National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 02/2022


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/28/22 22:30NorwalkUSAOval3minHovering object about 15 feet in diameter hovering over the highway. I though it was a plane but is stood still in the sky and we passd4/22/22
2/28/22 19:58StauntonVAUSALight2 secondsI saw 3 blinking lights then it disappears.3/4/22
2/28/22 19:05GeorgetownDEUSAOval3 minutesWhite orb like object seen hovering over a field that changed its lighting from all white to 3 large diamond shaped colored lights3/4/22Yes
2/28/22 16:00IndianapolisINUSATwo minutesTraveling east to west, approximately half mile apart.3/4/22
2/28/22 15:22JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 1434/22/22
2/28/22 11:27Norris CityILUSAMADAR Node 1154/22/22
2/28/22 07:30BurgawNCUSATriangle10 secondsThe craft was extremely shiny and looked as to be a triangle.3/4/22
2/28/22 05:48ShreveportLAUSATriangleI have seen a bright light in the south east sky early in the mornings .3/4/22
2/28/22 05:28Palm Beach GardensFLUSAUnknownBefore going for a run Sat. morning, I snapped two photos of the moon and later noticed the images. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare. PD))3/4/22Yes
2/28/22 03:53IndioCAUSATriangle1:03One craft had red color the other was a white orb4/22/22
2/27/22 21:00BerlinMDUSACircleAn hour on and offColor changing lights flying around3/4/22
2/27/22 17:15San AntonioTXUSADiamondless than a minuteTrapezoid/Diamond/Kite shaped mirrored object hanging perfectly still in the sunny cloudless sky3/4/22
2/27/22 16:34DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1954/22/22
2/27/22 15:00Queen CreekAZUSAStarit lasted about 30 secondSaw a star the held position and then moved.4/22/22
2/27/22 11:15Des MoinesUSATeardrop90 secondsDes Moines, WA 3 flying objects (2 disappeared; 1 fell to ground)3/4/22
2/27/22 08:47Kansas CityMOUSAMADAR Node 404/22/22
2/27/22 01:53DurangoCOUSALight4 secondsThe light craft zoomed out from up behind my car and went in front of me above and kept going with a light trail behind it.3/4/22Yes
2/26/22 20:00EverettWAUSAUnknown10-15 minutes totalobject or objects flying low from south to north4/22/22
2/26/22 17:47Spring HillFLUSACircle15 seconds or lessCircular flash in southern sky3/4/22
2/26/22 13:00TampaFLUSALightunder 10 secondsI saw a very white light in sky for about 8 seconds4/22/22
2/26/22 06:30ColumbusGAUSASphereContinuousBright light hovering continuously. ((NUFORC Note: Object in video looks to us to be Venus. PD))3/4/22Yes
2/26/22 05:40BAUNTON, CIRENCESTERGloucestershireUnited KingdomUnknown2 to 3 minutesLooked like a satellite initially3/4/22
2/26/22 03:00CLIFTONNJUSALight5 minutesIf you make the light object larger in the picture I took you can see the weird grey object behind it causing this light.3/4/22Yes
2/25/22 23:00SeafordNYUSACircle10-30 secondsIt was quick and bright but I couldn’t identify it3/4/22
2/25/22 22:50ClevelandTNUSADelta75 sec3 lights moving perpendicular. By the distance between each light, I can say it was a large object.3/4/22
2/25/22 21:46IndianapolisINUSAMADAR Node 214/22/22
2/25/22 20:10OshawaOntarioCanadaLight1 minuteNear Above Round Single Pulses of Amber White Light 7-8 Times Under One Minute3/4/22
2/25/22 19:28Sunderland. Houghton le SpringCounty DurhamUnited KingdomCircleI got a minute of videoGot 1 min of footage. But event was about 3. Thing moved too fast and performed maneuvers that defy physics.3/4/22
2/25/22 15:00Rio RanchoNMUSAChanging3.0 secondsMy daughter (27 years old) was looking out the living room window and said “are you seeing this shit”. I then looked out and saw them4/22/22
2/25/22 11:54DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1954/22/22
2/25/22 06:50Sioux FallsSDUSAOtherOn going (>40 min now)Round, like a cluster of tiny diamond, with slow changing, turning?, or moving pattern, intermittent vacuole(s)3/4/22
2/25/22 04:05At sea (Long Beach, 3 hrs. S of)CAUSAFormation2 minutesWe were on a cruise ship approximately 3 hours out of Long beach California. Sighted two glowing orbs and one beneath the surface of th3/4/22
2/25/22 00:16LaytonvilleCAUSAChevronHour and still viewingNumerous craft multicolor flashing coming3/4/22Yes
2/24/22 23:01BismarckNDUSADiskI. On my camera at 11 + 6Appears on a clip from blink camera3/4/22
2/24/22 19:45FondaNYUSASphere10-15 minutes observedPulsating light orbs resembling jellyfish movement3/4/22
2/24/22 19:35HondoTXUSALight10 minutesBlue starlike object appeared above neighborhood street light i could only see 1 object until recording i found serveral others4/22/22
2/24/22 19:31HondoTXUSAOther4 minutesObjects in the sky with multiple activity going on no sound no noise no flasing we only saw a bright blue light with naked eye. Ithers3/4/22Yes
2/24/22 18:00MobileALUSAMADAR Node 634/22/22
2/24/22 17:28BostonMAUSAChangingAbout 5 minutesI don't know what I saw. ((NUFORC Note: Looks to us possibl to be a contrail behind a high-altitude aircraf. PD))3/4/22Yes
2/24/22 14:44EdmondORUSAMADAR Node 1974/22/22
2/24/22 11:12WichitaKSUSACigarHuman reptilian JeffreyI need someone to call me he won't leave me an my dog alone because I have proof3/4/22
2/24/22 06:15MilfordNHUSARectangle5 to 8 minutesAs I was stopped at the red light, I looked up in front of me and a very bright glowing white lighted object appeared out of no where.3/4/22
2/24/22 06:05QUEEN CREEKAZUSACircle1 min 29 secondsI caught something i can't find anyone to explain what it is3/4/22Yes
2/24/22 05:36Cutler BayFLUSAFireball2minutesFireball scatters into what appears to be 8 different lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a parachute team with flare?? Good video! PD))3/4/22
2/24/22 02:00HonoluluHIUSACircleAbout 5 secondsStrange bright flashing lights behind Koko Head3/4/22
2/24/22 00:57IMPERIAL BEACHCAUSAChanging5 minutesCircular shape changing light moving at rapid speeds and shifting from one ball of light to two6/22/22
2/23/22 21:10San DiegoCAUSA15 minutes4 circular white lights darting/chasing each other behind cloud cover.3/4/22
2/23/22 21:00El PasoTXUSALight30A bright white light that streaked across the sky from left to right.3/4/22
2/23/22 20:15GastonSCUSA20 minutessaw two craft (1) moving E to W and (1) moving N to S then back and a flashbulb3/4/22
2/23/22 19:35ElyMNUSARectangle5 minutes maybe?Bright green object moving upward. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a lens flare, caused by a bright light in field of view of camera?? PD))3/4/22Yes
2/23/22 14:00N/A - Pacific Ocean west of Guadalupe IslandMexicoSphereImage found on Zoom EarthI was doing a random search on Zoom Earth over the Pacific Ocean and found this image at the surface. See link.3/4/22Yes
2/23/22 06:25BrownstownPAUSACirclemore than 15 minutesI noticed a blue glow in the sky over a farm. I pulled over and watch it fly in random directions. (((NUFORC Note: Good video! PD))3/4/22
2/23/22 04:30OceansideCAUSADiamond1 minutehovering over crater in empty field4/22/22Yes
2/23/22 03:50Los AngelasCAUSACircle30 secondsWhile driving to work this morning i noticed these 6 circular lights flying fast, but gradually, and in unison..3/4/22
2/22/22 20:00Kew gardens nyNYUSAOtherAbout one hourNot a craft actual being in my apt6/22/22
2/22/22 17:55Johnson ValleyCAUSATriangle2-3 minBright light in sky turned into orange triangle and then disappeared into the night3/4/22
2/22/22 17:46San FranciscoCAUSACircle~30 secondsBlack Ball in the clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Good videoof a fast-mving disc! PD))6/22/22
2/22/22 17:44Lancaster Lancashire (UK/England)LancashireUnited KingdomUnknown5 minutesWierd line sort of shape3/4/22Yes
2/22/22 14:30TucsonAZUSAFormation10 minutesI witnessed a huge V formation with 5 lights silently hovering.3/4/22Yes
2/22/22 13:53Las VegasNVUSACircleSecondsLooking through pictures3/4/22Yes
2/22/22 05:04Santa ClausINUSAMADAR Node 1144/22/22
2/22/22 05:03PortageINUSAMADAR Node 1784/22/22
2/22/22 04:54Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaCylinder2minWest Edmonton looking east. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a cluster of Starlink satellites, we believe. PD))3/4/22
2/21/22 23:39HarlingenTXUSALightshort 1 secondShort burst of green and blueish light3/4/22
2/21/22 21:00FairleeVTUSALight40Looked like a star and moving around erratically.3/4/22
2/21/22 20:30WatertownCTUSACigar10-15 secondsUFO spotted over Watertown Ct home3/4/22
2/21/22 20:25Rego parkNYUSACircle10 minutes4 floating, white/orange circles3/4/22Yes
2/21/22 19:00MorgantownWVUSAFireball2 minutesMy wife & I saw 3 orange/yellow objects that looked like fire pop up from horizon, move across the sky and disappear into the clouds3/4/22
2/21/22 12:39BuffaloNYUSAMADAR Node 1634/22/22
2/21/22 09:45MarlboroNJUSARectangle3 secondsShiny white,with some black on bottoms, in formation3/4/22
2/21/22 06:00TrinityFLUSASeveral minutesThere was a fixed object in the sky4/22/22Yes
2/21/22 05:27Midwest CityOKUSAMADAR Node 1724/22/22
2/21/22 04:33Reykjavik (Iceland)Capital RegionIcelandLight15 minutes3 crafts that appeared from the west heading north moving in a way that was not like an airplane with a 4th craft followed after 10 min3/4/22
2/21/22 04:30Berlin TownshipPAUSAStar20 minutesFlickering light similar to the way a star twinkles, moved sideways up and to the right and hung between 20 & 35 feet above the ground3/4/22
2/20/22 21:30PunxsutawneyPAUSAOval1minuteI saw roughly 8 oval objects traveling west for approximately 1 minute.3/4/22
2/20/22 19:05LaytonvillenullUSACircleHour and still viewingBeen seeing these ufo in greater numbers nightly for 2 weeks3/4/22Yes
2/20/22 18:30Jefferson HillsPAUSAChanging15 minutesCircular but through binoculars it was multiple lights together3/4/22
2/20/22 17:00MIAMIFLUSACylinder80 MINUTESI have evidence of an alien invasion going on, and shapeshifters are on the ground.3/4/22
2/20/22 12:16Los AngelesUSAOval15 - 20 minutesOval, stationary rotating object3/4/22Yes
2/20/22 11:28AtenasAlajuela ProvinceCosta RicaOther2 SecondsI just R ((NUFORC Note: Bird in flight. PD))3/4/22Yes
2/20/22 09:52Outside LACAUSAUnknownAll the time, last weekThis is not about ufos but about actual extraterrestrial life contacting me and I have video proof unedited, this is real first contact3/4/22Yes
2/20/22 04:55KapoleiHIUSALightSteady positionA bright light that hovers in the sky3/4/22
2/20/22 00:24deep riverCTUSACircle15 minstrange lights flashing separating into 3 parts but coming back to i rams hovering over area up and down3/4/22
2/19/22 21:03TucsonAZUSACircleApproximately 4 minutesI observed 6 bright orange, silent, orbs in perfect formation traversing the skyline3/4/22
2/19/22 19:32Kings mountainNCUSALightSeveral hoursBright dodging light3/4/22
2/19/22 19:10WauchulaFLUSATriangle10 minsSquare transformed into Triangle. ((NUFORC Note> Good video of orange orbs. PD))3/4/22
2/19/22 19:00ColumbusGAUSASphereCrafts over Columbus3/4/22
2/19/22 16:56Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown5 minutessaw three lights moving quickly northbound in sky, joined soon by a 4th and 5th light3/4/22Yes
2/19/22 13:44CambridgeOHUSAMADAR Node 1373/4/22
2/19/22 12:54St. LouisMOUSAMADAR Node 703/4/22
2/19/22 07:04West ColumbiaSCUSARectangle5-10 secondsI observed a large rectangular object moving at a steady rate from northeast to southwest in the early morning with clear skies.3/4/22
2/19/22 01:43Fallbrook/OceansideCAUSACylinder15 seconds approximatelyNortheast on Douglas Dr. Witnessed something that came straight at us and it zig-zagged to miss and disappeared.3/4/22
2/19/22 01:00StillwaterMNUSADisk3 hoursDisk like shape object sucking energy off the state prison with flickering bright glowing lights taking energy off prison power3/4/22Yes
2/19/22 00:40HamiltonNJUSASphere10 minutesGreenish white sphere hovering side to side in one location in the sky3/4/22
2/19/22 00:15WayneNJUSACircle3 secondsCircular object red and white lights3/4/22
2/18/22 23:30WarringtonPAUSAOther1. Minute or soHusband and wife3/4/22
2/18/22 22:32WichitaKSUSAFormationJust noticedI was taking photo of moon . I just discovered the streaks in the photo afterwards3/4/22Yes
2/18/22 22:00AnaholaUSAUnknown1 to 2 secondsVery bright white light with slightly bluish green hue3/4/22
2/18/22 21:30Rio RanchoNMUSAChanging10 minutesSent to Linda Moulton Howe, she can't ID3/4/22Yes
2/18/22 21:30AthensGAUSASphereSeveral hours per nightI encounter craft daily and can record them daily. I have nearly 20 gb of videos and nowhere can find the like.3/4/22Yes
2/18/22 20:50Rio RanchoNMUSAChanging15-20Started out with two lights then separated out into multiple lights. Video has been cleaned by pro, results remarkable.3/4/22Yes
2/18/22 11:15Mountlake TerraceWAUSAMADAR Node 1003/4/22
2/18/22 09:09CroftonnullTriangleApproximately 3 minutesI could see the outline of a huge, cloaked triangle in the clouds3/4/22Yes
2/18/22 07:40New HudsonMIUSADiskOne pictureTook a pic of the moon with my camera.Later when I looked at the pic and zoomed in, I saw the object in the pic3/4/22Yes
2/18/22 06:45SilsbeeTXUSADisk20-30 minutesIt was so bright. It was daylight but it was long and skinny. I was on my way to work. I know someone else that seen the same thing 8003/4/22Yes
2/18/22 01:30TNUSAChangingOver 60 minutesNot all is visible to the naked eye.3/4/22Yes
2/17/22 22:04NorwoodNJUSAMADAR Node 1453/4/22
2/17/22 21:32HonoluluHIUSACircle5 SecondsAn illuminated disk shot across the sky faster than any aircraft is capable of. Seconds later, it shot back in the exact opposite way.3/4/22
2/17/22 20:18GranbyMAUSADiamond5 minutesI was driving while I saw a weirdly shaped aircraft hovering above me and then hovered over a field while very low to the ground.3/4/22
2/17/22 20:00CollinsvilleILUSALight3 secondsBright teal column of light from that came from clouds and touched the ground then disappeared, didn’t go back into clouds.3/4/22
2/17/22 18:53Santa Fe SpringsCAUSALightMany secondsIn my over 60 years of looking at the night sky, I saw saw these two non flashing lights moving south. Never heard of 2 Satellites3/4/22
2/17/22 10:49Royal Palm BeachFLUSAMADAR Node 763/4/22
2/17/22 08:48Raceway (Australia)QueenslandAustraliaMADAR Node 1343/4/22
2/17/22 06:50grants passnullUSAOtherless than 30 secappeared out of nowhere, dark color, and vanished, poof gone3/4/22
2/17/22 05:47HonoluluHIUSALight5 days or moreIt's a steady floating bright light that is hovering3/4/22
2/16/22 23:30VAUSALightAround 10 secondsSaw an orange light descend into a neighborhood3/4/22
2/16/22 20:50San JoseCAUSASphereMayne about 30 secondsHuge ball of light being escorted by 2 helicopters3/4/22
2/16/22 19:50Hurstville (Australia)New South WalesAustraliaOther5-10 minutesUnable to identify3/4/22Yes
2/16/22 19:00Mountain Home AFBIDUSASphere1 minute5 orange orbs in a v shape hovering3/4/22
2/16/22 16:13WellingtonFLUSACircleFor about 5-10 minutesI stared up in the sky as I was checking my mail and in between a couple of clouds it seems to be a disc shaped object4/22/22
2/16/22 12:02Broken ArrowOKUSAMADAR Node 1943/4/22
2/16/22 06:30GlendaleAZUSACircle5 minBlinking flying backwards and up3/4/22
2/16/22 04:39JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 1433/4/22
2/16/22 00:38South DennisMAUSACircle10 minutesPulsating, color changing light that seems to be above the beaches 5 miles away. Didn't move the 10 minutes I was outside & videoing3/4/22
2/16/22 00:32Zealand (Canada)New BrunswickCanadaLight60 seconds ?Saw the object in the sky (light is what made it visible), but wasn’t moving at first looked like it was spinning then took off.3/4/22
2/15/22 23:20Gila BendAZUSAFireball15 MinutesOne "Fireball" bright light, which ascended and descended rapidly +/- 100-200 Feet.3/4/22Yes
2/15/22 23:00RutlandOHUSAApproximately 2 minutes.We were standing in our driveway and noticed the Tr3b Black Manta hovering above the woodline. Slowly flew over top of us 60 or 70 fee3/4/22
2/15/22 21:15CharlestonWVUSARectangle4 secondsGreen square in sky moving at high speed.3/4/22
2/15/22 19:00Eagle RiverWIUSACrossSeveral second'sOutside for a smoke and saw lights coming at the house. Ran like hell!4/22/22Yes
2/15/22 18:38AZUSAChevron10 secondsI was taking a picture of the moon. Later, I saw this odd shape moving. ((NUFORC Note: Blue-green lens flare? PD))3/4/22Yes
2/15/22 18:33SmicksburgPAUSATriangleAbout 2 minutesSeen lights low & slow in sky with almost no sound fly over us3/4/22Yes
2/15/22 16:35Santa CruzCAUSA3 minutesFirst 7 flashes of light followed by 7 shadowy saucer shapes that stayed still. The saucers disappeared one at a time until3/4/22Yes
2/15/22 12:07SonoraCAUSAOvalA few secondsCaught on camera using super slow motion setting revield this craft on video4/22/22
2/15/22 12:07SonoraCAUSACircleA few secondsFilming in super slow motion as I got home ((NUFORC Note: Bird in flight. PD))4/22/22
2/15/22 06:30AuroraILUSAFormation2 minutesTriangular craft hovered then disappeared3/4/22
2/15/22 06:22pikesvilleMDUSAChanging15 minutesOne craft with 2 different shapes! I have pictures!!3/4/22Yes
2/15/22 06:15WinchesterVAUSALight5 to 7 secondsI was driving and glanced up at the sky and say 3 bright stars and as I was looking 2 of them vanished3/4/22
2/15/22 04:55Fort WayneINUSACross8 minutesI have 99 pictures of the sighting and one video. 100 images of evidence.3/4/22Yes
2/14/22 23:35VincennesINUSAUnknownMaybe a minuteDriving along the highway headed to night shift I saw three lights in weird pattern shot in the air took off like shooting star3/4/22
2/14/22 23:00VAUSALightAround 1 minuteOrange light appeared in the distance, flew for a ways, then descended straight down.3/4/22
2/14/22 22:57NaplesFLUSAChevronTaking a picture of the moon and the blue object appeared in the photograph. ((NUFOC Note: Possibly a lens flare?? PD))3/4/22Yes
2/14/22 22:20ChiliNYUSACircle5 minRed yellow tie of 6 lights stationary. Thought it was in a tower. Of some kind . N then it got smaller till it disappeared. min3/4/22
2/14/22 18:00Bristol (UK/England)Bath and North East SomersetUnited KingdomChangingabout a second2 sets of white claws forming a cirular shape that rotated fast and colapsed into nothing.3/4/22
2/14/22 16:35KilaueaHIUSASphere90 minutesA bright white spherical object was hovering stationary but appeared to be vibrating. We witnessed at least 10 missiles that came close3/4/22
2/14/22 12:28AspenNYUSAOval5 times over hoursVery clear day tic tac shaped object constantly appearing in the sky and disappearing.3/4/22Yes
2/14/22 12:00JenksOKUSAEgg1 minuteA white circular object moving slowly from east to west. I have a video3/4/22
2/14/22 06:10Channarayapattana (India)KarnatakaIndiaUnknown15minA 'S' shaped glowing light in the horizon during early morning.4/22/22Yes
2/14/22 05:30CamdenARUSAOvalStill there..over 10 minsA strange light in the sky just stationary3/4/22
2/14/22 05:03St. LouisMOUSAMADAR Node 703/4/22
2/14/22 03:10Between Bir el Ater and Tebessa (Algeria)AlgeriaUnknown15 minutes approximatelyFlashing lights on craft, motionless for extended period, followed by hight speed, erratic movement vertically and horizontally3/4/22
2/14/22 02:13ArlingtonTXUSALight10 secondsBright light(bright like the North Star) Dropped at like a 105 Degree angle then zipped horizontally and disappeared. Lasted maybe 10s3/4/22
2/13/22 19:47CharlestonSCUSALightApproximately 1 minuteA bright light about the size and distance of Lepus, become immediately brighter, then get very dim as it moved silently, staggered3/4/22
2/13/22 19:18SpokaneWAUSAFormation5 minThree small orbs from the SW of my southerly 3rd floor balcony.3/4/22
2/13/22 19:13SpokaneWAUSAFormation5 minTwo Lights first appeared to be approaching landing pattern in tandum3/4/22
2/13/22 18:10Idaho FallsIDUSADisk30 minutes. I have picsWe seen 5 to 6 flying. They were orange in color and were not move real fast but disappeared quickly. I have pictures.3/4/22
2/13/22 13:30San BernardinoCAUSACylinderFlew by 10 secondsSo, we were flying over San Bernardino to Apple Valley, and I was looking for air traffic. About 100 feet below us just off of our rig3/4/22
2/13/22 10:28LaceyWAUSAMADAR Node 503/4/22
2/13/22 06:51Sioux FallsSDUSAOther45 secondsLarge tail with multicolored light at head, big and was visible for a duration3/4/22Yes
2/13/22 06:50KenmoreWAUSALight45 minutesVery bright stationary light in sky3/4/22
2/13/22 06:47Lees SummitMOUSACircle15 secondsI saw something that looked odd.3/4/22
2/13/22 06:41Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaCircle1 hourBright light noticed very close to my home3/4/22Yes
2/13/22 05:45LamaCOUSATriangle30 secondsLow flying aircraft bright light3/4/22
2/13/22 04:12Star ValleyAZUSAMADAR Node 533/4/22
2/13/22 01:07CaliforniaMDUSAFormationLess than 1 minute3 orangey amber oval lights approached from east in formation to west at high rate of speed, slight wave pattern3/4/22
2/13/22 00:38BirminghamALUSADiskone minuteA colorfully lit disk floating up into the night sky3/4/22
2/12/22 23:49Las VegasNVUSALightComing out if T-Mobile arena after a concert and took a random picture of New York casino3/4/22Yes
2/12/22 23:00LaceyWAUSADiskLong timeDifferent colers of light with a disc shape.moves when u try to take pics3/4/22
2/12/22 22:15JacksonvilleFLUSACircle20 secondsThree glowing orange orbs in formation flying directly above clouds at about Mach 23/4/22
2/12/22 20:15Melbourne beachFLUSAFireball3 minutes2 comet shaped fireballs, Falling together, swerving back and forth,. Lights went out and reappeared3/4/22
2/12/22 19:45NoviMIUSATriangleSteady driving on freeway6-8 bright lights all around triangle, low in sky, hovering3/4/22
2/12/22 19:30Vero BeachFLUSAChanging2 minutes2 comet-like lights descend in unison from sky; Take turns blinking on and off, flying in “U” pattern and infinite symbol pattern3/4/22
2/12/22 18:11MurfressboroTNUSAOther6:00-6:30While me and my friends were walking down the street in the dark.. there we saw it, a possible ufo floating and creeping around.3/4/22
2/12/22 17:52OaklandCAUSAChanging6 minsLooked up at the moon and noticed three small shapes in a triangle formation spinning.3/4/22
2/12/22 17:37GreshamORUSADiamond1 1/2 minUFO Sighting In Gresham Oregon3/4/22
2/12/22 17:15VernalUTUSAMADAR Node 1813/4/22
2/12/22 17:00SacramentoCAUSATriangle15 minutesMetallic pyramid3/4/22
2/12/22 14:39RoslynWAUSAChevron10 secondsBall of light followed by weird dual lighted cheveron something3/4/22
2/12/22 12:15ElizabethtownNCUSAUnknown15 to 20 secondsA chemtrails without aircraft leading it3/4/22
2/12/22 10:00AllentownPAUSAChangingStill there i have picsI have pics of things in the sky. I got them from my weather channel3/4/22Yes
2/12/22 06:53YoungstownOHUSAMADAR Node 733/4/22
2/12/22 04:20WorthamTXUSACircleseveral hoursorb in the sky dancing all over the place, and then another one showing up3/4/22
2/12/22 04:15KelownaBritish ColumbiaCanadaFireball1minuteExtremely bright light woke me up. As I opened my eyes I saw a huge bright radiating light from the mountaintop across the lake from us3/4/22Yes
2/11/22 22:00OrangeburgNYUSASphere4 hours of videoVideo of orbs going in directions could not see with naked eye3/4/22Yes
2/11/22 21:39LittletonMAUSACylinder~6 second video attachedA bright orb which transforms into a cylinder emerges from the ground with a "puff" of snow as it emerges. video avsailable5/31/22
2/11/22 20:40FraminghamMAUSACircle1 minRed sphere flying together3/4/22
2/11/22 17:02West ChazyNYUSAMADAR Node 653/4/22
2/11/22 15:16FolsomCAUSASphere2-3secondsFilming a T-38 in flight and saw a UFO in the video3/4/22Yes
2/11/22 15:06FranklinVAUSACircleapprox 1-2 minutesRoundish object spotted moving in a steady, straight line. Very high up in the sky. No contrail, no wings. Disappeared unexpectedly.3/4/22
2/11/22 10:03Thompson StationTNUSAMADAR Node 333/4/22
2/11/22 08:06Lake LynnPAUSASphere5 minutesSphere like object moving slowly across the sky that didn’t look like a plane, jet or helicopter3/4/22Yes
2/11/22 04:30North PortFLUSASphereWas outside for half hourPossible UFO3/4/22Yes
2/11/22 04:00Atwell (Australia)Western AustraliaAustraliaSphere3 hours!!!!!!!!This thing was 10 times the size of a planet and every half hour almost exactly it would fade to black and come back brighter3/4/22
2/11/22 03:58EdmondsWAUSAMADAR Node 613/4/22
2/11/22 01:07Imperial BeachCAUSACircle1.5 hoursCircular plasma like colored shape with red, green, and purple hues and spinning at rapid speeds and moving sporadically6/22/22
2/11/22 01:00WarwickMAUSAUnknown3-4 secondsOnly heard it.3/4/22
2/10/22 21:20CorcoranCAUSAFireball10 minutesOrange UFOs above town3/4/22
2/10/22 21:04MeyertonGautengSouth AfricaSphereLasts about 3-5 minutesThey occur frequently at night, flashing while standing still and would then dissapear or change location3/4/22
2/10/22 19:22DoverDEUSATriangle4 minutesMoved very slowly just above the roof tops of some medical facilities across from the hospital.3/4/22
2/10/22 17:47MoraviaPAUSAOther1-2 secondsSaw “cloud like” structure flying3/4/22
2/10/22 16:34AylesburyBuckinghamshireUnited KingdomSphere2 minutesFlashing sphere spotted in the sky3/4/22
2/10/22 11:49League cityTXUSADiskN/aUFO in clouds4/22/22Yes
2/10/22 11:48League CityTXUSADiskFound in picIn a cloud above my home3/4/22Yes
2/10/22 11:10Somwhere between Las Vegas and WA ST closer to WAUSADiskSaw it in frame 2 timesSaw it briefly two times in frame taking pictures then looked back over pics and realized I capt. it tried recreating it with no luck3/4/22Yes
2/10/22 07:30AntalyaAntalya ProvinceTurkeyChanginghalf an hourfrom my position to south west.3/4/22Yes
2/10/22 04:51Apple ValleyMNUSACircleRecorded 3 minsBright light moving quickly, then stops for 30 seconds. Began to move closer (see pics)3/4/22
2/10/22 04:39Los AngelesCAUSAOther30 seconds?seen it from a distance it came closer did not look like any aircraft I ever seen wasn’t flying fast was close yet no sound4/22/22Yes
2/9/22 22:38BrownsboroTXUSAOtherVisited back yard once, Showed up in every picture, as I was photographing the moon.3/4/22Yes
2/9/22 21:45VistaCAUSADiamond3-5 minutesDiamond, hard to visualize, low hum but other person didn’t hear it. Got right above us and moved very fast. Ex military, moved strange3/4/22
2/9/22 19:50EmeryvilleCAUSAFormation30 minutesSeveral glowing orb lights in random formation above Hwy 80 in Emeryville4/22/22
2/9/22 16:00ClaymontDEUSADiskone-two minutesClear blue sky. It was following a jet that had just taken off from PHL airport.3/4/22
2/9/22 15:05HelenaMTUSAMADAR Node 1283/4/22
2/9/22 14:50Palm springsCAUSACircle5 minsDriving on freeway and a reflection caught my eye towards the airport and seen it was not a airplane3/4/22
2/9/22 12:46JacksonvilleUSA15-30minsI have video of a alien & photo & lights flying through my house3/4/22Yes
2/9/22 06:00BrooksvilleFLUSAChanging30 minutesThis interactive object was bright sphere shape with an aura that could change speeds, stop, hover, expand, retract, and shoot light.3/4/22Yes
2/9/22 05:45ShelbyNCUSALightFor about an hourI worked 3rd shift when I came home it was there3/4/22Yes
2/9/22 05:07ReadingPAUSACircleUntil 7 AMIt blinks randomly and the blink stops sometimes and it goes back to the left and right trying to hide in trees sometimes3/4/22Yes
2/9/22 05:01VictoriaTXUSALight30 minuresFollowed by short moving contrail3/4/22
2/9/22 04:30Aliens Apache Junction, UFO's in AJ Tempe, Gilbert, Phoenix.AZUSAOtherAliens2/9 UFO 2/9-presentWhen it was dark I Saw 2 aliens one time and many UFO's in sky everyday for 4 days that seemed to be looking for something.3/4/22
2/9/22 03:17JacksonvilleFLUSAN/AChevron shaped craft was both U.F.O and U.S.O3/4/22
2/9/22 02:05VancounverWAUSADiskApproximately 30 secondsSaw a metallic 1 foot thick disc hovering in the street. It made a loud noise, projected light onto the street4/22/22
2/9/22 01:30TempeAZUSAUnknown>20 minutesRed and green lights hid the actual shape of craft4/22/22
2/8/22 21:00Pawleys IslandSCUSACylinderless than 5 minutes2 Orange UFOs, one with horizontal lights and light beams3/4/22Yes
2/8/22 18:30West ChesterSphere5 secondsFire orange ball appeared &shot across and disappeared3/4/22
2/8/22 18:25USACircle3 minutesRound metallic craft, silent, no lights3/4/22
2/8/22 18:00IndianaPAUSAAt least - hrUFO?3/4/22Yes
2/8/22 17:47MapletonUTUSACircle4 minCircular object hovering above farm fields by my house. I go inside to tell partner and had disappeared when I went back outside.6/22/22Yes
2/8/22 17:35Highlands RanchCOUSACylinder2-3 minutesBlack jet stream behind falling object. ((NUFORC Note: Contrail ?? PD))3/4/22Yes
2/8/22 15:45Bowling GreenKYUSACigar45 MinutesTwo white tic tac or cigar shaped objects floating motionless in the sky for almost an hour.3/4/22Yes
2/8/22 09:15Hill CitySDUSAUnknown20 secondsAs I was leaving Hill City this morning going back to Rapid City, I saw a bright point of light.3/4/22
2/8/22 04:00New AlbanyINUSALight2 hoursBright light hovered above city for 2+ hours. Thought it may be a planet, but clouds moved behind it and it looked much closer.3/4/22Yes
2/7/22 20:50New York /City (Brooklyn)NYUSADiskUnknownAfter t took the photo3/4/22
2/7/22 20:15HialeahFLUSAUnknown15 - 20 minutesCame of southeast. 3 Hovered over us and ascended into cloud. Ran And to get my phone and when I came out there were gone but I do have3/4/22
2/7/22 19:45SomersetKYUSALight2 minsI see a bright orange light move across the sky from north to south. Then followed by a low helicopter and plane leaving the area.3/4/22
2/7/22 19:30Barcelona (Spain)Barcelona ProvinceSpainStar5 minutesLike Star but apearing and disappearing3/4/22
2/7/22 18:50NewportWAUSATriangle30 secondsTriangle shaped with 3 lights on each corner3/4/22
2/7/22 18:39Washington, D.C.DCUSAUnknownHalf a secondI saw something big and pitch black fly between my building and the building across the street that was completely silent.3/4/22
2/7/22 11:00LagrangeKYUSAChanging5 minutesDaytime, close up sighting of UFO3/4/22Yes
2/7/22 10:38SpencervilleINUSAMADAR Node 813/4/22
2/7/22 07:30St. LouisMOUSAMADAR Node 703/4/22
2/6/22 23:24AustinTXUSAOvalTook 1 photoI was trying to take a pic of an unusual Moon shape that I had never seen.The Moon wd not show up in my phone camera lens, just Lights.3/4/22Yes
2/6/22 22:57NarberthPAUSACircle5 minutesHovering, shiny circular object3/4/22Yes
2/6/22 21:00EugeneORUSAChevronhoursmany blueish W like shapes flashing and slowly moving3/4/22Yes
2/6/22 19:25Pine BluffARUSAOval30 seconds or soUFO looks to hover before disappearing3/4/22
2/6/22 19:00HilliardOHUSASphere30 secondsSaw ISS/Satellite/meteor shaped object cross the sky at a slow speed, flickering, with two identical objects jettisoned to the rear3/4/22
2/6/22 18:53Fergus FallsMNUSAChanging1 or 2 minsIt was really hard to see what it was all of the crafts appeared to be a long ways away. I took video on my phone of it3/4/22
2/6/22 16:00Santa MonicaCAUSA5 secondsSmall white cross shape object3/4/22
2/6/22 14:30BaltimoreMDUSACircle2 minutesStanding still then disappearing. Then sighted again moving very quickly.3/4/22
2/6/22 13:34NegleyOHUSACircle30 seconds2 white orbs streaked across clear sky.3/4/22
2/6/22 13:11San DiegoCAUSARectangle15 plus minutesA stirng of brilliant white lights on a craft3/4/22
2/6/22 07:00Delhi (India)DelhiIndiaLight5 minutes3/4/22
2/6/22 05:35CandorNCUSAStarUntill daylight 30minCould reapper in a diff spot or move slow3/4/22
2/6/22 01:06Sante FeNMUSAMADAR Node 783/4/22
2/6/22 00:08PasadenaCAUSAOther2 minutesPulsing yellow light from segmented linked blocks, hovered for a minute, moved a short distance, hovered, then traversed west3/4/22Yes
2/6/22 00:00StamfordCTUSACylinderFrom 12 am to 12:15 amPulsating flashing red blue green lights3/4/22
2/5/22 23:55GuilderlandNYUSADisk5 minutesFlying disc with bright light3/4/22
2/5/22 22:07Cardiff (UK/Wales)WalesUnited KingdomLightSeveral minutesTwo light sources, moving slowly, winked out within a second of one another3/4/22
2/5/22 21:30Redondo BeachCAUSAUnknown3 minutes.A pulsing and powerful orange light that emitted from an unknown object that slowed to a standstill in the sky before ascending west.3/4/22
2/5/22 20:40SunriseWAUSACircleabout 3 minutesWhen we arrived at the parking lot in the evening, we saw a circular glowing aircraft pass over the parking lot.3/4/22
2/5/22 19:45SpringfieldPAUSALightAbout 5 minsStationary green light in the sky for about 3 minutes maybe longer, zipped all weird directions then descends down and disappears3/4/22Yes
2/5/22 19:30LittletonCOUSASphere5 minutesWhat looked like red stars then a random blinking materialized the a bubble formed around the light and it took off at speed of light3/4/22
2/5/22 19:14MissoulaMTUSACigar6 seconds 10 topsIt was super fast looked small but surrounded by a blue like flame around it. Was going so fast and just blinked out.3/4/22
2/5/22 18:48GarrettsvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 643/4/22
2/5/22 18:37Lawrenceville/GraysonGAUSADisk5 minutesDriving we saw a bright light in disk form staying still for a while and lights were flashing then it started moving and disappeared3/4/22
2/5/22 13:46Council BluffsIAUSAMADAR Node 1333/4/22
2/5/22 07:35GorhamMEUSADiamond15 minutesTriangular shape, blinking red/ white lights3/4/22
2/5/22 07:19LaceyWAUSAMADAR Node 503/4/22
2/5/22 06:00Battle CreekMIUSACircleLasted till sun upWas out plowing and seen this in the sky started to record then it disappears and then return.3/4/22
2/5/22 05:56Boons borough and Campbell countyVAUSAChanging1 hrI actually got to see what I’ve would describe as portals crafts movement clouds that are not real so much stuff and then they communic3/4/22Yes
2/5/22 05:18LeanderTXUSASphereAbout 30 minsI woke up in the morning to use the bathroom and when I was heading back to my room, I saw these 2 lights that have never been there b46/22/22Yes
2/5/22 04:30FraminghamnullUSACircleAbout 10-15 minutesAlmost blinding to look at. It was cloudy, there were no stars in the sky visible. I took pictures.3/4/22
2/5/22 01:52TrentonMIUSAFireballVery briefRolling bright light in the sky . Fast.3/4/22Yes
2/5/22 01:30BloomingtonINUSASphere6 hoursAt 1:30 AM to 7:30 AM in the eastern sky witnessed multiple spheres with orbiting red lights moving slow followed by a flash in the sky3/4/22Yes
2/4/22 22:05CircleA flash of green light lit the whole sky then a circular lit up aircraft came we thought it was a plane but it made no noise and didn't3/4/22
2/4/22 20:25QueensburyNYUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle of three blue lights stationary in sky when spotted, remained in place, sped off eastward3/4/22
2/4/22 18:30HonoluluHIUSAOval10 minutesUFO seen while I was in an outdoor yoga class staring up at the sky3/4/22
2/4/22 18:11ContrerasNMUSALight5 minutesLight moving L to R in sky above mountains, NNE of my location. After a short bit it just vanished.3/4/22
2/4/22 17:34New York CityNYUSALight~20 secondsI took 4 pics of the Empire state building while waiting for a green light - next day I noticed 6 orbs in 2 pics in different positions3/4/22Yes
2/4/22 11:57Grand JunctionCOUSARectangleNever saw till nowWe took this pic in San Diego between 2006 and 2012. I found it Jan. 23, 20223/4/22Yes
2/4/22 09:18ComptonCAUSACircleI saw 2 lights come and go than one disappeared. I took a video and was able to see the circle.3/4/22Yes
2/4/22 06:38GastonSCUSALight5 minutesLarge white disc SE at 20-30 degrees, no sound no movement3/4/22Yes
2/4/22 05:02WalsenburgCOUSALightWatched for 45min.Again upon letting our dogs outside; the sky is very clear and no other stars were present.3/4/22Yes
2/4/22 05:00Charlton (UK/England)Royal Borough of GreenwichUK/England15 miuitesThe 2 Green and Red Orbs that came out of the big white Orb flew from left to right in a straight line back and forth4/22/22
2/3/22 19:18EugeneORUSACircle5 minutesCircular Crafts in a Dragon Shape3/4/22
2/3/22 19:15Barcelona (Spain)Barcelona ProvinceSpainCircle2 minutesWhite Big ball Cross Barcelona3/4/22
2/3/22 18:10MidlothianVAUSACircle5 seconds or lessBright white light moving quickly toward earth, then stopped dead and shot back up.3/4/22
2/3/22 18:06HopkinsvilleKYUSAChevron1min 10secit was triangular shaped with 3 bright circular lights aligned with one another, and a smaller red blinking light. I stopped alongside3/4/22
2/3/22 00:25MobileALUSAMADAR Node 633/4/22
2/2/22 21:23GlasgowKYUSASphere10 to 20 secondsI was heading towards I-65 away from Glasgow Kentucky a remarkably bright sphere lit up the whole area.3/4/22
2/2/22 20:35GlendaleAZUSALight10 minutes2 flashing big lights that came together as a disc ship.3/4/22
2/2/22 19:20PhoenixAZUSAOther1 hour or moreSaw what looked like ball of flashing light which kept expanding and collapsing.3/4/22Yes
2/2/22 19:08GiselaAZUSAChanging5 minutesTriangular lights shifting to diamond shape3/4/22Yes
2/2/22 19:00BonitaCAUSALight3 secondsGolden orange light3/4/22
2/2/22 17:17ElizabethNYUSAMADAR Node 1683/4/22
2/2/22 15:45GardendaleALUSAChanging8-10 secondsWas looking north observing an airplane coming from east to west at approx 25,000-30,000ft, 75° above elevation, surrounded by objects3/4/22
2/2/22 06:30BloomsburgPAUSALight1.5 seconds80 to 100 balls of light.3/4/22
2/2/22 05:45ValricoFLUSALight10-15 minutesAwakened by a bright light outside window3/4/22Yes
2/2/22 02:30HaywardCAUSASphere10 secondsI woke up, something said check my camera and it was there.3/4/22
2/1/22 22:05AumsvilleORUSALight3 minutes est.1 light turned into 2 flew almost directly over our home.3/4/22Yes
2/1/22 21:31SharonvilleOHUSAUnknown30 secodsSmall completely black low flying Beatle shaped object apparently following or using railroad tracks traversed quarter mile in seconds3/4/22
2/1/22 21:30DuBoisPAUSACircle10 secondsDriving with wife when craft emitting neon green purple and orange lights flew from North to south over I 80 some fields and w towards3/4/22
2/1/22 19:00Mount PleasantTXUSASphere3 minutesWe step outside and looked up. It was like a spiral galaxy with a center bright point3/4/22
2/1/22 17:10JamestownKYUSAOtherRoughly 45 secondsFlat shaped object.3/4/22Yes
2/1/22 16:30JupiterFLUSADisk40 secondsBright silver object3/4/22
2/1/22 09:56EvansvilleINUSAUnknown<2 minutesWitnessed a shimmery/metallic object move at a high rate of speed from right to left, left to right, and then sit stationary3/4/22
2/1/22 06:08Cave SpringsARUSACross5-10 secondsX or Plus Sign shape moving slow and silent upward angle3/4/22Yes
2/1/22 05:30LaFollette and PowellTNUSARectangle1 1/3 hoursObject followed me matching my speed4/22/22Yes
2/1/22 00:45NewportWAUSAUnknownapproximately 30 minutesHovering object, possibly disc-shaped, with many red, yellow, blue and green lights that were in constant motion3/4/22