National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/2008


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/30/08 23:45El PasoTXUSALight30 secondsEl Paso bright orange light6/12/08
4/30/08 23:08New BernNCUSAFlash?Flashing, stationary type light6/12/08
4/30/08 23:00TallahasseeFLUSASphere1 minuteLow flying orb-like lights (approximately 7 ) move slowly and silently across sky from east to west.6/12/08
4/30/08 22:30TucsonAZUSALight3 secondsPale orange lights6/12/08
4/30/08 22:15RayneLAUSALight15 sec.BRIGHT OVAL LIGHT MOVING NORTH6/12/08
4/30/08 21:00TrumbullCTUSADisk20 minuteshuge elongated dic with red/green flashing lights hovered over school field for over 20 minutes, appeared as though it might land.6/12/08
4/30/08 21:00TrumbullCTUSADisk20 minutesvery large elongated disc-shape with flashing red/green lights. hovering, made no sound, saw for 20 minutes.6/12/08
4/30/08 15:30South Lake TahoeCAUSASphere1 minuteSpherical metallic UFO spotted in Lake Tahoe Ca6/12/08
4/30/08 08:18Las VegasNVUSAChanging10 minI was driving west on flamingo i saw these object fly behind the New york New York and I raced to my hotel to get my camera all the whi1/10/09
4/30/08 07:45PowellOHUSAUnknown3minutesSmall Cigar shape object seen traveling a fast rate of speed.6/12/08
4/30/08 03:17EverettWAUSACone12 secondsVery bright cone-shaped luminous object6/12/08
4/29/08 23:55ScottsdaleAZUSAFormation1 hour3 Blinking Lights in Loose Formation over Camelback Mountain, Phoenix6/12/08
4/29/08 23:10LakewoodCOUSAFireball1 minThe UFO was a glowing green orb. with jet or helicopter flying behind6/12/08
4/29/08 23:00Sterling HeightsMIUSALight30 secondsBright light to tiny red light to nothing.6/12/08
4/29/08 23:00BudaTXUSATriangle6 secondsA triangle shaped craft with brilliant lights flew over my house.6/12/08
4/29/08 23:00Coconut CreekFLUSATeardropthirteen daysi felt empty and alone inside..i was so scared!! when walking on the street i was frighten to walk around a corner of my own cube!! 56/12/08
4/29/08 23:00MemphisTNUSAOtherThis was observed happening in our friendly skies (lighted objects hovering in the sky with helicopters flying that way @ ~2300 hrs).5/12/09
4/29/08 22:15Des PlainesILUSAUnknown2 minutesbright orange light in sky hovers and disappears6/12/08
4/29/08 21:15TopangaCAUSACirclehalf hourObserved a donut shaped object with multiple lights moving in a circular motion for 20 to 30 minutes.6/12/08
4/29/08 20:15Hampton BeachNHUSAFormation30-45 minutesThree lights hovering in trangle formation, brightened in unison.6/12/08
4/29/08 20:00GainesvilleFLUSACircle4 hrs.Numerous lighted objects , identical to each other.maintaining distance and position , whose light patterns changed simultaneously.6/12/08
4/29/08 20:00RenoNVUSAFireball6 secondsLarge round glowing yellow fireball traveling at a high rate of speed, then suddenly stopping and disappearing6/12/08
4/29/08 14:30PhelpsNYUSACigar20-30 sectwo large cigar shapped odjects chased off by police helicopter6/12/08
4/29/08 03:30MetairieLAUSALight5-10 secondsBright Orange light flys incredibly quickly across New Orleans sky.6/12/08
4/29/08AlaskaAKUSACigaron tvufo seen in the show deadliest catch6/10/10
4/28/08 22:00Hot SpringsARUSATriangle45 minutesI was sitting on the deck from my friend's condo on the lake and looked across the water and saw in the distance a triangle shape with6/12/08
4/28/08 20:45BrownsvilleTXUSALight30 minutesObject & airplane almost collide6/12/08
4/28/08 20:00StamfordCTUSARectangle3 hoursTwo craft over pond with pilot and electronic equipment to make contact with lighted hollograms observed through digital camera.6/12/08
4/28/08 15:00Kandahar (Afghanistan)AfghanistanDiskunkDisk shape captured in photo of project site in Kandahar Afghanistan.8/12/08
4/28/08 05:48Mashhad (Iran)IranLight5MINA lighting object in the sky at the morning before sunrise6/12/08
4/27/08 22:11HarringtonWAUSALight3-5 secondsTwo adult males witness a peculiar flare of light in the nighttime sky; not a flare from an Iridium satellite.6/12/08
4/27/08 21:00HonaunauHIUSAFireball10 minutes10 to 20 lights in the sky above Honaunau, Hi 4/27/086/12/08
4/27/08 20:45LovelandCOUSALight13 minuteseight bright red-orange lights in formation at night traveled from northwest to southeast over my house and disappeared instantly6/12/08
4/27/08 20:45MemphisTNUSAFireball15 secLarge green fireball with sparks trailing behind6/12/08
4/27/08 20:40LovelandCOUSAFireball10 - 15 min.we saw 7 fireball type objects in formation, moving from the northwest to the southeast.6/12/08
4/27/08 20:30LovelandCOUSACircle5minSeven round,bright orange lights seen, spaced evenly apart, moving in perfect unison without any sound.6/12/08
4/27/08 19:00Captain CookHIUSALight5 minutelights in sky identified6/12/08
4/27/08 19:00HonaunauHIUSAFormation15 minutesUnidentified orange lights maintaining t he shape of a backwards question mark over the coast of the Kona coast of The Big Island ,6/12/08
4/27/08 19:00Captain CookHIUSALight5 minuteLights seen by many, including DJ who announces location in sky.6/12/08
4/27/08 14:00HamtramckMIUSADisk20 MinutesMetallic disc observed from Hamtramck, MI between contrails.6/12/08
4/27/08 11:15San AntonioTXUSAChanging5 minutesUFO sighting in San Antonio, Texas6/12/08
4/27/08 04:30Queensland (Australia)AustraliaDisk10 min4 witnessed light in the sky come down to us and disappear on island in Great Barrier Reef3/19/09
4/27/08 02:30WoodlandCAUSAFormation20 secondsFlying V formation of lights, jittering at impossibly fast speeds, flies slowly across the night sky.6/12/08
4/27/08 02:00LondonOHUSARectangleApprox. 90 secsQuite large red rectangular object in the northeastern sky that moved at a VERY rapid speed away from.6/12/08
4/27/08 01:20Creve CoeurILUSALight5-10 secondsRed-green light viewed over central Illinois.6/12/08
4/27/08 00:15TumwaterWAUSATriangle6 secondsthree green lights (triangle formation) over Tumwater Hill WA6/12/08
4/27/08 00:02PalmerILUSATriangle30 SecondsThree faintly illuminated lines slowly fly formed in a triangle over Illinois.6/12/08
4/26/08 22:30Bartlett/MemphisTNUSACircle5 secondsThree bright green fluorescent orbs streak parallel across tree line...6/12/08
4/26/08 21:49HenningTNUSATriangle30 seconds2 triangler shaped objects with multiple color lights traveled across the sky side by side and then vanished6/12/08
4/26/08 21:20Torquay (UK/England)United KingdomOther40 minutesPhotographed object and soundless white/red lights over Torquay, red light shining spotlight and spiralling whte lighte at Preston6/12/08
4/26/08 21:00GrovetonTXUSAUnknown3 secondsFast moving object. Three white lights on side or bottom.6/12/08
4/26/08 21:00SulphurLAUSAUnknown4 secondsThere were two green lights on one object that moved across the sky, rotated, then disappeared.6/12/08
4/26/08 21:00HarrisonARUSACylinder1 minutemissle-shaped object with red and blue lights. greenish/blue, reddish/orange "fire" coming from tail. disappeared almost immediately.6/12/08
4/26/08 21:00San DiegoCAUSAUnknownSaw 5 orange flying objects with same discriptions.6/12/08
4/26/08 21:00HarrisonARUSACylinderless than 1 min.short sighting over harrison, ar.6/12/08
4/26/08 20:45Salt Lake CityUTUSAOval10 minutesOBJECT AT FL200 MASKING IN A CLOUD PACING AIRLINER6/12/08
4/26/08 20:45HallsvilleTXUSAChanging30 secGreen light moves across Texas sky and then disappears.6/12/08
4/26/08 20:35SonomaCAUSATriangle30 secondsV shaped sighting in Sonoma6/12/08
4/26/08 20:30WildwoodMOUSALight4-5 secondsLong blue/green flash of light with red core seen for brief moments in the western night sky.6/12/08
4/26/08 20:30VicksburgMSUSAFlash10seconds2 bright lights moving at a high rate of speed over Vicksburg,MS6/12/08
4/26/08 20:00Caddo MillsTXUSADisk5 secondsBright ball going east to west.1/10/09
4/26/08 19:18WindhamNHUSAOval30 secondsBlack oval aircraft with red lights around the edge, dark blue beam off light came from bottom of ship, flew very slowly. 500 Light6/12/08
4/26/08 11:55SeattleWAUSALight5+ minutesBright red orbish light hovering over Seattle bay area!6/12/08
4/26/08 00:23SeattleWVUSATriangle5 secondsTriangular craft speeds across the sky over Seattle!!6/12/08
4/26/08HoustonTXUSAOther15 minutsAdvanced flying machines in harris county.6/12/08
4/25/08 23:51Cedar RapidsIAUSALight8 minutesTwo bright lights with about four or five smaller lights scattered near it dissapeared after being seen for around 8 seconds6/12/08
4/25/08 22:00SeattleWAUSALight5 minutesBright, FAST moving lights above Seattle, visible only using 3rd Generation Night Vision.6/12/08
4/25/08 21:30SeattleWAUSASphere1-1.5 hrsFast moving lights over Seattle6/12/08
4/25/08 21:11Fort MyersFLUSACircle1 minuteDisappearing light over Fort Myers6/12/08
4/25/08 20:30DanvilleVAUSASphere4 minutesBright flickering sphere without sound stays in position for almost 5 minutes.6/12/08
4/25/08 20:30LouisvilleKYUSAChanging30- 45 secondsBlack silent, fairly slow moving craft slowly passed over downtown Louisville Ky.6/12/08
4/25/08 17:00HartfordCTUSAOther3 minutesa silver bright object!6/12/08
4/25/08 16:40MadisonALUSASphere1 PHOTOobject in back groung.7/5/08
4/25/08 13:00DurhamNCUSAOval2 minObject viewed over I-40 during daylight6/12/08
4/25/08 11:14AustinTXUSATeardrop33 minutesDurning a lightning storm a grey jellyfish looking craft that emitts no light changes in to a 3-D rectangle with lights.6/12/08
4/25/08 10:00TallahasseeFLUSALight2 minutes2 balls of light making unusual turns6/12/08
4/25/08 09:48LawrencevilleGAUSAOther3-4 minutesDaylight object at about 20 miles, traveling at 200+ mph, roughly ovoid in shape, metallic color.6/12/08
4/25/08 04:50Morgan CityLAUSAOther1Hr 10 minutesOrange pulsating streak high up in the North East early morning sky in the area of Morgan City Louisiana6/12/08
4/25/08 04:48San JoseCAUSATriangle35 secondsi was looking at the stars early this morning when all of the sudden one star starts moving from i would say mid west skies heading eas6/12/08
4/25/08 01:50WellingtonMOUSAEgg3 ufo was awesome....but it took my cow......i want my cow back.... 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/12/08
4/25/08 00:00TampaFLUSAChevron20 secondsCheveron craft over Tampa, FL6/12/08
4/25/08 00:00Milton (Canada)ONCanadaTriangleUnclearMind reading.6/6/14
4/25/08((HOAX))((HOAX)) well my son was controlled by these these things and has been writing weird letters and also been making funny noises!6/12/08
4/24/08 22:45Eldersburg/RandallstownMDUSAOther1 minuteTwo Star-Like Craft Hover Over Randallstown/ Eldersburg Area, Dim down simultaneously and leave.6/12/08
4/24/08 21:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSASphere1/2 hour or soOrange orbs over atlantic - North Myrtle Beach6/12/08
4/24/08 21:10Spring CreekNVUSARectangle3 secondsLarge lime-green luminescent rectangle, lights moving within it, in the southeastern sky at 9:10pm Pacific Time.6/12/08
4/24/08 20:15IrvineCAUSACircle5 MinDark circular object surrounded by white/bluish tinted lights.6/12/08
4/24/08 19:49ThornwoodNYUSALight10 secondsBright flickering light up in sky. Looked down, looked back, gone.6/12/08
4/24/08 17:05Lake CharlesLAUSAOther1-2 secondslong narrow silver rod seen6/12/08
4/24/08 16:45ActonCAUSAUnknown15 secBad weather and overcast skies make a great place to test they're new toys7/28/10
4/24/08 14:30TucsonAZUSALight1 HourStar in broad daylight6/12/08
4/24/08 14:15JacksonvilleFLUSAOval20 secondsMy friend and I looked at each other and said, “What just happened?”6/12/08
4/24/08 14:00StanwoodWAUSAOther5 min.Hexagon image with 4 protruding spikes6/12/08
4/24/08 06:05MelbourneFLUSALight2-3 minuetsPre dawn with clear moon lite sky, three bright lights appeared quickly and vanished just as quick, but all were of the same appearanc6/12/08
4/24/08 03:15Casa GrandeAZUSATriangle30 or so secondsTriangular distortion hovers and vanishes with pulse.6/12/08
4/24/08 03:15LakevilleMAUSALightapprox 3 seconds1 Unknown Light, High Speed, South to North, Green White morphing light.6/12/08
4/24/08 03:00CoalingaCAUSATriangle5 minutesLow flying unmarked craft flying crazy over freeway, just short of Harris Ranch Airfield and hwy 198, outside Coalinga6/12/08
4/24/08 00:00WaltonKYUSADiamond8minDiamond ship with intense lighting spotted by 6 people in a feild.6/12/08
4/24/08Interstate 40TXUSATruck driver witnesses peculiar object w/ yellow light fly above her truck in TX.6/12/08
4/23/08 21:00BasaltCOUSAUnknown> 30 minutesfast moving, zagging; bright lights and hovering at times.6/12/08
4/23/08 21:00BerlinCTUSASphere1 minuteRound orange hazy glow traveling from the south west going north east towards Hartford. about 2,000 ft. up with a speed of 200 miles pe6/12/08
4/23/08 20:30McHenryILUSAUnknown1 MinuteI saw some lights in the back yard and grabbed my camera to take pictures. The pictures just looked black after I took them so I never6/12/08
4/23/08 20:00NewtownPAUSAFireball3 minsOrange/White Object with Fire Trail seen crashing from the sky in Northeast Pa.6/12/08
4/23/08 19:00AugustaMEUSATeardrop12 minutesI saw a UFO6/12/08
4/23/08 18:00RiverheadNYUSACylinder10 minutesI noticed this craft was not an airplane but of unknown origin6/12/08
4/23/08 12:20New OrleansLAUSACigar2 hoursthing s were stolen by an unknown identity6/12/08
4/23/08 11:09JamestownKYUSATriangle8 minUfo over lake cumberland.6/12/08
4/23/08 11:00Marked TreeARUSADiskafter schoolSaucer shaped object spotted over rail-road tracks.6/12/08
4/23/08 10:03BellevueWAUSASphere2 minutedAs I was pulling into my driveway, I got out of my car and noticed a bright spherically shaped orb up in the sky, moving at a slow rate8/12/08
4/23/08 01:30AddisonALUSADiskLess than 5 min.Large, colorful disk shaped ufo over Addison.6/12/08
4/23/08 01:00Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaOther2 HOURS20-30 moving lights in Montreal Canada.6/12/08
4/23/08 00:30TowsonMDUSATriangle2 minTriangular object, no lights or engines, completely silent6/12/08
4/23/08 00:00MiamiFLUSATriangle15 secondstriangle shaped object with lights on each corner flying really low.6/12/08
4/23/08 00:00NewportORUSALight1 min0:00 04/23/08 Newport Oregon High Flying Objects with Red Halo/Haze @ High Speed, No Sound6/12/08
4/23/08 00:00Orchard ParkNYUSAChanging10 MinIt got me off. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/12/08
4/23/08GreenlandGreenlandSphere7 SECONDSClear photo of UFO over Greenland at 35,000 feet3/19/09
4/22/08 23:00FitzgeraldGAUSAFireball45 min - 1 hrWe both saw a very bright light that drew our attention from what we were doing. The light startled us both.6/12/08
4/22/08 22:30AlbanyTXUSAFireball20 secondsBig blue and red fireball.6/12/08
4/22/08 22:30SaralandALUSAEggabout 3min.We saw a bright egg shaped craft after work.6/12/08
4/22/08 22:00Santa MonicaCAUSATriangle1 minute7-9 lights take a V Shape Formation as they glide in Total Silence - in Santa Monica6/12/08
4/22/08 21:00StaffordVAUSASphere15 minsextremely large object hovering over the tree tops, then vanished w/o a trace6/12/08
4/22/08 15:26Plant CityFLUSAUnknownapprox. 2 minThe black object flew at a constant speed, high altitude, in an uncommon & constantly changing flight path then vanished instantly.6/12/08
4/22/08 12:00Joshua TreeCAUSACircle30 secondsIt is round and stays for about 30 seconds and then leaves, then itll come back a second time.6/12/08
4/22/08 11:15ForestVAUSACrossabout 1 minuteIt was swirling around in the sky, then changed from a blue color to a yellow and gained a great ammount of speed.6/12/08
4/22/08 02:00AndersonINUSAOther2 minutesmulty colored light over anderson,indiana6/12/08
4/22/08 01:25Los AngelesCAUSADisk30 min.close circle of bright lights that changed into one bright light as it turned and changed into a red light as it hovered (only one)6/12/08
4/22/08 00:30New Smyrna BeachFLUSASphere15 minutesSpherical object shot around the sky with agaility and ease over the New Smyrna Beach area.6/12/08
4/22/08 00:00RogersARUSACircle2:00the object had brown and yellow glowing lights6/12/08
4/22/08 00:00PalatineILUSAEgg15 minsI saw an egg shped flying saucer in the sky at midnight, it was glowing in a green color. It flew so close to my house, I could see ali6/12/08
4/21/08 23:30DurhamNCUSATriangle3 to 4 min.large triangular craft with 5 lights1 a red blinking light,hovering until i arrived right next to it and slowly dissappeared6/12/08
4/21/08 23:00LaurelMDUSACircleunknownThree circles like stars6/12/08
4/21/08 22:35MorrowOHUSALight1.00 minuteA very bright white light high in the sky flashing very slowly in 5 second intervals moving North then gone.6/12/08
4/21/08 22:00OaklandCAUSAOval2 minutesI saw a helicopter-size and silent object with a belt of lights rotating around it hovering over a park at night.6/12/08
4/21/08 21:45LorainOHUSAChanging20 MinI was behind my house, having a cigarette on the patio around our pool. I casually looked in the sky as I normally do, and noticed a ve6/12/08
4/21/08 21:45PalmettoFLUSAObject captured on camera Palmetoo Fl 4/21/20086/12/08
4/21/08 20:25PhoenixAZUSAFireball20 minutesThere were still, red, and positioned lights in the sky for at least twnety minutes without movement.6/12/08
4/21/08 20:15PhoenixAZUSATriangle18 MinutesRectangular Shaped 4 Red Lights Which All Blinked Out Within 18 Minutes6/12/08
4/21/08 20:15PhoenixAZUSATeardrop30minsfour UFOs red in color tear drop shape are seen and reported in the news in Phoenix Arizona6/12/08
4/21/08 20:00PhoenixAZUSAFormation30 minutesLights that did not match known aircraft6/12/08
4/21/08 20:00PhoenixAZUSAFormation30 minuteslooking NW saw 4 red lights slight, sutle movement in formation, one by one disappear=duration at least 30 minutes.6/12/08
4/21/08 20:00Phoenix (north of)AZUSAFormation15 min. or lessI am relaying, a Sightings Location and Proximity to possible Key Investigative Areas of Intrest..6/12/08
4/21/08 20:00PhoenixAZUSALight20 minutes4 red, unknown lights were seen over phoenix, az by thousands of people and the local Luke, AFB claims they have nothing to do with it.6/12/08
4/21/08 18:30PhoenixAZUSALight15 min4 red lights moving in sky6/12/08
4/21/08 16:30PhoenixAZUSADiamond15 minutesLarge diamond shaped craft with 4 red lights, one in each corner, hovered for approx 15 minutes then moved away and out of site.6/12/08
4/21/08 16:10Nunburnholme (UK/England)United KingdomOval30 SECONDSit was just after school when an extremely large UFO hovered above nunburnholme hill, it made no noise but made huge beames of light!6/12/08
4/21/08 15:00ReddingCAUSAEgg4 mins.3 egg like objects in the sky.6/12/08
4/21/08 03:30Palm CoastFLUSAUnknown20 MinutesUnusual droning sound and rapidly pulsating blue/white lights6/12/08
4/21/08 03:30Palm CoastFLUSAUnknown20 MinutesWhirring sound like a giant bumble bee6/12/08
4/21/08 03:25CantonMAUSAUnknown10 minOn the night in question this strange rhythmic humming sound was heard off in the distance to the south. At first I thought it was a m1/10/09
4/21/08 02:30Black Canyon CityAZUSAOther4 + hoursUnexplained red lights near dump at B;ack Canyon City.6/12/08
4/21/08 01:07ReddingCAUSAEggquick glimps3 egg like objects in the redding sky!!!6/12/08
4/21/08 00:00AmoryMSUSACircleit was a ufo5/12/09
4/21/08St. AugustineFLUSA4 lights flying in a T formation6/12/08
4/20/08 22:00Cape CoralFLUSADisk1 hourA small gray saucer on golf course, they where pulling at me they wanted me to go with them I got very sick from attack n10/30/12
4/20/08 21:30West BendWIUSACircle10 min.Four circular UFO's, one glowing orange, over West Bend, WI 4-20-20086/12/08
4/20/08 21:15TullahomaTNUSADiamond2 minutesUFO hovering over lake.6/12/08
4/20/08 21:00Port RicheyFLUSATriangle30 minutesTriangular shaped object with red & white lights at each corner and a hyper-blue light eminating from the underside6/12/08
4/20/08 20:30ChattanoogaTNUSADiamond12 secondsMy daughter was in the backseat of our vechicle recording on her cell phone, when her and my son said they saw a shooting star. When w6/12/08
4/20/08 19:36Pacific Ocean (in-flight; from Tokyo Airport to Honolulu)Tokyo to HonoluluLight2-3 secTwo glowing light balls moving opposite direction from plane.6/12/08
4/20/08 19:00ParisKYUSALightsecondsIntense silvery white light/orb appearing in front of a large cloud in Paris Ky.6/12/08
4/20/08 18:45DothanALUSADiamond5 minutesPossible UFO in the South6/12/08
4/20/08 15:00MoriartyNMUSALight3 minutesthe ufo was moving fast and erraticly it was moving in immposible ways7/5/08
4/20/08 14:00ChicagoILUSACigarSo it was after work around 1:45,i had gotten to the express way the 290 one,n the ramp to go towards indiana,for some reason i looked8/12/08
4/20/08 12:00DublinOHUSATriangle2 minutesTraveling to the 270n to 161e ramp a triangular shaped black aircraft flew down to about 150 feet above my car. The craft stopped in mi2/26/16
4/20/08 12:00BelleviewFLUSACigar2 minutesIt was a clear cloudless Sunday afternoon and we were coming back from church heading north on US 301 near belleview florida. I happene4/14/09
4/20/08 10:30HeathOHUSALight45 minutesred strobing star looking object ,disappeared & reappearing in different spots in the sky8/12/08
4/20/08 10:00Byron CenterWAUSALight10minsStrange lights that were hovering over the woods and moved very fast.6/12/08
4/20/08 08:00ScherervilleINUSATriangle5 maybe 8 minobjects i've never seen before.6/12/08
4/20/08 04:00Gulf ShoresALUSACircle1 hourMy friend and I were sitting on the beach enjoying the full moon and stars. All of sudden the clouds began clustering together and we c6/12/08
4/20/08 03:00RootstownOHUSASphere12 MinAll three of my dogs never barked again.6/12/08
4/20/08 01:00CarpentersvilleILUSACirclehourstrange light moving, stopping, moving more quickly then stopping.6/12/08
4/20/08 00:00LakelandFLUSATriangle2 hrswas heading south Giant triangle shapped craft, moving very slow with smaller crafts escorting it. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/12/08
4/19/08 23:55Santa CruzCAUSARectangle30 secondsLarge Dark Glowing Semi Rectangled object chased by plane in the Sky at about 2000 feet a few minutes before midnight in Santa Cruz Ca.6/12/08
4/19/08 23:00Silk Hope (near)NCUSADisk3-4 minutesThree people saw disc-shaped craft with chaser lights, flying slowly and smoothly at high altitude, 4/19 at 2300.1/10/09
4/19/08 22:49MidlandTXUSACigar25-30 secondscigar shape rotation of brights length of 2 buses6/12/08
4/19/08 22:30New BrightonPAUSATriangle3 minutesTriangle shaped craft flying low.6/12/08
4/19/08 21:40LunenburgMAUSAFireball4 minStrange light in sky, appears as fireball and last 4 min remaining stationary.6/12/08
4/19/08 21:17St. AugustineFLUSAFireball3-5 min.A fire ball shot across the sky and disapeard in thin air,3/19/09
4/19/08 21:00PaulinaLAUSALight15 minutesAt approximately 9:30PM we observed about fifteen to twenty orange glowing lights moving slowly in the sky and then disapearing6/12/08
4/19/08 20:50St. AugustineFLUSALight5 minutesThree bright lights seen flying at a slow speed across sky. Witnessed by hundreds.6/12/08
4/19/08 20:15WallingfordCTUSAFormation1 minWe saw an object that looked like a huge rock going perfectly north with no noise or trail behind it. It was tumbling but extremily fa6/12/08
4/19/08 15:45St. AugustineFLUSAOther1-2 minutesUFO sighting in Northeast Florida6/12/08
4/19/08 11:00Lake ParkFLUSALight1/2 hr -1 hrA bright light in sky appeared to be a morning star or was it a UFO?6/12/08
4/19/08 08:00Panama City BeachFLUSAOval1 minuteRed light, from 0 to ? in seconds. Over Panama City Beach, Florida6/12/08
4/19/08 01:20KalispellMTUSATriangle20 minutesTwo objects seen flying, stopping, and then dissipating.6/12/08
4/19/08 00:00Camden PointMOUSAFireball5 mintwo egg shaped floating objects that looked like oustrige eggs, grey in color aluminated and had a jet of fire out the back.6/12/08
4/18/08 23:30Daly CityCAUSA7/5/08
4/18/08 22:00VeniceCAUSALight30 secondsIt was like a star was bouncing around inside our world. Much smaller than a real star of course., But amazing!6/12/08
4/18/08 22:00Pounding MillVAUSALight1 hourCraft with bright lights of white and blue hover low then high then craft with red light appears to leave from first craft.6/12/08
4/18/08 21:35NewarkCAUSADisk2 minutesUFO spotted near Fremont CA6/12/08
4/18/08 21:25GallupNMUSAOther2 minuteshuge bright white horeshoe lit object6/12/08
4/18/08 21:00DallasTXUSADisk10-15sec.Round object with 5 lights6/12/08
4/18/08 20:00Las VegasNVUSALightApproximately an hourThe object sped through the sky at an extremely high velocity.6/12/08
4/18/08 19:55Las VegasNVUSALight5 sec - Ten minutes?White Sphere darts from in front of the moon towards Test Site with possible electronic effects.6/12/08
4/18/08 01:35San JacintoCAUSACylinder20 secondsI saw what appeared to be a while light shooting toward earth but apperaed green by the time it hit earth, It did not slow down and hit6/12/08
4/18/08 00:10ChattanoogaTNUSAOther20 minsU.F.O.s over Tennessee6/12/08
4/18/08AlbionILUSAme and 2 of my friends was walking from fairfeild to albion illinois on friday the 18th,the time was 4:30 we would walk for 20 minutes6/12/08
4/17/08 23:45Grand RapidsMIUSALight10 secondsBright Light Over Grand Rapids Michigan6/12/08
4/17/08 23:45CumberlandRIUSADisk15 MinutesUnknown Object Acting Strangely In The Sky With No Sound To It At All6/12/08
4/17/08 23:15FreelandMDUSAUnknown5 minutesTotally Silent bright white light with no strobe lights or navigation lights, heading in an odd direction.6/12/08
4/17/08 23:00North BranchMNUSASphere30 secondsSaw bright lights, changing in color over South Chain Lake into backyard6/12/08
4/17/08 22:30Soddy DaisyTNUSACircle15 minutesIts lights were red, blue, and green.6/12/08
4/17/08 22:15CharlestonWVUSAOval30 minutesstatinary object,strange plasma lights that moved slowly from left to right, not airplane, maybe satelite6/12/08
4/17/08 22:10NoblesvilleINUSATriangle3 minutesV shaped objects seen in the night sky over central Indiana, USA6/12/08
4/17/08 22:03GreeleyCOUSATriangle5-10 secondsThree yellow circular lights in the shape of a triangle.6/12/08
4/17/08 21:00SlovanPAUSALight30 minutesflashing object in southwest sky, changed colors from red to blue to white staying in same spot for 30 minutes, then vanished6/12/08
4/17/08 21:00NevadaTXUSALight30 MinOn April 17, 2008 White and Orange flashing lights from the east appeared.6/12/08
4/17/08 21:00MorristownTNUSATriangleApprox. 5 min.Triangle shape hovering in mid air6/12/08
4/17/08 20:30CroghanNYUSAFormation20-30 sec.Strange lights in that pulse in order and than unite and leave very very quickly.6/12/08
4/17/08 20:00St. AugustineFLUSATriangleSt.Augustine Fl.had a ufo sighting,that WESH2 news had broadcast a story of the strange lights...I am a ufologist that had picked up th6/12/08
4/17/08 18:30CrestviewFLUSAChanging5minBright light that changed color and shape near aircraft with contrail in daylight6/12/08
4/17/08 17:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADiamond1 minuteGreyish Kite looking object over Salt Lake6/12/08
4/17/08 14:00Twenty Nine PalmsCAUSADiskUnexplainable image shows up in photo...6/12/08
4/17/08 13:20Lake ArrowheadCAUSAOval20 minthree metallic orbs above lake arrowhead ca,at times in formation,at oter times circleing each other,never to far from each other.6/12/08
4/17/08 13:00San FranciscoCAUSATriangle4 minutes2 luminous triangular shaped objects pulsating white and blue lights in sky for 3 to 4 minutes.6/12/08
4/17/08 09:15SahuaritaAZUSACircle30 secondsRandom flashing lights, moving very fast , North across the horizon. Most of the lights were grouped.6/12/08
4/17/08 02:00WinderGAUSATeardrop10 minutesIt was 2:00am in the morning.The dogs in my subdivision started howling ..Including my own dog.I first I thought it was a coyote around6/12/08
4/17/08 02:00Sherman OaksCAUSAFireball4 secondsFIRE Balls moving around inside my bedroom6/12/08
4/17/08 00:35MiddletonWIUSATriangle30-45 secondsWitnessed a black triangular craft with colored flashing lights absolutely still in the sky about twenty stories above me.6/12/08
4/17/08 00:05NorwalkCAUSALight25 - 30 minsThe object looked like a star until I noticed it was moving. The object also outshined every star in the sky!8/12/08
4/16/08 23:59ButlerINUSALight2 minswhite light traveling fast from south to north then disappearing6/12/08
4/16/08 23:30KokomoINUSALight15-30 secondsTher was 7 to 9 very bright objects that came from the West sky, stopped, then jetted off to the North.4/17/08
4/16/08 23:30KokomoINUSASecondsWoman reports seeing object strike the ground; police cruiser nearby, the occupant of which apparently witnessed the same event.4/17/08
4/16/08 23:00Grand JunctionCOUSAOval5-7 minsUnexplainable glowing craft moving oddly over the Grand Junction Airport6/12/08
4/16/08 23:00KentOHUSADisk15 secondsOn 4/16/08, I saw a fast moving circular object with colored lights moving across the sky and then seemed to zip-zag out of sight.6/12/08
4/16/08 23:00BendORUSADisk1-2 minutesLarge Fast moving disk with bright lights6/22/22
4/16/08 22:30KokomoINUSA10 secondsno ufo's in Kokomo.6/12/08
4/16/08 22:30KokomoINUSALight15-30 secondsTher was 7 to 9 very bright objects that came from the West sky, stopped, then jetted off to the North.6/12/08
4/16/08 22:27KokomoINUSAFormation2 minutes4 or 5 yellow lights in the sky followed a loud explosion noise. They moved in perfect unison, if one went to the left, they all moved.4/17/08
4/16/08 22:27KokomoINUSAFormation1 minuteBright Yellow lights moving in unison, and then dropping straight down.6/12/08
4/16/08 22:25KokomoINUSAUnknownKokomo Indiana Boom/UFO?6/12/08
4/16/08 22:10NoblesvilleINUSATriangle3 minutesV shaped objects seen in the night sky over central Indiana, USA6/12/08
4/16/08 22:00RockfordILUSATriangle30 seconds - 1 minuteAn engineer in the aero-engineering field could not identify a strange triangular object over northern Illinois.8/12/08
4/16/08 22:00MaumeeOHUSATriangle20 minutesBlue lights in a trianular shape southwest of Maumee, Ohio6/12/08
4/16/08 21:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaOther10 minutesIt was 9:30 pm, I was at the University of british columbia, finishing up an exam. While walking out of the library, i looked up at th6/12/08
4/16/08 21:10Warner SpringsCAUSACircle7 -10 secondsRound object the size of the moon, navy blue with gold and red around the rim of the object.6/12/08
4/16/08 21:05MinneapolisMNUSAFormation20 seconds20-30 orbs in birdlike formation heading east from west. City lights illuminated bottoms of orbs6/12/08
4/16/08 21:00HoustonTXUSAOther20secondsThey were shaped like geese would fly. We were lying in the back yard watching the stars and it came from south to north. My son said l6/12/08
4/16/08 21:00MontereyCAUSALight3 hours plusYou can see UFOs with third generation night vision goggles 95% of the time.6/12/08
4/16/08 20:35San DiegoCAUSATriangle5 secondsDark evening sky, triangular object moving fast, colorful lights reflecting off the evening mist, faded away6/12/08
4/16/08 20:10Atlantic CityNJUSALight10 min.We just witnessed an object off of Atlantic City New jersey that seemed to have split into five or six pieces within a split second.4/17/08
4/16/08 16:00El Centro (east of)AZUSACylinder2 minutesMetallic cylinder tracks parallel with commercial jet near restricted MOAs6/12/08
4/16/08 15:40DurhamNCUSADisk10 secondsShiney Blob of Metal Hovering in Broad Daylight Durham NC4/17/08
4/16/08 14:30BranfordCTUSACylinder30-60 sec.Incrediably fast object hovering then accelerating to tremendous speed, and then disappearing.6/12/08
4/16/08 13:00State CollegePAUSAFlashat least 15 minutesSilver lines/flashes in the sky.4/17/08
4/16/08 12:45AugustaGAUSATriangle10 secondsFlasing triangular lights in rural Georgia6/12/08
4/16/08 10:37WestfieldINUSACigar3 MinutesA huge Object with about 22 lights rotating counter clock wise moving, hovering, and then vanishing North of Hamilton County Indiana!!!6/12/08
4/16/08 10:30KokomoINUSALight3 minutesLights circling the skies of Kokomo Indiana6/12/08
4/16/08 10:30LafayetteINUSALight15 secondsthis aint no hoax, it for real, i saw what i saw!6/12/08
4/16/08 04:20JasperINUSAUnknownabout 1 secondUnusual streak of green to blue light flew down the southern sky. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/12/08
4/16/08 02:30Nye County (central)NVUSAUnknown1 minute ?sensation felt, as if being scanned, with a low pulsating hum heard3/10/11
4/16/08 01:30South BendINUSACircle5 secondsmisterious lights over indiana6/12/08
4/15/08 23:35McHenryILUSATriangle3-4 MinutesTriangle shaped craft with bright white lights over Mchenry, IL at approx. 20:35.6/12/08
4/15/08 23:15ChandlerAZUSASphere10-17 secondsGlowing orange sphere spotted hovering and performing angular flying at various speeds.6/12/08
4/15/08 23:00unsure exact name (was driving to NY from FL)GAUSAFireballsplit secondNEON green meteor looking fireflash7/5/08
4/15/08 21:30CaryNCUSAUnknown5 MinutesStationary Light Flashing Erratically, and Low Flying Object. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))4/17/08
4/15/08 20:30St. AlbansVTUSALight15-20 minutesUnidentifiable light, disappeared.4/17/08
4/15/08 20:15San JoseCAUSADiamond4 seondsdiamond shape transulcent object seen over los gatos, ca, near sr85 and sr 176/12/08
4/15/08 20:08NewarkCAUSAFireball3 secondsBright light moving in sky for about 3 seconds before burning out?6/12/08
4/15/08 19:45HolbrookAZUSASphere1 minuteI saw a round white glowing object completely still then it moved quickly then sped into a streak and gone.5/12/09
4/15/08 17:00Rowland HeightsCAUSADiamond2 minutesHuge dark object flying over the san gabriel mountain8/12/08
4/15/08 12:00CrestwoodILUSAFormation10 minsformation of UFO's6/12/08
4/15/08 10:45Moravian FallsNCUSAUnknown30 secSeen while driving on Price road off Hy 16 inMoravian Falls. I TOOK it to be Sirius, as thats what it looked like. From my view point a6/12/08
4/15/08 10:05MiamiFLUSARectangleless than 5minufo visual miami florida west6/12/08
4/15/08 01:00BuckheadGAUSAChangingabout 30 minshape changing thing near cloud of smoke6/12/08
4/15/08 01:00BuckheadGAUSAChangingabout 30 minutesufo ubduction6/12/08
4/15/08 00:00Karachi (Pakistan)PakistanEgg1 mintMy friend, and I saw a line of 3 lights. Each of these lights had a yellowish-oranginsh glow. The lights seemed as if they were traveli6/12/08
4/15/08Des MoinesIAUSAUnknownA light came in my window and wake me up and after 3 min it went straight up and out of sight.7/3/13
4/14/08 23:00Tel Aviv Israel)IsraelRectangle4 secondsrotating rectangle with lights6/12/08
4/14/08 22:40OberlinOHUSAFormation30 minutesLights coming together to form a moving formation.6/12/08
4/14/08 21:30Rock HillSCUSAUnknown5 SECONDSExplosion rocks Rock Hill,SC4/17/08
4/14/08 21:23AkronOHUSASphere4 secssphere crosses night sky6/12/08
4/14/08 21:00CameronWIUSATeardrop1 hourTeardrop shaped UFO with multicolored light and a red laser-type light seen by Rice Lake airport near Cameron, WI6/12/08
4/14/08 21:00MiamiFLUSALight4 minutesBright light traveling northeast to southeast, speeding up, turned red, disappeared for a few moments. . .6/12/08
4/14/08 20:45Oro ValleyAZUSACircle3 secondsTwo golden-yellow orbs seen from Oro Valley, Arizona to the west-southwest on the evening of April 14th, 2008.4/17/08
4/14/08 18:00MinneapolisMNUSALight15 minutesCircling Shiny Objects6/12/08
4/14/08 13:30FairviewNJUSAOther10 minutesUnknown silent silver object seen moving randomly over NJ and New York City6/12/08
4/14/08 13:00plymouthMNUSASphere2 secondsI was watching Tiger Woods win his 3rd green jacket at my friends house when out of the corner of my eye out the patio window I thought1/10/09
4/14/08 12:10McHenryILUSAChangingOne Min.Orange object moving slowly while oscilating wildly is seen approaching, then changes to a point of light.6/12/08
4/14/08 11:00Vero BeachFLUSACigar3 minutesTwo cigar shaped craft moving at the speed of thought played leap frog with each other at the beach.4/17/08
4/14/08 03:58Chapel HillNCUSAFireball1-2 SecBright descending burst of light.6/12/08
4/14/08 03:20OrlandoFLUSAFireball2 - 4 minsBright orange/red half-moon looking object with what looked like a wavy flame tail.4/17/08
4/13/08 22:30Desert Hot SpringsCAUSALight30 secondsA Bright Ball of Light Seen Ascending in the Night Sky Near Joshua Tree Natl. Park .6/12/08
4/13/08 22:00LakewoodOHUSAFormation30 Seconds to a Minute.Two sets of flashing lights over lake Erie in Cleveland.6/12/08
4/13/08 21:27Fair Oak, Hampshire (UK/England)United KingdomDisk15m (estimated)Triangle formation observed at Fair Oak, Hampshire, England4/17/08
4/13/08 19:30RoswellNVUSAOvalufoTHE CRAFT WAS BLUE!!!!!6/12/08
4/13/08 15:00Salt LakeUTUSALight15 MinutesBright stationary/slow moving star in daylight6/12/08
4/13/08 10:54SacramentoCAUSAUnknown10 minutesRoaring noises in the skies.6/12/08
4/13/08 04:30Bowling GreenKYUSADisk1 hourRandom flashing lights.Good description.Within 2-3 stories overhead. Saucer with lights and windows.4/17/08
4/13/08 03:00SeattleWAUSAOval1 minLarge burnt-orange object hanging low in the sky near Downtown Seattle.4/17/08
4/13/08ValenciaCAUSALightA bright object was seen from a far distance. It gave off a bright white light, sometimes turning gold, then it would turn red4/17/08
4/12/08 23:50Porter RanchCAUSASphere1 hour +Stationery pulsating jellyfish like object flashing purple, green, white and red lights over San Fernando Valley April 12, 20086/12/08
4/12/08 23:35Chesterfield (UK/England)United KingdomCircle6 minutesOrangel glowing light floating over Chesterfield, Derbyshire UK then fading away6/12/08
4/12/08 22:51WaterfordMIUSAChevron10 sec.Transparent, silent chevron flying overhead at or above 100 MPH.4/17/08
4/12/08 22:50PortlandORUSALight3 secondsTwo faint pinpricks of light, flying much faster than an airplane, orbiting each other.6/12/08
4/12/08 22:40Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaSphere5- 8 minSphere spotted in Vancouver6/12/08
4/12/08 22:30TampaFLUSAUnknown5 minstrange colored light in the sky that vanished4/17/08
4/12/08 22:00Seaton (UK/England)United KingdomLight7 minutesSeries of 13 orange lights travelling silently from West to East on same trajectory but not evenly spaced.6/12/08
4/12/08 21:30PismoCAUSALight2 minutesBright orange 'star' seen for 2 minutes by multiple witnesses. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Iridium satellite?? PD))4/17/08
4/12/08 21:20CommackNYUSALight20 MinutesStrange lights over Commack NY6/12/08
4/12/08 21:00Stafford (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown1 minute or so3 UFO's spotted in the same spot as another before months ago, apparently watching me. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD))1/10/09
4/12/08 20:55SpringTXUSALight5 to 10 secondsIt was probably a meteor, but while viewing the International Space Station we saw something unusual.6/12/08
4/12/08 20:15LucerneCAUSALight1 minuteI was looking out my sliding glass door, through the screen, at what appeared to be almost a Christmas card photograph; two trees and a4/17/08
4/12/08 04:45SonoraCAUSAOtherless than a minGrey Translucent Being Studying Flowers in my Garden! 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/12/08
4/12/08 04:20DestinFLUSATriangle15 seconds100 ft within the Okaloosa-Walton County line located on Highway 98, seven miles from Eglin AFB. 0420 hours I witnessed a triangular sh6/12/08
4/12/08 00:15OrlandoFLUSALight2 minutesFive orange lights following each other over Orlando 1 AM 4/124/17/08
4/12/08 00:00Grants PassORUSALightstill ongoingSeveral bright objects at great altitude and distance hovering over Grants Pass, Oregon.6/12/08
4/11/08 22:30Bessemer (near)ALUSALight5 minutesIf this was man made, we have some great technology that is incredible.6/12/08
4/11/08 21:55San DiegoCAUSAFlash10 minutesFaint blue intermittent flash like a very distant star. The object would flash for several seconds then dissapear, then would flash ag6/12/08
4/11/08 21:30WauseonOHUSACircleApprox. 25-30 secondsHere is the entry directly from my astronomy journal which I wrote that night. I was driving to my parents’ house from my apartment in6/12/08
4/11/08 21:20Pilot PointTXUSATeardrop21:21((HOAX)) 9:20 a gray object hovering above the horizon, emitted no light or sounds.4/17/08
4/11/08 20:34Punta GordaFLUSADisk3 minutesAirplane like UFO turns on a row of lights after coming to a complete stop in front of me.6/12/08
4/11/08 18:00OrlandoFLUSASphere10 seconds3 ft orb downtown orlando6/12/08
4/11/08 13:00ShafterCAUSALight15sec.dont no what to say i was amazed it was just like my dream4/17/08
4/11/08 11:12San JoseCAUSAChanging15minreal ufo's6/12/08
4/11/08 06:35Palm HarborFLUSALight1 1/2 min. 2minGreen streaking light appered then went on beyound my sight6/12/08
4/11/08 04:30Hanford Nuclear ReservationWAUSACylinder5 secondsLow flying black cylinder without any lights or noise4/17/08
4/11/08 00:40GlendaleCAUSAUnknown10 secondsThree red solid parallel lines of light moving from East to West.6/12/08
4/11/08 00:15AberdeenMDUSAOther30 secondsSilent fast moving very dim or possibly lit from reflected ground light, was either 6 or single objects, or one object with 6 discs4/17/08
4/10/08 23:00VacavilleCAUSADisk5 cecondsSighting of a disc shaped object in the sky6/9/09
4/10/08 22:19Urb La Marina (Spain)SpainTriangle20 SecClear Costa Blanca sighting6/12/08
4/10/08 22:15AzleTXUSARectangle3-4 minutesAzle,TX Silent rectanluar object with round gold lights travels low over trees alongside van and glides down street6/12/08
4/10/08 22:00FranklintonNCUSAOther10 daysConstantly viewing organisms or unidentified object with a telescope...much activity---6/12/08
4/10/08 21:48ButteMTUSALight2 to 3 minutesMy sighting tonight has me more freaked out than ever. Even though Im a science nut and enjoy reading about the history of UFO's and se6/12/08
4/10/08 21:45SurpriseAZUSALight50 secI called your hotline and wanted to add some deatails, I was told to put it writing This is the same report as I sent last night with a6/12/08
4/10/08 21:45FlorissantMOUSACircle2minObject with bright lights in a circle formation hovers over a residential area6/12/08
4/10/08 21:45Union GapWAUSALight15secondsa big star-like like that closed from one side to the other, not reappearing4/17/08
4/10/08 21:45HagueNYUSATriangle45 minMy childern and I watch this object with red, white and green lights flutter in the sky for about 45 min.6/12/08
4/10/08 21:45SurpriseAZUSALight50 secondsLooked like double the brightness of other stars in between the last 2 stars in big dipper.4/17/08
4/10/08 21:30ArcataCAUSALightabout 8 secondsI saw a bright and big star-like object at night floating over a university weight room gym after I exited the facility.4/17/08
4/10/08 21:10ApolloPAUSAOther1 minuteUnknown craft over Western PA6/12/08
4/10/08 21:00College StationTXUSACircle5 to 8 secondsBarely visible cicular craft with small red lights that floated independently over the craft like flies.6/12/08
4/10/08 20:44GreenvilleNCUSAFormation12-15 secondsfour large greenish hazy lights, in straight line formation, moving very fast, no sound4/17/08
4/10/08 20:30DenvilleNJUSATriangle10 min.Black Triangle In Deville NJ6/12/08
4/10/08 20:20Los OsosCAUSALightfive minutesU.F.O. over the central coast of California6/12/08
4/10/08 20:00DandridgeTNUSALight10 minutesLight moving over Sevierville6/12/08
4/10/08 20:00Las VegasNVUSASphere3 secondsWhite Sphere loiters than darts towards east6/12/08
4/10/08 20:00Blue SpringsMOUSAChevron15 Minutes2 UFOs Seen After A Fierce Thunder/Hail Storm6/12/08
4/10/08 04:00NevadaTXUSAUnknown10 minOn April 10 2008 @ about 4am bight lights heading in from the east towards my house.4/17/08
4/10/08 01:30GlenvilleWVUSASphere3-4 minutesOrage orb over Glenville WV6/12/08
4/10/08 01:00GrayMEUSALight20 minutesEncounter with a light form5/15/13
4/10/08Ipswich (Australia)AustraliaOther1-9secwhite shining object in hanging in are6/12/08
4/9/08 23:30Playa del Carmen (Mexico)MexicoCircle4-5 minutesufo seen in playa del carmen, mexico6/12/08
4/9/08 23:30CliffordPAUSAunknownAircraft distress beacon or something else?????4/17/08
4/9/08 21:45LeesburgGAUSALight20 secondsBright light appearing out of nowhere and speeding off4/17/08
4/9/08 17:00Penn HillsPAUSAOval20 secondsrotating potato shape over Pittsburgh6/12/08
4/9/08 11:03San DiegoCAUSAOther12 minutesWhite/Silvery kind of Boomarang shaped object, low and slow moving to the east of Lemon Grove chased by 2 Jets.1/10/09
4/9/08 03:00Haworth (UK/England)United KingdomLight3minsOne dim white light followed by a much brighter silvery 'ball' of light, moving at first slowly, almost directly above and in parallel.4/17/08
4/9/08 00:30FremontCAUSAOval20 minutesUFO Spotted in Fremont Hills6/12/08
4/9/08USAThank you4/17/08
4/8/08 00:00SedonaAZUSACylinderUnknow7 Objects that are unexplained and clearly seen in the photo1/10/09
4/8/08 22:45Glen CoveNYUSAUnknown20 secondsWhite slow flashing light6/12/08
4/8/08 22:35StatesvilleNCUSAChangingapproximately 7 minutesBrightly lit, triangular craft flying closely over my home.6/12/08
4/8/08 21:05AbingdonVAUSAUnknown1 minPlane follows unexplained light6/12/08
4/8/08 20:30Krakow (Poland)PolandFormation1 minutetwo lights cross the sky in eastern europe6/12/08
4/8/08 20:30HarrisvilleWVUSALight2 minutesLime green bar of light in evening sky.10/30/12
4/8/08 12:20MaltbyWAUSASphere1 min 30 secThe sigting bgan first with our work radios making a clicking noise then eventual static Nobody could make contact through our radios a4/17/08
4/8/08 06:00HendersonvilleTNUSAOther2 minRing with long arms and crown viewed in sumner county TN4/17/08
4/8/08 03:00Wrexham (UK/England)United KingdomSphere15 minsOrange globe over Wales UK.6/12/08
4/7/08 23:05PlantationFLUSAChevron20 TO 30 SECONDSvery large V shape object no lights and no noise at all traveling west to east .4/17/08
4/7/08 23:00SaxonburgPAUSAUnknown3 to 4 minutesViewed red and white strob-like lights moving silently in a slow arc from north to west overhead at about 11pm on April 7th.6/12/08
4/7/08 22:30MediapolisIAUSATriangle10 secondsAn object flying from the south slowed down near our house and then quickly flew toward the NW6/12/08
4/7/08 22:30SalisburyNHUSATriangle5 minsMy husband and I were laying in bed, watching a movie, when we saw two flashing lights through our balcony door. We got up and went out4/17/08
4/7/08 22:30Derbyshire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle1min 30secsBright red and orange glowing circle moving fast and then hovering for a few seconds then it and moved away7/5/08
4/7/08 22:00Rivers (Canada)MBCanadaLight30 MinWho Would Have Thought Looking At The Stars... Would Turn Into A Night I Will Never Be Able To Forget!!!6/12/08
4/7/08 22:00TuscolaTXUSALightFew SecondsBall of light then faded out. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite?? PD))6/12/08
4/7/08 22:00ToledoOHUSALight4 SecondsFaint blurred distant points of light traveling through the sky in Toledo, Ohio6/12/08
4/7/08 21:30BrentwoodCAUSAChevron8 minsV-shaped gliding over my house.6/12/08
4/7/08 21:30Hot SpringsARUSAUnknown1 hourSighted two bright objects which moved and suddenly became motionless6/12/08
4/7/08 21:30BrentwoodCAUSAChevron8 minsV-shaped, no sound, no light , Gliding slowly6/12/08
4/7/08 21:00Brentwood (contra costa)CAUSAOther15 minsUFO in the EAST BAY,CA 4/07/2008?6/12/08
4/7/08 21:00UxbridgeMAUSALight30 minsLights in sky moving in circle patern1/5/11
4/7/08 18:00Palestine (near)ILUSACircle10 minsFour witnesses see a large glowing circle exchanges fire with 6 fighter jets6/12/08
4/7/08 16:00FerrisburghVTUSALight7 minutesVery bright light in sky that turned orange before dimming out6/12/08
4/7/08 07:48SangerCAUSALight2 secsecond sighting ever and this month.4/17/08
4/7/08 03:17Grove CityOHUSAOvalufo sightingreally freaky night!!6/12/08
4/7/08 00:25NJ Turnpike (Exit 3)NJUSADisk1/2 minuteNew Jersey Exits 2 and 3 stand still UFO6/12/08
4/6/08 23:45Orleans (Canada)ONCanadaLight8-12 secondsTwo red lights seen over eastern ontario in the north/eastern direction of the sky4/17/08
4/6/08 23:00Oakville (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle10 secondsSingle ship with three balls of light sent out from it4/17/08
4/6/08 22:00StonehamMAUSACylinder30 secondscylinder, with three rows of brightly lit illuminated panel lights underneath, flew over8/12/08
4/6/08 21:30MonroeWAUSALight45 secondsVery bright light6/12/08
4/6/08 07:00Fort MohaveAZUSACylinder20 minutesMy friend and I were taking our morning walk which we do 5 miles a day, when we happened to look up and saw an object in the sky. There4/17/08
4/6/08 01:00BristolINUSAChevron8 secV formation viewd from Bristol IN6/12/08
4/6/08 00:56Worksop (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown5 + minutesUndetermined shape, with wings and fin, with continuous row of lights round the side and back, with red green and orange lights6/12/08
4/6/08 00:30Waterloo (Canada)ONCanadaLight5-10 secondsShape becomes 2 lights flying in an erratic pathway while doing semi circles.4/17/08
4/6/08ColumbusOHUSAWhite and Yellow shiny starlike object moving irrationally and gracefully6/12/08
4/5/08 23:45GibsontonFLUSATriangle2 minutesBlack Triangle with white dots on each of the triangles angles viewed in riverview6/12/08
4/5/08 17:30Long BranchNJUSALight2 MinutesTwo bright lights off Long Branch, NJ over the Atlantic Ocean6/12/08
4/5/08 16:50TecumsehOKUSAUnknownunknowngroup of objects over Tecumseh towards North on sunny clear day.6/12/08
4/5/08 16:25NilesMIUSADisk5ft x 8ft craft, hoveringPlaying having fun then I saw the craft and a bright shine and away it went.6/12/08
4/5/08 16:00PomonaCAUSAUnknown20-30 minutesThe craft moved too much to be an airplane and it made certain moves that make it not man made.6/12/08
4/5/08 04:20HendersonNVUSACircleongoingWhite, round light with white tail moving quickly, but sporadically.6/12/08
4/5/08 01:15Green BayWIUSATriangle6 secondsI was talking on the cell phone observing the sky and notice a very clear sky when all of sudden there were 9 bright orange lights form6/12/08
4/4/08 23:00CiceroINUSA5 minutesPin sized light over Cicero, Indiana passed overhead extremely fast , then vanished.6/12/08
4/4/08 22:25PekinILUSATriangleless than 30 sec.Triangular and low-flying aircraft sighted at my house.4/17/08
4/4/08 22:14GainesvilleFLUSATrianglea few secondsApril 4, 2008, 10:14 pm, triangular formation of white lights forming one solid object over night sky in Gainesville, FL.6/12/08
4/4/08 22:00WichitaKSUSATriangle15 minutesBlack triangular/stealth shaped craft, white lights on craft made V-shape, craft appeared to move slowly, hover.6/12/08
4/4/08 21:30DurandMIUSALight45min04/04/08 object sighted moving from west to east.approxmately 45min duration, arcing to the north while still moving twards east.This p4/17/08
4/4/08 21:00CarriereMSUSALight2 hourssame flashing light, doing the same thing, 3rd time this week, ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))4/17/08
4/4/08 20:45Los AngelesCAUSACigar20 minutesCigar shaped craft, extremely faint with lights flashing from left to right and back.6/12/08
4/4/08 15:30MemphisTNUSAFormationunknownafter an MLK rally 4/4/08 in Memphis, TN, I found multiple white orbs in formation in one picture I snapped4/17/08
4/4/08 15:00Lake Havasu CityAZUSAOther5 minutesmetallic craft seen almost floating over lake havasu city6/12/08
4/4/08 14:15CanadaCanadaCircledon' t knowI saw strange objects in the sky.6/12/08
4/4/08 09:30MauiHIUSATriangleI was in Maui Hawaii for a vacation. I was on the deck of our condo around 9:30 at night looking at the stars and i saw i oddly bright6/12/08
4/4/08 02:15SangerCAUSACircle6 secondsi saw something.6/12/08
4/4/08 02:00SeattleWAUSAUnknownabout 5 minutesturned around above my house with a flash and a noise4/17/08
4/3/08 00:00Townsend/MaryvilleTNUSAUnknown20 minutesUFO Shot Down over Smokey Mountains8/19/12
4/3/08 23:50Laguna HillsCAUSARectangle2 minutesrectangle shape object flying over laguna hills going at a slow speed and dissapearing after a short time.4/17/08
4/3/08 23:00WintersTXUSAOther<1 minuteAirplanes with silent engines?4/17/08
4/3/08 22:48ManvilleNJUSAOther30 secondsNJ UFO sighting7/5/08
4/3/08 22:45RexburgIDUSACone3-5 minutesbig, black, dragon shapped object, no lights, slowly gliding at high altitude, kind of a small blur around it4/17/08
4/3/08 21:20IrvineCAUSACircle10 SecondsThere was a ring of blue lights that did not appear to move in the sky.6/12/08
4/3/08 19:30LittletonCOUSAOther10 MinutesDouble oval-shaped cigar shaped craft seen at high altitude, air traffic diverted4/17/08
4/3/08 16:22Wichita FallsTXUSAChanging20 secondsUFO'S Seen in Wichita Falls, Texas/Sheppard AFB area April 3, 20086/12/08
4/3/08 07:15BirminghamALUSACigar5-6 minutesWeird thing over high school6/12/08
4/3/08 03:00ManWVUSACircle15-20 minutesOne unexplained craft flying in the sky changing colors.7/5/19
4/3/08 00:00AshburnVAUSATriangle3 minutesIt was 12:15am April 3, 2008. My mom and brother had just gone to bed, and i was awake in my room. I was just about to go to sleep when4/17/08
4/2/08 23:00Arlington HeightsILUSAOther10 minutesSoundless Hovering Crafts in Arlington Heights IL4/17/08
4/2/08 22:45Incline VillageNVUSALight23:15Bright multicolored light. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius?? PD))4/17/08
4/2/08 21:40EvansvilleINUSATriangle2 MinutesVery dimly lit , low flying , silent triangular object spotted over Evansville, Indiana4/17/08
4/2/08 20:51JeneraOHUSATriangle3-5 minutesRounded triangular object with green lights on the sides and a white blinking light on the back. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))1/10/09
4/2/08 20:30New York City (Queens)NYUSALight3 MinutesOut of ordinary lights in queens4/17/08
4/2/08 02:25Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownfew secondsCraft traveling from east to west in Toronto4/17/08
4/2/08 01:20LouisvilleKYUSASphere45 secorbs out my window came together and flew away6/12/08
4/2/08 00:20CramertonNCUSAFlash3-4 minutesFlashing light (multiple colors) in the skys over cramerton and ranlo nc just above the horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))4/17/08
4/2/08 00:15New CarrolltonMDUSATriangle1-3 minutesLast night I saw something unusual in the night sky, this was not natural by any means it happened very quickly but I saw enough to kn4/17/08
4/1/08 21:30Port RicheyFLUSATriangle5 minsWe returned from dinner at around 9:30pm in april when we seen something about as big as the house moving from east to west at slow spe7/5/08
4/1/08 21:30SmyrnaGAUSAFireball15 secondsFireball over Smynra Georgia USA 4/1/2008 21:30 falling straight to the ground over Dobbins AFB4/17/08
4/1/08 21:00ClarkWYUSADisk3 minutesClassic bell shape, glowed all over with flashing light on top.8/24/10
4/1/08 20:18Sydney (Australia)AustraliaTriangle20secondsTriangular formation of lights moving reasonably low to the ground.4/17/08
4/1/08 17:30Franklin/BrentwoodTNUSACircle3 minutescircular object appeared to be followed by Black military helicopters7/5/08
4/1/08 11:20OrangeTXUSACigar45 secondsLARGE DARK CIGAR SHAPED CRAFT4/17/08
4/1/08 08:00EscondidoCAUSALightIt was a blue flashing light moves very fast then stops above our house. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/17/08
4/1/08 05:30Homer GlenILUSALight3-4 MinutesOn 4/1/08 at 05:30 I saw three objects with very intense bright white strobes over Homer Glen Illinois.4/17/08
4/1/08 03:30TuscaloosaALUSAOther2-3 minsTrapezoid shaped hovering craft with dark red flashing lights moved side to side directly above me.10/31/08
4/1/08 00:55CovinaCAUSATriangleabout 45sec-1minLarge Triangle shaped Lights(object) passed across the sky in total silence4/17/08