National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2004/05/10


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/10/04 22:40FreeholdNJUSACircle30 SECONDSWhat else could it have been?5/10/04
5/10/04 03:35DenverCOUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular sighting in Central Denver, 10 May 2004, at 3:35 AM ((NUFORC Note: NOSS satellites. PD))5/10/04
5/10/04 00:45Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaFormation20 seconds7 objects travelling VERY FAST, changing postions, travelling in formation, and creating no noise.5/10/04
5/10/04 00:37Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaFormation20 secondsSilent, fast, low traveling lights fly over Edmonton Sunday night5/10/04
5/9/04 22:45RomeNYUSATriangle3minutestriangluar shaped lights5/10/04
5/9/04 20:00MesaAZUSACircleHOURSTATIONARY OBJECT, RED, GREEN LIGHTS, NOW AND THEN ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Sirius. PD))5/10/04
5/9/04 01:30Rio Hato (Panama)PanamaOval30 min. approxBright light on the sky5/10/04
5/9/04 00:05GratonCAUSATriangle3-4 secondsTriangular Lights5/10/04
5/8/04 23:40KnoxvilleMDUSATriangle1-2 minutesLarge triangle of three lights noislessly moves from West to East - occludes stars - fades rapidly.5/10/04
5/8/04 23:30GibsoniaPAUSALight2 minutesWhile viewing Venus, off to the left and higher, it appeared at first to be a shooting star. It was a very bright white light with no5/10/04
5/8/04 23:15LittletonCOUSAFormation30-45 sec.What appeared to be 3 normal stars began to move in perfect formation, then faded from view. ((NUFORC Note: NOSS satellite. PD))5/10/04
5/8/04 22:50VernalUTUSATriangle1-2 minutesV-shaped craft with dimmed "mini-lights" around it.5/10/04
5/8/04 22:00AnaheimCAUSAOther22:20It is about 11:29 PM right now, I went outside to check on my car that is parked on the outside curb of my apartment when I saw a star5/10/04
5/8/04 15:30Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaCigar10 secondsof us observed 4 cigar shaped formations flying in a north west direction, diamond formation. zig zaged for 10 sec & vanished5/10/04
5/8/04 13:45SherwoodORUSASphere20 min.Sphere cluster release's smaller object's.5/10/04
5/8/04 04:17Terre HauteINUSACircle5 secondsFAST AND LOW CROSSING.5/10/04
5/8/04 01:15New York City (Bronx)NYUSACircle2 hours4 round UFO's spun very fast in circles and then came togetter and broke apart every 10-15 minutes. ((Advertising light??))5/10/04
5/8/04 00:00WarrenOHUSALightFive MinutesI seen on the weather station that we had 11thousand ceiling hight and it was bright Light that I seen. It was very fast light and it w5/10/04
5/7/04 23:48Bangkok (Thailand)ThailandLight10-15minutesFloating star like objects (hundreds) rising up slowly in the sky, looks like small red stars visible for 10-15mins before dissapearing5/10/04
5/7/04 23:45San AntonioTXUSALight15 minuteswierd things in san antonio5/10/04
5/7/04 21:23DurandILUSAOtheraprox. 40 MINBright ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))5/10/04
5/7/04 21:15BoonvilleINUSASphere6 minutesOrange illuminated sphere moving west at high speed in a straight line.5/10/04
5/7/04 21:15New OrleansLAUSALight1 minutePulses of light5/10/04
5/7/04 15:35Pompano BeachFLUSATriangle6-8 minutesPompano/Ft .Lauderdale Beach Triangle craft disappears!5/10/04
5/7/04 10:25North LauderdaleFLUSAOval10 minutesOval-like shape object approx 10:25pm , row of blinking lights, lights alternated blue and red, while object ismaking a humming sound5/10/04
5/7/04 02:05CummingGAUSAUnknownforty secondsI think it could have been a meteor but my partner thought it could have been a UFO it was very bright and traveled across the sky smo5/10/04
5/7/04 01:00Fort Walton BeachFLUSALight15 secondsHigh speed white trail across the night sky with no sound. But too slow and long to be a meteor.5/10/04
5/6/04 23:20Gravenhurst (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle10 secondsLow flying aircraft - no flashing lights - no sound - travelling at speed5/10/04
5/6/04 22:00SurpriseAZUSALight15minA few months ago I reported seeing lights that I could not explain behind the white tanks mountains west of Phx.To be honest with you I5/10/04
5/6/04 21:00ClevelandMSUSAUnknownabout 30 minsIt looked like a bright yellow star flickering b & r and also emitting these b & r lights around it. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))5/10/04
5/6/04 21:00JoplinMOUSAChanging2 hrsdisc shape with faces in middle, bright light changing into different shapes5/10/04
5/6/04 19:25Goedehoop,Strand (South Africa)South AfricaFireball+- 1 minHi Myself and the kids spotted something which we can only describe as an UFO last night. What happened was this : We live in Goedeho5/10/04
5/6/04 17:15CharlotteNCUSAChanging25 secondsUn-earthly object descends from sky5/10/04
5/6/04 12:59BakersfieldCAUSAUnknown6 MinutesObject was flashing orange/white lights and moving in circles very slowly and vanished5/10/04
5/6/04 09:52AlpharettaGAUSASphere20 secondsWhite Sphere flying below and at right ange to an airliner.5/10/04
5/6/04 09:00EmlentonPAUSAOther1HOURIt looked like a cluster of fireballs. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))5/10/04
5/6/04 03:45BoiseIDUSAOvalfew minutesblueish grey oval spotted in the air5/10/04
5/6/04 01:14Big LakeMNUSADiamond10 secondsSmall, burnt orange colored craft paralleled flight path of well-lit helicopter.5/10/04
5/5/04 VegasNVUSATeardrop1minAre you guys sure you don't work for the Government, perhaps the Air Force? To you, every sighting is venus. Well, if venus crashes i5/10/04
5/5/04 22:30ConcreteWAUSASphereone half hourWe saw a large object that was bright yellow with five or six white lights shining from it, that completely disappeared before our eyes5/10/04
5/5/04 22:30Beaver DamWIUSALight30-45 minutesVery bright motionless light suddenly vanishes, and a separate fast moving light/object vanishes earlier ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))5/10/04
5/5/04 22:05Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown10 secondscraft in the distant sky that seemed to be descending, could have been a plane.5/10/04
5/5/04 22:00Stuart (FL Turnpike MM 128)FLUSALight10-12 minutesTraveling south on Fla Turnpike saw two very large bright lights stationary as we drove under them.5/10/04
5/5/04 21:05LochbuieCOUSALight10 secondsSuper fast white light flying horizontal for 20 sec. flash in mid-air then gone5/10/04
5/5/04 21:00Denver MetroCOUSACigar2 secondsZippy light above Red Rocks Ampitheater5/10/04
5/5/04 17:00BellinghamWAUSALight15 minutesLittle white dot visible very high in the daylight sky5/10/04
5/5/04 09:00IndianapolisINUSALightAll eveningUnidentified object in night skies over Indianapolis ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))5/10/04
5/4/04 14:23GranburyTXUSAOther20 secsIt was shaped funny and vannished.5/10/04
5/4/04 12:00EverettWAUSAOval45 minutesStrange moon shpaed object that continues to move from side to side ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))5/10/04
5/3/04 21:45McAllenTXUSASphere1.5 minMe and a friend saw a shpere shape craft lingering near the power lines and when we got closer it began to withdraw.5/10/04
5/3/04 21:26HelenaALUSAChevron20 secondsTwo adults witness boomerang-shaped object during a strange sequence of events5/10/04
5/3/04 15:09SalemORUSACirclesix minutesObject changed directions several times.5/10/04
5/2/04 00:01Camp HillPAUSAUnknown15 minutesThree objects appeared that observed us and moved me to another spot before disappearing.5/10/04
5/1/04 23:30HelenaMTUSATriangle4 min.appx. 50' triangular, lighted craft hovering @ 100', then moving away proportionately as I approached.5/10/04
4/30/04 04:30CasperWYUSACylinder25-30 minOn the paper route two cylinder shaped craft with brights lights in the center, preformed sparatic movements in the sky.5/10/04
4/29/04 23:00WickenburgAZUSADisk20+ minutesthis object was disc shaped and appeared to be turning while syaying in the same spot. It was orange and appeared to be sending beams o5/10/04
4/29/04 23:00WickenburgAZUSADisk20 minutesobserved an orange disc shaped object pointed at an angle to the ground, my brother was asking me what direction it was pointed and wha5/10/04
4/28/04 21:30PortlandORUSAOtherStrobing Night Sky Object - Photo5/10/04
4/28/04 05:00East WenatcheeWAUSAFormation5 minutesLarge round object in association with string of flashing lights, hovering motionless, then vanish5/10/04
4/26/04 21:30Los AngelesCAUSATriangle2 - 3 secblack V shaped object over West LA5/10/04
4/21/04 03:15WindsorCAUSALight1 to 1.5 minutesGlowing Orb - looked like reddish-orange fire burning on the inside of a transparent round ball.5/10/04
4/19/04 07:15KnoxvilleTNUSATriangle10 MINUTESMUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: I have inquired the FAA office in Knoxville as to the possible report5/10/04
4/9/04 21:10New OrleansLAUSALight20 secondsYellowish/orange star like light5/10/04
4/8/04 20:43FullertonCAUSAOther30 secondsStanding ouside looking at the stars and a boomerang like object 100 foot wing span 1/2 mile up, no sound, and no lights.5/10/04
4/8/04 17:30KnoxvilleTNUSADisk45 secondsMUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: Disc shaped object paces truck on Interstate hwy.5/10/04
3/24/04 04:30KingsportTNUSACircle30-45 secondsMUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: Object emits lime greel light in a semi-circle along interstate5/10/04
3/9/04 20:45WarthenGAUSAChanging2 minutes approx.5-6 lights appeared to fly in formation and then battle each other in the sky.5/10/04
9/23/03 21:00Basingstoke (UK/England)United KingdomCigar1 minuteDark with 3 or 4 flashing bands around it. Quite far away, but clear. About the size of a jumbo jet, making a faint humming noise. Left5/10/04
4/10/03 21:00PeruINUSACircle3 minOrange/amber globes appeared to come out from behind an object till fully round ,very bright a mist surounded the lights.5/10/04
11/27/02 12:30San FranciscoCAUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle craft over ocean beach in san francisco5/10/04
8/20/02 23:00Brison CityNCUSALight27s((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) isw a ufo level with my house but dissaperd before i could get more people.5/10/04
6/15/98 14:00LancasterNYUSACircle1MinuteOn a partly cloudy day, a shiney, silver ball hovered and then shot straight across the sky moving south at great speed.5/10/04
7/17/96 20:45Saline/BridgewaterMIUSAOtherfifteen minutesBright light in sky transforms into barbell-shaped craft, descends and rotates silently overhead.5/10/04
4/26/76 03:30Delta (Canada)BCCanadaOther10 minuteshuge green hatbox-shaped cloud hanging without movement or dissipation in sky5/10/04
2/13/76 13:30Ft. YukonAKUSAOval2 minutesa small airport outside ft yukon remote radar site ( norad ) white oval shape object blasing thru the sky with a blueish gre5/10/04
8/20/63 02:30CamasWAUSAUnknown10-15 minutesPrune Hill, Camas, Washington, a rural area above the Columbia River and across the river from PDX--I was in bed in a daylight basement5/10/04
3/22/56 17:30HamptonMNUSASphereminutesCommuting home from work during an ice storm I encountered a UFO.5/10/04
21:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaOvalbright light oval red lights and green and matal and quite i remember thinking it was very quite mfor being big.5/10/04