National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 05/2018


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/31/18 23:35LebanonCTUSALightSeveral minutesThree witnesses observed an object that maneuvered in different directions. ((MUFON report))6/21/18
5/31/18 22:10Vestavia HillsALUSAOther3-4 secondsSlow moving crescent moon shaped object spotted from Vestavia Hills, Al.6/1/18
5/31/18 21:45North Myrtle BeachSCUSASphere15 secondsFive-seven orange spheres in night sky above Atlantic ocean, facing directly east. No noise associated the apparitions. Seen by two a6/1/18
5/31/18 21:33LamoineMEUSATriangle10 minutesStrange triangular craft appears above tree and vanishes into thin air.6/21/18
5/31/18 21:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSALight10-15 minutesBright fast moving light off coast in alternating patterns6/1/18
5/31/18 16:47NorwalkCTUSAMADAR Node 1036/7/18
5/31/18 15:45TorranceCAUSAFlash>1 minutesilver bright flashy hovering object over southern california beach cities6/7/18
5/31/18 12:12Sauerlach (Germany)GermanyOtherunknownUfo photographed over Lanzenhaar (Germany)2/7/19
5/31/18 10:00AuroraCOUSACircle15 minutesSilver object in the sky moving slowly west to east then fast to north.6/1/18
5/31/18Maces Bay (Canada)NBCanadaUnknownEvery nightIn April, my bf and I moved to maces bay, out by leprea we live right by the nuclear power plant we every night we go out side fo6/21/18
5/30/18 23:56London (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle<4 minutesThere were clearly unexplained phenomenon at this time and they were not airplanes.6/1/18
5/30/18 23:15Myrtle BeachSCUSADisk20 minutesBright ring of light appeared one at 9 o clock one at 3 o clock then one in the center. Lights cut on then off like some one cut on a l6/1/18
5/30/18 23:15North Myrtle BeachSCUSACircle10 secondsOrange spheres above Atlantic Ocean.6/1/18
5/30/18 23:00SarasotaFLUSACircle2 hoursRound bright light emiting random white beams of light to the west and red beams of light to the east of it. No sounds.6/7/18
5/30/18 23:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAOther~20 minutesOrange lights moving in formation seen from the southern end of Myrtle Beach, SC.6/1/18
5/30/18 22:00ClarksburgMDUSATriangle1-2 minutesUFO spotted in Clarksburg, Maryland. ((NUFORC Note:6/1/18
5/30/18 21:30Myrtal BeachSCUSAUnknown2 hoursOrange lights over Atlantic at Myrtal Beach, SC.6/15/18
5/30/18 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown1 hourWe were sitting on our balcony enjoyong the moonlight and ocean when out of no where these lights showed up in the sky.6/1/18
5/30/18 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSALightSecondsMy fiance and I were fishing on the Myrtle Beach State Park Pier. It was partly cloudy with large cumulus clouds in the sky. There was6/7/18
5/30/18 19:00StockbridgeGAUSAOther10 secondsGoing driving Northeast looking at setting sun and saw a dark shape that was changing shape and size,got my phone out and took a few pi6/1/18
5/30/18 12:47Surfside BeachSCUSAFlash5 minutesWe were sitting outside and saw 2 sets of bright randomly flashing lights in sky.6/1/18
5/29/18 22:15DanversMAUSAOval40 secondsBright glowing object loses color and flies off5/31/18
5/29/18 21:39Garden CitySCUSACircle30 seconds3 orange circles glowing above ocean. At least 5 miles off shore and over 5,000 feet high (comparing to boats and comercial aircraft in5/31/18
5/29/18 19:45MesaAZUSARectangle5 minutesBlack Rectangular Flying Object Over Mesa, AZ. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/29/18 12:40Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1196/7/18
5/29/18 08:02BendORUSAOther1-3 minutesI was in the my back yard and noticed something moving slowly behind a tree west of my yard. A few seconds later, the object emerged on5/31/18
5/29/18 06:00WichitaKSUSACircle5 minutesTwo bright perfect circle orbs operating perpendicular to each other with exact movement, direction, and speed.5/31/18
5/29/18 03:00FruitlandUTUSAFlash1 hourAbnormal flashes in the sky6/15/18
5/29/18 00:00SarasotaFLUSAUnknown5-10 minutesAround midnight I was outside couldn't sleep I look up north and I see you some lights I thought it was an airplane but I heard nothing6/1/18
5/29/18 00:00Dublin (Ireland)IrelandCircle1 hourSitting in the car with my friend when we saw 3 circler objects in the sky, they followed a few seconds after one another and seemed t5/31/18
5/29/18 00:00PhoenixAZUSACircleFew minutesTwo red lights like lasers hovering houses and zooming off to turn into am insanely bright light then fading ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/28/18 23:09ClarkstonWAUSALight2 minutesMysterious red and white ball of light sailing, hovering and descending. Caught on video.5/31/18
5/28/18 20:25Little RockARUSACone~20 secondscone-shaped craft fell silently to the ground 5/28/20185/31/18
5/28/18 19:00SeattleWAUSASphere2 minutesTwo objects flying erratically. invisible to the naked eye but showed up on my camera phone.5/31/18
5/28/18 19:00NewportUSACigarsecondsMetallic cigar-shaped obj. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: No photo forwarded. State not indicated by witness. PD))8/10/18
5/28/18 19:00HomosassaFLUSALight30 minutesBright light, mostly white, which appeared to be able to move left to right, and up and down.5/31/18
5/28/18 13:00MassillonOHUSAOval3 minWalking across driveway looked up saw shiny black oval shaped craft traveling W to E then changed direction to S.5/31/18
5/28/18 10:30GilroyCAUSASphere5 secondWhite sphere travels slowly and then reverses direction. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/28/18 08:45WarrenMIUSACircleUnknownMe and a friend were walking at about 8:45 and we saw a big black circular thing in the sky. She said its a UFO then we saw it get even5/31/18
5/28/18 01:58LouisvilleKYUSACircle5 minsCiriclar craft seen less 2 miles from the ground5/31/18
5/27/18 23:50AndersonINUSAUnknown3 minutesI believe that I witnessed some other worldly tonight despite being skeptical about such things.6/7/19
5/27/18 20:35BloomingtonMNUSAFormation15minhe noticed two white dots (not moving and there wasn't any stars out yet) spaced about two miles apart. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/27/18 18:40YukonOKUSASphere4 minutesBrilliant sphere shaped object traveling very fast, headed from the east to the northwest.5/31/18
5/27/18 10:00Dade CityFLUSACircle45 minutesBright white light covered surface object moving very slowly towards northwest5/31/18
5/26/18 23:00AuburnWAUSACircle10 minutesLast night on an evening bike ride with my fiance, we saw objects steadily heading up into the sky. I counted 8 in all. We saw a helico5/31/18
5/26/18 23:00CrowvilleLAUSAOther6 secondsRotating tic-tac shaped object rotating end over end.7/5/18
5/26/18 22:15GarySDUSALight5 minutesTen bright orange lights move into formation, hover, turn white, and then vanish.6/7/18
5/26/18 22:00HamburgPAUSALight10 minutesRed light sitting still then changing direction and color5/31/18
5/26/18 21:30BremertonUSATriangle15 min+Driving on thehighway to boyfriend and I saw a group of lights about 5 or so in a triangular shape. There also was one lig5/31/18
5/26/18 21:24MechanicsvilleVAUSARectangle30 seconds4 balloon looking with glows like gassing then disappeared. In pictures they look more rectangular but not to naked eye. Driving in a r5/31/18
5/26/18 21:24MechanicsvilleVAUSACylinder1 minutes60 year engineering professional driving saw 2 lights hovering in dark sky approximately 100ft away. Pulled over on side of road.6/1/18
5/26/18 21:00Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaCircle1 minuteSaw an extremely small, black circular aircraft.5/31/18
5/26/18 18:24WAUSACircleI was out riding my bike and seen the strangest cloud I've ever seen so I took a picture. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare. PD))5/31/18
5/26/18 16:00London (UK/England)United KingdomCircleI've seen some strange things of lately. I took photos and filmed some on my phone. Two sun's.? Moon / bright light that looks like the5/31/18
5/26/18 12:30HuntingtonNYUSALightA Piper PA-32R Saratoga pilot reported an object to ARTC and was asked to call FAA upon landing.2/25/20
5/26/18 10:51Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1196/7/18
5/26/18 09:00Chennai (India)INIndiaDiamond15 mins 2 obj black and w15 mins 2 obj black and white flying parallal for long time untill aeroplane occurance . It flew slow and had some waves around it.5/31/18
5/26/18 06:45Nasik (India)IndiaDisk2 minutesIt came from nowhere and was floating at one point and was also rotating speedily while moving!!!1/4/19
5/25/18 22:45PuyallupWAUSALight8 secondsBright light shimmered and disappeared. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/25/18 20:30PaulsboWAUSACylinderIt was submarine shaped only with sharper rectangular edges defining its exterior. Did not have an intake opening12/1/19
5/25/18 20:15ChardonOHUSAOther30 secondsDual winged object that appeared like a jet.5/31/18
5/25/18 15:00Hyde ParkUTUSACigar5 minutesVanishing and re appearin UFO5/31/18
5/25/18 08:00Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown30 minutesMultiple streaks of light in the distance in rapid sequence8/17/18
5/25/18 01:25New JohnsnvilleTNUSAFireball15 secondsTN shiny object5/31/18
5/25/18 01:00OrangeMAUSAChevron2-5 minutesChevron shaped object with 5 green lights appeared and disappeared at request of observer.6/21/18
5/24/18 21:30LivermoreCAUSALight5 minutesI noticed two white lights next to each other floating in the sky. Didn't move just hovered. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/24/18 16:00CalhounTNUSAUnknown10 minSE direction in a blue sky saw a stationary flashing obj.; the flashes were about 2-3 sec. apart; could not see obj. ((anonymous rept.)5/31/18
5/24/18 13:00EdinburgTXUSASphere25 secondsA silver daylight sphere was crossing east to west right in front of me. Seemed to have cloaked on the photos. ((anonymous report))11/24/18
5/24/18 12:00KeaíauHIUSATriangle65 secondsDark single object darts from left side of sky to the right with incredible speed.9/13/18
5/24/18 09:35FresnoCAUSACircle1 minuteThere was this orb of light flying over my house and it was slowly gliding over my house until it went down somewhere into my neighborh5/31/18
5/24/18 07:17RoswellGAUSAUnknown4 minsThe sound sends chills through your body as your eyes are paralyzed starring into the empty sky.5/31/18
5/24/18 00:30WebsterMNUSACylinder1 minuteSaw a line of 100 objects looking like stars in the sky all in a row close together with 3 or 4 following at a more spaced out distance6/7/19
5/24/18 00:00Richmond (outside of)VAUSATriangle3 minutesVery low flying triangle shape craft, lights on edges and floated above roads for a few seconds. ((anonymous report))6/1/18
5/23/18 22:36MooreOKUSATriangle2 minutesThree red lights flying in formation over Moore, Oklahoma.5/31/18
5/23/18 22:30MarysvilleWAUSALight2 minutesExtremely high altitude objects moving fast in tandem in the night sky until one stopped and its light dimmed.5/31/18
5/23/18 21:40MuncieINUSALight2 minutesUnusual solid bright white light slowly traveling across the night sky.5/31/18
5/23/18 19:25FranklinILUSAChevron2 minutesA/c flew N over home towards Jacksonville, IL,. About half as far up as jet liners, large flying V shape. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/23/18 17:30Los AngelesCAUSACircle1 minuteCircular UFO in broad daylight over Los Angeles.5/31/18
5/23/18 16:33Mt. VernonINUSAMADAR Node 1196/7/18
5/23/18 14:50Sheffield (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 minutesBlack triangle captured in flyit5/31/18
5/23/18 08:20Park RidgeILUSAUnknown6-8 minutesBizarre sighting in O'Hare airspace 5/23/2018 8:15 am - 8:25 am Just north of airport. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/23/18 00:53ImbodenARUSACircle65 minutesSecond sighting of circular lighted object hovering over my upper field.5/31/18
5/22/18 20:45WoodburnORUSALight40 secondsBright green glowing sphere shaped object that morphed as it flew over Woodburn, OR, neighborhoods5/31/18
5/22/18 20:15SnohomishWAUSALight1 minuteGlowing yellow orb in sky5/31/18
5/22/18 06:30ElizabethtownKYUSAFlash4 minutesWhile traveling northbound on I65 today heading toward Louisville, I saw a bright light flashes. The light resembled a star.5/31/18
5/22/18 00:16ImbodenARUSACircle65 minutescircular light came into security camera view where it hovered for 1 hour and 15 minutes before flying off to the west north west5/31/18
5/21/18 21:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSAFireballseconds per sighting*VIDEO* multiple orbs sighted between 9:30 & 10 p.m.5/31/18
5/21/18 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSACircle20 seconds2 Orange Circles Seen Over Ocean in Myrtle Beach6/7/18
5/21/18 14:19Mountlake TerraceWAUSAMADAR Node 1005/31/18
5/21/18 13:15ColumbusOHUSASphere1 minuteShiny, white ball flying next to our plane.5/31/18
5/21/18 01:00Los AngelesCAUSASphere10 secondsTHE SCENE TAKES PLACE IN LOS ANGELES AT 1.00AM. I SEE A UFO WITH THE SHAPE OF A SPHERE. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/20/18 22:00AshlandORUSALight15 minutesgf and I spotted "star"; like obj. in the night sky that began gliding in the night sky seamlessly towards the E. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/20/18 21:55Scarborough (Canada)ONcanadaOval4 minuteshere is the video my outside camera caught this i ran outside but it was gone the original video is better5/31/18
5/20/18 21:05RicetownKYUSALight20 minutesThird year in a row multiple lights in forest, more witnesses5/31/18
5/20/18 18:18Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomTrianglePhotographPhotograph of two triangular objects in the frame behind an RAF plane.6/25/20
5/20/18 16:00NahmaMIUSASphere5 minutesFishing on L. Michigan, headed back to launch, a glowing white sphere the size of a basketball emerged out of the lake and followed1/4/19
5/20/18 15:00Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaOval10 minutesItís not the first time I seen the UFO Iíve seen 3 of them in the sky of Montreal when I was 13 years old and both of my brothers seen6/15/18
5/20/18 13:10HelenaMTUSAMADAR Node 1286/7/18
5/20/18 13:00JohnstownPAUSA10 secondsName is ((del.)) and I live in Cambria Co., PA. Yesterday, 5/20/2018 sometime in the afternoon, I saw 3 objects very high in the sky.5/31/18
5/20/18 13:00RussellKSUSADiamond10 minutesDiamond blue white illuminated stationary object .driver and passenger Observed object while traveling too Denver for many miles hoveri10/4/19
5/20/18 00:12CovingtonNYUSALight15 minutesVery bright light to the west5/31/18
5/20/18 00:00CalhounILUSARectangleEvery half hourThere was three people that saw this and there was two planes went by it and then disappeared right before our eyes. The light was brig5/31/18
5/19/18 22:30Spital (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minutesThree red spheres.5/31/18
5/19/18 22:00WheelingILUSACircle25 minutes4 white lights moving from the center of the circle towards the perimeter and then back to the center.((NUFORC Note: Adv. Lights??PD))5/31/18
5/19/18 22:00Grand junctionCOUSACircle30 minutesI saw 9 small bright orange light all fly right over me, no noise and disappear in the sky, one right after the other5/31/18
5/19/18 21:53SheltonCTUSACircle2 minutesIím on may 19th at 10pm I was driving and coming upon a sharp corner on birds eye rd in shelton,ct. this is often a very dark drive (ba6/15/18
5/19/18 21:30BlanchesterOHUSALight30 secondsI notice the 3 orange lights that come on in the sky that were in a straight line.5/31/18
5/19/18 21:15MemphisTNUSAChevron5 minutesInverted cigar shaped or straightened chevron brightly glowing object passed east to west then vanished over river5/31/18
5/19/18 15:19MonroeOHUSARectangleObserver was driving down Hwy 63 and noticed a large, rectangular object in the sky. ((MUFON report))5/31/18
5/19/18 14:10FresnoCAUSAChevron1 minutesCraft in clouds in Fresno, CA.8/31/18
5/19/18 10:45WapakonetaOHUSAOther~1 secondHigh speed solid grey shape moving essentially east to west - did not look like an aircraft.5/31/18
5/18/18 23:15Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)BrazilLight5 minutesMultiple white and red flashing lights on the sky5/31/18
5/18/18 22:00New York CityNYUSACircle22 circle, balls of blue light were chasing each other, merging, getting apart and moving from being above us.((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/18/18 21:45DoverPAUSATriangle5-7 secondsWhile driving north on RT.74 my wife and I seen 3 green lights in the shape of a triangle change to blue then disappeared. Was flying p5/31/18
5/18/18 03:00SnohomishWAUSAUnknown2-3 seconds((HOAX??)) Airplane lighting up the clouds?5/31/18
5/17/18 23:20Pisgah ForestNCUSALight10+ minutesI looked out the upstairs window and saw multiple lights high in the sky, some through the trees, a couple over the garage and a couple5/31/18
5/17/18 21:45EvergladesFLUSALight1 minute"Follow the leader" lights over the Florida Everglades.5/31/18
5/17/18 21:00Rio RicoAZUSADisk10-12 secondsA huge band of slightly rectangular lights appx 300degrees NW sky appeared out of thin air and looked extremely CLOSE!5/31/18
5/17/18 10:30Pontoon beachILUSAChanging2:45 minutes3 glowing dots that moved in formation of crescent type shape 20 seconds and glowing yellow orange. Dots were originally whitish-blue.5/31/18
5/17/18 03:30IrvineCAUSALight30 minutesI was in bed sleeping and some strange noise woke me. It sounded like a loud bass hum. When I opened my eyes there was what looked l5/31/18
5/17/18 00:00MiamiFLUSALight10 secondsIt was a rainy night they came from behind rain cloud in formation of 4 in arrow formation followed by 2 off to left flying same speed5/31/18
5/16/18 20:57Apache JunctionAZUSAOther2-3 minutesOmg. I was just out back and towards Florence southeast of the valley I saw 3 distinct separate bright lights a distance from each ot5/31/18
5/16/18 20:35LawrenceMIUSAOther<5 secondsBright white teardrop light ejected a bright blue light, moving fast8/10/18
5/16/18 20:35RutlandVTUSACigar2 minutesRed and green lights hovering and disappearing5/31/18
5/16/18 19:30Queen CreekAZUSAUnknown1 minuteWhile driving East on Germann Rd near Crismon Rd In Queen Creek AZ my Wife and I witnessed a bright light in front of us to the East a5/20/21
5/16/18 13:00BigelowARUSAOther3 minutesIt was burning the brightest white of light , and it made a subsonic/supersonic sound like it was moving through spacetime,and then it5/31/18
5/16/18 04:50NashuaNHUSALight>1Bright, stationary object in sky over Nashua, NH. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/15/18 23:42MechanicsvilleMDUSAUnknown15 seconds2 bright flashes in the sky. Saw an aircraft / object flying/ falling through the sky. Followed by 2 separate explosions a bout one min6/21/18
5/15/18 23:30Santa RosaCAUSAUnknown5 minutesGroups of unknown objects flying over silently then disperse6/21/18
5/15/18 23:16BoulderCOUSAChevron10 secondsDark Silent Chevron.5/31/18
5/15/18 23:00KahuluiHIUSAEgg5 minutesIt was late at night and I looked into the clouds and a huge orange glowing egg shaped ufo was hovering above the clouds then I looked11/5/20
5/15/18 22:00Bemidji/Grand Rapids (between)MNUSALight20 minutesBeams of light at approx 200 ft5/31/18
5/15/18 21:45NorcoLAUSAOther30 secondsSaw large commercial jet not moving, just floating in mid-air.5/31/18
5/15/18 21:30RenoNVUSA20 minutesHi, Iím a huge skeptic who wants to believe, and I think I just saw the stereotypical orb of fire. I was sitting on my porch, just star5/31/18
5/15/18 13:00FresnoCAUSACylinder4 hoursHigh altitude white object in the sky for a few hours. ((NUFORC Note: Possible high-altitude balloon?? PD))10/12/18
5/15/18 12:00EncinoCAUSAFormation~30 minutesStrange cloud formation.7/5/18
5/15/18 03:30Jackson HoleWYUSASphere15 secondsSix glowing white orbs followed by six glowing red orbs traveling at high rate of speed, south to north along mountain summit.5/31/18
5/14/18 21:00Colorado SpringsCOUSALight20 minutesMy boyfriend and I have seen these several times. We just now found this site and we are amazed. We were driving between fort Carson an5/15/18
5/14/18 20:00MurfreesboroTNUSALight8 hoursSpring of 2016 I just happen to look up one night while my dogs are going outside and I noticed these white lights or round spheres.5/15/18
5/14/18 01:55Manhattan BeachCAUSAFormation1-2 seconds05/14/18 @ 0155h over LAX v-formation 6 items traveling westerly.5/15/18
5/14/18 00:00Washington, D.C.DCUSADisk5 minutesOdd this is the second time itís Happened!5/15/18
5/13/18 21:20SparksNVUSALight10 minutesAt around 2110 a friend and I were trying to set up a telescope to see if we vould look at what we figured must be Jupiter in the north5/15/18
5/13/18 19:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle~20 minutesUFO Formation Sighted Over Toronto, Ontario, Canada- Multiple Witnesses. ((anonymous report))5/15/18
5/13/18 17:30McDonoughGAUSAOther45 minutesChristmas-star-objects.5/15/18
5/13/18 15:00WareMAUSASphere10 minutesBlack sphere turned mirror like color with some kinda a shield or bubble around it disappeared an came back continually from black to m5/15/18
5/13/18 13:00Chipman (Canada)NBCanadaCircleIt was a saucer like with a haze around it.6/21/18
5/13/18 11:40Glen OaksNYUSALightunknownwe where driving on the LIE when I saw the sky was green but only in a specific area. it was a circular area. ((anonymous report))5/15/18
5/13/18 00:15RenoNVUSAChanging10 secondsV shaped lights swirl and disappear.11/24/18
5/13/18 00:05BremertonWAUSALight5 seconds7 bright white lights streak across the sky in V formation in a matter of seconds.5/15/18
5/12/18 22:50ParkvilleMOUSASphere15 minutesWe saw 1 extremely fast moving object that we thought was a satellite, but it was moving about 4 or 5 times faster than normal. We then5/15/18
5/12/18 22:30GreerSCUSAChanging5 minutesZig zagging star?5/15/18
5/12/18 22:00LodgepoleABCanadaChanging10 minutesA large brilliant light that started as small as a star and grew as large as a house in a matter of seconds, triangular space craft7/31/20
5/12/18 21:00HialeahFLUSAUnknown7 minutesFreelance writer that called you and hung up. 2nd sighting today, thus the other sighting was on Saturday evening as well.5/15/18
5/12/18 20:45FarmingtonMOUSACircle30 secondsExplosion of white light / star type object5/15/18
5/12/18 14:30SmilaxKYUSADisk10 secondsClassic UFO5/15/18
5/12/18 01:00WilliamsportPAUSAOther7 minutesSeen Alien in corner by lamp5/31/18
5/11/18 21:59Mountlake TerraceWAUSAMADAR Node 1005/15/18
5/11/18 21:58MarysvilleWAUSALight~1 minuteLight as bright as a normal star/satellite. Appeared and disappeared as it travelled northward5/15/18
5/11/18 21:00Jewett CityCTUSAChanging45 minutesIn the NW sky quite high above the horizon we witnessed what looked like a large star. We used stable binoculars to look closer.5/15/18
5/11/18 21:00FarmingtonMOUSATriangle2 hoursFirst nightly sighting at 8:15 pm, high in the western sky by 9:00 pm very close, able to view object plainly with the naked eye. Tria5/15/18
5/11/18 01:00Glendo (15 miles S of; I-25)WYUSATriangle5 minutesDriving north 15 miles before Glendo on I-25 I witnessed a triangle shaped crafs hovering above me. I woke my daughter to confirm.5/15/18
5/11/18 00:30KarmalaMOUSACircle5 minutes2 UFO plates with full of lights very close view5/15/18
5/11/18 00:00GladstoneMOUSACircle90 minutesI don't know what it is but it's a bright light hovering above the Hobby Lobby in Gladstone Missouri it is now 12:03 a.m.5/15/18
5/10/18 00:00Rhenock (India)IndiaCircle15 secondsI saw a moving Green Round UFC like thing i have clicked picture of it.5/15/18
5/10/18 23:30Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLight8 seconds2 parallel white lights travel south while being pursued by police helicopter5/15/18
5/10/18 21:20FrankfortKYUSAChevron10 minutesI saw a chevron/triangle shaped craft that was solid black with a bright light in the middle with small one at tip and had no noise.5/15/18
5/10/18 21:00CamdenNYUSAFireball1 hourWe were sitting on the couch and we looked out the window we thought that we had seen what look like a plane it was hovering in the sam5/15/18
5/10/18 07:00South BendINUSACigar40 secondsLong cigar shaped ufo near crescent moon5/15/18
5/9/18 22:16King Hill (east of)IDUSALight>1 minuteLarge, bright, orange light fading on and off every 15 to 20 seconds for the 1 to 1.5 minutes I observed it.5/15/18
5/9/18 15:02FairfaxVAUSAMADAR Node 1226/7/18
5/9/18 15:00CurlewWAUSADisk2-3 secondsWhite/silver disk in the sky above a rainbow. 3 photos will be sent.((NUFORC Note: Obj. looks to us to be a possible reflection. PD))5/15/18
5/8/18 23:30St. AlbansVTUSASphere90 secondsThis was not a ufo but fits because of its movement was look out bedroom wind when saw a 1 foot in diameter spread very bright in the t5/10/18
5/8/18 23:00BrooksvilleFLUSAOvalstill goingCraft is in distant but huge and changes directions quickly and rapidly, very quiet. Will post more as we have been watching it for ov5/10/18
5/8/18 23:00PrescottAZUSAFireball5 secondsGreen yellow blue all of fire streaks across sky5/10/18
5/8/18 22:48WindsorVAUSAFireball2 minutesFire in the sky seemed to be be watching me, I felt something was there5/9/19
5/8/18 22:15CirclevilleUTUSAChanging10 minutes5/8/2018, 22:15, Circleville, UT, Square shape with lights, 10 min. change into a straight line with lights5/31/18
5/8/18 21:00CatonsvilleMDUSAChanging15 minutesBrightly lit ship of varying shape and colors. ((NUFORC Note: Object in photo appears to us to be Venus, possibly. PD))5/10/18
5/8/18 20:15GloucesterMAUSASphere10-15 minutesBright sphere appeared over Annisquam River and pulsed many colors in rapid succession.5/10/18
5/8/18 18:00AnchorageAKUSACigar20 minutesHorizontal white cigar shape UFO in Anchorage, AK.5/15/18
5/8/18 17:45Warsaw (Poland)PolandCigar1 minuteMotionless cigar disappearing in 2 seconds.5/10/18
5/8/18 15:30HarpsterOHUSACone10 minutesMid-day clear blue sky two shiny objects hovered lowered then shot up.5/10/18
5/8/18 12:15Colonial HeightsTNUSAOther1 minuteBizarre looking hovering less than full scale commercial jet shape, not a propellor drone.5/31/18
5/8/18 10:45Boons CampKYUSALightSecondsI noticed two dots of light moving very fast toward each other. ((anonymous report))8/17/18
5/8/18 05:10NewportRIUSACigar15 minutesCigar-shaped object, uncertain of color, had white, green & red counter-clockwise traveling lights, moving slowly at daybreak.5/10/18
5/8/18 04:38Fort LeeNJUSALight30 secondsStanding on my balcony I saw a green light, it was hovering for about 2 seconds. I was staring at it thinking how odd itís such an unus5/10/18
5/8/18 02:50JeromeIDUSATriangle10-15 minutesOranges/triangular shaped aircraft, 3 circular circles on bottom thrusters three or four blue square fiery on back.5/10/18
5/8/18 02:50JeromeIDUSATriangle10-15 minutesAt 2:50 am May 8, '18 I saw a triangular-shaped aircraft moving east to west with orange lights around the sides three circular blue li5/10/18
5/8/18 00:00Apache JunctionAZUSAOther30 minutesGreen beam from 3-5 miles alerting us to its location 7 times, lasting 30 minutes.5/10/18
5/7/18 22:00Bethel SpringsTNUSAAfter seeing a thing in the sky i have a marking on my arm !!!!!!5/10/18
5/7/18 22:00Bethel SpringsTNUSASphere~10 secondsAt 21:44 in the W sky a huge bright orange spherical object traveling from north to south visible to me for about ten seconds5/10/18
5/7/18 21:30PensacolaFLUSADisk1-2 minutes3 Flying discs.5/10/18
5/7/18 21:00Simi ValleyCAUSAFlash~1 hourLooking from Simi Valley W, there was a flashing light, white, red, green. It seemed stat.. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius or Venus?? PD))5/10/18
5/7/18 20:45StratfordWIUSALight30 secondsFast erratic moving lights that turned off and on.5/10/18
5/7/18 17:00Pueblo WestCOUSATriangle7 minutesThree flashing lights in a triangle shape over my neighbor's home.5/10/18
5/7/18 12:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaDisk20 minutes((STUDENT REPORT??)) Creepy and unusual sighting at the local library.5/10/18
5/6/18 23:51South BendINUSALightSeveral minutesWitness reporteda light zig zagging and maneuvering at incredible speed. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
5/6/18 22:55IndianapolisINUSAFireball4 minutesYellow/orange fireball in Southern sky seen in S. Indianapolis, IN, for 4 minutes in evening of 05 May, 2018.5/10/18
5/6/18 21:30TalbotORUSAUnknown10 minutesSpotted slow moving craft with blinking lights ESE of I-5 in Marion County Oregon5/10/18
5/6/18 16:28MillertonPAUSAMADAR Node 1046/7/18
5/6/18 10:45Fort SmithARUSAFormation10 secondsLights (7) in a "V" formation was spotted in South Forth Smith, AR in low altitude while being completely silent. ((anonymous report))5/10/18
5/6/18 01:00CummingGAUSAFlash45+Saw a flash of light and figure in my home. My dog was affected and had to be put down.5/31/18
5/6/18SenatobiaMSUSAFormationalmost every nightMy wife and kids have witnessed 3-4 objs hovering around our area close to HWY 4 W on our side of town. ((NUFORC Note: Stars? PD))5/10/18
5/5/18 23:30Hailsham (UK/England)United KingdomOther>1 hourLarge illuminous jellyfish.5/10/18
5/5/18 22:00MattesonILUSATriangle3 minutesI was in my yard and a star proceeded to move approximately 7 inches in the sky, southwest to northeast, revealing a triangular shape e7/13/18
5/5/18 21:50Fort CollinsCOUSAFireball6Orange fireball, SE Fort Collins.9/19/19
5/5/18 21:33DickinsonTXUSALight1 hourThis object appeared 2 nights in a row. It looked somewhat like Venus when its at its brightest but it was at 280 degrees west at about5/10/18
5/5/18 21:33Estill SpringsTNUSATriangle70 minutesA red and green triangular flashing light flying through the sky.5/15/18
5/5/18 20:36New YorkNYUSAOtherongoingUSGS satellite image anomaly. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly optical aberrations in satellite photo?? PD))5/10/18
5/5/18 20:00ClintonMAUSAUnknownObject was jet black in color and had strange angles to it. Seemed to hover at times. ((anonymous report))5/15/18
5/5/18 20:00ClintonMAUSAOtherObject was jet black in color and had strange angles to it; seemed to hover at times; continued in a straight NE dir. ((MUFON rept.))5/31/18
5/5/18 19:45KennerLAUSATriangle4hoursMultiple flying objects Emanating MULTIPLE COLOR LIGHTS (red white green blue) GOLD!4/22/22
5/5/18 19:32BurbankCAUSADiamond20-30 secondsDiamond-shaped metallic object crosses directly overhead violating FAA airspace in the process!!5/15/18
5/5/18 19:32BurbankCAUSARectangleAdult male witnesses 8-sided "pyramid" fly directly overhead his home near Burbank Airport.5/10/18
5/5/18 19:30BurbankCAUSASphereMylar type object, 8 flat sides, metallic, moving at approximately 100 mph Two photographs taken and are filed on MUFON page.5/15/18
5/5/18 15:20IndianapolisINUSASphere2 oval some what metallic objects at different alt. crossing sky underneath two passing jets headed in opposite dir. ((MUFON report))5/15/18
5/5/18 13:18Norris CityILUSAMADAR5/10/18
5/5/18 13:07Norris CityILUSAMADAR Node 1156/7/18
5/5/18 11:30San AntonioTXUSAFormation2-5 minutes20-25 metallic triangular objects spotted on Cinco de Mayo in San Antonio.5/10/18
5/5/18 10:35Citrus HeightsCAUSAChanging3 minutesAn almost translucent shape with irregular borders. Moving very quickly in sharp movements. Multicolored lights were blinking around it5/10/18
5/5/18 04:45LouisvilleKYUSALightUntil sunriseMy son woke me up around 4am crying. I got him back to sleep and stepped outside for a cigarette. The moment I stepped outside my patio9/13/18
5/5/18 03:10LecomptonKSUSAOthera few seconds6 White dots stacked and moving together near ground in wooded area on trail camera.5/31/18
5/5/18 01:00Coaldale (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown4 secondsBright light shoots across the sky upward.5/10/18
5/5/18 00:00SavannahGAUSATriangleWe witnessed it last for Triangle formation with 3 lights in sky over Savannah, Georgia, witnessed by entire group of people.5/9/19
5/5/18HannibalMOUSAOther32 minutesClusters of lights near hannibal Missouri5/31/18
5/4/18 23:59RenoNVUSACircle3-4 minutesFour glowing cirlces low in the sky in south Reno.5/10/18
5/4/18 21:45WyomingMNUSATriangle10 secondsBright orange object seen in S.E. sky, deltoid in shape, quiet, moving N.W. Traveled approximately 4 miles until overhead, arching to t5/10/18
5/4/18 21:40KnoxvilleTNUSAOther5 minutesSix orange pulsating spheres moving across horizon and then slowly disappearing5/10/18
5/4/18 21:15OaklandCAUSALight30 secondsWas it a UFO? Was it alien? I don't know but it was crazy weird.5/10/18
5/4/18 21:00ChapinSCUSACircle1+ hourSame UFOs observed in South Carolina as seen in Ohio over Lake Erie.5/10/18
5/4/18 02:52EnterpriseUTUSAUnknownLongGreen lites following man through canyon show up at destination, windows on photos. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
5/4/18 02:00RedlandsCAUSAOval15 secondsIt was bright red tinted light oval shape and vanished quickly when I took a picture.5/10/18
5/3/18 21:30FontanaCAUSAUnknown15 secondsFour rectangular lights moving up and down like a snake would travel. ((anonymous report))5/4/18
5/3/18 21:25LaconiaNHUSACircle3-5 secondsHelicopter chasing glowing ball.5/10/18
5/3/18 21:24Santa MonicaCAUSARectangle4 secondsBlack triangle at 3k' feet going W to E. Single small red lights, one in each corner. Not a sound. ((anonymous report))5/4/18
5/3/18 21:15Bullhead CityAZUSACircle15 minutesCircle of lights seen two nights in a row.5/4/18
5/3/18 21:00RussellvilleARUSALight1 hourMultiple lights on different days. ((anonymous report))5/4/18
5/3/18 20:45SaltvilleVAUSAUnknown5-7 secondsAn object similar in size and brightness to Venus higher in altitude and slightly south that hooveredand simply vanished5/4/18
5/3/18 20:45SaltvilleVAUSAUnknown5-7 secondsAn object similar in size and brightness to Venus higher in altitude and slightly south that hoovered and simply vanished.5/10/18
5/3/18 18:00Las VegasNVUSADiamond20-30 minutesBig diamond hovering above Nellas AIr Force Base. ((MUFON report))5/31/18
5/3/18 16:45Federal WayWAUSAUnknown2-3 secondsSmall Blue streak of light over I-5.5/4/18
5/3/18 08:30SebastopolCAUSAOther2-3 minutesHigh-altitude, or sub-orbital, UFO, followed by 3 high altitude military jets in tight formation.5/10/18
5/3/18 05:00CaryNCUSA3 minutesStealthy outline of a large totally silent hovering craft.5/15/18
5/2/18 23:00Little FallsNJUSALight>40 minutesRed blinking light still happening right now north jersey sky near Paterson. Keeps moving left to right, right to left. Watching it for5/4/18
5/2/18 22:45NormanOKUSAChevron10 minutesWhile walking near the I35 and Canadian river bridge in Norman, I saw a very bright object coming from the southeast. Nearly ten minute5/10/18
5/2/18 21:25ElginSCUSALight10 minutesLight as bright as star moving east. constant speed. would stop for about 10 seconds then continue on. would fade completely out then b5/4/18
5/2/18 21:00Temple TerraceFLUSARectangle1:00Five objects hovering in the sky and they were moving at a rapid speed. They would move and stop rapidly.5/4/18
5/2/18 20:30LamesaTXUSAEgg4 secondsEgg shape object over Lamesa, TX.5/4/18
5/2/18 20:00GreenvillePAUSALight2 hoursSame as last nite only it was moving around. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD))5/4/18
5/2/18 14:00FarmingtonUTUSAEgg10 minutesDriving on Legacy Highway from West Valley to Ogden when I noticed an object I thought was a plane but as I got closer I could seen it5/4/18
5/2/18 01:00ZimmermanMNUSALight5 minutesConspicuous light seen on many occasions, inhuman movement in sky, and spotted seemingly moving in unison with another craft?5/10/18
5/1/18 23:00LawrencevilleGAUSACircleUnknownHave picture. Blue. Much larger than a star still visible even with the near full moon nearby. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/1/18 20:00Apache JunctionAZUSAFlash30-90 minutesMy son had just gotten a telescope for a birthday present in April 2018, and he and I were outside using it to look at the moon, and a12/1/19
5/1/18 16:00KnoxvilleTNUSAOval15-320 minutesSilver, oval-shaped UFO, that stayed in the same spot but was spinning. Was higher than a passing plane. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))5/4/18
5/1/18 13:30LouisvilleKYUSAChanging40 secondsI saw a strange object in the sky over my house in Louisville, KY. It happened around 1:30 pm and lasted maybe a total of 1 minute.5/4/18
5/1/18 05:30AshevilleNCUSADiamond~30 minutesFor weeks a friend of mine observed many small satellites show up behind UNCA here in Asheville NC. The little ones disappear,8/10/18
5/1/18 02:15HendersonNVUSALight40 minutes4 brilliant lights were at first in a diamond formation.the crafts were too large and bright to be helicopters or other. They were over5/4/18