National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 07/2021


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/31/21 22:00BeniciaCAUSASphere1 hourExperienced a UFO drive-by until it came down to me!12/19/21
7/31/21 21:30FremontCAUSAOval30Blue lights and sharp maneuvers.8/16/21
7/31/21 21:15El DoradoCAUSALight15 minUnexplained lights in the sky, moving erratically and quickly right and left, up and down8/16/21
7/31/21 20:45WindsorVAUSACircleOnly observed for a few mExceptionally big and bright star/planet-like light briefly appears in SE sky, then vanishes, as though getting shut off.8/16/21
7/31/21 18:30Staton IslandNYUSAOther30 SecondsBlack Icosahedron Approximately 10ft in Diameter3/4/22Yes
7/31/21 15:00San AntonioTXUSACircle2hrs4 orb white balls hovering in the sky over San Antonio TX.8/16/21
7/31/21 14:00CarlsbadCAUSAOther4 minutesI was out with a group of friends during the day in Carlsbad, CA. It’s hard to describe on paper, I was siting down at a restaurant an9/7/21
7/31/21 10:00ManahawkinNJUSALight1 minuteSitting around a backyard campfire, we saw a bright light appear to be lower than an airplane flight path and had a much brighter/white8/16/21
7/31/21 03:36UkiahCAUSACircle38 secondsFor a whole month strange lights had kept appearing in the sky almost directly above me for a whole month.3/4/22Yes
7/31/21 02:00EatonOHUSATriangle5 minutesI let my dog out just after 2 a.m and saw 2 bright blueish silver fast flashing triangular objects. One over the other a small distanc8/16/21
7/31/21 01:30South Ozone ParkNYUSALightLooking at the skyWhen I was sitting outside I've seened 6 glowing orange lights coming from JFK airport in the sky,not making any sounds all six of them8/16/21
7/30/21 20:30DenverCOUSATriangleSpinning Triangle shaped craft with lights on tips spotted in thunderstorm12/19/21
7/30/21 20:00TucsonAZUSAOther20+minWas taking storm photos, and never saw objects, till reviewing photos I noticed a streek in the sky, not lightning, and then two green8/16/21
7/30/21 16:00GreenfieldMAUSACigar2 minIt looked like a long sliver cigar shaped cylinder flying through the air slow with the sun shining off of it, I'm still confused..8/16/21
7/30/21 12:51MillertonPAUSAMADAR Node 1048/16/21
7/29/21 23:30BrewsterWAUSACircleongoingBright, white hot light or reflection off the sun, silent, not moving, old or circular shape.8/16/21
7/29/21 20:31PortlandUSAOther2 minutes 30 secondsDark oval craft3/4/22Yes
7/29/21 20:15PortlandORUSAMADAR Node 668/16/21
7/29/21 16:45Horsham (UK/EnglandUnited KingdomSphere15 secondsDaytime small glinting orbs flying in formation in Horsham, UK8/16/21
7/28/21 23:27SparksNVUSALight7.2 SEC.BLUE LIGHT SEEN OVER SPARK NV. 7/28/218/16/21
7/28/21 23:13BakersfieldCAUSAFlash2 secondsBright Blue light flashed in sky, left small smoke puff. No sound.8/16/21
7/28/21 23:00Los AngelesCAUSALight10 secondsDense, bright blue light in a long oval shape observed and then faded into a dark cloud over Silver Lake/Glendale area of LA.8/16/21
7/28/21 21:15NashvilleTNUSALight30 secondsSatellites don't change direction8/16/21
7/28/21 10:41WinthropMEUSALight10 secondsSilent white light.8/16/21
7/27/21 23:58IndianapolisINUSAFireball2 minsFirst Possible Sighting of UFO: It began to move toward me!8/16/21
7/27/21 22:00BeniciaCAUSASphere20 minutesWitnessed another Orb off in the distance12/19/21
7/27/21 13:35Las VegasNVUSALight5 minLight seems at high altitude, hovering, then proceeding northbound.8/16/21
7/27/21 01:00San JacintoCAUSASphere~1 minuteLarge Spherical light above Idyllwild12/19/21
7/27/21 00:00DoverNHUSATriangle40 minRed dots in triangle form, stationary, then move slowly in straight line, changing to bright white light, and disappeared.8/16/21
7/27/21 00:00DoverNHUSATriangle20 minutesSaw triangle dotted reddish lights from my bedroom window, which began to slowly move and change to bright light, then disappeared.8/16/21
7/26/21 22:00BeaumontKSUSALight15 secondsYellowish lights and a string of lights near Beaumont Kansas8/16/21
7/26/21 19:30PhoenixvillePAUSACylinder1 minuteTic tac crafts passing each other as on two-lane highway in blue sky with puffy clouds.8/16/21
7/26/21 06:46WindhamOHUSAMADAR Node 558/16/21
7/25/21 20:36KitteryMEUSACircle~1hrClear sky with defined vertical split in color, 2 orbs on either side of the split line3/4/22Yes
7/25/21 14:00San DiegoCAUSACylinder3 minutesA white cylinder, silent, not moving, then poof...gone.8/16/21
7/25/21 05:40St. Thomas (Canada)ONCanadaLight5 - 10 secondsFast moving bright white object.8/16/21
7/25/21 03:47Los AltosCAUSAMADAR Node 528/16/21
7/25/21 00:02NortonMAUSA15 - 20 minsBright Light Southeastern MA8/16/21
7/25/21 00:00BeniciaCAUSASphereWitness another Orb over another neighbors home.12/19/21
7/24/21 22:50VacavilleCAUSACigar2 minutesWhile driving my son noticed a black cigar shaped object above/over over the moon - i pulled over and we watched it move slowly from to8/16/21
7/24/21 16:55BothellWAUSAUnknown20 secShiny object moving quickly across the sky N-S Mill Creek / N Bothell WA8/16/21
7/24/21 16:50BrentwoodNHUSADiskUnsureSome kind of aircraft with an oval of light to accompany it.8/16/21
7/24/21 14:40San JoseCAUSASphereUnder 10 secondsSpherical-shaped UFO sighting in Almaden Quicksilver Park, San Jose, CA8/16/21
7/24/21 02:34WheelingILUSALight2 hrs. Approx.Unable to notice any shape. White light with hovering then fast jolty movement. There was only 1 light. Starless night with a full moon8/16/21
7/24/21 00:45MorriltonARUSACigar3 minMysterious, cigar-shaped aluminum floating object (with no wings or propellers) drifted directly over our car right in front of us.8/16/21
7/23/21 23:00SummervilleSCUSAFireball1-1.5 minutesMy sons were in the yard. They saw this gold- illuminated, flickering but not flashing, as if made of fire. No other lights....pure gol8/16/21
7/23/21 22:03Garden CityNYUSADisk1 minuteBlack isosceles trapezoid shaped object moving across the sky, above the meadowbrook parkway, southbound. Red blinking lights on the bo8/16/21
7/23/21 22:00EastportMECanadaOther3 hours over three nightsFive spoked object like a wheel with multiple bright, red, green, white, blue, & yellow flashing lights along the spoke structures.8/16/21
7/23/21 21:15Bonita SpringsFLUSATriangle5 minHeard a sound not far above us. Looked up, saw a huge ship hovering above almost still, bright light from the center, just watching4/22/22
7/23/21 19:00BeniciaCAUSADiskOver 100 ships/crafts came and scattered all over the sky and myself, wife and 3 neighbors watched them for an hour and 10 mins.12/19/21
7/23/21 17:27AllentownPAUSAMADAR Node 1778/16/21
7/23/21 05:30DenverCOUSAUnknown1 mileGrasses laid down in weird patterns for over a mile8/16/21
7/23/21 00:00Singatse PeakNVUSATeardrop3 hoursUrgent: recorded on public fire camera, footage available 12 hours only.8/16/21
7/23/21Kansas CityKSUSACircle30 secondsSaw 2 firey orbs moving iand hovering n unison8/16/21
7/22/21 21:30Point Pleasant BeachNJUSACircle2 minutesGreen circular object over Point Pleasant Beach, NJ8/16/21
7/22/21 21:15BoulderCOUSAOther2-3 minutesI saw a very brightly lit, white object, roughly the shape of an airplane, but with no visible wings or rotor, moving southward.3/4/22Yes
7/22/21 21:05CascoMEUSATeardrop~10 SecondsRound Yellow UFO over Sebago Lake, fish abduction? The next night, USO.8/16/21
7/22/21 08:00Punta GordaFLUSACylinder4 hoursMultiple Tic tac shape flying objects in a few hours.8/16/21
7/22/21 01:55SeattleWAUSAOther1 minuteSaw like a helicopter type thing going low over I-5 but I really couldn't tell if it was a helicopter, that is why I'm saying a helicop8/16/21
7/21/21 23:28ConyersGAUSAChevron4secondsSaw a very bright flash going from South to North that lasted for seconds. Right before this, a plane was circling to land at Atlanta-H8/16/21
7/21/21 22:30BeniciaCAUSASphereSphere of light appears, changes direction and position, changes size, repeats.12/19/21
7/21/21 21:30MalvernOHUSAOther4 solid L shaped blushes green lights, I have the picture8/16/21
7/21/21 21:24Napavine(?)WAUSATriangle60 secondsWhite sparkling lights in a triangle stationary in the sky8/16/21
7/21/21 21:00ElmiraNYUSACigar40 minutesTic-Tac shaped, wingless and no propulsion in the evening.8/16/21
7/21/21 20:00MaconGAUSAFormation15 minutesThey came from the East in tight formation at first, grouped together, they were black circular objects yet shining due to the setting8/16/21
7/21/21 05:30SpringfieldORUSACircleAbout 1 minuteA stationary red circle moves down straight in sky, emits light, stops briefly and moves in a perfect straight line to its left.8/16/21
7/21/21 05:27Star ValleyAZUSAMADAR Node 538/16/21
7/21/21 03:01RichboroPAUSACircleOngoingPerfectly circular formation of even pure white light of intense luminosity8/16/21
7/20/21 22:30Spokane ValleyWAUSAOther2-3 minutesISS “bracketed” by 4 moving objects that looked like regular stars..8/16/21
7/20/21 09:18Van HornTXUSAUnknown09:18UFO sighting during Blue Origin launch.8/16/21
7/19/21 22:25Calumet ParkILUSALight5 minutesRapid object with red lights hovered at high altitude over Chicago.8/16/21
7/19/21 22:00Derry (Ireland)IrelandCircle1 minuteWhile in aircraft8/16/21
7/19/21 22:00WinterWIUSATriangle1 hourTriangular shaped brilliant light above roof8/16/21
7/19/21 19:35PhiladelphiaPAUSACircle3- 5 secondsSeveral round white object sight near my flight traveling in opposite direction at a high rate of speed.8/16/21
7/19/21 14:48Star ValleyAZUSAMADAR Node 538/16/21
7/18/21 22:00San MarcosTXUSAOther4-6 minutesA long flickering shape went across the sky slowly and as it got out of view other lights started to appear closer than the original3/4/22
7/18/21 17:45Staten IslandNYUSAOtherapprox.20 secOn Sunday, July 18, 2021, I was sitting on Midland Beach on Staten Island, with my back to the water. I was gazing at the different la8/16/21
7/18/21 04:00ReadingPAUSALight5 secondsWHITE DOT IN PA8/16/21
7/18/21 01:00ShoreviewMNUSAOval31 secondsLights hovering12/19/21
7/18/21 01:00Fort WayneINUSAUnknownAround 3ish secondsSaw A Light Flash around before a flash circled with another8/16/21
7/18/21 00:25Estes ParkCOUSAMADAR Node 1568/16/21
7/17/21 23:05DallasORUSAUnknown10 secondsIt was a star like object with a quick back and forth in a zigzag type of way then it disappeared.8/16/21
7/17/21 23:00WyomingMNUSALight10 minOne light, morphed into two bright balls of light.8/16/21
7/17/21 22:30SpokaneWAUSA20 min8/16/21
7/17/21 20:30CliftonNJUSAOther10 days+1 blue line, 2 red glowing domes. Almost transparent entities (dim direct light behind them, illuminated by direct light above them.)8/16/21
7/17/21 20:30CliftonNJUSACone9 days (most days sunsetBlack/silver cones, dome top, red(0/20mph)/white(60mph). Aliens use invisibility cloaks are illuminated by light above/dim light behind8/16/21
7/17/21 00:00Normandy ParkWAUSAChanging>20 minutesOne section of the sky lit up over the sound between Vashon island and Normandy park, the bright light subsided a bit and an object app8/16/21
7/16/21 23:45Odessa (Starkey Ranch)FLUSASphere15 seconds3 spherical objects flying in formation3/4/22
7/16/21 23:00HuttoTXUSACircle2 minHutto tx. White silent orbs 2nd sighting8/16/21
7/16/21 22:30ClaremontNHUSALight20 minsCircular white light instant acceleration defy forces of gravity no sound Claremont self storage Washington street8/16/21
7/16/21 14:10smiths fallsONCanadaOvalunknownClear photographic evidence of a red/orange missile shaped craft carrying a large being8/16/21
7/16/21 05:40HomesteadFLUSAFireball1 minuteSilent Ball of Light going at fast speeds.8/16/21
7/15/21 21:30AustinTXUSALight30 secondsFlying Object in Space that sped away quickly.8/16/21
7/15/21 21:00Tellico plainsTNUSATriangle5 minutesI saw a black triangle three times, once over my house and once over a field and once following me home.3/4/22
7/15/21 20:45Colorado SpringsCOUSAFlash5 secI was sitting on my sofa watching TV and the patio slider door was to my left. In my peripheral vision, I saw a very large, yellow, br8/16/21
7/15/21 19:53Eagle NestNMUSALight15 secondsBright light flying in sky10/19/21
7/15/21 06:00ShorelineWAUSA3 minutesI know this is not UFO related BUT I really, really got scared by hearing some woman's voice from somewhere saying something like It's8/16/21
7/15/21 01:30CambriaCAUSALight5 minutesStrange multiple colors lights8/16/21
7/14/21 23:30AlbuquerqueNMUSATriangleApproximately 2 hoursI went outside to smoke a cigarette and looked up to see all this happening. Tonight approximately 00:00 I saw the same thing I will se8/16/21
7/14/21 23:00Clifton ForgeVAUSAFireball10 secondsBright orange fireball loiters for 4 hours over rural town.8/16/21
7/14/21 13:30WaymansvilleINUSA3 hoursLost time3/4/22
7/14/21 03:00BishopvilleSCUSALight20 minutesSaw a star looking object darting back and forth between other stars at a rapid speed.9/7/21
7/13/21 23:00Fort wayneINUSAOtherAround 2 hoursMe and my Cousin saw 3 UFOs. Its Dangerous in my opinion, ive Seen multiple in the last month all around Fort Wayne, apart from this.8/16/21
7/13/21 21:52State CollegePAUSAUnknown6 minutesBright green flashing light in the sky hovering in a weird shaped craft. Incredible speed as the craft zoomed away.8/16/21
7/13/21 21:30Winston-SalemNCUSALight38 second video footagemoving lights came across left side of sky changed direction and disappeared12/19/21
7/13/21 18:00HertfordshireUnited KingdomChanging5 minutesThe biggest spacecraft maybe mothership4/22/22
7/13/21 03:30TonopahAZUSALight3 hoursSeen about 10 ufos in Tonopah Arizona.9/7/21
7/12/21 23:00PacificWAUSAChevron15 secondsI saw a large 300 sq ft Chevron shaped object in the sky, very bright white in color, it took off at an extremely high rate of speed fr8/16/21
7/12/21 22:16LewesDEUSATriangle4 secondsTriangle shape craft with lights at points and center made low turn over tree line and disappeared into trees.8/16/21
7/12/21 22:00Kansas CityMOUSA20 minutesLarge beam/halo of light hovering in the sky8/16/21
7/12/21 09:40AltonILUSAOtherLeaving workI was looking at the moon we had that night and as I looked down to the pictures I took I seen something I didn't see in the sky nor in8/16/21
7/12/21 01:00RenoNVUSALightTen minutes3 bright lights not connected all in a row4/22/22
7/12/21 00:53SnohomishWAUSAChanging2 minPlease see my video on YouTube (I can send original too if needed). The video is unedited. I don't monetize, but post for friends. I8/16/21
7/11/21 23:30SultanWAUSATriangle2minsStepped outside around 11:30 pm was looking south east and saw a faded triangle shape light fly from west to east at a very high speed8/16/21
7/11/21 18:08Toowoomba (Australia)AustraliaCircle15 minutesIt is bright and circular it moves slowly an slowly rotates and has three light on the bottom of the craft My address is ((deleted))8/16/21
7/11/21 13:48CorbettORUSALightPicture taken phoneTic tac white round spots in sky over Crown Point from a picture taken from phone while driving5/31/22Yes
7/11/21 08:30FremontCAUSAOval20minsOval shaped looked like a tic tac lighting over it couldn’t see it clearly8/16/21
7/10/21 22:00PawtucketRIUSAFormation15 minutesStrange Silent Orbs of Light in Formation11/15/21
7/10/21 21:30Los AngelesCAUSATriangle15-20 minutesBright yellow lights shifting from triangle formation to line formation, lasted about 20 minutes seen west of USC.9/7/21
7/10/21 21:30Mustang IslandTXUSA3-minutesOrb grouping, along with oblong shaped object, lit in white light8/16/21
7/10/21 21:20SuperiorWIUSALight10 secondsObjected moved from west to east over Lake Superior and disappeared.8/16/21
7/10/21 21:15Rehoboth BeachDEUSASphere5-7 minutes6 orange globes in the night sky over Rehoboth Beach.8/16/21
7/10/21 21:00Kas Antalya (Turkey)Antalya ProvinceTurkeyFormationPictureNoticed in a picture3/4/22Yes
7/10/21 14:00LockhartTXUSARectangle3 minI noticed a iridescent line in the sky changed the contrast in photo and realized there was something hidden in plain sight10/19/21
7/10/21 12:00FrederickMDUSAOther10 minutesBlack object hovering in daytime sky8/16/21
7/10/21 10:15WesterlyRIUSATriangle12 secondsWe were sitting in the back yard by the fire pit talking. It was a clear night sky. After about an hour, I happened to look up and saw8/16/21
7/10/21 09:20IndianapolisINUSACircle9:282 lights/No Sound/ 45% between them. Hovering over neighborhood8/16/21
7/10/21 03:30KentonOKUSATriangle40 secondsEquilateral triangle with a dim stationary light in each corner with the center being translucent, as stars were seen in the center8/16/21
7/10/21 00:59Oklahoma cityOKUSAOther5 to 10 secondsIt flew right in front of me and disappeared5/31/22
7/10/21 00:15SarasotaFLUSADisk8 daysMany UFOs gathering in the night sky above Sarasota. Noticed 1 on 7/10/2021 and the sky has been full of them since.8/16/21
7/9/21 22:42RathdrumIDUSALight1Small floating light/disk. Hovered for about a minute getting brighter and duller. It then started to move further away and disappeared10/19/21
7/9/21 22:14GaltCircle3 to 4 minutesSaw orbs circular bright lights forming triangle shapes .. darting away at light speed6/22/22
7/9/21 21:30BrewsterMAUSALightSeveral minutesWhite dots moving across the sky.8/16/21
7/9/21 12:48Deep River (Canada)ONUSAMADAR Node 598/16/21
7/9/21 08:00DenverCOUSAOval15 minsUAP8/16/21
7/9/21 06:10JonesboroARUSAMADAR Node 1438/16/21
7/8/21 23:00SuperiorWIUSACircle14 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information about sighting. PD))8/16/21
7/8/21 23:00SuperiorWIUSACircle14 minutesOn this date and time my children and I seen a green light in the southern sky at a 35 degree angle from our visual , than it stoped fo8/16/21
7/8/21 22:00MoorefieldWVUSALight25 minutesMultiple non flashing lights (some were solid blue, some were red and others were kind of white) flying in all different direction all8/16/21
7/8/21 21:22RichardsonTXUSAFireball3:00Large as the setting sun round orange molten sphere moving through the sky8/16/21
7/8/21 20:45CommackNYUSATriangle4 minBlack triangle with 3 light in each corner and Orange middle hue hovering approx 200ft off ground4/22/22
7/8/21 19:24FlatwoodsKYUSAChangingAbout 2-3 minutes roughlyI saw 6 orange orbs in the sky disappearing and reappearing in different areas. The orbs would go vast distances and stop on a dime.3/4/22
7/8/21 13:00RudolphWIUSACircle45 minutesWorking on boat 07/08/2021 around 13:00 sky was starting to cloud up .sun was behind a cloud.noticed circle white in color . Moving sid8/16/21
7/8/21 10:30SarasotaFLUSATriangle~1 minuteTriangular craft silently glided right over my head when i was in the car8/16/21
7/8/21 08:59Royal Palm BeachFLUSAMADAR Node 768/16/21
7/8/21 03:16BremertonWAUSAFlash10 minutesMilitary jet side swiped by bright light from cloud cover it8/16/21
7/8/21 03:00Surrey (Canada)British ColumbiaCanadaCircle10 MINETSI WAS IN MY YARD 5 MINETS LATER IT SHINED A BEAM OF LIGHT ON ME IT WAS THERE 10 MINETS3/4/22
7/7/21 23:00OrovilleCAUSALight15 minutesI was talking to my co-worker about seeing a lot of UFOs lately when I pointed out a star that was moving fast. It flew right at an air8/16/21
7/7/21 22:30ParisTXUSACircle4-5 minutesdancing white dot high in eastern sky8/16/21
7/7/21 13:40TacomaWAUSAOther2 minutesJuly 7 2010, About 4:00 Pm Tacoma Wa. White silk sheet looking thing flapping in the wind, but moving through the sky using a swimmi8/16/21
7/7/21 13:05Green MountainNCUSAOtherAprox 2 interv of 30 secHeard Ham-radio sounds4/22/22
7/7/21 12:45El Centro (east of)CAUSACigar2 minutesStrange "blimp-like" object seen hovering over desert where military practice.8/16/21
7/7/21 01:23MoscowIDUSALight30 minObject moving across sky west to east that was changing colors: red, yellow, green, blue, white.7/31/21
7/7/21 01:00NatchitochesLAUSACircle4 hoursUfo sightings and Mufon is also investigating.8/16/21
7/7/21 00:17VinelandNJUSACircle2-4 minutesMy boyfriend and I were outside when we saw a red light in the sky. The light was bright, did not move until it shot upward & vanished.8/16/21
7/6/21 22:44calgaryABCanadaEggwithin secondsPossible objects in sky6/22/22Yes
7/6/21 21:40StoningtonCTUSAOvalabout 12 minutesAt about 9:40 for about 12 minutes I was playing with some friends and saw a oval shape craft moving in the sky that soon disappeared.3/4/22
7/6/21 21:15 Eldorado Hills-Placerville (Hwy 50CAUSATriangle30-60 secondsIt appeared just as I crested over a hill, blatent and moving slowly and effortlessly just above the tree line.3/4/22
7/6/21 18:00CohassetMAUSAOther45 minsUFO report Hello, I have seen several UFOs over the past few days. I typically use my energy to call them in. They come and I just tak8/16/21
7/6/21 16:04Kansas CityMOUSAMADAR Node 408/16/21
7/6/21 11:40LebanonORUSACircle30 minutesRound orange shape that was bright and would have no light to it for minutes at a time Nd then eventually just was gone. Seemed to have8/16/21
7/5/21 22:00ClintonIAUSAOther2 minutesSingle white unidentified object detected in residential area.8/16/21
7/5/21 22:00DuxburyMAUSACircleIt was a bit low and a bit behind the clouds but it was moving very slow and I knew that no plane can go that slow, it flew off after.12/19/21
7/5/21 20:38Walnut CreekCAUSAChanging2 minutesWhite rotating elongated object with ability to “shape shift”.8/16/21
7/5/21 13:00DenverCOUSALight30 minutesStanding in the backyard, my house guest asked me to take a look at an object in the sky. It looked like as balloon at the height of ab8/16/21
7/5/21 10:00PuebloCOUSAUnknownStill duratingI feel our bodies are taken by E.T'S AND ALSO THE MIND OR BODY MAY ALSO BE POSSESSED BY PAST SPIRITS OF THE EVIL OR WHAT NOT SEX, AND M8/16/21
7/5/21 07:45TuscaloosaALUSALight45 sec.I have physical pictures of proof8/16/21
7/5/21 02:53DetroitMIUSACircle1minSaw in the sky three star sized lights moving rapidly and smoothly in a reverse triangle formation. Checked my phone compass and looks8/16/21
7/4/21 22:55Newport NewsVAUSALight2 minutesWas watching fireworks in my neighborhood when I noticed two distinct red lights. They moved from SW to NE. I estimate the distance bet8/16/21
7/4/21 22:00DecaturILUSACircleOrange sphere shaped with halo of light around it8/16/21
7/4/21 22:00FayettevillePAUSASphere3 UFOs flew over my house and I filmed the 3rd12/19/21
7/4/21 22:00PeytonCOUSASphereat least 4 hoursBright cloud-emitting orb seen for over 4 hours in Colorado. ((NUFORC Note: Source of report is experienced astronomer. PD))8/20/21
7/4/21 22:00LincolnMTUSARectangle15 minutesRectangle Hovering Craft Over Lincoln, MT8/16/21
7/4/21 21:50West JordanUTUSAChanging51/2 minutesThree witness White and red sphere that changed shapes near army base8/16/21
7/4/21 21:47Crystal LakeILUSALight10 minutesI witnessed a bright light zoom quickly from the west that stopped perfectly stationary over Crystal Lake IL during the fireworks show8/16/21
7/4/21 21:00San Juan CapistranoCAUSAChanging> 1 hourObject stood still also moved all directions turning to fuzzy ball then back.10/19/21
7/4/21 20:33South MillsNCUSAOval1 secondObject moving with great speed noticed on video playback8/16/21
7/4/21 20:10PhoenixAZUSAChanging2-3 min3 bright sphere / orb objects over Phoenix Metro area8/16/21
7/4/21 20:00DuxburyMAUSACircle15 secondsMe and sister saw, didn’t know what it was and it shot back into clouds.4/22/22
7/4/21 19:25brooklynMIUSACigar30 secondsflying and hovering craft from southwest moving north east, craft disappeared after approximately 30 seconds, flight was captured on fi8/16/21
7/4/21 17:00Ocean cityNJUSALight.5 hourLights in sky on July 4th. ((Starlink satellites???))8/16/21
7/4/21 16:23IndependenceORUSADisk20 secondsI was driving, it was daylight and the sky was blue and clear, my passenger and I were discussing time as we were late for our event, I8/16/21
7/4/21 15:00South Manitou IslandMIUSAOval1 secondUFO caught on camera and captured with video. ((NUFORC Note: Object seen to the left of the person n video. PD))3/4/22Yes
7/4/21 13:40SalemORUSAChanging10 minutesDaughter was laying on floor by sliding glass door and started exclaiming about shiny birds. I ran over to see what she was talking abo8/16/21
7/4/21 09:49BrightonTNUSATriangle15 secondsThe bright orange /yellow lights smoothly and slowly glided across the sky, maintaining a triangular formation. The point of the tria8/16/21
7/4/21 04:30BurbankCAUSAOther3 minutesLarge White Aircraft Seeing Over Burbank9/7/21
7/4/21 03:45PeoriaAZUSATriangle10 seconds4 dim lights in shape of triangle8/16/21
7/4/21 02:30Oil CityPAUSADiamondThree secondsBlack Diamond6/22/22
7/4/21 01:27ClearwaterFLUSALight30 secondsRed light traveling from west to east over Clearwater, FL.8/16/21
7/4/21 00:04RichmondVAUSAChanging43 secondsI witnessed several lights along with a bright light flying in the sky.8/16/21
7/3/21 23:01South Hill West of OrtingWAUSAFormation3 minsLights in and out of formation over Orting towards Carbonado.8/16/21
7/3/21 23:00McMinnvilleORUSASphereFew minutes maybe.Low lights4/22/22
7/3/21 23:00MontelloWIUSAOval6 minutesBright light and moving fast8/16/21
7/3/21 22:30Beverly HillsFLUSAFireball4 minutesI was sitting on my front porch facing the south, a bright light caught my eye. I saw this fire ball that was emitting light like the8/16/21
7/3/21 22:30BerthoudCOUSASphere7 MinutesSaw orb that faded from red to greenish blue, stayed perfectly still until attempt made to record video8/16/21
7/3/21 21:52las vegasNVUSALightabout 3 minutes or somy co workers and I were outside our balcony on a break when we saw flying green lights in the sky4/22/22Yes
7/3/21 21:21TamarackIDUSAOval40 secondsShiny Sphere8/16/21
7/3/21 19:00Clarkston, WashingtonWAUSADelta5minutesThe ship did a backwards flip into an invisible cloak followed by two I dentical side by side Starlike satellites this ship looked like4/22/22
7/3/21 18:29VENTNOR CITYNJUSACylinder40 secondsI have a picture of a rainbow with a UFO inside the rainbow, doing their research.10/19/21
7/3/21 18:00PiedmontSDUSAOvalBetween 5-7pmVery large oval ball the same color of the mixed gray and white clouds3/4/22
7/3/21 15:40Port AngelesWAUSAOther50 minutesPort Angeles wa 3 objects in sky8/16/21
7/3/21 10:00Lopez IslandWAUSA3 minutesUnknown eerie sound that sounded like music someone was doing but not quite sure if it was music. I was sleeping in a tent up at Lopez8/16/21
7/3/21 10:00ShamokinPAUSACircle2Fairly high in the sky my boyfriend and I spotted a bright orange light. It caught our attention as odd right from the start. It didn't8/16/21
7/2/21 23:45Ottawa (Canada)OntarioCanadaChangingEvent 17min. Video 14minAfter few minutes of first spotting the object, i started recording because i couldnt make out what it was. The video speaks for itself3/4/22
7/2/21 23:00FredericksburgVAUSAFormation2 minutes3 "stars" in the sky descend vertically and to the left, passing above highway followed by 3 red lights in formation8/20/21
7/2/21 22:00OrovilleCAUSALight15 minutesOne light heading north but disappeared right above me the second light was just moments after heading east same thing it disappeared r8/16/21
7/2/21 21:40Shell BeachLAUSASphere1 min.Came up out of the water approximately 1000 yards in front of my boat and with two apparent burst appeared to go subsonic up and into t3/4/22
7/2/21 15:00Morro BayCAUSASphere3 minutesBright shiny metallic sphere moving slowly for 1 minute and stopping suspended for 2 min8/16/21
7/2/21 15:00San DiegoCAUSASphere10 minutesWhitish globe over Miramar NAS8/16/21
7/2/21 12:00Jersey cityNJUSARectangle20 minutesTwo synchronized spinning objects spotted over the new york skyline.8/16/21
7/2/21 12:00FirestoneCOUSADiamond:15 secondsFour to Five Diamond Shaped Objects in Formation with Strange Movements8/16/21
7/1/21 23:45BartonORUSATriangle2minsHuge triangle came out of a cloud then hovered above a field.8/16/21
7/1/21 23:30Whitby (Canada)ONCanada10 minutesMy wife & I observed a really fast moving object with sudden stops-different directions8/16/21
7/1/21 23:15CovertMIUSALight2 MinutesBright warm white lights observed moving at rapid speeds8/16/21
7/1/21 21:15Madison HeightsMIUSADisk5minWhite disk traveling east then immediately reversing direction along the same path.8/16/21
7/1/21 19:07AshertonTXUSAFormation12 secondss3 Highlighter yellow green spheres in my backyard10/19/21
7/1/21 17:24WashingtonDCUSACircle2 minutesSpherical UFO flies behind the US capitol building.10/19/21
7/1/21 04:54IoneWAUSALight1.5 secondsI was trying to observe the elongation of Polaris by looking at the handle of the big dipper. A bright light flew overhead at high spee11/15/21
7/1/21 02:03Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond8 secondsThe object was a diamond shape, with a bright white glow that did not dim or flicker. It traveled at a very high rate of speed in a str8/16/21
7/1/21 00:45Los AngelesCAUSALight15 minutesA starlike object in LA swoops rapidly across the sky, links up with 4 other similar objects, and flies off with them in formation.8/16/21
7/1/21 00:08SterlingVAUSALight60 secondsTwo ruby red dots, appeared out of thin air and within seconds were miles apart moving abnormally clockwise and counter clock wise.8/16/21