National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2012/06/05


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/4/12 22:55DixonILUSARectangle2 minutesBright yellow/red fire like long object moving at slowly across the sky in a straight line.6/5/12
6/4/12 22:00Hull (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minutes2 orange lights seen above hull. One moving and one hidden in cloud.6/5/12
6/4/12 01:10BrickNJUSACircleone hour fifteen minutesGlowing orange ball in sky changing colors to white and blue then hitting me with a blueish white beam of light.6/5/12
6/3/12 00:00West ChesterOHUSALight2 minutes9 Lights Seen6/5/12
6/3/12 22:03AlamedaCAUSAFormation3 minutesTriangular craft moves like leaf and later 3 multicolor fading lights form PERFECT triangle and turn counterclockwise6/5/12
6/3/12 10:43SeattleWAUSACigarhubble photoDeep Space Hubble photo above Aries faint star large cigar craft6/5/12
6/3/12 03:00Cedar RapidsIAUSALight5-6 minutesDancing BRIGHT BRIGHT white orbs in the night sky.6/5/12
6/3/12 01:15Harriman State ParkNYUSAOther10 seconds4 orange lights shaped like trapezoid move through Harriman State Park, 1 or 4 objects.6/5/12
6/3/12 01:00Kiawah IslandSCUSACircleone hourUFO as in Unidentified. Left a trail like spaghetti in photos & pulsating. didn't get pic of the 2nd flying red craft.6/5/12
6/3/12 00:00HarwichportMAUSADisknightSaucer and light seen out window.6/5/12
6/2/12 00:00ClintonARUSALight2 minutes((HOAX??)) Had 2 long lights turning around each other.6/5/12
6/2/12 23:45CovingtonTNUSARectangle3 secondsI saw a rectangular shaped craft made up of bright fuchsia lights appear out of nowhere before it went out of sight.6/5/12
6/2/12 23:00AliquippaPAUSALight15 secondsFlashing lights moving at incredible speeds over Alliquippa6/5/12
6/2/12 23:00HazeltonIAUSALight15-20 seconds2 Bright Lights Traveling at the Same Speed and Flight Pattern6/5/12
6/2/12 22:30South RidingVAUSATriangle5 minTriangle object seen over South Riding, Va.6/5/12
6/2/12 22:30AuroraINUSACircleunsureJune 2, 2012, Aurora In. Several orange lights moving steadily across the sky6/5/12
6/2/12 22:15OlympiaWAUSACone5 minutes12-15 cone-shaped objects (bright white with orange "fire" on one side) moving silently in clusters across north sky from wes6/5/12
6/2/12 22:15Cranberry TownshipPAUSASphere15 minutes10 fireball fly over PIttsburgh area in straight line, 2 people took videos6/5/12
6/2/12 22:00SalisburyNCUSACircle10 minutes10 to 15 red string of lights, then started moving and eventually moved individually and dissappeared behind a cloud.6/5/12
6/2/12 22:00StrasburgVAUSAFireball60 seconds8 glowing orange fireball objects moving slowly and silently to the northwest6/5/12
6/2/12 22:00WebsterNYUSACircle2 minutesBrite Orange slowly moving sphere shaped oblect traveling from South to North East6/5/12
6/2/12 22:00Buffalo Pound Provincial Park (Canada)SKCanada3 minutes3 ufos sighted while fishing - 2 fireballs 1 white orb flash6/5/12
6/2/12 21:55Big SkyMTUSATriangle5 minutesFirst 3 and after one more orange lights appeared and 5 min. after disappeard.6/5/12
6/2/12 21:47Apple ValleyMNUSACircle1 minuteWhite flickering then gone.6/5/12
6/2/12 21:25PhoenixvillePAUSALight3 minutes +Orange-red lights in the sky in Phoenixville, PA6/5/12
6/2/12 21:20Elk GroveCAUSAFireball2 minutesOrange ball of light seemed to be floating with green flashing lights6/5/12
6/2/12 21:00Beacon Rock State ParkWAUSASphere20-30 minutesObserved about 20 bright orange glowing lights at relatively fast rate of speed over Columbia River Gorge WA.6/5/12
6/2/12 21:00Cedar RapidsIAUSACircle4-5 minutesStrange Lights Across Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sky on June 2, 2012 @ around 9:15 pm CST6/5/12
6/2/12 20:30Beacon Rock State Park (Skamania)WAUSAChanging15 minutesSeveral Glowing Orange Sphere Shaped UFO's in Beacon Rock State Park, WA6/5/12
6/2/12 16:30White MarshMDUSACigar5 minutesWhite Object over I-695E6/5/12
6/2/12 15:00Twin FallsIDUSAFlash15 minErratic fast moving star like object with bright flash every few seconds6/5/12
6/2/12 02:50Willow SpringsILUSACircle15 minutes6/2/12 Willow Springs IL, Flashing bright white little circle lights formed a circle shape6/5/12
6/2/12 02:25Miramichi (Canada)NBCanadaCylinder1 minuteAdvent amateur astronomer witnessed phenomenon6/5/12
6/1/12 23:24GrahamWAUSALight3 minutesGlowing bright red light observed suspended above pasture in Graham, Washington, June 1, 2012.6/5/12
6/1/12 22:30Breezy PointMNUSAFormation4-5 minutes9-10 Orange bright lighted objects hovering in a three near perfect perpendicular columns.6/5/12
6/1/12 21:45St. PaulMNUSAFireball5 minutesOrange fireball seen in se sky looking toward downtown st paul for several minutes before disappearing,6/5/12
6/1/12 21:21Fort LauderdaleFLUSACircle60 secondsStrange flying objects in the sky6/5/12
6/1/12 21:00St. LouisMOUSASphere10 minutes20-30 glowing orange orbs travelled slowly across I-55 near the Meremec River. ((NUFORC Note: Report from STL policeman. PD))6/5/12
6/1/12 21:00SunnyvaleCAUSAFireball3 minutesTwo fireballs flying low across night sky.6/5/12
6/1/12 20:30KatyTXUSAOther10+ minutesV-shaped light in sky6/5/12
6/1/12 20:30ArnoldMOUSATriangle5 minutesMultiple UFO identified late evening in Arnold Missouri, exhibited no sound, moving in sync with eachother, multiple orbs, triangle6/5/12
6/1/12 13:00CherryMNUSATriangle5 secondsSaw a Silver, Triangle shaped craft above my car, that sparkled from the rear and then disappeared.6/5/12
6/1/12 12:30GreenvilleRIUSAOther3 secondsthere was a loud boom and a flash of light6/5/12
6/1/12 02:30Timmins (Canada)ONCanadaLightover and hourPulsing white lights, 5 of them swerving in the sky.6/5/12
5/31/12 22:00DurhamNCUSALight120-140 secondsUFO Sighting at 10 pm on Shannon rd. facing North/NE toward 15/501 The Lights first appeared insanely bright spinning counter clock w6/5/12
5/31/12 20:30Las BegasNVUSALight2 minutesi saw a ball of light flying through the sky. it was being followed by what looked like 5 to 10 other blinking strobes surrounding the6/5/12
5/31/12 12:30Calgary (Calgary)ABCanadaFlash3 secondsFlash of light seen in the south Calgary sky.6/5/12
5/31/12 12:00ScottsbluffNEUSAUnknowndon't knowMy friend and I visited Scott’s Bluff in Scottsbluff, Nebraska about noon on May 31, 2012. We took some pictures of both north and6/5/12
5/31/12 03:45Whitby (Canada)ONCanadaLightaprox 5 minutesa light with intelegence in the north east sky above whitby .6/5/12
5/31/12 00:30Praia (Santiago)Cape Verde IslandOval1 hourI am writing this letter in order to submit the sighting form with regard to my observations. I was away on vacation in the Cape Verde6/5/12
5/30/12 23:00Stamping GroundKYUSALight5-6 minutesLarge bright white light in Stamping Ground, Ky followed by about five smaller ones.6/5/12
5/30/12 23:00MadisonNCUSACircledrive byUFO During Lightening Storm6/5/12
5/30/12 22:35DavisCAUSAFireball5 minutes3 bright orange balls over Davis Ca6/5/12
5/30/12 22:30The WoodlandsTXUSAFormation10-15 secondsThree lights moving at the same rate of speed from west to east across the sky while dancing around each other. the lights moved about6/5/12
5/30/12 21:30BishopvilleSCUSAChanging10 minutesMulti colored strobe array pulling away from a VERY bright white light.6/5/12
5/30/12 21:00McKeanPAUSAFireballmore than a minuteBalls of fire seen in evening sky, over Erie, PA, area.6/5/12
5/30/12 20:00ArcataCAUSALight30 minutesred and green lights that flash and move quickly in all directions, then stationary. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star. PD))6/5/12
5/30/12 19:30MartinezGAUSACigar3 minutesMy son and I were in our backyard and saw a long, cigar-shaped object with no wings, sound,or exhaust fly through the sky like a plane.6/5/12
5/30/12 04:25TempeAZUSAUnknownSecondObject with fiery tail shot off into the sky6/5/12
5/30/12 02:04BarreVTUSAFireball4 minutes1 Orange fireball not moving6/5/12
5/30/12 00:45ConnersvilleINUSAFireball4 secondsIt looked to appear as a shooting star. This was closer and a little bigger than the shooting stars I've witnessed in my lifetime. It m6/5/12
5/29/12 23:30HamiltonMTUSALight15 secondsLarge intense white bright light in the late evening of May 29, 2012, near Hamilton, MT6/5/12
5/29/12 23:00BozemanMTUSASphere5 -6 minutesObserver is familiar with night skies due to interest in astronomy and nightly airline traffic, and experienced with scientific observ6/5/12
5/29/12 22:15SummervilleSCUSAFireball1 minuteLarge, bright green light accomanied by a deep whirring noise6/5/12
5/29/12 22:09PensacolaFLUSATriangle2 minuteslarge dark trinagular object with many primatic lights on it.6/5/12
5/29/12 21:15OhatcheeALUSA20 secondsBright white light falling straight down, stopping and changing direction by 90 degrees due north6/5/12
5/29/12 20:00PortlandORUSATriangle00:03Black teardrop object above Portland, OR6/5/12
5/29/12 03:23BaileyCOUSALight10 SecondsObject shined light on us after signaling SOS with a flashlight.6/5/12
5/28/12 22:40Nallapadu (near Guntur City) (India)India (south- east)Triangle6- 8 secondsBlack triangle UFO heading North west on nallapadu, near Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. 1 witness.6/5/12
5/27/12 23:40Pleasant HillOHUSALight2 minutesVery fast and erratic light seen in the sky around Troy, OH.6/5/12
5/27/12 00:00SmithvilleMOUSAFireball1 minuteNo sound flying low small fireball type6/5/12
5/26/12 22:30Belle GladeFLUSALight20minsthe objects moved and changed colors rapidly6/5/12
5/26/12 00:00Mason CityIAUSAOther2 to 4 min.acorn shaped with flames and a ring of white lights on bottom6/5/12
5/25/12 13:30London (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle2 minutesTriangle Shaped UFO captured over Victoria Park, London UK - 25/05/20126/5/12
5/25/12 00:00MiamiFLUSACircle6 minutesBright orange lights over Miami, Florida6/5/12
5/23/12 11:00ExeterNEUSALight3 minutesTiny white light darts in the Great Plains evening sky!6/5/12
5/22/12 21:45Kengeri Bangalore. type 'emrohit' on google mapIndiaTriangle25 SecondsMy family seen UFO on Bangalore sky. 22.05.2012 9.45pm After dinner we were on terrece at 9:30pm, my younger son Sanjay sleeping facing6/5/12
5/22/12 01:00Cape FearNCUSAOval10 minutesBright light off Cape Fear, NC6/5/12
5/21/12 21:20Paradise ValleyAZUSACircle10 seconds4 UFOs heading West orange glow moving in formation6/5/12
5/19/12 23:00BrittonSDUSAOval4 secomdstwo ufos flew together changed direction and flew away6/5/12
5/19/12 16:00Creston (Canada)BCCanadaCircle30 seconds((LENS FLARES)) I was taking photos of the sky, not knowing what I had caught until I obseverd them weeks later! A blue glowing glob,6/5/12
5/14/12 18:30FranklinNCUSAFlash20 secondsThere was a bright light in the sky that quickly flew off at a very fast speed.6/5/12
5/13/12 08:00Olympic National Park (Olympic Mountain Range)WAUSAOvalClick of the pictureSnape dobject on or above Olympic mountain range.6/5/12
5/12/12 21:15North Sioux CitySDUSAFireball3 to 5 minutesOrange/Red fireballs traveling various inconsistent speeds, no noise, called 911, blew me off, 8 witnesses6/5/12
5/8/12 20:30West PointUTUSALight1-2 minutesLight just as bright by Venus6/5/12
5/3/12 03:30Saint JosephMIUSARectangle30 secondsI just got home from a friends and now stood on the porch in the dark while I let the dogs out. I was facing South and I was looking up6/5/12
5/2/12 02:51BolivarMOUSALightunknownBolivar, MO. Bright white light moving across the sky then vanishing.6/5/12
5/1/12 12:00KarnakILUSASpherea few secondsUFO Photographed By Fisherman In Karnak, Illinois6/5/12
4/21/12 05:23Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere2 minTwo silent white spheres crossing the early morning sky.6/5/12
4/18/12 23:45Bermuda DunesCAUSAOval2-3 secondsDark disc-shaped object moving across night sky with great(supersonic+) speed, no visible lights, no sound, VERY FAST.6/5/12
4/3/12 09:00MayfieldMIUSAOtherWoodsIt was about 9 at night and i was almost asleep; when my dog started tol bark wildly. Then out of nowhere there was a load rumble that6/5/12
4/2/12 20:50OkarcheOKUSAUnknown12 minRed and Blue Lights East of Okarche, OK6/5/12
3/20/12 19:59Langaroud (Iran)IranOther5 minutesTwo bright object, lile a lamp as seen by unarmed eyes, in Iran, Guilan6/5/12
3/14/12 22:45MadisonNCUSALight30 minsSmall, plain white speck of light smoothly, slowly, and without sound headed directly southeast. Used to seeing planes with blinking li6/5/12
11/23/11 00:45BridgewaterNJUSA4-5 minutesEXPLAINED: Bright lights in Somerset county NJ on 11/23/116/5/12
5/20/08 23:30Hueston Woods State ParkOHUSADiamond1 night about 30 secondsA diamond shaped UFO flew over our campsite.6/5/12
6/30/05 21:00Sun ValleyNVUSAOther20 SecondsA Ball of red and orange with a tail like a comet kept up with my car. My son and I saw it.6/5/12
9/11/01 20:30MesaAZUSACircle3minutesRound object just hovering over homes.6/5/12
5/11/01 00:00London (UK/England)United KingdomOther10 secondsHostile close up encounter. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/5/12
3/25/98 23:30AlexandriaLAUSATriangle2 minutesFive white lights in V-shaped pattern seen along Interstate 49 just south of Alexandria6/5/12
6/30/82 00:00Fagstaff (north of)AZUSACircle30 minstar shaped obgects6/5/12