National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 03/2007


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/31/07 23:15Gerry/EllingtonNYUSADisk15 minutes5 to 6 gray thin disk-shaped "saucers" were flying quickly across the sky.4/27/07
3/31/07 22:00KennedyNYUSAOval2 hoursI saw 5 flying objects that were light up circling in the sky late at night.4/27/07
3/31/07 21:48DeltaCOUSACross30 minSaw a green and red glowing cross in the sky4/27/07
3/31/07 20:15KelseyvilleCAUSACylinder30 minutesCylinder shaped object with bright red and orange flickering lights moving slowly4/27/07
3/31/07 20:00East RutherfordNJUSACircle2 hrs4 circular objects intertwining in and out of each other in circular motion behind clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD))4/27/07
3/31/07 19:50PortlandORUSALight4 secbright lights4/27/07
3/31/07 19:45BeavertonORUSAUnknown10 secondsLarge object with hot pink glowing light in front and turquoise blue light in back descending with no trail and disappeared at dusk.4/27/07
3/31/07 19:00ArlingtonTXUSAOval3 MinsWhite oval (weather balloon?) over The Ballpark4/27/07
3/31/07 19:00WhittierCAUSALight30 secondsbright white light with violet streaks4/27/07
3/31/07 18:30Sydney (Australia)AustraliaFireball10 secBefore dark yesterday a huge bright golden light was seen, before it exploded and shot off on a right hand downward trajectory.4/27/07
3/31/07 18:15TucsonAZUSACigar1 to 2 minutesObject seen over Tucson Mountains; possible missile launch?4/27/07
3/31/07 08:30Redondo BeachCAUSADisk15 secondssilver object hovered over the ocean4/27/07
3/31/07 06:55Gwynn OakMDUSADisk3 minutesUFO over Gwynn Oak MD6/12/07
3/31/07 05:00Los AngelesCAUSACircle3 minutesTwo objects in the AM sky over Los Angeles moving together.4/27/07
3/31/07 02:00PerryvilleMOUSAOther<10 secondsGreenish object seen falling with a greenish illuminated plume along the trajectory path.4/27/07
3/30/07 23:39Santa ClaritaCAUSADisk2or 3 minsbright lights caught my eye as we were driving home it was round saucer shape with a triangle of lights under the saucer.4/27/07
3/30/07 23:12East Windsor (Cranbury)NJUSALightAround 75 MinutesVERY LARGE BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT OBJECT ROTATING OVER 1 HR. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising light?? PD))4/27/07
3/30/07 21:30Sugar NotchPAUSATriangle~1 minute?3 Light Triangle / Wyoming Valley / Eastward6/12/07
3/30/07 21:30KalamazooMIUSATriangle1-2 min.Large triangular craft, no lights or sound, spotted at low altitude.4/27/07
3/30/07 21:01RomeGAUSALight1 min 30 secondsTwo Bright Lights observed - faded away simultaneously4/27/07
3/30/07 21:01RavenswoodWVUSALight1 minTwo bright lights in eastern hemisphere at a 45 degree angle4/27/07
3/30/07 21:00WheelingWVUSALight20 SecondsTwo lights, in close proximity (approximately 3-4 degrees apart, very bright (brighter than venus) and without flicker, in the NNE. . .4/27/07
3/30/07 19:00HollywoodCAUSACigar30 secondsblack cigar like object in hollywood hills4/27/07
3/30/07 14:15RockvilleMDUSACigar15 seconds +/-I was taking a break and laying on the sidewalk in front of our office looking straight up into the sky. The weather was clear, visibil4/27/07
3/30/07 06:30SarasotaFLUSALight4-5 secondsvery bright star or planet in morning sky that moved very rapidly and then disappeared4/27/07
3/30/07 04:30MSUSASphere5 minutesWhite luminous Sphere4/27/07
3/30/07 00:00NorwichCTUSALightsecondsbright stationary object quickly shooting upwards at a 45 degree angle4/27/07
3/29/07 23:30TallahasseeFLUSALighthalf hour+I have seen this two times now.4/27/07
3/29/07 22:00Fresh MeadowsNYUSAOval20 minutesI was driving home from my parentís house and I notice as I arrived closer to my home a bright star to my left. I continued driving and4/27/07
3/29/07 21:15CantonMIUSAFormation2 - 3 minutesTwo pulsing lights traveling in perfect formation4/27/07
3/29/07 20:00Jersey CityNJUSADiamond1 hour and still ongoingBright white diamond shaped object in the sky within the atmosphere standing motionless.4/27/07
3/29/07 12:00New LondonCTUSAUnknown03/29/07 11:49am Thames River, New London, CT Strange light in the sky4/27/07
3/29/07 10:00Lecce (Italy)ItalyCigar13 minutethe cigar flew all over my orizont while i was waiting the train pass 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/27/07
3/29/07 09:30MorgantownWVUSASphere5-minsredish-orange glowing sphere4/27/07
3/28/07 22:30San Juan BautistaCAUSACircle6 hoursSix UFO obererved for six hours in rural area outside of San Juan Bautista, California.4/27/07
3/28/07 21:00PloverWIUSASphere15minsPossible F-16 engagment of a UFO over Plover, Wisconsin4/27/07
3/28/07 20:30SarasotaFLUSAFlash40 Minutes((HOAX??)) Spotted hovering for a long period of time over Bradenton Sarasota airport.4/27/07
3/28/07 19:00CaryNCUSATeardrop1-2 min2 red UFOs shuts off electrical equipment and makes noise.4/27/07
3/28/07 17:15RochesterNYUSAOther10 minpure white bubbulous object with brilliant tiny red twinkling lights in a small area on the underside4/27/07
3/28/07 04:30Mountain ViewARUSALight10-30 secondsMoved too fast & silently to be an airplaine.4/27/07
3/28/07 01:30DuluthMNUSAChanging5 to 10 minutesi looked to my south and saw a cluster of lights changed to a stright line of lights4/27/07
3/27/07 23:01AntiochCAUSATriangle6 minutesI saw a flash of light, the object moved erradically in one area, stabilized itself, then I saw another moving erradically4/27/07
3/27/07 23:01San FranciscoCAUSATriangle3 secondsOne triangular, or arc shaped illuminated object moving arbitrarily south to north.4/27/07
3/27/07 17:00SeattleWAUSAEgg20 secondsTwo Crafts. One sighting.3/31/08
3/27/07 05:45PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknowna few secondsBright green light streaked quickly across the Philadelphia sky very early in the morning.4/27/07
3/27/07 05:37Millstone Twp.NJUSAFlash1-1.5 secondsBRIGHT FLASH NJ FOLLOWED BY ACCELERATED OBJECT4/27/07
3/27/07 05:35LivingstonNJUSACigarfew secoundsbright light that was moving upward and curving slightly at a rapid speed a leaving a trail. It almost looked like a rocket burning in4/27/07
3/26/07 23:40St. PetersburgFLUSACircle5 minutes2 parallel sets of Circular "chasing" style lights hovering, then landing near Park Street in Pinellas County, Florida4/27/07
3/26/07 23:15FraminghamMAUSAUnknown2 minutesDark shape in nighttime sky.4/27/07
3/26/07 21:05Phoenix AreaAZUSACylindera ew secondsSpotted over Phoenix, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of SiriusÖor a hoax?? PD))3/31/08
3/26/07 20:45OrlandoFLUSACylinder10 Minutesfire cylinder over the Orlando International Airport...4/27/07
3/26/07 18:00ShorelineWAUSASphereMinutesAccidentally photographed UFO's4/27/07
3/26/07 12:30ModestoCAUSASphere2 minutesMultiple Spheres dancing in the sky over Modesto, California4/27/07
3/26/07 05:55OrlandoFLUSALight30-40 secondsPulsating "star" moves slowly, stops for several seconds, then continues moving in a different direction4/27/07
3/26/07 04:30ParkerAZUSADiamondIt was about 4;30 am I was pulling in to the canso off of hwy95 and saw this Brit Light it was in shape of a diamond but soon entered f4/27/07
3/26/07 03:30San Pedro Town (Belize)BelizeTriangle30 secondsI saw a dark triangle with bright white lights at each point4/27/07
3/25/07 22:45SouthgateMIUSATriangle12 secondsUFO with one orange light followed by 2 red lights4/27/07
3/25/07 22:18Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaOther30 secondsObserved in Kingston On. Canada, 2 grey lines passing one over another overhead.4/27/07
3/25/07 22:15St. JohnsburyVTUSAOval1-2 secondsA greenish fireball shot across the sky.4/27/07
3/25/07 21:05Santa FeNMUSAUnknown30 minVenus moves by itself?4/27/07
3/25/07 20:58TorringtonCTUSAOther3-4 secondstwin-lights shoot over sky at a unbelievable speed over torrington ,Connecticut 3/25/07 @ 8:58 P.M.4/27/07
3/25/07 19:00YumaAZUSAFireball?fiery ball in the south eastern sky4/27/07
3/25/07 17:50GardenaCAUSACircle20 SecondsBright Circle seen in sky in Gardena ((NUFORC Note: Student report. May be hoax. PD))8/7/07
3/25/07 15:10Las CrucesNMUSATriangle20 minutesTriangular UFO with tentacles.4/27/07
3/25/07 10:45AlexandriaVAUSACircle30-45 secondsTwo tranclucent cirlces float over D.C.4/27/07
3/25/07 00:00PinoleCAUSAFlash7 minutesBright Orange Object4/27/07
3/25/07 00:00JacksonvilleFLUSATriangle1 minThe triangle strikes again4/27/07
3/24/07 23:00CelinaTNUSACircle3secThats a bright light4/27/07
3/24/07 22:45Joao Pessoa (Brazil)BrazilCross1 min or less2 amber orange cross-shaped flying objects4/27/07
3/24/07 21:35MonroeNCUSALight2 MinutesBlinking light being chased by a military (?) aircraft...4/27/07
3/24/07 21:00ButteMTUSALight5 MINbright lights over butte & rocker, MT4/27/07
3/24/07 20:35Simi ValleyCAUSALight30 to 45 secondsLight travelling, turning. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Iridium satellite. PD))4/27/07
3/24/07 19:30PalmdaleCAUSAOval3 minutesBright light hoers over high desert4/27/07
3/24/07 08:00St. JohnsburyVTUSAContinuingFrance de-classifies UFO information & Sightings Reports4/27/07
3/24/07 06:30IndiaIndiaUnknown5 minutesan unknown shaped onject ejecting reddish flames fr its tail but moving along the horizon4/27/07
3/24/07 00:45TacomaWAUSALight2-3 minGlowing light in sky puts on air show, poses for picture, and shoots out of sight over Tacoma,WA.4/27/07
3/23/07 00:00GoodyearAZUSAFireball5 minutesStrrange Fireball over Goodyear Arizona4/27/07
3/23/07 23:40BuffaloNYUSAUnknownless than 3 secondsTwo red lights (about the width of the pink finger held away from the body) in the sky almost directly moving at a very fast rate.4/27/07
3/23/07 21:20North HighlandsCAUSALight20 minutesBright, sometimes pulsating, light "dancing" about in western sky at about 10 degrees above horizon for 20 minutes.4/27/07
3/23/07 20:00National CityCAUSASphereUnknownRed Orbs in San Deigo!4/27/07
3/23/07 11:30HansonKYUSAFireball4 secondsexploding ball of light flooded kitchen4/27/07
3/23/07 08:10PeoriaAZUSAFireball10 minutesround ball, different colors, vanished, traveling in a few directions4/27/07
3/22/07 22:46GriffinGAUSATeardrop2 minutesPurplish light seen from car over school parking lot in Griffin GA4/27/07
3/22/07 22:15CorvallisORUSALightone-half secondRound, white light with halo effect appeared briefly in the vicinity of the Big Dipper on clear, cold night..4/27/07
3/22/07 21:56Richmond Hill (Canada)ONCanadaDisk25 seconds((HOAX??)) Massive disc shaped craft, dark in colour with white and red lights.4/27/07
3/22/07 21:30VisaliaCAUSASphere1hr.2007, March 22 @ 19:30 Amber lights seen over Visalia, CA4/27/07
3/22/07 19:01IrontonOHUSAConeUnknownCone Shaped Object Photographed In Ohio4/27/07
3/22/07 19:00BeavertonORUSACigar2-3 minsMultiple cigar shaped objects flying around each other then shooting across the sky.4/27/07
3/22/07 17:00Kohila (Estonia)EstoniaLight10 minutesA bright and intense light on the ground in an empty field.4/27/07
3/22/07 11:00Paso RoblesCAUSACylinder2 hoursCHANGING COLOR CYLINDER IN WEST SKY OF PASO ROBLES4/27/07
3/22/07 11:00FranceFranceWow... did you guys see this news today? France has openned up their UFO files on the Internet.
3/22/07 05:30San FranciscoCAUSALight10 secondsHigh speed and dacing lights in the southern sky.4/27/07
3/22/07 01:00Show LowAZUSAFormation5 hrsGiant disc in Show Low with 7 smaller discs in formation8/12/08
3/22/07 00:00HoustonTXUSACircle5 minutesLast night a large round object came out of a forest behing my house, the next day we explored the area to find no leaves.4/27/07
3/21/07 21:30PittsburghPAUSALight1 minTwo bright lights that did not move and that weren't there a minute ago.6/12/07
3/21/07 19:45DentonTXUSAChanging3hrsBright oval shaped craft/object white with red pulses from behind it 10 to 20 sec, apart. Very close. Looked like it was in orbit..UFO?4/27/07
3/21/07 09:45Broadview HeightsOHUSATriangle5 minutesLarge black triangle observed close up flying away then reaapearing soon after.4/27/07
3/21/07 06:05Pigeon ForgeTNUSALightover 1 hourLight moving in strange patterned flight over Pigeon Forge, Tennessee4/27/07
3/21/07 00:00CelinaTNUSAUnknown3secMan that bright light was messed up.4/27/07
3/20/07 23:16Pearl HarborHIUSAFireball1 to 2 secondsFireball in Hawaii4/27/07
3/20/07 22:35NewbergORUSALighta few secondsround ball of light falling from the sky like a falling star.4/27/07
3/20/07 21:27NovatoCAUSACircle15 secondsUFO in Novato CA 3/20/07 9:27 pm4/27/07
3/20/07 21:11ChicoCAUSASphere5 secondsExtraordinarily fast moving spherical object with pulsing light...4/27/07
3/20/07 20:15ScottdalePAUSASphere3 to 5 secondsStrange object not blinking but glowing strangely.4/27/07
3/20/07 20:00LivermoreCAUSACircle<1 minuteBright circular object of rusty orange color crossing sky, then quickly fading4/27/07
3/20/07 11:00White City/Eagle PointORUSACigarabout 10 minsUnknown over the hills of Eagle Point and White City4/27/07
3/20/07 09:00PapillionNEUSACigar30 secondsTwo cigar shapes traveling the same direction and speed and aproximately one mile away.8/7/07
3/20/07 06:37BlackvilleSCUSACigar30 Seconds((HOAX??)) The object appeared this morning while I was traveling to work. Itís was going SE to NW and then changed to west.4/27/07
3/20/07 06:15DavenportFLUSALight30 secondsPulse Plasma light / craft ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a flare from an Iridium satellite. PD))4/27/07
3/20/07 02:20RidgewayCOUSAOtherUFOThere were nine or ten of these object flying everywhere and seemed to come from the dull star in the West.4/27/07
3/20/07 01:00Fort CollinsCOUSACylinder10 minutesOn my way to work going North on I-70 from Fort Collins Colorado to Cheyenne Wyoming. Noticed a very bright white light in the dista4/13/10
3/20/07 01:00CharlotteNCUSASphere4 hours((HOAX??)) I am actually a little freaked out that I am even in a position where I reporting something like this.4/27/07
3/19/07 20:15BerlinWIUSAFireball15 minutesIt would disappear in one part of the sky for a second then would reappear in a spot a very long distance from where it had disappeared4/27/07
3/19/07 18:00Lincolnshire (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond2.30Whilst out playing with my dog the huge bright star i had been obsessing over revealed its true colours!!4/27/07
3/19/07 15:00PrinevilleORUSASphere45 sec.Saw a sphere shape light hovering off rimrock, it moved very fast, and was gone in an instant.4/27/07
3/19/07 11:22Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle1 dayAir Force fired projectiles of some sort at alien craft and hit them directly, causing all of the craft fired upon to hit the ground.4/27/07
3/19/07 09:45DublinCAUSAOtherApprox 1 hr2 stationary white objects at high altitude - then disappeared after 1 minute. 3 more objects seen moving slowly across the sky.4/27/07
3/19/07 09:22MattesonILUSALight18 minutes, give or takeVery bright red light!4/27/07
3/19/07 08:00Palm CoastFLUSAChanging1 hourA very bright shape in the night sky, only to be moving slightly. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))4/27/07
3/18/07 23:30DennisMAUSAUnknown2 hoursthree objects hover in the sky for two hours above cape cod.4/27/07
3/18/07 22:20MurphysboroILUSARectangle5 SecondsRectangular, translucent object at a low altitude flies across the sky at high speed4/27/07
3/18/07 21:32Tehran (Iran)IranLight7 minutesred light which move slowly and gone rapidly4/27/07
3/18/07 21:08AnnapolisMDUSALight15 sec.Three craft lights traveling in formation- absolute parallel tracks, approx 075 degrees heading. looked like sattelites, but flying4/27/07
3/18/07 20:10KearnyNJUSALight40 secondslight makes L- shape turn in sky4/27/07
3/18/07 19:00UplandCAUSAFireball10 secondsBlue/ Green Fireball fly across the sky in Upland, Ca 3/18/074/27/07
3/18/07 19:00NorcoCAUSAFireball10 secondsfireball heading NE (towards Naval Weapons Center) in Norco4/27/07
3/18/07 17:30StratfordCTUSACigar20 secondswhite cigar shaped ufo over Stratford CT4/27/07
3/18/07 12:00MundeleinILUSA5 Sec.Faint Black Trail extending out in front of high altitude aircraft4/27/07
3/18/07 12:00OthelloWAUSASphere1 minuteSilver Spherical Probe entering and exiting chemtrail in Othello, Washington4/27/07
3/18/07 04:30Bethlehem TownshipPAUSADiamond10 secondsThis report is basically the same thing I seen. I was driving to work I seen 4 white lights on each end of the object with a large red4/18/12
3/18/07 01:00PhiladelphiaPAUSATriangleAbout 5 minutesI observed a triangular craft that had three bright white lights on each tip and a large red light in the center. it was very close an4/27/07
3/17/07 21:55AledoTXUSAFireballa few secondsfiery, comet-like meteoroid4/27/07
3/17/07 21:15Boynton BeachFLUSACircle1 hourmoving light over Florida4/27/07
3/17/07 20:30NapoleonvilleLAUSAFormation8-9 neon green like balls moving in a snake like line7/19/10
3/17/07 20:30Myrtle BeachSCUSACircleStrange light looking like a satellite moving slowly at first suddenly darts around the sky back and forth then stops.4/27/07
3/17/07 16:15Shenzhen (China)ChinaUnknown20 minutesHello, I just want to say that I saw couple things today but I'm not sure if it is worth reporting it since I could not distinguish th4/27/07
3/17/07 15:30Butong, Taal, Batangas (Philippines)PhilippinesDisk2 Minuteswhite round object flew from the open sky into the clouds and disappeared4/27/07
3/17/07 14:45EdgewoodNMUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriagular object4/27/07
3/17/07 14:28Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomChanging2 MINSSMALL GLINTING OBJECT WITH "PROPELLERS" IMAGED IN DIGITAL SLR4/27/07
3/17/07 13:30HaywardCAUSACigar5 min.At around 13:30 I was throwing the afternoon trash at work and I looked in the eastern sky and I noticed a White Cigar shaped object fl4/27/07
3/17/07 12:00Port CharlotteFLUSALight5 minbright lights catch my attention4/27/07
3/17/07 09:30ValricoFLUSALight7 minutes approxDo Satellites Stop then Change Directions?4/27/07
3/17/07 09:00SunnysideNYUSACircleunknownCircle imprints left in snow in backyard in Queens, New York.4/27/07
3/17/07 08:00OzarkALUSAUnknown5 minutes3 objects,that left 3 hugh flashes4/27/07
3/17/07 06:30MishawakaINUSATriangle1 to 2 minMarch 17, 2007 - Mishawaka, Indiana Approx 6:30am 3/17/07 I saw a red light reflection on the top of my large picture window. I then4/27/07
3/16/07 23:43Pasco (Walla Walla/Franklin county line)WAUSATriangle20 sec.ufo4/27/07
3/16/07 23:00BerkeleyCAUSAChevron12 minutesDark, swift chevron-shaped craft with bright "headlight" over East Bay, CA4/27/07
3/16/07 22:30CarnationWAUSASphere5 secBright Green Object in Sky Over Puget Sound area4/27/07
3/16/07 22:30PhoenixAZUSALight3 minutesRed light over Phoenix area. Blinking, solid, and then strobing.4/27/07
3/16/07 22:15Sydney (Australia)AustraliaOval7 minutes((HOAX??)) It looked like a saucer.3/31/08
3/16/07 22:00Federal WayWAUSALight10 secondsOne large blue spherical light traveling across the sky in about ten seconds.4/27/07
3/16/07 21:35Issaquah/North BendWAUSAFireballless than 30 secondsBright green 'fireball' with distinct tail traveling southbound from I-90 and Highway 184/27/07
3/16/07 18:20Vernon (Canada)BCCanadaUnknownless than a minuteBright white lights, coming up out of a valley, straight up and out.4/27/07
3/16/07 13:30Yakima/union gapWAUSATriangle3 minutestriangle shape craft going up and down above house and tree's, about 60mph.4/27/07
3/16/07 11:45El PasoTXUSAOval8 minGroup of 19 small, white bright objects traveling around larger white object seen in El Paso Texas skies.4/27/07
3/16/07 10:15IrontonOHUSALight3 minutesBright yellowish orange football shaped light over western Ironto, Ohio4/27/07
3/16/07 10:15WashougalWAUSACircle5 secondslarge, bright, green something zipped across washougal river area4/27/07
3/16/07 10:15IrontonOHUSAOval3 minutesSaw a bright yellow/orange football shaped light low over Ironton,Ohio.4/27/07
3/16/07 08:45Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaCircle3 minutes+-Fast hard high altitude maneuvers4/27/07
3/16/07 06:20Stoughton/Cooksville areaWIUSACircle1-2 minhovering mass of lights over Stoughton WI4/27/07
3/15/07 23:18AmesIAUSAOther5 minutesTwo white spheroids merged together while remaining distinct and hovered at a distance before disappearing after five minutes.4/27/07
3/15/07 23:00PrattKSUSAFireball~1 minute"Green Fireball" falling through the sky in a western trajectory.4/17/15
3/15/07 23:00EasleySCUSAUnknown5minutesStationary object moved rapidly away, then back to original spot, then vanished6/12/07
3/15/07 22:30Carmel ValleyCAUSAOval3 secondsSighting of Similar UFO as Posted on AOL "Did UFO Visit Peace Rally?"4/27/07
3/15/07 22:30Leicester (UK/England)United Kingdom15 minThree bright lights moving side to side across the sky4/27/07
3/15/07 22:00San ClementeCAUSALight5-7 minutesTwo orange dancing lights near San Onofre nuclear reactor6/9/09
3/15/07 21:30MedfordORUSALight5 secGreen/Blue Colored Lights fall from the sky in same location nearly twice a week around same time.4/27/07
3/15/07 19:30SpringfieldMOUSATriangle4 secMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Man witnesses a "triangle box-shaped" object fly over prison area.6/12/08
3/15/07 19:00DeltaCOUSACone20 minutesSpotting two UFO's at night, one landing the other taking off, plus one other on the ground the very next day.4/27/07
3/15/07 17:30GreenwoodDEUSASphere5 minutesUnidentified orbs seen in vicinity of Dover Air Force Base7/5/19
3/15/07 16:00Etobicoke (Canada)ONCanadaDisk1 minutesilver disk, hovering in the sky approx. 1 minute6/12/07
3/15/07 15:00SratfordCTUSACylinder45 minsthey will be back.3/19/09
3/15/07 14:00TucsonAZUSACircle15 minutestypical saucer shaped craft Stationery in the sky appearing to be watching military air show.1/31/11
3/15/07 12:00Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaSphere10-20 secondsStainless and brown object over Montreal8/19/12
3/15/07 11:00Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomOtherstill theremoving misty lights I cant explain4/27/07
3/15/07 09:27Spokane (Veradale)WAUSAChangingi was on the trampoline with my cusien and i was shot back after taking a picture of the UFOs the picture just shows a bright light4/27/07
3/15/07 09:26HoustonTXUSATeardropabout at an estimate 15 mTeardrop,fast,lights,ufo,balcony,house,dissapeared,strange,unidentified flying object4/27/07
3/15/07 09:00St. Bernardin (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 hoursLight appearing in our skyline , changes colors and decends down , hovers then disappears away. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))4/27/07
3/15/07 02:00Casa GrandeAZUSAOther45 secondsDistortion crosses starlit skies.4/27/07
3/15/07North WilkesboroNCUSAOtherImages of unidentified "object" accidentally located while viewing on "Streetview" in North Wilkesb12/30/16
3/14/07 22:55Voorburg (Netherlands)NetherlandsCircle15 minutesTwo different shaped lights changing colors in a pattern,frequently at night during 15-20 minutes. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/27/07
3/14/07 22:25Corpus Christi (off shore)TXUSALightapx. 10-15 minutesUfo sighted by ExprssJet Piots and confirmed by the crew of another ExpressJet.4/27/07
3/14/07 22:19EdenNCUSARectangletwo to three secondsExtremely fast moving lights in North Carolina4/27/07
3/14/07 22:00BoiseIDUSACircle1 hourVery bright changing color circle shape object moving slowly east to west over Boise towards Ontario, I got video but my camera was pro4/27/07
3/14/07 21:15Gig HarborWAUSALight20 minutesBright light seen over Hail's Passge up close!4/27/07
3/14/07 21:15Gig HarborWAUSAOtherThirty MinutesWednesday the 14th of March, 2007. Around 9:15 pm PST. Hail's Passage (Between Gig Harbor Mainland and Fox Island) The area is a fr4/27/07
3/14/07 21:00RedmondORUSALighthourShimmering brilliant light darting and hovering in horizon above butte in Redmond, OR.4/27/07
3/14/07 19:40AndoverMAUSACircle6 minutesGreen circle stayed in clouds moving in a circular formation for 6 minutes at least 250 feet above us4/27/07
3/14/07 10:40Los AngelesCAUSADisk30 seconds7/14/07 Craft sighting 10:40 on Sepulveda Blvd near Veterans Cemetary,Los Angeles, partially cloaked and hovering.4/27/07
3/14/07 10:10KingslandGAUSACircle2 minutesCircular Object with many lights.4/27/07
3/14/07 05:00New York City (Queens)NYUSACircle1 hourI have take down the photo and film for this issue. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/27/07
3/14/07 02:50LawrenceKSUSATriangle10-15 secondsTwo Isosceles Triangluar-shaped craft gliding effortlessly.4/27/07
3/13/07 23:20BergenNYUSACircle2 1/2 hoursLarge groups of lights in the sky.4/27/07
3/13/07 23:15Whitby (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle1 minuteDark triangular craft with white light on each point and large white light in middle.4/27/07
3/13/07 23:00EnglewoodCOUSADiamond5 secondsAt exactly 10:45 pm,we are going into our building to clean, my husband said stand beside me and we gonna see something in one minute!4/27/07
3/13/07 22:33WinthropNYUSASphere2-3 minutesBright shiny light-object, changes color and disappears when hit by auto-focus beam from camera...see picture4/27/07
3/13/07 22:00U.S.S. San Juan (Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida)FLUSAUnknown8 HRS.RED BEAM OF LIGHT SEEN BEFORE U.S. SUBMARINE DISAPPEARS FOR 8 HOURS 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/27/07
3/13/07 21:30JacksonvilleNCUSAOther1 hourLarge wing shaped mother ship with over 80 small craft formation4/27/07
3/13/07 21:10Santa FeNMUSAUnknown5 SecondsAn object with two lights flying across the western sky -- didn't seem like airplane.4/27/07
3/13/07 21:00BeatriceNEUSALightTwo DaysI saw a low positioned yellow light that disappeared after a short period of time, haven't seen it since.4/27/07
3/13/07 19:40Simi ValleyCAUSARectangle1- 2 minRidiculously fast flying vehicle spotted over Simi Valley Tue. March 13, 20074/27/07
3/13/07 19:12PhiladelphiaPAUSATriangle20 secondsObject(s) over Philadelphia4/27/07
3/13/07 06:19San JoseCAUSASphere10 minutesMy surveillance camera took pictures of a "spook" on, 3/13/07 and the video is recorded on my DVR.4/27/07
3/13/07 03:00LafayetteCAUSAUnknown5 min2 beams of light shining thru the skylight in bathroom4/27/07
3/13/07 01:20Las VegasNVUSATriangle0-10 mins.Two crafts flying from Area 51 towards Nellis Air Force Base within 5 minutes of each other.4/27/07
3/13/07 00:00RutlandVTUSAUnknown4-5 minutes2 red lights and 1 white in a triangular pattern on an airborne craft that was neither plane nor helicopter4/27/07
3/12/07 23:00MonticelloIAUSAOther3to4 minBlinking lights moving several different directions.4/27/07
3/12/07 21:00Silver CityNMUSAChanging20 MinutesUFO With Green, Red, And Blue Lights That Split Into 2, Formed Back Into One, Then Shut Off And Fell From The Sky Followed By 2 Circles4/27/07
3/12/07 20:30Lulworth, Dorset (UK/England)United KingdomDisk10 minutes7 bright whitle lights on the plains of lulworth cove in Dorset, england4/27/07
3/12/07 20:09HaywardCAUSASphere1 minute6 Revolving Spheres over Hayward Calif.4/27/07
3/12/07 19:00Gallup (30 miles east of; on I-40)NMUSAOval30 mimutesBright circular object turns into 3 discs over western New Mexican skys.8/7/07
3/12/07 04:40Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknown1minAt around 4.40am 3dec 2007 north northeast, i was heading to work going towards bonnyrigg i stopped at traffic lights at bridge at dalh3/4/08
3/12/07 01:00Arroyo GrandeCAUSATriangle1 hour 1/2triangular shape with colorful lights hovering above oceano dunes, oceano, california4/27/07
3/12/07 00:00HendersonvilleNCUSALight30 secondsLocal TV station reports green light in skies over NC.8/7/07
3/11/07 20:30Red Deer (Canada)ABCanadaSphere1hour-?A spherical light appeared in the sky, and has not moved.4/27/07
3/11/07 20:10Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaFireball5 secondsGreen fireball streaks across the Scarborough sky4/27/07
3/11/07 20:04Milton (Canada)ONCanadaFlash20 minutesBright flash, smoke trail, UFO drone, escorted airliner, hovering object.4/27/07
3/11/07 20:00WaynesburgOHUSAFireball5 secondsGreen fireball in W sky, leaving trail and then exploding. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the object may have been a meteor. PD))4/27/07
3/11/07 20:00AftonMIUSALight10 secondsseen the light fall from the sky and observed it touch the ground and then disappear.4/27/07
3/11/07 20:00JeffersonvilleOHUSAOther5 secondsVery green cloudy shooting star type of object in Ohio.4/27/07
3/11/07 19:58Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaFireball6 sec. approx.Big flaming intense green meteor(ite?) travelling south, very low in the sky. Very cool. Looks like it would have landed in the south o4/27/07
3/11/07 19:45LongmontCOUSALight5 MinutesThree stationary red/white lights in eastern sky6/12/07
3/11/07 18:30Warrington (UK/England)United KingdomTrianglecouple of minuitstraiangle seen over cheshire uk nov 0711/28/07
3/11/07 16:45Los AngelesCAUSACigar30 min.Two objects over Los Angeles on a Sunday afternoon.4/27/07
3/11/07 13:30KamasUTUSAFireball3hours((HOAX??)) red light that was on the grond that went fast in kamas ut8/14/07
3/11/07 11:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging4:59UFO? Strange shape shifting object with strange light/reflection4/27/07
3/11/07 09:10PortchesterNYUSATriangleNO SOUND JUST A RED TRIAGLE OBJECT4/27/07
3/11/07 04:25North Hollywood (San Fernando Valley)CAUSASphere2 1/2hrsthere was a glowin sphere which is still visible right now that is still swayin back and forth in the distance4/27/07
3/11/07 00:00BolingbrookILUSARectangle30 sec.Small, rectangles appearing to be copies of a section of sky moving about double satellite speed in straight line from SSW-NNE.4/27/07
3/11/07 00:00Mission ViejoCAUSAFormation8 secondsI think I have had a close encounter in Oranger County California4/27/07
3/10/07 22:00Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomSphere1 hour 10 minssmall satalite shaped object seen doing turns and curcuits over wolverhampton,10th march 07. ((NUFOR4/27/07
3/10/07 22:00Northamptonshire (UK/England)United KingdomOther4 mins5 bright orange lights fly in formation11/28/07
3/10/07 21:00FranklinVAUSALight2 hoursExtremely bright light over Franklin, VA. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))4/27/07
3/10/07 20:23New York City (Staten Island)NYUSALight2-3 minSmall white lights seen weekly slight green aura4/27/07
3/10/07 20:00St. CharlesILUSATriangle4 secLarge arrowhead object with white lights around perimeter, flew over my hot tub.4/27/07
3/10/07 19:40Canyon LakeCAUSALight3 SecondsI saw a bright light streak across the sky, then it looked like it shot straight up, and then vanished.4/27/07
3/10/07 18:20DeWittIAUSATriangle10 minutesobject was traveling from South to North directly over town at a constant speed.4/27/07
3/10/07 16:40IsantiMNUSAChanging6 secondsBright light in the sky changed shape or direction then disappeared.4/27/07
3/10/07 02:30Hammonds Plains (Canada)NSCanadaUnknown15 - 20 minutesIt was the night of March 10th 2007 at around 2:10 in the morning. Me and my best friend Steve were sitting in his car waiting to go on4/27/07
3/10/07 02:00JacksonvilleFLUSATriangle45minA triangle with bright white lights at each point and red flickering light in the middle. Lasted about 40min.4/27/07
3/10/07 00:00AllianceOHUSACircle20seconds17 circles in four v shapes!4/27/07
3/9/07 21:30UTUSACircle5-8 secCircles in triangle formation flying east to west, very fast over Orem Utah.10/8/07
3/9/07 20:25TempeAZUSAOther10 secondslow vapor sound in sky, accompanied ground rumbling4/27/07
3/9/07 19:30San DimasCAUSAOval5-10 minutesOrange Red light traveling from west to east very slowly, then went straight up4/27/07
3/9/07 19:30HollandNYUSACircle60-90 secondsAt about 7:30 p.m. on 3/9/07 saw moving UFO low in sky with 4 main lights of different colors equally spaced in a circular pattern4/27/07
3/9/07 19:30HoustonTXUSAEgg5 minutesGray egg shaped object with many colored lights flying low in the sky, then either vanishing or flying away very quickly.4/27/07
3/9/07 18:45MattoonILUSALight5-10 minutesThree extremely bright, blinking, white-orange lights sighted East of I-57 near Mattoon.11/28/07
3/9/07 18:22Tijuana (Mexico)MexicoSphereunknowcircule on the sun in the midtle of it. 5 or 6 pictures same mark diferent camera.10/8/07
3/9/07 18:00BremertonWAUSA5 min.An anomalous event: Living in Bremerton, WA., near PSNS shipyard. I reported to a friend yesterday (09/Mar/07)a mass flight of seem-4/27/07
3/9/07 12:05TucsonAZUSASphere10 minA daylight sighting of a white sphere near a chemtrail over Tucson, AZ was observed from schoolyard by parents and teachers.4/27/07
3/9/07 09:54MargateFLUSACircle5 minutesMargate Fl. - Large Circle in clouds with light on bottom side - pulling a cloud (twisting) into it4/27/07
3/9/07 06:45Salt Lake CityUTUSALight4 secondsBall of orange light in morning sky over Salt Lake City4/27/07
3/9/07 03:00Stirlingshire (UK/Scotland)United Kingdom1 1/2 hoursExtremely bright white (sometimes greenish) flashes of light blocking house windows. Central Scotland.4/27/07
3/9/07 00:00SnellvilleGAUSATrianglesecondsThis is just a dream I had yesterday, but is not the first time I have this dream, 1st time is was around march 1996, in my dream on 194/27/07
3/9/07San DimasCAUSAOval10 minutesOrange round or oval light, traveling slowly, no noise, no blinking lights, then disappeared.8/7/07
3/8/07 23:00EstacadaORUSACylinder5-8 secondsRed orb over Clackamas County, Oregon4/27/07
3/8/07 23:00Santa MonicaCAUSAChangingabout 1-2 minutesBright light over the Santa Monica mountains with an electrical effect.4/27/07
3/8/07 22:30ColumbusTXUSAUnknown30-45 secUnuaual aircraft flies in snake like formation breaking the sound barrier.3/8/07
3/8/07 22:19ZephyrhillsFLUSAOval20secondsa red light spotted over pasco county moved quickly across sky hovered then dissapeared into the east4/27/07
3/8/07 22:15OrlandoFLUSATriangle2 minBright Orange, blazing traingular object/light moving upward at an angle Orlando FL; 3/8/07, 2215hrs.4/27/07
3/8/07 22:00ButteMTUSALight1 minlight in the western skys of butte. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))4/27/07
3/8/07 22:00ClevelandOHUSASphereTwo minutesAt approximately 22:00 hours was passing by living room window facing due west. I noticed an intensely bright object about 45 degrees h4/27/07
3/8/07 22:00ColumbusTXUSAUnknown45 secFast lights in a Zigzag pattern4/27/07
3/8/07 21:00ArgosKSUSAUnknownSo this morning I was searching for the parameters of Grissom's Military Operations Area north of the base. My search rapidly digressed4/27/07
3/8/07 20:00BlytheCAUSADiskabout 30 secondsI was driving with my friend and we seen one or more saucers...4/27/07
3/8/07 20:00Keystone (rural)IAUSAOval30 minutes3/08/07 to 3/13/07 Rural Keystone Iowa Oblong Lighted object/ small star like fast moving objects multiple sighting 20:00 to 21:304/27/07
3/8/07 19:50SalemMOUSALight5-10 min.I filed a report last night. It is an embarrassment to file one this evening, but I feel an obligation to do so. Arriving at the H4/27/07
3/8/07 19:45CaboolMOUSALight10 MinutesTwo sets of red lights in southeastern sky.4/27/07
3/8/07 19:30TiptonMOUSALight30-45 minutescars in the sky?4/27/07
3/8/07 14:00HixsonTNUSACircle20 secondsI was smoking a cigarette on my front porch at approximatley 2 pm. I observed a jet plane flying to the west with the beautiful tail t3/8/07
3/8/07 13:00ModestoCAUSATriangle10 secondsCouldn't believe what I was seeing!4/27/07
3/8/07 12:30JeffersonMOUSAUnknown2 hoursI saw 1 craft, which was it looked like a square with red and green lights. It moved slowly at times. I'm not saying it's an alien cra4/27/07
3/8/07 12:00RockvilleMDUSADisk4 minutesSecond sighting of oval/disk metallic object4/27/07
3/8/07 11:00AustinTXUSALight20-30 minsFirst one, then two white lights in the sky, visible in midafternoon4/27/07
3/7/07 22:45Middlesbrough (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond2minpink diamond object in sky over middlesbrough4/27/07
3/7/07 22:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 mina bright blinking light in the sky that did not move4/27/07
3/7/07 22:20Glenden (Australia)AustraliaUnknown10minsBright lights in the night sky for 10-15mins3/8/07
3/7/07 22:15EllensburgWAUSATriangle30 secondsTriangle/Boomerang shape over Ellensburg--University Way area3/8/07
3/7/07 19:30EwingKYUSATeardrop20 minutesTear-drop shaped lights.7/3/13
3/7/07 19:30Messolonghi (Greece)GreeceOther5minutes, 2 minutesHuge musquito like golden object over Ionian Sea near Messolonghi, Western Greece.4/27/07
3/7/07 19:30SalemMOUSALighta few minutesAround 7:30 this evening I was waiting in the Salem H.S. parking lot waiting for the moon to rise. I was planning on photographing the3/8/07
3/7/07 19:00AtascaderoCAUSALight1 hourBright Ligtht sighted over Morro Bay and Atascadero California for about an hour on 3/7/7. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius or Venus?? PD))3/8/07
3/7/07 18:58TrinidadCOUSALight2 minI observed a white light at what appeared to be a very high altitude, moving from West to East at an extremely high rate.3/8/07
3/7/07 17:50TemeculaCAUSAFormation3 minutesseveral blinking lights in circle formation, moving in a circle motion3/8/07
3/7/07 12:00NashvilleTNUSACigar2 MinutesOn March 7, 2007, we observed a chrome cigar-shaped craft.4/27/07
3/7/07 00:45Clinton (outside of)MOUSATriangle3 minutesSet of triangular lights near Whiteman Air Force Base.3/8/07
3/7/07 00:00WilmerTXUSACircle7-10 minutesThis sighting was by my step daugher and her step sister. This is the second sighting by my step daughter. She and several of her4/27/07
3/6/07 22:00HoustonTXUSAOvalOngoingRound with red,Green and white flashing lights moving in circular direction.Is stationary. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))3/8/07
3/6/07 21:00St. George IslandFLUSALight10 MinRed Lights seen over Gulf of mexico from St George Island Florida4/27/07
3/6/07 21:00Gila Bend/Wellton (between)AZUSATriangledon't know exactlyThis is true! My husband and I were driving home from a meeting I had had in Phoenix,we were past the town of Gila Bend,Az I know this4/27/07
3/6/07 20:38PlainfieldCTUSACircle2 secondsLarge round white light moving very fast, east to west across the horizon4/27/07
3/6/07 20:25HicoTXUSACircle2 minutesAn apparent satelite path , only larger, and orange, this object mimicke a satelite but slowed down at the horizon3/8/07
3/6/07 20:00AlbuquerqueNMUSACircle15 minutesUFO sighted on southern boulevard , on the west mesa in albuquerque.4/27/07
3/6/07 19:00NesquehoningPAUSACircle1hrObject hovered over our barn white lights did not blink,white antena moved back and forth,with green light at tip.3/8/07
3/6/07 13:00SeattleWAUSASphere3 minutesI went outside my house, sat in a chair, facing north. I lit my cigarette, then looked up to find four white balls that I could not ide4/27/07
3/5/07 22:37RedmondORUSALight1min.three lights in the sky over redmond, oregon4/27/07
3/5/07 21:00St. JosephMIUSALightminutesStrange red & white flashing lights over Lake Michigan4/27/07
3/5/07 19:40Silver CityNMUSADisk2 to 3 sec.Dark red Saucer follows Military aircraft.3/8/07
3/5/07 19:25Port OrchardWAUSACircle15 minutesSolid light very high in sky. Then dissappeared.3/8/07
3/5/07 19:25BremertonWAUSACircle5 minBright red light ,no sound traviling east North East4/27/07
3/5/07 19:15BremertonWAUSALight10 minbright red light over psns shipyard.3/8/07
3/5/07 19:05BremertonWAUSASphere15 min.Bremerton Wa. Bright red light. 14 min. 20-30 mph. 3/5/073/8/07
3/5/07 19:00San Diego (Carmel Mountain)CAUSALight5 minuets or lessMy husband and I stepped out on to our patio the time was between 7:00pm to 7:30pm. It was a beautiful clear night. not long after we s4/27/07
3/5/07 19:00Washington, D.C.DCUSAOther10 minHovering saucer-shaped object, yellow lights, approached by bronze-colored object, triangular or flying wing shape, which hovered near.3/8/07
3/5/07 18:35BillingsMTUSAOval3 secondsTwo very bright lights moved quickly across the sky at about 8:30 pm MST. Object appeared oval or egg shaped.3/8/07
3/5/07 18:00ChicagoILUSADisk4 hr 30 minSeveral UFO sightings in Chicago, IL during a four hour time span.3/8/07
3/5/07 17:00HoquiamWAUSALight1 minuteLarge round light didn't move, grew larger, changed shape and color, then blinked out.4/27/07
3/5/07 12:10McAllenTXUSACircle10 MinutesMcAllen White Orb Sightings4/27/07
3/5/07 09:35MuncieINUSAOtherPhoto timePhoto of a jet flying overhead with an unknown3/8/07
3/5/07 06:45Des PlainesILUSACircle20 SECONDSCircular object over Des Plaines, IL traveling south at high rate of speed.3/8/07
3/4/07 23:30Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomFormation50 secondssnake like ufo captured at night3/8/07
3/4/07 22:30Rosemont/DarienILUSAFlash1 hourflashing changing lights over chicago for an hour or more3/8/07
3/4/07 20:00HerndonVAUSACircle1 SecI was driving north on Fairfax Co. Parkway between Herndon and Sterling around 8:00pm when a rather large glowing object brought my eye6/12/07
3/4/07 19:45Eagle RiverAKUSACircleFast moving blue object over Alaska sky. No trail. It then vanished.3/8/07
3/4/07 19:33ElkhartINUSALight5 secondsdecending ball of bright yellowish light that suddenly disappeared just above the horizon on a clear night. ((Meteor??))3/8/07
3/4/07 18:45MiamiFLUSACone10 secondsFlashing, circular object at intense speed over streetway!3/8/07
3/4/07 16:00MauiHIUSACylinder20-30 secondssilver cylinder about 100-150 feet long appears overhead1/10/09
3/4/07 11:00Las VegasNVUSACircle11:00One day,as i was looking outside of my room a circle shaped light beeming object appeared out of the blue,the light werew bright/the ai4/27/07
3/4/07 00:27Laufen BL (Switzerland)SwitzerlandLight45 secondsFaint light travelling at quick speed over city of Laufen3/8/07
3/4/07 00:00SeattleWAUSAOther50-60 minutesMe and my girlfriend fell asleep watching TV around 8:45. I woke up sometime around 12:00 and shook her awake because I remembered that3/8/07
3/4/07CaldwellTXUSADisk20 minutesJutting light.3/8/07
3/3/07 23:00CincinnatiKYUSACircle30-60 min.In the night sky, a second formation of the big dippper was moving at an exceptional speed south west.3/8/07
3/3/07 22:50Moreton Morrell (UK/England)United KingdomSphere15 minRed dot in sky on night of lunar eclipse4/27/07
3/3/07 22:00GallatinTNUSAOval2-3 MIN.gallatin tennessee, several crafts seen over past 6 months.4/27/07
3/3/07 21:30Cancun (Mexico)MexicoLight30 secsWe observed a faint orange-red light coming from the north4/27/07
3/3/07 21:00Redwood CityCAUSATriangle15minI INSISTED I WAS SEEING SOMETHING BEYOND EXISTENCE.................10/8/07
3/3/07 20:00OakwoodGAUSAOtherAbout 2 minutesUFO hovered, moved over us slowly, then disappeared10/8/07
3/3/07 19:30BremertonWAUSALight12 to 14 minutesone evening in the first week of march,I stepped out on the porch of my east bremerton home. it was a clear night lots of air traffic.4/27/07
3/3/07 18:30Bogota (Colombia)ColombiaEgg10 secondsegg object seen falling rapidly3/8/07
3/3/07 18:00MdisonMEUSACircle22:00((HOAX)) One white and one blue3/8/07
3/3/07 16:50Boynton BeachFLUSADisk1 minuteObject landed in Boyton Beach Florida.3/8/07
3/3/07 16:30London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle25Circle travelling straight for 20 secs then disapears3/8/07
3/3/07 12:00Garden GroveCAUSACylinder3 min.Medium-sized white cylinder follows aircraft and departs over Garden Grove.3/8/07
3/3/07 11:00MercedCAUSASphere5 to 7 minFleet of forty glowing spheres seen and caught on video over the skies of Merced Ca. U.S.A.4/27/07
3/3/07 08:00OglalaSDUSAUnknown10:00 min" A bright light was seen in the sky and it came down and went over the house and disappeared, no sound"8/7/07
3/3/07 07:00MilfordCTUSALight3 MinutesOrange/Red Object In Night Sky Suddenly Disappers, Second Sighting By Me In 2 Weeks.3/8/07
3/3/07 01:45Kansas CityMOUSAFormation15 secI was on my roof last night in Kansas City's Westbottem's and I was out there for the purpose to catch a UFO on camera. It was still4/27/07
3/2/07 22:30PowayCAUSALight3-4 secondsBlue light object (2 parallel lines, one shorter than the other)3/8/07
3/2/07 22:00Willow GrovePAUSAOther1 hour(approx)Multiple unidentified objects spotted near military base.3/8/07
3/2/07 22:00FlemingKYUSALightfour to five minLights NE KY Ohio River Area3/8/07
3/2/07 20:30San DiegoCAUSAFireball60 secondsWhite fire ball changed speeds went from east to west and dropped (into the sea?) off of Del Mar San Diego3/8/07
3/2/07 19:30MarshallMOUSALight30 minutesAt 19:30 of Mar 2, 2007, my neighbor and I observed a very bright light west of Marshall, Missouri. It was 5 to 10 miles west of town,4/27/07
3/2/07 16:40ChurchtonMDUSAOval2-3 secondsAn extremely fast oval-shaped object flying at a very high altitude from a southwest to northeast direction.3/8/07
3/2/07 16:00LittlerockARUSACigar5 minsWell at 16:00 hours i came out of the house looking up at an airplane spreading chem trails as i watched this airplane that came out o3/8/07
3/2/07 01:56StephenvilleTXUSAFlash10 minutes((HOAX??)) Injections put into us during an abduction. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/31/08
3/1/07 23:30HollywoodCAUSAFireball2 SecondsBrilliant ball of light streaks across the sky and disappears over the horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? Other reports. PD))3/8/07
3/1/07 22:30McKinneyTXUSAUnknown30 may still be out thereOne large UFO and 4-5 objects surrounding the area hovering in the NE sky.3/8/07
3/1/07 21:35AlbuquerqueNMUSASphere~60 secondsCobalt blue sphere being chased at hight speed SE to NW from ABQ, New Mexico juxtaposition @ aprox. 9:30-9:35pm.3/8/07
3/1/07 21:30HalletsvilleTXUSAFireball5 secondsGreenish fireball fall from sky straight down. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))3/8/07
3/1/07 20:50Waterford (Republic of Ireland)IrelandLight5minsI witnessed a bright light in the sky over waterford city on the 01/03/07 fitting the exact description of an earlier sighting posted b3/8/07
3/1/07 20:19San CarlosCAUSAOval10 secA bright light moving in a straight line too fast for a plane and too slow for a meteor3/8/07
3/1/07 19:10HutchinsonKSUSACircle2 MinutesYellow fifteen foot sphere moved from Hutchinson to Wichita3/8/07
3/1/07 18:30CaboolMOUSACircle3-5 minutesOrange/whitish lights in eastern-norther Missouri skies.3/8/07
3/1/07 17:30Boyes Hot SpringsCAUSAFormation10 secondsrectanglar outline made up of dark dots.3/8/07
3/1/07 12:00St. CharlesMOUSATriangle3 minutesSaint Charles sighting on highway 946/12/07
3/1/07 12:00Cardiff (UK/Wales)United KingdomTeardropmomentsDisk shaped craft captured on camera by accident over City Hall in Cardiff, Wales4/14/09
3/1/07 06:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther1 minuteBlack Manta Ray shaped U.F.O. seen flying over the 1300 light rail staion in Salt Lake City, Utah during the winter of 2007.1/10/14
3/1/07 03:00St. PetersburgFLUSAUnknownLights caught by weather cam. ((NUFORC Note: The object looks like a seagull, in our opinion. PD))3/8/07
3/1/07 00:30CharlotteNCUSALight2-3 minutesbizarre orange lights over south charlotte3/8/07