National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2002/04/25


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/24/02 22:00BellflowerCAUSALightapprox. 5 minred floating, swaying light orb thing- asceding into the sky reverse of a falling feather and much slower4/25/02
4/24/02 01:40Lake Havasu CityAZUSALight5 minutesLights in LHC Arizona AGAIN4/25/02
4/23/02 23:34New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAChanging10 minutesAbove My building 4 metallic crafts were observed flying low level and adjacent to each other. THey changed shapes 3 times before takin4/25/02
4/23/02 22:00St.CharlesMIUSAChanging3 hoursUFO's spotted for three hours. After flashing the primary object with a flashlite, a object from the south west chased me.4/25/02
4/23/02 02:00GreenvilleSCUSALight10 minutesI am sure that I was awake, and I wasn't hurt at all.4/25/02
4/22/02 23:45EverettWAUSATriangle10-15 sec.Three triangler shaped crafts flying in formation over Everett WA.4/25/02
4/22/02 22:15DoverARUSAFlash25minthere were 4 objects first two were flashing three times per second high alt.the trailing one caught the leader at a very high speed a4/25/02
4/22/02 21:30Primm SpringsTNUSALight2-3 secondsMyself and two witnesses observed a light, not a meteor, moving at low altitude across the sky; its duration was no more than three sec4/25/02
4/22/02 21:00LemontILUSAFireball10 minutsbig fire balls 20ft tall and 30ft wide. when they left they left burn marks.4/25/02
4/21/02 16:00LancasterCAUSACircle4 minutesLooking at the moon which was visible during the day I noticed a white dot approaching the moon east to west. At first I thought it was4/25/02
4/21/02 04:00IowaIAUSAChangingminutes?Bright white translucent roundish object changed shape4/25/02
4/21/02 04:00Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 minsWe went outside to watch the conjuction of the planets.we did not see the conjuction as it is only visable at dusk.I focused on a fixed4/25/02
4/20/02 22:00CortlandNYUSAUnknown15 secondsSeven points of light continuously changing position with each other, yet all moving in the same direction.4/25/02
4/20/02 20:50TucsonAZUSADiamond1-5 minutesDiamond shape, with colored flashing lights and a strange noise.4/25/02
4/20/02 02:30Rocky MountNCUSALight2 minutesThe light in the sky4/25/02
4/20/02 02:00SkytopPAUSACircle1 minutebright moon shaped light with smaller disc of light to lower right in front4/25/02
4/19/02 23:06FolsomCAUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular shape over Folsom, CA4/25/02
4/19/02 21:30Hemel Hempstead (UK/England)United KingdomCircle1-2 minsbig red object flew by me.4/25/02
4/19/02 20:11Melbourne BeachFLUSASphere15 minutesdisk circled by point, explosion4/25/02
4/19/02 03:15UK/EnglandUnited KingdomLight15 minsGlow on the moon4/25/02
4/18/02 21:45Buffalo (south of)NYUSAFormation15 secsI was sitting on my back porch observing the planet configuration,I'm an amateur astronomer 20 years. This seven light boomerang shaped4/25/02
4/18/02 21:30Port OrchardWAUSAChevron1 hourmoves around very slowly; doesn't appear to be going in a straight line4/25/02
4/18/02 20:30TubacAZUSALight20 minutesUnusual lights in southern Arizona4/25/02
4/18/02 20:30HilliardOHUSADisk0:45UFO went overhead at a high rate of speed and continued north-northwest.4/25/02
4/18/02 05:30WhittierCAUSALightuntil dawnbright light that hovered forward/backward and side to side.4/25/02
4/18/02 03:00HighbridgeWIUSALightone -two minutes"Urgent" unknown object caught on tape.4/25/02
4/17/02 23:45El RenoOKUSAOther55 minStrange Sights into the night!4/25/02
4/17/02 21:45San AntonioTXUSAUnknown20 minutesSeven UFOs spotted on a beautifully clear south Texas night over San Antonio4/25/02
4/17/02 21:30PensacolaFLUSALightappr.30 secondsTwo stationary lights on the western horizon suddenly moved simultaneously upward then began to move southwesterly. Both were whitish l4/25/02
4/17/02 21:20San AntonioTXUSALight2-3 minutesNIGHT LIGHTS4/25/02
4/17/02 21:00FresnoCAUSADisk3minutesHorizontal lights appear connected and moving at high altitude and high rate of speed Fresno CA4/25/02
4/17/02 20:55Long BeachCAUSALight40 sec.Two fast movers over L.A.4/25/02
4/17/02 20:55SebastopolCAUSALight1 min.two "star-like" objects traveling in parallel4/25/02
4/17/02 20:55San JoseCAUSACircle35 secondsLooked like very bright stars over San Jose Ca, but stars don't float that fast across the sky!4/25/02
4/17/02 20:50Mt. CarmelPAUSALightfive minutes approx2 light objects in the night sky not corresponding to know jet flying patterns or noise.4/25/02
4/17/02 20:30Virginia BeachVAUSALight2 minutes2 sets of moving parallel lights, 1 nrth/south of each other which criss crossed, 1 ea/wst which moving fast4/25/02
4/17/02 20:30MoscowPAUSACigar5 minutesvery large and slow moving object4/25/02
4/17/02 20:20MesaAZUSAUnknown1 minuteSmall satelite object that moved, stopped and faded away.4/25/02
4/17/02 20:20LakewoodCOUSALight5 minutesSaw two star-like objects traveling southeast4/25/02
4/17/02 20:20Greers FerryARUSAUnknown25 min.3 orange lights brighten then fade away aircraft in area observing also UFO sighting over lake in Ozarks4/25/02
4/16/02 22:24NashuaNHUSADisk3-4 secondsCircular pulsating lights on sides of large, silent, disk shaped object4/25/02
4/16/02 22:24NashuaNHUSADisk3-4 secondsCircular craft with rotating pulsating lights on the sides only4/25/02
4/16/02 21:45Highlands RanchCOUSACylinder1 to 2 minLIghted cylinder unexplained object was spotted in Douglas County Colorado4/25/02
4/16/02 21:05ByramNJUSACircle15:00Silver-blue-red flashing light seen above northwestern New Jersey4/25/02
4/16/02 01:00West LibertyKYUSAChangingappox. 45 min.The object that I saw in the night sky was round, flashing different colors and moved around in the same area for 28mins.4/25/02
4/15/02 21:00ImperialCAUSALightapprox. 20 minutesLights along the desert mountains4/25/02
4/15/02 06:30WestminsterCOUSATriangle5 MINTriangle craft seen in Westminster Colorado.4/25/02
4/15/02 01:25Raahr (Finland)FinlandLight1 minuteFast lights from N to S. Speed mayby 3000 mph4/25/02
4/14/02 20:59Ville de La Baie (Canada)PQCanadaFormation10-30 secondsKite shaped ufo moving softly and without a noise in the night sky over Saguenay4/25/02
4/14/02 20:00PeoriaAZUSALight30-45 i looked at the moon, i noticed what first appeared to be a planet. after a few seconds, i concluded that it was far too bright, and4/25/02
4/13/02 21:55Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomSphere35 MinutesOn the 13 April 2002 i witnessed 7 spheres circuling each other in many different directions where i got out of the house which they we4/25/02
4/13/02 21:45Green BayWIUSAOther5 secStealth shaped object. No lights and NO sound.4/25/02
4/13/02 12:20MuskegoWIUSACircleapprox 5 minUFO's rendezvous over SE Wisconsin Sat April 13th 2002. 1220PM4/25/02
4/13/02 09:30Atenas (Costa Rica)Costa RicaOther5 sec.on the morning of April 13, 2002 I was working taking photos of a construction project for my client. I did not notice this object unti4/25/02
4/12/02 22:30SuperiorWIUSALightapprox 1 minutethree lights moved in formation in the sky.4/25/02
4/12/02 22:00LonsdaleMNUSA1.5 hoursAt 10 PM my wife observed a light in the southwestern sky that was odd because it was moving erratically. I joined her on the deck and 4/25/02
4/12/02 20:40LynnvilleTNUSALight3 minutesfast, bright, white burn of light, unbeliveable 90 degree turns4/25/02
4/11/02 22:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown45 min.A red and green flashing light hovering in the sky for about 45min.4/25/02
4/11/02 22:10SuwaneeGAUSACigar6-10 secondsAt approximately 22:00 pm I went onto my deck in the back of house to call our friends that live in the San Francisco area. I went outs4/25/02
4/11/02 22:00DoniphanMOUSALightAprox 1 minuteUFO?4/25/02
4/11/02 21:10WatertownNYUSAOther15-20 secs.flashing object moving north across constellation Leo, then turning sharply to the west (a 90% turn).4/25/02
4/10/02 23:30PhoenixvillePAUSALight30 minit was changeing shapes and it was to far to make out the shape but it was turning from a dull red to a bright moved very slow4/25/02
4/10/02 23:20At a pullout on the highwayIDUSATriangle10 secondsThree star like objects moved slowly then faded one by one4/25/02
4/10/02 22:20IndianapolisINUSATriangle30secBoomerang shaped object heading east to west.Transparent glow almost like metal starting to glow from heat,,orange and light green in c4/25/02
4/10/02 22:05MiddletownNJUSAFlash5 minutesradically strobing lights form triangular shape followed by 15 lights in random alternating strobing patterns.4/25/02
4/10/02 22:00RockfordILUSACigarlooking at the starsI was looking at the stars outside on the ground on Saturday and I seen three shaped cigars following each other they four lights on ea4/25/02
4/10/02 22:00Newcastle (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop10 mRoad sighting4/25/02
4/10/02 21:00RagleyLAUSALightone hourTwo friends and myself were grilling steaks outside. All outside lighting was off so we could star-watch on this clear night. As we rec4/25/02
4/10/02 19:46Saratoga SpringsNYUSALightaprox. 2 hrsStrange light4/25/02
4/10/02 16:35AustinTXUSASphere5minutesI was headed for work and was dropping off my trash at the Trash dumpster and looked up and saw a Silver Sphere just hovering. It was a4/25/02
4/10/02 09:00CoventryRIUSAFormation00:37It was scary!4/25/02
4/8/02 20:30Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaLight5-10 minutes6 Bright orange lights in pyramid formation heading NW to SE moving as fast as comets, but as far away as stars4/25/02
4/8/02 09:45TampaFLUSALight15 secondsFirefly type light seen in Tampa knight skies.4/25/02
4/8/02 08:30PulaskiWIUSAChanging5 minutesObject seen in Pulaski, WI that changed shapes and threw out a plethora of colors.4/25/02
4/8/02 02:35AustraliaAustraliaFlash2-3 secondsA brief field of white light travelling at a fast speed early in the morning.4/25/02
4/7/02 21:15Granite FallsWAUSALight20mna bright ????4/25/02
4/7/02 04:30Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaLight1mn5 lights like big star dancing direction NNW - SSE looks high in the sky looks bigger than artificial satellite colour : orange no soun4/25/02
4/4/02 19:15Sinking SpringPAUSALight45 minutes2 family members spot a UFO in Pennsylvania4/25/02
4/4/02 15:30MariannaFLUSAOther1 min, +or -Marianna, Fl, Football shaped object close to I-104/25/02
4/2/02 23:30CanandaiguaNYUSALight5 minutesLight in the ski like a star hovering4/25/02
3/31/02 21:00Puerto Penasco (Mexico)MexicoCircle1 hourcamping on the beach looking at what we thought was a shooting star and it was falling from the sky over the ocean only it stopped, it 4/25/02
3/31/02 21:00Puerto Penasco (Mexico)MexicoCircle1 hourI wrote to you about the sighting my family had over the ocean on March 31, 2002, in Puerto Penasco , Mexico aka Rocky Point... you as4/25/02
3/29/02 19:20SalemORUSATriangle5 minutesThree witness low hovering craft over farm field...joint NUFORC and OUFOR investigation.4/25/02
3/28/02 14:00WanaqueNJUSAOtherabout 4 min.i was playing catch with my self, when i saw something in the sky. i looked up, and i saw alot of yellow dots flying in the sky. i loke4/25/02
3/18/02 22:00BloomingtonTXUSASphereapprox. minutes3 spheres flashed colrs as we were riding our bikes in a circle around a lantern.4/25/02
3/17/02 18:30ShorelineWAUSAOther5 secondsViewed bright elliptical object descending in the north sky.4/25/02
3/11/02 11:30New York City (Yonkers)NYUSADiamond5 minutesI watched a diamond shaped craft hover for about 10 minutes, and captured some of it on video.4/25/02
2/16/02 09:30StatesvilleNCUSASphere10-15 secondsBlack sphere east of statesville airport traveling fast due north.4/25/02
2/2/02 22:30Yeehaw JunctionFLUSAFireballunknownOrange Balls dancing over Yeehaw Junction, FL on 2/2/024/25/02
1/10/02 01:30PalisadesNYUSACrossthey landed took off and made noise and lights.4/25/02
1/1/02 19:00El Paso (100 miles outside)TXUSAUnknownabout 15 secbiazzare lights in the desert where there were no living things4/25/02
12/15/01 10:00Republic of Ireland (on beach)IrelandOther2 minsCraft above water suspended4/25/02
11/25/01 16:00MilfordOHUSACircle15 secondsGiant black aerobie floats over SW Ohio!4/25/02
10/9/01 07:00SacramentoCAUSADisk30 secBeing clear sunny early morning that made it so unbelevaible that i just can't deny what i saw. for the second time.4/25/02
5/15/01 01:30DaltonMAUSATriangle10 MinutesThe object was silent but seemed to "pulse" across the sky.4/25/02
10/12/00 11:09La Serena (Viņa del Mar) (Chile)ChileFormation127 mI dont Write English But I Have a 3 Videos Bery high resolution My email Chile Suth America4/25/02
9/9/00 03:30GardinerMTUSALight2 minutesYankee Stadium in the middle of nowhere4/25/02
9/8/00 03:25GreesnboroNCUSAUnknown12 minutesi was in the car while we were going to my home and I looked out the window and I saw something unusuall so i stoped the car and i look4/25/02
6/10/00 00:00CarroltonGAUSALightsecondsflashes in the sky4/25/02
6/1/00 20:00Key WestFLUSAFormation30 minutesfleet of v shaped objects blot out sky over key west, florida4/25/02
5/15/00 03:00BushkillPAUSACircle3 minutesDo things normally vanish into thin air?4/25/02
8/8/99 12:00Crewe/Cheshire (UK/England)United KingdomOther20-30 mins"H" shape high altitude moving e to w. looke pale blue/white.(imagine a civil craft at altitude) Clear blue sky."H" shape "crosspiece" 4/25/02
3/27/98 22:35Arroyo GrandeCAUSADisk5min3 disks flying silently at high speeds, stopped to hover, then climbed out of the atmosphere.4/25/02
2/10/98 20:00Laguna NiguelCAUSASphere20 secI witnessed a red object aprox 300-500 yards off a comercial airliners left wing, it kept the same speed for about 20 sec, then it vani4/25/02
2/5/98 07:11HartMIUSAFireball3 minutesmy sister and i witnessed a ufo on the morning of feb. 5, 1998 From - Fri Feb 06 14:48:57 1998 Received: from (nobo4/25/02
1/31/98 18:00Arecibo (just S of, Rural central PR)PRPuerto RicoDisk15 min. +One-two hours after driving away from Arecibo observ. on small, rural roads (former Spanish footpaths), saw still silent disk hovering 4/25/02
1/30/98 20:00Sedona (5 miles w. of)AZUSALight5 hrsStationed on a small hilltop situated between the Secret Mountain Range and Mingus Mountain, near the Bradshaw Ranch, six people witnes4/25/02
1/27/98 17:00Las Cruces (on Interstate 10,west of)NMUSADisk2 hours or moreDriving west on I-10 in N.M. we watched a HUGE object hover without moving for about 2 hours.4/25/02
1/26/98 20:45Bartelso (outside of)ILUSAOval2 .5 min totalI found a oval shape object hovering over a flooded field at aprox 50 to 75 ft. I watched the object for aprox 1 min. Craft then went 4/25/02
1/24/98 18:25Orange Park (outside Jacksonville)FLUSAUnknown60 secsStrange light doing 3 90 degree turns.4/25/02
12/9/97 08:30Kent (Auburn, Over S. King Co. Valley)WAUSACircle5 minutesCircular, bright metallic object hovering, seemingly dissapearing and reapearing in the same place high in the sky in South King County4/25/02
12/8/97WenatcheeWAUSALight5 minutesOur newspaper did a story on this site and picked out stories from our area. One incident caught my attention as I believe that it was 4/25/02
7/4/97 19:00EvansvilleILUSACircle5 secondsEvery year on july 4th we attend a large party which when it gets dark, fireworks are set off all evening. The number of people there 4/25/02
12/4/96 02:00Peshawar (Pakistan)PakistanFireball2 minutes apporxdear fellows...i don't know...either you all will believe me or not...but i don't care..itz about 6 years ago...when i became one of th4/25/02
9/13/96 02:30YorkPAUSAFlash5 secondsWe both saw something, the same thing, and we both felt really weird about it.4/25/02
7/2/96 18:00Mt. Morris TownshipMIUSADisk5 minSaucer craft seen hovering 300ft above ground for about 5 mins.4/25/02
1/21/96 22:45Walsall (UK/England)United KingdomCircle1 minute aprxsmall red object with zore degree turning circle4/25/02
6/1/95 12:00MesaAZUSAOther5 minBigger than a house floating in the sky.I know what,I saw, but don't know why!4/25/02
6/16/94 15:00CantonOHUSACircle08-secondsSpotted a large reflective metal sphere observing heavy equipment. What was it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4/25/02
7/15/93 17:30ElktonMDUSALight5 minutesA light descended slowly into the Elk River, just off the Chesapeake Bay.4/25/02
8/1/91 03:00LewisburgPAUSALight2 minutesBright light chased by helicopter4/25/02
6/1/90 05:00LewisburgPAUSALight5 minutesPlane collides with ball of light4/25/02
7/15/85 21:00Birch BayWAUSADisk10 minutesBirch Bay Craft Observed by Young Girls4/25/02
10/15/84 21:00StraffordMOUSACircle10 inutesI was only about 8 or 9 years old. I had spent the weekend w/ my father & step mom when they were getting ready to take me to my moms 4/25/02
9/4/84 22:00Alamo LakeAZUSA20 Min.UFO Traveled from land to water chasing and stopping our fishing boat.4/25/02
9/2/84 08:20OsageIAUSASphere5 minutesThe ship seemed to be looking for something.4/25/02
5/18/82 14:00MarinCAUSADisk20 t0 30 secshigh speed objects over the ocean North of San Francisco4/25/02
8/1/81 20:00CarnesMSUSATriangle10-15 minutesTrangulat object, with lights on each side, traveling just over treetop high at very slow speed and no sounds. It went directly over.4/25/02
8/15/78 21:00SuffolkVAUSACircle2 hoursDrove up to downed ship.4/25/02
9/12/77 19:00GabbsNVUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular craft w/ six amber lights over Nevada desert.4/25/02
9/1/77 00:00BourbonnaisILUSATriangle30 MINBOLIDE RELATED UFO4/25/02
4/15/77 23:00Clearence CenterNYUSAOval3-5 minclose encounter in ny4/25/02
7/25/73 20:00MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknown1 hourUFO flew directly over our car at night without making any sound at all. There were 4 witnesses.4/25/02
5/1/72 18:00MolineILUSASphere10to15 minutesCraft was spherical with windows turning, going up and down not more than 25 feet of the ground.4/25/02