National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 07/2020


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/31/20 23:15TemeculaCAUSASphere1 minuteMy fiance and I while stargazing saw a small circular light moving downward and flashing, then it split into 2 while stopped, then a 3r8/6/20
7/31/20 23:00Spanish FortALUSAChanging15 minutesTwo stars move, one transforms into a triangular object. It moves multiple times, then rockets off through the earth's atmosphere8/6/20
7/31/20 22:53HonoluluHIUSAChevron5 minutesV Shaped bright light object flying unusually in the sky without a beacon light8/6/20
7/31/20 22:30FarmingtonUTUSASphere45 secondsCame from the North flying South just above the clouds in flight pattern never seen before and fast that anything on earth ascended up8/6/20
7/31/20 22:30TorontoONCanadaEgg3 secondsAn oval light, orange in the centre and fading to yellow/white flew north-west to south-east across the sky. Faster than an airplane, s8/6/20
7/31/20 22:00La Selva BeachCAUSALight2 minutesLooking at stars over Monterey Bay. Saw a very bright red light moving erratically near another white star. Appeared to be dancing in8/6/20
7/31/20 22:00BrooksvilleFLUSATriangle5 minutesMe and my friend were outside smoking and I looked up and said look at that!it was 3 lights flashing,in sync but was spread out to for8/6/20
7/31/20 21:45East HaddamCTUSALight2 minutesLow lying bright light moves over farmland in East Haddam, CT.8/6/20
7/31/20 21:30Oyster BayNYUSALight15 minutes2 lights were seen moving at incredible speeds in night sky for sustained period of time.8/6/20
7/31/20 21:26Monroe TwpNJUSADiamond3-4 minutes10-12 Orange Glowing slanted oval shaped objects in formation seen with no sound.8/6/20
7/31/20 21:25DuxburyMAUSASphere3 minutesObject rose completely vertically to a point and continued completely horizontally until abruptly vanishing.8/6/20
7/31/20 20:46RedmondORUSAOval15 minutesGlowing oval UFO see drop in altitude very quickly, then hover over town.8/6/20
7/31/20 20:00New YorkNYUSALight2 secstreak of light, approx 1000 ft in the air, travelled a distance of approx 500ft toward the ground, zig-zagged, then shifted direction8/6/20
7/31/20 19:41MarionNCUSALightWhen what is naked to the eye reviles through photo8/6/20
7/31/20 19:21MarionNCUSALightWhen what is naked to the eye reviles through photo8/20/20
7/31/20 19:00Long BeachCAUSARectangle10 minutesBlack rectangle Box floating up to the clouds and then when in-and-out of clouds no noise looked almost like it had some kind of force8/6/20
7/31/20 18:40BrooklynNYUSAOval1 minTwo fast-moving black shapes8/6/20
7/31/20 16:00VancouverWAUSACigar20 secondsExtraordinarily bright, metallic, cigar shaped object moving with unchanging speed and direction disappears into trees.8/6/20
7/31/20 15:38NorwalkCAUSAEgg2 hours 40 minutesUFOs Norwalk California8/20/20
7/31/20 12:00Palm DesertCAUSASphere2 hrsI’ll never forget how it looked thru the binoculars, what an amazing experience8/6/20
7/31/20 08:07St. LouisMOUSAMADAR Node 708/20/20
7/31/20 07:33Jakarta (Indonesia)IndonesiaChevron0:2:00Dark Chevron Shaped UFO hvered for 2 minutes and then vanished without a trace...8/6/20
7/31/20 03:00AlexandriaVAUSACylinderContinuousI don't know if this is a craft or a star I don't know what it is it's stationary it's due South from my location I used a compass it's8/16/21
7/31/20 01:00WillseyvilleNYUSAFireballHoursStar like objects all night8/6/20
7/31/20 01:00Montego BaySKJamaicaCross5 minutesTen red lights close together over Jamaica!8/6/20
7/30/20 23:45Holden BeachNCUSALight30 minutesWe were staying in a beach house on vacation. I couldn’t sleep so I went outside to look at the stars. The Moon was overhead, the ocean8/6/20
7/30/20 23:00WaterfordNYUSALight1 hourAppearing to be a star. A bright light started moving among the nearby stars. moving at speeds and angles not from this earth. It would8/20/20
7/30/20 22:15Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere1-1.5 minutes07/30/2020 22:15 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Sphere 30-45 seconds Bright light seemed to wobble as it flew. UFO Posted 07/30/2020 22:367/31/20
7/30/20 22:15Kearney (Canada)ONCanadaLight30 secondsWhite Circular light over cottage country7/31/20
7/30/20 21:30ColumbusOHUSALight20 secondsWhite, yellow, and orange orb of light flying at rapid pace and hovering.7/31/20
7/30/20 20:00Prescott ValleyAZUSADiamond45 minutesLarge, hovering star like object.8/6/20
7/30/20 19:45Prescott ValleyAZUSAFireball~15 minutesIt looked like hazy planet or sphere, at first glance I thought the sun was shinning off it, but this did not move.8/20/20
7/30/20 19:10KenmoreWAUSAOval5 minutesOval shaped UFO seen in Kenmore Washington.8/27/20
7/30/20 16:30FilerIDUSACircle2 hoursThere was a big thunderstorm passing over us. My daughter said what is that. We looked up and saw a white light circle shaped with jus7/31/20
7/30/20 15:00RochesterNYUSACircle30 minutesBlack circular object floating very high in the sky, flashing white light before disappearing8/6/20
7/30/20 12:27GranbyCOUSATriangle5 minutesDancing UFOs.7/31/20
7/30/20 07:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown60 minutesFlying object with light and what seemed like a cloaking device.8/27/20
7/30/20 05:12ElginOKUSACylinder15 secondsUFO near Elgin, Oklahoma8/20/20
7/30/20 02:30braintreeMAUSALight3:00The tall one showed me a vision again.7/31/20
7/30/20 02:00WaupacaWIUSADisk>1 hourIt was saucer shaped with light on top and a spinning light under the craft it moved once in a while then went back to it's originating7/31/20
7/30/20 01:00FarmingdaleNJUSAFlash30 secondsI saw a flashing bright white light over Farmingdale, NJ (Monmouth County) between midnight on July 29, 2020 and 2:00 AM July 30, 20208/6/20
7/30/20 00:00Mount VernonKYUSALight>1 hourOrange orb floating in southeast sky erratic movements7/31/20
7/29/20 23:00PortlandORUSATriangle5 minutesI was walking my dog. It's a bright night, huge yellow moon in the sky, when i saw this thing hovering very smoothly overhead. I looked7/31/20
7/29/20 23:00DowningtownPAUSALight1-2 minutesThird time seeing a white light moving in the sky then disappear - almost exactly the same each time7/31/20
7/29/20 22:30AustinTXUSACircle1 minutesMy brother and I saw a circle flashing red, green and blue.7/31/20
7/29/20 22:11Maple ShadeNJUSALight8 secondsMoving white light southeast to northeast then disappears. Approx 6-8seconds. About the size of bigger medium size star, but bright lik8/6/20
7/29/20 21:45Fall RiverMAUSATriangle5-7 secondsWas in a dark area sitting in my in vehicle. Heard a low pitched noise from the sky. When I looked up, I initially saw nothing, but a7/31/20
7/29/20 21:30CommackNYUSALight10 minutesWhite light that alternated in intensity and emitted sparks. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite?? PD))11/5/20
7/29/20 21:20ChelseaOKUSADisk5 minUnable to identify11/5/20
7/29/20 21:15North PlatteNEUSA2-3 secondsFast moving ball of light appears twice in the sky over North Platte Nebraska.8/6/20
7/29/20 20:21New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAOther10 minutesTonight over Hells Kitchen in Manhattan at 820pm we saw two black crafts, that looked like they could be oval shaped, but changed to wh7/31/20
7/29/20 20:15North PlatteNEUSA3 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))7/31/20
7/29/20 13:03BoiseIDUSAMADAR Node 1118/20/20
7/29/20 05:15LexingtonKYUSASphere30 minutesThought at first it was a planet because of size, then it started moving in vertical and horizontal direction quickly and stopped. Woul7/31/20
7/29/20 04:19VeniceFLUSATeardrop5 minutesBright White/Orange teardrop turned starburst light moving slowly before changing directions twice and speeding off.7/31/20
7/29/20 04:00PlainfieldILUSACircle5 minutesThree events in Plainfield, Illinois from May 30-July 30.7/31/20
7/29/20 03:15Center ConwayNHUSARectangle10 secondsUFO SIGHTING REPORT: 7/29/20 (around 3:15 am) I was watching the northern night sky when I noticed a bright light in the peripheral vis8/6/20
7/29/20 02:55Toronto (East York)(Canada)ONCanadaSphere2 secondsJuly 29th 2020 at 2:55 a.m. East York, Toronto Ontario. I was standing on my balcony having a smoke, and I was looking up and saw a7/31/20
7/29/20 02:45Charlestown/ Harpers FerryWVUSAChanging60 minutesUnknown lights over Jefferson county wv7/31/20
7/29/20 01:00MemphisINUsaTriangle10 min.My 22 yr old son called me @1am & said"plwase talk to me til i get home to papaws cuz im watching this object n the sky mom & its12/23/20
7/29/20 00:30SeasideORUSAFireball3 secondsObject quickly moving across sky then disappears7/31/20
7/29/20 00:02MonroeMIUSARectangle15 minutesTwo stationery rectagular shapes, brilliant whte lights with splash of red and green in bottom half.7/31/20
7/29/20BridgeportCTUSADisk15 minutesWe saw the UFO reflecting off the moon.It was a saucer shapes metallic craft.It was going up and down left and right really fast it was8/20/20
7/28/20 23:55Lethbridge (Canada)ABCanadaLight7 secondsVery fast, and faint 3 lights traveling in a northbound heading7/31/20
7/28/20 23:00SpringvaleMEUSACircle3 secondsWas on second floor porch, then suddI saw a very bright large white object come from over my head continued over the next house rooftop7/31/20
7/28/20 22:36JohnstownOHUSACircle1 hourBright round object with outer ring visible8/20/20
7/28/20 22:20PennellvilleNYUSALight2 minutesmoving light that changed course and suddenly disappeared7/31/20
7/28/20 22:15Fort wayneINUSALight10-15 minutesBlinking, fast unknown object flying over downtown Fort Wayne, IN7/31/20
7/28/20 22:15Fort WayneINUSALight10 minutesOn the evening of 28 JUL 20, me and a friend were outside watching the space station go over at the 10:10 viewing from our location. A7/31/20
7/28/20 22:00NashuaNHUSACigar7 minutesThis object was massive!!7/31/20
7/28/20 21:58Beach ParkILUSATriangle3-5 minutesLight Triangle over Waukegan Airport7/31/20
7/28/20 21:40MaricopaAZUSAFormation20 secondsOrange spherical light came on about 1 mile out and 1/2 up then 3 spheres appeared simultaneously to the left and the right of the cent7/31/20
7/28/20 21:10AlbuquerqueNMUSAFlash2 secondsWas driving East bound on I40 was getting off at the Rio Grande exit. As I was exiting the freeway I noticed in my upper left Periphera7/31/20
7/28/20 21:03Downers Grove/ChicagoILUSAFireball2-3 minutes5-7 org/red ORBS flying towards City of Chicago from Suburbs8/6/20
7/28/20 21:00North AttleboroMAUSALight45 secondsObject with light and flame?7/31/20
7/28/20 21:00MontereyCAUSALight30 secondsAt dusk two bright lights appeared higher than the clouds very far away, quite large and in perfect horizontal plane. It looked like ma8/16/21
7/28/20 21:00Thompson springsUTUSACircle30 secondsWe were driving east on I 70, passing the exit yellow cat. Looking southeast above the mountain range. We saw a bright light traveling7/31/20
7/28/20 21:00PuebloCOUSACircle15 minutesDistant round object overhead with flashing light at center only visible with binoculars.7/31/20
7/28/20 21:00Pauls ValleyOKUSACircle30 minutesThe objects I saw were orange, flashing, moving at incredible speeds, and didn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before.7/31/20
7/28/20 20:55AlbuquerqueNMUSAFireball10 secondsBright blue ball with trail burning bright blue entered atmosphere falling then broke into 3 fireballs before dissapearing into. Starte7/31/20
7/28/20 19:50LynnMAUSAOther2 minutesRotating figure 8 slowly flying up the north coast of the greater Boston area7/31/20
7/28/20 18:53Royal Palm BeachFLUSAMADAR Node 768/20/20
7/28/20 18:10PortlandORUSARectangle5 minutesSquare object flying south about 1000ft above ground.7/31/20
7/28/20 17:20AlbuquerqueNMUSAEgg17:20Date July 28 2020 Time was approx 515-520 pm. I saw 3 egg looking possible ufos today. I was going south on wyoming between Academy7/31/20
7/28/20 16:30LohmanMOUSADisk30 secondsMetallic object moved and then disappeared in cloudless sky7/31/20
7/28/20 16:00SchnecksvillePAUSADisk00:05Insect or ufo?7/31/20
7/28/20 06:15Prescott ValleyAZUSAFireball40glowing ball of fire that changed shape8/6/20
7/28/20 05:27HollandPAUSACross20 minutesExplosive white circular light8/20/20
7/28/20 04:30PortlandORUSAChangingNightlyThree pulsating spinning lights hovering above se Portland video taped7/31/20
7/28/20 04:30PortlandORUSAChangingNightlyThree pulsating spinning lights hovering above se Portland video taped.7/31/20
7/28/20 03:30MalibuCAUSAOval5 minutesMalibu, Point Dume/Zuma Beach Large Craft Spotted, Creamy Peach Colored Lights, Silent, Hovering Over Coastline8/6/20
7/28/20 00:00Taubaté (Brazil)BrazilLight2 minutesStrange lights slowly flying over Taubaté, Brazil7/31/20
7/27/20 23:45HarrisonTNUSALight4 to 5 minutesMonday July 27th at around 2345 hours I was outside and look to the north eastern Sky extreme North Eastern sky and noticed something h7/31/20
7/27/20 23:01DowningtownPAUSALight30 secondsSecond night in a row that I've seen a light slowly traveling then vanish7/31/20
7/27/20 22:45La CrosseWIUSACircle~5 minutesSeveral bright, circular, firework like objects hung on the horizon.7/31/20
7/27/20 20:22AltamontNYUSADisk5 minutesA disc shaped craft that hovered then flew extremely fast then pouf disappeared.8/6/20
7/27/20 17:53HonoluluHIUSARectangle1 minuteSeen on photo taken at 15:53 rectangle shape with 2 white lights on either end. Middle of Honolulu and there are no eagles in this area8/20/20
7/27/20 17:44Valley CityNDUSAMADAR Node 938/20/20
7/27/20 12:35GibsontonFLUSAUnknown5-10 minutesStanding on my porch when I saw one large white object that split into 4 circular reflective objects that were flying in circles around7/31/20
7/27/20 11:30BrookingsSDUSACircle2 minutesThe singular object I saw was a brown darkish flat, circular, and shiny that was traveling around 35-40 MPH7/31/20
7/27/20 09:30Green countyKYUSACigar12 secondsGrandson pointed out a plane, I soon realize it was no plane.8/6/20
7/27/20 04:49MabletonGAUSAOther~1 hourBright object changing shapes7/31/20
7/27/20 04:16NewingtonCTUSAMADAR Node 1068/20/20
7/27/20 04:15PortagePAUSAFormation15 minutes5 white-ish orbs high up forming an arrow they would go dark then get bright.7/31/20
7/27/20 03:15Vancouver Island (Canada)BCCanadaFormation5 minutesHere is what I saw back in July 2020; I think in the week of July 27th. I was outside at about 3:10 AM, on an island north west of8/27/20
7/27/20 03:10GlassboroNJUSAEgg1 hourGreen and yellow lights in Glassboro, NJ.7/31/20
7/27/20 03:10GlassboroNJUSAEgg1 hourSeen yellow and green lights7/31/20
7/27/20 01:08Lone PineCAUSAFireball19 secAlabama Hills, CA. We went to take photos of the four meteor showers. Around 1:08am. I noticed what at first I thought was a meteor act8/6/20
7/26/20 23:30Coeur d'AleneIDUSASphere15-20 secondsOrange/Red planet sized object in N. sky in Coeur d Alene was pulsated several times and then just vanished.8/6/20
7/26/20 23:20DowningtownPAUSALight10 secondsSaw a light moving in the sky and disappearing.7/31/20
7/26/20 23:00ArlingtonVTUSALight3 secondsLarge ball of bright light flying low across the sky7/31/20
7/26/20 21:40AustinTXUSARectangle5 secondsJuly 26, 2020 approximately 9:37 pm there were 4 adults sitting on the 26th floor balcony of a downtown Condo in Austin, TX after dinne7/31/20
7/26/20 21:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSALight1 minuteNorth Myrtle Beach Brillant Starburst3/31/21
7/26/20 21:15MerrickNYUSASphere45 secondsRed sphere abruptly disappeared.7/31/20
7/26/20 20:39Port WashingtonNYUSADisk3 secondsWe witnessed 2 separate aircrafts traveling in the same airspace before one quickly disappears into thin air.12/23/20
7/26/20 20:05LancasterCAUSAOval45 minutesLarge triangular UFO seen in the distance as well as a small black orb that passed about 5 miles north of us west to east at 300 feet.7/31/20
7/26/20 19:45BirminghamALUSALight20-30 minutesHigh flying slow moving object that seemed to be floating then was destroyed and disappeared7/31/20
7/26/20 19:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSALight1 minuteNorth Myrtle Beach Brillant Starburst8/20/20
7/26/20 17:56SpencervilleINUSAMADAR Node 818/20/20
7/26/20 16:15Palm DesertCAUSACigar3 minutesA silver colored baseball bat shaped object fell from the sky in between the passing of 3 military jets.7/31/20
7/26/20 12:53LowellMAUSAOval5 minutesHovering UFO seen in mid-day on 495 in MA7/31/20
7/26/20 10:00MillcreekWAUSACircle12-15 seconds10:30.First saw Green blinking lights in the kitchen window. They blinked and were green. About 2 min later I was on my way out to thro7/31/20
7/26/20 09:30CreedmoorNCUSAOther10 secondsDark acorn shaped object far above the trees near falls lake in Creedmoor Nc8/6/20
7/26/20 02:15QuincyMAUSADiamond30 secondsI was at the beach when I noticed something spinning in the sky. I stared at it for a few seconds thinking it was some sort of balloon7/31/20
7/26/20 01:45South BeachORUSADiamond10 secondsI was standing outside looking up at the stars, something really big and black passed over my head blocking my view of them7/31/20
7/26/20 01:42ClarksvilleTNUSAMADAR Node 1387/31/20
7/26/20 00:00VAUSADiamond25 secondsSleeping outside with the kids around midnight watching the stars. We saw a shimmering object that flew across the whole horizon in sec7/31/20
7/25/20 23:15LafayetteINUSAOther1 minuteTraveling southbound on us 52 near the intersection of county road 450 I witnessed four lights in a row that were just hovering above t7/31/20
7/25/20 23:00ShellsburgIAUSALightStill happeningAs we were looking for the comet I noticed a light that was moving erratically back forth up down a little to the east of the dipper th7/31/20
7/25/20 22:44KitchenerONCanadaCircle30 secondsUFO seen in the sky with erratic movements7/31/20
7/25/20 22:15Black DiamondWAUSACircle5-10 minutesGroup of several dozen bluish lights in Southern Sky (vicinity of Jupiter and Saturn) moving from east to west12/23/20
7/25/20 22:15KentWAUSAOther5 minutesCluster of multiple moving objects seen in western Washington moving from east to west.7/31/20
7/25/20 22:15Balck DiamondWAUSAOval5 minutesStrange lights over Lake Sawyer - 25/July/2020 - 10:15 PM PDT8/6/20
7/25/20 22:00PortlandORUSARectangle10 secondsBright red color, flow of the light, distinct shadows, height in the sky, no sounds7/31/20
7/25/20 22:00IthacaNYUSADiamond15 secondsThis evening I attended a drive in movie featuring back to the future 2. Approximately an hour or so into the movie my eyes wondered in7/31/20
7/25/20 21:49MaywoodNJUSALight5 secondsFast moving white ball of light; no trail.7/31/20
7/25/20 21:45MooreOKUSALight10 secondsBright light hovers then vanishes at the speed of light7/31/20
7/25/20 21:45West Palm BeachFLUSALight1 minute?High-speed stop-n-go alternating lights between big bright meteor intensity to small softer blue.7/31/20
7/25/20 21:20Decin (Czech Republic)Czech republicOther10 minutesMěnil tvar, letěl velmi vysoko.. směr severovýchod z pohledu kamenická albert směr nemocnice-hrensko. Velmi zajímav7/31/20
7/25/20 21:00MillstonWIUSACircle1 minuteSee video! Strange humming also, but is hard to here. Between millston and brf wi7/31/20
7/25/20 21:00CumberlandMDUSALight15 secondsFour tube shaped white lights barely moving north in an elongated and tidy, but not static, diamond. Appeared to fade “up” not away.8/6/20
7/25/20 21:00Surfside BeachSCUSALight1 minute3 lights in triad formation seen at beachfront location move south behind clouds.7/31/20
7/25/20 20:30DallasTXUSAChanging1-2 minutesWhite triangle or cross with red bulging center; elongates, glows, and disappears into clouds.7/31/20
7/25/20 20:30RexburgIDUSAOval1 hourGlowing white circle/oval with dark center emitting flashes of light7/31/20
7/25/20 18:00Gallatin GatewayMTUSAOval4 hoursHappened to look up saw a bright light in a very blue sky while camping. Got binoculars out, then proceed to get telescope. The four o7/31/20
7/25/20 15:00BeverlyMAUSASphere1 minuteOrb seen flying over my neighborhood with blue sky all around.7/31/20
7/25/20 11:45DearbornMIUSALight06:00I have watched skies own advanced telescopes and don’t believe in alien visits to earth.7/31/20
7/25/20 05:30Little ElmTXUSATriangle30 seconds2 silent, unlit, white triangles flying overhead.7/31/20
7/25/20 05:00BradentonFLUSATriangle3 minutesAn air craft caught my eye early one morning. The craft made no sound at all as I watched the craft fly in the distance it appeared to8/27/20
7/25/20 03:30AustinTXUSAUnknownNot Sureorangish yellowish star FADES in place out of SIGHT. WATCHED IT FADE OUT completely but it didn't move.7/31/20
7/25/20 03:15BeavertonORUSALight>25 minutesStar moving in all different directions near Beaverton, Oregon7/31/20
7/25/20 03:00GreenwaterWAUSALight4 secondsGreen light rapidly moves near Mt Rainier1/19/21
7/25/20 02:00Austin (Canada)QCCanadaLight4 secondsTwo bright blue lights seen in the sky next to Lake Memphémagog.11/5/20
7/25/20 01:00SnohomishWAUSASphere5-7 minutes5-6 Orange orbs NO noise/sound, flying in sync8/6/20
7/25/20 00:00SapulpaOKUSAFlash15 secondsWhite flashing pattern of one bright flash followed by two faint ones half a second later and repeating7/31/20
7/25/20 00:00Smokey PointWAUSAOval1 hourBlinking orangish red light Slowly moving across sky to the north. Looked with binoculars and saw an oval shape with lights.7/31/20
7/25/20Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight>1 minutefast moving light stopped and then shot "up" into the sky.7/31/20
7/24/20 22:30Coon RapidsMNUSAUnknown5 minutesTumbling object that flashed similar to iridium flare of satellite7/31/20
7/24/20 21:50BroadwayVAUSALight10 secondsI was sitting on my neighbor's back porch eating pizza and chitchatting. I noticed my neighbor was watching something in the sky for a7/31/20
7/24/20 21:40HarpersfieldOHUSALight00:00:15Moving white light 3 miles South of Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio.7/31/20
7/24/20 21:40HarpersfieldOHUSALight00:00:15Moving white light 3 miles South of Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio7/31/20
7/24/20 21:13Siloam SpringsARUSATriangle1 minuteWhite lights alternating in a triangular motion.7/31/20
7/24/20 20:45North PowderORUSASphere2 minutesWe observed a orange orb in the sky at the adjacent mountain ridge and watched it desend to the other side.7/31/20
7/24/20 19:30North Las VegasNVUSAOther5 minutesNoticed flying object on a steady northbound trayectory , relatevely close . Spotted from front entrance of Frederick Watson Elementary7/31/20
7/24/20 10:30LewisvilleTXUSALight6 minutesRevolving, Teeter-tottering, Floating Trash Bag Light, Above Lewisville, TX7/31/20
7/24/20 09:24Hunt ValleyMDUSACircle15 secondsA constant light that did not have a tail and covered enough space to be moving 10x faster than a plane. I have seen a shooting star an7/31/20
7/24/20 07:15PhoenixAZUSAMADAR Node 967/31/20
7/24/20 05:07St. PeterMNUSAMADAR Node 607/31/20
7/24/20 04:30IndependenceMOUSATriangle1 minuteEquilateral triangle witnessed at night.7/31/20
7/24/20 00:00WaterburyCTUSAEgg2-3 minutesEgg shape ufo, very bright red lights at a way too fast speed in the sky, started to bounced up and down then side to side in a speed t7/31/20
7/23/20 23:30AlvinWIUSAOther6.5 hoursOn the night of July 23 2020 I arrived at the fishing camp in rural Alvin wi along with my two good friends that I have known since mid7/31/20
7/23/20 23:00Cortlandt manorNYUSALight10 minutesI was over at my sister's house,in the backyard. The sky was clear and I happened to glance up to look at the stars when I noticed one7/31/20
7/23/20 23:00Evergreen ParkILUSAFireball1 minute3 Witnessess saw (2) flared objects traveling South West directly over our position. (1) object appeared first , and slowly disappe7/31/20
7/23/20 22:04New LondonCTUSATriangle1 minuteWe were sitting outside and a triangle shaped craft came from the east and moved very slowly with flashing lights on the craft, and a b7/31/20
7/23/20 22:00LotusCAUSATriangle3 minutesLarge black triangular shape craft flying low with no noise12/23/20
7/23/20 21:30KennewickWAUSACircle2 minutesMilitary aircraft escorting glowing orb south of Kennewick, Washington.7/31/20
7/23/20 19:30TonopahAZUSAFireball1 minuteTonopah Arizona lights8/27/20
7/23/20 19:30TonopahAZUSAFireball1 minuteTonopah Arizona lights.8/20/20
7/23/20 16:39Walla WallaWAUSAMADAR Node 1307/31/20
7/23/20 10:00ClintonNYUSACircle1 minuteFairy Or Light Being Video Footage SUPER CLOSEUP IN DESCRIPTION7/31/20
7/23/20 00:30Sydney (Australia)AustraliaLight~6 seconds maybeSomewhere around midnight to 1am there was a loud helicopter above the suburb of Campsie. It flew toward the east, flew around, then he7/23/20
7/22/20 23:47AnacortesWAUSAChangingTen minutesNoticed a couple of especially bright lights low in the southern sky. I watched awhile, thinking they might move. I hen walked to the E7/31/20
7/22/20 23:30Port Elgin (Canada)ONCanadaLightA noticeable light in the sky moving in sudden directions.12/19/21
7/22/20 21:45Yuba CityCAUSATriangle2:00:00Blacked out the part of the sky with stars behind it, was during neowise.6/22/22
7/22/20 21:36Dash PointWAUSAFireball00:01:15JULY 22, 2020 Dash Point, Pierce Co., WA 98422 9:30-9:40PM. On Saturday July 25, my wife and I and our little bichon went down to w7/31/20
7/22/20 21:00CummingGAUSACircle3 hoursCircular lighted craft emitting beam of bright white lights onto surrounding clouds for hours during comet7/23/20
7/22/20 19:50Erode (India)IndiaLight2 minutesflying object like a star7/23/20
7/22/20 17:10Wilmington (near)ILUSACross10 secondsDrive south bound on 53 past elwood almost to river rd. Isolated storm o my left I was takening a picture that it was just a small sect7/23/20
7/22/20 11:00Coon RapidsMNUSALight1 minute1 yellow light flash then 5 lights turn on one after another right to left then go dark all at the same time horizontally.7/23/20
7/22/20 10:50Fort WayneINUSALight10 seconds3 lights appear and disappear Over Fort Wayne on Wednesday Night7/23/20
7/22/20 08:47HoustonTXUSAMADAR Node 1187/31/20
7/22/20 06:15MariettaGAUSACircle10 secondsIn car driving on Johnson Ferry RD heading East - round bright large light in sky hovering and then vanished after it came out of view.7/31/20
7/22/20 05:20Valley CityNDUSAMADAR Node 937/31/20
7/22/20 04:15SuffolkVAUSASphere15 minutesEarly morning and clear night sky this was an absolute object with brilliant light that moving in many erratic directions and7/23/20
7/22/20 04:10FerndaleWAUSAOval1 minuteCame outside for morning coffee and bright point of light caught my attention. No noise and object was not moving but seemed to vary in7/31/20
7/22/20 03:00Government CampORUSALight2 minutes3 bright pulsating lights growing brighter along mountainside7/23/20
7/22/20 00:46AlvinTXUSAA large ship @50 ft wide with a large orange light hovered over my backyard at the top of my tree about 25ft up.7/23/20
7/22/20 00:12St. LouisMOUSAMADAR Node 707/31/20
7/22/20 00:10Washington (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle2 minutesUFO traveling from West to East, Washington,UK.7/31/20
7/22/20 00:10WashingtonUnited KingdomRectangle2 minutesUFO traveling from West to East, Washington,UK.11/5/20
7/22/20 00:00South ForkCOUSACircle6 secondsOrbs of light flashing in the night sky l. They were right in front of us and covering large distances between flashes.8/6/20
7/22/20CliftonNJUSACircle30 minutesbright circle , and it had 4 color lights flikering no noise moved slowly7/23/20
7/21/20 23:35NashuaNHUSACircle>30 minutesFlying Saucer Darts Erratically South Nashua7/23/20
7/21/20 23:00BoiseIDUSASphere15-20 secondsI am 75 years old. My Military Service was Air Force. I've seeb a lot of STRANGE Stuff .... but ??????7/23/20
7/21/20 23:00Long BarnCAUSACircle2 hoursWhile standing on my deck in the back country with my 2 sons and a friend my oldest son was looking up at the pine trees blowing when h8/6/20
7/21/20 22:45BristolCTUSALight45Light in the sky moving in strange ways.7/23/20
7/21/20 22:40StantonCAUSARectangle:1:00Overcast night,rectangular object right above us lights on the rear,could see the clouds churning up,no sound,moving straight north slo7/31/20
7/21/20 22:30Rocky FordCOUSASphere10 minutes2 Very Bright White Spheres7/23/20
7/21/20 22:21Mill CreekWAUSARectangle6-7 secondsUnknown rectangle with no lights passed through the photo frame of a camera set up to photograph comet Neowise.7/23/20
7/21/20 22:02LittletonCOUSATriangle3 hoursSlow moving triangle-shaped crafts at low elevation, and drones.7/31/20
7/21/20 22:00LittletonCOUSATriangle3 hoursSlow moving triangle-shaped crafts at low elevation, and drones.8/6/20
7/21/20 22:00VancleaveMSUSALight30 minutesFast bright moving round light7/23/20
7/21/20 21:50RoseburgORUSALight1 minute5 crafts flew across the sky from west to east. One at a time appeared and flew from the west to a point south of our view and disappea7/23/20
7/21/20 21:50TemeculaCAUSAFlash20 secondsHuge bright blue flying object seen low in the sky in Southern California8/6/20
7/21/20 21:45BergenfieldNJUSADisk5 secondsSighting in Bergenfield8/20/20
7/21/20 21:40WhitehallPAUSAFormation20 seconds5 or 6 orange balls/orbs forming an arrowhead7/23/20
7/21/20 21:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAOval15 minutesRound grey object with no illumination emanating from it hovers over Brooklyn for 15 plus minutes without moving7/23/20
7/21/20 20:00BlaineMNUSAFireball3 minutesWitnessed with my two children a spinning orange orb that spinner for several seconds before shooting straight up into the sky.7/23/20
7/21/20 19:45KingmanAZUSACircle2-3 secondsTranslucent object no sound7/31/20
7/21/20 12:30Lethbridge (Canada)ABCanadaFormation30 seconds6 dark triangle shapes in formation7/23/20
7/21/20 12:18Rio MedinaTXUSADisk12 minutesDisk-Shaped Object hovers at high distance for 12 minutes.7/23/20
7/21/20 12:01TemeculaCAUSACircle2 minutesTwo round shape crafts in the sky just sitting there and then out of no where a flash and they where gone. It move way to quick tone a7/31/20
7/21/20 11:55LittlerockCAUSAMADAR Node 567/31/20
7/21/20 08:45AxisALUSAOval2 minutesWhite craft move west to east at high speed f 16 cam from north east turned hard left chased craft, about a 1/4 mile from me about 20008/20/20
7/21/20 07:24Valley CityNDUSAMADAR Node 937/31/20
7/21/20 04:36MartinsburgWVUSAOval4 seconds6 lights flying in formation while one avoided and object8/6/20
7/21/20 03:30OrlandoFLUSALighta few hoursNo Stars in the sky but the light and the moving objects - 2 nights in a row7/23/20
7/21/20 03:00Staten IslandNYUSAOval10 minutes maybe longerI saw an air craft that looked and sounded like a helicopter and after staring at it it sent a surge of heat/radiation through my body7/23/20
7/21/20 01:45HaydenIDUSATriangle45 secondsDark Triangle, No Lights, Totally Silent in Night Sky (N. Idaho)7/23/20
7/21/20 00:00ThorntonCOUSAUnknown15 minutesSeen by 3: flying object flashed a bright light (not at regular intervals), moved in an erratic path, faster than a plane7/23/20
7/21/20 00:00Baker (Outside of; on I-84)ORUSAUnknown15 minutesDriving on hwy 84 near baker Oregon. About 000 midnight was getting ready to pass a semi truck when I checked my blind spot drivers7/23/20
7/21/20 00:00Outside Baker, OR, on hwy 84ORUSAUnknown15 minutesDriving on hwy 84 near baker Oregon. About 000 midnight was getting ready to pass a semi truck when I checked my blind spot drivers8/6/20
7/21/20SandyUTUSAChanging90 secondsI saw what I thought were 3 stars in a straight line with Jupiter then they suddenly moved into a triangle position and faded.7/23/20
7/20/20 22:45WaterfordMIUSAOther45 minutesI have pictures of this object and they have great quality. For weeks I looked at how the planets looked from earth and there is no sim12/23/20
7/20/20 22:37North BergenNJUSACircle5 minutesthe most panicking moment of my life8/6/20
7/20/20 22:30OrientWAUSARectangle30 seconds((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about his sighting. PD))8/20/20
7/20/20 22:13SeattleWAUSA30 minutesFlashing red and blue satellite-like object7/23/20
7/20/20 22:00Camp ShermanORUSALight10 minutes or so?Orange orb disappearing and reappearing in other places, changing speed and direction at random, flashed a blinding light at us.3/4/22
7/20/20 22:00Birmingham (UK/Wales)United KingdomUnited KingdomRectangleBus sized craft moving overhead at about 20 miles an hour. Silent with rear facing triple powerful lights still in view 20 min12/19/21
7/20/20 22:00MarathonFLUSALight1 minute at a timeDim lights that appeared every night over Marathon Florida for a week moving mostly erratically than disappearing silently.8/16/21
7/20/20 21:45AppletonWAUSASphere1 minuteThe object was observed with binoculars heading from West to East. The object was a very bright white ball of light and moved withou7/23/20
7/20/20 20:30SiltCOUSADiamond30 secondsWhile standing outside talking with neighbor about how nice it was to see aircraft in the sky again, we were watching a jet fly over wi7/23/20
7/20/20 19:45BeverlyMAUSAOther3-4 minutesAnomalous object hovering over our street at 7:45 PM7/23/20
7/20/20 18:00Los ÁngelesCAUSACircle1 hourUFO split into 37/23/20
7/20/20 16:55ModestoCAUSATriangle1 hourhuge, triangular craft, silent sighting in Modesto (Highway Village Area)8/27/20
7/20/20 13:10McFarlandCAUSACircle5 minutesObserved and filmed an orb overhead during the day. Not similar to other aircraft I have observed.7/23/20
7/20/20 10:00WoodlandWAUSASphere2 minutes2 sphere UFOs, color was white or reflective, 3000 feet elevation, one was larger than the other, flying very close to each other.7/31/20
7/20/20 09:00BeverlyMAUSACigar2 minutesFiery Cigar shaped ufo seen in backyard7/23/20
7/20/20 04:30Las VegasNVUSALight2 secondsWhile at work I stopped just for a second to observe the lightening that was happening this morning. I was at Bonanza and MLK looking7/23/20
7/20/20 03:54Walla WallaWAUSAMADAR Node 1307/31/20
7/20/20 03:01KennesawGAUSALight30 secondsAn object with 6-horizontal lights approached my house and maneuvered around my windows. Have video.7/23/20
7/20/20 01:04BillingsMTUSATeardrop2 hoursMy husband and I were driving North on I-90 towards Billings. We were right outside of town and I saw a teardrop shap in the sky. It wa8/6/20
7/19/20 00:00Port Saint LucieFLUSAUnknown20 minutesWe were abducted by the saint lucie nuclear plant today7/23/20
7/19/20 23:35DaytonOHUSATriangle30 secondsI was sleeping outside and I was on my phone and I saw something in the sky. It was triangle shaped with a light in every corner of the7/23/20
7/19/20 23:10PortlandORUSALight2 minutes + 10 minutesBright color changing object visible across a large field of sky and exhibiting non-ballistic movement7/23/20
7/19/20 23:05Las VegasNMUSATriangle12 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about incident. PD))7/31/20
7/19/20 22:45ViennaVAUSALight25 minutesLight at very high altitude began moving erratically for several minutes.7/31/20
7/19/20 22:00HicoWVUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle of lights7/23/20
7/19/20 21:50NoLos Angeles (northeast of)CAUSALight3 secondsMy brother was looking at a star with small binoculars and he told me to have a look when I was done I put the binoculars down and we b7/23/20
7/19/20 21:30North Myrtle Beach (Crescent Beach)SCUSACircle1 minuteThree orange yellow orbes triangular formation over ocean at 15th ave became brighter then extinguished One top orb and two on bottom e8/20/20
7/19/20 21:00FresnoCAUSACircle20 minutesSatellite Object7/23/20
7/19/20 20:00FairdaleWVUSAEgg3 minutesI glanced up at the sky and noticed a very shiny silver, egg shaped object, moving very slowly like it was gliding. There was no sound7/23/20
7/19/20 15:30KingstonNYUSATriangle5 minutesThe objects were not near each other. They seemed to form a circle. No noise. Red, green and yellow lights. While I stood in my dri7/23/20
7/19/20 13:51BoiseIDUSAMADAR Node 1117/23/20
7/19/20 13:00AlbuquerqueNMUSASphere1 hour, still going onWhite, Shape-Shifting, Sphere In Daytime Sky7/23/20
7/19/20 06:30HuddlestonVAUSAOval~3 hoursClose to Smith Mountain lake. Observed numerous orbs and one "tic tac" shaped craft. Craft where white/silver in color.7/23/20
7/19/20 06:01Farmington HillsMIUSAMADAR Node 1447/23/20
7/19/20 03:54BoiseIDUSAMADAR Node 1117/31/20
7/19/20 03:20StamfordCTUSATeardropUntil SunriseI was in my backyard, my partner and I were stargazing, when I noticed a far off floating star-like light. We watched it fly South We7/23/20
7/19/20 00:05DoylestownOHUSAOval0.03Bright, Pink light in the sky that disappeared.7/23/20
7/18/20 23:30DanvilleNHUSALight10-15 secondsOrange/red light moving thru the sky. No sound. Clear night.7/23/20
7/18/20 23:15LakeviewOHUSALight90 secondsVery bright light.7/23/20
7/18/20 23:03SalinaKSUSAChanging3 secondsTwo strange balls of light in the sky move away from each other and stop7/23/20
7/18/20 23:00WillowickOHUSACircle10 minutesOrange Objects Flying in Formation in Night Sky8/20/20
7/18/20 23:00LittletonCOUSAOther2 hoursSame 2 crafts, same spot in the sky and same distance apart every night between 11-1 for about 2 weeks.7/23/20
7/18/20 23:00WarrensburgMOUSALight30 secondsVery fast moving reddish yellow light traveld overhead with no sound and disappeared moving east.7/23/20
7/18/20 22:52Chester SpringsPAUSASphere1 minuteSteady orange glowing sphere within a slightly larger glowing sphere moving west to east7/23/20
7/18/20 22:48LawrenceKSUSATeardrop7 secondsMysterious yellow teardrop shaped UFO Lawrence, Kansas7/23/20
7/18/20 22:31SullivanOHUSAFireball30 secondsI submitted a report earlier but have since found a reasonable explanation from a fellow camper at the same campground, when I posted i7/23/20
7/18/20 22:31SullivanOHUSAFireball30 secondsFireball Sullivan Ohio7/23/20
7/18/20 22:30DarlingtonMDUSASphere15 secondsSpace photographer??7/23/20
7/18/20 22:00New York CityNYUSASphere6 minutesOrange orb floating above at an altitude (it seemed) if a plane. It’s patterns were irattic but smooth like. Hovering some. After viewi7/23/20
7/18/20 22:00GreenfieldNHUSAOther5-7 minutesVery bright red-orange drone-like object with flashing or rotating lights, stationary for 2 minutes then moved slowly away.7/23/20
7/18/20 20:35MercedCAUSACigar14 minutesDaughter called me on phone and told me to look up strait into the sky.Wife and I observed cigar shaped craft iminating a hazy orange a7/23/20
7/18/20 19:30Armadale (Australia)AustraliaLight1-2 minutesPossible sighting of unusual lights7/23/20
7/18/20 17:00MercedCAUSACircleUntil 5 minutes after sunBright white ring over Merced7/23/20
7/18/20 16:00WellsMEUSAChanging5 minutesWhite oval pill shaped object darting left and right then disappearing. When it started it looked like it had a tail due to the it tra7/23/20
7/18/20 12:46Ajax (Canada)ONCanadaMADAR Node 417/23/20
7/18/20 11:58GarrettsvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 647/23/20
7/18/20 10:34NorthbrookILUSAMADAR Node 987/23/20
7/18/20 10:30Bel AireKSUSALight3-5 secondsMe and a neighbor were sitting outside trying to find the Neowise Comet and I looked up to the East and I saw a light that was hovering7/23/20
7/18/20 09:00Mirror Lake areaUTUSADisk30 minutesWe were camping close to Moosehorn lake in the Uintas mountains of Utah. We were camping Offroad in a remote area. Towards the direct7/23/20
7/18/20 08:30PortsmouthVAUSAUnknown7 minutesWhite object hoovering with a deliberate path7/23/20
7/18/20 06:54West ChazyNYUSAMADAR Node 657/23/20
7/18/20 03:30Red Top MountainGAUSAUnknown10 minutesBlack hooded figure in our tent after light show at Red Top Mountain7/23/20
7/18/20 03:00MarysvilleOHUSAFormationNightly sightings in the same vincity.7/23/20
7/18/20 00:00OgontzMEUSALight8-10 minutesBright star-like object moving fast and erratic from west to East Moosehead Lake region Maine7/23/20
7/18/20WhitehallNYUSARectangleSouth BayFishing with my son and suddenly a blue light appeared behind him then gone about 300yrds from us wonder if it was a spirit or aliem/7/23/20
7/18/20WhitehallNYUSARectangleSouth BayI was fishing and suddenly a blue light appeared then gone about 300yrds from us wonder if it was a spirit or alien7/23/20
7/17/20 23:55Bridge Lake, Lone Butte (Canada)BCCanadaCircle3 nightsJuly 17-20, 2020, Lone Butte, BC: (after 11:55 pm) Myself and 6 friends were staying at a cabin up in Bridge Lake in Lone Butte Canad8/6/20
7/17/20 23:30RedmondORUSA60 seconds2 bright pulses of light then moved east fast in straight line. Very high altitude. No sound.7/23/20
7/17/20 23:17NazarethPAUSADisk25 minutesOn July 17, 2020 In Nazareth PA I went out to see if I was able to see the comet even though I was almost midnight. Right away I saw 47/23/20
7/17/20 22:30Smithville (Canada)ONCanadaLight3 minutesSaw light speeding across the sky eastwardly, then stopped and flashed for several minutes.7/23/20
7/17/20 22:15Menomonee FallsWIUSALight10 MinutesPulsing light near comet Neowise1/19/21
7/17/20 22:00LexingtonKYUSALight15 secondsI was sitting on my porch with friends and looked up to star gaze and stared at what I thought was a star. It sat motionless for maybe7/23/20
7/17/20 21:40ChaumontNYUSACircle30 minutesSaw two or three objects high in sky while walking and they just disappeared. Shortly after saw a large glowing light hovering over p1/19/21
7/17/20 21:00The ColonyTXUSACircle10 minutesI see movement in the sky on a daily . Almost every night. I have a old phone crappy camera but I finally got the unknown craft that I7/23/20
7/17/20 19:30OceansideCAUSAOval1 secondI create art outside my backyard and I use a slow motion camera with dance. I caught the 2 oval black crafts + 1 white still one.7/23/20
7/17/20 10:00HavertownPAUSASphere10 secondsI was looking at Saturn and Jupiter in the Eastern sky around 10 pm when I noticed a light traveling from the East heading northwest to7/23/20
7/17/20 06:35Santa BarbaraCAUSAMADAR Node 577/23/20
7/17/20 05:30HuttoTXUSAChanging3-5 hoursClearly defined facial features and hyper velocity craft. ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps not a serious report?? PD))7/23/20
7/17/20 04:30WestlandMIUSACircle2 hoursCircular craft with lights around it,followed by long straight craft, multiple ships over 7 hours.7/23/20
7/16/20 23:34HanoverMDUSAMADAR Node 777/23/20
7/16/20 23:00GunnisonCOUSALight2 minutesBright pulsating light7/23/20
7/16/20 22:48Nanaimo (Canada)BCCanadaCircle1Bright orange... thought it was the space station... drifted east and then dipped a bit south and flickered... no jet noise, faded out7/23/20
7/16/20 22:10SandyORUSATriangleAll nightHuge flashing lights hovering overhead of the city every night7/23/20
7/16/20 22:00PlanoTXUSALight3 minutesBright stationary flashing light in Plano Texas7/23/20
7/16/20 22:00RossmondCAUSAFormation2 minutesLow flying pulsating orbs7/23/20
7/16/20 21:50RiversideCAUSAOval1/2 hourOval whitish-yellow light levitating in sky, kept disappearing and reappearing before our eyes.8/20/20
7/16/20 21:15BuckinghamVAUSALight45 secondsLarge, bright light moving slowly across the sky at low altitude12/23/20
7/16/20 21:00North Las VegasNVUSALight45 minutesSaw multiple white lights moving at high speeds and disappearing and reappearing and also flashing on and off in formation at one point7/23/20
7/16/20 20:30DunedinFLUSAOval20 secondsObject moved the clouds shown in picture taken at sunset, appeared and disappeared within seconds11/5/20
7/16/20 20:30Death Valley National Park regionNVUSALight2 events within one hourStationary "planet" like Jupiter starts moving in straight line to north. Second light seen that night.7/23/20
7/16/20 20:30ParamountCAUSACircle1-3I notice a circular or dot object about sun set no noice appears to come from that object a bright light appears like it’s was from low12/23/20
7/16/20 20:05Brown DeerWIUSACircle8 minutesMy sister, age 55, my son, age 30, myself, age 62 and my husband, age 66, saw the object moving in the low sky coming from the southeas7/23/20
7/16/20 13:00MedfordORUSADisk5 secondsI was driving to dutch bros when I saw a bright greenish object passing by Medford at incredible speeds. This object was not MAN MADE.7/23/20
7/16/20 11:08OremUTUSALight2 minutesLow in the Eastern sky near Orem Utah on July 14, 2020 at 11:08-11:11. Large white light seen for about a minute. Smaller white light f7/23/20
7/16/20 10:00CanterburyCTUSAOval1 hourSmall sphere about horizon while I was working on a farm.7/23/20
7/16/20 06:35GarrettsvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 647/23/20
7/15/20 23:30Devil's LakeNDUSAFormation25 minutes4 flashing lights organized in a rectangle followed distantly by a large helicopter7/23/20
7/15/20 23:00Not sure outside lubeckWVUSATriangle2-3 minutesRapid moving, shifting course, appearing as triangular with circular white light surrounding it7/23/20
7/15/20 23:00SpokaneWAUSAFlash5-10 secondsSaw a large bright light in the sky to the south , it flashed twice , then disappeared quickly , it didn’t appear to be moving when it7/23/20
7/15/20 22:30Fort Collins (West of)COUSASphere5-10 seconds2 parallel objects veering away from each other, moving in unpredictable ways7/23/20
7/15/20 22:30Klamath FallsORUSAOther7 secondsTranslucent or "Cloaked" "V" shaped totally silent craft with 5 very dim lights underneath.7/23/20
7/15/20 22:00SuperiorWIUSALight~8 minutes3 strange glowing lights stopped all street lights and followed me home.7/23/20
7/15/20 21:47AnkenyIAUSAOther5 minutesBrilliant white object over Ankeny, IA, moving to the north /northeast7/23/20
7/15/20 21:45WichitaKSUSALight7 minutesSitting on patio one us seen a light travel across the sky at a steady speed traveling south to north. All of us watched it continue no7/23/20
7/15/20 21:18FlandersNJUSASphere2 minutesPulsating object In Flanders NJ, July 2020.3/2/21
7/15/20 21:16EdgewaterNJUSALight20 secondsI have a live picture showing a green light with odd movement.7/23/20
7/15/20 21:15DartmouthMAUSALight2 hoursMultiple lights seen over South Dartmouth7/23/20
7/15/20 21:15Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight10 minutesSingle, bright light overhead, static followed by slow movement7/23/20
7/15/20 21:00LowellMAUSAOther10 minutesStacked light formation7/23/20
7/15/20 21:00HellertownPAUSAFireball20 minutesObjects with a fireball appearance, Hellertown PA7/23/20
7/15/20 20:45AldenNYUSALight5 minutesWe where sitting outside in our yard and I looked up thought I was looking at a star and it started to move. Then it got extremely brig7/23/20
7/15/20 20:03MayfieldNYUSACircle30 minutesMy wife, mother in law, and two friends were on my pontoon boat on the Great Sacandaga Lake in Mayfield, New York. It was 20:00 on 7/17/23/20
7/15/20 20:00Bury st Ed munds (UK/England)United KingdomChevron1 minuteThere’s no way these three craft were made by man.7/23/20
7/15/20 18:50GordonWIUSADisk~12 secondsDriving on hwy 53 north around 6:30 pm. Mostly sunny skies the driver in the truck I was ridding in just him & me. He looks straight up8/20/20
7/15/20 17:57DenverNCUSACircle1 minuteSingle black dot flying through clouds during day in Denver, NC7/31/21
7/15/20 15:00Glen MillsPAUSACigarabout 25 secondsmoved right to left. no sound or how flying no other identifications3/4/22
7/15/20 10:20San AntonioTXUSAOval5 secondsGoing home on my street up hill I look towards streetlight see it ...I saw something in the sky.. .. was oval had a solid definate sh7/23/20
7/15/20 05:00DaytonOHUSALight2 minutesBright white orb flying low from east to west towards fairborn. Object had steady pace few hundred feet above trees and did not make a7/23/20
7/15/20 04:19Virginia BeachVAUSAOther02:002 people and dog present, saw multiple planetary bodies moving and behaving extremely erratically.7/23/20
7/15/20 03:45ChillicotheOHUSAFireball05:00Orange ball flew across western to Eastern sky until "hovering" for a couple hours till it faded away7/23/20
7/15/20 03:00JacksonvilleORUSAUnknown15 minutesOrange orb-like object moving omnidirectional7/23/20
7/15/20 03:00LakeportNYUSALight8 minutesThe lights were still for about 3 minutes. Then disappears began to head towards us at fast rate... they flew over us and then vanish7/23/20
7/15/20 03:00CiceroNYUSALight15 minutesTwo large lights stagnant for 3 minutes. Then disappears within seconds towards the west.7/23/20
7/15/20 01:52North HighlandsCAUSAFlash2 minutesWhite flashing light.12/23/20
7/15/20 01:20Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1197/23/20
7/15/20 01:00MidvaleUTUSAUnknown15 minutes.Such a strange UFO it was almost like it disappeared and appeared in a different place without having to go across the sky.7/23/20
7/15/20 00:32San Tan ValleyAZUSAChangingseveral hoursMultiple crafts moving independently as well as in formation visible to the southwest.7/23/20
7/15/20 00:00SmilaxKYUSACircle5 minutes, an hourLast night 2 of us were laying on a blanket under the stars, the sky was so clear, we first saw a few sporadic shooting stars then all7/23/20
7/15/20 00:00EmmausPAUSACircle2 minutesWhat appeared to be a white star circling a red circle. Object was not sporadic in movement.7/23/20
7/15/20KissimmeeFLUSACigar2 secondsI saw what it appeared to be some kind of craft flying at high rate of speed with no sound11/5/20
7/14/20 23:50BarkhamstedCTUSACircle6 minutesCommunicating with a UFO in Barkhamsted CT7/23/20
7/14/20 23:30AlbuquerqueNMUSADisk1 minuteClassic flying saucer with lights, large, headed north in Albuquerque 7/14/207/23/20
7/14/20 23:30SheltonWAUSACircle3 minutesI was left confused it looked like the two objects were in conflict with each other .7/23/20
7/14/20 22:16Lords ValleyPAUSACylinder8 secondsGlowing orange cylinder flying width-wise about 2000 ft in altitude crossing 70 degrees of sky silently in 8 seconds.7/23/20
7/14/20 22:15Lords ValleyPAUSA5 minutesMADAR Node 44. considerable compass heading change during the five-minute period of one-minute datalines of 03:15:27 to 03:20:323/31/21
7/14/20 22:00Upper ChichesterPAUSAUnknown1 minuteFlashing lights in a sporadic pattern moving very fast over PA7/23/20
7/14/20 22:00LancasterCAUSAFireball15-25 secondsThis object look like a fireball coming towards us from the West in the direction of the Pacific Ocean, it looked like it was coming st8/20/20
7/14/20 22:00WinfieldINUSAFlash1 secondIn June 2020 my husband and I started seeing small flashes in the sky(about 5 times) then one day I saw a flash behind a large cloud th3/2/21
7/14/20 20:54BranfordCTUSALight2 minutesSparkling ball of light, zoomed away at a speed I have never witnessed before.7/23/20
7/14/20 20:45LargoFLUSAFlash3 secondsA green, blue, and orange streak of bright light moved in a downward path at around an elevation of about 5000 feet. The streaking7/23/20
7/14/20 20:00EverettWAUSALight5 minutesLight above a mountain.7/23/20
7/14/20 19:57OceansideCAUSACircle15+ minutes7 of us were out on the driveway ,our contractor looked up into the sky not quite directly overhead and spotted a round doughnut shaped7/23/20
7/14/20 19:20Brown DeerWIUSADiamond3 minutesMy husband and I took our dogs out around 1930. We looked up to the southeast sky to see Jupiter shining bright and one star to the lef7/23/20
7/14/20 15:13Kansas CityMOUSAMADAR Node 407/23/20
7/14/20 13:45TacomaWAUSAOther5 secondsSmall Metallic Red Tri-Orb UFO Viewed Descending Towards Seattle from AA Flight Passenger7/23/20
7/14/20 13:06Ajax (Canada)ONCanadaMADAR Node 417/23/20
7/14/20 11:14BozrahCTUSASphereAbout 30 minutesBright white spherical object, suspended in the sky around 11AM that remained stationary for over a half hour, then just disappeared.11/5/20
7/14/20 11:00Homer GlenILUSAOval2 minutesTuesday morning 7/14/20. Was on deck reading. Husband was reclining in chair watching dragonflies darting back and forth above him. Cal7/31/20
7/14/20 10:47Lords ValleyPAUSAMADAR Node 447/23/20
7/14/20 10:15AylettVAUSAFlashSitting on my front porch and looked up, thought it was a plane but it kept flashing super bright every minute or so across the sky in7/23/20
7/14/20 09:03PulaskoTNUSAUnknown3 minutesLast night on July 14th at 9 or so this big bright light was flying over my house maybe 100 feet up in the sky traveling on a northeast7/23/20
7/14/20 07:42MillertonPAUSAMADAR Node 1047/23/20
7/14/20 04:57OrlandoFLUSACircle1 hour 20 minutesStrange circular disc hovering idle in Orlando, FL7/23/20
7/14/20 04:50kansas cityMOUSASphere4 minutesnot starlink8/20/20
7/14/20 03:45GrayTNUSAOtherA few secondsRed lights moving in a strange formation.7/23/20
7/14/20 03:00Cobb islandMDUSAFlash5 minutesSeen flashes in the sky, first one super bright then dimmed after but there was no sound and a completely clear night no clouds.7/23/20
7/14/20 00:00WichitaKSUSALight5 secondsThe fasted object I’ve ever seen in the sky!7/23/20
7/14/20LakesideAZUSALight5 minutesBright orb with no blinking lights or sound7/23/20
7/13/20 23:00Sandy LakePAUSACircle3 minutesResembled a Star.7/23/20
7/13/20 23:00WorthvillePAUSALight10 minutesBright light traveling from southwest to northeast, too large to be a satellite.7/23/20
7/13/20 23:00RadfordVAUSALight2 minutesHigh-altitude, fast, wiggling white light.7/23/20
7/13/20 22:54ThorndalePAUSALight1 minuteI saw a moving light being followed by some type of plane7/31/20
7/13/20 22:30BeloitWIUSATriangle3 minutesPerfectly still, silent, brightly lighted object suspended in sky7/23/20
7/13/20 22:15RenoNVUSALight.15Object moved swiftly across the sky from north to south. It moved faster than any plane. There was no sound7/23/20
7/13/20 21:15WickliffeKYUSAOther10 minutesAt approximately 2100 hours on July 13th myself and three other witnesses Observed A White orange ball of ligh, this ball of light was7/23/20
7/13/20 21:00MesaAZUSADisk2 hoursappear to be many ufo ships in Mesa Arizona7/23/20
7/13/20 21:00StuartFLUSAChanging2 minutesVery bright, large translucent orange in color, moving slowly from west to east then turning north. The UFO changed shape just before i8/27/20
7/13/20 18:45WrenthamMAUSACigar2 minutesUFO tube shape over Wrentham, MA. ((anonymous report))7/23/20
7/13/20 14:00LouisvilleKYUSACylinderI can't even explain it i am still in shock. It was two cylinder shapes chasing each other i thought i was just seeing thing but it got7/23/20
7/13/20 12:00CamarilloCAUSADisk5 minuteWalked on a bridge over a freeway, took two pictures quickly, noticed after that there were two saucers and they disappeared11/5/20
7/13/20 09:25HanfordCAUSADiamond4 minutesAt approximately 2125 I saw a large, bright diamond shaped object traveling south to north at a high rate of speed. I looked at the obj7/23/20
7/13/20 05:04FayettevilleARUSAMADAR Node 1367/23/20
7/13/20 04:09Midway CityCAUSACircle1 minuteI was walking my dog at 4:08am and noticed a fast moving object in the sky. I stared at it trying to see any type of blinking red blue7/23/20
7/13/20 03:00LouisvilleKYUSALight30 seconds"star" seen climbing vertically in the sky.8/6/20
7/13/20 01:40Swindon (Wiltshire)(UK/England)United KingdomDiskSecondsBright light deploys some sort of Drone and disappears in mili-seconds, have recording of event7/31/21
7/13/20 01:15RoanokeVAUSALightA few secondsI went outside my apartment for a walk. I like to sit and swing at the communal playground and look at the stars while smoking. There w7/23/20
7/13/20 01:00ClemmonsNCUSACircle2 secondsA ball of bright light went flying back my window at night.7/23/20
7/13/20 00:30Uintah WildernessUTUSAChanging20 minutes2[?] Crafts spotted in the Uintah Wilderness7/23/20
7/13/20 00:20HaywardWIUSATriangle1 minuteBright White Light Slow and Silent7/23/20
7/13/20 00:15West ForkARUSALight2 secondsFast red light faster than a plane changed from red to white; then another white light moved in opposite direction.7/23/20
7/12/20 23:50ClarksburgWVUSASphere1:00I was just getting off of work so I went to go see my brother, when I got to his house I looked up to look at the stars. That’s when I7/23/20
7/12/20 23:45Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle10 secondsDriving home late at night, I saw three bright green lights in the shape of a triangle. The inside of the triangle was pitch black, ev7/23/20
7/12/20 23:37MerrimackNHUSAFireball1-2 minutesRound orange object in late night sky, no tail7/23/20
7/12/20 23:33PlanoTXUSALight30 secondsStrange, zig-zagging point of light shooting across the sky7/23/20
7/12/20 23:00RoseburgORUSACircle30 secondsBright orange circle moving quickly.7/23/20
7/12/20 22:45Madison HeightsMIUSAOther5 secondsThe speed at which this was moving was unbeleivable7/23/20
7/12/20 22:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAChevron10-15 secondsMoving and silent V-shaped formation of lights in binocular field of view while stargazing7/23/20
7/12/20 22:21ArreyNMUSALight4 secondsBright Light with Flare moving Westward Across our Field of View7/23/20
7/12/20 22:00LincolnNHUSALight6 hoursAt approximately 10 PM my wife saw a bright light in the sky to the southeast of our position. To the naked eye it appeared much br7/23/20
7/12/20 21:50AtwaterCAUSATriangle30 secondsV shaped silent craft with 3 red lights on each point.7/23/20
7/12/20 20:34West BloomfiledMIUSACircle5 minutesWalked outside on to the deck, looked up and noticed a white thing floating really high up it looked like a small dot, but didn't move7/23/20
7/12/20 20:30Ferozpur (Punjab)(India)IndiaDisk2-4 minutesRed blinking object seen moving in the sky up and down slanting nd curved manner from East to North East nd disappeared after 2-4 mins7/23/20
7/12/20 19:30AstoriaNYUSAEgg1 minutesUFO over Astoria, NY.7/23/20
7/12/20 12:35LittlerockCAUSAMADAR Node 567/23/20
7/12/20 10:54Council BluffsIAUSAMADAR Node 1337/23/20
7/12/20 10:26ChesapeakeVAUSALight30 secondsFloating Light Vanishes Above Greenbrier, Chesapeake, VA7/23/20
7/12/20 06:02GarrettsvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 647/23/20
7/12/20 05:00RahwayNJUSAOval2-3 minutesMy husband and I were doing yard work and he noticed an round circle like a ball he called me and I saw the same it was shining then da7/23/20
7/12/20 04:51JacksonvilleFLUSAChanging5 minutesI observed a bright light in the sky that changed shapes numerous times (have pics). Two other odd lights observed on either side of th7/23/20
7/12/20 03:00Oslo (Norway)NorwayUnknown10 secondsWe where outside looking at the sky where we saw many many many lights at the sky. They were not that bright but we saw them pretty cle8/20/20
7/12/20 00:00New KensingtonPAUSAOther5 secondsAlien driving car, headlights shined in window as he pulled away, face to face with a grey alien, life-changing scary7/23/20
7/12/20 00:00Grand ForksNDUSAChevron5-10 secondsLarge rounded V shaped craft moved silently from South to North.8/20/20
7/12/20Los AngelesCAUSAEggCurrentBlue oval shape on top left of the moon.7/23/20
7/11/20 23:00LouisburgNCUSASphere10 minutesBright blue/white sphere appears and lands Louisburg, NC7/23/20
7/11/20 22:58EriePAUSACircle1-2 minutesPerfectly shaped triangle of three craft hovering in the NE sky; one by one each left quickly disappearing into the darkness.7/23/20
7/11/20 22:45IrwinPAUSACircle5 minutesAt about 10:40 PM on July 11th, 2020 I took my dog outside in our back yard to use the bathroom. It was quiet for about the first 15 se7/23/20
7/11/20 22:17New FlorencePAUSACircle3 minutesAt first it seemed against a clear night sky we were witnessing a shooting star. It shot across the stars stopped still illuminated, pa7/23/20
7/11/20 22:00ClintonNJUSALight1 minuteSatellite-like moving star with bright flashes every few seconds.7/23/20
7/11/20 22:00Schuylkill HavenPAUSAOther5 secondsTranslucent stingray-shaped object, no lights or noise at all, moved fast and vanished.7/23/20
7/11/20 22:00West ChesterPAUSAOther10 minutesthree vertically attached bright white stars wobbling left to right7/23/20
7/11/20 22:00EriePAUSATriangle1 minute topsI was leaving my house around 9:58pm to house sit my friends mothers place.(I ALWAYS look up at the sky on clear nights) I noticed 3 bl7/23/20
7/11/20 21:48Pompano BeachFLUSAChanging10 minutesUFOs over Pompano Beach, FL.7/23/20
7/11/20 21:47Lords ValleyPAUSAMADAR Node 447/23/20
7/11/20 21:30ClaytonGAUSALight3+ hoursStar-like bright white light from 04/01/2020-Present, moving erratically but localized, NW and E sky, morphing color/shape zoomed in7/23/20
7/11/20 21:30St. ParisOHUSADisk30 secondsMy 15 yr old daughter and my 11 year old niece were walking in the Evergreen cemetery around 9:15 pm with a friend of theirs. They see7/23/20
7/11/20 21:09Santa FeNMUSACigar5 secondsBright blue cigar shape traveling at a high rate of speed over Santa Fe7/23/20
7/11/20 20:18PhoenixAZUSAOval10 secondsWalked outside to take out trash and looked south in the sky. A bullet shaped craft was traveling from east to west with a blue/purple7/23/20
7/11/20 20:15PhoenixAZUSAFireball10 secondsBlue/green small round fireball with red tail of light coming out from behind. Flew very fast east to west over the I17 freeway then ab7/23/20
7/11/20 20:15Jefferson CityMOUSASphere1 hourTranslucent orb observed for one hour just East of Jefferson City. Observed thru spotting scope and telescope. At the 9 to 12 O'clo7/23/20
7/11/20 18:00PeoriaILUSACircle10 minutesStarted in the east heading west with green small light,as it got closer the green light was no longer visible.7/23/20
7/11/20 15:00Rankin Inlet (Nunavut)(Canada)CanadaChanging15 minutesWhite round object turned sideways and was very skinny. Second bright light appeared next to it looked kind of like a star then light d7/23/20
7/11/20 14:30LynnwoodWAUSAChanging1 minuteBlack orb seen in sky.7/23/20
7/11/20 13:00Scott CityMOUSADisk30 minutesIt was a translucent object with a shining rim. It was watching my drone and then a smaller object split off and went like real fast ac7/23/20
7/11/20 12:00ColtonCAUSACircle5 minutesCo-worker and I saw a bunch of balloon like objects floating in the southern California sky. There was an bigger object in the center.7/23/20
7/11/20 10:30Merritt IslandFLUSARectangle2 minutesVery large rectangular transparent object7/23/20
7/11/20 09:24ManchesterCTUSAMADAR Node 1517/23/20
7/11/20 03:11Aidrie (Canada)ABCanadaCircle20+ minutesFlashed it remained A bright light hovered 20+ minutes very bright red and green lights7/23/20
7/11/20 02:40YukonOKUSATriangle3-4 secondsUFO triangle composed of spheres sighting over Yukon, Oklahoma7/31/20
7/11/20 00:30Mill CreekWAUSAChevron12 secondsred chevron slowly moved from east to west for 12 sec.7/23/20
7/11/20 00:30San Tan ValleyAZUSAChangingseveral hoursSignificant number of objects seen interacting with each other, visible to the southwest of San Tan Valley, az7/23/20
7/11/20 00:00LoraineOHUSACylinder30 minutesIt just appeared dudley in the sky by the little dipper a just moved across the sky fast going white around it then a orbe moved in fro8/20/20
7/10/20 23:40Kaministiquia (Canada)ONCanadaLight10 minutes3 bright lights over kaministiquia7/23/20
7/10/20 23:05Matinhos (Brazil)BrazilLight2 minutesStationary red and yellow flashing light for 2min7/23/20
7/10/20 22:35Dash PointWAUSACircle2 minutesWe were getting ready to go to bed at turn the lights off and the bedroom has a slider of glass door and through it I saw what looked l7/23/20
7/10/20 22:00Granite ShoalsTXUSALight10 secondsKids were swimming in the pool and saw a ball of light in the sky to a couple circles and take off to the east7/23/20
7/10/20 22:00DeatsvilleALUSACircle2 minutesA black circle in the night sky shoots beam of light out of its side.7/23/20
7/10/20 22:00RichlandWAUSADisk7-10 minutesFlat cigar shape with 3 bright white lights.7/23/20
7/10/20 21:05OaklandCAUSACircle20 minutesPossible UFO over SF Bay Area.7/23/20
7/10/20 17:30TrentonFLUSADisk5 minutesFlying saucer and a C130 at low altitude7/23/20
7/10/20 16:00AnnapolisMDUSAOther.02Tall ship7/23/20
7/10/20 15:30SumnerWAUSATriangle30 secondsBlack triangle, no lights. Flying must faster than commercial plane or heliocopter. W to E.7/23/20
7/10/20 13:43GreenfieldMAUSADiskLong timeWas early am looked out window to see this odd saucer shaped bright white light thing in sky was moving in fast jolts up,down,left,righ11/5/20
7/10/20 12:00YorkvilleNYUSAOther1 minuteGiant Snake UFO Video In Description.7/23/20
7/10/20 09:20AliquippaPAUSAMADAR Node 687/23/20
7/10/20 03:56OrlandoFLUSAUnknown1 minuteI heard a weird noise coming above me and I saw this object flying on top of me on semoran Blvd while I was crossing the street I look7/23/20
7/10/20 01:00MillsPAUSADisk4-5 minslarge rotating saucer with dome. It stayed in one spot well above the tree line on the hill across the road from me.12/23/20
7/10/20MorristownTNUSALight2 monthsFor the past two months, at night, I've been witnessing this strange bright light outside my bedroom window. The first night occurred r7/23/20
7/9/20 22:15HillsboroughNJUSATriangle30 secondsThree red lights in the shape of triangle witnessed moving across sky, then change direction, then disappear.7/23/20
7/9/20 21:45DuluthMNUSALight<1 minuteUnexplained light over Lake Superior near Duluth, MN.7/23/20
7/9/20 21:43HatterasNCUSATeardrop15 secondsObserved a large, bright light in night sky descend then zip off. The flight path resembled that of the Nike swoosh emblem.7/23/20
7/9/20 20:41Between Sardinia and WinchesterOHUSADisk15-16 minutesGiant, 15-20 mile, disc-shaped cloud disturbance with a smaller, but significantly size disc emerging.7/23/20
7/9/20 20:33PittsburghPAUSALight00:33Strange sky and 2 moving orbs of light in the sky.7/23/20
7/9/20 18:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSALight30/403 light spheres They came one next ( behind ) the other as if liking in different directions I felt that the light stop for a second s7/23/20
7/9/20 10:48LaceyWAUSAMADAR Node 507/23/20
7/9/20 01:14Cuyahoga Falls/AkronOHUSALight5 minutesSlow flashing light in northern sky towards Lake Erie.7/9/20
7/9/20 00:25West Abington TownshipPAUSATeardrop7 secondsBlack figure ignites across sky and then vanished with a very controlled blast of light. ((NUFORC Note: Contact info defective. PD)7/9/20
7/8/20 23:00Portsmouth and Virginia BeachVAUSAChevron30 minutesBright white and blue object next to the moon. I was traveling home when I saw it in Portsmouth Va about 20 minutes from my home in Vir7/23/20
7/8/20 23:00BridgmanMIUSAUnknown5-10 secondsQuick ufo sighting at night bridgman michigan7/9/20
7/8/20 22:30Owen Sound (Canada)ONCanadaLight15 secondsBright light, shifted trajectory7/9/20
7/8/20 22:00WilliamsburgVAUSALight1 minuteWhite ball of light with blinking green light in front of it. Moving at a steady pace at a couple hundred feet up.7/9/20
7/8/20 21:45AllentownPAUSAFireball1 minuteRound very bright orange object traveling west to east, turned south, ascended quickly, getting smaller then disappeared into blacknes7/9/20
7/8/20 21:30StevensvilleMDUSATriangle30 secondsWhite bright lights over Stevensville, Md8/6/20
7/8/20 21:17MiddletownCTUSACircle10 minutesThe object was still in the sky and not making a sound. It just sat over a military facility in Middletown CT on Smith Street and too7/23/20
7/8/20 20:30PuyallupWAUSACircle5 minutesCircular flying object in the sky7/9/20
7/8/20 20:30MoweaquaILUSAUnknown1 hourWe saw a bright white object hovering in the atmosphere almost directly overhead. It stayed in one place for several minutes and then7/23/20
7/8/20 09:30LevittownPAUSALight1:30Bright white star shape that flew rapidly and flashed red and blue.7/9/20
7/8/20 05:09BagdadAZUSALight15 minutesThe sun was about to come out so it was light out side7/9/20
7/8/20 03:00SandordFLUSAChanging2 hours((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about her sighting. PD))7/23/20
7/7/20 23:00FullertonCAUSAUnknown2 minutesI'm familiar with all the fakery and UFO sightings and Ive never seen a ET-UFO yet in all my years, but I am always open minded to the7/9/20
7/7/20 22:56Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown~3 minutesObject unusual altitude one light observed. Traveling in a pattern not conducive to commercial or private chat Noir helicopter.7/9/20
7/7/20 22:25Dale CityVAUSALight45 minutesHuge lightning on the sky but that spreads over the sky like waves and the light in each wave last for at least 7 seconds then lighted7/9/20
7/7/20 22:00PittsburghUSAOther30 secondsDirectly after an airplane flew over head to land at a nearby runway, my gf noticed lights moving in and out from each other. I though7/9/20
7/7/20 22:00ShenandoahOHUSADisk2-5 minutesBright lights in the sky coming from a circular object in sky. We was driving so looked back around to see what it was. The object turn7/9/20
7/7/20 10:05St. LouisMOUSAMADAR Node 707/23/20
7/7/20 09:00GoodlandKSUSACigar3-4 minutesI let my dog out to relieve himself. I look to northwestern sky. I always watch bird flying. I see a cigar shaped object flying from no7/23/20
7/7/20 07:00California CityCAUSACircle15 minutesRound white disk in one spot for 15 minutes7/9/20
7/7/20 06:34Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1197/23/20
7/7/20 05:00RiverviewFLUSAOval5 minutesOn 7/7/2020 at 5am I took my dog out side once out side I have a habit of leaning against my car parked in the driveway and look at the7/9/20
7/7/20 04:47Santa feNMUSAMADAR Node 787/23/20
7/7/20 01:25Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1197/23/20
7/7/20 01:00DawsonPAUSALight2 hours plusSeen a red light fly to a group of red lights.7/9/20
7/7/20 00:29PuebloCOUSAMADAR Node 837/23/20
7/7/20 00:00DoralFLUSACylinder5 hours2 cylindrical objects with ultra-fast movements captured by the camera at midnight for more than 5 hours on the same site7/23/20
7/7/20 00:00BloomingtonINUSALight~1 hourThree lights7/9/20
7/6/20 23:20Emerald Park (Canada)SKCanadaUnknown20 secondsSatellite type light directly above making "s" type turns zig zaging in the sky.7/23/20
7/6/20 22:30WestfieldNYUSA2 secondsIt was a light that brightened and returned to nothing within 2 seconds on 07/06/2020 approximate time was 22:30 in th3 SSE.7/9/20
7/6/20 22:30UppervilleVAUSALight30 minutesPersistent lightning like explosions with no sound7/9/20
7/6/20 16:00East NorthportNYUSAOval2 minutes3 oval ships flying together and break apart faster then sound.12/23/20
7/6/20 12:15DenverCOUSACylinder10-20 secondsCylindrical, capsule shaped silver object seen flying near Denver International Airport.7/9/20
7/6/20 06:00Harper WoodsMIUSACircle5 minutes3 objects seen by 2 Harper Woods, Mi. Police Officers.7/9/20
7/6/20 05:15Fort LauderdaleFLUSACylinder30 minutesI got out of my car at my worksite and looked at the moon and saw the object in the 4 o:clock position in orientation to the moon. Ther7/9/20
7/6/20 04:25BoiseIDUSAMADAR Node 1117/23/20
7/5/20 23:00Bourbon/Scott/Harrison County lineKYUSASphere10 minutesMy daughter and I were looking at the stars in her new telescope when we noticed a orange/yellow sphere shaped light really high in the8/20/20
7/5/20 22:40Nockamixon townshipPAUSALight3 minutesBright light rise over the lake went across the lake then disappeared7/9/20
7/5/20 22:31CoudersportPAUSAOther2 minutesLooked like flashing headlights in the sky7/23/20
7/5/20 22:00San AntonioTXUSAOval20 minutesI have never seen anything like this! ((W to E??))((Starlink satellites??))((anonymous report))7/9/20
7/5/20 21:00HolyokeMAUSALight5 minutesMy boyfriend was looking out our apartment window which shows a scenic view of the Connecticut River, facing South Hadley. He asked me7/9/20
7/5/20 20:00ViennaILUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular shape black craft with no visible windows or propulsion system, no landing gear solid red lights very close encounter7/9/20
7/5/20 20:00Yucca ValleyCAUSALight3-5 minutesStrange light over Yucca Valley Ca7/9/20
7/5/20 19:30TemperanceMIUSACircle3 minutesBright metallic Orb.7/23/20
7/5/20 19:30Virginia BeachVAUSACircle10 secondsMy husband and I were driving down the interstate in Va Beach and we saw what looked like an airplane. I joked with him and said "7/9/20
7/5/20 19:00MaumeeOHUSAOval2 hoursbroad daylight 2 white orbs that did not move in the south and north sky7/9/20
7/5/20 17:40WalesMIUSACircle5-10 secondsLaying in hammock in shade looking at sky when I noticed a round object, white in color, traveling in a straight line at an extremely h7/9/20
7/5/20 17:15New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAUnknown10 minutesSighting observed at Prospect Park. At least 20 circular orbs were floating in the sky.((Starlink satellites??))7/9/20
7/5/20 14:30HarrisonIDUSASphere2-3 minutesBalloon shaped white sphere. Moved slow then dissapeared7/23/20
7/5/20 14:00LarnakaLarnaca DistrictCyprusSphereAround 3 minutesSpherical craft hovering between two buildings, the top and bottom were spinning counter to each other.6/22/22
7/5/20 13:30Duncan (Canada)BCCanadaSphere10 minutesSingle white spherical object observed moving north midday, clear, sunny conditions, stopped remained stationary for several minutes.7/9/20
7/5/20 12:57AventuraFLUSAChanging4 minutesSeveral flying objects, were not anything that you would typically see7/9/20
7/5/20 11:53LawrencevilleGAUSAMADAR Node 487/23/20
7/5/20 09:46Los AltosCAUSAMADAR Node 527/23/20
7/5/20 09:44Hannah CityILUSATriangle1 minute3 lights in triangular formation or craft. Moved in unison slowly in sky as we were star gazing, they then all 3 fizzled out and disap7/9/20
7/5/20 07:45Jakarta (Indonesia)IndonesiaCigar0:1:10Object Seemed to be shrouded in a halo... Enlarged screen shots showed no definate shape...7/9/20
7/5/20 03:26NewburghINUSAMADAR Node 1427/23/20
7/5/20 02:40GirardvillePAUSALight3-5 minutesBright orange light moving slowly from west to east then disappearing.7/9/20
7/5/20 02:39GirardvillePAUSALight3-5 minutesObject that was orange circler bright light.7/9/20
7/5/20 01:47Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1197/23/20
7/5/20 01:30HighlandWIUSAChanging2 hourMultiple balls of color changing lights appeared over Blackhawk lake around 1:30 am. It started as 2 balls hovering over an area in fro7/9/20
7/5/20 01:00RANCHO CORDOVACAUSAFormation20 secondsWas lighting fireworks then we seen a light like an old car light and was forming shapes. It zoomed in closer paused then proceeded on7/9/20
7/5/20 00:00SpokaneWAUSACircle60 minutesRed circular haze UFO with fire type color in the center7/31/20
7/4/20 00:00ConwaySCUSAChanging2 hoursOne craft one red light with blue white ordering lights size a full moon tonight it is that size7/9/20
7/4/20 23:30WatsonvilleCAUSAFormation60 secondsRed lights transform in sky8/16/21
7/4/20 23:30ChicatoILUSAFormation~3 minutesRedish/Orange orbes with phone camera footage in Chicago from a rooftop during 4th of July.7/9/20
7/4/20 23:17BurlingtonVTUSAFormation30 minutesIt was at 11:17pm when my wife and went for a ride and we were traveling south on I89. We seen three really bright lights brighter than7/9/20
7/4/20 23:02HendersonNVUSACircle4 minutes2 bright orange lights passed over the houses 4 minutes apart. They came up from the desert then once passed over disappeared.7/9/20
7/4/20 23:00LorainOHUSAOther5-10 minutesRed orb above fireworks display zig zagging around the sky.7/9/20
7/4/20 23:00SeattleWAUSAFireball1 minuteO.K, first & foremost it was the 4th of July- Although, I'm 62, & have been watching the sky for yrs.(& I've seen some stuff)Anyway, i7/9/20
7/4/20 22:45FresnoCAUSATeardrop8 minutes7 fireballs seen coming our way, Came over our heads, we could see bottom of crafts. No sound7/23/20
7/4/20 22:45MarshallMOUSAOther1 minuteUnidentified object with fiery bright orange circular glow on leading edge enters the atmosphere and passes overhead7/9/20
7/4/20 22:44ObetzOHUSAOval4 minutesHello Mr. Davenport, I called you on the night of July 4th at approximately 11:32pm after viewing a strange orange object in the sky ab7/23/20
7/4/20 22:38ErieCOUSASphere2 minutesOrange orb seen flying over Erie, Colorado headed NW.7/9/20
7/4/20 22:34GreenvilleILUSASphere35((HOAX??)) Craft moved across the Southwest night sky in southern Illinois. ((NUFORC Note: We question the measurements. PD))7/9/20
7/4/20 22:32Terre HauteINUSACircle2 minutesMy Mother and I just saw an unidentified non conventional white strobing light moving slowly counter clockwise. The number of pulsing w7/9/20
7/4/20 22:30WeavervilleCAUSALight3 backpackers see very strange lights appear in the wilderness while hiking the Trinity Alps, followed by a missing time event.7/23/20
7/4/20 22:30MineralVAUSACircle10 minutesAfter fireworks on Lake Anna we saw a strange triangle in the sky made of 3 red circles in a very semantically form. The color was fli7/9/20
7/4/20 22:30SalinaKSUSACircle5 minutes?Our family was watching our town's firework display to the east and one family member felt the urge to look behind them (to the west) a7/9/20
7/4/20 22:20PlainviewNYUSADisk25 secondsOn the evening of July 4, 2020 at just about 10:20 PM, appearing on the horizon we saw five extremely fast moving large bright orange l7/23/20
7/4/20 22:15Richmond HillNYUSASphere5 minutesBright orange black circular ufo7/9/20
7/4/20 22:15Catalina IslandCAUSAFlash30 secondsWe were sitting outside looking up at the sky when we saw a small blink of light. After the flash of light that looked like a small st7/9/20
7/4/20 22:10New BerlinWIUSALight5 minutesI went on my deck to see some fireworks and to my right flank at about a 45 degree angle were 2 of the brightest red lights just sittin7/9/20
7/4/20 22:00Hilliard/ColumbusOHUSALight5-10 minutesOrange flickering lights meandering in and out of formation.7/23/20
7/4/20 22:00SpringboroOHUSACylinder15 minutesRed to orange squared cylinder type object7/9/20
7/4/20 22:00LafolletteTNUSACircle30 secondsIt happened on the 4th in valley view estates in lafollette. After fireworks were done we saw a red ball levitating and moving slowly i7/23/20
7/4/20 22:00Roche HarborWAUSAOval20 minutesUFO sighting during Fireworks display in Roche Harbor WA7/31/20
7/4/20 22:00EmmausPAUSASphere4 minutesI noticed a single red circle going at a medium slow rate from the south to the north. Then noticed three other crafts .much smaller th7/9/20
7/4/20 22:00HatboroPAUSAFireball15 minutesWe were sitting by our pool trying to watch fireworks but they really didnt happen. Observed in the near sky what appeared to be a fire7/23/20
7/4/20 22:00Mentor-On-The-LakeOHUSASphere2 secondsWhile sitting out on the street at this approximate location 41.711236,-81.370764 on July 4th around 10pm I saw an object with one oran7/9/20
7/4/20 22:00PalmettoFLUSACircle5 MinutesOrange orb in the sky that moved to a couple different spots then would sit still for 5 minute until zooming out of sight extremelyfast12/23/20
7/4/20 21:54BakersfieldCAUSAOther50 secondsred/orange, bell shaped object observed over Bakersfield Ca. on the 4th of July!7/9/20
7/4/20 21:47SelbyvilleDEUSACigar12 minutes2 Red vertical Cigar shaped objects spotted near Ocean City, DE July 4th 20207/9/20
7/4/20 21:47SelbyvilleDEUSACigar12 minutes2 Red vertical Cigar shaped objects spotted near Ocean City, DE July 4th 2020.7/31/20
7/4/20 21:45GassawayWVUSACircle10 secondsObject was spherical, kelly green in color, the ball sat in place for approximately 10 seconds and shot off eastward.7/9/20
7/4/20 21:43HamdenCTUSACircle30 secondsWe had just lost power in neighborhood and we were out front watching fireworks when my son saw a flying orange ball that looked to hav7/9/20
7/4/20 21:39Old BridgeNJUSAChanging~5 minutesAt first there were 2 glowing orange lights- one in front of the other. Another third light appeared to make a triangle. The lights wer7/9/20
7/4/20 21:35KissimmeeFLUSAFireball20 minutes15 to 20 orange/red slowly traversing orbs in formation in Kissimme, FL. ((Starlink satellites??))7/9/20
7/4/20 21:35West AllisWIUSASphere5 minutesWhile watching fireworks we witnessed 2 red orbs over the neighborhood to the south of us.7/23/20
7/4/20 21:34PlainfieldILUSASphere30 minutesUnbelievable fireworks in the heavens multiple orbs spotted, extensive video photos several witnesses7/9/20
7/4/20 21:34DenverCOUSACircle2 minutesOn the night of July 4th in Denver Colorado there were multiple balls of light moving fast and making abrupt changes in direction!8/20/20
7/4/20 21:30BellmawrNJUSACircle15 secondsQuickly moving sphere of alternating colors passing about 10 miles east of Philadelphia the night of July 4th, 20207/9/20
7/4/20 21:30AnnistonALUSACircle15 minutesWe saw a red object coming at a high speed of velocity from the southeast region of the sky. It grew larger as it came closer and stopp7/9/20
7/4/20 21:30SpringfieldMOUSALight3 minutesI witnessed two strange lights along with a set of parallel lights hovering above, that I filmed!7/9/20
7/4/20 21:30CrestviewFLUSAFireball5 minutes6 UFOs and alien noises in neighborhood.7/23/20
7/4/20 21:30CharlestonWVUSACircle5-10 minutesWe did not see the shape, but we saw around 3 neon green lights (1 blinking) in a circular shape, then it shot to the right.12/23/20
7/4/20 21:15BiggsCAUSAChevron45 secondsAt about 9:15 PM ON the 4th of July 2020 seconds after meditating on contacting to see a UFO I watched a V shaped craft come into view7/9/20
7/4/20 21:14BeloitWIUSASphere90 secondsWhile watching fireworks on the 4th of July, I was treated to more than just fireworks -- a couple red glowing orbs passed overhead.7/9/20
7/4/20 21:12PlainfieldILUSASphere5 minutesI was sitting in my backyard the night of July 4th watching fireworks. I saw a red light above my head at first I thought it was a dron7/9/20
7/4/20 21:10GretnaNEUSAOval10-15 minutesLarge oval shaped UFO West of Gretna, NE7/9/20
7/4/20 21:07GoodyearAZUSALight1 minuteIndependence Day UFO sighting in Goodyear, Arizona.7/23/20
7/4/20 21:00WinchesterTNUSACircle2 hoursRound Glowing Ball seen by 6 people in Winchester, Tennessee on 7/4/207/9/20
7/4/20 20:30Lake StevensWAUSACircle8 minutesTwo ufo in sky, looked like dog fight or chase. Picked up the last 7 minutes on phone.7/9/20
7/4/20 20:00LeicesterNCUSAUnknown1-3 minutesSomething high flying straight up with trail behind it7/9/20
7/4/20 20:00LouisvilleKYUSACircle3 to 4 secondsI saw a dark grey circular object in the skies of Louisville, KY.7/9/20
7/4/20 20:00HuntsvilleALUSACircle10-15 minutesI saw what looked like a ball of fire. It was moving faster than an airplane. As it got closer to the fireworks it went black. I watche7/9/20
7/4/20 19:30San AngeloTXUSASphereNot sureOn July 4th, 2020 we saw a strange amber orb descend from sky. After zooming in I noticed two lights aligned vertically. Bottom one fa7/23/20
7/4/20 17:10Forest Hills (Queens)NYUSASphere10 minutes2 bright objects - one silver - one blue7/9/20
7/4/20 17:00OlaARUSACircle5 minutesbright circle object7/23/20
7/4/20 12:00KingsportTNUSAOtherTo longThis was an alien Antichrist the Bible spoke of it the myans had it right it is using our internet and taking over our minds on methamp7/23/20
7/4/20 08:45ScapooseORUSAUnknown30 secondsSatellite like object7/9/20
7/4/20 08:12NewburghINUSAMADAR Node 1427/23/20
7/4/20 02:50NewburghINUSAMADAR Node 1427/23/20
7/4/20 01:19Red Iron/Clear LakeSDUSAOther30My significant other was in the lake without son playing and splashing around, when he asked me "what's that in the sky?"I ig11/5/20
7/4/20 00:55AberdeenWAUSAUnknown7 secondsGreen blinking light on a zig zagging UFO7/9/20
7/4/20 00:00RaymondvilleTXUSALight22 minutesRing Door Bell catches flashing light/Orb in sky.7/9/20
7/3/20 23:45BurkesvilleKYUSAOval10 secondsWitnessed unexplainable orangish and reddish lights on a flying object7/9/20
7/3/20 23:30PetalumaCAUSALight5 minutesSTAR LOOKING LIGHTS, PETALUMA CA LIBERTY RD, moving in ways unnatural.7/9/20
7/3/20 23:00CasperWYUSADiamond6 hoursOn July 3 2020 a friend and I were drivin g to labonte canyon by Douglas Wyoming. At 11 pm we stopped for a second. I looked up at the7/9/20
7/3/20 22:30PikevilleTNUSALightEvery night since mayEvery night since May, except when its raining, a bright small light comes down from the sky and visits me. No matter how high in the7/9/20
7/3/20 21:00QuitmanMSUSAFlash15 minutesThere was a flashing light that was stationary and really high then went really fast and came to a sudden stayed in one p7/9/20
7/3/20 20:30North PlainsORUSAFlash3-4 secondsFlash in the sky3/31/21
7/3/20 19:37HonoluluHIUSACircle1 secondUFO spotted in photo after picture taken. No aircraft were spotted in the sky prior to he photo.7/9/20
7/3/20 16:30Las VegasNVUSATeardrop5-6 minutesAt approximately 16:30 on 07/03/20, whole driving northbound on Maryland Pky/ Paradise rd (cross street Windmill), I observed a bright7/9/20
7/3/20 16:30Las VegasNVUSATeardrop5-6 minutesBright white circular object with short contrail standing still in the sky with N/S trajectory7/9/20
7/3/20 12:00NewingtonCTUSAMADAR Node 1067/23/20
7/3/20 11:37Deep River (Canada)ONCanadaMADAR Node 597/23/20
7/3/20 04:23NapervilleILUSACross~3 minutesJuly 3, 2020: Moving object in morning sky. Link to photo included.7/3/20
7/3/20 02:26PeoriaILUSAFlash>1 hourMulticolored flashing moving light in sky7/3/20
7/2/20 23:30North TonawandaNYUSASphere15 minutesOutside in my Yard when i heard a jet.airliner over head On a clear starrie night. Notice a bright star in the sky but after further7/3/20
7/2/20 23:30Santa AnaCAUSADisk4 minutes x 2Strange UFO object sighted during a drive late at night7/3/20
7/2/20 23:00Grove CityOHUSAFireball2 minutesDriving home, stopped at a stop sign and noticed a bright orange light hovering in the sky. The light hovered for about 2 minutes in th7/9/20
7/2/20 22:30ShelbyNCUSADisk5 minutesSmall UFO craft landed in my Garden at night leaving landing impressions like stands.7/9/20
7/2/20 22:18GalesburgILUSAUnknown15minsSomething really freaky has been happening to me and my girlfriend. There's a pretty large lake hearing Galesburg. We like to go on wal7/9/20
7/2/20 22:00MojaveCAUSASphere30 minutesSaw something we could not exsplain7/3/20
7/2/20 22:00PittsburghPAUSATriangle3-5 minutesIt began to rotate and we could see it was a huge triangular object. A white light on each corner and a red light in the middle.7/3/20
7/2/20 21:45NaugatuckCTUSACircle30 secondsMe, my girlfriend her mom, my two kids and my girls mom and her brother were watching the fireworks. They abruptly stopped due to malfu7/3/20
7/2/20 21:30Fort PayneALUSACircle20 minutesIt was bright red and move before it disappeared.7/3/20
7/2/20 21:00Long BeachCAUSALight15 secondsHazy white light hauling ass then disappeared7/3/20
7/2/20 20:45Huntersville/North CharlotteNCUSACylinder15 secondsSilver cylinder, upright beer can like, in sky near Charlotte, NC11/5/20
7/2/20 15:23Corona de TucsonAZUSADisk1 minutesOrange looking saucer shaped object in Thunderstorm/Monsoon.7/9/20
7/2/20 12:30DenverCOUSACircle4 minutesOn a walk through the neighborhood I glanced up at the sky and noticed a small circle heading west. It went behind some trees and disap7/9/20
7/2/20 03:00New CastleCOUSALight1 hour 30 minutesA close encounter that involved a physical altercation.7/9/20
7/2/20 01:56Los AngelesCAUSAOval1 minute1:56am on the beach, UFO sighting, totally silent, circular light patterns, high energy force7/9/20
7/1/20 23:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChanging20 secondsAfterwatching fireworks on apartment balcony for Canadas day, my girlfriend and I noticed a orange orb in the sky moving kind of horiz7/3/20
7/1/20 22:45TrentonNJUSATriangle10 minutesA fiery triangle object flying about And made no noise in the night sky.7/9/20
7/1/20 22:00SpringfieldMAUSASphere5 minutesI saw the craft a second time but got better video because I had my phone nearby. It lasted about 5 minutes It cam from sw and moved to7/3/20
7/1/20 21:00HopeARUSARectangle20 minutesSeen many fast moving red/white lights in the sky thn a drone type thing with green and red lights chased us for 4 minutes.. this happe7/31/20
7/1/20 19:30NampaIDUSACircle8 minutesAt first my group thought it was a balloon because it was shiny. But then we realized it was too high and moving to slow to be a balloo7/3/20
7/1/20 19:00BerkeleyspringsWVUSALight1 hourIt's a regular event anymore, from bright blinding white light to the multi color flashing light with two solid light like-wings triang12/23/20
7/1/20 17:05Forest Hills (Queens)NYUSASphere10 minutes1 bright /reflective object7/9/20
7/1/20 13:00Grand islandNYUSAChanging1 minuteOutside doing work and saw some thing shining in the sky overhead, as I observed it changed shape from something shiny and metal to som7/23/20
7/1/20 12:00WaverlyOHUSACircle20 minutesI went out side to smoke a cigar and when i did i was standing on the edge of my deck looking out across my unlce house i see this brig1/19/21
7/1/20 10:00MedfordORUSAOtherabout 3 hrsIn state of Washington I was abducted by UFO. Year 2020. At Oregon's airport their Milimeter Wave, abnormal Metal seen in body tissue.6/22/22
7/1/20 09:23Little SwitzerlandNCUSADisk1Disc shape discovered in clouds in photo7/23/20
7/1/20 06:38GarrettsvilleOHUSAMADAR Node 647/23/20
7/1/20 04:05Pine CityNYUSAMADAR Node 827/23/20
7/1/20 03:00London (UK/England)United KingdomLight10-15 minutesOn July 1st 2020 i saw six, white pinpoint lights moving from west to east over east london. ((Starlink satellites?))7/3/20
7/1/20 02:35La Follette ( Glade Springs area)TNUSATriangle10 minutesTriangular craft with red lights7/23/20
7/1/20 02:30OxfordMIUSALight1 + hoursBright light with red tail that makes a gliding movement across the sky whenever it moves.7/3/20