National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 06/2008


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/30/08 00:00Sierra Mountains (above)NVUSATriangle10 minutesStrange flight home.7/31/15
6/30/08 23:46St HelensORUSALight10 secondsbright light to the west that needs explanation.7/5/08
6/30/08 23:00BismarckNDUSARectangle7-8 minuets2 red lighted objects over Bismarck Nd7/5/08
6/30/08 23:00Amarillo (local area and SE)TXUSALight10 minutes"Flash Bulb" like lights hovering at 100 ft over Hwy 287 outside of Amarillo12/12/09
6/30/08 23:00Mt. VernonOHUSACircle15 minutesPale yellow sphere over Ohio seen by one.2/21/14
6/30/08 22:40Ann ArborMIUSATriangle2 minutesObject was black and triangular with white lights on each corner8/12/08
6/30/08 22:25Atlantic City/CardiffNJUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular craft hovering 40ft directly above atlantic city expressway, seen twice in 5 minutes7/5/08
6/30/08 22:00Lost RiverWVUSALight1 minWhite light fell from sky and bounced1/12/12
6/30/08 22:00Pacific Ocean (near California coast)USAUnknown5-7 minutesTwo Sailors notice Air Contact while on watch that was not showing up on radar.5/2/14
6/30/08 21:00Rogue RiverORUSALightabout 5 minutestwo ufos circled each other4/13/10
6/30/08 20:30Hastings, Ontario. Rice Lake (Canada)OntarioCanadaCigar30 secondsHovering cigar shape. Verticle.3/4/22
6/30/08 20:00Winnett (south of)MTUSAOtherunkWhile driving in East central Montana, we stopped to take pictures of a dual full rainbow. And recently I noticed a spot on the eighth8/12/08
6/30/08 20:00Tabbita (Australia)AustraliaLight2 minutesI was travelling to Griffith, New South Wales, Australia from Hillston, New South Wales on the Kidman Way Highway at the listed time an11/5/20
6/30/08 20:00DebaryFLUSAFlash10 minutesIt was a cloudless night during sunset and it was still bright and I looked into the sky and saw a bright star and it disappeared.8/19/12
6/30/08 19:00Barksdale Air Force BaseLAUSALightabout 2-3 minutesOdd light witnessed over air force base unlike any known aircraft or aircraft light10/25/11
6/30/08 18:00Wolf PointMTUSASpherea few minutesMultiple witnesses observe small light near ground get large and fly off into the sky.7/5/08
6/30/08 18:00FairlawnNJUSAOther1 minuteStrange object sighted in wester sky.7/5/08
6/30/08 17:00MarlboroughMAUSACylinder30 secondsCylinder, vertical,silver, no noise, perpendicular to strong winds, straight path. Changed shape to bow.7/5/08
6/30/08 17:00HuntingtonWVUSACigar5 minscigar shape objects came from the South heading toward the Ohio River to the North5/12/09
6/30/08 16:00BohemiaNYUSADisk3 minutes7-12 crafts hover in clouds (with a noise) and silent in blue skies5/13/12
6/30/08 14:00SpringdaleARUSACigar30 secondssilver cigar shaped object reflecting off sunlight sudenly disappears7/5/08
6/30/08 13:00VAUSACircle20 minutesOne unknown flying craft just staying in one place. ((anonymous report))6/25/20
6/30/08 12:50Alligator PointFLUSAOtherUNKNOWNI went back to the site several times to check for a reflection.8/12/08
6/30/08 12:45YoungstownOHUSAFireball10 min12+ fireball-like objects were video taped in Youngstown Ohio8/12/08
6/30/08 12:00St. LouisMOUSAUnknown20 minutesangel hair ((MUFON REPORT))6/25/20
6/30/08 12:00OrlandoFLUSACircle4 MinutesWhat I saw at this sight was a large disc shapped craft flying over a small part of Orlando, not very many people were outside at the t7/5/08
6/30/08 12:00Trujillo Alto (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoCigar30 minutesIt was black, spinning around in circles in the same area and it was big.1/12/18
6/30/08 10:00LuptonAZUSACircle15 secondsIt was back in 2008, I know you want reason spotting, but the UFO, that I seen was in the day. I went for a walk, came back walk up o8/30/13
6/30/08 09:00ClovisCAUSACircle15 minutesLARGE CIRCLE CRAFT RED ORANGE LIGHTS ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))4/13/10
6/30/08 05:45GainesvilleFLUSACircle3 minTwo quick moving lights in the sky sighted in Gainesville, FL7/5/08
6/30/08 04:13Valley VillageCAUSASphere10sec.I saw a ufo.7/5/08
6/30/08 03:15BakersfieldCAUSADisk5 secondsOne night, at 3am, I witnessed a disc hovering in the sky, and a giant flash erupted and it sped, disappeared at the speed of light.6/20/14
6/30/08 03:00HighlandNYUSATriangle5 minutesTwo objects come in contact in the sky nose to nose and one revolves around the other.8/30/13
6/30/08 03:00Neuseddin (Potsdam)(Germany)GermanyTriangle3 weeks((HOAX??)) Attached is a photo of this craft at night using a carl zeiss sony lens handheld. I think its a drone but not to sure.12/20/12
6/30/08 03:00LehighFLUSAOther5 minutesCommunication with aliens.1/12/18
6/30/08 03:00LodiNJUSARectangle5 minutes((HOAX??)) Black shadowy rectangle craft with bright literally white bright lights and flashing green lights ((anonymous report))2/10/17
6/30/08 02:00HaleMIUSALight10 minutesvideo shows Lights in my backyard are the same as reported in Texas 20084/13/10
6/30/08 01:30King FerryNYUSAOther1 to 2 minsBullet shaped craft8/5/12
6/30/08 01:30MantecaCAUSAOtherA spiral of darkness spiraling in the sky blacking out the stars as it was unraveling.6/4/14
6/30/08 00:00SalinasCAUSALight((HOAX??)) i wish my mom could see that she saw this and dont think that im crazy. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
6/30/08WarrenNJUSAOval15 secondsBrief sighting, went to get someone, gone like it was never there when I got back10/19/21
6/30/08A black blob floated across the floor being followed by a ball of orange tinted white light and a piller of orange tinted white light .2/4/13
6/29/08 23:00Auburn HillsMIUSAUnknown1 hourMoving stars?7/5/08
6/29/08 22:45Cheltenham (UK/England)United KingdomFireball30 minutesOrange lights/fireballs7/5/08
6/29/08 21:00San RamonCAUSADisk5 minutesDisc/Saucer shaped with running lights7/5/08
6/29/08 21:00Las CrucesNMUSAUnknown90 minsUFO's Over Las Cruces?7/5/08
6/29/08 20:21GoodlettsvilleTNUSADiamond10 secondsBrief appearance of a very bright light at dusk and sudden disappearance as the object shot to the right.7/5/08
6/29/08 20:15MiltonFLUSATriangle2 hoursDuring a power outage I heard unusually loud roaring from a nearby naval base and saw a triangular shaped orange craft.7/5/08
6/29/08 20:00LexingtonTNUSAOther30 minutesOn June 29,2008 at approx. 8pm ,my 4 and 6 yr old girls asked what was an object in the sky was, if it was a shooting star? I told them7/5/08
6/29/08 19:00Cape GirardeauMOUSAOval15 minutes5 silver, oval shaped objects moving slowly over Cape Girardeau, towards Illinois.7/5/08
6/29/08 03:00LibertyNYUSADisk1 hourObject hovered in the sky and then shot half way across the sky. There were yellow lights gyrating around it.8/12/08
6/29/08 02:30Thetford (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 hourOne large and 3 to 4 smaller lights all white and round. Smaller lights moved around big light.7/5/08
6/29/08 00:00PhiladelphiaPAUSACylinder10 secondslastnite i saw a cylinder in the sky orange in color no tail 06/29/087/5/08
6/28/08 23:50DestinFLUSACircle1 minute3 small white/yellow circles7/5/08
6/28/08 23:15Logan- ColumbusOHUSALight25 minutesCirculating light in sky followed our direction for a distance of 30 miles.7/5/08
6/28/08 23:00AzleTXUSATriangle13 secondsStrange triangular craft with bright light on the nose.3/19/09
6/28/08 22:30Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaChevron3 secondsBlueish white light which appeared to 'cloak itself'.7/5/08
6/28/08 22:30SpokaneWAUSADisk6 hoursBright, pulsating lights on round object in Northern sky in Spokane on 6/28/088/12/08
6/28/08 22:30Hazel ParkMIUSACircle4 minWe saw a circular orange glowing object first going fast across the sky then it went at a slower pace.7/5/08
6/28/08 22:30Lone PineCAUSAOval5 minsSaw a flat, elongated, oval-shaped, grayish object with three lights on the underside gliding silently east of Death Valley7/5/08
6/28/08 22:00AzleTXUSATriangle30 secondsstrange triungular craft sighted.8/5/09
6/28/08 20:50AuburnNYUSACircletwo minutesCraft that looked like it was on fire or emitting a fire appearance glow.7/5/08
6/28/08 10:00ShamokinPAUSACigar2 minReddish orange round object7/5/08
6/28/08 05:57WestonFLUSACigar10 secondsYelllow covered object over Weston, Florida7/5/08
6/28/08 05:10AlamogordoNMUSALight40 secondsBright red light hauling ass through the sky.7/5/08
6/28/08 03:00NorthportNYUSASphere5 minutesMultiple sightings of a flashing bright white light flying in the tree line of the woods behind my yard this summer, 200810/31/08
6/28/08 02:30WoodbridgeCTUSALight1-2 minutesMystery Light over Woodbridge, CT 06/28/087/5/08
6/28/08 01:00Denham SpringsLAUSALightstill ongoingBright, white, circular light hovering in all directions in the east7/5/08
6/28/08 00:15RichlandWAUSALight5 secondsStrange light falls slowly in a spiral7/5/08
6/28/08 00:00Costa MesaCAUSAOtherApprox 2 secondsExtremely fast, dark gray colored octagonal craft with equidistant dim red lights7/5/08
6/27/08 23:00CadottWIUSAOval5-7 minutesBright light appear and disappear several times, moving very slow over Cadott, Wisconsin7/5/08
6/27/08 22:00CamancheTXUSA10 min.As many as 6 bright lights darting up and down, and then disappearing.7/5/08
6/27/08 21:30Lake OrionMIUSAFireball3 minOn a pontoon boat and witnessed the bright fireball type object low to the ground then dissappear into the sky7/5/08
6/27/08 20:00BoulderCOUSAFlash10 secondsLight flash7/5/08
6/27/08 10:45San AntonioTXUSAOther1mI was traveling I-10 west and saw a hovering object . It appeared as if it was hovering between Fred Rd and DeZavala on I-10.7/5/08
6/27/08 10:30New BrunswickNJUSARectangle10 secI saw a rectangular object or projection above the town of new brunswick nj7/5/08
6/27/08 08:00GardendaleALUSADisk30 secondsUFO seen above Gardendale Alabama while driving on the interstate into work at 8:00 am.7/5/08
6/27/08 03:50ElkoNVUSALight10 minutes((HOAX)) strange light in the night sky7/5/08
6/27/08 03:27WaukeshaWIUSAOther1-3 minI was sleeping when i started to dream that i was watching my self sleep i was loooking through some ones eyes as i watched my self sle2/10/12
6/27/08 01:22HooksTXUSATriangle3 minutestriangle light pattern heading North / North West near Hooks Texas7/5/08
6/26/08 23:30Dix HillsNYUSACircleA few secondsThe UFO had a light on the bottom and accelerated in a curved path out of sight.7/5/08
6/26/08 23:24East BrunswickNJUSALightAbout 3 secondsBright Blue Ball flying extremely fast over the night skies of Central New Jersey7/5/08
6/26/08 21:30CucharaCOUSALight30 minutesOrange Light UFO while camping near Cuchara, Colorado8/12/08
6/26/08 20:45WaterburyCTUSASphere5-10 min.Four bright white sphere's out of the north, south, east and west approximately the size of the full moon!10/31/08
6/26/08 20:30TexarkanaTXUSAOther3 minutes, twiceI saw this object once before at night from the side and app. 1/2 mile away about 6 months ago, but it was right over head this time (18/12/08
6/26/08 11:00NorthportNYUSAFormation1 minuteseries of white lights over oak street7/5/08
6/26/08 00:00Long LakeNYUSALightsecondslight in the sky5/12/09
6/25/08 23:30GladstoneMIUSADiskstill happening about 15 3 UFO's spotted in a line formation 6/25/087/5/08
6/25/08 23:15Lakenheath (UK/England)United KingdomSphere5 to 7 mntsstared as 2 became 3 one moved off from the other 27/5/08
6/25/08 23:10GrayTNUSATriangle10 min((HOAX??)) bright red and white lights over gray,tn.7/5/08
6/25/08 22:30Hull (UK/England)United KingdomCircle30secondsUFO over Hull, UK7/5/08
6/25/08 22:00Market Drayton (UK/England)United KingdomOtherseveral minutesSoldier told last night how he saw UFOs spinning in the skies above his military barracks7/5/08
6/25/08 22:00Sheffield (UK/England)United KingdomCircle10 minutes5 lights, Diamond formation above street. UK 2008.1/10/14
6/25/08 21:55Ocean IsleNCUSAUnknown3 minutes5 golden orbs light up in a straight line over the ocean, then dim and disappear.7/5/08
6/25/08 21:45BellinghamMAUSAOval30 secondsOval beige object with vibrating yellowish-white light in center.7/5/08
6/25/08 21:30Myrtle BeachSCUSAFormationa sequence of orange lights in the sky above the Atlantic Ocean7/5/08
6/25/08 20:50Chawton, Hampshire (UK/England)United KingdomOther10-12 secondsSmall moving white object flying at high altitude before disappearing.7/5/08
6/25/08 15:00BuckeyeAZUSAUnknown5 minutes3 shiny object in sky. One still the other two moved to the right and left.8/12/08
6/25/08 10:00ShamokinPAUSAOther10 to 15 minsReddish shaped object seen in Shamokin Pa 8 people are witness to what they saw7/5/08
6/25/08 00:30Velika Gorica (Croatia)CroatiaCircleI was watching a sky at night and then is just from nowhere show a big green ball, second later it became red.7/5/08
6/25/08 00:30Velika Gorica (Croatia)CroatiaCircle5 secI was watching a sky at night and then is just from nowhere show a big green ball, few seconds later it became red. Then it's go away.7/5/08
6/25/08 00:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaEgg2 minutesSome guy told me you can call UFO's, I asked him to video it, he did, then I did. (Djice9)3/19/09
6/24/08 23:36CromwellCTUSALight5 - 10 secondsblueish green ball of light fly in the sky below the clouds in a curved and crooked direction7/5/08
6/24/08 23:30WallingfordCTUSAOval3 secondsgreen fireball shaped object7/5/08
6/24/08 22:45HickoryNCUSALight00:00:20Bright red light in the sky disappeared7/5/08
6/24/08 22:00Surrey (UK/England)United KingdomCigar1 minutebig orange ufo7/5/08
6/24/08 22:00GreensboroNCUSAChevron5 secondsChevron shaped UFO over skies of Greensboro, NC7/5/08
6/24/08 21:15SterlingVAUSAFlashInstantEXPLODING FLASH OF LIGHT NW SKY – STERLING, VA8/12/08
6/24/08 14:20Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaUnknown10 sekobject moving over Winnipeg Sky7/5/08
6/24/08 13:30Silver CityNCUSAOtherphotoTriangle and Disc photos taken after electrical disturbance in home.7/5/08
6/24/08 09:10ArvadaCOUSAOther10 minTwo objects seen (daytime) over Arvada Colorado7/5/08
6/24/08 08:45HoustonTXUSAOval20 MINDaylight object passes by moon and makes random movements.7/5/08
6/24/08 05:50Leeds (UK/England)United KingdomSphere14 minutesSilver Orb above Leeds UK7/5/08
6/24/08 02:30Sun Prairie/MadisonWIUSALight1 minuteDancing strobe light over Madison, WI.7/5/08
6/24/08 00:00KendallFLUSAFormation10 secondsMedium to low altitude 3 light balls of light no define formation, cloud cover heavy can not be confused with weather balloon or other7/5/08
6/24/08 00:00WhitefishMTUSALight15 secondsA small traveling light in the sky increased in brightness and then faded away.7/5/08
6/23/08 23:40SeymourINUSATriangle8-10minsThree objects in sky above Seymour7/5/08
6/23/08 23:30HoltMOUSAUnknownfive minutesRed and white alternate blinking lights, erratic trajectory, high in the sky7/5/08
6/23/08 23:29BothellWAUSA15 MinutesBlack helicopter that circled residential neighborhood for 15 minutes with a repeated flash of white light.7/5/08
6/23/08 23:10PapillionNEUSAUnknownsecondsBright light behind a haze changed from white-ish yellow to blue colors.7/5/08
6/23/08 23:00FranklinNJUSALight3 minutesTwo blinking lights flying impossibly close to each other seem to stand still before flying off in different directions.7/5/08
6/23/08 23:00RollaMOUSALight10 -15 secondsMy husband is a medical assistant in a doctors office and i am a stay at home mother of 3.7/5/08
6/23/08 22:10SeattleWAUSALight2 secondsStrange Green Light sighted floating horizontally for 2 seconds over Phinney Ridge in Seattle, not matching normal flight patterns7/5/08
6/23/08 22:08AbingdonVAUSARectangle1 hour2 LARGE rectangle, 1 tubed craft seen over Abingdon, VA7/5/08
6/23/08 22:00FentonMIUSAUnknown5 minObject moving north just west of City of Fenton at approx. 10PM. Bright orange light...looked like a fireball. No sound. After seem7/5/08
6/23/08 21:45SarasotaFLUSATriangle5 minutes((HOAX??)) Two craft with seven orange lights on each, and a vague, dark triangular shape that housed the lights.7/5/08
6/23/08 21:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSASphere2 minutes (approx.)Flaming Ball Sighted7/5/08
6/23/08 21:20BremertonWAUSASphere20 min2 bright lights next to each other hovering for 20 plus minutes, then vanishing to the left.7/5/08
6/23/08 20:00Canon CityCOUSAFormationOn my way home facing out toward the desert from the mountains, I saw 6 very bright white lights all turn on at one time. They stayed12/12/11
6/23/08 19:00OrlandoFLUSALight3 secondsBlast of white light in the sky.7/5/08
6/23/08 19:00IrelandIrelandUnknown5 Minsunidentified sound in Ireland7/5/08
6/23/08 15:00AnchorageAKUSATeardrop2-3 minutesrotating teardrop over trees/highway5/2/11
6/23/08 14:15MadisonWIUSAOval15 minutesWhite oval above treetops in Madison, WI - changed direction and color7/5/08
6/23/08 14:15MadisonWIUSAOval15 minutesWhite oval floating over treetops near Madison, Wisconsin airport7/5/08
6/23/08 12:03Simi ValleyCAUSALight15 minutesI got off of work looked to southern sky saw a red bright light no blinking.I thought wow mars is really red. I drove home looked up in7/5/08
6/22/08 23:00KingstonOKUSACircle7 minutesTwin Balls of Fire traveling south to north7/5/08
6/22/08 23:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaOval30 secs((HOAX)) i seen 2 ufos7/5/08
6/22/08 23:00Santa ClaraCAUSARectangle6 secondsTwo lights moving very fast high in the night sky7/5/08
6/22/08 21:30South ElginILUSAFormation5 minutesthree orange circular lights travelling WSW in area of South Elgin, IL, a far west suburb of Chicago.7/5/08
6/22/08 21:00TavaresFLUSAChanging1hr-2hrSeveral ufos in different shapes fly low over neighborhood in tavares, Fl.7/5/08
6/22/08 21:00PalmersvilleTNUSAUnknown5 minutesWe saw a burning object flying slowly through the air with no identifiable features.7/5/08
6/22/08 20:57Horta ( Azores) (Portugal)PortugalUnknown3 seconds maximumUnknown object or craft seen mid-Atlantic over the Azores8/12/08
6/22/08 19:45NilesILUSAChevron15 secondsV-shaped craft observed over northern Chicago suburb.8/27/09
6/22/08 17:00Port AransasTXUSAOther1-2 MINUTESSIGHTING AT PORT ARANSAS TX.7/5/08
6/22/08 11:35InvernessFLUSAUnknown26 secondsa purple-ish blue figure in the sky twirling in a box like motion, very very freaky!!7/5/08
6/22/08 11:00Santa ClaraCAUSALightsix secondstwo lights moving very fast high in the night sky on June 22,20081/10/09
6/22/08 10:30ChattanoogaTNUSAFlashsecond or twoA real bright flash of light.7/5/08
6/22/08 03:00Agoura HillsCAUSALight7-10 minutesStrong, pulsating light that changed colors from red to green to white. Object appeared stationery in sky7/5/08
6/22/08 02:50San Sebastiam (Spain)SpainFormation5 min.UFO formation over San Sebastian, Spain6/23/10
6/22/08 01:00Colchester (UK/England)United KingdomSphereAbout 4 minsBright orange orbe over Colchester England7/5/08
6/22/08 01:00TroupTXUSAOval10 minutesWas working on a well site in Troup Texas around 0200. Off to the left a Bright red light caught my attention. Looked in the direction7/5/08
6/22/08 00:25NapavineWAUSALight20-30 secondssmall blue light , high altitude, fading out into space7/5/08
6/22/08 00:00HamptonFLUSACircleWe saw a circular shaped object coming closer to us and it was changing colors as it was turning!7/5/08
6/21/08 23:00Lake ArrowheadCAUSAOther20 secondsMoving star, among stars10/31/08
6/21/08 23:00Pueblo (100mi SW of)COUSAUnknown3minsaw object move in a zig zag motion. with a bright white light that changed and dimmed. the object moved rapidly to the eastern horizon10/31/08
6/21/08 23:00Coos CountyNHUSALight30 SecondsTwo clusters of three lights flying in random patterns and then lining up in formation.7/5/08
6/21/08 22:45NoviMIUSACircle2 minutesUFOs over Novi, MIchigan7/5/08
6/21/08 22:30ShorehamNYUSACircle3 secondsSwooping star, you'd have to see to believe.7/5/08
6/21/08 22:00NewtownCTUSALight5 secondsbright star like light, shoots across sky, changes directions and then vanishes.7/5/08
6/21/08 21:10North EastMDUSAFormation2-3 minutesThere were three separate orange lights making a triangle formation.7/5/08
6/21/08 20:00North HollywoodCAUSASphere90 seconds6-21-08 Spherical UFO in North Hollywood CA7/5/08
6/21/08 20:00Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaLight10 minutesPossible UFO sighting with cigar shaped lights and large football shaped body with 2 witnesses and a picture.7/5/08
6/21/08 19:30JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball5 minutesBright fireball looked like a second sun hid behind cloud never came in front of it,it wasyellow/orange7/5/08
6/21/08 18:45New York City (Manhattan)NYUSA2 minutesStrange object in the sky on top of Manhattan7/5/08
6/21/08 18:30ThorntonCOUSADisk5 secondsI observed a silver disk directly above me in broad daylight in a highly populated area and it was watching me.10/31/08
6/21/08 16:45ForksWAUSALight.02white light on road at 4:54pm7/5/08
6/21/08 16:15FestusMOUSATriangle8 minv or triangular object hovering no lights no sound appeared to be rotating all directions7/5/08
6/21/08 14:00Franklin/BrentwoodTNUSACigar5 to 8 minutesLarge cigar-ish shaped objects in sky above Franklin/Brentwood Tennessee7/5/08
6/21/08 13:00ShawneeKSUSAUnknown20 secondsVery shiny bright , moving faster than anything I ever saw.7/5/08
6/21/08 11:09WinnetkaCAUSATeardrop5-10 secsshiny object in the clear sky hoovering, then suddenly disappears7/5/08
6/21/08 11:00LibertyINUSAFireball1-2 minutesLiberty, Indiana 11:00 p.m. Orange fireball, low, heading south to north then turning to the west and disappearing from sight.7/5/08
6/21/08 04:45Crandall/SeagovilleTXUSAUnknown15 minutesFlashes of bright light coming from the ground and seen from the highway.7/5/08
6/21/08 03:00AdamsWIUSATriangle10 secondsThree lights in the southern sky outside bedroom window. Flying very low. No sound.7/5/08
6/21/08 03:00West ChesterOHUSATriangle5 minObject in a triangular shape seen at 3:41 AM on cox rd. west chester ohio7/5/08
6/21/08 01:15Dana PointCAUSADisk1 minute01:15 06/21/08 observed disk shape craft over ocean in Dana Point / Laguna Beach area7/5/08
6/21/08 01:00Lake ForestCAUSACircleThree bright red lights moving toward the sky7/5/08
6/21/08 01:00HamiltonNJUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle-shaped object with green, red, and blue lights hovering high in the sky7/5/08
6/21/08 01:00ChicagoILUSASphere30 minutesGlowing amber orb flying through sky at night7/5/08
6/21/08 00:45Burnley (UK/England)United KingdomLight3minutes((HOAX)) bright light hovering in sky which expanded then vanished.7/5/08
6/21/08 00:00WillcoxAZUSAFlash2 minWe saw what we thought was helicopter unbtil we noticed another helicopter that was much smaller and moved alot slower7/5/08
6/20/08 23:00Oldham (Manchester)(UK/England)United KingdomFireball10minTwo Birght orange lights hovering over the penines in Odham, England7/5/08
6/20/08 23:00BayfieldWIUSALight1 minuteA white light brighter than the stars moved slowly from south to north, seemed to slow, grew quite bright, then faded within 10 seconds7/5/08
6/20/08 22:45NewportOHUSAFormation45 secondsPink Phoenix Lights type grouping7/5/08
6/20/08 22:20PhilipsburgPAUSALight5 minutesNoted star like object moving in relation to a telephone pole. It was moving in a westerly direction. There is no way to note speed7/5/08
6/20/08 22:00WatertownMAUSACircle1-2 minThree objects moving SSW to NNE across Massachusetts night sky.7/5/08
6/20/08 22:00PetalumaCAUSACigar5 minutesMy girlfriend reported seeing a cigar shaped craft with blinking lights around the middle south east of town as she stepped outside.7/5/08
6/20/08 19:53ShorelineWAUSAOther5 minutesUFO Photographed Over Puget Sound June 20 2008 7;53PM7/5/08
6/20/08 19:30West ChesterOHUSATriangle1-3 minutesDark colored wing seen heading South-Southeast from Old Station Rd and Oregon Pass. Wing executed ~120 degree turn almost instantly3/19/09
6/20/08 15:00BushkillPAUSACigar1 minuteCigar Shaped Aircraft9/24/12
6/20/08 12:40ParlierCAUSALight2-5 minutesLost UFO Firing Up as it ascends for dissapearing in an instant. ((NUFORC Note: Hoax, or not, we cannot be certain. PD))7/5/08
6/20/08 12:30HaydenCOUSADisk10-15secondsObservered unmistakeable very bright metallic saucer/disc hovering and moving slightly7/5/08
6/20/08 10:26VancouverWAUSAUnknown1 minute3 objects not moving, and then all of a sudden 2 slowly moved, and then the 3rd took off till it disappeared, and the 2 other took off.7/5/08
6/20/08 10:00UnknownNMUSACylinder5 secondsWe were flying to Ontario, California from Atlanta, Georgia and were about 1 1/2 hours away from landing. My guess is we were over New10/31/08
6/20/08 08:30KingstonTNUSATriangle5 min3 white lights on each tip one red one in the middle flashing6/9/09
6/20/08 02:00CloverdaleCAUSASphereappx. 45 sec.sbright red sphere moved radically in a clear starry night sky and we got the feeling that we were being watched after it disappeared.3/19/09
6/20/08 01:00ChatsworthCAUSAChanging5 minutesSolid light in a boomerang shape slowly moves across Chatsworth, CA sky.7/5/08
6/20/08 01:00Port St. LucieFLUSACigar25 minuteslarge cigar shaped pulsating ufo.7/5/08
6/20/08 01:00PalmdaleCAUSALight2 minutesUnidentified orange light travelling at high speed with sudden changes in direction.7/5/08
6/19/08 23:35RoanokeVAUSAOther10 minutesRoanoke County Police respond to reports of strange object in the sky over Catawba area.7/5/08
6/19/08 22:45WashingtonPAUSAOval4 seconds +_Ball of flame moving toward earth, seemed to bounce off and turn south7/5/08
6/19/08 22:00ArlingtonMAUSALight5 minutesTwo balls of light holding planes midair7/5/08
6/19/08 21:50Johns IslandSCUSALight1 minuteUFO sighting over Johns Island moving toward Charleston7/6/10
6/19/08 21:30San FranciscoCAUSATriangle6 secondsSighting in San Francisco7/5/08
6/19/08 20:40BarstowCAUSAOval11 minutesObject observed over mountain rage for several minutes before shooting strigh up and out of sight.7/5/08
6/19/08 19:45Los AngelesCAUSACigarGriffith ParkBlack ciggar shape craft. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1/10/09
6/19/08 18:18LancasterPAUSACigar.5 second6/19/2008 Lancaster PA duration .5 seconds caught on film. Object appears to be cigar shaped with a cone on the top.10/31/08
6/19/08 17:00FremontCAUSAOther1 to 2 minutesFast Moving7/5/08
6/19/08 10:30RineyvilleKYUSATriangle5 min.Triangle in shape,spotted at about 10:30,lights were blue,object moved at moderate speed7/5/08
6/19/08 00:30VenturaCAUSAChanging20 secondsBright orange object, incredible speed, diamond shaped and turning7/5/08
6/19/08 00:30ChicagoILUSALightAll night and morningI live on the southside of Chicago in a neighborhood called Mount Greenwood. I got off of work around 11:30 PM on Wednesday, June 18th,7/5/08
6/18/08 23:15MaryvilleMOUSACigar5-7 minutesI observed a bright stationary object on the ground soon after leaving Maryville, MO (7 miles NE of the town), between 23:10 and 23:20.7/5/08
6/18/08 23:00AshlandORUSALighthours upon hoursWhat everyone sees and only few notice.7/5/08
6/18/08 22:00Cottage GroveORUSALight40 minsOrange light appeared in the north-eastern sky over Cottage Grove, disappeared and reappeared several times.7/5/08
6/18/08 21:45JacksonvilleFLUSATriangle1 minUFO seen over St Johns River7/5/08
6/18/08 19:55LelandILUSAOval5 minsLights7/5/08
6/18/08 18:30CanonsburgPAUSACircleless than 1 minlarge glowing orange ball of light seen over horizion of small town8/12/08
6/18/08 18:20NorwalkCAUSAOval20 minutes3 different objects in th sky Norwalk.CA7/5/08
6/18/08 18:20NorwalkCAUSADisk20 minutesUPDATED REPORT- 3 different objects in the sky Norwalk,CA3/19/09
6/18/08 14:30Dubuisson (Canada)QCCanadaCigar15-20 sec.Brigth white object moving across the sky8/12/08
6/18/08 14:10Park RidgeILUSADisk15 Minutes((HOAX??)) Huge Black Boomerang & Gray Disk Spotted Within 15 Minutes--Park Ridge, IL...Near O'Hare Airport.8/12/08
6/18/08 10:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAUnknown2-3 MinutesCouple of really fast flashing lights seen over brooklyn near JFK AIRPORT.7/5/08
6/18/08 04:35La Crosse (east of)WIUSADisk2-3 minutesMetalic disk or saucer darts through the sky.7/5/08
6/18/08 00:30HanoverMAUSACone10 secondsThe best way I can describe it is a sailboat with a blue flame for a sail.7/5/08
6/17/08 23:00BarnwellSCUSARectangle3 minsRectangle shaped object in the south sky, followed by two jets.7/5/08
6/17/08 22:15Park RidgeILUSATriangle2:15((HOAX??)) Triangle Hovers & Shoots Out A Beam Of Light & Follows A Commercial Flight.7/5/08
6/17/08 22:03PhoenixAZUSAFormation4-5 seconds3 orange lights in formation over the Estrella mountain range.7/5/08
6/17/08 22:00Dresden (Germany)GermanyLight2-3 minutesPossible UFO´s seen over Dresden, Germany, no unusual flight paths or speed. Please suggest explanations.8/12/08
6/17/08 22:00OsceolaINUSAOval2 minutesRed-Orange lighted oval with haze around it moving slowly across treetops, then speeding up, no sound.7/5/08
6/17/08 22:00West HavenCTUSASphere6 secondsGreen sphere/ball of light that moved quickly, it appeared quickly and vanished quickly..5/2/11
6/17/08 21:31ClintonNCUSAFireball10 SecondsClinton NC, around 21:31 hours an orange circular object was spotted west of U.S. Highway 421, it remained visible for only 10 seconds7/5/08
6/17/08 21:30TucsonAZUSATriangle5-7 MINUTESSaw huge mass with many rapidly blinking lights moving slowly and soundlessly accross sky.7/5/08
6/17/08 21:30TucsonAZUSATriangle5-7MINmore details on report filed two hours earlier7/5/08
6/17/08 16:40Chawton, Hampshire (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown7-8 secondsunknown white object appears flying at low altitude then suddenly seems to dissappear.7/5/08
6/17/08 14:15AlgonquinILUSATeardrop10 SECONDS((HOAX??)) It was a glowing yellow object that left a thin vapor trail that evaporated soon after it dissipeared.7/5/08
6/17/08 14:00TucsonAZUSADisk5 minutesWhite disk shaped object traveling from the north to the south7/5/08
6/17/08 13:00FreeportILUSAUnknown15-20 seccircle cluster of bright lights change to star like cluster and disappears!7/5/08
6/17/08 12:30CalexicoCAUSATriangle2 min.i was outside and i waslooking at the sky when i see the lights in shaped of a triangle and it hovered slowly from south to the north.7/5/08
6/17/08 12:00MesquiteNVUSADisk4 MinLarge gray domed disc that was perfectly still and made no noise 2460 feet away and 500 feet high.8/12/08
6/17/08 11:00Colle D'Valle Delsa/ Scorgiono (Italy)ItalyOther1 minuteDim light, like a faint star, moving in a zigzag, changing course abruptly, very, very high in the sky, at a very high speed.10/31/08
6/17/08 02:00SnohomishWAUSALight20 minutesBright object observed over wooded park area near Clearview, WA in early morning7/5/08
6/16/08 22:00Sun CityCAUSAFireball2 minutesFireball and something "falling" from it viewed over Sun City California, June 16, 20087/5/08
6/16/08 21:30GreenwoodINUSASpherefew minfive bright lights vanishing and reappearing moving different directions8/12/08
6/16/08 19:45Swindon/Didcott (UK/England)United KingdomFireballLess than 1 minuteBright, static, object with tail - helicopter in possibly pursuit7/5/08
6/16/08 15:00EuharleeGAUSADisk30 sec.cilender shaped object in sky turned and appeared as a disk then sped off.7/5/08
6/16/08 15:00EuharleeGAUSAChangingcigar shaped not moving then moved turned was shiny and then whammo it was gone7/5/08
6/16/08 11:00ArkadelphiaARUSAUnknown60 secondsTwo greys spotted near caddo river (perhaps doing ground survey?) ((NUFORC Note: Probably not a serious report. PD))10/31/08
6/16/08 08:45HastingsNEUSAUnknown14-17 seconds((HOAX)) 3 UFO's appeared in the space of 15 seconds. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes10/31/08
6/16/08 08:25Scott City/Chaffe (on Hwy. M)MOUSADisk15 secondsMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: It was disc-shaped and white or silver in color.12/12/09
6/16/08 06:50Downers GroveILUSAEgg2 minuteIn the morning I looked outside my window to see a white mailbox shaped object with thin black lines and thick red lines floating above7/5/08
6/16/08 05:45OrlandoFLUSALightapprox. 10 minutesGlowing bluish white light blinking in and out of view , all over the early morning sky7/5/08
6/16/08 01:00Jefferson CityMOUSAUnknown30 minutesLarge number of UFO's7/5/08
6/16/08 00:58Kitchener (Canada)ONCanadaSphere1 secondBright white ball of light seen over Kitchener Ontario.7/5/08
6/16/08Great BendKSUSATriangle6 secondsThree bright lights hovering over Great Bend Kansas..7/5/08
6/15/08 00:00New York CityNYUSADisk1 minuteUpside down, it flew like that till it was even with me. It hovered for 20 sec., then it flipped over. Much more happened.7/31/15
6/15/08 23:30Green BayWIUSACircle10 minutesOrange object viewed at night near Lake michigan west of Green Bay.10/31/08
6/15/08 23:30Bel AirMDUSADiska few hours each nightpattern of lights going from right to left, then blinking, then repeating. A smaller bright white light shot off from it later7/5/08
6/15/08 22:40TiptonMIUSAUnknown7 minBRIGHT Object in SE Michigan 6/15/08 10:45 pm7/5/08
6/15/08 21:45MogadoreOHUSACross5-10 secondscross shaped lights in erratic flight pattern7/5/08
6/15/08 21:00Chula VistaCAUSARectangle15 minclear rectangular plastic bag object with lights and hovering powers, with no sound only soft humm!12/12/11
6/15/08 20:35CumberlandMDUSAOther3 MinutesTransparent Bowl-Shaped Craft - Cumberland, Maryland10/31/08
6/15/08 19:30New PaltzNYUSADisk20 secondsDark black flying saucer with 3 VERY BRIGHT lights landed in my backyard for 10 seconds and shot back in the sky very fast.7/5/18
6/15/08 19:00London (UK/England)USACone03 minuitesMatalic blue object over central London.7/5/08
6/15/08 18:00ElkoNVUSALight60 secondsWalking to my car I seen 3 red lights floating in a triangle formation my deceased ex wife seen them and when I called my buddy he seen2/7/20
6/15/08 16:30YorkPAUSARectangle10 sec.Rectangular UFO being followed by military B52 aircraft.7/5/08
6/15/08 13:00KingmanAZUSAUnknown10-15 minutesOverwhelming sound and vibration with no craft visible2/14/10
6/15/08 10:30WilliamstownNJUSAFireball20 secondsA large, fiery white ball of light shot quickly across the sky towards the ground.7/5/08
6/15/08 03:00DundeeNYUSAUnknown15 minthe object we saw changed multiple colors, hovered/moved like nothing i've ever seen. It also seemed to respond to a led light i had2/14/10
6/15/08 00:30Bellevue/KirklandWAUSATriangle2 minutesI saw a triangular shaped craft with bright lights hovering near the 405 freeway in Bellevue/Kirkland on June 15th, 2008 at 12:30 am.7/5/08
6/15/08 00:00CoronaCAUSAFireball5 secondsGreen Fireball witnessed over Corona, CA7/5/08
6/15/08 00:00OrangeCAUSAFlash3 secondsVery large blue flashing light falling fast from the sky in Orange, Califronia (twice in ten minutes).7/5/08
6/14/08 23:50CastaicCAUSASpherea secondone bright greenish yellow spherical object shoots across the sky7/5/08
6/14/08 23:50EdmondsWAUSACircle5 secondsOn Saturday, June 14 between 2350-2375 hrs Pacific Time in Edmonds Washington, I witnessed a blue and yellow fireball blazing across th7/5/08
6/14/08 23:50San BernardinoCAUSACircle3-4 secondsBright white round object with orange and purple tail at high speed observed in mountains - 3 adult witnesses7/5/08
6/14/08 23:40Mountlake TerraceWAUSAFireball21/2 secondsSaw a bright white/blue light with a red tail going north, having passed over my house.7/5/08
6/14/08 23:30Los AngelesCAUSAFireball30 secondsBright Fireball in the Los Angeles Sky7/5/08
6/14/08 23:05ElkoNVUSALight5-7 minutesTwo brilliant, solid red lights moving slowly across the skies in Northeast Nevada7/5/08
6/14/08 23:00BrooklynMIUSAEgg15-25 minThree (total) egged shaped flying lights over Brooklyn, MI7/5/08
6/14/08 23:00ElkoNVUSALight16 minutes2 large Red stationary lights , time span of 16 minutes, above Elko, Nv on 06/14/08 at 23:007/5/08
6/14/08 22:45Pacific PalisadesCAUSAFlash3 to 4 sec.A bright flash like lightning followed by a fast moving very bright object like a comet7/5/08
6/14/08 22:40PeotoneILUSALight1.5 minutesBright light got dimmer, emitted another light, both faded out.7/5/08
6/14/08 22:00EdwardsburgMIUSAEgg10 MinutesOrange objects traveling in the same flight path over Michigan7/5/08
6/14/08 21:00KemahTXUSAUnknown2 minutesBright Orange Light seen over Galveston Bay7/5/08
6/14/08 20:50Highlands RanchCOUSAFireball1 minuteSilent orange/yellow/red fireball hovered then sped off7/5/08
6/14/08 20:15BatesvilleINUSACircle30 minutesHuge round black rimmed circle appeared in sky over Int 74 near Batesville, IN on 6/14/088/12/08
6/14/08 17:40Panorama CityCAUSACircle20 minutespanorama city ca silver circle space sheep ufo 20 minutes over my house 6/14/087/5/08
6/14/08 14:00SedonaAZUSALightA light warping over Bell Rock in Sedona Arizona ufo.7/5/08
6/14/08 11:00New BraunfelsTXUSATriangle3-4minutestriangle craft with lights7/5/08
6/14/08 11:00New BraunfelsTXUSATriangleTriangle shape craft with 4 lights 500 Lights On Object0: Yes7/5/08
6/14/08 10:30AtticaMIUSACircle3 MIN.Attica, MI7/5/08
6/14/08 08:43Apple ValleyMNUSALight8:30-9:00Dancing White Lights In The Sky During Bright Day. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))7/5/08
6/14/08 03:00Sierra Nevada (Gross Ridge area)CAUSACircle3 secA small object in sky that got bigger and emited a bluish aura for a moment then returned to its orignal form.7/5/08
6/14/08 02:30MunsterINUSASphere2 minvery bright light jumped around before turning dark maroon an gone7/5/08
6/14/08 02:00Southampton (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle2 mintriangle shap in night sky7/5/08
6/14/08 01:00pjsNYUSALight5 secsLight does a J-turn.7/5/08
6/14/08 01:00EdisonNJUSADisk5 minsUFO seen in Edison NJ USA up close7/5/08
6/14/08 00:36BellevueWAUSALight10minWhite and very bright red lights seen in Bellevue WA.7/5/08
6/14/08 00:24WacoTXUSAOthersecondsThree different single-color lights, red, green, and blue, each flashed once in the pattern of an opening Japanese-style fan.7/5/08
6/14/08 00:00CypressCAUSAFireball2 secondsBright white fireball with a blue tail over Orange County.7/5/08
6/14/08Van NuysCAUSAFormation2-3 secondsTheir were 4 straight lines of lights with a trail of yellow tail traveling across the sky at a very fast speed and disappeared. 507/5/08
6/13/08 23:10HarringtonWAUSAOval45 seconds or soObject seen over Harrington, WA on June 13, 20087/5/08
6/13/08 22:30AtticaMIUSAOval10 minutesBright craft viewed in northern sky, craft hovered for 10 minutes while being watched with binoculars. Craft backed away slowly.7/5/08
6/13/08 22:20TulsaOKUSALight10 minutesA white light circling in and out of the side of a thunderstom and planes moving to intercept it.7/5/08
6/13/08 21:30HonoluluHIUSALight3 secondsA florescent green light moving very rapidly from North to South. Moving at approximately the speed of a meterite but much larger.7/5/08
6/13/08 17:00StatesvilleNCUSATriangle((HOAX??)) My friend and I saw a Triangular craft fly above her house.8/12/08
6/13/08 13:00Playa de las Americas (Spain)SpainCigar1 second maxIncredibly fast object moving across the horizon in a fraction of a second.7/5/08
6/13/08 13:00PhoenixAZUSASphere15 minutesBright sphere in clear, blue sky7/5/08
6/13/08 09:30RachelNVUSAUnknown30 minutesUFO spotted over Area 51, apparent communication with base.7/5/08
6/13/08 09:00Blue HillsMAUSADisk30 secondsDisc that flashed 3x then slowly disappeared as if by active metamaterial cloaking8/12/08
6/13/08 07:30Las VegasNVUSAChanging10 Minutesstar light object in vegas that stayed stationary then it into a cigar shaped object with both ends lit. after 10 minutes disappeared4/14/09
6/13/08 02:00PeshastinWAUSALight10 minutesErratic White Light7/5/08
6/13/08 01:30NacogdochesTXUSACircle5 minutesLarge red circle flies West Direction to Home10/31/08
6/13/08 00:00Tromsoe (Norway)NorwayTriangleMe and my friend abducted by three aircrafts at night7/5/08
6/13/08 00:00KennewickWAUSAFlash2 minutesBright flashing lights moving through night sky7/5/08
6/12/08 22:40FlintTXUSAChangingaround 2 hoursVery bright and then colored lights would ripple through middle and around quickly. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))7/5/08
6/12/08 21:30ClaytonGAUSALight10-15 secondsObject traveling at a very high rate of speed, stopped, made right angle turn and continued on in night sky for a duration of 10-15 sec5/12/09
6/12/08 19:00El PasoTXUSACigar4 minutes6 flying cigar shape ufo's out side of El Paso,TX7/5/08
6/12/08 18:00GlosterMSUSACircleAbout 2 minutes2 nearly vertical contrails seen.7/5/08
6/12/08 12:40LewisvilleTXUSAOval1.5 secorange glow seen in NE sky7/5/08
6/12/08 12:00Campos (Brazil)BrazilDisk1 minutecampos,jardon, brazil,2 object in photo,2 different times10/31/08
6/12/08 11:50KenoshaWIUSALight2 minAn eerie glowing aircraft with no sound over Kenosha Wisconsin7/5/08
6/12/08 04:30TuckertonNJUSALighthalf hourencounter with beings, sightings, and physical encounters ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report??? PD))10/31/08
6/12/08 03:18AlpineUTUSAFormation2 minuteswe were laying on a trampoline gazing at the stars when we saw six bright lights moving in a cluster. They were moving at a moderate sp7/5/08
6/12/08 01:53OlyphantPAUSATriangle3-4 minutesI saw the object at about 1:53 am EST hovering for about 3 minutes. The aircraft then took off at a moderate speed to the northeast. It6/12/08
6/12/08 01:30RichmondKYUSALightAbout 2 hoursFlashing lights seen moving in the sky.8/12/08
6/12/08 01:00Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown4 secondslarge figure stoof in my doorway and flashes of light. ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report?? PD))4/14/09
6/12/08 00:45Bay CityMIUSATriangle6:00Large triangular craft sighted during thunderstorm.8/12/08
6/12/08 00:30FlintTXUSAChangingover a few hoursBright star moving around all over the place. Changed from bright to dim over and over (pulsating or light revolving).7/5/08
6/11/08 23:30EdwardsburgMIUSACigar5 minutesBright orange object reported in the Edwardsburg sky.6/12/08
6/11/08 23:00BarbertonOHUSACross10 to 15 secondscross shaped object with blue and white lights hovering at very low altitude vanishes quickly6/12/08
6/11/08 22:40HoustonTXUSALight25 minutesLight in the sky changing colors, moving very fast, dancing in one spot6/12/08
6/11/08 22:00Grayton BeachFLUSAUnknown10 minsBright Light on Freeport Side of Choctawhatchee Bay8/12/08
6/11/08 21:43West ChesterPAUSALight1 minLight fading and dimming very slowly from behind moon to horizon moving very very fast6/12/08
6/11/08 17:45PhoenixAZUSAOther1-2 SecondsWITNESSED AN AIRCRAFT CLOAKING ITSELF6/12/08
6/11/08 16:45Washington, D.C.DCUSADisk1.5 -3 minDaytime sighting of bright light changing to stationary white/blue gray annulus and then moved very fast.7/5/08
6/11/08 13:00CincinnatiOHUSACigar2 minscigar shaped UFO6/12/08
6/11/08 07:35NewburghNYUSAFlash5 secMyself and a co-worker witnessed a bright metallic saucer shaped object in the morning while driving on the NYS thruway.7/5/08
6/11/08 03:00PortageMIUSALight1 hourStar sized lights6/12/08
6/10/08 23:00EdwardsburgMIUSAChanging2hrsLights over Eagle Lake6/12/08
6/10/08 22:30AustinTXUSALightLess than 1 minutePulsating star looking light moving fast and steady.6/12/08
6/10/08 21:50Daytona BeachFLUSATriangle5-6 minutesTriangle of nine lights over Daytona Beach.6/12/08
6/10/08 21:05VisaliaCAUSAOval1 minuteGreen circular of lights spinning and zipped across the sky in Visalia California within seconds. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/12/08
6/10/08 21:00CottonwoodAZUSAOther20minutes((HOAX??)) We saw the object on the horizon of Mingus Mountain. The light was very bright and then pulsated.6/12/08
6/10/08 21:00HarrisonburgVAUSAUnknown15 secondsJune 10-12 saw bright light stopping and going;dissapearing while watching; assumed satellites changing direction7/5/08
6/10/08 20:55San Luis Obispo/Morro Bay (between)CAUSACylinderless than 5 secondsBright white cyl. Obj. near Hollister Peak in San Luis Obispo Co., CA, on June 10, 2008. ((NUFORC Note: Several other reports. PD))6/12/08
6/10/08 20:50Morgan HillCAUSAFireball2 secI saw an enormous fireball streak from north to south in the western sky very low on the horizon.6/12/08
6/10/08 20:30HoustonTXUSALightone minuteBright White light seen moving across Houston nighttime skies.6/12/08
6/10/08 20:14Cucuta (Colombia)ColombiaCircleweird objects that cant be explained are in my picture1/10/09
6/10/08 16:05North WindhamCTUSACigar3 min.Cigar shaped ufo , anyone in Windham area seen ufos??6/12/08
6/10/08 11:00Carson CityNVUSADisk30 secondsTwo football shaped objects, defying gravity, in broad daylight1/7/15
6/10/08 09:57TaylorsvilleUTUSACircle3 min.Two multiple UFO sighting in SLC, UT. Two objects in first sighting, three in the second.6/12/08
6/10/08 09:15Honey GroveTXUSASphereabout 4minutesI was out in my field again by our redneck clubhouse, and I looked up to see a bright, bright spherical object. It was clear sky's and7/5/08
6/10/08 07:37RhinebeckNYUSACigar5 or 6 secondsThin black cigar descending below treeline1/10/09
6/10/08 02:30LansingMIUSAUnknown10 seconds4 bright lights and 2 blinking red, dead silent and flying west VERY low very close to Lake Lansing from Wood St.8/5/09
6/10/08 00:00Caracas (Venezuela)VenezuelaCylinder2 minAfter i had seen the 2 objetcs for some reason i was thinking someone was on top of my house, then i heard some noise and i was on bed.6/12/08
6/10/08St. LouisMOUSATriangle8-10 minutesTwo bright triangle lights outside my window6/25/20
6/10/08RhinebeckNYUSACigar10 secondsA dark cigar or disc descending, stopping and then going straight down6/12/08
6/9/08 23:36ParkerCOUSAFireball1 minA fireball swooped down over my friends and mines heads (50ft up) and ascended into the horizon opposite the one it came from.6/12/08
6/9/08 23:30ParkerCOUSASphere10 minutesFlying Ball of Fire in Parker Colorado6/12/08
6/9/08 23:00LowellMAUSAEgg10 minBlimp-like Craft crossing Lowell, MA super slowly... proceeded by Tactical Craft6/12/08
6/9/08 21:00Sherston, Malmesbury (UK/England)United Kingdom2-3 minsTorpedo shaped object crosses sky noiselessly6/12/08
6/9/08 20:36AdamsvilleALUSASphere2 minutesEvening sighting, one spherical object, two witnesses.6/12/08
6/9/08 20:00TucsonAZUSAFireball>10 minBurning Embers Sighted in Sky Near Tucson7/5/08
6/9/08 15:15Santa ClaraCAUSAOval5minutesWhite oval object hovered high in the sky for about three minutes7/5/08
6/9/08 14:00BaltimoreMDUSAUfo in baltimore.6/20/12
6/9/08 11:00NorfolkMAUSACigar1:00No lights, no trail, no haze around the object, no beams , no change in color, no landing , no sound,6/12/08
6/9/08 09:10Honey GroveTXUSALight8secondsWell to begin with, my two brothers and I were out in our field by our redneck clubhouse just talking about different stuff, and all of7/5/08
6/9/08 01:30GenevaNYUSALight2 hoursLight / Star - faint at first. Increasing in brightness, with red / purple strobe light, appearing and disappearing6/12/08
6/9/08 00:00MiamiFLUSARectangle2 secondsRounded rectangular object spoted above Downtown Miami.6/12/08
6/8/08 23:00Big LakeAKUSAOtherChilling childhood.9/19/19
6/8/08 23:00Lido di Pomposa (Italy)ItalyOther5 secondsOval with 3 lights from west to east in Italy.1/29/16
6/8/08 22:40PurvisMSUSAOther15-20 minutesStars in Baton shape floated from Southwest to the North6/12/08
6/8/08 22:32VoorheesNJUSALight10 secondsStar looking object Splits Into Two6/12/08
6/8/08 22:30Gloucester (UK/EnglandUnited KingdomCircle1 minon object of multi rings of white balls of light moving across the sky and flashing7/5/08
6/8/08 22:26MinneapolisMNUSALight1 minutelighted object circling over Minneapolis, then makes a few dramatic directional changes and zooms away.6/12/08
6/8/08 22:10AustinTXUSALight1 minuteSteady, silent moving light moving over Northeast Austin, and vanishing. ((NUFORC Note: Probably ISS. Please see table below. PD))6/12/08
6/8/08 22:00OxnardCAUSALight10 min.Bright as a star it silently flew overhead turned red then disappeared into the night sky.6/12/08
6/8/08 21:40Havant (UK/England)United KingdomCircleaprox 4minsUK UFO OVER HAVANT, HAMPSHIRE JUNE 8th 2008 REORTED BY G. ARMSTRONG7/5/08
6/8/08 21:36McKinleyvilleCAUSAOther3 minutesBright light making quick, fast turns across the sky6/12/08
6/8/08 21:30Sioux FallsSDUSAOther3-5 secs.Glowing Orangish/Yellowish aircraft witnessed South from Sioux Falls S.D.6/12/08
6/8/08 21:10MonumentCOUSAOval3 minutesBrilliant shiny object passed over the house. ((NUFORC Note: Probably ISS. Please see table below. PD))6/12/08
6/8/08 20:20RuidosoNMUSASphere10 minutesRuidoso, Mexico observed a light object followed by an aircraft traveling west to east it was a sphere bright in color6/12/08
6/8/08 20:15PrescottAZUSATriangle3 secondsOn 6/8/08 a large dark triangular UFO spotted over Watson Lake, Prescott, AZ:.7/5/08
6/8/08 19:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAOtherapprox 10 minBright stationary circular object in high atmosphere in broad daylight gives way to five smaller moving crescents6/12/08
6/8/08 19:00BushkillPAUSALight20 secondsThe light speed up fast and then followed behind us and then ziped away and was gone.but yet there was no sound.8/12/08
6/8/08 19:00GaryINUSAOther5-7 mindiamondlike shaped object7/5/08
6/8/08 18:15Oregon (inflight; 15 min. SE of Mt. Hood)ORUSACircle15 seconds3 white circular objects flying closely together6/12/08
6/8/08 16:30San FranciscoCAUSACircleapprox. 25 minutessolid, white object seen over S. F. Bay in high atmosphere, momentarily stationary6/12/08
6/8/08 15:30PortageMIUSASphere30 secondsround yellow metallic object flew near my house just before thunder storm.6/12/08
6/8/08 15:30PortageMIUSASphere40 secondsRound yellow object escaping from storm6/12/08
6/8/08 15:00DowagiacMIUSALight2 minutes3 lights at the leading edge of an approaching storm6/12/08
6/8/08 00:30PlymouthNHUSALight10 secondsRed blinking light, then a dash across the sky.6/12/08
6/8/08 00:15Falmouth (UK/England)United KingdomFlash3 secondsBright flash in eastern sky6/12/08
6/8/08 00:00Yazoo CityMSUSA2-3 minAt 12:05 AM on June 8 My wife and were Northbound on MS Hwy 3 approximately 10 miles South of Yazoo City when we observed a Bright Stro6/12/08
6/8/08Cardiff (UK/Wales)United Kingdom
6/7/08 23:30AtlantaGAUSACigar<1mAround midnight, two witnesses observed a bright light in the sky that, upon observation, appeared to be a large and wingless aircraft.6/12/08
6/7/08 23:30GlendaleCAUSALight5 minstrange light above Glendale, CA6/12/08
6/7/08 23:00Erfurt (Thuringia, Germany)GermanyFormationabout 10-20 minutesWe saw a cluster of ca 15 slightly orangish lights moving silently & independently SE just above the horizon6/12/08
6/7/08 23:00PoolesvilleMDUSADisk15 secondsMilitary and police were out looking for ufo ufo dissapered into thin air in no time then f-16 flew right by where it just was.11/24/18
6/7/08 23:00Hereford (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minslights,no sound overhead,hereford u.k.7/5/08
6/7/08 23:00PattonvilleTXUSALightsecondsBright then dull light supersonic speed7/5/08
6/7/08 23:00Antioch CommunitySCUSATrianglenot certain06/07/08- Triangle- a couple of hours- at night- lost time- were positioned wrong in car when we woke up7/5/08
6/7/08 23:00Mount IdaARUSALight1hourMultiple UFO's seen on Lake Quachita near Hot Springs Arkansas.7/5/08
6/7/08 22:55Wolfe CityTXUSASphere3 minutesWhite sphere moves from horizon to horizon and back again in a matter of seconds. ((NUFORC Note: Could not have been ISS. PD))6/12/08
6/7/08 22:50Joplin (south of)MOUSAUnknown10 minutesTwo bright lights flying high overhead in SW Missouri7/5/08
6/7/08 22:50DawsonvilleGAUSADisk10 secSee description4/14/09
6/7/08 22:45DawsonvilleGAUSADisk10 swcsee above6/12/08
6/7/08 22:00Hot SpringsARUSAChanging2 hoursLights and light came down upon us. very weird triangular formation after seeing 15 or so solid white lights move across the night sky.7/5/08
6/7/08 22:00San Luis ObispoCAUSAOtherthirty minutes (approx)Bishop's peak visitor?7/5/08
6/7/08 22:00BrooklynMIUSATriangle5 MinutesOrange & Red triangular lighted with no sounds.7/5/08
6/7/08 21:50MemphisTNUSALight60 sec.this object became visible as i was standing in front of my house facing it to the north and the object was moving in the north-west to6/12/08
6/7/08 21:45St. JosephMOUSALight2-3 minutes6/7/2008 mysterious light sighting in St. Joseph, MO. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Internation Space Station confirmed. PD))7/5/08
6/7/08 21:43DorseyILUSALight60-75 secondsBright light crosses sky, hovers, then shoots off into the sky, disappearing in 2-3 seconds.6/12/08
6/7/08 21:10TulareCAUSASphere3 minutesIt was a round object of amber color was seen hovering over homes, it shot straight up and out of sight.6/12/08
6/7/08 21:07HancockMDUSALight1.5 minutesCircular light flying low, not blinking and no sound.6/12/08
6/7/08 21:00Mountain ViewCAUSATriangle6 minutesMysterious triangular objects over Mountain View7/5/08
6/7/08 20:55SomersetNJUSARectangle5 minutesDark, vaguely rectangular object hovering in Central New Jersey.6/12/08
6/7/08 20:30BrightonMAUSAOval8:30-8:36I have been researching UFOs for about 6 months now. As I researched the subject I was believed more and more, but there was always apa6/12/08
6/7/08 20:00ButlerMOUSAFireball2-3 minutesMe and others witnessed an extrodinary bright light, ball looking in the sky moving somewhat slowly.6/12/08
6/7/08 03:30AnnapolisMDUSAChanging1 hourHover/Vibrating white lights; emitting beams and dots of light, from 03:30-04:30 6/7/2008 over Annapolis, MD6/12/08
6/7/08 01:00TucsonAZUSAChanging5 minsChanging shape low in Davis-Mothan AFB landing pattern.6/12/08
6/7/08Grand Forks (Canada)BCCanadaDisk((HOAX)) 8 people saw the ufo hovering and a f-14 went to observe.6/12/08
6/6/08 23:00HendersonNVUSADiamond3 hoursIt looked like there were two suns, I saw this for a couple nights while the sun was going down.3/21/14
6/6/08 23:00WinchesterKYUSALight2 HoursObjects in the sky and planes flying around them.6/12/08
6/6/08 23:00MebaneNCUSAUnknownapprox 2 minutesstrange moving light in the night sky above Mebane, North Carolina6/12/08
6/6/08 22:30DuncansvillePAUSAUnknown20 minsTonight is very dark I seen a bright light raying upwards. It disappeared like a tv screen turning off.6/12/08
6/6/08 22:27GayWVUSALight2 MinWhite light going accross the sky horizontally at a rapid speed, then turned red and disapeared6/12/08
6/6/08 22:25ColumbusOHUSACircle90 secondsObject of solid blue light moves quietly over our house and travelled away from us, then quickly fading into nothing.6/12/08
6/6/08 22:20CarrollOHUSALight20 to 30 sec.Very bright light over the Ohio Valley6/12/08
6/6/08 22:00RipleyOHUSALight30 secondsLarge bright light, no sound in the shape of a circle, with bright white halo,moving west to east6/12/08
6/6/08 21:55ArlingtonVAUSATriangleSeconds"Bat-wing" aircraft swiftly crosses night sky on south-to-north trajectory6/12/08
6/6/08 21:28MundeleinILUSALight1 - 2 minbright light, over the North suburbs of Chicago6/12/08
6/6/08 21:22Park RidgeILUSACircle2 minutes((HOAX??)) It was a very large and extremely bright white orb moving slowly in a SW direction slightly southeast of O'Hare Airport.6/12/08
6/6/08 21:00Mont ClarePAUSALight5 secondsgoldish orange bright light that was sparkling or flickering that disappeared completely in an instant.6/12/08
6/6/08 20:20SuwanneeGAUSACigar10 minutes06.06.08, 8:20PM, Suwannee, Ga. Cigar shaped flying object with no wings or contail going from west to east. Speed remained the same6/12/08
6/6/08 19:43PittsburghPAUSASphere15 mins3 UFOs sighted over a nighborhood, moving in strange, irregular patterns.6/12/08
6/6/08 17:25MukwonagoWIUSACircletwo or three secondsI saw a helicopter watching a flying marshmallow.6/12/08
6/6/08 16:00Sacramento (approx. 45 mi. from; heading to San Francisco)CAUSADiskOne MinuteAlien probe/craft sighted above rolling hills in California6/12/08
6/6/08 15:00Berlin (Germany)GermanyFormation3minThree distinct glowing orbs over the sony centre Berlin. Brilliant white in colour daylight other events night time. three people saw t1/10/09
6/6/08 03:30SmithvilleMOUSAOval1 minuteOne golden light (which took off quickly), and 3 bright star colored objects making rapid movements in a w or vv formation.8/12/08
6/6/08 00:00Port ClintonOHUSALight0:01 thought it was a star but then it moved became enlarged and bright ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of an Iridium satellite. PD))6/12/08
6/6/08BufordGAUSATriangle15 minsWhat is a red triangle under the left arm mean?10/31/08
6/5/08 23:30Machedney ParkILUSATriangle10 minutesBright light on ground level doing impossible manuevers-then triangular low flying aircraft -3 white lights flys over house-NO NOISE7/5/08
6/5/08 23:00WatertownTNUSALight3:00Strange blinking lights that hover appearing in the sky several nights in a row, all at the same time each night. ((Star??))6/12/08
6/5/08 22:32BellevilleILUSALight30 secondsBrite White Light in Southwest Sky Near STL.6/12/08
6/5/08 22:15KeysvilleGAUSAChanging15 minsShape changing light formations, and two hovering vessels, eye level, at very close range6/12/08
6/5/08 22:10ParkersburgWVUSACircle1 minuteBright white light flying in the sky, hovering and diapeared before our eyes. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite?? PD))6/12/08
6/5/08 22:05FresnoCAUSALight1 minuteBright light southbound over Fresno, Ca.6/12/08
6/5/08 22:00JacksonvilleFLUSA30 secondsSILENT LARGE HOOVERING PLANE6/12/08
6/5/08 21:54AtascaderoCAUSALight2 minutesSaw an Object moving to the South South East and changed course and gained altitude and disappeared into the night sky.6/12/08
6/5/08 21:45ColumbiaMOUSATriangle2 minutesTwo bright white headlights, triangle shape on bottom with lights and row of red and green lights on back6/12/08
6/5/08 21:30OrangevaleCAUSASphere12 secLarge white glowing like object taveling verticall.disapears under airplain.7/5/08
6/5/08 18:50Victoria (Australia)AustraliaUnknown5 secondsI saw a bright light that didn't look like anything I have seen ever before.6/12/08
6/5/08 18:00NorthlakeILUSACigarA Few SecondsPossible UFO, around commercial Jet plane6/12/08
6/5/08 02:08CharlotteNCUSACircle3 hoursMoving Craft Overlooking Charlotte, NC6/12/08
6/5/08 01:00MargateFLUSAFireball10 secondsBright light moving quickly towards the ground vanishing behind some trees. NOT a shooting star.6/12/08
6/5/08 00:30Olive BranchMSUSAFlash45 minutesStrange sightings over north Mississippi6/12/08
6/4/08 23:00LewistonIDUSAUnknown30 secondshovering object shot off at incredible speed7/8/16
6/4/08 23:00MuskogeeOKUSAOval5min.I was out side doing my yard work, and I happen to look up and I saw this object just sitting there about 75 to 100 feet up, and the cl6/12/08
6/4/08 20:25Long BeachCAUSAFireball30 secondsFireball. With flames.7/5/18
6/4/08 20:00BakersfieldCAUSAOther6-8 MinLarge object -- appeared top be burning. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail?? PD))6/12/08
6/4/08 18:59ChicagoILUSA1 secFighter Jet over Chicago6/12/08
6/4/08 01:11Fort WhiteFLUSAFireball1-2 secondslarge bright (fluorescent) green ball falling at an angle, no tail, sky brightened as it exploded or crashed behind the tree line3/19/09
6/4/08 00:00ChicagoILUSATriangleit was right over my house and i was haveing a sleep over i dont know how many people there were out side thogh i saw it from outside m6/12/08
6/4/08 00:00BirminghamALUSAUnknown4 minutesI was camping with my friends in a restricted area. I went off 20 yards by my self to use the restroom and smoke a cigarette since my10/31/08
6/3/08 19:00BrookfieldCTUSALight5 seconds3 large bright lights quickly appearring and disappearing6/12/08
6/3/08 13:55MooreOKUSACigar3 minutesWife and I saw cigar shaped object, silver, shiny for about 1 minute not moving anywhere and then vanish.6/12/08
6/3/08 03:30WilliamsburgVAUSASphere1 hourMultiple light phenomena witnessed in the sky above the Jamestown area of Williamsburg6/12/08
6/2/08 22:30MinneapolisMNUSALight15 - 20 minA three-light object was observed hovering and moving above the Wells-Fargo Bldg. in downtown Minneapolis, MN6/12/08
6/2/08 21:00BoomerNCUSATrianglefive minutesTriangular undentified flying object/aircraft traveled in a south western direction over boomer nc june 08.2/14/10
6/2/08 18:00Lower Hutt (New Zealand)New ZealandChevron60 secCorrected date of Hutt ufo..8/12/08
6/2/08 17:15St. PetersburgFLUSALight3MINOrange glowing object6/12/08
6/2/08 12:00Port Charlotte HarborFLUSACylinder3 MinutesAn object flying by one minute then kust disapeared in a clear sky.6/12/08
6/2/08 12:00RodantheNCUSATriangleunknownBlack unexplained trangle rodanth NC7/5/08
6/2/08 10:45ModestoCAUSASphere5 minball of flame6/12/08
6/2/08 10:31MillvilleNJUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular,3 red lights on each point.Flew straight across sky very fast than it was gone.Made a loud sound .6/12/08
6/2/08 10:30Cold SpringNYUSALight1 minBright silent light moving slowly in a curve that disappeared.6/12/08
6/2/08 01:30LodiCAUSALight20 secondsSmall shiney glare in sky, like a plane, and disappeared rather than flew away.6/12/08
6/2/08OrangevaleCAUSAUnknown40 secThe obj. looked just like a star color and size from my angle; took a arc type path/ just dissapperd. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite? PD))6/12/08
6/1/08 23:15Thunder Bay (Canada)ONCanadaTeardrop2 minutes2 white glowing metallic tear drop shaped objects over Thunder Bay6/12/08
6/1/08 23:00LemontPAUSAFlashabout 1 minuteFlashing light over lime quary6/12/08
6/1/08 22:00DoylestownPAUSALight10 secondsGiant blue glowing light, makes a few movements, shoots off into sky.6/8/12
6/1/08 22:00PaysoneAZUSALight3 secondsPossible Wormhole opens up in the night sky east of Payson Arizona7/4/12
6/1/08 21:00DoraMOUSALight3 SecondsString of lights in the sky stationary for 3 seconds, then vanished!2/14/10
6/1/08 17:00DothanALUSAOther10 min.Multiple white horizontal UFOs stationary NE of Dothan, AL10/31/08
6/1/08 14:00MiddletownNJUSASphere2 MinutesSphere, black in color, silent,no lights headed north6/12/08
6/1/08 14:00Bee CaveTXUSADisk10 minutes or lessJune of 2008, silver craft traveling over Bee Cave, TX.1/10/09
6/1/08 13:00ColdwaterMIUSACigarone minutewhat looked like two planes coming head on into eachother3/19/09
6/1/08 12:00FlagstaffAZUSASpheremore than an hourfirst things first i am not a english major... that said i was driving south towards flagstaff arizona on hwy 89 just past chandler whe7/5/08
6/1/08 04:00Canoga ParkCAUSADisk15 secondsGolden Bright Saucer.7/3/13
6/1/08 03:00Mexican WaterAZUSATriangle7 secondsFour corners area2/4/13
6/1/08 02:30ArlingtonMOUSAOval2-3 minutesSchool bus size UFO hovering over river.8/12/08
6/1/08 00:30WakemanUSALight1 hourlight that sits stationary and moves erraticlly. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a star or planet, we suspect. PD))6/12/08
6/1/08 00:00GlenwoodMNUSAFormation60 secondsThree seperate, individual brite lights move in VERY fast, stop instantly, hover and then individually speed off at increadible speeds1/5/11