National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/2010


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/10 23:50BardstownKYUSAChevron15 minsChevron shaped craft12/12/11
10/31/10 23:30CambridgeOHUSAFormation5 min.line of strange blinking lights over eastern Ohio sky11/21/10
10/31/10 22:15DunsmuirCAUSACircle30 secondsBig, bright light that left tracers behind it, which abruptly stopped in the sky until it later blinked out of sight.11/21/10
10/31/10 21:50StaytonORUSAChanging15 minutesA cylindrical, than triangulat object floating in the sky with many different colors of light flickering!!!11/21/10
10/31/10 21:34HolidayFLUSAUnknown2 minutesGlowing red light in the sky that moved rapidly upwards at very highspeeds and disappeared over the Gulf of Mexico in Holiday, Florida.11/21/10
10/31/10 20:30MonroeCTUSAFireball6 secondsGreen fireball with tail seen traveling Southeast. After about 6 seconds it was gone11/21/10
10/31/10 20:30MooresvilleNCUSALight10 minutesTwo slow moving bright orange orb shaped lights11/21/10
10/31/10 19:53O'FallonMOUSAChanging9 minutesBright white light seen from a distance over O'fallon, Mo. gradually changed shapes. After slow hesitation...disappeared quickly!11/21/10
10/31/10 19:30NorthridgeCAUSATriangle15 secondsrounded “boomerang” shape of about seven or nine dark circles moved slow and absolutely quiet11/21/10
10/31/10 19:30JupiterFLUSAOval3 minsWe saw a questionable object in the sky?11/21/10
10/31/10 19:15CincinnatiOHUSAFireball4 minutesFour reddish-orange lights traveling slowly across the sky in Cincinnati, OH11/21/10
10/31/10 19:00Clonmel (Ireland)IrelandOvalongoingRED/ORANGE LIGHTS OVER CLONMEL11/21/10
10/31/10 19:00PittsburghPAUSAFireball1 minuteglowing fireball seen in the sky over Pittsburgh, PA11/21/10
10/31/10 18:15Maple HeightsOHUSAOtherreddish orange clouds over the sky1/5/11
10/31/10 18:06Oak LawnILUSALight6 minutes((HOAX??)) I bet it was that Chupacabra from the 80's that I saw flying this want to be Dish UFO11/21/10
10/31/10 17:00RoselleILUSA15 minutescylinder shaped flying steady like a hawk on top of my dad's house.11/21/10
10/31/10 12:41PhilipsburgPAUSACirclec. 4 secondsNight observation of bright, white circular light descending soundlessly in straight path from sky toward the ground.11/21/10
10/31/10 07:50Lee's SummitMOUSARectangle30 secvery large dark rectangle near airport.11/21/10
10/31/10 07:30JupiterFLUSAOval2-3 minsOn October 31st @ 7:30 pm I locked my truck in my driveway and turned to go back in the front door. I gazed up at the sky and noticed w11/21/10
10/31/10 05:15Las VegasNVUSARectangle1 hourNoticed a bright white light moving across the sky in the north/northwest sky of Las Vegas, Nevada. It appeared high in the sky. It w11/21/10
10/31/10 03:30Roseneath (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder10Mins.Rotating cylidrical object hovering in the sky above Rice Lake,ON11/21/10
10/31/10 01:25College StationTXUSADisk2 hoursOrange glowing crafts seen over College Station, Tx11/21/10
10/31/10 01:23WestlandMIUSATriangle5 secondsPossible Metro Detroit U.F.O.11/21/10
10/30/10 23:50LenexaMOUSALight3 secondsYellow ball of light appeared and fell out of the sky11/21/10
10/30/10 23:50Broken ArrowOKUSAChanging30sSeven unexplained lights over Broken Arrow OK...2 witnes Army Vet.11/21/10
10/30/10 23:35BearDEUSALight45 secondsgroup of reddish lights flying over a residential neighborhood.11/21/10
10/30/10 22:23TuttleOKUSATriangle20 minutesThree yellow-orange lights flying over-head numerous times.11/21/10
10/30/10 22:23TuttleOKUSADiamond35 minscloaked UFO at high school track.11/21/10
10/30/10 22:00MilfordNEUSAChanging5 mincloked ship that the space around it bent as it moved2/8/11
10/30/10 21:58TampaFLUSATriangle1 minutetriangular airplane that sorta looked like it but different hovering over building.11/21/10
10/30/10 21:45MooreOKUSAOval3 MinsBright Yellow/Orange light that seemed to come out of nowhere. A second object appeared hovering, got bright and both dissppeared.11/21/10
10/30/10 21:30Fort WrightKYUSAFireball5 minutesOrange orb over Covington11/21/10
10/30/10 21:00RichmondKYUSALight20 MINGreen falling object from the sky over Richmond Ky 20105/2/11
10/30/10 10:30KildeerILUSACylinder20 ssecsSlow and silent11/21/10
10/30/10 07:00RustonLAUSATeardrop1.5 hoursPossible solid object surrounded by teardrop-shaped streak seen in morning sky.11/21/10
10/30/10 03:00St. Matthew'sSCUSATriangle3 minutesTriangle with three lights. Silently hovered. Dropped three balls of light over gas station and departed.12/12/11
10/30/10 02:00Cedar FallsIAUSALightabout 5 minutesDiagonal line of bending light seen above university from the moon on Hallow's Eve.1/12/12
10/29/10 22:45Granite FallsNCUSAFormation10 minutesObject is composed of three, solid, bright, white lights in a straight line and flew silently.11/21/10
10/29/10 21:11YelmWAUSATriangle15 secondsShape, speed, level movement, No sound. and disapeared.11/21/10
10/29/10 21:00Indian OceanIndian OceanFireball1.5 hrsDuring the routine bridge watch at sea, on the 29th Oct 2010 2200 UTC in position 03 56S 074 59E, I happened to observe a bright reddis11/21/10
10/29/10 20:20Morelia (Mexico)MexicoLightthree minutesHuge blue lights over Morelia Mexico11/21/10
10/29/10 20:20Morelia (Mexico)MexicoLightthree minutesAmendment to prior form from Morelia, Mexico11/21/10
10/29/10 19:45TionestaPAUSAEggPresentThis is nothing like I have ever seen.11/21/10
10/29/10 19:30St. Matthew Village (Belize)BelizeLight35 minutesover 50 lights appearing in the sky and landing in the jungle of Belize1/5/11
10/29/10 19:10ArdenNCUSACircle4 minutesBurning sphere moving through the sky at dusk.11/21/10
10/29/10 19:10RockfordILUSATriangle5 secondsBlack "shadow"(dim light outlined) triangular craft spotted gliding silently in night sky over Rockford, IL.1/5/11
10/29/10 19:00EdmondsWAUSASphere10 minutes5 reddish spheres with flashing lights "floating" noiselessly not far offshore of Edmonds at maybe 1000 feet.11/21/10
10/29/10 19:00Kings MountainNCUSAOther20 minUp in the hills of Kings Mountain. UFO sighting on hwy 161 between 7pm and 7:30 pm EST. Bright orange oblong shaped aircraft.11/21/10
10/29/10 18:30Kansas CityMOUSALight10 minuteslinear formation of 6 to 7 bluish orbs moving from north to south in the approximate location of Blue Springs, MO11/21/10
10/29/10 18:20VicksburgMSUSAOther10-15 SecondsBlinking lights flying in a triangle formation over Vicksburg, sprayed two large dark clouds of smoke and then the object disappeared11/21/10
10/29/10 18:20VicksburgMSUSAOther10-15 Sec.Blinking lights in triangle formation over Vicksburg, leaving behind two large clouds of smoke then disappearing11/21/10
10/29/10 18:00KatyTXUSALight2 minutesKaty Texas Ufo sighting involving fighter jets11/21/10
10/29/10 17:45Browns SummitNCUSACircle5 minutesVery bright silver circle seen in the sky.11/21/10
10/29/10 17:30BessemerALUSATeardropTwenty MinutesFour guys see five teardrop/candle light objects spreading a mist, turn into cones, becomes long slivers, and split in the sky.11/21/10
10/29/10 14:00FranklinGAUSASphereI have photos of unknown light from Heard Co., GA, mountain top.12/20/12
10/29/10 10:45StratfordCTUSADiamond15 minutesAt aprox. 10:40 I looked up in the sky noticing the amount of stars visible when I spotted a series of stars (UFO) starting to move Sou11/21/10
10/29/10 08:10ChantillyVAUSADisk4 secondsDisk-like glowing craft in Chantilly flying low in stormy clouds in a horizontal pattern11/21/10
10/29/10 08:10DanvilleKYUSARectangle2- 3 minRectangular craft seen on October 29, 2010 in Danville, Kentucky11/21/10
10/29/10 06:40Laurel HillNCUSAChanging5 minutesLarge, exploding fireball11/21/10
10/29/10 05:15HerkimerNYUSAFireball20 secondsorange fireball passed stars11/21/10
10/29/10 04:05AustinTXUSAFormation15 secondsSaw a string of about 10 to 12 lights in a loose V-formation very high up moving quickly across the sky in Austin, TX.11/21/10
10/29/10 01:30Hot SpringsARUSAUnknown10 minutesRed/Blue/Green lights flashing very quickly11/21/10
10/29/10DuluthMNUSATriangle1.5 secondsFast moving triangular shaped object.11/21/10
10/28/10 22:40NorthridgeCAUSAOval5 minI witness a series of lights about 15 to 20 moving south of Roscoe Blvd. As I tried to get closer it suddently went the other way in11/21/10
10/28/10 22:00International FallsMNUSACircle5 secondsround ball that looked like fire with flashing bottom falling out of the sky.11/21/10
10/28/10 19:50StantonNEUSALight30-45 secondsI saw an amzingly bright light in the night sky and then it disappeared.11/21/10
10/28/10 19:37Oak RidgeNCUSAUnknown7 minsStar-like Object witnessed above FL600 at a high rate of speed traveling SSE to NNW11/21/10
10/28/10 19:27TracyCAUSACircle15 minutes6 unidentified crafts seen by 5 people11/21/10
10/28/10 19:25Bedford (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond2.5 minutes +28th October 2010 Bedford England moving slowly over the town for 2.5 minutes + posted 29/10/1011/21/10
10/28/10 18:00GaffneySCUSAFireball20 minutes1 ball shape flaming red, like a fire burning had red flashing lights, moved very, very slow, looked to be huge in size.11/21/10
10/28/10 07:25Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaTeardrop2 - 3 minutesWhite triangles flying in sync11/21/10
10/28/10 00:10RedmondWAUSATriangleTriangle UFO in sky11/21/10
10/28/10MentorOHUSACigar30 seconds7 cigar shapes over lake Erie11/21/10
10/27/10 23:20Mt. SavageMDUSAOval1 hourchanging shades of green and blue. kind o moving in a circular motion. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars?? PD))11/21/10
10/27/10 22:30Fort CampbellKYUSALight1 minThere was a bright light in the sky that came and went over the span of a minute.11/21/10
10/27/10 22:00Boiling SpringsSCUSAOval30 secondsthe object was flying low but no noise was coming from it with lights in a circular pattern.11/21/10
10/27/10 21:52WilmingtonNCUSARectangle2 minLarge Black Rectangle - 2 white lights - 1 red slow pulsing light11/21/10
10/27/10 21:00BrockportNYUSATriangle30mintriangular ufo with 30 or more lights disappering and reappering in differant spots11/21/10
10/27/10 21:00DecaturARUSALight20 minutesobject was just a spherical very bright white light with no other blinking lights11/21/10
10/27/10 21:00Cape CanaveralFLUSAFireball2-3 minutesLarge reddish orange fireball very visible in Cape Canaveral sky around 9pm on 10-27-1011/21/10
10/27/10 20:15AshevilleNCUSALight30 MINUTESTwo gaslike lights moving in circular manner in southern sky11/21/10
10/27/10 20:15WabashINUSALight4 minutesFast moving sound.. disappeared right before our eyes.11/21/10
10/27/10 19:00St. PetersMOUSALight5 minutesI saw a very low light, definitely not a plane as there was only a bright white light like a star, no flashing red lights and no noise.3/13/12
10/27/10 19:00LansingMIUSAFireball3 secondswhite/green fireball falling from the sky in northern michigan11/21/10
10/27/10 18:20New Kent CountyVAUSADisk3 minOjects over the trees on interstate 641/5/11
10/27/10 14:00Meadow VistaCAUSAOtherLaser Strike on two vehicles in Nortthern California.11/21/10
10/27/10 14:00San DiegoCAUSACircle10 minutesVery small round object at first stationary then moved to new position, then disappeared as I watched it against a bright blue sky.1/12/18
10/27/10 10:00HarleysvillePAUSALight10 secI saw a red light flying through the sky at a very high speed. My first thought was it can't be a plane because it was not blinking, an11/21/10
10/27/10 08:00JonesvilleMIUSA90 min.looked like sattelite or star, extreme acceleration11/21/10
10/27/10 03:00DentonTXUSACircle2:00I initially heard a whhoosh sound for quite awhile without witnessing anything.11/21/10
10/26/10 21:00St. LouisMOUSAChevron15 secondsV-shaped perfect formation of lights traveling over St Louis, heading eastward, soundlessly.11/21/10
10/26/10 20:00SumterSCUSATriangle2 minsTriangular shaped object illuminating constant bright light over sumter, sc11/21/10
10/26/10 19:35Missouri (rural)MOUSALightcontinuous while darkstarting 10-26-10 sighting flashing, popping and quick moving white/red lights. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))11/21/10
10/26/10 19:20MiamiAZUSAUnknownnoneone bright light on for few mins, then it flashing on then off , repeat over and over11/21/10
10/26/10 19:00Rock HillSCUSAOthercraft was flying at a low attitude it was huge but not wide enough to be a plane or loud enough to be a helicopter.11/21/10
10/26/10 18:30Morgan CityLAUSAFireball2 minOrange object in sky over Patterson or Morgan City area11/21/10
10/26/10 08:00MidlothianVAUSALight10-15minVery large yellow light, becoming three small lights, moving back and forth across the sky, then meeting with more.11/21/10
10/26/10 07:30BolingbrookILUSARectangle1/2 hourBright light.11/11/13
10/26/10 06:30TucsonAZUSACircle20 MINUTESTUCSON, ARIZONA11/21/10
10/26/10 00:00SpokaneWAUSAUnknown3 mincraft seen hovering below tree line no noise and had bright white light and many small red lights on top11/21/10
10/25/10 23:30Mt. VernonWAUSAOval1 minuteI saw two red continuous lights in the night sky moving from East to West toward the lights of Mt Vernon, Washington .11/21/10
10/25/10 23:30AmherstVAUSAUnknown2hrs. plusOur last encounters with ufo on amherst, va farm road4/3/11
10/25/10 23:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSALight~40 minutes3 lights form hovering triangle and disappear behind NYC skyline11/21/10
10/25/10 22:45PlainfieldILUSATriangle1 minuteI went outside for a cigarette on my front porch. I heard a crazy sound and immediately got sort of frightended. I looked up and saw a11/21/10
10/25/10 20:00ClevelandTNUSACigar45 minutesCigar-shaped craft in front of moon.7/26/14
10/25/10 19:25OmerMIUSA5-10 secOrange light in the sky viewed form omer michigan11/21/10
10/25/10 09:00Yuba CityCAUSACigar2 minutesCigar/Cylinder shaped object seen over Yuba City, California11/21/10
10/25/10 07:12Barrhead (Canada)ABCanadaLight1.5 minutesBright white light by tower11/21/10
10/24/10 21:00HuntersvilleNCUSACircle1 hour or morewhite lights high in the skies over huntersviile, nc moving very fast at all different directs. sit outside wherever you are and look11/21/10
10/24/10 19:35KatyTXUSALight4-5 minBluish white light observed in 90 degree turn and flight to east over Ft Bend county Texas11/21/10
10/23/10 23:00Dummies Beach (New Zealand)New ZealandUnknown1 hourIt was about 11pm in the evening and myself and two other people witnesses a UFO in the sky . We noticed a strange light in the sky th1/5/11
10/23/10 22:30Sugar Hill (?)GAUSACircle2 minutesCircular object floated across sky was not balloon, plane, kite and was silent, changed shape, and color.11/21/10
10/23/10 21:20BourneMAUSATriangle3 minutes3 Lights moving together at night over Cape Cod at low altitude without making any sound at all.11/21/10
10/23/10 21:00PhoenixAZUSALight15minTwo falling balls of light---North Phoenix on 10-23-1011/21/10
10/23/10 21:00BoyertownPAUSACircle10 minutesred orange ball of fire11/21/10
10/23/10 20:15PortlandMEUSATriangle2 min.A Metallic triangular object with dome on underside was seen in Portland, Maine.11/21/10
10/23/10 19:50VeniceCAUSAOther10 secdimmed lights, slow and quiet.11/21/10
10/23/10 19:45VeniceCAUSAChevron3 SecondI was coming out of my house, Walking to the garage, to lock it up for the night. I was looking up, North East. Five Light in V Shape i11/21/10
10/23/10 19:40PhoenixAZUSAFireball2 mins2 strange craft spotted over Phoenix, Arizona11/21/10
10/23/10 19:39PhoenixAZUSATeardrop2 minutesTwo objects in a bright orange teardrop shape that appeared to be on fire were seen in the northwestern sky.11/21/10
10/23/10 19:25GlendaleAZUSALight6 minutesTwo lights moving in multiple directions with a sparkling trail behind them that disappeared when they'd stop and then reappear.11/21/10
10/23/10 18:50HockessinDEUSASphereapprox. 15 minutesLarge number of unidentified aircraft flying together.11/21/10
10/23/10 18:00Queretaro City (Mexico)Mexicounknownpublished in a local diary "diario de queretaro", it says many people have seen UFO's in my city, The date of the newspaper is 10/25/2011/21/10
10/23/10 16:21Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere10 secondsShiny round object seen in broad daylight, then suddenly disappears.11/21/10
10/23/10 15:15FayettevilleARUSASphere12Bright round objects spotted over Fayetteville during Ark/Ole miss game during a severe apporaching storm on 10/23/1011/21/10
10/23/10 10:30EurekaCAUSALight5 minutesA big circular object with a bunch of little blinking lights was hovering in the sky11/21/10
10/23/10 09:00BloomigntonMNUSALight15 seconds7 flashing lights and about 2 car alarms going off.8/5/12
10/23/10 07:00HighlandNYUSAOther10 secondsquick long flashing hovering object11/21/10
10/23/10 00:32PaysonILUSAMADAR Node 9712/23/20
10/22/10 21:30PhoenixAZUSACircle10 minutespossible phoenix lights encounter11/21/10
10/22/10 21:22PittsburghPAUSASphere2 minutesRed/Orange globe with flame tail moving across sky, stopping then reversing direction.11/21/10
10/22/10 21:00CatawbaNCUSAOther10 min3 lights to the south.11/21/10
10/22/10 20:45Toms RiverNJUSAOval10Bright white object flying over Toms River11/21/10
10/22/10 20:35SeagovilleTXUSAChevron24 secsIt was a large boombrang or chevron looking ufo with two big yellowish-reddish lights that made no sound.11/21/10
10/22/10 20:00OaklandCAUSACircleapprox. 20 minutesOrange orb hovering over Bay Area. ANother appears and approaches, and hovers then dissapears. .Moves upand down , dims in/out11/21/10
10/22/10 20:00AtlantaGAUSADiskcontinuingDisk shaped aircraft with bubble top illuminated from within, orange pulsing light on underneath, hovering south of I-75 near Atlanta11/21/10
10/22/10 19:50ManchesterNHUSATriangle1-2 secondsAt around 7:50pm EST this evening, Friday October 22nd 2010, I was driving North on 93, just North of Manchester, NH. Above the toll ga11/21/10
10/22/10 19:30AlexandriaVAUSALight5 minutesMost unusual fireworks display11/21/10
10/22/10 18:47PerrysburgOHUSALight30 SecondsUFO spotted following planes.11/21/10
10/22/10 17:15GarnerNCUSAOval1 minUFO SIGHTING RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA11/21/10
10/22/10 15:10ColumbiaSCUSATeardrop15 - 20 minutesNearly stationary teardrop shaped with short contrail over Richland County11/21/10
10/22/10 12:00PlanoTXUSAConeuncertain6 grey Cones in circle formation were still over Plano TX city Hall. No one but me saw them on a bus going west on 190.11/21/10
10/22/10 11:38AmherstVAUSAUnknown5 minutesMother and daughter again are “visited” by strange ufo on farm road in Amherst, Va. We saw the “thing” in August11/21/10
10/22/10 08:00ReadingOHUSAUnknown10 minutesFour Objects in a diamond shape doing some type of flying formation and hover.11/21/10
10/22/10 05:45TucsonAZUSAFireball2 minutesObject in sky with ball of fire dangling from it, dripping sparklets of fire11/21/10
10/22/10 05:25BurnsvilleMNUSATriangle10 minTriangle object object seen over burnsville 5:25 am11/21/10
10/21/10 23:25San JoseCAUSADisk3 minutesUAO over 680 southbound freeway11/21/10
10/21/10 22:30CharlestonSCUSATriangle1 minHwy 61, triangular shape craft w/ multi colored lights on one side and red lights at points.11/21/10
10/21/10 22:00OtisORUSALight20-30 mins"Satellites" that sped away and a vanishing "Constellation"5/29/11
10/21/10 21:30BostonMAUSALight1 minuteThe light just vanished and come back then vanished again.10/25/11
10/21/10 20:45Fort MyersFLUSALight30 sectwo bright lights which faded slowly to disappear11/21/10
10/21/10 20:30HardyVAUSALightapprox 30 to45 minutesBright light at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia11/21/10
10/21/10 20:00Cape CoralFLUSALight2 minuteswent outside to check out metor shower that was supposed to be tonight 10/21/10. when i looked up at the moon i saw a real bright star11/21/10
10/21/10 19:00ThomsonGAUSADiskhalf houri was amazed11/21/10
10/20/10 23:30Daniels ParkCOUSADisk15 minutesbright light slowly zig zagged then flew over and multi colored lights exposed to jet over denver metro11/21/10
10/20/10 22:20BrandonMSUSATriangleapprox. 1.5 minTriangle lights over Brandon, MS11/21/10
10/20/10 22:00Dargivil (New Zealand)New ZealandLight1 min((HOAX??)) o.engey11/21/10
10/20/10 21:00DaleINUSATriangleApprox 10 minutes maybe UFO HOVERING OVER I-64 EASTBOUND REST STOP NEAR DALE INDIANA11/21/10
10/20/10 21:00BillingsMTUSALight15 minsLight moving slowly in a circle outside Billings11/21/10
10/20/10 20:30WilmingtonDEUSADisk20-30 secondsCircular solid, semi-transparent glowing off-white circular shape zipped through the sky, stopped suddenly without slowing, went up11/21/10
10/20/10 20:00HillsboroughNCUSAOther1 minuteOrange UFO exploded by something.1/31/11
10/20/10 19:33WilliamsportPAUSALight5 seconds2 craft in formation11/21/10
10/20/10 19:28PlymouthPAUSALight20 secondsi saw 2 objects in the sky to the right of jupiter that i cannot understand11/21/10
10/20/10 19:00SpokaneWAUSAOval120 secondsThe four (5)of us watched as two glowing objects flew slowly in the sky from the east. They were flying one directly behind the other11/21/10
10/20/10 19:00BoiseIDUSAFireball5 minutesFireball changes directions a stops in the sky.11/21/10
10/20/10 18:05Varberg (Sweden)SwedenOther25-35 secondsStealth Aircraft?11/21/10
10/20/10 16:17MesaAZUSAOther2 secNot observed - Captured object in two of 3 images - Have original image in DNG format11/21/10
10/20/10 15:30HazardKYUSALight5 secondsBright ball of light visible for 5 seconds, slowly faded away11/21/10
10/20/10 05:45Golden ValleyAZUSAUnknown45 sec.sighting 10/20/2010 Arizona 05:45am.11/21/10
10/20/10 04:20SouthfieldMIUSALight13 minutesTwo ufos in the sky initially, then they separated and one appeared out of nothing next to one of them.11/21/10
10/20/10 02:59PearlandTXUSASphere2 houraRound object in the sky with blue,green, and red colors hovering in the southeastern sky11/21/10
10/20/10 00:10RoseburgORUSARectangle3 min5 round white lights hovering over I-5. ((NUFORC Note: Report from law enforcement officer. PD))8/7/11
10/19/10 23:00Cross LanesWVUSALight3-4 secondsOrangish Objects Zig Zag across the sky as fast as a shooting star.9/24/12
10/19/10 21:19BurnsvilleNCUSAUnknownabout 2 minutes3 sets of 3 lights hovering silently in night sky3/13/12
10/19/10 21:00Ormond BeachFLUSALight10 minutesred lights that moved over ocean. they appeared and disappeared at regular intevals and appear to "jump" down beach11/21/10
10/19/10 20:33Hazen/FallonNVUSATriangle4 secondsAt night a flicker of light, then steady Red/Oranges Orbs in a Triangle Pattern consisting of 5-6 located on the bottom of UFO.11/21/10
10/19/10 20:30BrookingsORUSACircle30 minutesBright red lights seen in Curry County.11/21/10
10/19/10 20:18Crescent City/GasquetCAUSATriangle12 minsMiltary refueling aircraft illuminated with green laser, large triangle of brights lights seen, F-15s in pursuit all in a 30 mins time11/21/10
10/19/10 20:15Southern OregonORUSAUnknown1minUnusually shaped object moves silently acroos the night sky (video posted youtube)11/21/10
10/19/10 20:15RaleighNCUSALight15 seconds2 objects that looked like bright stars moving in parallel about 45 degrees above the horizon11/21/10
10/19/10 20:05RiverdaleUTUSALight15-20 secondsTwo bright lights appear, one after another11/21/10
10/19/10 19:00TacomaWAUSALight5-10 secondsTwo of three lights in what appears to be a constellation drift off and disappear in Tacoma, WA11/21/10
10/19/10 19:00KirklandWAUSALight10 minutes2 light formations circling venus11/21/10
10/19/10 19:00Rock HillSCUSAFlashstrange flashing lights in the sky, along with a strange craft.11/21/10
10/19/10 18:30SeattleWAUSALight5 secondsA moment later I looked up again and saw two lights (only slightly smaller and less bright than the planet) below Jupiter.11/21/10
10/19/10 13:00YonkersNYUSASphere15 minutessilvery circular object suspended high in the sky11/21/10
10/18/10 20:40ReidsvilleGAUSATriangleOne hour and approximatelArrowhead shaped craft with three obvious lights flew overhead, pursued by military aircraft.11/21/10
10/18/10 16:00PittsburghPAUSAChangingAbout 5 minutesWeird object (shaped like plastic bag) moving across sky.11/21/10
10/18/10 15:00Ackworth (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle2 minutessilver shiny cube, stationary in sky, suns light reflecting off it. (near garden center above tree line Ackworth, England Winter 2010)10/10/11
10/18/10 07:30Honeoye FallsNYUSA10 secondsA possible disk shaped object is seen over Honeoye Falls, NY.11/21/10
10/18/10 06:30MartinezCAUSAUnknown30secjust a object that moved across the sky at a steady speed11/21/10
10/18/10 05:00HugerSCUSALight15 secondsHigh red lights moving accross sky11/21/10
10/18/10 04:00HighlandNYUSATriangle1 minutelow flying triangle slow moving blueish white light in front smaller white lights under no sound no strobes11/21/10
10/18/10 02:45HelenaOKUSATriangle3 secondsSuspicious Object In The Sky11/21/10
10/18/10 01:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSACircleclear skies((HOAX??)) The scariest unknown thing in the night sky.5/2/11
10/17/10 20:35OmahaNEUSAFireball00:01Omaha NE I'm can't be the only one who saw this!!!11/21/10
10/17/10 20:00AmesburyMAUSATriangletil dawn3 lighted fixed triangles 9pm overhead spaced miles apart.Now in my area 10-12 fixed lighted triangles.2 weeks since siting.11/21/10
10/17/10 18:40NazarethPAUSALight2 minutesHovering / Pulsing Blue light observed by 2 buses of students and adults11/21/10
10/17/10 04:53PhoenixAZUSALight4 secondsSoundless bright light moves quickly in front of me11/21/10
10/17/10 04:00Santa AnaCAUSALight2 minGreen and Blue lights in the sky followed by total darkness11/21/10
10/17/10 02:00NorristownPAUSADisk1 hourPulsating ufo slowly descended and stayed hovering for about an hour,11/21/10
10/17/10 01:00Blowing RockNCUSAUnknownAbout a hour.Star like object that pulsed a bright red then disappeared.11/21/10
10/16/10 00:00CaswellNCUSALight1 hourit was not a air craft it moved to slow11/21/10
10/16/10 22:45RochesterMNUSACircle10 secondsVery bright circle that suddenly disappeared11/21/10
10/16/10 22:30PittsburghPAUSAFormation1 minutesA large fast moving V formation of lights. Appeared to be one craft, no sound. Was only visible from my vantage point for about a min11/21/10
10/16/10 22:30CharlivoxMIUSACigar30 secondsWe where setting on the edge of a corn field looking east north east over a meadow calling coyotes. clear night half moon, no clouds.11/21/10
10/16/10 22:00MeredithNHUSALight60 minutesred/white twinkling light in eastern NH sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of a celestial body? PD))11/21/10
10/16/10 22:00ColumbusOHUSAUnknown5 minutesA line of 5-6 red lights moving slowly, not making any noise passed over us. Could not tell if the lights were connected to anything.11/21/10
10/16/10 21:38Port St. LucieFLUSAChanging2-3 minred ball over port saint lucie florida11/21/10
10/16/10 21:20Panama CityFLUSAOvalstationaryStat. hovering object with blinking green and red lights. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the objects may be twinkling stars. PD))11/21/10
10/16/10 18:00GreeleyCOUSASphere10minround metal ball haning north west of Greeley11/21/10
10/16/10 18:00SalemORUSASphere6-8 minutesSingle round black sphere hovering with white clouds in the background.11/21/10
10/16/10 18:00TroutvilleVAUSASphere1 minuteShiney sphere gets brighter then fades out.11/21/10
10/16/10 17:30Golden ValleyAZUSAOther30-60 secondsMetallic looking craft over Golden Valley, AZ.2/4/16
10/16/10 16:36TroutvilleVAUSASphere1:00Unknown Reflective Sphere in Troutville Virginia Stalking Aircraft11/21/10
10/16/10 15:00CullmanALUSASphere10 minutesSilver spheres that were above us, then disappeared and several minutes later a military jet was flying over the same space.11/21/10
10/16/10 13:00anonymousUntil NOWJust want to talk to someone about what I've seen & experienced1/5/11
10/16/10 09:32Portage du Fort (Canada)QCCanadaCircleFiery yellow-orange ball in cloudy sky. ((NUFORC Note: We believe the object may be a water droplet on the camera lens. PD))1/31/11
10/16/10 01:55GibsonGAUSAOther1 HourRed and blue flickering lights with a white light that gets blocked occasionally by the object hovering in the same spot directly above11/21/10
10/16/10 01:00YakimaWAUSAOther2 hrsorb's in yakima do not dissapoint11/21/10
10/16/10 00:30ArcadiaCAUSALight45 secondsI saw a white bright light ball flying in Arcadia, CA which was also seen by my fiance and friend.11/21/10
10/15/10 22:30WaterlooIAUSALight8-10minBright orange orb quickly passing close by without sound.11/21/10
10/15/10 22:00Carlisle (Canada)ONCanadaFireballabout 2-3sec.Green/yellow streak falling towards earth appeared to be a solid object and not fast enough to be a meteor.11/21/10
10/15/10 21:27BuffaloNYUSAFireballseveral minsBalls of fire floating (not dropping) across the sky in Buffalo, NY 10-15-10.7/4/12
10/15/10 21:15CedarvilleOHUSAUnknown2-3 MinsLarge stationary aerial object hovering in the night sky11/21/10
10/15/10 20:40ThorntonCOUSATeardrop5 sec.Large Cone-Tailed Ball of White Light crosses Denver Sky11/21/10
10/15/10 20:00RaefordNCUSAChangingconsistant and nightlywhite moving light that appears every night in Raeford, NC.11/21/10
10/15/10 20:00HavertownPAUSALight4 minutesThis happened a few years ago and I've wondered about it every since. I am an ameteur astronomer and I don't necessarily believe in UFO9/24/12
10/15/10 20:00WarrenMIUSAUnknown3 secondsi was under my car port at the front of my house . a clear night,8:00pm. i looked up due west i saw four very bright green lights the s11/21/10
10/15/10 20:00WarrenMIUSAlightsMan reports sighting of four green objects in a formation; streaks across the night sky.11/21/10
10/15/10 19:30BoulderCOUSALight2 hoursBright lights seen pulsating over east Colorado.11/21/10
10/15/10 17:40GreeleyCOUSADisk23 minutesOne saucer shaped metal object over Greeley, Colorado.6/2/13
10/15/10 17:00New York CityNYUSADisknightlyI have been witnessing craft almost every night since the middle of october 2010. These craft are seen on a New York webcam. (wirednewy2/8/11
10/15/10 16:30AustinTXUSAOther1 HourOver a dozen drone-like UFOs witness over Austin, Texas11/21/10
10/15/10 16:20CharlotteNCUSACigar10 secondsSilver to turquise in color size of a car near charlotte motor speed way.11/21/10
10/15/10 05:30Overland ParkKSUSASphere3 minutesSilent black metal sphere ,with brite front lite, dim side lite , slowly follows the hyway grassy area.8/7/11
10/15/10 03:30BuffaloNYUSASphere1.5 hrsBright white object with blue, red, green and white lights close to Buffalo International airport... 1.5 hrs11/21/10
10/15/10 03:00HarleysvillePAUSACircle2 hoursUFO above my house. Possibly abducted.10/10/11
10/15/10 02:30CheyenneWYUSALight15 minutesU.F.O in Cheyenne, Wyoming11/21/10
10/15/10 02:00Western SpringsILUSA10 mintueslight when i took picture i see object in pic disk3/10/11
10/14/10 23:30Hello, I'm writing to you because I didn't see a fax number on the NUFORC site and the webform is not secure, so I did not feel comfor1/19/21
10/14/10 22:30Northwich (UK/England)United KingdomOther2-3 min'sorange flare like sightings over Cheshire11/21/10
10/14/10 22:05Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaOther20 seckondsASTRONOMER REPORT: 3 objects in the night sky moving @ high rate of speed.11/21/10
10/14/10 21:30Tehran (Iran)IranTriangle1 houri like to share My Hd film11/21/10
10/14/10 21:25LivermoreCAUSALight90 secondsI observed a bright object in the sky traveling erratically. 90 seconds11/21/10
10/14/10 19:30RiponCAUSATriangle5-8 minutesObject observed over orchard North of Ripon, CA.11/21/10
10/14/10 19:28ShelbyvilleUSAEgg5 minutes4 objects one moving others still and started moving when it was in their area. erratic patern.11/21/10
10/14/10 19:20MitchellSDUSALight2 minDark object with lights around- went west and turned 90 degrees and shot north.11/21/10
10/14/10 18:30FoleyALUSACylinderabout 30 secondsTriangular/Cyinder object with 2 headlights like a car in the sky sitting completely still and had no sound11/21/10
10/14/10 18:00Rock HillSCUSAFlashflashing lightsflashy lights that stops in the sky and changes directions very distinctly.11/21/10
10/14/10 16:30Truth or ConsequencesNMUSACircleobject hovered in sky souShiny object reflected sun in white sands area ufo stayed in a stable position then was gone in a flash. Ufo was circular.11/21/10
10/14/10 06:15ImperialMOUSAFormation20 minutescluster of lights in wheel shape with center hub light largest.11/21/10
10/14/10 06:04The ColonyTXUSALight3 secondsHigh altitude fast bright light11/21/10
10/14/10 01:00Lesser Slave Lake (Canada)ABCanadaRectangle1 minufo landed11/21/10
10/13/10 22:45Las VegasNVUSAChanging15 secondsShapeshifting object seen over Las Vegas drive-in movie theater. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly migratory birds?? PD))11/21/10
10/13/10 22:45EtnaCAUSAFlash25 minutesUFO Rotating Red Green Yellow Lights11/21/10
10/13/10 22:30Rio LindaCAUSACylinder:02I saw the cylinder shaped looked like a spaceship hovring above the east side of the Air Force base. Saw it for about 30 seconds and ra11/21/10
10/13/10 22:00AllenTXUSAUnknown10 secsShadow object...Black then (glow) speeding across night sky.11/21/10
10/13/10 21:00San FranciscoCAUSALight3-4 minutesMultiple lights over Ocean Beach1/24/12
10/13/10 21:00CharlotteNCUSALight5-10 minutes5 pulsating lights above Charlotte, NC1/5/11
10/13/10 21:00San FranciscoCAUSASphere20 minutescoming down 24th st looking northwest across the goldengate.orbs in slightly curved line on the westside of the goldengate at approxima11/21/10
10/13/10 20:45CharlestonSCUSATriangle5 minutesI saw three fire orange oval shaped lights flying in triangle shape formation.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:40GrandviewMOUSAChevron1 minuteV-Shaped aircraft moving slow and low. 5 glowing lights underneath. No cockpit, or fusilage5/12/11
10/13/10 20:30SunolCAUSAOther12 secondsStar that stops, slows, stops,slows,then drops out of sight.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:30GilbertAZUSACircle1 minuteAn alternating red and blue lighted object, bobbling rapidly and erratically in the sky and then descending in a controlled fashion.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:30BrickNJUSACircle2 minutesA fire disk was seen moving slowly as the light dimmed and object disappeared. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/21/10
10/13/10 20:30MartinezCAUSAOther~8 secondsFaintly glowing wedge-shaped craft flies swiftly and silently over San Francisco East Bay town.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:00LincolnCAUSAFlash1 hourFlashing light circles over Lincoln CA for at least an hour.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:00CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown5 minutesOn 10/13/10, while driving, I saw an unusual nonblinking, stationary light over Cincinnati.11/21/10
10/13/10 19:20New York CityNYUSALighton goingMultiple UFO sighting in NYC. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the objects may have been twinkling stars. PD))11/21/10
10/13/10 18:30GrandviewMOUSAChevron10 secondsBlack V-shaped UFO with 5 orange lights.10/14/13
10/13/10 18:15GrandviewMOUSAChevron5-10 secondsV-shaped UFO with 5 glowing lights underneath was seen flying low and slow, without much sound.7/3/13
10/13/10 17:30FloraILUSACross~1.5minStrange gray object spotted in my small town11/21/10
10/13/10 17:00RichmondCAUSASphere7-10 minutesBright yellow and white glowing sphere motionless for 7-10 minutes, changes shape, disapears11/21/10
10/13/10 16:00NapervilleILUSACylinderl5 minutesVertical cigar shaped object in western horizon sited, then disappears...11/21/10
10/13/10 15:47GreenOHUSATriangleI captured an unknown metallic flying object on my digital camera photo.11/21/10
10/13/10 14:30Las VegasNVUSACircle10 minutesSighting of 3 UFO's in the Las Vegas region in triangle formation that moved to a straight line.11/21/10
10/13/10 04:45RochesterNYUSALight60 minutesOrange light seen hovering and moving over Rochester11/21/10
10/13/10 03:00WebsterTXUSACross2 minutesBlinking white light and red.11/21/10
10/13/10 01:00PuebloCOUSAFlash5 secondsRed flash of light in the sky11/21/10
10/12/10 22:45KnoxvilleTNUSALight4 minutesA string of about 12 amber lights sighted in clear late evening sky moving NNE from the Smoky Mnts.11/21/10
10/12/10 22:30Fort MohaveAZUSAChanging1 + hoursCircular craft seen over Fort Mohave, Arizona with fast moving perimeter lights.11/21/10
10/12/10 22:30WaterlooIAUSALight2-3 minutesOrange orb came close.12/23/13
10/12/10 22:15Pinellas ParkFLUSACircleabout 30 minutesA BRIGHT blue, red, green, white globe that would go out and randomly change colors. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))11/21/10
10/12/10 21:00LufkinTXUSAChevron30 secondsMy wife and I observed chevron shaped lights moving across the sky11/21/10
10/12/10 20:30BostonMAUSADisk5+ mins.Bright UFO above Boston, Ma11/21/10
10/12/10 20:15BridgetonMOUSARectangle2 minutesDark rectangular object ascended into the sky near St. Louis International airport7/17/11
10/12/10 19:13DaphneALUSAChevron45 secChevron shape lights moving slowly, Daphne AL11/21/10
10/12/10 19:10DallasTXUSACigar5 minutesBright white light cigar shaped object seen flying slowly to the north in slight decent.11/21/10
10/12/10 19:00ArlingtonVAUSASphere45 secondsMoving object resembeling a star headed Southeast11/21/10
10/12/10 16:00HillsdaleMIUSACircle1-2 minutesHovering/moving white or metallic ball in the sky11/21/10
10/12/10 14:00LittletonCOUSATriangleblack triangle craft over littleton hospital,Colorado very large and quiet also hovering2/18/11
10/12/10 12:30WacoTXUSAOval5min.Oval shaped aluminum colored object spotted in broad day light and dissapeared11/21/10
10/12/10 10:00MilpitasCAUSAOther5 minutesSorry about this, but I just filed a report about the white dots over Milpitas and I believe I got the day wrong. I reported Wednesday11/21/10
10/12/10 10:00MilpitasCAUSAOther5 minutesSimilar white dots seen in NYC seen in Milpitas CA11/21/10
10/12/10 06:07Sioux FallsSDUSALight10 minutes approxHovering flashing lights moving up11/21/10
10/12/10 06:00TomballTXUSACigar20 secondsA ufo sits for ten seconds, and disappears completely11/21/10
10/12/10 00:56Cross RoadsTXUSATriangle3 MINSBLACK TRIANGLE SEEN OVER NORTH TEXAS ON 10.12.1011/21/10
10/12/10 00:00Port au Port West (Canada)NFCanadaLight10 -15 minmoving bright white light fades out / moves far away then returns shortly after11/21/10
10/11/10 23:20Clinton TownshipMIUSAFireball15 secondsFireball lifted into the sky and dissipated into a cloud.11/21/10
10/11/10 21:35Union CityCAUSAOther15 secondsOpposing lights of amber that sliently crossed low in the sky.11/21/10
10/11/10 20:53RamonaCAUSATriangle3-5 secondsWe believed this object to be an airplane on fire11/21/10
10/11/10 20:50GlendoraCAUSACircle1 minI was north on a mountain facing south with my friend. We were star gazing and I looked up in the sky at about a 45 degree angle and sa11/21/10
10/11/10 19:40Cottage GroveMNUSALight3-4 MinutesCraft with two white lights in Minneapolis Approach Pattern that moved down and not forward then disappered behind the tree line.11/21/10
10/11/10 12:30OrangevaleCAUSAChangingabout 45 minslowmoveing fire ball in sky11/21/10
10/11/10 06:20West Palm BeachFLUSASphere40 minElectrical Sphere shape morning sky over Palm Beach Florida11/21/10
10/11/10 04:50AlbanyNYUSAOval2 minOval metallic object11/21/10
10/11/10 04:00MoxeeWAUSARectangle1 sec and 1 secbow shockwave with rectangle craft it was hyperfast11/21/10
10/11/10 00:30Redondo BeachCAUSAOther20 minthree lights that changed colors rapidly suspended over the ocean that increased and decreased in intensity often11/21/10
10/10/10 23:30AnaheimCAUSADisk30UFO over Anaheim CA, near midnight, circular with blue lights. Investigated by mysterous helicopter.11/21/10
10/10/10 23:00MiamiFLUSAChangingApprox. 20 minsBright lights hovering and going in and out of orchestrated formations11/21/10
10/10/10 22:30Garden GroveCAUSAEgg2 hoursBlue Light in Garden Grove11/21/10
10/10/10 21:30AlbanyNYUSACircle10 secondsCircle of light SUNY Albany.8/30/13
10/10/10 21:00KykotsmoviAZUSADisk2 hoursWe saw what seem to be a space craft in the eastern sky of northern AZ, on 10-10-10.1/31/11
10/10/10 21:00EverettWAUSAOther30 secondscrown shaped object with two orange lights over everett wa11/21/10
10/10/10 20:45SterlingILUSACylinder10minIt had rows of white lights with red lights pulsating in between them11/21/10
10/10/10 20:20WindsorCTUSAFireball5 secondsBus sized fireball object over 91 about 3-400 ft up going about 150 mph at a downward 20 degree angle.5/2/14
10/10/10 20:00San AngeloTXUSAOval1 minuteI was coming back from the grocery store around 8:30 pm when I noticed a large orange glowing object in the sky above my neighbors hous11/21/10
10/10/10 18:30ClackamasORUSATriangle1-2minutestriangular ufo sighting in oregon 10-10-1011/21/10
10/10/10 17:10BridgeportCTUSALightFive to Ten minutesSaw a light in the sky fading in and out over Bridgeport, CT.11/21/10
10/10/10 16:30SpringfieldVAUSACigar15 secsMetalic cigar shaped object sighted during lull in a storm in Springfield, VA11/21/10
10/10/10 15:00San Francisco AirportCAUSATriangle5 min.White or light grey colored and leaving red/orange contrails on a bright blue sky.9/30/13
10/10/10 13:00North CharlestonSCUSALight3 minutesObject(s) visible 3 times at same place in the sky at during day in Chas, SC7/4/12
10/10/10 12:00GreenwichCTUSALight4 mins"Star" like objects during clear day light in formation.11/21/10
10/10/10 10:45LeominsterMAUSAFlashwe were in the car and i looked out the window and i seen a unually big ball of a deep yellow color (way bigger than a shooting star li11/21/10
10/10/10 08:30StarrSCUSAFormation5-10 minsStrange orange lights in the night sky11/21/10
10/10/10 03:00EuclidOHUSACircle3 minutes2 objects blinking red and white, disappeared into the sky, after hovering around sky for 3 minutes.( over lake erie11/21/10
10/10/10 02:30HarrisburgPAUSACircle4 minutespossible UFO sighting11/21/10
10/10/10 02:00MontereyTNUSADiskStill occurringLots of moving and falling lights.12/5/16
10/10/10 01:00Orchard ParkNYUSALighta few hoursXmas colored rotating lights. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars?? PD))1/5/11
10/9/10 23:00PikevilleKYUSADiamond45 minLight in sky11/21/10
10/9/10 22:30MeadvillePAUSATriangletwenty minutesstrange lights over meadville11/21/10
10/9/10 21:45BostonMAUSATriangle1:00Orange lights in the sky11/21/10
10/9/10 21:42San AntonioTXUSAFireball3 - 5 SecondsLarge, bright, orange, fireball-like sphere seen in San Antonio TX night sky11/21/10
10/9/10 21:40YorkPAUSAOther20 minsthree non-moving, orange, pulsating objects form triangle over night sky then disappear one at a time.11/21/10
10/9/10 21:20BelmarNJUSALight1 - 2 minutesOrange ball crossing over Belmar, NJ11/21/10
10/9/10 21:15Port ClintonOHUSAFireball4 min.Glowing ball sighted over the Catawba Point waters of Lake Erie11/21/10
10/9/10 21:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSA4 min.Orange, flickering light in the sky moving silently and changing direction 90 degrees once before dimming out.11/21/10
10/9/10 20:30Palm Bear (Canada)SKCanadaOval15 minsIncreased sightings in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada - Palm Bear Area11/21/10
10/9/10 20:30Adams CountyWIUSACircle2 minutesSilent orange UFO spotted traveling in the sky, then changing direction.11/21/10
10/9/10 20:20Ben WheelerTXUSATriangle30 secondsElongated orange object moving rapidly from west to south then coming to a near stop before slowly continuing11/21/10
10/9/10 20:15ColumbusGAUSALight3-5 minutesOrange lights each in different brightness in a formation that resembled an inverted little dipper in the dark night sky11/21/10
10/9/10 20:00North HendersonILUSATriangle1 hourUnusual Aircraft Manuevers11/21/10
10/9/10 18:30Oak LawnILUSARectangle20 MinutesBright lights11/21/10
10/9/10 17:38GilbertAZUSADisk8 minutesMy father and I witnessed 4 stationary disc shaped objects in the sky for around 6 minutes until they vanished.11/21/10
10/9/10 12:00SoquelCAUSACylinderFive minutesCylindrical object over Soquel, CA.11/21/10
10/9/10 10:00St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle30 secthree dim lights in triangle shape and no noise.11/21/10
10/9/10 09:45TrentonOHUSALight5 minutesTwo small lights moving towards each other in the sky.11/21/10
10/9/10 09:00DunedinFLUSATriangle6 hoursUFO's over Dunedin, FL nightly. ((NUFORC Note: We do not know what the witness is observing. PD))11/21/10
10/9/10 05:00Woodland ParkNJUSACircle5 minutesTwo yellowish orange round lights in the sky above the trees, one massive light disappearing and reappearing!11/21/10
10/9/10 04:20StocktonCAUSACircle1 secondA white/blueish circle flying toward East then fades out.11/21/10
10/9/10 04:00MartinsburgWVUSAUnknown6 secondshuge blue light 50-80 feet wide in sky that lasted 3-6 seconds.11/21/10
10/9/10 01:56St. AugustineFLUSAUnknown4 SECONDSI live in a rural area of Saint Johns County Florida . The Ort cloud and many meteorites are always visible. The typical meteor streak11/21/10
10/9/10 01:20ButteMTUSAFormationApproximately 30 Minutes;Six points of light seen in sky over Butte, MT.11/21/10
10/9/10 01:09San AngeloTXUSAFireball3-5 secIncredibly bright green fireball sighted south of San Angelo, Texas. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))11/21/10
10/9/10 01:00St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaOtherWas still there when we lI and other witnesses saw unknown objects/activity in the sky appearing from unknown origins.11/21/10
10/9/10 00:00Sutton (Canada)ONCanadaCircleongoingpulsateing light in space11/21/10
10/9/10 00:00Peterborough (Canada)ONCanadaOtherongoingi can show anyone who wants ufo's on any clear night and i would even pay for your time if you dont see one. serious replys only11/21/10
10/8/10 23:00Portland CityORUSASphere5 minOrange sphere floated up-hill at tremendes speed.5/2/11
10/8/10 21:30BathOHUSADisk3 minutesI am a pilot and have never seen anything like this in the air or while on the ground.11/21/10
10/8/10 21:30Deerfield BeachFLUSASphere3 secondsGreen glowing ball descends from space over city11/21/10
10/8/10 21:05Cleveland HeightsOHUSACircle30 secondsFriend and I were standing outside in cleveland heights. Saw a round orange-like orb moving from South to north; difficult to estimate11/21/10
10/8/10 21:00BloomingtonINUSATriangle15-20 secs.Triangle shaped object seen at a low angle and moving slowly. 3 lights gave the shape of the triangle, object's noise was "strange". Mo11/21/10
10/8/10 20:50ClimaxNCUSALight21:10Floating Multicolored object spotted in N-NW Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star, we wonder. PD))11/21/10
10/8/10 20:05PeoriaAZUSAOval5 minOctober 8, 2010 8:05 PM We were at a back yard barbeque. We looked up to the west sky approximately at 45-50 degrees from the horizon11/21/10
10/8/10 19:37ShelbyvilleTNUSAOval19 minutesstrange moving oval craft running from other aircraft with a very erratic behavior at night..........11/21/10
10/8/10 18:00Las VegasNVUSALight5 minsLights, orbs or UFO's were seen and filmed over Las Vegas the north mountains 10/08/1011/21/10
10/8/10 16:30MorrisdalePAUSADisk5 min2 silent silver disks one flying east one west pass closely by eachother and continue flying in exact opposite flight paths11/21/10
10/8/10 12:02LewisvilleTXUSAUnknown00:00:30Denton Texas light show. 10/08/1011/21/10
10/8/10 11:00StockbridgeMAUSACircle30 secsmall orb of light in the sky.11/21/10
10/8/10 07:25CanandaiguaNYUSAFlash3 minutesIntense bright obj moving at an extremely high rate of speed and disappearing out of atmosphere. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite? PD))11/21/10
10/8/10 05:30TunkhannockPAUSAUnknown10 minutes3 star looking objects running in straight line formation north -north west then the leader turned left11/21/10
10/8/10 03:30DenverCOUSALight3 MinutesA Ufo Came twards me and another waiter in denver co at my night Job it was scary we saw it clearly and it flew back into space11/21/10
10/8/10 02:00SaginawMIUSALight5 MinI woke up and saw a bright orange light hovering outside my window.1/5/11
10/8/10 02:00DeltonaFLUSALight50 secondsWas no way a plane11/21/10
10/8/10 01:30AnchorageAKUSATriangle15minSilent Objects over Anchorage Alaska while northern lights were out.11/21/10
10/8/10 01:02Oak LawnILUSALight2 minutesMedium size Star Moving Very Slowing than disappear and more same thing again later on. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites. PD))11/21/10
10/8/10 00:00South San GabrielCAUSAOvala few secondsDull red or octagonal object flying west to east and observed with 10X50 binoculars.11/21/10
10/7/10 23:30ImperialMOUSALight2+hours3 cluster balls of light - UFO11/21/10
10/7/10 22:35AbileneTXUSALight5 Mins2 red lights appear and disappear in the southeast skys over Abilene.11/21/10
10/7/10 21:40ClarksvilleTNUSASphere40 minutesPulsating sphere hovering over Ft. Campbell area for two nights in a row, moving erratically and shining brightly.11/21/10
10/7/10 21:02Spring HillFLUSA4 secondsSeven faint lights in a tight v formation traveling rapidly across sky and fade away.11/21/10
10/7/10 21:00Paint RockTXUSALightApprox. 2 hrs.Lights over Paint Rock11/21/10
10/7/10 20:15Fort WorthTXUSACircle30 secondsVery bright twin planet-like lights appearing to E/SE of Fort worth, TX that faded out very fast.11/21/10
10/7/10 19:30AntelopeCAUSAOther2 miniutesCrescent Moon shaped object in Sacramento County California11/21/10
10/7/10 05:05AuroraILUSAOther5-10 secondsCrystal clear morning (either 10/7 or 10/8). I went out to get my newspaper in the driveway and looked up at the sky to enjoy the stars11/21/10
10/7/10 00:30ClintonWAUSAConeless than minuteMy home is on the south end of Whidbey Island in Washington. About 30 miles north of Seattle. The view from my bedroom is to the east11/21/10
10/6/10 22:30St. LouisMOUSATriangleunknown3 redish lights over saint louis, triangle shape11/21/10
10/6/10 21:07Spring HillFLUSAFormation2 to 3 seconds3 or 4 faint light formation traveling south to south east in perfect formation across sky.11/21/10
10/6/10 21:00WilliamsburgVAUSAOval1-minHelicopter Chasing an Oval Shaped Craft Outer part Black and the Middle was Glowing Green .11/21/10
10/6/10 20:56Spring HillFLUSAOther25 secondsV shaped object appears almost cloaked in the night sky headed south along U.S. 1911/21/10
10/6/10 20:45MoranTXUSAFlashABOUT 15 MINUTESburnt orange balls in the sky in Shackelford County Texas11/21/10
10/6/10 20:40Chalk HillTXUSARectangle1-2 minutesHovering lights above tree line in remote wooded area.11/21/10
10/6/10 20:15LexingtonKYUSAOther30 secondsSemi-length lights11/21/10
10/6/10 20:00EdgertonKSUSADisk1 hr 30 minsUFO sighting night 2. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars, we suspect. PD))11/21/10
10/6/10 18:45MiamiFLUSACircle45 secsThe early afternoon of october 6, 2010 which was 6:45pm i was sitting in my living room and sense i have a sliding door that anyone cou1/31/11
10/6/10 18:00Elk Grove VillageILUSACircle20 MinutesTraveling towards O'Hare/Chicago, Huge Low Flying 3 Tiered Inverted Triangle Flying Objects11/21/10
10/6/10 14:40ChaskaMNUSATeardrop5 secondsSilver tear drop shape object moving at a high rate of speed from north to south.11/21/10
10/6/10 09:30AppletonWIUSALight2 minutesI was walking with my friend as we were taking the dog out. As I go to catch up with him, he spots this bright bulb of light that seeme11/21/10
10/6/10 08:38MadisonWIUSAOval3 seconds3 high altitude redish purple lights that moved oddly across the nights sky.11/21/10
10/6/10 07:50HarrisonburgVAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangles "dancing" in the sky11/21/10
10/6/10 03:37Palm Bear Lake (Canada)SKCanadaLight30 to 40 minsUFO sighting in Northern Saskatchewan Canada consisting of a line of 4 green lights11/21/10
10/6/10 03:30BothellWAUSAnot sureLights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of twinkling stars, we wonder?? PD))11/21/10
10/6/10 02:00ChinleAZUSACircleFeeding dogsClose to the ground, seem like 300 yards above ground.2/20/15
10/5/10 23:00MonroeWAUSALight15secSingle white light turned into 5 flashing lights in a row.11/21/10
10/5/10 21:30LivingstonTXUSALighthoursTwinkling multi-colored object stationary in night sky over east Texas11/21/10
10/5/10 20:30ColemanTXUSAUnknown1 MinSyncronised lights over Coleman, Texas11/21/10
10/5/10 20:00EdgertonKSUSADisk1 Hr 40 MinutesUnidentified Object with flashing lights near Edgerton KS. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the star, Vega, we suspect. PD))11/21/10
10/5/10 19:34BuffaloNYUSAChanging3-4 minutesKite shaped object bright white, above deleware park11/21/10
10/5/10 19:00De SotoIAUSALight1 hour5 amazingly bright light objects in bright redish/orange October sunset. in IOWA.11/21/10
10/5/10 12:00AshvilleOHUSADisk10-20 sec((HOAX??)) lights in the field. Five craft, of all different size. Lifted from the field, and took off.11/21/10
10/5/10 10:41ShelbyvilleTNUSAOval90 secondsfast moving ovals at night with unison in the sky11/21/10
10/5/10 07:05La PryorTXUSAFireball15 secondsI saw something flying in the sky in daylight, and have no idea what it was!!!11/21/10
10/5/10 06:00IndioCAUSAOval15 minutesTwo perfectly shaped oval white clouds suddenly appeared,then a pod flew out and returned back up into the cloud.7/7/17
10/5/10 03:35Ridgeway (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1 MINUTEVery bright light shining in bedroom window11/21/10
10/5/10 03:00SacramentoCAUSAOther30 minutesBoomerang shaped wing, flying silent and low over the I-5 outside of Sacramento.5/15/13
10/5/10 02:00PensacolaFLUSATriangle2 or 3 minutesBlack triangle craft flying low wilts trees.6/20/12
10/5/10HoustonUSAI live in Houston, a 20 year friend of mine has a best buddy at NASA, works on secret projects, a big dog to say the least. He said thi11/21/10
10/4/10 23:54MariposaCAUSACircle30 minutesUNRECOGNIZED ORB taveling lights!! PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!11/21/10
10/4/10 20:45DallasTXUSAOther35 MinutesSquid shape UFO in Dallas.11/21/10
10/4/10 20:30FranklinINUSATriangle5 mins or longerI saw along both sides of the interstate 3 triangle shaped objects with 2 bright lights in the middle on the bottom of them.11/21/10
10/4/10 19:30PrunedaleCAUSALight<60 secondsAn extremely bright white light was observed travelling at an extraordinary speed, with no noise.11/21/10
10/4/10 10:00LynnwoodWAUSACircle15 minutesBright white light over Lynnwood, WA, hovers for about 10 minutes, before slowly moving East.11/21/10
10/4/10 04:30NorthglennCOUSACircleover 20 mincircular craft that strobed different collors11/21/10
10/4/10 00:30BirminghamALUSATriangle4 minutesBlack triangle materialized overhead and proceeded southbound11/21/10
10/3/10 23:00DubuqueIAUSAUnknown1 hrok i didnt see it but i heard about it and was hoping you could find out more a friend told me that lastnight her friend seen a craft a11/21/10
10/3/10 23:00SocorroNMUSACross10 minutesRed lights in line fly over me and dad and leave a line for a mile in the ground going straight .12/5/13
10/3/10 22:50Kanta (Canada)ONCanadaCigar4-5 secslarge cigar shaped green glowstick colour11/21/10
10/3/10 22:30SeattleWAUSAFireball1 minuteFireball above Puget Sound11/21/10
10/3/10 22:00Burson & WallaceCAUSAFlash0:00Silent bright flashes of white light stayed active for hours near a lake. Inside these flashes was a neon red shaped horse shoe image.11/21/10
10/3/10 22:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSALight5 minsAbout 7 flying objects above New York Sky.11/21/10
10/3/10 21:15Gilman CityMOUSALight1 hourMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS REPORT: Both lights came in higher then lowered to treetop level view although still many miles away.3/13/12
10/3/10 21:15Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaLight1 hr. 30 min3 Lights that are orange, and fade in and out for hours (+ reflect off casino spot lights)11/21/10
10/3/10 21:00KingstonWAUSAFireball45 SECBright Blue fireball11/21/10
10/3/10 21:00DubuqueIAUSAOther2 hoursnortheast sky colors flickering11/21/10
10/3/10 20:00BloomingtonILUSALight30 secondsLight traveling at high altitude flaring into a bright "star" then fading again11/21/10
10/3/10 19:50Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaFormation8 Minutes3 red lights form triangular shape - just hovering in the air.11/21/10
10/3/10 19:30BeecherILUSALight1.5 hours5 orange lights change intensity and move around in western sky near horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD))11/21/10
10/3/10 18:20Holland and Grand Haven (between)MIUSAOval10 to 15 secwest michigan sighting of three objects in the northern sky11/21/10
10/3/10 16:30Villa RicaGAUSAFireball15 min14 "Fire balls" at a very high altitude with very little movement red and yellow in color Seen from West Ga USA11/21/10
10/3/10 10:30AmeliaOHUSAChanging5-8 secondsBright white object streaking across the front yard then disappearing.11/21/10
10/3/10 05:30BordenINUSAOtheruntil day lightI saw a blinking light in the sky moving around unlike anything that I have ever seen.11/21/10
10/3/10 05:20New York City (Staten Island)NYUSAOval15 minutesPOSSIBLE UFO STATEN ISLAND NY11/21/10
10/3/10 00:00KingmanAZnon applicableUnknown15min.After my sighting last night, I am convinced there is an Intelligence way ahead of our time!11/21/10
10/2/10 00:00BoiseIDUSALight1 hrIm sitting here looking south west at a bright light that is the only thing in the sky, not a single star can be seen from the lights o11/21/10
10/2/10 22:55Twin LakesWIUSACigar15 secondsNavy blue lighted wide object appeared over Twin Lakes Wisconsin and disappeared behind trees.11/21/10
10/2/10 22:00St. Louis (Clayton)MOUSAChevron15 secondsSaw what appeared to be a commercial jet headed for airport but no lights or sound11/21/10
10/2/10 21:45PomonaCAUSAOtheron and off till 11:45p.mbright orange light and looked like it dropped something saw it twice in one night...11/21/10
10/2/10 21:40AustinTXUSAUnknown3 minutes4 orbs of glowing light11/21/10
10/2/10 21:00Severn/Glen Burnie (BWI area)MDUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular shaped craft seen hovering near a highway. Large and did not move.11/21/10
10/2/10 20:45Desert CenterCAUSAFireball1 minute2 crafts. 1 of which was a fireball shape.11/21/10
10/2/10 20:00AllentownPAUSALight5 to 10 secondsTwo bright white lights.11/21/10
10/2/10 17:00OrovilleWAUSASphere2-3 HOURSBright round saucer, stationary, red lights on right, over Oroville, WA11/21/10
10/2/10 16:00PleasantonCAUSAOvalapprox. 30 min.Two crafts, shaped like sheres/ovals, appeared thirty seconds apart from each other and the second one circled around the first twice11/21/10
10/2/10 13:30CovingtonGAUSAOther3 hhours((HOAX??)) SITTING STILL IN SKY5/29/11
10/2/10 12:30BeowaweNVUSASphere4 hoursWhite or silver spheres.10/3/14
10/2/10 12:15OrangeCAUSAUnknown2 min.Mysterious Rays Light Up Night Sky in Orange, California11/21/10
10/2/10 09:00GalenaILUSATriangle20 seconds10/02/10 - Galena, Illinois a triangular shaped object flying low, straight, silent with constant lights on each corner. Lasting 20 SEC11/21/10
10/2/10 02:12Des MoinesIAUSADiamond25 minutesSingle light multiplied then came together as a diamond then became one and disappeared.11/21/10
10/1/10 23:00Rock SpringGAUSALight5 minutesFast flying glowing light.11/21/10
10/1/10 23:00AmherstVAUSALightseveral hoursProof positive of UFOs among us.11/19/15
10/1/10 23:00CoronaCAUSAUnknown30 secondsStar igniting accelerating and leaving a light beam behind.4/18/14
10/1/10 21:00Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaChanging30-60 secondshazy yellow-orange light(s) that changed shape and moved fluidly11/21/10
10/1/10 21:00ArlingtonWAUSAOval5 minutesBlue and red jelly bean shaped craft, hovering over Arlington Airport, Washington State.6/8/12
10/1/10 21:00Pittsburgh areaPAUSAOvalI79 sighting of hovering white object11/21/10
10/1/10 20:45BrunswickOHUSATriangle10 minTriangle craft with bright light changes colors and moves like helicopter.11/21/10
10/1/10 20:00GoldendaleWAUSALight15 secondsStrange light in woods of Goldendale, Washington.11/26/14
10/1/10 18:30StrasburgVAUSACigar5 mins2 cigar shaped white objects viewed in Shenandoah Valley, VA11/21/10
10/1/10 16:30DallasTXUSAOtherBriefSoundless hovering airplane11/21/10
10/1/10 12:16WaxahachieTXUSADisk1 secondDisk Shaped Object photographed near Waxahachie Texas11/21/10
10/1/10 10:20Sterling Heights/Utica borderMIUSASphere5 min5 glowing orange orbs/no sound/ rising in sky and heading south west then dissapearing within 5 min11/21/10
10/1/10 10:05SeattleWAUSAUnknownongoingVoices that sound human but not human and being that are not human and humans that are NOT Human9/24/12
10/1/10 09:30SpotsylvaniaVAUSACircle30 minutesblue, red, green, and bright white light hovering over field near Thornburg Va food lion.4/3/11
10/1/10 08:30MiddletonWIUSAOther3 minutes ?Glowing orange barrel-shaped objects in sky over town of Middleton, WI11/21/10
10/1/10 08:03James IslandSCUSATriangle2 minutes (driving on the10/1/10 James Island Connector Vshaped aircraft hovering over the JI Connector at 8: 12 pm11/21/10
10/1/10 07:00ChicoCAUSAUnknowndailydifferent shaped craft seen nightly from my front porch>more than 1 ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars, we suspect. PD))1/5/11
10/1/10 06:25AripekaFLUSALight8 secWhite light (star) traveling very fast in sky.11/21/10
10/1/10 00:00Delray BeachFLUSAOther3 mins.Bright white light, shimmering green then red11/21/10