National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2004/01/17


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/16/04 04:00Lake HopatcongNJUSATriangle5 minutesThe object was shaped like a model of a molecule with loud rumbling and a star shape at the center.1/17/04
1/15/04 22:00Yucca ValleyCAUSACircle4 secondsa huge flash and then lights1/17/04
1/15/04 20:00WheelersburgOHUSALight1.5 hr.Bright orange, red, blue, white light in the night sky1/17/04
1/15/04 05:45ElmhurstILUSAFireball5 secondsearly morning green glowing ball of light1/17/04
1/15/04 01:00Sedro WoolleyWAUSASphereFew secondsGlowing softball-sized orb seen falling out of circular distortion in ceiling and snatched up by long thin green arm.1/17/04
1/15/04CharestownINUSACircleten minit's was very brght :and ciricular object that moves at a fast rate of speed beyond the rate of a normal aircraft1/17/04
1/14/04 17:45Dove CreekCOUSAOtherdark till dawnthere was a big bright light in the western sky1/17/04
1/14/04 16:02Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomFireball16 secondsUFO appearing and then being pursued over Manchester.1/17/04
1/14/04 12:45BurlingtonMAUSAFireball10 secondsgreen descending fireball with a tail1/17/04
1/14/04 05:40PickstownSDUSAUnknown<10 secondsMeteorite-like object tracking across the entire sky from east to west moving at a tremendous speed.1/17/04
1/13/04 22:30Mount VernonMOUSA30 secondsLarge fireball travel at high speed. I've never seen anything like it before.1/17/04
1/13/04 22:00ScottsdaleAZUSALight3-5 secondsErractic pinpoint of light observed in the night skies of greater Phoenix.1/17/04
1/13/04 21:00Little RiverSDUSAUnknown10 secondsorange lights in a L shape1/17/04
1/13/04 20:30Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknowna few seconds4 orange lights in a row with another one across from them, lights went out one by one.1/17/04
1/13/04 20:25HoustonTXUSAOval10 minutes5 Ships hovering near my home, attempting to communicate. 4 Silver and 1 White.1/17/04
1/13/04 18:30JacksonNJUSAOvaloval color lightsoval shaped ufo with sercular different colored lights ,playing cat & mouse with airforce1/17/04
1/13/04 17:00West ChesterPAUSATriangle15sec2 Ufo's In Pennsylvania1/17/04
1/13/04 16:00CamdenNJUSAEgg1:00I woke up to go to the toilet as I was sitting on the throne I looked out the bathroom window,I saw these green egg shaped thing1/17/04
1/12/04 22:30TruroIAUSATriangle20 minsUFO seen by two well grounded college educated individuals1/17/04
1/12/04 20:10Rotterdam (near) (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight5 seconds01/12/04, 20:10 dutchtime, near Rotterdam, two bright lights moving very fast, from some kind of craft.1/17/04
1/12/04 18:35El PasoTXUSATriangle7 minsA triangular object that didnt make a sound seen at a low level around El Paso1/17/04
1/12/04 14:00MarathonFLUSAUnknownpicturetook picture of sunset on the beach. after taken picture , then noticed object in the picture. took picture with cell phone. we then ma1/17/04
1/12/04 07:49EurekaCAUSAFireball2 minutesCan firballs move like that?1/17/04
1/12/04 04:00LawrenceKSUSAUnknownOne HourBright, Color Changing Fast Object1/17/04
1/11/04 19:10St. George IslandAKUSALight15min3 lit objects travel from a sattelite1/17/04
1/11/04 19:03AndersonCAUSAUnknownvariesStrange bright lights in Northern California sky1/17/04
1/11/04 17:10CarnesvilleGAUSAUnknown20 secondsVery fast half-moon object over Georgia1/17/04
1/11/04 16:00SeattleWAUSAOval20 secondsOval craft seen flying over Lake Washington on 01/11/04 at 4:00 pm.1/17/04
1/11/04 11:00Pigeon ForgeTNUSALight:30bright light1/17/04
1/11/04 09:38West RiverMDUSACircle1minThe sighting was of a small round white object, darting in out of the light pink clouds.1/17/04
1/11/04 03:28West RiverMDUSAEggtwo min.It was the size of large star, egg shapped moving up, down,zigzaging sideways and glowing a yellowish amber1/17/04
1/10/04 23:00GuatemalaGuatemalaLight3 hoursin guatemala city the whole city saww it and lasted 3 hours the news broadcast got it on tape is a good tape it proofs it there were fl1/17/04
1/10/04 19:30Rock CreekALUSADiamond1 hourComing home from the store my husband and I noticed two bright lights in the sky. We went into the house, got our binoculars (our two d1/17/04
1/10/04 19:15NaugatuckCTUSALightabout 15 minErratic-moving amber light in sky1/17/04
1/10/04 17:35ElsmereDEUSACircle10 MinutesLights outside Elsmere Pt. 21/17/04
1/10/04 15:30SaratogaNYUSADisk3 min.I was southbound and the northbound disk shaped, metalic , object approached then passed overhead on a clear bitter cold afternoon.1/17/04
1/10/04 09:33BeverlyMAUSADiskat lynch beach park. saw 30 or more white disks fly accross the sky and land somewhere in the forest near lynch beach park. i am real1/17/04
1/10/04 07:30Fort WayneINUSAFireball3 secondsSaw a large bright yellow/orange fireball that streaked almost straight down very fast and appeared to hit the ground while I was drivi1/17/04
1/10/04 06:15North MiamiFLUSALight1 minuteMoving bright light amongst the stars around 6:15 am in Miami...duration 1 min.1/17/04
1/10/04 05:50BergenfieldNJUSAOther45 secondsThree "stars" in a perfect "v" formation, one drops slowly out of the sky.1/17/04
1/10/04 01:00Gothenburg (Sweden)SwedenDisk4 SECstoped in mid air1/17/04
1/10/04 00:00Dunstable (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 minsMetallic craft went from saucer to teardrop shape1/17/04
1/9/04 23:00Laguna HillsCAUSALight6 hours, 2 nightsRevolving light seen under moon two nights in a row.1/17/04
1/9/04 19:48ButteMTUSAFormation7-10 minutesUnusual formation of lights entrances witnesses1/17/04
1/9/04 19:00HesperiaCAUSATriangle3 minutesorange triangle with 4 lights1/17/04
1/9/04 18:45SmithportPAUSAUnknown45 minutesBright light in sky, with red and green flashes. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star? PD))1/17/04
1/8/04 16:45BiloxiMSUSACylinderunknownA large, cylinder shaped craft was seen hovering above the Gulf of Mexico a mile or so from the city of Biloxi.1/17/04
1/8/04 05:00HendersonNVUSACylinder12 minutesCylindrical luminescent craft seen hovering over Henderson, Nevada January 08, 5:15 AM1/17/04
1/7/04 22:00West HartfordCTUSATriangle10 minutes2 Trangular Craft Seen1/17/04
1/7/04 16:50El SegundoCAUSASphere15 secondsHigh speed ball follows jet, and becomes two smaller objects.1/17/04
1/7/04 15:30PeoriaILUSAUnknown20 sec.A bright light in the sky, mid-afternoon, moved unbelievably fast and was gone.1/17/04
1/7/04 06:30LambertvilleMIUSAChanging6:35 - 7:28Changed shape from a white ball of bright light to a triangle looking object. Only colors were bright white. Unearthly type speed.1/17/04
1/6/04 22:00Pearl RiverNYUSA1 Minute approx.Large yellow bright light observed too low and much to large to be a plane1/17/04
1/6/04 21:45Hesperia (SSE of)CAUSADiskapprox 7 minsOrange, non-blinking hovering object seen at approx 9:45 pm 1/6/2004 for approx 7 mins in Southern California (Hi Desert area)1/17/04
1/6/04 20:40GuilfordCTUSATriangle5 minutesA triangle shaped UFO rose straight up in the air, nose up, then stopped, straighted out so the nose was pointing at us and flew away.1/17/04
1/6/04 19:55Surat (India)IndiaDisk45-50 SecondsA bright show of A UFO>1/17/04
1/6/04 18:40PhoenixAZUSALight15 min.Large bright white light over downtown Phoenix1/17/04
1/6/04 14:30HuntingtonINUSADiskunknownHuntington, Indiana Police Officers Report Seeing Strange Object January 7, 20041/17/04
1/5/04 22:10ValhallaNYUSACircle2 secondsBLACK CIRCULAR DISC1/17/04
1/5/04 22:00Overland ParkKSUSAFireball5 minutesOrange/Amber fireball that periodically "flares up"1/17/04
1/5/04 22:00GriswoldCTUSACircle1 minuteSighted an orangish/yellow glowing circular light that appeared to hover ,then back up and slowly descend into the woods.1/17/04
1/5/04 19:00I just submitted a report about an hour or so ago, and I decided to leaf through posted material on your page, specifically listings in1/17/04
1/5/04 19:00Seligman (40 mi east of)AZUSALight35 minMysterious red lights hover at great speeds and preform unheardof manuvers over mt. range in northern Arizona.1/17/04
1/5/04 19:00MauiHIUSAOther10 minutesOrange, glowing, silent, low-altitude, slow-moving orb in Hawaiian night sky.1/17/04
1/5/04 17:30Seligman (near)AZUSACigar10 minutesCigar Shaped objects east of Seligman, AZ on I40 East1/17/04
1/5/04 17:10WoodinvilleWAUSATriangle6 minutesTriangle with flashing white lights, red corners and red center light hovering over Woodinville, WA.1/17/04
1/4/04 22:20PalmdaleCAUSAOval5 minutesoval shape craft,very bright,many blinking lights.1/17/04
1/4/04 19:00Four OaksNCUSADiskabout 10 minVery large hovering object that appeared to be lighted from within as well as flashing lights on the outside1/17/04
1/4/04 18:00Lake Cowichan (Canada)BCCanadaLight2 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Unusual light travels down through the canyon.1/17/04
1/4/04 14:30Fort MyersFLUSADisk1 minuteA silver disk with a bulge on one face, maybe 30 feet across, reflected sunlight and bobbed around at 3-5000 feet.1/17/04
1/4/04 14:00HolyokeMAUSAOval3 seconds2 oval objects that can travel at extreamly high speeds1/17/04
1/4/04 10:40HaywardCAUSAEgg5 minutes3 egg shapes over Hayward, CA area1/17/04
1/4/04 02:20AlbionNYUSATeardropUnsureMulti-colored tear drop shape...Bright Flash...Time Distorted???1/17/04
1/4/04 00:30Marathon (Fiesta Key)FLUSATriangle1 minuteLights on black object over road in FL Keys.1/17/04
1/3/04 23:05OlympiaWAUSACircle1 minuteOlympia, WA 01/03 UFO's1/17/04
1/3/04 21:00Thunder Bay (Canada)ONCanadaDiskStill GoingSpotted 5 or more UFOs in Thunder Bay, ON. Now, apparently up to 12 or more.1/17/04
1/3/04 18:30Lake TahoeNVUSACircle2 secondsLarge bright white circular object travelling in a straight line at a low angle to the horizon which emitted a pendant shaped gas emiss1/17/04
1/3/04 17:10SacramentoCAUSAFlashunknownAt 5:10pm, going south on I-5 at the Folsom Avenue exit my girlfriend and I saw something very strange. She saw a greenish blue streak1/17/04
1/3/04 06:20Ölmstad (Sweden)SwedenCircle2 secondsWe where walking home at 6:20 PM on the third of January 2004 when we saw a circular object in the sky. The object flew very quickly ac1/17/04
1/3/04 01:00RenoNVUSAOther6 hoursthe sky looked to me, to be alive with fireants.1/17/04
1/2/04 18:20Fairfax CountyVAUSAOther15 minI was shopping in the Crossroads Shopping Center in Fairlax County on Route 7 (between Alexandria and Falls Church). I saw an object wi1/17/04
1/2/04 11:45El SegundoCAUSATrianglefew secondsBright shiny triangular object droped from the sky then vanished1/17/04
1/1/04 18:00Beatty (near)ORUSAUnusual object.1/17/04
1/1/04 17:41MultipleNHUSAChanging1 hourThree possible communicating ufos above highway 101(hampton-manchester)1/17/04
1/1/04 17:38LongviewWAUSAFlash30 secondsEntire sky lit up with two seperate flashes near Longview Washington.1/17/04
1/1/04 17:30AtlantaGAUSAChanging30 minutesThe black object changed from a rectangle to a cross and had an orange glow.1/17/04
1/1/04 15:30Flowery BranchGAUSADiskseveral minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Disk shaped object.1/17/04
1/1/04 12:30BakersvilleNCUSALightlightsI walked into the woods alone!1/17/04
1/1/04 12:00London (UK/England)United KingdomFireball30 minsa bright light. It was hitting me it wouldnt stop!1/17/04
1/1/04 10:45TampaFLUSATriangleAircraft activities over prior to the football game between Iowa&Florida several aircraft flew over the stadium. four military jets, four doublewinger aircraft,1/17/04
1/1/04 02:00BostonMAUSAFormation4 minTwo amber lights just above the city skyline altered between visible and invisible shortly after NYE. One was higher than the other and1/17/04
1/1/04 00:30Kopervik (Norway)NorwayDisk1 hourUFO sighting in Koervik1/17/04
1/1/04 00:10La MiradaCAUSAOther10 minutesBright, orange, planet sized object first observed near Jupiter, then moved slowly due north for ten minutes then vanished1/17/04
1/1/04 00:00Spring ValleyCAUSALight20-30minMysterious Red Blinking light of San Diego1/17/04
12/31/03 23:50La MesaCAUSACircle15 minutesSaw a red cluster or fire ball hovering in the eastern sky. It blinked on and off and suddenly went out.1/17/04
12/31/03 23:45WenatcheeWAUSALight20-30 minGenerally agreeing with other reports posted for this event. Have never seen anything like this; approx. nine yellow-orange lights in1/17/04
12/31/03 23:40AlbanyORUSAFormation5 minutesAlbany, OR Lights in the sky.1/17/04
12/31/03 22:50Crown PointINUSAChangingall nightunidentified flying object1/17/04
12/31/03 16:45Warner RobinsGAUSAOval10 minsThere was 3 round circular objects, one was Red, they first appeared to be stars, it was 4:45 in the afternoon, there were no others.1/17/04
12/31/03 16:00LagrangeMEUSACigar20 minuteswhile driving home at dusk,noticed pinkish-orange object in was cigar shaped and lengthwise to the sky at tree level.object was1/17/04
12/31/03 14:35MattituckNYUSATriangle3 secondsa white triangular object flying through the sky during the day on new years eve.1/17/04
12/31/03 14:30LandersCAUSADiskUnknownMy child caught a picture of a craft.1/17/04
12/31/03 13:50San BrunoCAUSATriangle30 secPlease don`t think I am paranoic or lier.I just yesterday left report about UFO, and today strange thing happened again. From the same1/17/04
12/31/03 05:00SelmaORUSAFlashfew secondsgreen flashes1/17/04
12/31/03 00:00Shelby TownshipMIUSALight30minRed, Blue, & White Lights circle Stoney Creek/Rochester Area, Move North1/17/04
12/30/03 21:30TatumNMUSACircle45 secondshovering object,circle of lights,in field that shot straight up and stopped 2 times then lights went out and object vanished1/17/04
12/30/03 18:15CandlerNCUSALightless then 5 minutesBright light faded to nothing1/17/04
12/30/03 18:00RochesterNYUSADisk10 minutesHappened in rochester ny lasted 10 minutes 3 lights in a horazontal line moved slowly made no sound1/17/04
12/30/03 17:00New CastleINUSALight30 minutesWas on back porch. I looked up into the sky, and there was a bright object that lookes like a star but it was moving very slowly. It wa1/17/04
12/30/03 16:45AlexandriaVAUSALight15 minWhile on I-495 S. towards Richmond, VA, heading home from work, I sat in very slow traffic and observed what I thought was airplane smo1/17/04
12/30/03 16:45LancasterTXUSALightongoingBright planet or satellite above horizon near Dallas-VERY bright1/17/04
12/30/03 16:45AlexandriaVAUSALight15 min3 objects with a trail of smoke attached hovered together in the sky over the expressway1/17/04
12/30/03 15:24Boulder area (not sure: it was far away)COUSASphere20 secondsOn the day I made this observation, there was not a single cloud to be seen in the entire sky - a typically beautiful Colorado day! As1/17/04
12/30/03 10:40San BrunoCAUSASphere4 - 6 minIt was very very black1/17/04
12/30/03 01:00Western Queensland (QLD, Australia)AustraliaLight15 MINSTwo bright lights hovering one had a flashing red light1/17/04
12/29/03 22:30AlexandriaVAUSAFireball1 secondGreen Fireball decends around Fort Belvoir Virginia1/17/04
12/29/03 21:15SalemORUSACircle5 secondsFast Moving Bright Light1/17/04
12/29/03 19:04UK/EnglandUnited KingdomOther2 minutes 43 secondsi was telling my friend to look but he could not hear me ,it would not let me look away1/17/04
12/29/03 19:00Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 minsat 17;00 on 29/12/03 i was in the back garden of my house smoking a ciggarette,as i was looking up at the sky I saw three round objects1/17/04
12/29/03 18:50Comox Valley (Canada)BCCanadaLightHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object hovering this lasted about a minute and a half.1/17/04
12/29/03 18:00Harmony TownshipNJUSACross10 minutesunusual object in Harmony Township skies1/17/04
12/29/03 18:00MonroeWAUSALight1 minute2 lights circling each other in sky, then suddenly vanish, and aircraft appears soon thereafter1/17/04
12/29/03 04:10HelenaMTUSASphere5 secondsOn my way to work at 0410, I witnessed a pulsating, green orb descend diagonally in front of me.1/17/04
12/29/03 00:30El CajonCAUSAUnknown1 minuteUFO heard above El Cajon neigborhood on 12/29/03 at 00:30 in the morning1/17/04
12/29/03 00:25FairfaxVAUSAFireball4sec1 fireball going east just above tree level very bright and orange burned out in 4 sec. no sounds1/17/04
12/29/03 00:00Lake WorthFLUSAOval8 secIt was a dark and clear sky, and i was on my usual U.F.O. nightly watch when i saw a ovel mysterious object crusing over me. It had re1/17/04
12/28/03 23:10Centereach/Selden/CoramNYUSATriangle8-9min aproxTriangle shaped object hovering over selden and coram area, very low and bright.1/17/04
12/28/03 22:30ChicagoILUSAUnknown15 secondsUFO Sighting in downtown Chicago1/17/04
12/28/03 22:00SissonvilleWVUSALight3 minutesThree lights, perfectly spaced apart, moving irratically through the trees and then disappearing.1/17/04
12/28/03 20:25Grand IsleMEUSAChanging+/- 10 mins.A cluster of lights moved silently from north to south changing shape to a triangle, straight line and shallow arc of lights.1/17/04
12/28/03 20:25Grand IsleMEUSATriangleca. 10 mins.silent arch of pulsing lights.1/17/04
12/28/03 20:00Deer ParkNYUSAEgg30 secit was egg shaped and had an orange glow on the entire underside heading sw to ne at 20:00 12/28/031/17/04
12/28/03 19:30Stratford (Canada)ONCanada15 minutesGolf ball sized white light seen moving outside house, about 100 feet in the air. Disappeared into thin air; lasted about 15 min.1/17/04
12/28/03 18:50TacomaWAUSAOther30 secThe object was long and straight, it was dark colored and moved in a forward motion.1/17/04
12/28/03 18:41WaterlooIAUSAOther3 secondsVery fast, silent, moving craft enveloped by vapor, @ about 8000 feet AGL traveling SW to NW then W1/17/04
12/28/03 18:29BergenfieldNJUSAOther20-30 secondsFast moving Vshaped 5 lighted craft seen moving north from the south1/17/04
12/28/03 18:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSATrianglejust passed by (car)Stationary Triangular Shaped Object with red lights on its edges.1/17/04
12/28/03 17:00Isabela (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoDiskabout 30 mins.Dark discoid object playing amongst the clouds later chased by 2 brilliant white disks.1/17/04
12/28/03 16:30ConesvilleOHUSALightpresently occuringunknown object seen over Conesville,Ohio powerplant seen from Fresno,Ohio.1/17/04
12/28/03 09:00Little RockARUSATriangle10 secTriangler lights spotted 15 miles south of Little Rock1/17/04
12/28/03 04:00McKean CountyPAUSAUnknownHappened until about 5:00Extremely bright lights in the sky flashing sequece of white, red, and green1/17/04
12/28/03Central CityKYUSAFireball20 secondsI saw a large red object with a halo around it in western kentucky.1/17/04
12/27/03 22:00WayneNJUSACone40 minutes and still therBrightly colored cone shaped object1/17/04
12/27/03 20:10LucasvilleOHUSAUnknown1 hourThe unknown object hovered in the vicinity of the Portsmouth Regional Airport for a hour to a hour and half. It had blue, red, and whi1/17/04
12/27/03 18:00Lake in the HillsILUSALighta few secondsFlashes of light1/17/04
12/27/03 18:00PeabodyMAUSALight10 minBright object disappears.1/17/04
12/27/03 17:30Roaring RiverNCUSAOval20 minutesLarge object seen in the air joined by other objects.1/17/04
12/27/03 17:00DuluthGAUSAFireball30 minVery bright red fireball with a long tail, seemed to change to disc depending on angle sited.1/17/04
12/27/03 16:30DoylestownPAUSAFireball1 hourlooking to my west towards a setting sun, I saw a large fireball leaving a wide trail of white smoke. It was moving slowly, easy to see1/17/04
12/27/03 16:00Meppen/Emmen (between) (Germany/Holland)Germany/HollandFireball15 minutesOn the border of Germany and Holland we saw a fireball changing into a fire egg and chaging again into the tail of a star. This is t1/17/04
12/27/03 15:44HighlandCAUSATriangle02.35I had just gotten home from HXXX DXXXX and was pulling stuff out of my truck when something cought my eye. At first I thought it was ba1/17/04
12/27/03 15:40CarnesvilleGAUSACircle3 minutes20+ circular objects seen over Georgia1/17/04
12/27/03 05:30SpencerportNYUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle figure with 3 bright lights flying low at almost 6AM1/17/04
12/26/03 23:08GilroyCAUSAFireball10 minIn the northeast sky while star gazing, myself and two buddies overlooked a bright orange light which we first assumed was jupiter. F1/17/04
12/26/03 23:00Sicamous (Canada)BCCanadaDiamondapprox: 1 hourHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Objects seen shooting out other objects1/17/04
12/26/03 22:45MartinezCAUSASphere5 mins2 orange colored lights moving thru the sky at a great distance. A smaller blue light moved away from the two.1/17/04
12/26/03 21:31Cape CoralFLUSACircle2 secondssecond (more recent) sighting of bright star like object moving at impossible speed1/17/04
12/26/03 20:00PrestonIAUSAOval15 MinutesBlue oval shaped transparent light w/o an apparent source with red lights flashing around it.1/17/04
12/26/03 20:00Rohnert ParkCAUSALight1 hourA light dancing and shooting in the sky , lots of diferent fast movements, changing in diameter.1/17/04
12/26/03 19:45Vashon IslandWAUSALight1 minuteOne UFO seen near Burton, Vashon Island, Washington state USA, 1 minute duration, flickered away, and disappeared.1/17/04
12/26/03 15:00BeavercreekOHUSAChanging30 minutesWe saw 3 extremely bright objects that left contrails straight out of the sky then suspended in place and shifted positions1/17/04
12/26/03 15:00BeavercreekOHUSADisk30 minutesSaucer rims were seen near Beavercreek, Ohio on December 26, 20031/17/04
12/26/03 14:00HuntingtonINUSACircleThree officers report UFO1/17/04
12/26/03 13:30WatertownNYUSAFormation6-7 minutesFive Objects Seen in Sky over Watertown, New York1/17/04
12/26/03 01:40Citrus HeightsCAUSAUnknown3 to4 minsOrange Triangle or Orange flames?1/17/04
12/25/03 23:30BrookfieldCTUSALight1 hour plusHovering light Christmas Eve over Brookfield Connecticut 20031/17/04
12/25/03 23:00HardwrickBay (Australia)AustraliaSphere23:00-23:01white/blue sphere hovers above boat while fishing for sharks at Hardwrick Bay, Yourk Peninsula, Australia1/17/04
12/25/03 22:30ShelbyvilleKYUSAstill going on at presentOval formation of 7 items with green and red flashing lights over north central Kentucky.1/17/04
12/25/03 21:40North St. PaulMNUSAFireball3 - 4 secgreen fireball with sparks desending slowly. ((NUFORC Note: We are unconvinced that this is a serious-minded report. PD))1/17/04
12/25/03 20:42IndianapolisINUSAOther4 - 6 minutesGathering of six objects with pulsating red and white lights, no sound, broke into 2 groups of 3 traveling in different directions.1/17/04
12/25/03 19:06Bowmanville (Canada)ONCanadaLight3-4 minutesbright lights for x-mas1/17/04
12/25/03 18:40New HavenCTUSAFireball?10 mincomet in sky?1/17/04
12/25/03 18:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle1-3 minutesBlack triangular craft with green/red lights flying high over lake christmas night.1/17/04
12/25/03 15:45SalemWIUSATeardrop40I Looked up at the moon which was amazigly bright and I saw to the right what appeared to be a very bright large light that just sat th1/17/04
12/25/03 02:00EagleCOUSAOthersecond or twoShooting star was leaving our atmosphere instead of falling to earth1/17/04
12/24/03 23:30Bowral (NSW, Australia)AustraliaLight2 minstwo lights that crossed over each other in the sky then they disapared.1/17/04
12/24/03 17:20NorthglennCOUSALight10 minutesThree strange lights move slowly and interact with one another in the night sky.1/17/04
12/24/03 13:00Airdrie (Canada)ABCanadaSphere15 to 20 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: They all saw what looked like a large round ball or chrome colored marble.1/17/04
12/24/03 06:45WenatcheeWAUSAFormation15 mins.On Christams Eve my Mother, Me and 5 other witness saw orange balls of light N. of Wenatchee1/17/04
12/24/03 03:19GonzalesLAUSATriangle2 minutesThe Silent Trianlge Helicopter1/17/04
12/24/03 01:00BurbankCAUSATriangle5 minutesGold light with red lights emitting sparks and sound above Burbank, CA1/17/04
12/24/03 00:00Elliot Lake (Canada)ONCanadaChangingThink i heard noises, fast moving, Green lights then glowed red,unusually shaped, disappeared after a bit.1/17/04
12/23/03 22:50InyokernCAUSACircle2 secondsWhile driving west on I178 at approx. 10:50pm, My wife and i observed a green glowing circular object appear in the clear night sky, th1/17/04
12/23/03 22:40Anaheim HillsCAUSALight2 minutesred lights in the sky1/17/04
12/23/03 22:20WestminsterCAUSACircle5 minutesBright object breaks up over Orange County sky1/17/04
12/23/03 21:30OldbridgeNJUSALight1minute or sopower went out 3 times 3rd time went outside to see whole neighberhood dark odd because no storm then from the north strange glowing ch1/17/04
12/23/03 19:22NorwalkCAUSALight8 minutesBright red light crashed to ground over Los Angeles County Area1/17/04
12/23/03 07:15SandpointIDUSAUnknown1.5 hourlight streak in the morning sky that seemed to fall to the earth leaving a spectacular funnel like plume reaching high altitude.1/17/04
12/23/03 05:11HaynevilleALUSALight18minblue,red , green lights flickering from the object. i observed this while walking to my hunting spot 5:11 in the a.m.1/17/04
12/23/03 04:56SuperiorCOUSATriangle10 secondsTriangle shaped object with 4 different colored lights across Denver sky...1/17/04
12/23/03 03:00PinetopAZUSAUnknown20 minuteslow bright red light, with periodic white beems oflight to ground1/17/04
12/23/03 01:40BorgerTXUSAOther5 sec.Boomerang object, no sound1/17/04
12/22/03 23:00Independent HillVAUSATriangle5 minFollowed by Triangle1/17/04
12/22/03 20:38Port OrchardWAUSAFireball3 secondsFireball that just disappears1/17/04
12/22/03 19:00CarlsbadCAUSAOtherpacific weststrange light over the west pacific ocean.1/17/04
12/22/03 17:56Gloucester (UK/England)United KingdomSphereless than a minsmall bubble like object , green and red light effect with radio intereference.1/17/04
12/22/03 17:00ReddingCAUSALight2 secondsdimming light1/17/04
12/22/03 09:00PalmdaleCAUSAChanging60 secondsObject was moving west to east when first sighted1/17/04
12/22/03 02:30Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight5 minutesStrange red lights circling the sky, and dissappearing at times.1/17/04
12/21/03 23:00MesquiteTXUSAUnknown5 secondsSolid grey object moving fast over house1/17/04
12/21/03 22:30ManassasVAUSACircle1-3 minutesI looked up and saw what looked like a column of discs flying silently in formation as I arrived home around 10:pm 12/21/03.1/17/04
12/21/03 22:00KelseyvilleCAUSACircleONE HOURI was on my back deck ,which over looks Clearlake (Soda Bay), when I saw two spheres of circling each other for approximately one1/17/04
12/21/03 20:00ShannonMSUSALight4-5hrs2 objects w/Red green/blue white light in sky for hours, started east last I seen almost south1/17/04
12/21/03 19:52WarrenOHUSALightongoingHovering lights in sky followed by jets around the area1/17/04
12/21/03 14:00Baker/Edwards AFBCAUSACone45 secI started joking to watch out for ufo's. just then out of the corner of my eye I saw a silver ice cream cone shaped object1/17/04
12/21/03 03:07St. PetersburgFLUSAUnknown03:11Object flaming towards earth; changes direction1/17/04
12/21/03 03:05KissimmeeFLUSALight2 MinutesBright Orange light, moved towards us and then to the right on the same horizontal axis, then faded and finally disapered.1/17/04
12/21/03 01:28DuxburyMAUSASpherea few secondsPale glowing orange, low flying, spherical object1/17/04
12/20/03 23:45ElizabethtownKYUSALight5 secondsUnexplained Light over Hardin County.1/17/04
12/20/03 23:45AugustaGAUSADisk<5 minsOne disc streaks in contacts another disc, both speed off.1/17/04
12/20/03 22:40EvansvilleINUSAEggfive secondsbright light falling from sky, southwest to northeast. descending at 90 degree angle1/17/04
12/20/03 22:15FayettevilleNCUSACircle10 secondsThe figure was moving then stopped and disappeared.1/17/04
12/20/03 21:30EmsworthPAUSAUnknown2 minutes3 Similar Slow Moving Crafts In The Sky.1/17/04
12/20/03 20:00ChesterfieldVAUSACircle1 hourstrange blinking light(s)1/17/04
12/20/03 19:16Garfield HeightsOHUSAOther2 minBoomerang shaped object 100-200ft in size at 250 to 300ft altitude with a speed of 25 to 40 mph directly overhead.1/17/04
12/20/03 17:53Chelsea (Pontiac) (Canada)QCCanadaTriangleabout 2 minutesSighting in Chelsea, triangular craft with very bright light in middle and smaller lights, no sound, very fast.1/17/04
12/20/03 17:15IndependenceMOUSAOther5 amber ufos were flying in weird formations over our heads.1/17/04
12/20/03 16:30I-395/Exit 97CTUSACigarminuteCigar, bright light, I-395 CT, Dec 20, 20031/17/04
12/20/03 16:00Atlantic BeachNCUSASphere3 secondssphere shaped craft over ocean1/17/04
12/20/03 12:30KokomoINUSADisk15 minutesI was just getting home from a friends and notice the hair standing on my arm when I was putting my jacket on to get out of the car bec1/17/04
12/19/03 22:45Oak CreekWIUSAFireball2 secondsgreen fireball shooting across sky1/17/04
12/19/03 19:30Toulouse (southeastern suburbs) (France)FranceDiskJust before Christmas unusual glows following car drivers were reported in the southeastern suburbs of Toulouse, Then January 10th 20041/17/04
12/19/03 18:00BoiseIDUSACigar4 minutesThis object has well defined colored square lights that moved across back and forth along a horizontal plane. It's upper and lower se1/17/04
12/19/03 11:00AustinTXUSAUnknownsecondsGliding silver object there one second, gone the next1/17/04
12/19/03 08:35DemingNMUSAOval10 minutesDouble Ovoid object photographed NE of Deming, NM1/17/04
12/19/03 03:15TacomaWAUSACircle2 secondsSaw white circle larger than a meteor but it left no trail.1/17/04
12/19/03 03:10Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaOther5 minutes2 objects moving at unusually slow speed one blue with trail, one whitish no trail1/17/04
12/19/03 03:00AmadoAZUSATriangle1 hourSighted 10 UFO's who appeared to be mining.1/17/04
12/19/03 02:30AustinTXUSAChanging45 seconds2 blue-lit conicle objects rotate around each other and then "morph" into 1 object and disappear.1/17/04
12/19/03 02:00HomesteadFLUSACigar30 secondsThe cigarshaped object moved from overhead towards the southeast at an incredible speed!1/17/04
12/19/03 00:00LynnvilleINUSACircleunknownCemetery UFO sighting1/17/04
12/18/03 23:00LincolnNEUSAOval3 to 5 secondsBright bluish white light moving north, then east, leaving bluish trail behind, rolling over and disappeared....1/17/04
12/18/03 18:50EurekaCAUSALight5-6 min.Bright, strobing light, dimmed to a pulsing amber light. Then smaller lights witnessed moving erratically around larger light.1/17/04
12/18/03 18:30CarothersvilleMOUSACircle25 secondsI was driving on Highway I-155 between Carothersville, Missouri and Dyersburg, Tennessee at around 6:30 p.m., just before the first res1/17/04
12/18/03 18:25CharlottesvilleVAUSALight10-15 minutesSpot of honey-colored light, spherical- barely 3x larger than stars- seen from car1/17/04
12/18/03 03:30DallasORUSAOther13 minutes.I heard a strange noise, suffered a physical and emotional response to it, military jets "chased" it away.1/17/04
12/18/03 02:30TulsaOKUSAUnknown3 secondsI observed an bright object on a clear night streak across Tulsa,Okla. from east to west. It lit up as it entered the atmosphere, leavi1/17/04
12/17/03 22:30RiversideCAUSACircle1 hour or morea hexagon formation of moving, pulsating lights above our head1/17/04
12/17/03 19:45EurekaCAUSAFireball7 minutesVery large dancing fireball, 35-40 degrees above NE horizon, with additional small fiery lights emerging and descending toward horizon1/17/04
12/16/03 17:15Pompton LakesNJUSADisk3-4 minutessaucer w/red and green blinking lights1/17/04
12/16/03Glenn RoseTXUSATrianglenuc power plant shut down near time of ufo siting1/17/04
12/15/03 19:50CocoaFLUSAFireball3 to 4 secondsA green ball of light in the south east sky moving in an arc like falling then dissapearing.1/17/04
12/15/03 08:45AlgerOHUSAOtherbriefBANK OF LIGHTS IN THE SKY.1/17/04
12/15/03 06:45Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight10 secondsFlash of light which stopped abruptly, descended, ascended, hairpin turn and quickly flew away.1/17/04
12/14/03 03:38EugeneORUSAUnknown2 minExtraordinary set of 2 long lasting flashes light up the entire sky.1/17/04
12/12/03 18:00HoustonTXUSAOther10 MinutesPerfectly Straight Light Line in the Sky above the Cloud Level. Looked like a crack in Sky.1/17/04
12/12/03 13:00RockvilleMDUSAChanging30secObject that acted like a rust colored balloon turned flat and sped away.1/17/04
12/7/03 16:30FarisitaCOUSAFireball20 minutesBright ball of light hovering, then 2 smaller ones darting around it1/17/04
12/3/03 19:00Rail Road FlatCAUSAUnknown45 minMulti Colored Object seen in Calaveras County,CA1/17/04
11/30/03 19:30St. LouisMOUSAUnknown10 minutesufo with other strange goings on/ monster?1/17/04
11/28/03 21:30ThomasOKUSAOval5 minwhile on a hunting/camping trip on the north canadian river in wesrern oklahoma 5 of us observed a large light going east (toward okla1/17/04
11/27/03 18:45Memphis (100 miles north of)TNUSALight30-40 minutesI have never seen a weather balloon change colors and be bright enough to be seen at night, and travel at 500 mph.1/17/04
11/22/03 22:30Airdrie (Canada)ABCanadaUnknownapprox: 20 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Beam of light comes from the sky.1/17/04
11/20/03 19:00KunaIDUSATriangle5-6minTriangular object with pulsating lights hovered near Meridian Rd., then slowly flew off towards Boise, ID1/17/04
11/20/03 18:00WatertownWIUSARectangle<1 min.3 Amber Circles enclosed in Rectangle - Healing requested.1/17/04
11/19/03 20:30FarisitaCOUSALight1 hourLike stars, but moving in different directions, then disappear.1/17/04
11/19/03 17:15EustisFLUSASphere10 minutesBrilliant lightts with a haze1/17/04
11/16/03 15:00Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaOtherfew secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A elongated, whitish/silver shaped light just below the cloud cover.1/17/04
11/14/03 17:30NilesOHUSACirclepresently ocurringMUFON/OHIO FOLLOW-UP REPORT: People followed and watched by objects in Niles, Ohio1/17/04
11/13/03 01:30Aruba (Caribbean)ArubaTriangle3 HOURS AND 20 MINUTESStrange lights off the coastline of Aruba1/17/04
11/8/03 21:30RichmondVAUSATriangle20 secondsA V-shaped formation of triangles moving across the sky1/17/04
11/8/03 20:00HoltsvilleNYUSAOther10secondsV-shape object seen in backyard during lunar eclipse.1/17/04
11/8/03 18:52BellinghamWAUSAUnknowna few secondsThree orange streaks the time of the lunar eclipes.1/17/04
11/1/03 00:00CheyenneWYUSAFireball5 secondsA huge fireball east of Cheyenne Wyoming1/17/04
10/28/03 16:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight1 minuteI saw a light travel faster and at angles I've never witnessed before.1/17/04
10/26/03 00:30MaudOKUSAUnknown2-3 minutesobject moved from south to north but had an unusual vertical bobbing action to it.1/17/04
10/21/03 22:20CocoaFLUSAFireball3 to 4 secondsA green ball of light in the north west sky moving in an arc shape as if it was falling, then it dissapeared.1/17/04
10/21/03 19:40FresnoCAUSAOther30 SecondsThree Red lights observed hovering over Fresno, California1/17/04
10/20/03 21:15ProphetstownILUSAOther15 min.we saw a star and it raised above the clouds, a few nights later saw the same thing and it then dissappeared1/17/04
10/18/03 21:00SchenectadyNYUSALight1 ourCloud dwelling lights in the sky1/17/04
10/15/03 10:00WeatherfordTXUSAChanging2 to4 minutesMyself and a friend were standing outside on the west side of our place of employment when he said to me what in the what hell is that.1/17/04
10/13/03 19:15Runcorn (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown90 SecondsA group of lights.1/17/04
10/13/03 01:00EvansvilleINUSALight10minconfirm coast to coast caller Sullivan Indiana1/17/04
10/12/03 21:15Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaCircleA few hoursThere were 4 sometimes 5 seperate crafts with one bright light each which was all you could see and were changing formations.1/17/04
10/10/03 21:10Crescent BeachSCUSAFormation1 1/2 hr.For two consecutive nights, we watched a pattern of lights before we were stunned by a discovery on the beach.1/17/04
10/10/03 12:00AlhambraCAUSAOval5 min3 Black ovals in the sky and a floating movie camera1/17/04
10/7/03 19:30FairfieldIAUSAFormation25 secondsMUFON/IOWA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: This Fairfield report of group of 5-6 lights is one of 3 reports at same time on same night in Iowa1/17/04
10/1/03 23:00CirclevilleOHUSALight5-10 min.Bright orange lights go on, and off in Circlville, OH.1/17/04
10/1/03 05:40Long Beach (sports arena)CAUSAOther10 min.UFO watching the harbor of long beach.1/17/04
9/26/03 21:00RichmondKYUSALight~1 hourLong duration sighting, likely at least 10 miles distance, but undoubtedly strange behavior.1/17/04
9/20/03 18:00FraserMIUSA25-30 minutesMICHIGAN MUFON FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Multiple-witness sighting of lights, or objects, in daytime sky.1/17/04
9/19/03 14:30Peralta/AlbuquerqueNMUSATeardrop4+ hoursGlowing tear drop-shape in the South West1/17/04
9/15/03 23:00FlintMIUSAOval10 secondsoval shaped object with faint light haze all around it.1/17/04
9/12/03 01:00RinggoldGAUSAUnknown2 to 3 secondsatlanta lights observed by second party 150 miles away1/17/04
9/11/03 22:00ToledoOHUSATriangle2min.the craft came from the south at a very low speed an turned to the north east . it didnt bank like a plane but more like a sweep1/17/04
8/23/03 02:00MolineILUSALight5 MinutesAppeared as a star in the sky. No motion and suddenly changed from the shape of a star into a rectangular box with a white light with1/17/04
8/19/03 03:30GriffithINUSATriangle5 minutesdark grey unlit triangular craft hovering silently1/17/04
8/15/03 14:00SeattleWAUSACircle5 minuteslast summer my buddy and I were looking into the blue sky, when we spotted two round white balls flying straight , and then seemly dart1/17/04
8/15/03 11:00GilbertAZUSACross10 secondsaircraft shadow, but no aircraft.1/17/04
7/25/03 00:00Big BearCAUSAUnknowncamp outflashing blue lights, darting,fast1/17/04
7/15/03 11:00El CajonCAUSADisk30 mindull black disc made circles in the sky.1/17/04
7/8/03 12:00Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomOthersightingit was a clear day and i saw some thing in the sky that eye believe is a UFO1/17/04
7/5/03 22:30Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaCircle10-20 secondsThe light went up and down a few times then went in a circular motion and dissapeared within seconds.1/17/04
6/4/03 23:00AlbanyINUSASphereI saw 1 round white object and shot off when i looked at it. 30 minutes later it was back and appeared to be the same one but much clo1/17/04
5/21/03 17:30Flatrock/Taylor borderMIUSALight3 minutesunusual lights1/17/04
4/5/03 12:00Los AlamosCAUSACigar60seconds12noon @Mtn Figueroa CA, near Los Alamos 2mil jets chase cigar or linear shape object just over hill top heading east from w1/17/04
2/15/03 19:00LinwoodPAUSALight1-2 min.A UFO stopped in its path and hovered. It then trailed an airplane.1/17/04
1/10/03 20:00HuntsvilleARUSAOval5 secondsIt was an overcast night but the stars were just barely shining through. My girlfriend and I were outside burning brush. We were look1/17/04
12/31/02 07:30Shoreline/EdmondsWAUSALightsecondsLarge ball of light in the sky falling slowly to the ground1/17/04
12/19/02 20:45FraserCOUSASphere7 minsa jet was chasing a yellow,orange object. the jet didnt have a chance!!1/17/04
11/5/02 06:00Crystal LakeILUSAUnknownStrange object in the sky at the early morning1/17/04
10/15/02 01:00BlandMOUSATriangle5 minutesUFO? spoted chasing cattle1/17/04
10/7/02 19:00Sky CityNMUSAFireball3 to 5 secondGreenish and Orange fireball that lasted about 3 to 5 seconds and then exploded making a ring of fire.1/17/04
7/10/02 23:00Cape CoralFLUSACircle10 secondsI saw a bright star like light moving around thousands of feet in mere seconds1/17/04
6/15/02 17:00KentWAUSAOval6 minutesround dark grey sphere motionless then slowly left smaller smaller till gone. as left size proportionate.1/17/04
6/13/02 22:15HaywardCAUSACircle5 or 10 min.My kids and I witnessed a round black object in the sky, that moved drastically at night with unbelievable disbelief.1/17/04
1/3/02 19:30MarionIAUSAUnknownnoneMarion sighting Info1/17/04
11/23/01 22:00RedlandsCAUSAOval10 minutesufo sighting in redlands, california1/17/04
10/20/01 13:00Cocoa BeachFLUSATriangle30 secondsThe triangle shaped object seemed just a few yards above us, it made no sound, no wind and no lights.1/17/04
9/19/01 12:00Westminster WestMDUSAOther1 MinWorking out on the veranda, late AM, I was bent over a small landscape planter which is perpendicular to my home at the veranda end. I1/17/04
7/7/01 17:30Misty Fjords National Park (near, on island)AKUSARectangleA couple of minutesHuge, perfectly square, bright white object leaves with out the sound of a take off or splash.1/17/04
6/30/01 21:00CrestlineCAUSALightabout 30 minutesball of light, circled around lake, split into 2 and went over the mountains fast.1/17/04
4/18/01 21:00Lame DeerMTUSADisk35 to 45 minutesTown sees ufo.1/17/04
4/16/01 13:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSASphere15 Sec.Sighting one, 1300 hrs., two white, round objects spotted by me coming from the north/east turning to the east. Both objects identical1/17/04
1/1/01 00:00Monroeville to Seven SpringsPAUSAFireball15-30secondFlying green ball of light/ have a mind of it's own.1/17/04
12/23/00 16:30ZumbrotaMNUSACigar30 sec.Silver cigar shaped object travelling low, and at great speed on US 52 in SE Minnesota.1/17/04
10/31/00 19:30RiverdaleMDUSADiamond20 SecondsHalloween UFO!1/17/04
10/20/00 20:30RidgefieldCTUSATriangle2 minutestriangular ufo flew overhead1/17/04
9/12/00 02:30CatawissaPAUSAUnknown1minuteCraft flew across sky on fire.1/17/04
7/1/00 14:00PoncaOKUSALight30secondsmid day above water appearing to land and then submerge in the water no noise aproximate 3 ft in size1/17/04
5/15/00 22:30PittsburgTXUSALight5 minutesA friend and I watched as alight approached from the horizon. As it got closer to us, it resolved itself into a cluster of red, green1/17/04
3/15/00 03:00Merritt IslandFLUSASphere5 minutesUFO sighting near Kennedy Space Center 20001/17/04
10/15/99 20:30EllisKSUSAOval5-8 minutesUFO shased off by fighter jets1/17/04
4/21/99 22:30AddyWAUSAFireballFireball.1/17/04
2/15/99 23:00AustinTXUSAUnknownunknownFrom SW Austin btween Austin / San Marcos stationary object in sky 1 mile up w/ lights.1/17/04
12/25/98 16:00Haltwhistle (Near) (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minutesBright light followed our car in fog; happened near Hadrian's wall in England, Christmas of 98'.1/17/04
12/23/98 19:57Toa Baja (Puerto Rico)Puerto Rico4 secondsThe Object was Trianglar in shape there was no sound are Lights. It moved slowly.and was only visible with the stars as a backround.I'v1/17/04
10/24/98 07:00Kunming (China)ChinaCircle20 minutes4 times of holving UFO I saw1/17/04
10/15/98 22:30Dublin (south of)INUSADiamond1 minuteOne diamond shaped aircraft in the sky west of Richmond,Indiana flying from the SE to the NW in October, 1998.1/17/04
9/12/98 18:00ShalimarFLUSAFireball10 minutes. A burning orb appeared for the west at about 45 degrees and slowly moved to about 20 degress changing color from a bright red to a ve1/17/04
8/13/98MidlandTXUSADisk1 to 5 secondsThe object was not a plane and did not have any distinguishing features except that it was it was small gray and saucer shaped.1/17/04
8/9/98 23:30Croatia (rural)CroatiaOval15 secondsoval with a blue light and no sound. First very slow and then disappeard suddenly.1/17/04
8/2/98 23:30RichmondVAUSASphereseveral minutesSphere...silver...shiny....spotted in western Henrico County (Richmond, VA)1/17/04
7/7/98 23:50Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 secondsLiverpool July 98, bright star like UFO. Moved at varied unexplainable speeds before disapering1/17/04
3/15/98 18:00Atlantic Ocean (around Bermuda/Cariibbean)BermudaOther1minWhile serving in the U.S. navy out to sea, I saw the same object twice and it seen me.1/17/04
3/10/98 18:00Fort GordonGAUSALight2 secondsHUGE streaking light on a military base - 30 witnesses (including two civilian instructors - both prior military).1/17/04
1/6/98 18:00CamarilloCAUSAOther3 minutesMultiple lights decend in formation, stop and form a swarm, then form two bright lights and mimic cessna and dissapear over horizon.1/17/04
11/15/97 21:00Tennessee (on highway)TNUSASphere20 minutes4 Glowing sphere's of light in the sky1/17/04
11/14/97 21:10IssaquahWAUSAOther1-2 minutesLarge craft flew within 1 mile of 4 of us, moving at a medium speed, then sped up and went over the mountain.1/17/04
8/29/97 21:30Livermore FallsMEUSAFireball15 minutesIt finally split into two distinct balls of bright orange fiery lights about 1000 feet above and ahead of us.1/17/04
8/10/97 02:55Newbury (Canada)ONCanadaLight100 secondsI was on my way home from my brothers house. He lived just down the road. It was 2:30 in the morning.Instead of turning into my laneway1/17/04
8/2/97 02:30Newbury (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown35 secondsI also have to tell you something else....I have 5 people who can be my witness....I used to live in an isolated cabin in the woods of1/17/04
6/30/97 00:30Chitik Lake (Canada)SKCanadaLight45 secchitik lake canada day1/17/04
6/1/97 22:00RichmondCAUSAOther5 minutesSilent "Airplanes" at Low Altitude1/17/04
5/19/97 00:20KalamazooMIUSAChanging15 + minutesBright ball of light, split into two balls of lights, then rejoined itself, changed color and shape repeatedly1/17/04
2/1/97 09:30Yucca Valley/Morongo ValleyCAUSAOther2 or 3 min.I just seen this thing flying in the air I took some pictures and I took pictures of the helicopter chasing it, I can't remember the da1/17/04
12/25/96 22:00SewardAKUSALight30 secondsit was green hovering1/17/04
8/15/96 22:00WellfleetMAUSATriangle30 minutes3 triangular objects with green lights, making no sound, heading east over Welfleet drive-in.1/17/04
5/20/96 16:00PassaicNJUSADisk5 minutesInteraction with an unknown silent object which tumbled in a straight line away and up at a shallow angle to where a silver dot was.1/17/04
4/22/96 17:00GunteersvilleALUSACircle2minnew type of ufos almost un seeable to the eye1/17/04
7/15/95 12:00Illinois (Northern) (on I-90, about 150?mi. N.Ill.WIUSATriangle15/20min.?7/16/95 My grandaughter and I saw a triangular object with lights on each point cross the highway I90 about 150mi. n. of Ill. line at1/17/04
6/26/95 16:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaChanging1/2 hourMorphing? Interdimensional Craft - Daylight Sighting1/17/04
6/15/95 02:00LevelandTXUSAFireball5minFlourescent blue fireball moving faster than supersonic speed1/17/04
6/15/95 00:00LakewoodCAUSADisk15 seoundsTwo red softly glowing round objects as your guest described on coast to coast 15 sec apart in 19951/17/04
8/31/94 02:30Stockton (South of)CAUSACircleminutesI was captured, encapsulated, I was one with that light, the objects were light.1/17/04
5/5/94 02:00PhoenixNYUSAUnknown5 minutesIt had my head in a vice-like grip and was "reading" me.1/17/04
4/1/94 22:00Cortlandt ManorNYUSADisk5-7 Minutescircular craft hovered emitting green and red.1/17/04
3/10/94 21:00OlympiaWAUSAOval10 secondsTwo oval shaped, firefly-like, yellow glowing craft, flew overhead at great speeds with erratic movement.1/17/04
2/24/94 21:30Brockville (Canada)ONCanadaOval~ 15 minutesI watched it for about 15 minutes. It seemed bigger than a plane, circular and it changed colour; white to red then green then back1/17/04
8/12/93 21:00JacksonvilleFLUSASphere1 to 2 secondsThe translucent blue round sphere moved from horizon to horizon in 1 to 2 seconds with NO sound!1/17/04
7/7/93 23:00MarionINUSACylinder20-30 minutesA black van asked me and the other witness if we wanted a ride. We then saw a large object lift off and explode into light1/17/04
7/1/93 22:00Cottonwood Lakes Trail (near Mt. Whitney)CAUSADiamond1 minuteNight time fly over of object at Cottonwood Lakes, Mt. Whitney, California - 19931/17/04
7/1/93 12:00Cottonwood Lakes Trail (near Mt. Whitney)CAUSACircle10 minutessilver object seen on backpacking trip near Mt. Whitney, CA - 19931/17/04
1/15/93 23:00Battle CreekMIUSALight1 plus hrs.The light showed bright through the dense snow storm.1/17/04
12/11/92 22:00St. Andrews (UK/Scotland)United KingdomSphere10mns. ?large sphere on the ground which reflected multicoloured light when spotlight hit it.1/17/04
12/8/92 18:00St. Julie (Canada)QCCanadaChanging5 MinutesLight observed at close range with changing size and vanishing act1/17/04
10/22/92 21:30Oak CreekCOUSAUnknown15 minutesAt 9:30 in the evening on a clear night,we saw five or six objects over the top of the mountain behind our house. The objects zipped1/17/04
10/15/92 22:30Nhlangano (Swaziland)SwazilandSphere10 minutesStrange light emmitting shpere in Africa with bright flashes.1/17/04
10/15/92 10:15GardnervilleNVUSALight15 secondsObserved object bluish/white in color streaking toward the surface of earth; then change directions instantly heading back into the s.1/17/04
7/15/92 01:30DuluthMNUSAOther<5 sec.luminous orange half-disk winks on then off1/17/04
6/3/92 07:36Leeds (UK/England)United KingdomSphere20secondsA golden sphere traveling at a slow rate then it was gone in a flash like the star ship enterprise in warp drive?1/17/04
1/11/92Newtown (UK/Wales)United KingdomOther10 minutes3 black silntly moving craft1/17/04
1/6/92 20:00Windover (near)UTUSAEgg2 minutesI may have met Ezekiel’s “wheels within wheels"1/17/04
10/1/91 22:00LafayetteGAUSAOther15 min.A small globe descended from beneath the larger craft.1/17/04
9/18/91 23:00Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaTriangleabout one minuteBlack Triangle over Montreal1/17/04
8/12/90 04:00LincolnNEUSACirclelight coming towards me, circled in on me and was above me for miles...1/17/04
8/1/90 00:00NeenahWIUSALight10 minBright light hovering toward us suddenly took off fast changing shape and color1/17/04
7/1/90 01:00Whitehouse StationNJUSAUnknown2 minutesSlept at my friends house for the night when his brother and mother burst into our room to show us strange lights outside. By the time1/17/04
5/1/90 20:30New CastlePAUSALight15 minutesBasball size ball of light moves 6 inches over car and up windshield.1/17/04
10/20/89 03:00NewfoundlandPAUSAOther45 minBall of white bright light about size of two car garage. So bright, could not decern if there was a definate shape.Moved at very slow r1/17/04
6/30/89 21:00BanningCAUSATriangle30 min.My son and I saw two triangular craft hovering about 100 feet above the roadway.1/17/04
8/10/88 06:00WhitmireSCUSAOther15 min +The UFO I saw was on the FOX network!1/17/04
6/15/88 23:00North FreedomWIUSACylinderunknownDreams or recollections of UFO abduction?1/17/04
6/15/88 21:30JulianCAUSAOther2 Minutesmoved from outer space into lower atmosphere at rapid speed...1/17/04
7/16/87 21:45SomersetKYUSARectangleSilance and Very Very Slow and A Rather Large Object1/17/04
7/7/87 13:00Ciolpani (Romania)RomaniaDisk5 minutesStationary object above Lake of Snagov.1/17/04
7/4/87 22:00FrankfordMOUSALight1 hourAn acrobatic light show in a star lite sky.1/17/04
4/25/87 14:30Bacolod City (Occidental Province) (Philippines)PhilippinesLightmore than 2-min/less thanDaylight "disc" ? Over Negros Island, Philippines, by amateur astronomer working on Observatory dome1/17/04
10/15/86 16:30Taichung (Taiwan)TaiwanOval10 seconds"Tailpipe Charlie"--Silver disc follows two F-104 fighter jets.1/17/04
10/3/86 21:00BakersfieldCAUSACirclewell it was about 9:00 at night. i told my husband i was going to get stamps. at that time it was in the parking lot of sears at the1/17/04
7/20/86 01:00TucsonAZUSALight15minsLights and beems over AZ desert1/17/04
1/15/86 22:00South YarmouthMAUSACircle2+ hourswhite,luminous, circular object encircled with colored lights hovering above neighbors house for over 2 hours.1/17/04
10/15/84 09:00QuincyCAUSAUnknownone minuteObject that was observered in daylight appeared silver color and had no wings and in a few seconds disapeared.1/17/04
7/24/84 22:00PerkiomenvillePAUSADisk20 minIt was hovering over the trees and had bumps all over it may have had different floors.It had many lights like runner lights a1/17/04
6/1/83 20:00CrosbyTXUSAOval<10 minutesSightings in Crosby in the 80's1/17/04
1/10/83 20:00CrosbyTXUSACylinder< 5 minSeveral unexplained incidents reported by family and friends in Crosby Texas during the early 80's.1/17/04
10/15/82 20:00North HudsonNYUSADisk1-2 minutesFull View of structure1/17/04
7/15/82 15:00ChristiansburgOHUSACircle1 secondlarge orange disc or ball travelling at a great speed making no sound and not disturbing surrounding area.1/17/04
6/15/82 19:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSACigar5 minutesThree UFOs disguised as "Clouds"1/17/04
6/12/82 13:00FlintMIUSASphere3 minutesA metalic object flying at a high rate of speed1/17/04
6/1/81 19:00Lake MorenaCAUSACigar20 secondsE. County San Diego after sunset may-sept, about 2 tubular cigar w/random multi colored lights were chased by Mira mar Jets.1/17/04
4/28/81 23:30PetalumaCAUSARectangleApprox two minutes or lesAround the outside edge of the dark red grid, there was a shimmering orange aura1/17/04
1/15/80 22:00AlbanyILUSADisk5 minsaucer over corn field on a cold winter night.1/17/04
9/1/79 19:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSADisk1 minuteMajor UFO seen over Brooklyn New York "It was silent and very much visable"...1/17/04
7/1/79 19:00WhitmanMAUSADiskabout 1minuteI was walking my dog up our front walk that's when I saw this huge round thing with lights hovering between two trees..1/17/04
7/1/79 19:00WhitmanMAUSADisk1minuteAs I was walking my dog up our front walk that1/17/04
6/20/79 18:00OrlandoFLUSACircle10minSeveral of my friends and I where in a school playground and a saucer with lights on bottom (colors) was about 200 feet above us and ma1/17/04
4/4/79 06:00DallasTXUSALight5 secondsFast moving light that stopped, moved backwards and took off again.1/17/04
11/27/78 20:00UkiahCAUSASphere10 minutesUFO over Ukiah, sphere with beams coming out from it...then I forgot the entire sighting until I saw a report in the paper1/17/04
8/18/78 20:00Harvey (Marquette)MIUSADisk3-5+minWe could see human forms in a window like windshield on this air craft that silently hovered!1/17/04
8/15/78 22:00HeathMAUSACircleseveral minutesParked in car on isolated road, object with flashing lights desended over the car.1/17/04
1/1/78 02:30WhittierCAUSATriangleunknownColaboration of 1978 sighting in Whittier, California (Southeast Los Angeles County).1/17/04
7/22/77 23:00AtwaterCAUSADisk3 minwhile on the way home from the drive in movies we saw a falling star slow to a stop just in front of us1/17/04
6/15/77 21:00AuburnCAUSATriangle3 secondsUFO momentaily flies 50 to 60 feet above street, seemingly out of control, then flies off.1/17/04
6/15/77 21:00NewingtonNHUSADisk10 minCircular, silent craft with revolving white lights on bottom.1/17/04
5/1/77 22:00DenverCOUSALight30mintwo lazer like lights, one 6-12 inches off the ground, one dollar sized on the ground.1/17/04
8/18/76 17:00SycamoreILUSATriangle15 minutesI looked up and saw hovering directly over my head at about two story roof height three lights in a triangular pattern.1/17/04
7/4/76 02:00Ridinger LakeINUSARectangle3-4 minutesLarge Rectangular Craft with lights on its corners. VERY loud, VERY slow.1/17/04
6/25/76 23:00YoungstownOHUSADisk2minutesin late june of 76 a large disk flew n over my house the turned west a vanashed.1/17/04
6/1/76 22:00GreshamORUSAChanging30 minutesWe saw "it" and got the hell out of there! We then came back.......and so dit it!1/17/04
12/1/75 02:00EdgewaterFLUSAFireball1 hourlg glowimg ball Florida 1975 S. of Edgewater after midnight maybe around 2:00 for an hr. jit looked floating ground level1/17/04
8/19/75 01:00Santa BarbaraCAUSADisk15 minutesmultiple ship sighting in Santa Barbara1/17/04
8/10/75 18:00River RidgeLAUSACircle2 minutesBright orange object in front of woods1/17/04
7/15/74 22:00BridgeviewILUSATrianglemillisecondsTriangular streak SW to NE horizon to horizon with a short zig zag very high altitude extreamly fast distinct shape1/17/04
7/15/74 17:00EvanstonILUSADisk5 minsAn large orange disk hovered quietly over a park a few blocks away to the northwest.1/17/04
2/19/74 03:00IndianapolisINUSADisk5 secondsrapid moving high altitude glowing orange disk moves from horizon to horizon in about 5 seconds1/17/04
9/10/73 17:00Moss PointMSUSACircle3 hours overall was round and glowing like a full moon, the color was sort of a white or gray1/17/04
7/22/73 19:45GilmantonNHUSACircle30m.movement ove UFO was SW. to NE. AT 5, P. H.1/17/04
7/1/73 21:00RichmondCAUSAOther20 secondsThree differently shaped, silent UFOs during two events, northbound over Richmond, California in early 1970's1/17/04
5/23/73 00:00PeoriaILUSAOval5 minutesSaw a U.F.O. over backyard at very close proximity to house located across from airport. Saw first hand object and passengers inside.1/17/04
12/1/72 17:00ChattanoogaTNUSACirclehour, roughlyBlue Circles & 1 Red Circle float in formation (Alt. 20K to 50K feet)1/17/04
11/1/72 08:00TrinidadCAUSALight10 minutesSatelite sighting, changing directions to quick for normal.1/17/04
9/15/72 03:00Panama CityFLUSAUnknown3 minutesThis was more of an audible sighting instead of a visual. At approx. 3:00 in the morning, my backyard suddenly lit up with a brilliant1/17/04
8/30/72 01:30AnchorageAKUSACircle2 to 4 secondsLarge, bright, blue/white circular object appeared to do extremely high speed "fly-by" of Earth.1/17/04
10/1/71 22:00PasadenaCAUSADisk3 minPowerless over UFO sighting.1/17/04
7/18/70 23:00CusterMTUSALight20 minutesIt had been stationary in the sky for about two hours when it just "took off" and then went back the way it had originated from before1/17/04
6/8/70 10:00Not sureCAUSADisk2 hours +Single craft1/17/04
6/6/70Downers GroveILUSADisk5-10 minFlying saucer traveling through the sky in the middle of the day!1/17/04
5/1/70 00:00New York City (P. S. 54)NYUSAOther3 ninutesI and scores of others witness a silver pyramid spinning in place abourt 50 feet above the school yard.1/17/04
5/1/70 00:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAOther5 minutesBronx, NY : It was a solid silver -colored pyramid, spinning 100 feet above Public School 54's yard1/17/04
3/30/70 21:00SlocombALUSACircle2 minutescraft just above the trees moving slowly, silent,circular solid white light. witnessed by 5 of us1/17/04
2/20/70 19:30ColumbusGAUSAOther1minute2 orange lights near runway seen by young but experienced observer1/17/04
10/15/69 06:00PearlMSUSACigar15-20 minutesLong overdue report of UFO witnessed at a close range--years ago1/17/04
9/1/69 02:30WalpoleMAUSAOval5 minutesThe object just hovered for a few minutes without making sound. There was no movement in the trees and the silence was deafening.1/17/04
6/20/68 22:00BadlandsSDUSAUnknown1 min 30 secOn clear night two objects make large circle in the sky and disappear at very high speed.1/17/04
6/27/67 23:00GlendaleAZUSALight10 minutesGlendale, AZ, 11:00 Pm, white sphere silently appeared in sky, It moved to 12 " in front of my face, flew off.1/17/04
5/15/67 20:00BelvedereCAUSATeardropApprox. 10 secondsTeardrop outlined in white light with three white circular lights inside other wise dark interior of tear shape.1/17/04
8/15/66 12:00Rochester (outside of)NYUSAOther10 minthey just seem to fly out of the west sky stop and then they were gone and no we were not on drugs,1/17/04
5/1/65 15:30York County (rural area)PAUSAOval10 MINDay light sighting of burniched aluminum sauser1/17/04
6/15/64 11:00Mandaue (Philippines)PhilippinesUnknownjust cking to see if you guys have come across a military or cvilian report about a ufo in mandaue city, cebu, philippines....sigthing 1/17/04
8/23/63 22:00BroadalbinNYUSALight10 minI was 13 at the time and had a great interest in aviation,and still do with 32 yrs under my belt with USAirways.I was walking home and1/17/04
5/7/63 03:00LynnMAUSADisk6 hours05/07/1965; @3:00am lynn,ma essex county usa; two abductees, 8 witnesses; two sauces, 1 burnt field1/17/04
6/25/62 02:00OssiningNYUSAUnknown10-15 minrefueling in summer 62 ossining ny1/17/04
8/9/61 20:00PalatineILUSADisk30 min approx.saw 5 orange disks bobbing up & down and side to side watching us at a missle base1/17/04
7/16/61 19:50Arlington HeightsILUSADisk25 minutesSaucer shaped object hovering near flight path of O'Hare Airport at about same level as airplanes going in for a landing1/17/04
1/1/61 12:00Santa ClaraCAUSACircle3 hoursStationary circular object 12 oclock high.1/17/04
11/15/60 22:00Kansas CityKSUSAUnknown5 Min. (three occasions)Two witnesses see ball of light come over horizon, then speed up and disappear before their eyes.1/17/04
6/23/59 22:00MinneapolisMNUSAFormation2 hrsFlying while in the Marine Corps in a AD Skuraider & with a wing man, at apprx 6,000 ft observed Four Red cly objects estimating at 20,1/17/04
8/14/57 21:00California (above, northern part of)CAUSAFireball5 secondsRed Fireball Over Califonia1/17/04
8/3/57 20:00VandaliaOHUSADisk5-min.Disk with light spining through it's center crossed the sky from south to north in 3 min or less 8/3/571/17/04
10/10/56 21:00EdnaTXUSACircle1/2 hourMy older brother and twin sister were leaving the only Edna theater at about 9 PM,...we had our bikes and I took a different route home1/17/04
7/15/55 19:00Yokota A.F.B.JapanLight2hrsMissing time1/17/04
9/9/54 12:30BeaumontTXUSADisk5 MINUTESAprox. 30 Disk shaped UFOs fell out of clouds got in V formatin and shot toward a black rain cloud avoiding a Jet Plane.1/17/04
6/15/53 12:00WenatcheeWAUSADisk45 secondsround, silver-colored, shiny, saucer-shaped object flew at a high rate of speed horizon to horizon - taking about 45 seconds1/17/04
10/15/52Edmonton (southwest of) (Canada)ABCanadaCylinderapprox. 2 min.Good evening folks---What I am about to discribe is what I saw back in 1952,in an area that is about 75 to 80 miles southwest of the ci1/17/04
8/15/52 22:15HamiltonOHUSALight8 min.Silent bright light passes overhead.1/17/04
7/13/52 21:00ArlingtonVAUSAOval20 min1952 green disc-shaped object circling over Washington, DC area1/17/04
6/21/52 22:00Lansing (few miles northwest of, in the country)MIUSAOthersew secondsIt was like a star that moved, it was 1952 before there was any space traffic or objects and was not an aircraft.1/17/04
Key WestFLUSAOtherone minuteI lived on a shallow-water marshland in Key West, right opposite to the end of the runway-takeoff from the Key West airport. I knew1/17/04