer night.7/4/12
6/25/12 10:30Rising SunINUSALight30 secondsUFO by Antares7/4/12
6/25/12 09:45SunflowerAZUSACigar8 secondsHigh Speed Cigar shaped object along Mountain Range near SunFlower Arizona.7/4/12
6/25/12 01:35Umeċ (Sweden)SwedenDiskunknownUFO sighting Sweden Umeċ7/4/12
6/25/12 00:30TullahomaTNUSALight20 minutesWhile fishing on Normandy Lake in Tullahom Tn, my son and I noticed something glowing in the sky high above us. We turned off our blac7/4/12
6/25/12 00:00WallsMSUSATriangle40 minutesLight Signals to music. Ship. Creature.7/4/12
6/24/12 23:30KalamazooMIUSAOther45 secondsMy friend and I were playing catch(baseball) in the street when I turned around to look at the stars and across the trees line came a s7/4/12
6/24/12 23:00OwensboroKYUSASphere2 minutesOrange, bright, round object flying just above tree line...7/4/12
6/24/12 23:00UnionWAUSAUnknown4 minutes6 red lighted objects seen flying over Hood Canal near Alderbrook Resort in Union WA.7/4/12
6/24/12 23:00HoustonTXUSATeardropa few secondsFalling teardrop-looking light of different colors.7/4/12
6/24/12 22:50Wilkes-BarrePAUSAFireball2 minTwo sphere like lights, flickering like a flame off in the distance, flew across the sky. They started a sizeable distance apart from o7/4/12
6/24/12 22:45YpsilantiMIUSATriangle5-15 minutesTriangle shaped craft traveling East over Ypsilanti7/4/12
6/24/12 22:30Heber SpringsARUSALight5 secondsBrightly lit object, no sound,disappeared over our home.7/4/12
6/24/12 22:05Willow SpringsMOUSALight30 seconds3 different white lights were seen, all faded then disappeared. no sound was heard.7/4/12
6/24/12 22:00St. CharlesMOUSACircle25 secondsReddish Orange Glow, no sound 4 witneses7/4/12
6/24/12 22:00FremontCAUSALight5-10 secondsTwo sightings in two days both different types.7/4/12
6/24/12 21:59WolcottCTUSALight1 minuteRed object over NH County, CT7/4/12
6/24/12 21:55Cape GirardeauMOUSALight30 secondsBright green/yellow light traveling nw to se about the speed of passenger jet, but somewhat lower than those.7/4/12
6/24/12 21:25KeansburgNJUSACircleunder 5 minutesLight hovering over Raritan Bay7/4/12
6/24/12 21:00FultonMOUSALight15 minutesOdd white lights moving at different speeds.7/4/12
6/24/12 20:00SmyrnaTNUSALight3 minutesStationary light looked like a star or planet moved across the sky and turned into what looked like a cigar shaped craft7/4/12
6/24/12 19:26Buenos Aires (Argentina)ArgentinaLight29 secondsJune 24, 2012, UFO activity is recorded in Argentina7/4/12
6/24/12 19:15HollywoodCAUSASphere30I was at the hollywood bowl attending the glen cambell final tour when i looked up into the sky when i observed 3 lites in triangel for7/4/12
6/24/12 16:30OaklandCAUSAChanging10 minutesDark undulating circular blob over Oakland7/4/12
6/24/12 15:00GordoALUSALight2 minutesObject I saw was very high altitude and silent and it was a constant light going across the sky.7/4/12
6/24/12 12:45BondurantIAUSACigar4 minutesLarge cigar shaped object with lights in sequence from left to right then right to left traveling at high speed in a straight line7/4/12
6/24/12 10:24HoquiamWAUSAFireball10 minutesUFO Fireballs seen in Hoquiam Washington by local and Police department7/4/12
6/24/12 04:30AthensTNUSAOval1 minuteAmazing bright light that slowly moved a crossed the sky stopped then went back the way it came.7/4/12
6/24/12 04:30La CrosseWIUSAUnknown5 minutesBright Orange Lights7/4/12
6/24/12 04:00BeverlyMAUSALight1.5 hours2 bright white lights hovering over north shore area of boston7/4/12
6/24/12 03:15BolivarMOUSADisk15 minutesMultiple lights and Disc shaped craft spotted south of Bolivar.7/4/12
6/24/12 02:30Lake Isabella (Kern River Valley)CAUSALight50 seconds to a minuteBig bright star dropped 3 little lights then flew away.7/4/12
6/24/12 02:30BallwinMOUSALight1-2 minutesSaw three orange colored fireball type lights to the east forming somewhat of triangle, 2 stayed east 1 went up to NW direction7/4/12
6/24/12 01:30BurlingtonNCUSAUnknown5 minutesRed orbs in night sky in formation no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Date is flawed. Hoax?? PD))7/4/12
6/24/12 01:00BayvilleNYUSAFireball12 fireball like objects in the sky and then disappearing out of no where7/4/12
6/24/12 01:00Thompson (Canada)MBCanadaCircle5 minutesBig red firey balls. seen multiple times on different occasion. 2 videos on my phone.7/4/12
6/24/12 00:50BallwinMOUSACircle5-10 minutesAt about 1:00am CDT on June 24th 2012 in Ballwin, Missouri myself and one other witness spotted 4-5 what appeared to be glowing/flaming7/4/12
6/24/12 00:24MilwaukeeWIUSARectangle10 minutes5 glowing objects7/4/12
6/24/12 00:02SpringfieldMOUSALight2 minutesTwo yellow orbs of light flying in formation.7/4/12
6/24/12 00:00Gander (Canada)NFCanadaOval4 minutesGrey silhouette moving very fast with a single orange light7/4/12
6/24/12 00:00NanticokePAUSALight1-2 minutes10+ red-orange orbs in sky7/4/12
6/23/12 23:45Bloomfield hillsMIUSAFireball7 minutesWe saw this burning red light which at first looked like airplane lights or a helicopter lights, but for a helicopter it was too faraw7/4/12
6/23/12 23:25East BarreVTUSAOther10-15 minutesmultiple red star like objects over a long duration of time7/4/12
6/23/12 23:20Twin FallsIDUSAFireball23:21They jump down and left from big light with too fast speed. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious-minded report? PD))7/4/12
6/23/12 23:16Santa RosaCAUSALight5 minutesYellow Orange lights over West Sonoma County CA7/4/12
6/23/12 23:15Santa RosaCAUSALight5 minutes2 bright orange lights over Santa Rosa Ca.7/4/12
6/23/12 23:09KingsportTNUSATriangle30-45 secondsToday at about 23:09 Eastern Standert Time I saw a red, flashing triangle of lights. The triangle was East South East and moved to the7/4/12
6/23/12 23:00AuroraILUSAFireball2 minutesHusband and wife witness strange floating firey object over Aurora, IL sky7/4/12
6/23/12 23:00HoosickNYUSALight1 hourBright star like object moving across the sky, then fading and disappearing.7/4/12
6/23/12 23:00Wrightsville BeachNCUSAChanging25-30 minutesmultiple objects blinking different colors over ocean and 3 bright white lights scanning beach at ground level7/4/12
6/23/12 23:00RochesterOaklandCircle5 minutes2 sets of 3 orange orbs traveling nw7/4/12
6/23/12 22:51HighwoodILUSASphere60 secondsFive bright orange orbs moved across the sky then disappeared7/4/12
6/23/12 22:30LimaOHUSAFireball2 minutesThe power went out and it came from the south moving north. Seemed to circle around and come back. Moved very quickly. The just vanishe7/4/12
6/23/12 22:30YpsilantiMIUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle craft traveling back and forth East and West over Ypsilanti around 10:307/4/12
6/23/12 22:30Staten IslandNYUSAFireball10 minutesOrange fireball objects seen over staten island,ny7/4/12
6/23/12 22:30North RoyaltonOHUSAFireballten minutesFirelight in the sky, approaching very fast then flaming out.7/4/12
6/23/12 22:30AshtabulaOHUSALight3 minutesVery bright light moving south east7/4/12
6/23/12 22:11SewellNJUSALight5 minutesLarge star ufo7/4/12
6/23/12 22:10NorwalkCAUSALight30 secondsBright light in the sky then disappear7/4/12
6/23/12 22:00DuluthMNUSASphere20 minutes12-15 globes of light hovering above the northern hillside.7/4/12
6/23/12 22:00South WalesNYUSASphere1 minuteSoundless orange/red sphere shaped light heads east in night sky then disapprears7/4/12
6/23/12 22:00Carrollton/SaginawMIUSAFireball1 hourRed and Yellow Fire Ball. 3 formed a triangle at two different times.7/4/12
6/23/12 21:58CincinnatiOHUSALight2-3 minutesTwo amber / orange orbs flying in night sky near Cincinnati on 6-23-12.7/4/12
6/23/12 21:45North AdamsMAUSAOval2 minutesThis THING moved from the right then back to the left so crazily fast that i almost lost it... never seen nothing like this7/4/12
6/23/12 21:30Holly SpringsNCUSADisk10 secondsI saw a UFO over Holly Springs, NC at 9:30 pm on June 23, 20127/4/12
6/23/12 21:30DowneyCAUSAOval20 secondsSilvery white oval object very high in the night sky traveling very fast from west to east7/4/12
6/23/12 21:30BridgmanMIUSAOval5 minutesSaw 2 UFO's oval shaped near Michigan Indiana border along I 94 glowing plasma orange and visible 5 mins7/4/12
6/23/12 21:15North BabylonNYUSACircle10 minutesRound yellow orange fiery ball looked like a candle inside a bubble. Came over my backyard from northwest to southeast no sound at all.7/4/12
6/23/12 20:10VenturaCAUSAFireball5-10 minutesA very bright star, that flickered like a little like fire for about 10 mins and then disappeared.7/4/12
6/23/12 20:00Allison ParkPAUSAUnknownfrom 8 until 9"Solar" glowing "object" during sunset.7/4/12
6/23/12 18:00Lehigh AcresUSA((HOAX??)) Lehigh Acres, FL. about 6 o clock in the afternoon, I was driving my car and making a right turn, and suddenly for a matter7/4/12
6/23/12 13:00North WoodstockNHUSARectangle5 seconds((HOAX??)) HIGH SPEED UFO CAPTURED ON FILM7/4/12
6/23/12 10:00WoodhavenMIUSAFireball15 minutesRed fireball staying in place in Woodhaven Sky seen by 4 people7/4/12
6/23/12 02:00KearneyMOUSAFireball5-7 minutesIntense, multicolored light hovered silently just above treeline...7/4/12
6/23/12 00:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaFormation5 - 10 secondsFive or six very faint lights that formed a half-circle7/4/12
6/23/12 00:00RomeNYUSADisk15 minutesObject appeared to be pulsating and vibrating the lights on the bottom were strobe like and very bright it made no sound .7/4/12
6/22/12 23:30MenomonieWIUSAFireball1 minuteFluorescent green, glowing, football-sized obeject falling from the sky7/4/12
6/22/12 23:30Bloomington/Lake MonroeINUSALight3 minutes10 orange lights were seen above Lake Monroe, Indiana.7/4/12
6/22/12 23:15EdenWIUSALight30 secondsTwo synchronized objects that moved across the sky.7/4/12
6/22/12 23:00PittstownNJUSALighta few minutesTriangular formation of orange, maybe red lights in the sky.7/4/12
6/22/12 23:00PittstownNJUSALighta few minutesThree orange lights moving around in sky.7/4/12
6/22/12 23:00WebsterNYUSADiamond4 minutesI saw a large strong light coming across the sky. It did not look like a satellite or a comet or asteroid. It certainly did not resembl7/4/12
6/22/12 23:00Sawtooth National ForestIDUSACircle3 minuteswhite yellow round ball of light north of ketchum, Id. in Sawtooth National forest7/4/12
6/22/12 22:30GraftonWVUSAFireball1 minutesOn Saturday night my family and I were at the Grafton Drive inn laying in a sleeping bag. At approximately 10:30, I saw a ball of light7/4/12
6/22/12 22:12Marine CityMIUSALight15 minutesVERY LARGE lights, and very fast moving. stayed rather low to the ground and moved against the wind7/4/12
6/22/12 22:00JeromeIDUSACone10 minutesUFO Observed in Jerome, Idaho.. Multiple sightings, and multiple witnesses!7/4/12
6/22/12 22:00MiddleburyVTUSAFireball15 minutesMe and my friends were fishing tonight I looked up into the sky to see an orange light moving very slowly about dime size if held as fa7/4/12
6/22/12 22:00Wilhoit (north of)AZUSAOther15 secondsTotal ..5 round objects moving in circle ...followed each other then vanished one by one7/4/12
6/22/12 21:58ChicagoILUSALight34 minutes6/22/12 On my second floor deck, viewed a shining white orb, high in the sky, soundless, travelling Northwest to Southeast.7/4/12
6/22/12 21:56EdenWIUSATriangle20 secondsFast moving high altitude triangle with three lights. No strobe or flashing beacon.7/4/12
6/22/12 21:52MelbourneFLUSASphereApprox 1 minuteOrange hovering orbs over melbourne,fl near dairy rd and florida ave7/4/12
6/22/12 21:30Mount Albert (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5-6 minutes7 Orange lights over Mt Albert ON Canada June 22 /2012 9:30 p.m.7/4/12
6/22/12 21:30LachineMIUSAUnknown1-2 minutesBlack bulky slow floating object above trees...flying humanoid?7/4/12
6/22/12 21:15West EdmestonNYUSAFireball1 min.Orange fireball in the evening sky7/4/12
6/22/12 21:10EscondidoCAUSAFireball1 minuteFireball with droppings last night 06/22/20127/4/12
6/22/12 21:05HomewoodILUSACigar1 minBright, fast-moving, glowing or flaming object moving south to north approx.10 - 15,000 feet. 'Flames' went out at passed overhead.7/4/12
6/22/12 21:00Anna Maria IslandFLUSACircle3 minutesYellow/orange bright light observed from Anna Maria Island for about 3 minutes7/4/12
6/22/12 20:48PahrumpNVUSAOther30 secondsFast moving object on NV - CA state line.7/4/12
6/22/12 20:45MiamiFLUSAFormation1 minLights in the sky wink out in the vicinity of Turkey Point7/4/12
6/22/12 20:30AnaheimCAUSACircle2 -3 minutesWe were at Disneyland walking around and I noticed a round orange sphere/UFO moving very slow in the sky. It was an odd orange color w7/4/12
6/22/12 20:30PowayCAUSASphere10 secondsUnexplained large orange object moving in the sky7/4/12
6/22/12 20:02Washington, D.C.DCUSAOther1 ML secPerfectly vertical streak of light7/4/12
6/22/12 10:50HartlandWIUSAFireball2 secondsBrief, briliant, orange light to the NE.7/4/12
6/22/12 10:30BroomfieldCOUSALight30-60 secondsBright light moving steadily over Broomfield disappears7/4/12
6/22/12 09:45SchaumburgILUSALight1Unusual light in sky slow moving almost comes to a stop and slowly moves on7/4/12
6/22/12 09:00Cross LanesWVUSATriangle2 minutesIt was triangular and had lights on all corners with a glow coming from the center7/4/12
6/22/12 02:45AcworthGAUSATriangle1 minA large aircraft (Triangle) about the size of a house or larger with no lights or sound and not moving above our tree line at house.7/4/12
6/22/12 01:20ArnoldMOUSACircle10 minutesBlue orb hovered over a tree, 2 doors down from my house in Arnold, MO7/4/12
6/22/12 01:00BoiseIDUSALighthourMulti-colored lights in motion7/4/12
6/22/12 00:30AlbuquerqueNMUSALight3 minutes6/22/12 albuquerque new mexico silver lite 3min 6/23/127/4/12
6/22/12 00:08Mt. ProspectILUSAFireball25-35 secondsRound, orange, flickering light, resembling fire observed by security officer7/4/12
6/22/12 00:00BloomingtonINUSATriangle10 minutesIt was orange and had no sound.7/4/12
6/21/12 00:00CaldwellIDUSAUnknownnoneThe URANTIA BOOK, read these parts and learn about visitors.7/4/12
6/21/12 23:22Tamborine Mountain (Australia)AustraliaLight3 secondsLarge Green Light Flying downward on a angle7/4/12
6/21/12 23:05DavenportIAUSAFireball90 secondsTwo witness one amber fireball track south over the Quad Cities7/4/12
6/21/12 22:50Palm SpringsCAUSACircle15 minutesThe whole planet,star lit up! Then it flashed to white so fast It was like someone playing with the on off switch.7/4/12
6/21/12 22:45CharlestonSCUSALightsecondsBig white light (size of plane about 200 yards away) darted across the sky7/4/12
6/21/12 22:40Hanmer (Canada)ONCanadaCircle2:00Very large round transparent orb seen by 2 witnesses7/4/12
6/21/12 22:30AledoILUSALightWeird Bright lights moveing and Hovering in the night sky.7/4/12
6/21/12 22:30YpsilantiMIUSATriangle5-10 minutesGroup of triangle shape "ufo"s fly westward over Ypsilanti, Mi at 10:30 on 6/21/20127/4/12
6/21/12 22:00BinghamtonNYUSALight10 minutesLight follows ISS.7/4/12
6/21/12 22:00SmithvilleMOUSALight1 hourUnidentified Flying Objects we could not confirm was of US origin. They couldn't have been falling stars or satellites.7/4/12
6/21/12 22:00ApexNCUSAFlash1 minuteSatellite "flaring" in the same manner on two different nights two weeks apart.7/4/12
6/21/12 21:50LovelandCOUSALight5 minutesLight in North Eastern sky7/4/12
6/21/12 18:57ForesthillCAUSAOther4 minutesOne single object split in two and went in opposite directions, seen by five observers.7/4/12
6/21/12 12:37La PorteINUSAUnknown1 secondI noticed movement above me and took some pictures7/4/12
6/21/12 10:22San PedroCAUSALight2 minutesRed lights in san pedro, ca7/4/12
6/21/12 03:45LelandNCUSAUnknown15 minutesWe saw a very bright lights from same object not moving that flickered green, red and white at same time. Brighter than any star in sky7/4/12
6/21/12 03:45ClearfieldPAUSAOther3-5 minStar-Like object moving NW to SE7/4/12
6/21/12 03:24IndianapolisINUSALight8 minutesUnexplained star shaped colored object7/4/12
6/21/12 02:00LongviewTXUSATriangle5 minutes4 triangular shapes flying single file in military precision7/4/12
6/21/12 01:25RichmondCAUSAOval5 minutesOval Craft w/three white lights stationary and clearly just inside fast moving clounds. Observed for several minutes but gone when I re7/4/12
6/21/12 01:00McMinnvilleORUSAUnknownfive minsWe were on are way home off a country road. And we noticed A triangle shape lights over the city of McMinnville or. the triangle lights7/4/12
6/21/12 00:00HarrisonARUSAFireball10 minutesThe orange glowing ball was on top of trees and moving slowly from west to east. The orange glowing ball dipped down into the trees7/4/12
6/20/12 23:30Winter Haven, Eagle LakeFLUSAFlash2 minutesLarge blue light / electromagnetic pulse in Winter Haven/Eagle Lake, FL Area 6/20/12 at 11:30 pm7/4/12
6/20/12 23:30FairfaxCAUSASphere22 minutesLight orange sphere periodically brightening and dimming7/4/12
6/20/12 23:10Waterloo (Canada)ONCanadaLight1.5 minVery bright white star-like light, at first stationary, then moved southward and disappeared over Waterloo Ontario.7/4/12
6/20/12 23:10AtwaterCAUSACircle25 secondsOrb in the Night7/4/12
6/20/12 23:00ChelseaMIUSALight1 min 30 secsSingle white light, no flashing green, red or white light. Traveling from WNW to ESE.7/4/12
6/20/12 22:45Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaChanging4 minutesOne object, blob shaped, fire on port side, silent,in view 4 minutes-went dark,turned grey then black, 06/20/12, 22:45ish7/4/12
6/20/12 22:24IndianapolisINUSALight1 minuteRed flame flying through the sky.7/4/12
6/20/12 22:20TonawandaNYUSAFireball90 secondsOrange fireball seen in Tonawanda NY7/4/12
6/20/12 22:20Coeur d'AleneIDUSALight10 secondsBright light that dimmed out7/4/12
6/20/12 21:30Abu Dhabi (UAE)United Arab EmiratesFireballFew MinutesFireball sighted in Abu Dhabi7/4/12
6/20/12 21:29Millinocket (near)MEUSACircle2-3 minutesCool light7/4/12
6/20/12 21:28MedfordORUSASphereaprox. 5 min.Large very bright sphere of white light in Southwestern sky coming to earth entering from south to north.7/4/12
6/20/12 21:20SeasideCAUSATriangle15 minutesTriangular object seen in Seaside, California (same object seen in Redondo Beach on YouTube 2011)7/4/12
6/20/12 20:15DenverCOUSATriangle15 secondsAt approximately 8:15pm mountain time on Wednesday 6/20/12 I saw an Unidentified Flying Object over Denver Colorado. There was a weat7/4/12
6/20/12 19:45Lake OrionMIUSASphere5 minOrange light in sky over orion mi7/4/12
6/20/12 16:00LaramieWYUSACircle5 minutesLaramie, small circular craft7/4/12
6/20/12 15:00North JudsonINUSATriangle1 minNearly Transparent Triangular Object Moved Very Slowly Across Sky Flew into Cloud and Did Not Reappear7/4/12
6/20/12 12:42BillWYUSALight2-3 secondsBright Green Light With A Trail (Shaped like a Meteor) Descending Very Rapidly, then abruptly turning7/4/12
6/20/12 12:00GoldendaleWAUSAFireball1/2 hourWhy was it necessary that a jet come from nowhere and deposited this contrail to dissapate the rainbow object?7/4/12
6/20/12 05:15GreenvilleVAUSATriangle4 minutesTriangle craft low slow silent7/4/12
6/20/12 03:55Ferry Reach (Bermuda)BermudaDisk?Photo of an aircraft approaching landing with two unidentified objects. ((NUFORC Note: We believe that the objects are seagulls. PD)7/4/12
6/20/12 00:00IndianapolisINUSACircle3 minutesLarge orange light on SW side of Indy, near I-4657/4/12
6/19/12 23:45KieferOKUSAFireball3-5 secondsNo other bright stars in the southern sky and lower then regular stars..clear night,, outside 4-5 nights a week…7/4/12
6/19/12 23:00DeweyAZUSASphere30 secondsHorizon moving orange light that totally vanishes after 30 seconds.7/4/12
6/19/12 22:55Coupeville (south of)WAUSALight3 minutesUFOS that will not take snap-shots.7/4/12
6/19/12 22:30West CovinaCAUSAFireball???Blue Fireball like UFO seen at night in West Covina summer of 20127/4/12
6/19/12 21:41CovinaCAUSARectangle1 hourI saw twice at two locations: A VERY Black rectangular blanket in the sky once there was a bright round object shooting smallers balls7/4/12
6/18/12 23:00Golden CityMOUSAFireballsecondsTwo red fireballs fell from the sky while I was out praying.7/4/12
6/18/12 23:00CrawfordsvilleINUSALight5 minutesThirteen red lights travel same path over Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana.7/4/12
6/18/12 21:30FlagstaffAZUSANot sureMotionless pulse of light every 42 seconds7/4/12
6/18/12 18:22WikieupAZUSA2 hrs 57 mindriving on highway 93 from wikieup to Wickenburg a 75 mile drive took 2 hrs and 57 min7/4/12
6/18/12 07:00BelcourtNDUSAOther7 amWeird writings7/4/12
6/18/12 00:00EnfieldCTUSASphere00:45Odd bright yellow light in the sky with speed changes and changed directions, emitted no sound at all7/4/12
6/17/12 22:30Mirimichi (Canada)NBCanadaChangingeverynight from june18-23Blue,red and bright white lights appearing in the Miramichi, New Brunswick sky for a solid week this june 20127/4/12
6/17/12 22:30BurtonMIUSALight30 minutesThree red lights seen appearing disappearing, and reappearing again in Burton, MI7/4/12
6/17/12 21:45WilmingtonOHUSAUnknown5 minutesLinear Light Area in the Sky7/4/12
6/17/12 21:27MilwaukeeWIUSAFireball1 minute2 Orange/Amber Fireballs fly by Milwaukee, above Lake Michigan.7/4/12
6/17/12 21:00Ocala (driving up I-75, location not exactly known)FLUSALight30 secondsBright red light moving in a straight path across the sky, and suddenly vaporizing into thin air.7/4/12
6/17/12 20:41XeniaOHUSARectangle3 minutesI noticed none of these objects while filming and my gut tells me there was some external 'influence' which did so.7/4/12
6/17/12 20:00Dearborn HeightsMIUSADisk4 minutessaucer shape,shinny 3/4 size of a 737.and still light out.7/4/12
6/16/12 23:47NiskayunaNYUSALight6-8 secondsBright white light / Extreme Acceleration7/4/12
6/16/12 23:30Zwolle (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight3-5 minutes4 bright orange lights in the sky over Zwolle, NL, Europe on late Saturday night, Jne 16th. Witnessed them with my gf. First7/4/12
6/16/12 23:00San DiegoCAUSALight10 minutesDancing lights that would fly around and then merge into one light7/4/12
6/16/12 22:20Phoenix/OswegoNYUSASphere3 separate 1-10 minUFO Sightings in New York State similar to those reported on the June 20, 2012 Coast to Coast AM show.7/4/12
6/16/12 21:45MoultonboroughNHUSATeardrop2 minutesOn 06/19/2012 at approximately 2145 hrs, I was alone for a walk in the Lakes region of New Hampshire (Winnepasauke). I became slightly7/4/12
6/16/12 21:30San JoseCAUSAFireball5 minutesThree orange/red orbs in form of a triangle in the night sky.7/4/12
6/16/12 00:00IndependenceMOUSALight1 minuteStrange light above rural Independence.7/4/12
6/16/12Cochin (India)IndiaDisk30 minutesUFO's in cochin city , India7/4/12
6/15/12 23:37SchenectadyNYUSASphere2-3minlarge silent fast then hover then blanked out,re appeared gone again 2days l8er came back by G.E.7/4/12
6/15/12 23:00HarleysvillePAUSAFireball25 minutesIt was so wierd. It looked like it was floating over. The town going from red and white back and forth over 10 mins.7/4/12
6/15/12 22:15Three RiversMIUSAFireball5 - 10 minutesWe saw 5 to 6 orange glowing UFO's traveling in a row about 30 seconds apart across the highway.7/4/12
6/15/12 21:30KelseyvilleCAUSAFireball10 minutesFireball changing color and size while sitting still and silent.7/4/12
6/14/12 22:30NewportWAUSALight5 secondsHorizontal white light moving at amazing speed.7/4/12
6/14/12 22:00Mount PleasantTXUSASphere15 -20 minutes25 or more orange ,glowing orbs that seem to be floating in the sky, in north east Texas.7/4/12
6/14/12 21:30TaylorMIUSAFireball3secondsgreen streak across sky.7/4/12
6/14/12 21:00Temiscaming (Canada)QCCanadaFireball5 seconds5 sec fireball over canadian lake7/4/12
6/14/12 21:00Garden CitySCUSALight10 minutesSequence of bright lights over Garden City, SC.7/4/12
6/14/12 03:30Las VegasNVUSACylinder15 minutesUFO sighted hovering over Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV.7/4/12
6/14/12 02:15Huntington StationNYUSASphere2 hoursBright light at bottom and moving in a circular motion7/4/12
6/13/12 20:00St. Clair Shores (south from)MIUSACylinder3 - 5 minutesMy son and myself were out for a walk around 8pm June 13, 2012, when we both saw two capsule type aircraft in the sky. One was heading7/4/12
6/13/12 18:00Mt. LookoutWVUSACylinder20 secondsSilver cylinder obect flying close to public beach.7/4/12
6/13/12 10:00Palm CoastFLUSACircle6-8 minutesMulticolored lighted circle moving extremely fast appears to be checking out RC jet at three different times during flight.7/4/12
6/12/12 10:45Spring CreekNVUSASphere30 minutesGlowing streak stretched across the sky clearly being investigated by a fleet of UFO's.7/4/12
6/8/12 22:30Daytona BeachFLUSACircle10 minutesOrange ball of light over Daytona Beach by the Boardwalk7/4/12
6/8/12 11:00CottonwoodAZUSACylinderless than a minuteSilver cylinder observed in the middle of the day in Cottonwood, AZ7/4/12
6/8/12 03:35SacramentoCAUSALight45 secondsBluish pulsing light moving East to West over Sacramento, CA7/4/12
6/6/12 06:00Ft. BraggNCUSALightnot sureFour lights seen above ft. bragg7/4/12
6/4/12 04:19SacramentoCAUSAFormation1 hourI could not hear sound or see them move but I saw the formations by the Lunar Moon.7/4/12
6/4/12 04:19SacramentoCAUSAFormation1 hourI could her no soud or see them move but they were there and changed positions in formaion .7/4/12
6/3/12 22:00MadisonCTUSARectanglea few secondsBox shaped object witnessed hovering above Madison connector.7/4/12
6/2/12 22:50BozemanMTUSAFormation5 minutesReddish formation of dots in "Y" shape7/4/12
6/2/12 22:38New AlbanyINUSAFireball5 minutesNine fireballs almost in a cricle moving around.7/4/12
6/2/12 21:45BillingsMTUSAFireball5 minutesTen or more orange fireballs moving southerly along the east edge of Billings, MT.7/4/12
6/2/12 21:00BellevueWAUSAFireball3 minutesOrange lights/balls over Tiger Mountain.7/4/12
6/2/12 21:00FarmingtonCTUSAFireball4 minutesMysterious light source traveling in many directions, then randomly disappears, but is still able to see an object wandering in the sky7/4/12
6/1/12 22:30San AntonioTXUSAFireball15-20 minutes70 to 115 Red-Orange balls of light traveling in a line across the skies over San Antonio, TX7/4/12
5/29/12 23:30Gate CityVAUSA20 secondsthree unidentified creatures spotted from only 10-15 yards away.7/4/12
5/23/12 02:20HazelwoodMOUSAOther30-45secondsStealth crescent banking maneuver .7/4/12
5/23/12 00:15San AntonioTXUSACircle4-5 minutesSaw a Round white object, in the air-above a tree, had bluish/white beam light from it, directly on me.7/4/12
5/22/12 17:00Oak CreekWIUSASphere1hrsilver balls with vapor trail.7/4/12
5/20/12 20:45BurbankCAUSAFireball20 secondsGlowing reddish fireballs gather to form V shape7/4/12
5/15/12 22:40GlendaleCAUSAFireball20 minutesThree fireballs chased after police helicopter7/4/12
5/15/12 02:56WethersfieldCTUSAFireball3-5 seconds((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))7/4/12
5/15/12 01:30wailea, mckenna, Maui, HIHIUSADiamond1/16 secondsSeen same night as Arizona sighting, diamond shape with bright light beneath.7/4/12
5/15/12GlendaleCAUSAFireball45 minutesTwo of the red fireballs chasing police helicopter also have a photo7/4/12
5/14/12 23:00MissoulaMTUSALight7 seconds2nd UFO sighting in Missoula Mt. in the space of 2 days7/4/12
5/13/12 15:00ClevelandOHUSATriangle6-7 minutesTriangular object with white cloudy fixed line triangular formation and bright shining prism light.7/4/12
5/12/12 21:10MissoulaMTUSASphere5 secondsSingle ufo's spotted within 2 days of one another in Missoula Montana7/4/12
5/10/12 21:00CambridgeMAUSAUnknown20 minutesBright light descends over Cambridge, MA area, hovers, then breaks into three separate aircraft.7/4/12
5/8/12 20:50Carolina BeachNCUSAFireball4 minutes3 fireballs observed above the ocean at Carolina Beach, NC7/4/12
5/7/12 21:00CaryNCUSAOther5 minutesWhite, star-like object at dusk over Cary7/4/12
5/3/12 21:00EverettWAUSATriangle5 minutesLarge triangular shaped orange light hovering minutes over my home.7/4/12
5/3/12 16:00Las VegasNVUSAFireball10 minutesFIREBALL OVER NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE7/4/12
4/28/12 01:00Eagle RiverAKUSAFireball10 minutesStationary Silent burning ball of fire from approximately 100 feet.7/4/12
4/21/12 19:45SurpiseAZUSALightBright white and blue lights spotted ove Surprise AZ April 21 20127/4/12
4/17/12 21:30VictoriaTXUSARectangle7 secondsRectangle object with three circular dim red lights.7/4/12
3/18/12 21:30Iowa CityIAUSAFireball4-5 seconds3/18/12 9:30 pm, very fast moving orange small ball, zipped from south to north - driving west on I80 just before Iowa City7/4/12
3/15/12 19:00San DiegoCAUSAFlash5 secondsBig laser like neon=purple light shoot out of horzion.7/4/12
3/8/12 20:00Squamish (Canada)BCCanadaFireball15 secondsAmber Fireball in night sky. Motionless, 1/3 size of avg moon. Faded away and disapeared within 3 second period.7/4/12
2/16/12 22:45FowlevilleMIUSAFireball5 minutesWe saw a ball of fire in the sky for 5 minutes, when it was gone military fighter jets converged on the area.7/4/12
2/15/12 13:00MiltonVTUSAOther60 secondsSmall silver object landed, and took of leaving goo on the grass.7/4/12
2/15/12 03:00MidlandNCUSAFireball1 minute3 AM - 2009 & 2012 - NC - sphere - white light POSTED: 06.21.127/4/12
2/1/12 14:30SmackoverARUSASphere5 minutesGlowing spheres in thunder storms.7/4/12
2/1/12 12:00Hamyang (South Korea)South KoreaDisk30 secondsKorean fighter jet flanked by disc shaped object7/4/12
1/21/12 00:30Long BeachCAUSASphere15-20 minsOrange Sphere dripping "embers"7/4/12
1/18/12 18:45Fort WashingtonPAUSAUnknown10 minutesConfirmation of two Philadelphia area sightings of same objects7/4/12
1/18/12 18:45Fort WashingtonPAUSAUnknown10 minutesConfirmation of two Philadelphia area sightings7/4/12
1/11/12 21:30DallasTXUSAOval30 minutesBall of light seen above full moon while moon was blacked out and then appeared again.7/4/12
1/9/12 22:30Erskineville (Sydney) (Australia)AustraliaFormation20 minutesUFO sighting: Erskineville rail station Sydney Australia7/4/12
1/7/12 22:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere5 minutesMultiple glowing orbs, flying in formation, spherical objects that would move at unusual formation patterns.7/4/12
1/6/12 22:00VancouverWAUSAFireball8 - 12 minutes2 then 1 fireball that changed from white to yellow, orange, red, & blue moving over battle ground to washougal and on to Mt. Hood.7/4/12
12/28/11 12:31Santa BarbaraCAUSACylinderFlying Saucer Photo7/4/12
12/24/11 20:00West JordanUTUSAFireball5-10 mins4 red orbs over West Jordan, UT. on Christmas Eve 20117/4/12
11/24/11 21:00PearlILUSASphere2hrsRound object rapidly changing colors with jets flying over proof!!!!7/4/12
11/9/11 20:00SingaporeSingaporeLight21:00It's huge like it is near to the building. The color changed. The color, to me, I have never seen it before. It moves in a Zigzag shape7/4/12
10/30/11 21:15TurnerMEUSAFireball90 secondsRed orb comes down our driveway7/4/12
10/29/11 21:30MadisonWIUSAOther3 minutesLarge L-shaped object with 9 red lights, not blinking, moving slowly and silent from North to South very low in sky7/4/12
10/8/11 21:35HilliardOHUSASphere30 secondsBrilliant reddish-orange sphere with white flame near Columbus, Ohio.7/4/12
9/20/11 22:00OttawaILUSAFireball1 minuteline of 15-20 reddish orange "fireballs" flying above tree line7/4/12
9/15/11 23:30Oxford (UK/England)United KingdomSphere2 minutesluminous red spheres, noiseless moved incredibly fast, emitted red sparks.7/4/12
9/14/11 20:00PortlandORUSALight15 secondsI'm an amateur astronomer and have seen many objects before (satellites, iridium flares, ect.), and these were unusual.7/4/12
8/29/11 05:45AlvinTXUSACircle20 secondsStar Shooting towards earth and stops in mid air and make a 90 degree turn and slowly moves out of sight.7/4/12
8/17/11 12:43Krvavec Mountain (Slovenia)SloveniaDiskI did not notice anything until i was reviewing my photos. I still do not know what that is. Maybe you can help explain it.7/4/12
8/15/11 02:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAFlash2 - 4 secondsStreet lamp appearance, orange flashing, extremely fast, lost signal.7/4/12
8/12/11 23:00MuskegonMIUSAFireball30 seconds5 to 6 fireballs traveling northwest7/4/12
8/10/11 22:00BartlettTNUSACigar20 secondsI could see the outline of the ship bend light around its long cigar shap like a big white bus but camo buy reflecting the night sky7/4/12
8/2/11 22:30Harbor CityCAUSAChevron00:15Trapezoid shaped object flew silently overhead from N to S and ten minutes later a flying wing about half a mile wide flew from W to E.7/4/12
7/4/11 22:35NewportORUSALight5 minutesOne bright red light, not flashing, traveled from north to south about 1,000 ft above us.7/4/12
7/4/11 21:00Ellwood CityPAUSASphere3 minutesLast fourth of july, my father and i were shooting off professional fireworks, and after we were done, my dad pointed to the sky and as7/4/12
7/4/11 18:30New YorkNYUSALight3 hoursBright lights over New York!7/4/12
7/1/11 22:00NashvilleTNUSASphere15 secondsYellow/Orange/Red Sphere seen in up close, in Middle TN.7/4/12
6/30/11 23:30ModenaNYUSALightup to 5 minutesLights over the Shawangunk Mountain Range.7/4/12
6/25/11 09:30GeorgetownTXUSAChangingdaysStrange crafts to Orbs here on a daily basis.7/4/12
6/24/11 19:00Amargosa ValleyNVUSAOther20 minutesTerror7/4/12
6/17/11 00:00Plum BoroPAUSAOtherGreen Triangle Craft 350 ft. above head.7/4/12
6/16/11 21:00AnaheimCAUSADisk3 minutesUFO seen flying over Disneyland during fireworks show.7/4/12
6/11/11 15:00RichardsonTXUSASphereLess than one minuteBlack metallic sphere hovers over major highway7/4/12
5/13/11 02:22HackensackNJUSACircleUFOA bright white circle in the sky moving slow and made no noise at all.7/4/12
5/11/11 12:05AlpineKYUSASphere20 minutesHovering, glowing spheres7/4/12
4/12/11 19:00New BostonTXUSAUnknown15 minutesOne craft becomes three, and leaves trail.7/4/12
3/31/11 00:15EscondidoCAUSALightappr. 10 minIntense green pulsing light in sky7/4/12
3/25/11 22:00Chaco Culture National ParkNMUSALight2 minutesSteady point of light approaching at low altitude then retreat at incredible speed7/4/12
3/20/11 01:00YacoltWAUSASphere2 minutesA blue hovering sphere late at night.7/4/12
3/15/11 21:00Chaco Culture National ParkNMUSAOther5 secondsLuminous green flashing object above Fajada Butte7/4/12
3/7/11 02:45ClearfieldPAUSAOther2-3 minutes2 Star like objects7/4/12
3/3/11 02:15UintahUTUSALight1 minuteI was chased by a demonic spirit in the form of a white orb of light.7/4/12
2/10/11 22:15BakersfieldCAUSACylinder1 minutesGiant 55 gal. silver drum7/4/12
11/25/10 22:00KlamathCAUSALight10 minutesBright light Thanksgiving night 20107/4/12
11/11/10 19:00SacramentoCAUSAOther2 minutesBlue spiral with white orb floating into it.7/4/12
11/4/10 10:30Grover BeachCAUSADiamond5 secondsI have seen a UFO with no lights. UFO= Un-identified Flying Object7/4/12
11/1/10 22:00ChestertownMDUSALight5 secondsLight makes two 90 degree turns at high rate of speed.7/4/12
10/15/10 21:27BuffaloNYUSAFireballseveral minsBalls of fire floating (not dropping) across the sky in Buffalo, NY 10-15-10.7/4/12
10/10/10 13:00North CharlestonSCUSALight3 minutesObject(s) visible 3 times at same place in the sky at during day in Chas, SC7/4/12
9/21/10 19:00RenoNVUSAOther1 minuteSmall plane size rectangular shape with triangular nose, looked to be investigating a small cloud while walking along Offenhauser Dr.7/4/12
7/20/10 21:00Arlington HeightsILUSACircle2 hours(?)UFO sighting over my health with pictures.7/4/12
7/14/10 13:00EnglewoodCOUSAOval9 MinI think about this almost every day and how lucky I was to witness this! There really are ET's7/4/12
6/1/10 23:50Stafford SpringsCTUSATriangle3 minTriangle Ship Teleports7/4/12
4/2/10 21:00La QuintaCAUSAFormation15 minutesThree bright circles of light with centre activity over our heads.15 minutes duration.La Quinta CA7/4/12
3/28/10 15:30KansasKSUSASphere11 secondsHuge orb at 3:30 afternoon as big and shape of the moon white in color.7/4/12
3/24/10 19:40MesaAZUSASphereLess than a minuteYellowish amber spheres of light seen over the Sonoran desert.7/4/12
1/15/10 01:00North San JuanCAUSAFireball30Large bright orange moon looking object hovers over mountains near sutter yuba countys.7/4/12
10/10/09 22:30Thief River FallsMNUSAOther202 orange orbs over airport7/4/12
8/19/09 21:30Mt. PleasantSCUSADisk45 seconds3-4 disk shaped craft, pale lit, moving slowly and silently at low altitude in nearly a straight line.7/4/12
7/6/09 01:00Myrtle BeachNCUSATriangle30Very close vivid encounter with a triangular craft on the shoreline of Myrtle Beach. (also a white ball of light)7/4/12
6/30/09 21:00Mt. PleasantNYUSADisk30 minutesMT PLEASANT, NY, SAUCER SHAPE CRAFT 2100-23307/4/12
6/10/09 14:30WaltonvilleILUSACircle1 minuteUFO fleet witnessed in Southern Illinois, during the summer of 2009.7/4/12
6/1/09 00:30PomonaCAUSALight5 minutes or lessUFO OVER POMONA7/4/12
5/24/09 02:00Negril (Jamaica)JamaicaCircle10 minutesCrazy reddish star object that can fly at incredible speeds7/4/12
4/15/09 23:00NewarkCAUSATriangle30 secondsOrange Triangle shaped craft7/4/12
10/10/08 20:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAOval1 minuteSilent, oval, bright white craft in yard.7/4/12
9/15/08Vivonne (France)FranceDiskSeen on google maps, in the sky there is an oval purple shape.7/4/12
8/13/08 21:00NorwalkCAUSALightfive (5) minutesRed Light Making Physically Impossible Movements for An Aircraft Witnessed By Three People.7/4/12
6/1/08 22:00PaysoneAZUSALight3 secondsPossible Wormhole opens up in the night sky east of Payson Arizona7/4/12
2/6/08 07:30New IberiaLAUSACigar5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))7/4/12
8/15/07 21:00IrvineCAUSASphere15 secondsTwo yellow spheres rotating about each other (barrel rolls) moving right to left and vanishing.7/4/12
7/6/07 22:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaOther6 secondsStationary star that then moved and shot off into space, leaving light trail behind that followed, incredible speed.7/4/12
5/4/07 10:00Derbyshire (UK/England)United KingdomFireball4 minutesHello The reason for any delay in sending this is what you covered on coast to coast 20/6/2012. The event was seeded in my mind bec7/4/12
2/17/07 03:30Pacific/Algona (Route 167 SB)WAUSAOval40 minutesPacific Algona 167 SB UFO observery datetime in traffic7/4/12
2/15/07 03:00Neepawa (Canada)MBCanadaUnknowntwo minutesStrange lights following me on the ground.7/4/12
1/1/07 15:00St. PetersburgFLUSADisk2 minutesnoted a disc shaped object 40-50 ft in diameter flying towards macdill AFB at liw and at very high speeds.7/4/12
10/28/06 22:00MidlothianVAUSAChevron6 secondsMy female friend and I were walking around her condo. A night we could clearly see a series of lights in a chevron pattern. If yo7/4/12
8/4/06 03:00Burkes GardenVAUSATriangle23 minutesblack slow moving triangle.7/4/12
7/17/06 13:30Langley (Canada)BCCanadaDisk3 secondsSaucer shape, quickly north wests direction over langley BC7/4/12
6/30/06 13:00Woodland HillsCAUSADisk5 minutesSaw a black saucer like object fly out of the Woodland Hills, CA area south of Ventura Boulevard.7/4/12
5/15/06 14:00EspartoCAUSADisk3 secondsLarge circular object appears and disappears in place in broad daylight in a clear blue sky.7/4/12
3/15/06 14:00ReddingCAUSAFireballsecondsWhile driving I saw a ball of fire in the sky like a flash and noticed whittnesses.7/4/12
10/5/05 16:00Green SeaSCUSATriangle2-3 hours2-3 hour observation of Triangle craft while hunting top of trees 150 to 160 yards away7/4/12
7/31/05 16:40Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging1 hour((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))7/4/12
4/1/05 21:00Lake Las Vegas HendersonNVUSALight20 minutesThese flew in formation surveying me alone camping in the Nevada desert7/4/12
8/5/04 00:00CincinnatiOHUSACircle3 minutesWish I had written down the exact day and time but i didn't want to report it. I worked at an office complex in cincinnati ohio as a7/4/12
7/15/04 21:30Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaLight2 minutesStar like moving away at high speed.7/4/12
6/30/04 16:00ChicoCAUSAOther30 secondsMan floating thru the air7/4/12
7/20/03 22:30SparksNVUSALight3 minutesI thought maybe it could be military since the fallon air base was that direction but very odd behavior.7/4/12
6/21/03 21:55Vaughan (Canada)ONCanadaCigar5- 7 secondsBrilliant White Torpedo Shape Craft Jumping Across The Sky Like A Tic Over Canada's Wonderland7/4/12
10/21/02 02:30BurbankCAUSAOval20 minutesSudden appearance of a circling group of 7 or 8 red-orange "orbs"7/4/12
8/19/02 23:00Twin FallsIDUSALightappr. 15 min.UFO outside Twin Falls- 20027/4/12
7/15/02 01:00MoxeeWAUSALight5 seconds.Bright Light Over Yakima County7/4/12
6/26/02 23:23Hoffman EstatesILUSAFireball90 secondsOrange fireball across the sky over Hoffman Estates IL7/4/12
6/16/02 20:30OlympiaWAUSAOther5-10 minutesFour adults couldn't identify an object that flew over Olympia Washington June 16, 2012.7/4/12
7/7/01 21:00North BendORUSALightten secondsBright light coming from the sky with no sound of any aircraft or hellicopters.7/4/12
9/1/00 22:00South BendINUSATriangle10 minutesSaw triangular craft in early Fall 9-12 years ago that was either jet black or transparent with three lights in Northern Indiana.7/4/12
7/20/00 21:30DemingNMUSAUnknown1 minuteHuge beam of light comes from sky, no craft of any kind visible that could produce it.7/4/12
6/15/00 17:45CaarthageMSUSATriangle12 minutesWife & Ilooking up saw craft enter field of view traveling E to W at a steady pace made no sound about 180' to 240' above ground.7/4/12
12/16/99 07:15GibsonvilleNCUSASphere2 minutesYellow-Orange soccer ball sized sphere photographed in my backyard.7/4/12
6/1/99 01:00Gig HarborWAUSACirclehoursAll of the above accounts were of round, bright white lights7/4/12
6/1/99 00:00FremontMIUSALight45 minutes +Bounding, glowing neon orbs of light over Fremont, MI. Neon green orb hovering over neighbor's home for several minutes.7/4/12
5/14/99 00:00DixonILUSATriangle5 mintuesIt was a black triangle,around light on each corner that didn`t glow out,it took all the noise out of the air when it went over head7/4/12
6/1/98 22:00Rishon Lezion (Israel)IsraelCigar30 secondsCigar shapped UFO formation flight .7/4/12
5/12/98 03:00PampaTXUSALight10 minutesBright light that would light up the sky and then dim. Also crossed great distances in short amount of time; disappeared and reappeare7/4/12
3/3/98 20:00HoustonTXUSASphere7 secondsStrolling with my wife in the Heights part of Houston, on a quiet and dark residential street. I had been seeing a number of horizontal7/4/12
4/25/97 01:45Delray BeachFLUSALight5 minutesSingle white light changes to multiple sources with red light, splits up. Red light moves differently and sparkle type exhaust noticed.7/4/12
6/15/96 15:00PortlandORUSAChevron25 minutes06/15/96 15:00 Portland OR Chevron 25 minutes Mid day not moving very high almost downtown flat black chevron7/4/12
6/1/96 21:00New OrleansLAUSAChanging15-20 secondsWhile a conversation with a friend a large mirror like objesct came out of the south west sky traveling at a moderate rate of speed. Th7/4/12
6/30/95 13:00Grass ValleyCAUSACircle2-3 daysGiant lenticular cloud over music festival7/4/12
6/1/95 20:00WarrenOHUSATriangle8 secondsI was lying on my back on a trampoline star gazing at my brother in laws something ive done for 25 yrs.clear blue sky visability was 207/4/12
8/1/94 00:30Georgetown (Canada)ONCanadaLight20 secondshigh bright red light fast moving7/4/12
7/17/94 22:30Gales FerryCTUSATriangle5 minutesLarge Triangle craft flew over pool making no sound at high rate of speed7/4/12
6/30/93 23:00Raasiku, Harjumaa (Estonia)EstoniaTriangle10 secondsTriangle UFO seen by 3 people7/4/12
6/1/91 21:00Zihautinejo (Mexico)MexicoCylinder5 secI looked up from a Beach called Los gatos and saw three circular disc in triangle formation shift forward and left out of sight7/4/12
6/1/91 16:00Central IslipNYUSATriangle2-5 minutesHuge Triangle UFO7/4/12
10/31/90 17:00Petit Jean MountainARUSALight7 minutesUnexplained low-flying white light moving through night air.7/4/12
7/15/90 23:00FentonMOUSARectangle1 minute07/15/1990 23:00 Fenton, Mo. Rectangular craft with colored lights down each side.7/4/12
7/15/90 13:00WillitsCAUSAChanging15 secondsTwo Orbs spinning in a flipping motion across sky.7/4/12
6/1/90 12:00San DiegoCAUSARectangle15 minutesI saw a ginormous, rectangular, metallic UFO in broad day light over the naval base.7/4/12
5/30/89 16:00San DiegoCAUSAOther1/2 hourPoint Loma,Ca, Daughter and I was standing on our balcony, when a white object appeared out over ocean. We first thought it was a helic7/4/12
7/2/88 02:30Socorro (north of)NMUSATriangle20 minutesWitnessed triangle shaped object with flashing lights and luminescent orb at 2:30 AM.7/4/12
6/1/88 18:00Venice BeachFLUSAUnknown5 minutesVenice Beach sighting orange lights7/4/12
5/24/88 14:00AdaMNUSACigar1.5 secondsCigar shaped craft over farmland7/4/12
8/20/87 02:00Port AransasTXUSATriangle3 minutesCasa Grande, Az7/4/12
8/15/86 18:00SpokaneWAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular Craft on Dishman Mica Road - Spokane, WA7/4/12
8/1/85 13:00AlexandriaMNUSATriangleUnknownBlocked Memory7/4/12
6/1/84 18:00Sierra VistaAZUSATriangle5 minutesSilent delta wing aircraft7/4/12
9/29/81 00:00EdinaMNUSADisk1 hourI am an extraterrestrial human being. The spacecraft that I came from is referenced by numerous cultures around the earth. From the anc7/4/12
8/1/81 20:00StocktonCAUSARectangle30 minutesChange from a rectangle to a old screaming 707 airliner balactica7/4/12
7/3/81 22:30DillonvaleOHUSALight3 or 4 secondsWhite light craft zips around in a five-point star pattern while checking out fireworks displays!7/4/12
10/2/80 21:30IrvineCAUSASphere15 minutesDot of light making imposable turn7/4/12
10/1/80 20:00MountainboroALUSAFireball20 secondsBall of Fire that changed into a cone shape.7/4/12
9/1/80 17:00ConcordiaMOUSASphere3 secondsBall of light in Concordia, MO- 19807/4/12
6/13/80 22:00Sault Ste. Marie (Canada)ONCanadaLight10Bright glowing orb follows two young men as the walked down road in Sault ste Marie ontario7/4/12
5/10/80 13:00MilfordCTUSAOther3 hoursStrange craft over house, possible abduction7/4/12
8/15/79 01:00Mammoth LakesCAUSACircle10 secondsI saw a rolling ball of fire in the sky 500 ft off the deck traveling at 80-100 mph.7/4/12
7/15/79 21:30Rancho Palos VerdesCAUSAChevron2-3 minutesLate at night in the summer of 1979 a huge chevron shapped UFO flew silently and slowly just above the rooftops of So. California7/4/12
6/15/79 03:00Sagamore HillsOHUSAUnknown2 minutesIn Ohio around 1979 I had and encounter with 3 aliens. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes7/4/12
8/1/78 21:00YakimaWAUSALight5 min. approxHovering, Darting Lights Over Tampico, Washington State7/4/12
8/1/78 20:00GarlandTXUSADiskone minute1978 Red Saucer Garland texas7/4/12
6/21/78 03:00AlbanyNYUSAFireball20 secondsOrange fireball7/4/12
2/15/78 03:00WalthamMAUSAUnknown5 minutesStars or satellites change places in the sky.7/4/12
7/2/77 01:00Carlsbad Cavrans (near)NMUSAEgg1 minuteOrange/Reddish in color. Steady in brightness. Rising straight up from horizon. Slowly to about 90 degrees in the sky. Then lights out7/4/12
9/10/76 23:00AlbanyNYUSACircle2 minutesIt was a warm night for early September in upstate New York. It was "trash night." My parents purchased a new easy chair for7/4/12
8/30/76 02:00PortlandORUSACigar3-4 minutesCigar shaped object over Porland Oregon 8/767/4/12
8/20/76 01:00Los Angeles (90 miles east of)CAUSARectangle3 minutesA dark rectangular object appears over my car out on the road and telepathically tells me not to panic, that I knew it was there.7/4/12
6/20/76 20:00Dunbar/InstituteWVUSATriangle45 minutesBack in the Summer of 1976 on the campus of West Virginia State University (WV State College then) My boyfriend and I were parked behin7/4/12
6/1/76 21:00Point PleasentNJUSALight5 minutes1976 Point Pleasent, NJ - Bright star moving in square flight pattern7/4/12
8/15/75 18:00GrenadaMSUSADisk30 minutes3 UFO's over Grenada Lake; Mississippi7/4/12
8/1/75 04:00SunlandCAUSAEgg10 minutesShimmering, iridescent ovoid over Sunland, CA emits brilliant flash and disappears7/4/12
7/15/75 00:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere10 minutesLow Level Brightly Lighted Sphere Hovering in a Residential Neighbourhood7/4/12
7/13/75 19:30ShorelineWAUSAEgg5 minutesWhen driving north on I-5 just north of Seattle we noticed a group of persons standing on the side of the freeway pointing and looking7/4/12
6/10/75 22:00AlbanyNYUSALightOne MinuteBright Light7/4/12
1/17/75 18:00AlbanyNYUSALight10 minutesStarlike objects7/4/12
8/15/73 21:00South China (Three Mile Pond)MEUSASphere20 minutesBronze, bright, silent light moves south to east over a lake in Maine.7/4/12
8/5/73 20:00Victory LakesNJUSAOval2 minutesWatched a large, silent,bright, whitish, oval object hovering, moving slowly left to right and then so fast upward we lost sight of it.7/4/12
6/1/73 18:00GainsvilleGAUSASphere7-10 minutesObject was silver-gray moved slowly made no sound at all.7/4/12
6/1/73 03:00Oak HarborWAUSAUnknown30 secondsalien in the woods7/4/12
2/2/73 21:00RoanokeVAUSASphere1.5 minutesSilver silent sphere seen in Roanoke, VA in 19737/4/12
5/15/72 12:45Bicester (UK/England)United KingdomSpherethree minutesOrange sphere traveling in the sky, leaving vapor trail, appears to hover w/o vapor, then proceeds to travel, leaving a vapor trail7/4/12
12/20/70 17:00MeridenCTUSAUnknown10 minutesMy parents & I just sat down for dinner when my Aunt came over to say she see's a funny thing in the sky . itm was dark already because7/4/12
6/15/70 13:00MilfordCTUSADisk3 minutesWitnessed a silver disk in 19707/4/12
6/1/70 17:00FultonNYUSACircle5 minutesClear round sphere's about the size of a soccer ball or larger floated slowly by7/4/12
8/1/69 21:00New CastlePAUSAOval50 minutes plusThis was in 1969 and I was only 16. There were eight of my family and friend that witnessed this event. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes7/4/12
7/30/69 13:00AkronOHUSACircle3 hoursGiant Silver Ball Hanging Over Akron In the Late 1960's7/4/12
6/1/69 22:00AkronOHUSALight10 secondsAerial light makes turns not possible for aircraft.7/4/12
8/15/68 20:00PomonaCAUSALight10 minutesA bright star grew larged and exploded in the sky and faded away in a ten minute period.7/4/12
8/8/67 11:00BabylonNYUSACircle2 minutesCircular object with lights around perimeter hovering over witness7/4/12
6/1/67 22:00Yucca ValleyCAUSALight5 minutes6 family members observe bright light for 5 minutes near Yucca Valley, CA 19677/4/12
2/20/67 19:30MeridenCTUSAUnknown6 minutesLight on a dimmer switch7/4/12
5/15/66 22:00AZUSADisk10 minutesDriving late at night in the middle of the desert, I stopped and watched a spaceship hovering close enough to see windows circling it7/4/12
7/24/65 13:00HighlandMIUSASphere2 minutesCraft was large enough to see with the naked eye7/4/12
7/10/65 20:00San FernandoCAUSAOther1 hourThe shape of the object looked- like a parachutte ( glowing ) moving very slowly across the sky - form my observations it looked like7/4/12
6/10/64 22:00ChicagoILUSACircle2 minutesDisc shaped orange in color with darker crater shapes with in it7/4/12
10/4/63 19:10Prince GeorgeVAUSADiskOver 2 HoursTwo glowing saucers came down and floated above me and a friend; event lasted at least two hours. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes7/4/12
7/14/63 21:30HornellNYUSAUnknown10 minutesBright object moving across the sky then stopping and going back the way it came.7/4/12
6/30/62 18:00BethpageNYUSATriangle5 minutesWhile I was a young boy playing in my dads belair around 1962 or 1963. I saw multiple bright white lights traveling west to east about7/4/12
6/1/62 00:00BartlesvilleOKUSAUnknownminute or soChildhood visitation 1962, possible implant, first sighting 1977. other sightings of craft on several occasions. 500 Lights On Obj7/4/12
10/5/59 18:30DuluthWIUSA15 minutesBright light observed over Lake Superior near Duluth MN. in 1958 or 59. Stationary but then moved and changed colors. Then disappeared.7/4/12
7/15/57 15:00Long BeachCAUSADisk2 minutesThree disks stationary in a triangle formation during the day surrounded by a mirage effect seemingly caused by heat.7/4/12
7/13/57 09:00ChesapeakeOHUSADisk10 minutesA silent,spinning daylight disc.7/4/12
6/24/56 14:00MaderaCAUSASphere2 minutesHalf spherical object with portholes on the side. Mid 1950's in Central California. Day time.7/4/12
6/15/56 20:32SalemNJUSADisk1:08We walked out side during supper, woke up standing in the back yard, then I saw 5 of them watching me.7/4/12
7/17/53 22:00DublinINUSACone30 minutesMy brothers farmed after dark, they told my mother, my mother started yelling for the kids to run out to see it. It was located in our7/4/12
6/30/52CheyenneWYUSADisk1950's UFO crash tech report7/4/12
7/15/51 14:00Spokane Valley (Otis Orchards)WAUSASphere2-3 hoursUFO over the Spokane Valley 19517/4/12