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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2002/09/19


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/19/02 11:00BanksORUSAOther3 minutesWing shaped UFO spotted above the Banks city area.9/19/02
9/19/02 02:30WinnetkaCAUSATriangle1 hour5 objects in the Eastern San Fernando Valley sky.9/19/02
9/18/02 22:10Grants PassORUSAOther20 minutesNoticed very bright color changing "star" 15 - 20% above horizon which had several smaller lights circle it.9/19/02
9/18/02 21:50Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaFlashwhat?Ok, I was in my room with my binoculars. I decided to take them out because it was a clear night. Then I saw a flying object which I th9/19/02
9/18/02 21:20KokomoINUSALight10 minutesYellow lights seen above the Kokomo Indiana sky9/19/02
9/18/02 20:07VancouverWAUSAOther5 minthe craft seemed very large,and had simeltaneous flashing red lights,all in a straight line.9/19/02
9/18/02 19:15SeattleWAUSA15 min.Woman and boyfriend witness very large, bizarre, brightly lighted object to the west from Seattle.9/19/02
9/17/02 23:30PortlandORUSAUnknown10 minutesSighting of a possible beam or tether directly connected from the ground to an aircraft at an altitude of 2,500 ft.9/19/02
9/17/02 21:45Swindon (UK/England)United KingdomDisk4 secondsVery bright white disk shaped object hovered then shot upwards in an arc9/19/02
9/17/02 20:30AugustaGAUSALightover 3 hoursLights in the sky9/19/02
9/16/02 20:42MonongahelaPAUSAUnknown15 minutesIs a bright white light, with a circling red light.9/19/02
9/16/02 14:45BreaCAUSADiskA few secondsSilver craft followed by an odd flash9/19/02
9/16/02 04:15San MarcosCAUSAChanging1 1/2hrs at leastCaptured on film 9/16/02 Southern California Sky9/19/02
9/16/02 01:45OntarioCAUSALight30 min.Three "lights" in the sky at the base of Mt. Baldy.9/19/02
9/15/02 23:40Las VegasNVUSACircleone secondI was outside smoking observing the stars, haven't seen stars this clear for a while when I noticed a red with yellow and white object 9/19/02
9/15/02 22:44Quebec City (Canada)PQCanadaFormation50 minutesSustained observation of multiple objects, independent and in formation, in the Quebec City night sky9/19/02
9/15/02 22:40ChicagoILUSAFormation5-7 secondsTwo strange light formations flying over Chicago at night.9/19/02
9/15/02 22:00LaramieWYUSASphere2 hours2 oval lights in sky northeast of town. flying around, hovering, steadily growing dimmer.9/19/02
9/15/02 21:35PoquosonVAUSADisk1 or 2 minutesUFO sighting in Poquoson VA.9/19/02
9/15/02 21:00Kansas CityKSUSATriangle15 minutesTriangle UFO hovering over Kansas City9/19/02
9/15/02 20:55ChicagoILUSAOval1 hour2 shapes appearing to be round hovering in the western sky. They had red and green lights and were moving up and down, left and right l9/19/02
9/15/02 20:00Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaTriangle15-20 minsTriangular shaped crafts just south of Montreal9/19/02
9/15/02 11:30Chichester (UK/England)United KingdomSphere20minssussex englands sighting9/19/02
9/15/02 02:30CharlotteNCUSACone2mins230 am 0n sept 15 2002 my friends and I WERE ON LAKE WYLIE fishing. WE were startled as two cone shaped objects passed oveerhead at obl9/19/02
9/15/02 01:30Lehigh AcresFLUSAFlash5 SecondsLarge Blue Flash with radio outage.9/19/02
9/14/02 22:10Berne (Switzerland)SwitzerlandRectangle1 minuteTwo Triangle-like shaped objects with each three red flashing lights9/19/02
9/14/02 06:30LittletonCOUSACircle5 - 10 mingroups of black circular objects9/19/02
9/14/02 05:15SpokaneWAUSATriangle25 - 30 minutes3 unidentified obects moving from east to west went through Spokane on 9-14-02 at 5:15 am and then many jets followed9/19/02
9/14/02 03:00Leduc (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle60 SecondsNightime Residential low flying black triangle captured on video.9/19/02
9/14/02 01:00PortlandORUSACircle20 mincircular object hovers over portland9/19/02
9/14/02 00:05GlendaleAZUSATriangle1:30 minPHOENIX TRIANGLE U.F.O SPOTTED AGAIN- SEP/ 14/ 2002 AT 12:05 AM9/19/02
9/13/02 22:00Dubai (UAE)United Arab EmiratesChanging16 secondsa flash movin slow at first,changes into a spherical shape,circles,races west,leavin behind a hazy greenish smoke trail9/19/02
9/13/02 21:15Shah Alam (Malaysia)MalaysiaLight5-10 minutesBright flickering orange lights seen on a clear night sky9/19/02
9/13/02 21:00ColumbusOHUSATriangle1-2 minutesHe could clearly make out three lights, with combinations of red and white. "It was weird. I thought it was 3 planes flying together9/19/02
9/13/02 21:00PalatkaFLUSACircle10 secBright round object in the sky stayed stationary for approximately 10 seconds then took off like a flash. My friend and I only stared a9/19/02
9/13/02 20:30JalNMUSALight5 SecondsFast Moving object...Traveling from South to North9/19/02
9/13/02 19:01Las Gaviotas/Baja California (Mexico)MexicoUnknownphotographWhile reviewing pictures I had taken of the ocean view directly in front of my vacation rental, I discovered an image that was captured9/19/02
9/13/02 17:15London (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 minsPulsating light over central London last Friday evening circa 17.15 -309/19/02
9/13/02 07:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownvertically flying shape9/19/02
9/13/02 01:15ScarboroughMEUSACircle1.5 hrsU.F.O. circle-shaped, w/"V" at top white/reddish color with brilliance and movement (as if pulled by gravity).9/19/02
9/12/02 17:30OmahaNEUSASphere1 hourStationary object sighted over Omaha days apart.9/19/02
9/12/02 16:00OneidaNYUSATriangle5 min.yellow triangle with yellow pulsing lights9/19/02
9/12/02 01:00Brockville (Canada)ONCanadaEggsecondsCloaked spacecraft9/19/02
9/10/02 16:30Mount Shasta (near)CAUSALight5 minutesMount Shasta light phenomena observed in brightly lit meadow in broad daylight for 5 minutes9/19/02
9/10/02 07:45SedonaAZUSASphere10 minutesI was driving into Sedona to work on route 179 at approximately 7:45am. Shortly before the Villlage of Oak Creek my 10 year old son wh9/19/02
9/9/02 02:25Lisbon (Portugal)PortugalChevron2 'chevron formed by dim white lights moving north-south9/19/02
9/8/02 20:25PomonaCAUSACircleAll night5-6 red circles, stationary.9/19/02
9/7/02 22:48Trout LakeWAUSATriangle20 secondsTriangle formation at trout lake, have video9/19/02
9/7/02 22:15CastletonVTUSALight15-20 sec.I was watching the northern lights when I saw three lights in a triangular patter heading due south. I abserved them straight above me 9/19/02
9/6/02 21:00BaggsWYUSAOval1 minuteblue florecent oval with a red long tail,saw it out of a window,went from the west to the east at high rate of speed,went into a cloud 9/19/02
9/1/02 06:30EdinboroPAUSAUnknown10 minutesstrange contrail in the northwestern pa. sky over lake erie.9/19/02
8/17/02 20:00EriePAUSACylinder5 MinutesBright Cylinder Shaped Object Makes a Showing Over Lake Erie in August 20029/19/02
8/12/02 01:30Northampton (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 mins1 bright light in the sky started to move,changed shape and speed,it then changed direction and shape and had flashing colour lights9/19/02
8/5/02 18:00CharlotteNCUSASphere1-5 secondsBright orange/yellow light appears.9/19/02
8/4/02 05:30NorthumberlandPAUSAunknownNorthumberland, PA: Information about the Todd Sees case,9/19/02
7/20/02 03:51Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaOtherflybyVery Quiet, No Lights9/19/02
7/14/02 03:00Cobmoosa Shores (Shelby)MIUSALight~5 min.Three satelites in close formation flew on a NE heading, a fourth may have pealed off, then vanished.9/19/02
5/15/02 00:30WyomingPAUSALight30 minutesBright non-blinking Light/Lights Hovering . scanning local Forest area . NOT helicopters- read on.9/19/02
5/8/02 21:54Oak Hill/Elmwood/BrimfieldILUSASphere5 minutesReddish/Orange Sphere in Western Peoria County9/19/02
4/24/02 19:00Coeur d'AleneIDUSASphere35 minutesA sphere with a sail on top that changed into triangular shape then back to spherical, that would shrink then expand & blink lights9/19/02
4/2/02 20:05Chiuahua (Chiuahua state) (Mexico)MexicoLight5 minutes or lessLooking at the sky,while visting my parents,we saw what we thought to be at first sight a satelite,except going at least 4 or 5 times t9/19/02
1/29/02 20:00Chihuahua (Mexico)Mexico60 secondstres dias antes del avistamiento tuve un sueño muy bonito y que me ocasiono mucha tranquilidad en el cual veia muchas naves de un color9/19/02
1/25/02 22:00St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaCircle8 secondsThree red dots weaving9/19/02
1/1/02 23:00DentonNCUSATriangle2hoursme and my girlfriend was thello I have a story of a ufo encounter that took place on jan 1 and the morning of jan 2 from 11 pm to 2 am 9/19/02
10/15/01 09:15BentonvilleARUSAFormationfive minfive gold colored reflective or metalic orbs in formation.9/19/02
9/15/01 22:00Cobo Bay (UK, Channel Islands, Guernsey)United KingdomLightlights down cobo bay9/19/02
7/15/01 00:38CarteretNJUSALight1 hourbright lights in sky, unidentifiable!9/19/02
4/15/00 00:00Canon Frome Court (near Ledbury-Herefordshire) (UK/England)United KingdomFireballI was sleeping in my bed but was not slept yet.Regarded a spining light on my bed.Looked out the window of the room and saw a huge fire9/19/02
12/24/99 23:30Cupey (San Juan, Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoCircle2 minuteswe were celebrating xmas when ,we were outiside beign tropical,I saw first a red object coming out under the very low clouds.9/19/02
12/3/99 21:00ColoradoCOUSAI was on my way to work and as I approached my vechicle I looked up and noticed two lights on a cloud(partly cloudy that night). At fi9/19/02
11/16/99 19:00Cleveland (Northern)WIUSAFireball1 minuteFireball9/19/02
10/30/99 00:25Carpinteria (near)CAUSALight20 minsWhat was thought an aircraft, suddenly stopped, did a series of acrobatic tricks, tremendous speed from standstill, no noise. Suddenly9/19/02
10/26/99 22:15Chicago (southwest suburbs of)ILUSAUnknown2-3 minutesIn a suburb of Chicago-Driving north on Harlem Ave I saw a huge object. There were very bright lights around the bottom and a large bri9/19/02
10/16/99 00:05Conway (at Salltillo Heights community)ARUSASphere1 minutewe saw a hot blue orb looking object big as a house fall from the sky.9/19/02
10/15/99 03:00Clines Corners (I-40 Eastbound)NMUSALight20:00Was traveling eastbound on I-40 in New Mexico around 3:00am. Noticed to the southwest and southeast numerous flashing bright blue light9/19/02
10/15/99 03:00Conconully (Conconully Lake)WAUSALightmaybe 30 min.A very bright light shined through the window of cabin and with spotting scope and binoculars a father and son saw a bright light with 9/19/02
10/15/99 02:30Columbia (east of, near Little Dixie Conservation Area)MOUSATriangleone minuteMy friend and I were out looking for shooting stars on a country road when this large unknown object flew over us. It was a large tria9/19/02
10/10/99 22:30Casey Key (north end of)FLUSATriangleseveral minutesA large trianglual shaped craft flew from horizon to horizon as observed from the stern deck of a motor vessel9/19/02
10/3/99 21:40ClackamasORUSAFireballtwo secondsFrom S to N SW of here at approx 20 degrees (above some old growth firs) two quick strobe like flashes followed by a linear green strea9/19/02
9/21/99 20:30Columbia Station (heading west, past Grafton)OHUSADisk30+ minutesMy daughter saw wierd light in the sky, and called out to myhusband and I who ran to the window...upon seeing this low flying, quiet br9/19/02
9/18/99 20:05John Day (Clyde Holliday Camp Ground, 7 miles west of)ORUSALight20 minutesSix very high lights in the sky manuevered in different directions, turned abruptly with no radius, and one chased another.9/19/02
9/18/99 08:25Catalina (35 mi north of Tucson)AZUSASphere45 secondsWalking on our ten acres toward our business I noticed a shinny,bright object hovering near power lines. The color was chrome like and9/19/02
9/18/99 03:30London (Croydon) (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown10 secs2 orange glows came over our heads no sound possibly possibly connected together but could see no shape constant speed sighted for abou9/19/02
9/1/99 23:00ChicoCAUSAOtherapprox 30 seca fast moving object appeared in the raod while I was driving, blue and white lights, I stopped and watched, the object stopped and hov9/19/02
8/28/99 22:10Chicago (xxxx W 55 St., by Midway Airport)ILUSACircle5 min.siglent circluar black craft was in front of a full moon. it flu up to the top then right then left then vanished From - Fri Sep 10 19:9/19/02
8/12/99 03:58Apex (N 35 41 25 W 78 45 01)NCUSATriangle1aprox 15 secondsA very large triangular aray of (3) lights seen in the east and moving rapidly north north-west.9/19/02
8/1/99 22:45Ferndale (near, countryside)WAUSAOther5 to 8 secondsA faint star-like object traveling North very rapidly in an erratic pattern.9/19/02
7/31/99 21:50Cortez (4 miles northeast of)COUSALight2 minutesStar-like light traveling at high speed from Northwest to Southeast. It became larger and flared,then back to former size. Disappeared 9/19/02
7/26/99 22:00Chicago (southwest side)ILUSADisk30 secondsSlow moving, then rapid moving to out of view disc shapes object in night sky9/19/02
7/14/99 23:50Cleveland (Newton, Silver Creek)WIUSAFireballa few secondsBright Fireball in the northwestern part of the sky9/19/02
7/8/99 22:35Colonial HeightsVAUSALight10 sec.a round light started glowing as if there was a fog or cloud in front of it then it got brighter moved slowly to the the right stoppin9/19/02
6/16/99 11:35Columbus (event observed from Reynoldsburg)OHUSAUnknown30-45 SecondsDark colored, high altitude, hover to slow NNW to fast West. Covered approx 45 degrees in about 10-12 seconds.9/19/02
6/15/99 13:00Chihuahua (Mexico)MexicoOther4 min.I think I saw contrails, but this day some military F-5 aircraft were passing by over the city, and I don´t know if they release a whit9/19/02
5/31/99 19:15Colorado SpringsCOUSACylinder10min+Was heading to the store at 1900 hrs saw a non plane like craft going North to South glowing whiteish observed with Bino's def. not a p9/19/02
5/11/99 09:30CorcoranCAUSAOther30 secondsIt was dark so i only saw two lights. the one on the left was cnstantly blinking while the other was kept on. Both were green in color.9/19/02
5/1/99 23:10ClevelandOHUSADiamondFrom a distance, the object looked to be a true ufo. The lights seemed to circle the craft. When it came closer we seen three lights, o9/19/02
4/29/99 23:45Chicago (southwest suburbia)ILUSALightAbout 1 minutesChatting in a car and getting ready to leave, we(two of us) saw a small white light fly at a medium plane speed from the NEE sky to the9/19/02
4/27/99 21:00Casa GrandeAZUSAOther15 minWest 4 orbs observerd for appx for 15 min9/19/02
4/19/99 22:10ClaringtonPAUSAOther20 minthought it was a satelite,but it turned-arced-came back -very high tight circles directly over-head second night it occurred.9/19/02
3/26/99 22:53Colorado Springs (NORAD)COUSAI have seen several ufo's in the past 3 years. I was stationed in NORAD Mountain Complex and knew that the goverment had information a9/19/02
3/1/99 16:00Chicago (Irving Park Road)ILUSATriangle2 minutesBringing my family home from the Forest Preserve, driving toward downtown throgh Irving Park Road my son Jose saw a triangular shaped 9/19/02
2/27/99 21:15ChlorideAZUSALight15 minutesOn Saturday February 27, at appoximatly 21:30 hrs I witnessed two star like objects in the eastren sky.9/19/02
1/8/99 23:30Carmel (I-49)LAUSALight1mini was driving on i49. when my tractortrailor started to vibrate vilently i stop the truck to see what was wrong. after i stoped i got o9/19/02
12/1/98 17:50CulpeperVAUSAOval5 minutesWhile on patrol. Noticed an eye ball shaped object. that was very bright in the sky.9/19/02
11/25/98 18:55Copperas CoveTXUSATriangle10 secondswas waching Venus when craft appeared out of my eye.9/19/02
10/28/98 23:50Chicago (SW sky over Lake Michigan)ILUSAOval45 MinutesLying in bed I noticed a bright ball in the sky that rapidly changed colors from red to blue to white. After realizing that it hadn't 9/19/02
10/26/98 18:05Corfu (Darien/Pembroke/Alexander)NYUSATriangleabout 30 minsA strange light was seen heading east. I followed it. I thought that I had lost it. I looked over to the left side of the road, and 9/19/02
10/4/98 21:00CharlestonSCUSAFireballsecondsSaw a large reddish orange fireball with a long green tail..9/19/02
9/28/98 14:30Crystal FallsMIUSALight5minI saw a moving light in the sky that wobled about as bright as jupiter But moving i could also see jupiter off to the side i then saw a9/19/02
9/26/98 13:00Castle Peak Summit (9300')CAUSADisk10 minutesObserved a large greyish disk with a bright orange ring on the bottom.9/19/02
9/22/98 23:15Highlands RanchCOUSAOtherHighlands RanchObject moved silent to west at an estimated altitude of 2500 feet.9/19/02
9/5/98 02:00CharlestonSCUSAFireball5 secondsI work a Chas. AfB and I walked off an airplane and looked across the horizon and saw it moving horizontally. I have seen thousands of 9/19/02
8/22/98 23:15Sparta (12 mi.north of, countryside)NCUSAUnknown5 minutesA 69-yr-old male sighted small lights below the planet Jupiter. Looking through binoculars, another male 65 years old, sighted small li9/19/02
7/28/98 22:00Tulare (close to, on I-5)CAUSARectangle10 minutesWe were driving north on Interstate 5, around Tulare,CA. We saw something flying in the sky with three big lights, like spotlights. The9/19/02
7/26/98 12:00Corrolejo (Fuerteventura) (Canary Islands)SpainFireballappartmentsEveryone saw it!9/19/02
7/17/98 16:00ClevelandOHUSAOtherless than 30 secondsI was looking at the clouds and trying to guess if there was a storm brewing over the lake, when just for perhaps 30 seconds, I saw a b9/19/02
6/29/98 23:30CorbinKYUSAUnknown5 minutesit was seen in the clouds during a storm. a glowing cloud with bright round lights not unlike car headlights were on some of the time.9/19/02
6/25/98 02:00ClevelandOHUSASphere7 minuteseight perfectly round balloons passed over head and dissapeared into a cloud9/19/02
6/17/98 22:45CorvallisORUSASphere5 secondsa green sphere heading from east to west at a very high speed,9/19/02
6/4/98 08:30Chicago (downtown)ILUSASphere2 to 3 min.i was taking my kids to school in the morning,i was on highway 290 heading east when i noticed a shining chrome like object in the sky!9/19/02
5/17/98 22:25Colorado SpringsCOUSALight10 secondssmall obj. size=bright star moving NNW to SSE altitude undetermined, but too low for satelite. Light began to dim then we assume it cl9/19/02
5/10/98 21:30CarpentersvilleILUSACircle1 minuteBright round object in sky9/19/02
4/26/98 23:50ComerGAUSADisk30minon 4/25-26/98, a strange object was seen in the southern sky b/w 23:50 & 0:20. it hovered high in sky, moved quickly to southeast, hov9/19/02
4/19/98 22:10Chicago (near O'hare airport)ILUSAOther10 minutessaw craft heading west, suddenly turning southwest, saw what looked like 2 satellites firing a rocket at craft. Craft wobbled and sate9/19/02
4/9/98 23:45Costa MesaCAUSAEgg10minone object sighted9/19/02
3/27/98 23:00Clifton Park (30 min north of Albany)NYUSAOther15minit came after me and my dog, i was walking him that night9/19/02
3/11/98 22:03Colorado SpringsCOUSAOther10-15 sec.Seven narrow cylinders with tapered ends, flew in silent formation, from the south,due north. They appeared to have no single light. Th9/19/02
1/16/98 17:00Columbia (near Ft. Jackson)SCUSACone40 secondsSaw small cone shaped object near Fort Jackson army base.9/19/02
1/11/98 00:10Colorado Springs (north of, on I-25)COUSAFireball15 secondsA friend and I witnessed a pulsating, intensely bright, fireball near I-25 between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock. The fireball broke9/19/02
11/14/97 21:30CorbettORUSAFormation3 minutesWe were driving west on chamberlain rd. which overlooks the columbia river gorge toward washugal washington. we witnessed several, at l9/19/02
11/9/97 06:15Newport (coast range, east of)ORUSAFormation10 secA string of objects, could have been a deaying satellite or incoming space debris. There were about six in a row around the vicinity of9/19/02
10/12/97 22:30ChicagoILUSALight5 minutesMe and my friend were driving back from a Cubs game and we saw a red light in the sky it was moving very fast, then stopped, went back 9/19/02
7/25/97 03:00Colfax (closer to Weimar)CAUSAFireball1 minuteEarly in the morning, I awoke, rapidly sitting up in bed as if awakened by a bad dream. Without any thought or autonomy on my part, I g9/19/02
7/22/97 13:00Arabela (near Roswell)NMUSAtriangle2.5 hrsI was on a ranch that I was living on at the base of the capitain mountains, and was sitting outside the house under a tree, when he to9/19/02
6/21/97 00:15London (Chingford Hatch) (UK/England)United KingdomLight1hr 10minsOn leaving a restaurant awiating a Taxis, We looked at the sky.It was a Full Moon that night, We saw several spherical lights some of w9/19/02
4/30/97 23:00ColumbiaMOUSALight20 seconds5 lights in the sky east of columbia dipping rapidly, disappearing then rising again rapidly9/19/02
2/1/96 03:00Cordillera de los Andes (Coya Rancagua) (Chile)ChileTriangle10 segundosEstabamos con un amigo en el interior de nuestra carpa, contando chistes y hablando de cualquier cosa, cuando de repente una gran luz a9/19/02
11/12/95 19:00Keesler AFBMSUSA1 hourMan rpts. bizarre obj moving in night sky near "Keesler" (AFB?). Other objs near. All w/ strange red & blue lights, maneuvered.9/19/02
9/13/95 00:10Corpus ChristiTXUSA10 min.Man out walking sees bizarre obj., w/ pulsing red light on top, beaming light on house! Obj. was approx. 1/2 block distant.9/19/02
9/11/95 23:00MelbourneFLUSATrianglei believe it was during a night time shuttle launch. i walked out side to see it and i looked up and i and i saw this big triangle like9/19/02
8/25/95 00:40PittsburghPAUSAUnknown45 secondsobject travels very fast horizonally and then shoot straight up at 90 degree angle9/19/02
7/12/94 10:00SherwoodOHUSAUnknown5-7 minutesI saw 2 unidentified objects, one chasing the other, watched them for 6 minutes, then were gone.9/19/02
7/9/94 23:15Clovis (on Herndon Ave, between Maine & Locan Avenues)CAUSATriangle00:05-00:10After leaving my house, a friend saw large, slow-moving, triangular shaped craft overhead. Flying low to the ground. Had 3 white light9/19/02
6/1/93 20:00Camp Pendelton (Oceanside)CAUSAOval1 minteLooking outside saw, looked like flying top; when I was 8 or 99/19/02
2/3/93 23:00Clinton (Ontario) (Canada)ONCanadaDisk15 min-walking with friends-seen it slowly fly above us(we were in a forest), and then it quickly flew away9/19/02
12/1/92 20:00Casterton (Victoria) (Australia)AustraliaOvalI minuteDriving I saw something in the sky, I looked up abit, then it sort of flashed away, and was gone.9/19/02
6/15/92 23:00Crystal CityMOUSALight1 sec.light hovered at low altutitude area close to mo/il border and shot upward at high speed.9/19/02
11/15/91 01:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAtriangle5 minClear night, calm winds, object triangular, blue glow emanating all around, flying at250 to 500 feet north to south direction no noise 9/19/02
1/14/91 20:30DerryNHUSADisk2minutesstrange object hovering over tree line over old railroad bridge.9/19/02
6/15/90 23:00Columbia HeightsMNUSAUnknown1-2 min.Something floated by me, no sound, no wind!9/19/02
9/15/89 02:00Rocky PointNYUSAUnknownunknownBoy restricted in bed while sleeping, As if sheets were pulling him down......While hearing distinguished sound.9/19/02
10/15/85 07:00Cleveland (Massilon Rd., Montrose area)OHUSADiamond15 secondsDriving on rural road AM. Cant rember month but there was no leaves on trees. I saw a "kite shaped object" about the size of a two sto9/19/02
7/25/84 04:00Terre HauteINUSAOther1 hourGlowing Arrowhead Shape Craft with Glowing white Trail9/19/02
6/15/84 23:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaDisk4 hoursIts been along time however i believe it was in the summer of 1984 or 1985. At around 2300 hours I was working with my partner patrolin9/19/02
4/20/83 00:30Colesburg (Cape Provence) (South Africa)South AfricaFireball15 secondsIn late April 1983 a friend and I were travelling from Cape Town to Johannesburg.In the early hours of the morning we were in the Karoo9/19/02
7/1/82 01:00MonticelloUTUSAUnknown1 minuteim not exactly sure what the date was but we were sleeping out on the lawn. saw a object zig zagging across the sky. it would appear to9/19/02
8/1/78 22:00Clarksville (rural area)TNUSACircle4 hoursA sighting of a craft and alien abduction experience9/19/02
9/15/77Childs (near the Verde Hot Springs)AZUSA20-90 min.I have been trying to get more info for you on this siting.It was reported in the Verde Independent newspaper in Cottonwood,Az.,but the9/19/02
6/15/76 22:00Simi ValleyCAUSACircle10 sec.ishI can witness to the actual size of a craft9/19/02
6/15/75 23:00Vitória (Brazil)BrazilCircleAbout ten minutesMany lights flashing slowly.9/19/02
8/1/74 23:00CampbellCAUSATriangle12 secondsSighting of a pair of triangular UFO's over the SF Bay Area, August 1974 In the summer of 1974, I saw a pair of triangular objects9/19/02
6/1/74 04:30Cebu City (Philippines)PhilippinesUnknownfive (5) minutesA huge craft, (observed during nightime) like one entire city in the sky or millions of jetplanes flying in formation (no sound)9/19/02
8/1/73 22:00AppletonWIUSA30 - 40 secs.Object seen: circular orange glow at back of laboring hum like deisel or electric motor sound. 3-4 lighted globes ejected object w/ora9/19/02
6/22/72 23:45Millerton (Coleman Station Rd.)NYUSADisk15 mins.While driving home from work, a huge saucer shaped craft descended from the night sky, and hovered over the tree tops, 50 feet from my 9/19/02
7/26/70 23:30Cottonwood (30 min.west of Sedona)AZUSACylinder1hr. 15 min.My family and I were sitting on our front porch, faceing west about 10:30 p.m. As dusk was turning to night we abserved a bright light 9/19/02
6/5/70 00:50Cleveland (Lakewood)OHUSADisk15minI was asleep with my mom and little brother when for some wierd feeling I opened my eyes .I was faceing a window and looked outside to 9/19/02
8/15/67 14:00AlbuquerqueNMUSACigarhalf an hourthree terrified kids9/19/02
9/15/66 03:00Terre HauteINUSASphere20-30 mins.Close Encounter with Scanning Object9/19/02
5/20/66 01:00HollyMIUSALightThirty seconds-one minuteNo visible craft, very early morning, outside, bright white illumination.9/19/02
6/1/65 20:00Chicago (Bridgeport area)ILUSALightUFO in Chicago IL. Bridgeporn neighborhhod9/19/02
5/15/60 18:00Terre HauteINUSAOther5 Min.Light Bar in Clouds UFO9/19/02
10/15/57 22:00Commerce City (N. of Denver)COUSAFireball10 min.A lot of methane gas in area9/19/02
Continious fall '98-sprin 01:00Careywood & Bayview (Pend Oreille Lake)IDUSALightfew minutesBall of light similiar to reported "Earht Lights" except there is little or no know quake or similiar activity known in area. Lights z9/19/02