National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/2011


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/11 23:00LakesideCAUSAFireball8 minutesGlowing orange orb that pulsated like fire and flew silently overhead.12/20/12
10/31/11 21:30Round lakeILUSASphere3-4 minutes2 orange balls of light hovering over a city I HAVE VIDEO !12/12/11
10/31/11 21:15MonroeMIUSAFireball1-2 MinutesOrange Fireball hovering close to Fermi Nuclear Power Plant12/12/11
10/31/11 21:00HersheyPAUSACircle15 min or more((HOAX??) I was walking on the walk path on the left side of the hershey med cntr when i sall a bright light in the shape of a star.12/12/11
10/31/11 20:40PortlandMEUSALight30 secondsFive points of light, bit brighter than stars, all moving erratically in one direction12/12/11
10/31/11 20:30Somers PointNJUSAFireball5 minutes2 bright orange lights observed by 7 people over south jersey.12/12/11
10/31/11 20:30Dehradun (Uttar Pradesh) (India)IndiaFlashfew secondsIt was a conical flare at very high speed( 50M?), no sound and it was there for few seconds.12/12/11
10/31/11 20:30LancasterPAUSATriangle5 MinutesBright Object Near Lancaster.12/12/11
10/31/11 20:15Rock SpringsWYUSASphere2 minutesOne white star like light over Rock Springs Wyoming12/12/11
10/31/11 20:00SarasotaFLUSAOther6 secondsbright light fading then reappear in same spot in sky12/12/11
10/31/11 19:30Thousand OaksCAUSAOtherabout 30 minutesgreen dot floating sudden acceleration12/12/11
10/31/11 19:30QuincyILUSAOval40 secondsPassing from west to east, at approximately 3000 feet altitude, at 19:30 hours on Halloween night, a brilliant, white, oversized, star-12/12/11
10/31/11 19:20Castro ValleyCAUSAFormation5 minutes5 to 7 orange lights seen floating low in the sky slowy fade out.12/12/11
10/31/11 19:15ClovisCAUSASphere60 secondsTwo glowing spheres observed hovering then moving in the night sky Halloween night.12/12/11
10/31/11 19:15SeattleWAUSAFireball2 minutesGlowing orange orb flying North to South across Lake Washington 10/31/201112/12/11
10/31/11 19:00ParmaOHUSALight1 minHalloween lights over Parma Ohio12/12/11
10/31/11 19:00DoverNHUSATriangle10 secondsBright triangular object quickly disappeared. 10 second view.12/12/11
10/31/11 19:00WichitaKSUSATriangle30+ min.Saw a bright tear-like triangular shape in the sky that did not move for more than 30 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter? PD))12/12/11
10/31/11 08:30MonroeMIUSAFireball3-4 minsMe and my fiancee were out side taking down are holloween decorations and she was throwing something away in the garabage at curb.She y12/12/11
10/31/11 06:45TorranceCAUSARectangle5 minutesEarly morning Sighting in Torrance CA from 110 Fwy Pulsing Stationary object12/12/11
10/31/11 03:46Castleton on HudsonNYUSAFireball4 secWhite orange falling star turning to blue green as it descended. Northwest over Hudson River, Albany, NY12/12/11
10/31/11 00:15Colorado SpringsCOUSAFormationit has been about an hourFirework type of formation hovering south of Pike's Peak12/12/11
10/31/11 00:00HardshellKYUSALight1 minuteOrange lights.12/2/13
10/31/11Lees SummitMOUSAOvalOval shaped lights that dispersed.11/12/15
10/30/11 23:30ColumbusOHUSACigar4-5 MinutesPossible UFO's over Columbus Ohio October 29th12/12/11
10/30/11 23:20CleburneTXUSATriangle5 secondsTraveling southwest, triangular dim lit silent craft. Translucent with approximately twenty lights. Wife was outside with the dog and s12/12/11
10/30/11 21:15TurnerMEUSAFireball90 secondsRed orb comes down our driveway7/4/12
10/30/11 21:05RonkonkomaNYUSALight45 seconds10/30/2011 21:00 Ronkonkoma NY bright reddish orange round lights triangular formation UFO's 10/30/1112/12/11
10/30/11 21:00RonkonkomaNYUSALight45 seconds10/30/2011 21:00 Ronkonkoma NY bright reddish orange round lights triangular formation UFO's 10/30/1112/12/11
10/30/11 20:02Canyon LakeTXUSAOval30-45 secondsBright white oval jumps southwest then disappears into thin air.12/12/11
10/30/11 20:00RiponCAUSAChevron10 secondslarge V shaped craft.12/12/11
10/30/11 20:00Warrington (UK/England)United KingdomOther1 minute((HOAX? Date is flawed.)) Solid orange V shape flying past and over no lights just a solid radiating orange V4/18/12
10/30/11 19:25MartinsvilleVAUSASphere30 minutes14 yellowish/orange spears with protruding glowing rod coming out the back12/12/11
10/30/11 18:47London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle3minsHuge white circular object with flashing light on base and possible red lights either side12/12/11
10/30/11 18:00Sydney (Australia)AustraliaLightminuteHovering white light seen in Sydney, Australia12/12/11
10/30/11 17:30NazarethPAUSATeardrop1 hourTear Drop UFO observed for almost one hour, rapid movement with pictures and video link. Cant explain11/20/13
10/30/11 17:00HackensackNJUSAChanging1hr 20minsTo whom it may concern, I am reporting my sighting from last night October 30th 2011 appx. 5:00pm eastern. I am a resident of Nort12/12/11
10/30/11 16:00LaurelMDUSALight1 - 3 secondswhite light traveling fast12/12/11
10/30/11 10:00DenverCOUSATriangle10 seconds5 Orange balls of light in triagle formation followed by dim white light.12/12/11
10/30/11 05:22PascoWAUSAUnknown3 secondsAccelerating light12/12/11
10/30/11 00:35Kharkiv (Ukraine)UkraineOval5 minutes9 lighting flying objects in Kharkiv (Ukraine)12/12/11
10/30/11 00:30North Little RockARUSASpherefive minutesGlowing spheres over North Little Rock, Arkansas.12/12/11
10/30/11 00:00IndianapolisINUSALight5 MinParade of mysterious Lights traveling across Indianapolis sky for approx 5 min12/12/11
10/30/11 00:00BereaOHUSACircle2 minOrange light in the sky, that vanished suddenly.12/12/11
10/29/11 23:46San LeandroCAUSAOther3 secslights werent in a specific order though seemed to be one craft. 7 lights all together almost like bent blade. lights were orangish red12/12/11
10/29/11 23:40Tijuana (Mexico)MexicoSphere30 secondsfireball12/12/11
10/29/11 23:00FoxboroughMAUSAFlashSecondsUnidentified Green flashing Light During Blizzard12/12/11
10/29/11 22:00EncinitasCAUSALight30 secondsTwo orange orbs 200 ft away, disappear into thin air.12/12/11
10/29/11 22:00RockfordILUSALight2 miniutes3 red lights in rockford NOT planes!!!12/12/11
10/29/11 22:00WaterburyCTUSAUnknown2 minutesBright blue and green lights while large shadow hovers over neighborhood.12/12/11
10/29/11 21:55HamiltonOHUSALight5 minsOrange lights traveling across the night sky in Hamilton, Ohio12/12/11
10/29/11 21:30MingoIAUSACircle2 minSaw a UFO landing on 10/29/201112/12/11
10/29/11 21:30MadisonWIUSAOther3 minutesLarge L-shaped object with 9 red lights, not blinking, moving slowly and silent from North to South very low in sky7/4/12
10/29/11 21:30EffinghamILUSATriangle10 secondsMy husband and I were sitting in our hot tub and as I looked up I thought, “Wow, that is a large bird flying over us!” I didn’t know w12/12/11
10/29/11 21:00ChurubuscoINUSAFireball3 minCluster of red lights in the Churubusco sky12/12/11
10/29/11 20:00Cannon BeachORUSAUnknown25 minutesWhile coming out of Mo’s Restaurant off of Hwy 101 at Cannon Beach, my wife and I decided to walk on the beach near haystack rock as12/12/11
10/29/11 20:00WilliamsportPAUSAFormation5 minutesFormation of orange lights near Williamsport, PA. ((NUFORC Note: Report from law enforcement officer. PD))2/14/14
10/29/11 19:40Pine GroveCOUSASphere3 secBright Light moving low to the horizon from SW to NW viewed out of Pine Grove, Colorado12/12/11
10/29/11 19:07Bend/Burns (between)ORUSAChanging10 secondsVery bright orange sphere turns to 2 spheres and dissapears12/12/11
10/29/11 18:30Herefordshire (UK/England)United KingdomSphere10 secsGreen sphere viewed between the downs and Bromyard, Herefordshire.12/12/11
10/29/11 15:30RichmondKYUSACircle45 secblack circle object going through the clouds very large12/12/11
10/29/11 10:30WrightwoodCAUSADisk20 minqMy mother and father called my boyfriend ans I up to the deck when we arrived we saw a bright spot over the mountains as we watched fla12/12/11
10/29/11 08:00MeredithNHUSALight20 minutesredish orange lites spinning and dancing low in sky.12/12/11
10/29/11 02:30Kuwait City (near) (Kuwait)KuwaitCircle~10 minuteThree bright lights lined up on Orions Belt; darted across sky to form triangle7/3/13
10/29/11 00:14Fort SmithARUSAOval15-30 minutesTwo oval-like craft seen over Fort Smith, AR by 2 teens. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))12/12/11
10/28/11 21:45LaCrosseWIUSACylinder3 min3 objects, yellow cylinder shape with a red top in La crosse Wis.12/12/11
10/28/11 21:45Red HillPAUSAUnknown4 minutes3 Red/Orange Lights Traveling in a line then disappearing over Red Hill, Pa12/12/11
10/28/11 21:30TulsaOKUSACircle6 to 8 MinutesMy 2 Sons and myself were driving home around 8:30 P.M. We were about 3 blocks from our house. We were heading North on Rockford ave12/12/11
10/28/11 21:30JermynPAUSAOther4 minsJet tailing a completely blacked out silent object12/12/11
10/28/11 21:00Los AngelesCAUSALight10 secondsThree large lights in the water of Santa Monica bay with very blinding lights and then they dissipated into complete darkness12/12/11
10/28/11 20:15Machesney ParkILUSAFormation30 secondsBright orange lights over Machesney Park Illinois12/12/11
10/28/11 20:10LawrenceKSUSALight10-15 minsBright beacon style light sweeping over Lawrence. (Not the airport beacon)12/17/11
10/28/11 19:50BoothwynPAUSACircle1 minuteBright red and orange circle in sky that looked like a fireball12/12/11
10/28/11 19:30WarrenOHUSACross20-30 minutesIt was the exact shape of a plus sign a circle at end of all four arms ending in a point a larger circle in the center it was extremely6/20/19
10/28/11 19:18MenomonieWIUSASphere20-30 seconds2 Bright lights following each other heading North over Menomonie12/12/11
10/28/11 19:00BaytownTXUSALight10 secsRed Orange that glowed moving and stopping with my movements.12/12/11
10/28/11 19:00New BedfordMAUSASphere40min.Noticeable UFO's12/12/11
10/28/11 18:20Los Angeles (over lax)CAUSAOval30 sec viedo620PM LA,LAX CA OVAL SILVER, 30 SECONDS, 1 DISC @ FIRST THEN SPLIT INTO 5 DISC ON VIEDO12/12/11
10/28/11 16:39ScottsdaleAZUSAUnknown5min or lessThree to Five comet-like objects seen descending in the sky east of Scottsdale AZ, directional changes and reigniting flames.12/12/11
10/28/11 13:45PacificaCAUSARectangle3 minutesObserved a large rectangular object in the night sky with many colored lights which stayed in one place for three minutes.12/12/11
10/28/11 13:00MurfreesboroTNUSAFormation10 secondsweird falling flickering cloud12/12/11
10/28/11 11:00Delray BeachFLUSATriangle1 hourVery large, slow moving triangle12/12/11
10/28/11 06:30AndersonSCUSALightless than 1 min.Odd light effect in clouds12/12/11
10/28/11 06:00Alma CenterWIUSALight10 secondsTwo Bright Lights in three weeks sighted12/12/11
10/28/11 04:36GoodlettsvilleTNUSADiamond3 minutesLarge bright light moving slowly to the southwest west12/12/11
10/28/11 04:00BaltimoreMDUSALight120 min.On video12/12/11
10/28/11 02:50NorwalkCAUSAChevron3 minutesWhile on Security patrols at my workplace,I observed a brilliant light that kept increasing in illumination streaking high across the s12/12/11
10/28/11 02:30CaliforniaMOUSACircle10 minutesRound bright light that both hovered then zipped across entire sky12/12/11
10/28/11 02:00Big SurCAUSASphere15 minsReport Re. UFO off coast near Big Sur, CA @2:35-2:55 AM Oct 28, 2011 A large red star-like orb, many times brighter than any bright st12/12/11
10/28/11 00:46Redwood City (between San Fran and San Jose)CAUSAOther~12 to 15 secondsFollowed three pairs of white lights for ~15 seconds moving across the sky in formation, at a stellar distance.12/12/11
10/28/11 00:40GeorgetownKYUSATriangle10 minutesUFO sighting in Kentucky 10/28/11.12/12/11
10/28/11 00:00LaurelMDUSACircle10 minutesround object above the trees12/12/11
10/27/11 23:30MadisonWIUSATriangle5-7 secondsTriangular craft over Madison, WI12/12/11
10/27/11 22:45FranklinvilleNCUSACircleWhite/Yellow glowing circular light that moves in many directions slowly.12/12/11
10/27/11 22:18St. LouisMOUSAUnknown3 Seconds or soWorld Series Game 6 in St Louis on 10/27 @10:18pm CST Light 'Flying' rear of blimp - unknown12/12/11
10/27/11 22:00MarshfieldWIUSATriangle1 MinuteWisconsin, Triangular, 3 red lights, no sound12/12/11
10/27/11 21:45AlbuquerqueNMUSATriangleSecondsFast, quiet and flying low over Albuquerque, NM12/12/11
10/27/11 21:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaLight5 minsSatellite-like object disapears and then possiblly flashes three times brightly.12/12/11
10/27/11 21:30WillardOHUSATriangle20 MinutesTriangle shaped craft flying in circles, then landed in woods and lit up an area appx 200 yards12/12/11
10/27/11 21:00El PasoTXUSALight45On 10/28/2011 at about 21:00 hrs while running with my dog down the ditch road heading north, I observed in the west distant sky what s12/12/11
10/27/11 21:00Upper PeninsulaMIUSALight5 minutesTwo brilliant red lights, side-by-side, moved together, then apart continuing west.12/12/11
10/27/11 20:30Penn ValleyCAUSACircle3 hours2-5 small white light ships fly around in a circular pattern every night for hours and hours also forming triangles.12/12/11
10/27/11 19:30East Sooke (Canada)BCCanadaLight>5 min.Bright white/blue light moving in fluid manner above us... then shot up towards the stars12/12/11
10/27/11 17:00TuscaloosaALUSACircle1 minuteblock dot12/12/11
10/27/11 15:00Riverton (New Zealand)New ZealandTeardrop30 secondsIt floated behind the hills.12/12/11
10/27/11 08:00Duck IslandNCUSASphere5 minObject came out of the ocean about a half mile away.We thought it was a helicopter at first and it was getting shiney as it looked lik12/12/11
10/27/11 04:45BassettVAUSALight20 MinutesVery Bright Gold/Bronze disc shaped object moving over VA12/12/11
10/27/11 03:00PortlandORUSAUnknownApprox 5 minutesWas up late Wednesday night, early Thursday morning, and went out to the alley behind my apartment in Northwest Portland (Around NW 23r12/12/11
10/27/11 01:00KilgoreTXUSALight2 minutesIt appeared as a light in the sky such as a star but then it took off very fast.12/12/11
10/26/11 23:15New Delhi (India)IndiaFireball1 hourBright reddish-white UFO's seen hovering over12/12/11
10/26/11 23:10Rapid CitySDUSATriangle5secondsflying triangle Rapid City South Dakota about 15 minutes after Report12/12/11
10/26/11 23:00CandlerNCUSAOvalminute or soMultiple/Re-occurring U.F.O. Sightings in Candler, NC12/12/11
10/26/11 21:00ManchesterCTUSAFlash3 secondsA blue flash in the sky that created a power outage.12/12/11
10/26/11 20:15HamiltonALUSALight2-3minsSingle bright orange light, slow moving, solid flight path, no loss of altitude noticeable, no sound12/12/11
10/26/11 20:10HamiltonALUSADiamond5 MinutesOrange Diamond shaped object12/12/11
10/26/11 20:00TampaFLUSATriangle2 minutesBright hovering white light and triangle craft seen over Tampa Bay.12/12/11
10/26/11 12:00MalibuCAUSADisk10UFO - Photo Of A Fast Moving Object In The Sky Of Malibu Beach PCH CA. On 10-26-11 12 00 Am. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes12/12/11
10/26/11 08:30ColumbusOHUSAOther10 minutesDark colored object moving fast.12/12/11
10/25/11 23:00SeattleWAUSALightAbout 1 MinuteStar-like light with humanly incapable flight pattern1/12/12
10/25/11 23:00GreensburgKYUSACigar30 minutesStrange elliptical lights over ky sky's12/12/11
10/25/11 22:20VacavilleCAUSATriangle2 minutes((HOAX??)) Triangular craft with two lights on each side.12/12/11
10/25/11 22:00Palmer-MonsonMAUSATriangle40 minutesA large triangular craft with 3-4 lights on it with a low electronic sound to it, Very bright in the sky.8/5/12
10/25/11 22:00North BendORUSAFormation~1 minuteIt is time to tell the story, now approximately 10 years later. It was late in the evening, probably 10 or 11 o’clock, in the fall of 27/23/20
10/25/11 21:30Brighton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere15 minBig sphere hovering over Lake Ontario12/12/11
10/25/11 21:30vacavilleCAUSADiamond2minuteshuge, dark, diamond shape craft with lights that formed a triangle12/12/11
10/25/11 20:59HanoverNHUSAFireball2-3 secondsGreen fireball lasting a few seconds only, must be other witnesses out there.12/12/11
10/25/11 20:25RosevilleCAUSALight1 minuteWitnessed two very bright lights to the south east of us, that just appeared out of nowhere.12/12/11
10/25/11 20:00YakimaWAUSATriangle1 minuteWhile stopped at a traffic light my kids and I saw 3 strips of reddish orange lights in the sky not moving for about 30 seconds12/12/11
10/25/11 18:20MattesonILUSATriangle15-20 minTriangle Formation of Bright lights in SKY12/12/11
10/25/11 18:20MattesonILUSAFormation20minTriangle formation of 3 Bright White Lights in Sky over matteson IL12/12/11
10/25/11 18:00Santa FeNMUSACone15 minGreen Lights land in my yard!12/12/11
10/25/11 17:30JeffersonGAUSACircle30 secondsto fast to have been a plane12/12/11
10/25/11 16:15StroudsburgPAUSALight12 minutesFlashing light that changed colors then disappeared12/12/11
10/25/11 13:10VancouverWAUSACigar1 minutesingle white, cigar shaped object over west Vanouver, WA12/12/11
10/25/11 11:00AlbuquerqueNMUSACylinder15 secROCKET WITH LONG THIN WINGS12/12/11
10/25/11 09:52KennewickWAUSALight8 secWhite Fluorescent object movig extremely fast in multiple 90 deg turns due East of Kennewick WA.12/12/11
10/25/11 09:00TroyNCUSARectangle2 minI was driving home about 9:00 and in the sky above right above the tree was the bright12/12/11
10/25/11 09:00TroyNCUSARectangle2 minI was driving home about 9:00 and in the sky was a bright rectangle light just sitting above the tree's right in front of me. I did not12/12/11
10/25/11 06:50Accokeek (on Hwy 210)MDUSALight15 secondsball of light flew over vehicle at treetop level and vanished12/12/11
10/25/11 05:45BernardsvilleNJUSAFireball2-5 secondsfireball appears over rt 287 then decends fast and diagonally behind tree line12/12/11
10/25/11 04:00North BergenNJUSACircle6 secWhile viewing the stars I saw a U.F.O fly near by,in the from north to south,in New Jersey.10/25/11
10/25/11 01:00MemphisMOUSAUnknownongoingObject that changes colors. Easily spotted in the sky. Moves around quite a bit10/25/11
10/25/11 00:30Bridgend (UK/England)United KingdomSphereongoing more than an hourseveral dancing light balls, floating around in concentric circles, sighted at 2 different places10/25/11
10/24/11 23:00IthacaNYUSAFireball4secondsI saw a fireball over ithaca10/25/11
10/24/11 23:00IthacaNYUSAFireball4secMeteorite lands close to ithaca10/25/11
10/24/11 22:30LansingMIUSAFormation30sec. - 1 minSeven or eight red orange lights moving slowly making no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Other reports of this event are pending. PD))10/25/11
10/24/11 22:30Oxford/HamiltonOHUSAOther10 minutesBell shaped object follows drivers in Ohio.8/5/12
10/24/11 22:30Port AngelesWAUSALight5 minetstow car like lights on ufo huvering over Port Angeles12/12/11
10/24/11 22:15BuckeyeAZUSALight<1 minuteOrange-Red light over Buckeye, fades away.12/12/11
10/24/11 21:00OxfordOHUSALight1-2 hrsSlowly moving object in night sky seperates, comes together and changes colors in Ohio12/12/11
10/24/11 20:00West SenecaNYUSACircle20 MinsWhite Sphere seen in West Seneca NY10/25/11
10/24/11 20:00SanteeSCUSAFireball3:00minOnly lasted about 3 minutes and was a fireball traveling hortizontally and was very bright12/12/11
10/24/11 19:30ComerGAUSACircle10 secondsBright flying light disappears from Northeast Georgia Sky10/25/11
10/24/11 19:30CharlotteNCUSACigar1 minYellow/orange cigar shaped object over Charlotte, NC10/25/11
10/24/11 19:28Lévis (Canada)QCCanadaDisk2 minuteovin immense lumineux et très proche 500 Lights On Object0: Yes10/25/11
10/24/11 19:21OxfordGAUSACircle15/20 secondsLarge white light falling at a fast rate that produced orange and red flames that just disappeared.12/12/11
10/24/11 19:00KittanningPAUSAUnknown3 hoursMotionless flashing lights in the western sky for hours, at very high altitude. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly stars? PD))10/30/12
10/24/11 18:00WenatcheeWAUSALight5 secstreaking brilliant light12/12/11
10/24/11 07:38HavertownPAUSAFireball1minVery Bright ball of light off rt 3 traveling toward Philadelphia rapidly.10/25/11
10/24/11 01:00VancouverWAUSAUnknown30 minutes7 flashing moving objects that drop off an object12/12/11
10/23/11 00:00ShrewsburyNJUSACircle20 secGreen circle moving downward in the sky fell for a bit and disappeared10/25/11
10/23/11 00:00FairfieldCAUSAChevron3 and 1 half secondsnot sure what this is12/12/11
10/23/11 22:50Carleton Place (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle10 secondsTriangle shaped object with 3 red lights seen by 2 people10/25/11
10/23/11 22:50MartinsburgWVUSACircleTen MinutesIt was the wildest thing I've ever seen and it was for sure a UFO.10/25/11
10/23/11 22:15SteringVAUSALight5 mins3 orange lights over ashburn va10/25/11
10/23/11 22:15MukwonagoWIUSATriangle2 minutesMy 13 year-old son spotted three bright orange lights in the sky while I was driving in a distance. We were trying to make sense of wh10/25/11
10/23/11 22:00Longboat KeyFLUSALight> 10 minutesA staggered line of at least 40 lights was seen traveling along the Gulf Coast from north to south over Longboat Key, FL. 10/23/11 10pm12/12/11
10/23/11 22:00RachelNVUSAFormationFive minutesWhile driving at night on 375, coming up to Rachel. My girlfriend and I noticed these 3 bright lights flying in a formation and stoppi12/12/11
10/23/11 20:45WasillaAKUSASphere30minsFake Star above Wasilla 10-23-11 Only visible light in the sky Period.12/12/11
10/23/11 20:45WasillaAKUSASphere30 minsFake Star above Wasilla 10-23-11 Only visible light in the sky Period. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? Possibly Jupiter? PD))10/25/11
10/23/11 20:20OaksPAUSACircleless than 1 minuteCircular shape object at low altitute near valley forge park.10/25/11
10/23/11 20:15TowsonMDUSALightBright Green Light10/25/11
10/23/11 20:00DenverCOUSATriangle20 sec.Huge flying-V appeared to be high in the atmosphere.10/25/11
10/23/11 19:40Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle5 SecondsTriangle with Orange Lights Swooped Down Quickly then Disappeared.10/25/11
10/23/11 19:30JacksonNJUSASphere15 minutesOur group at approximately 7:30 PM witnessed approximately 60 to 70 bright gold spheres.10/25/11
10/23/11 19:30LambertvilleNJUSADisk2 minutesUnknown flying craft seen over West Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ Oct 23,2011 7:30pm.10/25/11
10/23/11 19:05TacomaWAUSA30 secondsRedish object just kind of hovering then disappeared.10/25/11
10/23/11 19:00New OrleansLAChina Also?Cylinder1 secondI think these two almost matching UFO photos add much more credibility to both.12/12/11
10/23/11 19:00PortageINUSADiamond20 minutesRed, yellowish fiery orbs flew quickly through the sky.10/25/11
10/23/11 17:50HonoluluHIUSACylinder2 minutesCylinder hovering over honolulu zoo/waikiki10/25/11
10/23/11 15:00WillardNCUSACigar2 minutesCigar shaped object seen in Willard NC sky.12/12/11
10/23/11 13:30Creve CoeurMOUSADisk2-3 min'sShiny saucer shaped object hovering near Creve Coeur Lake.10/25/11
10/23/11 13:00El PasoTXUSALight15-20 minsObjects in the El Paso Sky10/25/11
10/23/11 12:15PhoenixAZUSAThey moved through the sky and seemed to glimmer from the reflection of the sun as the made “falling moves with quick pivot positions”10/25/11
10/23/11 11:00BerwynPAUSACircle5 minutesIt was round and had 2 flashing red lights appeared in in a distance then came very close and dissapearred.10/25/11
10/23/11 10:00San FranciscoCAUSAOther15 minutesWhite balls and drifting mechanism seen in Pacific Heights San Francisco12/12/11
10/23/11 08:15WhitehallPAUSALight8 secondsFluorescent Green light shooting thought the sky towards allentown.10/25/11
10/23/11 07:05GatesvilleTXUSAFlash1 secondstrange flash of light10/25/11
10/23/11 07:05Center CityTXUSA5 secondsBright Light Flash12/12/11
10/23/11 06:30GastoniaNCUSAUnknown4minutesWe have our photos and thats all you need t prove our strange sightings.10/25/11
10/23/11 06:15NewingtonCTUSACircleAbout 3-4 MinutesTwo large, bright , white lights traveling extremely fast in the same circular motion, opposite each other - loud whooshing sound 50010/25/11
10/23/11 03:10CaliforniaMOUSACircle10 minutesRound bright light that both hovered then zipped across entire sky12/12/11
10/23/11 02:00HammondINUSAEgg3 to 5 minsI was sitting outside on the side of my house smoking and looked up and seen what i thought too be a balloon but it was moving too fast10/25/11
10/23/11 01:30AlamoTNUSATriangleOne WeekOver the past week me and 7-10 of my friends have witnessed many strange things happening in our lil county in Tennessee. We have been10/25/11
10/23/11 01:00LouisvilleKYUSACircleWe have been seeing the same shaped object over a certain area for a few weeks now. Numerous people have seen it. ((Star or planet??))10/25/11
10/23/11 00:20WebsterMAUSALight3 minutes each4 glowing orange UFOs seen in Webster, MA10/25/11
10/23/11 00:00Fort Collins/LovelandCOUSAOtheran hourMe and two friends were looking into the sky over northern colorado at around 9:30 pm, not even an hour after i saw a large low flying10/25/11
10/22/11 23:25LitchfieldNHUSATriangle5 secondsstrange traingle flying objects seen in sky above field in letchfield nh10/25/11
10/22/11 23:00SterlingVAUSAChevron20 minutesStrange Orange Flying Litghts in Sterling, VA12/12/11
10/22/11 22:45East HanoverNJUSALight3 hoursFour lights dancing in a circular formation constantly moving, lasted a long time.10/25/11
10/22/11 22:30mile marker 41 garden state parkwayNJUSAFireball5 minOrange fireball objects in sky in new jersey10/25/11
10/22/11 22:20AmarilloTXUSAUnknown40 secondsMy mother told me to go help my dad with the groceries last night and I went out a little earlier because he wasn't home yet and i saw10/25/11
10/22/11 22:00West ColumbiaSCUSAFormation3 minutes50-100 "stars" flying in a line across the sky, almost like a close up constellation.10/25/11
10/22/11 21:57WindberPAUSAFireball5 minVery strange orange balls of light rising into the atmosphere.10/25/11
10/22/11 21:45PittsburghPAUSAUnknown10 minutesOrange Glowing Objects Over Pittsburgh10/25/11
10/22/11 21:15West MiltonOHUSALight30 secondsA bright ball of light slowly moved across the sky for 30 seconds and disappeared.10/25/11
10/22/11 21:00Fox LakeILUSAFireballAbout 15 fireballs in the sky, likely chinese lanterns.10/25/11
10/22/11 20:45Crown PointINUSACircle3 - 5 min.Red glowing circular object moving laterally South to North with no sound (about the size of an aircraft)10/25/11
10/22/11 20:45WebsterMAUSASphere5 minOrange colored sphere stationary, very low over lake, accelerates fast, high and away as approached10/25/11
10/22/11 20:30West ColumbiaSCUSALight15On October 22, 2011 around 8:30 p.m. we saw strange lights in the sky. They were moving slower and at what seemed like a higher altitud10/25/11
10/22/11 20:10JasonvillINUSALightA dime sized light slanted a littel across the sky then droped strate down and came back up in like a U shape then vanished. It all h10/25/11
10/22/11 20:05HonoluluHIUSALight4 minutesOrange lights above kaimuki hawaii.10/25/11
10/22/11 20:00Garden State Parkway around 40 mile markNJUSAFireball10 minutesMultiple bright red lights hovering in sky with military follow up.9/25/14
10/22/11 20:00CenterportNYUSASphere20 secondsTwo bright orange balls of light moved silently overhead.12/12/11
10/22/11 19:50Evergreen ParkILUSALight4minLight-filled balloon-like objects [15-25]in the eastern sky drifted northward for about 3min.,stopped for 1min, then disappeared.10/25/11
10/22/11 19:47LovelandCOUSATriangle5 sec.Large triangle over loveland.10/25/11
10/22/11 19:45VicksburgMSUSACircle5:30minThe Hills12/12/11
10/22/11 19:10Madison HeightsVAUSAOval5 minutesPink glows in Madison Heights, VA10/25/11
10/22/11 19:10Madison HeightsVAUSASphere5 minutesPink spheres hovering and moving near our home in Amherst County, VA10/25/11
10/22/11 16:00JacksonvilleFLUSACircle5 minutesOrange Lights in the Jacksonville Sky12/12/11
10/22/11 15:00SeattleWAUSAOther3 minutesUnfathomable beauty in the sky in the form of something which I cannot explain10/25/11
10/22/11 14:59ChickamaugaGAUSAUnknownunknownJust taking pictures and when i downloaded them i did not notice an object till then in my picture10/25/11
10/22/11 14:15Ventura CountyCAUSAFireball5-10 minutes10-30 Red/Blue Lights Covering Half the Sky: VIDEO (caught on video)
10/22/11 14:05OjaiCAUSAUnknown3-5 minutesCaught (something) on video!!12/12/11
10/22/11 09:47MiamiFLUSACircle3 minutes12 ufos spotted and then vanish. Seen by a family of 3 in Miami, Florida.10/25/11
10/22/11 09:20Los AngelesCAUSASphere10 minSix Craft shiny metal 9:20 am took photo but don't have developed10/25/11
10/22/11 09:20Los AngelesCAUSASphere10 minutesSighted 6 craft silver shiny stationary objects10/25/11
10/22/11 08:22BoyceVAUSAOval10 secondsOval shaped dull gray object traveling at low altitude during daylight3/13/12
10/22/11 08:10JasonvillINUSALightA dime sized light slanted a littel across the sky then droped strate down and came back up in like a U shape then vanished, it all hap10/25/11
10/22/11 06:15St. ClairMOUSAUnknown5 minutesMISSOURI INVESTIGATOR GROUP REPORT: Driving E on I-44 approx. near mile MM 243 when I saw a very bright star light obj. in the sky.3/13/12
10/22/11 03:30Manitoulin Island (Canada)ONCanadaFireball5 secGreen Flash of light shoot across the sky manitoulin island oct. 22, 2011 3:30 am10/25/11
10/22/11 03:15WausauWIUSAOval45 minutes3 "headlights" and 1 red light on the "back". It was a metallic chrome with hardly any sound, very slow and low to the ground12/12/11
10/22/11 01:50WaldenburgARUSATriangle5 minsOctober 22nd, 2011, 1:50am Waldenburg, AR, on AR-14. Triangular UFO.10/25/11
10/21/11 23:45FlorenceKYUSATeardrop5 MinutesI came into contact with these aliens, and they took off as soon as they noticed me.10/25/11
10/21/11 22:47ColbyKSUSASphere30 minutesWhite sphere being followed.10/25/11
10/21/11 22:30San Jose del Cabo (Mexico)MexicoLight1-2 minutesFlashing On and Off Star-Like light over San Jose del Cabo, Baja Sur, Mexico12/12/11
10/21/11 22:30Rockport (Aransas Pass)TXUSAChanging2-3 hrs.Possible ufo sighting.10/25/11
10/21/11 22:20RentonWAUSADiamond:20Gray translucent elongated diamond in shape with a tail3/13/12
10/21/11 22:00IndianapolisINUSACircle?20+ golden/orange UFO objects in the sky around 10pm.10/25/11
10/21/11 22:00RadcliffKYUSACircle20 minutescircular shaped object with lights around it10/25/11
10/21/11 22:00MaricopaAZUSATriangle5 secondsTriangle formation of lights followed by single light10/25/11
10/21/11 21:30Kahnawake (Canada)QCCanadaOther1-2 minsPossible disguised U.F.O.s12/17/11
10/21/11 21:02SkippersVAUSALight35 minappeared low blurry white lights hovering , when it moved they golwed a blurry red .no sound10/25/11
10/21/11 21:00MontereyCAUSAChevron10-15 secondsReverse wing craft moving very fast down the coast with no lights, noise, or contrail.10/25/11
10/21/11 21:00AnchorageAKUSACircle5 minutesOrange circles "climbing" then fading away10/25/11
10/21/11 20:35BuffaloMNUSAOval2 HoursLarge Oval object hovering with bright, "blinking" rotating colors of Red/blue/green/yellow/white. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))10/25/11
10/21/11 20:00BooneNCUSALight30 SecondsLarge red objected spotted in Boone, NC.10/25/11
10/21/11 20:00East OrangeNJUSAFormation2 hours4 lights in the sky that swirled around our heads making a square/ diamond shape and that followed us about 9 blocks home10/25/11
10/21/11 19:40BaytownTXUSALight2 secondsSingle light moving very fast, zig-sagged, stopped, vanished in 2-3 seconds10/25/11
10/21/11 19:30Hulett (near)WYUSALight10 to 12 secondsBright silver object with silver trail traveling at high rate of speed.10/25/11
10/21/11 19:30ArdmoreALUSALight15 minutesSaw a light that appeared to be a star, but was moving very erraticaly before shooting off directly north.10/25/11
10/21/11 19:25BooneNCUSAOther10 secondsLarge red/orange object spotted over Boone, NC.12/12/11
10/21/11 19:00Pelham (Valleydale exit getting onto I-65 N)ALUSACircle10-12 MinutesObjects of light, with a tail falling from the sky, then stopping mid-fall and moving independently around the area unlike an aircraft.10/25/11
10/21/11 18:54Lee's SummitMOUSATriangle60 secondsUnknown Aircraft10/25/11
10/21/11 17:59EmeryvilleCAUSAFormation1 minuetIn the sunset sky.10/25/11
10/21/11 12:00ArdmoreOKUSAOval8 minutestwo machines one silver and one red/oranges oval ufo there no clouds like the sky opened and they went in.10/25/11
10/21/11 10:00LouisvilleKYUSAChanging7 secondsRedish Orange shift changing object in the sky that shot up to the stars and vanished10/25/11
10/21/11 10:00BurnsvilleNCUSALight15 minutesUPDATE Burnsville, NC SITING10/25/11
10/21/11 08:00BurnsvilleNCUSALight15 minutesChangin Lights in the Sky!10/25/11
10/21/11 07:35GrantonWIUSALight3 MinTwo different lights pass over Granton, WI, meeting and passing very close with jet following?10/25/11
10/21/11 07:10AlsipILUSACircle15 minsThey were round in shap moving very fast up and down lights were flashing fast i seen at least four they were poping in and out for abo10/25/11
10/21/11 06:59SeattleWAUSAUnknown2 minStationary object, Very brightlights, swooped to the NW into a fog bank.10/25/11
10/21/11 06:00NorthridgeCAUSATriangle10 SecondsV shape dim orange "lights" moving fast and silent then faded into night sky10/25/11
10/21/11OaklandCAUSASpheresecondswell i was just outside looking at regular aircraft (live near airport) then i see 5-7 shiny flying spheres about 4000 ft in the air ,10/25/11
10/20/11 00:00KatyTXUSADiskhoursbright light and 2 flying saucers over Katy Texas10/25/11
10/20/11 23:00PlanoTXUSATriangle:30V shaped objects, no lights, no sounds10/25/11
10/20/11 22:40Williams Lake (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle30 minwe just arrived home about 1 hour ago and im still shaking me and my wife and my 1 year old were returning from a trip and we noticed t10/25/11
10/20/11 21:30TrumbullCTUSAFireball2-3 secondsGreen Fireball Sighted10/25/11
10/20/11 21:30Cove CityNCUSAOval30 secondsgreen oval light spotted over US-7012/12/11
10/20/11 21:15Orange BeachALUSACircle3-4 mins.Set of three lights floating over the Gulf of Mexico10/25/11
10/20/11 21:15MuscatineIAUSALight3 min.five bright yellow lights leading huge craft10/25/11
10/20/11 21:00FoxboroMAUSALight7 secsSaw bright green light headed downward for approximately 7 seconds and then it vanished.10/25/11
10/20/11 21:00St. Petersburg CausewayFLUSAOther4 secBright light in Tampa/st pete sky12/12/11
10/20/11 20:32ClermontFLUSALight1hr2 Hovering stationary drones with green/red anticollision @2000ft lasted over an hour10/25/11
10/20/11 20:30Penn ValleyCAUSATriangle2.5 hoursUp to five triangle shape craft with flashing lights seen flying in a circular pattern1/12/12
10/20/11 20:00Virginia BeachVAUSATriangle3-5 minutesTriangle with white/yelllow lights over Towncenter, Virginia Beach.10/30/12
10/20/11 20:00St. AugustineFLUSACircle5 minutesThree orbs going in different directions10/25/11
10/20/11 20:00NacogdochesTXUSALight2 minUfo flying low across the sky10/25/11
10/20/11 19:00MansfieldMAUSAFlash1 seconddriving 95 north taking ramp to 495 south in the evening, saw bright green light fall to the ground12/12/11
10/20/11 18:30CaliColombiaTriangle25 minutesTriangular object seen by multiple witnesses in cali, Colombia1/12/12
10/20/11 15:00Mays LandingNJUSAOther20 secondsHouse shaking and pictures moving along with audible rumbling. According to the news, USGS reports no seismic activity.10/25/11
10/20/11 14:00Banff (Canada)ABCanadaCigarno timePeculiar picture.7/3/13
10/20/11 09:30Dania BeachFLUSAOval1 minFaded white oval light Breaking through the clouds10/25/11
10/20/11 07:30AllentownPAUSARectangle20 minutes4 rectangular light blues shapes over Allentown, Pennsylvania.2/28/13
10/20/11 04:45Cedar CreekTXUSAUnknown1 minuteI witnessed an alien spacecraft creating a wormhole and leaving earth thru the wormhole2/20/15
10/20/11 02:00Grand prairieTXUSAOtherNorthSaw a ufo flying across the east going north 10/22/11 at 2am in grand prairie tx usa10/30/12
10/20/11 01:30Wellington (New Zealand)New ZealandOtherTen MinutesAmoeba-like object excretes red rod, attracts tiny lights, then vanishes.10/25/11
10/20/11 01:00JamaicaNYUSAFlash10 SecondBright Round Circle by the moon10/25/11
10/20/11 00:30BostonMAUSALighttwenty minutesThe chasing red lights over Boston.10/25/11
10/20/11 00:02SeguinTXUSAOther1 sECONDWhite with yellow tint, flash red then gone10/25/11
10/20/11UncasvilleCTUSAThe sighting in CT was prophesied on my Facebook on the 20th of October.!/beckah.cook There is more in det12/12/11
10/19/11 23:30PascoWAUSAFormation5 minStrange man in alley followed by humming balls of light in the sky.10/25/11
10/19/11 23:30Chicago (Albany Park)ILUSAU.F.O. Spotted (Albany Park Chicago) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2011-10-1910/25/11
10/19/11 22:56Eagle mountainTXUSAOtherFew minutesWhat look like a fallen star descended toward earth stopped in mid air and shot of into space at a speed unknown to man9/30/13
10/19/11 22:15LouisvilleCOUSALight3 secondsgreen glowing craft moving very fast across entire sky.10/25/11
10/19/11 22:15LovelandCOUSACigar10 secondscommit like objest shapped like a missle with a bright gold jet trail heading west.10/25/11
10/19/11 21:00Brown CityMIUSASphere45 minOrange Orbs Nightly In MI10/25/11
10/19/11 20:37MaricopaAZUSAOther10 secondsBoomerang aircraft 15-20 white lights on leading edge Maricopa Arizona10/25/11
10/19/11 19:30San FranciscoCAUSALight2.5 hrpoint of light in sky stopped moving and remained stationary for ~2hr10/25/11
10/19/11 18:45Las VegasNVUSADisk10-15 minutesNumerous small disks flying towards north towards Sheep Range, seen from the desert just north of Decatur. Event lasted 12 minutes.10/25/11
10/19/11 06:47OrlandoFLUSAChanging20 minsLow flying lights Around Disney.10/19/11
10/19/11 06:40HinsdaleMAUSAFireball2 minutesI saw in the distance at 6:40am driving to work on a regular route an object on the ridge about 2-3 miles away that I thought was from10/25/11
10/19/11 03:20LennoxSDUSA1 minuteNeon flash then a fast fading jetstream like trail10/19/11
10/19/11 02:25DenverCOUSAFireballgreen lightBreen ball10/19/11
10/19/11 02:00RennerSDUSAFlash2 secondsWoman sitting on her porch is illuminated from overhead by a very bright light, which streaks off.10/19/11
10/19/11 01:54DenverCOUSAFormation5 secondsSilent V formation over Denver, CO. ((NUFORC Note: Report from law enforcement officer. PD))10/19/11
10/18/11 00:00KatyTXUSADisk3 hrNightly sightings of bright light and two saucers over Katy Texas10/25/11
10/18/11 23:55TurlockCAUSAFireballcurrenta fairball type t moving up & down in the night skay in turlock, ca10/19/11
10/18/11 23:15San FranciscoCAUSAFireball2 minutesdrifting flame colored/shaped light hovering and drifting beneath the overcast sky of SF. disappeared, then reappeared, visible 2 mins.10/25/11
10/18/11 22:15BothellWAUSADisk8 minutesI saw what appeared to be a flying saucer that glided over and past my car on my my way home from work at night.10/25/11
10/18/11 21:30CoburgORUSATriangle30 minHello we were watching the sky at some wierd flashing object around 9:30, it was flshing red and green then turning to solid colors th10/25/11
10/18/11 20:35GlendaleAZUSATriangle15secwhoosh sound doppler the sound of plane propeller, prompted turn to north, object uncloaked, traveled east cloaked to dissapear10/25/11
10/18/11 20:20DupontWAUSAFormation3-5 MinutesLarge linear lights flying low in DuPont.10/19/11
10/18/11 20:15MorrisILUSAOther12 minStrange object observed in sky near Dresden Nuclear Station, Illinois12/12/11
10/18/11 20:00KnoxvilleTNUSAOval5 min.Oval Shaped Bright Blue (like LED bright) moving above populated area10/19/11
10/18/11 19:00Country Club HillsILUSADisk10 minutesA saucer seen by 3 peole hat wen very slow,.10/19/11
10/18/11 15:13ShelbyvilleTNUSAOval2 Minphotos made after thunderstorm, object in two photos10/25/11
10/18/11 07:30Havre de GraceMDUSASphere30Military heli was persuing the object over Havre de Grace. it was a faintred sphere that was flying a an fast rate then police cars wen10/19/11
10/18/11 06:00PasadenaMDUSALight1-2 secondsOn the morning of 10/18 /11 between 600 & 630 hrs I saw a bright object shoot across the sky.10/25/11
10/18/11 05:00ChesapeakeVAUSALight15 minBright light travelling across the night sky that dimmed, then became bright again several times as I watched.10/19/11
10/18/11 03:30BurwellNEUSASphere15 minutesSomething is out there.10/25/11
10/18/11 03:15Queen CreekAZUSACylinder15 MinutesCylinder flashing object stationary for 15 minutes. Red and Blue lights close to object flashing. Video Taped10/19/11
10/18/11 01:40BaylisILUSAOther5 mins.Strange lights and crasing object near Bayliss IL.10/25/11
10/18/11 00:15PortlandORUSAFormation5-10 minutesOrange orbs seemingly attached to triangular object witnessed in Portland Oregon 10/18/201110/25/11
10/17/11 23:00West WalworthNYUSAUnknown15 secondsVery large aircraft with lights as bright as the sun hovered near West Walworth New York10/19/11
10/17/11 21:45LibertyNCUSALight10-15 secondslarge orange bright light with a red aura around it hoovered above the tree line and then took off.10/25/11
10/17/11 21:40WaynesboroPAUSALight8 secBright, big yellow light low in the sky above rural Waynesboro, Pa.10/19/11
10/17/11 21:30TempleTXUSATriangleabout 5 secondsI saw a triangular shaped "object"10/19/11
10/17/11 21:30Center MorichesNYUSATriangle5minLarge black triangle with pulsating, flashing white and red lights over north Center Moriches10/25/11
10/17/11 21:20WashingtonMIUSATriangle2 secondsSaw three lights in triangle shape on Van Dyke Expressway that shot straight down in a fast time.10/19/11
10/17/11 20:58OrlandoFLUSAOval10 secondsAmber/orange color light moved like sine wave over Orlando, FL10/19/11
10/17/11 20:10Baca GrandeCOUSALight2 minutesOn my usual walk up the mountain heading and facing east, an object light appeared in front of me suddenly in the area above the Sangre10/19/11
10/17/11 20:00FriscoNCUSAOvalon and off for 30 minutesOrange oval shaped light that split into four different lights over the ocean. This happened three different times over 30 minutes.10/19/11
10/17/11 20:00LelandNCUSAFormation5 minutesThree glowing lights moving slowly across the sky.10/19/11
10/17/11 19:45El Dorado HillsCAUSAChanging15 minAmazing craft bright blue & red 2 nights in a row.10/19/11
10/17/11 19:45New LenoxILUSADisk3 minutesTwo witnesses watch 30ft disc fall from high altitude in seconds, change axis, stop 30ft over highway, pass slowly and silently between6/20/12
10/17/11 19:35EugeneORUSALight20 secondsBrightest object in the sky, briefly stopped before continuing10/19/11
10/17/11 19:28Santa RosaCAUSALight1 minuteBright light moving fast in night sky no blinking no sound faster than an airplane slower than a satellite10/19/11
10/17/11 19:25GilroyCAUSALight2 minutesThe light was falling straight down out of eastern sky. The light was extra bright like a planet in summer. This thing moved really10/19/11
10/17/11 19:00JacksonvilleFLUSALightfew minutesMy wife, daughter, and I witness a bright object moving North-North-East in the sky. It was a bluish-white colored light and stayed vis10/19/11
10/17/11 18:42HarringtonWAUSALight15-20 secondsBizarre, star-like light seen streaking across the clear and cloudless evening sky, covering 120 deg. of arc in 15-20 sec. (est.).10/19/11
10/17/11 16:00Cocoa BeachFLUSASphere20 minutesDimed size sphere object seen offshore near Cocoa Beach10/25/11
10/17/11 15:00Big SkyMTUSATriangleNaked eye it is a triangle with colors of red, blue and green.10/19/11
10/17/11 07:15ManchesterCTUSACircle1 minuteBigger than a plane or any aircraft..and as bright or brighter than the north star...or even the space station…10/19/11
10/17/11 06:15West ValleyUTUSACircleAround 20 bright circular objects changing different directions and at variable velocities.10/19/11
10/16/11 22:30SpringdaleARUSAOval1 minBig gray mass fly very fast across entire sky.10/19/11
10/16/11 22:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown<1 minute2 speeding orange-red lights, zigzagging, with one seemingly bouncing off the other a few times.2/18/13
10/16/11 22:00ClintonMSUSACircle2 minsmorphing white blinking light that turn into circle of colored lights10/25/11
10/16/11 21:45Palmer LakeCOUSAChevron13 SecondsTriangle shape moves across sky north of the US Airforce Academy10/25/11
10/16/11 21:30AthensGAUSALight10 minutesClose bright light with hovering trajectory in Athens, GA.10/19/11
10/16/11 21:00Cedar CityUTUSAUnknown10 to 20 minBright light over Cedar City Utah nightly around 8pm. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a star, we suspect. PD))10/19/11
10/16/11 20:45SlidellLAUSAOval1 minuteRed lighted solid object.10/19/11
10/16/11 20:30Fort WayneINUSACircle1 min.My 3-year-old child, a friend and myself were sitting outside on my porch at our new home together one evening. It was a pretty chilly10/25/11
10/16/11 20:20East BerlinPAUSATriangleunknownOdd triangle of lights moving together near York Springs, PA10/19/11
10/16/11 19:45MattesonILUSACircle15 minsA bright blue light all around it and a red light under it., it was not moving for about 10mins after that started moving very slow10/25/11
10/16/11 19:30OmahaNEUSAUnknown3 min approxreddish orange lights traveling in same path from Northwest to South in Omaha, NE10/19/11
10/16/11 19:30GaiaPortugalCircle10 miutesBlue light ufo making strange movements10/25/11
10/16/11 19:00SaugusMAUSADiamond5 minutes4 Sightings in 2 weeks10/19/11
10/16/11 18:08RosamondCAUSASphere2 min. 10 sec.Early evening glowing object seen in flight over valley10/19/11
10/16/11 15:00Salt FlatsUTUSAOvalGrey ovel with sticks coming out.12/12/11
10/16/11 13:00North WilkesboroNCUSATrianglebefore the face disappeared the circle and the smile shifted the face was real close to the smile10/25/11
10/16/11 11:40GainesvilleGAUSADisk30 minutesDisk or saucer shaped craft with amazing bright lights on it which lit up the sky and the side of my home in Georgia.10/25/11
10/16/11 08:07Surfside BeachSCUSAOvalroughly 30 minutesColor changing oval moving very slowly, (sometimes even stopping for minutes at a time,) through the sky10/19/11
10/16/11 06:30OrlandoFLUSACylinder15-20minutesI saw a dark rectangular object with three bright lights hovering in the sky for about 5-10 minutes before it transformed and flew off10/19/11
10/16/11 01:30BridgewaterNJUSAFireball1 minuteflaming moving object in NJ10/19/11
10/15/11 23:15SavannahGAUSACirclestationaryappears to be round shaped object with distinctive rotating lights green/red/blue and white10/19/11
10/15/11 23:00St. LouisMOUSAFireball2-4 minutes8-10 lights following each other10/19/11
10/15/11 22:00Salt Lake CityUTUSALight10 secondsOrange orb light over Sugarhouse park.10/19/11
10/15/11 21:49Sugar GroveILUSALight10 minutesWhite lights in the clouds over US Rt 30, three separate witnesses, no alternate explanation to be found.10/19/11
10/15/11 21:30GlendoraCAUSALight2 minutesUFO (slow moving yellowish light) report for Saturday, October 15th, 2011@ approximately 21:30 PST in zip code 9174010/25/11
10/15/11 21:30GlendoraCAUSALight2 minutes2nd sighting of Glendora UFO10/25/11
10/15/11 21:20BuckeyeAZUSAOtherApprox. 7 sec.Sitting in the back yard seen fire ball go south to north. After about two minutes as I was facing west a v shaped craft with about fo10/19/11
10/15/11 21:00AuroraILUSAUnknown~20 secondsUnaccountable anomaly in the night sky. Please read.10/29/15
10/15/11 20:30AbseconNJUSATriangle5-10 secondsWhite triangle shape no lites or sound moving NNE in night sky.10/19/11
10/15/11 20:30AnsonTXUSAChanging10 sec.Object, or objects seen over Jones County, TX, 10-15-11.10/19/11
10/15/11 20:29DouglasGAUSAChevron30-40 sec.30-40 individual amber lights in changing chevron formation.10/19/11
10/15/11 20:20St. PetersburgFLUSALightcell phone2 sets of 3 white lights in a V shape traveling together. One photo of gold V shaped object, like a boomerang with bright light surrond10/19/11
10/15/11 20:05MuscatineIAUSATrianglea few minutesThree bright lights in the sky in the shape of a triangle10/19/11
10/15/11 20:05Moss (Norway)NorwayFormation1 minuteVery fast light, changing colors.10/19/11
10/15/11 19:30FresnoCAUSAOval3 mins.Four oval objects 15"x20" emitting beams with bright orange read glow suspended 100 ft. overhead for 15secs. took off N-east10/25/11
10/15/11 19:20LancasterPAUSACircle5 minutesBright circle, red/orange object in sky.10/19/11
10/15/11 19:00ColumbiaSCUSALight0:03:00Mulitiple sightings of the same UFO.10/19/11
10/15/11 19:00ToneyALUSACircleless than 30 mins.Several orb like thing 5 white 1 red1/12/12
10/15/11 18:00EugeneORUSALight2-3 minutesOrange-yellow flickering light8/19/12
10/15/11 17:00CanandaiguaNYUSACircle2 minRound brite silverish light2/3/12
10/15/11 16:45Holts SummitMOUSADisk3 minutes5th incident same craft.1/10/14
10/15/11 13:30Maplewood,MNUSADisksecondIt was a windy, sunshiny day, wisps of clouds, all sizes. I had been to Costco in Maplewood, MN. Leaving Highway 61, I was on the r10/25/11
10/15/11 09:30ValleyNEUSALight15 minshanging star comes back every few nights10/25/11
10/15/11 08:00ReistvillePAUSASphere5 sec.Orange ball of light follows car, disappears behind us10/19/11
10/15/11 02:00LargoMDUSACircle2 hoursThis was some time ago but one night back in October I was in bed and had my window up and I was lay down and look to my right out my8/5/12
10/14/11 00:00Blackjack (North St. Louis Co.)MOUSALight1 mini saw orbs of light in daylight sky and they were moving in a fluid circular motion and appearing and disappearing10/19/11
10/14/11 23:30Ft. RileyKSUSAOther10-15 minutesOne lit cigar shaped craft, four "U" shaped smaller craft10/19/11
10/14/11 22:30NVUSALight223 Green lights10/19/11
10/14/11 22:30TempeAZUSASphere5 minutesDARK YELLOW ORANGISH BALL10/19/11
10/14/11 22:30YorkPAUSATrianglefew secondsTriangle shape, large round lights entire bottom of craft with a light green haze. It just appeared, and then dropped behind trees.10/19/11
10/14/11 22:20San MateoUSALight20 minutes8 to 12 orange lights flying slowly at sf bay.10/19/11
10/14/11 22:00SebringOHUSALightBus rideI was looking at the moon for some reason and I saw a bright white dot floating up and around the moon. It wasn't blinking so that's ho10/19/11
10/14/11 21:20HolbrookAZUSAOther.10 secondsThis fast moving craft was low flying and not a sound and no lights detail drawings of the underside are avaliable12/12/11
10/14/11 20:35EufaulaALUSALight25 secsA large extremely bright silent white light moved on straight track from due south horizon to north and changed to a red dot then disap10/25/11
10/14/11 20:30Wendover (east of, on I-80)UTUSAChanging17 minBlack object in sky over lakeside military area in Utah.10/19/11
10/14/11 19:45Clinton TownshipMIUSAOval45 minutesMultple oval amber orange solid translucent objects appearing to be leaving Earth in the same pattern.1/12/12
10/14/11 19:41Golden ValleyAZUSAOval2 to 3 secondsI saw a cluster of lights glowing together with a trail, moving south to north, high rate of speed10/19/11
10/14/11 19:41Golden ValleyAZUSAOval3 or 4 secondsA cluster of bright lights shot across the sky at high rate of speed10/19/11
10/14/11 19:30EllisvilleMSUSAUnknown15 minOn Oct 14th 2011 at 7:30 PM me and my wife noticed an unusual orange pulsating light in the sky.10/19/11
10/14/11 18:30StrawberryAZUSAFlash1.5 secondsWhite flash appears in Geosynchronous orbit lasting for 1.5 seconds.12/12/11
10/14/11 18:00El PasoTXUSACircle1 1/2 hrsSilver orb floating over far westside of El Paso for over an hour10/25/11
10/14/11 17:45OcalaFLUSACylinder4 minutesMetallic Cylinder seen over North Florida10/19/11
10/14/11 17:00Sierra VistaAZUSAOther5-10 MIN.Daytime transparent U.F.O. with one light on end of craft.12/12/11
10/14/11 13:30San BernardinoCAUSASphere1 minuteSphere moving westward through the San Bernardino Valley at a high rate of speed, then it slowed drastically and hovered.10/19/11
10/14/11 10:30Coral SpringsFLUSAOther2 minutes"stingray" kind of UFO over Coral Springs, FL.12/12/11
10/14/11 10:00HonoluluHIUSATriangle~2 minutesTwo silver triangular craft performing extreme nautical maneuvers in unison high in the air in a blue cloudless sky.10/19/11
10/14/11 09:42ElmerNJUSATriangle20 minsIt was hovering for about 10 minutes, then it lifted straight up. Then started flying with green and red flashing lights, in a weird fo10/19/11
10/14/11 05:30ScottsdaleAZUSATriangleHoursObjects in the skies of Scottsdale.10/19/11
10/14/11 05:00Falls TwpPAUSAFormation30 sec.I don't know what it was I saw, but it made me very nervous and confused.10/19/11
10/14/11 05:00WhitakersNCUSATriangle4 mintriange ufo with red lights10/19/11
10/14/11 02:30CartervilleMOUSAOther30 minutesStrange object seen moving slowly between Carterville and Carthage Missouri10/19/11
10/14/11 02:30CartervilleMOUSAOther30 minutesFollow up to a report I just submitted10/19/11
10/14/11 01:30OldsmarFLUSATriangle25 mins.Strange aircraft appearing, flying and hoovering in the sky,then zipping away in a flash at great speeds..10/19/11
10/14/11 00:00RinggoldGAUSAUnknown20 minFast moving white light with a smaller red light in the rear very high in the sky.10/19/11
10/14/11Cibecue (west of)AZUSALight5 minutesBright yellow light moving slowly thru skies of eastern arizona10/25/11
10/13/11 23:38HomesteadFLUSASphere30 minutesBright white sphere coming out of unusual single storm cloud.10/25/11
10/13/11 22:26Myrtle BeachSCUSACircle15 seconds4 orange circle lights appear and disappear10/19/11
10/13/11 22:00Atlantic Coast (at sea on cruise ship) (Canada)NVCanadaOtherLess than ten secondsPill Shaped Dark Object Illuminated By The Ships Own Light At Sea10/19/11
10/13/11 21:00Surfside BeachSCUSALight30 minutesAmber lights over South Carolina coast10/19/11
10/13/11 20:38GurleyALUSADiamond6 to 8 minsSuper bright star shaped light, desending straight down in slow desent as seen from Gurley, Al10/19/11
10/13/11 20:30AvonNCUSAFireball15 min.31 orange balls of light coming out of ocean,silent10/19/11
10/13/11 20:21North Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown1 minThree yellow orange spheres of light in triangle formation see over the ocean in the night sky at North Myrtle Beach.10/19/11
10/13/11 20:00Boiling SpringsSCUSAFormation5 minutesTwo vertical lines of 3 lights apiece, hovering.10/19/11
10/13/11 19:56Boiling SpringsSCUSATriangle5 minTriangle formed lights in sky.10/19/11
10/13/11 19:47Oldham (UK/England)United KingdomOval1 minuteOval shape unlike anything I have seen before emitting bright lights10/19/11
10/13/11 19:20MerriamKSUSATriangle15 secondsTriangular, almost hovering but very slow movement, 5 bright lights, no sound10/19/11
10/13/11 18:45Mysore (India)IndiaLight10 secIt was a star like thing which was not twinkling . . . But moving very swiftly . . !10/19/11
10/13/11 15:00WilmingtonOHUSAUnknown3-4 secsLong black flying shape for 3 to 4 seconds!10/19/11
10/13/11 03:30NewarkNJUSALight10 secondsSighting of colorful lights in the morning sky10/19/11
10/13/11 01:36NormanOKUSAOval2 minYellowish center middle orange with a outter red glow sphere10/19/11
10/13/11Highway 95 (eastbound)NVUSAI didn't see anything unill uploading my pictures from camera to my computer10/25/11
10/12/11 21:00San AntonioTXUSATriangle15 minutes2 spacecraft and huge blue light in the sky10/19/11
10/12/11 21:00ZortmanMTUSALight30 minsSmall bright yellow white light forming into three. making a loud roaring noise.10/19/11
10/12/11 20:07CharlestonSCUSAUnknown1 and half minBlue object, translucent, no sound10/19/11
10/12/11 20:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight20 minutesI am a 55 year old business owner from Raleigh, NC and have been an FAA licensed pilot for 37 years. I have an interest in astronomy10/19/11
10/12/11 20:00St. GeorgeUTUSADiskabout 7 secondsI saw a hovering metallic grey saucer shaped disk hovering over the South Gate Golf course10/19/11
10/12/11 19:40WhitesburgTNUSACircle30 secondsBlue (same as sky) colored circle with red, white and blue lights on it seen around dusk.10/19/11
10/12/11 19:00SeafordDEUSAFireball?One cloudy evening on Sept 12, 2011-as I walked toward the sunroom in the backyard which is toward the south, that is made of all wind3/13/12
10/12/11 17:11WacoTXUSAChanging15 minNo noise precision flying unreal altitude gains somewhat creepy and appeared as many and left as one10/19/11
10/12/11 17:00Pomfret CenterCTUSAFlash25 minutesBright green flash of light causes dog to freak out.12/4/17
10/11/11 23:23HarrodsburgKYUSAUnknown8 minUnknown lights.5/29/12
10/11/11 21:10Holden BeachNCUSACircle30 seconds6 orange balls of light over the Atlantic Ocean.10/19/11
10/11/11 21:00MonroeCTUSA5 min.Orange Light Formation Over Monroe, CT 10/11/11--Hangs in Sky then Flys Away.10/19/11
10/11/11 19:42New BedfordMAUSACircle30-MinutesAt least 25 orange and red fireballs fly over New Bedford, MA, USA12/12/11
10/11/11 19:40Des MoinesIAUSALight90 secondsAn unexplained, unidentified flying object.12/12/11
10/11/11 15:00Cedar CityUTUSALight8 secondsBright, white, star-like UFO over Cedar City at 1500 on sunny day.10/19/11
10/11/11 08:40HendersonNVUSAOther3 minutesUFO Report: Date: October 11th, 2011 Location: Las Vegas, NV (near Henderson, NV) Time: 8:40 A.M. Near Las Vegas Nevada, I was out10/19/11
10/11/11 03:15OmahaILUSAChevron2 minI noticed the craft as it had just passed over Rt 1. i brought my semi to a stop and shut down the engine. the craft was very large,as10/19/11
10/10/11 23:00WaynesvilleOHUSATriangle1:30Flying triangle by Waynesville, Ohio10/19/11
10/10/11 21:55North PlatteNEUSACircle3 secondsObject over North Platte Nebraska12/12/11
10/10/11 21:00LakewoodOHUSAFireball1 minuteOrange light flies overhead and turns black as it passed silently.12/12/11
10/10/11 20:00MiddletownCTUSAFireball15-20 minutesFireball Spinning Orange UFO10/19/11
10/10/11 20:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaFlash2-4 secondsStrange flash in the sky10/19/11
10/10/11 19:30Murfeesboro/SmyrnaTNUSA30-45 minutesMulti color oblect over Smyrna/Murfreesboro 10/10/1110/19/11
10/10/11 19:00MechanicsvilleVAUSALight5 minutesThree orange lights flying in unison10/19/11
10/10/11 18:15Peabody-SaugusMAUSAFlash45 minutesFlashing light in the sky as airplanes flew by.10/19/11
10/10/11 15:00GrotonCTUSADiskLess than 5 secondsSmall shiny object seen in sky while driving on clear day, looked back for a 3rd time and it was gone.10/10/11
10/10/11 14:30North KingstownRIUSAOval40 secBright oval object in sky10/25/11
10/10/11 14:00Epsom (Surrey) (UK/England)United KingdomOval5 minsFlying beer barrel shaped metallic object12/12/11
10/10/11 10:30AshvilleNYUSACircle1 minuteAmber object in night sky during full moon, or the day before full moon10/19/11
10/10/11 02:00Prescott ValleyAZUSAOtherhoursCraft boomerang shape.2:00am duration hours. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of a twinkling star, possibly Sirius. PD))10/10/11
10/10/11 01:00FarmingtonNMUSACircle5 minutesSingle reddish circle in the sky that wasn't jet nor satelitte8/30/13
10/10/11 00:00TroyNYUSATriangle2 hoursRed, green & orange blinking triangle formation. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of a twinkling star, possibly Sirius. PD))10/10/11
10/9/11 23:00Staten IslandNYUSAOtherAt least a half hourAfter a closer look and seeing the moon was in the opposite sky as where this was, and planes flying what looked to be way under it, i10/10/11
10/9/11 23:00PlantationFLUSAOther20 minOne very bright and large object with thin tail and bright dots attached on both sides of tail. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))10/10/11
10/9/11 22:56River FallsWIUSAFireball1 1/2 Minutes2 yellowish/orange objects passing from south the northwest in western wisconsin10/10/11
10/9/11 22:26RockfordILUSAFireball30 secBall of (green) light.10/10/11
10/9/11 20:30LongviewWAUSALight20 minCrazy story gotta read10/10/11
10/9/11 20:00MiddletownCTUSAFireball15 minutesOrange Fireball Discs10/19/11
10/9/11 20:00West OssipeeNHUSALight10 min.Orange Lights Moving Very Slowly In The Night Sky10/10/11
10/9/11 20:00New BedfordMAUSAFireball10 minutesNine orange glowing fireballs Court St west end New Bedford Ma heading southeast about 8 PM.10/10/11
10/9/11 19:42New BedfordMAUSACircle28 minutesWe saw many orange fireballs fly over New Bedford, MA.12/12/11
10/9/11 19:30MurfreesboroTNUSADisk4 minutes30 bright lights seen moving in formation in Murfreesboro, TN.10/10/11
10/9/11 19:05Center BarnsteadNHUSASphere10-12 minTwo sightings within 10 min.- yellow/gold orbs w/ragged redish perimiter, hover & chngd:3 bright dots triangle, back to orb, vanished10/10/11
10/9/11 19:00CoeymansNYUSALight1 secondRapidly descending bright light over river. ((anonymous report))10/10/11
10/9/11 18:45MemphisTNUSAOther10 minutes3 UFO sightings over Memphis. Weird jelly fish like spacecrafts10/10/11
10/9/11 18:42New BedfordMAUSAFireball28 MinutesOn Sunday night, October 9, 2011 we saw many fireballs fly over New Bedford, MA.12/12/11
10/9/11 18:20SalemNHUSAUnknown20 secondsBright star-like object/ light fades into sky rapidly.10/19/11
10/9/11 18:15WaukeshaWIUSADisk<1 minuteHalf-moon disc with orange light10/10/11
10/9/11 18:00PrinevilleORUSACigar1 minBright red glowing object in Prineville, Or.10/10/11
10/9/11 17:20Columbia/MansfieldCTUSAFormation10Red light seen in triangular formation that appeared to rotate10/10/11
10/9/11 08:00Forest ParkGAUSAOval0Unknown object seen in photo after download10/19/11
10/9/11 06:30Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaOther20 min approxRound shape with bright orange tail10/10/11
10/9/11 03:00Clifton HeightsPAUSAFireball1 hourObject giving off many different colors in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD))10/10/11
10/9/11 01:30RomneyWVUSAOther2 hoursObject never moved but just stay n one place blinkiing red and blue lights, in Romney ' ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))10/10/11
10/9/11 01:00Sherman OaksCAUSAChevron10 secOct, 09, 2011, first v shape lights after few second the object changed in onother shape10/19/11
10/9/11 01:00DavenportWAUSALight10 minutesStill light that flew upward fast and over our house at 2:00 am10/10/11
10/8/11 23:58Redondo BeachCAUSACircle7 mins.7 spherical orange lights/UFO's w/ rectangular aura sighted in night sky at Redondo Beach, Ca. 10-8-11 at 23:5810/19/11
10/8/11 23:30Lewis CenterOHUSATriangle10 minutesReddish orange lights hovering over a golf course craft shaped into a triangle.10/19/11
10/8/11 23:00CentralVAUSATrianglevariesSingle bright light giving way to strange flickering lights, moving very slowly10/10/11
10/8/11 22:30MunithMIUSALight1 hourOrange light and a blue light.10/10/11
10/8/11 22:00WarrentonVAUSAFormation2-3 minutesStrange lights above Warrenton,Virginia.10/10/11
10/8/11 22:00WarrentonVAUSAChevron1 minuteWeird lights in sky over Virginia farm.10/10/11
10/8/11 22:00Snowmass VIllageCOUSACircle3 minutesReddish, round object in Southeast sky in Snowmass Village, CO10/10/11
10/8/11 22:00Wisconsin DellsWIUSASphere2 minsreddish, orange, orb.heading south to north,at low altitude..1000 to 1500 ft.,no sound ,noticed white starlike orb traveling at a much10/19/11
10/8/11 21:40ConwayARUSATeardrop1 secHuge teardrop light followed by a distant boom (gun shot sounding, but bigger and too far away).10/10/11
10/8/11 21:35HilliardOHUSASphere30 secondsBrilliant reddish-orange sphere with white flame near Columbus, Ohio.7/4/12
10/8/11 21:15PeoriaILUSA2.5 minutesBright burnt orange object moving at the speed simular to Space Station but bigger10/10/11
10/8/11 21:15Ford CItyPAUSAUnknownseveral minutesEight orange hovering orbs.10/10/11
10/8/11 21:10PortlandORUSAUnknown15- 20 secondsI was looking up at the moon facing South from my Southeast Portland front porch, when I saw some red and green lit object almost float10/10/11
10/8/11 21:00Gananoque (Canada)ONCanadaSphere30 seconds6 large, fast moving and silent orange spheres travelling in formation.10/19/11
10/8/11 21:00GaithersburgMDUSASphere1 hourShimmering object in northern sky of Montgomery County Maryland10/10/11
10/8/11 21:00Whitpain TownshipPAUSAFormation1 minuteBig Dipper formation of orange objects.10/10/11
10/8/11 20:15IndianapolisINUSATriangleAbout 2-4 minsIt was one craft with white lights going very slow, then stopped, then the craft went back the way it came 3x it's original speed.10/10/11
10/8/11 20:12OnawayMIUSALight6 secondsThe fastest object we have ever seen other than a meteor!10/10/11
10/8/11 20:00MidwayPAUSASphere3 minutesBright, reddish-orange sphere or fireball was traveling west in a straight line.10/10/11
10/8/11 19:55PascoWAUSALightdoesn't stopMultiple colored lights at high altitude, stationary spot in sky10/10/11
10/8/11 19:55BinghamtonNYUSAUnknown15:00Oct.08,2011 Red Orb's sightings in Binghamton,NY10/25/11
10/8/11 19:53BinghamtonNYUSALight10 minutesMultiple red lights over Binghamton,NY10/10/11
10/8/11 19:07KennewickWAUSADisk20 minutesI looked up to the sky at about 7:07 pm tonight. I saw 2 very bright orange glowing lights in the sky south east. Left of the moon. I s10/10/11
10/8/11 19:00KennewickWAUSADisk25 minutesAt 7pm tonight I saw an orange and very bright ball of light appear in the south east sky. It was followed about 30 seconds apart form10/10/11
10/8/11 19:00KennewickWAUSAChanging25 minutesAt 7pm I witnessed an very bright orange glowing ball comming thru the sky south east. It was traveling towards the moon. As it got clo10/10/11
10/8/11 06:30Mount PleasantSCUSALight5 minutesExtremely fast moving craft with erratic stopping and side to side motion.10/10/11
10/8/11 03:30KnoxvilleTNUSAOther10 min.4 UFOS10/10/11
10/8/11 01:09St. LouisMOUSADiamondtwo minutesUFO hovers and vanished outside of baby's window.10/10/11
10/8/11 01:00MukilteoWAUSAFlash4 secondsBright/white round flash in Mukilteo10/10/11
10/8/11 00:15OmahaNEUSATeardrop2 secondsA translucent helicopter shaped craft flew under the cloud covered skies for a moment and then was gone.10/10/11
10/7/11 23:43FentonMIUSACigar8-10 seconds6 cigar-shapes dash across the sky10/10/11
10/7/11 23:36ClevelandOHUSAFireball5 minutes?Glowing fireball object traveling in Cleveland sky NW towards the Lake?10/19/11
10/7/11 22:13MurrayKYUSAOther30 secondsA toy top shaped craft hovered and eventually disappeared over Murray, Kentucky.10/10/11
10/7/11 22:00BurtonMIUSALight2 nightsUnknown ball of light that has smaller ball of light going around it for two nights straight!10/10/11
10/7/11 21:35Lake GenevaWIUSASphere1 minuteOrange ball of light making no sound crosses sky in a south-to-north transit10/10/11
10/7/11 21:00LouisvilleKYUSACircle5Louisville, Kentucky 5 minutes10/10/11
10/7/11 21:00Topsail BeachNCUSACircle3 minutesGlowing orange ball about 5' diameter observed at Topsail beach at roof top level..changed shape .elevated, then left10/10/11
10/7/11 20:45WarsawMOUSAUnknown30 secondsFloating lights on game camera10/19/11
10/7/11 20:45West HartfordCTUSAChevron2 minbomerrand - plusing and glowing red - transparent and quick 90 degree turns10/10/11
10/7/11 20:30BelvidereILUSAChevron5 minutesWeird shaped unidentified flying object in Belvidere Illinois10/10/11
10/7/11 18:00Staten IslandNYUSAOval2-3 MinutesBronze oval craft with bright flashing lights witnessed in vicinity with airplane in daytime sky10/10/11
10/7/11 13:30New BraunfelsTXUSACircle2-3 minAmazing blue silvery saucer type object -amazingly beautiful12/12/11
10/7/11 13:00WilmingtonDEUSAFlash3-4 minutesUFO object in the southwest sky as I was at Silverside rd and Concord POike at 13:00 on Friday October 7, 201110/10/11
10/7/11 06:15High BridgeNJUSALight20 minutesMy 12 year-old son noticed what appeared to be a star hovering and then moving around. It looks like it may have been over Round Valle10/10/11
10/7/11 05:50WaldoARUSAUnknown30 secondsZigzagging light with 2 additional bursts of light.10/10/11
10/6/11 23:30St. PetersburgFLUSACircle45 minutesIt was circular and moved without restriction in the air and just watched things. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star. PD))12/12/11
10/6/11 23:30Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaOther20 minutesReport of incident 9 to 10 spheres were dancing above a low cloud cover zooming in and out in odd patterns; some slowly , some quickly10/10/11
10/6/11 22:05San DiegoCAUSALight2 secondsFast moving orange light over San Diego.10/10/11
10/6/11 22:00GhentNYUSALight1.5 hours +Multiple colored lights with erratic movements. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star. PD))12/12/11
10/6/11 22:00DavieFLUSALight1-2 secondsTwo circular lights that dissapeared in the night sky.10/10/11
10/6/11 21:00BangsTXUSAUnknown30 minutesOn 10-6-11 in Bangs Texas there were about one hundred lights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD))5/13/12
10/6/11 21:00BangsTXUSAUnknown30 minutesOn 10-6-11 in Bangs Texas, there were about one hundred lights in the sky, that seemed to light up at random and then after about 10 mi10/10/11
10/6/11 20:55Flowery BranchGAUSAOval90 secondsLarge red oval object flying over Hall County GA10/10/11
10/6/11 20:55Flowery BranchGAUSACircle2 minutesA quiet red ball flying overhead at moderate speed over North East Georgia10/10/11
10/6/11 20:41LaGrangeGAUSAFireball5 secondsGreen fireball with red trail across the sky while fishing.10/10/11
10/6/11 20:39HamptonGAUSAOval3 secGreen object flew in and out of my LOS in 3 sec.10/10/11
10/6/11 20:35MaconGAUSAFireball10-15 secondsFireball object that looked like exploded above ground about power line height continued going down road.10/10/11
10/6/11 20:35TampaFLUSASphere1 minIt was a large green sphere streaking from the East toward the West (toward Tampa Bay & Gulf). It had a tail, like a comet tail extend10/10/11
10/6/11 20:03TampaFLUSASpherea matter of secondsChilling, giant, bright, green ball of fire between Lakewood (Providence) and hwy 41.1/24/12
10/6/11 17:45FrederickMDUSASphere20-25 minutesI saw a Golden Sphere hovering a couple miles out, possibly over Camp David. ((NUFORC Note: Weather balloon?? PD))10/10/11
10/6/11 17:13BuffaloMOUSAOther30 secondsUnusual aircraft10/10/11
10/6/11 04:49San AntonioTXUSALight1 sec.A white light traveling randomly at a very high rate of speed12/12/11
10/6/11 03:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown3 hrsMULTIPLE UFO'S VISIBLE FOR MANY HOURS. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD))10/10/11
10/6/11 02:12NewburghINUSALight1 secondStationary white light faded in and out10/10/11
10/6/11 01:45CincinnatiOHUSALight3-5 minutesI was outside smoking a cigarette when I looked down to the end of my street and saw a pulsing light. I wasn't sure if I should walk do10/10/11
10/6/11 01:00StillwaterOKUSADisk7 mins((HOAX??)) I came from the Northwest and flew over our building.10/10/11
10/6/11 01:00Grants Pass (just outside Merlin)ORUSACircle1 to 2 minBlack object move across cloudy night sky10/19/11
10/6/11 00:08Moncks CornerSCUSAFireball30 secondsBrilliant White falling object over Coastal South Carolina.10/10/11
10/5/11 22:30FresnoCAUSAFormation20 minutesUFOs seen near the intersection of Hwy. 41 and Avenue 12 north of Fresno, CA9/24/12
10/5/11 22:00AuburnNYUSATriangleabout a few minutesUnbelievable star that turns into a UFO.10/10/11
10/5/11 21:00GanadoAZUSAOther4 minsBoomerage shaped object flying low and quiet.10/19/11
10/5/11 20:45Lake ElsinoreCAUSACircle2 minutesRed lighted UFO flying over Ortega Mountains, Lake Elsinore side10/10/11
10/5/11 20:40IndependenceMOUSACircleless than 40 secondsGlowing, pulsating, orange orb, silent, low to the ground, shot away at amazing speed10/10/11
10/5/11 20:34RocktonILUSACone6 minIt looked like a planet like Jupiter.10/10/11
10/5/11 20:30CharlotteNCUSAEgg3 minutesAbout 20:30 on 4/8. I see a blur of light out of the corner of my eye. I look up, ((Staarlink satellites??))4/23/21
10/5/11 20:00NorwalkCTUSAChanging3 hoursMultiple morphing UFO's in the skies from Trumbull to Norwalk 10/5/11-10/7/1110/10/11
10/5/11 20:00KalaeloaHIUSADiamond4 minutesStrange huge, diamond shaped, noiseless craft over Kalaeloa, HI on 10/05/11 at 20:00hrs.12/12/11
10/5/11 19:40AlexandriaVAUSAOther4-5 secondsSitting out on deck. Sky pretty dark for urban area. Looking with 12x60 binoculars in the "summer triangle" for asterism called the "co10/10/11
10/5/11 19:30Garden CityMIUSAFireball4 min.Large bright orange/red "fireball" that faded and exposed a black flat object10/10/11
10/5/11 19:00GlobeAZUSALight60 secondsBright light moves across the sky and disappeared.10/10/11
10/5/11 19:00DeMotte-RoselawnINUSAFormation10 minutesI have seen several ufo's the most awsome one i seen was in 1997 hovering above rt 10 and I-65 going west. It was orange and bright ver10/10/11
10/5/11 19:00MiamiFLUSASphere20 secondsSphere shaped object which drifted slowly and seemed to disappear and reappear numerous times.10/10/11
10/5/11 17:00BremertonWAUSAUnknownI gave full report to {U.F.O.s northwest,look up 10-5-2011,}MAN SEES SILVER OBJECT IN DAY SKY.I really expected more i guess not even a12/12/11
10/5/11 13:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaDisk60 secondsOrange Glowing disc visible over parliament hill, Ottawa, Canada.10/10/11
10/5/11 06:45BoiseIDUSAUnknownone minBright Flashes10/10/11
10/5/11 06:00La PlataMDUSAUnknown5 minred firey appearence on bottom dark on top moving slowly over rt 301 then hovers still in sky.12/12/11
10/5/11 06:00EnidOKUSACircle30 secondsObject tracked from north to south high in sky, became bright, stopped in mid flight and disappeared.10/10/11
10/5/11 05:10LymanMEUSAFormation15 MinutesMultiple pointed circular shere, void center, very bright, very stable in shape, not moving, very high.10/10/11
10/5/11 05:10OakvilleCTUSA5 mins.While walking my dog I noticed a bright orange object which I thought to be Mars. However, as I was looking at it, it grew brighter, an10/10/11
10/5/11 04:00Idaho FallsIDUSADisk5-10 minutesBright neon flashes seen across city along with power outages, and a molten-gold colored disk with smaller disks coming off of it.11/11/13
10/5/11 00:00CypressCAUSATriangle5 secondsI saw a triangle shape thing I live 20 minutes away from lax this thing was higher than a plane landing and super super huge triangle t1/12/12
10/4/11 23:00PhiladelphiaPAUSACircle2 minTwo Circle Ufo's Flying At Extream Speeds10/10/11
10/4/11 22:00Monroe CityMOUSAFlashongoingStar like object with more than usual red and blue flashing in NorthEastern sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of star, Sirius? PD))10/10/11
10/4/11 20:30Pohang (South Korea)South KoreaLight45 minOver 70 soft lights seen hovering over Pohang, South Korea.10/19/11
10/4/11 20:05West BloomfieldMIUSAOther3-4 secondsI saw 2 connected glowing white lights (globes) moving upwards and then they just disappeared.10/10/11
10/4/11 20:00IndependenceMOUSATriangle4 to 5 minutesHovering triangular craft with many lights seen in the night sky.10/10/11
10/4/11 19:30Van WertOHUSAFireball5 secondsFireball with tails in Ohio10/10/11
10/4/11 08:00Lee's SummitMOUSATriangle3 minuteslarge triangular shaped object flying very low and way too slow with white lights on the,bottom that revealed triangular shape.10/10/11
10/4/11 04:00FredericksburgVAUSAFireball4 secondsEntering highway 95 headed toward DC, I saw a extra large ball of fire streak across the sky and it was so fast... I have seen shootin10/10/11
10/3/11 22:30FredericksburgVAUSATriangle3 - 5 minutesMonday, October 03, 2011 Time: Approximately 10:30 pm EST. Place: Fredericksburg, VA Sighting Report: This evening at approximat10/10/11
10/3/11 22:30Sault Ste. MarieMIUSAChangingHourColor changing orb of light moving in multiple directions, slightly changing shape, dimming and brightening.10/10/11
10/3/11 21:42LivoniaMIUSARectangle1- 2 minutesRed/Orange Light rotating over Livonia/Plymouth, MI.10/10/11
10/3/11 19:00CrosbyTXUSACircle30 minWe saw two lights when we turned onto the road and they seemed to be right over each other. After we pulled over and took a picture thr10/10/11
10/3/11 19:00AliceTXUSATriangle2 minutesA triangle shaped object with three bright lights10/10/11
10/3/11 09:00PlainsGAUSALightall nightI live in Plains,Georgia and for the past 4 weeks I have seen 4 lights hoover and move like nothing i have ever seen!I don't know if th12/12/11
10/3/11 08:00Prince Rupert (Canada)BCCanadaCircle2 minutesCircle shape.prince rupert10/10/11
10/3/11 04:35FresnoCAUSACircle4 minCircle of bright lights hovering slowly and than disappearing.10/10/11
10/3/11 04:00FullertonCAUSAFlash2 secondsTwo, quick bright flashes of light.10/19/11
10/3/11 02:35Miles CityMTUSAFormation7 minutes3 red objects bright moving then 3 white disperse from within10/10/11
10/2/11 21:50Barahona (Dominican Republic)Dominican RepublicOther15 secLights Shaped Like Boomerang10/10/11
10/2/11 21:00Simi ValleyCAUSAOther3 minWife and I saw lg, round neon green disk moving in SE direction and returned. It hovered, dropped, rose high, and darted to the NE.10/10/11
10/2/11 21:00New York MillsMNUSALight1 minuteOne satellite chasing another10/10/11
10/2/11 21:00MarionINUSA2 daysRed and green lights over marion indiana10/10/11
10/2/11 19:27Mayaguez (Puerto Rico)USACircle2 min((HOAX??)) Sighting occurred at an alt. approx. of 3000' above sea level in mid valley. Obj. was emitting a bright orange light.10/10/11
10/2/11 18:00Battle CreekMIUSACircle5 minutesBright white circular craft flying fast above the clouds until it disappeared.10/10/11
10/2/11 17:44Lake SpringsMOUSAOval1 minuteThree opaque oval craft sighted over mid missouri. with witnesses10/19/11
10/2/11 17:30Lake SpringsMOUSAOval1 minuteI saw these three craft flying around the same vicinity.3/13/12
10/2/11 05:29San AngeloTXUSAFlash< 2 sec.Odd flash that shifted briefly10/10/11
10/2/11 04:50Alligator AlleyFLUSATriangle10 minutesBlinking Light on I-7510/19/11
10/2/11 01:50OwassoOKUSALightOn Oct 2 2011 between 1:50am-2:05am 7 to 9 fighter planes flew over my house. A few hitting there boosters making a loud sound shaking10/10/11
10/1/11 23:57HomesteadFLUSAFormation35 SecondsI am familiar with several types of planes, I worked at a NY airport for a number of years and I am a fan of military planes, this sig10/10/11
10/1/11 23:41BlufftonSCUSAUnknown20 secondsBall of red/yellow light followed by a trail of fire falls to earth in or around Bluffton, SC10/10/11
10/1/11 23:30Captiva IslandFLUSAFireball60 secondsOn Saturday night, October 1, 2011 we observed a level fly by of what looked like an aircraft on fire. It seemed low in the sky, under10/10/11
10/1/11 23:11ConyersGAUSALightan hour or soI see this almost every night when i go outside at the same time. it is this light that changes from hreen to blue to red. ((Starr??))10/10/11
10/1/11 23:00Greenville areaSCUSALight3-4 hrsRed, blue, white lights seen hovering in the sky in the vicinity of the Anderson/Greenville area. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))10/10/11
10/1/11 23:00Fond du Lac (Crooked Lake)WIUSALightI witnessed a ball of light come out of the forest behind crooked lake. The object was bright white and would flash on and off. The o3/27/14
10/1/11 22:50BlufftonSCUSAChevronongoingLarge white light with blue triangular glow sighted in Bluffton, SC sky10/10/11
10/1/11 22:00McCombMSUSARectangle10 secondsOn a clear night while laying on a table witnessed a silent rectangle fully visible craft cross the sky aprrox.500" over trees10/19/11
10/1/11 21:50TeninoWAUSALight2-3 minutesOrange ball of light hovers and then ascends and suddenly disappears10/10/11
10/1/11 21:43Kansas CityMOUSAFireball45 secondsUnusual fireball-like orb moving in the sky, and suddenly disappears10/10/11
10/1/11 21:43Kansas CityMOUSAFireball60 secondsOrange fireball crosses the sky in Kansas City.10/10/11
10/1/11 21:20CarlsbadCAUSAFireball10 secondsI was driving south on the 5 Freeway this evening. I was passing Canon Road in Carlsbad, San Diego County, California. I saw 3 bright10/10/11
10/1/11 21:00HamburgCAUSALight5 minutesExtremely bright twin lights in night sky - moved off in unison.5/29/12
10/1/11 20:30PalatineILUSALight90 secOrange and Red light10/10/11
10/1/11 20:15CincinnatiOHUSASphere15 min.2 Glowing spheres over Cincinnati10/10/11
10/1/11 20:00Linn (outside of)MOUSAUnknown5 secondsHuge green flashing light low to the ground in missouri5/13/12
10/1/11 20:00WilmingtonNCUSATriangle2-5 minutesTriangle... very dim lights, no noise, around all outer edges, moving slowly, very low... went out of sight over UNCW campus10/10/11
10/1/11 20:00JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknownevery nightFleets holding position10/25/11
10/1/11 19:00Metro BostonMAUSAOvalOctober 2011 April 112022Alien Entities Seen4/22/22
10/1/11 17:00Carrieres sous Poissy (France)FranceCigar3 minutesHuge grey cylinder rotating going down to my house from high altitude with no noise12/12/11
10/1/11 16:00GoshenCAUSAOval1 minuteBright round light in sky moving slowly10/10/11
10/1/11 16:00BeaumontTXUSATriangle5 minutesWhile waiting to pick up grandkids from afterschool program a Triangular UFO with circular center observed over Fletcher Elementary; Be1/11/19
10/1/11 15:00BoiseIDUSAUnknownUFO Gowen Field october 1st 201110/10/11
10/1/11 13:00ClintonMSUSACircle5 mins.Jet and object flying side by side10/10/11
10/1/11 09:30BrownwoodTXUSAUnknown25 minOrange lights with blinking white lights swarming around.10/10/11
10/1/11 06:00San BenitoTXUSATriangle10 secundssouth texas 1 oct. v shaped silent object traveling south east dim white lights10/10/11
10/1/11 05:30Alligator PointFLUSAUnknown2 hoursBright multicolored object with flashing red, blue, green and white lights, stationary in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))10/10/11
10/1/11 00:53Thunder Bay (Canada)ONCanadaOther4-5 seconds0:53 or 12:53 am EST, Saturday October 1st 2011, Thunder Bay, ON, T like figure, 4 seconds, dim orange lights, silent 500 Lights On Ob10/10/11
10/1/11 00:00Cabot/LonokeARUSACircle1+ hrsA bright object sighted above our house that moves back and forth slowly and hovers. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star? PD))10/10/11
10/1/11 00:00VancouverWAUSALightMy sister cousin and mydelf saw UFO's in the sky driving home !!!!! SO scary !10/10/11
10/1/11 00:00Staten Island (over)NYUSAUnknown10 minutesHuge bright fireball descends over Staten Island.12/12/11