National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 03/2010


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/31/10 22:00International FallsMNUSACross45 minIt was just after 10pm. and I was going to bed and I was going upstairs to my bedroom. As I got to my foyer I looked out my front door4/13/10
3/31/10 20:30AbileneTXUSALight2 MinutesBright Orange Lights in South East Sky around Abilene, TX4/13/10
3/31/10 20:15North HollywoodCAUSAChanging8 secondshuge silvery light flys into atmosphere, then flys overhead in North Hollywood.4/13/10
3/31/10 20:00New KensingtonPAUSAOther5-10 minutesDisappearing plane.4/13/10
3/31/10 20:00AnnandaleNJUSALight5 minstar like light that moved and changed directions in hunterdon county, NJ4/13/10
3/31/10 20:00Glen RoseTXUSALight10 minutesOrange orbs west of Glen Rose4/13/10
3/31/10 19:00ModestoCAUSALight15 minanswer for the modesto lights in the sky4/13/10
3/31/10 05:25PortageMIUSAFireball5 Secondsvery large yellowish fireball lasting 5+ seconds4/13/10
3/31/10 02:00SphereCirca 20 seconds2010, on a flight from Dom Rep to Glasgow 2am. Orange globe moves length of plane.5/31/22
3/31/10 01:40Jafir (Jordan)Jordan1:403 Saucers land in Jordan with tall Aliens heading down from them4/13/10
3/31/10 01:30NVUSATeardropunusual flying objects taken by flash earth satalite over nevada highway11/21/10
3/31/10 01:00SingaporeSingaporeLightAround 20 minutes2 round lights fade in and out at certain interval while moving away slowly.4/13/10
3/31/10 00:00Chapel HillNCUSACone0:00-0:45Bright white light flashing repeatedly in the same area of the sky for thirty to forty minutes.4/13/10
3/30/10 23:00Mt. PleasantPAUSALight1 hourFlashing red, blue, and green, swiftly moving neon light over Pennsylvania4/13/10
3/30/10 22:30WiseVAUSALight5 to 10 minsUfo sighting in a small town4/13/10
3/30/10 22:10GermanyGermanyCircle10-15 minIt was semi-cloudy night I was in my living room looked out the window. I sean a light come across the sky and stopped, thats what5/12/10
3/30/10 21:25JoplinMOUSATriangleAbout 2 MinutesTriangle-shaped craft 4 lights.4/13/10
3/30/10 21:15ClearwaterFLUSASphere10secsBright Blue/Green Light, looked like a searchlight, but no plane or helicopter in sight. Almost expected to see a plane crash as the l4/13/10
3/30/10 09:00Port CharlotteFLUSALight20 minsbright light spotted in port charlotte FL4/13/10
3/30/10 07:30GaylordMIUSALight10 secondsOdd light formation4/13/10
3/29/10 23:00WorcesterMAUSAChangingit was trying to distracted me?4/13/10
3/29/10 21:01ArlingtonTXUSALight2 MINUTESReddish-lights traveling erractically.4/13/10
3/29/10 20:45Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaLight10 seconds7-8 UFO's and a pterodactyl sighting.4/13/10
3/29/10 20:21Oro ValleyAZUSAFormation2 minutesThree pulsating lights scene around Tucson AZ4/13/10
3/29/10 20:15Los AngelesCAUSALight15 minutesSeveral Small lights at Different intervals4/13/10
3/28/10 23:45ColchesterVTUSAOval15 secondsblimp shaped craft hovering in sky4/13/10
3/28/10 21:50BurbankCAUSADisk4 secondsSunday 28march2010 9:50pm Burbank Ca USA 2nd fl apt build facing east was looking out window talking on cell phone, zero noise, very l5/12/10
3/28/10 21:30MontereyCAUSALight20 minWife and I observed three bright dot s of light, green, blue and red moving erraticly over Monterey Bay.4/13/10
3/28/10 21:30ModestoCAUSAOvalA little over 6 minutesOval object advancing towards me4/13/10
3/28/10 15:30KansasKSUSASphere11 secondsHuge orb at 3:30 afternoon as big and shape of the moon white in color.7/4/12
3/28/10 09:05Beach ParkILUSACircle5 secondsHovered and shook then rapidly shot to the south towards Chicago over Lake Michigan.4/13/10
3/27/10 23:20East HartfordCTUSAFireballnit timeI was air was fear a way it look like it was comeing in for a landing.4/13/10
3/27/10 23:00Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown45 secA group of lights (10 to 13) moved from southwest to west direction and faded away in the distance.4/13/10
3/27/10 22:01TampaFLUSAFormation1:45It appeared as aircraft, but at least at 100,000 feet high. But 30 or 40 of them? How? We all stopped our cars and stared at this.4/13/10
3/27/10 21:45London (UK/England)United KingdomFireball5-7minsThree fiery-orange globes at regular intervals moving low across the sky against the wind,4/13/10
3/27/10 19:45Ewa BeachHIUSAUnknown15 minutesStrange light in Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii4/13/10
3/27/10 13:00BakersfieldCAUSAFlash2 SECONDSUFO FLYING OVER RACEWAY IN CA.5/13/12
3/27/10 01:00ShepherdsvilleKYUSATriangle20 minutesShepherdsville, Ky 13 triangle crafts hovering right above the tree tops along the highway with no sound5/12/10
3/27/10 00:10ValenciaCAUSACylinder2 hours?Brilliant Blue UFO with three levels of lights and one red light on top4/13/10
3/26/10 23:00Delray BeachFLUSASphere5 minutesquiet glowing spherical light floated close then floated away4/13/10
3/26/10 21:50Lee's SummitMOUSATriangle4 minsLee's Summit UFO seen multiple times, moving quickly.4/13/10
3/26/10 21:50San JoseCAUSALightA few secondsTwo lights dropping vertically in unison; flash of red from top light4/13/10
3/26/10 20:35BroadwayVAUSALight5 minutesStrange ball of light in sky over Pendelton County, West Virginia4/13/10
3/26/10 17:20San FranciscoCAUSAUnknown30 Seconds?Small white dot flying through sky in San Francisco4/13/10
3/26/10 12:00Elk GroveCAUSAI had two sightings. i saw a star looking object in the sky it moved tree to five incehes in numerouse directions. Second sighting i sa4/13/10
3/26/10 08:30EphrataWAUSALight50 minutesi was looking to the west and saw an orange light which appeared to be changing to red. it appeared for 3 days. i have video footage.5/12/10
3/26/10 07:45Del MarCAUSAOther10 minutesLarge object floating in from over the Pacific Ocean in early morning daylight in southern California4/13/10
3/26/10 06:45Kaitaia (New Zealand)New ZealandLight1 minuteLight Seen in Sky in Remote Part of New Zealand.4/13/10
3/26/10 00:00BloomingtonCAUSALight5 hoursLarger craft dropping off smaller crafts that lingered for over 5 hours.4/13/10
3/25/10 23:00EdmondOKUSAUnknown10:55 - 11:05 PMTwo UFO's appear within ten minutes of each other.4/13/10
3/25/10 22:00Sale (Manchester) (UK/England)United KingdomOther5 minsBrightl orange/yellow object moving across the sky slowly!4/13/10
3/25/10 21:00South BendINUSAUnknown3 minutesObject travelling in night sky below cloud deck eastbound illuminated (flashing & steady) green, red, white & shimmering violet light.4/13/10
3/25/10 18:00ColcordOKUSAChanging2 minutesstrange lights in Oklahoma sky outside Siloam Springs Arkansas March 25, 20104/13/10
3/25/10 15:00SachseTXUSASphere45 secondsGIANT ORB AT AFTERNOON TIME...NO MISTAKE IN IDENTY9/30/13
3/24/10 22:15StocktonCAUSALight5-6 mins2 Lights In The Night Sky4/13/10
3/24/10 20:50Dublin (Ireland)IrelandRectangle2 munitesRectangular object in sky in Dublin 24/03/104/13/10
3/24/10 20:15EvansvilleINUSA5 minOn march 24th approx. 8:15 pm CST, I saw a large amber light just above the tree line, at a distance. 10 degrees. If you hold a large4/13/10
3/24/10 19:40MesaAZUSASphereLess than a minuteYellowish amber spheres of light seen over the Sonoran desert.7/4/12
3/24/10 10:00WaukeganILUSAOther30 minBlack Helicopter at local airport4/13/10
3/24/10 01:00EdenNCUSACircle10 minutesAn unidentified flying object in circular shape hovered for approximately 10 minutes before slowly flying off.4/13/10
3/23/10 23:41OregonOHUSAUnknown10 seccloaked craft with 3 dim tail lights silently passes over house.4/13/10
3/23/10 23:00TulsaOKUSALight15 minutesTwo different colored lights, stationary & above the clouds.4/13/10
3/23/10 20:58Chippewa FallsWIUSATriangleAround 1 MinuteUnidentified Triangle shaped craft with lights in each corner, spotted for the 4th time in Chippewa Falls.4/13/10
3/23/10 09:49Winter HavenFLUSALight1 minutei was driving down the road and seen a round cirular object flying really fast in the sky. i just played it off as a plane but it shot4/13/10
3/23/10 01:45El PasoTXUSAChangingunkownBright white light along the side of mountain, that changed shape and cast a huge glow around it.4/13/10
3/22/10 23:00BiloxiMSUSATriangle5 Min. +Triangular craft observed near Biloxi4/13/10
3/22/10 23:00KnappaORUSAOther1 hourVery Bright Orange Lights4/13/10
3/22/10 21:00DublinTXUSALight30sec5 balls of light faded in then out over dublin tx4/13/10
3/22/10 21:00PortageMIUSASphere30 secondsSpherical, silent, quick, lit up from inside, left a trail.4/13/10
3/22/10 20:30East TroyWIUSAOvalStrange bright light illuminates sky and sways back and forth before accelerating and disapearing4/13/10
3/22/10 19:45
3/22/10 10:20Fountain InnSCUSADisk9 mini saw a ufo!!!4/13/10
3/22/10 02:00Fond du LacWIUSAChanging10 seconds((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information about his sighting. PD))10/4/19
3/21/10 20:30StocktonCAUSACircle15 secondsWhite object flying overhead.4/13/10
3/21/10 20:20Dornoch (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircle25 minutes8 bright red spheres moving slowly across the sky before disappearing without trace4/13/10
3/21/10 04:00IssaquahWAUSACircle5 to 10 secondsWhite orbs in the clouds, both as big as a two story house, seen near Issaquah, Wa. on I-90, March 21st, 20105/12/10
3/21/10 04:00IssaquahWAUSAOther15 to 20 secondsflying object viewded from I-90 westbound near Issaquah, Wa. around 4:00am March 21st, 20105/12/10
3/21/10 03:00Depoe BayORUSACylinderabout 2 minsRed light bouncing in the sky.4/13/10
3/21/10 02:45St. ClairMIUSALight5 secmany red little blue on bottom light 4x star saw move at a speed slower than a shooting star faster than a satalite no trail moved from5/12/10
3/20/10 23:38WallaceNCUSATriangle10 minutesHuge black and silent triangular UFO that moved silently and low to the ground over a walmart parking towards the woods1/12/18
3/20/10 23:00LaconiaNHUSAChanging1hr and 30 min.UFO Sighting in Laconia4/13/10
3/20/10 23:00LaconiaNHUSAChanging1hr 30 min.UFO Sighting in Laconia4/13/10
3/20/10 23:00EldersburgMDUSADisk30 secondsSaucer shaped UFO with circularly flashing lights seen seemingly following highway.4/13/10
3/20/10 22:00Pueblo WestCOUSAUnknown20 minutesLights Over Lake Pueblo travel past the North Star8/6/20
3/20/10 22:00HopkinsSCUSAChanging15-20 secondsmy husband and I were standing in a parking lot outside of our car and we hugged I looked up and I noticed a bird like object that was4/13/10
3/20/10 22:00FranklinNHUSALight2 minutesMy friends and I saw a super bright light that hovered over us and then shot directly up into the sky and vanished.5/20/21
3/20/10 20:00VenusFLUSACircle2 minutes((hoax??)) In the past we have seen many strange lights. We always thought they were just flares from the air force base uptown.7/6/10
3/20/10 09:10Key LargoFLUSAFireball3 mins7 orange orbs in key largo FL night sky moving slowly then breaking out of our atmosphere at incredible speeds.4/13/10
3/20/10 00:29Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomEgg3 mins3 glowing egg shapped balls flying in an Aries formation the glowing on objects stopped one by one4/13/10
3/19/10 23:00BuffaloNYUSAFormation10 sec5 Bright lights float over home4/13/10
3/19/10 22:30Lafayette (?) (near)INUSATriangleminutesLow, slow moving triangular aircraft hovers silently just off of I-65 in Indiana.4/13/10
3/19/10 22:20BranchburgNJUSATriangle2 secondsI saw a blueish/greenish triangular shaped object flying for 2 seconds west over Route 22 in Branchburg NJ before disappearing.4/13/10
3/19/10 22:00WilmingtonDEUSASphereApprox. 3 secondsA quick moving green glowing ball seen while driving.4/13/10
3/19/10 22:00SmackoverARUSATrianglesecondsTriangle UFO4/13/10
3/19/10 21:25RockmartGAUSAUnknown30 SecondsBright lighted object zigzagged quickly and suddenly moved upward out of sight in just seconds.4/13/10
3/19/10 21:16AnnapolisMDUSADisk3 minutesUFO Sighting Report I was doing some night photography at St. Johnís College in Annapolis, Maryland on March 19, 2010 at 21:16. I was4/13/10
3/19/10 20:15Simi ValleyCAUSAUnknown4+ minutesVery Bright orange/red light seen overhead in Simi Valley 3-19-104/13/10
3/19/10 20:05StathamGAUSACircle20 minutes2 bright circular lights seen hovering at dusk in Barrow County, Georgia (Second sighting in 1 week) ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))4/13/10
3/19/10 20:00West LinnORUSATriangle5 secondsLow-flying UFO in Residential Neighborhood in West Linn, Oregon4/13/10
3/19/10 19:00Mays LandingNJUSAUnknownOn goingPoints of light in the night sky moving erratically and pulsing. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD))4/13/10
3/19/10 17:45TallahasseeFLUSAChevron10 minaBullet and V Shaped UFOs seen over Tallahassee6/3/10
3/19/10 11:34SewellNJUSADiamond2a green light zoomed across the sky making no noise4/13/10
3/19/10 11:00FranklinTNUSARectangle20 moving green square darted sky to hill top and disapeared4/13/10
3/19/10 10:00FlorenceNJUSALightfastfast green downward4/13/10
3/18/10 23:30HaylowGAUSACircle2 mins.((HOAX??)) 184 mies south of Macon,Ga.,bewteen Fruitland Ga.& Halow Ga.on gs&f railroad track at around 22:30.4/13/10
3/18/10 21:04EurekaCAUSALight5-10 minutesLarge, bright light moving over Samoa Beach, then disappearing...4/13/10
3/18/10 21:00MeridianIDUSAFireball1 hourlooks like hundreds of lights in a circle and is moving slowly across the sky. It changes form and does not look like anything that is4/13/10
3/18/10 20:50Fort MadisonIAUSAFlash5 secondsUFO Crashland in Fort Madison Iowa high school football field4/13/10
3/18/10 20:15DeFuniak SpringsFLUSADisk3 minutesTwo orange orb-lights under disc-shaped object4/13/10
3/18/10 10:00JonesboroINUSALight4 minsBright light /Object moving Across sky4/13/10
3/18/10 10:00CarlislePAUSALight4-5 minutes2 very bright objects spotted on sunny ,cloudless day4/13/10
3/18/10 07:05AshtabulaOHUSAUnknown5 minutes and 9 secondsBright object observed in the morning sky until it suddenly disappeared4/13/10
3/18/10 01:15ChicagoILUSAOther30 secondsSaw a strange, fast flying object with NO lights heading Northbound LOW in the sky over Chicago.4/13/10
3/18/10 00:15BarbertonOHUSASphere55 MinutesI spotted a dark sphere with random flashing white, red and blue lights hovering in the distance. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))4/13/10
3/17/10 22:01RoscoeILUSATriangleTwo Whitish triangular flying objects4/13/10
3/17/10 22:00AndersonINUSALight4 hrDont kno what it is but in the SW sky tward indy there is what looks like a star that changes color. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius. PD))4/13/10
3/17/10 21:58Tripoli (Lebanon)LebanonOther7 seconds2 Green Lights and a Red one, them complete vanishment via a red ring of smoke3/23/11
3/17/10 20:30AvonMAUSALight30 secondsbright drifting light fading away into sky4/13/10
3/17/10 19:00Las VegasNVUSACircle15-20 minSlow/upward moving dark, circular object observed approximately above Mt. Charleston in NW Las Vegas that disappears suddenly4/13/10
3/17/10 18:00Drogheda (Ireland)IrelandOval10 secondsI was talking to my family when something large enough caught my eye out the window it moved in the sky, I ran outside without saying a4/13/10
3/17/10 16:40IrvineCAUSAUnknown00103 crafts hovering in Irvine,Ca close to the 405 freeway for about 10mins.4/13/10
3/17/10 11:32PlanoILUSADisk45 secondsDaytime flying saucer that was in between its cloaking phase4/13/18
3/17/10 10:00RiversideCAUSAOther5 minutesFlat football shaped object hoving over passing planes4/13/10
3/17/10 00:32CincinnatiOHUSASpherepresentspherical object with changing light pattern viewed and recorded from colerain township4/13/10
3/17/10 00:00HighlandNYUSALight15 secondsv formation lights looks like glowing geese flying4/13/10
3/17/10ConverseTXUSADisk2 minI saw a disk like a mirror, big,fast and quite, it made no noise, it was a sight to be seen.4/13/10
3/16/10 23:30Little NeckNYUSAUnknown2 hoursmultiple ufo sightings4/13/10
3/16/10 23:00PittsboroNCUSAOther5 minutesSilent craft with Red, White, and Blue lights seen over Pittsboro, NC on March, 16 20104/13/10
3/16/10 22:00MilfordCTUSACircle3 secondsPale circular object imoving in upper atmosphere split into three circular objects the same size4/13/10
3/16/10 21:40Long BeachCAUSATriangle15 secsTriangular object seen in Long Beach, CA4/13/10
3/16/10 21:30RochesterINUSALight3-5 mins.We were stargazing and we saw a v-formation of brownish orange lights. These lights were traveling NNW. While watching this formation o4/13/10
3/16/10 20:20Angeles City (Philippines)PhilippinesDisk8-10secarc like not very visible UFO in philippines angeles city4/13/10
3/16/10 20:10Pont sur Yonne (France)FranceLight5 secWhite light over Sens, France4/13/10
3/16/10 16:45TempeAZUSAUnknown50-70 secondsAt approximately 4:45 PM on Tuesday March 16th 2010, I was in my work parking lot in Tempe Arizona, when I noticed two very white objec4/13/10
3/16/10 15:30HewlettNYUSASphere30-45 seconds2 round, shiny objects flying close to each other for about 45 seconds, one zooms off into the distance, didn't see where other went4/13/10
3/16/10 12:45WesterlyRIUSACircle10Object flying along side an airplane disappeared into the clouds, emerged 5 minutes later and flew southwest.4/13/10
3/16/10 10:00WilmingtonVTUSACross2 minutes3 opaque white objects appeared from a jet chem trail, i watched them fly, 2 objects went to the left, the other to the right,.4/13/10
3/16/10 06:10CantonMSUSALight5 minuteswhat appeared to be a twinkling star moved quickly up at a 45 degrees then stopped and became fixed and did not move thereafter4/13/10
3/16/10 02:00SkokieILUSAChevron3-5 secondsshooting stars? - or - was it?4/13/10
3/16/10 00:15ChicagoILUSAUnknown30 secondsAppeared At First Like An Airplane, But Was Defintely Not!4/13/10
3/15/10 20:15BethlehamGAUSACircle45 minutesWhite, bright circular light spotted hovering at dusk4/13/10
3/15/10 20:10ErieUSALight4 minUFO East Erie Sky4/13/10
3/15/10 20:00ReadingPAUSA15 secondV shaped glowing mist moving fast over star-lit sky4/13/10
3/15/10 19:25London (UK/England)United KingdomLight15min6 bright orange lights visible in london4/13/10
3/15/10 18:00ModestoCAUSARectangle7 MINUTESBlue Neon Light appeared and vanished while hovering over North West Modesto, California4/13/10
3/15/10 07:00CrestlineCAUSADisk2 minutesBright UFO between 2 jets4/13/10
3/15/10 05:45Tijeras (south of, on hwy S.14)NMUSARectangle5 minutesfootball field size and shape silent craft floating by over S.146/27/11
3/15/10PensacolaFLUSALight5 minsDividing Lights Over Pensacola Beach7/6/10
3/14/10 21:30Great FallsMTUSALight3-4 seconds2 or 3 orange lights moved from west to east over Great Falls, MT, very fast, silent, March 14/15, 20104/13/10
3/14/10 20:30BozemanMTUSALight5 minsBright light in sky then fades4/13/10
3/14/10 19:45East DundeeILUSATriangle15-20 secondsI clearly saw a triangle craft that glided overhead and changed the electricity of the air, but it was hard to focus on.4/13/10
3/14/10 16:00PasadenaCAUSAChanging25 minutesWhite Glowing Object Changing Shape Over Pasadena, CA4/13/10
3/14/10 15:30HonoluluHIUSACylinder4 minutesFlying Cylinder moving in broad daylight from West to East.4/18/12
3/14/10 13:45FlorenceMSUSAOther60 sec. or lessDart-like craft emerged from tail of a fireball8/24/10
3/14/10 06:05Carmel-by-the-SeaCAUSAFlashapprox. 5 min.Stationary intermitient flashes4/13/10
3/14/10 03:40CorvallisORUSAChevron2 minutesA hovering flashing orange chevron shaped aircraft that then suddenly disappeared.4/13/10
3/13/10 22:00ClevelandOHUSAOval1.5 minutesUfos seen in cleveland ohio, changed color and disapeared then reappeared.8/5/12
3/13/10 21:10MetairieLAUSAFireball3 mins7 to 9 objects glowing bright red yellow fading towards an an easterly direction away from Metairie la. we were looking south when we n4/13/10
3/13/10 20:10Bonita SpringsFLUSASphere5-8 minutesHigh altitude amber balls of light move across sky then appear to leave atmosphere above Bonita Springs, FL.4/13/10
3/13/10 19:30EdmondsWAUSACircle15 minutesBright red lights totalling about 40 moving over Edmonds, WA between 7:30pm and 8:00 pm on Saturday, 3/13/10.4/13/10
3/13/10 19:15EdmondsWAUSAOval15 minutes20-30 orange, flame colored objects seen for 15 minutes by 20 persons.4/13/10
3/13/10 19:07LynnwoodWAUSALight1 MinuteAmber light formation in sky above Lynnwood, WA at 19:07 on 3/13/104/13/10
3/13/10 18:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSASpherehalf hourStrange lights during storm in staten island4/13/10
3/13/10 11:00Utrecht (Netherlands)NetherlandsDisk1 hourChemtrails and UFO over Utrecht March 13, 20104/13/10
3/13/10 07:45EphrataWAUSALight1 seci was looking out my window to the west. i was gazing at a few stars when all of a sudden i saw a flash of light. it lasted for about 14/13/10
3/13/10 01:00MemphisTNUSACirclenoneufo spoted in google earth4/13/10
3/13/10 00:00MedwayMEUSACircle1 secondA large green circle flew directly over my house.4/13/10
3/12/10 22:30Skelmersdale (UK/England)United KingdomLight2 mins4 silent fast moving orange lights then a white light growing in intensity before disappearing4/13/10
3/12/10 21:23OgdenUTUSALightapprox 18 min10-20 orange spheres of light viewed by 8 witnesses from Ogden, Utah in the evening .4/13/10
3/12/10 21:20CrestviewFLUSACircle10 minutesWe seen two orange lights in sky which other people who were in a different part of town seen 6 orange lights.4/13/10
3/12/10 21:10DestinFLUSACircle10 minutes3 objects looked like a fire in the sky4/13/10
3/12/10 21:00North HollywoodCAUSAinstant black out and sudden bright light in the sky4/13/10
3/12/10 21:00DestinFLUSALight4-5 minutes5 stationary lights suspended above the ground North of Highway 98 in Destin, Fl. then disappearing one by one.4/13/10
3/12/10 20:30McKenzieALUSATriangle10 minutesLarge amber lights in upside down triangle formation in Mckenzie Alabama moving due south at unknown speed.4/13/10
3/12/10 19:56EriePAUSAChanging5 minutes 3/12/10Viewed a comet like object very bright fall out of the sky about 1 mile.4/13/10
3/12/10 19:56EriePAUSAChanging5 minutesViewed Cigar 2 light object change into a Complete triangle With 3 lights.4/13/10
3/12/10 19:10TukwilaWAUSALight90 secbright light travels over Seattle and seems to fade off into nothing.4/13/10
3/12/10 15:30In flight (Spokane to Las Vegas)NVUSACylinder2 minutesBlack rod witnessed by passengers on plane10/19/11
3/12/10 03:22Robinson Twp./Pittsburgh AreaPAUSALight3 - 3 second burstsThree, 3 to 4 second burts, 15 to 20 seconds apart, of pure white INTENSE light were observed from the South bound lane of Interstate 75/12/10
3/12/10 03:13FuquayNCUSAFlash2-3 SecondsStrange light in the Sky in Fuquay , North Carolina4/13/10
3/12/10South CharlestonOHUSAUnknown10 minsBright Flashes of Light4/13/10
3/11/10 22:05Shrewsbury (UK/England)United KingdomSphere6 minuteshuge spheres by residential housing in shrewsbury.4/13/10
3/11/10 19:30HavreMTUSAOther1 hour3 Bright yellow lights and 2 small red ones4/13/10
3/11/10 19:30HavreMTUSALight30 minutesMultiple sightings in the Havre area, 3 known witnesses4/13/10
3/11/10 19:00CarlislePAUSATriangleaprox. 15 min.Triangle-shaped object above suburban area flying low with no sound, bright lights, and hovering motion.4/13/10
3/11/10 10:00PothTXUSATriangleMy husband noticed something outside in the sky, He called for me and I went outside we noticed something in the sky kinda low just hov4/13/10
3/10/10 19:45WentzvilleMOUSALight5 minutesBright amber light dim to bright5/13/12
3/10/10 19:00LivermoreCAUSAFlashhours.Round ball of flashing lights for three nights, then vanished as I was looking at the light, returned with a beam of light.4/13/10
3/10/10 11:00Maarsbergen (Netherlands)NetherlandsSphere15 minutesSeeking object3/10/11
3/10/10 03:00West libertyILUSATriangle45minA star wars aeronautic spectacle.4/13/10
3/10/10 02:40Moravian FallsNCUSALight5 secondsBright white light over Moravian Falls changes to yellow-green as it falls4/13/10
3/10/10 00:45AnaheimCAUSADisk5 secondsFlying Saucer Seen Cruising Over I-5 Near Anaheim Late at Night4/13/10
3/10/10 00:23HusonMTUSACircleSeveral MinutesThree large circular crafts moving towards Missoula.4/13/10
3/9/10 21:30La PalmaCAUSACigar5 minutesLights over orange county4/13/10
3/9/10 20:50San AntonioTXUSASphere30 minutes3 Morphing Red Sphere Lights No Sounds.4/13/10
3/9/10 18:00BethlehemPAUSAChanging45 secondslarge, bright white lights with one red light that hovered about 75 feet in air4/13/10
3/9/10 07:57BethlehemPAUSACylinder2 minutesMy second sighting of a chrome-colored craft during morning rush hour.4/13/10
3/9/10 07:55Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaDiskSecondeC etait un matin avec une espece d etrange brouillard qui etait localise a un point precis de la ville: Aux alentours de Mandela Bridge11/21/10
3/9/10 03:00RieselTXUSASphere5 minutesScreeching noise with bright light.4/13/10
3/9/10 02:35MiddlefieldOHUSATriangle20 secondsTriangle aircraft observed with Night Vision Goggles, could not be seen with naked eye.4/13/10
3/8/10 19:30Dunmurry (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandLight5 minutesstar like object moving across the sky and then dissappear, same time for three nights in a row.4/13/10
3/8/10 19:20Green BayWIUSACircle15 secondsPossible UFO over Green Bay, WI.4/13/10
3/8/10 15:45DyersburgTNUSAFireball5 secondsFireball over Dyersburg TN4/13/10
3/7/10 21:20MissoulaMTUSATriangle5 minutesBright Red Triangle object hovering in sky.4/13/10
3/7/10 21:17LiverpoolNYUSAChanging1 minuteShape changing object spinning counter clockwise at 21:17 in central New York4/13/10
3/7/10 20:00LongwoodFLUSAFlash15 minutesFlashes in sky4/13/10
3/7/10 19:15Dunstable (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 minutes3 large bright red/orange lights flew diretly over my house 1 at a time going in the same direction with NO noise totaly silent. I live4/13/10
3/7/10 19:00CramertonNCUSATriangle2 minutesLarge Triangular Object near Charlotte.4/13/10
3/7/10 01:00Mansfield (UK/England)United KingdomLightlight4/13/10
3/7/10 00:00London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle2 minutesthese were out of our atmophere and by passing earth4/13/10
3/6/10 23:30Cape NeddickMEUSACircle.4 secOcean-bound low-flying saucer glimpsed in Maine4/13/10
3/6/10 22:10Sullana (Peru)PeruUnknown5 minutesa huge bright floating ufo like a worm (worm's moving) in the parking area of the fabric.4/13/10
3/6/10 21:30EnglewoodNJUSACircle6-8 secondsa ball of light shot into clear view paused for a second, then sped into outer space at about a million miles per hour.4/13/10
3/6/10 21:00NilesMIUSAUnknownstill thereObject moved like a plane then stopped , hovered and is currently dancing around in a triangle zig zagging type motion changing colors4/13/10
3/6/10 21:00EnglewoodNJUSAOval5 to 10 secondsCraft moved into clear area of sky6/22/22
3/6/10 20:45FairfaxVAUSAOther2 secondsFast moving two humped camel back light source4/13/10
3/6/10 20:35SilvertonORUSATriangle30 secondsThree dancing & twirling reddish lights4/13/10
3/6/10 20:00EurekaCAUSAFireballOne minuteOrange light in the sky, two smaller orange lights emitted from bottom like teardrops.4/13/10
3/6/10 20:00RochesterWAUSATriangle6 minutestriangular shape with lights, several other much smaller craft darting erratically in area4/13/10
3/6/10 20:00NorthwestNCUSASphere1 hour2 different UFO's visible at the same time.5/12/10
3/6/10 12:55KissimmeeFLUSADisk8-9 minutes17 small, silver, disk shaped objects, creating formations before disappearing after a jet flew into them over Kissimmee,Fl.4/13/10
3/6/10 11:00Moses LakeWAUSAOther10 secondsIntense blue light in grassy field5/2/11
3/6/10 02:15BerryvilleVAUSACylinder4 minutesI was driving back home to Purcerville from my job in Berryville. Just before I got to the gap in the ridge by Bearden Park I saw on my4/13/10
3/6/10 02:10YakimaWAUSALight10-15 secondsbright star-like light just disappeared4/13/10
3/5/10 23:18Oak HarborWAUSAOtherstill happening4 lights seen clearly many difrent colors that seem to move and turn but do not move in any direction4/13/10
3/5/10 23:00LockportILUSATriangle3 hoursTriangular Object4/13/10
3/5/10 22:35OlympiaWAUSALight4 minutesStationary circle of star-shaped lights.4/13/10
3/5/10 22:04RomeoMIUSADiamond2 minutesDiamond shaped lights observed in the southwestern sky in Romeo MI4/13/10
3/5/10 22:00HansvilleWAUSALight20 secondsBright white light moving west to east over Hansville Washington.4/13/10
3/5/10 22:00West ChesterPAUSATriangle30 minutesSmall triangular object with multi-color lights slowly moving4/13/10
3/5/10 21:00RomeoMIUSASphereon goingA sphere shape, changing colors very quickly, red, blue, green, in the E sky. Resembles a disco ball. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))4/13/10
3/5/10 21:00KiheiHIUSACircle15 minutes6 yr-old daughter and Mom spotted 4 spaceships in a large cloud on a clear Hawaii night.4/13/10
3/5/10 21:00PlattsmouthNEUSALight3-4 minsOrange sphere by platte river4/13/10
3/5/10 20:45KiheiHIUSACircle15 minutesAn unusual cloud with round discs and moving fast moving lights, inside of it.4/13/10
3/5/10 20:37Buffalo (near)TXUSALight10 secondsChanging Light near Buffalo, Texas4/13/10
3/5/10 20:10Port TownsendWAUSAFormation4 minutes7 bright orange lights in formation travel across sky then extinguish light and disapear.4/13/10
3/5/10 19:10BathNHUSALight5 minutesBright white light traveling west to east, zig-zag course, with pauses and acceleration. ((NUFORC Note: ISS overflight. PD))4/13/10
3/5/10 18:45PhoenixAZUSAOther5 minutesBlack object hovering over central Phoenix4/13/10
3/5/10 18:30New HartfordCTUSALight5 minutesTwo extreme bright lights in the sky and suddenly a third appeared4/13/10
3/5/10 17:20HicksvilleNYUSAOval90 secondsBlack oval shaped object above Hicksville, NY.4/13/10
3/5/10 12:50SpringboroOHUSAOther45 sec.I saw 4 small lights moving in a pattern. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))4/13/10
3/5/10 03:00Fort SmithARUSAOther1 hourI noticed what appeared to be a star and just watched it for a moment. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))4/13/10
3/5/10 01:40ProctorARUSADisk6 minutesYoung woman see strange object with lights near home.4/13/10
3/5/10 00:20TacomaWAUSAFireball2 minutesFireball over Tacoma Wa.4/13/10
3/4/10 23:45Ballston LakeNYUSAFireball1-2 secondsBright green fireball appears at the end of a burning meteor tail.4/13/10
3/4/10 19:45OntarioCAUSAFlash12-15 secBrilliant white light race across the sky at an unbelievable rate of speed.4/13/10
3/4/10 19:18North Little RockARUSAUnknown45 SecondsI just went outside to my carport for a cigarette. I looked up to the sky because I saw the searchlight a local business uses. After th4/13/10
3/4/10 11:00Canyon LakeTXUSAOther2 secondsLarge object falls straight down then jetfighters chase after it.4/13/10
3/3/10 22:10KnoxvileTNUSATriangle5 minutesWe viewed a hovering object with flashing lights over south knoxville.4/13/10
3/3/10 21:45Cape Town (South Africa)South AfricaFireball5 - 10 minutesFrom a star to a huge bright orange light to dropping and landing in the sea.8/24/10
3/3/10 19:19AlmaARUSAUnknown45 secondsfast moving object wobbling at times at relative high speed moving east of alma4/13/10
3/3/10 19:00CreteILUSAFormationhalf hourpossibly many crafts4/13/10
3/3/10 13:35PhoenixAZUSAUnknownApprox 15 Min2 white objects in Phoenix, one changes color to red4/13/10
3/3/10 08:00ClevelandOHUSAUnknown15 minutesIt was late at night and I was over my grandmother's house awaiting my mother to pick me up. We both looked up into the dark night sky11/20/13
3/3/10 07:10FairfieldIAUSAFireballCrash down of a red green firebal at 7:10 pm Wed. March 3rd north of Fairfield, Iowa being observed by 4 jets.4/13/10
3/3/10 06:15Rio RanchoNMUSAFireball10 minutesA fireball in the sky4/13/10
3/2/10 05:00AustinTXUSAUnknown30 secondsObject with unusually large and luminous lights seen hovering completely still 100 yards off the highway.4/13/10
3/1/10 23:00PittsburgCAUSATriangle3 minHuge triangle over Pittsburg, CA and Large Rectangles over Concord / Pittsburg8/24/10
3/1/10 23:00Arkansas/Oklahoma (border)ARUSAUnknown20-30 mini see multi-colored flashing hoovering lights regularly near ar/ok stateline5/12/10
3/1/10 23:00Peten (Guatamala)GuatemalaLight1 minutestill bright yellow light high up over Peten, Guatemala8/24/10
3/1/10 21:23DavenportCAUSAFireball1 minute or sostar turned into a bright flare gradually changed and suddenly lost the light. ((NUFORC Note: Flare from Iridium satellite?? PD))4/13/10
3/1/10 19:50VisaliaCAUSAUnknown5 minutesVery wide, low flying and silent!! Two jets followed within minutes. All went toward Hanford.4/13/10
3/1/10 18:45Ystradgynlais (UK/Wales)United Kingdom2 minutesvery bright orange pointy lights4/13/10
3/1/10 17:00CookMNUSALight10 MINUTESAbnormal lights in the northern sky.5/29/11
3/1/10 15:30OakvilleMOUSAOther3 minutesLow frequency hum, then low flying helicopters, very often.4/13/10
3/1/10 11:00HernandoFLUSALight15 secondsWhite Light (Solid) slowly moving about 5-10 mph, just above tree line 200-300' dia. no sound7/6/10
3/1/10 11:00Land O'LakesFLUSAFormation3 minutesDaylight Formation of Bright Metallic ovoid shapes that would glow white hot4/13/10
3/1/10 06:00San DiegoCAUSAOther2.5 hourChemtrails over San Diego, Ca. the morning of March 01, 2010.4/13/10
3/1/10 03:00LongviewTXUSAOther5 minutesHello i've recently stumbled upon this website where you can report UFO's only thing about my case is I had a personal visitation there8/30/13