National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/2017


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/30/17 23:00ShokapeeMNUSAFormation10 minutesWe noticed a really big circle made up of 12 smaller perfectly spaced circle. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights at casino? Anon. PD))10/5/17
9/30/17 21:00KnoxvilleTNUSAFlash15-20 minutesWhite Flashing Light in the Sky Not An Airplane. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/30/17 21:00WentzvilleMOUSAUnknown5-8 minutesFirst spotted 4 at no partular pattern then slughlt faded out the 3 got brighter and made three sided triangle shape the two more appea10/5/17
9/30/17 20:30HarpursvilleNYUSACircle15Several circles in a cluster then separated into groups 3 with 3 to 4 in a group then one group went into a l shape then all disapeared10/5/17
9/30/17 19:57Twin FallsIDUSASphere1:54Unidentified Orb first witnessed slowly hovering from the South continuing until disapoearing to the North East. No blinking lights10/19/17
9/30/17 19:51HockessinDEUSALight2 secondsLarge light blue beam of light flying over very quickly10/5/17
9/30/17 19:50ChesterPAUSASphere2-3 secondsExtremely bright electric blue perfect circle or ball of light super super fast flying from N to S in PA towards the moon; 2-3 seconds.10/5/17
9/30/17 19:45FlorissantMOUSAUnknown5 minutesThe lights appeared to be a sigle craft flying at very high attitude.10/5/17
9/30/17 17:00LasalleILUSATriangle2 minutesI was walking down the street, down hill, in a neighborhood. Its a little past dusk.. When I a blacklight looking light caught my eye.3/23/18
9/30/17 16:30MonticelloKYUSAOval30 minutesSmall oval white colored object with small amount of blue on top edge.10/5/17
9/30/17 15:22Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaOval10-15 secondsSudden appearance bright white glowing vertical oval object then disappear10/19/17
9/30/17 14:07Whitby (Canada)ONCanadaOther30 secondsLow, fast-spinning, white Translucent Spinning Flashing Object10/19/17
9/30/17 14:00OwensboroKYUSALight30 minutesTwo lights hovered in daylight sky over Owensboro, KY.10/5/17
9/30/17 13:45EddyvilleKYUSACircleUnknownOn 9-30-17, at approximately 1:45 PM. I noticed a group of people looking up to the sky. When I looked to try and see what they were lo10/5/17
9/30/17 09:00GilcrestCOUSAFormation15 minutesThree dots at high altitude, flying at high speed, one even dive-bombs the car.10/5/17
9/30/17 00:00KenyonMNUSALight30There was two light racing each other back and forth, weaving in and out of the clouds. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
9/29/17 23:30KingsportTNUSACircle1 hourA large star like object was moving in strange ways unlike anything I've ever seen. It changed colors and was flashing sometimes a redd10/5/17
9/29/17 23:00HuntingtonWVUSACircle60 secondsOrange solid light zig zag up and down jumping in different locations in the open clear sky. Jumped 10-12x fast. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
9/29/17 22:45BristolCTUSALight15Lights moving across the night sky and disappearing, all at the same place.10/5/17
9/29/17 22:00Twin FallsIDUSAOther1:45The undidentified object materialized to the northeast of our position at approximately 22:14 PM Mountain Time. I began recording t10/19/17
9/29/17 21:45RoanokeVAUSAUnknown5-10 secondsLight over airport. Hover for a few seconds and took off due N out of sight in seconds... Very low; no sound. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 21:45RoanokeVAUSAUnknown5-10 secondsLight over airport. Hover for a few seconds and took off due N out of sight in seconds... Very low to the ground. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 20:00Winkler (Canada)MBCanadaOval4 minutesApproximately 8 orange orbs were traveling from Winkler towards Roland. They were traveling in pairs, and not going very fast.10/5/17
9/29/17 20:00Kennett SquarePAUSASphere10 minutes totalLooked like shooting stars, but extremely, extremely fast moving and moved in circles, erratically. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 19:00Rockford/BelvidereILUSASphere10+On our way to Belvidere from Rockford, we witnessed the first two objects. Orange balls of light, one at horizon level, the other at ap10/5/17
9/29/17 19:00SahuaritaAZUSAFlash30 secondsRandom white flashes of light of differing intensity in the same small area of sky10/5/17
9/29/17 19:00RonkonkomaNYUSALight2 secondsGreen flash over LIE 495 going westbound disappeared behind cloud, lasted two seconds.10/5/17
9/29/17 19:00LevittownNYUSASphere2 secondsWhite orb flying low overhead. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 18:55Toms RiverNJUSALight<1 secondA short fast blue spec shot across the sky , NW, and then vanished. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 18:50Lampeter-Strasburg, ReadingPAUSACircle3 secondsSmall blue orb flew west to east at a high altitude and speed for a few seconds before disappearing.10/5/17
9/29/17 18:45Rocky HillCTUSAUnknown3 minutesI wish I could see more. It came and disappeared.10/5/17
9/29/17 18:42LindenNJUSALight~2-3 minutesCrazy so I'm looking up at the sky as I always do. I see the airplanes going by and what looks like a close call but I know the planes10/5/17
9/29/17 18:00USADisk20 minutesGlowing disc on the 29th and then on gosh since the 10-17 I've experienced multiple sightings of glowing orbs of light; change color.10/19/17
9/29/17 18:00HarrogateTNUSADisk20 minutesGlowing disc on the 29th, and then since the 1st, I've experienced multiple sightings of orbs. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly stars?? PD))10/19/17
9/29/17 18:00LaurelMDUSAFlash5 secondsMy daughter and I were driving to the beach. The time of day was around sunset, but the sky was still bright as day. In the distance we10/5/17
9/29/17 16:00LenoirNCUSACigar10 secondsI just happen to look up from my porch to see a white cigar shaped craft amd watched it for at least 10 seconds. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 14:15YorkMEUSASphere10 minutesWhite large slow moving object NW of moon @ 16:15. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 13:38Denver (Denver International Airport)COUSASphere15 seconds8 Translucent Spheres w/ Cloud Texture.10/5/17
9/29/17 13:00DetroitMIUSAOval15-20 secondsOval object with depth stationary, viewed from plane.3/2/18
9/29/17 12:00NashuaNHUSACigar15 secondsSaw silver cigar shape object flying low with no exhaust trailing then disappeared into clear sky. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 12:00La VistaNEUSACigar2 secondsoff-white or light silver cigar shaped object drifting slowly across the sky. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 04:00CentervillePAUSASphere30 minsWe were sitting out when my wife noticed a very bright star. She informed me of it and we began watching it together. I went inside and10/5/17
9/29/17 03:00WewahitchkaFLUSATriangle2 hoursBright lights in sky. Red blue maybe green. Hoovering. Another one further out. I Never seen a star like this. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 02:20WaupacaWIUSATriangle5 minutesLarge Triangular craft with amber lights in corners and smaller light at point rotated white and blue moving in tandem of each other10/5/17
9/29/17 01:00ClevelandOHUSACircle~2 secondsI was walking out to car for my break seen a white ball streak down from the sky real quick in the south next to Cleveland Airport i al10/5/17
9/28/17 00:00LouisvilleKYUSALight5 minutes1 light became 2 lights that surrounded a bigger light. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/28/17 23:15West SuffieldCTUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle shaped craft over West Suffield10/5/17
9/28/17 22:35ColumbusGAUSA10 secondsBright light in the sky over Columbus, Georgia.10/5/17
9/28/17 22:00HarshawWIUSAOther3 secondsWhile I was driving north on U.S. highway 51 I saw an orange(not bright,but a low glow orange color) structured object(I say structured10/5/17
9/28/17 21:00CharlotteNCUSACylinder10-15 minutesCylinder object with lights and green light and/or beam observed by family in Charlotte, NC.10/5/17
9/28/17 21:00PataskalaOHUSATriangle6 secondsLow flying silent black triangle.10/19/17
9/28/17 20:33San DiegoCAUSALight3 minutesCluster of 5 big yellow lights hovering over the horizon10/5/17
9/28/17 20:15BrickNJUSALight40 minutesI saw 2 pulsing sort of shimmering lights, turning red white, but constanly shimmering. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/28/17 20:00WindsorPAUSACircle5 minutesRed fireball lights.10/5/17
9/28/17 19:37SeattleWAUSASphere10 minutesRed pulsating and changing color orb seen over Seattle tonight.10/5/17
9/28/17 19:30ModestoCAUSALight10 minutesTwo bright lights in the Northern sky that looked like bright planets but then faded out together.10/19/17
9/28/17 18:30New BrunswickNJUSACone4 secondsRound above the orbit level of the ISS, moving faster than the station but slower than a comet. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/28/17 18:28PapillionNEUSACircle60 minutesUFO sighting in Papillion Nebraska on 9/28/1710/5/17
9/28/17 15:54MattoonILUSACylinder30 secondsSilver cylinder shaped moving slowly across sky N-NW direction. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/28/17 13:00LancasterCAUSAOther.10Really big drone and instead of it flying horizontally, with 4 legs, like a turtle, it was vertical, like a turtle walking upright10/19/17
9/28/17 08:30San DiegoCAUSAFireball10 minutesTaking my dog out I have a great view of the Southern skies of San Diego. My wife, roommate and myself noticed 4-5 reddish fireballs in10/5/17
9/28/17 06:00Bay VillageOHUSATriangle10 minutesI was driving my husband to work early morning while it was still dark outside. As pulled out of my driveway and headed down the street10/5/17
9/28/17 06:00Bay VillageOHUSATriangle10 minutesI was driving my husband to work early morning while it was still dark outside. As I pulled out of my driveway and headed down the stre10/5/17
9/28/17 05:30GardnerKSUSACircle3 minutesDriving to work I looked up and saw one big bright light with something faint above it. Zipping around this bright light were two red r10/5/17
9/28/17 02:00RevereMAUSAUnknown4 hoursflashing blue and green lights on object over sea. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/27/17 23:40BlaineMNUSAFlash1 minuteShooting star like object fell towards Earth, North of 125th Street in Blaine.9/28/17
9/27/17 23:00WaynesvilleOHUSALight~1 minuteI had been in bed for a few minutes, when I felt a low vibration and low frequency noise. Helicopter or a/c. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/27/17 23:00ElizabethtonTNUSALight2-3 hoursSeen multiple lights, most to the north/northeast above the tree/mountain lines. I saw one split and multiple moving around. I'm orderi10/5/17
9/27/17 23:00Green ValleyAZUSAOther>10 minutesObject was triangular shaped with rounded edges instead of points.10/5/17
9/27/17 23:00Derby/AnsoniaCTUSAEgg5 secondsHeading to a friends house, I saw a pretty big sized egg shaped craft hovering in the sky.10/5/17
9/27/17 22:50WoodburnORUSAFormation3 seconds((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information. PD))10/5/17
9/27/17 21:30TacomaWAUSATriangle45 minutesBright illuminating diamond and round shape objects.9/28/17
9/27/17 21:00Johnston CityILUSATriangle3+ hoursSome of the objects appeared to have pulsating lights along the sides of the crafts.9/28/17
9/27/17 20:18BridgeportCTUSALight1 minuteRed and green flashing, motionless object that then descended at high speed. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/27/17 19:45ConwayARUSALight1 minute3 moving lights.9/28/17
9/27/17 19:05PuyallupWAUSACircle1 minuteBright circular object in southern sky at dusk just under the Moon.9/28/17
9/27/17 18:00Pottstown - TrentonPAUSACigar00:04Cigar shape on end shaped like a pill perfectly vertical did not change alt. whole obj. emitted bright red light. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/27/17 16:30MaylandTNUSARectangle30 minutesTwo Metal looking triangle objects in plain daylight.3/14/19
9/27/17 16:00EdmontonABCanadaSphere2 minutesMelon sized black solid orb flying through sky below clouds mayne 50 m in the air.10/5/17
9/27/17 12:45Banff (Canada)ABCanadaLight1 minuteLight with purplish ring.9/28/17
9/27/17 08:52CantonGAUSARectangle2 minutesTwo adult males witness two quadrilateral objects in the daytime sky. Objects just suddenly disappear.9/28/17
9/27/17 07:28RaleighNCUSACigar10 secondsWhite cigar shaped UFO flew over small patch of sky I was watching at 7:28 AM. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/27/17 06:50Sykesville (near)MDUSALight5 minutesTwo white lights observed from private airplane prior to dawn near Frederick MD10/5/17
9/27/17 05:00LakeportCAUSACircle30-40 secondsClear white orb ufo golf ball size8/23/19
9/27/17 03:12PhilladelphiaPAUSAOval1 secondI went out with the friends from the Cafe and I saw in the sky a question mark formed due to clouds in the background of the moon, afte6/15/18
9/27/17 03:00SpringfieldMOUSATriangle2 minutesWitnessed a triangular shaped craft in the night sky while walking to my front door. It moved unnaturally smooth and fast. Not manmade.9/28/17
9/27/17 02:00KentWAUSACircle10 secondsAs I was getting off the freeway this blue light was everywhere around me. I looked for the source and saw this just about 30 feet ove5/20/21
9/27/17 02:00AdamstownPAUSASphere2 minutesWhite light moved irratically. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/27/17 01:00MontereyCAUSAChangingUntil duskMultiple UFOs sighted, heard hums, lights flashing/blinking/colors changing, moved rapidly/bounced multiple directions. Cloudy NO stars9/28/17
9/26/17 23:10WelltonAZUSACircle1 minuteOrange orb with huge waves of air below and above it.9/28/17
9/26/17 22:45KeokukIAUSAOval1 minuteufo seen in Keokuk Iowa10/5/17
9/26/17 22:00ElizabethtonTNUSALight1 minuteVery bright and large orange star-like object moving at a steady pace NE bound.9/28/17
9/26/17 21:00Hilton Head IslandSCUSASphere4 within an hour4 individual orange lights seen alone and in line formation high over the ocean (4 sightings in an hour)10/5/17
9/26/17 20:45SalemVAUSADisk40 minutesWas standing in the driveway looked up and to the right noticed a red strobing light flashing from left to right. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/26/17 20:45CranstonRIUSACircle45 secondsred slow moving object in W sky. moved slowly. red glow slowly deminished until gone. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/26/17 20:37ConwaySCUSATeardrop2 minutesI was sitting on my balcony and a weird object that was bright was flying across the sky, normally I would've thought it was an airplan9/28/17
9/26/17 20:30Folly BeachSCUSAOval3-5 minutesWhile looking out over the ocean, our family observed orange orbs glowing and then fade out while descending. We observed them on two o9/28/17
9/26/17 20:00YountvilleCAUSALight30 minutesVery bright light seemed to dim out and appear in another part of the lower Eastern sky. Seemed to grow brighter then dim, then appear1/12/18
9/26/17 20:00Los AltosCAUSALight10-15 secondsBright light followed by helicopter.9/28/17
9/26/17 20:00HackberryLAUSALight14 minutesWe saw a streak of light across a small section in the sky but it didn't dissipate. At the end of the streak we noticed a blinking ligh10/5/17
9/26/17 19:00Los AngelesCAUSADiskOngoingOn September 26th, around 7:00PM, my family and I noticed strange blue lights in the shape of an disk above the Hollywood hills.9/28/17
9/26/17 18:30PuyallupWAUSADiamond2 minutesI was driving down Canyon at coming up to the intersection of 176th to take a left towards Puyallup and looked over at Mount Rainier an10/5/17
9/26/17 17:00OglalaSDUSASphere2 hoursObject remained visible to naked eye as stationary ball of light, just at sundown. Diffficult to determine dist. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/26/17 10:07Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaCigar5 minutesA Very High Long Brilliant White Vertical Slow Moving Object10/19/17
9/26/17 09:00South TampaFLUSASphere3 minutesFlying metallic sphere over close to MacDill airforce base. Slow moving.10/5/17
9/26/17 08:30Salt Lake CityUTUSALight4.5 HoursDaytime Object in Geosynchronous Orbit9/28/17
9/26/17 06:32CentervillePAUSALight1-2 minutesUFO in early morning sky. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/26/17 02:00SausalitoCAUSAOther>20 minutesOval ring of red lights, flares and streams over Sausalito Hills.9/28/17
9/26/17 00:00VictorIDUSAChanging6 hours12:00am-Looking out bedroom window into backyard which was pitch black had heard what sounded like heavy blowing wind. Saw a spotlight4/18/19
9/25/17 23:30FruitportMIUSATriangle30-60 minutestriangle shaped object, red, green and white lights flashing. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star?? PD))9/28/17
9/25/17 23:00RenoNVUSADiskwest skyround saucer /red and green purple lights.purple glow around it.staid in one spot for one hour and a half no movement.9/28/17
9/25/17 23:00AntiochTNUSATriangle30 minutesBlue triangle. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/25/17 22:30FruitportMIUSALight20 minutesWhite and orange lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star?? PD))9/28/17
9/25/17 22:15East BrookfieldMAUSAChevron40 minuteschevron doing grid like pattern over central Massachusetts.9/28/17
9/25/17 22:15Granite FallsNCUSALight10-12 minutesSmall fiery orb zips erratically in the northern sky.10/5/17
9/25/17 22:05SomervilleMAUSALight5 secondsBright white light streaking across sky.9/28/17
9/25/17 22:00WashingtonPAUSAOther30 minutesThey are still with me.....My family was coming back from Pittsburgh to Ohio and my kids and my friends son saw it exactly the same tim7/31/21
9/25/17 20:13Grand HavenMIUSATriangle5 secondsDriving S on US 31 To. Ins road. Large triangular craft with red, blue, green light on each corner flying W to E. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/25/17 20:00Fort WayneINUSALight2 minutesOrb of light traveling silently10/19/17
9/25/17 19:50New York CityNYUSALight15 minutesRed light hovering high above the Hudson River, 1 mile north e George Washington Bridge.9/28/17
9/25/17 19:35Stafford SpringsCTUSAFireball2 minutesMy fiancé and I were driving on the main road in Stafford (rt 190 before the school and fire station, heading toward the center of town9/28/17
9/25/17 19:35EscondidoCAUSASphere3-4 secondsMoving star enters atmosphere and becomes greyish metallic sphere across the dusk sky.9/28/17
9/25/17 19:30ArmadaMIUSAOval5 secondsSingle UFO, Macomb, Michigan 7:30pm before dark hovering then took off east. Very soft buzzing then no sound. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/25/17 19:30UnionNJUSATriangle1-2 secondsBrightly illuminated triangular-shaped light.9/28/17
9/25/17 19:27LancasterKYUSAOther5 minutesAn unusual and apparently domed object moving due west.9/28/17
9/25/17 18:00Los AngelesCAUSALighthours5 lights in the sky seen from south central LA.9/28/17
9/25/17 17:11West ChaseFLUSADisk12 minutesdozen disc shapes around mother ship, florida11/9/17
9/25/17 09:00DawsonvilleGAUSACylinder3 minutesThis was a short experience. I was driving home from taking my kid to school. I looked up and saw a small line in the sky. There were c9/28/17
9/25/17 02:35MansfieldMOUSACircle3 hoursRound light with smaller brighter lights inside it color changing large sphere white blue green sometimes purple sometimes have white a9/28/17
9/25/17 02:15ColfaxIAUSALight30 second intervalsI had just left the Colfax exit headed W when a flash of light with a bright white epicenter to the SE. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/25/17 00:00Brick Twp.NJUSAFlash~30 secondsHeading north on the NJ parkway around mile marker 95 at exactly 12 AM a green (traffic light green in color) flash lit up the sky to t9/28/17
9/25/17 00:00DouglasvilleGAUSACigar1-2 minutesWhile driving from Birmingham Al. With a close friend I noticed A bright white light unlike anything I have seen before. With me workin9/28/17
9/24/17 23:33HydenKYUSADisk25 sec; 38secWe walked out on the porch and look up and their was a round shape object in the sky it come down the road and over our heads.9/28/17
9/24/17 23:30MaldenMAUSAFireball3 minutesOrange light/Fireball seen around Boston Logan route area.9/28/17
9/24/17 22:00Lake CityARUSASphere30 secondsI saw a strange light in the sky, no blinking and no red lights. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/24/17 21:00North BeachMDUSACircle2 minutesOrange orb just disappears.6/21/18
9/24/17 20:50KnoxvilleTNUSASphere1 minuteOrange light passing over Knoxville at 20:50, Sept 24.9/28/17
9/24/17 20:45Mount HollyNCUSALight15 minutesA formation of bright yellow-orange lights, motionless, and electrical effects.9/28/17
9/24/17 20:30DaytonTNUSASphere1.5 minutesApparently two round objects conjoined or one object comprised of two parts.9/28/17
9/24/17 20:15EdmondOKUSALight45 secondsGold streak of light seen at night, stagnant and growing thicker before disappearing.9/28/17
9/24/17 20:00Stuarts DraftVAUSALight25 secondsI was just looking up at the clear sky. I noticed what looked like a plane ascending. No strobes. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/24/17 19:20Onion CreekWAUSAFlash5 secondsI LOOKED UP JUST AS A VERY BRIGHT FLASH HAPPENED. IT WAS ON A N-S PATH, HEADED N. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium 37 at 19:21 hrs. PD))9/28/17
9/24/17 19:00FollansbeeWVUSACircle2 minutes2 green lights hovering low maybe 85ft above the rd RT2N.2/16/18
9/24/17 18:30LebanonORUSASphere10 minutesOrb in the sky that did not move.9/28/17
9/24/17 18:14PhoenixAZUSAUnknown1 secondSunset object.9/28/17
9/24/17 16:30New WindsorMDUSACircle3 seconds4 bright round balls of light in a diagonal line. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
9/24/17 15:00Lower SouthamptonPAUSALight10 secondsA white light like a far away jet moved across the sky fast and did a few zig-zag moves. Not Possible, right? ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/24/17 10:03New HopePAUSACircle10 secondsShining circle with rings. ((NUFORC Note: We have yet to see the photos. Possible lens flares?? PD))9/28/17
9/24/17 05:46BatesvilleARUSACircle2 minutesfirst on 2 lights moveing equal speed, looked just like stars. then shortyly after 2 more single lights. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/24/17 05:30OlympiaWAUSACircle1-2 minutesI saw 3 red lights in a perfect triangle shape. They were very bright and we're very still. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/24/17 02:00ClevelandOHUSAOther1 hourCaught two bright UFOs. Strange smaller objects seemed to appear out of nowhere nearby, ONLY in the pictures!9/28/17
9/23/17 23:45Sioux CityIAUSAFireball5 minutesEXTREMELY bright ball appeared above me in my backyard.It lit up my back yard almost like the trees and yard were on fire.It was statio9/28/17
9/23/17 23:45ManassasVAUSASphere2 minutesAt least 100 satelite like lites moving across the sky. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/23/17 23:35CoronaCAUSALight20 secondsHorseshoe shaped glowing red light over Corona, CA. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch. PD)) ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/23/17 23:05San DiegoCAUSAFireball15 secondsRed ball moving fast with white ripples coming off the object! ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD))9/28/17
9/23/17 23:00RedlandsCAUSASphere3-4 minutesRed orb UFO flys over California. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch. PD)9/28/17
9/23/17 23:00Mount PleasantSCUSATriangle1 minuteSpotted a triangular shaped object with lights on each end move swiftly with no sound. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/23/17 23:00Chula VistaCAUSALight90 secondsThis object had a look of something I've never seen before. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch? PD)9/28/17
9/23/17 23:00San DiegoCAUSALight3 secondsRed light with 2 split and rounded trails of smoke on the sides, observed on a clear night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch. PD)9/28/17
9/23/17 23:00RiversideUSATriangle5 minutesI was leaving riverside driving on the 60 fwy when I saw a flashing light on the sky as if u were lighting a match little light was fla9/28/17
9/23/17 22:58Los AngelesCAUSAOther1 minuteA fast moving red dot with large blue crescent-shaped tails in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD))9/28/17
9/23/17 22:54WhittierCAUSAEgg4 minutesEgg shaped that emitted lights in Sky in Whittier, California left a trail. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD))9/28/17
9/23/17 22:50PasadenaCAUSACircle1:00Red light encircled by an orange, lesser illuminated orb. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD))9/28/17
9/23/17 22:50San PedroCAUSAFireball1 minuteBrilliant white sphere in front of a glowing crescent that traveled above the LA Harbor. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch. PD))9/28/17
9/23/17 22:45HighlandCAUSALight3-5 minutesWitnessed an orange/white dot in the sky. It was creating a fan shaped area of light around it. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch. PD))9/28/17
9/23/17 22:00Moreno ValleyCAUSALight3 minutesRed bright light and there was a glare on front of it, shape of boomerang lasted for about 3-4 min. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch. PD)9/28/17
9/23/17 22:00YonkersNYUSAOther8-10 minutesI was sitting on my back porch listening to music at around 10pm EST. It was such a clear night that, when I looked directly up to the9/28/17
9/23/17 21:30Pigeon ForgeTNUSAFlash30+ minutesI saw a red & green "flash" hovering in the sky near Dollywood. ((anonymous report))8/31/18
9/23/17 20:50LibertyNCUSAUnknown3 minutesLight in the sky that got brighter then disappeared.9/28/17
9/23/17 20:45Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown60 secondsString of Blinking Red, Blue, Green and White Lights Seen In Vancouver BC Suburb9/28/17
9/23/17 20:30AlbionMEUSAFlash5-10 minutesStationary flashes of varying intensity in south sky over 5-10 minutes.9/28/17
9/23/17 20:30DaltonGAUSAUnknownUnsure3 spinning lights in the sky , 2 appeared to be spinning CW and 1 CCW. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/23/17 19:00SmilaxKYUSACircle15 secondsThe object I saw was a round ball of light, it did not blink nor make a sound.9/28/17
9/23/17 19:00NorthglennCOUSASphere2 minutesLarge spherical object with no light emission hovering in the sky visible during lightning flashes in background and above it..11/3/17
9/23/17 18:00Newoort BeachCAUSALight1 minuteV-shaped light that glowed. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. Time of sighting may be flawed. PD))9/28/17
9/23/17 10:53TemeculaCAUSAOther2 minutes maxMy friend and I saw a red light with light blue wings coming from the top and bottom. Like a bow and arrow with out the arrow.1/12/18
9/23/17 09:41Carmel/KentNYUSATriangle2-4 minutesTriangle with 5 flashing lights.10/19/17
9/23/17 09:30CedartownGAUSASphere5 minutesMy friend and I were driving home one night when I noticed a strange, very bright orange light in the sky. At first it seemed to be in9/28/17
9/23/17 07:30SeattleWAUSALight1 minCrescent shaped light-emitting object seen near Space Needle. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
9/23/17 07:05GaithersburgMDUSACigar10 minutesAt 7:05am a passenger jet passed overhead. The skies are clear. Then following a ways behind the jet was either 2 egg white shaped cr9/28/17
9/23/17 05:00Commerce CityCOUSASphere1-2 minutesOrb light .. Was Traveling 5 To 10 Times Faster Than the Comercial Airplane circular in Shape.. It was Camouflaged with the Constellati9/28/17
9/23/17 03:38St. PetersburgFLUSASphere>2 hoursColorful sphere red, blue, green, white spinning in the sky St. Pete, FL ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" star?? PD))9/28/17
9/23/17 02:00IndianapolisINUSALight>40 minutesLight/object moved sporadically for almost 50 minutes, unexplainable speed and precision. ((NUFORC Note9/28/17
9/23/17 01:45SmithtownNYUSAOther1 minuteSaw a silver color plane flying in the sky with shape like almost a eagle (2 triangles on the side and pointy front) and round belly(9/28/17
9/22/17 00:00The VillagesFLUSATriangle5 secondsThis grey triangular object was as big as a car with rounded triangular wings flying a slow as trees no lights, silent.9/28/17
9/22/17 23:45Carolina BeachNCUSAFireball5 secondObserved 1 orange/ yellow fireball shoot down the alley about 20ft from where I was sitting on Carolina Beach, NC.9/28/17
9/22/17 22:00manisteeMIUSACircle45 minutes4 red and yellow flashing lights equally spaced around perimeter of circular stationary object about 30 degrees above horizon North of9/28/17
9/22/17 22:00PortlandORUSACircle3 secondsBlue light appears, and then disappears into the horizon moments later.9/28/17
9/22/17 21:59UniontownPAUSAOval8 minutesWhite glowing satellite moving sideways at high altitude.9/28/17
9/22/17 21:18NewarkNJUSACircle>5 hoursI first noticed the object when star gazing from a vehicle at approx. 21:18 hrs, The object appears to be at a higher altitude than an9/28/17
9/22/17 21:00OkmulgeeOKUSALight5 minutesMe and a few friends saw 5 orb like lights, 3 disappeared then two moved quite a bit over the horizon then just vanished9/28/17
9/22/17 20:30Fort CollinsCOUSASphere90 secondsGroup of glowing spherical objects colored red, blue and white traveling from the north to the south9/28/17
9/22/17 20:15FallstonMDUSALight5 secondsBright moving light9/28/17
9/22/17 11:00RobertsbridgeUnited KingdomSphere1White objects moving parallel in Robertsbridge9/28/17
9/22/17 05:15PocatelloIDUSALight~5 minutesJust getting to Pocatello on the freeway look towards the west big bright light above of the street lights I was a passenger watching i10/5/17
9/22/17 04:30Tijuana (Mexico)MexicoLight20 minutesBRIGHT LIGHT OVER TJ SUBURVS.9/28/17
9/22/17 02:44South DaytonaFLUSAUnknown3 secondsNoise of low and fast flying machinery over house. No lights. Lasted 3 seconds9/28/17
9/22/17 01:30BristolVAUSACircle3-4 minutes2 orange lights slowly floating overhead before both went straight up into the high clouds.10/19/17
9/21/17 23:00SaratogaNYUSACircle>1 hourI saw 2 objects in the sky blinking, making patterns and apparently communicating with each other.9/28/17
9/21/17 22:30JonesboroARUSAUnknown1 minuteSaw a dark shape with 2-3 green lights and a blinking red light hovering immobile 200 - 300 feet I'm the air, turned around down the st9/28/17
9/21/17 22:00ElktonMDUSALight4Me and my girlfriend was on I-95 heading north to west Springfield ma.when we both saw something in the sky to the east it was a bright9/28/17
9/21/17 22:00TempletonPAUSACircle1-2 minutesTwo round bright lights right next to each other, clear night so they stood out against the stars they looks like headlights in the sky9/28/17
9/21/17 21:35O BrienORUSACircle1 minuteLarge bright solid circle low in southern sky. Sat stationary in sky, no sound. A red light was blinking below it in sky. Red light t9/28/17
9/21/17 21:00BakersfieldVTUSADiskSeveral hoursUnknown saucer shaped craft with red, green and white flashing lights hovering in N sky.9/28/17
9/21/17 21:00Lake City (near)COUSALight15-20 minutesI was backpacking in back country of Colorado and woke to an insanely bright light one night. It made zero sense as I was miles from t5/21/20
9/21/17 20:15HudsonvilleMIUSAOther5 minutesSaw 3ish lights hovering, saw flashes of light (like lightning) did not move for 5 minutes, no noise, turned and moved, not quickly. W9/28/17
9/21/17 20:02San FranciscoCAUSAFormationSecondsFormation in western sky, 4 blue lights, San Francisco, Sept 21, 2017 at 20:02pm ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a lens flare. PD))6/7/18
9/21/17 18:05FarmingvilleNYUSAOther4 minutesStationary dark colored object over Long Island.9/28/17
9/21/17 18:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAFireball35Saw one object first looked like a star and it was still clear outside. Then turned into a fireball and looked lik the sun that’s when10/19/17
9/21/17 17:25RansomPAUSAOval3 minutesI was taking my dog outside at 5:25 am. to urinate, it was a clear sky I was admiring the bi and little dippers, when I noticed a oval9/21/17
9/21/17 12:00San FranciscoCAUSACircle5 secondsI have pictures ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Witness has photos, but provides no contact information. Hoax?? PD))9/21/17
9/21/17 05:15MesaAZUSAChanging2 miniutesIs that a star?10/5/17
9/20/17 23:00Port Lambton (Canada)ONCanadaEgg3 minutesFlickering orange light slowly moving east and then west at high speed.9/21/17
9/20/17 22:30ChadbournNCUSAOther2 secondsLime green oblong ectangular movement in sequence.9/28/17
9/20/17 22:00New BaltimoreMIUSASphere15 minutesBright silent big orange orbs fly over new Baltimore at around 500ft in altitude.9/28/17
9/20/17 21:45South Saint PaulMNUSASphere45 secondsDimly lit reddish orbs that tumbled over each other as if linked.9/28/17
9/20/17 21:20OakdaleMNUSACircle5-10 secondsCircular shape with bright light, green underneath moved from left to right at incredible speed and shot up into the night sky.9/21/17
9/20/17 21:00SahuaritaAZUSALight3 minutesLight flashes in a small dark patch of sky just to the right of the Milky Way.9/21/17
9/20/17 21:00EurekaUTUSATriangle30 minutesBlack triangular with (larger than normal aircraft) 3 red lights 1 at each point of the craft Locally known as "military operated."9/28/17
9/20/17 20:30San Tan ValleyAZUSALight1 minuteI glanced to the East over the Tonto Natl forest and saw 2 orange orbs fairly close together. After a very short time they turned off A9/21/17
9/20/17 20:30Saint John (Canada)NBUSALight10 minutesTwo orange ball of lights near Irving Nature park9/28/17
9/20/17 19:43BristolCTUSALight1 minuteBristol, CT, light 1 minute small, white light seen during marching band practice by one member.9/21/17
9/20/17 18:04Yalikavak/Bodrum/Mugla/TurkeyTurkeySphere2 minutesAt the that time I was taking the pictures of the sun behind the clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Camera lens flares. PD))11/3/17
9/20/17 17:30BarabooWIUSALight15 minutesRed light SE of Baraboo. It could have been over Merrimac or as far away as Madison. It looked like an a/c light. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/20/17 14:00Mexico City (Mexico)MexicoCircleNot seen with naked eye.9/28/17
9/20/17 06:53NormalILUSALight30 secondsWhite/yellow ball of light, started bright, faded out as it came closer to the surface.9/21/17
9/20/17 05:53Ocean CityNJUSATriangle3 minutesBlack triangular UFO one light with military plane drive by it, but thus thing was not an a/c. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/20/17 04:00Snowmass VillageCOUSAOval10Underside of a shallow cone like disc with spokes of lights like merry go round on its underside.11/3/17
9/20/17 03:30ChandlerAZUSATeardrop1 hourIntermittent pulsing, green, stationary, then moved an hour later. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet, we suspect. PD))9/21/17
9/20/17 01:00PittsburghPAUSASphere3-4 hoursThis report is just a collective of UFO’s I have seen in the past 2 years on top of this instance. I shall start with this instance. I9/21/17
9/19/17 23:00Salt LakeUTUSACircle10 minutesCluster of unsual lights as u see in video they approched then dissaperd shot up in yellow id say snowmobile size ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/19/17 23:00Highlands RanchCOUSARectangle5 secondsRectangular craft was completely silent and became transparent9/21/17
9/19/17 21:10San DiegoCAUSAUnknown20White oval light in evening sky above San Diego split in two and head in different directions.9/21/17
9/19/17 21:00Little FallsMNUSALight30 minutesThought I saw a satellite right above me until it stopped and making turns in different directions. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/19/17 20:45MonroeOHUSAFireball3-5 secondsFireball/Flaring light over Monroe, Ohio.9/21/17
9/19/17 20:00SpartanburgSCUSASphere8-10 minutesS.C. upstate. red orb/ , sphere, low flying, no sound , not descending . not a fireball.9/21/17
9/19/17 19:35DurhamNCUSARectangleSecondsDriving on Shannon Road toward 15-501 in Durham, NC. Saw group of seven to ten dark/black objects that darted across the sky at treetop9/21/17
9/19/17 18:08JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown6 minutes10 orb-like blinking objects seen flying during the day,9/21/17
9/19/17 11:45Cedar ParkTXUSAFormation2Formation looked liked birds flying but lit up bright white moving fast. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/19/17 04:58WaterlooIAUSADisk30 minutesBrightest looking star you've ever seen, but moved abnormally fast and moved in zig-zag patterns. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))9/21/17
9/18/17 23:00PawletVTUSAUnknown10 minutesFast moving bright white object and other flashing red and green light object.9/21/17
9/18/17 22:55SuperiorCOUSAChevron3 secondsLarge, fast chevron flies directly overhead.9/21/17
9/18/17 22:21Lehigh AcresFLUSALight~2 minutesTraveling Down Columbus Street in lehigh acres at 10:21pm. Notice three strobe like lights in sky,it seems to be a bit higher than t9/21/17
9/18/17 21:20LouisvilleKYUSADiamond1 minuteHot white light over Louisville.9/21/17
9/18/17 20:38HartmanARUSAOther<1 minuteTwo objects most likey choppers in whisper mode very low over Hartman ,Ar.9/28/17
9/18/17 19:30Indian Springs/Las VegasNVUSALight40 minutesFirst saw floating light being intercepted by jets on 95 towards Las Vegas from Indian Springs. Once in Vegas saw two smaller rounded t9/21/17
9/18/17 17:54CoachellaCAUSAUnknown2 days((HOAX??)) black winged creature.9/21/17
9/18/17 12:00Gross IleMIUSACross12 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source of report, who elects to remain anonymous. PD))9/21/17
9/18/17 04:30OrlandoFLUSARectangle45 secondsWalking my dogs, looked up the stars and there it was a huge rectangle gliding thru the sky covering the stars. No hurry what so e9/28/17
9/18/17 04:00BurlingtonNCUSALight20 minutesWitnessed a blinking light that moved very fast. Flashes from white to blue to pink for approximately 20 minutes then it disappears. I9/21/17
9/17/17 23:30JordanNYUSASphereUsing a Bushnell Equinox Z night vision monocular; the night was clear. a sphere appeared in the viewfinder. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/17/17 23:04PlainsPAUSAChanging2.5 hoursLighted shape changing objected observed over 2.5 hours. 50+ minutes of video of event.9/21/17
9/17/17 21:50TulareCAUSALight10 minutesMultiple red lights fading in and out for at least 10 minutes. Looked as if they were in the foothills.9/21/17
9/17/17 21:00ClarkridgeARUSALight5 minutesLarge bright light at tree line, with prism light emitting, extremely bright. Fell behind the tree line. Then returned blinking red and9/21/17
9/17/17 21:00OldsmarFLUSATriangle30 secondsLarge, silent, low flying, triangular object in Oldsmar passes overhead and continues flying until angling upward and flying away.9/21/17
9/17/17 20:30South Lake Havasu CityAZUSACircleS.wThis had red yellow green blue orang lights blanking. Faceing southern California.9/21/17
9/17/17 19:45South Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging5 minutesObject spewing contrail over SW OKC. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/17/17 19:35SouthwickMAUSASphere3 minutesNoticed 2 lit orbs moving across the sky from west to east9/21/17
9/17/17 19:30Arizona (location unspecified)USARectangle((HOAX??)) White rectangular shape flying lower then normal, thought maybe a drone, but it disappears clear sky’s where did it go?9/21/17
9/17/17 14:30Ozone ParkNYUSAChanging5 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source of report, who elects to remain anonymous. Hoax?? PD))9/21/17
9/17/17 11:00St augustineFLUSADiamond30 secondsOne diamond shaped, could see four corners like pods or dim lights,flying south west over us1,no lights ,no sound, 300 400 ft high ,the9/21/17
9/17/17 10:55Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaCircle3-5 minutesCircular glowing white craft travelling across sky makes impossible turn.10/5/17
9/17/17 01:00EarlevilleMDUSAOther2/3 secondsThis happened in Indian Acres campground over Glen 3 late Saturday night early Sunday morning??? I was at my friends trailer in the bac9/21/17
9/17/17 01:00PhilipsburgPAUSAFireball1minuteWe observed a large object appear to burst into a large fireball in the night sky.9/21/17
9/17/17 00:56Crystal CityVAUSAFireball1-2 secondsLarge Fireball Observed in the Sky close to the Pentagon9/21/17
9/17/17 00:22Luanda (Angola)AngolaCircle3 secondsStrange light in sky.6/25/20
9/16/17 22:30RochesterNYUSARectangle15 secondsBox-shaped UFO Low to Ground with 2 Red & 2 Blue Lights on Bottom Crosses 490 in Rochester10/5/17
9/16/17 22:00Lake StevensWAUSAFireball5 minutesBright star orange /fireball that was dropping several smaller fireball objects from its center.9/21/17
9/16/17 21:15Green BayWIUSAOval15 minutesMultiple red lights moving across the sky in what looked like a formation.9/21/17
9/16/17 21:15WestoverWVUSAFireball12A bright orange fireball seemed to vanish after a few moments in the sky.9/21/17
9/16/17 21:00HendersonNVUSALight3 minutes3 stationary red lights over Lake Las Vegas9/28/17
9/16/17 21:00PottstownPAUSACircle5 minutesThree bright orange lights in a line, disappeared one by one.. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/16/17 20:30RoanokeVAUSASphere10 minutesGlowing orbs over 81. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/16/17 20:15AustinTXUSALight8-10 minutesTwo Red Lights with Blinking White Lights Over Austin, Texas9/21/17
9/16/17 19:59West Valley CityUTUSAFireball56At the redwood drive in facing east saw a light then it split to 2, thought shoot stars then bam it stopped met back with 1 st light th9/21/17
9/16/17 19:50Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown10 minutesExplosion, or craft, that looked like torches. ((NUFORC Note: Possible nighttime parachute jump?? PD))9/21/17
9/16/17 14:00Kamloops (Canada)BCCanadaOvalQuickQuickly snapped photo and then proceeded to continue on. Checked the photos later in month and saw these. Sun shining off of object.10/5/17
9/16/17 05:40TampaFLUSALight15 secondsI saw a long green light traveling in a diagonal moving towards the Tampa side of Gandy Bridge.9/21/17
9/16/17 04:30TulsaOKUSAUnknown3-5 minutesBright white light transforming from a star appearance to a full blown object of some kind. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))9/21/17
9/16/17 01:16PhiladelphiaPAUSALight3 secondsLime green light flashed in the sky before going straight down behind some trees. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/16/17 01:15Bel AirMDUSALight10 secondsBright Light.9/21/17
9/15/17 23:20VicksburgMIUSALight4 minutesFlying object with lights similar to planes flies in front of trees far too close to the ground.9/21/17
9/15/17 22:15Melbourne (Australia)VictoriaAustraliaSphere7 secondsA pinkish sphere was seen moving in the night sky above the clouds from west to east.3/4/22
9/15/17 22:10MilwaukeeWIUSAFireball1-2 minutesOrange/red ball that flickered, moved in what seemed to be a straight line due North. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/15/17 22:00WildwoodNJUSAFireball30-60 seconds3 UFOs at Firework show appearing as stars moving9/21/17
9/15/17 20:15StocktonCAUSACircleFew secondsOrange balls of light. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/15/17 19:45West Des MoinesIAUSALight30-45 secondsBright orange light moving slowly overhead.9/21/17
9/15/17 19:00HelenaALUSACircle5 secondsI saw a single bright light in the sky for 5 seconds that I thought was a plane and then it just disappeared.9/21/17
9/15/17 18:30Longboat KeyFLUSACircle15 secondsDusk saw bright round light traveling across sky at incredible speed. Flew off horizon in 10-15 seconds. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/15/17 17:00New York CityNYUSACircle10 minutesMy son and his friend were sitting by the Hudson R., when they saw orange flashes followed by a circular UFO. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
9/15/17 06:15PortlandORUSATriangle5 minutesJust past Dalles Exit on 205 headed north, 3 white lights on each corner 1 red light in center. Size of small single engine plane. Movi9/21/17
9/15/17 02:00Lake Pend Oreille (north end)IDUSAOtherUFO passes directly overhead at high speed in response to our flashlights (we think).4/12/19
9/15/17Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle13-15 secondsCraft hoovering in one spot for a couple hours. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a star or a planet, possibly Venus. PD))9/21/17
9/14/17 23:30NapaCAUSAEgg5 seconds2 egg-shaped aircraft travelling in formation at hypersonic speed east of Napa, CA, south to north towards Travis AFB.9/21/17
9/14/17 23:30HubertNCUSAUnknown5 minutesPinkish red lights dropping white lights.9/21/17
9/14/17 23:00PhoenixAZUSAChevron5 secondsNighttime observation of chevron shaped object with light on the bottom traveling at a high rate of speed. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/14/17 21:55Hazel ParkMIUSACircle5 minutesFirst I saw two bright orange objects moving high in the sky. At first I thought they were drones. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/14/17 18:50Northfield (Canada)QCCanadaCircle25 minutesBright light, with glimmering centre almost like pure electricity. Circular4/26/18
9/14/17 08:57GreenwoodINUSAUnknown2 minutesI saw an orange dotted triangle with the orange dots on each side that changed its formed.9/21/17
9/14/17 06:27MunfordTNUSAOval1.5 hoursNotice a slow moving light in the E sky yesterday at 5:30am about 30 degrees up. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/14/17 06:00Pearl HarborHIUSALight4 seconds3 bright white lights not moving in sky then vanishes.9/21/17
9/13/17 23:30KearneyNEUSAChevron10 secondsHusband and wife witness a "phalanx" of lights pass overhead.9/14/17
9/13/17 21:45Bethel ParkPAUSAFireball1-2 minutesThis flying red/orange ball was something very out of the ordinary.9/14/17
9/13/17 20:30Dearborn HeightsMIUSAChanging1 hour +Pulsating object observed over Michigan.9/14/17
9/13/17 14:00CharlestownRIUSAOther10 secondsOdd 'jet liners,' with bright lights fade into thin air.9/14/17
9/13/17 06:12CharlotteNCUSATriangle>20 minutesBright orange orbs. ((anonymous report))9/14/17
9/13/17 05:38Fort Bragg (close to)NCUSATriangle10-15 minutesOn I-95 N getting close to Fort Bragg exits. I noticed what looked like a plane far off with a bright light. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/13/17 03:30LakeFLUSAOval3 secondsWhite orb9/28/17
9/13/17 03:20HartmanARUSASphere1-2 min.3 orange globes similar to streetlights in size and brightness maneuvering near Hartman Arkansas .9/21/17
9/13/17 02:36MiltonGAUSAFormation30 secondsI can’t believe what I just saw! I was sleeping. I immediately noticed a blinking light on the nightstand. ((anonymous report))9/14/17
9/13/17 00:30Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaCircle9 secondsStar expands in size and disappears.9/14/17
9/12/17 22:30LeeFLUSACircle3-4 minutesThree white orbs.9/14/17
9/12/17 22:00LongwoodFLUSATriangle1 minPicture of triangular craft with laser beam propulsion. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/12/17 21:00OrlandoFLUSAOval1 minuteAt 9pm, I saw a round orange object traveling from the N heading SE. The object was up pretty high and traveling at a decent9/14/17
9/12/17 21:00CassvilleMOUSACircle~1 minuteBright light and loud long rumbling over SW Missouri and NW Arkansas.9/14/17
9/12/17 21:00DanburyCTUSACircle2 minutesSingle red stationary light. Looked like a red star. Made 3 very bright white flashes. Then took off extremely fast SW.9/14/17
9/12/17 20:30Khammam (India)IndiaCircle5 secondsI saw ufo flying on the sky with green color 12/09/2017 around 8:30 pm........ ((anonymous report))9/14/17
9/12/17 20:00SalemORUSASphere11 secondsObject was bright white and round in shape seemed to come down from somewhere all lite up from the SW then slowed.9/14/17
9/12/17 19:17Island Læsø (Laesoe)(Denmark)DenmarkDiamond4-5 minutes3 diamond-shaped objects in late daylight - moving in strotosphere. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/12/17 19:05KalamazooMIUSACircle23 minutesBlack spherical/acorn object hovering over Kalamazoo, MI9/14/17
9/12/17 13:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknown15 secondsAt approx. 1PM on 12SE17, heard “jet”,? so close over the house bringing neighbors outside To see ,could not iden9/12/17
9/12/17 06:12Elmwood ParkILUSALight12 minutesFlickering white lights due west in a curved, symmetrical pattern, moving downward to the south.9/12/17
9/12/17 04:00JeffersonvilleINUSAOther~1 hourLooking out my bedroom window I saw a triangle shape fly by rather slow. I grabbed my phone and ran outside but it was gone. I looked a9/28/17
9/12/17 00:50ChehalisWAUSALight2-3 secondsRound white light moving very fast and low.9/28/17
9/12/17Fort MyersFLUSATriangleSo there were two triangle things it was to low to be a plane and it had triangle lights on the bottom and it was also going to slow to1/14/18
9/11/17 23:00CentraliaWAUSAChevron10 secondsGigantic silent craft. 7 dim lights with haze around object perfectly in chevron shape. ((anonymous report))9/12/17
9/11/17 22:30Detroit (northwest area)MIUSASphere1.5-2 minutesOrange flickering light that faded over northwest Detroit around 10:30pm, Sept 11, 20179/21/17
9/11/17 21:19VancouverWAUSAUnknownongoingOdd blinking high in western sky over what would be towards the oregon coast from Portland9/12/17
9/11/17 20:38BristolVAUSALightThru the night until 400aAll of a sudden, a bright light filled the sky, and my whole inside of the house. ((anonymous report))9/14/17
9/11/17 12:20StaytonORUSAOval5 minutesMy mom and step dad say a red sphere flying and they came to get me it had lights underneath and flashed red when it continued to fly a9/12/17
9/11/17 09:00Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknownApprox 10 secondsTwo identical light formations at Edinburgh Castle. ((NUFORC Note: Possible reflection off glass?? PD))10/19/17
9/11/17 06:00AltoMIUSACircle5 minutesCircular object, flashing lights around perimeter, strobe like illumination. ((anonymous report))9/12/17
9/11/17 06:00MissoulaMTUSAChanging7 minutesOn my way home from the airport I noticed a vertical bright blue light in the sky. It changed to a horizontal line, flashing red and gr9/12/17
9/11/17 02:00Saint LouisMOUSAFlash10-20 secondsMe and my father were sitting down on our back deck at around 2 am. I was around 9 years old when this occurred, we heard a loud vibrat7/31/21
9/10/17 23:00MantorvilleMNUSAFlash30 minutesI was visiting my parents this fall. My father had gone to bed and my mother and I were sitting outside on the patio late at night, enj11/22/17
9/10/17 22:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAFireball5 minutesOrange fireball, flying horizontally, stops, hovers, drops hot liquid debris 4-5 times, then flies upwards into space.9/12/17
9/10/17 22:19FairdaleKYUSAFireball12-15 secondsGreen "fireball" with streak, East to West. While speaking to oldest daughter on phone *we both heard interference* Both hea5/14/19
9/10/17 22:00LancasterCAUSACircleHoursTo the South East of Lancaster CA flashing lights of red, blue, green, yellow, and white, are visible with the naked eye.12/14/17
9/10/17 21:10SalemORUSACircle35 secondsObject was white and round shaped, seemed to change directions after it come out of the north then headed NW9/14/17
9/10/17 20:12North Las VegasNVUSAChevron2 minutesVery large camouflaged in sky Matt black crescent/cheveron/boomerang shaped craft flying low and silent above fiesta casino.9/21/17
9/10/17 20:00BirminghamALUSAOther2 secondsUnusual silent penney sized at arm's length object crossed sky rapidly unusual brownish pale orange band in shape.9/12/17
9/10/17 17:13GoldsboroNCUSADiskTrail PicMy trail camera captured a picture of what appears to be some sorts of hovering, entirely metallic, drone shaped craft.9/28/17
9/10/17 11:05WatertownMAUSACircle30 secondsTwo orbs appeared side by side with a greenish hue. A third one joined in after a few seconds.9/12/17
9/10/17 10:00RiversideCAUSAUnknown15 minutesFlashing object.9/14/17
9/10/17 03:00QuakertownPAUSAOther15 minutesAbducted. ((NUFORC Note: We are attempting to determine whether the report is a serious account of a real incident. PD))4/5/18
9/10/17 00:57PasadenaCAUSALightFew secondsAll of a sudden, my husband and I saw a light shoot straight down from the sky and disappeared into the mountains. ((anonymous report))9/12/17
9/10/17Medford/WeedCAUSACylinder6 hoursWe were on I-5 headed S to CA, when I noticed a big bunch of lights off to my left in the trees.9/12/17
9/9/17 22:30MonroeOHUSALight15 minutesFormation of red lights over Monroe, Ohio.9/12/17
9/9/17 22:00ReddingCAUSATriangle3 hoursSaw a strange blinking light, red, green, blue, and white. Flying somewhere above N CA. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars?? Anon. PD))9/12/17
9/9/17 22:00BoonvilleMOUSATriangleSecondsLow flying Triangle craft with Blue and White lights on each corner near Booneville, Missouri over Hwy. 709/12/17
9/9/17 22:00BlytonILUSAFlash1 secondBright, spread out white flash in northeastern sky 10:00PM 09/09/20179/21/17
9/9/17 21:45Lacombe (Canada)ABCanadaLight1 secondBright flash of light in central Alberta.9/12/17
9/9/17 21:37MacedoniaOHUSASphere5 minutes5 bright, silent spheres.9/12/17
9/9/17 21:30NewfoundlandPAUSALight6 minutes approx.Three orange lights in a triangle formation above the horizon in the Poconos.9/12/17
9/9/17 20:30SouthportINUSALight45 secondsStanding in the parking lot talking with my co-workers after closing our store for the night. The Sun was almost set but, there was sti9/21/17
9/9/17 20:08Myrtle BeachSCUSAOther3-4 minutesOrangish lights rising in the distance. Began to fade in and out as they went overhead. Then disappeared.9/12/17
9/9/17 20:00OrlandoFLUSACircle30 minutesAn identified object in the sky with a bright light hovering right above moon before a major category 3 hurricane (Irma).10/19/17
9/9/17 19:30ParkerCOUSACircle15 secondsRound UFO seen, and then a strange being caught in a photo around the time of the sighting.11/17/17
9/9/17 18:12Long BeachCAUSACircle:45Immobile, white dot, not shiny and appeared to be very high in altitude.9/12/17
9/9/17 13:00AtlantaGAUSACigar1 minuteIt looked like a plane at first, but I noticed it was simply white with no wings at all. It also had a slight metallic shine to it. As9/12/17
9/9/17 12:04FlorenceKYUSATeardrop8 minutesTear drop, silent, hover, silver reflective surface. ((anonymous report))9/12/17
9/9/17 09:00WilliamsonNYUSALight45 secSeen a light go across the sky higher than a plane would be in a faster pace and seen two more about 15 min later heard no sound9/12/17
9/9/17 07:00SheffieldMAUSASphere2 minutesCircle object, Sheffield, MA, shifted gradually, but in what looked like controlled and precise movements. Dog barked.12/4/17
9/8/17 21:45RothburyMIUSATriangle30 secondsI initally saw one very bright light that looked like a very bright satellite. My girlfriend then said," look, there's a 2nd one f9/12/17
9/8/17 21:41ZionsvilleINUSASphere20 secondsI noticed a bright white light originated from the northwest, moving quickly to the northeast.9/12/17
9/8/17 21:30MurrayUTUSASphere~1 minuteBlueish orb which flew away to the North into clouds9/12/17
9/8/17 20:30SyracuseNYUSALight4 minutestwo pair of orange star like objects observed at equal distance moving about.9/12/17
9/8/17 19:00AllianceOHUSATriangle3-5 minutesI spotted 3 bright orange circular objects floating together hovering over a field; silent.11/17/17
9/8/17 18:25AlbuquerqueNMUSAEggsplit secondMetallic object fell from sky in front of me while I was driving north a few miles south of Albuquerque Airport.9/12/17
9/8/17 17:00BaltimoreMDUSADisk3 to 5 minutes15 white dots visible for minutes, changing formations. Moving in multiple directions at steady speeds and even movement. No lights9/12/17
9/8/17 08:45HoustonTXUSASphere2-3 minutesBright white sphere high in the morning sky, illuminating light grows in size, then vanishes in an instant.9/8/17
9/8/17 07:00AuroraORUSA15 secondsThere were three solid dark grey disk shaped objects flying in and out of the smokey haze. ((anonymous report))9/12/17
9/7/17 23:30Vadnais Heights/White Bear TownshipMNUSAChevron5 minutesSaw 2 bright white lights, 1 red light, and 1 green light hovering above 35E North of HWY 96, Next to Polar Lakes Park.9/8/17
9/7/17 23:00DenverCOUSAOther1 minuteStrange colored lights blinking and moving erratically in south Denver sky.9/8/17
9/7/17 23:00Stoney CreekTNUSAOvalHours((HOAX??)) It was round blinking lights all colors red pink green all colors Slightly moving over time. ((anonymous report))9/8/17
9/7/17 22:30MonroeMIUSASphere4 secondsLooked up two different nights. Same sphere turned white, navy blue, black then invisible. Size no bigger than a small medical ta9/21/17
9/7/17 22:18Mount ClemensMIUSA3 minutes((HOAX)) 2-2 1/2' being behind my neighbor's air conditioning unit, beige color three fingers, and teal eyes that shimmered.9/8/17
9/7/17 22:00BillingsMTUSAEgg1 hourGlowing egg-shaped UFO with Flashing Lights. ((anonymous report))9/8/17
9/7/17 22:00RichmondTXUSATriangle10 secondsBlack triangle over Texas.9/8/17
9/7/17 21:20ColumbusOHUSAOval5 minutesDriving on Henderson Rd. towards High St with my boyfriend, we saw what appeared to be 2 connected oval/disk-like craft.9/8/17
9/7/17 20:30Georgian Bay (Canada)ONCanadaOther4 minutesWe were out at our island north of Parry Sound out of Snug Harbour. The island is in open water and there is a lighthouse 5 mile out.9/13/18
9/7/17 20:26Winter SpringsFLUSALight5 minutesMultiple round orange lights traveling horizontally East to West at low altitude.9/8/17
9/7/17 19:15East HamptonNYUSACircle1 minute2 circle lights moving in unison, equal distance apart. Plane flew in front of them.10/19/17
9/7/17 18:00MaisonWIUSAChanging8 minutesOne went SE--->NW, tracking slow and steady, no up/down or sideways. Absolutely no sound detected, and there was no significant ambi9/12/17
9/7/17 13:30Port CharlotteFLUSAOtherWas preparing putting the hurricane shutters up when notice three on identified objects in a triangle rare form flying north. They seem9/8/17
9/7/17 12:15NashuaIAUSASphere15 seconds((HOAX CONFIRMED)) North of Nashua approx. one mile, 2 glowing balls. Motionless when first observed - perhaps at an alt. of 2000'.9/8/17
9/7/17 12:00EverettWAUSAOther30+ secondsS-shaped black tumbling Rotating UFO. ((anonymous report))9/8/17
9/7/17 08:01AuroraCOUSADisk3 minutesDisk Shaped Golden light moving different directions in the sky.9/8/17
9/7/17 03:00AzleTXUSAOther3-4 minutesObject was low, 100-200 feet, moving straight line west to east 20-30 mph, black, nontransparent, shapeless, billowing, silent.9/14/17
9/6/17 23:17VernonNJUSACircle5 minutesMultiple circular orb shaped, large, yellowish and bright. Seemed to come from the ground level straight up - disappearing when reachi9/12/17
9/6/17 22:30MauriceLAUSALight2 minutesRed light, moving very fast. ((anonymous reports))9/8/17
9/6/17 22:07SeattleWAUSACircle4 minutesLarge red Mars-like planet in the sky then disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no date, or contact information. PD))3/29/18
9/6/17 20:12InglewoodCAUSASphere1:303 mi. E of LAX I stepped outside at night, looked up to see a shrinking flaming orb moving slowly until it disappeared in front of9/8/17
9/6/17 19:00NanakuliHIUSALight20 minutesA 20 deg. wide deep blue shaft of light from the horizon to the zenith just after sunset lasting 20 minutes. ((anonymous report))9/12/17
9/6/17 17:00Kish Island (Iran)IranCircle(HOAX??)) Possible landing zone.9/8/17
9/6/17 11:00WarsawILUSASphere15 secondsLarge silver orb shaped ufo seen in Warsaw Illinois.10/5/17
9/6/17 00:45East Otay MesaCAUSASphere8 minutesLarge ball of light descends over empty lot. ((anonymous report))9/8/17
9/5/17 22:00MatthewsNCUSASphere5 minutesI and several others witnessed a bright red orb that moved laterally north to south and stopped. It then moved vertically and stopped.9/8/17
9/5/17 21:25MissionSDUSAOther5 minutesStationary bright white lights tightly arranged in 2 rows of 3 in eastern sky, with full moon.9/8/17
9/5/17 16:00DallasGAUSASphereI was traveling down Ivy Gulledge Road on 9/5/17 at 16:00 hours when I looked up and about 25 feet above the road was a black ball abou9/8/17
9/5/17 15:50FayettevillePAUSALight1 minuteFast moving white orb that pulsated twice as it flew through a cornfield right before a big storm.9/8/17
9/5/17 06:30ConcordCAUSASphere60 secondsUFO sighting while driving to work. silver sphere racing into the clouds.9/8/17
9/5/17 01:24AlexandriaVAUSAUnknown5 minutesFlashing lights from a craft in an irregular patten, sometimes retracting to other areas, in Alexandria, VA9/5/17
9/4/17 23:30GainesvilleFLUSA5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides very little data. We have requested a thorough report from him. PD))9/5/17
9/4/17 23:17Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaCone3 secondsI'm security guard, during my patrol, i saw very bright ufo in the skyin… ((anonymous report))9/5/17
9/4/17 22:16Middle RiverMDUSAFireball1 secondSmall object zoomed below the moon, leaving a small white poof, and then thin fire trail (for a few seconds)-not a shooting star.9/5/17
9/4/17 21:36La SalleILUSASphere5 minutesWas seating on my porch watching something on my phone and noticed bright orange ball of light. Thought flare, so looked directly it mo9/12/17
9/4/17 21:20Ropar (India)IndiaChanging2 minutesI saw twice this year in April also and september also even my son is of 3.5years old he is so scared after the experience9/5/17
9/4/17 21:01EatonvilleWAUSAOval4 to 5 minOrange orbs12/23/20
9/4/17 20:45ManalapanNJUSATriangle5-10 secondsSilent black triangle aircraft without lights, seen traveling through the sky at night.9/8/17
9/4/17 20:43VoorheesvilleNYUSALight15 secondsBright Orb dimmed , sped up and changed direction.9/28/17
9/4/17 19:00BurienWAUSADisk2 minutesBbq in friends backyard looked up round disc object with white lite like a window side of craft huge two figure about 500 feet agl head9/5/17
9/4/17 18:50DenverCOUSAUnknown30 minutesMy family and I were driving home from Denver Co. and the day was really hazy because of the fires going on which turn the sun red and9/5/17
9/4/17 09:20Los AngelesCAUSARectangle5 minutesStadium-sized, huge, gray rectangle slowly gliding across the sky.9/12/17
9/4/17 00:39AuroraCOUSASphere2 hoursRainbow flashing Orb with Indigo Orbs flashing around the Main one. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/4/17 00:30BothellWAUSAUnknown5 minutes((HOAX)) Heard strange sound that couldve been someone.9/5/17
9/3/17 23:30BroomfieldCOUSASphere15 minutesTwo bright bluish-white Orbs spotted over Broomfield, CO on the night of 03SE17, heading S,12/21/17
9/3/17 23:00Delhi (Canada)ONCanadaLight5-7 minutes15-20 brightly lit objects travelling in formation in the night sky.9/5/17
9/3/17 22:45PuyallupWAUSAUnknown5 minutesLoud electronic sound coming from the area towards (soon to be) vanlerop park and E Pioneer and heading towards Orting, could not see.9/5/17
9/3/17 22:30Cape CoralFLUSALight1 minuteTwo pair of reddish lights traveling in unison westward across the SWFL southern sky.9/5/17
9/3/17 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAFormation40 seconds((HOAX??)) At first I thought it maybe a blue fire work over I-215, between 1300th and 7th east.9/5/17
9/3/17 21:50New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAOval1 minuteA very bright round shape light in the sky.9/5/17
9/3/17 21:40SpartanburgSCUSASphere9 minutesRed/Yellow Blinking UFO dropped white lit object out of bottom, changed direction then nearly disappeared9/5/17
9/3/17 20:25Jarvie (Canada)ABCanadaFlash2 minutesBright object with strange shape.9/5/17
9/3/17 20:00Staten IslandNYUSASphere2-3 minutesOne golden orb.2/16/18
9/3/17 19:15RicetownKYUSALight3 minutesWhite lit object and companion orange lit object high over S E Ky10/5/17
9/3/17 16:00LumbertonNCUSAUnknown5 minutes((HOAX??)) 1 object flying 1000 feet erratic. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
9/3/17 14:00Half Moon BayCAUSADisk1 minuteLooking closer at the Picture I sent in there appears to be 4/5 craft in the photo. Look to the right and farther away 3 craft can be s9/12/17
9/3/17 13:00Half Moon BayCAUSAOval1 minuteIt does seem to reflect sunlight and seems to be metalic. No lights were seen. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a Frisbee. PD))9/8/17
9/3/17 03:50LindaleGAUSADiamond5+((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))9/5/17
9/2/17 23:00MelbourneFLUSAOval1 minute((HOAX??)) Yellow to orange globes traveling south to north. two of them. No sound. Never seen anything like it. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
9/2/17 23:00VaidenMSUSAOval10 minutesOn September 2nd, my older sister and I were outside at my grandparents house when we saw the object. My grandparents live in the middl2/7/20
9/2/17 22:30St. AnnMOUSADiamond2 minutesIt made no sound and had no lights.9/21/17
9/2/17 22:00MorgantownWVUSALight1 minuteA flying object, that changed colors from white to blue, would fly straight and pause mid-air.1/12/18
9/2/17 21:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaChanging5 secondsI reported this already. I keep dreaming about it. y dream is always the same the small blue ball of light. ((anonymous report))9/12/17
9/2/17 21:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaChanging5 secondsBlue/White flat oval thing in sky at dusk. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
9/2/17 21:30Oil CityPAUSASphere10 to 12 secondsTwo pale green lights in night sky.9/12/17
9/2/17 21:12River Valley (Canada)ONCanadaCircle60 secondsOn September 2nd at approximately 21:12 I was at my mother's visiting when she told me to come outside to look at something. I followed9/5/17
9/2/17 21:00BigforkMNUSACircle3 minutesRed glowing object.9/5/17
9/2/17 20:29LewistownILUSALight52 minutesRed lights traveling in the same general direction, moving slowly and steadily across the night sky.9/5/17
9/2/17 10:30Santa MonicaCAUSARectangle10 secondsAbsolutely huge, gray, slanted rectangle with a long point coming out of one end. No lights, just gray, slow and blimp sized.9/5/17
9/2/17 10:00MenifeeCAUSADisk12 seconds((HOAX??)) While observing an apparent contrail with a strange dark funnel shape at end ,upwards angle of view. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
9/2/17 05:30Garden GroveCAUSALight1 hour +Bright light in Eastern skyline for over an hour in 1 place. Light gets brighter than fades but is present at same location. In sky pl9/5/17
9/2/17 05:00WinslowMEUSALightHour2 lights blinking, controlled upward movement. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
9/2/17 02:13GreenvilleRIUSALight1-2 minutes2 crafts in the sky with lights like a strobe flying around and above and below each other.9/5/17
9/1/17 23:00AitkinMNUSAOval~15 secondsLight shined on car by silent large oval craft. Lasted about 15 seconds and it disappeared before my eyes.1/19/21
9/1/17 22:50GrovetownGAUSATriangle1-2 minutesOn Sept. 1, 2017, a triangle UFO was moving west to east over Grovetown, Ga. headed towards Ft. Gordon Army Base.9/28/17
9/1/17 22:45Medical LakeWAUSACircle5 minutesRed circle objects North of Medical Lake.7/13/18
9/1/17 22:21ChicoCAUSAOval19 secondsUFO zaps meteor, moves right diagonally, then moves backwards and zaps Meteor.1/14/18
9/1/17 21:00Rio RanchoNMUSAOther25 minutesWe were returning entering the gate to our farm. There was a shoe shaped craft hovering low. We are researching ufo and alien life for11/3/17
9/1/17 20:41ILUSA.5 secondI looked up and the brightest light I've ever seen flashed and then watch a dim glow like a light bulb losing the Electric I'm going ou9/5/17
9/1/17 20:36Las VegasNVUSACylinder1 minuteLow flying very quiet large aircraft flying less then 200 feet above me.9/5/17
9/1/17 20:30WorcesterMAUSAChevron2 minutesChevron-shaped object with orange lights covering its underside.9/5/17
9/1/17 20:05PortlandORUSAOther30 secondsOdd shaped object that rotated and got brighter and darker while moving across the sky.9/5/17
9/1/17 19:00San JuanPuerto Rico CommonwealthFlash~1 minuteStrong white glow in object. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of an Iridium satellite?? PD))1/25/18
9/1/17 17:42Fort CollinsCOUSACircle20 minutes2 white circular shapes. Stayed stationary for 15 minutes. Then glowed orange and faded away. ((anonymous report))9/13/18
9/1/17 12:45PawcatuckCTUSARectangle7 secondsVideo discovery of stationary rectangular object accompanied by bright white stationary orb in daylight.9/28/17
9/1/17 10:20DearbornMIUSASphere20 minutesNumerous spheres flying from east to west.9/5/17
9/1/17 09:00MonroeNJUSADiamond1+ hours((HOAX??)) MONROE - HUNDREDS OF FLYING OBJECTS. ((anonymous report))9/21/17
9/1/17 05:15WhitehallPAUSATriangle2-3 minutesSilent Black Triangle With Lights Flying Across Sky9/5/17