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Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/29/22 05:50TagishYKCanada3 minutesA constant slow moving globe of light that moved from the south east to the north east4/22/22
10/2/02 22:50Yukon (Canada)YKCanadaUnknown6 -8 secondsMovement of object was very unusual looking and moved with great speed10/15/02
9/11/01 22:30Yukon (Canada)YKCanadaTeardrop2 hoursit was teardrop shaped with many bright lights.5/14/02
11/18/00 19:30Whitehorse (Canada)YKCanadaLight1.5 to 2 minutesThree points of white light moving in a trianglular formation.12/2/00
9/10/00 23:00Yukon (Canada)YKCanada35minWhile in the Yukon close to the NWT border in September I took many pictures of the Northern lights, I just started looking at them in 12/2/00
5/20/00 21:50Yukon (Canada)YKCanadaCircle2 -3 minutesMy husband and I was walking outside and we looked up to stargaze, and we noticed a yellowish-glowing light moving out of the Northwest6/21/00
5/15/85 02:00Watson Lake (Canada)YKCanadaDisk10 min.Prof. trucker sees 150' disc w/ "fluorescent orange" overtake him, stop. He shines light on it, calls w/ CB. Obj. rose, disappeared.9/6/02