National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 11/2017


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/30/17 22:45Lone TreeCOUSATriangle5 minutesIt started as two green dunno 20 miles away to the S. Just stationary...I watched it for like 5 min.((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/30/17 22:20National CityCAUSAFireball3 minutesMoving left to right and lining up in a straight line then moving again then separated at the end and one by one disappeared.12/4/17
11/30/17 21:45HomesteadFLUSALight15 minutesAt ~2130, 1 strange bright light appeared from the North North West sky and started heading south passing above me but.12/4/17
11/30/17 20:30Sydney (Canada)NSCanadaUnknown20 minutesSEEN STRANGE MOVING LIGHTS MOVING OVER SYDNEY, CANADA. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/30/17 19:00LudlowMAUSADisk2 minutesIt hovered closely above our car, was a dark disk that’s glowed.12/4/17
11/30/17 18:25StanleyNMUSALight10-30 secondsBlinking red light over Stanley, NM.12/4/17
11/30/17 17:57JacksonvilleFLUSAOther~1 secondFast moving, black star-shaped object seen transiting the moon at 144X magnification.12/4/17
11/30/17 17:25FayettevilleNCUSAFormation3 minutesI observed what I thought was a satellite falling from the sky or a meteor with a debris trail. But as it fell the object broke into 512/4/17
11/30/17 13:30MadisonWIUSATriangle2 minutesHovering jet over Malt House.12/4/17
11/30/17 01:00TylersportPAUSAOther4 minutesSparkling I-beam hovering over Tylersport, PA. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/30/17EverywhereNJUSAChangingOn goingNot exactly a UFO sighting. I have had a premonition that an astronomical event (Gamma Ray Burst). ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/30/17TylersportPAUSAOther4 minutesThis is to follow-up my original report of 11/30/17 of the I-BEAM shaped object {or capital "H" on its side with sparkling DI9/27/18
11/29/17 23:00Sydney (Australia)AustraliaDisk10 minutesWell, I saw these 4 disc things floating above my house. I live alone and in an isolated area so no neighbors would have witnessed it.9/27/18
11/29/17 22:40LincolntonNCUSAOval20 minutesI was outside w/ my mother on the 2nd floor balcony of our house. Two wobbling lights appeared in the sky and wobbled for twenty min.12/4/17
11/29/17 20:30RenoNVUSALight1 hour+MULTIPLE LIGHTS OVER RENO HEADING EAST12/4/17
11/29/17 20:21KeizerORUSATriangle3 minutesUnidentified black triangle hovering parallel to River Rd N in Keizer for several minutes, then disappears.12/4/17
11/29/17 19:46MorristownNJUSADiamond1 minuteDIAMOND SHAPE LIGHTS OVER 287 SOUTH. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/29/17 19:30Newport NewsVAUSATriangle10 minutesLarge triangle UFO with lights practically landed on a neighbors house. It was so low you thought you could touch it with a ladder2/13/20
11/29/17 10:46New BrunswickNJUSACigarAll dayThe craft released white air and was travelling vertically toward earth. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly contrails?? PD))12/4/17
11/29/17 08:59PlymouthMAUSAOval2 minutesSilver oval object, about 1 cubic meter in volume, moving erratically traveling East to West over Rte 3 near exit 5. Object moving abou12/4/17
11/29/17 07:45West JeffersonOHUSACylinder5 minutesMysterous Bright light and Cylinder.12/4/17
11/29/17 06:45BataviaNYUSALight120 secondsChopper chasing a round bright light over Batavia, New York!!!!!12/4/17
11/29/17 06:25Pittsburg/AntiochCAUSAOther30 seconds2 black dots following commertial air traffic. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/29/17 04:25PhiladelphiaPAUSAOther10-20 minutesSaw a vertical line of light. It didnt seem to move much at first. It began blinking turned to the right and held a diagonal position f12/4/17
11/28/17 21:10NorthwoodNHUSATriangle2 minutesLow flying line of lights hovering as we drove west on rt 4. Triangle shaped object overhead. A light on each corner, under side was12/4/17
11/28/17 20:45New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSATriangle<1 minuteSilent, triangular craft over Brooklyn, NY.3/29/18
11/28/17 20:43SacramentoCAUSATriangle20 secondsThere were 3 very dim lights in a triangular pattern, with a dark silhouette of a triangle surrounding it, flying near the power lines.12/4/17
11/28/17 20:20Sturbridge/WarrenMAUSATriangle20 secondsRhombus shape craft with odd colored lights, seen east bound on the Mass Pike near 84.12/4/17
11/28/17 14:50Clifton ParkNYUSAOval5 secondsMetal sphere seen over a car dealership12/4/17
11/28/17 06:16Is this a real website? ((anonymous query)) ((NUFORC Note: Of course it is! PD))12/4/17
11/28/17 01:00WillowickOHUSAOn November 28th, 2017, at approx. 1:00 in the morning, I witnessed a bright, glowing, orange object hovering above the water.4/5/18
11/28/17 01:00OrlandCAUSALight5 minutesEight round balls of light if you look at the picture video one appears not to be lit up1/12/18
11/27/17 23:30Cherry ValleyMAUSACigar5 minutesLarge almost silent cigar shaped craft appear from woods and fly only 20 feet above house before disappearing.12/4/17
11/27/17 23:00Rochester/Byron/Salem CornersMNUSAOval45 secondsSmall colorful dot with circles around it, moving all around. Shortly after a bright green light. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 22:39SlidellLAUSAFireball1.5 hoursBright flashing object, multicolored flames. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))12/4/17
11/27/17 22:00VandlingPAUSALightStill there at 22:52Formation of light. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star. Sirius?? PD)) ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 21:00EuchaOKUSALight2-3 minutesLights that appeared and shadowed aircraft flew away from it. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 19:45SterlingVAUSALight5 minutesSingle point-source of light flying due north, changes direction to due east, then disappears suddenly.12/4/17
11/27/17 18:53RaleighNCUSALight5-10 minutesI saw 2 bright lights hovering over 401N on my way home.12/4/17
11/27/17 18:00DawsonALUSAOtherAround an hourCluster of approximately 6-8 lights. A rounded triangle shape, no sharp corners. Colors changed. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 17:30LexingtonSCUSAUnknown~3 minutesA star-like object was seen during the day, before it changed to a bright red and vanished. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 15:45ChattanoogaTNUSAUnknown3 minutesAfternoon sighting.12/4/17
11/27/17 11:20ChelseaALUSACigar5 minutes2 white cigar-shaped objects flying parallel to each other (not touching) until they disappeared into the sun. Not moving fast.12/4/17
11/27/17 08:55PittsburghPAUSAFormation3 minuteFlight of four half "V." ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 08:30JacksonTNUSACigar10 minutes+Silver cigar shaped UFO near 45 bypass and Vann Drive.12/4/17
11/27/17 05:40RuskinFLUSALight5 minutesStars in the sky appear to be moving in the morning. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 01:30SpanawayWAUSAChanging30 minutesCouldn't sleep so I went out to smoke looked up facing S and noticed a bright light that wasn't familiar. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))12/4/17
11/26/17 23:40ArmonkNYUSACircle10 minutesBright red/orange round object seen right over the horizon.12/4/17
11/26/17 21:30UticaNYUSALight1 minuteBlue Light Flash Of Light & White Light.12/4/17
11/26/17 21:00KetteringOHUSATriangle00:06Low flying translucent triangular craft cruises overhead and disappears in front of my eyes.12/4/17
11/26/17 19:30New RochelleNYUSACircle30 secondsI viewed 3 orange circles in the southeastern sky. They stayed still for a few seconds, and then streaked off.12/4/17
11/26/17 18:45Comstock ParkMIUSALightSecondsLight shot in N to SW direction over US 131 in a millisecond. Skies were cloudy and no stars were visible.12/4/17
11/26/17 18:30Fort CollinsCOUSADisk4 minutesObject in sky turned lights on, while hovering in one spot. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/26/17 18:15PhoenixAZUSAOval90 secondsSlow moving oval object 2x size and brightness of the ISS came up from the S. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))12/4/17
11/26/17 17:47NashvilleTNUSATriangle~5 minutesTriangle shaped object near Nashville airport over interstate12/21/17
11/26/17 17:35MadisonALUSAFireball20 secondsBright sphere (dot) slowly moving due east. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of ISS?? PD))12/4/17
11/26/17 17:26LeesburgVAUSACircle90 seconds3 orange orbs in triangular formation in Leesburg, VA12/10/17
11/26/17 16:35PhoenixAZUSAChanging5 minutesRed/orange object in daytime sky.12/4/17
11/26/17 16:16RochesterNHUSACigar7 minutesSaw a bright light possibly 2 close lights at what appears to be high altitude. Object continued to the S getting dimmer.12/4/17
11/26/17 11:44BeaverUTUSASphere1 minuteBluish Orb in Beaver Utah over Hwy I-15. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare, caused by pointing camera at the Sun. PD))12/14/17
11/26/17 03:00SpringdaleUTUSA5 minutesThe bright white light knocked over our tent at Zion National Park.8/27/20
11/25/17 00:00Green BayWIUSAUnknownFew secondsOver Green Bay a just few min before 11pm. ufo? easy 1-5 thousand mph high up in atmosphere. silent. almost looked triangle/12/4/17
11/25/17 23:35Winter HavenFLUSAOther7 minutesSpotted ten red star-like lights in the sky. The stars formed an oval that burned as it entered the atmosphere. UFO then broke apart.12/4/17
11/25/17 23:00Spotsylvania CourthouseVAUSAFireball5 minutesOrange illuminated sphere close to treeline, moving purposefully across the sky. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/25/17 21:45Wilkes BarrePAUSALight5 minutesFlashing lights over Wilkes-Barre, PA.12/4/17
11/25/17 21:05NewhallCAUSALight3 minutesLarge red UFO seen over Sierra Hwy, that changed position and colors within milliseconds.12/4/17
11/25/17 20:48PhoenixAZUSASphereContinuousSparkling Spheres in the eastern Arizona night, tonight !12/4/17
11/25/17 20:20Delray BeachFLUSALight3 minutes5 bright lights moving in formation for about 2 minutes; 2 moved toward each other and then all 5 disappeared rapidly.12/4/17
11/25/17 20:00Jackson Twp.OHUSALight2 hoursSeveral of us in different locations saw these beams in the sky. Moved fast over the clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD))12/4/17
11/25/17 18:40KingmanKSUSASphere6-7 secondsSaw a bright green orb dropping from the sky, at an angle to the east; lasted few seconds and then disappeared.12/4/17
11/25/17 18:02Medellin (Colombia)ColombiaRectangle34 minutesThe event took place at 18:02 pm Medellin Colombia time, two red objects appeared in the sky in a west north direction they were parall12/4/17
11/25/17 18:00NashvilleTNUSALight30 seconds2 ufo lights grew brighter and then faded and moved south.12/4/17
11/25/17 16:30RockvilleMDUSARectangle3-7 minutesSaw 4 Orange glowing pulsesting rectangular craft flying in a delayed line with a good distance between them, then 3 or 4 more came spa12/4/17
11/25/17 15:30Caraquet (Canada)NBCanadaOther2 minutesStrange lights in Caraquet, N. B. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
11/25/17 15:02SpringfieldILUSACircle20 secondsJust after 3pm, I went outside to smoke a cigarette. Its a beautiful clear day here today and I noticed that the sky was really blue fo12/4/17
11/25/17 15:00Yokosuka (Japan)JapanOtherContinuousOrbiting translucent rings.12/4/17
11/25/17 10:10EarlingtonKYUSADisk5 disc circular shaped objects flashing different colors in sky hovering.12/4/17
11/25/17 09:42Cape CoralFLUSAUnknown~5 minutesIt was 09:42 in the morning and my husband and I came out of our house, as I was getting into our car I happened to look up towards the12/4/17
11/25/17 06:39Moreno ValleyCAUSAUnknown10 minutesDriving from Amazon in San Bernardino, there was an object in the sky that wasn’t moving.12/4/17
11/25/17 00:32AlpharettaGAUSASphere1 minuteVery fast sphere of light falling out of sky and travelled south and disappeared behind tree line.12/4/17
11/25/17 00:00LanderWYUSALight5 minutesThere was a bright white light floating in the sky and it turned orange when we started to talk about it. The light vanished quickly.2/7/20
11/24/17 22:45Medicine Hat (Canada)CanadaFireball8 secondsTraveling from the west to east looking north. A ball of light, like a snow plow in the winter throwing snow out both sides. In12/4/17
11/24/17 20:14GainesvilleFLUSAOval2-4 minutes6 reddish orange oval shaped lights hovering in the western sky seen for about 2-4 minutes.5/10/18
11/24/17 19:16Jensen BeachFLUSALight30 secondsWhite bright light. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite re-entry?? PD))((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/24/17 18:55AbingtonMAUSAChanging10 minutesVery bright light.. at first could be mistaken for a star, then moves and gets brighter and duller. DEF not a plane.12/4/17
11/24/17 18:00FreeholdNJUSACircle10 secondsBright round object moving in a perfectly straight line broke off into 4 circulars objects all the same size and disappeared behind tre1/12/18
11/24/17 18:00AlexandriaVAUSATeardrop1 minuteFLY OBJECT TURN IN TO THREE. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite re-entry. PD))12/4/17
11/24/17 17:45ShrewsburyPAUSALight15 secondsWe were traveling south on rt 83 and we saw light that looked liked they were a plane. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite re-entry?? PD))12/4/17
11/24/17 17:30BullockNCUSACircle10 secondsFast moving white light separates into three individual lights, then totally disappears within a second.12/4/17
11/24/17 17:27SuffolkVAUSASphere<3 secondsThis happened at 5:27 pm on black Friday, right before sundown. I was on the phone. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite re-entry. PD))12/4/17
11/24/17 17:25SelbyvilleDEUSACircle4-5 secondsShooting star descending, heading towards the horizon; split into 3 spheres. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite re-entry. PD))12/4/17
11/24/17 17:25Virginia BeachVAUSAOther3 minutesMoon-white object w/swept wings appeared to spurt debris several times then break into 3. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite re-entry. PD))12/4/17
11/24/17 17:20MiddlesexNCUSAFormation20 secondsUnexplainable bright lights.12/4/17
11/24/17 16:20ElktonMDUSACircle10 seconds4 bright white spheres flying at incredible rate of speed. I thought it was a shooting star at first but then noticed no trail and also12/4/17
11/24/17 10:47KnoxvilleTNUSALong((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information; elects to remain anonymous. Hoax?? PD))12/4/17
11/24/17 07:43TucsonAZUSASphere1 hour +Tucson orb5/14/19
11/24/17 04:00ScottsdaleAZUSATeardrop2 minutesMe and my mother were looking outside at the night sky. After a few moments we saw a plane off in the distance. Then at least 20 minute12/4/17
11/24/17 00:10MantecaCAUSA4 minutesI was sleeping and I woke up because I heard a strange humming noise that was intermittent but repetitive. I have room darkening shade12/4/17
11/23/17 22:00MandevilleLAUSALight15 secondsOrb of light, looked like star but then shot NE like a large shooting star but looked like they hit "light speed" after a sho12/4/17
11/23/17 21:39WilmetteILUSACircle7-8 secondsWhite round light flying quick, like a shooting star, but closer to the earth. Flew with a low quick sweep east to west, then shot up t12/4/17
11/23/17 19:45Montana CityMTUSATriangle5 minutesLarge triangle with orange lights in corners.12/4/17
11/23/17 19:32VancouverWAUSACircle10 secondsGolden colored object travelling NE over Vancouver, Wa. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/23/17 19:11Deer ParkWAUSAOther~10 minutesLooked like a spoon, assortment of lights, slowly moving.12/4/17
11/23/17 19:00Palm DesertCAUSATriangle5 minutesIt was over 5 minutes changing colors from red to green to blue to a soft yellow color. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star? PD))12/4/17
11/23/17 19:00PortlandORUSAFireball3 secondsSeen while facing N: a big yellow fireball light fell at an angle towards the W horizon like a shooting star.12/8/17
11/23/17 19:00LanhamMDUSAFireballDriving home from Thanksgiving dinner I saw lights falling from the sky looked like falling stars. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/23/17 18:44QuakertownPAUSASphere15 minutesYellowish orbs in a space shuttle shape.3/2/18
11/23/17 18:15StratfordCTUSACircle2 minutesWitnesed 2 star like objects slowly move across the night sky then dissappear12/4/17
11/23/17 17:20StocktonCAUSASphere1 minuteOrange red sphere over Stockton Ca on Thanksgiving dusky12/4/17
11/23/17 15:30Glen AllenVAUSAFormationFew secondsGoing N on I-95 when I looked up and there were 6 glowing orange lights (orbs) brighter than any star in sky. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/23/17 03:50AlamedaCAUSALightSplit secondUncharacteristically bright light moving incredibly fast, in a straight, horizontal line, from S-Sw to N-NE12/4/17
11/23/17 02:00BrocktonMAUSAOther2-4 minutesBright, white, pulsating light seen in sky above Brockton, Massachusetts12/4/17
11/23/17 00:55LenniPAUSAUnknown11 minutesMoving objects in astro photographs2/16/18
11/22/17 23:41SpanawayWAUSASphere1 minuteHuge Bright Red Glowing Sphere/Ball Falling out of the sky in Spanaway/Fredrickson area12/4/17
11/22/17 22:00CortlandOHUSACircle2 minutesCircular balloon-like UFO spotted by couple in Ohio12/4/17
11/22/17 22:00Santa PaulaCAUSACross1 hourObjects moving slowly N to S. No sounds and moved individually across sky. Then remained hovering. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/22/17 21:00NewingtonCTUSALight2 minutesIn the far corner of the sky looking out on to Brentwood Rd. I’m Newington. There was a bright flash that was a dull green and flashed12/4/17
11/22/17 21:00NewingtonCTUSAFlash4-5 minutesWe were just arriving to my friend’s house in Newington, CT and I saw a flash of green light in the sky. I told my friend and she looke12/4/17
11/22/17 20:23HelenaMTUSACircle2-5 minutesRed balls of light on the night of November 22nd, 2017.12/4/17
11/22/17 19:42CapitolaCAUSAUnknown2-4 minutesBright white and orange glowing lights in over Monterey Bay. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/22/17 16:44SacramentoCAUSADisk6 minUfos captured while taking pictures of the sunset while driving down the freeway8/16/21
11/22/17 16:44CarmichaelCAUSADisk6 minUfos captured while taking pictures of the sunset while driving down the freeway8/16/21
11/22/17 15:31PuebloCOUSAOtherSecondsStraight red line connected by 6 evenly spaced lights.12/4/17
11/22/17 11:00RomeGAUSATriangle~15 secondsI was in my dads truck, waiting for him to come to the truck. Before he got there the truck had shut off for no reason and the lights i12/4/17
11/22/17 05:35Los AngelesCAUSALight5 minutesSlow moving object going from the southwest to the southeast identified11/22/17
11/22/17 04:44CarmichaelCAUSADisk6 minSo i took the first couple pictures at 4:44pm and then the last 2 at 4:50pm and never saw what i captured until a week later when i was8/16/21
11/21/17 23:30RochesterNHUSACigar20 minutesRadically moving UFO.11/22/17
11/21/17 23:00WilliamsburgIAUSACircle5 secondsDriving west on highway 80, my husband and I witnessed this same exact object in the sky off to the north side of the highway. A ball o12/4/17
11/21/17 23:00Council HillOKUSALightA huge bright green light in sky I thought a plane was crashing. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/21/17 22:00HanoverPAUSATriangle15 minutesOn Nov. 21, '17, at approx. 22:00 hours I went to let my dogs outside, I normally look up at the sky, I usually pay attention to m11/22/17
11/21/17 21:00BataviaNYUSATriangle5 minutesThree orange/red elongated triangles seen over Batavia, NY, on 11-21-17 early evening.12/4/17
11/21/17 20:30SpringfieldILUSAOval15 minutes3 very slow flying objects w/ red flashing light going due S, very high, maybe 100 mi apart11/22/17
11/21/17 18:00MariettaGAUSAFireball5 secondsAt approximately 8:29pm, we were coming out of apartments facing North and a bright fireball appeared and The went in a downward motion12/4/17
11/21/17 17:0030 seconds((HOAX??)) Very nice disk.12/4/17
11/21/17 14:00Los Angeles/Arts DistrictCAUSALight10 minutesSix white spheres flying over downtown Los Angeles against blues skies with light cloud cover.12/4/17
11/21/17 12:55ExeterNHUSACircle30 secondsAt approx. 12:55 p.m. on 21NO17 I I noticed a small white ball very high in the sky travel across the sky northbound.11/22/17
11/21/17 11:00PierceCOUSASphere2 hoursDull grey spherical object with black helicopter and military vehicles in Peirce Colorado.11/22/17
11/21/17 01:00DunnellonFLUSALight20 yearsLong time disturbance.12/4/17
11/20/17 23:00Medicine ParkOKUSALight30 minutesBright blue white red flashing orb in sky seen at night near Lawton, Oklahoma, NO '17. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))12/4/17
11/20/17 21:00HoumaLAUSALightAll nightOrange glow and beam. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/20/17 20:00NorridgewockMEUSARectangle2 hoursRectangle object with red and white lights. Had a big white round light flash down toward us for a second. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/20/17 19:00SanteeSCUSATriangle3-4 minutesLarge triangle ship with 3 white lights and flashing orange light, flew very low, with no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Jet a/c?? PD))11/22/17
11/20/17 17:40Hopkinsville (I-24)KYUSALight3 minutesLights near I-24 Mile Markers 80-77.12/8/17
11/20/17 17:03Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaDisk2 minutesI was on a break at work and was standing in a parking lot in the University campus area. It was a clear sky with excellent visibility.11/22/17
11/20/17 17:00Belle FourcheSDUSALight15 minutesThe light started off as white. Flashing in an off pattern. The light slowly began moving away. Then changed directions and headed towa11/22/17
11/20/17 16:00San ClementeCAUSASphere3 secondsDazzling reflective white spherical object11/22/17
11/20/17 05:30WadsworthOHUSAUnknown1 minutesI was walking my pet and riding my bike when I looked through a clearing of trees. I then saw something just hovering there and quickly11/22/17
11/20/17 02:15DixonCAUSAFireball7 minutesOrange fire-ball like light, moving slowly, seen in early am, absolutely dead silent, hovering.11/22/17
11/20/17 00:00WarrenMAUSAUnknown30 minutesSlow moving craft with no propeller.11/22/17
11/19/17 22:00RenoNVUSALight7 minutesRed arcing flashing strobe light, noticed at night near where the hilltop beacons typically sit.6/25/20
11/19/17 21:32East Los AngelesCAUSACircle3 minutes3 hovering bright orange lights.11/22/17
11/19/17 20:33SalemORUSAFireball90 secondsBreak away size-shifting balls of light dance around trees.11/22/17
11/19/17 20:00JenningsFLUSAFireball3 secondsWhile traveling south on i75 near fl/ga line we saw a fireball falling from se to sw. It flared and a piece broke off and flew away.11/22/17
11/19/17 20:00RutlandVTUSACylinder3 minutesCylinder, lights were square with some round lights. colors of lights transitioned not in a pattern.11/22/17
11/19/17 19:00DixonCAUSALight10 minutesI was riding the backroads on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle. I saw two bright white lights in the sky just hovering. On occasion12/4/17
11/19/17 17:50Menomonee FallsWIUSAOther1 minuteStrange silent moving object in the sky.11/22/17
11/19/17 15:00OxfordMAUSASphere30 secondsFloating silver/white 3D ball. It was there, and then shrunk and disappeared in seconds.11/22/17
11/19/17 13:00ClevelandOHUSAUnknownFew secondsTwo fighter jets flying at very high speed from Lake Erie south over a neighborhood just west of downtown Cleveland. They disappeared t12/4/17
11/19/17 12:00MarysvilleCAUSACircle4 minutes8 circular flying objects high in the sky near Marysville, CA.11/22/17
11/19/17 12:00Royal GorgeCOUSAOval3 minutesOval reflective craft.12/14/17
11/19/17 02:39AnaheimCAUSAOvalSlowlyOblong,shape with lights moving slowly across the sky at times it just sets there11/22/17
11/18/17 22:50OlympiaWAUSALight90-180 secondsLight cluster in Olympia, WA.11/22/17
11/18/17 21:30PuyallupWAUSAFormation3 minutesGoing down 512 which is a freeway. I noticed strange lights in the sky that I thought were planes. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/18/17 19:26VenturaCAUSACircle10:00Three amber color round objects. came in to view from the northwest and flew south. There was no sound. the front of the dish shape obj11/22/17
11/18/17 19:00Haines CityFLUSAChanging5 minutesSmudge-shaped object that moved across sky and dispersed into hundreds of different colored lights all following a movement pattern.4/25/19
11/18/17 18:00KissimmeeFLUSAFireball15 minutesFireball falling from the sky of Kissimmee.12/4/17
11/18/17 17:50Mount LaurelNJUSACircle2 secondsBright white light around 5:50 pm observed in Mount Laurel, NJ. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/18/17 17:33Champions GateFLUSACigar15 minutes11/18/2019 - 17:33 Cigar-shaped Fireball in Controlled Descent in Davenport, Florida, USA2/25/20
11/18/17 17:29HendersonNVUSALight3 secondsWhite Streak over Henderson. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/18/17 17:29Simi ValleyCAUSALight11 secondsLarge white, slow moving sphere.11/22/17
11/18/17 17:22Kissimme/Champions GateFLUSAFireball20 minutesPossible UFO Filmed near Disney - UFO appeared in the distance and descended at a slow rate.11/22/17
11/18/17 16:30SalemORUSAUnknown5 secondsSwarm of bees sound.11/22/17
11/18/17 15:45Bournemouth (UK/England)United KingdomLight70 secondsGreen UFO started as orb12/21/17
11/18/17 01:50Agoura HillsCAUSALight3 minutesBright shooting star shot across sky then froze just above Malibu Hills5/9/19
11/18/17 01:45San GabrielCAUSATriangle2-3 minutesFreeway UFO sighting.11/22/17
11/18/17 01:04BethesdaMDUSADiamond3 secondsThere were 3 lights for a split second and I notify my older brother, who also saw it. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/18/17 01:00Long BeachCAUSACircle2 minutesWhite star light object is jumps across the sky lighting up green then stops momentarily then moves slowly across the sky then disapear11/22/17
11/17/17 23:31Myrtle BeachSCUSAFlash2 minutesI was just outside walking looking for deer tracks and returned home for my last cigarette for the night as I sat on my balcony I witne11/17/17
11/17/17 20:00North PhoenixAZUSALight10 minutesOrange ball flame colored craft. Flying W, paused as a/c approached from the N than disappeared.11/22/17
11/17/17 17:51NewmanCAUSAUnknown15 minutesObject with flashing red, blue,yellow, & white lights hovered for several minutes. Then zigged & zagged in a non-patterened formation.11/22/17
11/17/17 17:30Ocean ViewNJUSATriangle2 minutesTraveling South parallel to the Harden State Parkway between exits 24 and 17. Large triangular shaped aircraft. Opposing wing lights.11/22/17
11/17/17 17:00EdentonNCUSAFireball10 minutesLarge comet falling, 3 smaller objects broke away, fell with the object, and then hovered as another similar object appeared above.11/22/17
11/17/17 13:17MartinezCAUSAFormation2 minutesEight white spheres observed against clear blue sunny skies & vanished before the observer could take a photo.11/17/17
11/17/17 11:20Los AltosCAUSAUnknown2 minutesSwarm of ufos over Los Altos.12/21/17
11/16/17 23:00PfafftownNCUSAOval2 round lights like stars lower then stars changing from blue, red, and green. Many mi. apart ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" stars?? PD)11/17/17
11/16/17 23:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAFormation1-2 minutesOrange lights in saucer like formation over Myrtle Beach, SC.11/17/17
11/16/17 22:00AshevilleNCUSAChevron<1 minuteStrange boomerang shaped craft sighted outside of downtown Asheville.11/17/17
11/16/17 21:04Camborne Cornwall (UK/England)United KingdomFlash23 minutesFlashing red saucer moving in every direction at incredible acceleration shot up dissapeared into atmosphere ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/16/17 20:45FlorenceORUSACircle~8 secondsOne large white disc shaped object near Sea Lion Caves, Oregon.11/22/17
11/16/17 20:45FlorenceORUSACircle5-6 secondsBright White Round object over ocean near Sea Lion Caves in mid coast Oregon11/22/17
11/16/17 20:30MaricopaAZUSACircle<5 secondsI am glad, I stumbled upon this website. I am witnessing the same glowing fireballs as others are seeing in AZ. Tonight is the 3rd11/17/17
11/16/17 20:00BiloxiMSUSATriangle3 minutes3 orange/red craft we're sitting in the sky due SE, flying in a triangle formation, disappeared within 3 min. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/16/17 17:15BrandonFLUSASphere5 minutesBlinking BLUE LIGHTS SEEN above HIGHWAY 60 IN Brandon Florida yesterday. Lights zigged zagged north south then moved over treetops the11/22/17
11/16/17 17:00LancasterOHUSATriangle10 minutesLarge black triangle shaped craft no noise or lights wobbled as it moved then slowly went up into sky ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/16/17 08:20Des MoinesIAUSACigar20 secondsNo wings, flew fast, no noise, not on flight maps. White in color, sparkled in the morning sun and then vanished out of sight.11/17/17
11/16/17 00:15MilfordOHUSAOther20 minutes((HOAX??)) Massive ship Andy 7 smal lights.11/17/17
11/15/17 22:00DaytonOHUSATriangle5 minutesDayton UFO, 5 lights, 3 white, 2 orange, low flying aircraft going low speed.11/17/17
11/15/17 21:00WorcesterMAUSADisk20 secondsWobbling orange disc, vanished as if responding directly to me pointing at it, very strange. 2 witnesses, including myself.10/12/18
11/15/17 21:00ChampaignILUSACircle2 secondsGiant, orange half Circle in Sky near Champaign3/21/19
11/15/17 21:00ChandlerAZUSAFormation1-2 minutesSynchronous blinkings silvery lights in a formation across entire SW sky above South Mountain. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD))11/17/17
11/15/17 21:00DeweyAZUSAChevron10 secondsThey were Chevron shaped. The lights varying from orange, to red to white. Incredible! ((NUFORC Note: Witness is engineer. PD))11/17/17
11/15/17 20:25SmithfieldNCUSALight3 minutesI noticed 3 red lights flying low in the sky and in a straight formation moving across the night sky. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/15/17 19:00EnumclawWAUSAFormation3 minutesThe front one on left made a 90 degree turn into clouds while others went straight.12/21/17
11/15/17 19:00DavidsonNCUSARectangle30 secondsThe object was as long as a football field bigger in the front than the back. Rectangle in shape. We thought it was 5 helicopters flyin11/17/17
11/15/17 18:45Madeira BeachFLUSACigar20 minutesI was walking at approximately 6:45pm on 11/15/2017 after dark in the south direction on Madeira Beach off of 140th Avenue. I noticed11/17/17
11/15/17 18:30San DiegoCAUSAFormation8 seconds4 lights moving quickly into a line, then disappearing one at a time.11/17/17
11/15/17 18:00Mortimer (UK/England)United KingdomFormation20 minutesA cluster of lights over Berkshire, England!11/17/17
11/15/17 16:30PerrisCAUSAOther10 secondsI was watching parachutes free fall when a barbell shaped craft flew overhead toward airport in a sideways position. I could hear airpl11/17/17
11/15/17 14:00San DiegoCAUSACircle1 minutesThe craft looked like it was using bent light to cloak the craft but it reflected the sun yellow/orange glow beautiful.11/17/17
11/15/17 01:00St. AugustineFLUSALight1 minuteAbout the around 12:30 to 1 at night I was looking to the south and saw two lights Converge on each other and spun around each other qu11/30/18
11/15/17 00:30DeltaCOUSAUnknown1 minuteHuge low flying craft, mechanical "whooshing" sounds, and a unknown animal-like screech. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/15/17 00:30Crown PointNYUSAFireball5 minutesThis is not the objects first appearance around this time of year.1/12/18
11/15/17 00:05ModestoCAUSAChevron15 secondsChevron style with dim light blue lights. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/15/17ISS (in orbit)In orbitSee video link of UFOs leaving Earth before NASA cut live feed--today's Irish Independent newspaper 911/15/17)...... https://www.ind11/17/17
11/15/17ISS (in orbit)In orbitLive video of objects flying past ISS before NASA cut live feed...
11/14/17 22:30TucsonAZUSAFireball10 secondsLarge falling UFO disappears into flash of blue light over Tucson.11/17/17
11/14/17 21:00SoccorroNMUSALight1 minutesOrange lights near Socorro, NM.1/18/18
11/14/17 21:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangle10 minutesCat and mouse with triangular ship on Hwy 36. Whoa! Really wierd.1/25/18
11/14/17 20:47SilverpeakNVUSAOther10 minutesSlow moving, low flying, no sound crafts flying in formations and solo.11/17/17
11/14/17 20:25San Tan ValleyAZUSAFlash3 secondsBright Light up of Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))11/17/17
11/14/17 20:00SacramentoCAUSACircle2 minutesDozens of bright orange circular lights.11/17/17
11/14/17 17:35SunnyvaleCAUSAOther0.5 secondsVertical streak of red/orange light in the sky making 90 degree turns then disappearing.11/17/17
11/14/17 13:00LaytonUTUSACircle30 minutesBright white circle with a darker center.11/17/17
11/14/17 07:35ManvilleNJUSAOval30 minutesStrange lights flying oval.11/17/17
11/13/17 23:34VacavilleCAUSASphere20 minutesWhite orb above Mount Vaca turns orange while flying East towards Vacaville hovers above nut tree Airport for 20 minutes11/17/17
11/13/17 23:00TuscaloosaALUSAChevronOngoingThe ufo has been hovering over a field across the street from my house every evening for 3 nights. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))11/17/17
11/13/17 21:00MadisonALUSALight4 secondsI looked up in the sky and saw one bright light- then it turned into 3! At first I thought it was a firework ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/13/17 19:36Dysart (Australia)AustraliaOval60-90 secondsAustralian anomolous object observation.11/17/17
11/13/17 19:30BurtonTXUSALight10-15 minutesI was outside star-gazing when the event happened.11/17/17
11/13/17 19:00PflugervilleTXUSAChevron5-10 minutesSpheres over Pflugerville, TX.11/17/17
11/13/17 19:00RoswellNMUSACircle20 minutesLights blinking in sequence across the dark Nothern sky.12/4/17
11/13/17 17:30Johnstown/LovelandCOUSACircle5 hours29 craft spotted over 5 hr period.11/17/17
11/13/17 15:00HiloHIUSADiamond shape flying object w 6 lights.…3/23/18
11/13/17 05:40Ixtapaluca (Mexico)MexicoFlash1 segundoDespués de llevar a mi hermana a tomar su transporte para ir al trabajo volví a mi casa en mi moto, posteriormente baje de ella para ab11/17/17
11/12/17 19:15Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle1 minuteSalt Lake red orbs may be a recreational drone. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
11/12/17 19:03Panama CityFLUSAFireball2 minutesSlow moving fireball.11/17/17
11/12/17 18:00BroomfieldCOUSAUnknown1 minute5 lights making shapes.11/17/17
11/12/17 17:40Estes ParkCOUSASphere<5 minutesRed object moving fast, high, hovering over mountain ridge in CO.11/17/17
11/12/17 10:00Chino ValleyAZUSARectangle5 minutesStationary vertical bluish white rectangle.11/17/17
11/12/17 07:34WaterflowNMUSATriangle15A triangle shaped object above morgan lake area, could see the sky through it, with bright spear lights, in a large perfect triangle sh11/17/17
11/12/17 01:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALight30 minutesHigh altitude point of light SE of Albuquerque II. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))11/17/17
11/12/17 00:00Richmond HillNYUSACircle~1 minute((HOAX??)) Craft was moving fast & stopped abruptly. Hovered in the sky, made a chilling sound. Then took off with amazing speed.12/4/17
11/11/17 23:05Crown PointINUSALight15 secondsReally bright orange light descending over Crown Point/Merrillville area near Broadway Methodist Hospital.11/17/17
11/11/17 22:00TremontMEUSAChevron>1 hourObj. was 1st noticed low in the SE sky, just over the treeline. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius. PD)) ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/11/17 22:00TyngsboroughMAUSALight1-secondsWhite ball of light/fireball over Tyngsborough. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/11/17 21:00WarrenRIUSADiamond3Triangular diamond shape with red and green lights and bright bright lights in the center could see holdcraft was right above my head.12/4/17
11/11/17 21:00North BendWAUSALight15-20 secondsBright white-bluish light moving in southwest direction turning into 4. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/11/17 20:00Glendale/PasadenaCAUSAOther15 minutes11/11/17 UFO Sighting Glendale/Pasadena CA, Along 134/210 Freeway and up Lake Blvd.11/17/17
11/11/17 19:00San DiegoCAUSATriangle30-45 secondsTriangle shaped UFO over central San Diego11/17/17
11/11/17 18:40PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknownMomentsVery low dark slow moving object.11/17/17
11/11/17 17:15HaverhillMAUSAOval10 secondsIt appeared and then vanished as I was watching it in thin air.11/17/17
11/11/17 17:00Glen GardnerNJUSASphere10 minutes((HOAX??)) Approx. 12-14 black round sphere shape ufos frozen at high alt., and after few minutes they desapered. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/11/17 13:26TucsonAZUSACircleBright object(s) traveling over Foothills from Sabino Canyon , Az.11/17/17
11/11/17 08:03MissoulaMTUSACircle2 minutesMy friend and I looked up and saw a blueish grey circle, it would fly in a small circle then disappear. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/11/17 07:30MissoulaMTUSAOval4 hoursI was sitting in my grammas apartment when someone told us to come look outside i was the first one behind him he said to look up in th11/17/17
11/11/17 03:30NatickMAUSACircle40 secondsSudden very bright fast-moving ball of white light disappeared and then a VERY low-flying aircraft/plane? showed up.11/17/17
11/11/17 00:00LivingstonMTUSASphere15 minutesSphere like object pulsating red, blue and green intermittently. ((NUFORC Note: Witness later reports object was star, Sirius. PD))11/17/17
11/10/17 23:00AcworthGAUSAOther5 secondsInverted Boomerang shaped object moving North to South Across North Georgia Sky11/17/17
11/10/17 22:45FolsomCAUSATriangle10 secondsV-shaped object with no lights moving silently over the town of Folsom.11/17/17
11/10/17 21:20Grass LakeMIUSATeardrop5 secondsGreen-blue teardrop with white aura appeared over line, thought it was a falling object.11/17/17
11/10/17 21:17HartfordCTUSATeardrop3 secondsLarge teardrop shape yellowish in color dropping straight down before completely disappearing. This occured looking down the chapel st.11/17/17
11/10/17 20:30PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknownunknownBright strobe lights in frantic pattern.11/17/17
11/10/17 20:30EatonCOUSAOther5 minutesWhite light grouping in north sky. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/10/17 20:00ConneautOHUSATriangle5 minutesHuge triangular object, several football fields in width with bright white lights on the underside, hovered and followed our vehicle.11/22/17
11/10/17 19:10South MilwaukeeWIUSADisk3 minutesMulti Crafts in Sky of South Milwaukee, WI on Rawson Ave11/17/17
11/10/17 18:00MissoulaMTUSALight1.5 hoursSaw 2 lights moving in a half circle motion. One very close behind the other and once they reached the half circle point, they made a d11/17/17
11/10/17 17:40BakersfieldCAUSACircleunknownWas this planet x.11/17/17
11/10/17 17:10Brooklyn ParkMDUSACircle15 minutesA bright light with pink trail looked like it was burning at first I thought it was a piece of space junk falling back in the atmospher11/17/17
11/10/17 16:09Port Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaTeardrop5 minutesBlack, teardrop shaped UFO flashing lights in the day sky. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/10/17 01:00FredericksonWAUSAFormation10 minutes3 Red diamonds over Puyallup- Frederickson- Spanaway heading towards McChord Air Force Base11/17/17
11/9/17 22:45Baton RougeLAUSAOther3-5 seconds((HOAX??)) From my left to my right moved a very fast, silent, actual spaceship. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/9/17 21:30St. AlbansVTUSAFormationThree stationary lights in a vertical formation, occasionally blinking out of sequence. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/9/17 19:30St. PetersburgFLUSASphere3 secondsWhite orb pulse at nanosonic speed.11/17/17
11/9/17 17:30GreenwichNYUSAFormation~2 minutesThree white lights in a triangular formation slowly moving from west to east11/17/17
11/9/17 16:20BataviaILUSASphere30 secondsIn 10 minute intervals, I saw lights that looked like stars that moved around, then disappeared. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/9/17 16:00RockwoodTNUSATriangle60-90 secondsExtremely slow moving triangle object with amber lights that were steady on.11/17/17
11/9/17 15:00AnnistonALUSALight2 secondsTwo seperate sightings by two individuals of same fast moving green lights within days of each other ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/9/17 04:30St. LouisMOUSAUnknown1 hourWhite lights with a red pulsating strobe in a linear formation over St. Louis, MO.11/9/17
11/9/17 01:00PaolaKSUSACircle2 hoursIm sitting by my window smoking and happen to notice that im seeing an oddly number of lights here lately some go some stay but noticed11/9/17
11/8/17 22:20TontitownARUSACircle2 minutesLarge solid white ball.11/9/17
11/8/17 22:00RutlandMAUSATriangle10 secondsSpotted a triangular shaped aircraft overhead comprised of three flashing lights evenly spaced apart and traveling the exact same speed11/17/17
11/8/17 20:50LovelandCOUSAChanging20 minutes5 glimmering stationary objects for 20 minutes and then vanished11/9/17
11/8/17 20:35PlainvilleCTUSAFormation5 minutesNov 8 at approx 8:35 pm driving W on Rte. 372 in Plainville, CT, saw 3 bright lights in a row, close together hovering over the rte 72.11/9/17
11/8/17 18:30Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight20 secondsMedium sized ball of light came out of nowhere while we were driving on our left side up in the sky. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/8/17 18:30Iowa CityIAUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular shaped craft on Nov. 8, 2017. ((anonymous reports))1/4/19
11/8/17 17:30Cole CampMOUSACircle20 minutesSmall black circle object then turned red, orange and then a bright white. ((NUFORC Note: Looks like a contrail?? PD))11/17/17
11/8/17 17:15ManchesterCTUSAFireball1 minuteSaw a large light in the sky moving extremely slowly. Last a minute and then it disappears into thin air.11/17/17
11/8/17 17:00StrongsvilleOHUSAFireballtill sunsetFireball.11/9/17
11/8/17 17:00Long PondPAUSACylinder10 minutesSmall black cylinder. Hovering silently. Two bright pulsing lights on each end. Rotated slowly in place. Brief FM radio disturbance.11/17/17
11/8/17 02:45PhoenixAZUSAFireball1 secondSaw what it looked like a shooting star, but it was red.11/9/17
11/8/17 00:45OmahaNEUSAUnknown1100Line of lights that are flashing and blinking orange, yellow, green, blue. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))11/9/17
11/7/17 23:00Baton RougeLAUSARectangle3-5 secondsOmg Star Trek.11/17/17
11/7/17 22:35West SalemWIUSADiamond30 secondsTwo fast flying diamond shaped objects over West Salem, WI.11/9/17
11/7/17 19:35MadisonWIUSAChevron5 secondsFast moving boomerang shaped object.11/9/17
11/7/17 19:35Park HillsMOUSATriangle35 minutesHovering triangular shaped aircraft.11/9/17
11/7/17 18:00LakewoodCOUSALight00:05:00.00Two bright hovering lights pulsated and grew brighter before eventually getting dimmer and disappearing. ((anonymous report))12/10/17
11/7/17 17:15Pueblo (Belmont)COUSAOther1 minuteThe street light was green and it went black and in the sky there was a lightening electric looking light flash. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/7/17 16:30BurlingtonMAUSALight5 +minutesufo sighting burlington ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/6/17 23:50HelenaMTUSACircle40 seconds((HOAX??)) I seen a dim orange circle flying over Helena around 10:30 pm. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/6/17 22:00Mardela SpringsMDUSAOval20 minutesRotating oval shaped object with multicolored lights moving in very fast erratic patterns.11/9/17
11/6/17 22:00BoiseIDUSACircle3 secondsBig green orb falling straight down out of sky.11/9/17
11/6/17 22:00MagnoliaOHUSAFormation15 minutesWitnessed 3 large formations of 4-5 objects with flashing lights and 3 smaller formations containing 2-3 objects ...all appears flashin11/9/17
11/6/17 22:00NorristownPAUSAOther>10 minutes4 red balls of light blinking. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/6/17 20:40KnoxvilleTNUSAOther30 secondsIrregularly shaped object slowly shrinks into nothing over I-40.11/9/17
11/6/17 20:00Lincoln BoroPAUSAFormation1 minuteCircular orange formation over Lincoln/Liberty Boro.11/9/17
11/6/17 19:45Acol (UK/England)United KingdomFlashStill ongoingPulsing/flashing light. Not aircraft I know. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star?? PD))11/9/17
11/6/17 19:35Coral GablesFLUSAFireball15 minutesUFO sighting Florida.11/9/17
11/6/17 18:30ClemsonSCUSALight5 secondsLight appeared from nowhere in the night sky at incredible speed and disappeared about 5 sec. later after speeding up.11/9/17
11/6/17 18:25SalemNHUSALight1 minuteI noticed this bright blue light the lit up the sky. Seconds right after it happens again. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/6/17 17:05Hokes BluffALUSAUnknown5+ minutesUnseen vehicle leaving a trail with "Foo Fighters" (orbs) following it.9/6/19
11/6/17 15:45HaverhillMAUSATriangle2 minutesSaw a triangle shaped dark colored craft just hovering making no sound. Lights on each point of the triangle. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/6/17 07:00San DiegoCAUSAOther3-4 minU-shaped object with 5 lights.11/9/17
11/6/17 00:00San FranciscoCAUSASphere6 hours((HOAX??)) Enveloped by a spherical object with hexagons along the inside that were turning red.11/9/17
11/5/17 22:30Lantana BeachFLUSAChanging30-45 minutesThe sightings began while sitting on a seawall of an open lot at the beach. Little to no light pollution.11/9/17
11/5/17 21:50Long BeachCAUSACircle2-3minSlow and low flying no sound big dark circluar object with lights. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/5/17 21:00AlbanyORUSAFlash15 minA bright low flying flashing light coming from the SW direction headed E moving slow and below the cloud bank.11/9/17
11/5/17 20:00CubaMOUSALight2 minutesLight appearing in the sky.11/9/17
11/5/17 19:38Highway 60 (Canada)MBCanadaCircle1 secondIt looked like light gray we just drove by it at approximately 100 km an hour. It was suspended not moving approx. 10 to 20' alt..11/9/17
11/5/17 19:15Moreno ValleyCAUSACircle15 minutesRed solid UFO orb hovering in Moreno Valley, CA.11/9/17
11/5/17 19:00GilbertAZUSAFormation2 minutesClusters of yellow lights flying across the sky.11/9/17
11/5/17 18:15Snowflake (toward; near)AZUSADisk5-8 minutesOn the Sunday evening of November 5th, 2017 around 6:15 p.m., there were 2 flying saucers in the western sky looking toward Snowflake,11/22/17
11/5/17 17:35CincinnatiOHUSASphere15-20 secondsLarge sphere sighted by two people over Ohio River at Columbia Tusculum with sustained light that disappeared into pinhole.11/9/17
11/5/17HoustonTXUSAFlashMidnight~12 am, 05NO17, explosion sounds heard by families in homes in Harris Co. area. News reported nothing. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/4/17 21:20GlendaleAZUSAFormation40 secondsWhite lights in a formation traveling slowly/silently over NW Glendale, AZ, then disappeared after sighting. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/4/17 20:15Rural HillTNUSAUnknown20:45((HOAX??)) Objects flying in the sky, orange lights, no sound to be heard. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/4/17 19:45White LakeMIUSAFormation15 minutesDriving down Ormond Rd, noticed lights in sky. Originally thought it was fireworks above Grass Lake, but noticed lights were not dissip12/8/17
11/4/17 19:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALight((HOAX??)) A single purple light hovered over University of New Mexico's campus. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/4/17 18:25Cathedral CityCAUSATriangle1 minute3 white lights travelling at different high speeds and one larger triangular slower object with spinning group of lights over PSP.11/9/17
11/4/17 18:00DunedinFLUSACircle~10-15 secondsFacing N from Mease Dunedin Hospital, a metallic, spherical obj. was seen visible in daylight, refracting sunlight. ((anonymous report)11/9/17
11/4/17 12:30Des moinesIAUSAOtherNot sureWas at stop light looked up seen hole in clouds. Snaped a few pixs. Later looked and seen something in first pix.12/19/21
11/4/17 12:25PittsburghPAUSALight5 minutesSaw orange red glow in sky for several minutes. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/4/17 10:50ParklandPAUSATriangle2 seconds4 lights in a rectangler triangle pattern, with very loud noise like a miltary object.11/9/17
11/4/17 03:00RialtoCAUSALight20+10+ glowing objects flying south west over the night sky.11/9/17
11/4/17 01:06WeymouthMAUSALight2 minutesNov. 2nd, '17, at 1:07 A.M., saw from the window a light as bright as a football stadium. I decided to take short video of it, when zo11/17/17
11/4/17 00:00ShakopeeMNUSACircle1 hour+Smaller circles form bigger circle over Shakopee. I was able to get a clear picture.11/9/17
11/3/17 23:00PortlandORUSACirclenightlyStar sized crafts that hover over Portland metro on a nightly basis.11/9/17
11/3/17 22:44PrattKSUSAUnknown2.5 minutesVery load roar similar to a jet. Sounds shook all the Windows in the house for about 1 minute. Could hear the sound for about 2.5 minut11/9/17
11/3/17 22:00Port OrchardWAUSARectangle<1 secondI witnessed one rectangular gray-white object flash across the sky and out of view.11/9/17
11/3/17 22:00Port OrchardWAUSAFlash1 secondLarge-ish flash of light burst across the skyline11/9/17
11/3/17 21:05WalnutCAUSAFormation2-3 minutesLast night, 03NO17, at about 9:05pm, I saw a group of bright stars (about 15-20) in the sky in the City of Walnut, CA.11/9/17
11/3/17 20:24JacksonvilleFLUSALight2 minutesI was out on my front porch around 8:24 pm and just happened to look up above my place and saw what looked like 2 bright stars in the s11/9/17
11/3/17 20:00Bullhead CityAZUSACircle30 secondsI had seen a black object is all i know . with no lights and no noticible sound. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/3/17 19:20OrlandoFLUSALight5 minutesSaw a group of ~50 lights traveling SE in the W sky. Looked like from the distance like the headlights of a helicopter.11/9/17
11/3/17 18:57FountainCOUSALightUnknown2 U.S. Army Soldiers SGT's (REDACTED) encountered a craft maneuvering in the sky at the 6 to 8 o'clock of the full moon.11/9/17
11/3/17 18:35BostonMAUSATriangle10 seconds((HOAX??)) I was driving home and saw 2-3 aircrafts. Might have been jets, but I am just not sure. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/3/17 15:30RaleighNCUSARectangle20 secondsLarge cube shaped object seen in Raleigh. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/3/17 14:38Port AustinMIUSACircle2 minutesSilver, circular craft, shifting to rainbow crystalline in clear sunny sky; lasting 1-2 minutes.11/9/17
11/3/17 11:01DenverCOUSADisk7 minutes((HOAX??)) it flew across the sky super fast me and my family saw it clearly ((anonymous report))11/3/17
11/3/17 08:15Costa MesaCAUSADisk2 hoursLarge dark gray object hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Amended by witness. Object was a blimp. PD))11/3/17
11/3/17 07:10San AntonioTXUSACigar4 secondsUfo spotted, right before it vanished.11/9/17
11/3/17 06:49SaylorsburgPAUSAFireball5 secondsNever saw this before, was slow enough to be observed, then just disappeared!11/9/17
11/3/17 06:45IrvingTXUSALightMorningWhite glowing lights overhead in Irving. TX. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus. Anonymous report. PD))11/9/17
11/3/17 04:15NorwalkIAUSA5 minutesI did not see a craft, I took the dog out at 4:15a.m. looking West,slightly south,would hit the ground north of Cummings IA,there was a11/3/17
11/3/17 04:00BridgewaterMAUSADisk3 minutesIn Bridgewater, MA, we saw a object in the sky, was round & square like that flashed red & white lights then when down & disappeared11/3/17
11/3/17 03:40RaleighNCUSARectangle2 minutesSquare floating object.12/4/17
11/2/17 21:00Canal FultonOHUSACircle3 minutesI observed two large circle shaped objects traveling at a high rate of speed dart across the sky the suddenly stop. One of the objects11/3/17
11/2/17 17:32ManassasNCUSATriangle10 minutesDark, triangular object hovering in a clear sky making no sounds.11/9/17
11/2/17 02:04BoiseIDUSAEgg45 seconds((HOAX??)) Eight egg-looking saucers in the air temp dropped. ((anonymous report))11/3/17
11/1/17 20:30New York City (Queens)NYUSALight15 minutesLights over Queens, New York.11/3/17
11/1/17 19:00Basra (Iraq)IraqOther4 minutesBrightly lit rolling cloud - beam of light flying towards me. no other lights.11/24/18
11/1/17 18:45ClintonIAUSAChevron10 secondsLarge faint dimly lit chevron shaped lights travelling quickly high in the sky. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/1/17 07:18ClevelandOHUSACircle3 minutesThey were moving so fast, I couldn't catch all of them on camera, I tried to pull the video up on My phone and it was gone.11/9/17
11/1/17 07:15ChehalisWAUSALight90 secondsSilent, stationary light, accelerated slowly and flew away to the south. "that star is moving." ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))11/3/17
11/1/17 06:15SalemNHUSATriangle15 minutesI was on break from work when i noticed a brite light up sky. It was just below the cloud line. It was so brite it could not figure ou11/3/17
11/1/17 04:00Long BranchNJUSATriangle5-10 minutesBetween 3 and 6 a.m over the Atlantic Ocean there is always a lot of activity. ((anonymous report))1/12/18