National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/2021


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/21 21:25TucsonAZUSASphere1 minuteHalloween Night - burning bright orange UFO in the Southwest Desert.11/15/21
10/31/21 21:00SurpriseAZUSA2 minutesAbout 9:00 pm Local time saw a bright Fluorescent orange object coming from the south west heading towards the Northeast. Made no noise11/15/21
10/31/21 19:00Charles CityVAUSAOval1 minuteDriving west on route 60 about to come up on route 33 to get on interstate 295. So about 1 minute away from bottoms bridge route 33 dr11/15/21
10/31/21 07:48GoshenKYUSAMADAR Node 1823/4/22
10/31/21 06:43West Des MoinesIAUSALight30 secondsSatellite-type speeding light in sky stopped near star, went 90 degrees in different direction.11/15/21
10/31/21 01:01NASA space agencyNVUSAChanging15 minutesPeter, ((deleted)) here. I thought I had your email.. ((NUFORC Note: Alleged footage of faked lunar landing. PD))11/15/21
10/31/21 01:00GulfportMSUSATriangle4 secondsStanding in the front yard at my mothers after hearing a noise that drew me outside.6/22/22
10/31/21 00:45NaplesFLUSALightUnknownStrange swirling light seen in the sky and video recorded by local news service.11/15/21
10/31/21 00:09BismarckNDUSA15 minutesTop left corner of video, towards the end you see it leap after a second one appears or maybe just how the craft travels.11/15/21
10/30/21 22:28La ConnerWAUSAChevron8 secondsClear night no moon I was outside in my back yard looking for the northern lights. I was out there for about 15 minutes and looking to11/15/21
10/30/21 21:35Dunbartionshire (UK/Scotland)United KingdomTriangle10 secondsMy son seen it first and asked me what it was in the sky and I looked up and saw a triangle craft with a light at each corner and flew11/15/21
10/30/21 21:30Loch Lomond (UK/Scotland)West DunbartonshireUnited KingdomTriangle~1minuteTriangle craft 100 feet above us3/4/22
10/30/21 20:00TucsonAZUSADisk5 minutesGrey disk like craft no sound no lights moving around 300 feet altitude at high rate of speed westbound just 100 feet southerly of Gran11/15/21
10/30/21 19:10CaryNCUSACircle15 secondsDriving on Holly Springs Rd, my wife & I saw an object flying just above the treetops. Object was circular, approximately 30 ft in circ11/15/21
10/30/21 19:00ApexNCUSAUnknownDriving South on HWY 55, a brightly lit, very large object, passed above me at the intersection of Vision Dr.12/19/21
10/30/21 18:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaCircle5 minutesObjects over Surrey B.C Canada.11/15/21
10/30/21 16:30TahlequahOKUSACigar2 minutesI was in my car geting ready to help a friend change a tire while waiting in car I notice s white cigar shape object going across the s11/15/21
10/30/21 15:38Port AngelesWAUSAMADAR Node 493/4/22
10/30/21 07:37JanesvilleWIUSAOther2-3 minutesCrescent like object that looks like a moon glowing was moving through the sky in a south to north direction.11/15/21
10/30/21 04:36JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 1433/4/22
10/30/21 03:30UnknownIn a plane over greece12/19/21
10/29/21 23:00PortlandORUSACircle60 minutesRound orb like had a hovering movement. A smaller piece separated from the bigger identical of the larger one.11/15/21
10/29/21 22:00EdisonNJUSAChanging4 hoursnow this is not a joke for at about 10 o'clock on fri night I saw varied craft in the sky on the ground nd on the greenway in Edison n11/15/21
10/29/21 20:10OwassoOKUSAOval4-5 secondsVery dim but long range meteor-like object11/15/21
10/29/21 20:00ConcordNCUSAChanging3 minutesWe were riding down road. I looked to my right. There was bright orange balls of light. There was a big light and then more balls of li11/15/21
10/29/21 19:00PhoenixAZUSAFireballBright fireball object moving in sky12/19/21
10/29/21 19:00PlymouthNHUSALight10-20 minutesBright white light or orb moving dramatically.11/15/21
10/29/21 19:00BarnesKSUSACircleAbout 5 minutesIt was stationary, with a red light. I looked to my West, and another one, identical, with same red light. Other person captured photos4/22/22
10/29/21 16:10TyroneCOUSAUnknown15 secondsSeen a strange object going east at a faster speed then normal. Silver chrome colored it turned and it just disappeared.11/15/21
10/29/21 10:45KatyTXUSAOther5-8 minutesSilver "toaster-shaped" object with white lights on bottom. It was slow flying and stopped and hovered for approximately 20 s11/15/21
10/29/21 10:21PortlandORUSAMADAR Node 663/4/22
10/29/21 09:25SoldotnaAKUSACircle3 minutesShiny metallic craft in morning sunlight11/15/21
10/29/21 09:25SoldotnaAKUSACircle3 minutesShiny metallic craft in morning sunlight.11/15/21
10/29/21 07:57BoiseIDUSAMADAR Node 1113/4/22
10/29/21 02:45RichlandWAUSAUnknown~2 minutesWhite Creature with Black eyes does hand signals afar11/15/21
10/28/21 20:00Oaxaca City (Mexico)MexicoChevron15 secondsDimply Lit Chevron Over Oaxaca. ((NUFORC Note: We have corrected the date. PD))11/15/21
10/28/21 20:00Oaxaca City (Mexico)MexicoChevron15 secondsDimly Lit Chevron Over Oaxaca. ((NUFORC Note: Wee have corrected the date. PD))11/15/21
10/28/21 19:45ClearwaterFLUSALight5 minutesFour orange/red lights flying in formation one minute apart.11/15/21
10/28/21 19:15EnfieldNHUSATriangle10 secondsOne gray triangular aircraft the size of a large jet with a white light at each point, and a red light in the middle11/15/21
10/28/21 09:46IndependenceMOUSAMADAR Node 453/4/22
10/28/21 07:40UnionUSACylinder10 secondsIt was moving away from me. Looked like shiny airplane without wings or tail. NO windows.3/4/22Yes
10/28/21 06:40MacedonNYUSALight15+ minutesLight moving randomly in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a celestial body?? PD))11/15/21
10/28/21 03:00Sherbrooke (Canada)QCCanadaTeardrop5 secondsTwo bright lights11/15/21
10/27/21 21:15WinstonGAUSALight15 minutesCircular two bright lights with a space in between11/15/21
10/27/21 19:50Las Animas CountyCOUSAChanging~30 minutesSeen light outside southwest. It started moving torward the north after a short time.11/15/21
10/27/21 19:35EmporiumPAUSARectangle20 minutesWatched it cross the sky3/4/22Yes
10/27/21 19:30Murrells InletSCUSALight5 minutesWhite light with a blue shield scanning Murrells Inlet.11/15/21
10/27/21 19:15ExtonPAUSATriangle5 minutesStrange object in sky with bright lights11/15/21
10/27/21 19:12LaytonUTUSALight40 secondsI saw a bright light higher than I have ever seen before. It was brighter than the stars but seemed to be the same size as a star. It w11/15/21
10/27/21 18:56BristowVAUSAFlash6-8 secondsHigh altitude single ball of light appeared in the distant sky while on evening walk. N-NW in proximity to my location. Caught my atten11/15/21
10/27/21 18:15College GroveTNUSAUnknown1 minuteIt was hovering and had one green light and one white light.11/15/21
10/27/21 17:51Sherman OaksCAUSALight10 minutes8 Silver/Red Flashing Lights Seen Hovering Very High Above Los Angeles By Three Women11/15/21
10/27/21 14:40WylieTXUSAMADAR Node 1713/4/22
10/27/21 11:00South LeeMAUSAFormation10 minutesI definitely saw a live, moving SASQUATCH GIANT MOVING TOWARD THE CONDO UNITS ON 190 MEADOWS STREET, YESTERDAY. I OBSERVED A DARK GRAY11/15/21
10/27/21 09:00CiceroILUSASphere5 minutesWhitish sphere with red flashing light moving steady from E to W never changing its plane. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly 9 p.m.? PD))11/15/21
10/27/21ClovisNMUSATriangle5:00 minutesTraveling down back airport highway seen object flying opposite direction had 3 white lights red light in middle of craft.11/15/21
10/26/21 23:40St. LouisMOUSAMADAR Node 703/4/22
10/26/21 23:00Marco IslandFLUSATriangle7 secondsV shaped formation with White Lights boardering the edges with black middle. Vert large sound was floating fast for 7 seconds11/15/21
10/26/21 20:00MatthewsNCUSAFireball45 secondsFireball appeared to expand and retract, darting multidirectionally for (+\-) 45 seconds.11/15/21
10/26/21 11:00Frederiksted St> Croix USVIUnited States Virgin IslandsUSAOvalNoticed an image in a picture when looking at it on my phone12/19/21
10/26/21 10:34GarrettsvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 643/4/22
10/26/21 09:30GastonSCUSACigar<10 secondsblack cigar shape with bright yellow peripheral lights11/15/21
10/26/21 05:15San JoseCAUSALight8 minutesA multitude of objects following a pre-described path11/15/21
10/25/21 20:45Boca RatonFLUSAOtherContinuingLARGE GLOWING OBJECT IN SKY11/15/21
10/25/21 20:45Boca RatonFLUSAOthercontinuingWeather conditions at time of sighting: Temperature 79 F, Barometric Pressure 29.94 in, Visibility 10 miles, Clouds Partly Cloudy, Dew10/26/21
10/25/21 20:24SykesvilleMDUSACircle3 secondsBig bright blue crystal ball-like light with aura emitting sound10/26/21
10/25/21 20:00MahwahNJUSACircle10 secondsAn orange orb appeared in the southwest skies The night sky was darkened by clouds as a nor'easter was fast approaching. It disappea10/26/21
10/25/21 19:00BurneyCAUSACircle2 hoursAliens in my attic?!10/26/21
10/25/21 17:18Corpus ChristiTXUSAOther40 minutesSeven United States Postal workers in Corpus Christi Texas were outside on a break from work at around 6:15pm October 25th 2021. All se10/26/21
10/25/21 15:23GarrettsvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 643/4/22
10/25/21 07:20JolietILUSALight12 minutesSaturday Oct 25th About 7:20pm i was driving south on Ridge Rd as i passed Wheeler Rd I first noticed three lights in a triangle format10/26/21
10/25/21 06:37IndianapolisINUSAMADAR Node 213/4/22
10/24/21 20:00StamfordCTUSAOther2 minutesSlight line movement without sound and lights/ strobes. Stamford CT.10/26/21
10/24/21 15:00Austin area (near)TXUSADiskFew minutesSpinng disc cloud leaving trail10/26/21
10/24/21 13:37Kansas CityMOUSAMADAR Node 403/4/22
10/24/21 12:04CliftonNJUSALight>1 hourTriangular shape in sky made with 5 ufos10/26/21
10/24/21 12:00Brisbane (Australia)AustraliaChevron30 secondsThere was a group of 5 objects in the sky heading over the sea11/15/21
10/24/21 05:43DennisMAUSALight10 secondsWhite light passing W to E overhead, like an airplane, but not one.10/26/21
10/24/21 03:45BooneNCUSALight5 secondsI saw what looked like a bright and close star fall out of the sky after I looked at it, with a speed much faster than gravity.10/26/21
10/24/21 02:30FortunaCAUSAChangingOngoingHeard footfalls outside window. Was having intimate time with my wife. Flash ofights and believed our photo had been taken. Stopped a10/26/21
10/23/21 21:45Crown PointINUSAOther4 secondsSeen a roughly 10x10 V shaped object flying across me. It was roughly 300 to 500 feet off the ground. It lasted about 4 seconds. Each s11/15/21
10/23/21 20:28Pompton LakesNJUSALight4-5 minutesFive amber orbs seen slowly moving over northern NJ sky five days after similar sighting nearby10/26/21
10/23/21 19:10FlagstaffAZUSALightNightlyNightly I am observing multicolored flashing formation lights that are red,blue and green.They have been in the sky over Flagstaff for10/26/21
10/23/21 18:00PlymouthWIUSAChanging1 minuteGlowing craft in the sky changed shape and elevation, defying the laws of physics10/26/21
10/23/21 06:20West SuffieldCTUSAOther5 secondsColored Dust or unknown object Goes by quickly and disappears in a instant.10/26/21
10/23/21 03:30GarlandTXUSALight7 hoursEarly morning site & short encounter11/15/21
10/22/21 23:00HebronINUSACigar5 minutesCigar shaped object colored purple to pink to orange caught on blink camera10/26/21
10/22/21 22:54RossburgOHUSALightMy best guess 30 minutesDriving brilliant light ball form came down in a controlled manner in front of vehicle this sounds crazy I know!5/31/22
10/22/21 21:45BergenfieldNJUSAFormation1-2 minutescolored light formation darting hovering over NY tristate10/26/21
10/22/21 19:00HamiltonNJUSACircleAbout an hourTwo round balls of light sitting in the sky.11/15/21
10/22/21 15:25Sioux FallsSDUSAOther31 secondssuspending in one place for a longtime square no movement10/26/21
10/22/21 15:00Winston SalemNCUSARectangle1 min 40 secondSurveillance camera caught this. No clouds in the sky6/22/22
10/21/21 20:30TonganoxieKSUSACircle10 minutes8 Red Lights Observed11/15/21
10/21/21 20:21ShorelineWAUSARectangle3 minutesWitnessed a rectangular prism shaped object with 3 distinct circular red lights in a row. Sighting was west of I5, east of the flight p10/26/21
10/21/21 20:05Fort WorthTXUSAUnknown2 minutesLow flying stationary craft with three green and white flashing lights.10/26/21
10/21/21 19:00Gulf ShoresALUSALight10 minutesRecorded video in Gulf Shores AL of strange light that multiplied into 5 lights or orbs.10/26/21
10/21/21 19:00RedmondORUSA15 minSeveral pictures several videos live3/4/22Yes
10/21/21 07:35Princeton JctNJUSA3 seconds10/26/21
10/21/21 07:35Princeton JctNJUSA3 secondsGrey metallic like in color, circular in shape, my iPhone caught the object. Not in pictures right before or after it.11/15/21
10/21/21 06:58PremontTXUSAStar29 secondsEarly morning, full moon star on left of moon started moving from our left to our right, crossing in front of the moon and continued3/4/22Yes
10/21/21 05:20Hallandale BeachFLUSARectangle20 secondsGreen Lights10/26/21
10/20/21 22:00BucknerMOUSAOther15-30 seconds?4 Round Lights around 2-3 feet separating them3/4/22
10/20/21 22:00SartellMNUSAFormation5 secondsI saw 7-9 lights flying in a v-formation.3/4/22
10/20/21 21:24Flat RockNCUSACylinder3 secondsI was taking a photo of the Harvest Moon at my home with my I-phone as it was rising out of the eastern sky just above the trees. It wa11/15/21
10/20/21 20:30SedonaAZUSAOtherten minutesRow of bright equidistant stationary horizontal lights rapidly flashing back and forth, then went dark. NOT Starlink3/4/22Yes
10/20/21 20:10NormanOKUSAOther5 minutesplease see above sorry10/26/21
10/20/21 20:00AlamagordoNMUSAFormation>20-30 minutesGolden lights spotted in the sky over white sands national park.10/26/21
10/20/21 19:33MokenaILUSASphere10 minutesAbout 12 glowing orbs flying about 1000 feet off the ground at a slow moving pace.10/26/21
10/20/21 16:15MandevilleLAUSARectangleJust a few seconds5 seconds total?3/4/22
10/20/21 11:33MaldenMAUSAChanging2019/2022 UFOs filmedVideos of UFOs YouTube channel Jeffrey Ventola6/22/22Yes
10/20/21 07:50OttawaILUSAUnknown2-3 minutesRobust contrail with no obvious traditional aircraft.10/26/21
10/20/21 07:24MiltonGAUSACigar60 secondsCigar shaped craft with three lights blinking in a pattern hovering over new providence and Doris road in Milton GA.10/26/21
10/20/21 07:20JacksonvilleFLUSACylinder5 minutes2 white objects in the sky smooth looked like tic tac10/26/21
10/20/21 07:00ChicagoILUSAOther20 feet long, metal object, hovering in air and then moved horizontally.12/19/21
10/20/21 03:00Gronau (Germany)GermanyRectangle1 hourRectangular shaped UFO sighting in West Germany.10/26/21
10/19/21 16:48Ft WorthTXUSACigarClip was 39 secondsVideo taped while flying kite. Did not notice disk flying across sky also until clip was viewed.3/4/22
10/19/21 16:00Cleveland HeightsOHUSAChanging3 minutesDetails can be seen for yourself. I recorded the incident as I was sitting on my porch. If you go to Facebook or YouTube... You can see10/26/21
10/19/21 13:30BolingbrookILUSACylinder15 minutesSpherical object seen over Bolingbrook, IL10/26/21
10/19/21 12:49WilliamstownMAUSAUnknownMaybe 5 minutesLooked at sky during lunch saw object filmed it and it disappeared soon after6/22/22
10/19/21 03:11Toms RiverNJUSACircle15 minutesI'm a School Counselor in a public high school. I was driving on the NJ Garden State Parkway going south around 3:00PM. Around 3:10 I n10/26/21
10/19/21 00:00SouthamptonPAUSALight8 hoursLights UFO10/19/21
10/18/21 00:00Wagga Wagga (Australia)AustraliaTriangle4 secondsOn the morning of 18/10/2021 my daughter my dog and my self were in a local forest livingston state forest we walked down the side of a11/15/21
10/18/21 23:30Thousand OaksCAUSAOther~5+ hoursVentura County – unknown even – 10-18-2021…What I saw didn't seem like a single UFO but an event. I saw an orange cloud or light inside10/26/21
10/18/21 19:40CharlotteNCUSAChanging15 minutesTwo orange lights in the sky to the south of Charlotte, NC10/19/21
10/18/21 18:43South San FranciscoCAUSACircle3 secondsBlue and white circular ball falling to earth spotted in Northern California10/19/21
10/18/21 18:09King of PrussiaPAUSAChangingA few minutesI took pictures of a sunset only to afterwards see this odd shape-shifting thing in the pictures. It moves counter to the clouds.3/4/22Yes
10/18/21 17:00HebronINUSAChanging15 minutesBright object in sky on video zig zags, comes closer breaks into particles then back to circular shape.10/26/21
10/18/21 17:00SpringfieldMOUSARectangle3 minutesI was driving home from work and saw this flying across Springfield MO at about 5pm. It hovered over downtown long enough for me to cat10/26/21
10/18/21 15:30KatyTXUSA15 minutesWhite/silver snake-like objec worming its way through the sky in Katy TX. ((NUFOC Note: Possibly a string of balloons? PD))10/19/21
10/18/21 06:20SpringfieldMOUSALight3 minutesI saw a star-sized light zig-zagging high in the dark morning sky.10/19/21
10/17/21 23:00RockvilleMDUSAChangingongoing nowwatched for 20 minutes starting at 23:10, blinking or shimmering distant body fairly low in northwest sky. It did not noticeably change10/19/21
10/17/21 22:39Chandler/Maricopa CountyAZUSAFormation>1 hourFormation of lights10/19/21
10/17/21 21:00WalkillNYUSACircle30 minutesDots in the Sky in Walkill New York10/19/21
10/17/21 20:40Hobart (Australia)AustraliaSphere10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no details about his sighting. We have invited him to submit another report. PD))11/15/21
10/17/21 17:11CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown2 secondsContact me3/4/22Yes
10/17/21 16:48DenverCOUSAChanging1 minuteShape shifting black object with strange lights and reflections.10/19/21
10/17/21 14:49Nadia (India)IndiaOthera few secondsSophisticated aircraft like objects among clouds in Nadia, WB, India. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly two dragonflies caught in flight?? PD))10/19/21
10/17/21 14:00Kansas CityMOUSAMADAR Node 4012/19/21
10/17/21 06:47LaurelvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 10711/15/21
10/16/21 22:57CypressTXUSASphere23 secondsSphere (orb) visible only with IR camera flying very low over the lake.3/4/22
10/16/21 17:00SumterSCUSASphere30 secondsSaw roating round globe moving low above our treeline rotating white to black.3/4/22
10/16/21 15:41UticaNYUSAMADAR Node 17011/15/21
10/16/21 10:30TaosNMUSACigar3 minutesCigar object that caught my attention10/19/21
10/16/21 06:35YoungstownOHUSAMADAR Node 7311/15/21
10/16/21 06:20WelltonAZUSAFireball7 secondsGreen ball of flame fizzles out over Wellton, Arizona.10/26/21
10/16/21 02:30StraffordMOUSAFireball~20 minutesIncredibly bright light(s) in sky, felt like 3 unknown shapes maybe orbs10/19/21
10/15/21 23:15fentonMOUSA2 secondsquick burst of the purest white light in the sky.11/15/21
10/15/21 21:42OklahomaOKUSACigar48minIt look like a train in the sky a big one it came from the direction of the a6/22/22
10/15/21 20:00Aventura (N.Miami Beach)FLUSALight45 minutes +Very bright, steady light in night sky that would engage in a series of bursts then become steady again.10/19/21
10/15/21 20:00Rainbow CityALUSAFireball4 minutesFireball/Orb in Rainbow City AL10/19/21
10/15/21 19:35ManchesterNHUSAOther10 minutesOrange glowing circles slowly synchronize in a circle motion and a black hole forms10/19/21
10/15/21 19:00SeattleWAUSAOtherAt first I thought these were traffic helicopters in the night sky along the I5 corridor, from the I90 overpass up to Northgate, as the10/19/21
10/15/21 19:00New York CityNYUSALight10 minutesWhite round light with no movement and no sound over the Hudson River viewable from the W. 60's in Manhattan10/19/21
10/15/21 15:45PhoenixAZUSAOval5 minutesMetallic spherical / star shaped craft seen while looking up towards south mountains in north Phoenix area in mid afternoon.10/26/21
10/15/21 11:04Idaho national forestIDUSAOther5 minutesThis summer while doing research on bigfoots, I ram across 3 different alenis thru out the summer. I've been going to the same place3/4/22Yes
10/15/21 05:18JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 14311/15/21
10/15/21 01:05Redondo BeachCAUSA12 + minutesBright red light hovering in sky10/19/21
10/14/21 22:40Dickson CityPAUSA~10 minutesWatched a blinking light change colors and move erratically10/19/21
10/14/21 21:00Beverly HillsCAUSAFlash2-3 secondsA bright green light with a teal light trail fell from the sky in a curve for about 2-3 seconds before it disappeared from view.10/19/21
10/14/21 19:38MurrietaCAUSAChevron1 minutesV Shaped Craft10/19/21
10/14/21 19:12SpencervilleINUSAMADAR Node 8111/15/21
10/14/21 17:14MechanicsburgPAUSACircle22 secondsI was in my back yard playing with the dogs and noticed a small aircraft going in circles. I thought man he is having fun and then I ca10/19/21
10/14/21 13:00ManitowocWIUSACigar3 minutesUnknown object from a distance changed direction abruptly10/19/21
10/14/21 11:30Hamilton TownshipNJUSAOther5 minutesPulsating green light I shined my long range laser pointer at it and it started it to descend slowly and there was no noise at all I wa10/19/21
10/14/21 02:02OstervilleMAUSALight2-3 minutesI saw this flashing light in the north east horizon that was flashing in and out and darting across the sky.3/4/22Yes
10/13/21 20:15MadisonOHUSATriangle1 minuteThere was a strange triangular object in the sky over route 90 heading east. We were outside in the hot tub and saw it. Sometime betwee10/19/21
10/13/21 19:20NemoTXUSADisk45 secondsLarge disc with small rectangular lights sighted on our near ground and the took off leaving vapor trail10/19/21
10/13/21 12:00Houstona long 3 minsCloud Portal with human like cloud men in black6/22/22
10/13/21 03:00BeavercreekUnknown5 secondsVery bright blue.and white lights3/4/22
10/12/21 19:12ArvadaCOUSATriangleApproximately 3 min totalWedge shaped, massive, silent and extremely fast aircraft6/22/22
10/12/21 19:00LabadievilleLAUSAOval2 minutesSaw oval or round object. 4 extended pods. Previously saw same object in late 1960's. Had orange lights under the pedestal legs.10/19/21
10/12/21 11:20Tuncurry (Australia)AustraliaOther6 weeks((HOAX??)) Invisible, makes irritating sounds around my air conditioner and vibrations through the floor boards.10/19/21
10/12/21Newport NewsVAUSATriangle2 secondsFast moving Triangular object apprears in Netflix documentary about war in Afghanistan10/19/21
10/11/21 18:40GreenwichCTUSARectangle5 secondsLarge rectangular object flying low over the water.11/15/21
10/11/21 15:04Pine CityNYUSAMADAR Node 8211/15/21
10/11/21 14:36Deep RiverONUSAMADAR Node 5911/15/21
10/11/21 13:55GeorgetownTXUSASphere12 secondsBright white round object with a more dim object moving across blue sky East to West.10/19/21
10/11/21 13:34VernalUTUSAMADAR Node 18111/15/21
10/11/21 08:04FranklinTNUSAMADAR Node 3311/15/21
10/10/21 23:02SaleManchesterUnited KingdomCircle10 secondsCame out and noticed a bright light. Took our phone to zoom in and noticed it moving very fast and also moving up and down.3/4/22Yes
10/10/21 23:00HadleyKYUSAFlashTwo large round white flashes over Hadley,Ky10/19/21
10/10/21 22:30CoronaCAUSALight5 minutesUFO craft over corona California10/19/21
10/10/21 22:05JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball15 secondsSaw 4 green fireballs falling close together. They were extremely close like the distance an airplane isafter takeoff/before landing. .10/19/21
10/10/21 22:00ProspectCTUSADisk10 minutes10/10/21 at 22:00 I saw a large lit up object only 50’ above our car. Continued to keep flashing every minute until it slowed down.10/19/21
10/10/21 21:23LubbockTXUSALight6 secondsSecond sighting in 3 months10/19/21
10/10/21 20:52Fort Myers BeachFLUSATriangle30 secondsSitting out on the beach by the Diamond Hotel in Fort Myers Beach watching the stars. All of a sudden, my partner and I saw a triangle10/19/21
10/10/21 19:13GardendaleALUSACircle3 secondsIt was a clear night , I was searching to locate Venus with my sky master pro binoculars, I saw in my view a flying objet , it was11/15/21
10/10/21 19:13DublinOHUSAOther30 secondsFloating object that disappeared10/19/21
10/10/21 19:03LaceyWAUSAMADAR Node 5011/15/21
10/10/21 18:20WichitaKSUSAMADAR Node 12311/15/21
10/10/21 15:00San JoseCAUSAUnknown30 minutessee a tiny white dot moving fast in the blue sky in San Jose on a clear Sunday afternoon11/15/21
10/9/21 23:00BrandonFLUSAChanging~15 secondsI thought they were jets but they made no sound10/19/21
10/9/21 20:45HazlehurstGAUSAChevron10-15 secondsLarge chevron shaped craft, no lights, no sound.10/19/21
10/9/21 19:15La Palma (Canary Islands)SpainCylinder6 secondscan send link to you tube. was watching video on la palma volcano at 2:49 tell me what you see going across the bottom third of the scr10/19/21
10/9/21 14:47Upper MarlboroMDUSAOval3 hoursJelly bean Shaped object flying erratically for about three hours in the sky.10/19/21
10/9/21 13:23HoustonTXUSAOval5 minutesStationary silver metallic oval object at high altitude during 2021 Houston Air Show.10/19/21
10/9/21 13:23HoustonTXUSADisk5 MinutesDisc-shaped Metallic UFO photographed at Houston Air Show10/19/21
10/9/21 07:54Simi ValleyCAUSARectangle2.5 minutesOver the water roughly 10,000ft above the ocean. Just hovering in one spot slowly started to move them gone in millisecond. The shape w10/19/21
10/9/21 06:16HenricoNCUSACircle20 secondsVideo on blink camera of a round object10/19/21
10/9/21 05:26Midwest CityOKUSAMADAR Node 17211/15/21
10/9/21 03:53EadsTNUSAMADAR Node 3211/15/21
10/8/21 22:00AlbertvilleALUSAFireball5 secondThe object was round and it looked like an orb or fireball , it had green color to it like a weld spark. I saw it for about 5 seconds w10/19/21
10/8/21 21:35Union CityOKUSAFireball4-5 minutes1 bright reddish/orange glimmering light west of Union City, OK11/15/21
10/8/21 21:00EllisvilleMOUSADiamond2 minutesRed blue and green revolving lights moving in a straight line down and a quick 90 degree turn then vanished.10/26/21
10/8/21 20:40LongvilleMNUSALight2 minutesMy friend and I where in a fishing boat on Leech Lake in central Minnesota at 8:40pm. It was a clear night, and I was commenting to my10/19/21
10/8/21 20:30DerbyVTUSALight5 minutesDiscs of red lights fly across Northern sky and then disappear10/19/21
10/8/21 18:37OaklandonINUSAMADAR Node 8711/15/21
10/8/21 17:45AvocaNYUSASphere2 minutesSphere seen twice in close proximity and less than 6 months between the 2 sightings .10/19/21
10/8/21 02:00LoganvilleGAUSAChanging30 minutesSeveral objects seen moving with orbs, everynight in same area for 10 months. Possible abductions.10/19/21
10/8/21AustinTXUSALight3 minuteslooked like a blinking airplane but it was not10/19/21
10/7/21 23:38Fort WorthTXUSACircle2 hoursI saw what I thought was a bright star outside my apartment. That thing followed me in my work truck staying on my side of the truc3/4/22Yes
10/7/21 20:30HellertownPAUSATriangle15-20 minutesNo stars in the sky. Object with 3 amber lights that did not move for 15-20 min. until it slowly disappeared in the sky.10/19/21
10/7/21 20:24CincinnatusNYUSATriangle30 secondstriangular craft seen distorting star-field above and then leaving as a bright orange ball of light.10/19/21
10/7/21 19:50BridgeportCTUSALight30 secondsTwo Amber looking lights in the sky of Bridgeport11/15/21
10/7/21 19:30SlidellLAUSALight>5 secondsI was looking up, in the direction of Sagittarius and suddenly, a stationary star started moving. It traveled SE and disappeared in ju10/19/21
10/7/21 16:00Long BeachCAUSAChangingall dayI was filming the sunset3/4/22
10/7/21 09:58Hakui City (Japan)JapanOval1 minuteOval shaped objects photographed over Japan seaside10/19/21
10/6/21 23:55Sydney (Australia)AustraliaCircle2 secondsBright white light, circular object, moving at light speed, Sydney, Australia, NSW.10/19/21
10/6/21 22:01CincinnatiOHUSAUnknownRuffly 3 hoursAncient Hebrew math symbols.4/22/22
10/6/21 20:15PrimARUSACircle10 minutesWitnessed 6 round crafts with 3 symmetrical lights on the bottom of each hover just above the cabin.10/19/21
10/6/21 20:03KentOHUSATriangle45-60 secondstriangle pattern of lights seen over Kent Ohio10/19/21
10/6/21 19:32YoungstownOHUSAMADAR Node 7311/15/21
10/6/21 19:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaChevronunknownOttawa, looking west, saw a bright light and through a telescope saw it was a horseshoe shape.10/19/21
10/6/21 19:00MakawaoHIUSARectangle10 minutes4 huge rectangle lights on north side of haleakala. Just sat there for 10 min or more.. ((NUFORC Note: Date is flawed. PD))10/19/21
10/6/21 18:20SpringfieldMAUSAUnknown5 minutesComet or something entering the atmosphere?10/19/21
10/6/21 16:03PaysonILUSAMADAR Node 9711/15/21
10/6/21 15:50Los AngelesCAUSATriangle8 secondsMetallic triangle at a high speed, appeared to have a hole on the bottom.10/19/21
10/6/21 00:55Kirkland Lake (Canada)ONCanadaCircleSeconds2 silver disk appeared for a few seconds and took off like a bat out of hell Someone else saw it but got laughed at on Facebook.11/15/21
10/5/21 21:30SpokaneWAUSACircle30 secondsMr. Davenport, First of all, I have absolute respect for you. I have been a regular listener of Coast to Coast AM since the late 199010/19/21
10/5/21 21:00HelperUTUSALightMore than 30 minutesBright multicolored light stationary in the night sky, sighted 2 different nights from camp.3/4/22
10/5/21 19:45Los AngelesCAUSACircle5 secondsStationary Star-like objects over Los Angeles (second sighting)10/19/21
10/5/21 19:42MckinneyTXUSASphere2 minutesWhile walking our dog around the neighborhood we noticed a bright spherical shape/light moving slow in a strange path and about as high11/15/21
10/5/21 18:11PlantersvilleMSUSACigar1 minuteThe way it was shaped and moving.4/22/22
10/5/21 02:15Cerro GordoNCUSAFormation30 minutesI noticed a group of around 9 to 10 lights of changing colors ranging from pink to green and blue hovering in the sky for around 30 min10/19/21
10/5/21 01:25Mt. VernonKSUSAMADAR Node 11911/15/21
10/4/21 21:45AuroraCOUSAChanging3 hoursMultiple UFOs captured on Camera over Aurora Colorado10/19/21
10/4/21 20:53Los AngelesCAUSATriangle8 secondsBright Unidentified Light(s) During Unusual LA Thunderstorm10/19/21
10/4/21 20:21BurbankCAUSALightFew seconds2 bright lights/disks zooming too low/fast in sky to be aircraft6/22/22Yes
10/4/21 19:21Garden GroveCAUSALight4 seconds"Streaking Green Light" ((NUFORC Note: Good video, but anomalous light may be a lens flare, caused by a car headlight. PD))3/4/22
10/4/21 17:30St. AugustineFLUSACrossVery bright white lights in a cross formation10/19/21
10/4/21 14:23ArnoldMOUSATriangle1 minuteThe object looked like a triangle, 3 bright white lights were on the ends of the aircraft, it looked like it was heading to Scott AFB.10/26/21
10/4/21 06:45TampaFLUSASphere1 minuteThis morning at 6:45am I was out smoking a cigar on Howard Ave next to the river. As I was smoking I peered into a clear morning sky wi10/19/21
10/4/21 03:57Los AltosCAUSAMADAR Node 5211/15/21
10/4/21Highlands RanchCOUSAUnknown18:40Shiny object hovering high in the sky for a couple minutes10/19/21
10/3/21 21:00SarasotaFLUSALight3 minutesTwo bright Venus-like lights hang in sky, then dim at the same time until they disappear.10/19/21
10/3/21 20:10Dolberg (Germany)GermanyOval5 minutenDrei weiß leuchtende Objekte unter den Wolken. Bewegten sich sehr schnell von links nach rechts und führten dann eine Bewegung um 90 Gr10/19/21
10/3/21 19:31St. LouisMOUSAMADAR Node 7011/15/21
10/3/21 18:00BremertonWAUSAFireballHour3 light orbs in sky10/19/21
10/3/21 13:28South AmboyNJUSAOther10 minutesFloating or Hovering Being5/31/22
10/3/21 12:55Port AngelesWAUSAMADAR Node 4911/15/21
10/3/21 12:00ArvadaCOUSAOther~10 minutesHovering object along commercial airline flight path10/19/21
10/3/21 05:10MayIDUSAOval8-10 secondsGlowing UFO lights up the sky in May Idaho. ((NUFORC Note: Husband's report. PD))10/19/21
10/3/21 05:10MayIDUSAOval8-10 secondsUFO in May Idaho illuminates the sky with contrails of lights. ((NUFORC Note: Wife's report. PD))10/19/21
10/3/21 04:30NederlandCOUSAUnknown1-2 seconds1-2 seconds of very bright light outside, with no apparent source, shone through windows.10/19/21
10/2/21 21:53PullmanWAUSADiamond3 minutesI had just pulled up to my place after running to the store and when I got out of my car I saw a extremely bright gold shining light th10/19/21
10/2/21 21:35BrookingsORUSASphereA bright erratic object in the Southern sky over the Southern Coast of Oregon. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter??10/19/21
10/2/21 21:00BlairsvilleGAUSALight5 minutesAt apx 8:55 pm my wife said she sees something strange in the western sky. I got out of bed and we both witnessed 7 flashing lights in10/19/21
10/2/21 20:15Little RiverNCUSALight45 minutesStationary bright white light.10/19/21
10/2/21 20:00SpokaneWAUSALight1 minuteBright orange light (looked as big as Jupiter), drifted/ moved NW to SE, appeared to be low in the sky, and disappeared by fading away.10/19/21
10/2/21 17:10St. PeterMNUSAMADAR Node 6010/19/21
10/2/21 17:00TemeculaCAUSAChanging20 secondsufo gyroscope flying over freeway in ca10/19/21
10/2/21 06:49Pine CityNYUSAMADAR Node 8210/19/21
10/2/21 04:21ErieCOUSAMADAR Node 3910/19/21
10/2/21 03:00TitusvilleFLUSADisk10 minutesBlack disk shaped object seen as I was driving home after night shift work. Estimated it to be football field size from its perceived h11/15/21
10/1/21 22:30LithiaFLUSALight15 minutes1 Oct 21 approx 1030 pm coming home from hockey game. I saw a bunch of orange lights in the Eastern sky that I thought at first were li10/19/21
10/1/21 22:15IrvingNYUSAOval3 secondsCylinder bullet shaped object very bright blue light shoots across sky10/19/21
10/1/21 21:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging2 minutesI see a light that pings all over the sky in a certain area and have seen this more than once. It goes too fast for it to be ours11/15/21
10/1/21 20:35Belle River (Canada)ONCanadaLight5 minutesBright light flew bye, then blasts off into to the distant atmosphere.10/19/21
10/1/21 16:25CorydonINUSAMADAR Node 2910/19/21
10/1/21 15:43YoungstownOHUSAMADAR Node 7310/19/21
10/1/21 15:28SnohomishWAUSAOval30 secondsBlack ovel or round flying object10/19/21
10/1/21 14:08PuebloCOUSAMADAR Node 8310/19/21
10/1/21 10:25GriffinGAUSAOval2 - 3 MinutesGreen Pacman3/4/22Yes
10/1/21 09:40AlbuquerqueNMUSAOtherIts oniy 2 video framesSpace craft caught on film5/31/22Yes
10/1/21 05:40Stanlow (Wirral) (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle20 secondsAt between 5.30 and 5.40am i was driving from chester on the M53 motorway in the u.k heading towards junction 5 Eastham. I noticed a br10/19/21
10/1/21 03:35O'FallonMOUSADisk5 secondsI walked outside with my wife to smoke a cigarette and looked up as I always do, when I witnessed a white disk shaped object zoomed acr10/19/21