National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/2006


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/30/06 23:30DanaINUSATriangle3 SecondsTriangular shaped object with 3 lights.5/15/06
4/30/06 22:40RosevilleCAUSAOther5 SecondsUFO over Sacramento, V formation or a single object5/15/06
4/30/06 22:25EulessTXUSATriangle10 secondsNo lights flying very low, silent flew right over my head, blocked out view of stars as it passed.5/15/06
4/30/06 22:00Tikrit (Iraq)IraqUnknownapprox.30 min.Strange lights, and radio transmissions in Iraq...5/15/06
4/30/06 21:25YakimaWAUSALight3-5 minObserved a single non-blinking bright light traveling from West to East at approx 9:35 pm. ((NUFORC Note: ISS at 21:25 hrs.. PD))5/15/06
4/30/06 20:10San FranciscoCAUSASphere10 sec.Coming from the South, going towards North/Northwest. Maybe arcing downward. Very bright white intense light. Moving fast, no sound...7/16/06
4/30/06 16:00Bear River/EvanstonWYUSASphere2 minSphere zips across the sky5/15/06
4/30/06 15:30SunflowerAZUSAOther30 Secs.A black object appeared between the contrails of a jetliner for a short period of time and then disappeared.7/16/06
4/30/06 14:11Gold Coast (Australia)AustraliaTeardrop36 SecondsUFO sighting while surfing. ((NUFORC Note: Report from student. PD))5/15/06
4/30/06 00:20PortlandORUSADiamond3 secondsStrange Diamond shaped object seen in Portland, Oregon7/16/06
4/30/06 00:15Walla WallaWAUSACircle10 minutesObjects appear in the sky in triangular formation, move at unbelievable speeds and percision. Make no sounds except when dropping stuff5/15/06
4/30/06 00:11PhoenixAZUSAOther15 secondsGolden flying wing.5/15/06
4/30/06 00:05TigardORUSAFormation45 sec.Light Formation7/16/06
4/30/06 00:00Differdange (Luxemburg)LuxemburgOval2 minAs i was driving i saw something like the moon but not in the same height that normaly you can see it, but it seemed to disappear like5/15/06
4/29/06 23:55PortlandORUSALight3-5 minutesSix Red Lights5/15/06
4/29/06 23:54PortlandORUSASphereten minutesAmber orb lights over downtown Portland.5/15/06
4/29/06 23:50PortlandORUSAChanging15-20 minutesI saw at least six bright glowing, orange in color objects in the sky over the city of Portland on Saturday night, 4-29-06.5/15/06
4/29/06 23:50PortlandORUSAChanging15/20 minutesFirst time ever seeing these types of glowing objects!!5/15/06
4/29/06 23:50PortlandORUSAChanging20 minutesSix fiery, glowing objects, some at a standstill, then all six of them moved very slowly over the city of Portand, Oregon.5/15/06
4/29/06 23:45La CenterWAUSAFormation2 minutesPairs of bright amber lights over Portland moving in formation10/30/06
4/29/06 23:40PortlandORUSAFormation5 minorange lights over Portland OR5/15/06
4/29/06 23:30PortlandORUSAFireball8 minutes7 orange "fireballs" in two groups over downtown Portland, OR5/15/06
4/29/06 22:20JacksonCAUSACircle25 minutesA starlike object developed a circle of light, moved a great distance rapidly, then released other smaller objects with flashing white5/15/06
4/29/06 22:13Idaho FallsIDUSADisk15 seconds5 UFOs Viewed Over the Course of 90 Minutes, 3 Saucers and 2 Odd Formations5/15/06
4/29/06 21:00West YarmouthMAUSAUnknown30 minBright lights over Lewis Bay7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30South Salt Lake CityUTUSALight30 minsThe objects were small bright individual lights in the sky.5/15/06
4/29/06 19:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSACigar10 minUPDATE,, I would like to cross ref my sighting with VANCOUVER, WA. His sighting appear to be the same as mines being that they saw 3 ob7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSACigar8 minutesThree Cigarettes floating over Brooklyn7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSACigar3 minutesMy brother and I saw 3 objects flying over the 11203 zip code heading east out toward Long Island. 2 were flying in tandem a the 3rd wa5/15/06
4/29/06 19:00MindenLAUSAUnknown55 SecondsWHILE I WAS TAKING A WALK I SAW TWO TINY DOTS IN THE SKY.5/15/06
4/29/06 13:55VancouverWAUSATriangle:10April 29, 2006: 3 black trangles observed flying slowly east over Vancouver, WA. Time 13:55-14:05.5/15/06
4/29/06 13:40BinghamtonNYUSAUnknown20 secondshigh-altitude pulsed contrail5/15/06
4/29/06 01:00Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown7 minutes4/29/06 los angeles california 2 buble shape and transparent last 1 minute in my room5/15/06
4/29/06 01:00BoiseIDUSALightongoingv-shaped light suspende in the sky for long period of time. ((NUFORC Note: Possible celestial body. PD))5/15/06
4/29/06 00:30College PlaceWAUSACircle3 minutesTwo orange objects seen in eastern washington sky5/15/06
4/29/06 00:02PortlandORUSALight5 minssaw lite in sky at midnite on 29 april5/15/06
4/29/06 00:00WarrenORUSADiskClusters of Red Lights Seen In The Portland Area7/16/06
4/28/06 23:10Howard Prairie Lake ResortORUSARectangle50minWe noticed a BIG, bright light across the lake, then it was instantly above us!10/8/07
4/28/06 22:55East BrunswickNJUSAFireball20 secondsstationary bright fireball seen along the treeline5/15/06
4/28/06 22:00JerichoVTUSARectangleHalf an hour or so but itRectangular object with rounded edges with gray outline around it and three lights which turned on and off from right to left in VT.5/15/06
4/28/06 21:35RenoNVUSAFormation45 secondsGroup of four points of light moving in a deliberate and manner unconventional for aircraft or satellites5/15/06
4/28/06 20:04YakimaWAUSACigar2 minutescigar-shaped object photographed on both the western and eastern horizon. 9 photos,2 sightings,1 object.2/1/07
4/28/06 19:17Los AngelesCAUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle trying to cloak over LAX airport7/5/08
4/28/06 19:00SalemORUSAOther20 secondssaw lazer light shaft 2 to 3 miles long.5/15/06
4/28/06 18:30Tel Aviv (Israel)IsraelTeardropunidentified objects in digital camera pics5/15/06
4/28/06 18:00South ShoreKYUSACigar5 minUFO over South Shore5/15/06
4/28/06 12:00RivertonILUSAChanging5 minutesAn x shaped ufo seemed to change shape.5/15/06
4/28/06 00:15Theunisen (South Africa)SASouth AfricaCircle45 minutesobject flash lights and move at fast speed5/15/06
4/27/06 21:30WilliamsburgVAUSAOther3-4 min.three aligned lights: white, red, white5/15/06
4/27/06 16:30Santa MariaCAUSARectangleapprox 1 minuteLarge rectangular object with red blinking lights that formed an arch, irratic movements, low flying, suddenly disappeared.5/15/06
4/27/06 13:00PortlandORUSAOval1 minuteThe UFO that I saw at 1 PM thursday the 27th of april 2006 ,hovering over downtown portland, was a white, rather opaque, imperfect cir5/15/06
4/27/06 05:30NaplesFLUSAFormation15 secondsFuzzy lights over Naples, FL5/15/06
4/26/06 22:50IshpemingMIUSALightabout 10 minutesOdd light changing color, seemed to worry dog.5/15/06
4/26/06 22:00MineolaTXUSAOther1 hourSlow moving, low flying 3 light object, not a helicopter, with a dual humming sound.5/15/06
4/26/06 12:00AlexandriaVAUSAEggRecess((HOAX??)) Unidentifyed circuler objects near shcool, one repoted witness.3/31/08
4/26/06 00:15Lurgan (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandLight15 minsit looked like a moving star5/15/06
4/25/06 23:20Portland (near)ORUSARectangle4 secondsFaint transparent rectangle with red & green southwest of Portland, Oregon.5/15/06
4/25/06 23:15Tallinn (Estonia)EstoniaTriangle15secondsA orange,red triangle was flying fast forwards.a5/15/06
4/25/06 22:30SturbridgeMAUSAUnknown40 to 45 minutesCylinder of Light in the Night Skies.5/15/06
4/25/06 22:00Owen Sound (Canada)ONCanadaOval1-2 minutesFirst spotted a bright light on the WNW horizon - not moving - very bright white light and lightly flickering. After maybe 20 seconds t4/13/17
4/25/06 14:45Green RiverUTUSATeardrop2-3 secondsSILVER / CHROME METALLIC FLYING OBJECT 3 ft. to 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. to 10 ft. long Sighting: Object flew 37-50 feet above ou7/16/06
4/25/06 12:00MorgantownWVUSAFireball20 secondsRed/orange/blue bolt across the sky..10/31/08
4/25/06 10:30BiglakeMNUSALight3-4 minutesSO WEIRD YOU WILL HAVE TO READ MY STORY5/15/06
4/25/06 09:55WickenburgAZUSACirclenight2 orange lights in the sky stayed stationary and disappered and reapered5/15/06
4/25/06 09:30MukilteoWAUSADisk2 minDeparting KPAE Paine, Everett at approx 09:30 on 777, we notice 3 gray whales off the southern tip of wibley island. While turning to5/15/06
4/25/06 02:20Doncaster (UK/England)United KingdomLight4 hourslight in the sky5/15/06
4/24/06 23:55Tallinn (Estonia)EstoniaOther32 secondsJust appeared in the sky,stars in the shape of wings started moving fast forwards.5/15/06
4/24/06 23:15YakimaWAUSALight10 minutesLight....duration 10-15 minutes5/15/06
4/24/06 22:15The Pas (Canada)MBCanadaLight2 hours7 lights over period of 2 hours.5/15/06
4/24/06 21:30LomanMNUSALight35 MinutesLarge red ball of light that multiplied into four separate lights at tree level, white lights flying at high altitudes.7/16/06
4/24/06 19:32Terrace (Canada)BCCanadaLight5 secondsBright lights looked like flares going horizontal, out of no where, then disappeared5/15/06
4/24/06 12:00San AntonioTXUSACigar30 minmy brother and i wached 4 cigar shaped figures for about 20 min. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))7/16/06
4/24/06 04:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknownwhile I am in hereThis one is no obect- it moves about and doesn't seem to ever need any sleep though.5/15/06
4/24/06 02:00Sterling HeightsMIUSATeardrop15-30 SECONDSTwo teardrop shape crafts with orange lights hovered over parking area. Stayed high up.5/15/06
4/24/06 00:36DallesportWAUSAChanging40 min.egg-shaped UFO in south central Washington looked like a carnival ride in the sky5/15/06
4/23/06 22:00RoseburgORUSADiskstill happeningsparkling, bouncing flashing light5/15/06
4/23/06 21:30BremertonWAUSAOther1/2 secondDissapearing Star? ((NUFORC Note: Flare from an Iridium satellite, we suspect. PD))5/15/06
4/23/06 21:15MidlandTXUSAChangingSky watchingShape changing orb with bright light in the middle that seems to take pictures.5/15/06
4/23/06 21:15WaynesboroPAUSATriangle12 secondsCrudely "cloaked" bomerang object flying do West across Pennsylvania night sky5/15/06
4/23/06 20:30San DiegoCAUSAFireball3-4 minutesA flame floating through the sky moved slowly and closely above us before departing into space as a small red light.5/15/06
4/23/06 12:06Tulum (near Cancun) (Mexico)MexicoRectangle10 secondsCaught shot of possible UFO on Vacation near Mayan Ruins in Mexico6/12/07
4/23/06 11:00DestinFLUSAUnknown1 minuteLarge mirror-like object in the sky suddenly disappears during the daytime5/15/06
4/23/06 05:30OgdenUTUSALight3 to 4 minWhite dot of light that changed directions a few time .5/15/06
4/23/06 02:00FallbrookCAUSALight2 minutesyellow flashing lights from behind the hills5/15/06
4/23/06 01:15Tallinn (Estonia)EstoniaOval15Two orange backwards U shaped crafts were flying really close to each other in the sky.5/15/06
4/22/06 23:30Pismo BeachCAUSALight5-6 minutesStrange lights in the sky above Pismo Beach5/15/06
4/22/06 23:00ChupaderoNMUSADisk20 minutes2 bright lights chase each other within an illuminated cloud for 20 minutes north of santa fe, new mexico5/15/06
4/22/06 22:10RentonWAUSALight5 secondsdriving home around 10ish. I looked up into the sky and saw a bright light hovering. Just as quickly as I saw it, it flew away at a t5/15/06
4/22/06 22:00SlaterMOUSALight2 minutes or soVery bright light traveling slowly from West to East then shooting straight upward5/15/06
4/22/06 21:45ClarksvilleINUSAFireball20 minFireball floating in a circle patteren also making figure"8"s slowly then speeding up out of sight5/15/06
4/22/06 21:40AnnaTXUSATriangle10 secondsdark triangle no lights or sound5/15/06
4/22/06 21:35SpringfieldORUSALight10 minlooked like jupiter then began to fly eratically actross the sky from south to north5/15/06
4/22/06 21:00AshevilleNCUSAUnknown2 minutes2 UFO sightings in my area in the last week!5/15/06
4/22/06 20:30NorwalkCAUSALight15 MinutesA bright, red, occasionally blinking object in the northeastern sky observed for about 15 minutes.5/15/06
4/22/06 20:30WhittierCAUSAFireball20 minutesWe saw a bright red fireball like object that appeared to be too high to possibly be any earthling made air craft. The object appeared5/15/06
4/22/06 17:10Lake StevensWAUSAUnknown2 minutesDaylight object, too small to be commercial aircraft at altitude, moved slowly west, paused, moved further west, then south.5/15/06
4/22/06 17:00HanoverMDUSADisk30 Secondswe were celebrating my 35th birthday, (having a cookout) and at about 5 PM Eastern Time, myself and 2 other people witnessed a "disk" m5/15/06
4/22/06 03:15FairportNYUSA8-10 sec3-4 twirling noise whith no engine sound at all -just a twirling noise7/16/06
4/22/06San Felipe (Mexico)MexicoDiskWe were out looking at huge saquaro catus and taking pictures. When we got home and were looking at the pictures on T.V we noticed a si5/15/06
4/21/06 23:30South DennisMAUSAUnknown8 minutes2 flying objects with revolving red lights blinking from right to left slowly flying south in night sky. I went out into my backyard5/15/06
4/21/06 21:40AlbuquerqueNMUSATriangle10-12 secStrange light in a triangular formation5/15/06
4/21/06 21:10BurneyvilleOKUSALightapprox1min.wobbly yellowish bright light passed overhead from southwest horizon to northeast horizon. ((NUFORC Note: ISS overflight. PD))5/15/06
4/21/06 21:05Anza Borrego State ParkCAUSATriangle30 sec,While camping in the Anza Borrego desert at the Fish Creek camping area, we had an excellent viewing of a large trianular aircraft. It5/15/06
4/21/06 21:00Michigan CityINUSASphere2-3 hoursFlashing lights in the atmosphere.5/15/06
4/21/06 20:30CharlotteNCUSAUnknown10 min.two UFOs crashed near my house5/15/06
4/21/06 02:00AustinTXUSACircle2 seconds3 grey saucers quietly souring through the sky, and disapearing.5/15/06
4/20/06 22:40KnoxvilleTNUSACylinder3 minutesGreen and orange lit cylinder flashed across the sky while outside at work.5/15/06
4/20/06 22:05RochesterMNUSACircle4 minutes1 satelight and 3 unknown white and red objects that followed in the opposite direction flying silent in the sky-5/15/06
4/20/06 22:00Newaygo/CrotonMIUSALight1hr +Observed an object of pulsating lights moving in a circular nondescript pattern for greater than an hour.5/15/06
4/20/06 19:43MaricopaAZUSALight10 seconds ea4-5 amber orbs seen over Sonoran Desert, south on 3475/15/06
4/20/06 10:00West LafayetteINUSAFireballcouple secondsOrgange light that split into 3 then disappeare5/15/06
4/20/06 09:10Silver SpringMDUSACigar5 min.Metalic cigar shaped objects passing over one another in Silver Sping Maryland.5/15/06
4/19/06 22:50Morinville (Canada)ABCanadaOther2-3 minutesOrange / yellow glowing wings with no persivible fuselage no sound.5/15/06
4/19/06 22:20Fort McMurray (Canada)ABCanadaTriangleaprox 2minOn april 19th my girlfriend and were in the house when we decided to go out for a cigarette. We went out the back and i looked up over5/15/06
4/19/06 22:00PeruINUSAOther30 minutesSaw a large number of UFOs flying rapidly above us, chasing each other, and suddenly disappearing unlike planes.5/15/06
4/19/06 21:30ClaremoreOKUSALight3 secondswhite/blue light with white tail seen traveling south to north in Eastern Oklahoma5/15/06
4/19/06 21:15Kansas CityMOUSALight10 secondsBright Light Moving West To East In South KC5/15/06
4/19/06 21:02NewtonKSUSAUnknownAbout 2 SecondsFour or five lights, on a seeming spinning object.5/15/06
4/19/06 20:10Washington Court HouseOHUSADisk5-8 minutesApril 19, 2006-Bright Light/Object in the sky in WCH, Ohio5/15/06
4/19/06 20:10Washington Court HouseOHUSADisk2 minutesWashington C.H. sighting on old US 355/15/06
4/19/06 19:15MorrisonTNUSACone8 minbrilliant bright light first falling down fast then stopped for several minutes5/15/06
4/19/06 08:30MaysvilleNCUSASphere10 secondsI witnessed a spherical shaped object over Maysville, North Carolina on the morning of April 19, 20065/15/06
4/19/06 07:55RosendaleWIUSACylinder3-4 secondsFast flying, reflective object.3/4/22
4/19/06 07:35Rawalpindi (Pakistan)PakistanOther54-5 mini saw a white smeared and thin line across the sky which seemed to be 5-6 metres long5/15/06
4/19/06 02:30Las VegasNVUSALightabout 2 hrsFour short grayish black-eyed aliens appeared in my room.5/15/06
4/19/06 00:30OttawaILUSALight30 lights circling from cloud to cloud5/15/06
4/19/06 00:00Mogollon RimAZUSALight10 minutesWeird lights in woods above Mogollon Rim, AZ.4/27/07
4/18/06 23:13Yaounde (Cameroon)CameroonDiamond12 minsStable, with green and flashy lights, about 1002 metres from the groound,actual size unknown5/15/06
4/18/06 22:18DeLeonTXUSALight20 secondsSee above5/15/06
4/18/06 22:10CrockettCAUSAOtheron-goingThe object sat in the sky twinkling blue, green and red lights for long time. It did not move at all.5/15/06
4/18/06 22:00Budd LakeNJUSALight5 to 7 minutesSmall starsized light, got brighter and changed direction twice beforte disappearing5/15/06
4/18/06 14:36BoyertownPAUSATriangle2 minutesBlack Triange Shape Object watches two US Military Planes as they fly by in Boyertown, PA5/15/06
4/18/06 14:30AlexandriaVAUSASphere2 minutesI was on a bus leaving Landmark Mall Shopping Center. It was a bright, sunny day with some high cumulus clouds. As the mall sits on t5/15/06
4/18/06 10:38EurekaCAUSASphere2 to 3 minutesSmall black spherical object observed in the eastern horizon at about 30 degrees5/15/06
4/18/06 08:36FairfieldCAUSAUnknown2 mininvisible Helicopter5/15/06
4/17/06 00:00Grand ForksNDUSACircleUFO looked black and moved very slow with no lights and was circular5/15/06
4/17/06 23:00West FargoNDUSACircle3 secondsSmall blue light traveling quickly across the sky.5/15/06
4/17/06 22:31HartfordCTUSATeardrop2 minutesSlow moving, glowing object sighted over Hartford.5/15/06
4/17/06 22:25MorganPAUSALight2 min.2006-04-17 Silver light in SW sky flying North disappeared5/15/06
4/17/06 21:32Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircle10 minuteshuge glaring light, brighter than anything else in the sky and massive, above edinburgh scotland city center. light disappeared then ap5/15/06
4/17/06 21:15HoustonTXUSAOvalless than 30 secondsTwo light yellowish white luminescent oval objects moving in a straight path at an apparent high speed5/15/06
4/17/06 19:30Satellite BeachFLUSALight6 minutes4 flashing strobe-like objects move rapidly across the nite skyline and disappear into a light forming a many colored fast moving ob5/15/06
4/17/06 17:45ColumbusINUSAFormationfew minutes5-6 rapidly blinking lights seen travelling in a straight line.5/15/06
4/17/06 14:00IndustryCAUSAOval1 minuteWhite Ball over City of Industry5/15/06
4/17/06 03:14SurprisweAZUSAUnknown5 secondsBright white light followed by a tremendous boom sound5/15/06
4/17/06 02:20SurpriseAZUSA1 secondAt 2:20am a very powerful explosion sound occurred. It shook my entire house, woke the neighbors and set off car alarms throughout the5/15/06
4/16/06 23:00Washington, D.C.DCUSATriangle20 minutesThis is my second report of these Triangular shapped flying objects with red flashing lights. This second sighting compelled me to rep7/16/06
4/16/06 22:35JacksonMIUSADisk10minfor 10 min 3 crafts hovered over our airport with blue lights in a triangle then seperated in different directions5/15/06
4/16/06 20:45FilmoreUTUSADiamond15 minutesBig, black, diamond shaped object seen in the distance from Filmore, Utah5/15/06
4/16/06 20:05ExeterNEUSAFireball5 seconds that I sawA reddish pink glow in sky, seemed to be moving towards us and then dissappeared.5/15/06
4/16/06 20:00Perth (Australia)AustraliaTriangle7 secondsAnomalous image photographed over Perth city Western Australia invites questions.5/15/06
4/16/06 19:40SeattleWAUSACircle20- 30 seconds8 orange glowing round objects moving east to west in the same pattern, Seattle, Washington5/15/06
4/16/06 19:00Little RockARUSAFireball45-60 secondsThe four of us were stargazing after closing up the bookstore. When from the west we notice a object coming towards us at first we thou5/15/06
4/16/06 13:45Lenior CityTNUSADisk2:00UFO spotted over Oak Ridge TN.5/15/06
4/16/06 09:54HooverALUSAOther4 min2 different ships 2 different days5/15/06
4/16/06 07:30Nassau (Bahamas)BahamasTeardrop10 minutesred/orange/yellowish bright fiery teardrop thick streak thinner at the tail seen against very clear bright dusk western sky at 10 o'clo5/15/06
4/16/06 02:00MissoulaMTUSALight5 minutesA bright white light like I've never seen before5/13/12
4/16/06 00:30Gloucester (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle30 secsTriangular shaped object seen travelling slowly across the sky. 3 visible red lights at each point of the triangular craft. The craft5/15/06
4/15/06 23:30Marbella, Costa del Sol (Spain)SpainFireball90 secondsFireballs lighting up the southern Spanish sky on the night of 15th of April - 16th of April.5/15/06
4/15/06 23:00Camp Albert PikeARUSAUnknown2 minutes?Strange light seen flying across sky actually 3 different lights.5/15/06
4/15/06 23:00Round RockTXUSALight20 SecondsBright white object that moved extremely fast and appeared out of nowhere.10/30/06
4/15/06 22:30Malaga (Spain)SpainFireball1 minuteMalaga, Spain - red/blue luminous objects with golden wake flying horizontaly in a group5/15/06
4/15/06 22:10Couburg (Canada)ONCanadaFormation4 Sec.There were 6 round craft that had an orange glow that flew from east to west at about mock 2 or 3 with no sound. They were flying in a5/15/06
4/15/06 21:30Cedarville (4 to 5 miles east of, on U. S. 42)OHUSAChanging1-2 minutesCigar Craft with Portholes or Lights3/19/09
4/15/06 21:09KirtlandNMUSALightApprox 5 Mins.Object sighted in NW NM was witnessed by 3 people, bright white and moved acrossed the sky and faded out.5/15/06
4/15/06 21:00ReadingPAUSATriangle1 minute or lessBright triangle shaped object flies over gas station.7/16/06
4/15/06 21:00PensacolaFLUSACircle2 SecondsCircle of light travels through cloud, leaving a wake, in under to seconds to out of view.5/15/06
4/15/06 21:00HutchinsonKSUSAUnknown2:00minWe were going west on 11th st towards the Hutchinson Cosmosphere. It was dusk and an object appeared that caught every one's eye in th5/15/06
4/15/06 20:27VermilionOHUSACylinder5 minutesThe Video that was captured is on Couple see captures wierd object in the sky5/15/06
4/15/06 17:15Wilmington (suburbs)DEUSASphere1 minuteBrilliant sphere floats above the Wilmington Suburbs.7/16/06
4/15/06 16:00ColumbusOHUSAFormation5 minutesFormation of 6 to 7 objects in Columbus, Ohio4/27/07
4/15/06 10:45Mays LandingNJUSACigar3 secondsSilent, 1000 foot long, silvery white UFO spotted1/5/11
4/15/06 07:00BerwickLAUSATriangleNot knownHuge Black Triangle and proof that something happened to me last night.5/15/06
4/15/06 03:00RomeGAUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular with lights on corners, made no sound, changed size, hovering over firetruck11/28/07
4/15/06 02:04Crystal LakeILUSAOval1 minutea grey mettalic oval(s) seen high in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))8/7/07
4/15/06 02:00IrvinePAUSAUnknown5 Min.object flashed lights down on river across from my house1/21/08
4/15/06 01:30San AntonioTXUSAOval1 hr 32 min.Invisable by the human eye but caught on infared film.8/12/08
4/15/06BaltimoreMDUSACigarOne shot of many((NUFORC Note: HOAX. SLICE OF BREAD IN MIDAIR. PD)) This Is another of many Photo's I Have Taken Of Them/They/Vistors.2/1/07
4/14/06 20:00La QuintaCAUSALightone minute or soIt was close to 8pm in the desert when a light in the eastern sky was bright and light beams shot accross the evening sky. We were in5/15/06
4/14/06 20:00Shoreline (Seattle)WAUSAEgg5 seca large orange egg traveling at eye blinking speed thru the S.W sky, seemed to attract three smaller ogjects to it.5/15/06
4/14/06 19:50SpartanburgSCUSAOther2 minutesUFO chased me on a walk home5/20/21
4/14/06 19:22El PasoTXUSAOtherless than 10 minutesCrescent shaped objects over missle test range.5/15/06
4/14/06 19:15NapervilleILUSASphere60 secondsGlowing orange sphere appearing near thunderstorm anvils5/15/06
4/14/06 18:04Camberley (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop2 minutescloaked ball shape object near camberley U.K. Good friday 2006 p.m.5/15/06
4/14/06 00:45London (UK/England)United KingdomSphere0:05Bright wight orb hovering and performing high speed zig zags. possibly chased by a millitary fighter.5/15/06
4/14/06 00:40New York CityNYUSALight60star like object high up in the sky making strange movements and somethings changing lights/color5/15/06
4/14/06 00:18HowellNJUSADisk5-10 minMy husband and I both witnessed a low flying aircraft which seemed to hover in one spot with bright flashing lights.5/15/06
4/13/06 22:00JamestownNYUSATriangle15 secondsA black triangle with solid red lights along the leading two edges.5/15/06
4/13/06 22:00Fort WorthTXUSAOther30sTwo star like objects moving together in a clear night sky.5/15/06
4/13/06 21:15WiseVAUSALight5...lights seen above Wise. Virginia....5/15/06
4/13/06 20:30DenverCOUSATriangle10-15 secondsSpeedy Craft captured in photos over Lake Marston, Denver.5/15/06
4/13/06 18:10Madrid (Spain)SpainOtherunknownunknown shape in a photo5/15/06
4/13/06 14:00MercerPAUSALight20-30 minutesLights That Came Through My Bedroom Window5/15/06
4/13/06 09:30OrlandoFLUSALight15 secondsUFO over orlando Florida spotted from my aircraft.5/15/06
4/13/06 03:24HesselMIUSACigar7 minIt was cool5/15/06
4/12/06 23:45East Preston (UK/England)United KingdomLight2 MINUTESERRATIC LIGHT SEEN OVER GATWICK AIRPORT 4/12/200612/7/06
4/12/06 22:15Arlington/DallasTXUSATriangle30 seconds3 faded and/or dull lights (e.g. almost a cloaked effect) in the form of a triangle - moving at extremely high speeds from west-southwe5/15/06
4/12/06 21:00PensacolaFLUSATriangle30 minutesWitnessed 2 sets of lights in the sky first around 9pm above my fiance's work while on my way to pick him up. One was triangle shaped a5/15/06
4/12/06 13:51Golden/ Boulder (between; 2 mi. S. of Rocky Flats)COUSAFormation5 minsSeveral reflective flying objects, making strange formations w/liquid like motion in broad daylight near Rocky Flats (Have Photos).5/15/06
4/12/06Huntington ParkCAUSAChanging10 MINON APRIL 12 2006 AT ABOUT 6:30 PM IT WAS A CLEARBLUE SKY.I WAS LOOKING DUE WEST. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD))5/15/06
4/11/06 23:30MalibuCAUSAOther20 minutesThere was a hovering, body of some sort, flashing very bright light, almost like a bouy, in the sky.... It would only flash light.... a5/15/06
4/11/06 22:00Watford (UK/England)United KingdomFormation5-10minsFormation of 6-8 glowing orange lights flying across sky then disappearing.2/1/07
4/11/06 21:15FlintMIUSATriangle3 MinutesTriangle Shaped Object over Flint Michigan5/15/06
4/11/06 20:40AugustaGAUSALight@30 seconds2 reddish/orange glowing objects in southwest sky, approximately 1500 feet above ground.5/15/06
4/11/06 06:50OrlandoFLUSAOvalApproximately 7 secondsSilent, illuminated, quickly moving oval craft in early morning sky on an approximate south to north flight path5/15/06
4/11/06 01:00Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomFormation10 min9 craft in kite shape glowing5/15/06
4/10/06 19:41SunriseFLUSAUnknownFew seconds?Unknown object spotted while reviewing photo of clouds/shower line taken earlier in day.5/15/06
4/10/06 13:45BurnsvilleMNUSAFormation1 minute50 silver irridescent diamond shaped objects in the formation of a wide awkward heart that blinked in and out of view in MN5/15/06
4/10/06 13:20Fleetwood (UK/England)United KingdomDiskAround 30 secondsOk , something weird has just happened like five minutes ago... I opened my curtains and looked outside and I saw a kind of black di5/15/06
4/10/06 10:45WauseonOHUSATriangle30 minutes +Something over Northwest Ohio5/15/06
4/9/06 22:00MandevilleLAUSALight5 sec.seen lights that looked like stars playing5/15/06
4/9/06 21:00Little RockARUSALight1-2 minBright light5/15/06
4/9/06 16:35OrlandCAUSASphere1 minuteORBS watching over a launch of there own.3/4/08
4/9/06 16:35OrlandCAUSASphere1 MINUTEOrb's overlooking there launch of a craft.3/31/08
4/9/06 15:30QuapawOKUSACigar5 sec.silver cigar shaped object goes extremly fast5/15/06
4/9/06 14:36PhiladelphiaPAUSACigarabout a minute and a halfPhiladelphia - Seen UFO5/15/06
4/9/06 13:30DallasTXUSAChanging5-6 minutesMy UFO sighting over the Immigration Rally in Dallas, Tx.10/30/06
4/9/06 10:50Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaFormation10 secI just saw a formation of 4 red light in the sky. One of the light shift the 3 others light too fast to be a normal air plane.5/15/06
4/9/06 09:00Mira LomaCAUSAFireball??Plasma rocket or alien spacecrafts?5/15/06
4/9/06 02:00ScherervilleINUSAUnknownSeveral nightsBlue, green, red and white flashing lights sitting in the sky in NW Indiana sky for past two weeks. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))5/15/06
4/8/06 23:00AugustaGAUSALightfew secondsGroup of flashing rapidly moving lights5/15/06
4/8/06 22:43SanborntonNHUSADisk5 minwe were sitting at a campfire and saw a round blinking light moving side to side back and fourth and I felt strange.5/15/06
4/8/06 22:30OleyPAUSASphere2 minutesA bright star looking object very quickly rose straight upward out of sight.5/15/06
4/8/06 21:38Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle23 minutesVertically oriented boomerang shaped object observed over city.4/27/07
4/8/06 15:40Santa ClaritaCAUSACircle20 minWhile cutting up a fallen tree at my friendís house in the forest (highway 14/Sand Canyon Rd area) I decided to take a break and lie do5/15/06
4/8/06 12:30PecosNMUSADisk10 minsObject with broad center area following airplane.5/15/06
4/8/06 11:15BeardstownILUSAFormation10 minutes +30-50 white/silver discs in broad daylight.5/15/06
4/8/06 11:05Fort CollinsCOUSAChangingStill thereWatching Con. trail of jet and noticed what appeared to be a star next to it. Grabbed binocs and noticed shiney metal object in two rou5/15/06
4/8/06 11:05Fort CollinsCOUSAChangingStill thereI'm still watching it. Its right in the path of several jets. Must be a traffic lane or something. I can't video it. Its to hard to fin5/15/06
4/8/06 03:10Los AngelesCAUSAChanging0Objects are Military5/15/06
4/7/06 23:45OmahaNEUSATriangle15 minutesUFO seen as low as 65 feet!!!!!!5/15/06
4/7/06 22:44Pond Inlet (Canada)NTCanadaCircle30 secondsWe went outside for smoke, when my brother looked up at the sky and point to south east from us, I saw blue light shaped circle streaki5/15/06
4/7/06 22:00Los AngelesCAUSADisk5 minutesIt was a clear night and I was standing in my porch Ė when I looked up to the sky and saw this disk style object with color lights. It10/30/06
4/7/06 20:30HebronvilleTXUSAOther1-2 minutesMOST UNUSAL OBJECT ]--[ SEEN IN HEBBRONVLLE, TEXAS MANY OTHERS SAW IT.5/15/06
4/7/06 19:55Maynardville (near)TNUSALight5 SecondsOrbs appear during severe storm.5/15/06
4/7/06 12:30in the airUSAOtherfew minutesI was flying between St. Louis and Houston to a graduate school event. It was my first time flying on an airplane, and so I insisted o1/21/08
4/7/06 12:30Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaDisk10-15 SecondsSilver disk flying in distance, seen from Mississauga school yard5/15/06
4/7/06 11:30London (UK/England)United KingdomOvalBriefNon believer sees opaque ring shaped object in Central London, England. ((anonymous report))5/15/06
4/7/06 10:25San JoseCAUSAOther10 secondsBig low flying shadow cover house then strange things started to happen with the power.5/15/06
4/7/06 09:30JacksonvilleNCUSACigar30- 45 mini saw an odd craft and was possibly obducted by space men . 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/1/07
4/7/06 06:15Sacramento (60 east of)CAUSALightminutesBright light at low altitude vanishes leaving a round cloud5/15/06
4/7/06 06:05El Dorado Hills (Sacramento)CAUSAUnknown1 minutePlane/Comet looking craft in Sacramento area.5/15/06
4/7/06 06:05HollisterCAUSAUnknown3 minutesBreak of dawn, an orange sphere shooting thru the sky stops & hovers with an huge white light illuminating from it in a cone shape.5/15/06
4/7/06 06:01FresnoCAUSALight1 minuteLight projecting strong beam of light (like headlights) in sky slowly moving, then disappeared leaving cloud5/15/06
4/7/06 02:30Melbourne (Australia)AustraliaDisk10 secondsOn Friday at about 2:30am I was standing out the front of my house having a cigg, watching the sky as usual.... Then I see these to5/15/06
4/7/06 02:30Limerick/PottstownPAUSAUnknown20 minutesunexplained flying shape5/15/06
4/7/06 00:05Nevada CityCAUSALightmidnight to dawnNight sky lit up like daytime.5/15/06
4/7/06 00:00MonroeLAUSADisk5 minutesI saw a bright circle of white light in the shape of a disk, that hovered about 5 minutes and then it was gone.5/15/06
4/6/06 23:35Ilford (Canada)MBCanadaLight30 minutesA white light that seemed to come and go as it pleased!!!5/15/06
4/6/06 21:50Leeds (UK/England)United KingdomLight5-10 SECONDStwo bright lights in sky - Brightened then dimmed - definatly not a plane5/15/06
4/6/06 21:33PhoenixAZUSACylinder5 secondsDark cylindrical object with two lights along bottom silenty, slowly heading southwest 9:33pm. 04/06/065/15/06
4/6/06 21:15KirklandWAUSAUnknown15 minutesFive pulsing lights were present in the night sky.5/15/06
4/6/06 21:00Kansas CityKSUSATriangle5 secondsBright white triangular shaped object with multiple colors trailing behind it viewed while driving on I435 Kansas City, KS10/30/06
4/6/06 20:15BaltimoreMDUSAUnknown3 minstayed still then shot straight up then disapeared then reapeared to the left at a higher attitude.7/16/06
4/6/06 19:50Ashford (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle15-20Kent, UK, (strange sighting maybe new military equipment)5/15/06
4/6/06 05:50McCamey (near)TXUSAOvalapprox 2 minutesOval shaped objects5/15/06
4/6/06 02:05OttovileOHUSALight3 minutesBright lights near Ottoville, Ohio5/15/06
4/6/06 01:30ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle10 secondsBlack triangle seen flying silently in the night sky.5/15/06
4/6/06 01:00SammamishWAUSACircle3 secondsStreak in sky5/15/06
4/6/06 00:00HialeahFLUSADiamondwalkinga big like like a diamond coming donw fast from the sky7/16/06
4/5/06 22:25Oklahoma CityOKUSACircle10 minutesTwo hovering orange circles drop third orange circle over oklahoma.5/15/06
4/5/06 22:25San MarcosTXUSATriangle2 minFlying triangle in sky over San Marcos5/15/06
4/5/06 22:15GrahamWAUSADisk30 minutes, and countingAt first glance, it looked like a plane, we realized that it wasn't moven, but dancing in place with rainbow lights radiating off of it5/15/06
4/5/06 20:30Des MoinesWAUSAFireball2 secsWeird fireball that just diappeared without fanfare and followed up by 4 fighters.5/15/06
4/5/06 20:15CentraliaWAUSAFireball5 secsSighted over Cooks Hill Road and Joppish Road just west of I-5. Dusk clear sky. Large fireball long tail red flame with yellow and blue5/15/06
4/5/06 20:00PalatkaFLUSADisk2:00A light came out and droped another light...then moved away....Fast!5/15/06
4/5/06 18:00Fairview HeightsILUSASphere5 secondsSphere just under clouds after a tornado.7/16/06
4/5/06 16:46SilverdaleWAUSASphereless than 1 min.Spherical object travelling south, intermittently flashing/reflecting yellowish/whittish light in varying intensity.5/15/06
4/5/06 08:31ShingletownCAUSADisk1 minutescarry!!5/15/06
4/5/06 06:05NewhallCAUSACircle5 secondssaw light which "imploded" upon itself leaving a halo, then faded to nothing in the sky5/15/06
4/5/06 03:15EriePAUSADisk45-60 secondsThree disk like objects flew over Erie, PA at around 3:15, there were lights and not any noticable noise.5/15/06
4/5/06 03:00EriePAUSADisk60-90 secondsIn Erie, PA we saw three disk-like objects with lights and moving quickly.5/15/06
4/5/06 01:00GainesvilleFLUSARectangle5 minutesVery large aircraft, moving at 30 knots, at about 2500 feet, rectangular in shape.4/27/07
4/5/06 00:45Washington, D.C.DCUSAOval1.5 minLarge object covers the moon5/15/06
4/4/06 23:40RossvilleILUSALight6.5 secondsgreen flash5/15/06
4/4/06 22:30Milton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere3 secGreen Glowing Sphere of light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD)) ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))5/15/06
4/4/06 21:22Richmond (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle6 secondsTriangular object travelling at very high speed with three light with no audiable sound = UFO?5/15/06
4/4/06 21:20Leigh (UK/England)United KingdomCircleApprox 20 mins3 UFOS over Leigh Lancashire5/15/06
4/4/06 20:23Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle2 hrstriangle objects hoovered an hour,flashing red, blue sometimes green lights, then it gradually moved. ((NUFORC Note: Star??))5/15/06
4/4/06 20:20Sioux FallsSDUSAUnknown1-3minUnk light hovering for a moment then sped away5/15/06
4/4/06 13:00Salford (UK/England)United KingdomCigar1 minCigar shaped object fixed in the sky rotating but fixed in same position metallic in colour5/15/06
4/4/06 03:50AkronOHUSAFireball4 minBright white to reddish orange in the sky looked like a shooting star, until it stopped in mid air.5/15/06
4/4/06 02:30Colorado SpringsCOUSACircle1 hourCircular Bright White Flying Saucer.5/15/06
4/4/06 02:00Frazier ParkCAUSACircle1:00 minuteThe Love of my Life is snoring so I canít sleep, I go into the kitchen and watch the snow fall, and it is 1:00 A.M. A star is trying to5/15/06
4/4/06 01:44LoganvilleGAUSALight5 secondsBlue light/object sighted over rural area just East of Loganville, GA5/15/06
4/3/06 23:45Cardiff (UK/Wales)United KingdomOther20-30secsThey sped off in a Northly direction. These were not planes, jets, birds insects.5/15/06
4/3/06 21:44North BendORUSACircle34 minsmultiple crafts traveling at high speed and emitting flare-like blasts.5/15/06
4/3/06 21:20TidewaterORUSAFireball3 secLots of aircraft and huge orange ball.5/15/06
4/3/06 21:05Maale Adummim (Israel)IsraelOtherflying objectstrange red lights in a semi-circle fly over maale adummim in isreal for 90 seconds5/15/06
4/3/06 19:00Los Angeles (Highland Park)CAUSAUnknown5 minutesDark spherical / ovoid object travelling east/north-east from east of my position, climbing steadily.5/15/06
4/3/06 17:14BremertonWAUSASphere3 secondsI SAW A BRIGHT LIGHT AND IT DIMMED AND DISSAPEARED. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite? Iridium satellite?? PD))5/15/06
4/3/06 14:50VeronaPAUSAOther4-5minFive Stingray shaped, bright Metallic objects observed in sky.5/15/06
4/3/06 13:55BowieTXUSAChanging30 secDaytime Light near Bowie, Tx5/15/06
4/3/06 13:00Winston-SalemNCUSAFireball2 minutesGreat big orange reddish ball.5/15/06
4/3/06 12:00LatoniaKYUSARectangle10 secondsSegmented, white rectangular object travelling very slowly. ((anonymous report))5/15/06
4/3/06 07:30Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaDiskSeconds3 Sightings Over Lake Ontario5/15/06
4/2/06 21:00E. NorthportNYUSAFormation3-5 minutesFlashing lights in formation NNE5/15/06
4/2/06 21:00HamdenCTUSAOval90 minutesThree hundred fifty objects in the sky with different color lights moving, one disc shaped with on bottom yellow, green, red lights.5/15/06
4/2/06 20:58SmithvilleTXUSAOvalsecondsFast walker object blinks in and out over Texas5/15/06
4/2/06 17:55ElizabethNJUSASphere12 minutesorange spheroid seen flying over elizabeth NJ floating north to south & vanishing after approx 12 minutes5/15/06
4/2/06 04:00MiamiFLUSAFormation2 hoursStrange lights over Miami, FL5/15/06
4/2/06 02:30CarrolltonTXUSALight15 minuteswe witnessed odd lights flashing and moving quicky across the sky. Some would even move straight upwards. No plane can move like that.5/15/06
4/2/06 01:00El CajonCAUSACircle5 minutesCircular object with lights flying over el cajon.5/15/06
4/2/06 00:00San JoseCAUSAOther10 to 15 min.flasing red orb almost a deep redish purple kinda like the tail lamp on a police bike. you can get the same effect by taking a clear c5/15/06
4/1/06 23:00Hanford Nuclear ReservationWAUSALight30 minutesUnusual activity at Hanford Nuclear Reservation,WA8/24/10
4/1/06 22:05MacombILUSATrianglebriefGlowing green triangle going east the time was about ten at night, I could see a neon green triangl lit throught the clouds, there wa5/15/06
4/1/06 21:45MiamiFLUSATriangle30 secondsAnother object, this time, red and triangle shaped.5/15/06
4/1/06 21:25MiamiFLUSACircle35 secondsRed, round object traveling east to west5/15/06
4/1/06 21:15LexingtonNCUSAFlash25 mnutesSTATIONARY FLASHING LIGHT.5/15/06
4/1/06 20:20St. LouisMOUSALight2 secondsThere was a sudden appearance in the sky of a bright green light travelling extremely fast from north to southest with a bright green t5/15/06
4/1/06 19:45BeardstownILUSASphere15 secondsYellow-orange sphere with a long green tail.5/15/06
4/1/06 08:00WestminsterCOUSALight10 secondsSingle hovering light departed north5/15/06
4/1/06 04:45TulsaOKUSAOval10 to 20 minA object like the moon, but the light of the Sun with a blue glow around it , it did not move some said there was a boom sound X35/15/06
4/1/06 01:00St. FrancisWIUSATeardrop4 minutesTwo ufo's in my neighborhood traveling around houses10/31/08
4/1/06 00:59WindhamMEUSALight3+secBright white meteor breaks up over Portland , Maine ((NUFORC Note: Other reports. Possible meteor? PD))5/15/06
4/1/06 00:52BostonMAUSAFireball<2 secondsAt 12:52 am on Saturday morning April 1, I saw a large fiery orange ball arch across the sky from NW to SE (I think). It was the about5/15/06
4/1/06FairfiledIDUSALightMultiple sightings of lights and disks over Fairfield, Idaho of several years. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies or satellites? PD))5/15/06