National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 11/2006


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/30/06 23:45NelsonvilleOHUSATriangle3 Min.triangle shape object in night sky north of Nelsonville,Ohio12/7/06
11/30/06 23:00Carrollton (Hwy. 65, northbound)MOUSAOther2, aircraft in super quiet and slow mode.12/7/06
11/30/06 22:00SacramentoCAUSATriangle1 OR 2 MINSSEEN FRONT OF THE PICTURES HUTCHINSON KANSAS OCT 27 0612/14/06
11/30/06 20:00AjoAZUSALight2 horasLuces Voladoras Sobre Ajo, Arizona, Flying Light over Ajo, Arizona12/7/06
11/30/06 20:00AjoAZUSALight2 hoursFlying lights over Ajo, Arizona. ((NUFORC Note: Translation of other report, by Tom Bowden, MUFON State Director, Oregon. PD))12/14/06
11/30/06 19:00Cold Spring HarborNYUSAChevron2 -3 minutesLarge, wide, low-flying, very light object with navigational lights observed over road.12/7/06
11/30/06 17:55SalemORUSALight3-4 minutesBright planet type light that went nova and shrunk to nothing. Hurt my skin and eyes.12/7/06
11/30/06 12:17AjoAZUSALight15 minutesFlying lights Over Garlic, Arizona.12/14/06
11/30/06 12:17Ajo (and southern Arizona)AZUSAFireball2 hoursFlying lights over Ajo and Southern, Arizona.12/14/06
11/30/06 06:20Washington, D.C. (just outside of)VAUSACircle20 secondsIt was early morning 6:20 when I saw a cicular object flying over our house. ((NUFORC Note: Possible student report?? PD))12/7/06
11/30/06 05:00HollisterCAUSACircleThe 5:00 UFO sighting I reported previously on this site that was a ORANGE ROUND GLOBE with a WHITE LINE on the Left side going down gr12/7/06
11/30/06 05:00HollisterCAUSACircleORANGE ROUND GLOBE, Hollister, California - SAME DAY "EARTHQUAKE"12/7/06
11/30/06 04:00Lake VillageARUSATriangle3 min.two air craft one known the other? ((NUFORC Note: Report appears to be unrelated to UFO activity. PD))12/7/06
11/30/06 03:36Fort LewisWAUSAUnknown1-min.I was driving N.B. I-5 next to Fort Lewis, Wa. I just crossed the Nisqually River Bridge, and was traveling uphill towards Mounts Road.12/7/06
11/30/06 01:09SwarthmorePAUSAFlash5 Seconds((HOAX??)) Massive bright green-blue flash over the Philadelphia sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax from Swarthmore College. PD))12/7/06
11/30/06 00:45Iron RiverMIUSAunkownIt's all in the attached news article2/1/07
11/29/06 19:00TroyILUSATriangle5 minutesSilent Black Triangle Aircraft Sighted in Illinois Suburb.4/27/07
11/29/06 18:00UK/England (unspecified location)United KingdomFireball15 mina glowing ball of light fading and coming back, stationary and moving,passing behind trees and past the local tv mast12/7/06
11/29/06 16:30ColumbusGAUSAOther1 minuteThe military transported an acorn shaped object the size of an old Volkswagen Beetle to the Columbus Metropolitan Airport.8/12/08
11/29/06 16:00ColumbusGAUSAFireballunknownOn the afternoon of 28 November, 2006, according to the Fire and Police Chief of Columbus, Georgia, "several credible witnesses" stated12/7/06
11/29/06 16:00ColumbusGAUSAFireballMUFON/GEORGIA FOLLOW-UP INVESTIGATION REPORT: Inquiry into alleged crash of unknown aircraft.3/4/08
11/29/06 07:00CullmanALUSAJust wanted everyone to know that we passed three military Hummers full of men on the way to school the morning after the meteor/spacej12/14/06
11/29/06 06:20OrindaCAUSADisk2 minHovering in distance while I was driving on freeway. Lights in solid row, then blinking in 1/3 sections, then "running" lights, then b12/7/06
11/29/06 05:00HollisterCAUSAOtherOur master bedroom has a sliding door leading to patio. I sleep facing the sliding door where I can look out into our backyard at our12/7/06
11/29/06 00:05Salisbury North (Australia)AustraliaTriangle3 minutessighted huge triagular ufo with white lights each corner plus large red light centre misty light trail at rear12/7/06
11/28/06 23:30StatesboroGAUSALight30 minutesAmber lights appearing in a line, then fading as a new one appeared.12/7/06
11/28/06 23:00AnaheimCAUSACigar60 sec.((HOAX??)) I saw a cigar shaped craft. I did not know if it was an alien craft.12/14/06
11/28/06 22:45KnoxvilleTNUSALight12 secondsSeveral bright lights in a row over Knoxville, TN12/7/06
11/28/06 21:00FentonMIUSAFormation1 hourcouldn't have been spotlights because there was no beams from below! ((NUFORC Note: Advertising light. PD))12/7/06
11/28/06 20:00SylvaniaGAUSAOval45 min.Symetrical horizontal lights fading in and out to the left and right in sequence, then up down and all around!12/7/06
11/28/06 19:00DaculaGAUSALightsecondsBright green object resembling shooting star.12/7/06
11/28/06 19:00DaltonGAUSAFireballapprox. 10 secondsSeen a fireball with a tail that changed colors.12/7/06
11/28/06 19:00NahuntaGAUSAFireball30 secondsFireball thought to be a plane, but now heard thath its not. ????12/7/06
11/28/06 19:00MarshallNCUSALightabout 7 secondsWas looking toward the west out of marshall. Green light flying to fast for an aircraft went from south to north at arms lenth about5 i12/7/06
11/28/06 18:50MarbleNCUSALight5 secondsBright green light passing in and out of the clouds as it moved northeast over Marble N.C.12/14/06
11/28/06 18:40BooneNCUSAFireball18-20 secondsGlowing Green light in Boone NC12/7/06
11/28/06 18:35RomeGAUSAFireball5 secondsGlowing green object in the southen skies, November 28 ,200612/7/06
11/28/06 18:30Soddy DaisyTNUSACigar10 secondsTwo bright green lights travelling at an angle towards the earth, very close on the horizon.12/7/06
11/28/06 18:30ChattanoogaTNUSAChangingsecondsbright green light, silent, moving slowly, turned, shot forward and was gone12/7/06
11/28/06 18:30KnoxvilleTNUSAFireballTen secondsLarge blue fireball reported in Knoxville, TN over Tuesday night, Nov. 28th sky.12/7/06
11/28/06 18:30KnoxvilleTNUSALight5 secsFive bright blue lights in formation streak across sky without making a sound12/14/06
11/28/06 18:30LawrencevilleGAUSAOther5 secondsObserved very bright green light eye-brow shape move silently across early evening sky.12/7/06
11/28/06 18:30StanfordKYUSALight10 secondsVery fast moving greenish lights,not from this world.12/14/06
11/28/06 18:25Oliver SpringsTNUSAFireball5 secondsStreak of light across the sky on Tuesday, November 28 at 18:25 (EST)12/7/06
11/28/06 18:25FranklinNCUSALight2-3sec2 green lights moving very fast traveling downward then turning moving upward at an angle and disappearing. no noise12/7/06
11/28/06 18:15Rising FawnGAUSACircle5-10 seconds2 round, green lights "falling" toward the horizon visible for about 5-10 seconds12/14/06
11/28/06 18:00MadisonALUSAUnknownabout 5 secondsGreen light in the sky around Madison, AL area Nov. 28th 20063/4/08
11/28/06 17:40VancouverWAUSAChanging30 sec. -1 min3 red lights making formations12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30HuntsvilleALUSALight15 secondsBright green light(s) traveling east over Chapman Mountain.12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30BirminghamALUSACircle10 secondsWe saw a greenish-blue ball of light in Clay Alabama, on Tuesday, November 28.12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30BirminghamALUSASphere45 sec.I noticed a light streaking across the sky and thought it was a large meteorite, but it was too slow and was unmistakably green. The t12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30BremenALUSAFireball10 to 15 secondsGlowing green ball of light falling from the sky over Northern Alabama12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30BirminghamALUSAFireball30 secondsA large green glowing round object was seen flying above the Birmingham, Alabama area at 5:30 pm on November 28, 2006.12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30BirminghamALUSALight8-12 secondsBluish-Green Light over Alabama3/4/08
11/28/06 17:25PinsonALUSAFireballaround 2 minswhite then turned green fire ball falling from sky12/7/06
11/28/06 17:25BirminghamALUSACircleONE MINUTEmeteor passing tangent to earth atmosphere12/7/06
11/28/06 17:20AnchorageAKUSALight3 secondsan amazingly fast blue-green light pulsing to the chugach mountains in south anchorage12/7/06
11/28/06 17:15Warner RobinsGAUSASphere2 minutesSphere shaped, metallic, stationary object10/8/07
11/28/06 17:00HydenKYUSAChanginglights appeared far away i thought it was some type of fireworks as it got closer i knew it wasn't any type of firework i had ever saw!12/7/06
11/28/06 12:00Sheffield LakeOHUSAOvaldriving homewe seen this giant spacecraft in the sky that had blinking lights.12/7/06
11/28/06 07:05Glan Conwy (UK/England)United KingdomSphere1 minuteSphere full of golden lights with larger flashing golden light in centre travelling at speed & height of helicopter from East to West.12/7/06
11/28/06 05:30BirminghamALUSALight15 secondsBrilliant green light across the Birmingham Sky...Definitely not a plan.12/7/06
11/28/06 01:00AlbanyNYUSA2 minReported on the Early Today Show, channel 13 news, NBC.12/7/06
11/28/06 00:00HighlandMDUSAOther5minutesParallel lines moving from West to East in the sky12/7/06
11/28/06 00:00OwensvilleOHUSAUnknown5 MINUTES((HOAX??)) Three bright lights, red, white, and blue.12/7/06
11/28/06FranklinNCUSAi would like to edit my account of sighting and leave contact information. It doesn't matter if you contact me or not. My sighting was11/21/10
11/27/06 23:00KingstonNYUSAFlash1 secondWhite Flash near Exit 19 Thruway Kingston4/27/07
11/27/06 23:00OcklawahaFLUSAChanging15 minwhite light that changed color and form over ocklawaha florida. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))12/7/06
11/27/06 22:55Orland ParkILUSALight5 minOn November 27, 2006 around 10:55 pm in the Orland park area, I was driving to work when I saw in the western skies , a bright fiery Or12/7/06
11/27/06 22:06HuntsvilleALUSAFireball2 secBlue-green, round, hazy light moving rapidly from north to south12/7/06
11/27/06 20:19BlaineKYUSATriangle5.00My friend was driving on route 32 from louisa to Blaine after work and noticed an aircraft over yatesville lake. I hovered there for ab12/7/06
11/27/06 18:00ChauvinLAUSAOvalmomentaryUnidentified object photographed over South Lousiana Bayou.12/7/06
11/27/06 16:45BellevueWAUSAOtheraprox. 5 minHovering craft seen over Bellevue Washington12/7/06
11/27/06 14:15TempeAZUSADisk20 minutesNumerous incidents over the last few months occuring over Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, AZ2/1/07
11/27/06 06:47Moses LakeWAUSATriangle3 min11/27/2006 6:47 Moses Lake Wa lasted 3 mins cicler craft with lights vanished when it dimmed out12/7/06
11/27/06 00:30Las VegasNVUSASphere1 hourBlue Orb sighted from Las Vegas, over Area 51 Mountain Range, traveling at incredible speeds.12/7/06
11/26/06 23:30Hervery Bay (Australia)AustraliaUnknown3 SecondsExtremely Bright Flash Of light at night3/19/09
11/26/06 23:00WarringtonPAUSALight5 secondsBlue light zooms across sky12/7/06
11/26/06 23:00RaleighNCUSALightover 1 hrThat it seemed to emit a red and blue with some green,it did not move and after a few moments,the intensity of the light would pulsate.12/7/06
11/26/06 22:30DavenportFLUSAUnknown15 minsPower outage and blinking lights in Polk County Florida.12/7/06
11/26/06 22:30JacksonTNUSAOther5 secondsBlue ball of light with a tail attached seen from East Jackson TN moving south VERY FAST.12/7/06
11/26/06 22:05SanfordNCUSAChanging10 minutesGolden orange quarter moon shaped-object hovers at tree line for ten minutes before developing an orb and disappearing in Sanford, NC.12/7/06
11/26/06 21:25OlympiaWAUSALight3 secondsLow, quick light seen over Olympia, Washington, neighborhood.12/7/06
11/26/06 15:30TucsonAZUSAUnknown3-5 min.It was a silvery bright object traveling east to west over mountains in the city of Tucson.12/7/06
11/26/06 15:00Llandudno (UK/Wales)United KingdomCigar1 minutesilver cigar shaped craft daylight llanduno north wales12/7/06
11/26/06 14:30Long BeachCAUSACircle5-6 minutesLet me first say that I have been a pilot since I was 17 years old, flew helicopters in the Army and logged over 3600 hours of flight t12/7/06
11/26/06 12:00ChincoteagueVAUSAUnknown20 minutesIs it a real UFO?12/7/06
11/26/06 12:00PhoenixAZUSACylinder3 minutesA White/ Silver cylindrical object that seemed to hover high above the Paradise Valley/ North Phoenix area.12/7/06
11/26/06 08:00Wilkes-BarrePAUSAOval4to5 min.8:00PM I SAW OVAL SHAPE WITH FLAT BOTTOM WITH BRIGHT COLORS12/7/06
11/26/06 07:30MaryvilleTNUSALight20 secBlue light moving rapidly to north east on tuesday nov 2512/7/06
11/26/06 03:00CorinthTXUSASphere6 minutesI could not sleep, So i got out of bed and went to my back pourch to smoke a cigarette. I got up from my chair and went into the back y12/7/06
11/26/06 02:33HardinMTUSALightit was silent, and not really expainable(not crazy) 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/27/07
11/26/06 02:00Morehead CityNCUSAChevron8 secondsNine chevron objects in two formations, Morehead City NC 11/26/06 2am12/7/06
11/26/06 01:00WarringtonPAUSAOval2 secsblue light lights up our faces then the oval is gone in 2 sec.12/7/06
11/25/06 21:07St. AugustineFLUSACircleunknownThe object was captured in two photographs and never seen with the naked eye. The object was round with a look similar to a jellyfish w12/7/06
11/25/06 20:16Stevenage (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle4 minutesMazing12/7/06
11/25/06 20:09HughesvillePAUSAOval10 minutesMaking no sound, the object came from far into the sky down close enough to view, and scanned the area.12/7/06
11/25/06 20:00Gulf BeezeFLUSAUnknownearly evening until dawn One of the more beautiful stars I had seen. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Sirius, we suspect, or of some other star. PD))12/7/06
11/25/06 19:00CummingGAUSALight10 sec.Looked like a satellite moving overhead but a smaller object shot out from its 6 o clock position.12/7/06
11/25/06 18:15CrossvilleTNUSAFireball2 minObject orange with multiple lights appearing to not be moving and/or moving toward or away from us12/7/06
11/25/06 14:33El CentroCAUSACircle3.6whie high in sky 180 mph circle flying in mid air.12/7/06
11/25/06 14:00BaytownTXUSACircle60 SECnot the size of any plane. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Probable hoax. PD))12/7/06
11/25/06 07:37Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomFlashAppx: 1 minFlashes Over Nottingham12/7/06
11/25/06 06:30San Bernadino Mtns. (Twin Peaks)CAUSATriangle40 sec.Trinangle changes shapes and takes off12/7/06
11/25/06 06:00ColleyPAUSAFormation2hoursThis object usually is a bright light normally, but changed to a larger formatrion of several colorful lights this morning.12/7/06
11/25/06 02:30Norwich (Norfold) (UK/England)United KingdomDisk1.30the 3 discs travelled in a circle and turned to sparks12/7/06
11/25/06 01:00PipersvillePAUSACircle5 secondsThe object was stationary for roughly 3-5 seconds. It had a neon greenish light and was rotating on an axis. The color made it look li12/7/06
11/25/06 00:30RoxboroughNCUSALight3 minutesRed light over NC12/7/06
11/24/06 22:00Colorado CityCOUSAOvalapprox.5 daysRight in front of my house I saw red and blue flashing lights at first I thought it was a plane but then I noticed that it was hovering2/1/07
11/24/06 21:30PhoenixAZUSARectangle2 MinutesMy friends and I were standing outside in the central phoenix area, when one of them informed me of a large white light above Sky Harbo12/7/06
11/24/06 20:30WillardMOUSATriangle15 minutesShuttle-like craft hovers and flies silently over Willard area.12/14/06
11/24/06 19:30JordanMNUSAFireball4 secondsI was out side at about 7:30 at night with my telescope, when I happened to look up at the sky and saw what I at first thought was a sh12/7/06
11/24/06 18:45New Delhi (India)IndiaCircle1O SECONDSI was smoking ouside my office gallery. I saw a bright star like object in the sky. I thought it is an aeroplane. suddenly the light we12/7/06
11/24/06 17:30London (UK/England)United KingdomFlash2 SecondsIntense light over East London 24th Novemeber 0612/7/06
11/24/06 16:30RydalPAUSALight15-20 minsMysterious Number Of Lights And Military Aircrafts12/7/06
11/24/06 13:30KatyTXUSATriangle15 minutesMy son and I watched a triangular shaped craft several thousand feet in the air that remained stationary but rotated or gyrated.12/7/06
11/24/06 13:30TownsendMAUSAFireball5-10 minutesLarge fireball heading towards sun 5 fighters in percuit12/7/06
11/24/06 12:45Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaChevron4-5 secondsFiery cheveron shape descends in the sky.12/7/06
11/24/06 10:00Mills RiverNCUSAFireball30-45 secondsLarge, glowing, yellow sphere in Blue Ridge Mountains.4/27/07
11/24/06 08:49Kirkcaldy (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight1hrlong white line like shooting star but slow and thicker and same shape viewed from kirkcaldy scotland12/7/06
11/24/06 07:30JordanMNUSAFireball4 secondsI was out side at about 7:30 at night with my telescope, when I happened to look up at the sky and saw what I at first thought was a sh12/7/06
11/24/06 06:00BradfordPAUSALight2-3 minutesThis object faded out in regular intervals12/7/06
11/24/06 05:00AftonVAUSA1 hourTHe whole sky turned Blood Red including the clouds coming from atop of them for an Hour12/7/06
11/24/06 03:00LehightonPAUSADisk5 secondsStereotypical movie ufo(disk emitting different colored lights) seen in Lehighton Pa8/19/12
11/24/06 03:00Wakeeney (near; Trego County) (E on Interstate 70)KSUSAOther6 secondsObserved barbell shaped with spheres on each end and a connecting device of some type between the two spheres.12/7/06
11/24/06 02:45Camp CreekWVUSAFlashOne MinFlash of bright narrow green light following an object.12/7/06
11/24/06 02:30Providence ForgeVAUSALight20 secondsWhite pinpoint with trail, sudden brilliant flash.12/7/06
11/23/06 23:20Newcastle (UK/England)United KingdomSphere30 secondsDiamond shape in Sky12/7/06
11/23/06 21:00BellchesterMNUSAUnknown1 SecondStreaking orange light made no sound at all.8/7/07
11/23/06 20:25South BendINUSATriangle20 secondsTriangular UFO over South Bend, IN moving southeast on 11-23-06 at 20:25.12/7/06
11/23/06 20:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere5 minutesTwo brightly glowing spheres that changed colours from blue, red, green, and yellow.12/7/06
11/23/06 19:00Barnala Sherpur (village) (India)IndiaTriangle30minlong cyclinderical or triangle ufo sighted in India12/7/06
11/23/06 18:50Blue SpringsMOUSALightTwo lighted objects of varying intensity intersect @ same location in space within 20 seconds of each other.12/7/06
11/23/06 17:50MaconMOUSATriangle2 minutestriangular, winged, no lights, no sound, grayish, gliding12/7/06
11/23/06 16:00TucsonAZUSAChangingone hourBrightly lit object SW Tucson sky, moves sideways12/7/06
11/23/06 16:00Moss LandingCAUSAOval20 minoval white light in sky just offshore of Moss Landing, CA12/14/06
11/23/06 14:30ColumbusOHUSACircle2 minutesShiny metallic ball observedThanksgiving day over Columbus, Ohio12/14/06
11/23/06 11:30ByronGAUSADisk5 minutesShiny, metallic, stationary disc shaped object.10/8/07
11/23/06 11:00Ettalong Beach NSW (Australia)AustraliaCigar30 secondsIt was a clear Summer day and I had no alcohol in my system.3/8/07
11/23/06SouthamptonPAUSALight4 sec2nd time bright blue lights were spotted over Southampton.12/7/06
11/22/06 23:00Bowling GreenOHUSALight1:00We notice a light in the night sky that seems to look like a star but twinkles in different colors. ((Sirius??))12/7/06
11/22/06 22:30CumberlandOHUSACone24:00i know what I saw. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Sirius, we suspect. PD))12/7/06
11/22/06 21:30OrlandoFLUSAOther45 sec2 bomerang crafts, almost the color of the night sky.2/1/07
11/22/06 21:00AthensALUSATriangleapprox 2 minutesTriangle shape object moving silently passed directly over my head.4/27/07
11/22/06 19:30ScipioUTUSADisk60 minutesCircular disk blinking very brightly with a bluish tint sighted next to I-15 just north of Scipio, UT12/7/06
11/22/06 19:00Santa ClaritaCAUSALight2 minutesone bright light moving fast across the night sky suddenly stopped. it sat at the same spot for about 30 seconds the it shot sraight up2/1/07
11/22/06 18:00TampaFLUSAOther1.5 minutesWhite Boomerang causes chemtrail laying jet to veer off course.12/7/06
11/22/06 06:09MeadvillePAUSACylinder90 Min.Strange Lights Over Small Pennsylvania Town. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of celestial bodies. PD))12/7/06
11/22/06 05:45HarrisMNUSALight45 secondsTwo stationary bright lights ( like stars)in NW sky, pulsing brighter and brighter, then disappearing together.12/7/06
11/22/06 05:10PontiacILUSALight45 minutesIt looked like a bright star in the sky except it was moving up, down, side to side, and in circles.12/7/06
11/22/06 03:00RogersOHUSARectangle30 seconds22 Nov., 06 early am a bright flash lit up my bedroom window, next a starry rectangle hung above the earth.8/7/07
11/22/06 01:25UK/England (in flight)United KingdomUnknown5 seconds2 flying objects close to England in front of the airplane3/31/08
11/22/06 01:00PriceUTUSATeardrop30 minSix hovering lights above price, utah.12/7/06
11/22/06 01:00ElizabethtownKYUSADiskAll nightUFO's over Kentucky Seen EVERY clear night, all night between 1 and 7 at a time.12/7/06
11/22/06 00:00West GrovePAUSATriangle30-60 mintuesLarge Black Triangular Blinking Aircraft12/7/06
11/21/06 23:30LebanonCTUSAOval1.5 minfreaky ufo sighting close to house 1/4 of a mile away over corn field!!!12/7/06
11/21/06 23:10LakewoodCOUSALight2-3 minutesBlue light sighted low on Southern horizon moving in very strange and erratic patterns.12/7/06
11/21/06 20:45Waterloo (north of)NYUSATriangle15 SecondsTriangular Craft with Bright LED-like flashers moving west over I-9012/7/06
11/21/06 19:50ElmoUTUSACigar10 SecondsA long bright white cigar shaped object rose from the desert and shot off into the western sky12/7/06
11/21/06 18:30LawrencevilleGAUSAFireball10 secondsI saw a multicolored fireball moving left to right in the sky at cloud level.12/7/06
11/21/06 17:00Newmarket (UK/England)United KingdomOther30 secondsstrange interference12/7/06
11/21/06 12:25Saint BonifaciusMNUSALight3 minutesBRIGHT light low in the sky- middle of the day.12/7/06
11/21/06 07:45TustinCAUSAChanging5 minutesI saw a small black object rotating in the sky on my morning walk.12/7/06
11/21/06 06:00West RichlandWAUSAOther5 min.Moving lights in the sky with what looked like radio/cell tower structures. ((NUFORC Note: Lights on radio towers. PD))12/7/06
11/21/06 05:30PickeringtonOHUSAOther1 minuteSomething darted across the sky12/7/06
11/21/06 01:00Marlborough/GlastonburyCTUSAFlash1 secondBright Bluish Flash seen from Marlborough/Glastonbury12/7/06
11/21/06 01:00Union CityNJUSAFireball10 secondsA bright light falls from the sky over New Jersey.12/7/06
11/21/06 00:30New York CityNYUSAFlash1 secondan immensely extraordinary giant flash of light in the western sky above manhattan1/21/08
11/20/06 23:00Truth or ConsequencesNMUSACircle45+minutesLooked like a Fourth Of July sparkler--like a colored pinwheel.12/7/06
11/20/06 21:00West Palm BeachFLUSAOther2 minutesPalm Beach County sighting, strange light3/4/08
11/20/06 19:30PeabodyMAUSACircle1 minround object with green lights spotted over massachusetts4/27/07
11/20/06 18:45KapaaHIUSAUnknown5 minutes3 objects appear in the sky, zigzagging and moving in opposite directions, brightly flashing intermittently12/7/06
11/20/06 13:00Huntington BeachCAUSACirclehalf hourUFO over Huntington Beach12/7/06
11/20/06 02:15New York CityNYUSAFlash1 secondI was driving home one night at 2:15 am after work with a friend. We were going over the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan and about half12/14/06
11/20/06 01:00HattiesburgMSUSAOtherthroughout the nightI would like to bring something to your attention. You might already know this. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a sighting of Sirius. PD))12/7/06
11/19/06 22:45Port AngelesWAUSAOther1 1/2 min.Flash of light and huge object blending in with the night sky2/1/07
11/19/06 22:00WaterlooIAUSAOther30 secondssilent objest with rippling effect12/7/06
11/19/06 20:02HartleyIAUSAUnknown1 min5 liights in southern sky3/8/07
11/19/06 19:30ChicagoILUSAOther6-10 seconds?Quite large boomerang shaped object with dim/ faint yellowish lights lining the V-shape of the bottom12/7/06
11/19/06 18:00Long BeachCAUSAFormationabout 5 mins.Giant craft? with random red blinking lights.12/7/06
11/19/06 17:36RiversideCAUSAFireball2-3 secondsGreen fireball, very slowly descending12/7/06
11/19/06 17:34San DiegoCAUSALight1 secondI saw an apparent meteor near the NW horizon (more west than north) traveling from right to left, and downward. It was unusually brigh12/7/06
11/19/06 17:18WellingtonFLUSACylinder30 secondscylinder no wings12/7/06
11/19/06 16:45Center ValleyPAUSADisk1 minuteI saw several objects playing in the clouds.12/7/06
11/19/06 16:30Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown5 minutes (approx.)Flashing red-orange light very high up in the sky almost like a fire in Los Angeles.12/7/06
11/19/06 13:15PhoenixAZUSASphere10 MinutesTHIS IS A MULTI EVENT REPORT, OF EVENTS HAPPENING WITHIN THE LAST TWO MONTHS... After my report on November 18, 2007, of three spheres2/1/07
11/19/06 06:55ForkSCUSADisk15 min.Bright Disc seen in Ne South Carolina12/7/06
11/19/06 05:35Van NuysCAUSACirclea few secondsBright light, 3 or 4 times the size of a star hovered, moved slowly, and then accelerated to an astounding speed till it disappeared.12/7/06
11/19/06 02:30HiramGAUSALight3 to 5 secondsFour Check mark shaped lights seen in the night sky over Georgia, traveling west to east.12/7/06
11/19/06 02:00ManchesterCTUSASphere3 minutesMy husband and I woke from a deep sleep to a strange blue orb outside our window.10/30/12
11/19/06 00:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown2 hours or moredistant flickering blue light moves back and forth in the Southern Sky over Phoenix. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))12/7/06
11/18/06 23:30ElkhornNEUSATriangle5 sec.V shaped object wih dim lit circles12/7/06
11/18/06 23:30Brighton (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minsFour bright lights in a loose formation12/7/06
11/18/06 22:52NicholsFLUSAUnknown15 minutes +Watching for Leonid meteors in eastern sky, observed bright multi-colored object travelling in a south to north arc.12/7/06
11/18/06 22:50AlbuquerqueNMUSAOtherapprox 10 secCrescent-shaped object observed12/7/06
11/18/06 22:34Rotterdam (Netherlands)NetherlandsFlash1 minuteCruising back home from work on my bike i saw 2 flashes going slowly on the horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Anonymous. Possible hoax. PD))12/7/06
11/18/06 22:30Park RapidsMNUSATriangle4 secondsthree orange lights in a triangle over northern minnesota12/7/06
11/18/06 21:30St. CloudFLUSAFormation20 SecondsTriangular formation over St. Cloud Florida12/7/06
11/18/06 21:20FrederickMDUSALight5 secondsLooking to the west at 45 degrees above the horizon a bright white light disappears12/7/06
11/18/06 21:05WestminsterCAUSACigar10-12 minutescigar shape floating silently through night space.12/7/06
11/18/06 19:50SpringfieldMOUSAChevron30 secondsLuminescent, boomerang shaped object moving silently south.12/7/06
11/18/06 18:30TuckertonNJUSACircle5 secondsCircular lights seen in Bass River State Forest above Lake Absegami NJ12/7/06
11/18/06 15:10PhoenixAZUSASphere3 minutesThree spheres flying high on the skies of Phoenix, Arizona12/7/06
11/18/06 12:00Los AngelesCAUSAFireball1hrTwo of my friends and myself, were walking in westwood village, it was still daylight outside, we were walking on Broxton street, and w12/7/06
11/18/06 10:30Hermosillo/Obregon City (between) (Sonora) (Mexico)MexicoDisk3 secondsDisc-Shaped Object seen on Hermosillo-Obregon City, Sonora, Mexico Highway12/7/06
11/18/06 10:00Melbourne (Australia)AustraliaCircle32 SecondsA "dot" shaped object shining sharply and moving with a slow and steady pace12/7/06
11/18/06 03:00DucorCAUSATriangle8-10 SEC.SILENT TRIANGLE SHAPED CRAFT12/7/06
11/17/06 23:45AnnandaleVAUSAOther40 secondsLow flying kite shaped object with very faint lights evenly spaced from the tip and along the tail.12/7/06
11/17/06 20:32Fair OaksTXUSATriangle10 minutesI saw a bright when it hoverd over me it was a triangle UFO12/7/06
11/17/06 20:15Big Oak ValleyCAUSACircle5 minutesI have never seen anything like this. I live close to Beale Air force base. I watch their tactics all the time. My Husband and I were o12/7/06
11/17/06 19:15River Falls and Prescott (between; Hwy. 35)WIUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular object w/ three white lights, attached to dark object, becomes single, red light.12/7/06
11/17/06 19:00NevadaMOUSALightAbout 30 secondsStrange stationary light. Increased in brightness, became faint, moved to the right, and vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium flare. PD12/7/06
11/17/06 18:25Trowbridge (UK/England)WVUnited KingdomCircle10MinutesU.F.O.sighting in Wiltshire12/7/06
11/17/06 17:55ShioctonWIUSATriangle10 MinComing home from work tonight I noticed a set of bright flashing lights a mile ahead of me hovering in a field. I pulled quickly in my12/7/06
11/17/06 10:30Great FallsMTUSACircle3 MinutesLarge, White, Round Ball12/7/06
11/17/06 05:30AspenCOUSALight30 minutes +High object over Colorado moving erraticly, starting and stopping, zigging and zagging, just before daybreak!12/7/06
11/17/06 05:00PittsburgCAUSACigar20 minappears organic in structure2/1/07
11/17/06 00:00Stone HarborNJUSATriangleabout 15 minutesStrange High Speed Aerial Object12/7/06
11/16/06 23:00HighlandsTXUSACircle40 secthe object was more fast than an air plane. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Possible hoax. PD))12/7/06
11/16/06 23:00Zapopan (Mexico)MexicoSphere1 hour3 objects appear over my house, exactly over my head, I have pics.2/1/07
11/16/06 23:00Beverly HillsFLUSAChangingten to fifteen minutesRound with lots of color .Large ball or mass with 3-4 smaller balls near it. Moving. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius? PD))12/7/06
11/16/06 21:50PhoenixAZUSARectangle5 secondsthree parallel glowing orange light overhead12/7/06
11/16/06 18:42Panama CityFLUSALightabout 40 secRed Orb Light (Not Blinking).12/7/06
11/16/06 18:15SheltonWAUSAUnknown3 minutesFlashing white lights over Sanderson Field in Shelton Washington12/7/06
11/16/06 17:15PrinevilleORUSAChanging3 minutesBright lights change number and into object and strike of lights apear in picture taken Prineville, OR12/7/06
11/16/06 17:00Morrow CountyOHUSADisk2-3 minDaylight sighting of disc shaped object performing impossible maneuvers8/14/07
11/16/06 17:00BillingsMTUSAUnknownnowobject in the big sky12/7/06
11/16/06 14:20ChandlerAZUSARectangle5 - 7 secsdriving north on I-10 south of Chandler, AZ saw shiney, silver object in north/ northwestern sky for 5 - 7 secs12/7/06
11/16/06 11:00VistaCAUSAUnknown30 minutesStange contrails in the western horizon off coast of San Diego.12/7/06
11/16/06 10:30MaricopaAZUSAOval5 secssilver oblong object observe in east/southeastern sky at 10:30 AM for apprx 5 seconds. was gone before anyone of four friend could see12/7/06
11/16/06 10:00TarzanaCAUSASphere20-25 secondsBall of white light near contrail. Moving from left to right, hovering in sky. Zoomed in and out of view.12/7/06
11/16/06 04:30GaffneySCUSAChangingWeird objectI was down at the creek at my house and their i heard a weird noise.i look up and see a weird object and their was a beam of light come12/7/06
11/16/06 00:00LeavenworthWAUSACylinder2 hrsI saw one very large cylinder craft just above tree tops. It was flashing red & blue lights constantly. The craft never moved from it12/7/06
11/15/06 23:45YoungstownOHUSASphere20 secondsWhite light in sky moving quickly away at unnatural speed.4/27/07
11/15/06 23:00LorainOHUSAUnknown30 minutesI saw different colored lights in the sky southeast of me2/1/07
11/15/06 23:00Kansas CityMOUSATriangle30 secondsCan the Silent approach of UFOS be heard????8/12/08
11/15/06 22:00Cape CanaveralFLUSALight8 secondsBright object, incredibly fast, witnessed over Kennedy Space Center in Florida.11/28/07
11/15/06 21:00TucsonAZUSADisk3 sec.disk wisk through sky very low at high rate of speed left cloud as it disappered. No sound.12/7/06
11/15/06 21:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAFormation5 MINUTEScluster of lights in good formation traveling high in the sky over South Philadelphia, Pa.. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD))12/7/06
11/15/06 19:00MiddlesexNJUSAOther20 minWe were out stargazing on a very clear night after fixing a new telescope that had never been used. AFter about an hour or so of watchi4/27/07
11/15/06 19:00AddisonTXUSATeardrop5 minutesLarge shadow flew over head very fast12/7/06
11/15/06 18:00BurbankCAUSAChanging15-20 min3 Large disk shaped clouds over the Burbank CA Airport2/1/07
11/15/06 16:00Hyde ParkNYUSAChevronminutesB-2 Bomber hovers! My sister was in her back yard when she heard a "whooshing" sound, very loud. She turned to see the B-2 bomber (Ste12/7/06
11/15/06 09:00Mount IdaARUSAChanging45 mins.Large silver dome shaped object coming up between ridge ane mountain in back yard. Once in the air changed to a cylinder shape. Change2/1/07
11/15/06 05:00LithoniaGAUSALight3 minutesSatellite performing a sharp 90 degree turn.2/1/07
11/15/06 01:00BirminghamALUSAFireball10-15 Secondsbright white-greenish object appears, hovers in place, quickly travels zig zag pattern and vanishes11/28/07
11/14/06 23:25AnchorageAKUSALight2 seconds or sogreenish ball of light moving rapidly in northern direction at exactly 11:25 pm Alaska time Nov. 14, 200612/7/06
11/14/06 23:00King GeorgeVAUSASphereA bright green, floating sphere floating in a field on the side of thr road. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/24/07
11/14/06 20:30MorristownAZUSAOval10 mins totalAn object with 9 lights that sometimes flashed from left to right, and were sometimes steady.12/7/06
11/14/06 19:40PhoenixAZUSALight5 minutesAgain...Lights over the Far North Valley ...Third time in 7 months12/7/06
11/14/06 14:00ParrishFLUSAThis is an update of a report I sent about an hour ago. I'm not sure if it matters but there is smoke comming up from the ground below12/7/06
11/14/06 13:15ParrishFLUSAFormation2minutesDaytime spheres.12/7/06
11/14/06 05:57Des MoinesWAUSAUnknown1-min.I was driving Southbound on I-5, Milepost 147, at 05:57 A.M., just passed the old Des Moines, Wa. garbage dump.12/7/06
11/14/06 03:10London (Canada)ONCanadaLight15secsExplosion in the sky.12/7/06
11/14/06 03:05MeadWAUSACircle4-5 secondsMt.Spokane Wa. -large white round globe shaped light moving across sky heading towards ground12/7/06
11/14/06explosion in sky6/12/08
11/13/06 22:45MariettaGAUSARectangleFew minutesHuge rectangular craft in the night sky12/14/06
11/13/06 19:45Long BeachCAUSATriangle4 to 5 secondsV shaped light formation12/7/06
11/13/06 18:40PrescottAZUSAUnknown20 seconds"Phoenix Lights"-like formation seen south of Prescott, Arizona12/7/06
11/13/06 12:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAOther7 secondsA calculated experience with another dimension.12/7/06
11/13/06 07:01StrasburgNDUSATeardrop28 MinutesMy wife and I were heading south out of Strasburg, North Dakota scanning the morning sky for ducks and geese flying out to field feed,12/7/06
11/12/06 23:00EscondidoCAUSALightcurrentlya large light moving and hovering over a partigular area in san diego night sky12/7/06
11/12/06 21:00Long BeachCAUSAFireball3 secondsBright Green Shooting Star? (NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))12/7/06
11/12/06 20:20London (UK/England)United KingdomCigar305 cigar shaped objects dancing over the london area !12/7/06
11/12/06 20:00HaywardCAUSACircle2 hrsFormation of white lights circling in Hayward skies on Nov. 12, 200612/7/06
11/12/06 13:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSATrianglepicture from Brighton Beait was cloudy and i didn't see this triangle, but when i look on my pictures i saw this; i am not sure that this is UFO because on athe12/14/06
11/12/06 01:00Long BeachCAUSAFireballabout 1 minuteOrange fireball drips small ball12/7/06
11/12/06 01:00Whangamata (New Zealand)New ZealandChanging3 HRSMULTIPLE, DIFFERENT POSITION, COLOUR & SHAPE CHANGING ,ROTATING OBJECTS. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report? PD))12/14/06
11/11/06 23:50Fairless HillsPAUSALight00:59"Stars" Pulsating and moving erraticly.12/7/06
11/11/06 23:15YpsilantiMIUSATriangle5 minutesBlack triangle over Martz Rd. moving towards Ypsilanti.12/7/06
11/11/06 23:15HerndonVAUSALight1.5 minutesfour lights moving together12/7/06
11/11/06 23:00FlushingNYUSALight4 - 5 secondsRound Green Light near La Guardia12/14/06
11/11/06 23:00Mires (Greece)GreeceOther5 MinutesSpinning Matrix of Lights object encountered in Crete Greece12/7/06
11/11/06 22:15Pune (India)IndiaTriangle15-20 secTriangular craft seen flying over, dimly lit at corners and silent12/7/06
11/11/06 22:00IrvineCAUSADiamond15 secondsDiamond shaped lights rose rapidly up in the sky, then moved left to right in a fluid, fast movement12/7/06
11/11/06 21:00La QuintaCAUSACircle20 secondsTwo bright white lights moving incredibly fast across the sky12/7/06
11/11/06 19:00Redwood CityCAUSALight15 seconds2 highly maneuverable, fast, satellite-resembling objects.12/7/06
11/11/06 06:00ChattanoogaTNUSACircle1 minutea or multiple flashing lights perfictally syncronized12/7/06
11/11/06 01:50HammondLAUSATriangle10 secondsblack triangular object without lights moving very slowly above treeline along I-122/1/07
11/11/06 01:30CarthageTXUSALight5 minChased by three lights in Carthage, TX. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/27/07
11/11/06 01:00Cold Lake (Canada)ABCanada2 minutesTwo occasions of possible humanoid extraterrestrial encounters in Cold Lake, Alberta2/4/13
11/11/06 00:32Falls ChurchVAUSACigar3 secondsVery Bright Missle/Cigar shaped U.F.O. in the VA/D.C. area.12/7/06
11/10/06 23:15North PoleAKUSAOther20 secondsA tall line of green light from the ground up into the sky, 3" wide, bright glowing for 20 sec. then narrowing until it was gone.12/7/06
11/10/06 22:02Fort Lauderdale (near)FLUSATriangle10 secondsOn a cruise saw three whirling lights formed in a triangular figuration.12/7/06
11/10/06 21:45Buena ParkCAUSAChanging1 minuteMetallic, triangular object spotted above Knott's Berry Farm 11/10/06 at 9:45pm.12/7/06
11/10/06 21:00Las Vegas/Rachel (betweenNVUSAOther4 secondsFlames in the night sky6/20/12
11/10/06 20:52SophiaNCUSATriangle3 MinutesVery bright white triangular object gliding across the sky.12/7/06
11/10/06 18:00CorollaNCUSACirclestill is lit watching oveVibrating, red, white blue stationary for a long period of time ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius?? PD))12/7/06
11/10/06 17:30TuscolaTXUSALight1 minuteMade a report on this yesterday, same thing happened today just this time only the light appeared ..right around the same exact time to12/7/06
11/10/06 17:25East WindsorNJUSATriangle5 minutesLarge, triangle shaped craft with white lights on tips and all sides, white light blinking on the bottom. No other color lights like an12/7/06
11/10/06 14:32South Lake TahoeNVUSACirclePhotoStrange object over Lake Tahoe, CA.12/7/06
11/10/06 12:45Toms RiverNJUSAFireball3 secondsIn the corner of our eye we both seen a bright flourescent green looking ball of light falling from the sky like a shootin12/7/06
11/10/06 08:20Washington, D.C. (area)DCUSACylinder30 SecondsSighting recorded Friday November 10th, 8:20AM. I witnessed an object off the lower left side of the plane (South/West). It would be be12/7/06
11/10/06 05:00HuntsvilleALUSAUnknown45 secondsTwo bright lights which appeared to be stars. They slowly faded out of sight.12/7/06
11/10/06 00:49Coimbra (Portugal)PortugalLightWe are seeing a strange lightneous object that emits several different colours (red,blue and yelow) . ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))12/7/06
11/9/06 22:50MesaAZUSAUnknowncurrentyldoesn't appear to be aircraft, helicoptor or other recognizable object. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius. PD))12/7/06
11/9/06 22:15LawrenceKSUSACylinder3 secondsWhen driving down Lawrence Avenue from 9th street towards 6th, I looked to the left and saw an object full of light flying straight dow12/7/06
11/9/06 21:00AuburnMEUSAOther10 - 15 minutesBright eractic moving lights.12/7/06
11/9/06 19:50Little RockARUSAUnknownToo LongHTRUFOR's spotted everywhere. ((NUFORC Note: We, too, wish that the quality of many of the reports we receive were higher. PD))12/7/06
11/9/06 19:47WellingtonFLUSAOther40msecondsdoughnut ufo12/7/06
11/9/06 19:45AtwaterCAUSAOther20 SECONDSBlack soundless trapazoid with small dim underside lights, seemed like camoflage. Gliding quickly.10/8/07
11/9/06 19:30BrooklineMAUSATriangle5 minutesUFO over Harvard Street?12/7/06
11/9/06 18:00AltoTXUSALight5 minutesWhite light lower than aircraft slowly moving across sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of International Space Station. PD))12/7/06
11/9/06 16:30KosseTXUSACylinderapprox.20 ,mini saw a pen-shaped or oblong metallic shape puff out a cloud and then try to hide behind it but i could still see it.12/7/06
11/9/06 09:00Schaumburg/Palatine/ Rolling MeadowsILUSARectangle4 minutesBlack rectangle further details4/27/07
11/9/06 09:00Schaumberg (Rollong Meadows)ILUSARectangleObject identified?2/1/07
11/9/06 09:00Schaumburg/ Palatine/ Rolling MeadowsILUSARectangle1 minute 45 secondsBlack rectangle clear daylight sighting near highway12/7/06
11/9/06 05:00Canyon CountryCAUSAOther45 minsBright white lights in "Y" shape moving around in all directions in the sky like nothing we have ever seen.12/7/06
11/8/06 00:00Wichita FallsTXUSALight30 secondsI steady no blink Bright Plane Light goes one direction, sways back, then Drops and sways like a Z12/7/06
11/8/06 22:30OregonILUSAFormationover an hourlights moving in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the star Sirius?? PD))12/7/06
11/8/06 21:45DenverCOUSATriangle10-15 SecondsSilent and Triangular shaped craft passes above Denver residence12/7/06
11/8/06 21:00HollywoodFLUSADiamond2 minutesthree diamond shaped constatnt lights in asymetrical steday formation flying from north to south horizons12/7/06
11/8/06 20:00RosankyTXUSAFireballunknownGreen fireball, making whistling noise, and chase aircraft appearing later.12/7/06
11/8/06 20:00New BraunfelsTXUSAFireball10 seconds2 green fireballs following one another traveling northeast to southwest at high rate of speed with no contrail or sound6/12/08
11/8/06 19:35OdessaTXUSADisk10 secondsAdditional info on round glowing white gliding object reported 11/06/200612/7/06
11/8/06 19:35OdessaTXUSADisk10 secondsSilent Glowing white disc shaped object 100 foot off the ground12/7/06
11/8/06 19:30Moreno ValleyCAUSACircleApprox 1.5hrsOur guard reported a ufo this morning I am sending this report on his behalf.He reported that last night around 1930 he saw some type o12/7/06
11/8/06 19:00FortvilleINUSACircle3 min.Could not get camera in time...traveled too fast!12/7/06
11/8/06 18:35MontereyCAUSASphereApx. 1 MinuteYellowish sphere traveling at high speed with sudden sharp and well defined course changes12/7/06
11/8/06 17:45San DiegoCAUSALight1 secondBlue light/object sped across the sky- San Diego, CA12/7/06
11/8/06 17:30TuscolaTXUSALight10 MinutesWas out back with my mothe just talking, we saw a plane in the sky that was leaving a trail behind it like most planes do in the sky. S12/7/06
11/8/06 17:04Pagosa SpringsCOUSATriangletriangles over the mountains2/1/07
11/8/06 13:00Red BluffCAUSATriangle10 minsAS i was going to work i saw a slow moviing triangular shaped object in the sky. It made no sound . Others must have seen it . Thi12/7/06
11/8/06 05:30WestminsterCAUSAUnknown5 minutesSmall Translucent Reflecting Object12/7/06
11/8/06 04:50TucsonAZUSAOther5 minutesA close view from tucson, AZ.12/7/06
11/8/06 04:50TucsonAZUSAOther5 min.A close view from Tucson, AZ12/7/06
11/8/06 04:50TucsonAZUSATriangle5-10 minutesBright triangle shaped lights over Tucson skies12/7/06
11/8/06 00:00DenverCOUSAFormation30 seconds4 Bright objects fly in formation over downtown Denver and the Platte River.12/7/06
11/7/06 23:30GoletaCAUSAOther1-3 secondsblue and green "burning object" - looked like a meteor, only (from my experience of meteors) too low, too slow and blue green,12/7/06
11/7/06 21:00LaramieWYUSARectangle3-5 secondsFast moving, silent, black rectangle seen by military flight enthusiast and amateur astronomer in Laramie, WY.8/7/07
11/7/06 20:30StratfordIAUSAUnknown10 minutesHuge spinning yellow orange lights in the Central Iowa sky.12/7/06
11/7/06 19:00Fort CollinsCOUSARectangle1 minBright blue rectangle ufo pass over2/1/07
11/7/06 18:30VictoriaMNUSAChevron2minUnknown objects seen while traveling east on MN Hwy 7 near victoria road sign12/7/06
11/7/06 18:00TucsonAZUSAFlash10-15 secondsI've seen a lot of lights in the sky, but never anything like this.12/7/06
11/7/06 17:00AuroraILUSAUnknown30 secondsShiny Object near Aurora, IL12/14/06
11/7/06 16:30Chicago O'Hare AirportILUSACircle20 minChicago OHare UFO Report. ((NUFORC Note: Highly credible witness report of dramatic sighting. PD))12/7/06
11/7/06 16:30Chicago O'Hare AirportILUSADisk2 minutesDisc seen hovering over O'Hare Airport. Many witnesses. FAA/TSA contacted. ((NUFORC Note: Source highly credible, disguised. PD)12/7/06
11/7/06 13:00Merrillville/ScherervilleINUSACircle1 minI live in Northwest Indiana minutes from U.S.A'S busiest Airport. I live south east of Midway,O'hare and just due south of the Gary,Ind11/28/07
11/7/06 12:15Wood DaleILUSACircle15 Min.On November 7th, 2006, several unidentifed hovering objects were witnessed over O'Hare Intl. Airport.2/1/07
11/7/06 12:00EstoniaEstoniaDiskfew secondsStrange object appeared on picture2/24/07
11/7/06 01:15MartinezCAUSAFireball3-4 MINAn orange glowing ("fireball' appereance) with falling burning embers followed by 2 jets.12/7/06
11/7/06 00:19ChicagoILUSAUnknownnothing ((NUFORC Note: Comment critical of NUFORC and our coverage of the sighting over O'Hare Airport, on this date. PD))12/7/06
11/7/06 00:00Hollister (southeast of)CAUSASphereat least two hoursStationary object with lights. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting the star Sirius?? PD))12/7/06
11/7/06ChicagoILUSAOvalI clearly saw the UFO over Ohare airport. I was a passenger waiting for my flight. Many people, like myself, saw it. At first I thought5/20/21
11/6/06 21:20WheelingILUSAUnknown2 minutessaw something from the norwest suburbs of chicago on Monday 11/06/0612/7/06
11/6/06 21:00Toronto/Kitchener (between; on Hwy 40) (Canada)ONCanadaFormation30-45 minFour lights converging together, then spread out, then converge to the centre again. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD))12/7/06
11/6/06 19:28Texas CityTXUSADisk13 SecondsGlowing ojbect drops below and returns to cloud cover12/7/06
11/6/06 19:00IthacaNYUSASphere2 hours on/offspherical bright light, radiating red, green and white colors, stationary in eastern horizon, then slowly moving south12/7/06
11/6/06 18:00Los AngelesCAUSALight5 minutesVery bright object moving from the Northwest to the Southeast viewed in Los Angeles, CA.12/7/06
11/6/06 16:20NapervilleILUSASphere3 minutesbulbous metallic craft at low altitude moving north to south at speed much faster than blimp.2/1/07
11/6/06 16:00BirminghamALUSATeardropfew hoursHanging object in Southeastern sky US 11-06-0612/7/06
11/6/06 09:00LaredoTXUSADiskminutesLaredo Texas sighting November 20061/10/09
11/6/06 03:30Republic of IrelandIrelandOther60 minSquare UFO seen by passenger of commercial plane2/1/07
11/6/06 02:00Glen BurnieMDUSAUnknown10-15 minutesReturning from work my husband and I spotted a huge glowing, intense lights that resembled a fire, along the woods on 8th avenue, Glen12/12/09
11/6/06CanadaONCanadaFurther comments to my earlier report regarding: 4 converging lights seen along by Highway 401. These lights were visible for too l2/1/07
11/5/06 22:00VancleaveMSUSALight1-2 hoursflashing erractic moving light in the sky12/7/06
11/5/06 20:00Yorba LindaCAUSADisk15 minutesA saucer sighted in Orange County doing out of the ordinary manuevars including dropping or gaining several hundred feet in 1 second.12/7/06
11/5/06 19:55Dumfries/Galloway (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknown30 mins5TH NOV 2006, BRIGHT BALL OF LIGHT PROCIDED WITH ANOTHER BALL OF LIGHT FOLLOWING OTHER ONE4/27/07
11/5/06 19:45EloyAZUSAFormation30 MinutesStrange Lights in the Sky over Arizona City.2/1/07
11/5/06 19:15Chesterfield (UK england)United KingdomLight10 mins2 amber coloured lights sighted over claycross in the east midlands in england12/7/06
11/5/06 19:10Westbury (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minsorange light moving west to east over westbury wilts !12/14/06
11/5/06 19:00Lake Wales (?)FLUSALight1 hourI was the first to see it. We were driving east bound on hwy 60 coming out of Plok count and on my right hand side in the air(south eas12/7/06
11/5/06 18:00Panama CityFLUSACircle10 sec to 15 secReddish-orange light orb over Bayou George Panama City, Florida.12/7/06
11/5/06 16:35AlbuquerqueNMUSALightabout a minuteBright light moving south and dimming out.12/7/06
11/5/06 11:45TiburonCAUSADisk5 minutes11/05/06, Tiburon, Ca 11:45am, viewed flying disc for 5 minutes, it turned and banked slowly with bright reflection12/7/06
11/5/06 01:00TomballTXUSAFormation10 minutesFormation of about 20 lights in the sky above NW Houston 12:30 am November 5th, 2006. ((NUFORC Note: Witness highly qualified. PD))12/7/06
11/4/06 22:30SelahWAUSACircle20 minstars on parade?12/7/06
11/4/06 22:00CharlottesvilleVAUSALight7 minutesBright orangish-reddish light, not flashing, traveling through the sky and then disappeared completely.12/7/06
11/4/06 21:45Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 minutesline of light UFO12/7/06
11/4/06 21:44Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomLight3-4 minSeven orange lights following each other12/7/06
11/4/06 21:20BloomingtonCAUSALight3 secondsWhile driving home in Bloomington, we turned westbound on Jurupa from Locust Ave. I noticed a green light in the sky directly in front12/7/06
11/4/06 20:30BoerneTXUSADisk2minsIt had Lights on the bottom and was huge and was making a erie noise.12/7/06
11/4/06 20:00Swindon (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle30 Secs3 reddish/orange diffused lights in the configuaration of "an imperial star destroyer"12/7/06
11/4/06 19:56Grimsby (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minutesDriving back from a fireworks display along the A16, which is a poorly lit road, saw 3 objects which looked like candle flames, globula12/7/06
11/4/06 19:00Swindon (UK/England)United KingdomCigar4 hoursa POSSIBLE major ufo sighting in the Swindon area of wiltshire, UK12/7/06
11/4/06 19:00Swindon (UK/England)United KingdomCigar4 hoursA shocking and unexplainable sighting - perhaps a major sighting event.12/7/06
11/4/06 18:30DurangoCOUSALightapprox 2 minutesbright white light in night sky.3/4/08
11/4/06 17:00MagnoliaNJUSACylinder15-20 minutesat 17:00 hours while looking at the western hemosphere just above the tree lines i saw what was clearly a bright orange cylinder shape12/7/06
11/4/06 12:15St. CharlesMOUSAFormation2 minutesTwo Orb- Like UFOs seen near Muggee Road in St. Charles, MO12/7/06
11/4/06 04:48ThorntonCOUSATriangle1.5 MinTriangular Shaped Craft with a bright light on each tip12/7/06
11/3/06 22:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknown5-10 secondsA very fast-moving sound, changing direction quickly...Occured twice12/7/06
11/3/06 20:00Ormond BeachFLUSACirclea few secondsLarge fizzy ball appears moving upwards and fades out12/7/06
11/3/06 19:30HildebranNCUSAOval10 minutes4 very large disk shaped object moving slowly in coordinated formations one with streaming "sparks" emitted from the bottom. 11/3/0612/7/06
11/3/06 19:00TelfordPAUSACircle3 minTwo objects, look like stars,moving slowly side by side to the south . look to be as high as the stars.12/7/06
11/3/06 18:30MillingtonTNUSAOtherAleast an hour and halfMysterious hovering craft over Millington, Tn.12/7/06
11/3/06 18:30IndioCAUSACigar20 sec.Multi-colored ball12/7/06
11/3/06 17:15BentonvilleVAUSAFireball3:00Three orange-colored trails falling out of the sky.12/7/06
11/3/06 16:00Hyde ParkNYUSATriangle4 minutesQuiet Flat Black triangle shaped aircraft12/7/06
11/2/06 20:00Gaffney (near)SCUSALight30 secondstwo very bright looking stars, top once flickered out then the bottom one flickered out and was gone12/7/06
11/2/06 19:30Dawson Creek (Canada)BCCanadaFlashAbout 3 or 4 hours.Orangish glow seen high over mountain.12/7/06
11/2/06 15:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaOther40 secondsMetallic pill shaped object travels in westerly direction above Adelaide St in dowtown Toronto.2/1/07
11/2/06 14:45North HollywoodCAUSACircle5 minHovering silver ball over Burbank Airport12/7/06
11/1/06 23:00Wichita FallsTXUSARectangle2 minsmall red rectangle in texas12/14/06
11/1/06 22:00MiltonWVUSALight<1 minuteBright light (no meteor) crossed the sky from horizon to horizon in less than one minute.3/8/07
11/1/06 20:50LivoniaLAUSACirclea minute or twosomething weird flying in the sky12/7/06
11/1/06 20:00Doncaster (UK/England)United KingdomLightBalls of light, apearing zig zagging up and down, growing, shrinking and then disapearing.12/7/06
11/1/06 20:00AdrianMIUSATriangle3 minutesThe strangest thing that grabbed my attention, was that as it flew overhead, I could see up into it. Like it had a glass bottom and I12/7/06
11/1/06 20:00GalvestonTXUSACigar2 secondsVery fast white cigar shape with halo, low altitude, seen 2 times, with second observer.2/1/07
11/1/06 19:30WilmingtonNCUSAUnknown15 secondsWe saw flashes of bright light in distance from our porch. Shortly after 5 very bright round yellow lights came on in a straight row fr12/7/06
11/1/06 17:40ArcataCAUSALight10 minutes1 large orange light, round in shape moving SW slowly & inconsistantly.12/7/06
11/1/06 17:40RentonWAUSATriangle1 minuteI saw a triangle clearly in Renton that rose up to a tiny dot in 1-3 seconds.12/7/06
11/1/06 12:57SeattleWAUSAOther10 minutesFighter type UFO over Seattle details on its shape clearly visible with ordinary binoculars12/7/06
11/1/06 10:20SarasotaFLUSADiskA couple secondsDisk over Bee Ridge12/7/06
11/1/06 06:50Peterborough (Canada)ONCanadaChanging10 - 15 minutesShaped changing object in the sky at sunrise over Peterborough, Ontario12/7/06
11/1/06 03:47EatontonGAUSAOval10 SECONDSStrange blue light going across my yard,from right to left.12/7/06
11/1/06 01:30HardinMTUSALight20Truck Driver driving from flordia to Oregon when driving on highway 384 adjacent to the Little Big Horn River. While driving a light ob12/7/06
11/1/06 01:00Lake BarryessaCAUSASphere15 secondsBlue Sphere In Night Sky Lake Barryessa, Ca11/19/12