National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 06/2007


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/30/07 23:45San BernadinoCAUSALightroughly 20 min.After being parked facing north in San Timoteo canyon to watch trains and possibly catch a nap before hitting the road to Phoenix, we s8/7/07
6/30/07 23:30Vaudreuil (Canada)QCCanadaLight8 secondsUnidentified Aerial red,blue,green lights seen in a cloud over Vaudreuil,Quebec near Montreal8/7/07
6/30/07 23:30Sydney (Australia)AustraliaUnknownEvery day for 1 yearWhen I was younger, I experienced a traumatic event each and every night. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not UFO-related?? PD))1/25/18
6/30/07 23:00Lac de la Sucrerie, Vendee (Canada)QCCanadaUnknown15-20 minutesI noticed a bright light on the northern horizon over Lac de la Sucrerie (46 degrees 07 minutes 00.23seconds North, 74 degrees 54 minut3/19/09
6/30/07 23:00TerrellTXUSATriangle5 to 10 secondsTriangular object might have been new Stealth technology. But who's?1/5/11
6/30/07 23:00SouthigtonCTUSASphere30 minRed/orange spheres traveling in a triangular trail over Southington Connecticut.8/7/07
6/30/07 22:30Saint JohnsMIUSARectangle15-30 secondsRed/orange retagular shaped light in Northwestern sky8/7/07
6/30/07 22:30SouthingtonCTUSAFireball15 minAfter fireworks display, many people including ourselves saw very fast moving objects one after the other moving west to east. Speed v8/7/07
6/30/07 22:10IndianapolisINUSALight2 MinutesBright red light over Indianapolis8/7/07
6/30/07 22:09North PoleAKUSAFormationApprox. 3hrs((HOAX??)) Strange ships and electrical interference.8/7/07
6/30/07 22:00Lac de la Sucrerie, 115 km NW of Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaDisk20 minIncredible reddish green UFO sighting over Lac de la Sucrerie, 115 km northwest of Montreal, Canada.3/19/09
6/30/07 22:00Orange BeachALUSACircle20 secondsStar shaped shot across sky, stopped briefly and then shot back in the same direction as it came very fast.1/12/18
6/30/07 22:00Burns/Chicamoniny LakeORUSAFlashinstant We were laying back in our lawn chairs, on a hot July. summer evening at Chickahominy lake,( a desert lake 30 miles sout3/19/09
6/30/07 22:00YumaAZUSADisk20 secondsHuge saucer slowly moving then vanishes7/3/13
6/30/07 20:50Ft. LauderdaleFLUSALight3 minutesTwo unusual objects spotted in the night sky over Fort Lauderdale, FL8/30/13
6/30/07 20:00Soap LakeWAUSASphere10 minutesre: 6/9/17 Boulder, CO, report!6/22/17
6/30/07 20:00WaterfordPAUSACigar4 minutes((HOAX??)) my grandmother reported seeing a silver cigar shaped flying object over her country home…3/4/08
6/30/07 19:00Port CharlotteFLUSATriangle5 minutesHuge triangular shaped object, silently moved NS and then SN direction. Camera malfunction, emotions suppressed.4/28/17
6/30/07 18:35New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSATriangleAbout 2 MinutesWe saw a triangle UFO fly by our window in Brooklyn.8/7/07
6/30/07 12:30Miami BeachFLUSASphere10 SecondsA spherical object that moved impossibly fast, flashing light across the noon sky. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/7/07
6/30/07 12:00EriePAUSAOvalAbout 10 minutesI was very young when I saw a UFO, and so do not remember the exact date. I was looking out a second-floor window of my house when I no12/12/11
6/30/07 10:00MarshfieldMOUSATriangle1:00 mintriangle shaped object in webster co mo at pine grove rd and kk3/4/08
6/30/07 09:45SeattleWAUSALight10 minGlowing orbs in the sky over seattle8/7/07
6/30/07 08:00MarshfieldMOUSATriangle30 secondssmall triangle of lights witnessed in webster county mo, at kk and pine grove rd.3/4/08
6/30/07 02:00AgustaMEUSALight3 secondsTruck driver reports UFO sighting approximately year 2007.4/25/19
6/30/07 01:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAOther3-5 minutesMen in black are real, no one can tell me otherwise.8/13/15
6/30/07Laguna BeachCAUSACircleat least 5 minutesUFO sighting in Laguna Beach!8/7/07
6/30/07MattoonILUSARectangle3 minutesRed rectangle with bubble low in the sky.12/12/11
6/29/07 00:00NeptuneOHUSACircle3 minutessix round orb lights in the sky and low to the ground8/7/07
6/29/07 23:40NoblesvilleINUSAFireballapprox 3 minBright fireball spotted over Noblesville Indiana8/7/07
6/29/07 23:30North PlatteNEUSATriangle5minWent to my truck and looked up and saw 3 very very hight lights moveing in a tri shap. shift and move north slowly , as watching the 38/7/07
6/29/07 23:00PhoenixAZUSARectangle4 min.2 red objects in the sky. Moved slowly at first. stopped for about 2 min. then quickly dissappeared.8/7/07
6/29/07 22:15Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaLight6 secondsFast moving flash of light.8/7/07
6/29/07 22:00North AdamasMAUSALight5-10 secondsBright Flashing Orange and White light seen in Berkshire County8/7/07
6/29/07 17:00Oak LawnILUSACircle20 secondsThere was lots of traffic on the way to work. I was going past Denny's a restraunt traffic was moving 5 feet per 2 minutes. I saw a Fen8/7/07
6/29/07 03:00Markham (Canada)ONCanadaLightabout 5 minuteswhite star shaped light moving around in the sky at speeds too slow to be a plane or moving star.8/7/07
6/29/07 01:00ShawneeKSUSATriangleeast((HOAX??)) The objects was a tryangle, it had 6 wight lights, and 1 red flashing light. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/7/07
6/28/07 23:00BloomingtonINUSAOval1 minOrange light changeing to amber8/7/07
6/28/07 23:00Myrtle BeachSCUSALight5-10 seconds each occurreRed/orange lights over ocean appearing, moving horizontally, then disappearing8/7/07
6/28/07 22:00Garden City BeachSCUSALight2 HoursOrange lights near Myrtle Beach S.C. appear at roughly 22:00 from 6/25 - 6/288/7/07
6/28/07 21:30Robbinsville (near)NCUSALight5 minutesFour orange lights seem in Graham county, North Caroline.8/7/07
6/28/07 21:11HammondLAUSACigar3 hrsA object appeared to hover over Hammond LA, the object changed colors the object was disc shaped8/7/07
6/28/07 21:00SeattleWAUSADisk10 minutesblack wingless bell-shaped object floating over downtown Seattle8/7/07
6/28/07 21:00SeattleWAUSAOther20 minBlack blob moving over Seattle8/7/07
6/28/07 19:30Glastonbury (UK/England)United KingdomSphereGrren sphere with light aura photographed at Glastonbury UK8/7/07
6/28/07 11:00Lake IsabellaCAUSACircle5 minutesA bright white round object with no specific outlines due to the reflection and altitude.11/28/07
6/28/07 02:30Grand RapidsMIUSALight10 secondsPulsing lights8/7/07
6/27/07 22:23Boger (UK/England)United KingdomLight((HOAX)) that day I was away for school I was going to bed I got up 22.23 my eye saw object8/7/07
6/27/07 22:00Oak LawnILUSALight6 secondsGreen light moving toward 103rd st from 95th & central - Moved for 6 seconds while I was on my cellphone I told my friend it was going8/7/07
6/27/07 21:53GilroyCAUSALight3 minspulsing light 20-50 miles out from gilroy probably over saratoga or los gatos8/7/07
6/27/07 21:00HobokenNJUSAChanging5 minsStick shaped UFO moving slowly at a very high altitude North East over Northern NJ8/7/07
6/27/07 20:45Jersey CityNJUSAOther10 minutesWorm shaped object seen by at least 6 adults from Jersey City back yards8/7/07
6/27/07 15:00NevadaNVUSAanytimeIf you look at area 51 from a satellite view, you will see at the North side of the base its self. That there is a image of what is cal8/7/07
6/27/07 03:00Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaCigar8 minneon green, disappears and reappears8/7/07
6/26/07 22:45BurlingtonCTUSAUnknown1 minuteobject makes fishhook turn in connecticut sky8/7/07
6/26/07 22:30St. LouisMOUSAUnknown10 minutesAnother night, another sighting over St. Louis, Mo.8/7/07
6/26/07 22:30Myrtle BeachSCUSALight30 Seconds & Over 1 hourLarge Orange Lights Appear in Formations8/7/07
6/26/07 21:45OremUTUSALight5minutesSattelite looking UFO stops suddenly10/31/08
6/26/07 21:30LoganvilleGAUSALight1 to 2 minutesBright White Light, Northeast Georgia8/7/07
6/26/07 21:00Rockwell CityIAUSAFireball21:09Fire Ball3/4/08
6/26/07 21:00Gulf ShoresALUSALight15 minRed lighting object over gulf8/7/07
6/26/07 16:00BoiseIDUSADisk2-3 minutes4 white or cream disk-shaped UFOs in pairs about a minute apart over Boise, Idaho8/7/07
6/26/07 08:30Fort WayneINUSAOval5 min.Dark, Figure Eight Craft8/7/07
6/25/07 23:50Dalmeny (Canada)SKCanadaLight5 minutesObserved a rapidly moving star-like object -- the object was not a satellite or shooting star.8/7/07
6/25/07 23:00San Juan CapistranoCAUSADisk20 secs((HOAX)) Gray Type A Alien form in metallic saucer with red glow and yellow beams.8/7/07
6/25/07 22:30FayettevilleNCUSACigar10 secondsI was driving up to Raleigh, NC on I-95 N from Fayetteville, NC to visit some friends. It was about 10:30 at night. I am pretty sure it8/7/07
6/25/07 22:15PetalumaCAUSAUnknown7to10 secondsAs we were driving south on hwy. 101 through petaluma, all 3 of us in our vehicle noticed a bright light traveling towards the earth. U8/7/07
6/25/07 21:30BradentonFLUSALight10-20 secondsTwo star like lights, one moving towards the other, dissappears,now that I look again, the other one is gone too.8/7/07
6/25/07 21:30San DiegoCAUSATriangle5:00one night my friend I saw a grey triangular shaped object and didnt know what to say eachother =011/28/07
6/25/07 21:00TulareCAUSARectangle12 minutesFlashing strobe lights moving and stopping midair, changing direction quickly and changing altitude.8/7/07
6/25/07 20:30St. LouisMOUSAUnknown15-20 minutesBlack floating objects flying over St. Louis, Mo.8/7/07
6/25/07 16:00TempeAZUSAChanging30 minStar like objects flickering and flying very fast in the day time. No sound.8/7/07
6/25/07 03:30MarionMIUSALight15 minutes plusTwo lights in the sky at the same height; one to the east and one to the west. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter? PD))8/7/07
6/25/07 02:20PrattvilleALUSATriangle10 secsDark triangular craft. Was flying slow, as well as low. No lights. Strange, loud, pulsating, humming sound.8/7/07
6/25/07 00:30ToledoOHUSADisk90 minUnidentified Object Sighted8/7/07
6/24/07 23:50SarasotaFLUSALight2 minuteswhite twin lights, sarasota florida, june 27, 20078/7/07
6/24/07 23:00Abbotsford (Canada)BCCanadaRectangleI was in my house when it apeared for about 4 secs then flew off really fast8/7/07
6/24/07 23:00Cherry Grove BeachSCUSALight15 secondsWhite light, stationary, then moved to south very very quickly and disappeared.10/8/07
6/24/07 22:48Texas coast (at sea)TXUSACigar18I was at 41,000 ft off coast 80 miles from houston on 135 degrees of HOU I am a pilot for a company. UFO was off my port about 3000 fee8/7/07
6/24/07 22:35SonomaCAUSACross12 minutesFlickering, cross shaped, white vertical core light with blue center and extremely bright with glows off and out to sides, top & bottom8/7/07
6/24/07 22:30IrvineCAUSACircle5 mins...a flying circular disk with bright lights on the bottom outer rim. It was about 6-20 feet in diameter, spinning and hovering8/7/07
6/24/07 22:30CharlestownINUSATriangle3-5 minutes3 lights in a triangular shape glidding thru the sky3/4/08
6/24/07 21:50WilliamsportPAUSAFireballAproximately 2 minsFireball in the sky over the Susquehanna River in Williamsport, PA.8/7/07
6/24/07 21:15Saint CoudFLUSAFireball5 min.Red glowing, star-like, fire ball in ther Central Florida skies.8/7/07
6/24/07 21:00ShinnstonWVUSADisk3 minsilver disk hovering with 3 red nonblinking lights,,, watched for a minet and then it shot off8/7/07
6/24/07 19:40ColumbiaMOUSACylinder1 minuteMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I was outside doing lawn work when I looked up and saw what looked like a plane.8/7/07
6/24/07 18:00San DiegoCAUSAOther15 minthere is no explaination for this sighting,not of this world, defies logic.8/7/07
6/24/07 15:00El Dorado SpringsMOUSACigar2 minI have seen this same type of silver cigar shaped craft twice in a month. Both times it was going from left to right (south to north),8/7/07
6/24/07 12:56FrankfortKYUSATriangle10-15 seconds2nd time in one night, please read this and the end… ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of8/7/07
6/24/07 12:34FrankfortKYUSATriangleAbout 30 secondsIt was my first sighting, and it scared me to death.8/7/07
6/24/07 04:30OregonOHUSAOval1 hourLarge oval shape, bright white and gray in color.8/7/07
6/24/07 03:00PlymouthCTUSAUnknown30 secondsSlow moving star like object8/7/07
6/24/07 02:00PalmdaleCAUSALight15-20 seconds4 lights in sky do strange things.8/7/07
6/24/07 00:30DouglasWYUSALight30 minutesBright orange lights appear in remote Wyoming area, twice!8/7/07
6/24/07 00:30Liberty HillTXUSAFlash2 minlong delay flashing light8/7/07
6/23/07 23:30HeuveltonNYUSATriangle12 minutesI since seeing the UFO know that Humans are at a devastating disadvantage in the event of war with that technology and its owners..12/2/13
6/23/07 23:15Old StationCAUSALight1 minuteA bright object in the night sky flashed brighter as it moved through the sky.8/7/07
6/23/07 23:00London (UK/England)United KingdomLight5misi saw some orange lights in the sky8/7/07
6/23/07 22:20North PownalVTUSAOval3 minuteThe object traveled in a direct path.8/7/07
6/23/07 22:15Lee's SummitMOUSATriangle2 minutesThree solid white lights on a hovering triangular shaped craft.8/7/07
6/23/07 22:00DanvilleILUSACircle20 minutesHuge, shiny, lights going counter clockwise intermittently Shiny No Displacement of Air Hovered Above me a few feet away. No Sound3/26/15
6/23/07 21:32Carol StreamILUSASphereless than 30 secondsSpeefy fat disk shaped craft spotted against a cloudy sky.8/7/07
6/23/07 21:30Saint CloudFLUSAFireball5-10 MinsRed glowing light west of Kennedy Space Center8/7/07
6/23/07 21:30North HollywoodCAUSACircle10 to 15 minuets6/23/07 Total of five round objects against the moon's light, but not all at the same time.8/7/07
6/23/07 21:10Grand BayALUSAFireball5 secondsDecending Green fire ball traveling east to west over south Mobile county , Alabama8/7/07
6/23/07 21:10Chino HillsCAUSADiamond10 minutesUFo was observed on the opposite flight pattern as planes on final approach to LAX. UFO was moving west to east until it dissaperared8/7/07
6/23/07 21:00Big BearCAUSALight2-3 minutesSingle bright light in Big Bear, CA sky8/7/07
6/23/07 21:00LouisburgKSUSACircle<5 minutesBright orb shapped object moving from West to North to East.8/7/07
6/23/07 20:30Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaChanging2-3 minutesBlack rotating cross witnessed by 6 people above Tufts University Campus.8/7/07
6/23/07 17:00New York CityNYUSACircle45 minutesLarge, intense stationary bright light seemed to fade in and out over New Jersey.8/7/07
6/23/07 14:20McVeytownPAUSACigar45 secondsLarge, unmarked, white cigar-shaped UFO seen by daughter in clear blue afternoon sky.8/7/07
6/23/07 14:00WashougalWAUSAFormation3 hours100's of orbs8/7/07
6/23/07 12:30LakesideAZUSADisk1 minutedisc in lakeside8/7/07
6/23/07 09:45RutlandVTUSADisk10 secondsvery thin black disk with very well rounded shape, clear as day floats effortlessly and turns on sides in sky ,8/7/07
6/23/07 02:30SalisburyNCUSADisk5 to 10 secVery Strange UFO Sighting!!!!3/4/08
6/23/07GreenevilleTNUSAUnknownA weird star shape object floated and twirled in the night.8/7/07
6/22/07 23:15Lausanne (Switzerland)SwitzerlandSphereUnknownStrange dots noticed upon inspection of photos of a lightning storm8/7/07
6/22/07 23:15GaryINUSALight1:45white geometrically moving lights on a stationary craft over Gary, IN8/7/07
6/22/07 23:00MartinsburgWVUSAUnknown2 hoursMartinsburg WV, 10-12 lights, 2 witnesses, we see them quite frequently. Lights go from very dim to extremely bright8/7/07
6/22/07 22:49PottsvillePAUSASphere1 minuteSilent orange round light suddenly appears and flies over at high speed.8/7/07
6/22/07 22:10SecaucusNJUSASphereunknownBright ring of white light in south west New Jersey sky8/7/07
6/22/07 22:00Santa BarbaraCAUSAUnknown20+ minutestwo lights over santa barbara mountains8/7/07
6/22/07 22:00FayettevilleGAUSALight15 seconds2 White flashing lights moving across the sky over Fayetteville, Ga.8/7/07
6/22/07 21:40VenturaCAUSAChevron4 secondsV shaped soundless aircraft8/7/07
6/22/07 17:00ShorewoodILUSAChanging30 SecondsHuge white blimp covered with clouds.8/7/07
6/22/07 12:30TorranceCAUSALight20 MinutesLos Angeles - Bright lights seen by 4 witnesses during shuttle reentry. 12-15 bright lights moved around the sky for 20 minutes.8/7/07
6/22/07 12:26Amsterdam (The Netherlands)NetherlandsRectangle5minI was video taping the clouds cause we might get a storm here and I noticed this flying object and videotaped it poorly http://www.you8/7/07
6/22/07 08:00Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandChevron10 minutesThere were three alien craft in the sky over Auckland. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/7/07
6/22/07 04:30Berlin HeightsOHUSAFireball45 MINUTESThese lights were definitely not airplane lights...these things were huge glows.8/7/07
6/22/07 02:00Fresno (20 min. N of)CAUSAEggapprox 3 minutes3 strange lights, hovering, flipping, and spinning like a top; very close to the I5freeway.8/7/07
6/22/07 01:00Lancashire County (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder15 minUFO or flying object seen in lancashire!8/7/07
6/22/07 01:00Round ValleyIDUSACircle3 to 4 secondsLarge Ball of Blue White Light Falling Toward Earth3/4/08
6/21/07 23:15MobileALUSAFireball2 secondsLeft my brothers home at 1115 pm on thursday night. Got in car and backed out of drive way. Saw bright green flash of light in southern8/7/07
6/21/07 23:10Mainz (Germany)GermanyLight4 secVery bright light moving for 4 sec, then disappeared; course like facing Shuttle course at that time and location8/7/07
6/21/07 23:00EvanstonWYUSAFormation10 minutesPair of slow lights in perfect formation. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Space Station in formation. PD))8/14/07
6/21/07 23:00CorrectionvilleIAUSATriangle3 mintriangular shape with 2 lights streaming off. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/21/07 22:30Stratford-Upon-Avon (UK/England)United KingdomLightStrange lights in the sky over pub in Stratford-Upon-Avon8/7/07
6/21/07 22:21Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaCircle30 secondsBRIGHT CIRCULAR SHAPED OBJECT IN SKY OVER COQUITLAM8/7/07
6/21/07 21:30YakimaWAUSALight10 secondsFast, white, solid light. Fast, white, solid light. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/21/07 21:30Rancho Santa MargaritaCAUSALight30-45 secondsdrifting small white light - no noise8/7/07
6/21/07 21:25AvondaleAZUSAOther15 seconds2 Objects - 925pm AZ8/7/07
6/21/07 20:35ClarklakeMIUSACigar40 minutesblack helicopters, disc and cigar sighted near Jackson, MI8/7/07
6/21/07 19:00Borrego SpringsCAUSAOval5 minutesShimmering lights were seen above Borrego Springs CA on Summer Soltice Night8/7/07
6/21/07 15:35El PasoTXUSAFormation12 to 15 minutesTwo white objects a mile apart viewed over El Paso and another, possibly a probe, detaching from them.8/7/07
6/21/07 02:19GreenvilleSCUSACigar2 minutesCigar shaped ships floating above mountain area outside city.8/7/07
6/21/07Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaCircle15 minutesA HUGE U.F.O..5/15/13
6/20/07 23:50BunnellFLUSATriangle3 minutesthree large lights in the sky-triangular object no noise or movement-very low to the ground8/7/07
6/20/07 23:45WheatlandNDUSACircle2MinOrange Sphereical Unknowen craft over Eastern North Dakota8/7/07
6/20/07 23:30DuluthMNUSAOther2minutesOrange round glowing object moving steadily north to south without any noise lower than the plane which I also observed8/7/07
6/20/07 23:00San Juan BautistaCAUSAFireball2 minutesIn the dead of night a bright orb rose from the ground, changed colors, appeared to grow in size, and teleported away1/31/11
6/20/07 23:00ManhattanKSUSALight20 minutesStar-like moving objects8/7/07
6/20/07 23:00ColumbusOHUSALight3 minutes2 bright objects, great distance from each other move in unison from W into SW, disappear simultaneously. ((NUFORC Note: ISS? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 23:00ShelbyvilleINUSALight1-2 minutes2 bright lights, starlike, moving across the sky, one following the other. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 22:55LouisvilleKYUSALight2 minutesTwo silent and very high flying objects moving southeast over Louisville, KY.((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 22:45HendersonvilleNCUSAOther90seconds2 stars slowly moving in unison and climbing the sky until that faintly and slowly disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: ISS w/ Shuttle. PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 22:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight30seconds2 bright lights following one another across the sky then rapidly vanishing out of sight. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 22:30Temperley (Argentina)ArgentinaSphere3 secondsWhite sphere with 4 cm diameter, about 4 meters from eyes.8/7/07
6/20/07 22:30MuncieINUSATrianglefew minutesBlack triangle with 2 bright white lights on back 2 points floated by, no sound. paused lights turned to orange craft disappeared8/7/07
6/20/07 22:25DenverCOUSACircle+/- 2min.Two UFO's seen above Denver sky. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 22:15Concord (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 minutesStar burst8/7/07
6/20/07 22:00SabethaKSUSASphere4 minhuge intensely bright balls of light over northeast kansas. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 22:00MuncieINUSATrianglefew minutesTriangle craft with 2 bright white lights on back points floated past then paused, lights then turned orange and the craft disapeared.8/7/07
6/20/07 22:00MaricopaAZUSALight25 minutesTwo amber colored orbs - Maricopa, AZ8/7/07
6/20/07 21:56AlbiaIAUSALight8 seconds2 points of lights resembling planets disappearing. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 21:50MexicoMOMexicoLight50 secondstwo bright white orbs come from northwest heading southwest no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 21:30KeansburgNJUSALight5 minutres2 objects sighted ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 21:23NewburghNYUSALight45 secondsTwo bright lights in the evening sky. Small one trailered thee large light approx 500 feet.Direction ESE. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 20:20CookevilleTNUSALightat least an hourBright white star like object scene in daylight over Cookeville, TN for extended time. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD))8/7/07
6/20/07 19:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere6 secondsBrilliant golden boulder-like craft8/7/07
6/20/07 18:00South BendINUSADisk30 min.On this date I was on my way to visit my sister at Ball State when i looked out my window and saw something in the air. It was a grayis3/31/08
6/20/07 14:30SalemORUSADisk20 minutesi saw two shiny discs move trough the sky from north to south in the sunny afternoon, very slowly.12/12/09
6/20/07 13:24Glen HouseNHUSADisk10 secondsSaucer UFO at Mt. Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire 02/20/07. ((NUFORC Note: We believe it's a bird, with wings upraised. PD))3/4/08
6/20/07 12:00EmporiaVAUSALight20 minutesI was driving a 98 escort when the passenger in the back said wtf is that then the other passengers was freaking out. So I slowed down5/21/20
6/20/07 11:30MonroeUTUSACircle15 minutesUFO's shooting at each other.9/24/12
6/20/07 01:30Grand RapidsMIUSALight10 minutesPulsing light over Grand Rapids8/7/07
6/20/07 00:00KeizerORUSAOval3 minutesVery large, oval shaped craft with two steady white lights for and aft. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 23:59St. PetersburgFLUSACircle2 minutesthree people were standing outside of their home aftewr taking a walk around midnight when they saw a white circle shaped craft with a8/7/07
6/19/07 23:14WestmontILUSALight5 secRapid moving lights. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 23:10Trail (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown5-15 secondsTrail BC UFO: Large, fast object heard fly over Trail BC, close to ground, Officials deny involvment, Multiple witnesses.8/7/07
6/19/07 23:05SpencerIAUSAFormationapprx 6 MinutesTwin glowing white lights silently traverse the sky in Spencer Iowa then fade out. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 23:00Sioux CityIAUSALight30 minutesOutside on breezeless night with neighbors talking when several lights appeared across the sky.8/7/07
6/19/07 23:00Yellowstone National ParkWYUSAFormation15 seconds2 Bright lights with sudden direction changes...then vanish10/31/08
6/19/07 22:50WillistonNDUSALight4mincircle lights, white colored. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:45Santa ClaraCAUSAUnknownAbout 20 secondsTwo lights flying close together and then fading away. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:40BeavertonORUSAOther5 mintwo lights traveling to the south east in Beaverton8/7/07
6/19/07 22:40Dearborn HeightsMIUSAOther30-60 seconds2 bright lights over Dearborn Heights, MI Ford and Beechdaly rd area. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:40AndersonINUSALighta star pulling a star. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:38GrenadaCAUSALight5-7 MINTWO BRIGHT LIGHTS FOLLOWING EACHOTHER ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:37OrtonvilleMIUSAFormation4 minutesTwo lights following eachother, pulsing. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly ISS and Space Shuttle? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:35Mountain ViewCAUSAFormation1 minuteTwo bright moving lights in formation vanish at terminator line ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:35ClawsonMIUSAFormation10 minutesObserved two lights in a line one forward and one in rear traveling south east towards detroit. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Shuttle. PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:33LebanonORUSALightWhite Lights In Sky, Were Gone Out Of Nowhere. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30Mount ProspectILUSALight10minI saw 2 stars towing each other and on shinning very very bright as it started to vanish. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30Lincoln CityORUSALight90 secondsBright lights of unknown origins witnessed by two individuals over the Pacific Ocean. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30MorenciMIUSAUnknown15 - 20 sec2 white lights heading from souther Michigan to Ohio traveling one behind the other at a high rate of speed. ((NUFORC Note: ISS. PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30KentwoodMIUSACircle1 minuteFast Aircrafts Chasing Each Other ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30HemetCAUSALightan hourOdd appearance of a light in the sky,not reported by and amateur observer. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:05Colorado SpringsCOUSALight10 seconds2 bright white lights seeming connected flying faster than any plane or military craft;.then disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:00BeavertonORUSAUnknown1 min. 2 secs2 Bright lights flying in formation, or maybe ONE craft. Got them on Video. ((NUFORC Note: ISS orbiting with Space Shuttle. PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:00AuroraCOUSAUnknown4 minutesTwo fairly bright white lights moving in tandem. ((NUFORC Note: Witness addendum states that object was not Space Station. PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:00SeattleWAUSALight3minTwo lights travel across Seattle sky and fade in to darkness. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 22:00Izmir (Turkey)TurkeyUnknown60The object with two lights. ((NUFORC Note: ISS orbiting with Space Shuttle. PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 21:55Rochester HillsMIUSALight5 minutesTwo bright lights were suspended in the sky and viewed from Rochester Hills, MI then suddenly disappeared.8/7/07
6/19/07 21:45ChicagoILUSALight45 secondsThis turn was immpossible.8/7/07
6/19/07 21:30Park ForestILUSASphere10 minsTwin dots heading southwest near chicago. ((NUFORC Note: ISS orbiting with Space Shuttle. PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 21:00South MilwaukeeWIUSALight10-15 mins2 lights that looked like stars following each other. ((NUFORC Note: ISS orbiting with Space Shuttle. PD))8/7/07
6/19/07 20:54MonroeLAUSALightOnly SecondsI saw nothing, but the camera saw differently8/7/07
6/19/07 20:47FleetwoodPAUSALightA few secondsA ball of light dropped below the overcast, slowly moved south/southeast and suddenly shot upward.8/7/07
6/19/07 20:10MissoulaMTUSAUnknownapproximately five secondObject falling from the sky east of Missoula8/7/07
6/19/07 15:00WayneNJUSACigar25 secondsBright, Cigar Shaped UFO following Commercial Jetliner in NJ8/7/07
6/19/07 15:00GreenvilleMSUSATriangle10 minutesthe dark triangle with strait edges remained steady height and speed while two other similar objects hovering very near it8/7/07
6/19/07 10:30Glenwood SpringCOUSALight3 minutestwo bright non-blinking lights travelling relatively close to one another just vanishing over the mountain.8/7/07
6/19/07 10:15St. CharlesILUSASphere10 secondsI departed DuPage Airport in West Chicago, IL to the west at 10:00. About 10 minutes into the flight at 2,500 feet, I noticed something8/7/07
6/19/07 10:00International Space StationIn orbitOther1-2Flickering lights on ISS saparation sequence8/7/07
6/19/07 05:15Grand RapidsMNUSATriangle1-2 minutesSaw three white objects in clear blue sky flying against the wind in triangular formation.8/7/07
6/19/07 03:30NabbINUSALight10 minutesRed Orbs rousing my dog and moving on my property.6/6/14
6/18/07 23:19AshburnVAUSALight10 Secondssmall white flashing light seen in the sky that zoomed away and disapeared at high rate of speed in ashburn, virginia and8/7/07
6/18/07 23:00DenverPAUSATriangle35-40 minutesLarge triangle shape object witnessed at two locations in the same night.8/7/07
6/18/07 22:55LanesboroMNUSALightseen something in the night sky was very bright8/7/07
6/18/07 22:25Las VegasNVUSALight10 secondsWhite Sphere preforms complex manoeuvre in airspace over the southern edge of the Test Site6/12/08
6/18/07 22:18PortlandORUSALight30 secondsBright Light heading SE over PDX8/7/07
6/18/07 22:05StratfordNJUSACircle3 minutesWitnessed light streaking across sky. After several minutes, light suddenly disappeared. No sound, no blinking.8/7/07
6/18/07 22:00DallesportWAUSACircle25 minutesBright light moving east sighted from the Columbia River gorge8/7/07
6/18/07 21:55Lake ForestCAUSAOval5 minutes2 UFO'S THAT WERE NOT FROM HUMAN TECHNOLOGY8/7/07
6/18/07 21:10LubbockTXUSACylinder15 mincylinder shaped object floating in the sky and then drifting off8/7/07
6/18/07 21:00Joshua Tree National ParkCAUSALight10 minutesFloating object with yellow lights at Joshua Tree National Park8/7/07
6/18/07 20:40University PlaceWAUSACone20 minutesA silver cone/cylindrical shape appeared in the western sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD))8/7/07
6/18/07 14:00WoodlandCAUSACigar1 minuteCigar shaped object flying through sky then suddenly vanished.8/7/07
6/18/07 12:00Shafter VOR (in flight)CAUSACylinder10-15 SecondsPrivate pilot witnesses "magenta-colored" object streak by his aircraft.8/7/07
6/18/07 11:30ScottsdaleAZUSAOtherAt leats 2 and a half houA small white star next to the sun in Scottsdale, Arizona.8/7/07
6/18/07 10:30WaterburyCTUSACigar3 minutesMy wife and I were driving northbound on Route 8 towards Waterbury, Connecticut when I noticed a white object in the sky. It seemed to8/7/07
6/18/07 08:45Corunna (Canada)ONCanadaDisk5 SECONDSSILVER OBJECT, SPED SOUNDLESSLY OUT OF SIGHT8/7/07
6/18/07 04:45Salt Lake CityUTUSAFireball5 SECONDSGreen Fireball in Salt Lake.8/7/07
6/17/07 23:45Florida (Gulf of Mexico)Gulf of Mexico / Florida straitsOval5 minutesFour ovals in a diamond formation flew parallel to our cruise ship, moving closer then away, leaving close off stern.8/7/07
6/17/07 23:00CaryILUSALight35 sec.Very Bright White Light Making No Noise At Low Altitude8/7/07
6/17/07 19:30MerrickNYUSAOval2 minutesFather's Day Sighting, Long Island, NY8/7/07
6/17/07 13:00Gatineau (Canada)QCCanadaOther10 secondsBlack trail (beam) in the sky suddenly appears and disappears8/7/07
6/17/07 11:00Smokey PointWAUSAOtherten minuteswitnessed a cloaked object (like the predator movie/bent light), all the cat's in our area were following it.11/21/10
6/17/07 10:00Kansas CityKSUSAOther1 hour2 F - 16 fighter jets and black helicopter Circle in formation8/7/07
6/17/07 08:00StevensvilleMTUSATriangle16 MINETS6/17/07 WAS OUT SIDE SEING MY GIRL OFF TO WORK AS SHE LEFT I LOOKET UP IN THE SKY ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps not a serious report?? PD))8/7/07
6/17/07 05:31Geraldton (Australia)AustraliaDisk5 minutesUfo had centre light that pulsated at irregular intervals. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Probable hoax. PD))8/7/07
6/17/07 04:45Commerce TownshipMIUSAFlash15 minutesSmall flashing white light randomly blinking in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD))8/7/07
6/17/07 02:30Saint John (Canada)NBCanadaFireball10 minsFlashing starlight objects hovering in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Stars or planets?? PD))8/7/07
6/17/07 01:00Longlac (Canada)ONCanadaOtheraround 5-10 minutesSingle white flash of light moving in the sky.8/7/07
6/16/07 22:40DeWittMIUSACircle2-3 minutesreddish circular oblct, appearing as if on fire, low in sky over Dewitt Michigan visible for 2-3 minutes8/7/07
6/16/07 22:00PaysonAZUSAOtherunknownOn the night of June 16, 2007, I saw two of the very brightest lights I have ever seen. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter?? PD))8/7/07
6/16/07 22:00CiceroINUSALight2 Min.The object was a light red or peach colored light in the southern sky.8/7/07
6/16/07 22:00Castro ValleyCAUSATriangle15 secondsThere was a red triangular spacecraft with black wings on the rear.3/31/08
6/16/07 21:30Chakri, Islamabad (Pakistan)PakistanDisk10 secondsOrange coloured disc fly passed at very low level8/7/07
6/16/07 20:31Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomDisk3 mins2min 31 secs video footage of ufo over birmingham uk June 16th 20078/7/07
6/16/07 20:00TucsonAZUSALight5 minutesI was sitting in my backyard talking with a friend on my cell phone. Four bright red lights in the southwest caught my eye. The lights10/8/07
6/16/07 17:00Downers GroveILUSACylinderI was taking photos of storm clouds and captured a UFO10/8/07
6/16/07 13:20Sneads/ChattahoocheeFLUSADisk5-10 minutesPilot flying Cessna flys with disc-shaped craft over lake.8/7/07
6/16/07 05:20New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSADisk10 minutessmall flat black disc takes odd flightpath over my neighborhood.8/7/07
6/16/07 03:15Silver CityNMUSAUnknown45 minStrange happenings on I-25 in New Mexico8/7/07
6/16/07 01:00MissoulaMTUSALight10 secBright white light moving steadily east and up, disappearing into space, over Missoula, MT.8/7/07
6/16/07 00:45Limassol (Cyprus)CyprusFireballufoWe are not Crazy in any way, but what we saw is real. we live in Limassol, Cyprus and at 23.20 on the 14th June 07, my wife saw a UF8/7/07
6/15/07 23:00EmilyMNUSATriangle5 secondsLarge triange shape craft with many lights on bottom.8/7/07
6/15/07 22:45Elk RiverMNUSA30-45 SecondsLight that appeared, hovered, and promptly disappeared with no sound emitted at all.2/14/10
6/15/07 22:30Ashland (just outside of)MOUSATriangle10 minutesTriangular shape object in the sky with very bright lights!8/7/07
6/15/07 22:30South Central IraqIraqConeApp. 30 minutesReport from U. S. serviceman: Strange object/funnel cloud with two steady lights moving over south central Iraq.8/7/07
6/15/07 22:30JoplinMOUSALight5 minutesMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP REPORT: I looked up in the sky and saw what I thought was a satellite.12/5/13
6/15/07 22:00Murrells InletSCUSALight15 minutesThree orangish Red balls of light were observed hovering over the ocean, motionless, for 15 minutes.2/3/12
6/15/07 22:00Pawleys IslandSCUSAUnknownabout 1 min.A shaft of light from the sky.4/3/11
6/15/07 22:00WayneMIUSALightongoingBright light with a much larger halo around it.8/7/07
6/15/07 21:45FeltonCAUSATeardrop30 MINLarge stationary, very bright light that changed shape and color.8/7/07
6/15/07 21:07ProvoUTUSAOval20 secondsSilver or white blimp-shaped object went behind Wasatch Mountains and out of sight.8/7/07
6/15/07 21:00Phuket (Thailand; southern))ThailandCircle6 minutes3 white circle circular shaped UFO in Phuket Thailand.7/22/13
6/15/07 20:00MauiHIUSAUnknown1hourstarlike object moves down from the top of west maui ,mts -emits circular brite glowing lite ((NUFORC Note: Venus??))8/7/07
6/15/07 15:00SavannahTNUSATriangle15 secondsTriangle spotted over Savannah, TN.9/21/17
6/15/07 14:00MountainWIUSADiskcrazy flying things!3/4/08
6/15/07 13:10MadisonWIUSAOther8 minutesMind control/manipulation6/22/22
6/15/07 13:00Cedar RapidsIAUSAUnknown5 minutesSun shining off of geometric shape, hovering still, over Cedar River in C.R.8/30/13
6/15/07 12:00SusanvilleCAUSACircle39 secondssmall while orb flying rapidly over farmland, we were driving and both saw it, the orb was not a kite, or small plane or radio control6/12/08
6/15/07 10:30MonroeMIUSAFireball7-8secondsBlue-ish fireballs in sky.8/7/07
6/15/07 09:30RowaytonCTUSAOvalOrange Oval Light On a Slant In the Sky8/7/07
6/15/07 08:00Sydney (Australia)AustraliaTriangle5 minutesMultiple ships taking sample from Cooks River, Sydney8/7/07
6/15/07 03:30LawrenceburgKYUSADisk10 minutesI saw a disc going from south to north clear night view from bottom was round.10/3/14
6/15/07 03:00Karachi (Pakistan)PakistanLight3 minsIt was late at night. Suddenly my eye caught on something that seemed to be a bulb hung down and moved.6/20/11
6/15/07 02:00SuwaneeGAUSAUnknown?Aduction - Exam of Ears8/7/07
6/15/07 02:00Fancy Gap Mtn. (near; I-77 )VAUSAUnknown30 seccondsfascinated8/7/07
6/15/07 01:00HardyVAUSALighta hourLights and the thing can travel a long way, very quickly.10/8/07
6/15/07 00:45Port St. LucieFLUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle shaped craft above highway moving slowly North.8/7/07
6/15/07 00:00Greencastle.INUSAOther5 minutes.Y-shaped craft flying low over rural indiana, west to south-east.3/4/08
6/14/07 23:42Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight15 secBright white circular light seen in Edinburgh, Goldenacre area with a trail of smoke following closely.8/7/07
6/14/07 23:30South BendINUSALight45 MINUTESWe saw a huge light with a large craft behind it, low in the sky for about 20 minutes, then it slowly moved northwest8/7/07
6/14/07 23:00ThermopolisWYUSAUnknown15 secondsUFO near Thermopolis WY8/7/07
6/14/07 22:40EbensburgPAUSALight4-5 minutesI viewed a bright white light in the western sky that made sharp turns, hovered ,and displayed incredible speed.8/7/07
6/14/07 22:15St. GeorgeMEUSATriangle10 minutes3 bright lights in triangle formation hovering over St. George Maine 6/14/2007@22:108/7/07
6/14/07 22:15Fort WhiteFLUSAUnknown30 secondsNorth to South, shooting star no change in mangnitude continued southbound8/7/07
6/14/07 21:30Forest HillMDUSALight5+Me and friend witness bright light in east-north-east sky, disappears suddenly8/7/07
6/14/07 21:30RussellvilleKYUSALight45 minBright light in sky that shifted coarce very slowly, no plane, star, or planet.8/7/07
6/14/07 20:00WaxahachieTXUSALight3 hoursBright light turned off and turned back on. Very bright, then dimmed to orange colored.8/7/07
6/14/07 13:00Warner TownPAUSADiskminutesvery fast3/4/08
6/14/07 02:30Three RocksCAUSALightten minutesUFO OVER 5 FREEWAY11/28/07
6/14/07 02:00San LorenzoCAUSALight2 hourstransforming light with shooting fireball8/7/07
6/14/07ElkoNVUSAUnknownapprox 5 minutesunknown light over retail store8/7/07
6/13/07 23:35Marshall (near)TXUSATeardrop35 secondsTraveling east on I20 below clouds blueish/white moving fast ,then changing color on the edge orange – red then disappear8/7/07
6/13/07 23:15CanyonTXUSALight45 minutesLarge white light spotted over Texas panhandle.8/7/07
6/13/07 23:00North PortFLUSACircle10 MinutesSingle UFO over Florida, June 13.8/7/07
6/13/07 22:00ShreveportLAUSATeardropa few secondsA green light in the sky...8/7/07
6/13/07 21:45VallejoCAUSAChanging50-60 minutesbright light formation of different colors, sometimes stationary, sometimes moving erratically8/7/07
6/13/07 21:30MarshallTXUSATeardrop4-6 secondsgreen and red strip from west to east very bright fading out into eastern sky8/7/07
6/13/07 17:30St. PaulMNUSACigar45 SecondsAt approximately 1730 hours on 06/13/07 I observed a White glowing Cigar shaped craft to the east of downtown St. Paul heading north. T8/7/07
6/13/07 09:17Scunthorpe (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown20 minsA green floating unkown object up in the sky8/7/07
6/13/07 07:35Salt Lake CityUTUSACigarunknownTorpedo-like object in sky near State Street and I-80 in Salt Lake City, Utah8/7/07
6/13/07UnknownAnomalous object seen in film, "Afghan Angels."8/29/14
6/12/07 23:30Walla WallaWAUSAFormation6 min.Multiple Red/Orange lights in the sky moving around in seemingly random patterns.3/31/08
6/12/07 23:30Walla WallaWAUSACircle6 minStrange orange-red objects flying over Walla Walla, WA.8/7/07
6/12/07 22:30ClintonARUSADisk2 minutesgreen football shaped object falling out of the western sky at a 45 degree angle on June 12th, 20078/7/07
6/12/07 22:10Perth (Australia)AustraliaFormation30 seconds5 crafts in the air, night, searching with lights.3/4/08
6/12/07 22:00St. HelenMIUSALight5-8 secondssparks in the sky8/7/07
6/11/07 22:30New TroyMIUSALight5-10 secondsBright stationary light in Northern sky.6/12/07
6/11/07 21:40NewtownCTUSALight5 minutesLight object with red, green, and golden lights changing shape in the SE sky in Newtown, CT. ((NUFORC Note: Antares?? PD))6/12/07
6/11/07 21:35Foster CityCAUSASphere4 minTwo black spheres and a triangular craft, all with several red and white lights.6/12/07
6/11/07 21:00BridgeportCTUSALight20min.RE: Sighting in Newtown, CT JUN 118/7/07
6/11/07 16:00MiddletonWIUSASphere60-90 secondsOrb over central Wisconsin6/12/07
6/11/07 15:30PalmdaleCAUSASphere01:00silver sphere in the skys of palmdale3/4/08
6/11/07 12:38International Space StationIn orbit10 minutesWhile watching the pre space walk activitys on nasa television I spotted a huge ufo that could be some of the best footage ever. it app6/12/07
6/11/07 09:45StevensvilleMTUSACircle0 minutesRandom pictures taken of sky, then uploaded to find round object in one.10/8/07
6/11/07 09:00Las CrucesNMUSAChanging7 hoursBright object in sky moving at extremely fast speed and changing course abruptly6/12/08
6/11/07 03:00OxfordNYUSACircle20-30 secondsI was sleeping in the downstairs guestroom of our farmhouse since my husband was sick in our bedroom upstairs. In a partial sleep, I he10/31/08
6/11/07 01:00CarbondaleILUSATriangle15 secondsTriangular object moving at an extremely slow speed covered the starlit sky as it flew across local neighborhood10/8/07
6/11/07 00:43SeattleWAUSAFlash15 MinutesFlashes of light south of Burien, WA.6/12/07
6/10/07 23:30KingstonWAUSASphere30 secondsStrange light blinking from the same location then a second sighting of a glowing oval object moving very fast.6/12/07
6/10/07 23:00Oak LawnILUSALight1 minLight buld like candle - Goverment?3/4/08
6/10/07 22:41WacoTXUSALight1-2 minutesSteady, bright white light in sky over Waco, TX6/12/07
6/10/07 22:30IrvineCAUSACircle5 minutesA Circular object with bright green lights hovering over near UC Irvine campus.6/12/07
6/10/07 22:24Myrtle BeachSCUSATriangle30 minutesBright glowing triangular object with red flash moving erratically in a fixed point.6/12/07
6/10/07 21:30WakefieldMAUSACircle6 minutesRapid moving circular pattern of green light6/12/07
6/10/07 21:00San DiegoCAUSACircle2 secondscircular object with bright green illumnation traveled across visible sky from NE to SW in approx. 1 second8/7/07
6/10/07 20:45Saint PaulMNUSADiamond2 minutes (approx.)dark diamond/clover shaped objects over Saint Paul at dusk6/12/07
6/10/07 19:17Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaCircle2 minutesViewed a very shinny round object flying north at 17:17 on 10 June 20076/12/07
6/10/07 18:45Creemore (Canada)ONCanadaSphere60 mins +comet-like cloud close to M333/4/08
6/10/07 17:50Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaRectangle15 mindark object spotted in clear afternoon sky8/7/07
6/10/07 11:15MuskegonMIUSAUnknown5 sec.Shape "<". Five to seven lights on each side. Moved swiftly. Silent.6/12/07
6/10/07 04:00Tybee Island (traveling toward)GAUSASphere20 secondsBlue orb moving slow but steadily across the Georgia coastline sky towards Tybee Island3/13/12
6/10/07 03:00IndianapolisINUSAFormation20 secondsOdd formation over Indy around 3 am6/12/07
6/10/07 01:24BuckeyeAZUSALightAbout a good half an hourBasically, it looked like a moving star. ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Jupiter?? PD))6/12/07
6/9/07 23:20ColumbiaILUSATriangle<1 minuteTriangular object moving across the sky on a clear night in Metro East St Louis. Moving fast and straight from E-SE to W-NW at high alt6/12/07
6/9/07 23:15FestusMOUSAOther5minsilent ship w/3 blue lights on bottom with escort of 3 craft6/12/07
6/9/07 23:00HartsburgILUSATriangleTwo Nights in a row, I witnessed a triangle shaped object with red lights around it and green lights on the bottom.6/12/07
6/9/07 22:21Carol StreamILUSACigar4 minutesBright green object slowly moving across the sky.7/5/08
6/9/07 22:00FranklinVAUSAUnknown30 seconds2 objects change shape....8/7/07
6/9/07 21:00East AuroraNYUSACircle15 minutesVery small red, round light over the southwest sky hovered and appeared to be blinking, flashed a white light and disappeared6/12/07
6/9/07 20:30Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaDisk6-7minanother silver disk6/12/07
6/9/07 18:25KalamazooMIUSAOther15 MinutesFour Orbs in one object flying above Kalamazoo6/12/07
6/9/07 18:10ChicagoILUSAFormation15 minutes4 objects spoted over Lake Michigan in Chicago8/7/07
6/9/07 18:00Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaOther1 secondUFO caught during a photoshoot6/12/07
6/9/07 15:00WoodridgeILUSALight10 minutesFours UFO's seen in Woodridge, IL, 6/9/076/12/07
6/9/07 12:45ArvadaCOUSAChevron4 minutesWe thought we were looking at a kite until it started to move strangly.6/12/07
6/9/07 11:06TompkinsvilleKYUSALight3-5 minutesa white orb in the sky moving in the sky and then dissappearing.6/12/07
6/9/07 00:00ShavertownPAUSALight2 minutesStationary light in distance6/12/07
6/8/07 23:20Quito (Ecuador)EcuadorDisk1:10 minutesDear Sirs. I TAKE a VIDEO about this sucess. 1.- First appearance a HELICOPTER BLACK, TWO FOO FIGTHER RED control UFO - DISK.5/12/10
6/8/07 22:15Grimsby (UK/England)United KingdomEgg1 MINUTE APPROXLIGHT BULB IN THE SKY.10/8/07
6/8/07 21:30EllendaleMNUSALight3 minutesLight coming from "hyperspace" and slowing to a normal speed with no sound and observed for 3 min. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))6/12/07
6/8/07 19:38USAOn the You Tube video, Real Sound of Space Shuttle STS-117 Launch, 3 miles. UFO cuts through cloud just like in the Iranian launch. S10/10/11
6/8/07 13:45TrinidadCOUSADisk16 Min.Shiny object hovering, egg shaped , silver moving back & forth in one spot for about 14-15 minutes at 1:45pm then vanished.1/10/09
6/8/07 13:00DeerfieldILUSATriangle5 minutesBlack Triangle over Chicago Suburbs spotted twice.5/12/09
6/8/07 01:00Llanelli (south Wales) (UK/Wales)United KingdomLight20 secondsA white star-like object flew oddly over Llanelli, South Wales, UK before disappearing.8/7/07
6/8/07 00:55Lake StevensWAUSALight90 seconds (approx.)Extremely bright light traveling west to east on erratic course.6/12/07
6/7/07 23:30FrederickMDUSALight45 minStar suddenly moved and disappeared! ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus, Jupiter, and "twinkling" star? PD))6/12/07
6/7/07 23:00KalamazooMIUSATriangle30 seconds to a minute((HOAX??)) Triangular black craft with 6 lights on the bottom flew behind my house.6/12/07
6/7/07 22:45SeattleWAUSALight5 minutesStrobe-type light moving quickly6/12/07
6/7/07 22:00FresnoCAUSATriangle6 minbrite ufos forming triangle pattern. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising light?? PD))8/7/07
6/7/07 22:00FresnoCAUSATriangle6 minbrite ufos forming triangle pattern8/7/07
6/7/07 21:15NarragansettRIUSAChevron10 minutesLarge, silent, low, gliding craft over the RI shoreline6/12/07
6/7/07 21:00GoldtownWVUSAChevron2 minutesVery low, slow, and quiet V shaped craft over treetops, multiple lights.3/10/17
6/7/07 11:00Popping RockKYUSASphere15 secondsGreen orb spotted in Rowan County Kentucky that turned on a dime8/7/07
6/7/07 04:45CommerceGAUSALight3 to 5 minutesWhite light over Jackson County/Commerce Georgia. July, 2007.6/12/07
6/7/07 03:30Las VegasNVUSALight10 min. +UFO over Las Vegas on June 7. 20076/12/07
6/7/07 00:00Locust GroveGAUSACigar2-3 minutesCigar ufo over Locust Grove,Ga. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/21/10
6/7/07 00:00Florala (??)ALUSAAlso a few months ago I had a very vivid dream in which I was on board a craft, and was able to see the road, ground, telephone poles,10/8/07
6/6/07 23:00Akumal, Quintana Roo (Mexico)MexicoChevron10 secondsChevron Light Formation in Quintana Roo, Mexico.8/7/07
6/6/07 22:30ClovisCAUSACirclefew minutesUFO over Clovis California in June 20076/12/07
6/6/07 22:30BurginKYUSADisk3 hoursOrange disk in Kentucky sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))6/12/07
6/6/07 22:13VersaillesKYUSAUnknown7 minthought it was a shooting star but it just stoped and turned orange3/19/09
6/6/07 22:11DentonTXUSAChanging4:00 min.Very large green white light in Denton, TX.6/12/07
6/6/07 22:02PoulsboWAUSACircle5 minThe cat and I witnessed a flying, colorchanging circle. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/12/07
6/6/07 22:00Fort MorganALUSALight10 minutesAnomalous lights witnessed near Gulf Shore, AL8/7/07
6/6/07 22:00Gulf ShoresALUSAChanging34 minutesOrange Glowing Unidentified objects over the Gulf seen by 4 different people at once.6/12/07
6/6/07 22:00DarlingtonPAUSAUnknown2-3 minutesI witnessed moving object which looked like a star fly through the sky and then change directions at a 90% angle.6/12/07
6/6/07 22:00MoreheadKYUSAOthertwo hours plusWe saw an intense light in the night sky on 06-06-2007 shaped like a cross… ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus or Jupiter?? PD))6/12/07
6/6/07 21:15JerichoNYUSAOther5-7 minutesNasa's Space station.-----Duuuuugghh!! Gosh, you freek'n idiots.6/12/07
6/6/07 21:03Hudson FallsNYUSALight20 secondsLarge, silent, fast moving and very bright light was seen in the night skies over upstate NY on 6-6-07.6/12/07
6/6/07 03:55KirkwoodMOUSAOval30secondsLarge object in north to south orbit6/12/07
6/6/07 03:30Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown10 - 15 secondsintensely bright, unmoving object suddenly goes dim8/7/07
6/6/07 02:50NewarkDEUSALight2-5 minutesObject traveling at an extreme speed and maneuvers not capable by any known aircarft6/12/07
6/6/07 01:00WaverlyOHUSAOther15 minI counldnt believe my eyes8/7/07
6/6/07 00:00White CityNMUSAFireballBIG GLOWING RED MOONI was standing next to a Big Red glowing lava Moon that was turning off and on creating a storm.8/12/08
6/5/07 23:30ColfaxWIUSALight30 minutesVery large, and very intense light in clear dark night sky moving erratically and appeared to have landed. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)6/12/07
6/5/07 22:45BloomingtonINUSAUnknown10 secondsLarge, Low and Fast Silver Object Over Bloomington IN6/12/07
6/5/07 22:32New York City (Manhattan)NYUSALight2 secondsLarge, bright, comet-like object seen disintegrating over Upper East Side of Manhattan near 85th Street and 3rd Avenue.6/12/07
6/5/07 22:20RichmondKYUSAUnknown4 minorbs in the kentucky sky6/12/07
6/5/07 22:00AllentownPAUSAUnknown20 minutesExtremely bright 'twinkling' star-like light hovering in cloudless night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus sighting?? PD))6/12/07
6/5/07 22:00Brantford (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle1-2 minutesLarge red triangle shaped object traveling through night sky and was very clear night6/12/08
6/5/07 21:50Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaLight20 minutesstrange bright lights moving and flashing behind the cloud6/12/07
6/5/07 21:35Downers GroveILUSALight3-4 minutesLarge, glowing bluish/white object glides eastbound over northern Illinois and Chicago.6/12/07
6/5/07 21:30WilliamsportPAUSAFireballabout 3 minutesBright orange fireball8/7/07
6/5/07 21:25ChicagoILUSALight1 minuteBright green/white lights hovering over Chicago area.3/19/09
6/5/07 18:00ApolloPAUSAOther20 secondsAt Approximately 18:00, Tuesday June 6 as a thunderstorm approached from the west, I was on my back deck. I looked to the North north w8/7/07
6/5/07 03:23Long Eaton (Derbyshire) (UK/England)United KingdomLight45 secA light roughy 6 time the size of a normal satilite, traveling from west to east from Derby to Nottingham.6/12/07
6/5/07 02:42Methuen/Haverhill lineMAUSASphere0.2large bright lighted object seen in sky on 495 in methuen/haverhill line...any other witnesses????6/12/07
6/4/07 23:00Cameron (Canada)ONCanadaLight7-9 minutes7 fast lights moving at 700+ mi/ hr, between 60000- 90000 ft6/12/07
6/4/07 22:30MidlandTXUSALight1 hourMultiple Lights In Sky ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter sighting, combined with a sighting of a satellite?? PD))6/12/07
6/4/07 22:20KannapolisNCUSAOval30 SecGlowing oval object over North Carolina sky6/12/07
6/4/07 22:12SuwaneeGAUSALight1.30 minutesHigh bright object transverses Atlanta skyline6/12/07
6/4/07 21:43CapitolaCAUSAChevron4 Seconds4-5 dim amber lights in chevron formation, silent, extremely high speed, South to North.6/12/07
6/4/07 21:35ValleyALUSASphere20 SecondsVery bright sphere of light that managed to defy the laws of physics in rural Alabama.6/12/07
6/4/07 21:00College GroveTNUSALight5 min.bright object appearing to be about the luminosity and size of Venus. ((NUFORC Note: Overflight of ISS. PD))6/12/07
6/4/07 20:45RaymoreMOUSAOval6 sec. (approx.)On Monday evening June 4, 2007 at approximately 8:45PM my daughter observed from her bedroom window a dark grey oval shaped object movi6/12/07
6/4/07 20:00EphrataWAUSASphere4-5sec/1minBrilliant White Orb of Light, Dim Red/Orange Orb seen on edge of electrical storm6/12/07
6/4/07 13:00New MexicoNMUSADisk2 pictures taken from a airplane of an object up close.8/7/07
6/4/07 02:00FredericksburgVAUSALightunsureShining Object Decends On Community6/12/07
6/4/07 00:30Las VegasNVUSAUnknown2-3 secondsSee you later: appears to leave the Earth!3/19/09
6/3/07 21:30HoustonTXUSASphere15 secondsA reddish/orange sphere (1/2 of a full moon), was seen moving steadily across the sky from SW to NE.6/12/07
6/3/07 21:00Sarnia (Canada)ONCanadaCigar10-15 minutesSilver surfer ufo chased by 2 USA armed aircraft, in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.6/10/16
6/3/07 21:00Orange BeachALUSALight5 minutesstar like object flys in night sky6/12/07
6/3/07 20:00Walla WallaWAUSACone?Picture of cone shape object in evening light.6/12/07
6/3/07 20:00RaymoreMOUSATriangle15 MInutesNoticed a VERY strange object over head and was to quit to have a motor and to big to be any type of bird . at First it looked like a s6/12/07
6/3/07 19:30HuntingtonINUSAOval3 minutestwo black objects flying slowing south6/12/07
6/3/07 17:00HempsteadNYUSAminutesI was at Hempstead Lake Park in early June 07, when I viewed a UFO. The object was flying from west to east.1/21/08
6/3/07 15:05HollywoodFLUSATriangle1:00 minTriangular, bright flashing purple and green lights, moving much faster than any plane.6/12/07
6/2/07 23:30Purdy SpittWAUSAFormation3 hoursobjects were brighter than a star but closer but farther than lanes moving very fluidly. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies. PD))8/7/07
6/2/07 08:30Hallandale BeachFLUSACircle3 hours6/2/07 hallandale beach, florida. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of "twinkling" star. Probably not a genuine UFO. PD))6/12/07
6/2/07 01:36The Pas (Canada)MBCanadaOther2 minutesT shaped upside down craft Brighter than Venus with pulsating smaller red light near rear In Manitoba. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))6/12/07
6/1/07 23:00AlpharettaGAUSATriangle15-20 MinutesTriangle object with 3 lights followed by erratic light.6/12/07
6/1/07 23:00Interstate 5 (approx mile marker 63)WAUSAAbout 10 minutesLast year coming back from Oregon my buddy and I observed a large light in the distance.3/31/08
6/1/07 22:00ZanesvilleINUSATeardrop5 minFriend and I observed a lit teardrop object floating above bean field8/7/07
6/1/07 21:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaOval5 min9pm, June 1st, 2007, Victoria, BC, dark spherical object approaching from the west, following 2 jets, chased by a third jet.6/12/07
6/1/07 19:00Bay Village/Sheffield LakeOHUSAFireballSeveral minutesOrange Orbs over Lake Erie7/13/18
6/1/07 19:00CovinaCAUSASphere3 daysSmall silver UFO's and one big green UFO3/31/08
6/1/07 18:45MandevilleLAUSACigar5 secondscigar shape which I initially thought was a plane but didn't have wings1/21/08
6/1/07 10:00SpencerWIUSACircle5 minutesI Saw a circular shaped UFO over the direction of Spencer ,WI and then it flew into a cloud and disappeared.10/8/07
6/1/07 03:00SmynaDEUSACircle7Huge space circular air craft. About 3 football field lengths from what I can remember. It was a black in color or more like a dark alm12/1/19
6/1/07 01:00TaylorsvilleKYUSAUnknown15 minutes2 bright white lights, COMPLETELY SILENT, 80 meters above ground, travels slow or it can hover in one spot.7/5/08