National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/2007


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/30/07 23:00WilsonNCUSACigar10 minutes2 dark cigar shaped objects in night sky6/12/07
4/30/07 22:03Santa FeNMUSAFormation52 mins~1 hour over ABQ, began descent halfway through observation. Three color-changing, pulsing lights that retained formation.6/12/07
4/30/07 22:00ShreveportLAUSAOvalhoursMultiple-type UFOs are witnessed multiple times, in multiple states, near U.S.A.F. bases in LA and CO.6/12/07
4/30/07 21:30SeattleWAUSAFormation5 secondsTwo amber lights were seen snaking from the southwestern sky to the northwestern sky.6/12/07
4/30/07 20:00MillhurstILUSADisk30 MinutesUFO Sighted In Millhurst IL8/7/07
4/30/07 19:00Decatur (Atlanta suburb)GAUSASphere15-20 minutesSmall silver sphere motionless in blue sky.6/12/07
4/30/07 13:00Orange ParkFLUSARectangle5 minsCloud shield maker over Clay County, Florida.6/12/08
4/29/07 23:00PiscatawayNJUSALight15 minutesvery fast light zipping in the sky and then a uknown aircraft appeared very low to the ground.6/12/07
4/29/07 23:00WarminsterPAUSATriangle1 hourmoving very slow. heading south towards willow grove base. jets were deployed. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report? PD))6/12/07
4/29/07 22:15Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaOther5 minutesbright light over city for 5minutes ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))6/12/07
4/29/07 22:05ElwoodILUSAUnknown15 secondsUFO sound only6/12/07
4/29/07 22:00Lancaster (UK/England).MSUnited KingdomLight3 MINUTESORANGE LIGHT OVER IRISH SEA IN UK. SEEN TO ACCELERATE AWAY6/12/07
4/29/07 21:45BoonsboroMDUSARectangle2 minutesSquare lights above South Mountain in Boonsboro, MD at 21:45.6/12/07
4/29/07 21:45Port ClintonOHUSALightsecondsTwo lights slowly flying north to west near shores of Lake Erie, one flies around the other. Then disappears.6/12/07
4/29/07 21:39Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaFormation3 secondsThree white lights fly north over Detroit, followed minutes later by a lighted Chevron object.6/12/07
4/29/07 21:00North KingstownRIUSATriangle5 minI live on Annaquatucket rd in NK, RI I was sitting in my room and i heard dogs barking and crying outside my open window. I got up to s6/12/07
4/29/07 20:50BoonsboroMDUSADisk45 seconds to a minuteUFO observed near Boonsboro, MD in the evening.6/12/07
4/29/07 20:00North RidgevilleOHUSAUnknown15 secondsRed flash followed by small black object that travelled silently across sky in a straight line and disappeared.6/12/07
4/29/07 17:00PortlandORUSACircle3 minfast moving object that was gone when i looked down to get phone6/12/07
4/29/07 15:30Cape CoralFLUSACylinder30 minsWas this white cylinder with fins a weather balloon?6/12/07
4/29/07 11:30TampaFLUSAOval2-3 minutes2 crafts seen gliding over city6/12/07
4/28/07 22:06Santa RosaCAUSALight2 secMeteor-like object seen while watching an Iridium flare.6/12/07
4/28/07 21:30HackettstownNJUSASphere15 secondstwo bright spheres moving very fast and erratic3/4/08
4/28/07 21:25Beale AFBCAUSALightunknownBright and large orange light that vanished suddenly and completely6/12/07
4/28/07 20:20Falkirk, Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomSphere45seconds12-20 silver discs flying over central scotland6/12/07
4/28/07 20:00DenverCOUSALight5 secondsTwo lights that appeared connected moving very quickly SW to NE (faster than any commercial plane or military jet) across the sky .6/12/07
4/28/07 03:45AustinTXUSATriangle30 secondsI am a police officer and was working my night shift at our headquarters building checking doors and locks. When I stepped outside I l11/28/07
4/28/07Moreno ValleyCAUSAEggobject caught on camera while taking photo of my sail boat6/12/07
4/27/07 23:45TempeAZUSA2-3 minutesNight sky flashes in Tempe illuminating entire sky. 6 total flashes. All occured within a minute. There was no sound.6/12/07
4/27/07 22:49Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaLight1 secondA birght blue light stationary in the sky6/12/07
4/27/07 22:00Myrtle BeachSCUSACircle2 minlight in the sky10/31/08
4/27/07 22:00MadisonALUSALight3 hoursThis is my second report , I'm still watching this bright star like ufo.6/12/07
4/27/07 21:40IndioCAUSAFireball8 SECONDSBright object breaks off into three objects and then joins and breaks off again before making an abrupt turn6/12/07
4/27/07 21:00TacomaWAUSALightten minutestacoma wa ufo like a star6/12/07
4/27/07 20:45KanehoeHIUSAOther10 seconds or lessObservation position was latitude 21° 28' 4.26", longitude -157° 51' 3.06".6/12/07
4/27/07 20:45KaneoheHIUSASphere10-15 secondsreddish star like craft6/12/07
4/27/07 19:30PensacolaFLUSASphere10 minutesBright sphere with contrasting shadows traveling slowly from north to south from 8-11o'clock positions diagonally6/12/07
4/27/07 10:36Cranbury/East WindsorNJUSALight75 minI just wanted to comment on someones post here regarding a 75 minute event that took place in Cranbury NJ. I walk the dogs at night out10/8/07
4/27/07 03:31Knin (Croatia)CroatiaLight10 min Very interesting read. Same day, same thing, two different6/12/07
4/27/07 03:31Knin (Croatia)CroatiaChanging10 minlarge shiny object was spoted levitating6/12/07
4/27/07AbileneTXUSAUnknown6 minutesBrilliant magnesium diamond seen over Dyess Air Force Base/ Abilene ,Texas6/12/07
4/27/07You might want to check language from entry, 4-27, a very bad word got through. third line up from bottom.6/12/07
4/26/07 21:30OrlandCAUSALight30 secondsWhite, star-like light holds position in sky before moving slowly and then disappearing altogether.6/12/07
4/26/07 21:00SonoraCAUSAUnknown1 minuteLight6/12/07
4/26/07 21:00RenoNVUSALight1 minuteA white light dropped slowly from the sky & shifted to a level flight and faided out.4/27/07
4/26/07 18:30Fort DavisTXUSADisk5 minutesDaylight reporting of a large saucer shaped UFO in West Texas6/12/08
4/26/07 11:55HikoNVUSAUnknown3 minutesHovering orb, brilliant illumination, falling debris, vehicle collision with objects5/13/12
4/26/07 06:45FremontCAUSADisk5 seconds2 figures and craft seen on ground near San Francisco Bay.6/12/07
4/26/07 03:00OrlandoFLUSAFormation30 secondsFour red lights were seen suspended in a square formation over a treeline on Town Center Blvd, heading towards Landstar at 3:00AM6/12/07
4/25/07 23:30Santa FeNMUSASphere1min.Bright blue and yellow glowing orb streaking accross the sky at warp-speed8/14/07
4/25/07 22:12Williams Lake (Canada)BCCanadaLight15 sec.Stationary "Star" flashed brighty, dimmed, started moving then faded from sight4/27/07
4/25/07 13:00AlbuquerqueNMUSARectangle2.5 minutesWhite rectangle seen falling and then speeding off apparently under power of two "cones" of orange lights that suddenly came out3/16/12
4/25/07 11:25SoquelCAUSAUnknown2 secondsa flashing star and a flash under the star.6/12/07
4/25/07 07:30JamesportNYUSAOval5 secondsOval, star like object moving qucikly over Eastern Long Island4/27/07
4/25/07 02:00IndiaIndiaRectangle15 minutesUFO and creature sighted at 2:00 AM in the morning.6/12/07
4/25/07 01:00Perth (Australia)AustraliaLight3-4 secondsI saw a white-light ufo above my house.4/27/07
4/25/07 00:00SpringfieldORUSACircle2-3 hoursMany bright lights moving very fast in the nights sky.4/27/07
4/24/07 22:00South KingstonNHUSACircle5 minutesbright, pulsating object moves unlike conventional aircraft4/27/07
4/24/07 21:40BrentwoodCAUSACircle5 minutesBright Orange round object sighted in the Eastern Night sky moved south and dissappeared.4/27/07
4/24/07 21:30ConverseINUSALightOne HourAwesome red lights put on an other-worldly display in Converse, Indiana, and blew my mind.4/27/07
4/24/07 21:00New AlbanyPAUSALight2 hrsAppears to be bright star flashing with hints of red and green colors.4/27/07
4/24/07 03:00HomerAKUSAFireball5 secondsApprox. 3:30 AM on the morning on April 24th four male adults driving alongside Kachamak Bay, in Homer, AK.4/27/07
4/24/07 02:00LovelandOHUSAUnknown40 secondsstationary triangular span of light, 15 sec. Then flipped upward, revealing three cohesive lights. Silent, low, slow moving, SE to N.4/27/07
4/23/07 23:45Palm CoastFLUSAOval15 minutesThere was a bright white light, bigger than a star or planet moving in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus?? PD))4/27/07
4/23/07 23:00San JoseCAUSACigarhourshovering saucer\cigar shaped object, 4 white lights that changed stationary to sweeping over San Jose for HOURS4/27/07
4/23/07 22:00Derbyshire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle30 secondsAmber glow, circular, static,seemed low in the sky to the eye same as a small coin.then sped off.3/19/09
4/23/07 21:30PasadenaCAUSAUnknown30 minutessomewhat clustered object moving in line4/27/07
4/23/07 20:00RichmondVAUSACigar1 minutecigar shaped object over richmond4/27/07
4/23/07 11:12Des MoinesIAUSACircle10minHazed lights traveling dew north in a clockwise position.6/12/08
4/23/07 08:00ElmoreALUSATriangle10 minutesA seemingly cloaked or disguised craft4/27/07
4/23/07 05:00North Atlantic OceanNorth Atlantic OceanSphere30 sec2 passengers observe glowing, red sphere during trans-Atlantic flight6/12/07
4/23/07 00:00MarionIAUSAUnknown2 MinutesA strange short sirun noise with two massive jet streams of smoke in the sky in rainbow formation.4/27/07
4/23/07Guernsey (UK/England)United KingdomLink to report about alleged sighting in the UK.4/27/07
4/22/07 23:00LewisvilleTXUSATriangle20-30 secondsWhitle lights, silent, fast-moving craft.4/27/07
4/22/07 22:20WestvilleFLUSATriangle5 to 7 sec.It had four greenish-blue, dim lights on the bottom; one in the middle towards the rear and one at each corner.4/27/07
4/22/07 22:15RochesterMNUSARectangle2 minutesstrip of lights seen above neighborhood6/12/07
4/22/07 21:45Ingersoll (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle5seconds5 pentagons glowing white,transparent then 7 glowing white transparent triangles follow.4/27/07
4/22/07 20:30Oklahoma CityOKUSAChangingUnknownTwo OKLAHOMA UFO sightings4/27/07
4/22/07 20:00SultanWAUSATriangle10 minutesThe triangular object had red and white blinking lights.4/27/07
4/22/07 19:15KirklandWAUSADisk3 minutesWe saw a disk slowly rotating from end to end across the skyline.4/27/07
4/22/07 16:00WapatoWAUSAFormation17:00unkown formations seen in mid-day4/27/07
4/22/07 15:00New IpswichNHUSARectangle3 minutes((HOAX??)) A loud vibrating sound and a low flying well lit, slow moving craft.4/27/07
4/22/07 14:00New York City (Central Park)NYUSALighthourstar like object above Central park4/27/07
4/22/07 13:30WorcesterMAUSADiamondabout 1 minuteDiamond shape object slowly flying over Worcester skies and then disappearing4/27/07
4/22/07 12:45BeaufortSCUSACigarmaybe a minuteIt happened a day after an airplane crash and it was very long and thin with points on either end very brillantly white, maybe glowed.4/17/08
4/22/07 10:30LongwoodFLUSAOval7 min 30 sec3 craft come 500 ft above us4/27/07
4/22/07 09:55CharlotteNCUSAFireballsplit secondI thought it was a firework at first...then I realized it was too big and way too fast. We live about 15 miles from airport....this wa4/27/07
4/22/07 02:14ForestParkILUSADiamond15 seconds+-2UFO, no trail. Just diamond shape moving across sky.4/27/07
4/21/07 23:30Capon BridgeWVUSALight4 hoursSingle bright celestial light with dramatic movement observed for four hours in West Virginia4/27/07
4/21/07 23:15TacomaWAUSALight5 minutesorange flying light in tacoma4/27/07
4/21/07 23:00Etobicoke (Canada)ONCanadaLight1 minuteThis sighting was sparked by the question,"Why do dogs howl at the moon?" The answer, I said in my head was because they are communica6/12/07
4/21/07 23:00Cancun (Mexico)MexicoUnknown30 secondsStar like object on northerly course makes 120 degree turn, moves erratically and stops, vanishes4/27/07
4/21/07 23:00CahokiaILUSADisk2 Hours9 witnesses to several disk shaped aircraft in the night sky.4/27/07
4/21/07 22:20Alfreton (UK/England)United KingdomFireball5 mins. approx.4 fireballs in total, 1st 3 formed triangle...then gradually disappeared...4th hovered in same area before also disappearing.4/27/07
4/21/07 22:05BentonKYUSALight3-5 minutes3 white lights in a semi-circular pattern high over Western KY, moving at different speeds from S to N, then E, then N before disappear4/27/07
4/21/07 22:00StatesboroGAUSALight5 secondsA bright white light moving at supersonic speed in northern sky of southeastern U.S.4/27/07
4/21/07 21:30Blackpool (UK/England)United KingdomEgg5 minsEight UFO's over Blackpool, England4/27/07
4/21/07 21:00WorcesterMAUSAChangingHoursLED Nav Lights and an Ultra bright Strobe6/12/08
4/21/07 20:30WoodstockVAUSAOval3 secondsAn oval-shaped craft with green lights was observed on the evening of April 21st near Woodstock, VA.6/12/07
4/21/07 20:00Lighthouse PointFLUSATriangle8 minuteslarge black trangular object going very fast with flashing lights in a random pattern on the back.6/12/08
4/21/07 19:00Nova Scotia (south shore) (Canada)NSCanadaLight30 sec.Glowing white light moving very fast fades away abruptly. South shore nova scotia canada. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite, or ISS?? PD))4/27/07
4/21/07 18:20WestportCTUSAOther20White dot motionless in sky begins to move- sheds into two white dots4/27/07
4/21/07 18:00Sweet SpringsMOUSATriangle15 secondsperfectly shaped triangle seen just south of I-70, north of whiteman airforce base, hovering over a farmers field.4/27/07
4/21/07 16:30Bridgend (UK/Wales)United KingdomDisk5 mins aproxdaylight sighting of a classic disc type object.6/12/07
4/21/07 14:35South TucsonAZUSAFormation7 minutesI saw five orbs or flashes changing position over Tucson during the day over a plume of smoke.4/27/07
4/21/07 12:30Karues - Patras (Greece)GreeceFormation7 minA UFO , what is going on?8/7/07
4/21/07 12:15Las VegasNVUSAOval3-4 minutesThe object was heading east, it was to my north and seemed to be at a constant velocity.4/27/07
4/21/07 03:10Grove CityPAUSAChevron4 secondsA silent and large boomerang-shaped object.4/27/07
4/20/07 23:15ChicoCAUSACircle10 secondsThree circular objects moving fast and without sound in a formation pattern6/12/07
4/20/07 23:00Fort CollinsCOUSASphere3 secondsLooking towards the mountains (west) from fort collins, co. A large, bright green, spherical object appeared suddenly and proceeded to4/27/07
4/20/07 23:00FoxboroMAUSALight2 minutesI was driving on Route 95 and there appeared a large light in the sky. I was scared and terrified as I initially thought that the obje4/27/07
4/20/07 23:00RifleCOUSAFireball30 secsI noticed the ground light-up4/27/07
4/20/07 22:30JohnstownPAUSAOther3 min.4/20/07 10;30 pm big object no noise just moved slowly away from the top of my house4/27/07
4/20/07 22:00LittletonCOUSAFireball4 secondsOn April 20, 2007, at approx. 10:00 PM, blueish fireball descends low near downtown Littleton, CO. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD))4/27/07
4/20/07 22:00Waterdown (Canada)ONCanadaOtheraprox 1 minThis object left as it came, leaving me with thoughts as to what it might have been and did anyone else see it???4/27/07
4/20/07 21:45MainsteeMIUSAUnknown15 minLights spotted in Michigan Forest, bizarre, unexplained...4/27/07
4/20/07 21:37Royal OakMIUSALight2-3 minutesBright light in sky growing larger and brighter.....then gone! 4-20-07 9:37 pm, Royal Oak, Michigan3/4/08
4/20/07 21:30Sidcup, Kent (UK/England)United Kingdom30 minutes50-100 yellow/orange balls flying in groups4/27/07
4/20/07 21:19WynnewoodPAUSATriangle2 minNo sound and had no apparent windows4/27/07
4/20/07 21:05VancouverWAUSALight4 secAn oval light object moved into my still frame photo then immediately disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))4/27/07
4/20/07 11:30PortlandORUSACircle10-15Black dot moved silently across the sky in different directions like an observation pattern.4/27/07
4/20/07 10:15PuyallupWAUSACircle15Red light deploys white object and then dissappeared minutes later when our heads turned for a second.4/27/07
4/20/07 03:43NorwichNYUSATriangle5 secondsOn 04/20/07 at 03:42est observed 2 airborne triangular objects flying overhead in formation at n42/33/99 w75/31/45 on a heading of appr4/27/07
4/20/07 01:50AlbuquerqueNMUSALight5floating light over desert4/27/07
4/20/07 01:30WinstedCTUSATeardrop1 minutethe speed the contrail and the shape were nothing i ever seen before.and no sound4/27/07
4/20/07 00:00LongwoodFLUSALight1 minCraft splits into 3 flying pieces and another comes from "nowhere"4/27/07
4/20/07 00:00florenceMAUSATriangle4 secperfect triangle , silent , pale red with a pale red light on each point6/12/07
4/20/07Great Barrier Reef (at sea) (Australia)AustraliaThree sailors disappear off Australia Great Barrier Reef, amid unusual circumstances.11/28/07
4/19/07 23:00GreenvilleMIUSALight15 min.strange neon color lights come together as one then blink many colrs.4/27/07
4/19/07 21:30Sidcup (UK/England)United KingdomFormationone hourwas alerted by the people who live next door to me via tex message to look out my flat window,saw amber in colour lights about as high4/27/07
4/19/07 21:20St. Clair ShoresMIUSATriangle1 minuteStationary triangle banked in front of us then glided away4/27/07
4/19/07 21:00Stony BrookNYUSALight2-5 minsaw 2 lights sort of "dance" with eachother in sky4/27/07
4/19/07 21:00KingstonWAUSALight3 seconds +/-moving light adjacent to the moon; very high and disappeared suddenly; did not reappear4/27/07
4/19/07 20:45New AlbanyPAUSALightongoing as of 21:25Small flashing star-like object, primrily white light with smaller red & green lights. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius would be in SW sky. PD)4/27/07
4/19/07 10:00AllentownPAUSALight6 hoursMany brightly lit objects emitting multi-colored lights, two military planes approached directly and flew around several times.4/27/07
4/19/07 00:01Sainte-Therese (Canada)QCCanadaLight15 secTwo low intensity orange lights travelling at very hight speed and without sound.4/27/07
4/18/07 23:30Black MountainNCUSARectangle15 secondsOn our way home we saw a large object with several lights stationary in the sky.4/27/07
4/18/07 23:00MutualOKUSALight((HOAX??)) it was a bright light in the sky that moved around and changed colors.4/27/07
4/18/07 22:10Sudbury (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle10 SECONDSThree red lights in triangle formation skim overhead, twist, appear to merge, then disappear4/27/07
4/18/07 20:00OswegoNYUSALight1/2 hourFlashing colored lights in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius or Venus? PD))4/27/07
4/18/07 18:00Brisbane (Australia)AustraliaCircle30 secondsA UFO seen in the sky.10/8/07
4/18/07 09:00North TazewellVAUSASphere3 hoursIt is true about ufos and farms.4/27/07
4/18/07 05:30Santa MariaCAUSAOther3 TO 5 MINRed vertical glowing light in the sky.6/12/08
4/18/07 00:16DelanoMNUSATriangle2 minuteslit up orange triangular hover craft seen by two non-believers4/27/07
4/17/07 23:00NorforkNYUSAUnknowna few secondsA large, black object crossed a country road at night with two huge, round lights at the back of it.10/31/08
4/17/07 23:00CambrigeILUSADiamondduring dinner((HOAX??)) We saw 2 light go across the sky and me and my friends and looked up and saw it4/27/07
4/17/07 23:00BellinghamWAUSACircle15-20 minutesUFO sighting in Bellingham, WA4/27/07
4/17/07 22:00IrvineCAUSACircle5Circle of blue lights. ((NUFORC Note: Excellent report from an individual with engineering background. PD))4/27/07
4/17/07 21:00AuburnALUSAOther10 minutesBright White Light in distant sky, stationary, but gone one hour later. Other object red and green and dim.4/27/07
4/17/07 21:00Coyote Gulch (Escalante River) (southern Utah)UTUSATeardrop4 secTeardrop shape pulse of light from stationary dot of light.6/12/07
4/17/07 17:25DenverCOUSACircleabout 1 minuteDaylight sighting of unknown object.4/27/07
4/17/07 16:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSADisk1:22Ufo enters games just above Hess Sign at yankee Stadium. ((NUFORC Note: Disc-shaped obj.. Possible hoax?? PD))6/12/08
4/17/07 15:00Peterborough (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown2 secondsUnexplained whooshing noise (April 17th 2007)- Peterborough, UK4/27/07
4/17/07 13:36GoodlettsvilleTNUSACircleMaybe one minuteI observed two bright white round objects in a clear blue sky at l:36 P.M. side by side, and one sped off hortizontally from the other6/12/07
4/17/07 00:55CrestwoodILUSAFormation2:00A staight row of lights from the underside, and full speed in the sky like a falling star and noise4/27/07
4/16/07 00:00San Juan (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoUnknown6 minutosEstaba trabajando en el estacionamiento de un cuartel como policia en el turno de 4:00am a 12:00pm. Algo me decia dentro de mi que saca6/9/09
4/16/07 23:00Westchester (Canada)ILUSALight10-15 minBright light object not like any other aircraft hovered in same place for 10-15 min the disappeared.4/27/07
4/16/07 23:00North RiversideILUSALight10 -13 minBright ball light craft.4/27/07
4/16/07 22:30Dryden (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown10-15 minA red flashing object which was moving in a fast,erratic way and made a sharp turn from east to south direction4/27/07
4/16/07 21:35PalmdaleCAUSATriangle3 seconds((HOAX??)) bottom of ship was a single sheet of orange red light, not one bulb or multiple light.4/27/07
4/16/07 21:30AnacortesWAUSAFew minutesMUFON/WASHINGTON REPORT: Very bright, stationary, red light, which pulsed on and off slowly.8/7/07
4/16/07 21:14Bremen (Germany)GermanyCigar60 secOval/cigar shaped bight object seen and captured in 2 images... 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/27/07
4/16/07 21:05BrentwoodCAUSAFireball3-5 minutes each3 fiery, balls of light moving slowly across the night sky within a 45 minute time frame.4/27/07
4/16/07 20:50RollaMOUSATriangle45 secondsTwo objects, each a set of triangular lights, moving due East at 20:50 on 4/16/07 in Rolla, Missouri.4/27/07
4/16/07 20:50RollaMOUSATriple LIghts in Ursa Major, probably the Triple Navel Satellites. ((NUFORC Note: We are grateful for the report and analysis. PD))2/14/08
4/16/07 13:00Hoffman Estates (8 mi. NW of O'Hare Airport)ILUSAFormation1 minuteStrange Shaped Rectangle Object Sighted 8 Miles NW of O'Hare International Airport4/27/07
4/16/07 08:45KannapolisNCUSADisk10 sec.Top &bottom of chrome disk in morning sky for 10-15 seconds,then it disapears!!4/27/07
4/16/07 04:30EdmondOKUSAOther5:15Upside down Star of Bethlehem light with red upside down appendages4/27/07
4/15/07 23:30Park CityMTUSAUnknown4-5 minutesUnknown object over rural country town.4/27/07
4/15/07 23:00TalentORUSAChanging5 min.bright flash,then ciclular orange orb of light diminshing to nothing and over and over,due north6/12/08
4/15/07 22:30IrvineCAUSACircle1-2 minutesWhite Lights in a large circle over UC Irvine, Campus.4/27/07
4/15/07 22:19McCombMSUSADiamond45 secondsfishing for ufo's4/27/07
4/15/07 22:15Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown8-10 MinutesBright Green "Z-Shaped" Object Over Santa Monica Pier4/27/07
4/15/07 22:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown30minsColor changing bright light spotted over downtown Toronto.4/27/07
4/15/07 22:00Iraq (classified; military position)IraqCircle5-10 mins3 UfO's- One emitting a tornado like beam at my military unit-a 3rd ran an intercept route,vanish.((NUFORC Note: Rocket venting? PD))7/17/11
4/15/07 22:00GunnisonCOUSALight2 min.giant bright white light moves autonomously and travels EXTREMELY fast. SILENT!12/12/09
4/15/07 20:43Limassol (Cyprus)CyprusTrianglefew secondsIt was a clear sky evening, when I was walking outside. Humidity was very low (30%) and the temperature was 17'C if this is helpfull, w4/27/07
4/15/07 18:30PendergrassGAUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriangular mass over Jackson County8/7/07
4/15/07 18:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaRectangle3minhuge rectangular solar panel over victoria10/8/07
4/14/07 23:48OrlandoFLUSAOval35 secondsOval fast light traveling over Orlando International Airport in Florida4/27/07
4/14/07 23:30RaleighNCUSATriangle4 secondsGlowing green triangle moving at a very fast pace, stopping, flew away even faster, no noise over RBC Center.6/27/11
4/14/07 23:15MuskegonMIUSAUnknownless than a minuteFive objects in the sky out over lake michigan zig zagging with eachother at unbelievable speeds.4/27/07
4/14/07 23:07Duiven (Netherlands)NetherlandsOvalfew secondsfast flying object4/27/07
4/14/07 22:40Grand ForksNDUSALight10 SECSatiellite looking objects about to intersect when one changed its direction of travel.4/27/07
4/14/07 22:30Cumberland House (Canada)SKCanadaLight10 min.three different lights travelling together4/27/07
4/14/07 22:00RaleighNCUSATriangle7 secondsBright Green Triangle in sky zooms ahead and disappears in an instant.4/27/07
4/14/07 21:30BakersfieldCAUSALightabout 40 minStar like object turn lights off after being flashed with light and took off, then came back 15 min later.4/27/07
4/14/07 21:00OrlandoFLUSAUnknown5 minutesPossible Plane chasing ufo ???4/27/07
4/14/07 21:00ElmaWAUSACircle23:00A large bright light that would blackout and then become bright along with 2 smaller ones Orange in color moving all around.4/27/07
4/14/07 19:15CastrovilleCAUSATriangle10 minutesOrange colored triangular craft with red lights. Hovering, no noise. Turning back and forth and then disapeared.4/27/07
4/14/07 15:45Big Stone GapVAUSAFlash1 sec.Music3/4/08
4/14/07 15:20TucsonAZUSASphere7 minutesSpinning Chrome/Red disk4/27/07
4/14/07 11:00AnnapolisMDUSASphere20 secondsOrb seen while driving Route 50 towards Annapolis4/27/07
4/14/07 02:00London (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle1 hourVarious UFO sightings in South East London, UK10/8/07
4/14/07 00:30Perth (Australia)AustraliaTriangle15/20 minsTriangle Sighting in backyard around 12:30 am. Longer time than expected watching object.4/27/07
4/14/07 00:00HanoverNHUSALight10-20 secondsred light landed slowly in the woods4/27/07
4/13/07 21:00Napili Bay (Maui)HIUSARectangle3-5 secondsA couple vacationing in Napili, Maui noticed a bright rectangular blue green obj. with a orange colored tail streaking across the sky.4/27/07
4/13/07 20:50TroutdaleORUSASphere15 SecondsExtremely bright and fast UFO over Troutdale, OR4/27/07
4/13/07 20:35RichmondCAUSADisk10 minOne set of cylindrical lights seen above 580 West4/27/07
4/13/07 19:23AnaheimCAUSALight1minFacing west toward John Wayne Airport I observed two luminous objects flying above the light cloud cover at high altitude. Objects ente4/27/07
4/13/07 02:00WarwickNYUSA5 secondsUFO OVER WARWICK NEW YORK4/27/07
4/13/07 01:01Delavan (near)ILUSALight10 secondsWe seen a bright white light (object) falling rapidly at a 45 degree angle, then it disappeared.4/27/07
4/13/07 00:30AL-gonfatha (Saudi Arabia)Saudi ArabiaFlash30 sec1 multi-colored ufo and the others are not after mednight ((NUFORC Note: Anonymous report. May not be valid. PD))4/27/07
4/12/07 23:00HerculaneumMOUSADisk2-3 minutes3-lighted circular air-craft drops and hovers in mid-air-and vanishes in a few minutes.4/27/07
4/12/07 22:47Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaEgg<2 secondssmall object from SW to N. 30-35 degress above the horizon - dispersed into 9 -12 egg-shaped low luminous objects (<2seconds)4/27/07
4/12/07 22:16BremertonWAUSACircle25 secondsLight from west to east that diminished and disappeared at about a 110 degree angle4/27/07
4/12/07 21:55Chicago RidgeILUSAFlashBright light in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising light? Celestial body?? PD))4/27/07
4/12/07 21:45WheelersburgOHUSALight10 minZigzagging fire in the sky.4/14/09
4/12/07 21:30KimballTNUSALight2 object very close together and very bright with color beams of lights4/27/07
4/12/07 21:00MadisonALUSALight2 hoursStar like ufo decends down slowly from high in the sky until it gets about tree top level. ((NUFORC Note: Venus sighting. PD))4/27/07
4/12/07 21:00Castro ValleyCAUSATriangle6:00hrsFlying UFO's in the San Francisco Bay Area.4/27/07
4/12/07 20:53St. AugustineFLUSAFormation12 sec.Fast and Silent Object(s) Flying in the Presence of a Military Aircraft4/27/07
4/12/07 20:45Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle30 secTriangular light configuration indicated low flying hover-craft in fog and snow above Powers Blvd.4/27/07
4/12/07 20:30StaytonORUSALight2 to 3 minutesorange-yellow fire dribbled stright down from the object4/27/07
4/12/07 15:00SavannahTNUSATriangle20 secondsTriangle shaped UFO flying over West/Middle TN6/20/14
4/12/07 05:36Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle5 seconds2 small rectangular objects in the night sky only 3 meters away from me3/4/08
4/12/07 03:24Amman/Wadi Ram (desert) (Jordan)JordanUnknownaccident happend at arabian country ,called jordan ((NUFORC Note: We cannot confirm that the report was submitted from Jordan. PD))4/27/07
4/12/07 00:00Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomSphere20minufo over manchester ((NUFORC Note: Sirius or Venus?? PD))4/27/07
4/11/07 23:50CarrolltonTXUSACircle20 min.Round shape, Moving slowly, changing colors. ((NUFORC Note: The star, Sirius?? PD))4/27/07
4/11/07 22:00AustinTXUSAChevron7 secondsRectangular glowing objects flying over Austin, TX4/27/07
4/11/07 21:20Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomFormation15 secondstwo red pulsating lights moving southwards in Nottingham UK4/27/07
4/11/07 20:45CoventryCTUSAOval15 minutesAn object decended from the sky in Connecticut into a woman's yard filling her view with a huge machine-like shiny object4/27/07
4/11/07 13:25NorthamptonMAUSAEgg15 secondsPure white, opaque, slightly elliptical, non-luminous thing moving at a very high rate of speed, with no apparent effect on atmosphere.4/27/07
4/11/07 08:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaChanging2 hoursMultiple shape object over Calgary, Alberta, Canada.4/27/07
4/10/07 22:00OrangeCAUSALight4 minutesLight like a plane but moved like something really strange!4/27/07
4/10/07 14:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCigar10 minutesCigar shaped object seen in Toronto, showed great speed , and ability to hover10/8/07
4/10/07 02:00Porsgrun (close to) (Norway)NorwayTriangle2 minBeings and a landed craft.2/14/10
4/9/07 23:00WaukeshaWIUSALight20min.indescribble light on sky4/27/07
4/9/07 22:50London (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 MINUTESflaring ufo chased by helicopters10/8/07
4/9/07 21:35San RafaelCAUSALight6-10 secondsBright blue object races across whole sky.4/27/07
4/9/07 21:20CollinsMOUSAUnknown5 minutesBright round red light followed by a sequence of bright orange rectangular lights at tree top level.6/12/07
4/9/07 21:17CharlotteNCUSAOval6 minWeard light moving southeast of Charlotte, oval shape moving really slow4/27/07
4/9/07 21:00CottonwoodCAUSALight7 minutesIncredible Sighting and top secret Helicopters4/27/07
4/9/07 18:05ElmsfordNYUSACircle2 seconds?Dark circular object floating stock still in the air. Was not seen when photo was shot. It's not in any of the other photos taken.4/27/07
4/9/07 15:00KnoxvilleTNUSADisk4 minutesDisc-shaped object spotted seen about 15:00 hrs. for a duration of about 4 minutes.11/28/07
4/9/07 14:20SpindaleNCUSAOval2 minutesOval object over Forest City, NC moving fast, then abrutly changing direction and altitude4/27/07
4/9/07 13:30North Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaDisk5 minutesFlying disc that rotated slowly, was caught on tape.4/27/07
4/9/07 09:40Cross TimbersMOUSAOval5 min.Edge of oval object near Cross Timbers,MO4/27/07
4/9/07 08:30Netanya (Israel)IsraelLight4 minutes5 red lights in the sky forming a half-circle, my mum and her uncle saw it too.11/21/10
4/9/07 05:00DetroitMIUSALight30 secondsbright comet like light streaked across the michigan sky line4/27/07
4/8/07 22:35CentraliaMOUSASphere2-3 minutes2nd sighting in a week's time of a shining red craft in the western sky over Mid-MO.4/27/07
4/8/07 22:00Winslow and Blue anchorNJUSAChanging1 minuteObject was low flying and presented itself as a bright blinking strobe, blacked out, re-appeared as 2 circling blinking white lights4/27/07
4/8/07 22:00New MilfordCTUSALight1 weekFormation reapper/dissapear in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus. PD))4/27/07
4/8/07 21:05BaltimoreMDUSALight8 secondsStationary white light then picking up speed from the east to the west; arcing across sky; too fast for plane4/27/07
4/8/07 03:20Ft. LauderdaleFLUSAOther5.5 to 6 secondsIluminated straight line in clear blue sky4/27/07
4/7/07 22:45Rancho CucamongaCAUSALight5 secondsBright orange ball of light.4/27/07
4/7/07 22:30FriendshipWIUSAFlashcontinuousMy family came back from Wisconsin Dells WI approximately 10:30 PM Kids and my wife went home and I stayed outside to smoke a cigarrete4/27/07
4/7/07 19:00DoravilleGAUSADisk15min.a bright light over roof to my house,slowed up, and went over my house.Size of a Sierra Van. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/27/07
4/7/07 18:45ArlingtonVAUSALight20 minApproaching intense bright white light with a rainbow spectrum in the center witnessed at sun down on 04/07/07.4/27/07
4/7/07 13:00Camano IslandWAUSASphere15 secondsMetallic orb captured on film accidentally4/27/07
4/7/07 12:24SpokaneWAUSAFireball20 secStrang orange glow in Eastern Washington4/27/07
4/7/07 09:42Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoUnknown16 secondsUFO Puerto Valarta Captured On Photo April 07, 20074/27/07
4/7/07 09:30Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoOval1 secondUFO Captured in Photo - Puerto Vallarta , Mexico4/27/07
4/7/07 01:00RussellvilleMOUSA1 hourThere were many people in Cole county and surrounding counties that seen the object also.8/7/07
4/6/07 23:15Allison ParkPAUSALight3 minutesVery small object seen above north park lake in pittsburgh,4/27/07
4/6/07 23:00EverettWAUSAOther5-7secondsOur first UFO sighting from downtown Everett, WA area...Pretty Scarey too me!4/27/07
4/6/07 22:20Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaLightstarted@22:15bright as a small star about 500 ft in the sky.4/27/07
4/6/07 22:00Jersey (Channel Islands) (UK/England)United KingdomCigar2minutes2 UFO's seen at beach6/12/07
4/6/07 20:45JacksonvilleALUSADiamond45 sec.Silent Light passes from Southern to Northern Horizon4/27/07
4/6/07 20:00Black Canyon CityAZUSATriangle30 minutes4 Bright Lights, 1 triangular shape, ,hover over APS Power line, Interstate 17 at Black Canyon City4/27/07
4/6/07 19:45SheltonWAUSAUnknown15 minutesApril 06, 2007 at 19:45 hours, metallic looking and brightly lit , motionless for 15 minutes duration. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))4/27/07
4/6/07 13:00Costa MesaCAUSAUnknown6 hoursOrganic UFO over Orange County. ((NUFORC Note: Object may be a string of balloons, in our opinion. PD))4/27/07
4/6/07 09:50Kennewick (Benton City??)WAUSALight2minbright moving light suddenly disappeared into night sky.4/27/07
4/5/07 23:37Hickory PlainsARUSALight20I was travelling late Thursday night, April 5, 2007 at 11:37 pm where approximately 0.5 mile from the intersection of Arkansas State Ro4/27/07
4/5/07 23:00SheltonWAUSALighta few seconds12 red lights over Shelton.4/27/07
4/5/07 21:30Bel AirMDUSAEgg40 minsLarge glowing egg shaped light that rotates. At certain points in its rotation, you could see dozens of lights.4/27/07
4/5/07 21:30BrewsterMAUSAFlash30 minutesBright flashing oval shaped light hovering in Brewster, Cape Cod, MA. Changing colors Also red lights around it. ((Sirius?? PD))4/27/07
4/5/07 21:00RichmondVAUSACigar6 sceSmall bright white cigar object flash by at tree hight, pointed at ends, super fast, then dissappear.4/27/07
4/5/07 19:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangle7 minuteslarge triangular object near UAH in Huntsville, Al moving very slowly with no sound8/7/07
4/5/07 14:56San AntonioTXUSAOther25 secondsPLane looking object disenegrates over Texas sky.4/27/07
4/5/07 02:00RaymondNHUSA2 hoursFlashes4/27/07
4/4/07 22:35CentraliaMOUSASphere4-6 minutesShining, hovering red craft in western sky over central MO.4/27/07
4/4/07 22:00Lehigh AcresFLUSADisk30 minWe saw this light very low in the sky and asked if they could also see it.... ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))4/27/07
4/4/07 22:00Dewsbury, West Yorkshire (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle35minsTriangular shaped craft high above West Yorkshire skyline4/27/07
4/4/07 21:45ArcadiaFLUSALightUPDATEUpdate on previous report: RE: Blue/yellowish blinking light in the western sky of SW Central Florida4/27/07
4/4/07 21:45ArcadiaFLUSALightnightlyBlue/yellowish blinking light in the western sky of SW Central Florida4/27/07
4/4/07 21:00CongressAZUSAUnknown5 secondsSquare lights appeared in sequence, then disappeared simultaneously.4/27/07
4/4/07 21:00JolietILUSAUnknown3-5 minunnidentified object over Joliet Il.7/5/08
4/4/07 21:00CliftonTNUSALight45 minutesFlashing Lights, Multi-color. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a sighting of Sirius? Just a guess. PD))4/27/07
4/4/07 21:00CongressAZUSAUnknown5 secondsI was watching blinking airplane lights in the distance, when suddenly four large yellow square lights came on in sequence, then went o4/27/07
4/4/07 20:55Queen CreekAZUSALight1 minute2 golden orbs near SanTan Mtn Regional Park4/27/07
4/4/07 20:36Great LakesILUSAUnknown15+ minutesblinking light over lake michigan4/27/07
4/4/07 20:00Spring ValleyCAUSAFireball5:00Fireball that looked like a flare in sky that shoots upward.2/21/14
4/4/07 16:53OmahaNEUSAFlash1 minuteSilver Object/Flash Appears in Sky- Disappears, then Reappears4/27/07
4/4/07 10:00PrincetonWVUSACircle2 secblue orb and dream6/10/10
4/4/07 06:45ClearlakeCAUSALight2minA bright white light moving in a straight line light did not blink.4/27/07
4/4/07 06:05Palo AltoCAUSASphere3 secondsBright luminous spherical moon size object much faster than airplane descending southwest under the clouds in Palo Alto, CA4/27/07
4/3/07 23:02KendallFLUSALight2 MinutesI saw a small light in the western sky zipping around completely silently, which lasted for approximately 2 minutes.4/27/07
4/3/07 22:00PhoenixAZUSAOther30 minutesParachute shaped object over North Phoenix4/27/07
4/3/07 21:30Mulege (Baja California) (Mexico)CAMexicoChanging30 minutesHello, I am writing to you because I just filmed over 30 minutes of UFO video with my camcorder down in “Mulege” which is a town locate4/27/07
4/3/07 20:17Sierra VistaAZUSAFormation10 minutesLights similar in size to present background stars appeared to dance around a solid object4/27/07
4/3/07 20:00Queen CreekAZUSALight5 or 6 secondsThree lights, fairly close to the ground, evenly spread at a slight angle, started to turn and then vanished.4/27/07
4/3/07 13:00North Bay (Canada)ONCanadaEgg10 minutes7 Golden Discs sighted over Nothern Ontario Lake in April 200711/28/07
4/3/07 12:30Buffalo GroveILUSADisk15 minI was watching T.V. when I saw lights and then the disk 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/28/07
4/3/07 03:00Richton ParkILUSADisk15 minutesBlue outlined jellyfish-like craft, transparent center at first, then pulsing yellow, then pulsing purple7/6/10
4/2/07 23:00San ClementeCAUSAOther1 hour9 light grid floating by silently, 3 rows of 3 red lights.12/19/19
4/2/07 22:09Garden GroveCAUSADisk1 minuteFlying object spinning green and white flying south over Garden Grove. Seen by my 11 year old daughter.4/27/07
4/2/07 21:00DowningtownPAUSAFormationunknownWhite,green and red orb seen in Chester County PA4/27/07
4/2/07 17:30South AmherstOHUSACylinder1 minuteTwo backward slanted cylinders flying in a "momma duck" formation. One huge, one smaller (still large in size)in broad daylight4/27/07
4/2/07 14:15Virginia BeachVAUSADiskabout a 1 minSmall black sphere dancing in Virgina Beach sky4/27/07
4/2/07 13:00LithoniaGAUSACircle2 minsOrange glowing ball4/27/07
4/2/07 09:00Rohnert ParkCAUSAUnknown30 seconds((HOAX??)) I was coming home when i saw a blue light in the sky i tried to follow it but it was really fast so I went home.4/27/07
4/2/07 08:30South AmherstOHUSAchem-trails following sighting4/27/07
4/2/07 08:30South AmherstOHUSAThis is a follow up to my recently submitted report of 04-02-07. The next morning I noticed chem-trails in the sky. I just thought it4/27/07
4/2/07 06:35OmahaNEUSACircle1 minuteI saw a semi-circular object with bright yellowish/orange lights that rapidly flew away in Omaha.4/27/07
4/2/07 00:30Cuyahoga FallsOHUSASphere10 to 12 min.three object moving west over Cuyahoga Falls moving at varied speeds no navigational lights no stobe4/27/07
4/1/07 23:22GreenwoodMSUSATriangleIt was triangular in shape and it was silent, but seemed to be only a hundred yards above me.4/27/07
4/1/07 23:00LynnMAUSACircle15 minutesRed light over Lynn, MA.4/27/07
4/1/07 22:00EastonWAUSAOval30 secondsRound object with Bright red and orange lights on the right hand side of the road going eastbound hovering between the trees.4/27/07
4/1/07 21:45MaysvilleOKUSALight15 - 20 secondsBright light moves oddly then vanishes completely8/7/07
4/1/07 21:36GreensboroPAUSAOval1/4 hourObject was moving s.w to n.e. rounded in front straighter in rear about 150 ft x 50 ft about 100 foot off ground moving about 15 mph no4/27/07
4/1/07 21:00MarionNCUSACircle5 MinutesLights with no aviation lights visable every night with large binoculars4/27/07
4/1/07 20:30MemphisTNUSATriangle45 min to 1hrAt aprox. 8:20pm I saw a craft in the sky slowly moving from the east to the west. The craft stoped and rotated and other lights were v4/27/07
4/1/07 20:30ZanesvilleOHUSALightaround 3 min.Flash of orange lightning in a cloud and then a bright fast moving light appeared near the cloud.4/27/07
4/1/07 12:05Broken ArrowOKUSAOther4 secWas studying space and weather for my hole life. There was a tornado watch in the area so I went out to look like I usually do. I saw a1/19/21
4/1/07 11:11Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaDiskStrange red object in the sun while filming an aircraft4/27/07
4/1/07 07:30MadisonvilleKYUSAUnknownufo outside of madisonville ky. white then red then turned to yellow looks like a sphere with like a ring around it like a regular ufo4/27/07
4/1/07 03:30BremertonWAUSAUnknown1 minuteLong strip of flashing red lights in a row climbing up through the clouds.6/12/07
4/1/07 03:00MooresvilleNCUSAFireball3+ HoursStar appearance with rapid accelerations and instant major changes of velocity for over two hours witnessed by 5 people with some video4/27/07
4/1/07Lake WalesFLUSALightone houradditional information to previous report on area, also piggyback of another sighting.11/28/07