National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/2007


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/31/07 22:30CloverdaleORUSAOther5 secondsRed ember-like object on barn roof. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))10/8/07
8/31/07 20:50SullivanILUSALight10 minutesa series of reddish/orange glow-type lights10/8/07
8/31/07 20:25MeridenCTUSAFireball5 minInitially spotted round orange fireball in Western sky, at an altitude approximately you'd see a small plane fly. Traveled East, then t10/8/07
8/31/07 19:45Little RockARUSACircle5 minutesI saw a bright light in the evening sky that emitted approximately 6 other smaller lights and they all left at high speed.10/8/07
8/31/07 19:30SaginawMIUSATriangle1 minutewe were driving north on I-75 as we notice these 3 bright lights in the shape of a triangle. the plane type object was a fairly large o10/8/07
8/31/07 15:10Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaChanging15 minsThere was a black helicopter buzzing around previous to the ufo sighting in the morning and the day before.11/28/07
8/31/07 14:30CrestwoodILUSASphere10 MinutesSpherical object maintains position in sky for ten minutes over approach path to Midway Airport10/8/07
8/31/07 14:25Little RockARUSARectangle2 minutesWhite object moving with the wind10/8/07
8/31/07 11:30Culver CityCAUSACigar5-seconds"silver cigar"-UFO near Culver City10/8/07
8/31/07 05:57Cleveland (45NM SSW OF)OHUSALightunkRUF442 reported a UFO above him, 45NM SSW of DRYER VOR, [DJB] (aircraft at 13.000 feet) which is a bright white light that is not movi10/8/07
8/31/07 03:30Belleville (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2minutesChanging shapes UFO in Canada10/8/07
8/30/07 23:10MaryvilleILUSATriangle6 secondsMaryville, IL., triangular craft seen through night vision moving high and fast 8-30-0710/8/07
8/30/07 22:15PrescottAZUSALight10 minutesUnusual, silent, pulsating, red light, travelling slowly, then stopping and finally disappearing suddenly.10/8/07
8/30/07 22:00Melrose ParkILUSAUnknown1 hourColorful, pulsing light in western sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible a sighting of Jupiter in the western sky. PD))10/8/07
8/30/07 21:17TroutdaleORUSACircle2 minutesTwo objects seen passing together over Troutdale, Oregon, at 9:17 pm10/8/07
8/30/07 21:00Sneads FerryNCUSAOther2 minutesTwo UFO's appear over a small neighbourhood in North Carolina.10/8/07
8/30/07 21:00Chino Hills (seen from)CAUSACircle2 to 3 secondsBlue disc moving at incredible speed high above mountain range10/8/07
8/30/07 21:00WaupunWIUSALight4minLights 6-8 going from right to left with whole object moving from right to left slowly in air (pretty wide object)10/8/07
8/30/07 20:30Seattle (above)WAUSAFlash5 secondsFlash of light over Seattle similar to rocket burn, moves upward quickly. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Iridium satellite. PD)10/8/07
8/30/07 20:30KeokukIAUSALight10 minutesSequential orange lights in night southeastern night sky Keokuk Iowa 8/30/20071/21/08
8/30/07 19:30Torrenueva (Granada) (Spain)SpainSpheresome minutesSpherical object rotating over itself over the sea.10/8/07
8/30/07 13:00Goose CreekSCUSADiamond30 secondsAn weird shaped object just siting and then just shot up into the sky.10/8/07
8/30/07 01:44Sharldlow (Derby) (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown10 minShardlow 1:44 AM (Red and white light)10/8/07
8/30/07 00:00EatonNHUSALight3 hoursAn object with flashing red and green lights remained visible in one spot for several hours. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))10/8/07
8/29/07 22:27Toms RiverNJUSASphere2 minutesIlluminated globes cross the sky10/8/07
8/29/07 22:17Chawton (Village of) (UK/England)United KingdomLightabit over a minuteWhite light/object moving across the Night sky10/8/07
8/29/07 21:30PetalumaCAUSASphere1minBlue sphere near the moon on the night of the eclipse10/8/07
8/29/07 21:00RacineWIUSALight15 minutesbright object rising out of lake michigan.3/4/08
8/29/07 21:00Carle PlaceNYUSAOval30 minutesUFO sighting in Carle Place!10/8/07
8/29/07 21:00Carle PlaceNYUSAOval30 minutesUFO sighted in Carle Place with fascinating lights!10/8/07
8/29/07 20:50Clovis/FresnoCAUSATriangle3-5 minswalked out front of house to have a smoke.heard low-mid fq. jet rumble. look towards n.e and saw reg.jet flying away from me. noise sta10/8/07
8/29/07 18:05ShelbyvilleILUSACigar20 daughters and son were waiting on church bus. My daughter suddenly points to object cylinderical,very long shiny. For a moment it10/8/07
8/29/07 12:40Saint MariesIDUSACigarfew minutesSilent silvery-white cigar or blimp shaped craft spotted over saint maries Idaho10/8/07
8/29/07 12:00Park RidgeNJUSATeardrop2 minutesair force jet at extream altitude chasing pie shape( with a notch in it) ufo at a much high altitude3/4/08
8/28/07 23:00GlassboroNJUSAOther3 minsTwo boomerang shaped objects in washington township Nj10/8/07
8/28/07 22:00Wappingers FallsNYUSAOval4 secondsAn object hovered over my car and it was bright with a white light that was blinking. It must have been about 40 feet above me and was10/8/07
8/28/07 21:30MarsingIDUSALight25 minutesRed lights over Snake River near Marsing, Idaho10/8/07
8/28/07 21:00LansingMIUSAUnknown3 minutesobject above trees didnt move for 3-4 minutes 2 white lights 1 red pulsed10/8/07
8/28/07 20:30ClaymontDEUSASphere1sec2 spheres side by side traveling west to east over claymont de.10/8/07
8/28/07 20:30Los AngelesCAUSACigar5 secondslarge fast-moving craft traveling east to west over Culver City area of Los Angeles10/8/07
8/28/07 20:20Lee's SummitMOUSARectangle2minblack rectangle making no sound, flying slowly, smoothly, and effortlessly forward.10/8/07
8/28/07 19:50Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle40 secondsBright yellow glowing rectangle.10/8/07
8/28/07 17:00DinubaCAUSATriangle10 secondsWhite or silver triangle observed, no sound or lights, moving at a very high rate of speed.10/8/07
8/28/07 13:25YaphankNYUSAEgg4 minsi was going to my cousins house out east.. he lives near Southaven park... so iam driveing down sunrise hwy and i see this thing fl10/8/07
8/28/07 11:30Green BayWIUSACircle5 minround black object in sky over green bay10/8/07
8/28/07 11:30StaffordVAUSAOther<5 minUnknown sighting11/28/07
8/28/07 09:37OremUTUSAChanging3mintwo amorphous flying objects10/8/07
8/28/07 05:45AshleyOHUSAFormationstill goingI was looking for the lunar eclipse, and just to the right of orions belt, (east to south east maybe 2 degrees south east of orions bel10/8/07
8/28/07 05:45WallingfordKYUSAOther1 minuteVideotaped unidentified object floating in front of the moon during the lunar eclipse.10/8/07
8/28/07 02:35SeattleWAUSATriangle15 secondsMy wife and I were on our balcony from 2:15am to 3:45 to observe the lunar eclipse. I had setup my digital camera with telephoto lens10/8/07
8/28/07 02:30BremertonWAUSAChevron5 seconds7 to 8 white lights, moving fairly quickly, no sound noticed10/8/07
8/28/07 01:00NeolaUTUSACircle5 minA Ufo in the sky.10/8/07
8/28/07 01:00ArizonaAZUSATriangle30 minsUnidentified aircraft (3 lights like car headlights) near Interstate 10 Arizona City, AZ.10/8/07
8/28/07 01:00KeaauHIUSALight5 MINBig Island of Hawaii while watching the lunar eclipse, witnessed a large glowing ball darting in the sky10/8/07
8/27/07 23:00RooseveltMIUSACirclemondayi sow the ufo around 2:23 in the morning i was stuned at want i sow i went out side to see it but then i sow 4 lights and a flash like10/8/07
8/27/07 22:00SandpointIDUSALight1 hourFlashing erractic UFO10/8/07
8/27/07 21:40DavieFLUSAUnknown60 secSaw lights in sky moving east very fast, did not match planes near by10/8/07
8/27/07 21:22SedonaAZUSAChevron2 secondsChevon shaped object flaming at each tip falls to earth north of Sedona, Arizona.10/8/07
8/27/07 21:00Aliso ViejoCAUSADisk20 minutesOval-shaped circle of very bright lights hovering and gliding from sided to side laterally in the sky over Aliso Viejo10/8/07
8/27/07 20:50NiotaILUSALightABOUT25SECONDS?String of orange lights near Niota ILLinois August 27, 200710/8/07
8/27/07 20:30CadillacMIUSARectangledon't knowI saw a rectangular, silver, shiney object in the sky, & I thought it was a plane, but it made no noise & it didn't have a vapor trail.10/8/07
8/27/07 20:15Oak GroveKYUSAChanging3 minutesFrom interstate highway, we saw an aircraft with 6 or 7 white lights changed shape and direction quickly.10/8/07
8/27/07 20:14Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaOther2 minutesI have five photographs of a black pitchfork shaped object moving from top to bottom of the moon with two vapor trails10/8/07
8/27/07 17:30AlvinTXUSAFireball20 secondsRed and green object with noise that made a thumping noise when it hit the ground.6/12/08
8/27/07 13:20YorkPAUSASphere45 secondsI witnessed a glowing sphere darting across the sky and making a spiral maneuver.10/8/07
8/27/07 11:20Light((HOAX??)) I was sleeping in my room when I saw it. A bright light outside of my neighbors house roof top.10/8/07
8/27/07 05:03FayettevilleGAUSAFlash1 hourI was watching lunar eclipse on Monday with uncle.After full eclipse decided to look at how bright the stars where.I saw Orion's belt a10/8/07
8/27/07 04:34San Luis ObispoCAUSACircle4-5 secondsRound, white, slow moving object seen in San Luis Obispo California10/8/07
8/27/07 00:34Limassol (Cyprus)CyprusCircle2 minutesRed Light Object10/8/07
8/27/07 00:30ChehalisWAUSAOval15 minoval shaped object zig zag slowly in sky and held still at times; when still red and green lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD10/8/07
8/27/07 00:15RachelNVUSADisk2-3 minutesNevada desert UFO blazing near Area 51!10/8/07
8/27/07 00:10TrumbullCTUSALight4 minutesbright light over merritt parkway10/8/07
8/26/07 22:51HollandMIUSAUnknownseconds((HOAX??)) About 50 or so away we see this bright object.10/8/07
8/26/07 20:40VictorNYUSAFlash2 seconds +On 8/26/07, I saw a bright flash in the sky followed later by three points of light in a triangular form moving in unison.11/28/07
8/26/07 20:30CadillacMIUSACircle2-3 minutesOne birght and three dark UFOs seen in the skies over Cadillac, Michigan10/8/07
8/26/07 19:54Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)Saudi ArabiaLight10-20 secondsA green blinking light in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and then vanished4/14/09
8/26/07 19:15HonoluluHIUSALightStationary star-like object shrinks to a pinpoint and vanishes. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Iridium satellite?? PD))10/8/07
8/26/07 18:51Milton Keynes (UK/England)United KingdomFormation3-4 minutestriangle formation changing positions10/8/07
8/26/07 18:00PrinevilleORUSASphere7 secondsUFO or Basket Ball in the middle of nothing?10/8/07
8/26/07 16:30LouisvilleKYUSASphere2 minutesTwo metallic shperes hovering in broad daylight then vanishing3/4/08
8/26/07 14:30ChicagoILUSADiamond15 minutesGreenish Diamond shaped object with five smaller orbs in formation, daytime.10/8/07
8/26/07 11:00North Myrtle BeachSCUSAFormation10 secondsApproximately 26 August 2007, while sitting on the dunes at the beach, I saw what appeared to be a small falling star; it suddenly cha12/12/09
8/26/07 04:30ForestillMOUSALight.5 hours +Blue/red object in nothwest sky exhibited random, high-speed, circular manuevers for more than one hour.10/8/07
8/26/07 03:28Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 SecondsStar like object started shining very bright. Then faded in brightness and started moving across the sky.10/8/07
8/26/07 00:00MilwaukeeWIUSADiamond30 min.Peculiar,steady, red and white blinking ,star like object that slowly descended behind the tree line.10/8/07
8/25/07 23:45Toppenish (15 mi south of)WAUSARectangle5 to 10 secondsDriving south on hwy 97 about 15 miles from Toppenish,Wa. A very dark area when I observed suddenly a bright green object falling strai10/8/07
8/25/07 23:00West BendWIUSATriangle20 mins and again for anoThree friends and I saw a orange triangle shape fade away and disapear twise.10/8/07
8/25/07 22:48Madison (north of)WIUSALight10 secondsMadison Sighting 8/25/0710/8/07
8/25/07 22:30BaldwinMIUSAFireball1 minuteOrange Fireball object just above tree line in Western Michigan.10/8/07
8/25/07 21:00Tonbridge (UK/England)United KingdomSphere6 MinutesRed lights, High altitude Northern Hemisphere August 200710/8/07
8/25/07 13:00AlmontCOUSACylinder2 hoursBoth can bee very huge in size. ((anonymous report))4/7/17
8/25/07 10:00Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaLightfor at least 5 hoursgreen line of light seen over halifax for hours. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail. PD))10/8/07
8/25/07 05:45WaterlooIAUSALight15 MinutesWhite light, moving in different directions/speeds and stopped in the night/morning sky.10/8/07
8/25/07 01:00OrlandoFLUSALight5-10 secondsReturning from vacation I saw a flourescent green object fall from the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))10/8/07
8/25/07 00:12GilmerTXUSATriangle5 minutesTriangluar lighted craft in night sky.10/8/07
8/25/07 00:00DavisOKUSAUnknown2HRDavis, OK......light hovers silently over us..11/28/07
8/24/07 23:48TylertownMSUSACircle15 minutesI inadvertently photographed what I believe was a UFO. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
8/24/07 23:00ClaytonNCUSACircle20 secondsSteady bright white ball of light moving above tree line and then disappears in cloudless sky10/8/07
8/24/07 23:00PachecoCAUSACircle12 secondsBright moving circle of light over Pacheco, California8/12/08
8/24/07 20:57ChiltonWIUSARectangle5-6 minsRectangular object over the field10/8/07
8/24/07 20:28Kansas CityKSUSAFireball1 minSeconds later the four objects became one and looked like a huge fireball falling fast from the sky.6/12/08
8/24/07 20:10Tehran (Mazandaran Province) (Iran)IranOthera blue and red UFO10/8/07
8/24/07 17:45Rural El PasoILUSAFormation10 MinutesTwo Orbs Over Central Illinois10/8/07
8/24/07 17:30Lake StevensWAUSASphere~10 minutesround object in day time sky above clouds ~ 10,000 to 20,000 feeet hovering but moving very slowly East to West about the size of a BB10/8/07
8/24/07 15:00CharlestownRIUSADiskone Min.UFO darting football field length jumps before skingshoting away10/31/08
8/24/07 11:30SparksNVUSAFormation10 minsGroup of daytime lights observed in Sparks.10/8/07
8/24/07 08:30LaconiaNHUSADisk5-10 minutesAt about 8:30 we were fishing when we2 saw a round shaped object in the sky with blue lights all around it moving slowly on the other s7/23/15
8/24/07 03:15FreeportTXUSAOval30 minutesSurfside, Texas Oval bright white. UFO glowing with heat dispersing from object. No sound. I was awaken by an intense white beam.10/8/07
8/24/07 01:45Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaUnknown60 minutesAugust 24, 2007 1:30 am bright green/blue light steaks appear in sky over Halifax, NS at RNSYS. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))10/8/07
8/23/07 23:17Gig HarborWAUSATriangle10 secTriangle shaped craft fly over10/8/07
8/23/07 23:00Little ValleyNYUSARectangle2 minutesLarge, slender craft over Little Valley, New York10/8/07
8/23/07 22:00CortezCOUSAOther5 minutesA football field size bright light with a multicolored beam in the middle10/8/07
8/23/07 22:00Pompano BeachFLUSASphere1.3 secondsPossible meteorite fragment or space debris visible above southern sky in Pompano Beach, Florida.10/8/07
8/23/07 22:00Fort ThomasKYUSADisk1.5 minHovering object with eight lights10/8/07
8/23/07 21:20OverleaMDUSAFlash5-10 secondsQuick moving rapidly flashing light at night10/8/07
8/23/07 21:11Fort HoodTXUSALight1 hourmoving lights, and faded objects, explosions.10/8/07
8/23/07 21:00FresnoCAUSALight4 secondsI saw a flash in the sky Fresno,Ca 8/23/0710/8/07
8/23/07 20:30ShawneeKSUSATrianglether was an trianguler shaped ship that landed in my back yard6/12/08
8/23/07 15:00StoweVTUSACigar1 minuteCigar shaped ufo flying at 300 feet over my house and emiting a bright orange light.11/21/10
8/23/07 06:55Twello (Netherlands)NetherlandsUnknown5 seconds2 strange lights in a bright blue sky10/8/07
8/23/07 04:00EriePAUSALightA bright spec of light hovered over east Erie and was brighter than anything in the night's sky.10/8/07
8/23/07 03:35FoxboroMAUSALight2 minWitnessed intense blinding light followed by loud electrical noise as it dissappeared and turned to a green color.10/8/07
8/23/07 00:30San YsidroCAUSALight2 minutesFour white lights horizontal with ground and moving higher into sky, pivot into vertical position, begin twisting and then vanish10/8/07
8/23/07 00:19Chengdu (China)ChinaSphere50 sec.flying light or flying life?10/8/07
8/23/07 00:00GwinnMIUSATriangle10 minstriangle craft that melted into the ground10/8/07
8/22/07 23:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaFormation1 hourCounted 50 moving star-ships in skies over Vancouver BC with some in formation and others moving across sky.10/8/07
8/22/07 22:00Fort Hood/KilleenTXUSACircle45minsWeird lights10/8/07
8/22/07 21:00North WilkesboroNCUSADiamond25-30 secondsDiamond-shaped light flying silently10/8/07
8/22/07 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAOval15 minutesTwo red ovals moving in irregular movements in a south-east approach.10/8/07
8/22/07 21:00Songtan/Pyongtaek (Republic of Korea)Republic of KoreaSphere3-5 secondsMysterious Orb seen over Songtan, South Korea10/8/07
8/22/07 20:40MarfaTXUSACigar10 minutesSteady cigar shape light cruises under Moon at speed with no sound or blinking.10/8/07
8/22/07 20:30Las VegasNVUSACirclefew minuteslight circle with knob-like shapes on 2 sides seen above moon trailing plane and then ascended until it disappeared. this was observed10/8/07
8/22/07 20:08LebanonTNUSATeardrop10 secsblue lights on bottom of fast moving silent object3/4/08
8/22/07 15:00TruroMAUSAOther3 minutesStraight line of black smoke crosses sky10/8/07
8/22/07 00:00Velson Noord (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight10 minutes2 bright orange lights followed by a 3rd, heading south to north then disappearing into the sky. Velson noord, Netherlands.10/8/07
8/21/07 23:30Ewa BeachHIUSAFireball3 secondsSpherical high altitude explosion and flash of light over Ewa Beach10/8/07
8/21/07 22:30PortervilleCAUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle shaped Bright Red Strobes Observed10/8/07
8/21/07 21:40LongviewWAUSALight>1 minRed and green lights hovering over I-5, south of Longview, WA10/8/07
8/21/07 20:45CharlotteNCUSADisk10 minutes totalDisk-Shaped Objects w/ Red and White Lights Over Incoming Flight Path of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport10/8/07
8/21/07 15:40DenverCOUSACigar1 minuteShiny metallic cigar shape (probably saucer) object travelling above Denver metro area.10/8/07
8/21/07 12:30Sudbury (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownWe seen something really weird ,and real bright. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD))10/8/07
8/21/07 12:00Topsail IslandNCUSADisk1 hour((HOAX??)) silver disk.10/8/07
8/21/07 09:55DenverCOUSARectangle60 to 90 secondsLarge white rectangular UFO over Denver10/8/07
8/21/07 09:15HendersonKYUSADiamond10 minit was 9 15 in the morning snd i looked outside the window of my high school and 2 other students saw it. and then it quickly dissipear10/8/07
8/21/07 01:45Cherry HillNJUSAUnknown5 secondsBright flash and machine-like noise late night in Cherry Hill, NJ10/8/07
8/21/07 00:30I-84 (near Utah border)IDUSALight15 secondsLarge, bright light streaking smooth and low across the night sky, off the side of the highway.1/21/08
8/20/07 23:43GreeceNYUSACylinder1 hourcylindrical shaped object, due west in western NY sky, revolving green, red and white lights… ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))10/8/07
8/20/07 23:43GreeceNYUSACylinderstill goingcylindrical shaped object, due west in western NY sky, revolving green, red and white lights… ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))10/8/07
8/20/07 23:00MelbourneFLUSALighta few secondsWhat looked like a star moving east across the sky and then disappearing into the distance. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))10/8/07
8/20/07 22:30HartsvilleSCUSALight10 MinutesExtremely bright UFO staionary then spirals away out of sight.1/10/09
8/20/07 22:05EdmondOKUSASphere2 min.Two bright star looking objects moving at unbelievale speed. Too high to be man made light. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and STS?? PD))10/8/07
8/20/07 22:00Fountain valleyCAUSACircle15 minutesthere was a round shaped object that glowed a dull red collor in the night sky; that moved very slowly10/8/07
8/20/07 21:50LafayetteORUSAOval20 seconds2 very bright oval objects viewed in the sky over Lafayette Oregon. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and STS?? PD))10/8/07
8/20/07 21:45Miramar BeachFLUSALightest. 10 minutesMysterious Lights Over Gulf10/8/07
8/20/07 21:00ArivacaAZUSALight1 hourOn the 20th we observed three objects enter the atmosphere headed in a northerly direction.10/8/07
8/20/07 20:00West ValleyUTUSASphere30 secondsUFO crosses aircraft landing pattern in Salt Lake City, August 200710/31/08
8/20/07 20:00Myrtle BeachSCUSALight5 minutesDiagonal straight line of three lights fading on and off appearing in different parts of the sky11/28/07
8/20/07 20:00StormstownPAUSADiamond3 minutesUFO outside of State College Pennsylvania11/5/20
8/20/07 19:40Rock HillSCUSALight2 minsAt 9:40 p.m. on August 20 2007 I witnessed two bright spherical lights for about two minutes. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and STS?? PD))10/8/07
8/20/07 19:40ArdmoreOKUSALight4 minpossable UFO10/8/07
8/20/07 10:15OcalaFLUSALight15 minslight was white faded in and out about 6-8 times in 15min period..i signaled back with my 2 green neons on roof10/8/07
8/20/07 10:00RussellvilleARUSAMore reports the first half of this month then any other monthly report . (?)10/8/07
8/20/07 05:30HendersonARUSALight35 SEC.strange orange lights over Henderson AR10/8/07
8/20/07 05:00FernleyNVUSACircle4-5 hrs((HOAX??)) UFO'S HOUVER OVER DESERT FLOOR AROUND ABOUT 10,000 FT.10/8/07
8/20/07 04:50Kota (India)IndiaOther6 SecFast moving star, crossed whole sky just in 6 sec.8/12/08
8/20/07 04:30MiddletonWIUSAOther10 minutesColumn of flashing white lights10/8/07
8/20/07 02:00Heber SpringsARUSACircle30 secIt was fast.6/12/08
8/20/07 01:15LagrangeNYUSADiamond5 minDiamond shaped ufo5/12/11
8/20/07 00:30Walla WallaWAUSAUnknown6 SecondsLow flying Orange glow object8/24/10
8/19/07 23:30Little ComptonRIUSATriangle15:00the object resonded to my flashlight,and flashed colored lights back10/8/07
8/19/07 23:00PaysonAZUSADisk((HOAX)) a small object that flew by and vanished10/8/07
8/19/07 22:50GibraltarGibraltarOther30 secondsTwo star-like lights travelling in perfect line with eachother. ((NUFORC Note: ISS in formation with Space Shuttle?? PD))10/8/07
8/19/07 22:00SacramentoCAUSAFormation30 secondsI saw one craft, that I thought was thespace shuttle...then it floated fast... then dissapeared.. then 4 more formed circle... then10/8/07
8/19/07 22:00CranstonRIUSALight2 minThere were 2 lights in the southern sky, one following the other, then a 3rd light shot from one of them and headed towards the ground.10/8/07
8/19/07 21:30HaysKSUSALight2 minutesI observed two constant lights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: ISS in formation with Space Shuttle?? PD))10/8/07
8/19/07 21:20WilliamstownMAUSALight2-3 minutes2 unblinking star-like objects moving quickly across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: ISS in formation with Space Shuttle?? PD))10/8/07
8/19/07 21:17Dexter (in southern sky)MEUSACircle3 minutestwo bright fast moving spheres near bangor ((NUFORC Note: ISS in formation with Space Shuttle?? PD))10/8/07
8/19/07 21:15SacramentoCAUSALight1.5 minutestwo high speed, high altitude lights Sacramento California 9:15pm + 8-19-07. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle and ISS? PD))10/11/16
8/19/07 21:10ChicoCAUSALight2 minWe saw2 bright lights traveling across the night sky at a high rate of speed in formation. ((NUFORC Note: STS and ISS? PD))10/8/07
8/19/07 21:00Spanish SpringsNVUSALight3 minutesTwo lights moving across sky in tandem.10/8/07
8/19/07 20:45Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaSphere1 minuteWeird Lights Following10/8/07
8/19/07 20:30BirminghamALUSADisk1 minuteUFO Sighting over townhome community in Birmingham Alabama. ((NUFORC Note: We cannot certify that this is a serious report. PD))10/8/07
8/19/07 20:05GansevoortNYUSAUnknown4 minUFO sighted 2 lights flying together in an equadistant form West to East Low and slow no noise10/8/07
8/19/07 19:45VacavilleCAUSAChanging2 minutesBright white kite shaped light morphs into sickle shape as it turns before flattening out over Vacaville Hills on Aug. 19, 7:45pm.10/8/07
8/19/07 19:15Beaconsfield (Canada)QCCanadaLight5 minBright light object moving unually swift and completely noiseless.10/8/07
8/19/07 19:00WarnerNHUSACross60as stated above10/8/07
8/19/07 15:32Foster CityCAUSAUnknown20 SecondsUndeniable stationary flickering speck10/8/07
8/19/07 11:00Big Pine KeyFLUSAFormation20secondscould not intrelligenty explain10/8/07
8/19/07 10:30Idaho FallsIDUSAUnknown30 secBright lights unlike any traditional aircraft.10/8/07
8/19/07 10:15EustisNEUSALightstill goingdancing lights in the sky10/8/07
8/19/07 03:30Ft. LauderdaleFLUSADisk2minObject Seen In Florida10/8/07
8/18/07 23:00StratfordCTUSAFormation05 minutesgiant vessel w/ 4 horizontal lights makes no sound then stands upright in distance?10/8/07
8/18/07 23:00LowellMIUSACircle1 minuteOrange glowing balls above tree line.10/8/07
8/18/07 23:00AinsworthNEUSATriangle2 secondsStrange lights over Ainsworth, NE, 200710/8/07
8/18/07 22:30Abadania (Brazil)BrazilLight30 secondsa small star like object that moved at the speed of light, changing direction without slowing down. Abadania Brazil10/8/07
8/18/07 22:00Rock HillSCUSAUnknownOngoing((HOAX??)) Normal sightings at night are two or three. TONIGHT THERE ARE NINE!!10/8/07
8/18/07 21:55Canoga ParkCAUSACigar10 minutesCigar shaped object glowing orange over topanga canyon blvd.10/8/07
8/18/07 21:45Westport/Port Henry (between)NYUSADisk4-5 mileswe were on our way home on saturday night august 18th 2007 approximately 9:45p.m.. we were on rt. 22 headed north between westport ny10/8/07
8/18/07 19:40BeavertonORUSAOther10 minutesTwo objects seen over Portland10/8/07
8/18/07 17:00GlendaleUTUSACircle5 minutesFloating silver object over Utah.7/5/08
8/18/07 12:15SacramentoCAUSACigar1 minuteCigar shaped object, white and silver/metalic in appearance, hovering over Sacramento at noon today10/8/07
8/18/07 12:00WaterlooIAUSAOval5 MinutesA shiny silver object floating stationary then made tight but short movements.4/22/22
8/18/07 07:15WaldorfMDUSACigar15 seccigar object floating in air very clear10/8/07
8/18/07 04:40Mastic BeachNYUSALightless than a minuteBright light over NY10/8/07
8/18/07 03:00Rancho CucamongaCAUSAOval10 minutesGlowing orange orb in the sky...10/8/07
8/18/07 03:00Rancho CucamongaCAUSAOval9 minutesBright orange oval light seen dropping smaller lite objects and then disappeared.10/8/07
8/18/07 02:00MinneapolisMNUSAOther5 minutesUFO sited at Minnehaha Creek in Minneapokis Minnesota10/8/07
8/18/07 01:00London (UK/England)United KingdomLight5minsas above10/8/07
8/18/07 01:00TXUSAOvalat home((HOAX??)) Saw a UFO with a bright beam like light while laying in bed. ((NUFORC Note: Student report; possible hoax. PD))3/4/08
8/18/07 00:45Commerce CityCOUSADisk10 secondsclose encounter12/12/09
8/18/07 00:00GuilfordCTUSATeardrop.5 - 1 minGreen luminesent object with contrail impacts ocean, lights up Guilford CT sky.10/8/07
8/17/07 23:30Rose CityMIUSALight3-4 minutesA brilliant orange-red light seen flying slowly in the sky above Rose City, Michigan10/8/07
8/17/07 23:13DurandMIUSATriangle15 secondsThree groups of two lights of a dim orange color. Together they formed a triangle.10/8/07
8/17/07 22:00St. PaulMNUSADisk1 minutelighted disk with smaller brighter center light10/8/07
8/17/07 21:16South Lake TahoeCAUSAFormation1mintwo following lights moving extermly fast south east accross the sky. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Space Shuttle? PD))10/8/07
8/17/07 21:00KannapolisNCUSADiamond1 hourMultiple sightings of star like object moving in rapid precise movements across the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius? PD)10/8/07
8/17/07 20:45OstranderOHUSASphere20-25 SecondsA black sphere at dusk.10/8/07
8/17/07 20:39Zapata FallsCOUSAOtherSecondsWas moving left to right at a high rate of speed.10/8/07
8/17/07 20:00SweetwaterNJUSALight<> 15 minutesTwo people spotted two dots of light moving erratically in different parts of the sky over New Jersey.10/8/07
8/17/07 05:15TulsaOKUSALight10-15 secondsslightly dim gold light, not blindingly bright.10/8/07
8/16/07 23:15Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaOval8-9 secBright red oval shaped object with blurred edges rapidly crossed the night sky from east to west.10/8/07
8/16/07 23:08ReddingCAUSALight5 secondsSingle light making 90 degree turns, starting and stopping instantly without acceleration.10/8/07
8/16/07 22:50New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAFireball2-3 secondsBright Neon Blue/Green Fireball flashed in the Brooklyn Sky on August 16, 200710/8/07
8/16/07 22:30PlanoTXUSAUnknownunknownMultiple strange hovering lights seen in the night sky over Plano and Allen, Tx.10/8/07
8/16/07 22:13WantaghNYUSAOtherone hourufo recon on long island?10/8/07
8/16/07 22:00DanielsonCTUSALightcouple secondsgreen light shoots through the sky turning to white and quickly dissapears10/8/07
8/16/07 19:45WoodbridgeNJUSADisk1 minuteUp in the sky was a hovering disk shaped object with yellow and blue lights.11/28/07
8/16/07 19:44LindenhurstNYUSALight5 secodsGreen shooting light seen in sky over Lindenhurst, Ny10/8/07
8/16/07 19:00YorkPAUSATriangle3 friends including myself were driving down lewisberry rd in york,pa around 7-7:30ish and we were passing one of my friends developmen10/8/07
8/16/07 10:40DarienCTUSAEgg1 second((HOAX??)) Neon green object dissapears in night sky.10/8/07
8/16/07 06:30Mars HillMEUSACylinder15 minObject was stationary for 10 min then dissappeared.10/8/07
8/16/07 01:00Pensacola BeachFLUSASphere3-5 miunetsBright orange balls of light flying in formation fading and reapearing over the water. ((NUFORC Note:10/8/07
8/16/07 00:10WhitefieldNHUSADisk10 minutesSaucer stopped and appeared to search for something before flying behind Mount Washington.10/8/07
8/15/07 23:20San JoseCAUSATriangle1 minTriangle shaped 3 red or orange lights in corners6/12/08
8/15/07 23:00BendTXUSALight45 secondsUnexplainable blinking lights witnessed over Texas sky.10/8/07
8/15/07 22:40Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaFireball3-5 sec.bluish white fireball observed during 3-5 sec. on SW to NE trajectory over Montreal --possible sat reentry10/8/07
8/15/07 22:20DuluthMNUSALight30 secondsBright, white light moving towards east faded into red-orange color and disappeared.10/8/07
8/15/07 22:05Santa RosaCAUSAChevron8 minutesAdditional note to previous report same date Santa Rosa CA - Object was silent and did not bank in turns10/8/07
8/15/07 22:05Santa RosaCAUSAChevron8 minutesTriangle shaped bright lights with one red in the rear floated slowly southwest over Santa Rosa CA10/8/07
8/15/07 22:00AlvinTXUSAFireball2:00 hrsVarious high altitude objcets seen around Houston-Alvin, Texas areas during storm.10/8/07
8/15/07 21:00CaryNCUSALight10 secondswalked out on back deck at twilight time red -white lite just above tree line cruises by heading west very very fast no noise or trail10/8/07
8/15/07 21:00IrvineCAUSASphere15 secondsTwo yellow spheres rotating about each other (barrel rolls) moving right to left and vanishing.7/4/12
8/15/07 21:00ConklinMIUSAFireball15 minutes3 silent fireballs very low moving slowly to the west my husband who seen the same thing but at dif location same night.5/13/12
8/15/07 21:00BremertonWAUSADiskall nightThis is not the first sighting we have seen in Bremerton Wa!!! It has been going on for days!!! Look up at night if you live here!!10/8/07
8/15/07 19:45ChicagoILUSALight3 secondsUFO Observed During Chicago Thunderstorm10/8/07
8/15/07 19:00Great LakesILUSAUnknown1Saw a plane in the sky that looked backward and flew across the sky silently.10/8/07
8/15/07 18:30Laundstuhl (Germany)GermanyDiskless than 1 secondPicture of UFO over small town11/28/07
8/15/07 18:00Browns MillsNJUSACircle10 minutesGrey Circular object seen over southern New jersey11/28/07
8/15/07 16:00Prescott ValleyAZUSAFireball30 minutes or so2 orbs of fire that kept disappearing and reappearing3/23/11
8/15/07 14:00YankeetownINUSA2-3 minstrange sounds1/21/08
8/15/07 14:00Ft. Lupton (near)COUSAOther2-3 minutesVery strange, very fast flying object near Boulder Colorado10/8/07
8/15/07 07:50VallejoCAUSA2 minutesa alien figure, blueish agua color tall and ugly2/13/20
8/15/07 06:30Kawartha Lakes (Canada)ONCanada2 hoursKawartha Lakes Ontario 6 AM Lost time.11/11/13
8/15/07 02:01SpringfieldMOUSALight17 minThere were three bright circles in the form of a triangle. It sat still for about 15 minutes. As we watched the triangle, it started to10/8/07
8/15/07 02:00JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball((HOAX??)) Fire ball with red lights, red tail behind it and a tall object. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))3/4/08
8/15/07 01:30ArlingtonVAUSAFlash20 secondsBright pulsation lights over Arlington VA10/8/07
8/15/07 00:44FairfaxVAUSAUnknown2 minutesFour flashing white lights10/8/07
8/15/07 00:30Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomFireball20 secondsWitnessed an orange orb of light that appeared within a few feet of me in my house around 2007.8/30/13
8/15/07 00:05BathMEUSAUnknownabout 3 mins.My wife and I were outside when we viewed a white sphere high up. I first thought it was a satellite. It was moving in a east to west.10/8/07
8/15/07 00:00Flat RockMIUSALight1-2 hoursFaint, weaving, red lights over Michigan. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial bodies, we suspect. PD))3/31/08
8/15/07 00:00RenoNVUSASphere5 secondsA purple sphere jetted left...and then right.and the left ..and then right again VERY fast and dissapeared10/8/07
8/15/07 00:00ThorpWIUSASpheresightingThe strage star11/28/07
8/14/07 23:30South CharlestonOHUSATriangle30secs to 1minTriangle with brilliant lighs all over it!10/8/07
8/14/07 23:00QueensburyNYUSACircle30 secondsI was watching the meteor shower with my parents when all of a sudden I saw, what I thought were stars, spin around each other probably10/8/07
8/14/07 22:00Goldhead State Park (Clay Co.)FLUSADiamond20 min8/14 clay county florida, moving light (star)10/8/07
8/14/07 22:00MankatoMNUSADiamond5 MINSI saw a bright light in the sky in North East direction .I thought is it Mars which was supposed to be brightest in the sky once some y7/5/08
8/14/07 21:50LewisburgPAUSAOther2 minutesBright star disappears before my eyes and within two mintues large crescent shaped, dimly lit amber object flys silently overhead.10/8/07
8/14/07 21:40LittletonNHUSALight1 minuteBright flash of light, turning to pinpoint of light that traveled silently and quickly through night sky of NH.10/8/07
8/14/07 19:00SimpsonvilleKYUSASphere5 minutesI was travelling to work on Interstate 64 going West towards Louisville when I decided to snap a picture of the beutiful gray sky sunse10/8/07
8/14/07 18:30Newbridge (Ireland)IrelandCircle10 minutesKildare, Ireland. 3 pink balls moving on a horizontal plane returning to the same point in the sky at great speed, observed this activi10/31/08
8/14/07 17:00Williamson CountyILUSASphere5 mins.A huge Sphere metallic shiny object in afternoon sky,10/8/07
8/14/07 16:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaOther1 MINflying, stringy, orb, brain shaped object7/19/10
8/14/07 10:10AlpharettaGAUSALight2 minThree strange lights moving irregularly close together and at high speed.10/8/07
8/14/07 04:00Charlotte (Matthews)NCUSADisk3 minutesSaucer shaped object hovers then suddendly dissappears, only to reappear again8/14/07
8/14/07 01:00Oklahoma CityOKUSATriangle10 SecondsOrange "V" shaped lights fly overhead without making a sound.8/14/07
8/14/07 00:45PortlandORUSATriangle10 secondsGlowing orange triangular object with orbs in each corner travelling south to north8/14/07
8/13/07 23:30Moses LakeWAUSACircle15-20 secondsSuper fast solid white glowing light in Moses Lake, WA10/8/07
8/13/07 23:00BristolPAUSAChangingyellow lights10/8/07
8/13/07 23:00Guelph (Canada)ONCanadaCircle30 minutesWas a circular object drifting through the sky smoothly.There were flashing colors of light. to many to name.11/28/07
8/13/07 23:00Nassau CountyNYUSAUnknown1 hourLONG ISLAND NY UFO8/14/07
8/13/07 22:20GentryARUSATriangle60 secondsGentry, AR orange three spots triangle8/14/07
8/13/07 19:30Grand IslandNEUSADisk15 sec((HOAX?? Student report)) a yellow disk hovering for a few seconds then took off.8/14/07
8/13/07 16:24MukilteoWAUSADiskDid not notice the object (UFO?) until later while viewing a photo taken earlier today.8/14/07
8/13/07 12:20New CastleCAUSASphere2 minutes8/13/07 Silver Spheres seen on Hyway 193 New Castle Calif. 12:20pm10/8/07
8/13/07 05:15McGregorTXUSAOther3 secsHalf moon shape craft sighted over McGregor Texas 08/13/20078/14/07
8/13/07 04:30LexingtonMOUSADisk10 mindisc over corn field10/8/07
8/13/07 01:00Brighton (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle2 hours plusOrbs & 3 Triangles observed 13 minutes filmed on camcorder Brighton Sussex U.K.10/8/07
8/13/07 01:00HazeltonNDUSASphere15 minsMostly white with a little color spherical object moving erratically through the North Dakota sky near Hazelton.8/14/07
8/13/07 01:00CarmelINUSADiskhe ciggarete that changed a mans life10/8/07
8/13/07 00:45Tromsoe (Norway)NorwayTriangle5 minutes, maybe 10I had a friend over. We went to the fridge to get some soda's. At that point we saw nothing on the sky. After maybe 10-15 min, we10/8/07
8/13/07 00:45Tromsoe (Norway)NorwayTriangle10-15 minTriangeled crafts, appearing and summoning other crafts.10/8/07
8/13/07 00:25DallasTXUSAUnknown10-15 secondsIts bottom appeared as three dimly illuminated elongated octagons, one in front of two in tandem.10/8/07
8/13/07 00:16London (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle>10 secondsBlack triangle seen briefly in South-East of UK8/14/07
8/13/07 00:00La GrangeTXUSATriangle2 mins3 flashing lights in formation of a triangle soared across the nights horizon from one side of the sky to the other in less than minute8/14/07
8/12/07 23:45OrlandoFLUSATriangle1 minuteV shaped red lights flying overhead, very large and silent10/8/07
8/12/07 23:45BrightonCOUSALight15 SecondsZigzagging Object during meteor shower10/8/07
8/12/07 23:40RangeleyMAUSAUnknown5 minutesRed and green flashing lights seen at approximately 11:40 pm in Rangeley, ME.8/14/07
8/12/07 23:10San RafaelCAUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular craft seen over San Rafael, CA around 11pm Sunday night8/14/07
8/12/07 23:00NothingAZUSALight10 secIt was late at night on US 93 (Joshua forest Parkway) between US93 and US 97 junction and 15 miles south of Nothing,az before the road10/8/07
8/12/07 23:00Slades CornersWIUSAFireball15 to 20 secondsMy friends and I were standing in a street when we noticed a bright blueish/white light 20 ft in the air that caused a power outage.10/8/07
8/12/07 22:30KeshenaWIUSACircle5 minutesBright object came from space.10/8/07
8/12/07 22:30OmakWAUSALight3secwere five lights11/28/07
8/12/07 22:20SaginawMIUSATriangle45 secondsTriangle shaped object, flying very low with bright white litghts8/14/07
8/12/07 21:45FayettevilleARUSACircle10 minutesWhite ball with alternating colored orbs, hovering/moving above tree level in urban Arkansas neighborhood.8/14/07
8/12/07 21:45Isle of PalmsSCUSACircle4 secondsroung grey object streaks across sky without lights or sound8/14/07
8/12/07 21:15Long BeachCAUSAFormation3 secondsmany red orbs arranged in a trinangle10/8/07
8/12/07 20:30East SandwichMAUSALight1 minuteIntense white light replaced by dot high in the night sky over Cape Cod8/14/07
8/12/07 20:00IssaquahWAUSAEgg25 minutesstrange dissapearing objects over lake sammamish.8/14/07
8/12/07 18:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAOval10 minutesToday on da twelve of august 2007 me and my friend sighted suspicious aircraft flying over brooklyn at 18:30hours.8/14/07
8/12/07 13:00SacramentoCAUSASphere10 min8/12/07 Strange spheres over sacramento 1:00pm.8/14/07
8/12/07 12:30EaganMNUSATriangle6 seconds((HOAX??)) plains with huge lights on the bottem and goign really fast close to ground.8/14/07
8/12/07 11:21RichmondVAUSALight1 hourRed, green, white stationary light. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))8/14/07
8/12/07 10:30Bullhead CityAZUSAUnknown2 minsSmoke trails from object in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))8/14/07
8/12/07 05:00RosevilleMNUSALighti1minuteBright object with light flashing about once per second moved from northwest to southeast at about a 60 degree elevation at mid-transit8/14/07
8/12/07 05:00BacontonGAUSACircle20 minutesGlowing circular object dancing across a single portion of the night sky surrounded by nothing.8/14/07
8/12/07 04:40St. AugustineFLUSATriangle2-3 minutesWhile on vacation, at 04:40 early in the morning I observed a triangular lighted object tracking north to south stopping several times8/14/07
8/12/07 03:15North AttleboroMAUSAOther20 SecondsView of sky occluded as an object passed overhead.10/8/07
8/12/07 03:00AzusaCAUSAFireball6 hoursAzusa Mountains is a Highway for UFOS.3/4/08
8/12/07 01:45PlymouthINUSAFormation30 secondsAs big as a large house with 2 car garage attached and kinda shaped like that 500 feet over my head..10/8/07
8/12/07 01:19RollaMOUSAUnknown45 minobject up in the stratosphere followed with us for approximently 45 minutes8/14/07
8/12/07 01:00LynnMAUSAFireball10minutes2 balls of fire spheres not that big they seem to be observing earth is what i believe they moved fast like speed of light.10/31/08
8/12/07 01:00New Waterford (Canada)NSCanadaCircle30 secondsOrange circles moving around the sky then speeding off out of sight8/14/07
8/12/07 01:00HesperiaCAUSALight1 hourearly in the morning. and object along other 3 moved raidcally in a fixed position8/14/07
8/12/07 01:00AlamedaCAUSALight3 hours at leastI saw a single red light that never changed shape or color but moved in an unconventional fasion.11/28/07
8/12/07 00:50ClermontFLUSALight10 SecondsUnusual Light10/8/07
8/12/07 00:30MeredithNHUSAUnknown1 hourRed light hovering over Winnisquam8/14/07
8/12/07 00:15Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomLightaprox 1 minutetwo bright moving object over my house8/14/07
8/12/07 00:00Van WertOHUSASphere30 seconds?small, slowly strobing yellow sphere, low flying object in Van Wert, Oh Aug. 2007 midnight3/4/08
8/11/07 23:45BethelCTUSALight1 hourWhite, green and red lighted object in Western Sky8/14/07
8/11/07 23:00MiamiFLUSATriangleApprox. 5 mins.Miami suburb night sighting of a silent, low-hovering obtusely-angled arrangement of reddish lights2/8/11
8/11/07 23:00Bedford (UK/England)United KingdomLight30 seconds2 very fast star like objects darting around then moved very fast in one direction across the sky.1/21/08
8/11/07 22:56ColdwaterMIUSALight2:30 MINSBRIGHT YELLOWISH LIGHT8/14/07
8/11/07 22:45SterlingILUSALight10 minutesRed revolving light in Illinois8/14/07
8/11/07 22:30DraperUTUSALight1 minuteGreen flashes with booms in the night sky.8/14/07
8/11/07 22:00Gobi Desert (Mongolia)MongoliaLight60 secondBright slowly oulsing light10/8/07
8/11/07 22:00Harrison TownshipMIUSALight1 minuteStrange faint blue lights in Selfridge Airbase area10/8/07
8/11/07 22:00GretnaVAUSATriangle5 minutes3 craft flying low and slow and minimul noise10/8/07
8/11/07 21:40Oxford (UK/England)United KingdomLight3-4 minutesstrong yellow light moving at speed across sky at a low altitude. Absolutely silent whilst it travelled8/14/07
8/11/07 21:00TiskilwaILUSALight20 minutesDistant cluster of lights ejected smaller white lights11/21/10
8/11/07 20:30Baton RougeLAUSAFireball7 minutesFlaming Ball over Baton Rouge8/14/07
8/11/07 20:00Humble/AtascocitaTXUSAOvala few minutesMy husband had gone out to water plants in this heat and was on the patio in backyard. We are near IAH and at first he thought it was a8/14/07
8/11/07 15:05ClarklakeMIUSAFlashfive minutesPower interrruption, glinting in the blue sky and several odd photographs taken of round, metallic object.(s)8/14/07
8/11/07 13:24TacomaWAUSAOther4 minutesUFO- Bright, light shifting Orb over Tacoma 8/11/20078/14/07
8/11/07 12:12Los AngelesCAUSAOther5 minuteson 8/11/08, 3 stars that seemed connected where snaking through the atmoshpere onto of California, Los Angeles, around 12:12 a.m.8/14/07
8/11/07 10:00VancouverWAUSAUnknown1:00UFOs seen converging with fighter jets just after takeoff.8/14/07
8/11/07 05:00Grand RapidsMIUSAOther10 secondsPulsing Light Back Again8/14/07
8/11/07 04:30Grand RapidsMIUSALight1 minuteTwo Lights Moving In Unison8/14/07
8/11/07 01:30Los AngelesCAUSATriangle3-5 secondsLarge dark triangle with blinking lights passes over Los Angeles neighborhood8/14/07
8/11/07 00:45GrenadaCAUSAFireball3-4 secondsHuge, neon green fireball with orange halo travelling very fast perpendicular to earth in northern CA8/14/07
8/11/07 00:15Pittsburg/AntiochCAUSAFireball2-3 secxwhite ball of light illuminated sky over Hwy 48/14/07
8/11/07 00:09SonoraCAUSALight:02ball of light and loud boom8/14/07
8/11/07 00:05OakdaleCAUSAFireball10 minutesMultiple reports of earthquakes, sonic booms, fireballs, meteors, ufos's10/8/07
8/10/07 22:50UK/EnglandUnited KingdomFormation5 secondsFormation of 6 or 7 fast star-like objects in the skies above Kent UK.8/14/07
8/10/07 22:40Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaLight2 minSoundless zig-zagging bright white light seen by two adults.8/14/07
8/10/07 22:35WalkertonINUSAUnknownsecondsBright flash lights up entire night sky, with two orange streaks and white circle moving away from earth.8/14/07
8/10/07 22:15RichmondMIUSAOval2 minutesSteady moving oval object with an orange glow as if on fire.8/14/07
8/10/07 22:05LewistonMEUSASphere5 minutesMultiple lighted spherical objects moving in a linear array from southern horizon to northern horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Lanterns. PD))8/14/07
8/10/07 22:00LewistonMEUSAFormation1-2 minutesstring of "orange flame" colored lights over Lewiston. ((NUFORC Note: Aerial lanterns, launched from a party at Bates College. PD))8/14/07
8/10/07 21:30Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomDisk12secondsA bright light shooting off at speed8/14/07
8/10/07 21:00GreenwichNYUSATriangle6-8 minutesWith friends in field, saw object illuminate and hover, flash and then take off quite fast.8/14/07
8/10/07 19:30LancasterPAUSALight15 min.Marching Band loving light follows the patterns of the band. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes10/31/08
8/10/07 19:05Accrington (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle40 secsUnknown object / 3 lights, camouflaged when motionless against a clear night sky.8/21/11
8/10/07 18:30Fort SmithARUSAUnknownover 2 minutesA black and grey, oval type craft, SUV sized, it had tubes and what appeared to be antennae sticking out of the top and bottom.6/22/22
8/10/07 14:30RoseburgORUSAOther4 minutesMeteor or UFO on August 12, 2007 Roseburg, Oregon?8/14/07
8/10/07 12:00HancockMEUSACigar2 minutesElongated cigar shape, translucent or transparent, controlled flight, no fuselage10/8/07
8/10/07 05:30Wichita FallsTXUSACigar2 minutesLiquid UFO8/14/07
8/10/07 05:25BoulderCOUSAChanging5-7 minutesEarly morning Boulder, CO UFO sighting with photos8/14/07
8/10/07 04:00NauvooILUSAFormation1hr 45mins4 stars and an unusual oval-shaped object were seen for two hours8/14/07
8/10/07 03:05LithionaGAUSAFlash3 minutesThere was a bright flashing light that danced in the sky like a butterfly.8/14/07
8/10/07 03:00PlattsburgNYUSACircle10 secondsWhite light dancing in the sky....11/28/07
8/10/07 00:20IndianapolisINUSATriangle1-2 minutesOn August 10,2007, at 12:20 AM, my Grandson and I where coming home from seeing a Spiderman movie. We where on Madison Ave heading nor8/14/07
8/9/07 23:30TucsonAZUSACircle1 minsmall Sesna size orange glowing orb traveling fast10/8/07
8/9/07 23:00TiskilwaILUSATriangle3-4 minutesDark triangle with lights seen at low altitude11/21/10
8/9/07 21:45OakhurstCAUSATriangle15 sec3 huge Triangle objects headed from Yosemite to Fresno seen in Oakhurst CA8/14/07
8/9/07 21:30Johnson CityTNUSALight10 minutesbright light being chased by planes8/14/07
8/9/07 21:00Fort OglethorpeGAUSACircle30 minutesWitnessed while in backyard pool, 5 star-like lights traveling east to north and west to north-east zig-zagging.8/14/07
8/9/07 21:00New Delhi (India)IndiaDiamondFIVE MINSSTAR SHAPED UFO8/14/07
8/9/07 20:30Georgetown TownshipWIUSASphere10 secondsglowing sphere hovering over lake surface10/8/07
8/9/07 19:55Riverview (Canada)NBCanadaTriangle5 minutesObject looked like a Concord (plane), size of a 50-passenger plane, no markings, no windows, but it was flying backwards.10/8/07
8/9/07 19:50McAllenTXUSASphere10 minutesWhen returning with take out food I noticed a bright star-like light in the sky. It was too early for a star. I took my food into the10/8/07
8/9/07 17:28MonroevilleINUSACylinder40 seconds ?Light grey colored cylinder moving slowly upwards as it crossed the sky.8/14/07
8/9/07 11:00Green RiverUTUSADiamond5 min.A good friend and I were traveling westbound on I-70 a few miles west of Green River, Utah as we had just stopped to gas up there. We w10/8/07
8/9/07 02:00NapervilleILUSASphereLess than 5 secondsBright orange sphere moving at an extremely fast speed, North-Eastern Illinois8/14/07
8/8/07 23:10Swinton (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond00:20ufos over manchester8/14/07
8/8/07 23:00Prescott National ForestAZUSARectangleA rectangular - diamond shaped object with a tail, similar looking to a kite.10/8/07
8/8/07 23:00MontgomeryALUSACircleunknown((HOAX)) A space ship about half the size of a golf green ,child sized aliens, and burned grass of area that the space ship landed8/14/07
8/8/07 22:00St. LouisMOUSALight@15 secondsPulsating , odd performing "aircraft"(?)8/14/07
8/8/07 22:00Jadranovo (Croatia)CroatiaCigar3sCuban cigar shape- bright light12/12/09
8/8/07 20:00Fort DavisTXUSAFireball3-4 minutesgreen fireball sightings in Texas3/31/08
8/8/07 17:05Moab (near)UTUSAOtherMomentaryA spherical object with an annulus surrounding appeared in a photo that was taken of rock formations in Utah.10/8/07
8/8/07 16:00Hilton Head IslandSCUSACylinderTwo objects moving across the sky on a clear day.1/21/08
8/8/07 15:17Crookhaven (Republic of Ireland)IrelandCone1 secObjects captured in a digital image off Marconi's point in Ireland.10/8/07
8/8/07 05:45TampaFLUSATriangle45 minSmoke screen from aircraft shaped like three v's sideways with two lower case e's off to the left least 6 aircraft8/14/07
8/8/07 02:20Salt Lake CityUTUSALight40 minutesstationary red and blue flashing lights in eastern Salt Lake City sky8/14/07
8/7/07 23:48TooeleUTUSAFireball5 -7 secondsVery high, very fast, and in a unique shape.8/14/07
8/7/07 23:45MartinsburgWVUSACigar7 mini dont think i can explain what it truely was, but im sure the govt. will deny this one too.8/7/07
8/7/07 23:03EdmondOKUSADisk2 secondsufo chase with 3 air planes.8/14/07
8/7/07 23:00ArivacaAZUSALight5 hoursColorful craft, orbs, strobe beacons in Arivaca8/7/07
8/7/07 22:10San DiegoCAUSALight7 min.Bright light changed to dim and traveled acros sky beconing stationary and changing course 90 deg.8/14/07
8/7/07 22:00EriePAUSAFireballover one hourOrange Flaming Orbs fall from the sky over Lake Erie, August, 20078/24/10
8/7/07 21:39Las VegasNVUSAOval5 minutesstars moving in sin city8/14/07
8/7/07 19:30Brisbane (Australia)AustraliaOval5-6 seconds7:30 Night blue hovering ufo shot away brisbane australia10/31/08
8/7/07 18:44Rohnert ParkCAUSAFormation10 minutesCluster of four bright lights in clear blue sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly an advertising light?? PD))8/14/07
8/7/07 10:00Lake PowellUTUSAOvalNoneBright Oval object over Lake Powell, Utah10/8/07
8/7/07 07:41BrandtOHUSAOther2-3 secondsA UFO was visible in a sunrise digital photograph that was not otherwise visible.10/8/07
8/7/07 05:00New ZealandNew ZealandFireball15 -20 SECSdomed ufo in fireball spotted over New Zealand10/8/07
8/6/07 22:45Texarkana (10 mi. S of)ARUSAInexplicable bright lights and moving objects8/7/07
8/6/07 22:45Brookline StationMOUSAFlash30Two flickering red in color objects with one moving very slow and the other at great speed.8/7/07
8/6/07 22:20TexarkanaARUSAOther30 min15-20 cigar-shaped ships with red and blue lights, numerous bright white lights apearing and dissapearing,8/14/07
8/6/07 22:15AllenTXUSACigar3 minSuddenly a cigar shaped object, bluish white in color sped across the sky underneath the planet Jupiter and rising as it sped across th8/14/07
8/6/07 20:30SonoraCAUSALight10 minsVery bright orange light low in sky, then just blinked out from left to right.8/7/07
8/5/07 22:10Coventry Area (UK/England)United KingdomFireball<1 minuteAn orange light, which looked spherical, passed across the sky SW from Coventry to NE in a corkscrew trajectory then straight line out1/10/09
8/5/07 22:00OzarkMOUSALight2 minreddish light that moved slowly across night sky making turns10/8/07
8/5/07 22:00Oak IslandNCUSAOther30 Minutes3 green lights in horizontal formation converged into 1 bright orange light, 3 oranage lights reappeared in triangular formation10/8/07
8/5/07 21:45Cape Breton (Canada)NSCanada1/2 hourPilots must have seen these strange lights.8/7/07
8/5/07 21:31Chawton, Hampshire (near Alton) (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minute or soA single Small white light observed moving across night sky at a very high altitude8/7/07
8/5/07 21:30SuccessNHUSA2-3 minuteswobbling in flight/ bright white light in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: ISS passed over NH at 22:08 hrs.. PD))8/7/07
8/5/07 17:30DenverCOUSACircle1-2 min.Circular object flying up and into the clouds before a storm.8/14/07
8/5/07 17:00BinghamtonNYUSASphereglowing circle in ballon rally photo.8/14/07
8/5/07 13:22Los AngelesCAUSAFireball5-9 SECONDSWe saw 2 firey orange orbs, like 2 small suns near each other, west of the Los Angeles skyline for 5-9 seconds at 1:22 in the afternoon8/7/07
8/5/07 04:00Las VegasNVUSAOther15 secondsLooked like Haiti UFOs seen the same weekend.8/14/07
8/5/07 00:00Lowestoft (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minutesBright light seen moving north east over Lowestoft in Suffolk, England8/7/07
8/4/07 23:15Worthing (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 minutesCircular light, zig-zagging across the sky8/7/07
8/4/07 22:00RochesterNYUSACircle4 minutesStreaking bright UFO spotted by all of us around a campfire! Moving at a crazy speed.... ((NUFORC Note: ISS overflight. PD))8/7/07
8/4/07 21:45Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight30 secondsFast Moving Single light with no other blinking lights associated with known aircraft8/7/07
8/4/07 21:39BrockportNYUSALight30 SecondsLighted object crosses entire sky in less than 30 Seconds8/7/07
8/4/07 21:30DayvilleCTUSAOval1 minOrange glowing round or oval object moving very fast from west to east8/7/07
8/4/07 21:30Algonquin Park (Ontario) (Canada)ONCanadaLightBright light moving very fast across the entire night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the ISS? PD))8/14/07
8/4/07 21:00CanaanMEUSASphere10 minutesAn fast flying ornage sphere, flaring brightly each time it made 90 and over 90 degree turns. Seen by 8 people.10/8/07
8/4/07 20:45FlintMIUSATriangle15 secondsMy dad's friend was driving me home from my hunter's saftey class one night. WE had just gone under the bridge at Belsay road and I tho3/4/08
8/4/07 20:30Baton RougeLAUSAFireball7 minutesFlaming Ball over Baton Rouge8/14/07
8/4/07 15:00Dorking, Surrey (UK/England)United KingdomCircle3-4 MINSTWO WHITE CIRCULAR OBJECTS MOVING AT HIGH ALTITUDE & SPEED.8/14/07
8/4/07 06:20KissimmeeFLUSALight90 minHigh altitude, long lasting contrails and two bright white lights over Central Florida10/8/07
8/4/07 03:30WilmingtonNCUSAFireball5 secondsFireball O'er Wilmington, NC. Unexplicable illuminations8/7/07
8/4/07 01:30WarrenOHUSALight2 hours+Light Flashes in the sky8/7/07
8/4/07 00:30HoustonTXUSAUnknown30 minutes..this is an UPDATE... it is not a UFO... it is the star "ANTERES" several forum members on an aviation site helped me find out what i8/14/07
8/4/07 00:30HoustonTXUSAUnknown30 minutes"shooting star" like, red white strobe lights, hovers..APPEARS to be in higher atmosphere.(or space) 60-80,000 FT , or more8/7/07
8/3/07 23:30Canyon LakeTXUSALight2 1/2 hoursUnexplained light pattern that lasted for over an hour10/8/07
8/3/07 23:30BethlehemCTUSAFireball30secBall of White Fire Shoots Across the Sky in Bethlehem8/7/07
8/3/07 23:30Arizona CityAZUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle UFO with orange lights seen over Arizona City twice in one day.8/7/07
8/3/07 22:46MedinaMNUSALight2 minutesBright, fast moving star-like object8/7/07
8/3/07 21:30BuffaloNYUSACircle5 minutesBright white circular like light moving north, northest from the Elmwood strip in Buffalo, New York. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))8/7/07
8/3/07 21:15BlandonPAUSAFormation3-5 minutes2 V-shaped formations of red and blue lights seen hovering low on the horizon8/7/07
8/3/07 21:00PrincetonILUSATriangle2 minutesSlow, low flying triangle shaped craft, three white lights, one red blinking light8/7/07
8/3/07 20:00RiversideCAUSALight1 min approx.Bright, fast moving light passes overhead10/8/07
8/3/07 16:00KalispellMTUSATeardrop?Objects seen in Montana's Glacier Nat'l Park10/8/07
8/3/07 08:50ClovisNMUSALight5 minutesLooked like a bright star moving quite fast8/7/07
8/3/07 08:20FriscoTXUSACigar8 secondsTwo glowing light green oblong/cigar shaped objects side-by-side8/7/07
8/3/07 05:00La PorteTXUSALight1 minuteThe object moved very swiftly in a zig-zag pattern and then split into two seperate orbs right before my eyes8/7/07
8/3/07 00:00BenningtonVTUSAOther10 secondsbright shooting light, slowly fades away.10/8/07
8/2/07 23:00Fairfax CountyVAUSACircle30 seconds((HOAX??)) It was flying over ahead of us. At a fast paced speed.8/7/07
8/2/07 22:00CottonwoodAZUSASomething fell from the sky in north of phoenix, lots of 911 calls8/7/07
8/2/07 22:00NapaCAUSALight1-2 MinutesUFO over Lake Berryessa.8/14/07
8/2/07 21:50RedmondWAUSAFireball15 secUFO Sighting8/7/07
8/2/07 21:30GarnerNCUSALight1 minBright white light moves across sky and stops suddenly and reverses8/7/07
8/2/07 21:15Pecks LakeNYUSAUnknown15 min.bright orange light in sky8/14/07
8/2/07 20:00CottonwoodAZUSAUnknownunknownThis is a response to the incident that took place in Cottonwood,Az on 08/02/07.The news channel did report on the 9pm segment of this8/14/07
8/2/07 20:00CottonwoodAZUSACircleminutesbright white light10/8/07
8/2/07 17:00SeattleWAUSACircle30 MinutesSaw same thing thake place in Seattle like reported in Arizona 1997 but dooring daylight hours.11/28/07
8/1/07 23:00CowicheWAUSADisk12-20-minsI was coming home late night with the wife from work. We live in the town called Cowiche its north of Yakima out in the country. It was3/4/08
8/1/07 23:00UmatillaORUSA5 secondsGreen Rectangler Flash in Sky8/14/07
8/1/07 23:00HarrisburgILUSACircleNOWThis is happening RIGHT NOW...its is a circle under the north star....its has a blinking, then white, then is jus8/7/07
8/1/07 22:15FostoriaMIUSALight3-5 secondsorange lights 2nd consecutive night.8/7/07
8/1/07 21:15PlainfieldILUSAUnknown15 secondsthe object stopped in mid air and changed directions 4 times, then flew away north8/7/07
8/1/07 20:45FalconCOUSAChevron8 seconds total or lessHuge crescent shaped object, emerged from a distorted area of the sky.1/21/08
8/1/07 14:00SpokaneWAUSAOther4This happened about 2 years ago, my brother, and his wife were came over to visit around 2:00 in the afternoon, I went outside to great6/9/09
8/1/07 11:00Beaver Creek/Alaska Highway (Canada)YTCanadaOther10 minutesStrange Solid Black line in the sky, horizon to horizon, broad daylight8/7/07
8/1/07 10:20SouthfieldMIUSATeardrop5 minstepped out on porch to see odd object in sky that was too big for a kite and did not move like a helicopter. it was moving slowly and8/7/07
8/1/07 08:02Chhindwara (India)IndiaDisk10secondsAn Disk-Shaped Ufo8/7/07
8/1/07 04:00Neumarkt (Germany)GermanyChevron5 secondsIn Southern Germany8/7/07
8/1/07 00:15Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCircle15-20 sec7-8 object seen11/28/07