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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2002/08/16


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/15/02 23:50Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaFireball60 secthe object was seen in the deep blue mountains of nsw sydney australia. the object was a large fireball and it made a verry loud high p8/16/02
8/15/02 23:38KnoxvilleTNUSALight5 minutesunbelievable8/16/02
8/15/02 21:45MesquiteTXUSALight15minsabove8/16/02
8/15/02 21:06Gaviota and Lompoc (between)CAUSALightseveral minutesBright white low-flying "light" fades to green and then fades out.8/16/02
8/15/02 03:30Lake StevensWAUSAFlash1 minuteHuge flash, followed by noise and upward contrail8/16/02
8/15/02 01:36YanushOKUSAUnknown10 minutesMy brother noticed the light and we were inside talking about another strange thing we had seen. We all three went outside and what we8/16/02
8/15/02 01:30SonoraCAUSAOther3hrs+Red and Yellow lights moving in erratic patterns8/16/02
8/14/02 19:15BrunswickMEUSACircle2 minutesFour of us saw an unrecognizable 'orb' silhouetted against the setting sun, c7:30 PM tonight in Brunswick, Maine.8/16/02
8/14/02 15:01BristolTNUSAOther20 minBoomerang shape in daylight8/16/02
8/14/02 13:58Federal WayWAUSAOval3 minutesSomething I can't identify with.... it was the way that these objects moved that intrigued me!!8/16/02
8/14/02 04:15Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaCircleAt 4:15am(local Edmonton time)I was takeing a smoke break out side my work when i notice a large round white craft moveing silently an8/16/02
8/14/02 02:58Atlantic Ocean (between Nassau, Bahamas, and Florida)FLBahamas/USALight10-13 secondsSatellite-like object seen manuvering S-turns over Atlantic ocean near Nassau, Bahamas.8/16/02
8/13/02 23:44AlohaORUSALightongoingVery bright pulsing light in northern sky, moving slowly to NE in a side to side up and down and zigzag fashion.8/16/02
8/13/02 23:30MidlandVAUSAFormationsemi-circle shaped object with yellow lights app. the size of a football feild.8/16/02
8/13/02 23:30MidlandVAUSAFormationA semi-circled shaped object w/ about 6 or 7 lights was moving very rapidly through the sky and was making no sound.8/16/02
8/13/02 23:20CharlotteNCUSALight40 secondsA bright star like object that began to move in a slow dive and disappeared.8/16/02
8/13/02 22:54RochesterNYUSALight6 secondsBright light seen in the northeastern sky over New York tonight.8/16/02
8/13/02 22:30Battle GroundINUSAOval10 secondsLarge object flying in the sky8/16/02
8/13/02 22:30Luton (UK/England)United KingdomLight1lights changing direction8/16/02
8/13/02 21:47Gaithersburg/North PotomacMDUSARectangle3 minutesThree rectangular objects next to the Moon. Solid Yellow color 2-3 min.8/16/02
8/13/02 21:06SharonPAUSAChanging2hr 15minTwo Hour Abduction in Sharon, PA8/16/02
8/13/02 21:00SeattleWAUSALight10+ minutesSingle star-like object moving erratically, making 90+ degree turns and hovering.8/16/02
8/13/02 21:00GoshenCTUSALight10 MinsStar Shaped Object, Near Aircraft in Sky, Bright Flash, Moving slowly across sky, disapears.suddenly8/16/02
8/13/02 20:00MesaAZUSAOther10 minutesWe had gone up to a mountian side to watch the city lights. We were getting our lawn chairs from out of the pickup when my companion no8/16/02
8/13/02 20:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAOther20:30pmvery able to make out shape and colors.8/16/02
8/13/02 11:45Beverly HillsCAUSACylinder2 hoursit was a long round cylindrical object and it just stayed in the sky for an hour and started moving north towards orange county. it was8/16/02
8/13/02 03:20BothellWAUSALight2 minsOdd Light not assiated with the Meteor shower8/16/02
8/13/02 03:00Fernie (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle40secondsCANADA: 3 faint points of light resembling stars and forming a triangle8/16/02
8/13/02 02:00PortlandORUSAChevron1.5 SecondsBlue/White Object at high velocity/low altitude.8/16/02
8/13/02 01:22PleasantonCAUSACircle15 secondsObserved V formation of 10 objects flying from SE to NW over Pleasanton CA8/16/02
8/12/02 23:45RifleCOUSACylinder1 minute plusFrom Rifle, Colorado: The night was clear, Monday August 12th, 2002, close to midnight while laying out on our deck watching for meteo8/16/02
8/12/02 23:20London (Near) (UK/England)United KingdomLight30 secondsRegular flashing light moving through the sky over the UK like a normal satellite, but clearly flashing on and off 30 times.8/16/02
8/12/02 23:15Rugby (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle20 secsMultiple triangular lights moving in V formation.8/16/02
8/12/02 23:15Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomSphere15/20 secsTwo sphere shaped objects chasing and then dancing across the sky, yellow/orange in colour.8/16/02
8/12/02 23:15Conisbrough (DONCASTER) (UK/England)United KingdomLight15 secsA bright , round light, moving slowly before fading and disappearing8/16/02
8/12/02 23:00New Westminster (Canada)BCCanadaOther0.5 secs each sightingWe saw many streaks of white light that dissapeared quickly. They didn't all apear at the same time though.8/16/02
8/12/02 22:46JacksonMIUSADisk20miniutes- 2 hoursMoves fast, zzig-zages and different shapes. And bright colors and a small glow tint around it.8/16/02
8/12/02 22:45Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomTriangleapprox 6 seconds2 dark grey craft, no sound, no lights, moving very fast across the sky.8/16/02
8/12/02 22:30Iroquois Falls (Canada)ONCanadaOtherAbout 20 secondsI was just standing by the river on the dock at my uncle's cabin. I was alone, everyone else had gone inside. The embers from the fir8/16/02
8/12/02 22:30Great BarringtonMAUSALight45 secsred blinking light over water Object moving from west to East, low on the horizon, descending in a jerky downward sawtooth fashion w8/16/02
8/12/02 22:15Chelmsford (UK/England)United Kingdom1 minute12th August 02 - Chelmsford, England Slow moving object with amazing manoeuvring capabilities8/16/02
8/12/02 21:45HuffmanTXUSATriangle5 minutesI saw a large triangular shaped object covered with white lights in the sky.8/16/02
8/12/02 20:30Pontefract (UK/England)United KingdomDisk40 secondsLast night at 8.30pm I filmed a UFO with my camcorder.The footage I got was very clear. A saucer shaped object moving slowly.It was 8/16/02
8/12/02 17:50Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomOther20 secondsThe "craft" I sighted was powered and it moved as though under precise guidance at an estimated speed of well over a 1,000 mph.8/16/02
8/12/02 13:15ToppenishWAUSADisk15 minutesDaytime Sighting in Toppenish, WA8/16/02
8/12/02 12:30BreckenridgeCOUSADisk3 minutesHUGE silent disk floats slowly in the Rocky Mountains8/16/02
8/12/02 07:30FitchburgMAUSATriangle55 sec.Photo's of Triangular UFO exiting apple orchard8/16/02
8/12/02 02:43Baker CityORUSAFormation8 minutes3 objects in triangular pattern traverse sky with pattern change occuring.8/16/02
8/12/02 02:29RochesterWAUSAOther2 minutesSlow moving "light" in triangular formation, traveling east to northeasterly direction, holding same pattern .2 lights fore/1 aft8/16/02
8/12/02 01:00SeattleWAUSALight10secondsA star disappeared after looking at it for several seconds.8/16/02
8/12/02Uttar Pradesh (India)IndiaCircleUFO hurts people in India, and authorities are talking about an "insect" or self-injury.8/16/02
8/11/02 23:30MarblemountWAUSALightat least 45 min.Watched point of light like a bright star, dancing around the northern sky, changing colors, for at least 45 min.8/16/02
8/11/02 22:57BurienWAUSAOther2 minutesSaw a craft at night illuminating Puget Sound water with two beams of light from high up just off Vashon Is near Three Tree Point.8/16/02
8/11/02 22:40WeldonCAUSATriangle2-4 secssoft green glowing object seen 40 miles west of Edwards AFB8/16/02
8/11/02 22:30Richelieu (Canada)PQCanadaTriangle5 secBlack triangle over Montreal8/16/02
8/11/02 21:55Kirkfield (Canada)ONCanadaLight4 minutesthe orange light was in the sky for 4 minutes just sitting there and then slowly made it's way north west. it was an orange ball and fr8/16/02
8/11/02 21:20San RafaelCAUSALight5 secA light similar to Venus increasing in intensity and velocity and then disappearing East into the night.8/16/02
8/11/02 20:00Petaling Jaya/Selangor (Malaysia)MalaysiaLight10 minutesUFO Three's company8/16/02
8/11/02 19:56RoxburyCTUSASphere2-3 minutesDark spherical object sighted moving south to north at a rapid pace in the Litchfield Hills area of Connecticut.8/16/02
8/11/02 05:00BellevilleMIUSADisk20 minuteshovering craft I was at a friends house in Belleville. I went outside to watch the metor shower. My friend was inside sleeping. I8/16/02
8/11/02 02:00Rochester (west of)NYUSAChangingslowed downcolor blue red 1 too 3 lights 2 slow moveing satilites or ufo moved by it. it would jump around it loo8/16/02
8/11/02 01:30Ancaster (Canada)ONCanadaChevron8 minutesI was walking through a park near my home called spring valley. I was out late in the evening walking my dog (lab/border c)and tryed to8/16/02
8/11/02 01:02Palm CoastFLUSADisk20 minutesDisk shaped with many colors in north east and south east sky.8/16/02
8/11/02 00:30RochesterNYUSALight30 minutesColored Lighs8/16/02
8/11/02 00:20Mt AyrIAUSALight3 hoursBright light, moving back and forth, raising up in sky with flashes of different colors8/16/02
8/10/02 23:59Santa CruzCAUSADiamond10 secondsWe saw a soundless, dimly-lit, fast gliding craft at midnight that was unlike any aircraft known.8/16/02
8/10/02 23:30Plymouth MeetingPAUSALight10 minutesMOVING STAR8/16/02
8/10/02 23:00AshlandORUSAUnknown2 minutesI think we posess the ability for a satelite to change course and since I canot corroborate it, to me it is unidentified8/16/02
8/10/02 23:00CincinnatiOHUSAOval15 minutesMy family was leaving Paramounts Kings Island. We were in the parking lot and someone walking behind us tapped my brother-in-law on th8/16/02
8/10/02 22:50SandpointIDUSA?Posted a report a few hours ago, the date should have been Sat. 8/10. NOT Fri 8/098/16/02
8/10/02 22:40West Sand LakeNYUSAFireball15Bright orange plasma like ship8/16/02
8/10/02 22:30ChazyNYUSALight5 minutes2 lights in the sky8/16/02
8/10/02 22:15ArlingtonWAUSALight30 SecondsStar-like light moving east from stationary position8/16/02
8/10/02 22:00Beach HavenNJUSALight10 minutesWhat at first looked like a star, at 20 - 30 degrees off the horizon, was zig zagging and jumping up and down but didn't seem to be co8/16/02
8/10/02 21:30Buena Vista (None around for miles)COUSACylinderHalf hourSeveral red/green randomly flashing lights bouncing in and out of an area with bright flashes (without lightning bolts or thunder).8/16/02
8/10/02 21:30Cedar CityUTUSALight10 secBright Light from the heavens illuminated me like a spotlight, dims and disappears8/16/02
8/10/02 21:20Laval (Canada)PQCanadaLight20 secondsTwo red lights suspend in the night.8/16/02
8/10/02 18:30MiamiFLUSACircle20 minutesblack stationary object in sky!8/16/02
8/10/02 04:35ExportPAUSAFireball10 secondsBlue/Green Round Object with Tail sighted moving South-SouthWest8/16/02
8/10/02 03:45Rising SunINUSALight30 sec.Three star color dots move across the sky in a perfect tryangle.Later that night two of the same kind dance in the sky.8/16/02
8/10/02 03:30HuronOHUSALightwe saw three satellite-type lights in apparent continually changing formation8/16/02
8/10/02 01:45New York CityNYUSADisk3 minutesRecorded UFO siteing by the empire state building8/16/02
8/10/02 01:00ReddingCAUSAUnknown>1 hrOdd moving lights (multiples) seen on two seperate nights8/16/02
8/10/02 00:40RichmondMOUSACircle30 secondscould'nt believe what we have just witnessed!8/16/02
8/10/02 00:30Camden PointMOUSAUnknown2 to 3 min.We were approached by earth bound beams of light comming from an unknown object which hovered and made no sound.8/16/02
8/9/02 23:30ArizonaAZUSATriangle5 min.triangular craft with white lights at front and smaller blue or green lights at rear.8/16/02
8/9/02 22:30Telluride (nearest town)COUSALightHalf hourWhite star-like light wobbled as it got closer to me, then it was scared away by 5-6 F-15s that scoured the area for hours afterwards.8/16/02
8/9/02 22:18SeattleWAUSALight1 minutecraft seen over seattle with no running lights and no sound.8/16/02
8/9/02 21:54GrahamWAUSACigar1 1/2 minutesThe object appeared in the night sky like a brigt star. However it was brighter than any other I,d ever seen It was moving in a south e8/16/02
8/9/02 21:45SpokaneWAUSALightOne very bright light in the center of the big dipper observed from theSouthHill overlooking the skyline. About five minutes later, a l8/16/02
8/9/02 21:20Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle4 secondsTriangular lights spinning slowly over a park and rising at a low angle.8/16/02
8/9/02 21:00KingsportTNUSALight1 hour and 30 minutesFlashing lights moving across sky in northern direction.8/16/02
8/9/02 21:00Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaCircle5 secondsI just saw it flying over our house8/16/02
8/9/02 20:45Las VegasNVUSAUnknown1 hourlarge glowing object over mnts west of vegas. seen by many people located in different areas of the valley. object has been there alot 8/16/02
8/9/02 20:30ManalapanNJUSADiamond30 minutesFoggy white diamond shaped object spotted in sky before fading away.8/16/02
8/9/02 19:30PittsburghPAUSALighttwo hoursBright light that moved slowly and stayed in one spot for l/2 hour +, repeated this for two hours+.8/16/02
8/9/02 09:33HadleyMAUSAOval10 sec.Briefly witnessed small ball of light in sky before it disappeared8/16/02
8/9/02 02:22SeattleWAUSADiamond90 secondsLarge diamond-shaped UFO with four round projections silently glides over downtown Seattle.8/16/02
8/9/02 01:50MartinezCAUSAFlash6 secondsbright streak in the sky8/16/02
8/9/02 00:36Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomSphere5 minsits as if thier just watching us.8/16/02
8/9/02 00:30Anderslov (Sweden)SwedenFormation5 sek5 lights flying in formation at extreme speed.8/16/02
8/9/02 00:25San AntonioTXUSAFireball12 secondsAt appox 12:24am myself and my neighbor witnessed an object that looked like a falling star travel at a high speed across the northwest8/16/02
8/8/02 22:45SalineMIUSAUnknown3 secondsFAST moving BIG object with smaller one tailgating.8/16/02
8/8/02 22:35BatesburgSCUSAUnknown45 minutesBright object with an orange tint hovered for 45 minutes.8/16/02
8/8/02 22:30Middelkerke (Leffinge) (Belgium)BelgiumOvalunknownOval shape of lights noticed in Belgium8/16/02
8/8/02 22:30CincinnatiOHUSASphere15 to 30 secondsDid you see what I saw on 8/8/02?8/16/02
8/8/02 20:30DaltonGAUSACirclei went outside for a walk and i looked up at the sky and i saw this circle with four redish/orange colored lights inside of it.I never 8/16/02
8/8/02 18:35Canberra (Australia)AustraliaLight2 minutsTwo balls of light one after the other from the same star cluster. Both at high speed going in Different Directions8/16/02
8/8/02 15:15SeattleWAUSADisk15 minHovering for about 10 minutes. Seemed large and very shiny. It would seem to flash when sun hit it.8/16/02
8/8/02 15:05FairlawnNJUSAFlash12 minA flashing light in the sky8/16/02
8/8/02 13:15BurlingtonVTUSACylindera minute at leasta self propelled pentoid or cylinder shaped object that looked light brownish and it moved like a plane.8/16/02
8/8/02 02:30KeansburgNJUSACircleunder 20 secondsI was outside with my dog, in NJ, when I noticed a white light through the trees. It was high up in the sky, but in the horizon. As it 8/16/02
8/7/02 23:05MurfreesboroTNUSATriangleUnknownUnidentified craft seen after power interuption at home.8/16/02
8/7/02 22:34BarringtonILUSAless than a minuteAt 10:34 P.M., I was sitting on my deck stargazing. It is cool,clear evening. I am facing north. I noticed a bright yellow satellite or8/16/02
8/7/02 22:30LurayVAUSAOther2 hours +Blue Ridge Mountains, Luray, Va - 8 objects dancing, zigzagging, constantly verying speed/direction or 2 hour+ period8/16/02
8/7/02 22:10TukwilaWAUSALight3-4 secondsSea-Tac Washington, solid red and orange object streaks across sky8/16/02
8/7/02 21:45Prospect ValleyCOUSALight5 minutesBrilliant electric blue pulsating light moving at an incredible speed soundlessly passing within 100 yards of our vehicle.8/16/02
8/7/02 21:40PetalumaCAUSALight5-minlooked like a flickering planet but a little larger than the largest thats visable to the naked eye.8/16/02
8/7/02 19:30HumbleTXUSAChanging30 minStrange object seen hovering overhead in the eveing sky in Humble, Texas.8/16/02
8/7/02 13:35ArlingtonWAUSAOther15-20 minAt approx 1335 8-7-02 I was seated at my desk which is on the 2nd floor of the building where I work. My office window is on the south8/16/02
8/7/02 12:00RichardsonTXUSAUnknown5 hoursstrobes int the sky over dallas ... many saw .many shocked.....8/16/02
8/6/02 23:50Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaLight1- 1 1/2 MinutesTwo lights on different paths vanish in same area of clear night sky.8/16/02
8/6/02 22:30Sandila (India)IndiaLight10secIt scratches and gives electric shocks to the people sleeping in open area and flies with a high speed leaving a trail of light.8/16/02
8/6/02 22:30Tucson (nearest town)AZUSALight5 minutesStationary white star-like light took off at high speed and disappeared when we looked, strange flash above, ground shaking.8/16/02
8/6/02 22:00WatersmeetMIUSALight3 to 5 secondsBright light zig-zagging through sky.8/16/02
8/6/02 21:50RiversideCAUSAChanging7 secondsWitness is retired from a career as an inspector with a defense contractor, and is in the habit of paying close attention to detail. I8/16/02
8/6/02 21:50BrandywineMDUSALight1 minuteBright Blue light moving over Brandywine MD changed to Orange then disappeared.8/16/02
8/6/02 21:30AhwahneeCAUSALight4 minThree lights in triangular formation8/16/02
8/6/02 20:50GarfieldNJUSALight30 minbright white like a star8/16/02
8/6/02 19:00New York CityNYUSACircleUnknown circular objects moving over manhattan8/16/02
8/6/02 18:16BaltimoreMDUSATriangle6:24The 3 connected triangles in the Sky.8/16/02
8/6/02 18:00HoustonTXUSACircle20 minutesSaw two black objects hovering over Houston8/16/02
8/6/02 04:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLight1minutestar-like object hovering in night-sky8/16/02
8/6/02 03:30Landover HillsMDUSAUnknown20-30 minutesWe were awakened by this loud sound around our home and saw in the sky through some trees this large flying object hovering over our ar8/16/02
8/5/02 23:15Martinsville/MooresvilleINUSATriangle15 minmany triangle crafts, with lights fllying at tree level and hovering8/16/02
8/5/02 23:10Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaUnknown20 secondsPower failure due to craft flying overhead8/16/02
8/5/02 22:29Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaOther2 secsred object flying low over Toronto at night8/16/02
8/5/02 22:00Petaluma/SausalitoCAUSAFlash1 sec. eachTwo white flashes light up Northern California sky8/16/02
8/5/02 22:00West Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle1 minutetriangle in shape lights exterior and large!8/16/02
8/5/02 20:15MentorOHUSACylinder1 minuteCylinder like silver object moving in west to east direction over NE OHIO8/16/02
8/5/02 01:25LutsenMNUSAUnknown~2 minutesStrobing Satellites ?8/16/02
8/4/02 23:25SheltonWAUSAUnknownapprox. 45 min.My husband and I watched lights in the sky for about 45 minutes.8/16/02
8/4/02 22:30AustinTXUSALightApproximately 10 minutesUFO spotted among group in Texas8/16/02
8/4/02 22:00Eindhoven (Netherlands)NetherlandsCircle30 minutesit was a clouded evening,when we saw two bright balls of light in the sky. they were swirling around in a circle behind the clouds o8/16/02
8/4/02 22:00RamseurNCUSAFormation15Lights in a formation then they shot accross the sky and stop then disapeared.8/16/02
8/4/02 22:00Sault Ste. Marie (Canada)ONCanadaFormation5 minutesred blinking light over water8/16/02
8/4/02 18:30HollywoodCAUSASphere15minutes4 people saw 5 objects in the late afternoon forming a distinctive hovering pattern 20 to 30 thousand feet above Hollywood, CA.8/16/02
8/4/02 04:00KeystoneCOUSALight1 hourI woke my husband to look out the window. I didn't trust what I was seeing with my own eyes.8/16/02
8/4/02 02:00GardinerMEUSAnot knownA triple-ellipse "thought-bubble" crop formation found in rural Gardiner, ME, investigated by BLT Research Team Inc.8/16/02
8/4/02 00:01Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaDisk30 secondsSmall disk with blue light8/16/02
8/3/02 22:15SullivanILUSALight10 secondsbright light fading to moving light8/16/02
8/3/02 22:15FlorenceORUSACircle20 minutesIt was an orange glow, with rapid movements far above the ocean, moving rapidly to the right and left, up and down.8/16/02
8/3/02 22:15PapillionNEUSALight10-15 secsObserved unusually bright object moving in conventional orbital pattern but not listed in online satellite resource.8/16/02
8/3/02 22:05PortlandORUSALightAbout 3 minutesIn a night sky 5 silver/blue lights circled in a circle, joined at the center, repeated the event & then the joined lights went out.8/16/02
8/3/02 21:30ChurchvilleMDUSALight5 sec.3 big red lights outside the Movie Theater8/16/02
8/3/02 21:30LansingMIUSALight45 minutesSeen with the naked eye this object looks like a star. We see this "star" almost every night about the same time but it leaves at diff8/16/02
8/3/02 17:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle1 hourcircles aroud Toronto8/16/02
8/3/02 15:10Morecambe (UK/England)United KingdomLight20 mins3 silver objets very close to the sun very small but moving slowly away watched them for about 15/20 mins8/16/02
8/3/02 13:45AuroraCOUSATriangle1-3 minutesSeveral objects came from big one, then I lost sight of them...8/16/02
8/3/02 13:05Chula VistaCAUSAFormation10-12 minV Shaped Formation of White,Cross-like Objects Observed in Chula Vista, California8/16/02
8/3/02 04:18PortlandORUSALight30 SecondsBright, White light moving North from South, Below the Moon.8/16/02
8/3/02Allahbad (India)IndiaTo Mr Peter Davenport, This is to bring to your notice certain strange experiences that have been happening in the state of Uttar Prade8/16/02
8/2/02 23:30HendersonNVUSAOther5-10 minutesOn Augist 2, 2002, at 11:30 PM I saw a bright light illuminating my backyard, which then turned into two square intersecting boxes with8/16/02
8/2/02 23:10NormanOKUSALight2 secondsBright, spherical, white light seen over apartment complex.8/16/02
8/2/02 22:30Maple ValleyWAUSALight2 minLight flashed oddly and changed direction twice.8/16/02
8/2/02 22:15Hazel GreenALUSATriangle5minTriangular shap goes through the eye of a storm8/16/02
8/2/02 21:34New ZealandNew ZealandOther26 minutes7 crafts, big lights, loud screaching noise, extremely big, dissapears and re-appears8/16/02
8/2/02 12:55Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaOther4 minsi started to throw up after and i felt a pain in my right arm.8/16/02
8/2/02 12:30SeattleWAUSAEgg5minHigh, fast moving whiteish shape heading north8/16/02
8/1/02 22:30ParmaOHUSASpherehalf hourit was like a bright dull yellowish or whiteish sphere shaped object moving East slowly almost hovering there was no sound but it did h8/16/02
8/1/02 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACigar5 minutesLights over Salt Lake City.8/16/02
8/1/02 19:00NashvilleTNUSACircle2 sec.Obsorbing black bubbular object off airliner bow at takeoff in Nashville Tn.8/16/02
8/1/02 15:25South BendINUSAOval10 minutesA red oval-like object flew at constant speed and traveled from South to North.8/16/02
8/1/02 00:45ColumbusOHUSACircle1/4 secondShooting ball of brilliant white light8/16/02
7/31/02 23:10SevernMDUSALight30 minutes2 Blinking lights circle and hover over Maryland8/16/02
7/31/02 22:30HamptonVAUSAUnknown4 secondsSilent, low, super fast object .8/16/02
7/31/02 22:30CazenoviaNYUSAFlash30 seconds2 bright lights that faded and had the same pattern of flight8/16/02
7/31/02 22:23Manhattan (Near)KSUSASphere2 -3 minutesSphereical object, reddish, low in the western sky 10:23 pm8/16/02
7/31/02 21:14DoverMAUSACirclea long timeVery bright, very low, and lasted for hours8/16/02
7/31/02 09:45Corpus ChristiTXUSAFireballsecondssmall but very bright light8/16/02
7/31/02 06:20BradentonFLUSALight1 minuteBright white light. Not plane, planet or star8/16/02
7/31/02 04:24RoswellNMUSAOval5 secondsFlashing red and green8/16/02
7/31/02 03:30WashingtonCTUSAOther1 hoursaw a bizzare star at 3:30 am8/16/02
7/31/02 02:45LibertyOHUSAOther15 minutesI spotted an object in the sky in Liberty that was long in shape with beams of light in front and underneath it.8/16/02
7/31/02 02:34Orland ParkILUSADisk4 min.Glittery silver UFO sighting!8/16/02
7/31/02 00:05Hungry HorseMTUSALight30 secondsI observed a point of white light, resembling a star, seeming to be high altitude, moving west at a moderate speed for about 30 seconds8/16/02
7/30/02 22:08MagnaUTUSACircle10 minutesStrange Bright Light over Oquirrh Mountains of Salt Lake City8/16/02
7/30/02 22:05LoudonNHUSAUnknown3 minutesFlashy stars in ALMOST a triangular pattern.8/16/02
7/30/02 22:00GrahamNCUSACircle1 hourSpastic stars8/16/02
7/30/02 21:39Ponte Vedra BeachFLUSAUnknown2 secondsStreaking Light Over Jacksonville Beach, Florida8/16/02
7/30/02 21:35AtlantaGAUSACircle2-3 secondsBright, stationary, white light appears low to ground and then vanishes over outdoor concert in Atlanta, GA.8/16/02
7/30/02 20:40UnionKYUSAUnknown10-20 seconds10 to 20 second fly by in south western sky in Union Kentucky mysterious no noise, super fast, near CVG.8/16/02
7/30/02 20:00West Long BranchNJUSADiskless than 5 min.thin disk, jagged edges, orange lights8/16/02
7/30/02 19:14Gila BendAZUSAOther45 minutes to 1 hourA black dot on the Arizona horizon8/16/02
7/30/02 02:20Nampa (outside)IDUSACigarapprox. 3 minutes5-6 lights, very bright, approaching rear of my vehicle, arose very fast, dissappeared, no noise or sound8/16/02
7/30/02 02:00CincinnatiOHUSAFlashExplosion over Cincinnati, Ohio. Possible Meteor. Eyewitness accounts differ.8/16/02
7/30/02 01:25MainvilleOHUSALight4-5 seconds7/30/02 01:258/16/02
7/30/02 00:20Marstons MillsMAUSATriangle2 hoursUnexplained object darting and pinwheeling about in the night sky of Cape Cod.8/16/02
7/30/02 00:04YorkPAUSACylinderone minutecylindrical craft with faint lights on both ends zig zags through sky over york, pa, speeding off and disappearing.8/16/02
7/29/02 22:50Sayward (Canada)BCCanadaOther3-4 secondsVery strange, 6 people in a about a kilometer apart saw the same thing8/16/02
7/29/02 22:30Terrace (Canada)BCCanadaFireball20secondsfireball in sky pacific northwest july 29 028/16/02
7/29/02 22:30Bluefield/Green ValleyWVUSALight2 hoursStrange lights in the sky, Bluefield West Virginia July 29-30 20028/16/02
7/29/02 21:15Santa CruzCAUSAUnknown7 minuitesI was on the beach and there was a red light in the sky. It was perfectely still for a very long time and then it sarted to move vertic8/16/02
7/29/02 20:00Sidmouth (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown4 SecondsFlying Rod8/16/02
7/29/02 19:30New OrleansLAUSAOval3-5 minTime: around 19:30pm Location: New Orleans,LA (near Mississippi River). When I was getting home and getting off the car, I saw a si8/16/02
7/29/02 17:00CliffwoodNJUSADisk15 minutesround shiny silver disk shape object flying in sky, it was a clear day.8/16/02
7/29/02 00:01Uttar Pradesh (India)IndiaRectangleIndia29th july 2002 uttarpradesh india,it was between 12-4 am when some villagers witnessed a glowing light in the night sky ,due to the ex8/16/02
7/29/02PhoenixAZUSAChevronThis is a secondhand report (and I have no way to verify any of the information), but I feel that it should be registered. While hik8/16/02
7/28/02 23:30GoletaCAUSAUnknown2-4 MINUTES3 bright objects in triangle formation seen moving across the night time sky near Goleta Ca. at Refugio Beach Campground 11:30pm8/16/02
7/28/02 22:00CoutitMAUSALight10 secondsTravelling "star" crosses Cape Cod toward D.C.8/16/02
7/28/02 03:10SedonaAZUSAOval20 secondsIn a wooded area - Saw what appeared to be a figure - glowing - all white light - black "straight" eyes; black diagonal/diamond strip o8/16/02
7/27/02 23:00SeattleWAUSAFlash20 secondsI was out in the backyard of the house at 1827 39th Ave. E. in Madison Park area of Seattle, looking at the stars and then observed a f8/16/02
7/27/02 22:30MohawkNYUSALight1 minuteA stationary bright light appeared and started getting closer, than reversed and quickly moved away.8/16/02
7/27/02 21:45Simi ValleyCAUSAOval1 minutefaint yellowish color. Edges appeared to be vibrating I first noticed it near overhead. It was moving east steadily. It disappeared 8/16/02
7/27/02 21:15Derby (UK/England)United KingdomFlash1 secBeen in the garden all day,at sunset the sky looked od so I got my dig cam and took a pic.on the pic there are 2 objects in the sky,one8/16/02
7/27/02 03:20TroyMIUSARectangle3-4 secondsGov't chased ufo ended up in Michigan; the reversed mini-van shaped object appeared in Troy on I-758/16/02
7/27/02 01:30Namur (Belgium)BelgiumTriangle1 minutetwo girls 13 years old have seen during the night in belgium; a triangle with 3 lights, one was red and the shape was glowing into th8/16/02
7/26/02 23:50EvansWVUSAChanging20 minutesChanging orange object over treeline.8/16/02
7/26/02 21:00North BenningtonVTUSADisk6 minuteswe were standing outside in the dark, when all of sudden we looked up and saw what appeared to be an airplane, but after we took a seco8/16/02
7/26/02 20:45Wellington (New Zealand)New ZealandFireball15 secondsFireball with tail, sparkling brilliant blue, wobled a little, travelled fast direccion N-S. Appeared and dissapeared suddenly.8/16/02
7/26/02 20:00SevilleOHUSAOvalBright object & 9 jets in the night sky.8/16/02
7/26/02 03:43MojaveCAUSALight5 minutesvery bright light blinked out 1000 ft over Edwards Air Force Base.8/16/02
7/26/02 01:07ColumbusOHUSACircle1/2 secondBlue Circle/Flame shooting across sky8/16/02
7/25/02 23:30Sidmouth (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown2 SecondsFlying Light8/16/02
7/25/02 23:00PortlandORUSALightI was in my hot tub, and I looked at the sky, and a bright light moved across the sky,faster than a plane, slower than a shooting star.8/16/02
7/25/02 21:30ShirleyNYUSALight3 minutes or more6 lights seen over ocean @ smith point park, shirley, NY @ 930PM on 7/25/20028/16/02
7/25/02 21:30GaltCAUSADiamond15 minIt was diamond shape with three or four lights that change color every few minutes.8/16/02
7/24/02 02:50EversonWAUSAUnknown20 secondsTwo five-second bursts of multi-color lights accompanied by unusual mechanical sounds8/16/02
7/24/02 00:30AlbanyNYUSAFireball5-10 secondsAn incredible bright white orb sped past at an anormous rate heading east.8/16/02
7/23/02 22:30AvalonCAUSATriangle30sec.Very, very, big slow flying Triangle with flasing red lights covering the outside edge of each of the two wings that made up the Triang8/16/02
7/23/02 22:15AvalonCAUSATriangle30sec.Triangle.8/16/02
7/23/02 22:15Deer LodgeMTUSADisk20 secondsUFO above mountain8/16/02
7/23/02 22:05West HillsCAUSAFormation2 minutesUneven "V" formation of white and red lights, trailing ones flashing red, with trail extending over time of a minute or two.8/16/02
7/23/02 22:00KernvilleCAUSAChevron1 minuteChevron Shaped vehicle with blinking red lights8/16/02
7/21/02 21:44Javea Port (Spain)SpainDiskNot seen by naked eye, but visible on digital image after 1.5 sec exposure @F2.8 on a Fuji Finepix 6900 digital camera 2048x1536 pixels8/16/02
7/21/02 20:31GilbertAZUSAFireball2 minutesa shooting star but whiter object flew over our heads and started blinking with blue lights all over it8/16/02
7/20/02 00:35FairfeildMEUSADiskUFO seen on I95 in Maine near exit 358/16/02
7/19/02 23:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle15 seconds2 sightings on the same night one hour apart8/16/02
7/19/02 22:00Heber SpringsARUSAFireball116 Hwy. 25Not alot of motion.8/16/02
7/18/02 21:30Mill ValleyCAUSALight30 secondsWedge-shaped group of multiple amber lights enter field of vision of binoculars, dart about, interact with aircraft.8/16/02
7/17/02 16:30FremontOHUSACircle2-3 minutesA small silver craft...8/16/02
7/15/02 22:00DuckNCUSAFormationa very short line of 3 greenish lights8/16/02
7/15/02 21:30Arnes/Gimli (R.M. of) ?? (Canada)MBCanadaCircleFrequentlySince,1999-2002 on many occaions have seen two diffent types of U.F.O. crafts well out at the cabin. My cabin is around the town of Gim8/16/02
7/15/02 21:00AtlanticNJUSAUnknown1 minuteUFO Seen Over Atlantic (Ocean) on the same night as major new jersey sighting last year.8/16/02
7/12/02 01:20Rapid CitySDUSALight2 minutesspooky light that shines at you but tries to act like a star in a constellation afterwards.8/16/02
7/10/02 22:30CanadianTXUSAUnknown10minthere were three lites traveling across the sky in formation exactly the same distance from one another and it was huge and there was n8/16/02
7/9/02 21:50Bel AirMDUSATriangle10-20 minutes per nightMe and my friends each 12-14 were talking when we suddenly spotted three stars in the sky flashing and then they moved away.8/16/02
7/9/02 19:00Sudbury (Canada)ONCanadaRectangleone minuteSpotted a rectangular-like object, pure white in colour in Sudbury, Ont. Canada on July 9 or 10 at around 19:00.8/16/02
7/7/02 20:03Belleville (Canada)ONCanadaCigar1 minuteBlinking out Cigar8/16/02
7/6/02 23:45Middleton (Annapolis Valley) (Canada)NSCanadaLight10 minutesLight Show Over The North Mountain8/16/02
7/5/02 20:00GranvilleOHUSACircle2 min.It was red the shape was like a circle it was very far away.It flew to the right and down in one movement.Then it went to the right and8/16/02
7/4/02 21:00VistaCAUSAUnknown9minFloating lamplike UFO8/16/02
7/3/02 22:35Invercargill (New Zealand)New ZealandDisk2 saucer like crafts flew by with 3 helicopters after them8/16/02
7/3/02 03:10ScituateMAUSALight35 minutesfar away small blinking light moving around quickly but shortly8/16/02
7/3/02 01:00AkronOHUSAOval20 secondswhite oval object seemed to move out of our site straight up and gone8/16/02
7/2/02 15:13Rivers (Canada)MBCanadaDiskOne MinuteDisc sighted over Rivers Fair8/16/02
6/23/02 18:47TucsonAZUSADisk2-3minIt was about 6:47 and we were driving to Sonic when all of the sudden I noticed a silver disk hovering in the air then two more appeare8/16/02
6/20/02 21:00LandoverMDUSAabout 1 hourmissing time experience in DC area8/16/02
6/15/02Patna (India)IndiaCirclemainly at night,one f.s has always came and hurtd the people.who sleeps at their houses's roof.we are very afraid for this type of devi8/16/02
6/10/02 03:30ChantillyVAUSATwo Hours8/16/02
6/10/02 02:30BaileyCOUSAOval3 minI was listening to your show late last night( about 2:30 AM ) while doing my computer work. Before going to bed I went out to check the8/16/02
6/5/02 19:30Oak RidgeTNUSASphere30 minutesDark sphere hanging in the sky just before sunset.8/16/02
5/29/02 19:00SedonaAZUSADisk6 min.Saucer shaped object sighted near Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona in May,2002.8/16/02
5/15/02 21:00KalamazooMIUSALight3 or 4 secondsFast blue light without sound in Kalamazoo.8/16/02
4/27/02 19:00BeniciaCAUSACigarI saw something in the I have never seen before. My family and I were coming out of a local pizza parlor and had just enter8/16/02
4/13/02 20:00San AntonioTXUSASpherein neighborhoodwhite with probaley 3 lights and there was no sound and no gasoline coming out and a sphere shape object8/16/02
3/30/02 21:00TexarkanaTXUSACircle1 minuteBRIGHT blue neon light going across sky(no streaks) and about the size of three stars.8/16/02
3/15/02 18:30Grand Canyon (unsure, on route 66 heading to the)AZUSATrianglefew minutes3/15/02, Arizona, triangular light leaving zig zag vapor which turned into rainbow light8/16/02
2/16/02 17:50ArlingtonTXUSALight17:50 to 17:52Silver-White stationairy ball that gradually got smaller in size, and dissppeared.8/16/02
2/8/02 23:45Wierden (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight8 minutesit was an circle-object, that came out of noware with a high speed in the air. We saw it and suddenly the object didn't move. it was a 8/16/02
2/8/02 21:30Mulwala, NSW (Australia)AustraliaFireball40mnslights in the explanation8/16/02
1/23/02 18:10ArlingtonTXUSALight18:10 to 18:14Sllver-White stationairy light viewed through 10 x 50 hand held binoculars8/16/02
1/17/02 16:00Swinnomish ChannelWAUSACirclefour minutesBall of light had bow tie shaped babies, That went over oil refinery. The babies retured to ball and it disappeared.8/16/02
12/23/01 22:30BradentonFLUSACircle2 minutsA round orange lite.8/16/02
11/18/01 22:00BradentonFLUSACircleAlmost midnight I was out with my friend. I looked up over the trees and saw a big round orange lite slower than a sooting star but fas8/16/02
11/11/01 23:00BloomingtonINUSALight4 hoursWhite/red/blue light over Bloomington, IN between 11pm and 3am on November 11 and 13.8/16/02
10/15/01 22:30WahpetonNDUSAEggIt lasted about 10 min. but seemed longer.8/16/02
10/15/01 21:00Garden ValleyCAUSAFireball2 secondsWitnessed bright green "fireball" object moving over a hilltop while driving.8/16/02
10/15/01 15:00ChicoCAUSAOther30 sec.Unidentified flying man8/16/02
9/8/01 21:30St. Annes (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown30secsUFO flys verically then dispears in a flash of white light8/16/02
8/14/01 22:00HelenaMTUSADiskapp35 minutesin august 2001 my entire family saw two formations of saucer-like objects form & unform over about 30-40 minutes8/16/02
8/5/01 03:00New York CityNYUSALight10 minutesI saw a light under our plane but above the city below us.8/16/02
7/5/01 21:00El CajonCAUSALightabout an hourgreen light crashed into star8/16/02
6/15/01 20:00OntarioCAUSAFireball35MIN......?periodical blinking and changingcolor8/16/02
6/15/01 15:00NapervilleILUSASphere5-8 minMotionless chrome sphere on windy day8/16/02
6/15/01 07:00Lake WorthFLUSADiskSunsetA round bright silver shinning saucer.8/16/02
6/3/01 23:43RochesterWAUSALight4 secondsExtremely fast blue/green light8/16/02
6/3/01 20:00Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaCone1minute3 Reports UFO sightings including news 7 newsreport video for video and info8/16/02
5/15/01 23:00New Port RicheyFLUSAFireball10 minutesRed-orange fireball,fell strait down.8/16/02
5/1/01 04:00West CovinaCAUSAOther1 secsome sort of being, beings captured from a digital camera8/16/02
4/8/01 20:00PortageINUSAUnknown20:00unknown blue object that stooped car engine then turn red and disapeared.8/16/02
2/10/01 18:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaOval1 1/2 hoursTwo cloud-shrouded craft, joined by a cylinder, traversed the night sky; a power outage occurred as they passed overhead.8/16/02
1/10/01 20:00Victoria/Port Angeles (BC/WA) (Canada)BCCanadaFormation5 minutesFormation of lights in shape of Great Bear Star System moving west above Port Angelos.8/16/02
12/20/00Fort CollinsCOUSAOvalcampingThe ufo was oval with lights on the side8/16/02
10/29/00 23:50Unadilla (rural area (farm) near)NEUSATriangle2-3 minutesPowerful-sounding mystery craft hovers over farmhouse, with its vibrations knocking over objects inside.8/16/02
7/15/00 16:00Aurora/WoodburnORUSASphere20-30 minI was on I-5 South around Aurora to Woodburn. The craft was a white sphere approximetly 5-10 miles away on the left side of the road. I8/16/02
7/1/00 22:15New York City (Staten Island)NYUSATriangle5 minutestriangle shaped,lights on bottom,silent,no aircraft tail,flat8/16/02
6/15/00 23:00Verl, Paderborn, Kaunitz (Germany)GermanyFormation10 MinutesFour Satellites ( Looked like Satellites) moving equally spaced out, in space.8/16/02
2/16/00 21:05RiversideCAUSALightseveral minutesStationary star-like light suddenly disappears8/16/02
1/23/00 15:00Rio RanchoNMUSASphere3 hrsBlack object hanging in the sky possible cause of geese flock disappearance8/16/02
12/7/99 03:30Indian Springs AFB (Just outside)NVUSALight20-30 minutesTraveling down the Highway towards Vegas. We noted it flying,actually staying with us for several miles,probably about 2-3000 feet-due 8/16/02
9/10/99 22:30HoustonTXUSASphere30 secondsFour withe esferic objets over the skies of Houston8/16/02
7/25/99 15:00ManitowocWIUSACircle1 minI was siiting on my porch and i saw two perfectly round orbs.8/16/02
7/15/99 23:00CarmelINUSATriangle15-20 minFamily sees triangular shaped ufo8/16/02
4/23/99 02:33WanamingoMNUSATriangle1 minuteThree light figure no noise.8/16/02
4/15/99 07:00CharlottesvilleVAUSAOther3 hoursOn this night I was with 4 other people and we were hanging out outside as it was a nice evening. It was just getting dusk and I was si8/16/02
4/13/99 22:30YoungstownOHUSAOvalaprox 8 min.A large oval glow hovering over a house was reported in Youngstown on a late April night.8/16/02
11/6/98 18:30MonroeWAUSACylinder3secOn November,6th,1998,approximately 6:30pm, I was heading west on Hwy2, just out of Monroe,Wa. My girlfriend and I were just coming back8/16/02
10/24/98 17:00WilmingtonNCUSALight45minSame as previous description of the other witness.8/16/02
8/15/98 12:00EverettWAUSAOther5MMe, my brother and two friends were out late one summer night. We then saw a 5 balls of light connnected to each other hovering in the 8/16/02
7/17/98 22:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSAFlashten mintutesIt was giant blue flashing object in the sky.8/16/02
7/15/98 22:30Killeen/Willow Springs (area)TXUSAFlash5 secondsflash of light while talking outside with my girlfriend8/16/02
6/20/98 23:30CaryNCUSACircle45 secA red light from zero to light speed, no time flat.8/16/02
6/1/98 09:30WilmingtonDEUSAOval3/14/982 whitnesses see flying oval blinking uncontrollably, fliping several times in the sky and then suddenly dissapearing in a bright orang8/16/02
4/22/98 16:00MachiasMEUSALight10 minutesIntergalactic Fisherman.8/16/02
11/27/97 18:20OHUSACylinderLake County Alien abduction 19978/16/02
10/20/97 22:00Grimsby (UK/England)United KingdomEgg2 minutesBright green egg shaped object hovering for some time then shot off in a nothern direction very fast8/16/02
10/12/97 23:00FranklinNHUSAOther15 secondsRound green ball-shaped object8/16/02
9/15/97 22:00FoleyMNUSAUnknown5 minstrange bright light fades away8/16/02
8/15/97 01:00BigforkMTUSASphere3 hoursBright Orange in color like hot metal, deffinatly metal of some kind it made no sound and sat just above the trees at least as big as a8/16/02
11/1/96 23:00Federal WayWAUSACircle1-2 secSaw an extremely fast white dot (similar to a slow moving satalite but very fast) Zoom across the Puget Sound sky.North to South8/16/02
10/15/96 03:00CazaderoCAUSAUnknown2 minutesYou won't believe what happened to ME!!!!8/16/02
10/13/96 15:00Astoria (Outside of)ORUSACircle30 secondslarge metallic object crashed in woods in astoria oregon.8/16/02
9/12/96 23:30Rawdon (Canada)PQCanadaOval25 mingreen light ovale8/16/02
8/19/96 22:30SpencerSDUSAUnknown22 minutesAlien crafts-Eastern South Dakota- late summer early fall 19968/16/02
6/15/96 22:00Coeur d'AleneIDUSAFormation3 minutes3 flying objects that trailed one after the other and flew in loose curves and heading roughly south.8/16/02
4/15/96 05:30Fort MorganCOUSALight2 minutesLittle tiny light8/16/02
4/9/96 21:50BradentonFLUSA40 min.Woman, co-worker see very bright light to W over ocean. "Teardrop" shaped obj. drops from it, shoots off! Guards static.8/16/02
7/1/95 01:00FarmingtonNMUSAConeappx 1 hourLarge white and green object spotted for appx 1 hour.8/16/02
4/23/95 21:30BradentonFLUSA5 min.Man & wife witness "Armada of bright objs," streak across sky in formation. Fly SE. Very unusual. Not meteors!8/16/02
1/1/95 15:00Cedar KeyFLUSATriangle3 minutesI could hear and see it, close encounter.8/16/02
12/17/94 20:00Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaCircle5 minshovering craft8/16/02
7/15/94 21:00AventuraFLUSAEgg1-2 minutesThree egg-shaped objects drifting over Aventura Mall8/16/02
7/15/94 14:00Rehoboth BeachDEUSASphere1 minuteSphear, white with concave and convex "windows" daylight with binoculars8/16/02
7/10/94 21:30Kingston (Near) (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5 minshovering craft8/16/02
6/15/94 23:45CheyenneWYUSALight30 SecondsStar like object over F. E. Warren AFB, WY8/16/02
8/20/93 12:30Bowling GreenKYUSADisk40 secondsDisc shaped object over KY skies no lights or sounds and plainly visible that it wasn't convensional aircraft.8/16/02
5/5/93 09:00GenevaOHUSACigar4-5 mnutesEnormous Cigar shaped craft, no wings, no windows, no sound, incredible rate of speed, over Lake Erie, in Ohio, chased by helicopter.8/16/02
3/30/91 19:00Trois-Rivičres (Canada)PQCanadaOther12 secondsA quiet vessel flying over the University of Trois-Rivieres,Quebec8/16/02
12/8/90 22:00Amsterdam (Netherlands)NetherlandsSphere5 minutesInitially we thought it was a satellite reflecting the sun, but soon we realized that it had to be something else.8/16/02
7/12/90 12:00Calnevari (Mojave Desert)CAUSADiamond10 minutesnoon in summer, perfect visibility, motionless, 300 yard away, 100 up, area of Tecopa/Baker, 1990, 3 saw.8/16/02
12/1/89 19:00Kansas CityMOUSAOther5 minutesOn a december night head lights approached us. Then shot into the sky.8/16/02
5/15/89 22:00RidgecrestCAUSAFireball10 secondsFireball object SouthWest of Ridgecrest, CA, drops below hills and disappears.8/16/02
11/19/88 18:15AnaheimCAUSADisk30 secs-1 mini saw what i thought was a shooting star but then it dissapered only to turn itself upright and just hoover over the house tops. for se8/16/02
10/15/88 20:30LovelandCOUSAChevron5 minBoomerang craft, silent, no lights, walking speed8/16/02
9/1/88 05:30CarlsbergWAUSADisk1minThe craft ,shapped like a saucer with spinning lights,hid behind a barn when I turned to follow it8/16/02
7/5/86 01:15Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle3MINSORANGE TRIANGLE ACCROSS SKY AT NIGHT8/16/02
6/15/85 18:00FairfaxVAUSAUnknownI hope some UFO researcher finds this information usful.8/16/02
6/1/84 12:00ColfaxWAUSAOval5 minutesSighting near Colfax, WA in the mid 80's and another in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness8/16/02
9/10/83 19:00Mulberry (Near)INUSALight15 minutesAircraft chasing ufo8/16/02
6/30/83 20:00Dunmore (NSW, Australia)AustraliaDiamond30 - 40 minutesMother Craft that released 3 Smaller Craft - Witness of the Craft leaving the atmosphere8/16/02
4/15/83 21:00Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaChanging1 1/2 hoursA brilliant blue-white light performs amazing acrobatics for an hour and a half over the city of Brisbane.8/16/02
6/20/82 20:30CollingswoodNJUSALight1 hourI was lounging in a pool back sometime in June of 1982. When I looked up at the stars and noticed a bright star shooting up, down, left8/16/02
9/1/81 19:00FairburnGAUSADiskFew minutesUFO sighting in Fairburn, GA around the fall of the year.8/16/02
8/30/80 16:00Rush CityMNUSAUnknown30 minutesSpace suit looking things and object in the woods8/16/02
4/10/80 19:50AlamedaCAUSAFireball5 minI had been moving in to our new apartment in Alameda, California. I was relaxing on the beach overlooking the San Francisco Bay south o8/16/02
7/25/79 15:00SaginawMIUSAUnknown5-6 minutesfleet of saucers spotted in Saginaw,Michigan8/16/02
6/1/79 22:00Napier (New Zealand)New ZealandOther5minsThe speed of this craft was faster than any aircraft that I have witnessed it vanished in a instant!.....8/16/02
5/5/79 20:30KerrvilleTXUSADiamond20 minutesStrange craft follows car into town, later family member see same craft.8/16/02
10/6/78 21:45Nuriootpa (Australia)AustraliaFireball45 secondsFireball inclour size approximately 500 yards across, landed and vertically lifted out of sight8/16/02
8/15/78 14:30Amherst (Canada)NSCanadaOther2 minutesGrounded pyramid formation of 3 objects alternating in colour and making a grinding noise holding a slow steady course.8/16/02
6/15/78 14:00OrangeCAUSACircle10 secondsUFO disappears behind trees8/16/02
1/6/78 19:00Shantineketan, (West Bengal) (India)IndiaLight15/20 secondsA brilliant light moved super fast in the sky and zig zagged away at unearthly speed.8/16/02
11/12/76 18:00TarboroNCUSADisk1 hour/30 min.We saw a disc with lights, it appeared to land in nearby woods, observed strange person.8/16/02
6/15/76 22:00Vitória (capital city of Espírito Santo state) (Brazil)Brazil10minutesA BIG YELLOW BRILLIANT BALL FOLLOWED BY MANY OTHERS COLORFULL SMALL LIGHTS IN V FORMATION FLIGHT8/16/02
6/1/75 21:30Grand IslandNYUSAOval3 hr'sfive foot ball field size ufo's grand Island N.Y.1975+abduction!8/16/02
6/1/75 20:30KenmoreNYUSADisk45 minutesdark blue craft, ufo kenmore ny 1975 200' in the air 45 minutes8/16/02
6/15/73 21:00DecaturALUSACircle15 minmid 1970's UFO over Decatur,Alabama8/16/02
6/30/72 20:00HutsonvilleILUSADisk2 minutesA low pitch humming noise and a series of bright lights noted at ground level near an electrical power plant8/16/02
4/14/71 20:00DennisMAUSAUnknown10 secondsA ufo crashes into lake.8/16/02
10/15/70 10:00WestlandMIUSAUnknown20 secondsEarly 1970's, object going around the sun.8/16/02
12/19/66 02:39SalemORUSADisk30"Strange Orange lights seen on the same day, at the same time, thirty six years ago.8/16/02
6/15/66Caversham (Reading) (UK/England)United KingdomDisk15minsspinning disc present in back garden grass area, close to house.8/16/02
9/15/64 21:00YakimaWAUSADiskseveral minutesHere is my report8/16/02
7/15/63 21:00Great LakesILUSACircle20 minutesThere were lights on the object, hovering, sparks flying, spinning in two different directions at the same time.8/16/02
7/15/57 12:00Temple CityCAUSALight15 minLights over Mt Baldy California 1957 as seen by ten honest men8/16/02
7/15/54 14:00Greenfield (Rural area, 6 miles so.)INUSACigar5 minThis all occured when I was still a child and living on a farm. My mother, our next door neigbor's wife, and myself, were standing outs8/16/02
5/15/52 20:00AllynWAUSADisk3 hrs.Close encounter involving physical examination in unknown craft.8/16/02
2/20/47 22:15SyracuseNYUSADiskone hour +1947-Chance observation of night sky reveals many UFO's traversing upper atmosphere....8/16/02
7/5/29 14:00Buchanan (or Burns)ORUSADisk1 minutewe were traveling east of burns,clmbing up thru a cut in the rim rocks when this object very slowely flew over the top of us, some 50 f8/16/02
05/00/95 03:00Chapel HillNCUSATrianglefour minutesTriangular lights floating along a tree line in a cow pasture, no noise. North Carolina.8/16/02