National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/2018


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/30/18 23:40GreenvilleNCUSALight3 secondsI was outside on my back porch speaking to my dad on the phone, and a star like object moved across the sky.5/15/18
4/30/18 22:15?????WAUSARectangleThis object was not a drone. It was too big, maybe 150 ft wide and long, wifi knocked out. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/30/18 22:15ZeelandMIUSAUnknown5 minutesBright light low in the northern sky flashed and disappeared.5/4/18
4/30/18 22:00Pilot RockORUSASphere1 minuteGreen object traveling west to east over Pilot Rock, Oregon5/4/18
4/30/18 21:13ElcoPAUSALight3 minutesI first saw a tiny dot at very high altitude, way too high to be an airliner, so I checked the position of the ISS and determined it wa5/4/18
4/30/18 21:07Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaLightOn and off two- one half Four Separate UFO Sightings Within Two And One Half hours5/10/18
4/30/18 21:00GreenvillePAUSAChanging90 minutesLite bigger brighter than any star ive seen W sky 9:30 pm colors stayed one spot for an hour 1/2 loud boom. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))5/4/18
4/30/18 21:00Sydney (Canada)NSCanadaTriangle20 mintesTriangular blinking lights always at the same time but offsetting and same distance apart very large flew right over city.7/25/19
4/30/18 19:55BiloxiMSUSAFireball10 seconds19:55 central time fireball traveling South to North.5/4/18
4/30/18 19:38Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaCircle10:00 minutes2 black dots moving at normal speed. never seen anything like it. Moving south west to north east. I dont know if there were more then5/4/18
4/29/18 23:56MinneapolisMNUSADisk7 minutes((HOAX??)) Bright moving object in Minneapolis. ((anonymous report))5/4/18
4/29/18 21:15BensonAZUSARectangle10mun3 red lights blinking but they were far apart. At first we were not sure if they were moving.5/4/18
4/29/18 20:39East PeoriaILUSALight15 minutesBright white light turns out to be 3 lights in triangle formation. ((anonymous report))5/4/18
4/29/18 20:00FoyilOKUSAFormationAll nightOn April 29th me and my wife witnessed first 2 small craft one with a lot of red lights and some white lights and the other was shaped5/4/18
4/29/18 17:30Johnson CityTNUSAUnknown5 minutes3-4 Reflective Objects At Low Altitude Over Johnson City, Tennessee.5/4/18
4/29/18 17:20CypressCAUSAOval10minWe looked out the window, which faces eastward. At first we thought it may be the Goodyear blimp. However, it disappeared twice, t5/4/18
4/29/18 11:00NW Las VegasNVUSACircle45 secondsSolid red light approached, about 200 feet elevation, then left after approximately 45 seconds before moving up to disappear5/4/18
4/29/18 00:45HartfordCTUSASphere30 secondsDriving down 84 West towards Flatbush Ave exit. I spotted 3 floating orbs in almost a triangular formation. They were too high to be dr5/4/18
4/28/18 23:45Ipswich (UK/England)United KingdomOval2 hoursLast night I had a similar event that I had on On the 04/04/2017. The weather was raining and I sleep with a small bedroom window op5/4/18
4/28/18 22:30ColumbiaMSUSADisk60 secondsThey were covered in purple lights.5/10/18
4/28/18 22:00Fountain InnSCUSALight1 hourkids wife and I were walking around on our 22 acres pretty open land on 6/5/17 and noticed a really bright light in the sky.5/4/18
4/28/18 21:50SuffolkVAUSACircleStill ongoingTwo hovering ufos in my neighborhood skyline.5/4/18
4/28/18 21:40LargoFLUSAOther10 secondsTraveling E to W 1 or possibly 2 objects. A Purple Object. It was Bright Purple then dark in the middle then Bright Purple again.5/4/18
4/28/18 20:45Fort BraggCAUSALight5 minutesRaised from western horizon, heading north and increasing in altitude. Thought it was a drone at first, red and white lights. Faded f5/4/18
4/28/18 20:00Leskovac (Serbia)SerbiaCircle8 minutesStarted with light.. then light went off. Object continues hovering.5/4/18
4/28/18 16:43JolietILUSAChanging~9 minutesObject with alternating apperance transverses sky.5/4/18
4/28/18 08:00Winter ParkFLUSAChanging0.00I took a video of this object flying over the skies and hovering there for over 30 minutes. It has appeared several days now. But last5/4/18
4/28/18 00:49AshevilleNCUSAUnknown2 minutesAt 12:49 AM, I heard two loud booms. In about two seconds, I heard another loud boom. This process was repeated until I heard four more5/4/18
4/27/18 23:45ClearwaterFLUSAFlash4.5 secondsLarge Bright Flash.5/4/18
4/27/18 20:45MiltonGAUSAFireball1 minute2 fireballs hovering over Hwy 9. Suddenly they started to get higher and disapppeared in a matter of seconds.5/4/18
4/27/18 11:00CordeleGAUSACircle2 minutesLarge white disk like circle. ((anonymous report))5/4/18
4/27/18 05:00ReadingPAUSAFlash5 minutesA white flash of very very bright white!5/4/18
4/27/18 01:21ArlingtonWAUSALight2 minutesInfra red orb of light seen on security monitor moving strangely above the tree line.5/4/18
4/27/18 01:14BurlingtonKYUSATriangle30 minutesDriving down 18 with my best friend. I was on the phone with a guy friend at the time. When we first saw the craft it was staying paral5/4/18
4/26/18 23:00HazelhurstWIUSAUnknownWisconsin EMS Helo Crash. ((NUFORC Note: We are unfamiliar with the incident/accident reported here. Anonymous report. PD))7/13/18
4/26/18 23:00LakelandFLUSAOther4 hoursI have been seeing this thing for a long time night after night have very detailed footage (night vision shots,hd ,4k etc) spherical or5/4/18
4/26/18 22:30AustinTXUSATriangle3 minutesFaint translucent triangle covered in tiny lights.8/10/18
4/26/18 21:00HamburgPAUSALight2-3 minutesSaw a bright, blinking light that I figured was Sirius, since it was in the same direction that the star would be. Glanced away, and it4/26/18
4/26/18 20:10Port OrchardWAUSAOther30 secondsBuzzing brilliant red rings.5/4/18
4/26/18 20:00CatonsvilleMDUSADiamond10 minutesLarge startionary diamond craft comprised of smaller dianond patterns/crafts within the larger shape,5/4/18
4/26/18 16:45VancouverWAUSAOval3 minutesRound or shiny craft following departing Jet liner from Portland Airport.5/4/18
4/26/18 16:40RidgefieldWAUSACylinder20 secondsObject flying next to full size airplane at same speed.5/4/18
4/26/18 04:15BurlingtonNJUSACircle3 minutesOrange glowing large circular object with about 8 blinking lights, I yelled ' I see you" and waved. It dimmed the lights and float4/26/18
4/26/18 03:33Camano IslandWAUSADiamond1 minuteAt approx. 03:15, I was on my front porch having my morning cigarette when I witnessed a craft come within view.5/4/18
4/25/18 22:45BoiseIDUSAFlash20 minutesLights left faint aura after pulsing quicky.5/9/19
4/25/18 22:00HeyworthILUSALight2-3 minutesLooking out the bedroom window, as my wife does at night before falling asleep,she noticed what she described as a purple light hoverin4/26/18
4/25/18 21:35PrinevilleORUSATriangle3 minutesI pointed out what I believed to just be a slow moving plane. ((anonymous report))4/26/18
4/25/18 21:00TabernacleNJUSATriangle1 minuteThe object flew overhead and it was in triangular form with flashing red, green, and yellow lights. ((anonymous report))5/9/19
4/25/18 10:30LiverpoolNYUSACircle3 minutesCircle shape, small lights around the bottom outside, bigger light in the bottom middle it sounds like a plane but isn't.5/9/19
4/25/18 02:00Owens Cross RdsALUSASphereI believe them t still beFish like snake. Shpear and changing pool light from light blue dark blue to purple5/9/19
4/24/18 23:00St. John’s (Canada)NFCanadaTriangle1 hour2 Triangular craft seen in Newfoundland with 3 lights centred on the bottom, lasting an hour, then leaving.7/25/19
4/24/18 22:00St. Augustine BeachFLUSAUnknown13I was looking at the stars, facing south, when I looked west and spotted what I believed was an airplane. It didn't move but stayed at4/26/18
4/24/18 21:20ButteMTUSAChanging1.5 hoursOne large and several smaller objects that blinked red, white, green , blue and danced like snakes, all larger than other stars.4/26/18
4/24/18 20:30TheodoreALUSALightSecondsDriving home, saw 4 orange lights in the sky. 3 small 1 big. Thought it was a trick of light until I saw it again further up the rd..4/26/18
4/24/18 15:20GuilfordMEUSAUnknown2 minutesShiny object hovering in the mountain range4/26/18
4/24/18 00:03AustinTXUSAOther1 minuteI witnessed an unknown object approaching from the S in a N direction about 100 ft behind it. ((anonymous report))4/26/18
4/23/18 22:00CodyWYUSALight20:00Two large bright flashing lights seen to the W and NW of Cody. Unnatural movement; near simultaneous disappearance.((anonymous rept.))4/26/18
4/23/18 22:00LakebayWAUSASphere5-10 secondsBrilliant multicolored lights in a tight, round cluster, twinkling/flashing as it moved across the sky4/26/18
4/23/18 21:10TorringtonCTUSALight10 minutesGood video of strange object flying over my town.4/26/18
4/23/18 21:10RutlandVTUSACircle25 seconds1 Maroon-white light, going in a straight line, for a short time, then disappeared and reappeared in a standstill position, then disapp4/26/18
4/23/18 21:04WardenWAUSAChanging15 minutesWe saw a light that resembled a star over the horizon that shot straight up not like any aircraft we've ever seen. We continue to watch4/26/18
4/23/18 03:43North Las VegasNVUSALight15 secondsLooking northeast to airspace of Nellis AFB, which is about 5 and a half miles from my location. A singular white light appears heading4/26/18
4/23/18 01:00Bowling GreenKYUSAOther10 minutesSTRANGE SOUND AND ALIEN ENTITIES SEEN. ((anonymous report))6/7/18
4/22/18 23:50TollandCTUSAEgg15 secondsEgg shaped object flying over Tolland to then disappear.4/26/18
4/22/18 23:35MiddletownCTUSAFormation1 minuteFrom east to west flew a formation of 4 crafts in a straight line almost on top of each other. ((anonymous report))4/26/18
4/22/18 21:00NaplesFLUSADisk30 minutesCraft is currently visible in the night sky of Naples, FL, directly over the Rookery on Collier Blvd State Hwy 41 over the Gulf.4/26/18
4/22/18 17:14ManheimPAUSAOtherBrief Looked to witness to appear like lunar lander. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/22/18 17:14ManheimPAUSAUnknownKinda looked like a lunar lander in my opinion. I was shocked by what I saw and got emotional6/25/20
4/22/18 15:00LaytonUTUSA4 hoursI believe i was telepathically communicated with by a otherworldly entity while living next to hill air force base. It gave me a urgent2/14/19
4/22/18 14:00GarrisonNYUSACylinder30 secondsThis was definitely one of the strangest things that I have ever seen. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. My wife and I were on the back3/31/21
4/22/18 11:00LeicesterMAUSAUnknown10 secondsFlash of light, then object moving fast across the night sky.4/26/18
4/22/18 05:30CastellaCAUSAUnknown10 secondsWeird light seening shooting up into the sky from the top of Castle Crags near Mt. Shasta. ((anonymous report))4/25/19
4/22/18 02:40TulsaOKUSAUnknown10 minutesAt approx. 0240 am, I awakened from a deep sleep from noise coming from the sky. It was very loud.4/26/18
4/21/18 23:20Saldus (Latvia)LatviaTriangle3 secondsTriangle spaceship, 3 red lights.4/26/18
4/21/18 22:30CentervilleMAUSAFireball2-3 secondsSmall orange shooting metior travelling Northeast direction direction. ((anonymous report))((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD))4/26/18
4/21/18 16:15Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5-8 secondsBright reflective object in proximity to commercial airliner4/26/18
4/21/18 14:00FarmingtonUTUSADisk40 secondsOne greyish white disc like a mentose candy moved slow about100 to 200 feet in altitude. About 30 to 40 feet in diameter silent and4/26/18
4/21/18 11:00Old ForgePAUSACross1 minuteCompletely silent winged object that disappeared.5/4/18
4/21/18 06:00HavelockNCUSALight~10 secondsStar-like orb pulsed brightly and vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Iridium satellite "flare? PD))4/26/18
4/21/18 05:20VersaillesPAUSAUnknown1 minuteOn this day my BF and I saw a light in the sky. Greenish. It was swimming like a sperm in the sky. A meteorite flashed by.4/26/18
4/21/18 00:30Le Mans (France)FranceLight5 minutesHier soir vers Minuit et demi, j'ai remarqué plusieurs point lumineux dans le ciel côté ouest. ((anonymous report))4/26/18
4/21/18 00:00CoatesvillePAUSALight5 seconds +Bright red object 'hovering' for approximately 5 seconds then shot away rapidly. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/20/18 22:00RidgefieldCTUSACircle1 hourCircle of multicolored lights Western CT/NY.4/26/18
4/20/18 20:00NorthportNYUSACircle2 hoursYellow slightly orange 7 ft round silent luminescent object somewhat slowly glided low to ground 15 ft. In front of me.5/10/18
4/20/18 18:00Kent (UK/England)United KingdomSphere2-3 secondsBronze sphere UFO.11/30/18
4/20/18 15:20Santa ClausINUSAMADAR Node 1145/31/18
4/20/18 06:30Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoLight3 secondsLarge white light speeds over Puerto Vallarta4/26/18
4/20/18 03:18CarsonWAUSAFireball5-6 secondsBright blue ball with big blue flames trailing it. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Lyrid meteor. PD))4/26/18
4/20/18 00:00Pleasant GroveUTUSAFlash1 secondBright Blue Flash5/31/18
4/19/18 22:15Kansas CityKSUSACircle5 secondsGreen orb moving fast and smoking then disappeared before it was out of sight.4/26/18
4/19/18 21:45RoanokeVAUSASphere4 minutesAn orb changing colors between yellow,red, and orange was floating up and down above Catawba Mountain for several minutes. In the last4/26/18
4/19/18 21:30Ludhiana (India)IndiaDiamond30 minutesMe and my brother were on night walk. Suddenly we saw yellow coloured diamons shaped lights in sky, first one disappeared and next appe4/19/18
4/19/18 16:30RosebudSDUSACylinder30 secondsWhile observing a plane flying in Northeast direction, I noticed a cylindrical object trailing behind the plane at an angle so that it4/26/18
4/19/18 16:00MooreOKUSADisk5 minutesDisk U.F.O.5/31/22
4/19/18 16:00MooreOKUSADiskStalled on the interstate with multiple people4/22/22
4/19/18 15:45FayettevilleNCUSACigar10 secondsMe and my children were heading to my moms house when something very silvery like aluminum like so shiny flew by in the sky went in a c5/4/18
4/19/18 15:20CantonILUSADisk15-20 secondsSo shiny it was almost blinding. "It appeared to be tall but shaped more like like a half circle." ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/19/18 04:00MooreOKUSADisk5 minutesU.F.O.5/31/22
4/19/18 01:30BurienWAUSALight5-6 minutesReddish light moving in a zig zag pattern5/31/18
4/18/18 23:25PekinINUSAOtherBriefObserved large ship over my country property. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/18/18 23:00Fort SmithARUSALightNightlyNightly/1-10 lights/no pattern or shape/not a/c or satellites/ short movements, and movements of several sec.((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))4/26/18
4/18/18 21:00HolidayFLUSALightongoingMy husband and I observed a light formatiom, flashing white, red and green/blue light, object wsa located in the east sky below the new4/26/18
4/18/18 21:00North Salt LakeUTUSAChangingContinuedTwinkling flashing horizontal/lengthwise lights over Wasatch Mtn Range, North Salt Lake, UT. ((anonymous report))4/19/18
4/18/18 21:00North Salt LakeUTUSAChangingContinuedTwinkling flashing horizontal/lengthwise lights over Wasatch Mtn Range, North Salt Lake, UT. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Arcturus? PD))4/26/18
4/18/18 20:00FoyilOKUSACircle1 hourAt about 10:00pm. After making a phone report about ongoing UFO activity in my area i was instructed to file an online repor.4/19/18
4/17/18 21:00LakelandFLUSASphere5 minutesSaw an orange orb hovering over the Lakeland power plant for about five minutes.4/19/18
4/17/18 21:00OrlandoFLUSAOtherMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/17/18 11:00Burnt HillsNYUSAEgg5 minutesLooked out of my class window and noticed a small egg-shaped object made of metal. ((anonymous report))4/19/18
4/17/18 09:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSASphere10 secondsSpheres off of wing.4/19/18
4/16/18 23:00BoulderCOUSATriangle47 secondsUFO sighted over North Boulder.4/19/18
4/16/18 22:30Port CharlotteFLUSAChevron7 secondsAn object of triangular shape ~ the size of a 737 came across the sky roughly ½ mi. to our W. ((NUFORC Note: Aviator report. PD))8/23/19
4/16/18 22:25Port CharlotteFLUSAChevron7 seconds approxLow V shapped craft at about 1000 to 2000 ft. passed low and fast. Roughly 7 or 8 puck type dull lights underneath9/9/22Yes
4/16/18 22:05GlendaleAZUSAOval45 secondsOrange/red ball floating in the sky over Glendale, AZ.4/19/18
4/16/18 21:38AltoonaIAUSACircle2 minutesStar like object solid light travelling NW 2137-2139. It flew over a normal plane travelling at regular altitude speed that was heading4/19/18
4/16/18 19:50Ginew (Canada)MBCanadaCigar30 secondsReddish-orange UFO over rural southern Manitoba.4/19/18
4/16/18 19:00HoustonTXUSALight1.5 hoursUp close twinkling stationary white lights flashing red & green.4/19/18
4/15/18 23:00Joshua TreeCAUSAOther2 hoursMy friend and i were on her porch when i noticed a orb of light.i thoght it was just 1 but when i looked through the telescope.4/19/18
4/15/18 22:19Tenterden (Canada)BCUnited KingdomUnknownseveral secondsthe third aircraft appeared to slow down change direction to investigate speeding flame tail. ((anonymous report))4/19/18
4/15/18 21:32Little FallsNJUSALight15 secondsExpanding green/blue light with strong but silent electric current cuts power off to building and street lights. ((anonymous report))4/19/18
4/15/18 21:00Cherry CreekNYUSAChevron7 minutesStarted as 2 bright red shapes at night on the other side of the valley hovering in the sky. Combined the came apart and disappeared. R4/19/18
4/15/18 18:33HuttoTXUSASphere8+ minutesTwo orbs rotating around each other.9/9/22Yes
4/15/18 06:23LivingstonTXUSALight1 minuteon my way to work going east on 190hwy, I'm driving and I see this greenish white light (circle /orb) that flew almost parallel with my3/21/19
4/15/18 03:00Canmore (Canada)ABCanadaLight3 secondsStar emitted white light beam and rapidly changed direction.4/19/18
4/15/18 02:10WasillaAKUSALight1 minuteSingular light divides into multiples. Multiple sightings within 30-40 minutes.4/19/18
4/14/18 22:00PrestonsburgKYUSADisk5 secondsHOVERING OBJECT VERY QUIET AND FAST4/19/18
4/14/18 20:30ScottsdaleAZUSAOther45 secondsObject sighted, triangular shaped with curved magenta bottom. Lights moved sequentially from left to right bluish-white with magenta .4/19/18
4/14/18 20:15WaltonNYUSASphere5 minutes3 orange/red balls of light moving across the sky4/19/18
4/14/18 18:51Norris CityILUSA15 secondsMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/14/18 18:48Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/14/18 15:02NewingtonCTUSAMADAR Node 106. ((NUFORC Note: Deleted. Incident has been explained by a terrestrial cause. PD))5/4/18
4/14/18 02:35DarienCTUSACircle40 minutes +Orb hovering and fast zig zags over Long Island Sound with bounce and chirp noise. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/13/18 22:30GarnerNCUSALight5 minutesI noticed red light through window, went outside to watch. Object move north to south speed unknown motion was swift and smooth withou4/19/18
4/13/18 21:18Grove CityPAUSATriangle20 secondsStrange shadowy and Transparent triangular/boomerang shaped object steadily moving across the sky.4/19/18
4/13/18 20:47BensalemPAUSACircleSeveral minutesSquare shape with 4 glowing circles in the middle. Circles were rotating. off in the distance at first ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/13/18 20:45GallowayNJUSALight5 minutesBright light making strange movements in the sky4/19/18
4/13/18 20:30ScottsdaleAZUSALight3 minutesBright light in sky, slowly increase elevation and then faded. Second night in a row.4/19/18
4/13/18 01:30Great BarringtonMAUSACircle>30 minutesUFO on Simon's Rock campus.4/19/18
4/12/18 22:28Pinellas ParkFLUSALightOngoing currently9 lighted craft spread at various altitudes throughout my visible sky. I believe drones. View totals 180° east and west. Red and white4/13/18
4/12/18 22:00Fall CreekWIUSAFireball30 secondsAt least 6 lights, 4 in formation.4/13/18
4/12/18 21:45Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaLight3 minutesBright lights in the sky. ((anonymous report))4/13/18
4/12/18 21:00San DiegoCAUSASphere20 minutes4/12/18 a cluster of yellow balls turned into single balls and lasting around 20 minutes.4/19/18
4/12/18 21:00Palm SpringsFLUSASphere7 minutesOn 12AP18, I witnessed a glowing white lighted sphere about 40 ft in width a distance of about 2 miles away.4/13/18
4/12/18 20:52CarlsbadCAUSALight>20 minutesFormations of lights over the ocean in Carlsbad (San Diego county)4/19/18
4/12/18 20:35Spokane ValleyWAUSACircle20 minutes +Brilliant white orb hovering in western sky over Spokane.4/13/18
4/12/18 20:20San DiegoCAUSAFormation30 minutesBright Lights in different formations across the night sky over San Diego.4/13/18
4/12/18 13:13Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/12/18 07:00BrandywineDEUSATriangle15 secondsI could see a black triangle just showing through the lower bottom end of cloud. ((anonymous report))4/13/18
4/12/18 05:45Baton RougeLAUSACigar15 secondsHovering, long object with bright green lights quickly shot off into another direction at a high speed. ((anonymous report))4/13/18
4/12/18 05:00ManchesterTNUSARectangle1-2 minutesI saw 4 bright lights, 2 red in the front, 2 green in the back.4/13/18
4/12/18 01:30ValdezAKUSACircle30 secondsAlaska - bright light over Prince William Sound island blinks off when noticed during the middle of the night.7/5/18
4/11/18 23:15RochesterNYUSATriangle1 hourIt was around 11:15 pm my boyfriend and i were laying in bed my bed faces my window we heard what sounded like a car running outside o4/13/18
4/11/18 23:00ChugiakAKUSALight2 hoursI live across the Cook Inlet directly across Chugiak AK. I looked out and saw a bright light almost thought it was an incredible bright4/13/18
4/11/18 21:00SumterSCUSATriangle30 minutesTriangle shape. 3 red/orange flashing lights at each corner of the triangle. Circular and triangular motion. ((anonymous report))4/26/18
4/11/18 20:03StocktonCAUSAOther1 minutesI have pictures of this rectangle shaped thing in the clouds about 450 ft long by 150 ft wide. ((anonymous report))4/19/18
4/11/18 20:00PortlandORUSALight4 seconds3 balls of light appear in the sky of out nowhere, hover, and than fly away.4/13/18
4/11/18 12:05IrvineKYUSACross30 minutesLike nothing I have ever saw before. I can’t explain what I saw.4/13/18
4/11/18 07:17De PereWIUSALight30 secondsBright object in daylight, appeared many times larger than any planet. Stationary for 25 sec, then gone in <2 sec. 3 observers.4/19/18
4/11/18 05:52GreenfieldINUSAMADAR REPORT7/23/20
4/11/18 00:55CochraneONCanadaUnknown1 minuteUnusual sighting on a highway at night9/9/22
4/10/18 23:00North EastMDUSADiamond10 minutesLarge soft diamond shaped light in sky emitting a prismed light.4/13/18
4/10/18 20:30North HavenCTUSAFormation5 minutes12 amber lights in formation.4/13/18
4/10/18 20:30PlainsboroNJUSARectangle1 minuteVery large trianglur craft 3 bright is white lights with a red dot in the center, was silent, stopped and change direction seemlessly!4/13/18
4/10/18 19:00AlbateraNDSpainCircle~4 secondsMy security camera recorded a movement and sent a strange video. ((anonymous report))4/19/18
4/10/18 10:04Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaOval! MinuteHigh Slow Red Flashing Object.5/4/18
4/10/18 05:20DunniganCAUSALight20 minutes10AP18, 05:20 AM. I was driving my big rig S on I-5. I noticed 4 what seem to be white clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Former law off. PD))4/13/18
4/10/18 00:00Heber CityUTUSATriangleBriefWitness looked up because he had noticed a darker triangle shape in the sky very low. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/9/18 23:20Black MountainNCUSACross45+ minutesVery Bright low Hanging Non-Moving Light with Solid Unlit Craft Nearby.5/4/18
4/9/18 21:30BuchananMIUSALight10 minutes4/9/18 9:30 pm Buchanan, MI. White light 10 minutes moving back and forward under clouds moving west.4/13/18
4/9/18 21:30Jersey CityNJUSADisk~30 minutesUFO in Bergenline, Red , Green , white lights Video taken4/19/18
4/9/18 21:20AlgonaWAUSADiskSeveral minutes3 red-orange spheres approached, changed into a larger orange cigar. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/9/18 21:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle20 minutesCircle objects.4/13/18
4/9/18 20:48WausauWIUSAChanging30 secondsLight southwest headed NE, slowed got bigger then slowishly "closed" from outside in till not visible lasted about 304/13/18
4/9/18 20:05Las VegasNVUSALight1 minuteWhite light fades out and disappears. ((anonymous report))4/13/18
4/9/18 19:14FountainCOUSAOther5 minutesStrange craft hovering in fountain.4/13/18
4/9/18 03:00OrleansINUSALightObserved silver dollar size orb approx with a smaller orb jettison from the large orb. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
4/9/18 00:05HyderabadIndiaCircle1 HourYellowish star like object.9/13/18
4/8/18 22:00Santa RosaCAUSAChevron5-8 secondsFast moving chevron shape.4/13/18
4/8/18 20:53GreenfieldINUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/8/18 20:45FortunaCAUSALight2 hours3 weeks of nightly sightings of several white hot glowing UFOS.4/26/18
4/8/18 01:30Fort CollinsCOUSASphere5 minutesA small white sphere that could descend to ground level in seconds where at which time it would begin to glow red and not white.4/13/18
4/7/18 23:10PhiladelphiaPAUSALightAppeared in the N, slow approach, but flying horizontally to the east. 12 or so total. Good photos. ((MUFON report))5/4/18
4/7/18 20:00Park ForestILUSACircle05:00UFO Sighting On Saturday, April 7th, 2018, approximately 8:00pm, I got up to let my dog out into the backyard.4/13/18
4/7/18 16:44Salt Lake CityUTUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/7/18 15:09ClevelandOHUSAOtherTruck driver reported a flying black square but saw no aircraft pulling it. ((MUFON report))5/4/18
4/7/18 15:06GreenfieldINUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/7/18 14:51Grindelwald (Switzerland)SwitzerlandOval2 minutesWonder it is a snow particle or a metal thing. ((NUFORC Note: We have not received the photos. PD))7/5/18
4/7/18 14:20Avon LakeOHUSACigar3 minutesMetallic cigar shaped object observed over Lake Erie.4/26/18
4/7/18 13:00Kansas CityMOUSADiamond20 seconds((HOAX??)) i saw the diamond like space craft it was getting closer and closer and then it just went up and left earth.4/13/18
4/7/18 11:00Florence/Apache Jct. (between)AZUSACigar1 minuteTwo grey objects disappeared suddently.4/13/18
4/7/18 08:00ButteMTUSALight3 hoursI seen two huge bright orbs hovering. One stayed stationary for three hours the one next to it was moving up and down and made a sha4/13/18
4/7/18 01:25Norris CityILUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/7/18 01:00AlleganMIUSATriangle15 secondsTriangular light formation moved across sky very fast with no sound. 2 people saw it without pointing out to each other.4/13/18
4/7/18AustinTXUSA((HOAX??)) On 4/7/18 there were 4 unidentifiable cone shaped things, floating in the sky.4/13/18
4/6/18 22:45Cherry ValleyILUSALight30 minutes +Pulsing light at irregular intervals in northern IL USA. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))4/13/18
4/6/18 21:30Murray CityOHUSAOther5 minutesGoing cat fishing in jobs hollow road. Notice bright light thought someone might be spot lighting deer or something else so we went to6/7/18
4/6/18 20:34OcoeeFLUSALight15 secondsBright light that disappeared.4/13/18
4/6/18 20:00Berg (near)(Switzerland)Swizterland1-10 minutesThis is the same person who sees orange orbs from Wales and made aparent contact w/ flashlight w/ these objects. ((anonymous report)4/13/18
4/6/18 19:15South KingstownRIUSALight10 secondsStar like object gives sudden bright flash.4/13/18
4/6/18 13:00ChesapeakeVAUSACigar1 minuteCigar shaped object hovering in sky.4/13/18
4/6/18 03:30Palm BayFLUSAUnknown20 minutesRapid darting object over Cape Canaveral. ((anonymous report))4/13/18
4/6/18 02:34GreenfieldINUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/6/18 01:22Norris CityILUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/6/18 00:20FlorenceAZUSAFireball1-2 minutesOrange ball of fire floating across the sky.4/13/18
4/5/18 23:00AnchorageAKUSAUnknownContinuousStar-like Object in Rapid Non-Linear Motion4/13/18
4/5/18 18:37GreenfieldINUSAMADAR REPORT4/19/18
4/5/18 14:05MansfieldOHUSACylinder10 secondI was driving home on state route 30 westbound and saw a bright light in th sky in the distance. It looked like how light reflects off4/5/18
4/5/18 08:20LaGrangeOHUSASphere10-15 secondsBall of light follows train track. Witness farid (he/she) would be late for work. ((MUFON report))5/4/18
4/5/18 04:25ChesapeakeVAUSALight15 secondsSaw a light in sky as bright as planet (thought it was a planet), then it moved north(ish) in straight line. ((anonymous report))4/5/18
4/5/18 03:13BrandonFLUSAOtherOngoingAt least five line formations, several lights in each line. One in the Eastern sky made up of blue, white and green lights, the others5/4/18
4/5/18 03:13BrandonFLUSAOtherOngoingAt least 5 line formations, several lights in each line. One in the E sky made up of blue, white and green lights. ((anonymous rept.))4/5/18
4/5/18 00:00RichmondVAUSACircle5 minutesDriving home, spotted lights, thinking it was a a/c or helicopter. It was still and quiet, with flashing lights. ((anonymous report))4/13/18
4/4/18 22:50VacavilleCAUSARectangle1 minuteWe were on freeway 80 heading west , at first we think was a drone. But when we close yo it it was big whit lights shape blue and yell4/5/18
4/4/18 21:10DentonNCUSALight10 minutesme,my son and friend saw a bright light just above the western horizon.....i looked for around 10 minutes,went to get binoculars it was4/5/18
4/4/18 21:00Fort PayneALUSARectangle1-2 minutesUnidentified Black and Red, Rectangular Flying Object4/5/18
4/4/18 18:44MadisonNCUSAOther1-2 secondsMirror like crescent that disappeared.4/13/18
4/4/18 13:00BlytheCAUSALight12 secondsVideo of ball of light in the sky with saucer shaped haze around it.4/13/18
4/4/18 07:08AlbuquerqueNMUSADisk1.5 minutes7:08 AM Albuquerque, NM. April 4, 2018. Large, rust-colored saucer vanishes after geometrical shape surrounds the object.4/5/18
4/4/18 01:13Cle ElumWAUSAOther5 secondsStrange mechanical like 10-12” “daddy long legs” appears on ceiling, scampers quickly towards wall and disappears4/13/18
4/3/18 23:30Nanaimo (CanadaBCCanadaOval2 minutesRed/orange orbs in the sky over the ocean by neck point park. ((anonymous report))4/5/18
4/3/18 21:20San antonioTXUSAPMI saw a bright round light.then the sky flashed red then yellow then green. Power shut off many buisnesses. ((anonymous report))4/8/19
4/3/18 20:30PhoenixAZUSALight2 minutesI do not believe in UFO's, but this was definately odd. ((no contact information))4/5/18
4/3/18 20:20BellinghamWAUSALight3 orange lights, spaced far apart (not on an aircraft), travel N-S then revers to S. Not jackolanterns. ((MUFON report))5/4/18
4/3/18 14:20Indian Ocean (500 miles from land)Indian Ocean 500 miles from nearest landLight10 minutesNon-airplane like object in the sky above Indian Ocean. Flashing lights. Disappeared and reappeared.4/5/18
4/3/18 12:37GreenwoodINUSAMADAR Site 1214/26/18
4/3/18 06:00DenverNCUSALight90 secondsSighting of distant object moving at high speed exhibiting ability to almost instantly "jump" ahead and laterally.4/5/18
4/3/18 00:20LavoniaGAUSAUnknown5 minutesVery, very slow moving lights, traveled a small distance, very high in the sky, lasted about 5 minutes.4/5/18
4/3/18 00:05AntiochCAUSAOther1-2 minutesSpeedy orange oddly shaped ufo during twilight4/13/18
4/2/18 21:00WaterfordCTUSACircle5 minutesTwo white orbs hovering in the sky above the woods near my house. They were about the same size. Completely silent. Suddenly just di4/13/18
4/2/18 19:00KittitasWAUSAFireball2 hoursI was outside smoking when I noticed flashing in the distance. Grabbed my cell phone to zoom in on object. I started recording the ob4/5/18
4/2/18 17:00West ParisMEUSASphereSecondsAs I was watching deer feed in the field behind my house a small dark sphere of no more than 16" diameter passed quickly thru my yard.4/5/18
4/2/18 08:15Belo HorizonteBrazilSphere10 minutesUFO sobrevoando o aeroporto da Pampulha , Belo Horizonte , Minas Gerais , Brazil , April 2 ,20187/19/18
4/2/18 05:38TucsonAZUSALight>10 minutes (continuous)Two points of light blinking, changing color, and moving very unusually.4/13/18
4/1/18 22:15PortlandORUSAFlash5-10 minutesIrregular flashing light above Portland, OR. ((anonymous report))4/5/18
4/1/18 22:00ByersCOUSADiamond15 minutesDiamond shaped craft north and east of Byers, Colorado. ((anonymous report))4/5/18
4/1/18 22:00DouglasvilleGAUSALight40 minutesFirst we saw a “Star” except it was way too close to the earth and brighter than the North Star. It stayed stationary for over 15 minut4/5/18
4/1/18 21:30AnchorageAKUSAChanging5+ minutesSo standing on my porch having a smoke and what i thought was a dark cloud over downtowwn anchorage i noticed it slowly moving but not4/5/18
4/1/18 21:15BellingtonWAUSALight10-15 minutesRed orb maneuvers over and around Indiana reservation. ((MUFON report))5/4/18
4/1/18 20:30FresnoCAUSACircle20 minutesMoving object with various light intensities4/5/18
4/1/18 20:00CubaILUSAOther50 secondsDefinitely UFOs because it certainly wasn’t the Amish.7/12/19
4/1/18 12:42PleasantonCAUSAOther2 secondsBeing/Creature/Object Photo.4/26/18
4/1/18 09:00MonroeLAUSALight1 minuteI was at Saint Francis hospital in Monroe Louisiana, and was in the parking lot, right the overpass, which several feet away from the h6/7/19
4/1/18 03:15PortlandTXUSASphereFrom North to SouthSaw 6 spheres separated but close all and not in a pattern or shape traveling noticeably faster than stars but not extremely fast going4/5/18