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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2011/03/10


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/9/11 18:44TampaFLUSA5 minutesunknown falling object from the sky over tampa fl3/10/11
3/9/11 13:00FloridaFLUSA10 secthe Nasa space shuttle landing there is a ufo caught on the news feed check it out plane as day3/10/11
3/9/11 06:20OceansideCAUSAOval5 minutesBrilliant flare like object into black craft with red light3/10/11
3/9/11 03:30NaplesFLUSADisk3 hrs 15 minsSighting at 3.30 AM with 3 bright lights, clear view of large saucer shaped obj at 6.00. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies. PD ))3/10/11
3/9/11 03:00San Luis Potosi (Mexico)MexicoOther4 minutesStrange silent object hovering over my daughters bed3/10/11
3/8/11 22:00WickenburgAZUSALight4 seconds5 bright lights up in the atmosphere.3/10/11
3/8/11 21:00West SpringfieldPAUSATriangle5 secondsThree lights spanning 20 feet, in the shape of a boomerang, change orientation and disappear.3/10/11
3/8/11 20:15GreensburgPAUSAUnknown1 minuteRed lights over residential neighborhood3/10/11
3/8/11 20:00West SpringfieldPAUSATriangle4-5 seconds3 lighted boomerang under 500 ft in the sky saw in West Springfield, PA.3/10/11
3/8/11 19:30Canoga ParkCAUSAUnknown1 or less minutebright star/light moved for a couple seconds turned red and disappeared.3/10/11
3/8/11 19:30W. SacramentoCAUSACylinder15 secondsSlightly elongated brite white light silently traveling west to east then blacked out rapidly3/10/11
3/8/11 19:25Barrie (Canada)ONCanadaLight1 - 3 minutesUFO seen barrie ontario by georgien mall. NO JOKE!3/10/11
3/8/11 03:00MidwayGAUSAFormation3 minWhite circular formation with staggered multiple flashing white lights.3/10/11
3/7/11 22:00Ballderson (Canada)ONCanadaFireball5secondsPassed by a Fireball.3/10/11
3/7/11 21:00CulpeperVAUSATriangle2 hrsSlow-moving, noise-less craft seemed to be surveying the area.3/10/11
3/7/11 21:00NinilchikAKUSALight2 hours so fartwo bright spots,very close together. rays of color shooting to all sides,stayed in same spot on horizon3/10/11
3/7/11 19:45Van NuysCAUSADisk3-4 secondsFast moving lights seen over Van Nuys California3/10/11
3/7/11 19:00LynnwoodWAUSASphere3-4 minTwo lights gold and blue distinctly separate, low.3/10/11
3/7/11 18:50WakefieldRIUSAFormation30-60 sec.Two White Lights Fly Simultaneously WNW to EAST3/10/11
3/7/11 02:30GriffinGAUSAUnknown15 minutesUnknown aerial droning3/10/11
3/7/11 01:00SierravilleCAUSADisk25 minutesme and two friends woke up from a noise and a disk shaped UfO was chasing another disk shaped UfO3/10/11
3/6/11 19:00JacksonvilleFLUSAOtherminutesComet-like UFO. Major air surveilance at time of sighting. Two seperate crafts sighted.3/10/11
3/6/11 18:20Guelph (Canada)ONCanadaLightOne minuteBall of light over Guelph Lake disappears instantly.3/10/11
3/6/11 17:10OneidaWIUSALight45 seconds/1 minWhite light in the sky, left to right instant turns, flew over changed colors and dissapeared.3/10/11
3/6/11 16:45Camp PendletonCAUSALight5 seconds or lessBright shiney object hovered, darted, stopped then "disappeared" at military base airstation in broad daylight afternoon SanDiego.3/10/11
3/6/11 10:28MahwahNJUSAOther3 minUFO hovering over mine shaft caught it from 35 yards away with my iPhone3/10/11
3/6/11 05:30Valley CenterCAUSALight1 hourHuge bright light, much bigger than a star didn't move for over ah hour.3/10/11
3/6/11 04:45Las VegasNVUSACircle5 minutesfour to five circular dark objects at spring mountian state park3/10/11
3/5/11 23:05VistaCAUSAOval25 minutes3 OVAL SPINNING CRAFT OVER VISTA AREA3/10/11
3/5/11 21:50RockportTXUSADiskStrange colorful light spending in the mid-sky.3/10/11
3/5/11 20:30DelmarMDUSACircle3-4 secondsMarch 5th 2011 (Delmar, MD. 21875) Saturday Night at Approx. 20:30 - Bright Round Object3/10/11
3/5/11 20:00Charlotte Amalie (U. S. Virgin Islands)US Virgin IslandsFireball10 secondsBright flare up object durring twilight3/10/11
3/5/11 20:00MissoulaMTUSATeardropOrange and firery ball above Missoula MT3/10/11
3/5/11 18:40IslamoradaFLUSALight15 secondsWe saw an actual UFO tonight. About 6:40 PM. I was out with some friends watching sunset on my boat in Islamorada, FL. It was one ob3/10/11
3/5/11 05:55North Atlantic (inflight sighting)North AtlanticFlash3 minutesHigh Alt. Bright Strobe3/10/11
3/5/11 03:00DowneyCAUSADiamond30 minutesThisn happened on saturday at 3:00 pm, 2 crafts with the shape of a diamond appeared frpm the north, then another 2 appear kind of on t3/10/11
3/4/11 22:00ElktonMDUSAFlash3 secondsBright fast moving flash appearing out of nowhere decending at a 45 degree angle lasting for 3 seconds.3/10/11
3/4/11 22:00TracyCAUSAOval30 minvery large blue pulsating orb flying in large circles without any noise.3/10/11
3/4/11 21:30Kuching (Malaysia)MalaysiaChanging20 minsHovering Object with Flickering Colourful Lights over Kuching City, Sarawak, Malaysia3/10/11
3/4/11 19:00MantenoILUSAFireball4 secs.Object Exploded after being struck by lightning3/10/11
3/4/11 15:00Space (NASA broadcast)In orbitSphere1 secondNASA Telescope captures large flying object in space3/10/11
3/4/11 11:20New York City (Times Square)NYUSACircle30 minTime Square 03 04 113/10/11
3/4/11 11:15New York City (Queens)NYUSAUnknown20 minsTo the nake eye it was a bright light in the midday blue sky,took a picture from my cell and emailed it to computer3/10/11
3/4/11 08:45RaleighNCUSAOther4 minutesCloaking plane3/10/11
3/4/11 02:10LittlerockCAUSAUnknown5 minunexplained lights3/10/11
3/4/11 02:00SeminoleOKUSAOval15 minbright orange ball of light moving in figure 8 patterns.....3/10/11
3/4/11 01:00ElyriaOHUSATriangle5-10 minutesBlack craft shaped like stealth jet but too low flying and quiet in rural Elyria.3/10/11
3/3/11 22:00Blue RidgeGAUSADiskabout 5 seconds((HOAX??)) large disk like object emmitting a vast amount of light with five multi-colored lights.3/10/11
3/3/11 21:03BlanchesterOHUSA2-3 secondswhite light going east to west3/10/11
3/3/11 21:00Fort BraggCAUSATriangle5 MinutesTriangular craft over Fort Bragg, California, ejects smaller craft.3/10/11
3/3/11 20:00FishersINUSASphere4-5 secondsExtremely fast moving blueish green sphere over South Easter Hamilton County Indiana.3/10/11
3/3/11 19:15North DartmouthMAUSALight7 mins2 light emitting objects splitting from each other and having sporadic movements in north dartmouth3/10/11
3/3/11 19:04Honea PathSCUSALight15 minFour bright white lights approx. 10 miles away that looked like 2 cars 1/2 mile away, but wasn't.3/10/11
3/3/11 16:05West HartfordCTUSAOval45 secTwo low flying saucer shapped objects spotted at A.C Pertersons In west hartford3/10/11
3/3/11 12:00GloucesterVAUSATriangle25 minutesTriangle shaped craft seen.3/10/11
3/3/11 02:00BlufftonINUSASphere1 minA big blue bright ball fell from the sky extreemly fast, pardon the alliteration.3/10/11
3/3/11 01:20SedonaAZUSATriangle20 MINThey where back on my Ranch Again, 3rd time, this time 3 of em, not 2, the hovered around my cow pastures, then flew west toward the mo3/10/11
3/2/11 22:15Carolina (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoDiskless than one secondSaw a ball/oval of bright white light move horizontally into the dark night sky in less than a second; started to cry.3/10/11
3/2/11 22:00San MarcosTXUSAChevrona few seconds each3 Large objects seen fliying overhead while studying for astronomy class - lights, sounds3/10/11
3/2/11 22:00IrvineCAUSAOther1 or 2 mins.By the reaction of the other drivers who were slowing down in front of me on the 405 freeway in Irvine Ca. I knew I couldnt be the only3/10/11
3/2/11 21:50LockportILUSASphere10 minutesUfos in lockport IL3/10/11
3/2/11 20:00ColemanTXUSAOval1:00Strange lights and craft spotted in rural Coleman County,Texas area3/10/11
3/2/11 19:15KatyTXUSACross1 hour plusMultiple cross shaped crafts over Katy, TX with almost no sound3/10/11
3/2/11 16:45ChantillyVAUSALight10 minutes3 friends and I all saw balls of white light in the sky.3/10/11
3/2/11 16:30LisleILUSAFireball15-20 minutesStationary fireball lights on horizon facing Ohare.3/10/11
3/2/11 16:25EscondidoCAUSAChanging1.5 minDark "loud-like" shape suddendly appeared on the sky, then changed into a funnel-like shape then split into three round disk shapes3/10/11
3/2/11 06:46GlobeAZUSASphere42 secondsPotential UFO turns 90 degrees, vapor trail follows and makes an L in the sky. UFO entry with splash3/10/11
3/2/11 06:45PhoenixAZUSAUnknown15 secondsUnknown Object leaving contrail and possible explosion.3/10/11
3/2/11 06:25TsaileAZUSAOval20 secondsContrail line of 10 or more distinct, straight, sharp Z's then a craft appeared a distance above, then vanished.3/10/11
3/2/11 05:40San DiegoCAUSALight4 minsLight in dissolving smoke plume.3/10/11
3/2/11 01:00BloomingtonINUSALightmore than 1/2 hourStar like, slow moving craft, only ever seen descending, not ascending.3/10/11
3/2/11 00:00MurfreesboroTNUSALight4 minutesLight, blinking, hovering,3/10/11
3/1/11 19:45Wallingford and CheshireCTUSATriangle2-3 minutesTwo triangles stuck together at their bases. No sound.3/10/11
3/1/11 19:45WaterburyCTUSAUnknown3 minutes3 triangle lights3/10/11
3/1/11 18:00ConshohockenPAUSAOther20 minorange/red contrail formations3/10/11
3/1/11 18:00Arizona/Californa BorderAZUSAFormation20 MINAboard United Flight 667, saw 5 Black Discs along the left wing, flying same speed, after 10 mins , objects flew away at high speed, s3/10/11
3/1/11 17:15New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAOtherperhaps 5 minutesformation of lights seen overhead3/10/11
3/1/11 15:30San BernardinoCAUSADiskA few secondsIt was white, didn't make any noise. I didn't see how it got there. After a few seconds, it jetted up at an angle really quickly.3/10/11
3/1/11 13:00CohoesNYUSATriangleongoing2 Ufo's on Google Moon (incredible detail)3/10/11
3/1/11 09:31YoungsvilleLAUSAUnknownlong timeflashing lights red,blue,yellow3/10/11
3/1/11 08:00OrlandoFLCitizenUnknowndriving to Karate((HOAX??)) We were in our car on the way to our karate lessons we were trying to count stars then all of a sudden we saw a huge blur3/10/11
3/1/11 07:00BemidjiMNUSATriangle4 minutesDid anyone see the Triangle with lights in the sky in Bemidji, March 1, 2011 at 7:55?3/10/11
3/1/11 00:00ReadingPAUSASpheresecondsW3/10/11
3/1/11 00:00ReadingPAUSASpheresecondsWhat did I see?3/10/11
2/28/11 20:30CornellMIUSALight3 minutesBright round light seen moving slowly across the sky and wavering a little, then the light suddenly vanished.3/10/11
2/28/11 20:00Denver (east of; Weld Co.)COUSALight30 minBright Lights Low in Eastern Denver Skyline3/10/11
2/28/11 19:10Flower MoundTXUSAFormation2.5 minhuge flashing light formation moving slowly across the sky3/10/11
2/28/11 19:00LexingtonSCUSALightLake MurrayCone shaped light that flickered before illumintating the sky in a cone shape way3/10/11
2/28/11 17:02Round RockTXUSAOther61 secondsAt 17:02 on 2/28/2011 a object appear in the east sky almost over head, sun was at my back, object was moving from north to south, goin3/10/11
2/28/11 15:30West CovinaCAUSADisk45 minssaw two ufos in west covina heading east orb obeject and a disk shape obeject.3/10/11
2/28/11 10:10Paso RoblesCAUSASphere15 minI went out to have a cig on the back porch of the hilltop home I am staying at, that's when i noticed a bright silver sphere object in3/10/11
2/28/11 10:00Imperial BeachCAUSAOval10 seconds2/28/2011 Fast moving UFO, disc/oval shaped, sighting lasted about 10 seconds3/10/11
2/28/11 09:35FresnoCAUSAOval10 minWe were looking SouthEast when in the sky we saw around oval shape object that was changing color3/10/11
2/28/11 00:30SumterSCUSALight15 minutes3 light perfectly spaced in a line low in the sky.3/10/11
2/27/11 23:00Santa RosaCAUSASphere30 minuteslarge groups of lights flying in the same direction silently3/10/11
2/27/11 21:00Bozeman/Belgrade (between)MTUSALight5 minutesMultiple ember colored lights north of Bozeman, MT3/10/11
2/27/11 20:30Ormond BeachFLUSADiamond15 minutesDimond shaped craft hovering in Ormond Beach FL3/10/11
2/27/11 08:47EllingtonCTUSACylinder10 minutesCylinder hover over trees proceding down R30 south3/10/11
2/26/11 22:15Pacific GroveCAUSALight10 minutesi was looking in direction of the ocean when i noticed this 2 very strong red light in the sky .. it seems not far up was making3/10/11
2/26/11 20:30ValricoFLUSAFireball20 minutesWest to East flight pattern of 12 Unknown glowing objects. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "Chinese" lanterns, we suspect. PD))3/10/11
2/26/11 20:00Doncaster (UK/England)United KingdomFormation15 seconds30 - 40 small star like lights in a boomerang formation, at first glance a flock of birds!3/10/11
2/26/11 19:15GonzalesLAUSATeardrop45 secondsBright orange fiery upside down teardrop floating slowly under clouds in a straight line in Gonzales, LA.3/10/11
2/26/11 17:50MunichGermanyLight6 MinutesTwo glooming lights appear in mid-air, and remain there for six minutes.3/10/11
2/26/11 07:15Florida KeysCircle30 secondsDark circle type disc captured on film and not seen until photo was downloaded3/10/11
2/26/11 05:30GrahamNCUSALight1 1/2 hourVery bright object with blue, red, and orange lights flickering; moved slowly stayed in the same area of the sky.3/10/11
2/26/11 04:30Gillam (Canada)MBCanadaRectangle15 minOrange rectangle lights over Gillam, Manitoba3/10/11
2/26/11 03:30Travelers RestSCUSAUnknown1 min.Four lights hovering above us, following us, then disappearing.3/10/11
2/26/11 00:10OaklandCAUSACylinder10 secondsI was standing on my roof around midnight and saw a flying object no more than 3000 Ft in altitude travelling south silently and at a h3/10/11
2/25/11 22:30Mill CreekWAUSATriangle3 hoursbright light changing colors over monroe/clearview/snohomish, wa3/10/11
2/25/11 21:30WindsorCOUSAUnknownfive minutes((HOAX??)) Multicolor lights flashing in thick clump of trees.3/10/11
2/25/11 21:00Bloomfield HillsMIUSADisk10 minutesLarge disk with bright lights spotted over Metro Detroit3/10/11
2/25/11 20:28Maryborough (Queensland) (Australia)AustraliaCircle5 minutesOrange round glowing shapes that moved3/10/11
2/25/11 20:00EverettWAUSALight15 minutesBright white light and changed 10 min later with light beams or haze on top and bottom. Then dimmed while moving slowly.3/10/11
2/25/11 16:10New Port RicheyFLUSACigar2 minutesWhite, Shiny Cigar Shaped Craft Overhead3/10/11
2/25/11 15:57Bessemer CityNCUSACircle25-30 secondsDaytime sighting of round rotating low altitude UFO.3/10/11
2/25/11 12:30Fair GroveMOUSAOther20 secondsTwo hovering objects vanished into thin air.3/10/11
2/25/11 04:00GeorgetownTXUSALight5 min2 ufo no picture Georgetown tx3/10/11
2/24/11 23:00Rapla (Estonia)EstoniaFormation5 min.Estonian ufos3/10/11
2/24/11 21:30CarpinteriaCAUSAOval10 minutesLate Thursday, Feb. 24, I saw 2 oval orange lights over the Santa Barbara Channel for 10 minutes.3/10/11
2/24/11 20:30JacksonvilleFLUSATriangle1- 2 minsWe were outside i step to the side by myself to look at the stars and i seen a triangular shaped object with bright white lights... ive3/10/11
2/24/11 20:11Ahwatukee/Phoenix/Gilbert/ChandlerAZUSALight14 minutesFour lights non formation up high over desert3/10/11
2/24/11 19:50JacksonvilleFLUSACircle2-3 secondsBright meteor-like object falling from upper left sky to lower right quickly changed directions and disappeared over the horizon3/10/11
2/23/11 22:00Cathedral CityCAUSASphere1 hourBright growing and shrinking spherical light hovering high over east Coachella valley.3/10/11
2/23/11 20:00HolleyUSAFormation3:00v shaped lights moving perfectly together.3/10/11
2/23/11 20:00U. S. Highway 93NVUSALight20 minutesmany orange lights seen in north eastern nevada3/10/11
2/23/11 19:50HolleyNYUSATriangle2:00 min5 brights shaped like an upsidedown V or triangle over Holley Ny.3/10/11
2/23/11 19:40UrrietaCAUSACircle15 minutessmall orange yellow spot light in sky moving then stopping then pulsating then dimming north east murrietta california3/10/11
2/23/11 19:10Berkley HeightsNJUSALight1 minTwo UFO's? northeast 19:10 02/23/20113/10/11
2/23/11 03:30TremontPAUSALight7 secondsTwo bright lights appeared over the sky above Tremont, PA, one sped off at a very high rate of speed.3/10/11
2/22/11 15:00PlanoTXUSAUnknown10-20 minLarge object in the sky/ black out3/10/11
2/21/11 19:00PipersvillePAUSALight25 minutesLights in the sky - one white circle in the middle with 4 or 5 smaller circles around that were moving in and out towards middle circle3/10/11
2/21/11 00:45Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaLight10 secondsCalgary Orb streaming across the night sky, disappearing into "warp field"3/10/11
2/20/11 21:30MiamiFLUSASphere4 minutes2 Cirular objects with a reddish/ orange light move across the downtown Miami3/10/11
2/20/11 19:00VancouverWAUSASphere10 minGlowing fuzzy red ball sighted hovering over east Vancouver.3/10/11
2/19/11 19:00North BendWAUSAChanging2 minOval object seen with red and green lights changed into arrowhead shape and shot off.3/10/11
2/18/11 20:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaLight5 minBright Orange object random movements then fades or disappears3/10/11
2/18/11 18:00TylerTXUSAOther1 minI saw an object flying above me really low, and it made no noise at all,3/10/11
2/17/11 19:30DwarfKYUSAUnknown20-30 mins3 red lights spotted over Dwarf, Kentucky3/10/11
2/17/11 10:15HoumaLAUSAFireball4 secondsFireball racing to earth.3/10/11
2/15/11 23:00PortlandORUSAOtherevery nite((HOAX)) 3 tear gold saucer hoovering across the street.3/10/11
2/15/11 12:00ConwayARUSAFormationfew minutesFour round, grayish balls flying in a triangular formation, broad daylight, no sound, moving quickly3/10/11
2/11/11 19:00OswegoILUSALight5 secondsI was coming out of the Best Buy in Oswego, IL . I put my two kids into their car seats , and looked up to stretch my back and from NW3/10/11
2/10/11 22:00Jacksonville BeachFLUSASphere3 min.Orange and red glowing sphere over Jacksonville Beach, FL3/10/11
2/8/11 07:30Fair GroveMOUSACigar20 secondsVERY bright object.3/10/11
2/5/11 18:00LathamNYUSAOval4 secondsoval fast moving object seen two nights in a row at the same time and location.3/10/11
2/5/11 17:41PomonaCAUSAOval5 secsfast moving white/yellow oval object over inland empire3/10/11
2/2/11 21:30St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaSphere10 secondssoftball sized object spotted rapidly circling electrical pole wires then shooting off almost instantly.3/10/11
1/21/11 18:45NapaCAUSATriangle15 secondsTriangle shape with orange white lights moved directly above me while driving.3/10/11
1/15/11 01:30ShoshoneIDUSALight20 minutesSaw strange light going in circles, then it shot up to space.3/10/11
1/13/11 21:10OgdenUTUSALighton my way to bedlight that you could not move3/10/11
12/25/10 17:35RockportMAUSAUnknown1 min.Looked like a satelite, blue in color, speed was regular then slowed down, zig zagged changing colors,(don't remember the colors exactl3/10/11
12/19/10 20:30WichitaKSUSAOval30 seconds((HOAX??)) Green round ball flying through the sky3/10/11
12/19/10 20:30WichitaKSUSAOval30 secondsGreen round ball flying through the sky3/10/11
12/10/10 14:00Rohnert ParkCAUSASpherea minute or soblack, shiny spheres over california3/10/11
12/6/10 02:00Sofia (Bulgaria)BulgariaLight1:30Fairy like UFOs. ((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))3/10/11
11/6/10 14:00AustinTXUSASphere40 secsSilver metallic spherical object moving in the afternoon sky over Austin. Correction of date from 11/2 to 11/6/20103/10/11
11/4/10 17:07Miamisburg/CentervilleOHUSADisk8 minutesI was on my way from Cincinnati to Kettering on Interstate 75 going north and I was about 2 to 3 miles south of the exit onto Interstat3/10/11
10/15/10 02:00Western SpringsILUSA10 mintueslight when i took picture i see object in pic disk3/10/11
9/23/10 03:00FannettTXUSADisk20 min.light going around in a big circle3/10/11
9/17/10 16:30KetteringOHUSADisk1 minutealuminum-type disk with hump.3/10/11
8/11/10 22:00AlgomaWIUSA08/11/2010 2200: Algoma wi. 15 29 seconds two blew lights going down into Lake Michigan.3/10/11
8/10/10 00:00MinoaNYUSAOther20 secondsunidentified flaming creature falling from the sky in Minoa, NY.3/10/11
8/1/10 09:00Chicago RidgeILUSADiskminuteThe disc was encircled by lights and hovered only one hundred feet above the ground.3/10/11
7/4/10 20:00IrvineCAUSAUnknown20:45two small red lights going across the skay and never faiding.3/10/11
7/1/10 17:30Cape MayNJUSACylinder30 secondshighly reflective cylinder3/10/11
3/10/10 11:00Maarsbergen (Netherlands)NetherlandsSphere15 minutesSeeking object3/10/11
1/20/10 20:00BatesvilleARUSADiamond3 MINUTESCraft Hovering extremly quite; could have easily been inches above our hear unless we looked we would have had no idea3/10/11
8/15/09 22:30AftonTNUSATriangle8 minutesThis was mid August in 2009. It was a full moon and a crystal clear evening. I had taken my dogs out and put them to bed and went outsi3/10/11
7/1/09 21:00New AlbanyINUSAUnknown10 minutesA night out driving turned moment of awe thanks to moving lights above the trees.3/10/11
6/30/09Los AngelesCAUSADiskUNKOWNUFO found in Google Earth Street Views throughout neighborhood.3/10/11
10/12/08 00:00PrestonMOUSAFireballuntil presentstars slingshot across the night sky and trade places and multiply3/10/11
4/16/08 02:30Nye County (central)NVUSAUnknown1 minute ?sensation felt, as if being scanned, with a low pulsating hum heard3/10/11
3/5/08 20:00JacksonvilleFLUSATriangle2-3 secondsLarge, silent, triangles in Jacksonville, FL3/10/11
1/24/08 21:05Newport NewsVAUSADisk1 minute, 30 secondsGreen-Ringed Saucer 14 feet away3/10/11
1/20/08 20:00BatesvilleARUSADiamond3 MINUTESObject Extremely quite and maneuverable; could have been inches above our heads at anytime unaware to us3/10/11
1/3/08Washington, D.C.DCUSADisk1 minThe news caster seen it also, then shut up. I saw it plain as day. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/10/11
9/17/07 22:00Clear LakeMNUSALight3-5 MinutesThree Lights Seen Above Lake3/10/11
8/25/06 12:00RichlandWAUSALight1 minuteA small silvery object seen go 0-5000 mph in a blink of an eye, in Richland Washington.3/10/11
8/11/06 23:00London (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5-20 minsI saw a yellow ufo moving in the sky heading kinda the same dicrection as we drove on the highway at and also later this white light .3/10/11
3/10/05 15:00Delray BeachFLUSALight1 minuteBright white light hovering high above the ground, suddenly dissappeared.3/10/11
2/11/05 00:00Calarca (Colombia)ColombiaSphere30 sundosesfera brillante3/10/11
10/28/04 21:00LafayetteINUSAFormation10 seconds4-6 fire-orange objects in formation turning into many more objects flying erratically3/10/11
6/4/04 02:30LynnwoodWAUSAFireballFIREBALL FLASHFireball flash over Seattle. ((NUFORC Note: Report of probable meteor over Seattle. PD))3/10/11
6/1/02 19:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAFireball30 secondsMetallic Ball on Fire No Trails Enters Cloud But Does Not Exit Cloud3/10/11
5/1/02 11:30GlendaleAZUSALight30 minutesMid-morning 11:30, clear skies, I watched three lights with erratic movement for 30 minutes before disappearing.3/10/11
3/23/00 18:00Sioux FallsSDUSADiamond5 min2 diamond shape star colored objects.move across the SD sky silently while clocking device is off then on.3/10/11
2/1/00 23:30FlagstaffAZUSAUnknown4 secHuge cloaked UFO over Flagstaff3/10/11
3/24/99 20:30Pacific CityORUSASphere45 minutesThree lighted circular aircraft3/10/11
3/22/99 03:30HikilkiMNChinaOvaljkjk((HOAX)) corn fell over3/10/11
11/14/97 21:00Gig HarborWAUSAFormation4-5 minutesUFO sighting Gig Harbor Washington Nov. 14 1997. ((NUFORC Note: Many, many reports of this dramatic event. PD))3/10/11
6/28/95 21:00PortlandMEUSAChanging20 minIt was still light out we sat under it for 3 min3/10/11
4/28/95 09:30Grand RapidsMIUSATriangle5 mnsTriangle Flotation3/10/11
6/14/92 00:45MaryvilleTNUSACylinder20 minutesUnusual Aircraft near the Secret City3/10/11
8/31/90 22:00SterlingMAUSAUnknown3-4 hours2 kids in a tent harassed all night by sounds, a bright light and something trying to enter our tent. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/10/11
7/5/90 13:00RivrsideCAUSAOther4:00Stationary object ,tubular in shape four hour duration3/10/11
6/30/90 13:00RiversideCAUSACylinder4:00Tubular shaped object at high altitude over souther calif3/10/11
9/1/89 20:00CincinnatiOHUSATriangleunknownMassive triangle hoovering over city block.3/10/11
4/24/87 20:15SeattleWAUSAChanging20 minutesLow flying Orange Blimp over Lake Washington (Seattle, Madrona Park Beach)3/10/11
4/16/87 15:30ClearwaterFLUSAOther3 minutesThis is not the flying spaceship UFO, but since it wasnt on the ground or identifiable this seemed the place to go. For 24 years I kept3/10/11
5/15/83 00:00RoslynNYUSADisk3 minutesSpacecraft hovering with bluish lights from rectangular windows ( 8 ) enormous in size - quiet - peaceful3/10/11
6/15/75 18:30RiversideCTUSADisk2 minutesHovering saucer seen during daylight by many witnesses3/10/11
6/30/74 12:00Los AngelesCAUSASphere5 minuteswhite sphere with 3 triangular-shaped points, made loud humming/ringing noise3/10/11
11/26/71 20:02Sundsanvik (Sweden)OrustDisk10minGolden Light-White Syncron Light-Ruby Red Cloud-Dark Blue Star Light3/10/11
7/7/65 21:00HudsonMAUSALight30-45minSighting of many craft by multiple witnesses on multiple nights, a demonstration.3/10/11
8/13/59 21:00TroyNYUSAUnknown15 minutesSingle star like light zigging and zagging in night sky3/10/11
6/15/50 20:00Fort WorthTXUSADisk4 minutesIn 1958 witness 3 flying saucers from a distance of only 20 feet.3/10/11
7/15/47 15:00ClintwoodVAUSACylinder10 secondsIn July 1947 my Dad and I were working in our corn field in Clintwood Virginia (Dickerson County). Around 3PM we looked up up see a cyl3/10/11