National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 02/2017


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/28/17 23:00OntonagonMIUSALight7 minutesRiding my snowmobile home in the dark when a light overpowered my headlight which made me stop and look behind me. I witnessed a solid3/23/18
2/28/17 21:37CoronaCAUSAUnknown~30 secondsSomething over Corona, CA, sky.4/13/17
2/28/17 19:45PhoenixAZUSAFireball3 minutesLights in North phoenix sky 2-28-17 at 7:45 pm3/10/17
2/28/17 18:57AtascoctaTXUSAUnknown4 secondBlack sky red green lights rolling made tight turn over roof tops3/10/17
2/28/17 18:30MiamiFLUSATriangle8:30Every night around 6:30 looking at the west sky, I see a super bight light, it's not a star or a planet. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))3/10/17
2/28/17 12:00JamestownCAUSAFireball4 hours((HOAX??)) At 12:00 a large yellow spherical fireball appeared in the sky directly overhead. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/28/17 04:50VacavilleCAUSASphere2-3 secondsSeen a shooting star or a meteor Fall for about 2-3 sec. It made a trail of what looked like sparks or fire.3/10/17
2/28/17 00:30ThorndalePAUSA1-2 secondsGreen light flash with no noise. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/27/17 19:30BillingsMTUSALight5 minutesIn the western sky we saw a bright white light with a bit of a red glow around it grow intensely bright. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))3/10/17
2/27/17 19:30FountainCOUSACross1 hourA very bright light (brighter than the stars) suspended at an altitude higher than Cheyenne Mountain below it.3/10/17
2/27/17 19:00PlainsKSUSALight1 hour +-A bright light in s/w sky brighter than any of the stars or planets. ((NUFORC Note3/10/17
2/27/17 18:40Crescent ValleyNVUSAUnknown5 minutesOver crescent valley 15 or so fire orange color lights in the sky!3/10/17
2/27/17 18:11FolsomCAUSASphere30-60 secondsOrange light seen.3/10/17
2/27/17 01:30TuscaloosaALUSAUnknown~30 minutesLight seen circling above Tuscaloosa's University of Alabama Quad3/10/17
2/27/17 01:21Cairo (Egypt)EgyptLightphotographed strange thiStrange thing in the sky.3/10/17
2/27/17 00:30Grand RapidsMIUSAChanging45 minutescolor and shape changing, ball/cigar. spotted above st.mary's hospital for 45 minutes hovering still then floating around.5/6/17
2/26/17 23:00TuscaloosaALUSALight1 minutesI was driving down university blv when out of nowhere i see a light bit light in the sky that no plane could have make it went straigh3/10/17
2/26/17 22:51WasillaAKUSAOval2-3 minutes3 low and slow moving pulsating orange/reddish orbs.3/10/17
2/26/17 22:00DecaturGAUSACircle5 minutesMy friend and I were driving when we saw this circle object floating in the sky, it wasn't moving at all, when we passed under the obje3/10/17
2/26/17 21:15ManisteeMIUSAUnknown20 minutesSaw a hovering object with 3 horizontal lights in the night sky, and it appeared, disappeared, reappeared numerous times.3/10/17
2/26/17 21:15Shannon (New Zealand)New ZealandLight<1 minuteBright light (definitely NOT the ISS) observed shortly before a flyover by the ISS3/10/17
2/26/17 21:00DecaturGAUSACircle3 minutesI was driving when I saw bright light in the sky. My friend and I thought it was a star. The light was getting bigger and bigger when w3/10/17
2/26/17 20:37GreensboroNCUSAUnknownHas been sitting for a very long time. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus, we suspect. PD)) ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/26/17 20:30EastonPAUSAFireball10 secondsThis looked like a flare that was shot into the sky. 2nd time I have seen this in a month. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/26/17 20:30Sand PointAKUSALight21:30Strange bright light in westerly sky. Only shows up a couple of hours at night then disappears. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))3/10/17
2/26/17 20:25LutzFLUSACircle20 minutesLarge, Bright Luminous Circular Body in the Western Sky, Lutz, Florida3/10/17
2/26/17 20:23PrescottAZUSALight30 secondsGlowing and pulsing orange and dark yellow orb, about 100ft up in the air. Floating in a northbound direction on the west side of the c3/10/17
2/26/17 20:06CodyWYUSAFireball4 secondsI was driving my car to Walmart and as I went around the bend I spotted a green Fireball falling from the sky it appeared to be very cl3/10/17
2/26/17 20:00SacramentoCAUSAOther45 minutesSmall very bright light seen lowering down the sky.3/10/17
2/26/17 19:00NewarkDEUSAOval1-2 minsMy husband and i were driving and a light caught our eye and looked over at it and it hoverd then got further and further in a matter o3/10/17
2/26/17 18:00DubuqueIAUSATriangleNightly-2 hoursDubuque, Ia.-Constant bright white lighted stationary triangle?shaped object in the western sky every night in Feb 2017 approx fr 6-8pm3/10/17
2/26/17 18:00CarpentersvilleILUSAFlash15 minutesFlash and stationary light flashing.3/10/17
2/26/17 15:30SuperiorWIUSAEgg3-5 minutesWhite egg shaped object over Lake Superior, middle of day, disappeared.3/10/17
2/26/17 13:00LaVergneTNUSALightwhite bright streakA Very Bright Light Going Very Fast Across The Sky, Like A Meteor On The West Side , Heading In Northwest Direction. It Went Down Just3/10/17
2/26/17 07:00Dade CityFLUSADiamond2 people along with my self was looking S in the sky and saw an extremely brite light in the sky that was not moving.3/10/17
2/26/17 05:50FreeportNYUSAOval45 seconds5 flashing lights flashing in order from left to right)3/10/17
2/26/17 05:20BendORUSALight30 minutesTwo bright lights moving erratically and at high speeds.3/10/17
2/26/17 04:10Calmar (Canada)ABCanadaOther20 minutesMutiples of 3 green v shaped objects flying in green beam.6/2/17
2/25/17 23:27ChicagoILUSALight5 secondsBlue light flew across the sky on the highway.3/10/17
2/25/17 22:10SandyUTUSACircle10 minutesBright Orange circles about five. Strange movements, could no way be a plane. Moving in strange patterns. Blinking on and off.3/10/17
2/25/17 21:30Albany (near)ORUSARectangle5 minutesTwo strange bright white lights hovering high above interstate3/10/17
2/25/17 21:00Las VegasNVUSACircle5 minutesLarge disc flying aircraft 10 miles N of Las Vegas, near Valley of Fire.3/10/17
2/25/17 21:00Watson Lake (Canada)YTCanadaLight1 hour +Followed large bright white object while driving for over an hour.3/10/17
2/25/17 21:00GlendiveMTUSALight15 minutes02/25/2017 around 2100hrs my son and I were near the fairgrounds in Glendive, MT. He spotted a single orange light that appeared to tra3/10/17
2/25/17 21:00CantonGAUSACigar2+hrs100+ Hovering silent aircrafts flying over our house within the past 2 hours.3/10/17
2/25/17 19:35OrlandoFLUSAFormation1-2 minutes4 yellow/red lights with little lights trickling under them as they stayed still in the sky in a triangle. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/25/17 19:15HighlandKSUSALight2 hoursA very large and very bright light, larger brighter than any planet or star. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus. PD))3/10/17
2/25/17 19:00FlorenceKYUSASphere.45Bright sphere was seeing over the Florence around 19:00 for less than .45 seconds. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/25/17 18:45LongmontCOUSAOval5 minutes12 orange red objects flying across Longmont in NE direction3/10/17
2/25/17 18:15Long BeachCAUSAOval20 secondsDark round disc with bright steady orange light over Long Beach CA 02/25/20173/10/17
2/25/17 14:16MesaAZUSASphere5 minutesWe saw bright orbital objects and 1 larger grey object.3/10/17
2/25/17 14:00Delray BeachFLUSAUnknown30 + minutesFour spheres over ocean at Delray Beach.3/10/17
2/25/17 13:15BroomfieldCOUSATeardrop2 minutesHorizontal gray teardrop shaped craft arced across neighborhood just above houses3/10/17
2/25/17 10:00Elk GroveCAUSACircle8 minutesGroup of orange orbs following each other behind the trees in the southern sky until each seem to turn their lights off and couldn't se3/10/17
2/25/17 04:45Fall CreekORUSASphere15 minutes445am 4 bright stars/lights hovered in the sky. I layed in bed watching then decided I'd take a picture so I went pee first and when I3/10/17
2/24/17 23:42BeaconNYUSALight1 hourFlashing, multicolor lights seen over Mount Beacon3/10/17
2/24/17 23:00OmahaNEUSARectangle2 minutes?I saw 3 rectangle-shaped objects flying in the sky, while I was outside, approximately 11:00 PM. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/24/17 22:40winter harborMEUSALight1 hourBlue light hovering over ocean or island3/10/17
2/24/17 22:15NampaIDUSACircle10 secondsI saw 2 orange lights. At first I thought it was a plane till one light went in front of the other. ((anonymous report))6/2/17
2/24/17 21:00BridgeportCTUSACircle20Yesterday I made a claim apparently they released a bunch of candles for someones passing. I apologize.3/10/17
2/24/17 21:00WapwallopenPAUSAFive lights were caught on my trail camera. The camera was stationary. Three pictures were taken. The object started in the distance, t5/15/17
2/24/17 21:00BridgeportCTUSACircle20 minutesMassive UFO convention traveling through Connecticut3/10/17
2/24/17 20:45Port Saint LucieFLUSACircle5 minutesSaw three circular orange lights traveling south at a steady speed. Approximately airplane speed. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/24/17 20:30Santa FeNMUSAFireball20 minutesI notice a large light high up in the sky that I thought was the planet, Jupiter. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))3/10/17
2/24/17 20:30PaysonAZUSAOther10 minutesOn 2/24/17 between 20:30 and 21:00 when leaving a resturant in Payson, Arizona what appeared to be a very bright star was visible in3/10/17
2/24/17 20:30RavennaOHUSAOval30 minutesSaw two white lights flying and circling in a cloud.3/10/17
2/24/17 20:00BenningtonVTUSALight5 minutesTwo white lights flying east to west at about 1200 feet in elevation.3/10/17
2/24/17 20:00UniontownPAUSACircle24 hoursAll are seen on night vision camera for 5 days now. A large moon shaped one moved. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/24/17 20:00BrocktonMAUSACircleNot to sureUFO or Planet? ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))3/10/17
2/24/17 19:40Buckeye/Litchfield ParkAZUSACircle10 minutesI walked outside and saw a group of orange lights coming from the south. They were all coming from the same area and going east. There3/10/17
2/24/17 19:10Arnhem (Gelderland)(Netherlands)NetherlandsLight2 secondsOrange bright light. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/24/17 03:00DallasTXUSALight30 minutesAround 0300 an object resembling a star only brighter, appears in the southeastern sky.3/10/17
2/24/17 03:00DallasTXUSALight30 minutesFollow up to report submitted 02/24/20173/10/17
2/23/17 00:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSAFireball3 minutesbright orange fireball west to east movement. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/23/17 22:00ChattanoogaTNUSASphere30 minutesExtremely rotating Bright light and then was gone3/10/17
2/23/17 21:00HiramGAUSALight20-30 minutes02/23/2017: 2 bright light sightings in Hiram, Georgia, Paulding County along 92 east between 8:30 - 9 PM.3/10/17
2/23/17 21:00HamiltonMSUSASphere2 hoursThere were 3 maybe more , they were pulsing bright lights. The stayed in a triangle formation for the most part. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/23/17 20:30West Valley CityUTUSASphere2 minutesOrange glowing pulsating sphere from the height it was the size of a beach ball. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/23/17 19:50RosendaleNYUSASphere4 secondslarge black sphere with smaller white light sphere orbiting larger one about 50 feet from the ground.3/10/17
2/23/17 19:40Greenfield TwpPAUSACircle15 minutesFlashing light.3/10/17
2/23/17 19:30ReadingPAUSAUnknown4 minutesVery fast object moving quickly back and forth in the sky.3/10/17
2/23/17 18:43PhiladelphiaPAUSAChanging2-3 minutesWhat did we all see? Same craft, different night. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))3/10/17
2/23/17 18:00EatonCOUSACircle1-2 minutesUFO and pink orb.3/17/17
2/23/17 17:30ClarksvilleTNUSADisk2 secondsGlowing Disc at Fort Campbell3/10/17
2/23/17 15:10AlbuquerqueNMUSAFlash1 minuteUnfamiliar craft with blinding reflective light in a sunny blue sky. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/23/17 13:00BensalemPAUSAOtherSingle pictureJust a picture.3/10/17
2/23/17 12:00AbingdonMDUSASphereAll daySphere flying with Parent Aircraft.3/10/17
2/23/17 06:00AcworthGAUSACylinder2 minutesThe object appeared cylinder in shape and bright luminescent white glow. The object glide across the sky. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/23/17 05:45Brook ParkOHUSAFlash3 secondsWhile heading south on I-71 a flash caught my eye in the sky heading W in the air... I continued to look for it, but it never reappear.3/10/17
2/23/17 00:37FestusMOUSAOval>10 minutesThere is atleast 20 floating oval shaped green and red looking things in the air. Some were blinking. ((anonymous report))8/24/17
2/23/17 00:00SyracuseNYUSAOther30 secondsStrong light, unusual shape, consistent speed glide.3/10/17
2/22/17 21:50AuburnALUSAUnknown3 minutesGiant space craft traveling at a speed 10x faster than an airplane plane. Flew N, then back S; disappeared. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/22/17 21:47TucsonAZUSAChanging1 hourObject in sky moves erratic, changing shape, size, and disappearing/ reappearing on video.4/7/17
2/22/17 21:09HarrisburgPAUSAOther15 awxibsaStationary hovering three tiered object, a short row of red lights above and below a long row of white lights.3/10/17
2/22/17 21:00WhitefishMTUSALight15 minutesLight moving slowly thru the sky towards the W. First noticed it leaving Hungry was very bright ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))3/10/17
2/22/17 21:00Fountain ValleyCAUSAUnknown3 minutesSomething that looked and sounded like it was exploding in the sky stopped exploding and flew away.3/10/17
2/22/17 21:00TamaquaPAUSACylinder10 minutesSaw 2 cyl.-shaped objects with 6-8 white flashing lights. They appeared to fly over each other from opposite dir..((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/22/17 20:50Bowen Island (Canada)BCCanadaEgg15 minutesI saw what looked like I though a meteor heading towards me. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))3/10/17
2/22/17 20:27BeaufortSCUSACross1-2 minutesGreen lights, 3 on top two coming from middle light. Slow moving.3/10/17
2/22/17 19:45CascoMEUSALight25 minutesLooked like a flash light in the air, changed colors, than disappers, and came back the next night and again 2/26/173/10/17
2/22/17 19:30SwanvilleMEUSALight45 minutesBright pulsating white light brighter than Venus in vicinity of Swanville, ME. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/22/17
2/22/17 19:30FremontNJUSALight2-5 minutesStar like craft, appear stationary, very bright, pics. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus? PD))3/10/17
2/22/17 19:19DothanALUSACircle7 minutesVery bright flashes near Big Dipper. Like nothing ever seen by us before.3/10/17
2/22/17 19:00WindsorVTUSACircle1 hourA circular shape with a bright center fanning out to an almost hollow middle to an outside perimeter of light.3/10/17
2/22/17 19:00WaukeshaWIUSAOval3 hoursRound spherical bright white orb sat low and fixed in the western sky for hours. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus? PD))3/10/17
2/22/17 18:30FullertonCAUSADiamond30 minutesBright star like; diamond shapes; possibly 2 objects. ((anonymous report))((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD))3/10/17
2/21/17 22:45MariettaOHUSAFireball<2 minutesDefined Bright Glowing Red Orange Sphere or Fireball Seen Traveling (Or Landing?) ESE from Marietta, OH3/10/17
2/21/17 21:00NampaIDUSADisk40 minutesDisk/saucer in Nampa, Idaho. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))3/10/17
2/21/17 20:00PhoenixAZUSALight10minutes3-4 Bright lights in the sky. Seemingly hovering. One or two of the objects moves up and around.3/10/17
2/21/17 19:45SebastopolCAUSA45 secondsLooked like a satellite,but much faster than I have ever seen. It came from the western horizon.3/10/17
2/21/17 19:00NederlandCOUSAFireballunknownOrange fireballs, Bright, Scoping the forest. ((anonymous report))2/22/17
2/21/17 19:00SimpsonvilleSCUSAOval1-2 minutesA pulsing green orb seen by a motorist as it arced across the sky.2/22/17
2/21/17 11:40Sun City WestAZUSAOther3 minutesFluid formation flying objects.3/10/17
2/21/17 11:15PeoriaAZUSAFormation10 minutesFluid formation flying disks.2/22/17
2/21/17 07:00BasehorKSUSALight2.3 hoursThere was a bright light at least 10 times the brightness of a typical star hovering in one spot for over 2 hours. Then, it vanished.2/22/17
2/21/17 06:15University PlaceWAUSAAn extremely large rod shape, with bright white, with lightest bluish light mixed in. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/21/17 01:00NewtonIAUSATriangle2 minutesViewed 3 white lights in a triangle formation moving south west at a low altitude. I watched it as long as i could from my drive way. I3/10/17
2/20/17 22:00San PabloCAUSA1 secondsBright blue flash lit up sky, yard, whole back meadow, giant eucalyptus and oaks like it was daytime, but silent.2/22/17
2/20/17 21:30RoswellGAUSAOval10 minutes1 oval fairly quick moving object that was lighted that looked circular in the video2/22/17
2/20/17 21:00StacyMNUSACircle30Both nights Feb 19th and Feb 20th. I saw an enormous glowing light in the same location. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))2/22/17
2/20/17 21:00TucsonAZUSALight25 minutesMy sister and I were driving from Tucson to Sierra Vista tonight. Right near the Sanoita/Patagonia exit going east on I-10 we noticed2/22/17
2/20/17 20:50Porter townshipPAUSALight20 minutesBright light hovering, thought it was a planet but then it moved after 15 minutes.2/22/17
2/20/17 20:11ChicagoILUSALight12 minutes 41 secondsOn February 20, 2017 at 8:11 P.M. I ((name deleted)),((teenager)), saw multiple UFOs outside my window on my Southwest Airlines flight.3/10/17
2/20/17 20:10ParachuteCOUSAOval20A bright light that hovered in the sky and seemed to emit different colors. The shape seemed to change and the colors changed from gre2/22/17
2/20/17 20:00ButteMTUSATriangle4 minutesWalked out to smoke looked up. There was a triangular object with orange lights traveling slowly. Then it just went up straight up into2/22/17
2/20/17 19:20Merritt IslandFLUSACircle40+Large orange orb not moving in the sky for at least 40 minutes and still there.2/22/17
2/20/17 18:40East HavenCTUSATriangle~5 minutesFlying craft spotted over the water in East Haven, moved along the streets out of sight.2/22/17
2/20/17 18:30ChambersburgPAUSACircle~2 minutesBright orb like object moving very fast in an alrming route of motion.7/27/17
2/20/17 12:45HiwasseeUSAEgg15 secondsFast white hazy object larger than jet incredibly fast and noiseless and higher than 30K ft2/22/17
2/20/17 02:30StatesvilleNCUSALight1 minuteStrange bright light crosses road early one cold Winter morning3/2/21
2/20/17 01:32Illogan (UK/England; southwest region)United KingdomOther30 minutesStrange Big Big Boomerang Object In The Sky.2/22/17
2/19/17 23:05Cuyahoga FallsOHUSALight6 seconds4 bright light traveling single file, not making any sound.2/22/17
2/19/17 23:00LindenwoldNJUSAChanging3 hoursBright circular shapes changing colors and moving around the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))2/22/17
2/19/17 22:50ToledoOHUSAOther4 secondsA faint line of light was moving east to West,in the northern sky, at a fairly high rate of speed. It got slightly to the west of my po2/22/17
2/19/17 22:30AtchisonKSUSAUnknown10 secondsObject appeared to be at extremely high altitude moving from north to south without sound and at 2500+ mph. I could see it moving south2/22/17
2/19/17 22:04MemphisTNUSAFlashOngoingBright light S of the Memphis-MS border that when viewed through a cell...can see it's actually moving fast.((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD)2/22/17
2/19/17 22:00South DennisMAUSASphere10-15 minutesWas out on my deck at 10pm looking at stars in SE, coastal Massachusetts (Cape Cod).2/22/17
2/19/17 21:05Midland (Canada)ONCanadaLight1 hourStar-like object in western sky in near north Ontario. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))2/22/17
2/19/17 20:58HaysMTUSAOval3 hoursBright light changing colors. ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Sirius? PD))2/22/17
2/19/17 20:30GrandvilleMIUSAConestill goingBright round light with red on bottom but the shape does seem to change shape but very stationary. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))2/22/17
2/19/17 20:00QueensburyNYUSACircle1/2 hourlights circling around and following car at low altitude2/22/17
2/19/17 19:50TacomaWAUSATriangle10 minutesBright triangle hovers in sky. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus. PD))2/22/17
2/19/17 19:30Siler CityNCUSASphere20 minutesBrilliantly-lit fire-colored, slow-moving object, with blue-green efflux. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/22/17
2/19/17 19:30Bushkill TownshipPAUSALight2 hoursBright light in sky last three days. ((NUFORC Note: Venus, we, too, suspect. PD))2/22/17
2/19/17 17:59Waimea CanyonHIUSAUnknown1I was hiking the Waimea canyon with two friends. I was making burst shoots pictures of my friend. On the last picture there is an objec2/22/17
2/19/17 17:45MananlapanNJUSALight5hours 45 minutesNot the only time lights followed me.First time saw 5 lights in row.2/22/17
2/19/17 14:00ShrewsburyMAUSALight~5 minutes2 lights appeared right in front of airplane I was watching in the sky. They were close together, then moved apart and further from air2/22/17
2/19/17 12:15PenfieldNYUSACircle~10 minutesI got up to use the bathroom and saw a ring of maybe 8 lights to the northwest, about the size of a bright, large star. At first I tho2/22/17
2/19/17 11:00St. PetersburgFLUSASphere<1 secondRound UFO may be related to flashing star-like ufo that reacted to laser pointer.2/22/17
2/19/17 09:05Mt. SummitINUSAUnknownCurrentlyUnknown object northeastern Indiana. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))2/22/17
2/19/17 07:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSALight30 minutesVery bright and stationary light was seen to the W of my location in Brooklyn; twenty minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. Anonymous rept.)2/22/17
2/19/17 05:15Elk MountainWYUSAUnknown2 secondsI deliver mail for my job from salt lake city to denver and back again. Same route weekly, but this week was different. The sky was par2/22/17
2/19/17 04:12LondonderryNHUSATriangle30 minutesTrangle UFO hovers over house.3/10/17
2/19/17 04:00St. PaulMNUSACircle3 secondsVery bright circular object seen flying near Summit Ave. I was sitting in my car.The object was white and kind of blue. It was flying i2/22/17
2/18/17 23:00Board CampARUSAUnknownunknownUFO over crystal mine.3/10/17
2/18/17 22:55GermantownMDUSAOther15 secondsBlinking star like moving object.2/22/17
2/18/17 22:30SawyerMIUSAFormation5-10 minutesSaw from I-94 over Lake Michigan, two rows of multiple lights up to twelve.2/22/17
2/18/17 22:00MenaARUSAUnknown10 secondsNear Mena, Arkansas, 3 vertical beams of light appeared at night about 300 ft tall2/22/18
2/18/17 22:00Apple valleyMNUSACircle~6 minutesWe saw a circle shape in the sky of 12 or 13 white lights. It seemed to keep up with us from apple valley. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/18/17 21:47West bendWIUSADiamond6 seconds5 yellowish glowing cylinders in Dimond formation, one leading.2/22/17
2/18/17 21:00Sioux FallsSDUSASphere>15 minutesWe saw very bright round shape in the sky west and slightly north, too large and too bight to be a star. It did not move for at least 12/22/17
2/18/17 20:45BufordWYUSACircle15 minutesHeading westbound on I-25, light seen moving at speed, disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Venus. PD))3/10/17
2/18/17 20:45BufordWYUSACircle15 minutesHuge, white lighted object seen from Buford, WY, moving at high speed and disappearing.3/10/17
2/18/17 20:15SkokieILUSACircle2 secondsWhite orb changing direction filmed INSIDE my house2/22/17
2/18/17 19:10Colorado SpringsCOUSAOther2 minutesTaking out the trash I saw an odd shaped object flying in a circular as well as zigzag pattern with no visible lights. I wouldn’t have2/22/17
2/18/17 19:00Glendale HeightsILUSALight10 minutesOservation of a craft that stopped and changed direction a a very high speed multiple times.2/22/17
2/18/17 19:00Chanhassen (east of)MNUSACircle5 minutesThis was a huge circle of about 12 lights. About 80 miles in diameter.2/22/17
2/18/17 18:36ConcordCAUSARectangle30 minutesA Thought Communication Directed Me to Inspect (Photograph) A Single Stationary Craft at Dusk10/19/21
2/18/17 18:00HartfordMEUSALight6 minutesStrange bright light patterns in nearby fields2/22/17
2/18/17 18:00Glendale HeightsILUSALight10 minutesObservation of red light that stopped and changed direction at a very high speed multiple times.2/22/17
2/18/17 17:00MassenaNYUSACylinder20 minutesWhite Cylindrical ufo.2/22/17
2/18/17 16:00MassenaNYUSACylinder20 minutesWhite cylinder seen in Massena, New York.10/4/19
2/18/17 10:34ScotiaNYUSAOtherAbout 4 minutesIt was something that assembled it’ self an object with intelligent4/22/22
2/18/17 04:00NSL ((North Salt Lake??))UTUSAOvalUnexplainable Oval Lights.2/22/17
2/18/17 03:00RaymoreMOUSAFlash10-20 secondsFeb 18, 2017, Raymore MO 03:00. clear sky looking past up 60 degrees to west a bright white light flash 2 times the size of the moon,3/10/17
2/18/17 00:00GettysburgPAUSACircle3 secondsI saw some sort of object flying in the sky that wasn't an airplane.2/22/17
2/17/17 23:50TacomaWAUSAFormation6 secondsTwo bright blue lights traveling from north to south quickly. They both dived to the surface in formation.2/22/17
2/17/17 23:27MillvalePAUSAFireball5 secondsDriving on Rt 28 north heading to my gilr frinds house when just before the Millvale exit 4 a green fire ball was to my left just over2/22/17
2/17/17 23:20BillingsMTUSACircle5 minutesThree bright orange circles, moving in the same direction with zero sound, flickering and disappearing.2/22/17
2/17/17 23:00OsceolaINUSAUnknown1 hour +Something in the sky that caught my husband's attention to the E. It had red, green and white light. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))2/22/17
2/17/17 22:15Moon Township/clintonPAUSAFireball10 secondsI am a delivery driver returning back to the home base and at 10:15 I was driving on 376 west bound just about one half mile from the P2/22/17
2/17/17 21:00IndianapolisINUSAFireball10 minutesIt was trying to make contact3/4/22
2/17/17 20:40IrvingTXUSALight20 minutesUFO, with helicopters. ((NUFORC Note: Report from former airline employee. PD))2/22/17
2/17/17 20:30HolsteinIAUSALightAwhileBright light seen in night sky with ring of red lights underneath.2/22/17
2/17/17 20:07FairbanksAKUSACircle~8 minutesBright orange, moving east, semi sporadicly, most lined up at one point,... disappearing from sight one by one. Have pictures and video3/10/17
2/17/17 20:03TroyMIUSACylinder>1 hourUFO spotted in Troy, and Berkeley, Michigan. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Venus. PD))2/22/17
2/17/17 19:00Panama City beach,eastFLUSAFireball4.17 minutesDriving east side of the beach.saw four fire ball orbes the size of a pinky finger nail. The event started when the first ball floated2/22/17
2/17/17 18:45LongmontCOUSAOval5 minutes12 red/orange large, identical, oval objects, flying exact same speed, slowly over Longmont, CO. ((NUFORC Note: Lanterns? PD))3/10/17
2/17/17 18:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaLight20 minutesStrange Lights over Edmonton's northern skies [dusk].2/22/17
2/17/17 15:20FlorenceSCUSAOval1 minuteEgg-shaped objects in the South Carolina sky.2/17/17
2/17/17 08:30BryanTXUSAOval45 secondsFlat oval disk-like object twisting and turning in place in the sky, then stabilized and flew away out of sight.2/17/17
2/17/17 01:00AndersonINUSADiamond5-10 minutesI’ve never seen anything ever reported that looked like what I saw!12/23/20
2/16/17 23:30Johnson CityNYUSAOval2 secondsBright fast long oval Aqua light in the night sky.2/22/17
2/16/17 22:30HollandMIUSAFlash30 secondsBright stationary ball of light SE of Holland took off very fast towards the horizon SW of Holland.3/23/17
2/16/17 21:00LongviewTXUSALight2 hoursRapidly and oddly moving amber light moving all over the sky2/17/17
2/16/17 20:45IndioCAUSASphere5 minutes4 brilliant amber orbs, about the size of a house. ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/16/17 20:00MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknown:27I noticed object went to my front door noticed something in the air I proceeded to open my door stepped on my porch walk down a few ste2/22/17
2/16/17 20:00MilwaukeeWIUSACircle:27Observed light in my doorway walk through the door and looked out the door saw an object in air went got my phone took a film of it2/22/17
2/16/17 20:00Social CircleGAUSATriangle5 minutesVery large, slow moving, triangular black object with a red light on each corner.2/17/17
2/16/17 19:48BartlesvilleOKUSAFormation30 secondsArray of several bright white lights traveling north to south. Very large craft. Previously spotted same craft.((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/16/17 19:00Mt. OrabOHUSAFireball15 minutes4-6 glowing Red lights/orbs, multiple flickering white lights, and a single line of red lights.2/17/17
2/16/17 19:00Santa Fe/EldoradoNMUSACirclepmSlow moving white light low altitude,no sound. ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/16/17 18:30GriftonNCUSAOther10 secondsA very very Bright Long object. The back of it was illuminated and you could see what looked to be a type of vapor trail but not like a3/10/17
2/16/17 18:00Costa MesaCAUSACircleNOWWHITE LIGHTS ERRATIC FLIGHT. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/16/17 17:09WintervilleNCUSASphere1 minuteSilent, bright object first spotted in Northern sky over Greenville heading SW rapidly. Object appeared to be much higher than air traf2/17/17
2/16/17 16:30GriftonNCUSASphere1 minuteVery large very bright craft. The rear sky was illuminated and you could see a very wide exhaust vapor. It was like puffs of exhaust.3/10/17
2/16/17 16:30PaducahKYUSACigar<1 minuteI noticed a chrome cigar shapes craft hovering about 3000' above the city. ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/16/17 16:00WichitaKSUSAOther2 minutesA brown round shape falling straight down from the sky. Fell straight down with a white vapor trail behind it. I was driving and l2/17/17
2/16/17 10:30CamarilloCAUSALight15 minutes2 bright star like lights with blue skies, hovered around, then faded out of sight.2/17/17
2/16/17 07:18MaycombALUSADisk1 minute((HOAX??)) Looked like a saucer from a movie and had colorful lights of green and red.2/17/17
2/16/17 07:00YumaAZUSALight1 minuteLight north of Yuma, west of Yuma Proving Grounds. Hovered approx. 1000ft AGL then rose into a small cloud, then light and cloud disapp2/17/17
2/16/17 07:00Caledonia (Village of))WIUSAChangingWhole nightA ring of several changing shape glowing objects going around in a circular pattern. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD))2/17/17
2/16/17 06:15BushkillPAUSALight1 hourI saw a white light hovering in the distance. I know it can't be a helicopte, no flashing lights. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))2/17/17
2/15/17 23:30GreerSCUSALight3 secondsIt was a white, illuminating object that hovered in the sky for a second and then ascended rapidly. ((anonymous report))6/22/17
2/15/17 23:15The VillagesFLUSALight15 minutesWalking the dog 23:15 hrs. Happened to look up at stars, and saw 6 small, light yellow lights, in 2 formations of 3 lights each.3/10/17
2/15/17 22:00National CityCAUSALight>5-10 minutesThree lights floating in the sky.2/17/17
2/15/17 21:12HopulikitGAUSALight15-20 secondsI was outside on the porch, because I don't smoke in the trailer, and I was looking at the moon. ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/15/17 21:10Prescott ValleyAZUSALightStill goingSaw an unexplained light over 89A Prescott valley/Chino Valley AZ area. Light stayed constant. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD))2/17/17
2/15/17 21:00WichitaKSUSAOtherindefinitely2 objects that look like stars moving erratically and stopping abruptly. ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/15/17 20:30Lava Hot SpringsIDUSALight1-2 hoursBright lights in southeast Idaho sky.2/17/17
2/15/17 20:20Annestown (Republic of Ireland)IrelandDiamond20 minutes
2/15/17 20:00ShawneeKSUSATriangleSecondsGroup of v-shaped lights doing complex movements.2/17/17
2/15/17 20:00AustinNVUSATriangle3 minutesWe saw a bright light in the southern sky. Instantly, it changed to a triangle with 2 lights in each corner.2/17/17
2/15/17 20:00ShawneeKSUSATriangleSecondsGroup of v shaped lights doing complex movements.2/17/17
2/15/17 20:00Jersey CityNJUSASphere~3 hoursWhite orb intelligent actions.2/17/17
2/15/17 19:50HarperTXUSALight~6 seconds((ADDENDUM FROM WITNESS)) Bright, round light moving fast traveling from West to East.2/22/17
2/15/17 19:50ChillicotheOHUSATriangle3Crazy lights in the sky.2/17/17
2/15/17 19:50ChillicotheOHUSAUnknown5 minutesLights in a row in the sky the tons appered out of no where all bliking2/17/17
2/15/17 19:50HarperTXUSALight10 secondsWhite light moving West to East at a high rate of speed.2/17/17
2/15/17 19:40BethelOHUSALight25 secondsOrange lights in sky Clermont county Ohio2/17/17
2/15/17 19:25AberdeenNCUSALightOne object hovering over Starview Rd., and Pee Dee Rd.,Rd Sand Springs got brighter then slowly moved heading south US HYW 15-501 disa2/17/17
2/15/17 19:00WichitaKSUSACircle1 minute eachOrange balls of light in the sky. ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/15/17 18:48Cape GirardeauMOUSALight5 minutesThere was a visible steady white light coming out of a Westerly Direction at about the 10 o'clock position traversing across the sky in2/17/17
2/15/17 09:50AlgoodTNUSAEgg5 secondsI saw a boomerang shaped aircraft in the beautiful night sky.2/17/17
2/15/17 05:35AshtabulaOHUSA2-3 minutesOn February 15th while traveling west on interstate 90 near Ashtabula OH. Mile marker 226 around 5:35 am I witnessed the a strange blue2/17/17
2/15/17 02:00IndependenceKYUSASphere10minMy brother law and myself were in my driveway finishing up his truck when the neighbors dog started going crazy.we both stood up to see12/1/19
2/15/17 01:00Florianopolis (Brazil)BrazilSphere2 minutosLevantei para tomar água na cozinha. O bebedouro fica ao lado da janela, 4o. andar. Olhei para a janela e vi uma bola branca passando,9/28/17
2/15/17Strathmore (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown90 minutesSandollar disk with black rolling circles hollow centre passing over the surface. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))2/17/17
2/14/17 23:00GoodyearAZUSAOther5-8 minutesThese were fairly bright like an amber orb? There was 5 before i got to my brothers room there was only 2 remaining.4/7/17
2/14/17 22:00RedlandsCAUSAChanging30 minutesSlow moving and instant size changing orb with ring around it. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius, or some other "twinkling" star?? PD))2/22/17
2/14/17 21:00TorranceCAUSALight3 minutesAt just past 21:00 on Feb 14, I stepped outside to view the evening sky. Orion is usually up at this time. As I looked up I noticed2/17/17
2/14/17 20:00ClaremontCAUSAOther7 secondsFour big white lights in the sky over SoCal.2/17/17
2/14/17 19:35BethlehemPAUSAFireball2 minutesOne White light and one reddish ball of fire light by grocery store in Bethlehem Pa.2/17/17
2/14/17 19:30VancouverWAUSATriangle10 secondsTriangle flying object in Vancouver, WA.2/17/17
2/14/17 19:30SavannahGAUSACircle15 minutesCircular glowing objects gliding in the sky.1/4/19
2/14/17 17:53PortlandORUSASphere15 minutesMultiple glowing red/orange orbs, stationary, moving, changing course over Portland, OR9/21/17
2/14/17 16:15Baghdad (Iraq)IraqTeardrop15-20 minutesTeardrop+spherical secondaries 15-20 minutes the objects traveled in a relative slow speed then desapp.2/17/17
2/14/17 10:33Elorza (Venezuela)VenezuelaDisk5 minI was taking panoramic pictures and when I was looking at them saw the UFO like shape of the saucer6/2/17
2/14/17 06:45Huntington BeachCAUSALight40 secondsportal in the sky opened, remained briefly, then closed12/23/20
2/14/17 06:32Los AngelesCAUSALight15 secondsBright light over LA county disappears.2/17/17
2/14/17 06:20RosevilleCAUSALight2 minutesA star-like object moving slowly and eminating light downward and sideways then disappearing.2/17/17
2/14/17 06:20PioneerCAUSASphere1 minuteBright white spherical object with thin tail. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy launch of ICBM missile from a submarine. PD))3/10/17
2/14/17 06:20TurlockCAUSALight15-20 secondsBright light over Turlock, CA.2/17/17
2/14/17 06:20AuburnNYUSAOther10 minutesTo the W, I saw huge ball if light. It was too big to be a star or planet.((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by airline employee. PD))2/17/17
2/14/17 06:19West Lake VillageCAUSACircleDriving on 405 going north saw a light in the middle of the sky remaining still. Didn't move and was just sitting there. Disappeared2/17/17
2/14/17 06:15HollisterCAUSALight4 minutesSaw a light in the sky towards the south and thought it could be a plane or helicopter. It began to make a zig zag pattern in the sky a2/17/17
2/14/17 03:30StaffordVAUSALight1 hour((HOAX??)) Faint light in the sky with an adjacent light accross the initial light and occasional third light ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/14/17 01:15KelsoWAUSALight13 minutesBlinding orange light, followed by time loss.2/17/17
2/14/17 01:00LexingtonKYUSAOval30 secondsOval appeared out of nowhere, green lights in front orange back with tracer, darted across sky, lights off and black oval hoovered2/17/17
2/14/17 00:00GoodyearAZUSAOther5-8 minutesBright, amber, 5 of them, 2 remain after 30 seconds.4/20/17
2/13/17 23:00MortonILUSACircle30 secondsBall of white light seen while driving on interstate near morton driving into peoria.2/22/17
2/13/17 23:00Fort MyersFLUSACross5minAs driving noticed cross shaped object hovering. Turned around to take pictures. As my husband stood up in sun roof object took off so6/25/20
2/13/17 22:00AlcesterSDUSASphere30 minutesUfo east if house.2/17/17
2/13/17 22:00FranklinNHUSATriangle30 minutesTriangle shaped object with Red, blue and white lights, opera glasses used. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))2/17/17
2/13/17 21:30Concord - PenecookNHUSAFireball30-45 secondsWent to take the dog out to go the bathroom (she hadn't been out since 3 pm ). When she got to the bottom of the stairs I opened the do2/17/17
2/13/17 21:30West UnionIAUSAChevron10 minutesMyself my wife and a friend stepped outside. While out in front of the house no more than a few minutes later we noticed 8 orange glowi2/17/17
2/13/17 21:15HighlandsNCUSASphere15-25 minutesBright Yellow Orb hovering low in the night sky.2/17/17
2/13/17 21:15New York CityNYUSALight4 secondsI was driving on the FDR towards the Bronx, green ligh flew in direction from the river towards the city,object flew fast lasting about2/17/17
2/13/17 21:10WallNJUSAFireball30 secondsI was driving northbound on the parkway, when I saw a bright ball of white light drop quickly from the sky just beyond the southbound s2/17/17
2/13/17 21:05FranklinMAUSASphere3 secondsBright green sphere flying extremally & scary fast overhead2/17/17
2/13/17 21:00LudlowKYUSASphere15 minutes and ongoingBright oval shaped object.2/17/17
2/13/17 20:00WatsonvilleCAUSASphere5>Red spheres.3/10/17
2/13/17 20:00CapitolaCAUSASphere>15 minutes6 bright red orb-like objects in the sky hovering above Monterey Bay.2/17/17
2/13/17 20:00MedinaOHUSARectangle1 minuteResemble Phoenix lights craft. Very high rate of speed. Faster than any know fighter jets. Made no sound. ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/13/17 19:30Mt. OrabOHUSALight5 minutes3 orange/yellow lights suddenly appeared, seemed to "fall" into each other, and then disappeared; three times. ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/13/17 18:40BrickNJUSALight3 minutesBright white light, moved slowly eastward then slowly faded out. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))2/17/17
2/13/17 15:09Santa AnaCAUSA2 secondI notice there was a blue dot circle flying in my video for about 2 seconds. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare. PD))2/17/17
2/13/17 09:20Park CityUTUSATriangleHello, So on February 13th 2017 I was driving home by myself from work. I worked in Heber City, Utah. The road from Heber to Park C11/3/17
2/13/17 01:08DetroitMIUSATriangle45 seconds((HOAX??)) Black triangle that has color change led look lights that formed triquetra in the middle very big ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/13/17KingsportTNUSAUnknownDriving down I-81 South. Object was very bright like a star. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus? PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 22:53RichlandWAUSACircle1 minutebigger than 2 football fields, lightning white lights flashing all the way around and red lights flashing all around the white lights2/17/17
2/12/17 22:15Apache JunctionAZUSALightRound flashYellow round flashes2/17/17
2/12/17 21:30MokulieaHIUSAChanging20 minutesUFO. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 21:22AbingdonVAUSAUnknownseveral minutesfaint orange lighted craft flying high and quiet over abingdon va heading toward marion va.2/17/17
2/12/17 20:30PeoriaAZUSACircle1 hourStationary bright white light west of Peoria, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus. PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 20:30TigardORUSAOtherOn hour before settingSpotted a bright light directly west of my position at 45°23'60: N. 122°46'53W.  ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 20:00Winter HavenFLUSACircle~10 minutesMy wife spotted the three fireball looking spheres in the sky over the lake alfred carefree cove area. From 17 92 intersection2/17/17
2/12/17 19:00WausauWIUSALight2+ hours still goingSnail Speed, Moving Star, Extreemly bright, Wausau's skycams kept going down. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 19:00NoveltyOHUSADiamond7 minutesStrange bright light/object western sky geauga county. ((NUFOR Note: Possible sighting of Venus? PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 19:00KingNCUSASphere~2 hoursFast spinning Orbs with light hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 18:45Saint PaulMNUSACircle>3 hours2 seen hoving. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 18:37Orland ParkILUSAUnknown30 secondsLow, BRIGHT white light.2/17/17
2/12/17 18:03Palm HarborFLUSALight~3 minutesI was on my break at work, when I saw what I had assumed to be a planet or star out the window. I then realized that the object was mov7/23/20
2/12/17 15:45TorranceCAUSALight10 minutesToday at 15:15 my wife and I went to visit her mother and arrived there at 15:35. At 15:45 my son called us and said he could see a UF2/17/17
2/12/17 15:00ValenciaCAUSATriangle3-4 minutesDay time 5 objects or one large object with 5 identifiable points2/17/17
2/12/17 08:30Winter SpringsFLUSACigar60 secondsWhite lit cigar shaped object moving very quickly and effortlessly for a minute before disappearing to the East in the blink of an eye.2/17/17
2/12/17 02:45LithiaFLUSAFireball4 secondsLarge green fireball fall from northeast coast toward southeast.2/17/17
2/12/17 02:03Fredericton (Canada)NBCanadaChanging15 minutesBright, multi coloured, shape changing object, very large, low in the sky, hovering then moving off quickly.2/17/17
2/12/17 01:30Brook ParkMNUSAOtherCurrentWe noticed a sweet fruity smell and a smell that was dusty and smelt like gun powder. The dogs were sniffing as well. We got sick and d2/17/17
2/12/17 01:25Rancho Palos VerdesCAUSATriangle4 minutesDuring my rounds around the property I observed a triangle shaped craft flashing multiple lights at a low altitude. The craft came from2/17/17
2/11/17 21:50AnokaMNUSALight20 secondsI seen this perfectly round, super bright white ball and round like a marble. ((anonymous report))7/23/17
2/11/17 21:15WausauWIUSACircleI was driving home from work, the sky was overcast and I noticed 3, what I thought might have been a planet and stars, but it was to ov2/17/17
2/11/17 21:00Fuquay VarinaNCUSACircle5 minutesWhile taking the family dog outside it was identified that an unknown glowing orange object around 1000 feet up was flying just above o2/17/17
2/11/17 20:00StevensvilleMTUSALight10 minutesLarge bright light with some red moving very slowly in the west. Then just faded. Two nights in a row. Second night seen by three peopl2/17/17
2/11/17 19:38SarasotaFLUSACircle5 minutesBright orange flare like objects moving very slowly in night sky.2/17/17
2/11/17 19:09AmiteLAUSACircle25 min.Twenty one orange red objects observed over a period of 20 minutes traveling due north.3/10/17
2/11/17 19:00Saint PetersburgFLUSALight4 minutesI came out from house and sae 5 red lights in the sky couple minutes...than lights gone2/17/17
2/11/17 19:00Saint PetersburgFLUSALight4 minutes5 red lights in the sky.i make just with cellphone galaxy note 3 pics...processed in colored pics .try get sharp is poss2/17/17
2/11/17 18:35BozemanMTUSAOther5-7 minutesBright Lights Appearing Over Bozeman Pass, Montana.2/17/17
2/11/17 18:31LawrenceKSUSATriangle5 minutesSlow, massive, low flying triangle2/17/17
2/11/17 17:20SummerdaleALUSALight30 seconds to 1 minuteI work in a facility that doesn't allow photography or cellphones. I and my superviser stepped outside (cloudy day) and to the north o3/10/17
2/11/17 15:00PasadenaMDUSATriangle2 minutesVery bright no sound shaped like a triangle.2/17/17
2/11/17 14:45AmesIAUSATriangle3 secondsThree lights in a triangular formation.2/17/17
2/11/17 01:00Port OrchardWAUSAFormation2 hoursThey made no noise they hovered stationary two hours and did nothing while there were other planes in the air but they never moved.2/17/17
2/10/17 20:18Ft. LauderdaleFLUSASphere20 minutesOrb that reflected sky...moved on left sidea of moon headed north..then tracked back and moved to higher position , then lower and the6/2/17
2/10/17 19:15Hurdle MillsNCUSAUnknown30 minutesMissing time during return trip home from picking up pizza.2/17/17
2/10/17 19:05DuluthGAUSACylinder1 minuteI am a firefighter, while responding to a call I glanced over to the full moon and the glow that it had around it. I saw a long cylinde2/17/17
2/10/17 19:00HollywoodCAUSAChanging3 mintuesShape shifting balls possible UFO.4/7/17
2/10/17 18:35New KentVAUSALight2 minutesTo our left we spotted two orange/red lights at the same altitude close to each other, able to travel lateral. The lights turned off a2/17/17
2/10/17 18:00Long BeachNYUSA10Circle I. Sky ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides minimum of information. Looks like missile launch. PD))2/17/17
2/10/17 15:00EaganMNUSAUnknown5 minutesBright light against sun, magnificent brightness and maneuverability through clouds, dim to dark and bright. ((anonymous report))2/10/17
2/10/17 11:45Tirunelveli (India)IndiaLight40It is a sunny day with a clear sky. A white light sphere shape object moved towards the east side of my house at 11:45 am on 02/10/20175/15/20
2/10/17 10:15HowellMIUSAFireball15 minutes((HOAX??)) Their was a lantern/ship flying fast. ((anonymous report))2/17/17
2/9/17 22:15NortonVAUSAUnknown60 secondsThree strong, pulsing lights hovering in sky North of Orton, in the direction of the operational coal tipple one red light in center, i2/10/17
2/9/17 20:30AdelIAUSALight5 minutesBright bronze light in low Eastern horizon, slowly moving North; sighted in Adel, IA.4/7/17
2/9/17 20:00Johnson CityTNUSACircle1 hourRound craft seen over Johnson City, Tn. Multiple witnesses. Had the effects of egg embryo in close look through high power night scope.2/10/17
2/9/17 18:00BridgetonMOUSAFormation5 minutesGlowing bright bronze colored orbs in a line near expressway (I-70) in the departure end of the runway near the airport in STL.2/17/17
2/9/17 10:40Red BankNJUSAFlash2 minutes +((HOAX??)) Ok i wake up and noticed one plane with flashing lights making away from me so i watched it keep stopping and going…2/10/17
2/9/17 05:15ValdostaGAUSACircle0:0:20My friend and I saw the same orbs of lights from opposite ends of a entire city.2/10/17
2/9/17 03:20FredericksburgVAUSADisk4.5 minutesSaucer like object with strobbing lights and lighted figures seen roaming within Fredericksburg Forest trail2/17/17
2/9/17 00:00ColumbiaCTUSAFireball2 hoursI was awake watching television and there were flashing red and blue lights in the sky they remained for a hour till a red orb about 152/10/17
2/9/17YoungstownOHUSAFireballOngoingLooks like an asteroid. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in the western sky?? PD))2/10/17
2/8/17 22:30TucsonAZUSAUnknown10 minutesBright red light traveled across sky in Tucson, Arizona. No sound, then flickers out to the west of city.2/17/17
2/8/17 21:30KirklandILUSALight10 secondsReddish orange light that got brighter and dimmed out, twice, the second time getting brighter and dimming out even quicker.2/10/17
2/8/17 21:30AvondaleAZUSALight5-10 minutesLarge orange/reddish light high in the sky, moves horizontal and fades away.2/10/17
2/8/17 20:45NaplesFLUSALight1 hourSolid round off white light, first confused with the North Star but was too big. Light was stationery. ((anonymous report))2/10/17
2/8/17 20:40North Myrtle BeachSCUSALight10 minutesLarge bright light stationary in the sky, watched for a good 8-10min then had to run to the store real quick before 9pm. When I got bac2/10/17
2/8/17 20:35EspanolaNMUSASphere15 minutesCraft spotted hovering above Walgreens in Espanola,N:M:2/17/17
2/8/17 17:00KingfieldMEUSA3 minutesBright light over Mt. Abraham in Kingfield, ME. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus?? PD))2/17/17
2/8/17 16:00Pinion HillsCAUSAChevron2Myself and 5 other witnesses saw 2 small aircraft flying low near Wrightwood, CA. They were a triangle chevron shape.2/10/17
2/8/17 06:00Lloydminster (Canada)ABCanadaFireball5 minutesA ball of fire in the sky.3/17/17
2/8/17 05:30Liberty HillTXUSAOval2 minutesOval tipped object blueish glow moving very slowly NW to E low in sky no sound almost transparent, I got very dizzy.2/10/17
2/7/17 23:15Land O'LakesFLUSALight1 minuteGreen neon light in the shape of an orb crossed state Road 54, moved from North to south, crossed the road and went into the woods on t2/10/17
2/7/17 21:47Bay St. LouisMSUSAOval3 minutesThe object was round and admitted light,but made no sound Like electro magnetic propulsion system.The object was moving from east to w2/10/17
2/7/17 21:30NampaIDUSATriangle50 minutesTriangle shaped. Orange to red glow. Would be dim, bright, and disappear. Then reappear in different location. Silent.2/10/17
2/7/17 21:30TucsonAZUSAOther2-5 minutesFour strobing lights seen in motion moving from the south to the west in Tucson, AZ with military activity present2/10/17
2/7/17 21:29MelbaIDUSAOval18 minutesOval shape with yellow, red, blue, and green pulsating lights observed for 18 minutes in a dark sky.2/10/17
2/7/17 20:30StockbridgeGAUSADiamond30Me and my wife were sitting on the porch when I noticed a slow moving aircraft. This didn't look or move like a normal aircraft. It had2/10/17
2/7/17 20:00Port OrchardWAUSACone2 minutesCircular craft with blue illumination bright white lights2/10/17
2/7/17 19:45Port OrchardWAUSALight20 secondsDriving west on SR 16 just west of Purdy Drive saw a bright blue light SE part of sky followed by blue green light lasted about 20 sec.2/17/17
2/7/17 19:20MaconGAUSAOther2 minutesHovering over the interstate. 2 large circles on the ends of aircraft at the bottom a bright light lit the sky up.((anonymous report))2/10/17
2/7/17 19:20MaconGAUSAOther2 minutesHovering over the interstate two large circles on each end with a bright light that lit up the sky. Between the two 3 rectangular light2/10/17
2/7/17 13:00Sao Paulo (Brasil)BrazilCigar10 secondsAvistamento de um CHARUTO metalico de uns 50 metros de largura.2/10/17
2/7/17 11:15HuntingtonWVUSACircle5 minutesRecorded 3 different orange balls flying from same direction. No sound and disappeared after flying so far. ((anonymous report))2/22/17
2/6/17 22:50ArnoldPAUSAUnknown15 minutesOrange glow over western PA.2/10/17
2/6/17 22:30AlbuquerqueNMUSADisk<1 minuteMile marker 149 I-40 on the outer west edge of Albuquerque, NM. ((NUFORC Note: Other reports. USAF craft being shipped? PD))2/10/17
2/6/17 21:00St. PetersburgFLUSAOther3-4 minutesObject with two lights moving erratically after green fireball dissipated.2/10/17
2/6/17 20:30Delhi (India)IndiaDiamond2.5 hoursSeen a very bright star for 2.5 hours and then it disappear. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD))2/10/17
2/6/17 20:15SalisburyMDUSAOther10 secondsVery Large "parentheses" shaped craft In Salisbur,y MD.2/10/17
2/6/17 18:09Panama City Beach, gulfFLUSACigar15 secondsI saw suddenly 2 lights appear as I looked into saw in a distance 2 lights and then another 3 lights that then appeared to be 5 or so t2/10/17
2/6/17 18:00PortlandORUSALight1 hourObject is in high orbit, many different patterns of movement. It appears to have thrusts of some kind going out in all directions to he2/10/17
2/6/17 04:22Port OrchardWAUSAUnknown4 secondsI was pulling out my drive way the sky lit up a blue/green color for 4 sec then it happened again about 1 minute later.2/10/17
2/6/17 02:35WhitehallMIUSAFlash10 secondsGreen comet? Over west Michigan. ((NUFORC Note: Reported by the news media as a meteor. PD))2/10/17
2/6/17 02:30MinneapolisMNUSALight2 secondsFast moving ball of light over Mississippi River in Minneapolis.2/10/17
2/6/17 02:30ReynoldsburgOHUSA30 secondsGreen fire. ((NUFORC Note: Reported by the news media as a bright meteor. PD))2/10/17
2/6/17 01:15Oak LawnILUSAFireball6-7 secondsOak Lawn, Illinois, Bright greenish/white floating ball of light came from the sky like a projectile leaving behind a red trail.2/10/17
2/6/17 00:13RedwayCAUSAFlashCaFlash of green light in the sky right before the power when out.2/10/17
2/6/17 00:10LancasterPAUSASphere~1 secondEmitted a bright white light. ((anonymous report))2/10/17
2/5/17 23:25AthensMIUSATriangle10 minutesRed/White triangle, and "helo" rotor sound,2/10/17
2/5/17 23:23PuyallupUSA3-5 seconds2 Bright Blue Flashes with sound.2/10/17
2/5/17 22:30Rivera MayaNMMexicoLight10 minutesBright Red Circle in the Sky making Rationous Moves2/10/17
2/5/17 22:05ChicagoILUSACircle15 minutesRed glowing ball moving south then went slowly strait up and stopped before it came back down slowly twice, started flashing before it2/10/17
2/5/17 21:48CarmineTXUSASphere15 secondsAt 9:48 pm around Feb 5th a Orange solid glowing basketball size object was flying 30,000 feet or more moving at a constant speed.3/10/17
2/5/17 21:30Village of CaledoniaWIUSAChanging1.5 hours+Ball of light that changes shape. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD))2/10/17
2/5/17 21:10Saint John (Canada)NBCanadaOther7 minutesDark green object shoots straight up from mountain.2/10/17
2/5/17 21:00ClintonTNUSACircle1 minuteI saw a circular object with around 10 lights in a circular patten around it,. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect the star, Sirius. PD))2/10/17
2/5/17 19:00ManalapanNJUSAChanging2 hoursI witnessed a light in the sky that was stationary. 2 hours. The light changed shape at least 3 times. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/10/17
2/5/17 19:00SanteeCAUSACircle20 minutesLarge circular pattern of at least 20 bright white indiviual lights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))2/10/17
2/5/17 19:00BendORUSAFormation30 minutes27+ lights in formation quickly moving across sky synchronized.2/10/17
2/5/17 18:30ClarksvilleTNUSAOval3 minute intervalsObjects were flying behind the clouds in an Erractic pattern slow but Erractic like someone was Moving 3 big flaslights in the sky It w2/10/17
2/5/17 12:00MadisonWIUSACircleWhite orb over Lake Mendota, Madison, WI. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare, caused by photographing the Sun. PD))2/10/17
2/5/17 01:35SahuaritaAZUSATriangle3 minutesSahuarita, Arizona, lights.2/10/17
2/4/17 20:30MiramarFLUSACylinder30 minutesEyewitness account of Red Flashing UFOs in Miramar, FL. ((anonymous report))2/10/17
2/4/17 17:53Queen CreekAZUSAChanging8 minutesRed/orange object--circle to chevron shape with lights hovering overhead with no sound2/10/17
2/4/17 17:00MarshallMNUSASphere7 secondsBright neon/forest green orb moved under the clouds. Entered view with a bright flash and a momentary tail. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?))2/10/17
2/4/17 17:00SomervilleMAUSAOther15 minutesSmall bright object falling from the early evening sky after seemingly breaking apart in the lower atmosphere.2/10/17
2/4/17 15:50Cape May Court HouseNJUSALight~10 minutesI was driving around because my son fell asleep in the car. While traveling SSE I noticed what I thought to be a meteor.2/10/17
2/4/17 03:24Rancho Palos VerdesCAUSALight2 minutesSaw a red circular orb light with other orbs circling it in the night sky. ((anonymous report))2/10/17
2/3/17 22:58UTUSACircle30+ minutesMoving ball of light.3/10/17
2/3/17 21:35Lake WorthFLUSACircle35 secondsI smoke on my front porch frequently I was out tonight and saw a bright orange ball I thought it was a planet but it was lower. I looke2/10/17
2/3/17 21:30WalkerLAUSAOtherstill presentRed and green light craft over Walker, Louisiana for several days now. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))2/10/17
2/3/17 21:00HuttoTXUSAFormation2 seconds5-6 red lights appear over the night sky.2/10/17
2/3/17 20:33SarasotaFLUSACircle4 minutesSaw Orange glow headed in the South East direction. Seemed to flicker as it got past us.2/10/17
2/3/17 20:30LouisvilleKYUSACircle20 minutesBright round orb in sky appeared to be moving slow. Carefully watched and the light dimmed and lowed in sky then brightened and rose b2/10/17
2/3/17 20:00PhoenixAZUSALight4 hoursPhx, I lookup and saw this intense light just hovering no not that it was fix no plane or helicopter. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/10/17
2/3/17 20:00GambrillsMDUSALight1 hourSeen a bright light in the sky a lot bigger than any star. First it was going left then it was going up. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/10/17
2/3/17 19:00Flagler BeachFLUSATriangle5 minutesDriving towards home, and the lights cuaght my eye. As I looked up, it seemed like I was under a shadow even though it was dark. It was2/10/17
2/3/17 18:44FlaglerFLUSATriangle~2 minutesGiant triangle over the river. It was big. It has amber colored lights on the underside at each wing end. It hovered low, about 52/10/17
2/3/17 18:35Flagler BeachFLUSATriangle5-10 minutesDark Triangular Object Approx 500 ft in width and was NOT a B2. Flagler Beach.2/17/17
2/3/17 17:30WebsterWIUSALight2 hoursWe observed a shining light in the southwest sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Venus. PD))2/10/17
2/3/17 10:23St. CharlesMOUSAOther1 minuteDiamond shaped silent craft with single light and 4 illuminated tapered trapezoidal wing segments. ((anonymous report))2/10/17
2/3/17 01:00BristolRIUSATriangle5 secondsThe object appeared as three white lights and when going to look at the lights they moved so fast they appeared as white lines across t2/16/18
2/3/17 00:00IndianapolisINUSADisk10 minutesI was on the highway on e 38th st & pendleton pike when I seen a object that resembled the sun it was a bright ball of light hovering o5/11/17
2/2/17 22:00HowellNJUSATriangle5 minutesI was turning down West Farms Road when I saw a triangle shaped object flying on its side. Very bright .2/10/17
2/2/17 20:00MesaAZUSALight20 seconds3 Pulsing yellow/orange lights. ((anonymous report))2/3/17
2/2/17 19:00KailuaHIUSALight60 minutesBright light morphed into 2 lights, morphed back into 1, moved, then disappeared. ((anonymous report))2/10/17
2/2/17 18:30MobileALUSAFireball1 hourOrange fireballs for 3 days at the same time of day each day, with some weird stuff happening after.((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/3/17
2/2/17 16:00FultonNYUSASphere2-3 minutesFormation of silvery orbs spotted over Fulton NY daytime UFO sighting7/5/19
2/2/17 12:45BuffaloNYUSALight5 secondsLoud thunder sounding noise green Object went by2/3/17
2/2/17 01:35HarringtonWAUSAOval20 minutesVery slow moving object in night sky.3/10/17
2/1/17 00:00EurekaMOUSADiskWitnessed trailer hauling flying saucer. ((NUFORC Note: Other reports. Piece of USAF equipment. PD))2/10/17
2/1/17 23:43WilliamsvilleNYUSALight10 secondsLight up the entire sky.2/3/17
2/1/17 23:00DawsonvilleGAUSACircle2 hoursBright white circular light doing figure 8 motions, oval motions, and straight dir. motions. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial object. PD))2/3/17
2/1/17 22:50TempeAZUSALight10 minutesFour orange lights Tempe.2/3/17
2/1/17 22:15Fort Leonard WoodMOUSADisk1 minuteDriving N 15 mi. N of Ft. Leonard Wood on I-44 north last night at exactly 10:15 pm. saw line of police cars spaced out .2/3/17
2/1/17 21:02HopeIDUSAUnknownFew minutesObject that gave off a changing red/orange/green light. Very large. ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Sirius? Anonymous report. PD))2/3/17
2/1/17 20:00AngolaNYUSALight2 weeksI had a client call me about a sighting Over herrplace Angola ny. ((2/3/17
2/1/17 20:00ArvadaCOUSAFormation15 minutesWe drive our car in the night when we see objects of orange and red lights in a formation in the sky . couple they move and the others2/3/17
2/1/17 19:40AzusaCAUSAChanging40-60 secondsObject sighted coming in low from foothill area, morphed into 3 rotating ovals and went east and up.2/3/17
2/1/17 18:30JacksonvilleFLUSAOtherOngoingOval with flashing green and red lights, hovering and no sound.2/3/17
2/1/17 18:25West SeattleWAUSAUnknown4 minutesI was on a flight from Seattle to Portland and about 10 minutes after take off, I noticed two lights together off the left side of the2/10/17
2/1/17 17:46New LondonCTUSAChevron35 secondsBright V-shaped object over New London, near Court House2/3/17
2/1/17 17:30AbingtonMAUSASphere2 minutesAround 5:30PM I was in front of my house when I noticed a bright light in the Northeastern Sky passing by the Beehive Cluster. It seeme2/3/17
2/1/17 15:00HelenaARUSALightUnknownINCREDIBLE SIGHTING WITH IMAGES2/17/17
2/1/17 12:00not sureAZUSAOval1 minuteI photographed a hot air balloon thru my vehicle's windshield. A few days later I enlarged photo for a close up view.3/10/17
2/1/17 11:30GreerSCUSALight3 secondsI observed a white, illuminating dot hovering in the night sky and it ascended and disappeared. ((anonymous report))6/22/17
2/1/17 09:12Los Angeles/Sherman OaksCAUSALightsecondsTwo small bright lights moving slightly, they were not touching, than disappeared. There were no clouds2/3/17
2/1/17 06:00ChicagoILUSALight2 hoursNotice an object over Chicago west of the moon, I waited an hour to see if it moved. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/3/17
2/1/17 05:05DubuqueIAUSADisk3 secondsFebruary 1, 2017 was driving west, alone across Julien Dubuque bridge.(Between Iowa and Ill.) When looking up I saw a disk shaped c3/10/17